16 Quantum Bound

Coach is cursed to travel from person to person giving advice

by indigocarmine

17 Soul of an Idol - by LittleChungus

A young woman is about to bring the love of her life into reality.

by Flicker

18 Parade

Macy inflates into the amazing Balloon-girl

by indigocarmine

19 Cream

A barista gets a lesson in unwanted cream

by indigocarmine

20 Three is better than One

A demon summoning goes horribly wrong, or does it?

by weirdwriter

21Moved: Belial Idol: Couples

The Return of Your Favorite Interactive Transformation Gameshow!

by indigocarmine

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22 CTF-Anthology: Sausage Factory Part I

The reformed villainess Jinx from the Teen Titans takes on a new form.

by Flicker

23 Living Egg-Pod Hazel and the Alien Creature - by prostap

A cryptozoologist comes to relieve a village of its troubles.

by Flicker

24 Suitor Wasp - by Kora

An Ovipositor TF

by Flicker

25 Didi and Frank - modulokss

A weird radiation cause a pandemia. Didi and frank will suffer weird transformations.

by modulokss

26 Tentapool - by ccczzz

Maria goes for a swim in the public pool of her small city, once famous for its nuclear reactor.

by Flicker

27 Wonderful Rush - by LittleChungus & Flicker

Love Live! Bizarre Idol Festival #1

by Flicker

28 Untitled Writing Prompt - by Mod E

Rose undergoes a medical procedure that marks the beginning of a radical shift in society.

by Flicker

29 The Fountain in the Garden

A loner witch girl is invited by four magic classmates for some fun. Author unknown.

by BrotherOriginal

30 Flight of the Tiresias

A crew of a starship heads back to base, but encounters some strange mutagenic phenomena on the way

by davton