32 The Cursed, Female Transformation Beach

Manga The Cursed, Female Transformation Beach (Nyotaika! Monogatari 4) [English]

by P999P

33 Looking for a writer

CTF story

by ShadowDash123

34 [Noujiru Teishokuya] Futari de Hitori

You thought it was CTF, but it was me, Dio!

by Flicker

36 Daluminia Kingdom Story - Fish Bait

Limb loss; inanimate

by minstrelofmoria

37 Looking for a writing.com story

A story suddenly being deleted.

by xyz_2002

38 interesting site

by tonka

39 Old CTF Story

I don't know if the title is correct and I cannot find it on the web, looking for help?

by skycoon100

40 Indigocarmine Doodles

Drawings etc

by indigocarmine

41 Eye to Boob TF

by cheeseguy3412

43 Feet TF?

Looking for art

by lurker

44 Body Horror from Aogami

by BrotherOriginal

45 Halloween Contest

by groundon462 ( Pages 1 2 )