31 Mary's choice

Should Mary embrace a new life as an anus?

by analeppsis

32 Mutual Needs

By Anawyn

by Demon-Man

33 A shitty solution

by hetoki

34 Jizza's Zoo

by Demon-Man ( Pages 1 2 )

35 O.E.U. Ondorra Empire University

A collection of character stories from the Empire's most prestigious university

by Madmax011

36 A Day in the Life

By Jyslenn Reed

by Demon-Man

37 Morben at the Mall

by darkdonny

by Flicker

38 The Hall of Dark Wonders by Enmesarra

Four girls challenge an avatar of Mammon to a game of chance

by ekempo5000

39 Return to the Hall of Dark Wonders by ekempo5000

Five new players arrive at the Hall, although all is not as it seems...

by ekempo5000

40 Family Matter

Family is more then just blood. It's also flesh, bone, hair...

by Checkmate

41 Belial Classified Ads

trying to find connections in a world full of transformed people

by Redstar00

42 The Insurmountable Ali and Ali

by indigocarmine

43 Matheo syndrome

Excerpt from the Compendium Medicinae Daimonicum

by nikita

44 Rose Red

Take my petals

by Wexort

45 Wicked apprentices

Living between my best friend's thighs

by LamiaWoman