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Morben at the Mall
by Hugo Prosperio
based on the world of Belial by Demon-Man

A crowd had gathered around the man wearing a top hat as he began to speak. Beside him was an odd woman who was covered in penises. Her head was fairly normal besides the top being the tip of a penis with glans and all, not to mention the balls on her throat. She smiled as she waved her arms as the man in the top had unlocked a large cabinet and swung it open.

"Good people visiting this mall, My name is Morben Midren. I am a professional alchemist showman!" he said. "Some of you may have heard of me, others have no idea what I am here for, so let me explain. I was passing through this section of town, and I figured I'd put on a free show for you here in the mall. I transform people, and I am here to transform those who are willing to experience a new life. This is my assistant Jeseare, and she will be assisting me in today's fun. As you can see, she has sampled my works, and she is thrilled with the outcome."

The crowd hushed. They were unsure of what to make of this strange man and his strange penis covered friend. She stepped forward on her penis toes and leaned towards the crowd.

"People, this is the best you will ever feel, and it's the most fun you will ever have. If you've ever considered this, now is the time, because what Morben offers for free will cost you a fortune elsewhere. You just have to be a part of his show.

The crowd remained quiet, until a young woman stepped forward. "Can you change me?" she asked.

"What is your name?" Morben said with a smile.

"Kantara" she said, returning Morben's smile with a small laugh. "I've always wondered what a transformation would feel like."

"Well, I can show you. Did you have anything in mind?" he asked her as he ushered her towards the center of the gathered crowd.

"I wanted to try something...well...a bit like an animal." She said.

"I think I have just the thing. Jes, if you would have her sign." He said to his assistant.

Jeserae walked over and produced an agreement that stated no lawsuit would happen if the girl was unhappy with her changes. She signed and looked at the man in the hat as he produced a vial of white liquid with swirls of pink.

"Drink this, and you will have your desire." He stated.

She drank it quickly then gave him back the flask. She sat there for a moment then began to make an odd sound. It sounded a bit like a snort. Suddenly her nose began to pull up and flatten into a very obvious snout. Her skin began to turn a very pinkish hue as her body began to thicken, gaining weight fast. She held up her hands as the four fingers began to fuse into two thicker digits and the nail on the top became very thick and hard, a hoof of sorts. She felt the same happening in her shoes so she kicked them off and watched as her toes joined and became like her hands. She felt her body lift up a bit when this happened.

Her belly surged outward giving her a very fat gut, which oddly suited her. She rubbed it with her hooves and then felt her ears tingle as they began to move upwards and stretch upwards. She was becoming a pig!

"Oh goodness." She said as she felt her teeth change in her mouth as two of them burst out, growing larger into tusks like that of a boar. Her flabby belly stopped growing but her ass began to grow to macth it, snapping her sweatpants right off, giving the crowd a view of the large jiggling mass. A curly tail had sprouted just above the crack. Her breasts, which were decently sized, swelled out to a D-cup, and then she gasped as a swelling beneath them signaled the growth of more breasts. Soon she had two sets of D-Cup boobs resting on her large belly.

She then fell to all fours and felt her limbs crack and shift as her body slightly reshaped making all fours her default position. She walked around a bit and smiled. It felt good to be an animal, even if that animal was a fat pig. She then felt a tingle in her vagina which then began to grow. The lips stretched out, growing to three times their size, as did her clit.
"W...woah!" she said as she nearly orgasamed.

"I think that about does it." Morben said. "Do you like it Kantara, my not-so-little Piggy?"

"I do. That felt great. Seriously people, you need to try this." She gasped as she took in all the feelings of her new form.

"A shining endorsment, folks. Come on, live out your dreams." Morben said with a grin.


Re: Morben at the Mall

"So you are an alchemist?" a young man said. "You made all these?"

"Yes, indeed I did." Morben said, proud of his work.

"Why do you do it?" came another voice from the crowd.

"That is a good question" he said as he watched the strange hybrid between girl and pig he had just created walk on all fours over towards her spot in the crowd. "and really it comes down to me being a showman. Always have been. Always trying to tell a story, to entertain those around me. It was my father's dream for me to become an alchemist, and I gotta admit, I have quite the knack for it. It took me a while to realize what potential my talents had as a form of entertainment, but that afforded me the time to save money and make friends in the alchemy world. Now I do this for a living, and I have to say, it's a great life."

"So you give away all your work?" one woman asked.

"Not all of it. I do offer paid services, and when I put on a show in a theater, my contract is for a large portion of the ticket gross. I make my money, and I do what I love. Can't beat that. Now how about another demonstration. Anyone want a change? It can even be simple."

"How about boobs. Can you make my boobs bigger?" A college-aged girl said from the crowd. She stepped forward and smiled. Her breasts were about A-Cups. "Always been a bit of a small fry."

"I can do that quite easily. In fact, I have something brand new that I think would work perfectly for that. Jes, could you fetch the shirt. Remember the gloves!"

Jeserae walked over to a large trunk and opened it. She put on a pair of thick gloves, sliding them over her cock-fingers, and then reached into the trunk and pulled out a plain white shirt. She brought it over and smiled.

"This is a new invention of mine. The shirt has been treated with a concoction of my making, soaked into the fabrics of it, which means that as soon as it comes into contact with bare flesh, it will begin the changes. Now, Jes, you got the right shirt, correct? I don't want this young woman to suddenly sprout dicks from her chest."

Some of the crowd laughed, including the girl. "That's be great, thanks." She said as she signed the contract that Morben provided her.
"Yep!" Jes said. "It only needs to be worn for about 90 seconds for proper effectiveness" she added as she held the shirt out to the girl. The girl shook her long blond hair and walked over. She removed her regular shirt, leaving just her ornate bra, which she undid and then let it drop. The crowd seemed slightly awed by her willingness to be so revealing, but she simply smiled.

"Oh, we never got your name dear."

"Sara. It's short or Seraphim, I guess." She grinned "At least, that's what my mother says."

She took the shirt from Jeserae and quickly put it on. It looked like a thermal shirt to keep out the cold, with long sleves, and it was rather snug to her form, cupping her small breasts.

"Wow, that already tingles. " Sara said as she felt little pins and needles pricking all over her body that then centered in her chest.

Suddenly the growth began, and it was clear that she was going to get big. In seconds her chest leaped from her A-Cups to C Cups in seconds. She worked hard to keep her balance as the bloating flesh billowed outward, the shirt doing it's best to stretch with her. The crowd that had gathered offered various vocal sounds to show their amazement at the growth speed.

"Okay, that should do it." Said Jeserae with a smile. She then noticed that the girl wasn't paying attention. The boobs on her chest were still growing, now large E Cups at best estimate.

"Um, Sara?" Morben said. "I'd take it off if I were you?"

"Hmmm?" she said. "Oh, take it off? Are you kidding? This feels great. If I weren't in public, I'd be doing something very naughty." She said with a laugh. The laugh was short lived, when she lurched over with a moan.

"What the hell." She said as she stood back up. The crowded gasped when they saw two sets of tits beneath her original pair, each growing larger fast, faster than the original pair.

"Fuck!" she said as she tried to rip the shirt off, but because of the new parts on her body, it was not budging.
"I warned you." Jeserae said. "Too much exposure to the shirt's formula."

"Oh Christ, what the hell!" she said as she felt lumps forming on her back. "No! I don't want a million boobs!"
Sets of breasts were sprouting up and down her back, and more onto her belly, and lumps were beginning to form on her arms under the sleeves of the shirt.

"Someone get it off!" she shouted as her body began to ripple and morph, changing rapidly into a mass of flesh that began to tear the shirt off her body.

Jeserae looked at Morben. "Maxium overexposure?"

Morben nodded. "Her body has absorbed all the formula it could. Not sure what that'll do to her in the end." He said.

As the tattered shirt fell to the ground, the crowd let out another gasp as they saw the girl who looked very little like the one who offered to try the shirt. She was now a mass of breasts, all large with fairly large nipples, and this mass took up her entire torso. The massive change she went through had made her arms part of the torso, so besides her legs and head, she was all boobs.

"Oh, god, I still feel tingly." She said. "Is it almost over?"

The two performers shrugged as they watched to see what would happen next. The girl's head began throb and wiggle, the hair on the top sucking into it.

"My...my head" she said, sounding a bit pained. Her head began to shrink a bit, then grow larger as her nose started to change. It quickly became quite obviously a nipple, although a big larger and longer than the rest of her nipples. Her head was now a boob with eyes and a mouth.

"Holy Shit!" she said. She moaned again as she walked with her still long and sexy legs over to the mirror that Morben had set up before starting his show.

"Jesus! Look at me! I'm made of boobs. I...kind of like it." She said. "It certainly feels awesome. Every time I move I feel pleasure all over."

"Well, your entire body is now made of breasts, you will be a lot more sensitive to the pleasure that you'd get from normal breast stimulation" Morben stated, trying to sound smart. The crowd laughed a bit, and clapped for his trick.

"The crowd is warming up!" Jeserae said as she escorted the tit-girl named Sara over to a changing area they had set up.

"Who is next?" Morben said. "Any request you want."

The crowd murmured again...


Re: Morben at the Mall

Morben looked at the crowd, wondering who would step up next. The last act had invigorated quite a few people. Jeserae walked out from behind the "dressing" area they had set up to help newly transformed people become more suitable for the public setting of the mall. She was followed by Sera, who had a poncho covering her bulbous bumpy form, except for her head-boob, which remained exposed. Her long legs remained uncovered besides her heels that arched them in a sexy way.

"Thanks, Jeserae" Sera said as she rejoined the crowd, grouping with her friends who were fascinated by her new body.

A couple, both in their late twenties, stood forward. They had been whispering to each other since the end of Sera's transformation, and now stood in front of Morben.

The girl, long blond hair swept over her ears, smiled and spoke. "We were wondering if you could do a fusion of me and my husband."
The man, brown hair cut short, smiled as well. "We've been considering it for years, but paying an alchemist was out of our range. If you wish to do it for free...we'd be thrilled as could be."

"I do. I charge for my theatrical shows, but not transformations. I have taken commissions on odd occasions, but this is all about the entertainment and pleasure of my audience" Morben said with his usual airy tone. He nodded to Jeserae who seemed to know exactly what he wanted. From behind the changing area, she wheeled in a clear plastic tube with enough room for several people to fit inside it.

"Do you have any requests as to the fusion...oh we never got your names?"

"Annia." The woman said. "Fren" her husband replied. "And we'd prefer not to end up as body parts or something like that."

"Yeah, more traditionally fused would be nice. I don't want to be his dick." She giggled. The crowd laughed as well.

"Easy as pie." Morben said. He opened the front of the chamber and asked them to strip naked. "I assure you, I have the permits to perform with nudity in my show." He said with a smirk. They did as asked, and once they were stark naked, they walked into the tube.
Morben closed the door and then walked over to his rack of formulas, all bottled in charming glass vials and bottles that made him look like a cross between a scientist and a potion brewer. He grabbed one that was simply clear colored and brought it over. He attached a device to a nozzle on the tube and poured the liquid in. Once he had emptied the bottle, he flicked a switch. A hum filled the area as the tube shook ever so slightly. A cloud of mist began to pour down from the top of the tube over Annia and Fren, blocking them from the view of the audience.

