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The Greatest Show

Prologue: Spectacular Beginning

“You got the tickets?" asked Vailan fighting his way through the crowd. He was relieved to see that his girlfriend Ginger was right behind him.

“Aye. That's the tenth time you ask me. You don't need to worry," she replied.
Both had been late. The streets had been full and the entrance hall was even fuller.
They were in the great Ondorian Chimcham Theatre, the largest show-hall of the Empire, usually used for operas, musicals and TV-shows. But now it would host the most bizarre and controversial show in the history of television. “Change your Life" was the overly simple title of an event that was meant to transform volunteers in the most extreme ways possible. The propaganda had already started one year ago. They said that the popular moderator from channel WTV (Waoi Television) Bella Joxala would welcome several freaks who would be transformed into bizarre creatures. Vailan had already seen talk- or game-shows with similar themes but this time there were meant to be more than dozen performances and far more shocking transformation than ever before on TV. Some poeple said Karma himself had been invited as special guest although it was probably just a joke.

Of course everyone wanted to see it. So the entrance hall was inundanted with guests.
Vailan and Ginger had been lucky that they had gotten their tickets. The show had been sold out just two months after the first announcement. Strangely the tickets included a contract that had to be signed before the ticket was valid. It discharged the show from any reproaches if one gets “willingly" transformed. Vailan serously hoped that there wouldn't be any “unwilling transformations", he liked the way he was and how his girlfriend looked like. He did not like the idea of any changes. After an hour of waiting, they finally got through the controles and into the waiting hall. Ginger insisted on purchasing some popcorn and coke.

“I am so excited. You think they will just do some minor modifications or will they go all the way, like in the talk-show last week?" she said. Vailan knew that his girlfriend was a big transformation-fan, somehow the contrast between before and after excited her. She had been the one who wanted to go to the show, too. He was not so much interested in it, often it even disgusted him in some extreme cases but since she wanted to go so badly, he had submited.

“Well. We'll see." He replied.

Eventually the doors to the show-hall opened. It was enormous. There was room for more than three thousand guests and every seat seemed to be occupied. Vailan and Ginger had a very good place in the middle with a great look onto the stage. Ginger giggled. She could hardly wait for the show to start A few minutes later the last guests sat down and the light turned off, so that only the stage was left illuminated. The plain stage had been embellished with some bizarre post-modern decorations and was flanked by two wide screens at either side which both showed a close-up view onto the centre of the stage. There was a single woman standing there.

“Look, honey. It's Bella Joxala. Whoa...its really her. I can't believe to be in one room with a TV-star." Gigner screamed aloud. Vailan smiled at her obvious joy. Sometime she was really overexcited but he that was the reason why he loved her so much.

The woman on the stage was really Bella Joxala, the moderator who was famous for her music-show called “Wake the Dragon". Ginger and Vailan often watched it together. They were both fans of her and it seemed most of the specators, too. The air was filled with applause. It was almost ear-burstingly loud.

When the audience calmed down the young woman took her micro and shouted into the masses.
“Welcome people. Are you ready for the most bizarre night ever?"

Again a loud applause. Vailan could swear that some poeple indeed shouted “Yes".
“Are you ready?"

Once again applause.

“Thank you all," She finally continued. “Welcome to the Chimcham Theatre, here in Ondora.
This will be a show like no other. Tonight we will welcome several guests that will change their lifes forever. They will be turned into strange and perhaps even disgusting new forms." She spoke out the last words with an overly dark tone. “But there will also be some surprises."

Suddenly a sofa and a small table appeared from below the stage. An assistant in a dark blue latex suit with a fitting mask came along and put a small glass with a strange green substance onto the table. Then he disappeared behind the stage while Bella jumped to the newly arrived furniture. Surpisingly she began to undress. Some people gasped aloud while others whistled obscenely. She just wore a single piece of black latex, so it did not take long until she was fully naked. Then she took the small glass holding it to her chest. The hall became silent as the entire audience held their breath.

“You think she will do what I think she will do?" Ginger whispered.
“Never. I cannot imagine that." Vailan answered. But he was wrong.

“To speak about surprises," Bella said. “The motto of the show are extreme transformations. But what moderator would I be not to participate. No worries. I know what I am doing. In a few minutes I'll be the best, most suitable moderator for this show and probably the most unique one in Assiah."

With a joyful “Cheers" Bella gulped down the green substance at once. A collective gasp filled the hall. Some people seemed shocked, some disbelieving, others however had a strange, expectant expression. Bella looked even stranger. Her eyes were wide as she droped her micro and the glass as well, just a moment before her flesh began to deform. The girl breathed heavily while her entire body began to pulse in an unnatural fashion.

At first her clitors grew rapidly. It shot outwards, swelling with dramatic speed. Quickly it turned into a penis, a very long one. Like a snake it wiggled outwards, turning into a long, prehensible tentacle. It's growth sopped at a lenght of nearly five feet. Then her upper body collapsed. Bella gave a strange moan that became quickly thinner until it was gone while her face seemed to implode. Above her hips her entire body was deflating like a stabbed balloon.

The audience screamed and gasped as the woman's upper body disappeared completely leaving only smooth skin above her hips. It was not over however. To everyone's surprise the halved body turned around. Four small bulges appeared on Bella's hips where there had once been a torso. They swelled like monstrous blains until they suddenly burst out into large insectoid wings. They resembled the wings of a wasp or bee, just much larger. They started into motion and with a buzzing noise Bella, or rather what was left of her, was lifted off the ground. Her cute feet dangled just a few inches above the smooth, blue floor of the stage.

Her butt was still directed towards audience as the changes continued with her legs.
They shrinked rapidly, like her torso before. Just two toes per feet seemed to rebel. Instead they grew rapidly, growing longer and thicker. In the end they were attached directly to Bella's hips.
They resembled four long insectoid legs although they rather looked like large fingers. At last two solid black eyes appeared on the creature's butt cheeks. Obviously her back and front had been swapped. The black eyes blinked a little and the strange creature flew in a circle, trying out its new wings. The transformation had finished.

The hall was silent, except for some heavily breathing people, still shocked or thrilled by the transformation of the young moderator. The insectoid, butt-faced creature lowered down and grapped the fallen microphone with its long penis. To everyone's surprise it was quite dexterous with it. The transformed Bella held her micro to her anus. A loud fart filled the hall.

Vailan was disgusted and shocked. His girlfriend had confronted him with many extreme stuff already but this was far heavier. A few more farts or at least fart-like sounds tortured the audience before he suddenly heard a female voice again.

“Whoa. That was crazy." Bella said into the micro with her pulsing anus-mouth.
Her voice sounded a little wet but after “clearing" her throat it was close to normal.
“No worries. I am alright. I hope it was not too shocking. Because this was only the beginning."

The audience exploded in applause. The first part of the show and they loved it already.
Bella's performance has surely gotten them into the right mood.

“Thanks. Thank you all" She said, her dark, featureless eyes still reflecting her joy.
Slowly she flew to the sofa and sat down onto her four limbs. A little unsteady but still very well for someone who had just been turned into a large sexual fly. One could see her vagina and penis leaking fluids, leaving a dark stain on the sofa. Bella seemed a little embarrassed and her butt cheeks were blushing. She did not mention it however.

“This was really exhausting. Well....to be honest. I already wanted to be a little different. I think I got what I wanted." She giggled, or at least tried to giggle. All that came out of her anus mouth was a strange sound that seemed like a mixture of normal laughter and strange farting sounds.
“This was the prologue, so lets begin with the show...:"

Ginger was still staring at the strange, insectoid moderator.

“That was extreme." Vailan said, not really believing what he had seen.
“Yeah. This is better than I had imagined," Ginger answered.


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A Unique Mother

The spotlight moved to one corner of the stage, followed by a change in the music.

“I present you," Bella began. “Keyla Haaroi."

A good looking, blonde woman appeared on stage. She was pretty young and dressed in a rather simple gown. Her body was very womanly, with large full breasts and wide, feminine hips. She blushed and looked down as she headed towards Bella. Her face showed excitement and embarrassment in equal measure.

“Welcome to the show," Bella said,"I heard you've become mother a few weeks ago."

“Yes", Keyla replied," Two healthy boys, they are identical twins."

“And still you want to be changed? Don't you fear it might be a disadvantage for your children?"

“No. I alwasy planned to do something like this but was never brave enough. Now I want to take my chance.
I know that my husband fully supports me and that my boys will surely have no problems with it."

“I am glad to hear that. Well let's not wait. I am sure our guests are eager to see one more transformation."

Immediately a strange machine appeared from below the stage. It looked like a giant mechanical ball with a large hole on it's top. There were several tanks filled with a glowing purple substance on it's side. With a loud hiss a hatch opened on the ball's front.

“We've chosen a transformation that you will surely like. You just need to enter our device there," said Bella. She hinted towards the machine with her penis-tail.

Keyla gulped. She hestitated some moments before she eventually took off her clothes and crawled inside the huge, metallic sphere. She stuck her head out of the hole at its top.

“I am ready", she said. She was sweating heavily and obviously very nervous.

“Is your husband watching the show?"

“Yes he is. Although via TV. He is looking after the babies."

“Well. This is your last chance to say something to him as normal human."

“I love you honey and ever will. No matter as what I will reappear," Keyla said.

Soon after her last words the hatch on the machine closed shut while red lights turned on. The device kicked into life and the substance was pumped into the sphere. A surprised squeak escaped the woman's lips when the transformation began. In mere seconds her head seemed to melt away. It merged with her shoulders and widened until it almost completely filled the hole at the machine's top. She gasped as her entire face continued to deform. Her eyes moved further apeart while her nose disappeared completely. At the same time small bumps formed around her mouth. Those bumps rapidly grew into thick tendrils. In the end Keyla's face looked like that of an octopus with eight thick, fleshy tentacles around her still human mouth although it seemed that she lost all her teeth. The tentacles were not those of an octopus however, instead she sported eight long, prehensible penises in her face. Each of them was at least three feet long and as thick as her arms had been. Curiously Keyla mouthed waved them around or moved them across her face in order to experiment with her new limbs. She was obviously so excited that all her dick tentacles were leaking pre-cum.
Suddenly the transformation stopped and the machine calmed down. With a loud hiss the hatch opened again. Slowly Keyla crawled out of the device, presenting her new deformed body to the audience.
She looked like a giant, flesh-coloured octopus. Keyla was forced to crawl on her face, moving with her long penis-tentacles because her body was absolutely limbless. Actually all that was left of her body looked like a giant butt. One could see that her anus and vagina had been enlarged into monstrous proportions. Her slit was surely at least three feet in lenght. Keyla's large breasts had been completely removed instead her large, fleshy buttocks ended in thick nipples, although still normal enough to allow her children to suck on them.
Not surprisingly both were lactating, a thick stream of milk running down on each butt-breast.

“Please tell me," Bella asked the newly transformed woman as she flew towards her. “Are you happy?"

“Yes, I am. Please forgive me honey for being to selfish," Keyla said towards the camera. Her voice was slightly muffled since her mouth was probably pressed to the ground. “But this feels wonderful."

“Oh I am sure your husband will see the advantages of your new form, too, sooner or later."

“Yeah. He always told me that he was secretly into weird transformations, so I doubt he will disapprove."

Eventually a very happy Keyla left the stage, accompanied by the audience's loud approval.
She left a trail of milk, vaginal fluids and precum behind as she slowly crawled away.

“This was Keyla Haaroi. A brave young mother that has just undergone the change of her life.
But this has been merely a warm-up," said the flying moderator as she was leaking pre-cum and vaginal fluids again.


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For The Guests

“Before the next break I'd like to announce a performance that is actually a gift for our audience,"
said Bella and flew to the center of the stage where the perplexed spectators saw how a new object was lifted up. It was a man-sized tube or rather an open barrel. The metallic vessel was filled with a thick, white substance. It's resemblance to ordinary cum should probably make clear what it was.

“I bet you all know what this is for. No we just lack someone to enter this barrel. So, please welcome Celine Noir."

Accompanied by the audience a young woman came onto stage. She seemed to be barely in her twenties and sported shoulder-lenght blue hair. She was a beautiful healthy woman, slim and athletic although not overly muscular. More importantly, she was absolutely naked, showing proudly her small, perky breasts and her shaved crotch. Calmly she strolled towards Bella, not showing any sign of embarrassment.

“Hello Celine. I am glad to see you here," Bella greeted the new arrival.

“Thanks Ms. Joxala. I am glad to be here, too," answered the girl in a very self-confident manner.

Bella continued to question Celine about her life. She was really just 19 and an artiste originating from a Heroni acrobat family. Her idea to transform into a strange creature was not taken very well by her family and they intensely tried to change her mind. In the end they accepted her wish however and even promised her a role as mascot after her transformation.

“I am glad your family has decided to support you instead of fighting against your plans," Bella said.

“Yeah, me too. I will need their help to adjust to life afterwards. I am pretty sure the transformation will also bring some serious disadvantages."

“And you are still sure to do it?"

“Of course I am. I know about the risks and consequences but I want to do it, to become something unique."

“Good. That's the spirit. So please follow me so that we can finally turn you into something new."
Bella headed towards the transformation-barrel. A cage on a thick, long chain was dropped from the ceiling. It resembled a bird cage and was barely large enough to contain a human. Suddenly its door swung open.

“Please enter the cage," said the flying moderator as she circled around the pool of transformative “cum".
Celine followed Bella's orders and entered the small cage. It was very uncomfortable and she had to bend her knees up to her chin but it would only be for a short time anyway, unless the substance was actually going to let her grow. When the cage was lifted up and over the the barrel, there was a short flicker of nervousness in her eyes. It did not take much time and the cage was lowered down again, this time into the cum. Celine bid her last farwell as a normal human as the cage was more and more entering the white substance. A few seconds later and she had fully disappeared in the barrel.

Nothing happened for more than a minute. The audience could only guess if or how she was trasnforming.
Eventually a creaky sound announced that the cage was finally taken out of the barrel. Thick drops of cum leaked down back into the vessel. Like a curtain the white substance split up and revealed the interior of the cage. The young girl was gone instead a strange, small creature was comfortably sitting in it. At first it looked like a bird. It had a small oval-shaped body not bigger than a football, two large, white feathered wings and small, digigrade legs ending in hand-like claws. That was all that this creature shared with an ordinary bird however. Aside from its wings, its entire body was covered in normal, human skin. It had two comparably large female breasts on it's chest. They hung down to the ground and covered almost its entire front. Only a large human penis stuck out from between them, jutting from the creature's crotch. One could see a large pair of balls, the size of oranges, below its massive manhood. One could only guess if it had a vagina or not. On its shoulders was neither a human nor an avian head, instead it had a long, flexible neck which ended in a large, single eye.

Finally the cage's door opened again while it was still in the air. Swiftly Celine jumped out of it and made use of her wings for the first time. The bizarre bird-creature circled elegantly around the barrel until it headed towards the sofa and sat down on its back. The audience roared.

“I hope you like your new form," Bella asked the birdlike transformee as she landed on her sofa.

Obviously Celine was not able to talk anymore. Instead she just nodded with her single eye.

“I am glad to hear that", replied the moderator. Then she turned towards the audience.
“Celine did not only volunteer to become a bizarre new creature, she also agreed to take part in a very special perfomance, a gift just for you. For this night and this night only, her cum has transformative abilities. Whoever drinks it will turn into a similarily bizarre being although not necessarily a birdlike one, too."

The hall was silent except for some quiet murmur as Celine jumped off the armchair and flew around the hall.

“This cute little bird has no limits in case of cumming this night. When you want to undergo a transformation yourself, just call for her."

It did not take long until the first person stood up. It was a quite athletic young woman in a simple but bizarre leather-dress, possibly an adventuress. Gently she stroked Celine's already hard dick and then began to suck on it. Only a few seconds later she got a whole load of the creature's cum. Her transformation was so fast that one could hardly see the process itself. In a few moments her upper body swelled and turned into a bloated, round shape, bursting her upper clothes. Her breasts disappeared while her head merged into her torso. Her hair and almost entire face vanished, too. Only a single eyes was left which doubled in size and moved down until it was in the center of the woman's swollen torso. Meanwhile her arms lost definition and turned into long, fleshy tentacles. Her hands merged into suitable dick-heads. Then the transformation was over. One could not see if her lower body had been altered, too, due to her trousers. The transformed woman undressed however and thus answered the question herself. Her legs were still normal but her vagina had enlarged into a massive, swollen organ, its lips looking like large sausages and the clit being as large as a man's penis. When she took off her shoes one could see that her toes had been merged into two large cocks per feet. The adventuress seemed content. Slowly she sat down again and started to explore her new body.

A few other women drank from Celine's penis, too, and turned into other kinds of creatures. Although their general shapes were all different, they were all extremely bizarre and only a single eye was left of their faces.

Vailan was quite shocked to see so many beautiful girls turning willingly into disgusting sex-beasts.
He just hoped that his girlfriend was not going to drink from the bird, too. Currently she just stared facinated at the spectacle.

A few rows down a young men called Dexter thought exactly the same. “Unbelievable," he said in disgust: “I cannot imagine how those weirdos can willingly turn themselves into such things. Right Millni?"

When he turned to his girlfriend he did not trust his eyes. Millni was sitting in her seat and was sucking on the bird's dick. Cum was already leaking from the edges of her mouth. With a surprised and little bit guilty expression she turned towards her shocked lover but she had no chance to say something. The transformation immediately took place. Faster than the eye could comprehend, the cute brunette was gone. Instead there was a bizarre blob sitting in the remains of Millni's clothes. It was at least as strange as all the other creatures of the night. It's body was only a limbless, tear-shaped ball of flesh, roughly the size of a basketball. It's top ended in a short, flexible tentacle. It also had a large eye at its tip, like the bird-creature. It was larger but still one of Millni's gentle, brown eyes. There were no other facial features on the creature.

