16 In Neck Deep With the Sharks

by TheNomeKing

by BrotherOriginal

17 The Grand Karma

One couple's marriage is altered quite a bit after the water of their apartment building is tainted.

by xerox2

18 Midwinter Demon

by Demon-Man

19 Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 4 A Transformative Holiday

A family will never be the same after traveling to Wasen during the Festival of Lights

by Redstar00

20 A revolutionary Turmoil

By SenorIncognito69

by Demon-Man

21 Learning to be Natalya

by LamiaWoman

22 Of Wives and Wyverns

A trade with demon-man

by xerox2

23 Ysrii the Dalsur

By Cafter Homme

by Demon-Man

24 Airship

What danger awaits in the open skies?

by indigocarmine

25 First 3rd Date - by BD-Acht

A couple make preparations for their third date, the first one after being transformed.

by Flicker

26 Belial Almanac: Lauralei

by BD-Acht

27 Radio Pitch--Modern Transformed Family

A (belated) Goodharvest Story of Beial

by Redstar00

28 Searching for old story

by Mr damn

29 Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Becca Caldwell's life changes drastically after she hires on at CMAL. Serial Story

by Redstar00 ( Pages 1 2 3 4 )

30 Summer Bucks the Trend

A popular girl at a conservative school is infected with the B virus.

by xerox2