2 Dakini Worm / Spawn preferences.

I would like feedback about the community's Dakini Spawn preferences.

by palomajicka

3 Original monster/ transformation concept?

Anyone heard of a beast like this?

by palomajicka

4 Story Idea Free for all to put their take on.

Guy dates girl for a while, then is introduced to her living toy collection.

by palomajicka

6 Idea; free to a good home

It’s interesting, but too dark for me

by minstrelofmoria

7 Story Excerpt I've put together

Don't know where to take it

by finaro

8 Festival of Lights 4 Poll Round 2

Vote for what Annabelle's change should be

by Redstar00

9 Story Idea with very extreme transformation

Idea of extreme transformation involved in a Post-apocaliptyc world where all people will transform

by modulokss

10 Festival of Lights 4 Poll

Vote for your favorite transformation

by Redstar00

11 Story idea

an idea for a story or part of a story.

by tonka

12 Demon's Eve is nigh

a call for spooky stories

by Redstar00

15 Wayback Writing.com Wildcard search

Time to dig through Writing.com!

by Terranvoid