It took a few minutes, but soon the tube made a DING noise, and the mist began to clear, being sucked up back into the top where it came from. What the crowd saw astounded and amused them.

There stood one figure with two heads. The heads were normal heads, the heads of Annia and Fren. Below them was one body, which was very unique. Half was female, soft and slender, with a breast and even a slightly smaller than usual vagina. The other half was male, strong and wide, with pecs and an average sized penis. On the male side the leg was thick and muscular, while the leg on the female side was sexy and soft. The odd thing was that it was swapped. The male half was under Annia's head, while the female half was under Fren's.

"Goodness!" Came Fren's voice, but it came out of Annia's head.

"Oh my!" Annia's voice said from her husband's mouth.

"Quite the fusion, is it not? Are you unhappy?" he asked.

"No, just...takes a bit getting used to having thing swapped about. I love the look, don't you, dear?" Fren's new voice said.
Annia smiled and nodded. "It sure is different. Might take a bit to get used to, but when we do, I am sure we'll be fine! It also felt great. That's a pleasure I never thought I'd feel."

"I agree." Fren sighed. "Too bad we won't feel it again."

"That's not true!" Morben said. "This device can fuse again and again. Would you like to fuse other people into your body? Some of the un-traditional as you might say?"

"That would be great, but we don't know anybody here." Annia said, lustfully thinking about the pleasure the mist had caused as she melded with her husband.

"Well, we could see if a stranger would want to join your unusual union. I am sure we have someone who wouldn't mind?"
The two heads looked at each other and nodded.

"Any brave people willing to join with Annia and Fren as part of their sensual body?" Morben asked the crowd.

Whispers flew through the crowd. One person stepped forward. She was around the same age as the now fused couple. And wore revealing clothes that showed off a heavily tattooed body.

"I'm game. Certainlly be more interesting than my day to day life as it is." She said as she walked over and shook the hand of the couple.

"Oh she's cute." Annia said. Fren nodded, but said nothing, keeping his mouth shut so as not to offend his wife who was a lot closer than ever before, making it much easier for him to be slapped.

She quickly shed her clothes, and moved her somewhat althetic body towards the tube. "We ready?" she said.

"Doesn't waste time, does she?" Jeserae laughed. She then excused herself to the side of the presentation area.

Morben smiled and procured another bottle, this time it was orange liquid inside, but he did the same procedure, pouring it into the apparatus. He helped Annia/Fren inside, and closed the tube and triggered the device, which emitted the mist again, now orange like the liquid.

When it cleared, there was only one figure in the room, as before, but this time, the figure had four legs. The rear legs were both female, and the thighs were covered in tattoos, just like the girl whom they had stepped in with. They were slightly longer than before, which allowed them to move like any other pair of legs, rather than just hang there. . It gave them almost a spider-like appearance as the legs in the rear were facing opposite director to the legs in front.

"Turn around." Morben smiled.

As they did, the crowd gasped. There was a face of sorts sitting there, wedged between the ass of the couple. It had two eyes, and it's mouth was the anus. It blinked and then a farting noise emitted from it, as it began to smoke.

"I'm an ass?" she asked.

"Asshole." Morben corrected. "But not the negative type!" he added swiftly. "Your lovely legs add quite the contribution to the gang as well."

Her feet hit the floor, the tattooed toes wiggling as the new controller of the limbs got control of them. They walked out of the tube with a little effort, but soon were walking as if four legs.

"My name is Emmile" she fart-spoke. The two heads smiled. "You are now part of the family dear!" they grinned.

"Let's hear it for Annia, Fren, and Emmile!" Morben said with a heafty clap.

The crowd shouted praise for the transformation as Morben looked around for Jeserae. He didn't see her, but shrugged. "Here is a complimentary shirt. Panties will have to be custom made, but I know a guy." He said as he handed them a shirt and a card.
They nodded and headed back to the crowd.

Off to the side, Jeserae was having her large main member licked by a girl on the side of the staged area. "Wanna see something cool?" Jes said as the girl nodded. "Stop licking then."

The girl sat up and watched. Jes took her cock in her hand and began to rub as fast as she could. Soon she was moaning, and climaxed. The load burst all over the girl, who gasped, then vanished almost instantly into a pile of her clothes. Jes stood up and lifed the shirt off the pile and smiled as she saw a small creature. It was a round ball with no legs or feet or arms, but it had a very large pussy in the center of it. On top, two stalks had grown with eyes that blinked.

"Now you can keep me company on the road" She giggled to the creature, who wiggled as Jes picked her up. The creature's mind was mostly changed, wanting nothing more than sex, but she understood that Jes was her friend and would treat her right.

Morben smiled to the crowd as Jes walked back out. She had left her new friend backstage.


Re: Morben at the Mall

"Next act is one that I think will be interesting. This is for females only though. Who here has ever wanted to know what it's like to have a dick?"

A few hands raised up.

"Would one of you like to find out?" he added. A girl jumped forward and smiled. "Oh yes, I'd love that."

"You are?"

"Coralin" she said. "I've always wanted to know. My mother had a dick due to a loan she wasn't able to pay back, and she said that in the end, it was a good thing. I'd love to know what she means."

"Well, Coralin, step right up and we'll have a special experience for you." He added. He wheeled out a table with what looked like two fishbowls on it. He took two large bottles of formula, each colored blue and poured one into each bowl.

"Coralin, if you would place each hand in a bowl please. This formula absorbs in a special way." He noted. She rolled up her sleeves and dipped her hands in. "Like this?" she asked.

"Perfect." He said. "It only takes a moment to work." He said.

True to his word, something began to happen swiftly. Her hand began to swell, growing larger and thicker in the bowl. At first it looked like she had been stung by something in each hand, but soon it was clear her fingers were merging together. Her index and middle fused together, as did her pinky and ring fingers. Her thumbs just sucked into her hand, vanishing all together.

"Oh god, this feels so cool, but it's so weird!" she said as the balls of flesh began to grow larger, and turn pink.

Jeserae focused some special magnifying glasses for the crowd to see what was really happening. The gap between the ring and middle finger remained, and was becoming, more or less, a slit. Her hands had become the glans of a large penis.

"Oh god, it's a dick tip! Both of them!" she gasped, followed by a grin. Soon the glans that were formerly her hands were filling the bowl. She then felt tingles flowing up her arms.

"Uh...what now." She gasped. The crowd noted that her arms shot straight out, rigid and stiff, and they watched with awe as her elbow melted away, creating one long shaft of flesh. Her arms then thickened and veins began to appear, bulging through the flesh.

She was lucky her shirt had sleeves that rolled up pretty far, because at the point where her armpit was, tingles formed, and bulges began to grow. Two large balls grew, crowned in a fleshy sack. She knew them to be testicles, and that her arms were now fairly large dicks.

"This isn't quite what I had in mind, but...I certainly like it." She said as she pulled up and the glans popped out of the glass containers. Soon her new balls stopped growing, about the size of melons.

"I hope you enjoy. Perhaps you can make some money selling some of that to a sperm donor. You'll have plenty to spare."

She nodded and smiled as she let her huge dick-arms drop to her side.

"At least they aren't too heavy. Oooooh, that felt good." She added as they rubbed against her legs. "This could be fun."

"Enjoy!" Morben smiled.

He wheeled away the table with the fishbowls and then stood in the center of his presentation area.
"Time for another request!" he said.

"How about making me fit for the gross scene?" asked a girl towards the center of the crowd. She worked her way out and stood there. She was a beautiful girl, and many of the audience shared looks that wondered why she would waste such beauty on such a transformation.

"You truly want that? Because I can't undo it once your pretty form washes away." Morben said.

"Oh, I know. I figure if I can make it big in that scene, I don't care what I look like, I'll be able to support myself."

"If you wish it, I am willing to do it. Simply step over here while I fetch a proper formula." He said. "Introduce yourself while I grab it."
"Csaras." She said. "The name was my dad's idea. He used to write fantasy stories, and one of his favorite characters was called that." She said. I tend to just go by Cara."

"Well, Cara...here is your dream in a bottle. Just drink it down, and you'll be fit for the movies. I know a producer that can give you a role or two."

She smiled and uncorked the bottle and without a second's hesitation, downed the entire thing, every drop of weird greenish liquid gone.

"I guess she really wants this." Jeserae said.

"You have no..." the girl started to say. She then shook. Her whole body shook. She lurched forward, letting out an odd noise, then she dropped in height. Her body began to shift and contort, a wave of distorting flesh as her clothes dropped to the floor. The crowd (which was still growing) gasped as her face ballooned out, cheeks looking impossibly bloated. Her eyes began to move closer to each other, and when they reached, they merged into one large eyeball that looked around curiously. Her nose vanished into her face as her cheeks puffed out even more, and then she felt her mouth begin to shrink and pull inwards, creating a pucker. She knew, as did the audience, that she now had an anus for a mouth, her face nothing more than a bloated butt.

She was now about three and a half feet tall, if that. Her feet began to throb and grow outwards. Now unlike some transformations of this nature, they didn't become manly or anything, they were just gigantic feet at least three times their original size. She wiggled her toes, nails still painted a purplish color, and giggled as she reached down and felt them. She then couldn't reach them any more and was shocked to see her arms pulling upwards, melting into her torso. Soon she had no arms, nor hands. She looked around with her single eye and let out a sound that was almost a giggle, but more of a fart.

Her bottom half rapidly grew out, and instead of her normal vaginal, she now had a gigantic cock that went under her legs, and dragged behind her. She looked down and then saw her breasts growing larger, but also becoming featureless, no nipples or anything as a sack of skin grew on them. A few moments of intense tingles and she knew for certain that her breasts were now working testicles that would fill her new cock with cum for ages to come.

She then felt an intense urge to have sex fill her. She wanted to have sex and have sex for a long time.

"A side effect of this formula is extreme libido and sexual desire. Of course where you wish to go, I doubt that will be a problem. Jes will show you to the changing area where we have a few items you can wear for the time being.

The girl said "Thank you" in her fart voice, and walked slowly after Jeserae, her long dick (about two feet) dragging behind her, leaving a trail of cum as it went.

"Anyone else want to drastically change their life like that?" he asked. No one responded.

"Ah, I figured. The gross scene formulas tend to be a bit too much. Well, any OTHER kinds of requests?"


Re: Morben at the Mall

Suddenly Sera stepped forward, her boob covered body wiggling as she moved. With her were two girls, very attractive looking, each smiling.

"Hello again. I know I already had a request, but this is actually more of their idea then it is mine." She said.

"I am intrigued." Morben said as the three girls stood there.

"I'm Verna." Said the taller of the two, long red hair flowing down to her waist.

"I'm Jorvu." Said the other, sporting a short bob of black hair.

"We want to become boobs on Sera's body." Verna said. Jorvu then shook her head. "Actually what I want..." she said as she leaned closer to Morben and whispered.