At least it still had Millni's large breasts on its front and her cute ass on the other side. More bizarre and irritating however was the half-ring of cocks that covered its front from one buttcheek to the other. There were at least a dozen penises, all of average size. They almost looked like a bizarre kind of skirt. Dexter recovered from the first shock when he realized that the large brown eye was looking at him. It looked strangely guilty.

“I am sorry I did not tell you but I just had to take this chance. Please forgive me," the creature said. Dexter could not determine any orifice from which the blob that was obviously his girlfriend, was talking.

“Its..its okay." He stuttered, unable to comprehend the entire situation. “But how are you speaking..I..I mean without a mouth".

“I dunno," Millni replied. “But the breath seems to escape from my back."

Dexter carefully took a look at her backside but could only see her unchanged butt and anus. There was no sign of a vagina however. Then he understood. His girlfriend was probably talking via her anus like the moderator. It seemed that it was meant to replace her mouth.

“Honey, it...it seems you are talking with your ass....and you...you have no pussy."

“Already thought so. I hope it's not too gross for you.....I...I like it."

It was all too much. Dexter just focused on the fact that this blob in front of him was actually his cute, naughty girlfriend and ingnored the rest. He just took her into his shaking arms and sat her down onto his lap.

“Darling?" She said calmly. “I don't like to say that but I need to pee....with all those dicks. I need your help."

“O...Okay," Was all that Dexter could reply. Slowly he stood up and headed towards the men-toilets with his grotesque blob-girlfriend in his arms. It would take days for him to recover from this night. Millni was however very happy with her choice and knew that her lover would accept it.


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Here Comes the Bride...

“Now it's time for a very special event in this show," said Bella. The small, fly-like moderator floated onto the center of the stage with the microphone in her penis-tail.

“This night we will see a man and a woman geting married," Bella continued. “Fleur M'evorin and Van Ghor, please come up here."

A very confused couple stood up from their seats in one of the last rows and headed towards the stage. They very honestly surprised. Bella answered their question before they had a chance to say anything.

“We got information that you are affianced and plan to marry at the end of this year. Since you are already here, we thought that we could bring this event a little forward."

“You mean?" asked Van. His girlfriend was still completely baffled by the sudden turn of events and the loud applause directed towards them.

“Yes. We will arrange the ceremony and officially get you married. This evening but with a condition."

“What condition?," asked Fleur still very perplexed.

“Well....we offer you an official ceremony tonight and a little bit of money for your honey-moon "“ 500.000 Kriss."

Fleur and Van gasped but quickly realized that there was a “but" to come.

“But only if your cute bride undergoes an extreme transformation before the wedding."

Both were shocked but instead of an immediate “no", they began a whispered discussion. Bella did not interrupt them unlike some people from the audience who wanted them to agree. Eventually both nodded and agreed to an yet unknown decision. Van had a slightly pained expression though.
Fleur was the first to speak: “I will do it. You can do wih me whatever you want."

“Do you agree, too?" Bella asked Van in a surprisingly serious tone.

“Yes. It's her soul I love. So if she thinks that the offer is worth the price, I will agree."

“I am happy to hear that. Van, would you please leave the stage then? Our staff will get you dressed and prepared. You shall look pretty for this special event."

The young man did as he was told. With a long hug and passionate kiss he said goodbye to his lover, knowing that he would see her like this for the very last time.

“And know it's time to get you ready for the wedding, too. Although in a much different way;"
said Bella after Van had left the stage. Meanwhile an assistant had appeared with a champagne glass. It contained a blue, thick substance however.

Following Bella's orders Fleur undressed. She hestitated at first but then realized that there was no other way. Embarrassed and blushing she took of her clothes. She was a beautiful, slender woman, almost fragile like a doll. Her breasts were quite large however. Her perfect face was framed by long blonde hair. Eventually she took the glass and stared at the blue substance for some moments, again considering the consequences. In the end she drank the substance with one gulp.

“I...I feel strange;" was all Fleur could stutter before the transformation immediately started.
Her body began to bulge and distort in alarming speed. At first her torso began to swell and bulge like a baloon being blown up before it suddenly collapsed. Her arms withered and disappeared while her entire upper body shrank into a thick, formless bulge on her hips, approx. only half its former size. Her breasts were still left and looked even larger on her reduced torso. Her belly had been turned into a small, round half-sphere jutting out from below her breasts. It almost looked as if she was pregnant.

The young bride shrieked when her legs began to shrink. They became slightly thicker and much shorter. They more than halved in lenght. In the end they strangely fit to Fleur's shrunken torso but at the same time caused her unchanged hips and butt too look unproportionally large. Her feet however looked even more out of place. While her legs had reduced in size, her feet had grown dramatically. Each foot was now almost as large as her entire upper body. It looked hilarious and the poor girl clearly had problems keeping balance on those massive appandages which had lost their cute, feminine form, too. They had grown broad and flat whith thick, short toes.

There were tears in her eyes. The girl was surely afraid and shocked now confronted with the grotesque results of her decision. It was not over however. Fleur gasped as two long tentacles erupted from her crotch, replacing her clitoris. Both new organs were almost four feet long and swayed around like confused snakes. It took some time to realize that each tentacle was actually a long, prehensible penis. Despite Fleurs terrified expression they oozed pre-cum onto the stage.
Her vagina soon bulged outwards while her lips merged together, sealing up and turning into normal skin. Immediately two melon sized spheres grew within the newly formed sack of skin. Fleur's new scrotum was hanging quite far down, her new testicles almost touched the ground.

The girl looked at Bella with a confused expression, torn between excitement, fear and disgust. It almost seemed as if she wanted to plea for mercy, to stop her transformation but she had no chance to say anything as the transformation finally reached her head. Almost too fast to follow her head deformed and merged with her neck and shoulders. Her hair fell off while her cheeks swelled outwards. Quickly Fleur's nose and ears shrank and vanished while her eyes were pushed to the sides of her deforming head which ended up as a smooth, swollen bulge on top of her torso. Then her mouth turned into an o-shape as her lips were pulled inwards and the skin puckered. After only a few seconds it had fully changed into an ordinary anus. Eventually her cheeks enclosed her entire skull while they swelled into perfectly formed butt-cheeks. Fleur's once beautiful face was now just a feminine butt which was sat on top of her body. Her eyes had moved and were now directly on her facial butt-cheeks, flanking her anus-mouth, similar to Bella's “face". Her head was still rather flexible and able to turn slightly to the sides although very limited due to the lack of a proper neck.

As a final strike to turn Fleur's body into a grotesque, bi-sexual piece of flesh, her body-hair began to grow extremely. Long dark hair sprouted on her legs, feet and balls while a dense bush of curly black hair grew in her crotch and spread up to her belly button. The same public hair grew around her two ass-holes in form of thin, hairy rings.

The transformation was over and a very confused creature explored its new body with its long tentacular penises. Despite the initial fear, Fleur's eyes did not look terrified anymore, instead they sparkled with curiousity and what seemed to be pure lust.
“Seems you've already got used to these," said Bella as she came closer to Fleur.

The once beautiful girl startled and stopped touching herself.
“Y...Yes," She said through her frontal anus. “It's like moving my arms. It feels so natural, I did not even notice....amazing."

“I am glad to hear that. As promised the money is yours and the wedding. You want to continue?"

“Of course I want."

“Great. I love happy ends. I promise you it will be great," said Bella. A strange farting noise suggested that she was probably giggling.

Within a few minutes the entire wedding was arranged. An army of blue-dressed assistants appeared on stage and put decorations onto the right places while a pedestral appeared from below the stage. Fleur was cleaned and made up for the ceremony so fast, she barely had a chance to react.
She was left nude only with somesort of veil on her “head", so that her bizarre hairy body was still prefectly presented in all its glory. At last an assistant gave her a bouquet of red roses.

“Okay. Time for the real thing," said Bella to the bride. “You're nervous?"

“I...I am. I hope Van won't run away screaming."

“You really fear so? I mean...he knows what he has to expect."

“I know but perhaps this is too much for him."

“I am sure he'll be fine."


Finally a glowing spot appeared on the stage which revealed an opening from which the bridegroom was brought up. He was dressed in a new black smoking. It took him some time to adjust to the new enviroment. Confused he looked around, obviously searching for his fiancee. Eventually he realized with a shock that the strange ass-faced creature beside Bella had to be Fleur. He just stood there agape for some moments until Fleur came closer to him.

“Is..is it you?" He stuttered. He was still quite taken by the radical transformation of his lover.

“Yes. It's me. I hope I am not too disgusintg." There was a sad tone in her voice and guests in the first row could see tears swelling in her eyes..


“I know we both agreed on this but....do you....do you still want to marry me?"

Shaken by Fleur's question Van suddenly straightened himself. With a determined expression he pushed himself towards her, embracing her in a tight embrace.

“Of course I want. I love you, no matter what you look like...."

A collective sigh of relief came from the audience while Fleur wrapped her penises around her lover like arms. The ceremony itself was simple and rather quick. The registrar strictly followed the official procedure and finally declared both to be husband and wife. Accompanied by loud applause Van bent down and pulled a cockring over her right penis down to its base. The ring looked very similar to the one that Fleur pulled carefully over her husband's finger with her other dick-tentacle. After a short hestitation Van kissed his lover onto her frontal anus. To his own surprise she embraced him with her flexible dicks, pushing him closer to her. Not long and Van gave in, kissing Fleur with fiery passion. One could see that the bride had indeed a tongue in her upper ass-hole which she made good use of.

They kissed passionately for several minutes. Fleur was so aroused that she accidantely oozed some pre-cum onto Van's dress. Eventually they took a break to leave for their wedding night.

“I...I wish you much luck and love for your future life," said Bella. The moderator was so taken by the wedding that she was crying.

“Thank you for everything. I am sure we will both get used to this," said Fleur.

“Indeed. We will." Came Van's answer. Despite the first shock, he seemed to have little problems with Fleur's bizarre form now. Either he was more perverse than he looked like or he truly only cared about Fleur's soul not for her body.

Accompanied by the audience's congratulations and the traditional wedding march, they left the stage as husband and creature.


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Not So Identical Twins

The big pause began and many people from the audience left the hall and went to the lobby.
There they could get some more drinks and snacks, get to the toilets or just calm down from the truly extreme performances.

Vailan was sitting at the bar together with Ginger. He was torn between disgust and amazement from the recent transformations. It was all so extremely grotesque to see such beautiful girls quickly turned into fleshmade abnorminations. Of course Ginger was more positively excited. She really enjoyed the show and did not stop to jabber about how much she loved it or how much the moderator thrilled her.

Actually Vailan didn't listen and he slightly worried if Ginger was not getting a little too much into this stuff but dismissed the thought. She had always been a transformation fan and he always accepted her hobby even if he didn't share it. He loved her that was all he needed to know. Thus he should be happy that she enjoyed the show so much. She was excited like a child. Involuntarely he began to smile while his girlfriend explained her deep shock when the bird-thing had gotten so close to her that she had thought its leaking cum might hit her.

She noticed him giggling and pouted. “What are you laughing about?" He did not answer however and just surprised her with a passionate kiss. Half an hour later the show continued.

Meanwhile the sofa had reappeared from below the stage. Together with Bella although she was not drinking anything this time. Instead she was shoving her own penis-tail into her anus-mouth, moaning loudly. The audience was quite confused. Apparantly it was no part of the show however, since Bella quickly removed her flexible organ from her so called face when she noticed that she was back on stage. Her butt cheeks blushed in a deep red when she grapped her microphone.

“Oh...err....I..I am sorry. I got a little distracted," she stuttered, honestly embarrassed by her loss of self-controle.

The reaction of the audience was quite surprising. Most people applaused.

“I..hui...I hope you had a refreshing break and are ready for our next guests. Welcome Delora and Ophela Berraque from Meringrad."

The hall was filled by applause when the two guest appeared. Two good looking young twins, fully identical, they even wore the same simple jeans and top. Both had short dark hair and a slightly boyish look belieing their feminine movements. They headed towards the sofa and sat down with Bella in the middle.

“Welcome to the show," the moderator began. “Are you nervous?"

The twin to her right side answered, one could not tell if it was Ophela or Delora.
“A little. I mean....it doesn't happen very often that one gets transformed in a public show."
They chuckled.

Bella continued to interview the girls to give a better image of who they were. Both were art-students from Meringrad and sharing an appartement. They origined from a village called Holz somewhere in the province Heron. They were both big transformation fans and made it the major theme of their art.

“That's the reason why we are here," said Delora, who was the girl on Bella's right side, as it was now clear.
She was apparantly the more dominant twin.

Her sister Ophela continued: “We want to become the subjects of our own art. Imagine, tranformation themed art done by extreme transformees. That's so seldome. It would be brilliant."

“Yeah. That's why we are here", Delora agreed to her sister.

“But I heard there was one more reason," Bella said.

“Yes. It's great to be twins but it's so annoying to be physically identical sometimes. So we want to become more different here."

“That shouldn't be a problem. I think we got what you want." The moderator said, half fart-laughing to both smiling girls. One could see their excitement, they could hardly wait.

Suddenly two machines appeared from below the stage. They looked similar to the drying hoods but the hoods themselves who hung threatingly above comfortable leather seats, were much larger. They were large enough to enclose the entire upper body and connected to tanks full of a glowing green fluid.

“Just take off your clothes and sit down. The machines may look strange but you'll love the effects" said Bella as she flew around the strange devices. Of course the girls did not hestitate and quickly undressed. One of them, probably Ophela, blushed as she did so but quickly overcame her embarrassment. Both had a simple cutness. Soft pale skin and bouncy breasts of average size. They hugged each other for the last time as normal humans before they climbed up the strange machines.

“Are you ready? There won't be a way back to normal"

“Yes we are," said one of them. The other one nodded in agreement.

“So be it. Good luck."

Bella flew back to the sofa as the machines kicked into action. Lights turned on and green fluid was pumped into the hoods. Those slowly deceded, enclosing each girl's entire upper body while two smaller hoods turned up from each seat's front, covering their crotch regions, leaving only their legs were visible.
One could hear the twins moaning lustfully, obviously enjoying their transformations but it took a few minutes until one could actually see the changes. Suddenly their legs began to distort. At first their thighs just swelled slightly. Then their lower legs shortened while their feet elongated. Quickly their legs reshaped into a digigrade form. Their toes merged into only two large digits per foot. In the end their legs slightly resembled the hindlegs of a cow just with thick toes instead of hooves.

A few seconds later and the process was over. With a load hiss all four hoods were removed and revealed the girls' new forms. The audience was puzzled. They had expected two different creatures but the beings that stumbled out of the machines looked absolutely identical. Both had those cow-like, digigrade legs that apparantly needed some time to get used to. Their butts were slightly larger than before, fitting to their changed legs. Their torsi hadn't changed much beside the fact that their arms and breasts were gone.
Their shoulders ended in two smooth bumps where once their arms had been. Their chests were flat and looked rather like those of a skinny man. They still had nipples but there was no breast-flesh at all.
The masculine factor was emphasized by the increased growth of bodyhair. Both girls had a thin fur of short dark hair on their chests and lower legs that was clearly visible on their pale skin.

Their heads had changed, too, but still looked completely identical. Their hair was gone instead their heads were bald conical shapes that ended in large, feminine mouths. They lacked ears or noses, there were not even nostrils but they still had their cute, brown eyes that seemed somehow amiss on their bizarre heads. Their necks were slightly longer and thicker than before and seemed much more flexible.

It took some minutes until one could finally notice the subtle but grave difference between them when they walked down from the devices and onto the center of the stage. Their public hair had grown, too, and was now thick and long. Their dense bushes completely covered their crotch areas. While one of the twins still seemed to have a normal vagina, the other one clearly had a penis and balls hidden in her jungle of public hair. At that moment the female twin noticed the little extra of her sister for the first time, too.
“Ophelia, you got a penis."

“Yes. You not?"

“No. Crazy....let me see."

Easily both bend down and turned their heads to examine each other's genitals. Their comments made clear what the audience could only guess. Ophelia's vagina had been replaced by a penis of average size and a pair of testicles, making her, or rather him, fully male. Her sister however had only lost her breasts but was still a normal female between her legs. That was the actual difference Bella had promised. While they still looked like twins, they had different genders now.

“I hope you like it," interupted Bella. She had flown from the sofa to the exploring twins. They nooded with a broad smile each.

“Yeah...that's...that's awesome," said the male Ophelia. He shrieked suddenly. His twin sister had begun to nuzzle his cock, causing it to rise slowly. “Delora...what are you doing?"

“Stupid...you pretty much know that." She answered, her enlarged mouth curved into a smirk.

“But we are siblings. That's incest?"

“Who cares, my dear brother." Delora emphasized the last word with delight and continued to lick her former sister's erect dick. At its full lenght it was probably 8 inches long. Slowly she circled her tongue around the throbbing shaft before she enveloped it with her thick, fleshy lips. Her not so identical twin could not resits and just moaned weakly, paralysed by the sensations of his new organ.

Slowly, almost cruely, Delora sucked on Ophela's penis, ocasionally licking his balls, too.
But before her brother could climax, she stopped, causing a disappointed whine.

“Lay, down. I want to try this out, fully."


