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Belial Idol

Challenge Round 7

"Ladies! Gentlemen! Flesh stationary! Welcome to Belial Idol! The game show where contestants endure rounds of transformations for an incredible cash prize! And where YOU! the home audience votes for who gets changed by our celebrity panel of judges!

I'm your host Rex Dragoon!

During the last episode of Belial Idol we had another Transformation Round where a contestant voted for by YOU! was transformed permanently! irrevocably! before our very eyes!

Tonight marks the beginning of our seventh challenge round! Where our contestants will compete for a modest cash prize and for transformation immunity in the next transformation round!

Which one of our intrepid contestants has what it takes!?

But first let's check in with our delightful hopping interviewer Cynthia Sparks to see how our most recent transformation victim is feeling!"


"Thanks Rex! I'm going to hop-hop-hop on to Llana our rockstar mermaid!

Hi Llana!"

"Hi Cynthia!"

"Gee! You sound chipper! How do you feel now that you are a sexy sea monster?"

"I feel okay about it... I feel powerful."


"Look at how big I am now with my tail!"

"And your breasts!"

"Ha! I guess I am pretty stacked now!"

"I'll say! How does your new body affect your music?"

"Well, it's another adjustment! My new breasts kind of get in the way of my guitar work, but fortunately I am just so damn good that I can play by feel alone."

"So you can still rock out?"

"Totally! Although don't ask me to bounce across the stage!"

"Ha! I have one more question before I let you go."


"You....uh... look kind of pregnant! Like six months along!"

"You mean my tummy bump? I, uh, lay two head sized eggs every day. And my stomach kind of grows along with them..."

"So when is your next egg due?"

"I'll probably lay my next egg in the during the episode!"


"You have no idea! It feels incredible!"

"Well good luck today!

Back to you Rex!"


"Thank you Cynthia!"

"Today we have a special challenge round that requires four voluptuous blonde volunteers from our studio audience!

Lily Hanks! CUM ON DOWN!"

doot doot doot doot doot doot doooo

"Cindy Lee! CUM ON DOWN!"

doot doot doot doot doot doot doooo

"Holly Bluebell ! CUM ON DOWN!"

doot doot doot doot doot doot doooo

"Maryanne Setter! CUM ON DOWN!"

doot doot doot doot doot doot doooo

"Hello friends! You all agreed to participate before the taping, and on behalf of the show I want to formerly thank you for volunteering!

Today's challenge is sponsored by Demon's Own Hair Dye, don't just colour, transform. They want to prove that Blondes really do have more fun! Our four beautiful blondes came to the show as boring, plain brunettes! But now using Demon's Own Hair Dye they are permanent blondes! And now we are going to show that blondes really do have more fun!

These lovely new blonds will be playing the Belial Idol Hanger Challenge! These lovely laddies will hang from from trapeze bars over an open alchemical machine for as long as they can! The losers will fall into the machine, and be trapped. The last volunteer still hanging wins on behalf of their paired contestant! The other three losing volunteers will be sealed inside the machine and permanently! irrevocably! transformed before out eyes!

And of course, the winning volunteer, the one who can hang the longest, will win an exciting prize!

But first, let's check in with the booth to learn more about our volunteers tonight!"


"Howdy transformation fans!"

"I'm Bob!"

"And I'm Doug!"

"Looks like we get to HANG OUT with some sexy blondes tonight!"

"Ha! They certainly look like their having more fun!"

"You're just saying that because they've gotten naked!"

"Everyone is more fun when they're naked!"

"Ha! Look at that Doug! Their carpets match their drapes!"

"Demon's Own doesn't change your hair colour! It changes you!"

"You know, Doug, I feel like we could ask some other newly blonde sexpots if they have more fun?"

"Who is that Bob?"


"Well we certainly have more fun now!"


"Anyway! The volunteers! Now that they are all naked we can see that they are all pretty similar looking young women!"

"They all have luxurious Demon's Own blonde hair! And they are all slender young women with modest breasts, generous hips, and nice round bums!"

"They all are quite pretty in a blonde girl next door kind of way!"

"And also fairly interchangeable looking! I don't think any of these women has a clear advantage on body strength or size!"

"So it should be a fair contest!"

"Speaking of contests, let's go to our disembodied head and resident boob pile, Minny who will pair each of our volunteers to a contestant!"


"Hey! Thanks guys!

I am still really super excited to be here!

Mmm, Oooo!

My breasts are tumbling away, painted with the numbers, ahhhhhh, 1 through, oooo 4!


Lily is p-playing for, ahh, contestant three!


Cindy is, oh my, playing for, hhhhh, contestant two!

MmmMMmm. Yeah!

Oh! Holly is playing for, ooooOOoooo, contesant one!

And, oh, oh, ohhhhh

K-keep it to-together....

Maryanne is puh-puh-playing fuh-forrrr contestant numberrrRrrr fourrrrr!


Uh, huh, huh, huh...

Phew. Good l-luck everyone!

B-b-back to you Rex!


"Ladies, Gentlemen, and other!

We have our hanging challenge volunteers paired to their contestants and at their marks! Everything is ready!


There's a twist!


doot doot doot doot doot doot doooo


"Howdy again transformation fans!"

"Looks like we have an exciting twist for this contest!"

"Rex Dragoon is handing Scroti, one of our dickgirl models a vial and is pouring it down her urethra/mouth!"

"Ahhhhh. I can feel it starting! I love changing! This is going to be so much fun!!"

"Scroti is such a positive Freyan Dickgirl!"

"She has been so generous and helpful to my wife Urethella as she adjusts to her life as a giant dick on legs!"

"Scroti is a treasure!"

"And is changing!!"

"Scorti's long, delicate feminine legs are getting jacked!"

"She is gaining considerably muscle and height, gaining the lower body of a regular amazonian warrior!"

"She is hulking, but still wondrously feminine!"

"Thighs! Of! Steel!"


"Scroti's cock is also getting jacked!"

"It is gaining some huge veins and is getting wider!"

"Look at her urethra! I could fit both my fists into that dick-hole!"

"Her balls have also swollen, and somehow look more muscular!"


"So powerful! So sexy!"


"There she blows!"

"Holy crap!"

"Holy crap is right!"

"Scroti just ejaculated a giant wad of cum with the force of a canon ball!"

"And struck Rex Dragoon full on! Knocking our host over!!"


"Oh good! It looks like Rex is oay and back on his feet!"

"He looks a little shaken!

"Let's cut to Cynthia Sparks to... kill time?"

"To interview our new cock artillery!"



"Hey guys! I've hop, hop, hopped on over to Glansilly and Urethrella to see what they think of the new Scoti while Shafta uses her first aid skills to check on Rex.

'Silly, do you like Scroti's new look?"


"What about you Urethella?"

"Uh, I think she looks very strong and sexy! She is certainly the biggest cock of the group now."

"Galnsilly, does that make you jealous?"


"What about you Urethella?"

"Uhm. I think I'm still enjoying the whirlwind of being a fabulous dickgirl model married to a ravishing conjoined sportscaster! It's a lot to take in!"

"Speaking of a lot to take in! It looks like Scroti is available to talk to I'm going to hopitty hop over to her!

Thanks ladies!"

"You're welcome!"


"Hiya Scroti!"


"How are you feeling?"


"You certainly look powerful!"


"A pretty dangerous cum-storm if you ask me."


"Ha! Well with great power cums great responsibility!

Oh! I'm getting the signal that Rex is ready for the next segment!

So let's send the show back over to Rex!"

"Thanks Cynthia!

I'm okay folks! Ha ha!

As you all can see, Scroti is now a powerful cum-canon! While our volunteers hang onto their trapeze swings, our contestants will be given a series of erotic jigsaw puzzles! When they complete a puzzle they will have an opportunity to make Scroti orgasm and trigger her ejaculation canon to try knocking one of the volunteers off their hand hold!

Now we are ready to go!

Volunteers to your swings!

Contestants to your puzzles! Scroti to the firing zone!

Get set!



The Belial Idol, Demon's Own Hair Changer Sponsored, Hanger Challenge has begun!"


"Welcome back transformation fans!"

"Our four beautiful blondes are each holding their trapeze bars and being winched into the air!"

"As they are being pulled into the air they are moving over the open maw of our alchemical transformation trap!"

"The trap, for those at home without sight organs, is large round glass tank with a heavily padded floor!"

"Never fear folks! Our blonder volunteers will be fine if they tumble in!"

"They will be trapped though! The walls of the tank are 15 feet feet tall and sheer: any volunteers who fall in won't be able to escape unassisted!"

"The tank also has a rapidly closing top the will swing closed as soon as the third volunteer drops in...."

"which will trigger the release of transformation gas from the four tanks of alchemical gas arrayed around the circumference of the tank!"

"So it's been a few seconds now, and we can see our blonde volunteers hanging and dangling over the transformation tank!"

"Who has what it takes to hang out the longest!"

"Meanwhile, our four contestants are crouched on the floor, working on jigsaw puzzles for the chance to fire our cum dickgirl cum canon shafta!"

"Joey is hunched right over his, with his big butt in the air, his cunt gaping in the direction of the audience!"

"Pretty sexy Bob!"

"I'll say Doug!"


"Our first volunteer has fallen into the transformation trap!"

"More like dived in, bob! She  definitely let go on purpose!"

"I guess she was another reckless transformation fan!"

"The blonde volunteer in question was Holly!"

"Tough break for Samantha, since that was her volunteer!"

"Looks like Samantha is out!"

"Only three remain, Doug!"

"Holly meanwhile is lying in the transformation tank masturbating!"

"I guess she is excited about her fate!"

"That blonde is certainly having more fun!"

"Ha! Oh look! Joey has managed to finish his puzzle!"

"A beautiful scene of Freyan Anus girls at the park!"

"Which means he gets to use the Scroti canon!"

"Joey now has until the next contestant finishes their puzzle to make our dick-canon girl cum!"

"And he is wasting no time! Jogging over to her, ass jiggling, and burying his long reptilian snout in her snatch!"

"Our lizardy cuntboy is absolutely devouring Scroti's cunt!"

"She is starting to shudder and stamp her feet... I think she is about to blow, Doug!"

"Joey is gasping out instructions and turning her muscular hips and...."

"And there she blows! An absolutely firehouse of semen!"

"Which has just struck Cindy, Martha's volunteer!"

"And down she goes!"

"She just got blasted off her trapeze swing!"

"With cum!"

"Which means she has joined Horny Holly in the tank!"

"And that means Martha is out of this challenge!"

"Sorry Martha!"

"So it's a now a two contestant race, with the volunteers of Joey and Llana hanging around!"

"Ha! Joey has run back to the puzzle area and is starting his next skill testing challenge."

"Meanwhile the two volunteers left, Lily, playing for Llana, and Maryanne, playing for Joey, are starting to look pretty fatigued!"

"There faces are pinched in concentration, and their arms are starting to shake!"

"How much longer can they stay up!"

"It won't be long now!"

"It looks like Llana has just finished her puzzle!"

"A picture of Dakini Worm hiding in a bowl of fruit!"

"And now she is slithering over to Scroti to take her turn with our cum canon!"

"She is wrapping herself, with her snake like tail, down under and around Scroti..."

"What is she doing?"

"She now is wrapped around the muscular dickgirl-canon like  constrictor..."

"And now she is sliding up and down with her serpentine tail!"

"She is jerking off Scroti's cock body!"

"That's hot!"

"So hot!"

"And it looks like it's working!"

"Woah! Lily almost fell there!"

"Llana better hurry getting off Scroti!"

"Woah! Now Maryanne almost fell! One of her hands slipped off the bar!"

"Maybe gravity will do Llana's work for her!"

"Oh! What a twist!"

"I'll say!"

"Llana has just released her sexy grip on Scroti!"

"She is clutching her massively pregnant looking belly and her long vaginal slit is opening and blossoming into a glowing labial flower!"

"She is moaning and growling in pleasure and...."

"Woah! She has squeezed out another massive glowing egg!"


"And woah!"

"Another blonder volunteer has just fallen into the tank!"

"Which has snapped closed and is filling with transformative fog!"


"Which blonde is still dangling?"

"I can't tell, she is spinning too much..."


"I think, I think it's Lily!. I think Llana just won her first challenge round!"


"Who cares!? The three girls inside the chamber are transforming!!"

"Can you see?"

"No! Just the transformation fog!"

"Which they are now venting!"

"Our view is clearing!"

"And holy crap!"

"Holy crap is right Bob!"

"The three girls have merged into a weird new creature!"

"They have apparently merged into a conjoined body with three way symmetry!"

"The three volunteers seem to have merged at their hips and lost their torsos... this is a bit hard to describe Bob."

"I think I'd say they look like three crotches and three pairs of elongated legs arranged in a circle as far as body layouts go."

"Yeah, with their faces occupying the crotch of each pair of legs!"

"Except instead of a nose each crotch face has an erect penis and balls and instead of a mouth they have their anuses."

"Complete with tongues!"

"But that's not all they also have three breasts on the top of their body where the hips meet and merge and three more extra large cocks that hang below their body!"

"It's a very sexy look!"

"It seems that blondes really do have more fun!"


"Well it looks like Llana has finally won a round!"

"And so has her volunteer Lily!"

"Oh! She gets a prize too!"

"Let's go to Rex Dragoon to see what she got!"


"Ladies, Gentlemen, people who are town sized conjoined organisms with many genders! We are ready to announce the winner of the Belial Idol Hanger Challenge!

As you no doubt already know, Lily, playing for Llana was able to hang on the longest therefore Llana wins this challenge round!

What you might not know is that Lily will also win a fabulous prize on behalf of Demon's Own Hair Dye!

Lily, tonight we are happy to give you a chance to enter the CHAMBER OF CHANGES and be transformed by the judge of their choice!

Let's bring out the chamber and have Cynthia Sparks go and check in with Lily!"


"Thanks Rex! I've hop-hop-hopped over to Lily!

Hi Lily!"

"Hi Cynthia!"

"Congratulations on the win!"


"How are you feeling about your prize?"

"Nervous... and excited!"

"Ha! Just like your first time, eh?"

"Haha! I guess!"

"Well which judge do you want to change you?"

"Oh! The Mysterious Stranger!"

"Why do you want judge number four?"

"He's just so mysterious!"

"Haha alright! Well into the CHAMBER OF CHANGES with you! Let's get started!"


"Let's go to the booth for the transformation!"


"Welcome back transformation fans!"

"Looks like we get one more transformation today!"

"Lily is making her way over to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES and climbing into the rig!"

"Lily is a slim average looking young woman with generous hips and modest breasts and long blonde hair!"

"Courtesy of Demon's Own Hair Dye! Blondes have more fun!"

"Lily is certainly having fun! Wiggling her ass at the audience as she enters the chamber!"

"Lily is now being sealed into the chamber by our Freyan dickgirls!"

