31 Tentapool - by ccczzz

Maria goes for a swim in the public pool of her small city, once famous for its nuclear reactor.

by Flicker

32 Wonderful Rush - by LittleChungus & Flicker

Love Live! Bizarre Idol Festival #1

by Flicker

33 Untitled Writing Prompt - by Mod E

Rose undergoes a medical procedure that marks the beginning of a radical shift in society.

by Flicker

34 The Fountain in the Garden

A loner witch girl is invited by four magic classmates for some fun. Author unknown.

by BrotherOriginal

35 Flight of the Tiresias

A crew of a starship heads back to base, but encounters some strange mutagenic phenomena on the way

by davton

36 Fuck Flesh - by BD-Acht

A woman asks for a wild and lewd experience and ends up with more than she expected.

by Flicker

37 One in a Billion - by HeiLeeJoe

In 2109, two extreme mutants meet for the first time and discover what it means to be a mutant.

by Flicker

38 The Best Female Lord in Fire Emblem - by CTFMeister

Lucina, Corrin and Lyn are arguing over who the best female lord is, when Celica joins in.

by Flicker

39 Experimental Procedure

Story by Demon-Man

by Demon-Man

40 Dealing with Morning Wood - by thatoneweirdo

Poor Leia finds herself waking up with quite a bit of arousal and her host, Jeremy has to help.

by Flicker

41 Peter and Sandra - by modulokss (story in Spanish)

Peter and Sandra work with a powerful reactor, creating new and unknown radiations.

by Flicker

42 Gift from Space - by Yeania Aeon and Syntaxerror37

Ruby is on a walk in a park when she stumbles across something too interesting to resist.

by Flicker

43 Strange Mist - by SevenCrown37, YeaniaAeon, syntaxerror37, Blackraven2

Karren rushes to work at a call center, barely noticing a strange mist rolling down the mountains.

by Flicker

44 Practice Makes Perfect - by toystoat (furry warning)

Aaron's never had the chance to even kiss a woman before. So what does any normal person do?

by Flicker