“Just relax and enjoy it," said Delora as she gently pushed her sister into a lying position with her foot.
He tried to resist but in vein. Eventually he succumbed to the needs of his dick and layed down, waiting for the pleasure to come. Almost painfully slowly, Delora lowered herself carefully down onto the throbbing shaft. Without arms she had some problems to keep balance but in the end she managed it perfectly.
Both siblings gasped alout when her wet cunt had finally engulfed her brother's penis.

“I promise you'll like it," she said.

Ophelia was too much lost in pleasure however, only a week moan escaped his lips. Carefully Delora pushed herself up and down. Very slow at first but constantly increasing in speed. Both moaned and gasped load and sweated heavily as the mating turned into a wild humping. Even in the last rows one could hear Delora's butt-cheeks smacking on her bother's hips.

“Ah....Don't stop, please don't stop, Delora."

“Hmm...no worries....uh"


Ophelia had no chance to finish the broken sentence because Delora suprised him with a sudden kiss.
First he was shocked, his eyes wide but arousal soon overcame him and he gave in. Both were kissing passionately, their tongues blissfully exploring each other's mouth while Delora still rode her brother like mad.
The audience itself was silent. Watching the erotic spectacle in front of them with a mix of astonishment and arousal. Both transformed twins continued for a seemingly endless amount of minutes. Humping and kissing while their hairy chests rubbed erotically against each other due to their lack of arms to fondle. Eventually Ophelia screamed in joy as he had his first male orgasm. His hot semen shot into his sister's hungry cunt while she bathed in her own orgasm. It was impressive. Streams of white cum shot from Delora's still impaled pussy. A minute later both calmed down. Delora slowly slumped onto her brother, resting on his chest, his softening penis still in her vagina.

Bella gave both the time to recover from their massive orgasms and to snuggle a bit. Luckily the audience siltently agreed and enjoyed the loveful display. After a few moments Delora akwardly stood up, still weak on her digigrade legs. Afterwards Ophelia stood up as well quite uneasy on his shaking legs. One could see that her sister tried to help him but then had to realize that she could hardly do so without arms. After a few attempts Ophelia was on his feet however. The flying moderator did not wait.

“I am glad you obviously like your new forms so much. Are you content with the differences you wanted?"

“Yes. At least I am. It may just be a detail but at the same time its a very meaningful difference," Delora answered immediately. Ophelia just nodded in agreement.

“And your plans for the future?"


“We are going to become the most popular transformed artists ever," said Ophelia, interrupting his sister.

“So I guess you are going to show your bodies proudly around."

Both nodded, each bearing a broad smile on their faces.
“But there is one thing we would like to ask you."

“And that is?" asked Bella, a little surprised.

“Could you pleace shave us down there?"

“Really? The monster-bush was a special gimmick to make the difference between you a sweet secret."

“But that's exactly what we want to show."

“Okay," agreed Bella. “We will get everything arranged at once."

She did not lie. Within a minute two blue assistants came onto the stage, each equipped with shaving gear.
They did not even wait for the twins to sit down or get comfortable. Immediately they cut down their long public hair with beard trimmers until their private regions only sported short, stubby hairs. It was a wise idea to not shave them completely. A naked crotch would have been totally out of place on their hairy bodies.
Nevertheless when the assistants left again, one could easily see their genitals. The hair could not cover anything. One could clearly see Ophelia's penis and balls, as well as Delora's slightly enlarged pussy lips.

“That's perfect. Don't you agree my cute brother," the more self-confident twin declared. It seemed she really relished the new gender of her twin. Ophelia just nodded blushing a little.

Eventually Bella said good bye to her guests, telling them how wonderful their performance had been.
Accompanied by a cheerful applause from the audience, the twins, now bizarre brother and sister, left
the stage.


Re: The Greatest Show (Open TF Story Project)

Pretty Legs and Best Friends

A new strange machine appeared from below the stage as the next performance was just about to begin. This time it looked like a self-made tanning bed. The large hatch was connected by large hydraulic arms with the rest of the machine. On both halves were small tanks with a red substance. One could only guess what this device was supposed to do.

Bella flew to the new machine and sat down onto its top with her four slender legs.
“This impressive device will change the life of our next guest. I am glad to welcome Akane Tetowa. A huge applause please."

A young woman appeared from the right side of the stage. She was slender and elegant with long beautiful legs and large, full breasts. Her face was long and gracile, framed by long black hair. She could have been a fashion-model but far more amazing was the fact that she was completely naked. Probably she had refused to get dressed since she would have to undress for the performance anyway. The hall was filled with applause as she headed towards Bella and the machine that was going to warp her body in ways that were still unknown.

“Hello Akane. Are you nervous?" The flying moderator asked her new guest.

“Yeah, a little but who would not be? Thank you a lot that I may be here."

“We have to thank you. Please tell use a little about you."

Like before the audience got to know a little about the new volunteer. Akane was a student at the economy college in Empyres. She was very self-confident and talked openly with Bella about her life and some minor chichat, she did not even blush despite her public nudity. It did not surprise when she told the audience that she stripped in her free time in a local pub to get some additional money. Eventually Bella ended the small-talk with the most importent question: “Why do you want to be transformed?"

“Well...,"Akane replied. “I know I am good looking and without sounding arrogant, I know many would like to look like me. But many girls look good, even better than me. So I developed the wish to be different. To be bizarre, strange, perhaps even disgusting.....it's hard to explain but you surely know what I mean." She smiled. It was a commonly known phenomenon that those willing to transform themselves into inhuman creatures, could barely explain their reasons to do so. It was a fiercly debated theme among the Empire's psychologists.

Bella replied with a disturbing giggle: “That's right. I know very well what you want to say and we will happily grand your wish. I am curious. What bodypart would you like to be unchanged if you can choose?"

“My legs to be honest. I like them the most."

“Great. Then this machine is perfect for you. Just get in and let your legs dangle outside," replied Bella. At the same time she got into the air while the hatch of the maschine opened.

“What will this thing transform me into, by the way?" Akane asked with a frown.

“That's a surprise but believe me, you will be different afterwards and your legs will be even more pronounced," answered Bella and reassured that the machine was safe.

Accompanied by the audience's approval, Akane entered the device and laid down onto the long, smooth surface which did not host any neon lamps but a large number of small holes. After a last good bye, the hatch closed again, covering the girl's upper body, just her crotch and legs were dangling outside. Her vagina was obscenely exposed to the audience since she intentionally spread her legs wide open.

“Take a good look people. When this hatch opens, you won't recognize her again," said Bella into her micro with an overly dramatic tone. Afterwards she flew back to the sofa and sat down.

The machine began to hum as the red substance in its tanks was pumped into the system.
At first one could only see the student's legs moving while her feet were clenched tight. She moaned loudly, although it was muffled by the thick hatch. Slowly Akane's voice faded away although her legs continued to move erotically. One could only guess what kinds of sensations she was going through. The process continued for several minutes without any visible results but then suddenly two bumps appeared above Akane's shaved and very wet vagina. They grew very quickly and a moment later they were two times bigger than an ordinary thumb. The long appendages looked like fleshy antennas, they even circled around like those of an insect as their tips swelled into round spheres. Surprisingly they immediately opened up, revealing two dark eyes, each a featureless black pearl.

Then the hatch finally opened. A thick cloud of smoke covered Akane completely as she crawled out of the machine with her new body. When the smoke was gone one could finally see her in all her glory. She stood in front of the missused tanning bed on all of her four legs. Her abdomen and legs were still normal except for the bizarre pair of snail-eyes above her vagina. Obviously this was her new face now. Her entire upper body had been replaced by a second abdomen including an additional pair of legs. It mirrored her original lower body, both merged at the hips, Akane's large breasts and cute face gone forever. Too boost things, her new abdomen was not even female. Her upper body had been turned into a male abdomen with a quite muscular pair of legs, slightly longer than her original ones.
The creature's crotch featured a large penis and pair of balls. It seemed that Akane was still aroused since her new dick was very erect. The student had been turned into a perfect hermaphrodite, one side female and the other one male. Unlike her female side, Akane's male parts were unshaved. Her legs and crotch were covered in a dark, masculine pelt.

Akwardly the transformee moved towards the sofa on her four legs. It took her some time until she had managed to lay on the sofa with her “face" directed towards Bella. The moderator giggled and welcomed Akane to her new life.

“How does it feel to have two abdomen," she asked the young student.

To everyone's surprise Akane was able to speak with her vagina. Her voice sounded wet and it was obviously difficult for her but one could understand her: “It's great, Bella. My entire body feels to sensitive and aroused. Of course the lack of arms may bring some disadvantages but therefore I got new powerful legs and a little extra that will allow me to live out my masculine side." The sound that followed was probably meant to be laughter.

“Good to hear you liked it. Please a big applause for Akane."
Once again the audience exploded in jubilance.

“So what do you plan for the future?"

“I want to complete my degree and hopefully find a nice guy who will take me how I am."

“Then I wish you good luck and much success," Bella replied. “Care to stay here on the sofa a little longer?"

“If you ask. Why not?"

“Good. Because before we begin with the next performance, I want to ask if here are some people who would like to try out this machine themselves. C'mon, anybody here who is brave enough to change his or her life forever?"

The hall was silent except for some people whispering with each other but then two shaky hands rose from the masses.
“Ah. Two volunteers. Please come up here, ladies."

The hands belonged indeed to two young girls that had been sitting next to one another.
Both were very nervous and shy as they slowly climbed up the stage. Like Fran and Sandra before they almost looked like teenage students.

Bella flew up to both newcomers with the micro in her cock-tail.
“Please tell us your names and a little about yourselves."

Both girls stuttered into the micro one by one. They were really barely adult and students from a local boarding school. They were best friends and big transformation fans. This was their chance to become themselves what they liked the most despite the grave problems it was connected to. Luckily their school was open for even heavily transformed students although the principal did surely not expect any of his students to transform themselves willingly. Gina was a tall purple haired lover of black clothes, she almost looked like a goth while her friend Ahmina was a redhead with a similar like for black clothes. They were clearly freaks, brave freaks that were going to be something totally different.

“So you are really sure to do this?" Bella asked.
The girls just nodded. They were trembling slightly, visibly nervous.

“Okay then please undress and follow me." The moderator already flew to the tanning bed machine while the two volunteers slowly took off their clothes, blushing.

When they arrived at the device, akwardly covering their intimate areas, Bella continued to explain what would happen next: “I'd like both of you to lay down on each side of the machine like Akane before with your legs dangling outside. I hope you don't mind if we increase the machine a little."

The students looked at each other. Then Gina replied: “I..it's okay. W...we will go as far as you want."

“I like to hear that," Bella answered with a giggle. “So please enter the machine and make yourself ready."

Immedieately Gina and Ahmina entered the machine. They layed down and turned their heads backwards to look at each other for the last time in their current forms.

“See you later, Ahmina."
“Yeah, I hope you will recognize me."

Then the hatch closed and the process began once again. The girls moaned and their legs stiffened.
They probably experienced the same pleasuring sensations that Akane had gone through just a few minutes ago. In the meantime the older student was still laying on the sofa, watching the spectacle while she drank from a coke can that an assistant had brought her, through a straw with her vagina.

Suddenly snaillike eyes appeared above Gina's and Ahmina's unshaved cunts like before during Akane's transformation but this time the process was not over yet. Instead the girls' legs suddenly started to lose definition. They shrank rapidly while their feet stayed the same. Their legs receded more and more into their bodies until their feet were directly attached to their hips which seemed to soften and shrink, too.

Eventually the hatch opened and when the smoke disappeared one could barely identify each girl.
Just the colour of their public hair could help to keep them apart. Their transformation had gone a similar way like Akane's just a little further. Like Akane they had four feet now but no legs at all. Their feet were directly attached to their bodies which were nothing more than small, fleshy balls, barely large enough to host their feet and genitals. Their rear parts were completely male, too. Their hindfeet were slightly larger and more masculine than their front pairs while between those feet they had a large penis with a suitable pair of balls each. Their dicks were massive, each one was more than two feet long and half a foot thick while their tesitcles were as big as grapefruits. They dragged their genitals behind like massive tails. Actually their entire appearance resembled chubby salamanders or lizards except for the snail-eyes. Akwardly they crawled towards the sofa but Bella already rose up and flew towards them.

“Seems you did well in the machine. How do you feel?" She asked.

“G...great. This is awesome," Gina replied.
“Y..yeah. Thank you a lot," agreed Ahmina who gently rubbed herself against her friend's body.

“Wait until we are back at school. Then we can play..," She said with a soft giggle.
“Err....Bella. M...may I ask you a favour?"

“Of course. What is it?"

“Well...I ... I am sure Ahmina will agree. I'd l...love if we could still have breasts. Is that possible?"
Gina asked suttering..

“Not a big problem," answered the flying creature. Afterwards she pressed a switch on her micro and whispered something into it.

Suddenly a blue assistant appeared with a bowl full of a blue creme. Without further commands he gently rubbed it onto Gina's and Ahimna's backs.

“I hope that's what you wanted," Bella said.

When the assistant was gone again, the creme began to work. Quickly each student's back began to swell outwards, growing into a large mass of flesh as large as melons, covering their backs completely. Suddenly a dark spot appeared on each bulge. The spots pushed outwards forming into thick, fleshy nipples larger than a thump. The process had been over in a couple of seconds, leaving each creature with a single, massive breast on its back, like a turtle shell.

Gina found her speech at first: “T...thank you. Now it's perfect." Ahmina could just sutter a barely hearable agreement.

“I am glad we were able to make you happy. Good luck and I hope to see you sometime again,"
Bella replied, saying goodbye to the brave students that have taken the chance to warp their bodies and change their lifes in a way hardly imagineable.

Slowly they crawled down the stage, back to their seats, followed by the audience's respectful applause. It took them some effort to get back onto the seats with their non-existing legs but fortunately the elder man on the seat next to them was kind enough to help them up.


Re: The Greatest Show (Open TF Story Project)

The Birthday Present

The audience was still thrilled by the last transformation as the show was interrupted by a short break.
Most people took the chance to get a cold drink or in some cases a tea to calm down.
The show was truly more extreme than most had expected.

Vailan had used the break to get a new coke for Ginger and him. When he sat down, the light turned off again while the sofa reappeared on the stage, with Bella on it. She was holding a coke can in her two “frontlegs" and drinking through a straw that was put into her anus-mouth. Probably a little gimmick to show the audience that she was still a human, somehow. She put the can aside and smoothly flew off the sofa. Then she took the micro with her penis-tail and announced her next guests.

“Welcome back. I hope you are ready and got something to refresh like me."

The audience applaused.

“I know here are surely many guests who have birthday tonight, right? Who has birthday?"

Probably two dozen specators screamed into the hall.

“Happy Birthday to you. But one of you will get a special gift tonight. Fran Ghutenberg, would you please come up here?"

A small, brown haired girl stood up from third row. She had a very surprised and confused look on her face. She was cute, Vailan thought. She seemed barely adult, with large brown eyes and a cute, boyish hairstyle. She was welcomed by a loud applause from the audience.

“Hello Fran and happy birthday," Bella said. She flew to the puzzled girl and hugged her with her four “legs". Obviously Fran did not expect that and stepped back a little.

“Don't be shy," the moderator replied as she flew back. “Your friend Sandra had called us and told us that you had a special wish." She winked to another girl next to Fran's seat. “I heard you are lovers, am I right?"

Fran just nodded shyly. “Yeah for more than two years now."

“Just come to the sofa and tell us a little about you, please," Bella said.

Both went (or flew) to the sofa and sat down. The next half hour Bella questioned the young girl about her life, likes and dislikes. Fran was a student from Kintoras in her last year and soon going to college. She jobed in a local chinema and often went to a fitness studio in her free time. She was quite shy and embarrassed all the time, absolutely fitting to her cute appearance.

“Sandra told us that you would like to look more athletic," Bella finally said, obvously with a hidden thought. “So, we could grand your wish but you might get far more than you expect. Are you okay with that?"

The audienced became absolutely silent, a sense of excitement in the air. Eventually Fran nodded shyly and the hall exploded in loud approval.

“That's great, just follow me," said Bella followed by her strange farting giggle again.
She flew to a strange machine that appeared from the ground at the same time. It looked like a converted drying hood. It's cupola large enough to engulf two heads at once. It was connected to two tanks with a glowing, purple substance.

“So Fran. Please sit down but before you should better leave your clothes behind. I doubt they will fit you afterwards."

The brunette student blinked. She had not thought of the fact that she would have to undress.
She paused for a moment, her face bright red. But eventually she began to take off her clothes. A blue assistant appeared and took them away. Slowly the nude Fran climbed onto the strange machine and sat onto it's metal seat. She tried to cover her small breasts and crotch despite the fact that it was pretty much meaningless in this kind of show.

“Okay, Fran. Are you ready to begin a new life? You can still stop if you want. Afterwards there is not way back to normal," said Bella.

Fran just nodded and replied: "I want to do this. I am ready." The audience approved her final decision with a loud applause.

The large hood immediately lowered onto Fran's head, covering it completely.
Steam shot out from several points. The machine became active, lights turning on. At the same time the purple substance was pumped from the tanks to the hood. Suddenly Fran's body began to stiffen
and to tremble heavily. Her muscles bulged explosively and thick veins appeared. Her entire body started to swell and grow. The machine's hood adjusted to Fran's growth. Soon the 5,5 feet girl was more than approx 6 feet tall and her muscles still grew. When the process slowed down, the girl's body did not just look athletic but it looked like the body of an overtrained, male bodybuilder.

