16 The Best Female Lord in Fire Emblem - by CTFMeister

Lucina, Corrin and Lyn are arguing over who the best female lord is, when Celica joins in.

by Flicker

17 Experimental Procedure

Story by Demon-Man

by Demon-Man

18 Dealing with Morning Wood - by thatoneweirdo

Poor Leia finds herself waking up with quite a bit of arousal and her host, Jeremy has to help.

by Flicker

19 Peter and Sandra - by modulokss (story in Spanish)

Peter and Sandra work with a powerful reactor, creating new and unknown radiations.

by Flicker

20 Gift from Space - by Yeania Aeon and Syntaxerror37

Ruby is on a walk in a park when she stumbles across something too interesting to resist.

by Flicker

21 Strange Mist - by SevenCrown37, YeaniaAeon, syntaxerror37, Blackraven2

Karren rushes to work at a call center, barely noticing a strange mist rolling down the mountains.

by Flicker

22 Practice Makes Perfect - by toystoat (furry warning)

Aaron's never had the chance to even kiss a woman before. So what does any normal person do?

by Flicker

24 Bio Story - by MirandasDream

After a young man finds he has the ability to alter human forms, he has a bit of fun at college.

by Flicker

25 Three's a Crowd - by Tosaku no Kishi

A girl was born with three cocks that refuse to go soft.

by Flicker

26 Hired Sword - by Abe_E_Seedy

A story of a mercenary in a fantasy world being slowly corrupted by her increasing slime TF.

by Flicker

27 Perfectly Fitting Clothes - by extramorphs

Two girls play around with a spray that makes clothes fit, no matter what.

by Flicker

28 Ditto used Transform - by ArtixLV

It's super effective!

by Flicker

29 Cocksmetic Surgery - by ArtixLV

A brand new cosmetic operation via nanomachines becomes all the rage.

by Flicker

30 Growing Needs - by Tosaku no Kishi

After a horrible accident in her youth, Mia has become a centaur with a male lower-half.

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