17 Beliali "Surivial" Guide?

Or how to avoid getting transformed in Assiah?

by finaro

18 Story recommendations

by blackjack801

19 The bogworm

(my second post)

by TF_FunTimes

20 My First Post and Art work

by TF_FunTimes

21 Watashi to Sensei

By Kuroda Kuro

by minstrelofmoria

22 Hosting for people leaving Tumblr

by spiritplumber

23 If You could Change Humanity

An Intellectual Debate

by TheDeceptiveDuck

26 The "If I had" Scenario

I need your feedback

by TheDeceptiveDuck

27 Karma

Looking for stories starring Karma

by theriyv

29 What are your Favorite Transformation Stories?

Just out of curiosity.

by decoys

30 a sugestion for a short story

by carb20091985