"The Mysterious Stranger has appeared mysteriously to depress his black control button!"

"And there's the bangs of the valves open!"

"Lily is being sprayed with the transformative fluids prepared by the Mysterious Stranger!"

"Oh! I can feel it! Ooooo! This is so exciting!!"

"Looks like she has started changing!"

"Her breasts are growing several cup sizes and hanging lower on her chest!"

"It also looks like she is growing a pair of nipple on her stomach!"

"Oh! I wonder if it will be an udder!"

"No! It looks like they are growing into another pair of tits that are hanging on her pelvis."

"Looks like she is going to enjoy a lot of tit fucks from now on!"

"Ha! Blondes do have more fun!"

"Ooo! My feet feel funny! Woah!"

"Lily's feet have just warped into a new pair of hands!"

"And then she nearly fell over as her knees twisted wildly as her feet-hands and knees reverse directions!"

"Oh! And down she goes!"

"Lily has fallen to all four of her hands, her four breasts hanging below her!"

"Still looks like this blonde is having all the fun!"

"My, ahhhhhhh, my head, ooooooo! Ahhhnnnn!!"

"Lily's head is swelling wildly!"

"And she is losing her beautiful Demon's Own Hair Dye provided hair!"

"Easy come, easy go!"

"The reason her hair is falling out is that the back of her head is swelling into an ass, complete with a puckered anus between her new butt cheeks!"

"Oh! And now her mouth is becoming vertical and becoming the oh so lovely shape of a vulva!"

"And her nose has been absorbed into her face-cunt and shrank into an adorable new clitoris!"

"Lily has a very cute new vagina for face!"

"She might not be a blonde anymore, but she is still having fun!!"

"Ha! Well congratulations Lily!"

"And back to Rex!"


"Congratulations Lily! We hope you enjoy your new form!

And congratulations Llana! As the winner of this round Llana is exempt from being transformed in the following round of transformations and will enjoy a moderate cash prize! Since Llana was transformed in the last round of Belial Idol no else will be exempt from voting for the next transformation round!

What this means is that there are three potential transformation candidates in this round!

YOU! The at home studio audience! YOU! Get to vote on who will be changed!!

Your choices are:

Contestant one: Samantha! A bride to be who has become a double bodied bunny hermaphrodite, with a buxom six-breasted female bodied conjoined by its back to a muscular male body!


Contestant two: Martha! A middle aged mother who has a headless body and a face on her crotch with a pair of eyes, a cock for a nose, and a pussy for her mouth!


Contestant four: Joey! A transformation enthusiast who is a cunt boy with a hairless, green, lizardy body with tails and a snout!
Who will you send to the CHMABER OF CHANGES this time?

It is up to YOU! To vote!

I'm Rex Dragoon, your host. Remember to tune in next week for the exciting transformation round! And remember to VOTE!"


This game was conceived in collaboration with Demon-Man with the volunteer's forms being his design.

You can see the volunteers form sketches, by Demon-Man here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15233417/

Please remember to vote: http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/forum … 3506#p3506


Re: Belial Idol

This week's Belial Idol has been preempted for a Belial Winter Festival Special. In it a young couple decides to buy each other gifts from an alchemist. Since they have no money they are forced to trade something for their elixirs. The woman gives up her breasts to get a potion to increase her lover's penis size. The man trades his penis for a potion to increase the size of his lover's breasts. In the end they both end up as cunt boys in love who have useless gifts for each other. The story is by notable ironist OOoooooo! Henry!

(I didn't get the current transformation in time from my Judge because they are very busy. And even if I did get it in time, I wouldn't have time to write it up because I am very busy. And I need a break, guys. So no Belial Idol this week and probably next! See you in the New Year!)


Re: Belial Idol

Belial Idol is still on hiatus. This week the slot is filled by a romantic comedy set on the longest night of the year. The movie is a series of short vignettes about a variety of zany couples out on the town on first dates. Over the course of each date one or both of the people in each story is transformed in an amusing coincidence or misadventure. And yet each couple ends up overcoming their challenges and falling in love, or at least in lust, by the end of the film. Two stars.


Re: Belial Idol

Is Belial Idol coming back this week?


Re: Belial Idol

esunalily wrote:

Is Belial Idol coming back this week?

Oh, that would be great!


Re: Belial Idol

I was actually going to post: Next Week Belial Idol returns!

So check back ~Sunday Jan 18 for the next exciting episode!


Re: Belial Idol

Just wondering are the "winter Festival special" and "romantic comedy" stories going to be posted on belial idol or were the posted elsewhere?


Re: Belial Idol

Belial Idol

Transformation Round 7

"Ladies! Gentlemen! Sperm-based lifeforms! Welcome to Belial Idol!! The game show where contestants endure rounds of transformations for an incredible cash prize! And where you the home audience votes for who gets changed by our celebrity panel of judges!

I'm your host Rex Dragoon!

Tonight is the seventh transformation round where the contestant YOU! voted for will enter the CHAMBER OF CHANGES while I randomly select a judge with the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to change them.

Someone YOU! voted for will be changed tonight!

But first. Let's check in with Cynthia Sparks to interview the winner of our challenge round, Llana, contestant number three!"


“Thanks Rex! I’ve hop-hop-hoppity-hopped on over to Llana!

Hiya Llana!"

"Hi Cynthia!"

"How does it feel to *finally* win a round of Belial Idol!?"

"It feels great! It's just like when I really rock a show, and am just basking on the glow afterward!"

"Haha! How would you describe that feeling?"

"Like I Kick! Ass!"

"Haha! Might be hard to "kick" any ass now that you have a mermaid tail instead of legs!"

"Well, whip ass then."

"Ooo! You can whip my ass any time!"

"I'm not sure a cute little thing like you can, uh, take a whipping from a big, giant sea monster like me..."

"Hey! I'm tougher than I look!"


"You better be! Or else I'll hop, hop, hop on over and give you a spanking missy!

Back to you Rex!"


“Folks! It's time to announce who our transformation participant for the day!

A drum-roll if you please!

I am happy to announce the votes are in and the majority of out audience wants to see...




Martha, our sexy, headless mother!

How exciting!

Cynthia, how does our lucky victim feel!?"


“Alright time to hop hop hop on over to Martha!

Hi Martha!"


"How are you doing?"

"I'm... trying to keep calm about this."

"You seem to be doing a good job!"

"Well, the first transformation turned out to be a pleasant enough experience. I mean, it's had it's challenges, but it's opened me to some new experiences too."

"Like fucking sexy bitches?"

"That's very rudely put, but yes, being the penetrative partner is one of those fun new experiences."

"Well, maybe the next change will be as great?"

"I hope so... but it is a bit nerve wracking still. I did, after all, loose my head last time!"

"Well you can't lose it again!"

"Ha! Well I guess there's that!"

"Well, good luck Martha!

Back to you Rex!"

"Now is the moment you have all been waiting for!

Contestant Two! Martha! Please make your way to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

And then, I, Rex Dragoon, will spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

And then, ladies and gentlemen and other, then Martha will CHANGE!!"


“Howdy Transformation fans!”

“I’m Bob!”

“And I’m Doug!”

"Looks like the mother I want to fuck is in the chamber tonight!"

"Oh boy, I bet you'll be giving us wet dreams tonight!"

"Wouldn't be the first time a sexy mother gave me the old midnight fountain."

"At the rate we wake up sticky in the middle of the night, you've got to be seeing a lot of sexy mothers!"

"Haha! I didn't say it was *just* sexy mothers!"


"Martha still looks mostly like the attractive middle aged woman she started as with a pair of large, but slightly saggy breasts, a round ass, but a generally tight bod."

"Except she has no head! In stead she has a smooth set of shoulders without even a hint of a neck, head, or face!"

"Instead her face has migrated to her crotch, with her eyes sitting on her crotch and her pussy acting like her mouth!"

"And he new, transformed cock sits between her eyes and pussy mouth like a droopy nose."

"Except when it is a rock hard nose!"


"She has marched calmly on over to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES and climbed in!"

"And the dick girls have sealed her right in!"

"And the other dickgirls, including the very muscular, canon-cocked Scroti, have wheeled out the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!"

"She is one buff, sexy dickgirl!"

"Do you think your wife, Urethrella, ought to work out more and bulk up?"

"No, I think she is perfect just as she is!"


"That doesn't mean I would mind spending some quality time with Scroti too!"

"Haha! That's my bodymate!"

"Anyway, it looks like Rex is ready for the spin!"


"Ladies, Gentlemen, and folks who can't decide! Our contestant is locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES! Now is the time for me to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

Are you ready!?




tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick tick





"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER TWO for todays transformation!"


"Welcome back!"

"It looks like model and iconoclast Criss is going to be the Judge tonight!"


"For the blind and forgetful fans at home, Criss was a midrange model who was transformed on the catwalk to get a body inspired by fashion!"

"Specifically she was changed so that she had a cunt skirt, labial hood over her head, and black shiny skin on her arms and behoofed legs!"

"She also got a cunt for a mouth and a kangaroo-style pocket that, like on a real kangaroo, is a second opening for her vagina!"

"That way she can keep her hands warm and pleasure herself!"

"A practical fashion choice!"

"Haha! I wonder what kind of change she has planned? Something fashion based?"

"it's hard to tell! She has spent her time since her change as the centre of a creative incubator for artists, film makers, models, and performers... who knows what she will come up with?"

"She is looking up at Martha in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES, and is sketching a small two fingered salute!"

"And depressing her blue button!"

"There is the bang of the valves opening in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!"

"Martha is being doused in the blue transformation... fluids?"

"Hmm... usually the CHAMBER atomizes the elixirs so that they fog the contestant, but this time the transformation formula seems to be a thicker liquid."

"I wonder what Criss has in store."

"She seems excited, leaning back in her judge's chair and slowly fingering her face vagina."

"The fluid is coating Martha and encasing her in a gel like mass!"

"Like a paint bukkake!"

"Mmmm, I feel so warm on my skin and tingly. I guess, I guess it's starting!"

"Looks like its started Bob"

"Sounds like Doug!"

"The blue goo is sliding off Martha now exposing her body...."

"Oh! It looks like her skin is different!"

"I'll say! Instead of having her normal pale complexion, her skin is now black and very shiny!"

"It looks like her skin has been replaced by patent leather!"

"It's very sexy and dangerous looking!"

"Even more dangerous looking are her vulva, nipples, and penis glans which have become a fearsome bright red!"

"She also looks much younger! Her body has tightened right up!"

"Her breasts thrust from her chest with no sag, her core has tightened, and her limbs have gotten muscular and toned!"

"MILF no more!"

"Ah! My legs! They hurt! Aghhhhnnnn, and it feels so good! Oh!"

"Martha is stretching now!"

"Her whole body is getting taller, but it seems to be mostly to be her legs that are stretching!"

"Not just stretching, Bob, her lower legs are elongating dramatically!"

"Are they ever, Doug. Martha's feet seem to be forced tip-toe and seem to be fusing with her legs!"

"Now they are elongating too!"

"Martha's lower legs are becoming long, skinny blades that end on tiny knife points!"

"Those are some sexy and dangerous looking limbs!"

"And they are long! Martha must have grown to be over eight feet tall, with more than half that growth from her legs!"

"We won't have to look so far down to see her eyes anymore!"

"Ahhhnnn, ohhh. My arms! They feel like someone is, ahh! pulling them apart! The pain! The pleasure!"

"Looks like her arms are starting to elongate too!"

"It looks to be just her forearms, as everything below her elbows has begun stretching dramatically!"

"Oh! Look at her fingers! They are stretching even more!"

"They have to be three times longer than original!"

"And ooh! The way they are twisting, I think they might be tentacles!"

"And still her arms are stretching!"

"Her forearms and finger tentacles have to be at least three feet long!"

"Oh demons! It hurts! It hurts! But.... ahhhnnnn! My arms!"

"Holy smokes!"

"You said it! Martha's lengthened arms have just come apart below the elbow!"

"It looks like she has just gotten a bunch of tentacles in place of her forearms and hands!"

"It looks like ten five foot tentacles! One for each of her original fingers!"

"Her arms really look like whips!"

"More sexy! More dangerous!"

"My back, ahn it hurts so good!"

"Still more changes are in store for Martha it seems."

"I can't... quite make them out though..."

"Oh, she is turning around in the chamber so we can see!"

"Someone follows instructions!"

"I can see it now! Her back looks like it's melting and bubbling along her spine!"

"Except those aren't bubbles! She is growing dozens of small, three inch long tentacles along her spine!"

"They are writhing and tying around each other and really look like laces on the back of  a corset!"

"The lace tentacles are continuing down, between her ass cheeks, and... yes it appears Martha now has a ring of tentacles around her vulva!"

"That's weird and kinky!"

"Really? I was thinking it was sexy and dangerous!"

"Oh! It looks like they are opening the door to the chamber!"

"And out walks Martha!"

"Very poised on her blade feet!"

"For those at home with no eyes, Martha is still a headless woman with her eyes on her crotch above a cock "nose" and a "pussy" mouth, but now she is nine feet tall, has shiny patent leather skin, looooong blade legs, arms that end in ten whip-like tentacles, and a trail of shorter tentacles down her spine and around her crotch."

"Very sexy!"

"Very dangerous!"

"Let's check in with Cynthia to see how sexy and dangerous her daughter thinks she is now!"


"Hi folks! It's me Cynthia again! I've hoppity hop-hop-hopped on over to Martha's daughter Britney!

Hi Brit!"


"So that was some change your mother just went through!"

"I, uh, I know..."

"Hardly looks like your Mom, she could be your sister now..."

"If my sister was a permanent dominatrix!"

"So you think your mom looks like a dominatrix now?"

"Well, she is black, has blades for feet, and whips for arms!"

"I can see that. Does it bother you?"

"Umm... I guess not? It's just hard to think of my mom, this woman who raised me with such compassion as being so fetishy now."

"Would you say she looks sexy and dangerous?"

"Yeah. But... she's my mom."

"Your sexy and dangerous mom!

Back to you Rex!"


"Ladies and Gentlemen and Others! We have completed our Seventh Transformation Round and permanently changed Martha, the contestant YOU! voted for!

Join us next week for the next Challenge Round in this exciting game of Belial Idol!

I'm Rex Dragoon, thank you and goodnight!"


Notes from the producers:

Sorry for the absence folks, things got quite hectic for a few weeks. I'm hoping to get back into weekly updates and see Belial Idol through to its exciting conclusion!

@Zaneman007: those were simply one-off gags to fill the space when I didn't have a story ready (but had time to type out filler). I have no intention of ever writing those stories.

See you next week


Re: Belial Idol

Nice one, got a good mental image of it.
Eager for the next installment!


