1 Sticky: Flotsam

Halley wakes up on an alien planet and is greeted by her female boyfriend.

by indigocarmine ( Pages 1 2 3 )

2 Sticky: The Curse - by CZs_Imaginarium

by Flicker

4 Sticky: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Carmen Robins, an honour student, stumbles across an unfathomable power. Can she resist temptation?

by Flicker ( Pages 1 2 3 )

5 Sticky: Unreal Creation - by Tosaku no Kishi

Destiny finds reality alteration to be an increasingly difficult yet irresistible proposition.

by Flicker

6 Sticky: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

An electromagnetic radiation experiment goes awry, triggering hyper-accelerated mutations.

by KSG

7 Sticky: Warped Reality - by Twisted Infinity

What would you do if you gained the power to rewrite reality at a whim?

by youhaveitinspades

8 Sticky: Pussy Face Syndrome - by OddWeird

Bill and Val chronicle their shared experiences with PFS.

by Flicker

9 Sticky: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

Meg, a college freshman, gets sucked into the idea of growing a cock, but at what cost?

by shangbryan

10 Sticky: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

by indigocarmine ( Pages 1 2 3  8 )


and other useful tips

by Flicker

12 Sticky: Perfectly Fitting Clothes - by extramorphs

Two girls play around with a spray that makes clothes fit, no matter what.

by Flicker

13 Sticky: The State of Emergency Series

A mutational strain is unleashed upon the world.

by youhaveitinspades

14 Sticky: Fateful Nights + Dodson's Dream

by OddWeird

by Flicker

16 Cust-O-Matic Matter Transformer #1

A man agrees to be transformed into cum, but gets more than he bargained for

by palomajicka

17 In the Vacuum of Space - by Tocixcog

Somewhere out there is a world for you but it takes love to finish the journey.

by Flicker

18 Fix Her Better - by Tocixcog

Don't judge a person till you've sat a mile in their lap.

by Flicker

19 Odd Job: Shop Services - by BD-Acht

A scene involving a fantasy shopkeep and some adventurers in the middle of a blunder.

by Flicker

21 The Chronicles of Lori & Holly - by palindrome256

A would-be journalist seeks to find answers to a series of missing women.

by Flicker

23 The Cthulhu Margarita - by CZs_Imaginarium

Rita finds herself wrapped up in the coils of a cult revival after imbibing a tainted margarita.

by Flicker

24 Eva: Modulokss' Story

by modulokss

25 Horse Penis! - by Mozdoc

Mozdoc goes on a dare and comes back a mare

by Flicker

26 Experiment 0000: Origins - by CZs_Imaginarium

Dr. Nora finds signs of new life in the arctic and pays the price

by Flicker

27 A Tailoring Challenge - by Mr. Nibz (Furry Warning)

A Displacer Beast Transformation

by Flicker

28 Merra: Fountain of Joy - by Lunate

A vulvapod story

by Flicker

29 Merra: Autumnal Excursion - by Lunate

A Neccu story

by Flicker

30 Merra: Forever Filthyfied - by Lunate

A spitbug story

by Flicker

31 Merra: The Leech Cave - by Lunate

An ovipex story

by Flicker

32 Fused Oneirism - by Easykyul

A sci-fi Posthumanist story with a lot of cocks

by Flicker

33 Many Things to See - by flagcatcher (Furry Warning)

Louis joins up with his friends at the zoo.

by Flicker

35 MTFGUser's Writing Prompts

From Discord

by Flicker

36 A Day With Miss Night - by flagcatcher (Furry Warning)

The daily life of a girl with a dick for a neck

by Flicker

37 Idolised Cock - by KneecapRock

A fan becomes inextricably close with her idol.

by Flicker

38 Infected - by palindrome256

A new alien parasite is infecting people.

by Flicker

40 Quantum Bound

Coach is cursed to travel from person to person giving advice

by indigocarmine

43 Invasive Pet - by Tocixcog

A boobslug story

by Flicker

44 The Mad Magician: Max Von Crucial - by JanetPlanet

Compiled by pillas and with contributions from pillas and Bobboled

by Flicker

46 The Idol - by Tocixcog

Working in an art galley has lots of perks, as long as you don't mind working for exposure.

by Flicker

47 (Don't) Come to Me - by Elizabeth8

A secretary crushing on her boss is met with unique competition.

by Flicker


A Dick Nipple Pregnancy Study

by Flicker

49 New Day, New Us - by Elizabeth8

After a night of partying hard, Riko and Chika wake up to find a few changes.

by Flicker

50 Why does my little sister have two heads? - by Elizabeth8

With a new body thrust upon her, Dia is forced to consider feelings she didn't know she had.

by Flicker

51 Closer To Nature (Odd Woman Series Part 1) - by pillas

The adventures of a rather "Odd Woman" who has the ability to alter reality in any way shape or form

by Flicker

52 Getting a Head in Life - by Cyudani

Your day was unremarkable until your co-worker's dickneck head rolls into your cubicle.

by Flicker

53 Didi and Frank - modulokss

A strange radiation causes a pandemic. Didi and frank suffer stranger transformations.

by modulokss

54 Experimenting With Friends

A long-lost spell brings friends closer together

by minstrelofmoria

55 Hate

A heroine and a villain, trapped together in the void

by minstrelofmoria

56 Tentapool - by ccczzz

Maria goes for a swim in the public pool of her small city, once famous for its nuclear reactor.

