101 Deep Love Hack

By Kuribayashi Chris

by Username

105 A Lovely Deer - by Access

by Flicker

107 The Facility: Site B

by Superman6352

108 Milly's Bar and Grille

A no commitment RP

by Phil Ein Blank ( Pages 1 2 3  33 )

109 Berrypede

by madamsquiggles

by KSG

110 Ctf luking stories

by iryda

111 I had a silly idea

by fortestingpurposes

112 The Facility: Site B. OOC

by Superman6352 ( Pages 1 2 )

119 Snail-Transformation (sort of)

Shameless advertising

by nikita

120 An Experimental RP

No sign ups or long term comittments

by Phil Ein Blank ( Pages 1 2 3  6 )

121 A new roleplay?

by Superman6352

125 A bizarre TF subreddit?

by Flicker

129 Shoutbox

by nikita

131 Lucid Dreaming

by Flicker

132 [Doujin] Parasite-Begins

by Flicker

134 Thar she blows

by Borusen

by Flicker

136 pixiv artist Cyrie

by hello

139 A gift for the holidays

a few free stories to thank you for your support

by Redstar00

140 Venxia - by n666

The succubus with many surprises

by Flicker

142 Inma no Shimobe

by GFF (Kuribayashi Chris)

by Flicker

145 Imaginative observations.

by fortestingpurposes

147 This pulled PS Vita ad

by Flicker

148 fortestingpurposes

by Flicker

149 Introducing others to sexual transformation

Need help

by Flicker ( Pages 1 2 )

150 Tumblr blogs

Does anyone know some nsfw tumblrs you can get interesting photo manipulations

by littlecynthiahall

151 Looking for a story

by markdavidson2062

152 Inmanodoukutsu (Goblins Grotesque)

by GFF (Kuribayashi Chris)

by Flicker

153 A Cute Couple

by Professor_Awesome

by Flicker

155 Awful Moonlight - by Lunate

Very sexual insectoid transformation

by TheTransformationGuru

156 New extramorphs site?

by Flicker

158 Laura's Revenge

by Halcy0n

by Flicker

159 Software problems

by nikita

163 Living demon-bells

Possible or against Belial-rules?

by nikita

164 Messenger Roleplay Rebooted

Potential role players with Kik or other messenger devices?

by Sheprdkilr

165 [Junji Ito]The Chill

insectoid base transformation Horror manga

by xyz_2002

166 Unseen Transformations?

by finaro

167 Vampires and Werewolves in Assiah?

or "World of Darknes" expy....

by finaro

169 Cat-Girl Commission

by Terranvoid

172 Morben Stories

by Slayer_phoenix

173 ctf comic

by aradagi

174 Himekishi Monogatari

by Flicker

175 Freyas realm

by LamiaWoman

176 Searching for a Writer for a Story-Commission

cocoon/caterpillar transformation

by nikita

177 Taur Girl

by Lunate

by Flicker

178 Flesh Doll Studio

by Behind Moon

by Flicker

181 Medusa

by Damien

by Flicker

182 The Forbidden Mushroom

Chicks for dicks

by Flicker

184 Trainmaster

by Demon-Man

185 Downtime this evening

Server maintenance

by nikita

188 Looking for an image

Need help finding images

by lurker

189 /d/

by Flicker

190 Editing help

looking for beta readers

by Redstar00

191 Reposting Stories

by Flicker

192 Demonette Parlor Stories?

by esunalily

194 God damn these ads!

by WatchesYou...

196 Story-Set: Rattenfänger von Radwick


by faisalboss

197 Looking for some 'fusion' stories.

by BrotherOriginal

198 Want to Commission

Need a writer

by shobej83

199 Transforming own mother

A story containing of transforming one's own mother for pleasure.

by faisalboss