31 Belial Almanac: Lauralei

by BD-Acht

32 Radio Pitch--Modern Transformed Family

A (belated) Goodharvest Story of Beial

by Redstar00

33 Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Becca Caldwell's life changes drastically after she hires on at CMAL. Serial Story

by Redstar00 ( Pages 1 2 3 4 )

34 Summer Bucks the Trend

A popular girl at a conservative school is infected with the B virus.

by xerox2

35 Twelve Days

by Demon-Man

36 Tales of Belial: Festival of Lights 3 The Transformanatrix

A mistress of transformations uses the annual festival to remake some of her clients

by Redstar00

37 Date Night

An ongoing anthology of dating in a world of transformation

by indigocarmine

38 A Harding Holiday

A tale of a heavily transformed family gathering to celebrate the holidays

by Redstar00

39 Short Tales of Belial

A collection of short serial stories

by indigocarmine ( Pages 1 2 )

40 Twinned Pleasure

Chapter 2 of the Unity series

by dgh1577

41 No. 21

by Demon-Man

42 Harmonic Joining

Chapter 1 of the Unity series

by dgh1577

43 The Greatest Show (Open TF Story Project)

by optionalextra

by Flicker

44 Weekend Surprise

Alice has a surprise for her mom and dad on her weekend home from college.

by esunalily

45 Mary's choice

Should Mary embrace a new life as an anus?

by analeppsis