Her vagina had grown, too and was dripping wet. The shy girl was obviously enjoying the change.
Suddenly her breasts began to bulge. It seemed as if they were simply enlarging but surprisingly her nipples disappeared, instead a layer of skin began to envelope both breasts into a single sack of wrinkled skin.
Instead of breasts Fran not had a massive scrotum on her chest.

The hall was silent when the hood was lifted off from Fran's head with the typical hiss of escaping steam.
A collective gasp ran through the audience as the girl stood up from the machine. There was nothing left of the petite girl from before. Her body was massive, almost seven feet tall and muscled like Horus himself but more bizarre were the large testicles hanging from her chest. Their reason was now apparent. Her cute face was gone, actually her entire head was gone. Instead there was a large cock head on her shoulders. No complete penis however, just a giant purple glans surrounded by a ring of thick, wrinkled skin, as if it had been circumcized. The large creature stumbled akwardly onto the stage not used to the new proportions of her body. Despite her lack of eyes it did not seem as if she was blind however, possibly due to the same phenomenon that allowed Freyan women to see.

Bella quickly flew to Fran and asked if she was okay. It seemd that the transformed student lost her ability to talk. Instead she just nodded.

“Good to hear that. You like your new body?"
Fran nodded again. The audience replied with a loud applause.

“Great. Let's thank your friend Sandra for her call then," Bella turned her assface to the audience.
“Sandra, please come up here to hug your new girlfriend."

Fran's lover immediately stood up and climbed up the stage. Once again accompanied by the audience's jubilation. As if not noticing, she ran to her monstrous friend and hugged her heartily. Bella interrupted them and asked Sandra some questions about her. The girl was a little taller than Fran had been before and had long red hair. She was a classmate of Fran and worked in a local pub. Both had been lovers for two years now and had plans to move together. Sandra had known Fran's interest in extreme transformations and that she always wanted to be a little more muscular, so she had used the chance to give her both. Fran obviously liked it and permanentaly petted her girlfriend. Suddenly Sandra looked back at the machine that was still standing on the stage and stepped closer to Bella.

“May I ask you for one more favour?," she asked.

“Yes, of course," replied the flying moderator who obviously understood what was coming next.

“May I use the machine, too?"

The audience gasped aloud by the sudden turn of events. Even Fran managed to look honestly surprised. Sandra had been more impressed by the transformation of her friend than it had seemed. Bella just fart-giggled again however.

“Be my guest. The seat is still warm," she said.

But the girl did not leave yet. She came closer to the fly creature and whispered an additional
plea where a human would have ears. Bella just giggled again and assured that she would arrange everything.
Then Sandra gave her lover a last hug and began to undress immediately. She climbed up the machine while a blue assistant took her clothes away. She blushed and smiled at her Fran: “No worry, honey. In a few minutes we will be a perfect couple."

The hood lowered onto her head, as the same process was repeated. Quickly Sandra's body grew and enlarged into a hulking mass of muscles. Her breasts merged into a pair of testicles, too. When the hood got off again it revealed a creature absolutely identical to Fran. It had the same size, the same proportions, just the skin was slightly lighter, although hardly visible. The new Sandra slowly walked to her friend and both massive creatures hugged each other tightly. To the audience's surprise they even kissed, pressing the slits of their cock-heads close together. While the audience approved the spectacle with an impressive applause, an assistant appeared next to them. He held a tablet with a small bowl containing a strange purple creme, darker than the one from the machine. He cleared his throat audibly.

“Ahem...May I begin, misses," He said calmly.

Fran seemed surprised by the unexpected interruption but Sandra tried to calm her down.
Bella told her that her girlfriend had asked her to do so, it was a surprise meant to “complete things". The large creature stepped back a little, still confused but willing to let the assistant do whatever he was supposed to do.

“Thank you, miss," he said and began his work. He took a large load of creme with a gloved hand and gently massaged it into Fran's vagina. She backed away, startled and confused but Bella reassured that it was okay. Slowly the asisstant kneaded and stroked the large creature's genitals. No easy task because she was so wet that an almost constant stream of fluids leaked from her cunt. Fran seemed to enjoy it, unconsciously she stroked her chest-balls, pre-cum already forming on her cockhead. Afterwards he turned to Sandra and repeated the process. The other student seemed to have herself more under controle. When the blue figure vanished again, the creme showed its true purpose.

Suddenly Fran's clitoris began to bulge. She touched it and shivered by a sudden sensation as it enlarged further and grew a cockhead. Her new, thick penis was more than a feet long. At the same time her lips began to swell and merge with each over. Her vagina quickly closed and disappeared under a new layer of skin which bulged outwards. Two spheres appeared in it. Soon it had turned into a large scrotum with two, golf-ball sized testicles. Curiously she played with her new manhood, possibly not realising yet that she was actually male now without having breasts or vagina. Not surprisingly the same had happened to Sandra. Her large penis was already getting flaccid.

Accompanied by the audience's applause, Sandra came closer to her friend and began to gently fondle her dick. It was rock hard, pulsing with fiercy lust. Fran was already leaking pre-cum as she stroked her friends chest-balls and cockhead. Slowly Sandra lowered herself down and engulfed Fran's penis with her large urethra-mouth giving her a bizarre blowjob. In front of more than three thousand people, the students freely enjoyed their new bodies. Sandra was hard herself as she continued to suck on her lover's cock. Eventually Fran stiffened and ejaculated into her friend's “mouth". Sandra pulled back and allowed Fran to cover her body with white, sticky cum. It took more than an minute until Fran stopped cumming. Afterwards Sandra stood up akwardly on shaking legs while her head and upper body were completely covered in Fran's cum.

“That was really a great performance. It seems you like your new bodies, eh, girls...or...rather boys? Do you want to be refered to as guys now?", Bella said as she flew to the exhausted couple.

Both tried to shake their cockheads despite their clear anatomical gender.

“Okay, girls," replied Bella and giggled. “Thank you a lot for your presence. I must ask you to return to your seats now and I hope you will enjoy the rest of the show...and of course your new lifes. A big applause for Fran and Sandra, please."

The hall was trembling with applause as both “girls" returned to their seats. They did not care that they were naked. Their clothes would not fit anyway. Sandra did not care to get Fran's cum washed off, either. Actually they continued to fondle each other's new genitals when they were back on their seats.

Bella returned to the sofa ready to welcome the next guest while the machine finally returned into the ground. At the same time two blue assistants cleaned the floor where both students had left large puddles of cum.

“What would you say if I grew a dick," asked Ginger curiously. She had asked Vailan the same question several times already since they were together, usually just for fun. Somehow this time the question seemed more serious but he replied the same way as ever: “I love you how you are honey. It's enough if one of us has a dick."


Re: The Greatest Show (Open TF Story Project)

Upwardly Mobile

The moderator took on a very serious tone as she introduced the next transformee.

"I have a sad tale for you now audience!"

True to form the audience played out their part and let out and audible "aww" together.

"Our next guest was the victim of a horrible accident."

At that, the stage lighting shrank to just a small spotlight shining on Bella and sad music started up as she told her tale.

"Sally Gunthor was a class A student in college, and her long gorgeous legs had seen her become the star of her university basketball team. In her early twenties they'd seen her rise to fame as a catwalk model in demand by some of the most famous designers going. Sadly her career was cut tragically short when a building fire and a collapsed ceiling stole those gorgeous limbs from her."

On a screen above her head images flashed up of a gorgeous leggy woman playing basket ball and stalking down the catwalk in various expensive outfits. In every picture she looked confident, like she owned the space she was in.

Suddenly the light expanded back out again and cheerful music replaced the sombre. As Bella started speaking again.

"However our Sally wasn't one to get down over all this and she's here today with a special request for the show. Ladies, gentlemen and those who no longer fit either category... please welcome to the stage, Sally Gunthor."

The audience broke into applause as a woman was carried onto the stage by two muscular male models wearing nothing but thongs and bow ties.

She was beautiful her body was toned her skin flawless and her breasts full and perky. The only thing missing from the picture was arms and legs. Regardless she wore a massive grin from ear to ear while she checked out the men who carried her to the sofa. The air of confidence hadn't left her and from the minute she appeared it was clear she owned the stage. They stopped behind the sofa and lifted her with a flourish over the back before settling her between the arm and the back so with a turn of her head she could address either the audience or host. Both women waited for the applause to die down before speaking.

"Sally, may I begin by saying you look absolutely fabulous!"

"Why thank you Bella, your looking deliciously exotic there yourself." she replied prompting a slight blush in Bella's butt cheeks.

After a second to compose herself Bella replied, "I gather you have a request for us here today?"

Sally turned to the audience as she answered. "Well I've always been an independent woman, and while being carried around and fed by muscular gods like these two has its perks." she paused expertly for the audiences applause and laughter. "I really want to be able to get about on my own steam again. Plus with your help, here today, I'm looking to launch a new career as an erotic movie star."

At this announcement the audience went wild, several men and women in the audience could be heard declaring their desire to be co-stars in the first film. Bella took off from the sofa and called calmly for quiet so she could continue with the show.

"Well isn't that just great news folks, and I think we can manage something to suit Sally here today. Boys if you wouldn't mind please."

At Bella's request one of Sally's men picked her up effortlessly and supported her while the other held a glass to her lips and helped her drink the fluorescing purple liquid within. It didn't take long before the first changes took place.

They began in her vagina. It started to swell immediately, her labia spreading out and thickening, becoming more tough and rubbery, while her moist slit grew in length. It stretched all the way up untill her now massively swollen, tennis ball sized clit replaced her belly button. Her vagina was stretching in the other direction at the same time though. It took her hips and round arse with it, stretching her body so that it began to look vaguely tauric. Her "boys" soon had to put her down because she'd become far to awkward to lift. Her beautiful behind was soon enough over six foot from her back and her torso was sprouting from a slug like body whose underside was a massive pussy that stretched the length of her and undulated slowly.

Following this small pink welts began to appear along the length of her lower body each becoming a thick and swollen nipple that was balanced on a full breast. The changes didn't end there and the pink welts continued upwards till the line of breasts had grown and connected up with her own breasts which where now at least two full sizes larger than they had been before. When this part of the change was done her gigantic vagina was lined by a ring of jiggling breasts all dribbling creamy milk with excitement as the change clearly wracked her overloaded body with sensation.

Sally was moaning loudly with pleasure as the changes began to work on her torso. It gradually smoothed out, until the scarred nubs of her shoulders had sunk in to her smooth skin and her neck and body were no longer clearly defined. Apart from the breasts, her upper body had become the imperfect cylinder of a penis. It didn't remain rigid and hard like a penis though. Instead it became snake like and continued to stretch and grow finally leaving her with a writhing upper body almost as long if not longer than her slug like lower body.

Her head was the next part to loose itself to the change. Sally's facial features smoothed away as her hair fell out and her head swelled, it became a deep purple while the hole where her mouth had been formed a pussy that became the slit at its tip. The final finishing flourish was a hood of skin that spread out like a cobra's on either side of her new head. From the delicate wrinkling at its dark edges it was clear that the skin hood was in fact sensitive labia.

The changed woman continued to writhe and pulsate with orgasm for a little while longer while the intense sensation from the change dissipated. Her purple head throbbed while her mouth gushed pussy juices into a rapidly forming pool on the floor.

Gradually the creature that was Sally came to her senses. She straightened her upper body and as her orgasm subsided the blood flowed away from her hood ,causing it to wrinkle further till it sank back against her body; clearly her hood would only flair out when she was ready to spit her juices. With a gleeful sound that was very close to a giggle she moved in a little circle to show her body and new mobility off to the audience. Meanwhile she used the flexibility of her upper body to check out her new form all over. Her giant pussy left a little trail of vaginal fluids glistening on the stage where it had carried he along.

Satisfied the audience and herself had seen enough for now Sally reached her snake like upper body over to Bella's mike and spoke to her and the audience.

"I love it, its everything I hoped for and more." she said giggling before she stretched a little further and landed a big moist kiss on Bella's butt cheeks with her mouth pussy. "Now if you don't mind the boys and I are gonna see just how mobile I can be."

Much like the moderators voice it was still distinctively Sally's voice coming from the large purple cock head, and apart from the occasional squelching noise caused by the generously large labia of her new pussy mouth she sounded quite normal.

Sally gave a strange bow to the audience and shouted a loud "Gnite folks!" before turning and slinking away with surprising speed on her undulating lower pussy, flanked by the two men who'd had to carry her onto the stage earlier.

"How about that ladies and gentlemen, Sally Gunthor, lets give her a round of applause."

Sally left the stage with the whoops, whistles and claps still ringing in her ears.

Up in the audience Vailan was surprised by how sensual he'd found the creature Sally had become. She was a freak but he couldn't argue that the change was going to improve her life; it was confusing and he was forced to ignore a slight stiffness in his pants while he watched the usual stage hands cleaning up the various fluids for the next performance.


Re: The Greatest Show (Open TF Story Project)

A romantic gesture

Terry and his girlfriend Hali where watching the show with a mixture of suprise awe and for Terry nervousness. It hadn't been Terry's idea to come here and see the show, Hali was the one who'd always had an interest in the transformed.

She found the idea of transformation fascinating. Hali was often glued to the television when the news brought information on another poor unfortunate transformee. She assured him that she had no plans to change herself, but thinking about it did turn her on and Terry had caught her on more than one occasion masturbating to extreme transformee porn and literature.

Hali said it dated back to her University days when one of the girls in her student house had brought a Dakini worm home from a camping trip abroad. The girl had thought it was a bit of a giggle, she'd kept it in a fish tank and showed it off at parties to gain attention. However one night at a party Hali was also attending the girl, who was high and drunk, had just been dumped by her boyfriend and decided to use it on herself. The boyfriend wound up feeling so guilty that he now cares for the Dakini host that he used to date.

Hali kept all the newspaper articles about the event.

Terry had been most concerned when he had found a shoe box full of fiction that Hali had written about a central charachter who had very similar looks to Hali who would be transformed in various bizarre ways.

"Terry? Have you ever thought about being transformed yourself?" Hali asked, snapping Terry from his worried remeniscing.

"No, no and a thousand times more No" Terry replied a little disgusted by the thought. "Oh god, your not thinking about it?"

Hali didn't answer straight away, she just looked at him as if searching for an answer in his face. "I could tell you it hadn't crossed my mind but that would be a lie. Especially with Celine flying around here, it would be so easy..." she trailed off clearly deep in thought.

"Baby no," Terry complained, despperation in his voice. "I like you as you are, I love you in fact, but I don't know if I could be with what you became, it would break my heart."

Hali's face softened at his words. "It really bothers you that much, but why? Do you mean to say that out of all this naked flesh on display tonight, out of all these unique and wonderful highly sexual bodies none of them have turned you on even slightly?"

Terry paused and thought about his girlfriends question for a second. Could he honestly answer no to the question. A few of the changes had cause his penis to stir over the course of the evening. "Its not the same though, if you got changed you wouldn't be you anymore, it'd be like you were gone and could never come back. Yes your personality would be there but if we didn't have the sex between us then i'd love you just as much but as a friend."

Hali was a little taken aback at this, she knew he was right though, relationships were about more than just two people who got on really well, there had to be a sexual element. "What if you could control my change make my body into something you could make love to?"

Terry knew better than to suggest there was anything about his girlfriend that he would change. "You know I love you just the way you are, I wouldn't change a thing." He said giving her a smile hopeing that a few romantic words would shake her out of this line of conversation. He knew it was a mistake to come here.

"Yes, yes, she replied. I know thats what boys are supposed to say. Seriously though. If you could do anything to my body change it in any way you must have seen a few transformations you've liked over the years?"

Terry suprised himself by actually thinking of one or two and allowing himself to imagine them happening to his girlfriend. Most of them were simple things like extra breasts or tongues in pussies. Somehow he didn't think any of them were the kind of transformations that would satisfy Hali.

"I really don't know what to say Hali." he finally answered in a sad tone. "It sounds like you really want this and while I think it might be the end of us I'm also pretty sure if I kept you from exploring these feelings it would just drive us apart later down the line."

"Terry... I love you." Hali said, she had tears in her eyes she could see the distress she was causing him. "I can feel it in my bones though, one day I'm going to become transformed, its like a premonition, I can't explain how I know it I just do my family has always had a bit of premonition in our blood. I figure Its better for me to take control and change on my terms than for my destiny to play out at the hands of some wandering demon."

Terry had tears in his eyes too by this point. He felt like he was clinging to a rising baloon. He could choose to jump now and land safely on the ground but if he did, Hali and all that was special and interesting in his life would drift up and away from him forever in the baloon. He looked away from Hali and out across the audience, drying his eyes with a sleeve as he did so. Here and there he could see the transformed. While some of the friends, family and lovers of the transformees were clearly a little distressed the happy ones were the ones that had either come to terms with it or even revelled in it.

One couple that had clearly both chosen to drink from Celine struck a chord with Terry. They had become bizarre and highly sexual creatures, but instead of fucking wildly and with abandon they instead held eachother with their various appendages and gazed longinly into eachothers eyes.

Terry turned back to his Girlfriend of 8 years and took her hands. "I'm going." he said "But i'll be back, wait here for me."

With that Terry got up and walked down the steps towards the stage.

The show was currently between acts and taking a quick break, Bella however noticed Terry heading for the stage, having always had an inate sense for good showbiz when she saw it she directed the cameras and lights to follow him onto the stage.

"Hello there, and who do we have here?" she asked loudly? "Are you a suprise guest performer for my show?" she held the mic out for Terry to reply.

