16 (Don't) Come to Me - by Elizabeth8

A secretary crushing on her boss is met with unique competition.

by Flicker


A Dick Nipple Pregnancy Study

by Flicker

18 New Day, New Us - by Elizabeth8

After a night of partying hard, Riko and Chika wake up to find a few changes.

by Flicker

19 Why does my little sister have two heads? - by Elizabeth8

With a new body thrust upon her, Dia is forced to consider feelings she didn't know she had.

by Flicker

20 Closer To Nature (Odd Woman Series Part 1) - by pillas

The adventures of a rather "Odd Woman" who has the ability to alter reality in any way shape or form

by Flicker

21 Quantum Bound

Coach is cursed to travel from person to person giving advice

by indigocarmine

22 Getting a Head in Life - by Cyudani

Your day was unremarkable until your co-worker's dickneck head rolls into your cubicle.

by Flicker

23 Didi and Frank - modulokss

A strange radiation causes a pandemic. Didi and frank suffer stranger transformations.

by modulokss

24 Experimenting With Friends

A long-lost spell brings friends closer together

by minstrelofmoria

25 Hate

A heroine and a villain, trapped together in the void

by minstrelofmoria

26 Tentapool - by ccczzz

Maria goes for a swim in the public pool of her small city, once famous for its nuclear reactor.

by Flicker

27 Warped Reality - by Twisted Infinity

What would you do if you gained the power to rewrite reality at a whim?

by youhaveitinspades

28 Alien Cock Farm - by Kora (CTF)

Chell Belphine is abducted by aliens for assimilation.

by Flicker

29 Haechida Nest - by Kora

Ava falls into a nest of cock parasites.

by Flicker

30 Menagerie

Sophie was a security guard, now she's slowly changing into something else

by thepfeffernusse