Re: Belial Idol

Hi all,

Just a reminder that I'm looking for a few more people to participate in the next chapter of Belial Idol. You have until Friday to send me your ideas. I am looking for:

"I'm working on the next Challenge round and I need *many* random transformations to make it work. If you want to participate please send me six single stage transformations you would like to see via a Private Message. Anything posted here will be ignored.
What do I mean by "single stage" transformation? I mean a change to a single body part. Here are some examples:
1) Grow an extra row of three breasts
2) Left arm becomes a tentacle covered in clits
3) Lower face becomes butt cheeks
Feel free to write what you want, but anything too complicated for my needs might be discarded.
How to send a Private Message:
-Click on "PM" icon on the top right of the forum browser,
- Click "compose message", near top of page
- In "To" bar write "indigocarmine"
- In body of message box write your changes
- Click send."

Thanks, and thank you to everyone who is playing along.


Re: Belial Idol

Belial Idol

Challenge round 8

"Ladies! Gentlemen! Work animals that were once people! Welcome to Belial Idol! The game show where contestants endure rounds of transformations for an incredible cash prize! And where YOU! the home audience votes for who gets changed by our celebrity panel of judges!

I'm your host Rex Dragoon!

During the last episode of Belial Idol we had another Transformation Round where a contestant voted for by YOU! was transformed permanently! irrevocably! before our very eyes!

Tonight marks the beginning of our eighth challenge round! Where our contestants will compete for a modest cash prize and for transformation immunity in the next transformation round!

Which one of our intrepid contestants has what it takes!?

But first let's check in with our delightful hopping interviewer Cynthia Sparks to see how our most recent transformation victim is feeling!"


"Thanks Rex! I'm hop, hop, hopping over to Martha!

Hiya Martha!"

"Hello little one."

"How are you feeling?"

"Hmm. Sexy and... powerful I guess."

"You look sexy and powerful! Those whip arms, those blade legs! How do they feel?"

"Completely natural. It's like I was born walking on knife points and writhing."

"I bet with those tentacles you could just tie someone up and do what you want with them!"

"Mmm... don't tempt me little one."

"Oh is that a challenge! Haha!"

"Are you looking for some punishment Ms. Sparks?"

"Only if the stick comes with a carrot... Mistress Martha."

"Mistress Martha?"

"You like it?"

"I... daresay I do."

"Well isn't this a sexy development!

Back to you Rex!"


"Today we have a special challenge round that requires four volunteers from our studio audience!

Benny Harrows! CUM ON DOWN!"

doot doot doot doot doot doot doooo

"Candace Woods! CUM ON DOWN!"

doot doot doot doot doot doot doooo

"Annette Seagram! CUM ON DOWN!"

doot doot doot doot doot doot doooo

"Horace Schoolhouse! CUM ON DOWN!"

doot doot doot doot doot doot doooo

"Hello friends! You all agreed to participate before the taping,and on behalf of the show I want to formerly thank you for volunteering!

Today's challenge is the Belial Gladiator Challenge! You volunteers will go head to head on balance beam suspended over a tank of transformative elixir. A VERY POWERFUL transformative elixir. The two volunteers will use our padded battle staffs to try and knock each other off the bridge and into the tank. There will be two rounds, with the winners of the first rounds going on to the championship round. Volunteers will be playing for immunity for their Contestant, but also for a special prize for themselves!

How exciting!

For this game we will let the contestants pick their own volunteers, but we'll use Minny, our selectress, to choose the order of the picks and who will play who in the first round!

But first, let's check in with the booth to learn more about our volunteers tonight!"


"Howdy transformation fans!"

"I'm Bob!"

"And I'm Doug!"

"Looks get ready to rumble!"

"More like get ready to see some extreme transformations!!"

"Haha! I love a good gladiatorial battle over Dcum!"

"But what's a good gladiatorial contest without gladiators!"

"Let's meet our now naked volunteers!"

"First up is Benny Harrows!"

"Benny is a big muscular man with broad shoulders, huge arms, a ripped core, and long strong legs!"

"He really looks the part of a gladiator!"

"Haha. I bet he will be a hot commodity when selection happens!"

"Mmm. You know I don't usually go for boys, but I'd say he is a hot commodity right now!"

"I think I'm more interested in the next volunteer: Candace Woods!"

"Candace is a short, very petite young woman with very small breasts, a narrow frame, but very toned arms and legs!"

"I wonder if she is a gymnast?"

"You think? I guess she does have the body for it."

"All I know is she has the body to walk my balance beam if you know what I mean!"

"Haha! Next up is Annette Seagram!"

"Annette is a very tall and skinny woman with narrow hips, long, gangly limbs, and small breasts!"

"She is quite the bean pole, Bob."

"Might be risky choice for a balance based game though."

"Although she does have an impressive reach!"

"Our final volunteer is Horace Schoolhouse!"

"Horace is a short, heavy sat man with a ponderous belly and flabby limbs."

"While he might not look like a natural born warrior, he does have a low centre of gravity and should be hard to move!"

"This is quite a varied field!"

"And should make for an interesting contest!"

"Well, the transformations will make for an interesting contest!"

"Haha! I guess!"

"And on that note, let's go to Minny with our picking order!"


"Hey! Thanks guys!

I'm really excited to help again!

Mmm, Oooo!

My breast are already, ah, tumbling in their barrel, getting nice and ah! mixed up for the selection.

The order of tonights, ahhhhh, volunteer selection draft will beeeeee:






Ah mmmm


And the first rounnnnnnd of glad-glad-gladitorial matches will be


Annnnd... ah! Ah! Huff!


Th-thanks folks back to...

back to...

OHHHHHHHHNnnnnnn! Ah! Ah! FUCK!!!!

Uhhhhh huh huh huh


Oh my.

Uh, back to Cyn.... back to Cynthia for the volunteer selection.



"Thanks! Boy, Minny sure has the most fun job! If only I could find a way to turn orgasmic fondling into an employable skill! Haha!

Let's hop, hop, hop on to Martha!

Hi Martha!"

"Hello again."

"Who are you going to choose to fight for you tonight?"

"Hmm. I think I rather like the look of Mr. Harrows."



"Benny it is! Why did you pick him?"

"Mmm... because he looks strong and athletic."

"And because you'd like to fuck him!?"

"Ms. Sparks, your going to find yourself thoroughly whipped if you keep acting out."

"Promises, promises! But no time for that now! Time to hop, hop hop on over to Samanathabasca!"

Hi Sams!"

"*giggle* Hi "Ms. Sparks! *giggle*"

"Haha, who are you going to pick tonight?"

"Hee! This part is so fun! I thiiiiink I'll chooose Horace."

"Oh! Why is that?"

"Well, Cynthia, I think he looks strong, and I think a low centre of gravity will help in this contest!"

"So you think Horace is the unmovable object."

"I hope so."/ "*Giggle* Fingers crossed!"

"Haha, I'd cross my fingers for you too, if I had any! Alright time to hoppity hop to Lllllllllana!

Hiya Llana!"


"Do you know who you are going to pick tonight?"

"Yeah, my first choice is still available."

"Really!? Who is that?"

"Candace of course!"

"Why is that? You think she's sexy?"

"Well yeah, but I think she is the best choice to win this thing for me."

"How come? She isn't very big and muscular..."

"This is a game of balance, I think. Before I caught the rock and roll bug, I was into gymnastics as a kid. I remember that the best gymnasts, especially at balance beam, were small and sprightly. Like Candace."

"You as a gymnast! Sexy! What made you give it up?"

"I got my first guitar and grew these tits. Well not *these* monsters, but you know, my original busty boobs. Gymnastics isn't a sport for curvy babes, you know?"

"Maybe not in the real world, but it is in my dreams! Haha!

Alright, time to hop, hop, hop over to Joey!

Hiya Joey!"


"I guess Annette is your player today!"

"It sure looks like it!"

"How does that make you feel?"

"Fine! She might not be the best player on paper, but she looks enthusiastic and ready to compete. And really, all we can ask of anyone is to do try their best!"

"Haha, what a good attitude!"

"I'm a nice cuntboy."

"...who also wants to transform again?"

"Well, it would only be fair!"

"Haha! Well good luck either way!

Back to you Rex!"


"Ladies, Gentlemen, and other!

We have our teams chosen and our matches set!

It is now time for the first match of our Gladiator Challenge!

Our first match is Team 2 vs Team 3!

Will Benny and Canadace please step up to the Battle Bridge!

doot doot doot doot doot doot doooo






"Welcome back transformation fans!"

"The first battle match has begun!"



"This round is really the battle of the two ideals!"

"Yeah, Benny is a strong, burly man, a paragon of masculine strength!"

"While Canadace is a champion example of grace and agility!"

"Brawn -vs- Balance!"

"To the fall!"

"Our two contestants are starting quite hesitantly, trying out the beam!"

"Candace looks very assured and sure footed, Bob."

"I'll say! I doubt this is her first rodeo!"

"Woah! Benny almost fell in all by himself!"

"That would have been embarrassing!"

"The two contestants are coming together now, Canadace dancing in with confidence and Benny stumbling uncertainly!"

"Here! We! Go!"

"Aaaaannnnnnd Benny throws the first swing!"

"Which Candace blocks with her battle-staff adeptly, barely moving."

"Woah! And Benny almost fell in again!"

"He really doesn't have a good sense of balance!"

"But he does have confidence! He is staying on the attack!"

"He is throwing a thrust with his staff!"

"Candace has ducked under it!"

"Benny is overextended!"

"And Candace has swatted him in the chest!"

"And down he goes!!"


"Ahhhhhh! My flesh! I feel like I'm melting!!"

"Looks like Benny is getting his changes!"

"Aha! I'll say, his body is writhing in the tanks as transformations are rippling through his body!"

"His flesh is swelling and shrinking, bubbling, bursting!"

"Wild d cum sure is fun!"

"The alchemist assistants are lowering the crane boom to drag Benny out now!"


"Wow is right! That was one extreme transformation!"

"Instead of a head, Benny now has a massive cluster of genitals! In the middle of where his head was, is a huge fleshy cunt opening into what was one his neck!"

"Not just that, he has also grown a pair of huge dick horns on either side of his neck cunt, and his clit looks to be a massive, permanently erect cock too.  He has also grown a big fleshy ass and anus on his back on his shoulders!"

"On the front of his neck he has grown a pair of Dcup breasts that, instead of nipples, have a pair of huge feminine mouths!"

"And when he opens these mouths, we can see that each nipple-mouth has a long, prehensile dick-tongue!"

"His torso has become feminine and curvaceous and has sprouted two pairs of huge breasts..."

"I don't think those are tits, those are definitely breasticles contained in a big common scrotal sack, that while smooth, is absolutely covered in curly hairs!"

"Except where nipples would be on each breasticle lobe, where Benny has an eye."

"Below this four eyed gaze Benny's stomach, right where a navel would be, is split open by a gaping, female mouth!"

"He still has his left arm, which has grown slender and feminine, but his right arm has split into five tentacles, each capped with a different end!"

"One is tipped by a mouth, one by a vagina, one by an anus, one by a cock, and one by an eyeball!"

"Talk about a high five!"

"More like a low five!"


"Instead of legs, Benny has grown a long serptine tail that ends with the big bulb or a cock glans!"

"Yep, that is definitely a cocktail!"

"Haha! Love the new look Benny!"

"Hopefully you had fun! Thanks for volunteering!"

"Back to Rex Dragoon to announce the next round!"


"Ladies, Gentlemen, and other!

Our first Gladiator match is over! Team 3 wins!

Thank you Benny for participating!

It is now time for our next match!

This time it is Team 1 vs Team 4!

Will Horace and Annette please step up to the Battle Bridge!

doot doot doot doot doot doot doooo






"Welcome back transformation fans!"

"This time we have Horace the heavyset short man against the tall and lanky Annette!"

"It's the battle between low and heavy and high and light!"

"This feels like a serious mismatch Bob."

"I'll say Doug!"

"It looks like Annette knows it too, since it looks like she is getting ready to throw everything at her opponent!"

"There she charges!"

"She is running at Horace with her battle staff lowered like a lance!"

"And bam!"

"She has run right into Horace!"

"And he has barely moved an inch!"

"And Annette is off balance!"

"And Oh!"

"In she goes!!"


"Ahhhnnnn!!! I'm on fiiiireee!"

"Annette is heaving and warping as the transformation soup goes to work!"

"It looks like it is going to be another extreme one!"

"The alchemy crew is fishing her out!"


"Woah is right!"

"Does this make them Annettes?"

"Anne and Etta?"

"Who knows!"

"Both faces are mostly human, except they both have four foot long tongues that end with vulva on their tips!"

"Vagina tongues!"

"Of course, in place of hair, both of these Annette faces have dick-like tentacles that writhe on their heads like snakes!"

"Annette's torso has a pair of very large breasts on her chest and another large pair on her back and every one of her nipples have been replaced by nipple mouths!"

"We're being told by our producers that these four nipples are all speaking with what appears to be discrete personalities!"

"That sounds like an orgy of fun!"

"Anette's back also sports bony, wing like projections... kind of like batwings without the leather...."

"Haha! Except instead of bones, the wings are made of hard, long, ridged cocks!"

"Ridged for her and her partner's pleasure!"

"Instead of arms, Annette appears to have grown pussies on her shoulders that have looooong tongue-like tentacles that are tipped by finger like projections!"


"So is her lower body! Annette's legs have merged together with her vagina and expanded into a huge, mollusk like tail with her cunt as its foot!"


"Her womb has also expanded dramatically! Making her look outrageously pregnant!"

"Haha! I bet someone could crawl right into her giant cunt and hunker down in that womb chamber! So hot!"

"I didn't know you had an unbirthing fetish?"

"I don't! Annette just brings it out in me!"

"Haha! I see what you mean!"

"Oh wow!"

"It looks like Annette has one more trick!"

"This two headed, cunt-snail monster also has colour changing skin!"

"Like the mollusk she resembles, her skin is rippling with bright colour patterns that race all over her body!"


"Annette we love the new you... yous?"

"Thanks for volunteering!"

"Back to Rex Dragoon to announce the next round!"


"Ladies, Gentlemen, and other!

Our second Gladiator match is over! Team 2 wins!

Thank you Annette for participating!

It is now time for our final match!

Playing for all the marbles!

Team 1 vs Team 3!!

Will Horace and Candace please step up to the Battle Bridge!"

doot doot doot doot doot doot doooo






"Welcome back transformation fans!"

"The final round has arrived!"

"will it be the unmovable object?!"

"Or will it be the mistress of balance!?"

"Only time will tell!!!"

"To start with the two combatants are just shuffling back and forth, getting a feel for the beam!"

"Candace still looks well at ease, but surprisingly so does Horace."

"He is very graceful for being a bigger man!"

"Candace has danced in close to Horace!"

"And he is swinging his battle staff!"

"But Candace has jumped back!"

"And delivered a riposte!"

"Which merely glances off Horace!"

"Horace is swinging his staff again!"

