1 Sticky: Pussy Face Syndrome - by OddWeird

Bill and Val chronicle their shared experiences with PFS.

by Flicker

2 Sticky: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

Meg, a college freshman, gets sucked into the idea of growing a cock, but at what cost?

by shangbryan ( Pages 1 2 )

3 Sticky: Futa Note (Re-Write) - by Tosaku no Kishi

Carmen Robins, an honour student, stumbles across an unfathomable power. Can she resist temptation?

by Flicker ( Pages 1 2 3 )

4 Sticky: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

by indigocarmine ( Pages 1 2 3  16 )

5 Sticky: Flotsam

Halley wakes up on an alien planet and is greeted by her female boyfriend.

by indigocarmine ( Pages 1 2 3 4 )


and other useful tips

by Flicker

7 Sticky: The State of Emergency Series

A mutational strain is unleashed upon the world.

by youhaveitinspades

8 Sticky: Lab Accident Series - by The Light Fantastic

An electromagnetic radiation experiment goes awry, triggering hyper-accelerated mutations.

by KSG ( Pages 1 2 )

9 Searching teleport story

looking for a ctf story

by Mr damn

10 Fitting In - by Amethystine (paid content, furry, illustrations)

A fabulous, fanciful, full-length novel by Amethystine!

by Flicker

11 Bonds

Mother and daughter go to a therapy in hope of fixing their relationship.

by Kultist

12 Mollycoddle

a story about love.... and incest

by Kultist

13 Second nature

Boy helps his girlfriend come to terms with her new urges.

by Kultist

14 What Makes the Sky White - by LittleChungus

A Granblue fanfic with overwhelming amounts of body modification

by Flicker

15 Pod Lust - by Empath0881

Danielle enters a monstrous Venus fly trap and is remade.

by Flicker