"No... well yes sort of I suppose." Terry replied, "Actually i'm kind of hopeing you can help me."

Bella gestured with her mic for him to come and sit on the sofa while she hovered there herself. "we shall certainly see what we can do. Why dont you sit down and tell us all about yourself."

"Well," he said. "I'm Terry and I came here with my girlfriend Hali. We... or rather I should say I had no intention of coming here to be transformed. It turns out that Hali wants it for herself. and I think It might be the end of us"

There was a silent moment while Terry figured out how best to say what he wanted to say and the audience waited with bated breath. If Bella had any doubts about inviting Terry on to the stage where he might make a scene she didn't show them.

"I guess what i'm saying is will you transform me. I think that if you turn me into something exotic and sexual it might help me accept Hali when the inevitable happens."

"A round of applause for this brave and romantic fellow here." Bella cried. "What a gesture what a romantic. Well Terry how can I refuse a request like that. Infact I have just the machine ready and waiting for you. Now tell me, do you have any requests about your change?"

Terry thought about it for a second before answering. "Well Bella, I never thought I'd be getting changed so I've never thought about what I would want for myself. I guess there are things I don't want. Like, and I mean no offence, I don't want to become any kind of anus creature, nor would I want an incredibly hairy body. I guess i'd prefer to be elegant rather than masculin."

Bella chuckled "Dont worry no offence is taken, we all like different things." she replied as they wheeled the machine on stage and took the sheet off it revealing it. "Now if you'd like to dis-robe and step into our booth we'll try and accomodate your wishes."

Terry stood up and glanced Nervously into the Audience as he undressed, amongst all the faces and with the lights on him he couldn't actually make out Hali up there but he hoped he was doing the right thing.

As Terry stepped into the booth, which was infact a massive glass cylinder with various tubes running into it, Bella rose up off the sofa on her wings and spoke to the audience. "Now I suppose we better get Hali down here too and see if we can't grant a few wishes for you while we are at it. Come on now don't be shy?"

Hali had been watching the whole thing with a sense of amazement. Instead of an emotional trainwreck Terry's descent to the stage had fulfilled her wildest dreams. As Hali walked down the steps she began discarding clothes though all the while keeping her gaze set on her boyfriend in the transformation cylinder. By the time she reached the stage she was buck naked.

Inside the tube Terry watched his naked girlfriend climb the steps up onto the stage. His penis stirred at the sight of her naked flesh and began to grow hard. He mouthed the words "I love you" to her before the machine whirred into life around him.

A tall well built lady wearing nothing but a large blue latex lab coat stalked onto stage and fired up the machine. She turned a complex series of dials and the machine began feeding pale gasses into the cylinder. They coloured the air but where still transluscent enough that Terry's transformation could be seen.

The first thing that happened was all his hair shrank away being absorbed back into his body leaving him nothing but his eyebrows and lashes. His body itself then started to stretch. His masculine frame becoming longer and more delicate. His legs shifted his feet seemingly stretching before it became obvious they were bocoming part of his legs. Soon enough his legs took on a more equine form with a double bend however he was still standing on the front of his feet instead of hooves.

His torso and shoulders become less broad also and more femenine and he grew a pair of delicate pert little breasts on his chest while his arms lost their muscled defenition becoming long slender things which could reach down to his ankles if he wanted. His hands ceased to be hands in the traditional human sense, instead at the end of each wrist three long slender tripple jointed fingers developed. He moved them and held them up to his face as his changes continued. It was clear to see they where every bit as dextrous and usable as his old human hands.

His neck grew long and elegant and his face took on a more femenine oval, his eyes grew big and almond shaped with thick lashes and delicate eyebrows while his ears became delicate twisted whorls that grew up the side of his head, becoming pointy at the tip. His mouth became a small, delicate, lipless opening only a few centimetres wide and his nose and nostrils became similarly understated and small.

His penis changed also, it grew longer and a little more slender its cockhead loosing its traditional shape and intead becoming a pink and fleshy bullet shaped thing that grew down in a spiral that ran around the outside of his shaft. Almost like his penis had been fused with some exotic squid. His now hairles balls began to reced back into his body and instead a pussy began to develop beneath his penis. It was a generous pussy with large labia and a big clit and from its opening a long thin tongue whipped out to explore his thighs and wrap itself around his penis.

Finally he looked over his shoulders and turned, spreading his butt cheeks so the audience could observe his final change. Like many transformees he would exist now almost entirely on a diet of semen and mana and so with no need for his digestive system his anus sealed itself up as if taking his wish not to be an anus creature to the extreme. Instead a small pussy flowered into being there with tiny delicate labia and a tiny clit.

The transformation over, the Dcum based gasses were sucked from the chamber and the pressurised door opened. Terry stepped out and crossed the stage his exotic legs carrying his tall alien body in two or three strides across a distance that would have taken his old body considerably more steps.

The audience erupted into applause and Terry turned and gave them a bow before turning his attention to his girlfriend. His voice now a register higher carried clearly from the small and delicate opening of his mouth. "I was right Hali, doing this to myself has completely changed the way I see the world. I still love you, I'm still me, only now more than ever I want you to enjoy this feeling with me."

Hali looked like a kid in a candy shop as she took in his new body, she licked her lips and reached out taking his exotic new penis in her hand and running her fingers down the strange spiraling fleshy bits on its outside. "I almost wish I could try this thing out before I change myself, It looks so amazing."

"Actually." piped up Bella from where she hovered nearby. "It will take us some time to reset the machine so why don't you go ahead and enjoy one last fuck as a human while we get things ready."

And they did just that. Terry picked up Hali with his deceptively strong arms and slid her down onto his organ, she moaned and covorted grinding herself against the strange penis its unusual structure causing pleasure she'd never known before finally screaming out her orgasm for the audience. When she came round from the haze of pleasure she suddenly found the modesty to blush at having had sex infront of a studio audience, however gazing into Terry's beautiful big almond eyes made her feel like the act had been the most natural thing in the world.

Terry strode back to the tube with his girlfriend still mounted on his penis and placed her down on the stage. The lady in the blue lab coat guided Hali in before producing a white silk hanky from a pocket and handing it to Terry so he could clean his now slick shaft off a little. He thanked her.

"Before we shut the door," Bella asked. "is there any particularls you would like for your own change?"

Hali leaned into the mic and spoke. "Well I guess I better not become an Anus creature if its not Terry's thing also I don't want to become masculine or covered in pubic hair either. Though a little bit of fur would be ok."

Bella looked at the machine's controller who nodded to confirm that it was all possible before sealing the door and starting up the machine.

The gasses that came to change Hali where different to those which had changed her boyfriend. A different mixture of hue's and shades swirled together in the cylinder.

Hali's first noticable change was the dissapearence of her hair, just as had happened to terry. The next change to come saw her arms dissapear slowly leaving her with just legs torso and a head. Her breasts split horizontally, going from two to four perfectly formed breasts hanging from her chest.

Her legs took on a similar form to Terrys only they didn't become longer and thinner, they only gained the length from the stretching of her feet and the change in structure. Hali's hips and thighs remained very femenine and voluptuous as did her arse though she felt her anus dissapear and be replaced just as Terry's had.

Her head changed shape a lot though and instead of remaining largly human her neck grew long, thin, prehensile and tentacle like her head takiing on a sort of wedge or arrow shape with eyes on either side which still pointed slightly forward due to the angle of the wedge.. Her mouth was a similarly small slit to Terrys on the end of the wedge and her nostrils became two little holes on the underside of the wedge while her ears became matching holes on the top.

Her pussy grew in size becoming just as generous as the one below Terry's penis, leaving her with large and fleshy labia. Her clit kept growing and while it didn't reach remotely the size and shape of her boyfriends new penis, it did gain a similar head with its corkscrew structure going down the outside. it was still undeniably a clit though the whole thing was made out of the same soft squishy pink flesh and there was no shaft of pale skin running up the middle.

The final changes saw a long thin whip like tongue grow out of her pussy while from her back she grew six long tentacles each with a fleshy pink head the same shape as her own head. She was finished up by thin whispy white fur that grew in a little patch above her pussy and ran in a line up to her belly button. The fur also grew in a line from her pubic area, over the line of her hip bones and up her back, becoming larger patches of fur around the base of her tentacles that continued int two lines up her next to make a sort of twin fur mohawk atop her head. The pubic fur white pubic fur while it didn't actually grow close to her pussy grew aeound it and finished in downy soft patches of fur on her inner thighs.

The completed Hali stepped from the booth and nuzzled up to terry rubbing her strangely flat head against his chest in and affectionate gesture. "What do you think my love?" she asked.

"I think I can't wait to get you home and show you what you look like. Not to mention take you to bed."

"Well audience, what can I say, my heart just swells for these young lovers. I wish you both the best in your new life together even if it is anus free." she said with a little chuckle at her own joke.

At this the audience erupted into applause and the lovers walked of stage to head home. They didn't catch the rest of the show, in fact for the next few weeks they were only interested in eachother and seldom left eachothers embrace.


Re: The Greatest Show (Open TF Story Project)

A Gift for my Lover

Up to now the show had been extremely exciting for Hanna.
All those weird transformations, this pure, twisted sexuality made got her aroused. This arousal was overshadowed, however, by sheer nervousness which was because of something else.

Next to her sat her best friend Mako. Not only her best friend but also her lover now for four months. At first they had just made out with each other out of curiosity but quickly developed an appetite for it. Hanna never thought she'd end up being a lesbian.

She took a look at her hot lover. Some would probably consider her a tomboy for her open, direct attitude, her short dark hair and taste in clothes if there was not her angelic face of flawless feminine beauty and her petite, sexy body. In fact her jeans and leather jacket somehow just seemed to underline her female beauty instead of negating it.

Hanna wondered what her girlfriend would think about what she was about to do. If all went well, it would take their relationship to the next level.

“Our next performer is currently sitting in the audience. This will be one of the more elaborate transformations this evening," the insectoid moderator announced.

Hanna slowly stood up from her seat.

“Please a big applause for Hanna Vertanjen."

Suddenly all eyes were on her. But there was only one pair Hanna cared about. It was Mako's questioning stare.

“It's alright, babe," Hanna whispered and gave the other girl a passionate kiss before she went down and onto the stage.

Bella immediately welcomed her.

“Welcome my dear. I was told you made clear that you didn't want to waste any time."

Hanna just nodded frantically. She was quite nervous and wanted to get ahead with it before any doubts could convince her of stopping. Luckily she had talked with the studio and told them to transform her right away.

While she had gone down the stairs towards the stage, a large, metallic chair had been raised from the ground. It looked like they had stolen it from a dentist. Standing behind it was one of the anonymous stagehands beside a small table full of glowing bottles. He was wearing a strange, overblown top hat.

Bella fart-chuckled while pointing her penis tail towards the chair.

“Just sit down and let my friend there do his magic while I will explain to the audience what he is doing."

Knowing what was expected of her, Hanna quickly took off her clothes. Presenting her slender, pretty body in the nude to so many people was quite embarrassing but somehow it was also a little arousing. She sat down and tried to relaxed.

At first she kept her legs pressed together. Then she thought, however, “What the hell" and spread them widely, so that everyone could see her shaven slit. There was no point in being prudish anymore.

“Do you want to tell the people here was you are about to become?" Bella asked her, holding the microphone close to her face so that she could answer.

Her voice trembling due to her excitement, she said: “A teddy bear".

Despite all the performances so far, most people in the audience seemed genuinely surprised.

“You've heard right," the moderator affirmed. “To achieve that, this will be one of the most complex and elaborate transformations tonight."

“At first our friend here is going to shorten these useless limbs a bit,"
she started to explain.

At the same time the stagehand with the silly hat rubbed a red, glowing cream onto Hanna's arms and legs. She didn't feel any pain, just a strange prickling sensation when the substance caused her limbs to shrink like melting wax. In mere seconds her arms and legs were reduced to little stumps, only half of her upper arms and thighs. She wriggled them a little and suddenly realized how helpless she would eventually be.

“And we need to get rid of that hair for the later fur," Bella continued.

Hanna suddenly felt a cold fluid being poured onto her head. Quickly thereafter the skin began to prickle while her hair fell off in large bundles.

“Next the first big change to her inner workings, for a stuffed animal doesn't speak, right?"

The stagehand took a purple hued cream and carefully applied it to Hanna's lips. She knew what was about to happen but was still slightly freaked out by it. Without any pain her lips fused together, she could even feel her mouth cavity lose form and fill with flesh. In the end there was only smooth skin below her nose, not even an hint of lips.

Then the same substance was smeared onto her nostrils. For a moment panic arose because Hanna couldn't breath anymore but she quickly realized that there was no discomfort. She calmed down, no signs of suffocation were showing up. Only know she noticed the strange sensation in her guts that was just about to fade away.

“This little masterpiece of alchemy did not just erase Hanna's mouth and nostrils, it also reworked her inner organs, so that she will never ever have to breath, eat or drink. Like so many other transformees, all she needs is love and mana."

The audience applaused about that apparantly mild but yet very complex modification.

“Now that the canvas is empty we need to add some bear to the girl," Bella cheerfully continued.

The stagehand was already standing before Hanna with a collection of small phials. He had to work so close to her face that the audience could hardly see what he was doing. The girl could hardly see anything, either. She just felt an array of weird but not really unpleasant sensations in her face.

When the blue man stepped away, he revealed her new face. She looked like a mixture between human and a cartoon bear. Her skull's structure was still the same but were nose and mouth should have been, was now a short, round muzzle. Below a small, leathery black nose (that managed to look fake despite being made of flesh) were two black U-shaped lines creating the impression of a smiling muzzle. As the moderator further explained, it was really only an illusion. There was no mouth, only these lines of black and slightly swollen skin which gave her a smile, she would carry for the rest of her life.

Aside from changing her face, the stagehand had also changed her ears into perfectly round bear-ears and moved them further to the top of her head.

Hanna couldn't help herself. She was getting aroused by the way she was turned into a toy one piece at a time. She didn't even care that all the audience could see her female fluids leaking onto the chair.

“Before we continue the she needs the right, size, however."

Suddenly Hanna felt a cold fluid being poured onto her entire body. It was absorbed into her skin so quickly that none of it managed to get onto the chair itself.

At once she felt a prickling all over her body followed by a sensation as if somebody was using a vacuum cleaner on her guts. In one go the world suddenly seemed to get smaller.

It took her a moment to realize that in truth she had gotten smaller. She had no idea how big she was now but the audience on the other could clearly see that she was about 40 or 45 cm tall, her head making up one third of that. Her body had other proportions now too. In fact it resembled a teddy bear even more now. Her torso was short and her belly swollen, giving her body a more compact form. Her short limbs seemed larger or rather fatter now, too. Only her breasts and vagina seemed out of place. The first had shrunken a little, too, (still looking overly huge) while the latter hadn't changed at all.

The moderator seemed to have noticed it, too.

“Oh, these are a little distracting, aren't they?," she said. “You don't need them anymore."

Immediately the stagehand used the same cream on her breasts he had used on her limbs. Without pain they deflated and disappeared in mere seconds, not even leaving nipples behind. Hanna was a little saddened by the loss of her tits but surprised. After all she had planned the whole transformation in detail.

“Better but a bear is no bear without a pelt."

After hearing these words, Hanna felt being doused in a cold liquid again, followed by a tickling on her skin. Like accelerated grass brown hair was growing all over her small body. In the end she was left with a dense but very short fur, exactly like that of most teddy bears. Her belly was cream colored, so was her fake muzzle and the tips of her stumps.
“Just some finishing touches...." Bella said while the stagehand continued to work on Hanna.

He used a substance to change the form of her still rather human skull and reform it into a far more spherical shape. Then he used another alchemical mixture on a spot above her butt where she immediately grew a tiny ball of fur, a parody of a bear's tail.

“...and we are almost done," the moderator continued her sentence. “Isn't she cute?"

For all the world, Hanna looked like a teddy bear, even though she was a teddy bear with a very large feminine slit. The only other give aways that she was indeed alive were her unchanged eyes and the fact that she was still moving slightly. All the time she was rubbing her torso with what was left of her arms, fascinated by the softness of her fur.

She only barely noticed the applause from the audience.

“We are not done yet however. I mean...which teddy bear can move on its own," Bella told them. “So now we get to the tricky part."

The stagehand was already standing behind Hanna, preparing a syringe with as much drama as he could manage. The fluid inside the syringe was blue and glowing.

Carefully he stepped towards the almost finished teddy bear and injected the substance.

Hanna winced due to the prick. She had never liked needles. The pain was only short, however. Afterward she felt her body slowly relax and stiffen at the same time. It was a very weird sensation and she quickly lost all control over every muscle. Eventually she found herself locked in an upright sitting position, her arms slightly held away from her body. She couldn't even move her eyes and was thus left staring straight forwards.

She didn't feel fear, however, as this, too, was as planned.

“This special serum is a masterpiece created by our chief alchemist," the moderator began to explain. “At first it completely paralyzes the person, leaving her unable to move even a single muscle, except for her genitals. She isn't left numb, however. She can still feel all of her body like before. Furthermore the serum changes the structure of her muscles flesh. It is fused and converted into a softer but yet firm type of tissue which mimics the qualities of a stuffed animal. This was our teddy bear is even softer and more cuddly now than before."

Hanna was getting even hotter. Now she began to regret her choice a little. She so wanted to touch herself and masturbate.

“At last we only need to make one final adjustment."