"And again Candace dodges away from it and swats Horace."

"Who is still unmoved!"

"Can Horace hit the flittering Candace? Can Candace move the momentum of Horace?"

"This is exciting!"

"Horace is winding up for a big hit!"

"He is lunging and swinging!"

"And woah!"

"Canadace has just vaulted over Horace, who is now overextended!"

"And wrenched his legs out from under him as she landed!"



"Horace is teetering, teetering, teetering..."



"Oh god! I'm gonna, I'm gonna, AHHhhhnnn!!!"

"Horace is in the throes of transformation!"

"I wonder what he will come out as?"

"I am so excited!"

"I know! I can feel it!"

"Haha! Shared boners!"

"Speaking of boners, they've fished the transformed Horace out of the tank!"

"Haha! And my has he changed!"

"Right away it is apparent that Horace has been changed from a hefty, short man into a slender, curvy woman at some point in the process!"

"Of course, his body didn't stay that of a beautiful woman for long!"

"Now instead of a face he has a giant vagina with an eyeball in place of a clit!"

"The rest of his head is now a giant flower of labial lip petals with a single vaginal opening in the centre, thrust upward slightly like a stamen!"

"This cunty head is on the end of a long, three foot long prehensile neck!"

"A neck that rises from shapely shoulders that have large j cup tits instead of arms, and a pair of truly massive testicles in place of breasts!"

"Horace's ass has expanded immensely, becoming so large that it starts right below his shoulders and drags on the ground behind him!"

"This giant ass appears to have teats on it, and I think it might be an udder!"

"Yessir! That is one udderly giant butt-udder!"

"It really looks like Horace will have to crawl to drag that ass around!"

"Which might be why he now has short, digitigrade legs that end in massive feet!"

"Feet that are capped in clit toes!"

"Ooooh, that is kinky and fun!"


"Horace's penis has been replaced by a cute little cunt at his crotch, with an adorable tuft of foxy hair!"

"A cute little cunt with a short, very pink tongue poking out of it!"

"Haha! Adorable!"

"Horace has also grown a dozen arm length cocks from his tail bone!"

"Which are also covered in auburn, fox-like fur!"

"It's like Horace has gotten a kitsune crop of dick tails!"

"Haha! What a great look!"

"Thanks for volunteering, Horace!"

"Back to Rex Dragoon to announce the winner!"


"Ladies, Gentlemen, Animated cocks! We are ready to announce the winner of the Belial Idol Gladiator Challenge!

As you no doubt already know, Candace, playing for Llana was able to out fight, out balance, and out last her opponents!

What you might not know is that Candace will also win a fabulous prize!

Candace, tonight we are happy to give you a chance to enter the CHAMBER OF CHANGES and be transformed by the judge of their choice!

Let's bring out the chamber and have Cynthia Sparks go and check in with Candace!"


"Haha! Thanks Rex!

Here I go: hop, hop, hop on over to Candace! Hiya Candace!"

"H-hi Cynthia!"

"No need to be nervous dear! You're a champion!"


"Haha, you are so cute!"


"I love shy gymnast girls! Well, I love all gymnast girls! Haha!"


"So who which judge do you want to change you today?"

"Ah, I-I'm a huge fan of Saiya..."

"Me too! Such a coincidence! And you want her to change you?"


"Great! Well head on over to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES and we can get this started!"


"Aw. So cute!

Now to send you to the booth for the transformation!"


"Hello again transformation fans!"

"It's us again! Bob!"

"And Doug!"

"Haha! It's time for tonight's feature transformation!"

"Candace is half scurrying and half skipping to the chamber!"

"She looks excited!"

"Haha, she should be! She is about to be art!"

"She has climbed into the CHMABER OF CHANGES and the dickgirl models have sealed her in!"

"Saiya has come out onto stage wearing yet another smart scarf, dress combo!"

"Such restraint and class!"

"She is smiling at Candace, and has offered a little bow, before activating the the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!"

"And there is the bang!"

"And Candace is being coated with the transformative fluids!"

"My stomach feels funny... what is what is... UGHHHHH!!"

"And... weird...."

"Canadace has started to vomit on herself!"

"I don't think that is puke, Doug."

"What do you mean?"

"It looks like it is hardening on her body wherever it is touching..."

"So it is some kind of... resin?"


"She is still puking and puking!"

"Her whole body is covered in resin!"

"Mmmmm... I feel tremendous.... like warm and melted and wet.....ahhhhhhhh...."

"She seems to have stopped... and the CHAMBER OF CHANGES seems to be stopped..."

"The alchemist assistants have opened the chamber, and lifted out Candace's resin covered body..."

"It looks kind of like... a cocoon?"

"A Chrysalis?"

"Either way... it looks like we won't be seeing her final form tonight!"

"Oh! I wonder if she will be ready for next week's show?"

"That would be convenient!"

"Well, on that anticlimax, back to Rex for some closing remarks!"


"Congratulations Candace...We, uh hope you are okay in there and will, uh, enjoy your new form when we see it....


And congratulations Llana! As the winner of this round Llana is exempt from being transformed in the following round of transformations and will enjoy a moderate cash prize! Martha, who was transformed in the previous round also is exempt from being changed in the next round!

What this means is that there are two potential transformation candidates in this round!

YOU! The at home studio audience! YOU! Get to vote on who will be changed!!

Your choices are:

Contestant one: Samantha! A bride to be who has become a double bodied bunny hermaphrodite, with a buxom six-breasted female bodied conjoined by its back to a muscular male body!


Contestant four: Joey! A transformation enthusiast who is a cunt boy with a hairless, green, lizardy body with tails and a snout!
Who will you send to the CHAMABER OF CHANGES this time?

It is up to YOU! To vote!

I'm Rex Dragoon, your host. Remember to tune in next week for the exciting transformation round! And remember to VOTE!"


Producers note: Thanks to everyone who sent me one-stage changes. I incorporated nearly all of them in the transformations of the volunteers knocked from the platform. I hope you like their wild, random changes and had fun playing along!

Also, please remember to vote. The voting link is here: http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/forum … hp?id=1458


Re: Belial Idol

Belial Idol

Transformation Round 8

"Ladies! Gentlemen! Recently transformed people who haven't escaped their cocoons yet! Welcome to Belial Idol!! The game show where contestants endure rounds of transformations for an incredible cash prize! And where you the home audience votes for who gets changed by our celebrity panel of judges!

I'm your host Rex Dragoon!

Tonight is the eighth transformation round where the contestant YOU! voted for will enter the CHAMBER OF CHANGES while I randomly select a judge with the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to change them.

Someone YOU! voted for will be changed tonight!

But first. Let's check in with Cynthia Sparks to interview the winner of our challenge round, Llana, contestant number three!"


“Thanks Rex! I’ve hop-hop-hoppity-hopped on over to Llana!

Hiya Llana!"

"Hi Cynthia!"

"You're on a roll!"

"Don't you think it's more like a slither?"

"Haha! That's great!"

"Thanks, I was waiting for a chance to rock that one out!"

"Back to back wins though, that's got to be exciting!"

"Well, in both cases, I didn't really win. I totally owe all of this to some rad volunteers. Lily and Candace totally kick ass."

"Haha, assuming that Candace still even has legs!"

"Yeah, the way she is still locked in that Chrysalis up there is totally weird."

"But isn't it exciting waiting for her to emerge?"

"I guess, but kind of suspenseful. Who knows what she will come... oh hey! It looks like her cocoon is cracking open!"

"Woah! Better throw this over to Doug and Bob in the booth.... no, wait, I'm being told they are masturbating in the bathroom! Crumbs!


Llana! How would you like to describe Candace as she emerges?"

"Um, are you sure? I'm a rocker... not a presenter..."

"You'll do fine! We'll do it together!"

"Okay, uh, well, right now the cocoon is starting to shake and develop cracks along one side of it..."

"Very sexy!"

"And uh, I can see a neon-purple thing? sticking out and prying on the chrysalis now.."

"So sexy!"

"And now the hole is wide enough and I can see Candace's face poking out! And uh, it looks different."

"But sexy!"

"Her face still looks kind of human, but now has neon purple skin, enlarged, black but expressive eyes, a pair of long feathery antenna and a poof of pink fur instead of hair. And uh, her mouth and nose are a big 'ol cunt that has a very long coiled honeydipper, proboscis looking thing sticking out of it."

"Extremely sexy!"

"Around her neck she has another poof of pink fur that drapes over her shoulders and down her back. And she still has her cute little gymnast breasts, except now she has four of them."

"Cute and sexy!"

"Candace has pulled herself back into her cocoon and pushed the gap wider now and is forcing her lower body through and, uh, it's changed too."

"Change is sexy!"

"I can see now that Candace has four legs that are all attached to a single extra wide set of hips and that her feet are toeless, and I guess pointed like a ballerinas? They seem stuck like that."

"Quite sexy!"

"She also still seems to have a cunt on her crotch, and whoa! It looks like her ladybits have a retractable ovipositor that can stab out of them. That's, uh kind of scary..."

"Scary and sexy!"

"Alright, she has pushed herself through with all her purple-skinned glory and crap! Those are beautiful! Candace's arms have just, uh, unfurled and they are now huge and wonderful looking butterfly wings covered in swirling patterns of purple and pink! That is some psychedlic stuff!"

"Super sexy!"

"Yeah, I'd definitely invite her to dance on stage with the band!"

"Haha, I'd pay to see that!"

"I wonder if she can play a tambourine still?"

"Dunno. Good job calling the change Llana and congrats on the win!
Back to you Rex!"


“Folks! It's time to announce who our transformation participant for the day is!

A drum-roll if you please!

I am happy to announce the votes are in and the majority of out audience wants to see...




Joey, the enthusiast!

How exciting!

Cynthia, how does our lucky victim feel!?"


“Alright time to hop hop hop on over to Joey!

Hi Joey!"


"How are you feeling!"

"Excited and aroused! Transforming is the best!"

"Haha, why are you so excited?"

"Well! Who knows what sexy thing I'll be next!"

"Any requests?"

"Well, it'd be great to get some kind of cock back. Having a pussy is great, but I kind of miss having a cock. It would be really great to have both!"

"Haha. You're so greedy Joey!"

"Well, a cuntboy can dream can't he?"

"Reach for the stars?"

"The sexy, sexy stars!"

"Haha, best of luck today!

Back to you Rex!"


"Now is the moment you have all been waiting for!

Contestant Four! Joey! Please make your way to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

And then, I, Rex Dragoon, will spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

And then, ladies and gentlemen and other, then Joey will CHANGE!!"


“Howdy Transformation fans!”

“I’m Bob!”

“And I’m Doug!”

"Hmm, it seems that while we were "relieving" ourselves we missed some of the action!"

"But it looks like Llana and Cynthia filled in for us!"

"I wonder if we might be out of a job?"

"Well I hear Llana did a good job for being on the spot."

"So sexy!"

"But that Cynthia is a much better interviewer than announcer!"

"Very sexy!"

"So we might still be employed!"

"Super, duper sexy!"

"Haha, we kid because we love Cynthia!"

"Haha, you're our favourite tiny lover and colleague!"

"Who is so sexy!"

"Super sexy!"


"Right. So Joey is making his way over to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES."

"Currently he is a reptilian cuntboy!"

"He has green, hairless skin, a long reptilian looking muzzle, a soft, chubby and pear shaped body and a long sinuous tail."

"He also has a very lovely pussy instead of his original cock and palls on his pelvis!"

"Between that cute cunt and his big pillowy ass, Joey is very sexy!"

"So sexy!"

"And now he is being locked into the chamber by a pair of our lovely dickgirl models!"

"While the other dickgirl models have dragged out the WHEEL OF CHANGES!"

"So sexy!"


"And now it looks like Rex is ready for the spin!"


"Ladies, Gentlemen, and folks who can't decide! Our contestant is locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES! Now is the time for me to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

Are you ready!?




tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick tick





"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER FOUR for todays transformation!"


"Welcome back!"

"It looks like tonight's judge is going to be the Mysterious Stranger!"

"Very mysterious!"

"The Mysterious Stranger, clothed in his trademark mask and black costume, is nodding in a way that seems oddly inhuman at Joey in the Chamber!"

"A most mysterious gesture."

"And is reaching out, again, in a way that seems somehow slightly wrong, and is depressing his black control button!"

"There is the bang of the valves snapping open!"

"And Joey is being doused in the black mist of the transformaton fluids!"

"Joey seems to be happy and is rubbing the fluids into his skin!"

"Ah! I can feel the tingles! Oh! This is so exciting!"

"Looks like his changes have begun!"

"Exciting stuff!"

"I wonder what will change first?"

"Mmmmm, I can feel it on my crotch! Oooooo! Something is swelling!"

"I'll say! Joey is growing a bump in his lap!"

"A big bump in his lap!"

"More like a huge bump now!"

"A hug pink bump that is hanging heavily between his thighs down to his knees!"

"A big bag of flesh that is hanging down to his knees and growing four long teats, I think."

"Freya, we have an udder!"

"And what an udder, Bob! Joey now sports a grade A mass of milk flesh on his body!"

"I guess our cuntboy now his own tits!"

"Of at least teats!"


"Oh god! My chest! Ahhnnn!"

"Now it's his chest that is swelling!"

"Joey is growing two c cup breast sized masses on his chest!"

"Except they don't really look like breasts..."

"No, they seem to be connected in the same pouch of skin..."

"Wrinkly, wrinkly skin..."

"I think those are balls, Doug!"

"Joey now has a pretty sizeable pair of hefty breasticles on his chest!"

"But, he still doesn't have a dick!"

"Ahhhnnn! Ah! Ah! My, ah, my faaaccceee! AHNNNNN!!!"

"Now Joey's face appears to be changing!"

"His eyes are becoming larger, becoming totally black, and migrating to the top of his head!"

"Meanwhile his muzzle is growing longer, bigger, rounder... and softer?"

"It does seem to be losing definition and becoming smoother."

"Which seems to be a trend happening with the rest of his head and neck..."

"Hmm... I think I know what's going on..."

"Oh yeah, Bob?"

"Joey's head and neck are becoming a penis with eyeballs and his whole face is becoming a pointy glans!"

"That's definitely it!"

"Yep! His face and head are now entirely penis! Except oh! He still has his long reptile tongue that is slipping in and out of his facial dick slit!"

"Joey seems to be enjoying it though, fucking himself in his vagina with his tail, fondling his udder and chesticles..."

"And there he blows!"

"Joey is absolutely fountaining cum out of his face and all over the inside of the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!"

"And I think that climax coincides with the end of his changes!"

"The dickgirls are letting Joey out of the chamber!"

"Let's check in with Cynthia to see how Fen, Joey's girlfriend likes the new him!"


"Time to hoppity hoppity hop hop hop on over to Fen!

Fen darling! How are you!"

"Super horny Cynthia!"

