31 Lluna Tripped - by Min (furry warning)

Lluna has an odd encounter while cleaning up at her new job.

by Flicker

32 Odd Job - by BD-Acht

by BrotherOriginal

34 Protective Custody (Series) - by teddy sloth

An innocent human is almost abducted by a group of rogue spiders.

by Flicker

35 A Kiss Goodnight - by Zikario

Cherche can't find a mate for her wyvern mount Minerva & ends up taking matters into her own mouth.

by Flicker

36 Miscalculations - by toystoat (furry warning)

A snow leopard experiments with a new potion that should give him a new perspective on orgasms.

by Flicker

37 Stuck: A Seven Part Series

Adam wakes up to find himself attached to another person's body.

by compound37

38 More - by compound37

Melissa and James go to another country where the regulations on NanoEnchant are more lax.

by Flicker

39 The Wand - by compound37

Mia and Zoe experience what it means to be erotically reduced.

by Flicker

40 Humantaur Phen - by phen

Phen passes the point of no return, with no end in sight.

by Flicker

41 Personal Protective Equipment - by AcidPunch

Rachel goes with her father to his workplace on "Bring Your Daughter to Work" Day.

by Flicker

42 Anomaly - by The Light Fantastic

An alien first encounter and galactic crisis transforms one woman's life and body forever.

by Flicker

43 Eve's Favorite Customers - by aadder

Eve devises a special meal for her favorite customers.

by Flicker

44 That's How you Move Product - by aadder

Miles samples a new product at a convention.

by Flicker

45 The Curse - by ccczzz

Harley learns the hard way about a town curse.

by Flicker