The stagehand appeared again with a pipette this time. Carefully he dripped a little of the glowing fluid into each of Hanna's eyes. The only thing that seemed to happen was that her irides turned dark brown and widened until there was no white left to be seen. Her eyes now looked as lifeless and inhuman as those of a real stuffed animal, they even seemed to shine more than before, a little like glass.

“You see. Without her lids being able to move or even functional lacrimal glands, the poor girl's eyes would quickly dry out and get damaged . This substance however reformed the outer skin and turned it into a form of transparent chitin. We have more or less turned them into glass eyes which do not need moisture anymore."

Finally she was done. Hanna was so hot. The idea of her new bondage lasting for the rest of her life was arousing parts of her personality she didn't know yet she had. She was a toy now. Not just a toy, a gift.

“I guess we are done and ready to give this cute little toy to its new owner."

Meanwhile the stagehand carefully put something around the bear's short neck. Then he grasped her and went down the stage and up the stairs.

During the entire transformation Mako had been kept in a strange fight between arousal at the sight of her girlfriend's bizarre transformation and worry about it mixed with sadness at her loss. When the stagehand went down the stage together with Hanna, she needed a moment to realize which direction he was going. In fact he was headed right towards her, not a surprise actually.

Eventually he stood right next to her and handed the teddy bear to her.

“All the best to both of you," he said.

Mako was surprised about how soft Hanna felt. She was just like a real, stuffed animal. The only thing human left was her vagina, her very wet vagina. Then she noticed what the thing around her neck. It turned out to be a red heart made of plastic on a cord. There was something written on it in big white letter: I LOVE YOU!

A tear ran down Mako's cheek.

“You silly girl," she said, smiling, and kissed the bear onto its forehead. Unsurprisingly it showed no reaction unlike the audience which exploded in loud applause.

“May I ask for a favor?" she suddenly said to the stagehand who was just about to leave.

Everyone seemed to be surprised. Hanna was very surprised about this, too, but couldn't express it.

Hearing her, Bella quickly flew towards her.

“What can we do for you?" she asked.

After some whispering between Bella, Mako and the stagehand, the latter went away to come back with a glowing cream in a jar.

Hanna was as curious as anyone else what was about to happen. Despite still being in her girlfriend's arms, she hadn't understood anything, because all three had been too quiet. For the first time she experienced how helpless she had become. Trapped in her own body. Especially when the stagehand reached out with a gloved hand, full of the glowing substance, towards her vagina.

It was strangely warm and quickly absorbed into her skin. She immediately recognized the sensation of change. Rapidly her flesh reformed and changed. Her labia fused together and blew up like balloons into two egg-sized orbs in a low hanging scrotum. At the same time her clitoris quickly grew into massive penis. Sadly Hanna couldn't see anything, since she could neither move her head, nor her eyes. She clearly felt her genitals, however, as they were heavily hanging down her body.
Mako was pleasantly surprised by the size of her teddy bear's new addition. Just flaccid, the penis was already 7 inches long and 2 thick. Hanna's new balls were no less impressive. Funnily they were completely without fur. Thus the genitals stood out even more. They seemed so out of place.

The silence in the hall indicated a yet unanswered question. Mako knew that the most puzzled person there was probably the one in her arms.

She shifted the bear a little and held it out in front of her, so she could look into Hanna's unmoving eyes, before she began to me explain:

“You see. I really, really love you and I hope you can forgive me....But I am not really a lesbian. I love you and I like girls but I love guys, too. So I guess I am bi. Anyway, I never admitted it because of you but I actually like guys a bit more than girls, or rather their cocks...."

She blushed.

“That's why I wanted you to have one, too, now, even if it might be a little selfish. I hope you don't mind."

Of course all that Hanna could do was staring blankly at her lover. Something else was not as static, however. Slowly the bear's massive penis got hard and turned into a 10 inches long pole of pulsing meat. It was already leaking pre-cum.

Inside the living toy, the former girl was getting more and more overwhelmed by that new alien kind of arousal. It felt so different but so good, too. She so wanted Mako to play with her.

Luckily she didn't have to wait for long. Her lover's arousal so obvious, Mako was getting quite wet, too. She wouldn't go as far as undressing in public but she had a different idea that the audience would surely love, too.

Smirking she lifted the bear up, so that its cock was right in front of her face. At first she teased Hanna a little by playing around shaft and head of the penis with her tongue. Although it couldn't show it, the toy was internally begging for more.

As if she could read Hanna's mind, Mako eventually took the massive shaft into her mouth. More and more meat disappeared through her lips, until Hanna's balls were touching her chin. With a slow pace she began to move the teddy bear back and forth. The audience was silently watching the girl giving her new toy a professional blowjob.

Meanwhile Hanna herself was overwhelmed by pleasure. Her penis was so incredibly sensitive. She was sure it was due to her changes. Such pleasure couldn't be normal. She wanted to scream, to play with her lover or at least moan but all she could do was to enjoy it silently. Strangely this extreme form of bondage was actually fueling her arousal. It felt so good. So wonderful. Suddenly she felt pressure building up at the base of her cock and found at that in fact there could be even great pleasure.

Unfortunately they were not allowed to witness the teddy bear's first ejaculation.
All they could see was the other girl suddenly gulping. She even swallowed the entire load, only a small line of cum managed to escape her lips and run down her chin.

“Mhm, Yummy!" she commented and the hall exploded in loud applause (again).

“I see you are very happy with your new toy," the moderator commented finally.

“Yes I do. I love her so much. But since she is no longer a girl, I will call her...pardon him....Mr. Han from now on," Mako answered with a wide grin. She was rewarded with Bella's grotesque chuckle.

“A suitable name. I wish you the best of luck then," she said and flew back down to the stage, leaving girl and teddy bear alone.

“Guess what, Mr. Han?" The girl whispered into her former girlfriend's furry ear. “I so want to play with you...NOW!"

That said, she turned around and left the studio.

Mr. Han who wasn't quite convinced of his new name and gender identity yet, was looking forward to this. He even managed to express that: His penis got hard again, poking into Mako's right breast and leaving a trail of pre-cum.


Re: The Greatest Show (Open TF Story Project)

Does anybody know where I can find the finished story to this?as remember reading the finished story on the old site


Re: The Greatest Show (Open TF Story Project)

imc27 wrote:

Does anybody know where I can find the finished story to this?as remember reading the finished story on the old site

i was digging trough the way back machine page just for the sake of nostalgia and coincidentally i found the last chapter, i was lucky tbh   http://web.archive.org/web/201403011934 … q=node/561

The Greatest Show: The Grande Finale
By Demon-Man

The evening went on with many more weird transformations, often involving people from the audience.

While Vailan watched most with a mixture of macabre curiosity and pure disgust, Ginger was obviously enjoying it greatly. In fact it seemed to Vailan as if she was getting more and more restless as time passed on. She seemed to be....aroused? The idea repulsed him but it made sense. He knew about her fetish for the heavily transformed but seeing her like this still made him feel uneasy.

The show couldn't last forever, though, and so Bella, the insectoid moderator, finally made the announcement Vailan had been waiting for.

„Even though it breaks my heart,“ she said through her facial anus. „This is the last performance for tonight.“

The message was received with general complaining.

„But to make it even more special, we are going to transform one last person from the audience.“

This however was followed by applause.

„Please put the hands down. I see there are far too many volunteers. Instead we will use a seat-lottery to determine the person.“

A large display was highlighted behind her, showing five numerical digits.

„The number shown here will be the one of the winning seat. In addition a light on the seat will go on. If the winner refuses to be changed, we will just repeat the process until we find a volunteer. If everything is understood, let's begin...“

At once the display began to change, showing rapidly moving columns of number. One by one these columns stopped, determining each digit. The first „winner“ turned out to be a middle aged man with no desire to volunteer. So the process was repeated....and repeated....

A light went on again. Ginger noticed it because she suddenly found herself in the bright beam of a floodlight, which was focused on her seat. HER seat. She had been chosen. It was the chance of her life.

Vailan noticed the light, too. His expression showed shock, confusion and worry.

„You don't want to...do you...“ was all he could say before Ginger interrupted him.

„Sorry, honey. Please... I love you...a lot...but this is THE chance. The one time...I just have to...“ she stammered as she made her way to the stairs. As she passed him, she gave him a last quick kiss. Who knew if she had a mouth after this.

Without looking back she made her way down to the stage where she was immediately greeted by Bella who congratulated her.

There was a short interview where Ginger was meant to tell a bit about herself. She seemed to hurry however, as if she wasn't able to wait any longer. In the meantime Vailan was just watching, completely dumbstruck. He knew that he should somehow intervene but he was too shy for such a bold action. Furthermore he also realized that Ginger wouldn't forgive him if he did. Would he still love her if she was changed? Would she still have her mind? Would she still be a separate being or fused to someone or something else?

While Vailan was fighting an emotional battle, a small open topped cabin was slowly lowered onto the stage from the ceiling. Pipes, tubes and other metallic bits were snaking around it. Some people in the audience noticed two large steel tanks on one side. After some small-talk in order to introduce Ginger to the audience while the cabin finished the last meters to the ground, the ass-faced moderator finally said: „So if you'd please undress yourself my...“

„STOP IT!!!“

Everyone was startled. Most of all Vailan, especially because he realized that it was him who had yelled into the hall. He took a moment to make a final decision.

„I want to participate!“ He shouted, hoping the Bella and Ginger would understand him.

Obviously they did because the buzzing moderator came flying right towards him.

„What enthusiasm. But why so sudden at the very last minute?“ She asked him holding her microphone into his face.

„I am her boyfriend,“ he answered, pointing towards the stage. „And whatever she decides to do or to become, I want to be part of it.....I love her and couldn't stand being without her.“

The audience cheered joyfully but all Vailan cared for was seeing his girlfriend suddenly crying on the stage. Crying of joy. He didn't even wait for an answer from Bella. He simply ran down the steps and jumped onto the stage where he hugged his girlfriend tightly and kissing her passionately.

„I love you, too,“ she whispered.

Suddenly the moderator appeared behind them.

„So very touching. How could I resist your plea. I promise you, you will be part of the act. Luckily our lead alchemist had prepared a mixture that will also work perfectly fine with two people. Hell, maybe even better. So get yourself undressed and enter the cabin, please.“

Encouraged by the cheering audience both put their clothes off. Vailan was terribly embarrassed and not really sure about what he was doing but it was to late. There was no turning back now. He took a deep breath and then Ginger's hand. A door in the cabin's front opened sideways and together they entered the machine, knowing that whatever would happen, they would experience it together. Suddenly a long chain appeared in the cabin, hanging from the ceiling down through the open top. It ended in a large metal chain that hung just inches above their heads. The soon-to-be-changed couple looked with obvious confusion at it.

Uttering a fart-chuckle Bella came closer and began to explain: „Vailan, would you please grab the ring?“

„What? Why?“

„Please just do so. You will see afterward. And dear Ginger, would you please kneel down between your darling's legs with your arms around them?“

Still not understanding what this was supposed to be good for and trying to imagine what effect that might have on the transformation, they followed the orders nevertheless. Vailan grabbed the ring above him with both hands, while his girlfriend went down and slung her arms around his knees, with the back of her head gently resting on his crotch.

„That's perfect, stay so,“ the moderator said, fart-chuckling just before the door closed and the machine came to life. Its function was made obvious to the audience by the purple fog visibly bubbling from the open top but not yet spilling over.

„Vaporized D-cum. Of course perfectly refined D-cum,“ Bella commented. „When they come out they will be truly a part of each other.“

The entire process took a few minutes in which nobody could see what was happening inside the cabin. Not even Ginger or Vailan due to the fog. But they could feel their bodies twisting, changing and fusing. It was strange how their flesh became one and how they could share sensations, feel skin and changing flesh that wasn't their own. Eventually the fog inside the cabin changed color, turning from purple to greyish white. Bella explained that they were carefully exchanging the gaseous D-cum with ordinary steam for the sake of effect and a proper appearance of the transformed couple. A short moment later the chain hanging into the cabin began to rattle. While the remaining fog dissolved, the chain was pulled upwards by the mechanism in the ceiling, bringing the new, shared form of Vailan and Ginger to light.

Once they were above the cabin, the couple was greeted by an impressed „Oh“ from the entire audience. What the people were seeing was so simple in design and yet still weird and oddly artistic. What had once been the boy was still hanging on the metal ring, looking like a boneless sack of flesh. It had no limbs at all. His former arms had been fused with the rest of the body and melted around the ring, leaving no traces behind and leaving the ring like a piercing at the top of the blob-like body. It was shaped like a tear drop due to gravity pulling its mass down. From the middle of the body grew an elongated, smooth head on a short neck, its only features being an oversized, big-lipped mouth and two human eyes. Just below the strangely feminine head were two massive breasts, each almost as large as the entire sack-body and hanging low beyond the being's bottom. Right there, where the crotch would be on a human body, was a large bulge from which a long, serpentine penis grew. The organ was at least four feet long and snaking around hypnotically on its own. Below it was a suitable pair of testicles in a wrinkled scrotum, both as large as an orange and hanging even lower than the former boy's tits. What most of the audience was actually focused on, were the two eyes above the base of the prehensile manhood, however. So that was what had happened to
the girl.


Not matter how hard he tried, Vailan couldn't really regret his choice to go into the cabin with Ginger or what he has become. There was something about his new form which made him like it, although he had no useable limbs anymore, helplessly hanging from the chain that he was fused to.

There was also the matter of being female now. It felt so weird. His body seemed so much more sensitive, the cold air in the hall making him tingle with pleasure. His breasts were especially sensitive, he so hoped for someone to play with them and his erect nipples. But even more than that he wanted to have his pussy filled. Finally he knew what women feel like when they get aroused and it was overwhelming.

The presence of his girlfriend was an odd thing. He was glad that she was a part of him and he could somehow „sense“ her presence. He couldn't talk with her, share thoughts with her or anything similar. He could not even feel her penis, at least not directly. There was the subtle vibration in his boneless body and the tucking on the skin of his „crotch“, which made him aware of the tentacle indirectly but there was no pleasure or even arousal coming from it, it was totally numb. Ginger's face and genitals were separate entities to him, despite sharing the same body. Accordingly he could not control the prehensile appendage, either.

Slowly his girlfriend found out how to control it, apparent by the unfocused movements becoming more directed, carefully bending backwards and starting to caress Vailan's body. He could feel it gently sliding over his smooth, sensitive skin, sending shivers through what was left of his spine. When the organ bumped against one of his nipples, he gasped involuntarily, hit by a surprisingly strong bolt of pleasure. Apparently Ginger noticed it. She started to focus more on her boyfriend's new titflesh, snaking her dick around the large breasts, squeezing them gently, stroking them and nudging his nipples. She was obviously getting more aroused, too, coating the breasts in thick pre-cum. She loved her knew form already. Despite being reduced to little more than two eyes and a set of male genitals, the sheer arousal and pleasure made up for it, not caring that Vailan's body was numb to her, too. She immediately decided that she didn't need anything more than this awesome tentacular organ anyway.

Furthermore she was together with Vailan. For the rest of their lives, they'd share each and every joy. Just thinking about his new sexy, female body made her so horny that she was about to forget herself. She was further spurred on by his feminine, high-pitched moans while she was playing with his wonderfully swollen boobs, basically giving herself a titjob. Suddenly she noticed a strange wetness on the backside of her balls. She immediately remembered that there was more about her boyfriend's new body than just his tits.

Deliberately slowly she uncoiled her manhood from Vailan's titflesh, making sure to tease him a little more, just before reaching around with her penis, palpating the opening to his womanhood. It was swollen, wet and slimy. Ginger kept gently moving just the head of her penis around the enlarged labia and clitoris, just out of curiosity. She did also feel a slightly sadistic joy, however, when listening to Vailan's moans becoming louder and gaining an edge of desperation. But eventually Ginger could not hold on any longer, either, pushing as much of her manhood into Vailan's waiting opening as she could. She was in heaven. She had never felt such pleasure before as a woman and quickly lost all sense of time and space, losing herself in a sea of bliss.

Vailan was equally overwhelmed when his womanhood was finally penetrated. As a man he would have been horrified by the idea of someone sticking his cock into his body, but now it felt strangely natural and filled him with pleasure he had never felt before. Oddly, his own helplessness added to it in a perverse way. Being at his girlfriend's mercy like this, somehow tickled a part of his mind that he hadn't known before. The wonderful, thick penis of his lover kept pumping in and out of his body and he lost himself in pleasure, too, feeling a strange growing pressure that he knew would end in an orgasmic explosion.


He audience was watching the spectacle intensely. Their eyes focused on the limbless creature screwing itself, while the big-lipped head moaned like a woman. Louder and louder, until the hall was pierced by a high-pitched scream that sounded of an incomprehensible orgasm. At the same time cum and female fluids erupted from the female vagina, the tentacular organ visible pumping its seed into the shared body. After some moments the scream slowly faded away and the creature stopped its orgasmic spasming. Momentarily satisfied the former boy let himself hang on the chain, lowering his head, exhausted, while the former girl removed her penis from the dripping pussy, covered in a shiny layer of cum.

Suddenly almost the entire audience stood up (that which still could) and applauded, cheering and howling louder than ever before, blown away by the spectacular performance. In the meantime the stagehands calmly removed the transformative machine. When all was done and the spectators slowly sitting back down, a stagehand returned but with a strange hose in his hand, ending in something that looked like a pump. With further ado he simply grabbed the dangling penis of the transformed couple and put it into the pump. He took everybody by surprise, including the creature, all four eyes wide with confusion. At least Ginger stopped to care, however, the moment the device was activated, gently sucking her member. Her eyes rolled up in their sockets with pleasure.