"Enjoying the show?"

"Immensely! I can't wait to fuck Joey!"

"Haha, great! So you like his new body!"

"Love it!"

"What has you so excited!"

"Well, he finally has the full set of goods! I can keep fucking him in his cute little cunt, but now he has an udder to play with, balls, and a dick again!"

"That dick is pretty big!"

"It just means we'll have to get creative!"

"Ooo. But what about his Joey's face being a cock now? Isn't that a bit extreme?"

"Well, I always thought he was kind of a dick head! Haha! I think it really suits him!"

"Well I hope you kids have fun!"

"You know, Cynthia, if you aren't doing anything after the show you could always come and watch us..."

"Oooo! That sounds like fun."

"Oh my! Look at your steely rod! I bet that would fit in me pretty well."

"Ahhhnnn! Oh!"

""Maybe you can do more than just watch!"

"Oh my, oh my!

Back to, oh, Rex, for an, ahhhnn, hopefully quick ending to the show-oh!"


"Ladies and Gentlemen and Others! We have completed our Eighth Transformation Round and permanently changed Joey, the contestant YOU! voted for!

Join us next week for the next Challenge Round in this exciting game of Belial Idol!


Re: Belial Idol

Sorry folks, this week Belial Idol has been preempted for the Big Game. So instead of the next exciting instalment of Belial Idol, you can enjoy a program of hyper-muscular transformees slamming into one another as they force a ball back and forth on a playing surface. Each team starts as a group of ordinary women. Whenever a team is scored against their coach gets potion-equivalents to use on members of their team, boosting their strength and size giving them a chance to get back into the game. By the end of the game, usually the whole team are massive slabs of hyper-transformed muscle and fat that can hardly move. This year The Cities own "Fightin' Dakinis" are up against neighbouring "Mighty Anus-Women" for the championship title.

Check back next Sunday for (hopefully) the next instalment of Belial Idol!

44 (edited by indigocarmine 2015-02-17 21:34)

Re: Belial Idol

Sorry folks, another pre-empted week for Belial Idol. I really tried, but I'm caught between rushing out a subpar chapter or taking another week to make it good. For the record: planning a 20+ part interactive story on a weekly schedule is crazy-pants!

This week in the usual slot is a documentary about a town where everyone woke up to find themselves connnected by 100 foot long umbilical cords, one after another in a daisy chain configuration. These chords allow information and emotion to pass along them, especially sexual sensation. The documentary, knowing that this is the most interesting part of the story, focuses on how if one person in the town becomes aroused, the whole town does. This is explored in how it complicates dating life, domestic life, and the invariable orgies that result from the towns condition. The culmination of the film has the documentarian and her crew pay an alchemist to join them to the town in the same manner. It is still a mystery how it began.

Check back next Sunday for the next instalment. (Almost definitely, since it's half written!)


Re: Belial Idol

Crazy-Pants, indeed, but admirable. Your work is fun and wonderful to read and be a part of.

Morben approves.


Re: Belial Idol

Thanks! Positive feedback is always appreciated!


Re: Belial Idol

Belial Idol

Challenge round 9

"Ladies! Gentlemen! Quivering Piles of genitals! Welcome to Belial Idol! The game show where contestants endure rounds of transformations for an incredible cash prize! And where YOU! the home audience votes for who gets changed by our celebrity panel of judges!

I'm your host Rex Dragoon!

During the last episode of Belial Idol we had another Transformation Round where a contestant voted for by YOU! was transformed permanently! irrevocably! before our very eyes!

Tonight marks the beginning of our ninth challenge round! Where our contestants will compete for a modest cash prize and for transformation immunity in the next transformation round!

Which one of our intrepid contestants has what it takes!?

But first let's check in with our delightful hopping interviewer Cynthia Sparks to see how our most recent transformation victim is feeling!"


"Thanks Rex! I'm going to hoppity-hoppity-hop on over to Joey who was transformed from a very fetching reptilian cuntboy to a reptilian cuntboy with an elongated dick for a head, chesticles, and a large perky udder!

Hi  Joey!"

"Hi Cynthia!"

"How's my favourite cuntboy doing?"

"Cuntgirl actually. Well, girl. Now."


"Ever since my last change, I've just been feeling extra.... girly..."

"But you got your dick back! And it's your head! You literally think with your dick!"

"Well, so do you!"

"Haha! Guilty!"

"And you still are a girl, right?"

"Yeah, of course!"

"Well, it's like that."

"Okay, cool. Your voice is REALLY femme now."

"Haha, I know. Isn't it pretty!"

"Yeah, you sound super cute! So, uh, what brought on the gender change?"

"Well, ever since the last change... I've just kind of wanted to be a mother!"


"Yeah, not today or anything. I'm not done changing yet... but someday, I really want to!"

"That's deep!"

"Yeah. I just wish I figured this out sooner so I would've played harder earlier and won more challenges! I've gotta get together a nest egg!"

"Haha! Well, maybe you'll win tonight! Best of luck!

Back to you Rex!"


"Today we have a special challenge brought you by the fine cosmetic wizards and alchemists of Lascivious Luxury Cosmetics! Lascivious Luxury Cosmetics: Lascivious Luxury for your body!

But before we get to our exciting challenge supported by our fine sponsors, we have another special event tonight! On behalf of all of us at Belial Idol, I'd like to welcome the winner of our Ultimate Fan sweepstakes contest to Cum On Down! And claim his prize!

Zack Spencer!


doot doot doot doot doot doot doooo

"Zack, congratulations! As the winner of the sweepstakes you get to participate in this Challenge Round and claim your Ultimate Belial Idol Fantasy Prize of transformation!

While we get this ready, Cynthia Sparks would love to talk to you!"


"Hi Zack!"

"Hey Cynthia!"

"Zack I've hop hop hopped on over to congratulate you on the big contest win!"

"Thanks! It's really exciting! I can't believe this is really happening!"

"Haha. I can pinch you if you want!"

"How about a kiss instead!"

"Haha, *Mwah*!"

"This is the best day of my life!"

"Well, it's about to get better! Look! Here come our beautiful dickgirl models bringing your transformative elixirs! Anything you want to say?"

"Yeah! Thank you to Belial Idol and the fine people from Lascivious Luxury!"

"Haha, let's go to the booth for your prize!"


"Howdy transformation fans!"

"I'm Bob!"

"And I'm Doug!"

"Looks like the fine folks from Lascivious Luxury have a treat for us tonight!"



"Our prize winner, Zack, is being approached by our dickgirl models!"

"What a lovely group!"

"We have Scroti who is a giant amazonian dickgirl with a canon shaft!"

"And you wife, Urethrella, who looks to finally be used to her new body, walking with confidence and beauty!"

"She has really grown into being a giant cock with legs!"

"There is also Shafta, the dickgirl martial artist who is now sporting some beautiful new purple sleeves of tattoos on her lower legs!"

"Beautiful flowering vine patterns that wrap all around her shapely calves and shins! Joey's girlfriend Fen did them!"

"Wonderful! The relationships that form between contestants and presenters is one of my favourite aspects of Belial Idol!"

"You said it, Bob."

"Finally, there is the dickgirl Glansilly who is the cowgirl dickgirl!"

"She has hooved feet, a cow's tail, a black and white holstein pattern on her skin, her balls are pink with teats, and a slightly elongated glans!"

"She is a Moo-ving sight!"

"Haha! Zack has been directed to disrobe before his transformation."

"He is taking off his clothes revealing that he is a pretty average looking dude with a stocky build, middling cock, and weirdly large nipples!"

"Utterly forgettable!"

"The dickgirls are pressing in against him in a group hug!"

"This must be making our contest winners life!"

"He looks very happy, Doug!"

"And here comes Rex Dragoon carrying a special tube of Lascivious Luxury Lipstick!"

"Lascivious Luxury, for when you're feeling Lascivious and Luxurious!"

"Zack has been directed to lay down on his back spread eagled!"

"Rex Dragoon has uncapped the Lascivious Luxury Lipstick and has drawn, in fuchsia, a cartoon penis on his chest and stepped quickly back!"

"OOooooo! This is so exciting! I can feel it! Ahhhh!"

"Lack's legs, arms, and neck are stretching out and becoming rounder!"

"His feet, hands, and face are swelling up and becoming a familair shape!"

"Glans! Zack is currently a torso with five massive, rootlike cock's growing out of it!"


"Now Zack is growing a bulge out of the middle of his chest which is becoming a thick pillar of flesh!"

"The top of which is taking on that oh so familair shape!"


"Zack is definitely growing a huge cock out of what was once his torso!"

"Such a huge cock! It is easily ten feet tall and growing!"

"Zack is now a twenty foot tall cock supported by five cock like root tentacles on the ground!"

"And I don't think it is over!"


"Zack's massive cock pillar is growing a series of smaller cocks all along it's length!"

"He definitely has a forest of six inch dicks growing from his pillar cock, like tiny branches on a tree!"

"That is some exciting stuff!"

"Apparently he is to be involved in the upcoming challenge..."

"I wonder what that will be!"

"We should throw this back to Rex Dragoon to find out!"


"Ladies, Gentlemen, and other!

Today's game is the Lascivious Luxury Rainbow Party Challenge!

Zack, our Ultimate Fan Sweepstakes winner, has been transformed into a dick pillar studded with suckable-sized cocks. But these juicy dicks are more than normal penises, when they orgasm, the glans will light up and glow with red light! Our contestants will perform oral sex to the Zack pillar, and whoever makes the most penises cum and light up will win!

To help keep track of who has made which cock light up, our contestants will each have their own colour of Lascivious Luxury Lipstick on. When time runs out we will count the glowing glans and colour mouth rings and determine who has been the winner!

Lascivious Luxury, for when you are feeling Lascivious and Luxurious and want to suck off a forest of cocks!

Let's go to our intrepid interviewer to check in with our contestants!


"Haha! Thanks Rex! I've hop, hop, hopped on over to Samantha.

Hiya Sam-Sammy!"

"Hello Cynthia."

"How do you feel about the upcoming challenege?"

"Pretty good."

"Pretty good?"

"*giggle* Yah! I've got two mouths! I can do twice the blowies!"

"That does seem like a considerable advantage. Are you, uh, concerned about how this challenge will make Billy feel?"

"I'm always concerned about how this game is affecting my relationship with Billy, but well, we're committed to winning."/"Besides, *giggle*, this is all just practice for what I'll do to him later!"

"Oh ho! Want to practice on me?"

"*giggle* Oh Cythia!"

"Haha. I'm kidding, mostly because my producer is telling me to hop over to the next contestant! Good luck!
Now to hop-hop-hop on over to Martha!

Hi Martha!"

"Hello Little One."

"How do you feel about this upcoming challenge?"

"Fine. I have gotten over my reservations about performing sex acts in public and the challenge seems pretty straight forward."

"What about your lack of a mouth?"

"Oh, I have a mouth, it just happens to also be my vagina."

"So you plan to just fuck Zack the tree."

"Oh, little one, what I'll do is hardly "just fucking"."

"Daaaamnnn! That's hot."

"Be respectful!"

"Uh, yes! Of course! Sorry! Um... good luck?"

"Acceptable. Thank you."

"Now to hop hop hop on over to Llana!

Hiya Llana!"

"Hi Cynthia."

"How do you feel about this challenge."

"A little concerned..."

"About giving a blow job on television?"

"No, it isn't that. It's just, ooof, I think I feel another egg coming soon and I'm not sure I can suck cocks while, oof, pushing out an egg."

"Hmm. Do you have any hope or special advantage that might get you through this round?"

"Mmm... I guess my long tail means I can reach the very highest cocks with my mouth which might come in handy if all of the lowest cocks have cum already?"

"That's the spirit! Best of luck!"


"And now to hoppity-hoppity-hop on over to Joey!

Hiya joey!"


"How do you feel about the challenge!"

"Excited! I don't really have a ot of experience giving blow jobs so it should be a fun learning experience!"

"Um, how exactly do you plan to give blow jobs?"

"Well, my facial dickslit seems to have most of the functions of a mouth, so, I'm going to try using that."

"A cock giving a blow job to another cock!"

"Isn't that fun!?"

"Haha! I can't wait to see that!"

Alright looks like we are ready to begin! So let's go back to Rex!"


"Ladies, Gentlemen, and other!

On behalf of the Lascivious Luxury Cosmetics Company I declare the Lascivious Luxury Rainbow Party Challenge begun! Start the timer!"


"Welcome back Transformation Fans!"

"I'm Bob!"

"And I'm Doug!"

"And we are just starting this week's Lascivious Luxury Rainbow Party Challenge!"

"Brought to us by the fine folks at Lascivious Luxury Cosmetics!"



"It looks like our contestants have wasted no time putting on their makeup and grabbing some cocks!"

"Samantha is wearing bright green lipstick on both her male and female mouths and is working two cocks at once!"

"Yep, both mouths are currently full of penis while her compound arms work the shafts of the cocks!"

"It's really an interesting technique she is using, Bob, with one hand of each arm working the shaft of the cock in one of her mouths while the other hand on that arm gently fondles the Zack-pillars balls!"

"And it looks to be paying dividends because... yep! Two of Zack's cocks have just exploded in each of her mouths and now are glowing and ringed in green makeup!"

"Put two on the board for Samantha!"

"Martha meanwhile is forced to use a more unorthodox approach to the contest."

"I'll say! She currently has her long blade-like legs wrapped around Zack's body with a cock buried in her pussy!"

"She is using some of her tentacle arms, which have to be strong, to hold her off the ground and in place while she bucks against his cock!"

"Smearing it, of course, with the bright red Lascivious Luxury lipstick she has liberally applied to her labia!"

"I believe the colour is called "Enflamed Loins" so it's pretty appropriate!"

"Martha is also using her extra tentacles to gently masturbate other cocks in her vicinity, I think as a pan to get them primed for her cunt."

"It's a crafty move, but one that is going to require her to be careful: she doesn't get points if the cocks cum before she can get her pussy lipstick on them."

"It looks like Zack's penis in her twat has just exploded and started to glow!"

"And now Martha is mounting the next one leaving behind a glowing dick smeared with Enflamed Loins Lipstick from Lascivious Luxury!"

"Put a point on the board for Martha!"

"Llana is also leaning into the challenge!"

"More like leaning up! She has stretched her long serpent tail out and is working on some of the higher cocks!"

"I think she has a deliberate strategy here: she is sucking the cocks near the top of the reach of her shorter rivals and leaving the highest cocks, which only she can reach, alone for later."

"That is planning ahead!"

"More like planning some head!"

"Oho! Haha!"

"Haha, it will be interesting to see if this plan will make up for the fact she can only suck a single cock at a time!"

"Oh! Looks like Zack just came since his cock is glowing now!"

"Leaving a cock behind smeared with the bright blue lipstick Llana is wearing!"

"Put one more on the board for Llana!"