"You mean, you wish to become one of the fleshy orbs on this lovely lady? A simple request is easily done." He said with a smile. He reached into his pocket and pulled out two small eyedroppers. He walked over to his wall of stuff, and grabbed two bottles and then took a few drops from one into one eyedropper, and the same with the other bottle and eyedropper. He then walked over and smiled. "This will move fast, so hang on to your tits." He said with a laugh.

He dropped the formula on each of the girl's heads and smiled as their hair fell out almost instantly.

"That's just the beginning." He smirked as both girls bodies seem to jerk, and then they swiftly moved downwards shrinking from view, lost in a sea of clothing. He moved closer and reached into each pile and pulled out two cantaloupe sized balls of flesh. On one was a large nipple directly in the middle, the other had a slit of fleshy walls, clearly a vagina. He walked them over to Sera and smiled. She removed her tunic style covering. "It was their idea, I swear. I just think it's kinky as hell."

"Well, your friends will certainly be close from now on." Morben mused. He placed the two orbs on a small table and took out a brush and grabbed another flask. He dipped the brush in and put a liberal amount of whatever it was on the orbs. They quivered as the brush moved against them. He took the boob orb and held it up. "Where would you like it?"

She looked down. How about where my boobs would be if I were normal." She said. He smiled and placed the wiggling orb right near the center of her "chest"

She gasped as she felt the flesh of the orb meld with hers and the boob orb begin to settle in amongst her other tits.

He then took the vagina orb and placed it closer to where her vagina would be, and she moaned even louder when the flesh connected with hers, the sensitivity of her friend flowing into her body. She took a moment to compose herself and then put the tunic back on. "Thanks. We feel great." She said.

"Glad to help." He said. He was about to call for more volunteers when he noticed something that made him go quiet.

"Well, we are going to take an brief break folks. Talk to the transformed and see how they like it." He suggested as he walked off to the side. He approached a tall slender looking man, wearing a tailored suit that looked quite expensive. His eyes were covered by designer sunglasses that were catching the light just right, giving them a glow.

"I wasn't expecting to see you, old friend." Morben said, a nervous smile on his face.

The man let loose a wide grin. "Oh, come on, I wouldn't miss a show like this. Besides, our wager is still standing, is it not? I like to keep my eyes on my competition."

Morben licked his lips and smiled. "But of course, Desdor."

"Morben, my friend!" he said as the two hugged.

The man removed his sunglasses, which revealed a pair of eyes that glowed red. He placed them in his pocket and clapped his hand on Morben's back. "So, has my gift kept you busy? It's not every day an alchemist like yourself is given a large supply of pure d-cum, is it?"

"Not at all. I've been hard at work creating new formulas for my show, and a few commissions. Speaking of which." Morben said as he pulled out a bag. He jiggled it, the metal coins inside shaking against each other. He handed it his friend.

"You're payment from our last wager. I am not nearly as cutthroat as you." Morben mused.
Desdor looked at Morben with a grin. "Probably why Karma hasn't made you an avatar."

"Like you?" Morben said.

"Hey, of the two of us, you were always the better alchemist. When Karma chose me, it was quite fortuitous. Can't say I missed school."

"You didn't miss much. The professors did lament your disappearance though. Without you, they didn't have someone to yell at."

"Oh hardy har." Desdor said. "You have quite the cheek. I shouldn't let you get away with it."

"But you will." Morben said.

"Of course I would. If I turned you into in unintelligible sexual blob, I'd loose my primary source of entertainment. Speaking of which, your adoring public awaits. I'll watch for a while, see what kind of count you are racking up."

"But of course. Dinner later?" Morben asked.

"Perhaps. I have some business to take care of, but I might be able to squeeze it in."

Morben shook hands with the avatar and walked back.

"Who is that?" Jeserae said as she rubbed the balls on her chin.

"Oh, an old friend. He came to watch for a bit. Let's get back to work."

Jeserae noticed Morben was not in the mood to discuss his friend, which she thought was odd, but smiled and went to her position on the makeshift "stage" in the court of the mall.

"Welcome back! Morben has returned!" she said. "We will need another volunteer with a request."
"Oh Me!" came a soft female voice from the crowd. Soon she emerged from the crowd. In her hand was the tether to her dog. An astute observer would notice that the dog was of the seeing-eye variety, and was leading the girl to Morben and Jeserae. She was blind.

"Oh I have a request. I heard your show was doing this and I just rushed over. I have wanted to do something for years." She said hurriedly. Her dog sat down and wagged his tail happily. He was a golden retriever, looking a bit aged around his eyes.

Jeserae pat the dog on the head and turned to the girl.

"Calm down, dear. What is it you want us to do for you?"

She wagged a finger, signaling Jeserae to listen.

"Yes. Oh my. I see. Oh, that's certainly doable. Morben dear." She said. She then turned and whispered the girl's request to the magician. He cracked a familiar grin and walked over to the shelf and procured a bottle and a small vial while the girl, with Jeserae's help signed the waiver. He walked over and picked up the girl's hands and placed the bottle in them.

"You really want this, Ms. Chenza" he said, reading her name from the waiver. "Because this is one of the ones that most people wouldn't touch, and there is no coming back from it."

"Yes please. I've wanted to do this for ages. I just want my special boy to be happy after taking care of me since I was a child." She said.

"Very well. Drink the contents of the bottle I have given you, and I'll prepare your furry friend."

He leaned down and took the vial and poured it's contents on the dog's genital area, which then began to poke out of it's sheath into a throbbing erection.

"Now all you need to do is, when you feel your body tingle, grab hold of your dog's penis, and your wish will come true."

She stood there for a second then turned. "Stevie, boy!" she said. The dog barked in response. She turned towards the bark, and bent down. Jeserae helped her find her target then backed away as she grabbed on firmly.

It was a rather fast process, but the crowd gathered watched as the girl's body began to distort and melt. As it melted it pulled into the dog's members. First it was her hands, then arms, and suddenly her entire torso fluidly morphed into it's shaft. Her head shifted round the wrong way as her bottom half liquefied and pulled upwards into the dick. Soon all that was left was her face. She cracked a grin, and the last thing she spoke was "It's beautiful."

Suddenly, with one last audible suction, her skin melded with that of her dog's penis, and she was now nothing more than a part of his dick. He happily wagged his tail, and his erection began to die down, pulling back into his sheath.

"Beautiful?" Jeserae asked.

"As part of the formula, the transformed gains mana-based sight, which doesn't distinguish if you had sight before the transformation or not. Not sure if she knew that, but before her last moment, she was able to see the world for the first time. She'll be seeing a lot of it, I assume. She offered the dog up to a good home, by the way folks. Her only stipulation is that he never has to work again. Just be a good pet."

Morben saw several hands raise, and he let Jeserae deal with that. He turned to see his friend nodding his head in approval. "You are just a regular Mammon wannabe" the man said as he approached.

"I don't transform people against their will. It's not in my nature."

"What about hecklers." Desdor said with a hearty chuckle.

"I stipulate in all my show contracts that Hecklers give me their approval to do what I wish."

"What about in a show like this. None of this people have give you approval until they step up and offer themselves to you. Tough, isn't it. I've seen you grimace when people insult this kind of a show."

"I've learned to cope." Morben smiled.

"Excuse ME!" came a voice from behind the two of them. It came from the crowd. A man, sipping from a water bottle walked up.

"I have a BONE to pick with you, Mr. Midren." The man said sternly, wobbling a bit. Everyone around him smelled copious amounts of booze on his breath. Morben turned around to face the man. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, unshaven, and his hair seemed a mess.

"Let's hear it folks. The Magnificent Morben, the man who just turned a blind girl into a fucking dick!"

"She asked for it." Jeserae said as she returned to the area.

"Who gives a shit. This fucking perv gave it to her, and if he wasn't doing this crap, she'd still be a normal girl. FUCK, she might never have had the thought to become a dick."

"Sir, I am not sure what I did to draw your ire, but I mean no harm to anyone." Morben said.

"Oh yeah, well, you fucked up my life with your shitty little show." He said. "My girlfriend went to one with a bunch of her friends. Her best friend's bachelorette party. Not ONE of those girls left the way they went in. My girlfriend has a dick now, and she fell in love with one of the girls she attended with. She left me because she's a goddamn lesbian! Because I don't have a cunt, and your stupid show, she left me. We were good for eachother, but that all got flushed down the drain, didn't it."

He grabbed Morben by the throat.

"Say goodbye to your fans, Midren. This is your last show." He said, a look of demented glee in his eyes as he began to squeeze on the throat of the surprised alchemist.

"Like fuck it is!" came the voice of Jeserae. She appeared behind the man, her dick hand rubbing her huge main cock with fury. "Oh yeah. Here it comes."

"What the fuck is your issue, dickhead?" the man said to her. He let his grip on Morben slack enough that Morben could speak.

"Jeserae! No!" he said.

It was, of course, too late. She came, and the thick gooey substance shot out of her dick at cannon speeds, and splashed all over the man. This caused him to drop Morben to the ground. Morben felt a hand help him up and saw Desdor at his side

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?" the man screamed. Suddenly his whole body began to shfit and change. His cheeks began to puff out and inflate, while his eyes nose and mouth vanished into his shifting head. His body shrank down, losing height faster than most could see, causing all his clothes to fall off. It was very clear that his head and face was now nothing more than a butt.

His legs shifted and became short and stout, while his feet grew to accommodate them. His belly flopped out into a large wobbly gut, and his real ass vanished into a smooth area.

The creature moved around, getting used to it's size, when it "looked" up at Jeserae and began to make a series of rapid and loud farting noises.

"Serves you right, you foul-mouthed prick." She said. "Now you really have a foul mouth!"

"Jeserae." Morben said, a disappointed tone in his voice.

"What? He was going to kill you. I did what I had to."

"He didn't agree to that in anway. That goes against my code, and you know that."

"She did it to save you." Desdor noted. "I think it was noble of her."

Morben looked angry for a second, and then sighed. "Take him backstage. I doubt his mind will stay intact much longer."

Jeserae picked the creature up. His arms (which had remained mostly normal despite his height change, making them drag across the ground) flailed, but he was no match for her.

Desdor smiled. "She's got a mean streak. I like that."

"You would." Morben noted.

"Well, you just added another two to the tally. Nine total. I'll even count in Mr. Angry there if you like." Desdor said.

"No. I'll stick with people I'VE changed, thank you." Morben smiled. "Back to the show."

Desdor returned to his viewing spot, while Morben brought out what looked like a strange plastic dome, like one might see at a hair salon on a hair dryer.

"This is a device of my own making, and I would love to try it out on someone adventurous. It will drastically alter your head, but I'd like to keep it somewhat of a surprise." He said. "I will say it involves male genitalia."

A girl sprung forth from the crowd. She was wearing a very low cut shirt and short shorts, showing off long legs. "I am so game for it. I've wanted a fun sexy transformation since my vacation to Jizza last summer.
"Oh, that makes sense." Morben said. He was always amused to hear of girls visiting Jizza suddenly gaining a desire to transform. It had certainly padded his pocket from time to time when they came to him for his formulas.

