101 Fuck Flesh - by BD-Acht

A woman asks for a wild and lewd experience and ends up with more than she expected.

by Flicker

102 The Best Female Lord in Fire Emblem - by CTFMeister

Lucina, Corrin and Lyn are arguing over who the best female lord is, when Celica joins in.

by Flicker

103 Experimental Procedure

Story by Demon-Man

by Demon-Man

104 Dealing with Morning Wood - by thatoneweirdo

Poor Leia finds herself waking up with quite a bit of arousal and her host, Jeremy has to help.

by Flicker

105 Peter and Sandra - by modulokss (story in Spanish)

Peter and Sandra work with a powerful reactor, creating new and unknown radiations.

by Flicker

106 Gift from Space - by Yeania Aeon and Syntaxerror37

Ruby is on a walk in a park when she stumbles across something too interesting to resist.

by Flicker

107 Strange Mist - by SevenCrown37, YeaniaAeon, syntaxerror37, Blackraven2

Karren rushes to work at a call center, barely noticing a strange mist rolling down the mountains.

by Flicker

108 Practice Makes Perfect - by toystoat (furry warning)

Aaron's never had the chance to even kiss a woman before. So what does any normal person do?

by Flicker

110 Bio Story - by MirandasDream

After a young man finds he has the ability to alter human forms, he has a bit of fun at college.

by Flicker

111 Three's a Crowd - by Tosaku no Kishi

A girl was born with three cocks that refuse to go soft.

by Flicker

112 Hired Sword - by Abe_E_Seedy

A story of a mercenary in a fantasy world being slowly corrupted by her increasing slime TF.

by Flicker

113 Ditto used Transform - by ArtixLV

It's super effective!

by Flicker

114 Cocksmetic Surgery - by ArtixLV

A brand new cosmetic operation via nanomachines becomes all the rage.

by Flicker

115 Growing Needs - by Tosaku no Kishi

After a horrible accident in her youth, Mia has become a centaur with a male lower-half.

by Flicker

117 Serena's Quest: A /d/ Collaboration

The Outcome of a Build Your Own Adventure Story

by Flicker

118 Lluna Tripped - by Min (Furry)

Lluna has an odd encounter while cleaning up at her new job.

by Flicker

119 Odd Job - by BD-Acht

by BrotherOriginal

121 Protective Custody (Series) - by teddy sloth

An innocent human is almost abducted by a group of rogue spiders.

by Flicker

122 A Kiss Goodnight - by Zikario

Cherche can't find a mate for her wyvern mount Minerva & ends up taking matters into her own mouth.

by Flicker

123 Miscalculations - by toystoat (Furry)

A snow leopard experiments with a new potion that should give him a new perspective on orgasms.

by Flicker

124 Stuck: A Seven Part Series

Adam wakes up to find himself attached to another person's body.

by compound37

125 More - by compound37

Melissa and James go to another country where the regulations on NanoEnchant are more lax.

by Flicker

126 The Wand - by compound37

Mia and Zoe experience what it means to be erotically reduced.

by Flicker

127 Humantaur Phen - by phen

Phen passes the point of no return, with no end in sight.

by Flicker

128 Personal Protective Equipment - by AcidPunch

Rachel goes with her father to his workplace on "Bring Your Daughter to Work" Day.

by Flicker

129 Anomaly - by The Light Fantastic

An alien first encounter and galactic crisis transforms one woman's life and body forever.

by Flicker

130 Eve's Favorite Customers - by aadder

Eve devises a special meal for her favorite customers.

by Flicker

131 That's How you Move Product - by aadder

Miles samples a new product at a convention.

by Flicker

132 The Curse - by ccczzz

Harley learns the hard way about a town curse.

by Flicker

133 A Barnyard Limerick - by ccczzz

A short poem about a farm chimera

by Flicker

134 Nora's FEV Fun - by meetles

Nora from Fallout 4 experiences some side effects of exposure to a special strain of FEV.

by Flicker

135 Cerberus - by Kora

An ancient beast forged from long ago returns to the world.

by Flicker

136 The Fertility Idol - by Calypso2

Brit finds herself undergoing an unwelcome change by an old fertility idol her boyfriend gave her.

by Flicker

137 Horse Taur CTF RP Log - by thatoneweirdo

A partial CTF story

by Flicker

138 Kancolle: The Multi Chronicles - Musashi and Yamato (by TheSecretOne)

Following a battle, battleship Musashi undergoes a visceral, but exciting change.

by Flicker

140 Friends in Flesh - by BD_Acht

A group of girls unknowingly open a portal leading to a fleshworld.

by Flicker

141 Worse Mistakes - by BD-Acht

A short story about a couple's transformation

by Flicker

142 Zelka - by pillas

A desperate rogue goes in search of a lost cursed kingdom.

by Flicker

143 Star Sex: Pilot

M -> pregnant buggo monstergirl

by xerox2

144 Cyber Fetish Corporation Valentines Story 2019

A Valentine's story of love and radical transformation

by Redstar00

145 Totus - by Tosaku no Kishi

Victoria sees a meteorite and decides to find it, thus beginning her story to hold onto herself.

by Flicker

146 Over-Endowed - by Tosaku no Kishi

A girl born with dicks for nipples tries making it in the business of women selling their milk.