"Joey is out there trying, sorry her best too!"

"It just doesn't seem to be working especially well...."

"For one, it seems her dickslit-mouth just doesn't have the dexterity of a more natural mouth and given how few cocks she has ejaculated, she can't quickly suck cocks off."

"Maybe more detrimental to Joey's chances is that she insists on fucking herself in the vagina with her tail while she sucks off those cocks."

"And fondling her new udder!"

"That can't be speeding her up!"

"It sure looks fun though!"

"Well, she is still having some success though..."

"Oh! And there is another goes another cock!"

"Yep, Joey has just ejaculated another penis leaving it smeared with her bright pink lip stick!"

"So where do things stand, Doug?"

"At this point it there are over a dozen glowing cocks on Zack smeared with green, red, blue, and pink lipstick. Right now it could be anyone's game!"

"It's very exciting! Thanks again to Lascivious Luxury for sponsoring such a great challenge round!"

"What's your favourite shade of Luxurious Luxury Lipstick, Bob?"

"Why, whatever one is smeared all over our cocks, Doug!"

"Haha! Funny, that was my answer too!"

"Lascivious Luxury: Lipstick to smear on cocks!"

"Haha, back to the action!"

"As time is winding down Samantha still looks to be double throating cocks at a stupendous rate!"

"The two mouth strategy seems to really be pushing her ahead!"

"Martha's strategy seems to be having decidedly more mixed results."

"Yeah, she is certainly managed to make several cocks on Zack erupt...."

"But a large number of them were from work done with her tentacles instead of her pussy-mouth."

"Which does not pot her any points."

"Llana's strategy seems to be working somewhat better, since she has really boxed in the other contestants."

"But, she has been slowing down recently and clutching her swollen, pregnant looking belly...."

"She has just stopped completely and is arching her back and moaning!"

"It looks like, yes, she is trying to lay another egg!"

"It looks like Llana has been sidelined from making her final push by her oviparous nature!"


"I know stuff."

"I'm impressed."

"Thank you. Wanna make out?"

"Haha, later!"

"Joey seems to be right out of the race, since she has switched from trying to suck the cocks off with her dickslit face and is now just fucking the Zack cock-pillar with her twat."

"Which, given how far behind she was getting anyway seems like a reasonable choice."



"Well, while it won't win Joey the game, her fucking the cocks might yet change the outcome..."


"It is taking away potential cocks from Martha and Samantha..."

"I hadn't thought of that..."

"I bet this one is too close to casually call."

"Speaking of calling! Time is nearly up!"












"Cock's down!"

"Haha, well this looks like a job for Rex Dragoon and his Alchemists assistants to tabulate who won!"

"While we wait, let's check in with Cynthia and the contestants guests!"


"Thanks guys! I've hop hop hopped on over to Billy to see what he thinks of the game!

Hi Billy!"

"Hi Cynthia."

"How are you doing!"

"I'm okay."

"Even though your fiancee just sucked several dozen cocks?"

"Funnily enough, yeah, I'm okay. I mean, Zack is kind of just an inanimate dick machine now and watching my lover suck so many cocks was kind of totally a turn on."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah! I can't wait to make her get some of that green makeup on my stuff!"

"Wow! You are really getting into the spirit of the game."

"Well... when on Belial Idol...."

"Haha! Fair enough! Alright! Thanks Billy!

Now to hop-hop-hop on over to Fen!

Hi Fen!"

"Hi Cynthia!"

"Looks like another poor showing from Joey!"

"Poor showing? Were we watching the same thing?"

"What do you mean?"

"Joey just put on a tremendous show! My girlfriend has got me all kinds of hot and wet."

"Girlfriend? So does that mean you are okay with Joey being a lady-Joey?"

"Of course. Why wouldn't I be? I'd love that hot slut no matter what she looked like or considered herself to be!"

"That's very romantic!"

"Haha more like horny! Want to help me with that... I think I have some Lascivious Luxury Liptstick of my own in my purse..."

"Oh my! Well let's quickly go to Rex with the results before I get distracted by having my dick sucked!"


"Ladies! Gentlemen! People who's genders switch periodically during the day!

The time has come to announce the winner of The Lascivious Luxury Rainbow Party Challenege!

After carefully counting the glowing cocks with Lascivious Luxury Lipstick rings on them and attributing them to the relevant contestants we have reached the following counts:

In last place, with 15 orally ejaculated cocks! Joey!

In third place with 27 cocks! Llana!

The runner up with 32 orally ejaculated cocks..... Martha!

And the winner, with 63 orally ejaculated cocks.... Samantha!

Congratulations Samantha!

And a big thank you to our sponsors from Lascivious Luxury and to Zack our Ultimate Fan Sweepstakes winner! We couldn't have done this round without you!

As the winner Samantha is exempt from the next round of transformations. Joey, who was transformed in the last round is also exempt!

What this means is that there are two potential transformation candidates in this round!

YOU! The at home studio audience! YOU! Get to vote on who will be changed!!

Your choices are:

Contestant two: Martha! An older mother who has a headless body with a face on her crotch made of eyes, a cock "nose" and a pussy mouth. She has a tight body with shiny black skin, long blade like legs, ten tentacles instead of arms, and tiny tentacles laces on her back.


Contestant three: Llana! A wannabee rockstar who has been transformed into a giant serpent mermaid. She has shiny blue skin, glowing fins on her head and back, huge breasts, and a long serpeants tail that ends in a glowing swimming fluke and penis glans. She has a huge cunt on her crotch that also grows from which she periodically lays huge glowing eggs!

Who will you send to the CHAMABER OF CHANGES this time?

It is up to YOU! To vote!

I'm Rex Dragoon, your host. Remember to tune in next week for the exciting transformation round! And remember to VOTE!"


To vote go here: http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/forum … hp?id=1485

Polls close Friday


Re: Belial Idol

Is it going to be a little bit till the next Belial Idol?


Re: Belial Idol

Probably. My schedules changed so I can't promise weekly updates anymore. Updates will go up on Sundays when I can (so check back Sundays). I will finish the game though, and have some exciting plans in store for the remaining rounds. Sorry everyone.


Re: Belial Idol

Belial Idol

Transformation Round 9

"Ladies! Gentlemen! People held in taut web-prisons by writers who never update! Welcome to Belial Idol!! The game show where contestants endure rounds of transformations for an incredible cash prize! And where you the home audience votes for who gets changed by our celebrity panel of judges!

I'm your host Rex Dragoon!

Tonight is the eighth transformation round where the contestant YOU! voted for will enter the CHAMBER OF CHANGES while I randomly select a judge with the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to change them.

Someone YOU! voted for will be changed tonight!

But first. Let's check in with Cynthia Sparks to interview the winner of our challenge round, Samantha, contestant number one!"


“Thanks Rex! I’ve hop-hop-hopped over to Samantha!

Hiya Samsonite!"

"*giggle* Hi Cynthia!!"

"I see you are still wearing your Bright Green Lascivious Luxury Lipstick!"

"*giggle* NoooOOOooo I'm not!"/"The fine people at Lascivious Luxury offered to make my cosmetic choice, uh, permanent."


"Yes, my lips, on both faces, now secrete Lascivious Luxury Lipstick constantly."

"And you just decided to transform?!"

"Actually, they offered me a very lovely contract to be a spokes model."


"*giggle* Yah! All the moolah! And I just looove seeing a green ring on a cock I just blowied!"

"Haha! Speaking of blowies, that was quite a performance!"

"Heeee! It was totally fun too!"/"And it was gratifying to see how good I've gotten using both my faces at once."/"*giggle* I'm a total PRO *giggle* now!"

"Haha, well you did manage to get paid!

Anyway it's time to get on with the show! Congrats on your win

Back to you Rex!"


“Folks! It's time to announce who our transformation participant for the day is!

A drum-roll if you please!

I am happy to announce the votes are in and the majority of out audience wants to see...




Martha, our sexy mother!

How exciting!

Cynthia, how does our lucky victim feel!?"


"Thanks Rex! I've hoppity, hoppity, hopped on over to Martha!

Hi Martha!"

"Hello Little One."

"How are you feeling about being selected for another transformation?"

"I feel fine. I no longer fear the changes."

"Is that because you are already changed so much? Because you enjoy transforming now?"

"It is because of the pleasure, the sensual feeling of becoming sexier and more powerful."

"Well you are certainly sexier and more powerful now!"


"I'm not sure I can handle you becoming anymore sexy or powerful! I might just swoon or like, ejaculate until I faint."

"Mmm. I think I'd like to see you ejaculate until you faint."

"Uh, oh my!"

"Yes.... this is a little surprising isn't it?"

"I'd say you've loosened up... but I don't think you are any more relaxed...."

"Something to think about."

"Yeah! For sure! Uh! Good luck with your change!

Back to you Rex!"


"Now is the moment you have all been waiting for!

Contestant Two! Martha! Please make your way to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

And then, I, Rex Dragoon, will spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

And then, ladies and gentlemen and other, then Joey will CHANGE!!"


"Howdy Transformation Fans!"

"I'm Bob!"

"And I'm Doug!"

"Sounds like Martha is finally growing into her new body!"

"In that she sounds more sexy and dangerous!"

"Yes like her body."

"Her sexy and dangerous body?"

"Yeah! Why don't you describe it for our fans at home!"

"Right now Martha is a nine foot tall headless woman with shiny patent leather skin, ten tentacles for arms, and long sharp blades in place of her lower legs and feet!"

"Yeah! And her face is now on her crotch where she has two eyes, a cock in place of a nose, and her original pussy that also serves as her mouth!"

"In her last transformation she also grew a series of short, lace like tentacles that run down her back like corset laces!"

"Did we mention she looks sexy and dangerous, Bob?"

"Haha I think so Doug!"

"Martha has with her long, sharp stride, made her way over to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!"

"She has had to crouch down a little to climb into it!"

"She looks like a coiled spring of sexual violence!"

"The dickgirl attendants have sealed her into the chamber!"

"And here comes the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!"

"Oooh here comes the exciting part!"

"Let's check in with Rex for the spin!"


"Ladies, Gentlemen, and folks who can't decide! Our contestant is locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES! Now is the time for me to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

Are you ready!?




tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick tick





"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER TWO for todays transformation!"


"Welcome back!"

"It looks like transformation-style iconoclast Criss is going to transform Martha again!"

"For those at home with no eyes, Criss has a cunt for a mouth, a labial hood, a cunt skirt, five breasts, high hooved feet, and a special kangaroo pocket that contains an extra vaginal opening!"

"Her look is stylish and sexy!"

"Which makes sense since she used to be a model!"

"Criss looks like she is getting ready to start the camber of changes!"

"She is sketching another silent salute to the contestant in the chamber!"

"Hitting her blue control button!"

"And sliding the fingers of her other hand into her mouth cunt!"

"Oooh, I think she likes it!"

"And there is the bang of the CHAMBER OF CHANGES valves opening!"

"And the blue mist of transformation flooding in!"

"Mmmm. I think I like this part too!"

"We are one hard two dicked, six breasted, two-headed supermodel-broadcaster!"

"Oh my! I can feeel it! Inside of me!"

"Well, our ironhard cocks will have to wait, Doug, acording to Matteo, Martha is starting to transform!"

"Right Bob, but I can't see anything yet..."

"Yes, Martha still looks like her shiny, headless, intimidating self."

"Uuuunnnnnhhh!! My whole BODY! It feels like it's melting!"

"That sounds dramatic!"

"But so far we an't see anything different about Martha..."

"This is a really underwhelming transformation so far!"


"Oh! I think I see something!"

"What!? What!?"

"The short tentacles on her back have lengthened slightly and are now maybe a food long."

"That's a bit underwhelming!"

"It looks like Martha's transformation is done, and she is being let out of the chamber..."

"She is walking to the front of the stage.."

"Looking completely the same as when she into the chamber..."

"She is turning around and showing her back to the crowd and.... I think I see it."

"Martha, right down the centre of her back has a ridged seam, I think."

"It's a little hard to see since her long laces-like tentacles are knotted over it, apparently keeping it closed..."

"Oh! Martha is unlacing her tentacles which is revealing that she does have a puckered seam in her back."

"Which is now splitting open, revealing soft pink flesh!"

"Her back is opening wider and wider!"

"Revealing that Martha's body is a hollow cavity filled with pink, vaginal folds!"

"And not just glistening cunt flesh, either, since we are now seeing more tentacles emerging from her body cavity!"

"Except these tentacles are short and pink and look decidedly clitoral!"

"And... HOLY CRAP!"

"You said it Doug!"

"Martha has just shot out her clit-like tentacles, like frog tongues, and snatched someone out of the audience and dragged them into her body cavity!"

"Which has snapped closed on the victim, apparently trapping them inside of her body!"

"But not their head, which sticks out the top of the back seam, looking a bit like whoever it is is wearing Martha's body like a body suit!"

"They're legs are also dangling out the bottom of Martha's body, writhing in the air above the ground..."

"Except the leggings on those legs seem to be melting off..."

"It seems that Martha's body cavity juices can dissolve clothing!"

"Bob! I think I recognize Martha's victim!"

"You know, so do I!"

"It's Layla, the bandmate of the contestant Llana!"

"I hope she is okay!"

"I think she is... in fact, I think she is really enjoying it!"

"Your right, Doug, it looks like she is in sexual ecstasy!"

"She is certainly moaning and panting like it!"

"And so is Martha!"

"This is getting hot!"

"Both women are crying out in orgasm!"

"It doesn't look like Martha is going to let her go yet..."

"She is just standing there, towering on her long blade-point legs, with a flushed Layla inside of her."

"It's like she has become some sort of dominatrix, iron maiden made out of pussy flesh."

"Oh god that is sexy!"

"Do you think she will give us a turn!?"

"Mmm. We should find out!"

"Well, on that sexy note, let's check in with Cynthia and see what her daughter thinks!"


"Howdy folks! I've hop, hop, hopped over to Britney to see what she thinks!

Hi Brit!"

"Hi Cynthia!"

"What do you think of your mom's new change?"

"Uh, well, you know what, it's weird seeing my mother become a..."

"Predaotry cunt pocket?"

"...Sure. But it's kind of a sexy transformation..."

"Oh! You like it!?"

"Yeah, I mean, I guess... Could you imagine becoming so sexy and weird? Well... maybe you can."

"Thinking of changing!?"

"Uh... maybe one day...."

"Cool! I hope you go for it! I guess there's just one last question: are you going to try and wear your mom!?"

"Ewww. Cynthia that's gross!"

"Haha! Well you heard it!

Back to you Rex!"


"Ladies and Gentlemen and Others! We have completed our Ninth Transformation Round and permanently changed Martha, the contestant YOU! voted for!

Join us next week for the next Challenge Round in this exciting game of Belial Idol!

I'm Rex Dragoon, thank you and goodnight!"