„That's good. Just enjoy it, honey,“ Bella said cheerfully, clearly addressing the pair of eyes on the creature's crotch.

Vailan was still confused, however, what this was meant to be about. He couldn't experience what his girlfriend was feeling, except for the numb tucking and stretching at his crotch. Sure, he was getting aroused by the sight of her being sucked off like this and female fluids were already dripping from his wet pussy. Nevertheless he wanted to know what was going on. He tried to speak but all that came out was a weak, feminine moan. So talking was no longer and option. Luckily Bella noticed the questing expression on his face.

„You see, we have one last trick for the show and your girlfriend's cum is going to be an important ingredient,“ she explained to him, but holding her microphone close enough, so that the audience would hear it, too.

While Vailan was intrigued and curious what would happen next, Ginger didn't really care what her cum was used for. All she cared about was the pump. She was overwhelmed by pleasure as the machine slowly massaged her cock. The entire experience was so new and strange but also incredible exciting. She immediately loved being a male. If she had known how great a penis felt before, she would have gotten one earlier. She could also feel Vailan's arousal in form of the hot juices flowing down the backside of her balls, his excitement further arousing her.

Of course it didn't take long for Ginger to cum, regarding the extreme arousal caused by the transformation and the newness of these sensations. The former girl was bathing in pure bliss while she was shooting large amounts of her seed into the tube which then was sucked behind the stage. Meanwhile Vailan unfortunately had to do without an orgasm. He was slowing getting frustrated since he couldn't do anything about his own arousal.

After there was nothing left in Ginger's balls to be sucked out, the stagehand carefully removed the pump from her tentacular cock. She was dizzy from the experience and her manhood hanging flaccidly, almost reaching the ground.

„You see, people. For our last and final performance we had a special mixture prepared that needs our lovely volunteer's cum to unfold its true potential. Now it will have effects similar to the seed of cute little Celine over there,“ she said pointing to the bird-like creature near the exit with her penis-tentacle.

„Where is this serum now? Why the tube? Well....you see its in the fire sprinkler system. Several gallons of it. And we are about to release it....NOW!“

Before people realized what was about to happen, the sprinkler system suddenly went on. Instead of raining down water, however, it was spraying a thick, white substance onto the audience. The reactions of the people were wildly different. Some were just shocked or surprised, others screamed in fear while others still yelled out in joy.

Even though nobody probably listened, Bella began to explain cheerfully: „You see, the contracts you signed indicated that you allow us to transform you if you are willing. However the small print, if you read it, explained that by visiting the show you already consider yourself willing for the possibility to be transformed. And since the team and me are convinced that you will enjoy the life as a transformee, we decided to let the show end with a big bang.“

And a big bang it was. The audience had fallen into chaos. Every single person started to transform, men and women alike, even some of the people that already got transformed during the show. Luckily children hadn't been allowed to enter.

This moment a lot of lives took a very sudden change.


Sheron Naindir visited the show only because she had bought the tickets for her husband Martin as a birthday present. He was a big fan of such stuff, often watching related shows in TV and reading TF-related magazines. They had even made a trip to the city of Frey two years ago in order to visit its famous zoo. He always proclaimed that it was an artistic interest but she had already caught him masturbating to such stuff before. Sheron didn't care, however. He was a loving, caring husband and so he could have his fun, especially since he was always a beast in bed after he had seen some of his beloved transformation-material.

She herself was not a fan of it. She could not understand how people could want to change into inhuman monstrosities or how others could be aroused by such creatures, which often were little more than piles of genitals. But she tolerated it. Everybody has his own likes and dislikes, so why judge people. During she show she simply sat back and read a book, only sometimes watching the stage, out of curiosity. Martin on the other hand was staring at the performances with unwavering glee. She smiled when she noticed his joy, happy that he was having fun.

She didn't really observe the last performance that much, her mind already on the way back home. Just a couple from the audience that was turned into some odd, limbless being. She didn't really listen what the bloated moderator was saying, something about their cum being special. Suddenly she heard an odd gasp from the audience. What grabbed her attention was not the gasp itself, as the people watching had often expressed their fascination or surprise like this. No, what made her listen was the edge of fear in these particular sound. Before she could ask Martin about it, she already felt an odd slime hitting her like rain. Someone had activated the sprinkler system but it was not filled with water. How strange.

She looked at her husband and saw shock and fear in his face, but also an odd flash of excitement. She wanted to ask him what was going on. What had she missed? They should leave. Before she could do so, however, a hand grabbed her. She tried to throw it off but it stuck to her like it was glued. She turned around and saw the man who was sitting next to her. She screamed. The man's face looked as if it was melting, deforming and moving like hot wax, far beyond the limits of facial expressions. She wanted to back away but he was still holding her. With pure horror she noticed that his hand was not just resting on her shoulder but actually fused to it. The tissue of her clothes had been eaten away like acid, still dissolving. In fact she could feel all her clothes vanishing where they had been hit by the slimy substance. The melting man was already almost completely naked. Sheron panicked and was about to beat at the man wildly, trying to flee like a cornered animal. The man grabbed her other shoulder then and the fusion began in earnest. The world turned into a whirlpool of flowing flesh. Sheron lost all sense of time and space. She felt her body twisting and turning in impossible ways, some sensations, she took for granted, suddenly disappearing and other, alien ones taking their place. At first she was still terrified, her mind overwhelmed by horror and fear, but soon a gentle warmth invaded her thoughts. It was a nice feeling, soothing and slowly pushing the fear away. She calmed down and noticed arousal coming with the warmth. She tried to resist but her exhausted mind couldn't put up much of a fight. So she tried to enjoy that growing, sexual excitement instead. Eventually she tried to play with her pussy, no longer thinking about the show or the people supposed to sit around her. Her arm didn't react, however. In fact she no longer had arms.

Then Sheron reopened her eyes. She felt dizzy, the overwhelming warmth keeping her warm and aroused. So she didn't feel any horror or panic when she looked at her new body, only mild surprise and curiosity instead. She had neither arms, nor legs. Instead her body was a chubby, limbless blob, pear-shaped and looking exactly like the sac-like body of the couple on the stage. Unlike them, she was fused to her seat, however, skin growing over it like a thin carpet, covering most of the cushion. She could feel some sort of flesh-made roots digging deeply through the seat and into the pipe-system of the building. She could not move them however. Instead the only thing that she could move was the two-meter long penis growing from her crotch. Not only was her general appearance that of the transformed couple hanging from that chain, but she also shared their sexual attributes: A pair of massive, saggy tits, a prehensile penis-tentacle with a suitable pair of balls, so large that they actually hung over the edge of the seat, and a vagina. She could not actually see the latter but feel the wet, swollen organ pulsating with heat.

Like the couple she was not alone in this body, either, but in a different configuration. Next to her head was another, identical one. Both grew from the top of the pear-body on flexible necks and both were equally featureless, only sporting an oversized mouth and two human eyes, like the former boy on the stage. It was the man who had been sitting next to her. They had become one, not sharing thoughts and identities but their body, even the control over their penis-tentacle, as she could feel his own presence in a form, reminding her of another hand holding onto the same rope.
Reflecting on their conjoinment, she realized that she was not really fused to her own seat alone, instead their body was located in between both seats, filling the small gap between them with its own flesh. Luckily there had been no arm rests or otherwise things could have ended rather awkwardly.

She greeted her new body-mate with a quick kiss onto the mouth, purring happily. She knew instinctively that she couldn't talk anymore. It didn't matter. Instead Sheron took a look at Martin, curious how he was doing. He had fused with the woman formerly sitting next to him, having become almost identical to her and her conjoined mate, with only minor differences in height and skin tone. He was reacting to her stare, looking back at her with a broad smile and purr in a strangely feminine voice. There was pure joy in his eyes. She knew that he was thanking her and expressing his love without words.

Sheron smiled back at her husband and carefully guided her prehensile manhood towards him, her body-mate not resisting at all to her taking control at the moment. She was surprised not only at how dexterous the organ was but also how precise, it was like moving her former arms. Gently she caressed the cheek of her husband with the tip of her penis. He responded by turning his head and taking it into his mouth, releasing it so arousingly slowly, like a woman seductively liking on a lollipop. That was all the stimulation Sheron needed. With her body-mate agreeing, she slowly moved her penis down the other creature's body, intentionally bumping one of its nipples, before worming the organ under the heavy scrotum to get towards her husband's female bits. With glee, she penetrated the wet folds, being overwhelmed by a kind of pleasure that was entirely new to her.
Her husband and his own body-mate gasped and began to moan in their wonderful seductive voices, while she couldn't suppress a load moan, either. It was just too wonderful and it got even better, when her husband decided to mirror his wife's doing. And so both new creatures began to fuck each other with their prehensile penises, locked in the most perfect, sexual way.

Finally Sheron understood why people enjoyed this stuff.


Almost all people in the audience fused and transformed like Sheron and Martin, fusing with whoever was next to them into the same kind of two-headed, limbless being, resembling what Ginger and Vailan had become. All of them forever rooted to their seats. No matter who fused with who, almost all ended as hermaphrodites with one set of genitals of each gender, even when two men or two women merged.

There where a few exceptions though. The first category were already transformed spectators, most of the those that had been changed during the show itself. A few were immune to the serum due to the nature of their changes, while others changed in ways sometimes vastly different from the formerly unchanged spectators. The other category were people that simply reacted differently to the serum. Even the best and most refined alchemical substances were rarely 100% perfect, there would always be a few humans reacting differently to them, for whatever reason. Most of these people still became limbless, immobile beings similar to the others, only different in minor details.


Carla, Doudi and Parlow Ghellbron had decided to visit the show as a family. Doudi was the 18 year old daughter of Carla and Parlow and not really as much into transformations as her parents (who weren't transformed themselves but liked to watch them happen). Nevertheless she thought it might be fun.

When the the sprinkler system was activated she began to panic. She had absolutely no desire to be one of those freaks. Quickly she grabbed their shoulder in order to run out with them. But when she tried to move she noticed that she was stuck. Her hands were like glued to her parents who were sitting at either side of her. She had barely realized her situation when her body started to change.

There was a brief, awful moment of stretching, twisting flesh before Doudi landed back in her seat.
Slowly she opened her eyes....although one didn't seem to work. Then she saw what had happened to her and began to scream. Apparently she had fused with her parents, Doudi being in the middle.. They shared a single limbless body now. Their armless torso was just a roundish blob of flesh, fused to the seat in a manner that made her skin crawl. Taking a look around she noticed that basically all the other people looked the same, only that they had two instead of three heads. Well...that and their tits. While all the others had massive, round melons, they had only mere, laughable A-cups with puffy, pink nipples. Doudi realized that it were her breasts, her very own, exactly like they had been just a moment ago on her chest. Otherwise they were similar to the other creatures, also featuring the same impressive penis, which in their case was surrounded by bush of pubic hair, the same brown that the hair of Doudi's mother had once been.

The former girl felt sick. She was so appalled by her new body that she was about to panic again. It was so horrible. Tears were streaming down her face, or what was left of it, her huge lips trembling. Suddenly she noticed soft lips touching her cheeks. She was taking by surprised and needed a moment to realize that her parents' heads were nuzzling her, softly kissing her cheeks and liking away her tears. They were purring softly, unable to speak and clearly trying to sooth her. At first it worked, the gentle touches and calmness of their voices really calming her down. But then her mother surprised her by suddenly pressing her lips onto Doudi's, kissing her in a way that no mother should, especially when she forced her tongue into her daughter's mouth.

The former girl resisted and Carla withdrew when she noticed it, her face showing mild embarrassment but no actual shame at what she had done. Doudi was confused, not really noticing the clear signs of sexual arousal that was slowly overwhelming her parents. Instead she tried to talk to them, make them snap out of it, maybe even somehow make them find a way to undo the changes. But all that came out of her mouth were soft moans and other meaningless sounds. Doudi was about to despair, when her parents gave into their sexual urges again, unable to refrain themselves any longer. She tried to resists them, make them stop, but there was nothing she could really do. Her mother managed to force her mouth back again onto Doudi's, kissing her passionately. The girl's eyes went wide when she felt an object touching the hidden folds of their vagina.

What Doudi didn't know and her parents didn't care about at the moment was, that for a strange twist in their fusion, she had no control over their shared body except for her own head. Sure, aside from their torso, there was only the penis to move, but only Carla and Parlow could do so. Doudi would be at the mercy of her parents for the rest of their new life.

Too aroused to care, or even notice their daughter's obvious reluctance, both parents finally pushed their penis into what had once been Carla's vagina. It was great. The vagina was new and an awesome experience for Parlow, while Carla couldn't resist the power of the cock. They were quickly lost in bliss and started to fuck themselves into a frenzy. Not even Doudi could resist very long. Eventually she gave into the pleasure and began to moan as load as her parents. She willfully gave into their kisses and simply enjoyed the overwhelming pleasure of experiencing sex from both genders' sides.

Maybe this would turn out not to be so bad after all...


Zora was sitting next to her boyfriend when the d-cum began to fall from the ceiling. She had enjoyed the show, although she never had had any intentions to be changed herself. Even though she was shocked at first, she somehow welcome the substance when it hit her skin. She guessed it was because she now was able to embrace a fetish she had always feared to dwell deeper into.

She was a beautiful girl. The dream of many boys: Slender, long legged with perfectly soft skin, large breasts and luscious lips. She didn't stay like that for very long, however. Someone grabbed her from behind and the world fell into a twisting madness of deforming flesh, just before she was plunged into merciful darkness. Once the nauseating experience of transformation was over, the lights didn't go on again, however. Zora was still extremely dizzy and wondered why it was still dark. There was an odd taste in her mouth, which felt really weird, anyway. She could no longer feel her body and feared that she might have become blind.

It took some fearful moments but luckily light returned, revealing a very odd sight. At first she noticed a large object moving upwards that had been blocking the light, like a massive rock blocking the entrance to a cave. The object looked like two large spheres in a loose, organic sack, being lifted by the head and neck of a flesh-colored snake. With mild shock Zora realized what she was seeing, a heavy scrotum being lifted by a serpentine kind of penis. She was somehow between someone's legs. She knew that she should be horrified but the feeling was muted by whatever the transformation had done to her mind. The thought still disturbed her, however. So had she fused with this person? Had she become his or her vagina? She had once seen such a transformation on TV.

Her assumption was quickly disproven, though, when she felt a clear fluid running down her face. It was warm. Looking upwards to the source of this substance, she saw the large, quivering folds of a vagina. So that was not what she has become. But what then? She was still surprised how instead of fear and terror, she only felt curiosity and mild disappointment.

It would take her some moments to realize that she had become an anus. The creature that she was attached to had once been the couple sitting behind her. It looked basically identical to the other transformed spectators, except for the anus. The others had none. There was no need for one, due to the roots that would provide them with nutrients. This creature was one of the very few exceptions, only four in total, that had one. As a result its lower body was raised slightly upwards, so that there was space enough between its vagina and the seat. Zora herself was nothing more than a thick, swollen anus and two human eyes slightly above it. She would spend the rest of her life in darkness, except for the many occasions when the heavy balls would be lifted up.

At the moment she was not caring about that, however. Out of curiosity the two-headed creature had chosen its lower opening to fuck and so Zora was left in total, mind blowing pleasure. She had no access to the body's other joy-departments, only feeling her own anus-body. Penis, vagina and everything else were not existing for her. As a result she would never have an orgasm again. She would quickly start to prefer this situation, however, as her anus-body was so sensitive that just touching it felt already orgasmic.


Celine couldn't resist the idea of changing a little further. Seeing the entire audience change made her incredibly horny, her penis hard and leaking pre-cum.

Eventually she jumped up from her perch and flew right into the transformative rain. It performed its magic rather quickly. Celine saw her wings lose their feathers while the bones fused and stiffened. New spike-like bones grew below the skin, stretching it wide. In the end Celine had two large fins, similar to those of a fish, a flying fish maybe. For some reason she could really fly with them as if they were true wings.

Her body changed even more, however. Her breasts disappeared, so did her vagina. At the same time her anus changed and elongated. Quickly it turned into a perfect copy of her penis, including a pair of balls which were now rubbing her original scrotum. It felt nice. Despite getting more and more horny, Celine noticed that her penises suddenly got flaccid. They were swaying gently behind her like flags in the wind.
She doubted they would ever get hard again and it worried her a little but the transformation was still not over.

Celine underwent some last, minor changes. Her torso reformed so that it was now more cylindrical, while her eye lids adjusted to become identical twins of each other. In the end her body's former front and back looked perfectly identical. It was a bizarre little twist and Celine noticed that her eyesight could adjust when she turned around, as if her eyeball could rotate 180 degrees to the side. So there was no front or back to her body anymore.

With the last changes complete, Celine finally came although her penises were still flaccid. And she didn't stop to cum. Her dicks were shooting out a constant stream of white semen. It felt so incredible intense. Celine was overwhelmed for some moments. When she came back to her senses the bliss didn't stop, however. She realized that she would have a never ending orgasm for the rest of her life. Her mana-driven body would simply never stop producing cum at high speed. For some reasons she also knew that her semen would be highly transformative forever now. Her previous transformation combined with the effects of the serum from the sprinkler system had made sure of it.

Happily she left the hall. She couldn't wait to see the effects of her body fluids. She was in such a hurry to leave the building that she didn't even noticed the two girls behind the snack-bar which were hit by Celine's stream of cum, trailing behind her.