He walked over and placed the dome on the girl's head. "Now, hold still. This rubber helmet is made to do something special, but first, it needs this." He added. He took a vial of blue liquid and poured it into an opening in the top. He then sealed the opening and pressed a button on the back of the helmet's outer structure.

The helment began to close like an umbrella might.

"OH!" he said. He ran over and handed her the waiver and had her sign it. "Well, Ms. Troinn, I hope you like your new look." He said.

The device then clamped it's way around her head.

"Oooh, this feels so neat." She said as the blue liquid plused through the device. The helmet closed in closer and closer, and weird gushy sounds were heard. "Oh my head feels like jello! This is so..mpphhhh pmmmmmhhh" she said. Then silence. The device pulled in until it was the shape of a tube then the gushy noises stopped, and a metal "DING" went off.

"Perfect. She is done!" Morben said. He slid the dome off and the audience let out applause when they saw that the woman's head had been replaced by a slightly larger than normal penis, with it's own set of balls.
She could no longer speak, but she bowed to the clapping, causing the dick to bounce up and down comically. She strutted back to the audience with her long legs, her new appendage wobbling along as she did. A few crowd members reached out to touch it, and she graciously let them, seeing their outreach with her new mana-sight

Morben looked over to Desdor and mouthed "Ten."


Re: Morben at the Mall

Morben went to the "backstage" area that had been set up and looked at his assistant who was sending the strange creature she had transformed off to the audience.
"Jes, we need to talk." Morben said.

"Yes, dear?" She said sweetly. He glanced at her, then next to her on the table where he saw a round orb of flesh with a large vagina in the center, and two eye stalks that were swaying slightly. It blinked as it returned Morben's gaze.

"I don't recall that being one of our acts." He said sternly. She looked at him with a sorrowful pout.

"Morben, I..."

"Got carried away? I can see that. Look, you know my methods don't include transforming those who do not wish it..."

"Besides hecklers..." she said.

"You've pointed that out before, but I clearly state in my show contracts that heckling me makes you open for transformations. In a show like this, I can't make such statements. Whoever that was probably didn't want to be a sex orb." He said. "and the man you transformed..."

"He was going to KILL you."

"I highly doubt that. Look, I know you love transformations, but we have to let people agree to them."


Meanwhile as the audience milled about, several people left, some chatting about how they would return when they decided on a suitable transformation, others just leaving. Desdor followed after two young girls.

Three girls remained, and walked up into the presentation area and looked at all the stuff.

"He has so much stuff." One said, a redhead. She looked at the table full of odd articles of clothes.

"Oh, this is like that shirt that turned that chick into boobs." She said, as her hand brushed a ski mask looking article.

"Careful, Corin. Wouldn't want to become a pile of titties." Laughed one of the others, a brunette.

The third girl, another redhead, laughed. "Yeah, Stula is right!"

Corin felt an odd tingle in her hand, and her eyes opened wide, but as soon as the tingle started, it went away. She sighed and then looked at the other red-head. "Don't' worry, Katia, I won't become a penis or anything like that. This stuff is wild though."

She looked back at the mask and wondered what it did, and what it might feel like to put it on her head. A silly thought she tried to push away, but she found that was growing harder to do.

Stula walked past and fount a sweatshirt. She felt it briefly with her hands, then looked at it. "That's odd. It doesn't have sleeves." She said.

"Probably for some kind of transformed weirdo." Katia said as she looked at the rows and rows of potions in bottles, careful not to touch a thing.

Stula felt an odd compulsion welling up inside her to try on the odd sweatshirt, but she was able to suppress it, thinking about how she'd rather not end up deformed.


"I am sorry, Morben, but...something about transforming someone in the heat of passion just...turns me on. With her..." Jeserae said motioning to the orb "It was lust. She was sucking on me, and I wanted to show her what I could really do. I don't think she minds, either." She added as she petted the orb, and the eyes closed in pleasure.

"Look, Jeserae, I love you to pieces, and I am so glad you joined my show, but...I can't have you transforming everyone who licks your cock. It's not proper. I've made mistakes in my career, and I don't want to see you make the same.


Corin looked at the mask again, and she could no longer resist her urges. Morben had not mentioned anything about what would happen to those who simply touched the articles of clothing, but the brief contact with the solution that was soaked into the fibers was enough to create a fast growing obsession with actually trying on the article.
She grabbed it swiftly and slid it over her head. She noticed there were no holes for her eyes or mouth, just fabric. It was thin enough that she could still breath, but she couldn't see the outside world.

"CORIN!" Katia shouted. "What the hell?!"

"I have to try this out. I don't even know why. I just HAVE to." She said as tingles engulfed her head faster than she could have anticipated. She then felt her hair fall out and slip out of the mask, and while this horrified her, she couldn't remove the mask, no, that wouldn't be right.

Stula and Katia looked on in horror as her hair slid to the ground, and the head in the mask began to visibly shift and warp. Without a warning or a sound from Corin, the mass inside the mask began to shift downwards, flowing into the girl's body.

"Oh my god, this feels like heaven!" her voice came as the mask began to drop, no longer supported by a full head. Eventually, after a few gurgling noises, the mask laid perfectly flat where a head should have been between her shoulders. The girl shook a bit and the mask slid to the ground revealing what had truly happened to her.
There was no sign of a head or that a head had ever been there, rather, a overly large fleshy vagina sat in the area where her head was. On either side of the vagina was a blue eye, just like heres, set into the flesh of her upper torso. Everything else about her was normal. She turned and looked into the mirror that was on stage and another gurgling noise escaped her, from her new face vagina. "My head!" she said, clearly from the cunt, so it was a bit wet sounding. "Oh shit! I shouldn't have put that mask on! Why did I?"

"I don't know! Why did you?!" Katia asked.

"I felt like I HAD to. Right after I...touched it." She groanded, a wet slurp sound coming from her.

"Okay...That must be what did it...so just don't touch the stuff, right, Stula?"

She turned around and saw that her friend already had the sweatshirt on, and was zipping it up.
"STULA!" she shouted.

"Sorry, I have to know what it does." She moaned as she pulled the zipper up all the way, which also closed the hood, leaving her completely covered.
Katia frantically looked around.

"Morben had that dick girl wearing gloves when she gave the boob-girl the shirt." She said as she looked around for the gloves.

Stula was moaning loudly as her flesh reformed. She didn't quite know what was happening, but she felt her arms sticking to her sides, merging with her body.
"That's why it didn't have sleeves." She thought as the pleasure overtook her.

Katia located a pair of gloves, and grabbed them, slipping them on so she could run over and help Stula, but as she got them on just right, she felt enormous tingles erupt.
"SHIT!" she said. She looked down and saw tha the gloves were soaking with fluids, and made of the same fabric as everything else. "Oh no."

Soon, Stula's moans stopped and she wasn't speaking at all, but a stain was forming at the very top of the hood.

Katia was no longer paying attention to her friend, rather, furiously trying to rip the gloves off. As she did she saw the fingers starting to thicken as they went very stiff.


"You're friend seemed supportive of me." Jeserae said.

"He would be. For your own good, I wouldn't show off in front of him." Morben said softly.
"Why?" Jes said with a raised eyebrow.

"He has connections and if he feels threatened, he's not afraid to use them. Even I couldn't protect you." He said. He was of course lying about what his friend was, but he didn't feel the need to share that bit.

"Fine. I am sorry. I just think people should experience this wonderful feeling." She intoned.

"And they will, if they so desire to do so."


Corin walked over to her friend in the shirt and grabbed the zipper, being careful to not touch the fabric and pulled it down, letting the shirt fall off. There stood an odd sight. Instead of the upper torso of her friend was a huge dick, dribbling pre-cum. Her pants began to bulge at the crotch, and soon, a large set of testicles, each the size of beach balls, burst forward, now dangling freely. She kept her legs and ass, but the testicles had taken the place of her vagina.
"Oh, Stula." Corin said. "Why did we even touch this shit?"

Katia screamed as she held up her hands and saw that each finger was now a throbbing average sized cock. On the back of her palms, sacks were growing and morphing out of her wrists, becoming fleshy sacks to hold testicles. Now she didn't gain a pair for each of her finger-dicks, but rather one large pair for each hand.

"No! My fingers! FUCK!"


"FUCK!" came a sound from the stage area, and Morben turned to it.

"What the hell is that?" Jes said.

The two walked out onto the stage and saw a dick with legs, a woman with no head, but a vagina between her shoulders and a girl with ten large dick digits on her hand.
"Oh my. You girls used my clothes?" Morben asked.

"We didn't want to...but we were compelled to!" The headless girl said from her vagina.

"Oh, you all touched them, didn't you?" Jeserae said.

"Getting the slightest trace of the formula on you compels you to get more, to try on the article. It's a side effect I couldn't get rid of." Morben said. "Although it's nice to see they work the way I intended."

"You ass, we are all freaks!" Katia said. "I am gonna sue you to Karma's Realm and back!" she shouted.

"Actually, you will find that I posted signs along the permiter that state you should not touch anything in this area without my assistance, or I am not liable for what happens."
She looked over and saw one of the signs close by. She scowled.

"This...You will be hearing from me, Morben" she said as she stormed off.

The headless girl walked over and blinked. She then spoke, wet slurps following every word.

"You know, I don't mind it. It feels kind of nice. Might take some getting used to, but I doubt I'll complain about having two cunts." She said with a wet laugh.
She patted the dick on the back, and the two of them walked off together.

"Well, that could have gone worse." Jeserae said.

"People just don't know how to read signs." Morben sighed.

"I am sorry about that guy, and the...orb." Jes added.

"Orb? You didn't even ask her name?" Morben said with a slightly bemused look.

"Morla or something like that." Jes laughed. Morben joined her. They looked and saw the crowd beginning to form again.

"Well, on with the show." He said firmly as he patted his assistant on the back.


Re: Morben at the Mall

"Okay, so I am looking for more requests from my audience. I want to give people the gift of their lifetime." Morben said. Two girls that had been in the crowd since the start of the show stepped forward.

"We have a request." Said the taller of the two. "I want to be a dick. Her dick." She said pointing to her slightly shorter friend.

"I've always wanted to have a dick, and we've been friends for years. I can't imagine a better way to get closer with my best mate." She said hugging her friend.

"When she told me she wanted a dick when we first arrived at your little thing, I started thinking, and when you took a break, I worked up the courage to suggest it."

Morben seemed impressed. "You've given this some thought then. Not that I mind heat of passion transformations, but...it's nice to think a head for a moment. Well, if you've decided, please disrobe."

They both did as Morben went to his shelves, and came back with three vials. He admired the girls as they finished kicking off their panties. He grinned at the taller girl, knowing that she had undressed for the last time and would never need to wear her own clothes again. This was why he did it, the thrill of changing someone forever. He was excited because he had a new formula concoction that was perfect for this request that he couldn't wait to see in action. The tall girl shook her head full of died pink hair, and patted her friend on the shoulder.

Morben walked over and handed the tall girl one vial of red liquid. "Drink that."

He handed a vial of orange liquid to the other girl. "Rub this on your pussy." He said, not even attempting to beat around the preverbal bush.
Both girls did as they were instructed and then looked to Morben as nothing seemed to be happening.