Notes from the Producer: well, it's taken a while, but I *finally* moved us a little closer to the end. I can't promise weekly updates anymore, but I'm hoping to complete Belial Idol sooner than later.


Re: Belial Idol

Well that's an interesting change smile (also, good to read from you again)


Re: Belial Idol

Good to see you back. I can't wait to read more.


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Belial Idol

Challenge Round 10

"Ladies! Gentlemen! Living breasts skeptical this chapter would ever happen! Welcome to Belial Idol! The game show where contestants endure rounds of transformations for an incredible cash prize! And where YOU! the home audience votes for who gets changed by our celebrity panel of judges!

I'm your host Rex Dragoon!

During the last episode of Belial Idol we had another Transformation Round where a contestant voted for by YOU! was transformed permanently! Irrevocably! Before our very eyes!

Tonight marks the beginning of our final, tenth challenge round! Where our contestants will compete for a modest cash prize and for transformation immunity in the next transformation round!

Which one of our intrepid contestants has what it takes!?

But first let's check in with our delightful hopping interviewer Cynthia Sparks to see how our most recent transformation victim is feeling!"


"Thanks Rex! I'm going to hop, hop, hop on over to Martha who has been transformed from a headless, shiny, leather-skinned, hermaphrodite with whip arms to a headless, shiny, leather-skinned, hermaphrodite with whip hands who is a hollowed out, vaginal, bondage-maiden!

How's it going Martha!"

"Excellent, little one."

"Alright! How does it feel to be a fleshy bondage machine?"

"Why don't you step a little closer and I'll show you...mmmm?"

"No, it's, it's okay..."

"Ahhh, what's wrong Ms. Sparks, what are you, mmm, afraid of?"


"Are you scared that I'll crush your tiny weak body with my powerful vaginal grip? That I'll grab onto you and that you'll never escape me?"


"Ahhhh. Tell mistr... tell *me* all about it?"

"I'm afraid I can't since we have to throw it back to Rex for today's challenge!

What's the plan Rex!?"


"Today we have a very special challenge round where our contestants will get to step away from being transformation subjects and instead become alchemists for a day!

Their challenge will be to design their dream transformation and we will transform a willing volunteer to model their designs for the world! Then our panel of judges will select their favourite form and crown the winner of this challenge, granting them immunity in the next transformation round, a modest cash prize, and a single transformation they can choose to add to themselves! So the stakes are very high!

To help our contestants make their ideal bodies we have paired them with members of our in studio alchemists to discuss their plans and help them produce their changes!

When the horn sounds the contestants will have 10 minutes to plan, consult, and make magic happen!

Contestants! Are you ready!? Get set! Go!"



"Howdy Transformation fans!"

"I'm Bob!"

"And I'm Doug!"

"Sounds like we are in for an interesting challenge today!"

"I'll say: we finally get to see the dirty imaginations of our contestants at work!"

"What will they do? What are they into?"

"How have their transformations affected their tastes!?"

"Ha! I hadn't even thought of that!"

"This challenge might be as well be called the psychology round!"

"Speaking of pouring your heart out, our four contestants have walked, scurried, and slithered over to their alchemical consultants and have begun planning their transformations."

"It looks to be some intense discussion!"

"Contestant one, Samantha, our bifurcated, bi-gendered bunny-person and bride-to-be, is paired with in house Alchemist, Glenn!"

"Glenn is an alchemist of the oldschool and retains his human form."

"He might be a little boring, but he is a reliable, safe worker who always delivers what he promises!"

"He is also well known for being excellent at executing mental changes, so it will be interesting to see if Samantha wants to use that aspect of his craft!"

"Contestant number two, Martha, the sexy mother turned into a dominatrix, fleshy restraint device will be working with Matilda, another of our production crew alchemists!"

"Matilda is a driven, innovative alchemist who believes transformation can be used as a tool."

"That's why she alchemically fused a non-porous rubber suit with her skin, leaving her body covered with an unbroken smooth black coating from her neck to her toes."

"This protects her from exposure to alchemical reagents without having to wear extra safety gear."

"Although it's rumoured that Matilda is secretly an extremely kinky submissive and that her suit has built in dildos that fill her covered cunt and anus!"

"It's also rumoured that she had her mouth transformed so that it also functions as her anus, urethra, and pussy!"

"It might look normal, but the story says that when she is aroused her human-looking lips peel back to reveal the vulva and sphincter of her transformation!"

"We really ought to seduce her sometime to find out!"

"Haha! In the meantime, it will be interesting to see what Martha our budding dominatrix and Matilda our maybe-secret bondage slut come up with!"

"Contestant three, Llana, who is now a huge, egg-laying mermaid creature with huge breasts and glowing extremities, has been paired with Ommms, who is deceptively one of the most transformed Belial Idol alchemists."

"Ommms may look like a baseline human to you and me, but they are actually the result of four of our alchemistry team merging into a single collective organism!"

"Ommms also has the power to shift its body, male to female, depending on which personalities are being expressed today!"

"Based on Ommms pneumatic, feminine body, I'd say one of the prettier women is dominant today, Doug."

"I don't know Bob, it certainly looks like Ommms is packing some cock in that tight skirt their wearing!"

"Hmm, food for thought!"

"Ommms as you might expect specializes in merging and conjoinment transformations, so it will be interesting to see what makes it into Llana's plans!"

"Contestant Four, Joey, who is currently a lizard-woman with a serpent tail, cunt, long tail, udder, chesticles, and a penis for a head with black globe eyes on its glans, is working with Luann who recently turned herself into a dickgirl!"

"I guess it's hard to work around so many lovely phalluses without wanting to be one yourself!"

"I wonder what her recent transformation has done for her perspective on alchemy?"

"Hmm. I don't know... but, you know, Bob, both Joey and Luan have dicks for heads now."


"So the question is, are two dicks smarter than one?"

"Haha, being half of a di-phallus conjoined bombshell I can say that having two dicks is at least more fun!"


"It looks like time is almost up for the planning phase of this contest!"






"And off go the alchemists to formulate the contestants body designs!"

"It won't be long now folks, since we've hired some of the fastest alchemists we could for our production team!"

"While we wait, though, why don't we check in with our interviewer extraordinaire, Cynthia Sparks to see what hints we can get from the contestants!"


"Thanks guys! We don't want to ruin any surprises, but maybe I can get us a scoop!

I'm going to hop, hop, on over to Samsonetta to see what she's come up with!

Hiya Sam-tam!"

"*giggle* Hiiiii!!!!"

"Any clues you willing to divulge to the viewers at home!?"

"*ahem* Well, Glenn and I were talking about what I like about my body and we came up with something that's in the same vein. I think you'll like it./ 'Cause it's real sexxxyyy! *giggle*"

'That's kind of vague. Can't you give us more than that?"

"Noooo! It's a seeckrit!"

"Haha! Alright! Goodluck Sammaslamma!"

"Thank you."

"Now to hoppity hop on over to Martha!

Hiya Martha!"

"Hello little one."

"How was it working with Matilda."

"It was gratifying, it seems Matilda and I share many thoughts on what is sensual."

"You don't say!? Would you care to share with us what those thoughts might be?"

"Well, little one, let's say that by spending time with Gilbert, I have come to realize some things about the nature of desire and pleasure and my appetites."

"GIlbert, you mean the limbless chick from the maze challenge?"

"Yes, my... companion..."

"And so we'll see something like Gilbert?"

"Ah, that would be telling..."

"Right! Let's keep the surprise ready!

So I'll hop, hop, hop-hop-hop on over to Llana

Hiya Llana!"

"Hi Cynthia!"

"How's may favourite glowing sea-monster rockstar?"

"Ready to win a challenge round!"

"Ha! I see your stomach is looking trim tonight."

"Yep, I had a spicy dinner so that I'd lay my egg before we started tonight."

"That's too bad, it made for good TV!"

"Haha, well, I thought I might be more competitive without a big pregnant belly or the distraction of labour right in the middle of a challenge. Besides, having an empty womb will come in handy tonight..."

"What!? Why would that help? What are you planning Llana?"

"Oops! I've said too much!"

"Dang! I thought I might've landed a scoop there!

Alright now to hop, hop, hop on over to Joey

How's it hanging Joey?"

"The udder is low and full and the testicles are riding high on my chest!"

"Haha! Anything you want to tell us about your plans?"

"Just that the change me and Luann came up with came out of listening to Luann talk about the hardest parts of being a dickgirl since she changed."


"Yeah, and as a girl who has a dick for a head, I really responded to some of her issues and it inspired me about what I want to do."

"Hmm... okay! Don't say anything else! Your surprise is perfectly set up!

Okay back to Doug and Bob in the booth!"


"Thanks Cynthia!"

"Well, it certainly sounds like we are in for some sexy transformations tonight!"

"You could get that from what little they said, Bob?"

"Haha! Not really, but I'm just assuming... I mean this is Belial Idol!"

"Haha, too true!"

"I'm being told that our production alchemists have speedily finished the formulations for tonights challenge!"

"I guess that means it's time for our lovely dickgirl models and the alchemists to wheel out tonights transformation volunteers!"

"Bob says wheel out since our volunteers have already been enclosed in the sealed chambers we'll be using for tonights challenge... oh!"

"Oh is right, it looks like the transformation chambers being wheeled out are covered with opaque sheets!"

"It seems we are in for a surprise!"

"I can feel a boner coming on!"

"The dickgrils and alchemists have dragged the draped transformation enclosures onto the stage and positioned them!"

"The alchemist is reaching out and yanking off the curtains!"

"Holy crow!"

"Holy crow is right!"

"The transformation cylinders holding tonights transformation volunteers...."

"...are holding the loved ones and guests of each of the contestants!"

"In Samantha's transformation enclosure is her fiance Billy!"

"In Martha's chamber is her daughter Britney!"

"In Llana's transformation enclosure is her bandmate Layla!"

"And in Joey's chamber is his girlfriend Fen!"

"This just got interesting!"

"We are so fucking hard right now!"

"I'm being told that we are going to go to Rex Dragoon for an announcement!"


"Ladies! Gentlemen! Skeptical pheromones! Our four contestants have each devised their ideal transformation which they will subject their own special guests to!

That's right! Our bride to be will transform her groom!

Our sexy mother will change her daughter!

Our rockstar will give her bandmate a makeover!

And our transformation fan will get to transform his freaky girlfriend!

Lives will be changed! Relationships altered!

Next week on Belial Idol!

So tune in next Sunday for the exciting conclusion to the 10th Challenge round!


Programming note: Sorry for the long wait folks! I have been busy and wanted this final Challenge Round to be special, so I took my time to get it right. It's all written (and maybe illustrated wink ) and ready to go, so barring unforeseen difficulties, part II should be up next week on Sunday or Monday.

Hope it was worth the wait!


Re: Belial Idol


This is such a tease!

Can't wait to see what our contestants have come up with.  This is going to be fun!


Re: Belial Idol

Belial Idol

Challenge Round 10, part II.

"Ladies! Gentlemen! Excited on-lookers whatever you might be! Welcome to Belial Idol! The game show where contestants endure rounds of transformations for an incredible cash prize! And where YOU! the home audience votes for who gets changed by our celebrity panel of judges!

I'm your host Rex Dragoon!

During the last episode of Belial Idol we had our contestants design their ideal transformations for secret volunteers! Volunteers we revealed were their loved ones and guests! Their fiance, daughter, bandmate, and girlfriend! The suspense!

Tonight we will see these people transformed before our very eyes! Remade by the imaginations of our contestants!

Our panel of judges will then vote on which change they favour the most and the winner will receive a modest cash prize, immunity in the transformation round, and the ability to make one minor change to their own body!

But before we get started, I'd like to express on behalf of the show that the volunteers were not forced or coerced into participating and are instead playing the game of their own volition. We offered each of these volunteers: Billy, Britney, Layla, and Fen, enough money to realize their dreams in return for their participation. And to a person they agreed! So never fear home audience! Everything is on the up and up!

So, without further ado, (and before anyone gets cold feet) let's go to Bob and Doug in the booth for the transformations!"


"Howdy transformation fans!"

"I'm Bob!"

"And I'm Doug!"

"And we are in for an exciting show tonight!"

"I'll say! Having our contestants transformed their loved ones is a fantastic twist!"

"One, incidentally, that our at home audience has been clamouring for almost since the show began!"

"Well, you're welcome you beautiful weirdos!"

"Haha! For those at home without eyes our four lucky volunteers are lined up on the stage in their transformation loaded transformation chambers and ready to start!"

"Standing next to each tank is the assistant alchemists who helped each contestant design their transformation elixirs!"

"A transformation order has already been decided back stage, so without further ado: let's get to this!"

"Apparently contestant number four, Joey will go first!"

"Or more accurately, Fen will be going first!"

"The spotlight has highlighted Fen in her chamber, her tall, thin body nude and on display."

"She is clearly aroused, Bob, absolutely trembling with anticipation!"

"She is, viewers might remember, a dedicated transformation fan whose boyfriend Joey is playing to pay for her dream transformation!"

"Well, it seems she is about to get Joey's dream transformation instead!"

"Luann, the dickgirl alchemist assistant who helped Joey, is sashaying over to the chamber controls."

"She pauses for a moment..."

"Fen blows a nervous looking Joey a kiss!"

"And Luann slams her foot down on the controls!"

"Here comes the transformation mists!"

"The mists are fogging the chamber completely!"

"Looks like this will be a fast change!"

"I'm so excited!"

"And the fog is still hanging thick in the chamber...."

"Can you see anything..."

"They are wheeling the chamber over to a runway stage and opening the door, releasing cloud of steam and..."

"And a normal looking Fen!?"

"That was anti-climatic, Bob."

"I'll say.. wait, Fen is now trying to strut her way along the catwalk... and something is happening to her face..."

"Her top lip is swelling massively as she walks and seems to be stretching down her face to meet a large chin waddle that is growing on her throat..."

"I think that chin waddle is just more lips, Doug. Vulva actually."

"Yeah! I think you are right! Fen now has a massively fleshy cunt instead of a mouth!"

"And it is stretching downward, her new pussy lips pushing between her smallish breasts..."

"It seems her lower jaw has melted into her face, and is being replaced by a large globular clit that is swelling between the forearm sized bulge of her top-lip cunt hood!"

"This new clit has swollen to the size of a breast and pushes her massive face cunt open obscenely!"

"It is absolutely gaping!"

"And... Woah!"

"Woah is right! Fen is only halfway along the catwalk and it seems her lower body has just melted!"

"Fen's cunt split face, otherwise unchanged head, neck, and shoulders now rest on a massive, swelling pile of pink glistening flesh!"

"I'd say it looks like more vulva, Bob, but it's hard to tell since it looks so large and boneless..."

"I wonder what is happening with her lower body?"

"Hmmm, I think we might get a chance to see: the production crew has moved a boom camera crane over to the runway and are dangling a trapeze handle over Fen!"

