1 Sticky: My Weirder Morphs

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4 Stories missing?

by alyssathewalrus

5 Copying text to LoB posts

I could use some tips for making posts.

by palomajicka

6 PSA for photomorphers:

Some legal/ethical notes

by octitpus

7 What are your Favorite Transformation Stories?

Just out of curiosity.

by decoys

9 Looking for a story

by Mr damn

10 Wandrer’s Illustrated Stories

by blahblahblah

11 Trying to Recall a Story

by EmiyaShirou

13 Story Writing AI training stories

Request for story content

by Terranvoid

14 Looking for story origin.

Khelf Farms. Dakini breeders. Where did they come from?

by palomajicka

15 Looking for old story

Cruelty of men

by Mr damn

16 Searching teleport story

looking for a ctf story

by Mr damn

17 Looking for old author and his stories

Can't find author, his website or stories

by groundon462

18 Lost Story

An absorption story

by skycoon100

19 Indigocarmine’s website

by octitpus

20 Belial Idol Season 2?

Is anyone interested?

by indigocarmine

21 Story search

by alyssathewalrus

22 Help finding a story starring Karma

Car breaks down on a lonely road

by theriyv

24 A Freyan Marching Band

by minstrelofmoria

25 Access to the old Belial Yahoo Group

Can anyone still grant access to the old Belial Yahoo group?

by hello

26 Demons and Reproduction

by TheYama

27 Help searching old story

by Mr damn

28 missing forums

by LamiaWoman

29 site registration

by LamiaWoman

31 Beliali "Surivial" Guide?

Or how to avoid getting transformed in Assiah?

by finaro

32 Story recommendations

by blackjack801

33 The bogworm

(my second post)

by TF_FunTimes

34 My First Post and Art work

by TF_FunTimes

35 Watashi to Sensei

By Kuroda Kuro

by minstrelofmoria

36 Hosting for people leaving Tumblr

by spiritplumber

37 If You could Change Humanity

An Intellectual Debate

by TheDeceptiveDuck

40 The "If I had" Scenario

I need your feedback

by TheDeceptiveDuck

41 Karma

Looking for stories starring Karma

by theriyv

43 a sugestion for a short story

by carb20091985

45 New Nullbrainz + patreon

by bobboled

49 Mana Sight: Good or Bad

A cliche of necessity

by TheDeceptiveDuck

51 The Cursed, Female Transformation Beach

Manga The Cursed, Female Transformation Beach (Nyotaika! Monogatari 4) [English]

by P999P

52 Looking for a writer

CTF story

by ShadowDash123

53 [Noujiru Teishokuya] Futari de Hitori

You thought it was CTF, but it was me, Dio!

by Flicker

55 Daluminia Kingdom Story - Fish Bait

Limb loss; inanimate

by minstrelofmoria

56 Looking for a writing.com story

A story suddenly being deleted.

by xyz_2002

57 interesting site

by tonka

58 Old CTF Story

I don't know if the title is correct and I cannot find it on the web, looking for help?

by skycoon100

59 Indigocarmine Doodles

Drawings etc

by indigocarmine

60 Eye to Boob TF

by cheeseguy3412

62 Feet TF?

Looking for art

by lurker

63 Body Horror from Aogami

by BrotherOriginal

64 Halloween Contest

by groundon462

65 New Artist: Hakidaime (はきだめ)

Dicknipples, Vaginanipples, Pussytongues, and combinations of all three

by Flicker

66 We are back!

by nikita


Okano Hajime

by Flicker

68 A thought on the recent spammers

by minstrelofmoria

69 New Website - Need Advice

by Demon-Man

70 Old stories?

by dgh1577

71 Technically art (maybe)


by randumbdave

72 3 Angels Short (manga, CTF)

by minstrelofmoria

73 Realmorphs

This thread is for any requests by others and all the work I post on my own

by realmorphs ( Pages 1 2 3 )

77 The Oviposition Line

by IdleRawr

by Flicker

78 Shinka Sentai Evoluger (Evolution Ranger Evolusia)

by GFF (Kuribayashi Chris)

by Flicker

79 Looking for a story

by jonahng79

80 Gammarai

by wazzap16

82 bobboled's collection of tf crap

Just, like, a lot of pictures from pixiv

by bobboled

84 New software, New art

I started using clip studio

by fortestingpurposes

85 Humanity Must Evolve

RP survivors developing sexy mutations during an evolution event apocalypse

by J_knollem

86 Changing Times Podcast

by Flicker

87 Consent

by octitpus

88 Looking for a story

by jonahng79

90 Ceilia, Mutated

by boo3 & schwarzeschatten

by Flicker

91 The mortality of Belial

On the subject of killing monsters

by Gee-chan

93 Scorpion Gal - by access

by Flicker

94 Roper Monstergirl

by Flicker

95 Temple of Bestial Lusts

VK Wrote a TF Comic that got drawn and is for sale.

by Von Krieger

96 Negative's corner

You can ask Negative here for stuff he will do for ya!

by Negative ( Pages 1 2 )

97 Merry Christmas

by Demon-Man

98 Fusion Space

by Flicker

99 Deep Love Hack

By Kuribayashi Chris

by Username