"Touch your crotch to her ass" she said to the short one. She nodded and walked forward and the two felt an electric tingle as they connected. Instantly the flesh in the areas began to merge, instantly erasing the short girl's vagina and the tall girl's asshole in one fell swoop.

"Oh Miriand!" said the short one as she felt her friend's ass fuse with her crotch.

"I know, Cersi." The tall girl said as she sighed, tingles flowing through her body as it began to swiftly change. Her arms began to visibly melt into her body, as did her legs. Her legs, however only seemed to melt up into her thighs, leaving them behind. Her chest flattened and nipples vanished as her torso began to swallow her neck, sucking her head downwards until just her head rested at her shoulder.

Her thighs began to bulge and change ands he moaned as they formed into large round balls and the skin covering them became wrinkly and loose. The balls began to inflate in size, and soon they were obviously testicles for her large penis of a body.

Her head began to pull into her shoulders as they rounded off, but her face remained the same, and she still had her long pink hair, although it looked weird on her head now, which was slightly wider due to the absorption.

"What a rush." She said.

"You aren't kidding!" Cersi said as she patted her huge dick. "You feel great."

The cock turned it's head and looked at the crowd. "I used to be a person like them, but now I'm a huge dick. This is unreal."

"Oh, it's very real, my dear, and about to get even more real." He said. "Open up and drink this second concotion, and things will become very interesting.
She opened her mouth happily and Morben poured a blue liquid into it. She gulped it all down.
"What's this supposed...woah."

The audience watched as her cock-body, which was wiggling like a snake turned very rigid. It then began to shrink. As it did so, it pulled in towards Cersi, the whole bulk of the cock-girl reducing.

"Oh my, I feel strange." She said. Her eyes began to shrink smaller then sealed shut.

"Oh, I can't see anymore." She gasped. Apparently this formula didn't give it's taker mana-sight. She then spoke with a giggle. "I'm a dick. What does a dick need eyes for."

"She sounds...different." Cersi noted. Her friend was always enthusiastic, but this seemed a bit much.

"She wanted to be a dick...this formula makes that a very real reality." Morben said with a grin as he watched her nose melt into the face, leaving only a mouth.
"How goes it, Miriandi?" asked Morben with a chuckle. The cock-head didn't move. It's mouth spoke.

"Who is Miriandi? I am Cersi's cock." It said simply as the mouth began to stretch vertically, becoming more of a slit than a mouth.

The whole cock was now shrunken by half, leaving it about three feet long. The pink hair on the tip of it began to suck into the flesh, and then vanished. Moments later, pink curly hairs grew over the large ball sacks that were once her legs.

The mouth warbled as it spoke. "It is so lovely being a cock. It's the best thing in the world. I love you Cersi!" it said as the mouth pulled tight, no longer a mouth, but simply a slit on top of a penis. The flesh of the head turned a pink huge as it became a glans, and now there was no sign of Miriandi left. The cock that was a girl continued to shrink, throbbing as it did so.

Cersi let out a moan as the dick pulled closer to her, and soon was slightly larger than 9 inches hard.

"There. All done. She is your dick as she wanted, and you are closer to your friend than ever."

"Can she think?" Cersi asked.

"Only in the way that a dick does. Ask any guy, and they'll know what I mean." He chuckled. "That about wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed your transformation."
"It was wild. I...wow." She said with a grin as she slid on her panties, which tightly wrapped around the dick as it began to go flaccid. She then took the rest of her clothes and put them back on, walking happily back into the crowd as if nothing had changed.

"Let's see what we can do next." Morben said with a grin as he eyed his collection of gadgets and toys.