by Flicker

147 Whatever They Want - by Tosaku no Kishi

Lily looks for a bit of a change away from her life as a stripper.

by Flicker

148 Breasticles - by Tosaku no Kishi

Gale Chambers went to her doctor for a simple check-up. She didn't ask for this.

by Flicker

149 Can't Handle a Cocktail - by Tosaku no Kishi

Katy gets invited to a party, but she can't really handle her cocktail very well. Or her alcohol.

by Flicker

150 Mystery potions.

The tale of a transformation shop with a difference....or two.

by ryanna

151 Immortal Defilement

2nd person CTF with mindfuckery. More smut than plot.

by rlynx

152 The Witches menagerie

story of a witch and her familar as they work for a lesbian tf bar called the witch's menagerie

by littlecynthiahall

153 300 Moons

by dragontaur

by Flicker

154 The Writing Pit

by BD-Acht

155 Vivian's Wild Night - by renoran

A Kastle fanfiction starring an adventurous girl named Vivian and her intriguing new friend Lina

by Flicker

156 Different

a work in progress by qalexandrian

by Flicker

157 Witch Of the Woods

by YeaniaAeon

by Flicker

158 The Date

A collaborative story about a date which goes from hot to super hot to cock.

by OddWerid

159 Professor Funbags Zany Pranks and Props!!! (TM)

A mysterious joke company's products keep popping up in stores and chaos ensues

by bobboled ( Pages 1 2 )

160 Perfect Girlfriend

by qalexandrian

by Flicker

161 Abducted! by Xerox2

A group of humans are transformed into bizarre alien livestock creatures and bred

by xerox2

162 Bad Ends by bobboled

by bobboled

163 Nu-Mutant - By: TheDeceptiveDuck

Robbed of her memories, a woman mutates into shocking forms.

by TheDeceptiveDuck

164 An Unstable Relationship - by thatoneweirdo

A partial CTF Story

by Flicker

165 Jackie’s story.

Female to machine.

by ryanna

166 Update to the Asylum 137 story

by fcapricorn

167 iCandy by HeiLeeJoe

by youhaveitinspades

168 Snake Tits 2.0 by Moduloks

by youhaveitinspades

169 Valentine's day transformation vignettes

short stories of love and transformation

by Redstar00

170 PRSM-Cassie

First attempt at writing

by LurkinForTheWeekend

171 Welcome to Tandom Falls

Four college students are changed forever after visiting a strange small town.

by esunalily

172 Magical Orb

Three girls found an orb that allow them to transform into whatever they want for 12 hours.

by Faye

174 Halloweiner Party

(Furry, Merging, FtM, CTF) When a fraternity full of dicks gets their comeuppance!

by ninedelta91

175 Wishing Well - by ArtixLV

Lynn and May get lost in the woods and stumble on an altar.

by Flicker

176 The CTF Club Incident - by sirka

A story of penile fate for a certain unfortunate lady at a dance club.

by Flicker

177 Closer Than Friends - by ArtixLV

A CTF story

by Flicker

178 The Sacrifice - by phen

A sacrifice goes awry, opening a portal to the elemental plane of cum.

by Flicker

180 Witch Kisses - by Sirka

A put upon herbalist gets her revenge unmaking the women that torment her.

by Flicker

181 Holiday Spirits

A pair of scientists help spread Demon’s Eve cheer throughout their town.

by decoys

182 Candy Bowl Party (Halloween 2017)

Mae visits a transformative party on Halloween and comes out an entirely different person

by Redstar00

183 A Clear Choice - by Multibreast

An alien transforms Earthlings into strange creatures, and lets one Earthling experience it all.

by Flicker

184 Hyperflu: Cum of a Different Udder (Furry)

Eric finds himself getting a very peculiar and rare transformation, even among those with hyperflu.

by Flicker

185 The Customer is Always Right

I commissioned this a while back, I figured i'd share here!

by cheeseguy3412

186 Mirror MIrror

A story commission, from thefwank!

by cheeseguy3412

187 Lady Margolotta's School for Unconventional Women

The explosion of a strange stone causes a rash of transformative changes at a women's college

by Redstar00

188 Max's Choice

by shangbryan

189 Curse of the Chimera

When a young man gives his girlfriend a strange bracelet for Halloween....

by schwarzeschatten

190 Their Nausea at Living

An deconstructionist detective story

by EmiyaShirou

191 The Engineer - by Galpha567

A man wakes up strapped to a table.

by Flicker

192 Equine Genome Fusion - by Kora

Jake and Gwen test a new formula.

by Flicker

194 Two Figures in an Alley - by dragontaur

Evan spots a strange figure in an alley.

by Flicker

196 The Cabin - by Cherri (Furry)

A young woman awakens a powerful magic, and uses it to grant herself eternal pleasure.

by DaiohSP

197 Transformations in Dreamland - Closing Time

Furry tag warning.

by esunalily

198 Knotted - by Hinny Mule

Mike summons a demoness in the hopes of gaining fortune.

by Flicker

199 Talis's Tale - by chironathome

Talis has embraced her fetish of being a size queen by modifying herself, but is still left wanting.

by Flicker

200 Finding Love at the Dog & Pony Show - by chironathome (+illustrations)

Come and see a truly unique dog and pony show!

by Flicker