Both girls were students, just working in the theater as a part-time job. It would become a full-time job now. In a short burst of wild transformation both girls fused together and fell heavily to the wall next to the counter. There their warping body took roots. Literal roots. Unseen the fleshy tendrils forced their way through the wall and the space behind them to the nearest pipes which supplied the building with water.

A few moments later both girls regained consciousness and took a look at their new form. Although Celine had no control over what changes her cum would cause, the white substance seemed to have a mind of its own. It had turned the former employees into a living vending machine. Its body was a large hemisphere, about a meter in diameter, which clung to the wall in chest height. Invisible to the world a vast network of fleshy roots behind the wall kept them firmly at their place.

On the upper half of this round body were three weird looking breasts. They were oddly spherical, almost cartoonish, like a breast-expansion gone wrong. On top of each strangely solid tit was a massive nipple the size of a thumb. They were erect and would stay so forever. On the lower half of the body was only a single vagina. Aside from being bald there was nothing unusual about it. A little further below their shared genitals were two long tentacles. Each of them ended in a single, confused looking eye.

They didn't know yet that Celine's cum had produced a transformation no less complex and carefully crafted than those of the Freyan people. Their body was made to produce a never ending supply of drinks. Two kinds of drinks. Their breasts were already full with a thick, creamy milk. Later guests will experience its sweet flavor. Their vagina or rather their modified bladder would soon produce a lemonade-like substance. Due to complex changes to their inner organs their „pee“ would come out cold and fizzy. The first guests would be wary and unsure about it but then find out that it truly was a sweet-tasting soft drink after all, chemically and flavor-wise having nothing to do with what their bladders had once produced.

Both former girls would later become rather popular although they wouldn't be allowed to have sex until the theater closes. A willing employee would help out. At the moment they didn't care. They were incredibly horny. So they made use of their long, flexible necks to play with their boobs and pussy.


Dolly wondered what had just happened here. She was one of the theater’s employees. Like the new „vending machine“ in the lounge, she was a student doing this as a part-time job. At the moment she was in the men's restroom, doing her hourly check. Unfortunately someone had left a huge mess at the urinals, everything was full of piss, the wall, the floor, everything. It was as if someone had played around with a garden hose or tried to hit one urinal with a dozen dicks at once. Regarding the current show, the latter idea was not as impossible as it sounded, Dolly thought. She was cursing inwardly that she had been the one to be on duty this night, still mopping away the remaining stains.

There were some muffled sounds coming from one of the cabins behind her. Either someone was having a serious constipation or doing something, she actually didn't want to know what it was. She was too angry to feel embarrassed about it, however. If someone was jerking off in there, so be it. She just wanted to get done with this and leave the stinky restroom again.

Unfortunately for her, that would not happen. Suddenly something flew through the half-open door, darting through the room and out of the open window. It was so fast, that she had no chance to get a proper glimpse at it. Instead she was hit by something wet while it passed her. Curiously she looked at what had hit her. It was a slimy, thick, white substance. „Oh, great. Just what I needed,“ was her first thought. Then she exploded.

Her body expanded and warped in seconds, her shredded clothes thrown all around the room. The moving mass fell towards the wall, hitting one of the urinals. It covered the object and dissolved it, while digging tendrils deep into the wall and pipe-system beneath. Just a few moments later the destroyed urinal had been replaced by a new one. Literary.

Dolly's new body looked for all the world like an urinal made of flesh, the previous one actually having been converted into her new skeleton. The bowl was ringed by the pink lips of a woman, stretched and blown up that they looked almost cartoonish. Inside the wide open mouth was even a large, thick tongue that was curiously exploring the swollen lips. The former girl's new mouth was forced permanently into the O-shape of the urinal, lacking any true jaws or actual muscles to move. Directly above it were two human eyes, only half open and unfocused, since Dolly was still dizzy from the transformation. The only other features the living urinal possessed were two medium sized breasts hanging from below its body and a set of male genitalia right between them. Her new penis was rather small, about three inches long at the moment and probably little more than four when erect.

When Dolly came to her senses again, the only thing that she saw where a row of toilet stalls in front of her. She felt the cold wall at her back and had an odd taste in her mouth. She felt incredibly stiff, while her limbs where so numb that she couldn't actually feel their presence at all. She was a mess. The girl only remembered that something had darted through the room and hit her with something that had looked suspiciously like cum. Had something else flown into the room and hit her head? It was so odd but somehow she didn't care. She couldn't move her limbs, she couldn't move her mouth. All she could do was move her eyes. It didn't take long for her to realize what she had become but despite knowing that she should be scared, she didn't care. In fact somehow her fate actually aroused her, causing her new penis to get slowly erect, the feeling of her titflesh pressing against it turning her on even more. Unable to see her new organ, it had taken her a few moments to make sense of the odd, unknown sensation. Pre-cum was dropping to the floor, she had just so carefully cleaned moments ago. After the show, when her fate became apparent, the theater would make sure that her penis was always inside a condom during the day, to keep the floor clean and to keep her from ejaculating onto the trousers of a guest.

She so wished that she could somehow jerk herself off, making use of that wonderful new organ, that kept her so painfully aroused. But there was no way to do so with no limbs and a tongue too short to reach her member. She was at the mercy of whoever would enter the room next. Somehow this delightful torture of denied relief and utter helplessness just stimulated her even more, driving her crazy. In addition she was getting incredibly thirsty, too.


„What was that?“ Dexter asked after he had heard that odd, stretching sound which reminded him of the sound the transformations in the show had made. The sound of warping flesh.

„Hm'o i'ea,“ his girlfriend replied, muffled by his penis that was still buried in her anus which also served as her mouth.

After her transformation during the show Millni had asked her boyfriend to get her to the restroom because she had to pee. In his confusion after the initial shock of seeing his lover change into a limbless, shemale creature with a dozen cocks, he had simply gone into the men's restroom and held her in front of a single urinal. Neither of them thinking this through, the result had been catastrophic. Without having hands to control her many members, Millni's penises had simply peed into a wide arc that left the wall and at least four urinals covered in piss and a large puddle on the ground.

Instead of cleaning up, Dexter suddenly had had a better idea. Maybe there were strong aphrodisiacs in Millni's urine, so that even the smell could affect him, or the reality of her changes had awakened deep, hidden desires within him, but after they had laughed at their fault, he had gotten strangely aroused. For a moment the growing bulge in his pants had taken control over his body and before he realized what he was doing, he was already in one of the stalls with Millni, carefully positioning her above his naked penis. The sex had been awesome, intense and hot, even though his girlfriend could hardly interact. Dexter was basically using her like a fleshlight. Nevertheless her tight, muscular hole of an anus felt wonderful and the pre-cum dripping onto his belly from her many cocks, somehow drove him even on, instead of turning him off. Their mutual orgasm had been explosive, Dexter shooting into his girlfriend's belly and she cumming all over him and the stall itself.

Now that both had calmed down, Dexter tried to clean himself and the stall as much as he could with toilet paper, as well as Millni who was leaking his own fluids from her still pulsing asshole. Once he judged the remaining stains too resilient, they left the stall, only to find an odd flesh-made urinal that looked like a comically deformed face. Regarding what was going on in the show, he didn't question what he saw and simply left the restroom with Millni in his arms.

The real shock came, when both saw what was going on in the theater. A thick, slimy substance was raining from the sprinkler system. Its true nature was obvious by the way the people in the hall were fusing and changing into limbless creatures. For minutes both just stood at the entrance, watching the mass transformation.

„Um, I'd say we just stay here outside,“ Millni said, breaking the silence between them. Dexter was actually surprised.

“You do not want to get further changed in there?” He realized that it sounded like a sarcastic quip but he was actually quite serious. After Millni's unexpected decision earlier to swallow the transformative cum of that bird-thing, he almost expected her to actually go for another round if possible.

“I think I am quite happy as I am,” his girlfriend stammered , accompanied by some odd farting noises, that he took as a form of stuttering. Her eye was wide in shock.

Dexter was actually amused that his girlfriend had reached her limit, despite being little more than a multi-dicked blob already. He began smile despite himself and pressed her a little closer to his body, as both watched the chaos in the hall with a mixture of awe and horror.


Just after a few minutes the sprinkler system stopped. Where once the halls had been filled with human spectators, there was not a colony of immobile creatures that were kissing, sucking and fucking each other. It was the largest orgy imaginable and it would last forever.

Sandra and Fran, the birthday girl and her friend who had been made into giant, beefy males with short cockheads and balls on their chests, stood out from the mass of creatures like no other. Luckily they had fused together and with nobody else. Due to the configuration of their bodies, they had become just one giant penis. Somehow the serum had caused their systems to overload with testosterone in a way that instead of gaining tentacular penises or two penis-heads, they fused fully and completely, their shared body being nothing but a seven feet long cock and two beachball sized balls resting on the ground in front of their seats.
They had no limbs, no tentacles, no vagina, not even an anus. They still had two separate minds, however, although nobody would ever find out about that. Unlike many similar types of transformees, even if rare, they could not mentally communicate, although they could at least feel each others presence. They could not communicate with the outside world, either. They had no facial features or limbs and their penile body was made to stay hard and erect forever, even when they were not aroused. Despite being able to see and hear like a Freyan woman, they were basically imprisoned inside their new shared body. None of them minded, however. Their body was so incredibly sensitive that the subtle breeze from the ventilation system made them horny and leak gallons of pre-cum. Already some of the nearby creatures were gently stroking them with their penis-tentacles, jerking them off. At first Sandra lamented the lack of an anus or vagina to have fucked but then a tentacle slipped inside their shared urethra and both former girls had a sudden, explosive orgasm, shooting massive amounts of cum into the neighboring seats, covering them in a thick layer of the white substance. Just the sight of this glorious ejaculation made some of the other creatures cum themselves.

Gina and Ahmina, the two students, who had become small, turtle-like beings made from two short-legged (or rather non-legged) abdomens and a single tit on each one's back, had reacted to the serum in the most extreme way. Instead of fusing with each other or someone else, they had basically melted away and fused with their seats. All that was left of each of them was a carpet of skin on each seat, a single breasts, vagina, anus and penis sticking out of it at random positions, like icecubes in a puddle of water. Their flesh was pulsating, however, and slowly growing outwards, like sped-up moss. After a minute both flesh-carpets met and fused together immediately. A few minutes later they had expanded down their seats and were touching the ground, small bumps appeared on the free areas on the freshly grown skin, that slowly developed into new breasts and a single penis.

Both girls had become a form of flesh-made moss. Most of their body now was little more than an inch thick layer of flesh and skin that was rooted to whatever surface it grew on, thin tendrils digging deep and expanding. Unseen by everybody, their new „body“ dug and etched small cavities into the ground and furniture in order to make space for their organs, specially those required by their genitals, e.g. prostate glands for their penises, the birth canal and womb of their (infertile) female bits and a complex network of guts connecting all their anuses. It would take about a year until they stopped growing and reach their final size, covering the entire ground of the grandstand and the seats. Even the space between the other creatures would be filled with the former students' bodymass, sprouting genitals randomly, their flesh actually fused to the bases of the other beings, although there was no sharing of sensations or such. They would provide a lot of distraction for the other former audience members, however, their vaginas and anuses frequently used by horny penis-tentacles while the creatures would use the very same tentacles to squeeze the many, sensitive breasts and jerk the sprouting penises off. While their skin was still smooth right after the transformation, they would later start to grow dark, brown curls around their vaginas and penises, and later evolve to dense pubic bushes. Those would continue to spread, however, and short time after reaching their final size, all of their flesh would be covered by dense, dark hair, except for their breasts and the surface of their penises, of course, making them a true carpet. While the other creatures were not affected by this carpet of hair, as they were still separate entities.

The minds of Gina and Ahmina were still inside the flesh-carpet, although they would later on simplify, reduced to the receiving of pleasure from their many sexual organs. Happy and content, they'd simply enjoy the non-stop pleasure, as there would always be some of their bodyparts that were used by the many sexual creatures in the halls.


„Wonderful, don't you agree?“ Bella said towards Vailan and Ginger, pointing towards the transformed Audience with her penis-tail. All four eyes of the creature were focused on the spectacle, their arousal obvious by how deeply the prehensile penis was buried in the creature's vagina. The fly-like moderator smiled inwardly as she saw this.

„Unfortunately you won't stay here,“ she continued. Neither of them seemed to listen, however, their eyes still focused on the clam-like spectators, fucking each other in a massive but oddly static orgy. „Ahem...I said 'unfortunately you won't stay here',“ she repeated. Still no reaction. Slightly annoyed Bella flew over to their backside. There she grabbed their lower back and quickly pushed her own penis-tail into the empty asshole of the couple. Suddenly the former boy gasped aloud and a gush of cum erupted from his vagina. The sudden penetration had caused both lovers to cum. Surprised Vailan turned his head around, looking at the unexpected intruder.

Now that she had their attention, Bella repeated herself a third time. „We made a deal with the Pleasure Pit club in Old Ondora. The largest sex club in town, with a glorious reputation. You will be hung down from a chain in the central hall of the club, as a piece of decoration and actual attraction. The guests will be able to play with you whenever they want, so you will get a lot of attention. I am sure you will love it. They already have a few permanently installed transformees there and they are all very happy.“

The news made Ginger cum suddenly, shooting an even larger load than before, despite having had an ejaculation just a few moments ago. Bella chuckled at this, so did Vailan. He could understand his girlfriend's reaction, though. Just the idea of being the central attraction of a place where hundreds of strangers would use them as a sextoy, turned both of them extremely on. Before they could think any further about it, they were already lowered down, while two stagehands appeared. They grabbed the fused couple with strong hands and carefully removed the ring they were fused to from the chain.

„Many thanks for all your help. You did a wonderful job and I hope you will love your new job,“ Bella said to them cheerfully, waving her penis-tentacle like a hand when both of them were taken off the stage in order to be immediately brought to the Pleasure Pit. Once they were out of sight, she flew down the stage.

„Now its my time,“ she thought. The sprinkler system had stopped but there were still large enough puddles of the substance to do the job. It had always been her intention to join the audience. She was the moderator, so she should share their fate. She almost felt as if that was her duty, although she actually enjoyed the idea of staying in the theater, becoming the prime host here. Thus she directly aimed for the largest puddle of goo near the stage and landed in it, wallowing in it a little and going back into the air before the substance could take effect. Bella knew that she had little time and thus raced straight towards the ceiling above the stage, hitting one of the largest scaffold beams. She hit it with her back which immediately stuck to it. She could feel her flesh digging into the metal, fusing with it and spreading along the construction, until it would meet the ground. She would be more impossible to remove from here than any of the other transformees when this was over. With her flesh fused to the beam, her wings fell off. She regretted the loss of flight. She had enjoyed the ability, even if it had been for only this night.

Then her body suddenly fell down. For a second she wondered if the fusion had been undone but quickly realized that her flesh was simply expanding, her round body connected to the scaffold by a long string of skin, dangling from it like a bungee-jumper from his rope. Currently she was hanging about a meter above the stage. She instinctively knew, however, that she could contract her flesh to lift herself up. Quite a useful ability in case she would moderate a show again or interview someone. Bella expected further changes but none occurred. Apparently the substance had lost some of its intensity already. She didn't mind, however, as her body was already extreme enough. She didn't need more. All she wanted was to become a part of the theater and that's what she got.

Happy and content with her new life, the bizarre moderator enjoyed the bizarre orgy in front of her, allowing her own arousal to overtake her. She moved her penis-tail around and began to fuck her own face.


The events at the end of „Change your Life“ had an even bigger aftermath than anybody would have expected. It was later to be known as one of the largest and most controversial man-made mass-transformation events of the century. The surprise was big and even weeks later everybody talked about it. On one side where countless fans and TF-enthusiasts that were simply thrilled by the show and its final moments. In fact many demanded a second show to be made, actually volunteering to be changed, themselves. On the other side was an equally large group of people that were horrified, shocked by the way the producers had used a tricky contract to transform all those people in the audience, not matter if they wanted to or not. Aside from the critique and even threats against the studio, there were also many activists and politicians who demanded stricter rules for the use of transformative substances in TV and details of declarations of consent. So or so the studio had gotten the attention it wanted, be it good or bad.

The transformees within the theater didn't care. While Gina and Ahmina underwent their maturation in a hairy flesh-carpet, the former audience enjoyed their new lives in a never ending orgy with no distractions from the sex. They were happy, be it TF-induced or not. They didn't care about the simultaneous outrage and praise. They fucked each other and loved it.

A years later, when the commotions had calmed down and the show faded from public memory, the Chimcham Theater was used again to host shows. Due to its nature it was only used for TF-related shows, although nobody dared to do anything like „Change your Life“ again so far. The theater became rather popular, very quickly, once people could visit it again. People would sit on the soft bulge of the former spectators, only allowed to enter barefoot in order not to hurt the carpet. Bella would always be the moderator or co-moderator, since she was the most obvious choice (and would interrupt all the time otherwise). The people who came to the theater didn't mind the curious penises exploring their bodies all the time. In fact many loved the attention of the horny „furniture“. So it was no surprise that the hall would eventually be used for sex-parties, too. The immobile creatures became very popular and in exchange they loved the variety of sexual partners.

Everybody was happy, everybody was glad. Despite the outrage and protests, the show had turned out to be a big success after all. It was only a matter of time until there would be another Greatest Show.


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Stupid question but anybody knows who wrote Upwardly Mobile and Romantic Gesture?
It has been years and I lost a lot of data. I am editing the last stories for the archive and I want to make sure that the right people get credit.


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Unfortunately, I just copy-pasta'd them from this site, and I think you were the one who posted them, and they didn't have any other names on them.