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Re: Morben at the Mall

“Ah, yes. This is something I crafted at one of my shows. The last time I was in Ondora,
actually. I call it the Sexual Plant. Rooted in a pot, living off mana, it consists of breasts and
penises. If one suckles from the breasts, their own will grow larger, same for the cocks…
and if you don’t have one, don’t worry. I have to take care of some things, so feel free to
step up and try out the plant’s power. Please take note of the card taped to the pot. If you
drink too much from this plant, you will melt and join with the others on it…if that’s your
desire, feel free, but if you’d rather not be brought on tour with me, I’d only take a sip or
two. “
He set the plant on a table and wheeled it to the center of the area he had commanded
and wandered backstage, followed by Jeserae. The area was quiet for a few moments, but
soon a girl came up and took one of the breasts, and brought her lips to it’s nipple. She
began to suckle, and a stream of cold delicious milk hit her mouth. She swallowed, and as
soon as she did, she felt a numb tingle in her chest.
Her breasts began to grow, making her shirt very tight. They went up two cup sizes from
just one drink. She smiled and walked back to the crowd, happy with what she had done.
A young man, looking a bit like a sports star, felt sort of awkward walking up, but he knew
this would work, so he had to try. He took one of the large dicks and placed it in his mouth.
He was glad he had come to the mall alone, because his friends would never let him live
this down. He brought it to climax with surprising ease for the first dick he had sucked, and
gulped down it’s seed. He felt a swelling in his pants, and the euphoria was fantastic, so
he began to suck again. And again.
His pants felt so tight, but he loved the feeling so much. He had forgotten about the
warning though, and one last time brought the quivering plant to climax in his mouth, and
suddenly his world shifted. He felt odd, and his clothing was falling off him swiftly as he
rushed towards the plant. Then things went black. When he could see again, he could only
see the crowd staring at him, but they seemed much larger. He tried to move, but only felt
himself wiggle.
“Welcome to the plant” said a giggling voice in his head. Another spoke up “oooh, a guy.
We haven’t had a guy in us yet. Welcome!’
“Who are you” he found himself thinking.
“We are all parts of Morben’s sex plant. And now, so are you! You had too much fun, but
don’t worry. This life is lots of fun too!”
What the audience saw was a man swiftly melt into the plant, and reforming as a dick of
his own. It quivered, wiggling about, leaving no sign of a man behind besides the clothes
on the floor.
A woman, older than most of the crowd, walked up and looked at the plant, and then did
something the crowd did not expect. Had Morben been on stage, he might have stopped
her, but now, she was doing what she wanted. She had lowered her skirt and panties, and
picked up the plant and began to thrust the brand new cock on it into her vagina.
Inside the plant, the man felt a whole new sensation, the sensation of being fucked from a
penis perspective. It felt…wonderful. Perhaps they weren’t lying when they said it was fun.
He felt stupid for over-indulging, but now…maybe this would be fine in the end.
The woman moaned and gasped as she pleasured herself with the plant. The boobs
wiggled around as she thrust it in and out of herself several times. Suddenly felt an odd
sensation and set the plant down, only to find herself being pulled down with it. Her body
swiftly melted out of her clothes into a tube of liquid flesh and pulled into the plant. When it
reformed, the crowd chuckled when they saw a slight bulgy orb of flesh that had a large
vagina. A younger woman picked up the plant, shaking off the vagina’s clothes, and placed
it back on the table. She then closed her eyes and started sucking on the breasts. She
wasn’t wearing a bra, so her change was very clear to those watching. Larger, and larger
they got.
Eventually the woman waved to the audience and took in one last gulp, and felt her body
convulse and contort as it sucked into the plant. She had wanted it, at least.
The crowd clapped, as Morben came back out on stage, not the least bit surprirsed to find
several sets of clothes that would no longer be needed.
Inside, the plant welcomed it’s newcomers with love, and they all laughed together. On the
outside, all that could be seen was the plant wiggling sensually as Morben put it back
where he got it. “Oh, a vagina. I didn’t think someone would actually do that.” He mused,
as he fingered it a bit. “Welcome to the plant, loves.” He smiled.
“Okay, here comes the rare time where I take a request before the show. This girl knew
who I was because her mother and father were transformed at my last show. I feel I owe it
to her to give her my full resources.” He said as he brought up a blond girl who was very
pretty, but was flat as a board in her chest area. “This is Narania!”
“Well, I can’t say I miss my mom and dad too much. I mean. I can go visit them in Frey’s
Zoo when I like, but…I took an extended vacation to Jizza and caught the bug, as it were. I
want to be transformed, but I have a special request. I want big boobs…but not the kind
the plant could give me.”
“Would Katarina and Sorena step forward.” Morben said.
Two bewildered girls stood forward.
“Narania” Sorena said, running her hand through her short bob of black hair. “what is this
Katarina and Sorena stood there as Narania placed her hand on their shoulders. “These
two girls are my best friends, and I would love it if they became my breasts.”
Both girls gasped. “You can’t be serious” Katarina said.
“I am. You both said you wished you could help me with my “little problem” and now you
The girls looked at each other. “We have lives…” Sorena said.
“I’ll make sure you have the greatest existence possible.” Narania said softly.
“It will be the most pleasurable thing you ever do.” Morben said with an encouraging smile.
“You’ll never want for anything again, and your life will be pure pleasure.” Narania cooed
as she leaned in between them. She grabbed one of each of their breasts and began to
massage it.
“Imagine this, but all over.” She said as both girls gasped. “Imagine me doing this to you
whenever I wanted…whenever you wanted, just to sit there and soak up this feeling all day
long, not having to work, not having to worry about anything.”
Katarina moaned. “I’m in.” she said. “I’ll do it.”
Sorena looked to her friend, then back to the woman massaging her breast. She closed
her eyes, then said. “Me too.”
“Excellent!” Morben said as he lead them all over to a table with waivers to sign. Soon
enough, they were center stage again, and Narania had removed her shirt, revealing very
small A-cup breasts. She hadn’t even bothered to wear a bra, but she grinned wide when
she knew she would need one soon.
Each girl was given a bottle of purple liquid, and they both drank it down. In moments, both
girls felt a warmth within, and they each had a new desire, a desire to kiss and lick their
friends nipple. Each had a strong desire to head towards one side of her. Katarina to the
left, Sorena to the right. They placed their lips around her stiff nipples, and began to work it
with their tongues, which suddenly felt oddly numb, as did their lips.
Their bodies felt warmth like never before as they suckled and licked, and then felt their
lips vanish into their friend’s chest. They would have gasped in shocked, but with no mouth
they couldn’t make noises anymore. The change was swifter than either had imagined as
their bodies shrank and flowed into their friend’s chest. Their clothing began to dangle as
their legs pulled up, and before long, their pants and panties fell to the ground. The two
girls wiggled in pleasure as they vanished up to their hips into her chest, leaving dangling
legs, and dripping wet vaginas behind. The vaginas sealed shut as the legs melted into the
chest, and soon all that was left were toes melting. One toe on each side stayed behind
and began to morph into a different kind of appendage, a nipple, large and hard. The girls
were officially gone., now leaving behind round orbs of flesh that were much larger than
the girl had had moments ago.
Narania stood there with a look of absolute bliss on her face as she lifted her hands to the
new D-Cup orbs, rubbing them. She had loved to rub her nippled and breasts, even when
they were small, but now it was rocking her world. The prescenec of former humans in her
breasts caused them to be way more sensitive than usual, and she moaned loudly as she
played with them. In her mind, she felt an odd twitch, something that told her the breasts
were very happy with their new lives, but of course, they couldn’t speak or think, so she
just smiled.
“Thank…you.” She said to Morben.
Morben smiled and handed her a box with a bow on it. She looked curiously at the man
wearing his top hat at a jaunty angle, and then shrugged, opening the box. Inside was a
bra, large enough for her new endowments. It was no ordinary bra though, as it had two
eyes, blinking back at her.
“I was one of the alchemeists who was first consulted when they decided to create the
machine known as an Omni-copier. Of course, I left before the project was finished, but as
a gift for my services, I was able to use one in one of my more recent shows. This young
lady wanted to be a bra, and to be given as a gift to a future volunteer, and I think you, my
dear, are the prefect fit.” He said. The eyes blinked approvingly as she took the bra and
strapped it on to her large chest. She smiled as she felt it’s flesh like texture rub against
here, and knew it was a perfect fit.
“Thank you so much.” She added as she put her shirt back on, although it was quite a bit
tighter than before. “Gonna have to buy new shirts.” She laughed.
She moved back to the audience, and Morben collected the clothes of her two friends and
put them in a bin with the clothes he had been collecting all show.
“Fun fact, I always donate the clothes from my shows to a shelter that needs them.” He
said, as the crowd gave him a nice round of applause.
“What a weirdo.” Said a redheaded girl as she walked away from the crowd with her friend.
“Yeah, I can’t imagine why anyone would enjoy this shit.”
A tall man with sunglasses appeared behind the two girls and grinned.
“Evening ladies.” Desdor said as he took off the glassed, revealing red glowing eyes.
Desdor smiled and out stretched his arms. The girls were too scared to do anything as
they watched his arms and hands flatten into tentacle like appendages. They shot
outwards, stretching longer as they wrapped themselves around the waist of each girl.
Desdor smiled and then let loose a burst of energy that flowed from within, leading to the
girls getting a blast of power they had not expected to encounter. The tentacles retracted
back into humanoid arms and hands as the girls stood stunned. Then their bodies began
to change.
With a shriek, each girl began to morph wildly.
The taller of the two suddenly shrank into her clothes. She was able to get them off, but
her body had drastically changed. She now had no chest to speak of, or a torso. Her head
and neck went right to her belly, which was now fat and bloated. Her arms had vanished
as well leaving her feeling quite disoriented. Her mouth then contorted and turned on it’s
side, widening into a long slit that was clearly a vagina. She tried to scream, but a limited
muffled sound came out that almost no one could hear.
Her friend, the redhead, was experiencing a different set of changes. Her hands began to
stretch and twist until they were no longer hands at all, but rather feet attached to her
wrists. She looked at them, and noticed they were identical to her real feet, even down to
the pink polish on the toenails. She looked down to her real feet and then let out a loud
gasp as they began to stretch and grow larger and larger., but they kept their feminine
shape. Soon they were four times as big as they were, and no shoe would ever fit them
“My…feet.” She said. Of course, that was the last of her worries as she felt a bulging in her
crotch. Her panties felt tighter and tighter until they exploded, and a large cock burst forth.
Her skirt didn’t hide much as it continued to grow, becoming larger than any normal
human, perhaps 3 to 4 feet in length. Massive balls had grown as well, wrapped in a huge
sack of wrinkly skin that she knew was hers forever.
The strange torso-less girl now felt her legs start to bulk up, growing muscular, and her
feet grew as well, though not as large as he friends, and they took on a more masculine
look, matching her legs. She too grew a large penis, almost as big as her friends, with a
nutsack to match. Tears streamed down her face as she looked down upon her new
distorted body.
She then felt odd little bumps growing on her shoulders, and in moments, a set of four
cocks had blossomed onto each shoulder, each dribbling with precum.
Her tits began to swell, and in her mind, she was glad she still had tits, but then when they
reached a huge size of at least an E cup, the nipples stiffened and turned themselves into
cocks, just like the one on her shoulders. She felt the enegery leaving her body, and knew
that her changes were over, but a new life, a scary life, was just beginning.
The redhead was now seated on the floor, her skirt in tatters. Her breasts began to bulge
and grow as well, and a second set of tits grew beneath her original pair. She would have
loved the sensation if this had not been so horrifying an ordeal.
Her nose began to itch and she scratched it with a foot –hand, and felt it begin to change.
It stretched outwards, and the tip split, and she knew that she had a dick for a nose. It was
thinner than she expected, but she knew that when erect, it was going to be very
engorged. She could already feel it swelling with excitement from the sensations her body
was giving her. It was a nightmare, but an oddly pleasurable one.
“There we are.” Desdor said, returning the sunglasses to his face. “It’s not nice to talk
about people behind their backs. Morben is a good friend of mine, so I take people making
fun of him very seriously. I hope you have fun in your new lives as “weirdos”
He chuckled and then vanished in a flash of red.
Morben smiled as his latest volunteer, a 20 year old male, downed the bottle of liquid that
he had been given. The man was naked, as per Morben’s instructions, and the crowd
watched in awe at his changes.
The man began to shrink, like something out of an odd science fiction film, His body
growing smaller and smaller, but his cock remained the same size. The man laughed in
pleasure as he continued to dwindle. Soon he was three foot tall, and his average dick for
his usual height looked very large on him.
“This is wild.” He laughed as he continued to get smaller. The crowd laughed when he
drifted past a foot in height, now looking more like a toy than anything. He dropped in
height again, the lurch visible to those paying attention.
“Uh oh. I think my dick is bigger than me now.” He said.
“Considering your request, that’s for the best.” Morben laughed as the man’s tiny body
then began to change. All human features began to melt away, and his last words as a
thinking human were “Oh My.”
The melting flesh joined with the dick, and in moments, a dick with a fleshy base sat on the
stage, wiggling a bit. Morben picked it up and then walked to the crowd and handed it to
“Just like he wanted, a personal dildo for his girlfriend.”
The woman let out a giggle, and with a devilish grin, she took her former boyfriend, and
swiftly left the crowd.
“I suppose he’ll get lots of use, starting very soon.” Morben laughed. “I need a quick
refreshment, so I’ll be back.”
As he stepped to the back area, he saw the figure of his friend, Desdor.
“Hello, friend.” The avatar said with a grin.
“Still here, are we?” Morben laughed.
“Yes, your show is providing me with good amounts of entertainment. I’d say that you are
safely winning the bet, but I did just add two to my numbers. I took care of some long
distance hecklers for you.”
“You did what?” Morben said with a glare.
“Nothing, old friend. Just gave some people what they had coming. I see you perfected the
dildo formula you were working on in school. I remember the first person you tried that on
didn’t make it all the way and was stuck as a doll sized freak with a giant cock. Worth a
few laughs, wasn’t it.”
“Yeah, It was a real riot. The professors never let me live it down. Not that you cared. You
left soon after.”
“When Karma calls, you don’t say no. Well, you could, but I doubt it’d make a difference.”
Desdor said as he rubbed the orb of flesh sitting on the desk. “Your assistant’s
“Wha…yes. I am regretting giving her transformative powers now.” Morben sighed.
“Why? She has a talent for it. That is a rare gift. You and I had it, and we use it. Why
shouldn’t she. She’s quite the creature.” He said as he glanced at her, sitting off to the
side. She seemed lost in thought.
Morben turned to Desdor and a serious glare came on his face.
“You leave her alone, Des.”
“Protective, are we? Well, no need to worry. I wouldn’t change a thing about her, and I
wouldn’t keep her on such a short leash if I were you. Wouldn’t want to drive her away.
Anyway, I’ll be around if you need me. I might go see if there is fun to be had in the food
He vanished, and Morben simply looked over to his assistant, a bad feeling welling up
inside him. Perhaps this mall idea was not the best.
Morben stepped back out on stage, putting his smile back on. He was flustered from his
recent chat, so he decided to see what the crowd wanted .
“The last transformation was something I wanted to see, so now it’s time for something for
the audience. Any requests? I’ll try to grant it as best I can. “
A young man, looking like he played for some sports team, stepped forward. He smiled
with a cocky swagger that Morben found amusing. “So, I heard you can do animals.”
“That I can. Those who were here a few hours ago when I started can attest I turned a
woman into mostly pig. Would you like to be a pig?” he asked.
The man snorted. “No. I want to be big and strong, and I figure you can make that happen
with one of your animal elixirs."
“I certainly can. Any particular creature you want to experience?” he asked with a grin.
The man smiled. “Surprise me.”
