16 Experiment 2201- by ccczzz

Dr. Erik Viers administers the next round of an experimental serum.

by Flicker

17 Open for Fun - by CZs_Imaginarium

Nichole finds a mysterious box promising a good time. She soon finds herself falling to pieces over

by Flicker

18 Thankless Society - by Multibreast

A psychiatric patient receives the power to transform himself and others, but finds, to his dismay,

by Flicker

19 Laura's Revenge - by Changer

Paul, Phil, and Andy wake up to discover that they should be careful what they say.

by Flicker

21 Quantum Bound

Coach is cursed to travel from person to person giving advice

by indigocarmine

22 Soul of an Idol - by LittleChungus

A young woman is about to bring the love of her life into reality.

by Flicker

23 Parade

Macy inflates into the amazing Balloon-girl

by indigocarmine

24 Cream

A barista gets a lesson in unwanted cream

by indigocarmine

25 Three is better than One

A demon summoning goes horribly wrong, or does it?

by weirdwriter

26Moved: Belial Idol: Couples

The Return of Your Favorite Interactive Transformation Gameshow!

by indigocarmine

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27 CTF-Anthology: Sausage Factory Part I

The reformed villainess Jinx from the Teen Titans takes on a new form.

by Flicker

28 Living Egg-Pod Hazel and the Alien Creature - by prostap

A cryptozoologist comes to relieve a village of its troubles.

by Flicker

29 Suitor Wasp - by Kora

An Ovipositor TF

by Flicker

30 Didi and Frank - modulokss

A weird radiation cause a pandemia. Didi and frank will suffer weird transformations.

by modulokss