32 New Nullbrainz + patreon

by bobboled

36 Mana Sight: Good or Bad

A cliche of necessity

by TheDeceptiveDuck

38 The Cursed, Female Transformation Beach

Manga The Cursed, Female Transformation Beach (Nyotaika! Monogatari 4) [English]

by P999P

39 Looking for a writer

CTF story

by ShadowDash123

40 [Noujiru Teishokuya] Futari de Hitori

You thought it was CTF, but it was me, Dio!

by Flicker

42 Daluminia Kingdom Story - Fish Bait

Limb loss; inanimate

by minstrelofmoria

43 Looking for a writing.com story

A story suddenly being deleted.

by xyz_2002

44 interesting site

by tonka

45 Old CTF Story

I don't know if the title is correct and I cannot find it on the web, looking for help?

by skycoon100