“Well, it’s rare I hear that, but sign away would you?” he said, pointing to the stack of
The man signed and smiled. Morben wasted no time, collecting his ingredients and mixing
them in a cup. He then handed the cup to the brave man and instructed him to drink it
down. “It will taste awful, be forewarned.”
The look on the man’s face as it streamed down his throat said that Morben was not
joking, but he finished the whole cup and raised it high in the air.
“There! This should be fun. I cant…UGH.” He gasped as he felt odd feelings erupt through
out his body. He dropped the glass which shattered on the floor. Morben winced, he hated
cleaning up messes that weren’t discarded clothing.
The man’s body began to swell swiftly, making it look as if he were getting fat, and very fat
at that. He suddenly shifted downwards onto all fours.
“What the hell?” the man gasped as he tried to suck in air, the pleasure of the
transformation making him breathless. His bones cracked as his back grew upwards into a
more animalistic shape. His ears began to shift upwards on his head and became a bit
pointed. He moaned as his eyes shifted, drifting apart from each other a bit. His mouth
then began to throb as his lips expanded and his jaw grew into them. They kept pushing
out, past what would be considered a normal animal muzzle. The man opened his mouth,
taking in as much air as it could, and in doing so revealed to the crowd that his teeth were
now more round and on the far sides of his mouth they were more like tusks.
His hands and feet began to shift, plumping up and rounding out becoming very thick and
sturdy, almost like an elephants, but smaller. The toenails from his shifting toes became
thicker and broader, and soon his hands and feet had no sign of ever being human.
“What…am…I?” he gasped as he felt his butt expand even larger. The crowd laughed
when a tail began to grow from the back of his spine just above his bloated ass.
“Why, you are a sturdy strong creature.” Morben said. “Just like you wanted. You are a
He looked down and felt his dick grow larger, becoming more in tune with his engorged
body. He gasped as a tingle flushed all over his flesh and felt the skin becoming tough,
hard, and grey. He fluttered his ears a bit, amazed that he had such control of them, and
then lumbered forward a bit as his changes began to cease. He was now mostly hippo,
although in the face, you could still tell he was once human, especially since his hair was
still intact, now a tiny mop sitting on top of it’s large head.
“Wow, I feel great. I wasn’t sure at first, but I feel…powerful. Uh…what’s going to happen
to me?” he asked, suddenly aware he would never be able to live the life he lived moments
“A nearby zoo will be happy to take you. They are looking for human animal hybrids, and I
am sure you would be a star attraction. Would that suit you?”
The hippo nodded, and then trotted off to the side of the stage area and lied down. “I’ll just
stay here for now.” He said.
“Good. Now then, I need a specific type of volunteer for my next performance. I need a girl
with long lovely legs, one who wants to becoming a sexy creation.
The crowd murmered for a few moments, and Morben could see that people interested in
being transformed were starting to disappear, having all been transformed. He looked at
the crowd, hoping that the hippo wouldn’t be the end of his show. He sighed when a tall girl
walked forward.
“You know, I’ve always had a kink for this transformation stuff. Never had the idea to try it,
but you know, live life while it’s worth living, I say.” She smiled. She was probably almost
six foot tall, and Morben gasped. “Perfect.” He said.
“I’m Kamara.” She said, extending her hand. Morben shook it with vigor.
“Well, Kamara, I am so glad you volunteered. I’ve been wanting to try this particular trick
for a while now.” He had her sign his form, and then spoke again. “Please, disrobe and
step into the glass chamber just over here.”
Kamara did so, taking off her clothes and sweeping her black hair behind her ears as she
wiggled her cute butt into the chamber. Morben closed the door.
“Jes, can you grab me Formula 3420-K?” he said. His assistant nodded as she re-entered
the stage. She looked sad, but she went about her work. She grabbed the container and
brought it over to him, and she smiled weakly as he took it from her. He noticed this, and
made a mental note to speak with her soon.
“Okay, folks, this will be quick, and you won’t get much of a show, but the result will be
sexy as can be.” He said as he poured the liquid into an opening, and flicked a few
switches. The chamber then began to fill with a purplish gas, matching the color of the
liquid he used. It took only seconds for Kamara to be completely engulfed in the gas, and
she let out a loud moan as it began to work. “Holy…fuckkkkkk” she said as her voice
seemed to grow more distant. Soon she was quiet, and with a hiss, the gas began to filter
out of the chamber back into the vial. Morben corked the bottle and handed it to Jeserae,
who placed it on the table nearby.
When the gas had finally all cleared, the audience let out applause at what they saw.
Before them was Kamara, but she had no top half. Everything above her hips was gone,
as if it had simply been erased. Now all that was left were her long luscious legs, and her
arms, which were now attached at the hips instead of shoulders. They were elongated,
almost as long as the legs themselves, still slender as ever. The crowning jewel of the
transformation was what had happened to her crotch. Her crotch was now a face. Her
eyes, her nose, her lips…all there. Her mouth had seemingly replaced her vagina, but as
she moved, one could see that above her new face was a slit at the top of her new body. It
was clearly a vagina.
“well, this is a strange perspective.” She said. “My face is now my…nether regions, isn’t
“That’s putting it mildly.” Jes said with a smirk.
“Do you like it?” Morben said.
“You know, it’s weird, but yeah! I imagine this will get me lots of attention at parties.” She
laughed as she felt her new face with her fingers. When they touched her lips, she gasped.
“Gosh that’s sensitive.” She said.
“An added gift. Enjoy.” Morben laughed as she walked over to the crowd and rejoined to
watch the rest of the show.
“Hello there, Desdor.” Said a tall strong man, seated at a nearby table in the mall’s food
“Ah, you came.” Desdor said as he adjusted his sunglasses.
“I did.” The man said. “And it had better be for good reason.”
“Oh, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. She is quite the catch. Shall we go see the show?”
he said with a grin.
“Of course. After you, my faithful avatar.”
No one noticed, but the two of them vanished in red smoke, leaving behind no trace of
Morben smiled as another person walked up to him. “I have a request, can we work that
in?” He asked. The man was young, athletic, a mop of blond hair on his head. Morben
looked at him and smiled. “But of course. I think I am running low on those who’ll volunteer
for mystery transformations."
“Mine is odd. You see, when I was younger, I stumbled upon a stash of my father’s porn.
He had been collecting gross scene stuff, and I was fascinated by it. At first, I just loved
watching it, but now I know I want to be a part of it. I really do.” He said.
“Oooh, let me do this one, Boss!” Jes said as she walked onto the stage. Morben grinned.
He had been teaching her some mixtures, and knew that with her imagination, the young
man’s request would be fulfilled in ways he probably never imagined.
She ran over and grabbed a few bottles and poured and mixed them together, odd puffs of
colored smoke coming from her creation. She then poured it into a bottle, capped it and
shook it.
“First, undress. That’ll give this the time it needs to settle. Then drink it up, laddy.” She
He did as the woman told him to. Her large penis was growing slightly erect at the sight of
him naked, which made Morben roll his eyes. Soon the man was naked, and he took a sip
of the stuff.
“Tastes like Birch Beer.” He said as he took another, and another, and soon he had
downed the entire bottle. He handed it to Morben who placed it aside and waited to see
what his assistant had done to this man.
Seconds later, the boy’s belly began to swell outwards. First it was taught and round like a
ball, but then it bloated into a full on fat gut, swinging downwards. He looked shocked as
he grabbed it with his hands and felt it getting bigger and bigger in his fingers. His legs
then dropped out from underneath him, bending in an awkward way, dropping him to the
ground. Soon his legs laid flat out on either side of him. The crowd clapped when his leg
began to split into three sections and morph into what was obviously supposed to be
tentacles. They moved freely and independently, the young man figuring out how to control
them. He didn’t say anything, but his grin said it all. His arms shortened quickly and pulled
in. They remained humanoid, but he lost two fingers in the process leaving him with two
thick fingers and a thumb on each hand. He held them before his eyes to see them, but
then began to blink as his eyes popped out of their sockets.
They grew out onto stalks like a slugs and slid to the top of his head, their original home
sealing shut as he sat there in stunned, blissful silence. Morben watched closely as his
cheeks puffed up and inflated larger and larger. The man’s mouth shrank and twisted until
it was nothing more than a puckered asshole between two bloated cheeks. His nose had
melted away into nothing as his whole head became nothing more than a large butt. The
stalks with eyes bent down and looked.
A farting noise emitted, but no voice came. The man couldn’t speak yet…if he would ever
be able to again.
Another fart emitted as he looked down at his new tentacles and the crowd gasped in awe
as the tip of each bulged and split, revealing penis tips on each of the six waving
appendages. His ass-mouth wheezed another fart as he felt another wave of change hit,
this time in his chest. It bluged outward into what at first looked like tits, but then clearly
became larger, rounder, and covered in wrinkly skin. They were testicles. It seemed they
were meant to power his new penis-tentacles because they began to spout little fountains
of cum after the testicles formed. He farted again, his whole body wiggling in pleasure as
he felt one last change hit. His fat belly split open and reformed before the audiences eyes
into a huge gaping vagina with a softball sized clit poking out. He began to rub it with one
of his tentacles, and a moan escaped his mouth.
“Thank…pbbbbthhh….you.” he attempted.
“Ah. One last touch!” Morben said as he ran over to his table. He came back with a bag of
what looked like dust.
“This is a new product I’ve been working on called Instahair. Since most gross scene
performers are hairy, you are prefect to try it out on.” He said. He took a huge hand full and
began to sprinkle it onto the strange creature. Upon contact with him, hair began to sprout.
First it was his fat vagina, which became fuzzy swiftly, then it was his testicle chest, and
lastly, his butt face got a huge puff of the stuff, and great very hairy in swift order. Soon he
was hairier than most people Morben knew personally.
“Strong stuff.” He said as he put it away.
“There you have it young man. I hope you enjoy your new body and life!” Morben said.
“Anyone else have an idea? It’s almost time to call it a day.” He said.
“She is talented, that is for sure.” Desdor’s friend said as he watched the weird creature
slink back into the mall.
“and she has the spirit. I’ve seen here. It’s a desire in her that is burning, and Morben…he
suppresses it. He wants her to be like him. All goody goody and the like.” Desdor spoke.
“I’ll be the judge of that. Now shush, there is more show to watch.”
Five girls now stood on the stage. Morben was impressed. The five girls laughed as they
undressed as he had instructed, and he marveled at their idea. It was simple, yes, but…
very fun. He wheeled out his clear chamber again, and had them all stand inside. Closing
the door tight, he grabbed a bottle of clear liquid from the shelves and poured into the
valve that would disperse it into the air.
Inside, there were five girls, all friends. Suma, Tetra, Froulin, Sash, and Frank (Her parents
had a sense of humor, it seemed) all stood next to each other. Each of them had bleached
blond hair, and they all had a matching tattoo that was on their abdomen just north of their
crotches. It was a small heart with an arrow through it.
“The Maneaters just got even sexier.” Frank laughed. They had explained to Morben they
ran a fun service where they would go to bachelor parties and other events and “entertain”
the men. They had been looking for something that would make them even more unique of
a show.
“Now everyone is gonna want to book us.” Tetra said.
White fog began to form in the chamber, and the girls vanished to the eyes of the
audience. Many had left, but a few faithful had remained watching. Sera, the boob girl from
earlier had stuck around, although she wasn’t paying much attention at the moment as she
had been rubbing the tit that had once been a friend of hers.
Inside the chamber, moans could be heard loudly, and they never stopped, but their
locations seemed to shift and change. Morben grinned slyly as the gas began to vent out
of the chamber.
The door opened, and out stepped one girl, it seemed. It was Froulin, from the looks of it.
She stood the same height as she had when she entered, but it didn’t take long for those
watching to notice what had happened.
Each of the girls had merged with her, but their faces remained. Her right tit now had the
face of Suma, while her left was Sash. Their eyes looked up at the face of Froulin, and
their lips smiled. “Oh, I’m glad she got to be top dog. She’s so good.” Suma laughed. The
only thing they had lost from their face was their noses, as Froulin’s nipples had taken that
Frank spoke up. “I kind of wanted it, but you know, this is a good runner up.”
Her face was now where a vagina would be on a girl. Froulin took her delicate fingers and
rubbed Frank’s lips and smiled. “Just as sensitive as my original pair.
“Yeah, but these do a lot more talkin’ sweet heart.” Frank laughed. She still had a nose,
which was odd, but she wasn’t going to question it.
“Where is Tetra?” Sash asked.
“Back here.” She said.
The two tits let out a “oooooooh” in a hushed tone .
“Oh stop it. We all knew ONE of us would end up here, might as well be someone who
likes anal.”
Froulin turned around to reveal her butt. On the cheeks were a pair of eyes, that blinked,
and a puckered anus for a mouth.
“Kind of like that last guy, only…this is sexier.” She giggled. She had no trouble speaking it
“So you are all pleased with it?” Morben asked them.
“You bet. The Maneaters will now command a higher price, and we’ll get all the sexy guys
to come to our shows. Thanks, Morby baby.” Frank said as the collective walked away on
sexy legs.
“Okay, not it’s open house. Anyone just want to try some stuff out? Come on up!” he said.
A few takers actually came up. One wanted to try the sexual plant from earlier. She walked
over and took a boob in mouth and began to suck. It was clear she had no intention of
stopping, and sucked so fast it was hard to see her melt and suck into the plant. Her
clothes hit the floor with a thud and a new boob rested itself onto the plant.
Inside, the gathering of minds in the plant welcomed her. “You joined us! Did you do it of
your own will?”
“Yes. I saw this plant and knew I wanted to be a part.” She giggled.
“You’ll fit in just fine, darling.”
Another girl walked over and took one of the pieces of clothing and shoved it on her head.
It looked like a hat, but it surprised her when it pulled down to her waist. Her body began to
bulge and change, and soon the clothing ripped off, revealing a girl with a dick for her
upper body, almost like a normal dick girl, except she had no testicles, and she still
actually had a vagina.
A young man grinned as he took a bottle of formula and simply downed it. His body began
to bulge and shrink as he dropped down to two feet in height, his belly shot outwards, his
dick grew to three times it’s original size and a pair of DDD tits appeared on his chest. He
grinned as he snagged another bottle and drank it, and felt his ears grow larger, getting
huge and floppy, and his nose began to stretch, growing into a dick, but it was longer than
a usual dick nose and flexible, like an elephant’s snout. His feet then burst out of his
shoes, the one item of clothing that still fit his diminutive size. His girlfriend walked up
behind him. “I knew this was going to happen someday.” She laughed as she grabbed
Morben’s bag of Instahair and sprinkled some all over her lover’s new body. He giggled as
hair sprouted all over. He nuzzled next to her leg, which surprised her, causing her to drop
the pouch on her feet.
“Oh…shit.” She said as she felt tingles all over her feet as hair sprouted, and soon she had
hairier feet than any man she’d ever met.
“KInda hot.” Her boyfriend said as he picked up the pouch and slid it back on the table as
best he could.
Morben watched as the new transformees cleared out and smiled. “Well, that’s my show.
I’ll be back soon for a real theater show over at the Suthbo Theater. I am sure I’ll see some
of you then.” He said.
With that, he and Jes began to pack up their collection of bottles and devices. Morben sent
Jes back to grab something when Desdor’s voice rang out.
“Morben! My friend. It looks like our bet still lies in your favor!” he laughed.
Morben turned with a smile, but it dropped when he saw Desdor had someone with him.
“Oh, how rude of me. Let me introduce my…”
Desdor was cut off by the friend he brought. “I don’t think Morben needs any introduction
to me, even in this form.” He said as his eyes glowed hot.
“No I don’t. Why, Desdor? Why did you bring him?” Morben asked.
“Why not?” The avatar grinned.
“And where is your lovely assistant?” The stranger asked. “I must say, I was impressed
with her handiwork.”
“No.” Morben whispered.
“Yes, where is she, old friend?” Desdor asked, looking around for her.
Jes popped back out and smiled. “Someone looking for me?”
Morben sighed and pointed to Desdor. “This is an old friend. Desdor, and this…” he said
pointing to the stranger, his mouth going dry as he looked at the man, whose grin grew
wider with each passing second.
“This is the Great Demon Karma.”