by Flicker

57 Alien Cock Farm - by Kora (CTF)

Chell Belphine is abducted by aliens for assimilation.

by Flicker

58 Haechida Nest - by Kora

Ava falls into a nest of cock parasites.

by Flicker

59 Menagerie

Sophie was a security guard, now she's slowly changing into something else

by thepfeffernusse

60 Flexible Infection Story - The Zoo by Valente (furry content)

A group of college students break into a zoo to go viral. They're successful.

by Flicker

61 Chemical Aftermath Series - by palindrome256

An industrial mishap causes all kinds of mutations around town.

by Flicker

62 Fitting In - by Amethystine (paid content, furry, illustrations)

A fabulous, fanciful, full-length novel by Amethystine!

by Flicker

63 Bonds

Mother and daughter go to a therapy in hope of fixing their relationship.

by Kultist

64 A Bitch of a Tale

A girl becomes her dog's cock, is secretly paraded in front of her mother, then taken home to be use

by palomajicka

65 Mollycoddle

a story about love.... and incest

by Kultist

66 Second nature

Boy helps his girlfriend come to terms with her new urges.

by Kultist

67 What Makes the Sky White - by LittleChungus

A Granblue fanfic with overwhelming amounts of body modification

by Flicker

68 Pod Lust - by Empath0881

Danielle enters a monstrous Venus fly trap and is remade.

by Flicker

69 Experiment 2201- by ccczzz

Dr. Erik Viers administers the next round of an experimental serum.

by Flicker

70 Open for Fun - by CZs_Imaginarium

Nichole finds a mysterious box promising a good time. She soon finds herself falling to pieces over

by Flicker

71 Thankless Society - by Multibreast

A psychiatric patient receives the power to transform himself and others, but finds, to his dismay,

by Flicker

72 Laura's Revenge - by Changer

Paul, Phil, and Andy wake up to discover that they should be careful what they say.

by Flicker

74 Soul of an Idol - by LittleChungus

A young woman is about to bring the love of her life into reality.

by Flicker

75 Parade

Macy inflates into the amazing Balloon-girl

by indigocarmine

76 Cream

A barista gets a lesson in unwanted cream

by indigocarmine

77 Three is better than One

A demon summoning goes horribly wrong, or does it?

by weirdwriter

78Moved: Belial Idol: Couples

The Return of Your Favorite Interactive Transformation Gameshow!

by indigocarmine

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79 CTF-Anthology: Sausage Factory Part I

The reformed villainess Jinx from the Teen Titans takes on a new form.

by Flicker

80 Living Egg-Pod Hazel and the Alien Creature - by prostap

A cryptozoologist comes to relieve a village of its troubles.

by Flicker

81 Suitor Wasp - by Kora

An Ovipositor TF

by Flicker

82 Wonderful Rush - by LittleChungus & Flicker

Love Live! Bizarre Idol Festival #1

by Flicker

83 Untitled Writing Prompt - by Mod E

Rose undergoes a medical procedure that marks the beginning of a radical shift in society.

by Flicker

84 The Fountain in the Garden

A loner witch girl is invited by four magic classmates for some fun. Author unknown.

by BrotherOriginal

85 Flight of the Tiresias - by blindphophet

A crew of a starship heads back to base, but encounters some strange mutagenic phenomena on the way

by davton

86 Fuck Flesh - by BD-Acht

A woman asks for a wild and lewd experience and ends up with more than she expected.

by Flicker

87 One in a Billion - by HeiLeeJoe

In 2109, two extreme mutants meet for the first time and discover what it means to be a mutant.

by Flicker

88 The Best Female Lord in Fire Emblem - by CTFMeister

Lucina, Corrin and Lyn are arguing over who the best female lord is, when Celica joins in.

by Flicker

89 Experimental Procedure

Story by Demon-Man

by Demon-Man

90 Dealing with Morning Wood - by thatoneweirdo

Poor Leia finds herself waking up with quite a bit of arousal and her host, Jeremy has to help.

by Flicker

91 Peter and Sandra - by modulokss (story in Spanish)

Peter and Sandra work with a powerful reactor, creating new and unknown radiations.

by Flicker

92 Gift from Space - by Yeania Aeon and Syntaxerror37

Ruby is on a walk in a park when she stumbles across something too interesting to resist.

by Flicker

93 Strange Mist - by SevenCrown37, YeaniaAeon, syntaxerror37, Blackraven2

Karren rushes to work at a call center, barely noticing a strange mist rolling down the mountains.

by Flicker

94 Practice Makes Perfect - by toystoat (furry warning)

Aaron's never had the chance to even kiss a woman before. So what does any normal person do?

by Flicker

96 Bio Story - by MirandasDream

After a young man finds he has the ability to alter human forms, he has a bit of fun at college.

by Flicker

97 Three's a Crowd - by Tosaku no Kishi

A girl was born with three cocks that refuse to go soft.

by Flicker

98 Hired Sword - by Abe_E_Seedy

A story of a mercenary in a fantasy world being slowly corrupted by her increasing slime TF.

by Flicker

99 Ditto used Transform - by ArtixLV

It's super effective!

by Flicker

100 Cocksmetic Surgery - by ArtixLV

A brand new cosmetic operation via nanomachines becomes all the rage.

by Flicker