16 Transform or Dare: Jen in the Crossfire - by fortestingpurposes

Jennifer is caught in the crossfire when Kyle goes after her best friend.

by Flicker ( Pages 1 2 3 4 )

17 Transform or Dare: Jennifer the Human-Sexipede

Yeah, it pretty much goes as you expect.

by Flicker

18 Transform or Dare: Jennifer the Julie

Jennifer becomes the victim of a penis-girl curse with unintended consequences.

by Flicker

21 Transform or Dare: Congenital D*ckhead Jennifer - by Dayn

Jennifer becomes a victim of a new unknown disease called CDS.

by Flicker

24 Karma's Tome of Knowledge

An addventure based on an artefact belonging to Karma and the chaos it causes.

by Drake_G_Reaper

25 Chaos Storms [cyoc]

Original concept by: loony28

by TheDeceptiveDuck

26 Fiction Branches is back

by Gee-chan

27 Sex Goddess Mother

by Greeman

28 The Machine


by hetoki