The man grinned as his form changed. He grew taller and more muscular, his human
disguise melting away along with the cheap clothes he wore. Horns grew from the top of
his head, arching in a poetic way, as the back of his head expanded out into what one
might describe as a head tail. The majestic demon stood over the three figures below him
and laughed.
“Morben, long have I desired to meet you. It is an honor.” He said, extending his hand.
Morben did not return the gesture. The demon snorted. “Desdor told me of a woman you
had taken on, one of great power and imagination. I rarely venture out to seek such
creatures, but the earnest in Desdor’s description was enough to grab my interest.”
“Me?” Jes said as she looked up at the demon, still awestruck by his metamorphosis.
“Why am I so special.”
“Because you love transforming people.” Desdor said. “I see it in your eyes, and your
handiwork. I knew it was a trait Master Karma would adore.” He said as he traced a finger
on her face.
“Stay away from her.” Morben spat at Desdor. Both demons turned, looking at the
“You dare speak to him in such a manner. Braver than I though, or are you weaker than I
supposed, Desdor?”
Desdor looked at his master with a tilted head. “Master, I am not weak. I am…”
“You let this mortal talk to you like you are common, like your powers mean nothing. How
is that strength.” Karma said, his voice ringing through he air stiffly. Desdor did not speak.
“Morben Midren, you know why I have come. Your apprentice, your assistant is now mine.”
Karma said turning to the magician.
“What if I don’t want to be yours?” Jes said with stern eyes.
“You have little say in the matter, dear. You will be mine one way or another. Morben, if you
know what’s best for you, you will not interfer. You will stand back, and I’ll let you continue
your little freakshow .”
“Hey you leave them alone!” came a voice from behind them. Karma turned around to see
s girl made of dozens of boobs on two sexy legs. It was Sera, one of the first acts of the
“Do you have any idea who I am, human?” The demon said with glee as he cracked his
clawed hands and pointed towards her. Desdor stood next to his master, watching.
Karma’s words had stung, and he was numb from them.
“Oh yeah, I’ve read the history books, but do you have any idea what I am?” Sera asked.
Morben watched, shaking his head. He then caught a glimmer of Sera’s eye. She gave the
slightest of nods, and Morben seemed to see something that no one else could. He
gripped Jeserae’s hand tightly.
“You? You are nothing…a blob of flesh.” He said flicking a finger. Sera began to glow and
her body began to change swiftly. Her legs went limp and collapsed, turning into two long
thin penis-tendrils as her boob body shrank slightly. She felt her face changing as her eyes
sealed shut and her mouth became a very large fleshy vagina.
“But you seem to think you are something more. In your last moments with a mind, what
are you?” Karma asked, sounding delighted.
“I…” the vagina-mouth wheezed “I am a distraction.”
“What?!” Karma said. He and Desdor turned to see that Morben and Jeserae were gone.
“NO!” he shouted and pointed at the blob of flesh again, it twitching until it was nothing
more than a pile of breasts with no mind or intelligence left in it.
“You may live to regret this day, Dedor.” Karma said as he looked down the hall of the mall.
There he saw someone turning the corner, and he knew it had to be them.
“Come, weakling.”
“Why did she do that?” Jes asked. “Why did she sacrifice herself for us? “
“I don’t know.” Morben said as they raced through the mall. “I think this is the end of our
show, Jes.”
“Don’t talk like that…” she said, when a loud crack was heard behind them.
“He’s coming. All that poor girl did was buy us a little time. She couldn’t save us.”
A group of ten girls were sitting in the food court eating lunch when an eight foot tall demon
walked in. One of the girls knew it was Karma and began to scream, as the others swiftly
“Oh stop that miserable mewling.” Karma spat as the girls bodies drew close together and
in a twist of flesh and bone, joined together. Their torsos was now made up of their faces,
while their legs and arms shot off in many different directions. Each face had a vagina for a
mouth and a dick for a nose. The gaggle of girls, now one creature, let out a singular moan
of despair as Karma walked away. Desdor looked at them. He had never seen Karma as
angry as he was now, and he knew that if he didn’t get what he wanted, he would be next.
On his path, several of the mall shoppers found themselves transformed simply by gazing
at him. Some were still humanoid, while others became odd lumps of flesh that could
barely be identified as something living.
“The fury of a demon is great, is it not, Desdor?”
Desdor nodded, and Karma turned to him, grabbing him by the throat, lifting him up to eye
“I care little of Morben Midren, although he will suffer…but if the girl escapes, I will have
your demon-heart. I will tear it out and you will turn to ash. Do you understand. “
“Yes. Master.” Desdor choked. Karma let him drop to the floor.
“Save us.” Jes mumbled. “Yes. That’s it.”
“That’s what?” Morben asked. Jes stopped in her tracks and looked at him.
“He wants me. That’s all. I can end this.” She said. She grabbed Morben and pulled him in
and kissed him on the lips as had as she could.
“Goodbye, Morben. You will always be in my heart.” She said, as she took off running in
the other direction.
“Jes! JESERAE!” he shouted, but she paid no attention. He quickly ran after her, knowing
that this was going to end well for no one.
Karma saw a figure running down the hall towards them, and the large phallus between
her legs told him that Jeserae was coming to greet her fate. “Good.” He said.
Then, faster than she was running, another figure burst past her. It was Morben. Desdor let
out a gasp. He wanted to tell his friend to get out, but he had no deside to be turned to
cinder. He stood starting at the two figures running up.
“You can’t have her, Karma.” Morben said.
“Oh? You think you can stop me. None can contend with my magic.” He laughed.
“I can give it a damn good try, can’t I?” Morben said as he jumped into the air as high as
he could and threw his feet out, kicking Karma square in the belly. The demon actually
faltered, almost tipping over, but caught his bearings, then caught Morben by the legs,
tossing him to the ground.
“Not very good at all, actually.” He said as he held out his clawed hand. Morben felt a rush
of tingles flow through him, and he gasped.
“You’ve been quite the whore, Morben, selling our ancient gifts for cheap parlor tricks.
So…a whore you shall be.”
His body cracked and changed, still remaining human for the moment. His chest heaved
and grew larger, pectorals becoming mammories, and his waist shrank with loud bone
cracking sounds as his hips grew wider.
“Stop it!” Jes cried as she arrived. “You want me, not him. Please. “
Karma kept his hand aimed at Morben, but looked towards the girl. “You are going to come
willingly?” he said.
“I’ll do anything you want, just don’t do anything more to him. Please.” She said.
“Your devotion is admirable, but you won’t be needing it as an Avatar. I suggest you learn
to shed it.” He said as he flicked his wrist at Morben.
Morben Midren was no longer what one would consider a male from outside looks. He
looked like a very attractive female, large hips, a small waist, big breasts, pouty lips, and
long black hair now draped on the floor of the mall.
“I left you a little something to remind you of your old self. Check your pants, my dear.” The
demon laughed.
“Oh Morben. This is my fault. If I hadn’t shown off…”
Morben looked looked up at her and rubbed her cheek with delicate female fingers. “No.
It’s mine…I kept you bottled up. I am so sorry.”
“Enough. Time to go, my dear. Time to see if you survive my challenges ahead.” Karma
said grabbing her by the wrists. He turned to Desdor. “You and I shall have words another
time. For now, you survive, so be thankful for that.”
In a flash, the two of them vanished, leaving Morben and Desdor alone in the deserted
mall hallway.
Desdor held out a hand to help Morben up, but Morben refused, lifting herself up as best
she could. She grabbed the hem of her loose pants, and glanced down inside.
“Well, I guess I’m still me where it counts” she said in a softer higher voice. “Be hard
pressed to call me a guy though. What a mess.” He said. “Pleased with yourself, are we,
Desdor said nothing at first, but quietly mumbled. “I’m sorry.”
“Apology not accepted, but I am sure you already knew that.” Morben said with a glare.
“Thanks to you, the love of my life is gone. At best, she’ll become one of you, a demon,
twisted and heartless. At worst, she’ll become an inhuman creature at the hands of a
stranger. She was the one thing I had that tied me to normalcy, and now she’s gone, so
Desdor sat there wondering what to say. “What will you do?” he added.
“What people like me always do.” Morben said grabbing his top hat that had fallen off
when he attacked Karma. Placing it on over her long black locks, she turned and looked at
the avatar, fire in her eyes. “The show must go on.”
As she walked off into the distance, Desdor sat there, dumbstruck. In a flash of light, he
vanished. The next day the news reported that the mall had undergone an attack from
Karma, but left out any mention of Morben. It seemed that the show would indeed go on.