"Fen has grabbed hold of the handle and is being foisted into the air revealing her lower body..."

"Which is apparently a giant floppy cunt tube, the width of her hips and six feet long..."

"And... music just kicked in Doug! And Shafta, the dickgril model who Fen tattooed sleeves onto her legs, is strutting and dancing along the stage toward the dangling Fen!"

"And she is oozing pre out of her amazing, five foot tall cock shaft body!"

"She is lining up her giant glans head agains the opening of Fen's cunt-tube lower body!"

"And Shafta is slowly penetrating Fen, pushing in and in and in and in until Fen's massive Vulva are stretched tight around her cock body all the way to her hips!"

"Shafta is balls deep inside Fen!"

"Shafta is so far into Fen that even Fen's still human chest is bulging obscenely!"

"It really looks like Shafta is wearing a wet, fleshy condom that is tipped with Fen's upper torso and cuntified face!"

"Except that flesh condom is squeezing Shafta tighter, and bulging with obvious muscles that are squeezing and caressing the cockwoman inside!"

"Shafta appears to like it based on how wet her cunt looks and the way she is trying to thrust up into Fen!"

"And Fen looks to be getting the hang of things, with her muscular cunt tube rippling in bands, as she is massaging Shafta's cockbody rhthymically!"

"And Shafta seems to be loving it..."

"She is tensing up!"

"And Shafta is ejaculating!"

"Which is spraying out of Fen's cunt mouth in mighty bursts that are shooting into the studio audience!"

"Splash zone!"

"What a show!"

"And what a change!!"


"Let's check in with Cynthia Sparks who is with Joey, to have him describe his designed body!"

(To see Fen's new form go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18439459/)


"Thanks guys! I've hop-hop-hopped on over to Joey!

Hi Joey!"

"Hi Cynthia."

"How do you feel right now?"

"Stunned! And aroused!"

"Haha, with that display, I can see why you are aroused, but stunned?"

"I really wasn't expecting Fen to volunteer like that: I'm here playing to transform her into her dream body!"

"Does that make you mad that you've transformed for her to just jump right into it? I mean, you are a lizard woman now!"

"Not at all! I just hope she loves what she is now..."

"She sure looks like she enjoyed herself, but what exactly is she?"

"She's a sex toy for dickgirls: a scaled up fucktube for giant cocks."

"And why did you choose that, it seems like an odd choice for you..."

"Well, talking with Luann, the alchemist I was working with, and spending time with the lovely Belial Idol models, and uh, since my own head become a large cock, I've been thinking about how sad it must be to be a giant penis and not have a giant vagina to fuck. And since I had the chance to change someone, I thought, why not make a friend for the cock women of the world!"

"That's super generous... but what does this mean for you two? You aren't a dickgirl..."

"Haha, not yet anyway!"

"Haha, you heard it. Thanks Joey!

Let's get back to the booth for the next transformation!"


"Thanks Cynthia!"

"So, a giant cunt for cockgirls..."

"Urethella is sure going to be excited!"

"Haha, I'm excited!"

"Maybe we've found some new sexytime friends!"

"I love making new sexy time friends!"

"Speaking of sexy times... it looks like our next volunteer is being positioned for their surprise transformation!"

"It looks like Billy, the fiance of Samantha will be our next participant!"

"He is standing nude in his tube and we can finally scope out his naked body..."

"Which is pale but well muscled and...ah..."

"Samantha appears to be a lucky girl, he is quite well hung!"

"Haha, but is he as well hung as the male half of Samantha's split gendered body?"

"And more importantly, will he stay that way?"

"We are about to find out!"

"Standing next to the chamber is the alchemical assistant Glenn, looking very proper in a spotless white suit and elbow length gloves."

"Billy nervously waves at Samantha who looks worried and excited at the same time."

"The benefit of having two faces!"


"Glenn bends down and calmly, carefully checks the alchemical machine."

"Glenn is a perfectionist!"

"He nods, opens the valves, and the Billy is totally hidden by transformative mists!"

"Once again the chamber, still full of fog, is being repositioned at the cat walk!"

"And... they are unsealing it!"

"And there is a still naked, still very human looking Billy!"

"Billy somewhat uncertainly takes a few unsteady steps onto the catwalk."

"The man looks nervous, Bob."

"I'll say! Although if I were balancing on a stage on live television about to be struck by an unknown transformation I'd be a bit nervy too!"

"Haha, well said!"

"It looks like Billy is touching his lower back...."

"What's happening?"

"He is turning sideways... and... it looks like he is growing a patch of bright orange fur right in the small of his back!"

"A patch of fur that is bulging! He is definitely growing something big on his back."

"And not only that, but he is growing two smaller protuberances from his tail bone as well!"

"And the orange fur is starting to spread down around his butt cheeks and thighs!"

"Is it my imagination, but are his thighs and butt cheeks becoming softer and rounder?"

"No! They are definitely taking a decidedly feminine shape."

"That said, his main change still seems to be the large bulge emerging form his back, which is now a torso sized, cylindrical mound as tall as he is!"

"I'd say it's more than just torso shaped: I think it might literally be a torso!"

"I think you're right, Bob. The large growth is starting to pinch and pull and take on a decidedly feminine shape!"

"It kind of looks like Billy is growing a red furry, woman with... four breasts from his back!"

"Judging by the fact those other two growths seem to be foxtails, I'd say he is growing a fox woman out of his back!"

"A fox woman who is growing a fox muzzled face, long blonde hair, and arms covered in short black fur!"

"And who seems to be taking over his legs as they become curvy, covered in black fur, and digitigrade!"

"I think your wrong that Billy is a guy with a foxgirl on his back..."


"I think he looks more like a foxgirl with a Billy growing out of her crotch!"

"You know, that might be apt as Billy has now titled forward, and grown what looks like a lupine sheath around his waist!"

"And now his torso flesh is taking on a bright pink, canine penis colour!"

"And his hair is falling out!"

"And his torso is developing female curves while his chest is wrinkling and swelling!"

"And his face is melting into itself as his head pushes out in a might glans!"

"And his chest has swollen into a large pair of testicle tits!"

"Billy is now a foxey shemale with an anthropomorphic lady fox body, two tails, and a torso sized penis cock body with arms for a dick!"

"Billy seems pretty happy with the change and is bouncing and strutting gayly along the catwalk, his dick torso swinging wildly from his crotch."

"Are you sure Billy is a he?"

"Not at all! Haha! Isn't that great!"

"Billy has made his? her? way to the end of the catwalk and has struck a dramatic and silly pose with his or her lady fox body!"



"While posing, Billy has shrunk his penis body down from the size of a torso to a very large cock that would fit into a human scale vagina!"

"The dick body is still erect, and still has the arms, torso and head shape of the original but is now just the right size for fucking us in the ass!"

"Ooo, that's a naughty idea!"

"And woah! Now Billy's penis torso is full sized again!"

"It seems Billy can change the size of his fabulous dick torso at will!"

"A tool for any sized job!"

"Billy has ended her? sexy pose and has her hands up on her muzzled face and is shuddering with laughter!"

"Actually, Doug, I think she is giggling uncontrollably!"

"Huh... you know Glenn is a wizard at delicate mental changes..."

"I wonder if Billy's mind is different..."

"Let's check in with Cynthia to find out!"

(To see Billy's final form go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18439477/)


"Thanks guys! I've hop-hop-hopped on over to Sammaslamma to ask her about Billy's transformation!

Hiya Sammy!"

"*giggle* HI!"

"And how are you?"

"*Giggle* So excited and hooooorny!"/"And also concerned about Billy..."

"Let's start with the fun stuff: why are you so excited?"

"'Cause my lovah is sooooooo sexy now!"

"What exactly did you do to him?"

"*giggle* I made him juuuuust like ME! *giggle*"/" I am enjoying my change so much, and did not want to burden someone an unpleasant transformation... so I thought I would design something a bit like my body."

"Oh yeah?"

"Well, I didn't think it should be the same, so I used a fox instead of a bunny. Then we split the person into two halves, the fox half which would express their fun bimbo personality and their dick half which would be their more practical half. And we made the dick half of the body adjustable in size so that whoever was transformed can have sex with a variety of partners."

"That's very thoughtful... but why the dick torso?"

"DUUUUUH! Dicks are super sexy!"

"Haha! They totally are! But why are you worried about Billy?"

"I'm just concerned that it might be too extreme for him... I didn't think we wanted to transform himself."

"Well he did volunteer. I guess you'll just have to help convince him he likes his new body."

"Oh don't worry."/"Iiiiii willll! *giggle*"


"Wow, they are going to make one sexy bride and groom or groom and groom or bride and bride now!"

"Haha, bride/groom and groom/bride?"

"I like it! It has a ring to it!"

"Well, I sincerely hope they are very happy together!"

"And I hope that if they are not, they'll let us console them with our body!"

"Haha, Bob, you slut!"


"Our producers are telling us it's time to move on to our next volunteer!"

"Next up is Britney, the daughter of Martha, who is contestant number two."

"Like our other volunteers she is nude, so we can see that she is very much a younger version of her mother."

"Yeah, she is a beauty, with a lean, curvy body with high medium sized breasts and legs that go on for days!"

"Imagine how sexy she will be with a few more years to mature into her body!"

"Imagine how sexy she might be in a few moments, after she is transformed!!"

"Britney also looks a little nervous, clearly uncomfortable with being naked in front of so many people!"

"It's a little hard to tell with Martha since her face is two eyes on her crotch above her dick and pussy mouth, but she looks nervous too!"

"Well, she certainly wasn't expecting to be transforming her daughter tonight!"

"I wonder how extreme a change this will be... Martha seems to have... certain appetites now..."

"Matilda, the black latex-skinned alchemist is standing next to the transformation chamber shooting a guilty look at Martha!"

"Although, if the rumours about her having internal dildos under her seamless skin are true, the way she is rubbing her thighs together is probably a sign that she is also pretty aroused!"

"Britney for her part is also looking at Martha, desperately mouthing.... I think... it's okay and I love you."

"Sweet kid."

"Matilda looks at Britney who nods,  and is now bending over and opens the valves the to the chamber!"

"And woosh comes the fog!"

"Once again, we can't see Britney at all since she is steeped in the cloud of transformative aerosol."

"But the chamber is being moved to the catwalk!"

"Oh, I'm excited!"

"Me too!"

"They are opening the chamber!"

"And here comes Britney!"

"Who still looks quite nervous, and is trying to cover herself with her arms to preserve her modesty a bit..."

'She is take some steps and... something is happening to her face!"

"Her mouth and nose are melting and flowing together and taking on a familiar vertical alignment!"

"She is getting a good old fashioned cunt mouth!"

"Yep, instead of a nose and mouth, Britney now has a clit and fleshy, enflamed vulva on her face."

"Her hands have abandoned their place covering her breasts and original pussy and are now stroking her face-cunt!"

"And now she is showing all of the fingers of one of her hands into her mouth cunt and pinching her face clit with the other!"

"Based on the look on the rest of her face she is deeply enjoying her first change!"

"Based on how far her fist is inside her face cunt, I'd agree that she is deeply, enjoying it!"


"Oh! Britney seems to have snapped back to reality as she stumbled!"

"She's stumbled, Doug, because her legs and feet have just reoriented so that she is standing en pointe like a ballerina!"

"Not only that but her toes have fused together and her feet have elongated, so that she is even more off balance!"

"She is waving her arms around desperately trying to maintain her balance!"

"Except her arms are loosing their shape, becomeing boneless and rubbery!"

"And shrinking into her shoulders!"

"Those arms are going!"





"Haha, Britney is now armless, with shoulders that end smoothly where her limbs once were."

"Britney is now cunt mouthed, armless, and balanced on ballet feet!"

"And I don't think she is done!"

"It looks like balance might be about to be less of an issue, as her legs seem to be splitting right down the middle to form a new pair of legs!"

"Not only that, but it looks like her ass and crotch are growing further apart as she grows a new slender torso that spans links her front legs and her back legs!"

"Britney is now a humantaur!"

"A humantaur that has four long, shapely legs that end in exaggerated ballet feet!"

"While she can certainly balance better now, based on the careful mincing steps, she is having some trouble walking quickly!"

"I think that would be a permanent problem!"

"Hmm. That's sexy!"

"Britney is now growing three new nubs on her body: one between her ass cheeks and two more out of the sides of her head!"

"The one on her butt is growing long chestnut hair that matches her head and is, I think a horse tail!"

"So are the growths on her head, I think! It looks like Britney is growing two equine tails from her skull giving her permanent pigtails!"


"Oh! She just tossed her hair and flicked her tails, and I just noticed that her ears have melted into her head, leaving a completely side to her skull!"

"I wonder if she is deaf now?"

"Deaf-inately sexy!"


"Oh my!"

"Oh my is right!"

"Britney just reared up on her hind legs and squealed through her cunt mouth!"

"Which seems to coincide with the growth of a pretty massive 14 inch cock and balls between her rear legs!"

"And there she blows! Haha!"

"She really didn't wait long before having her first male orgasm, huh?"

"Haha, no she didn't! So like her mother!"

"So what does that leave her with now?"

"Well, she has her massive, human looking cock, she has her small seemingly unaltered vagina between her forelegs... and looking at the monitor that can see behind her... also a large, remarkably fleshy looking cunt between her rear legs too!"

"Don't forget the big cunt on her face too!"

"And it seems like her change is done..."

"So Britney is now a hermaphrodite humantaur, with no arms, who has a cunt for a mouth, no ears, and is permanently en pointe?"

"It looks like it!"

"But she is still making her delicate way to the end of the stage!"

"And Matilda is walking down it behind her, brandishing a canoe paddle!"

"What is going on!?"

"I am excited to find out!"

"Matilda is winding up with the paddle and..."

"Whap! She just slapped Britney on her ass with the paddle!"

"And Britney just screeched with pleasure!"

"I think she just had an orgasm!"

"Matilda is winding up again!"

"And Whap! Another slap to the rear!"

"And another shuddering orgasm for Britney!"

"And Whap! Again!"

"And this time Britney's cock has erupted again beneath her, and she has collapsed onto the ground as her legs gave out with the pleasure!"

"And look! She already has a bruise rising on her ass!"

"Holy cow! I think Martha just turned her daughter into an amuptee pain slut!"

"Woah! That's some kinky stuff!"

"I wonder how she feels about that?"

"I'm going with conflicted: worried for her daughter and so turned on!"

"Let's go to Cynthia Sparks for an update!"

(To see Britney's new form go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18439496/)


"Well! I've hopped to my favourite perch on Martha's penis!

Martha, how are you doing?"

"Well, little one, I'm worried!"


"Did you not see what I just did to my beautiful daughter?"

"Well yes, but what exactly did you do?"

"I let Matilda and my imaginations run wild! My daughter is now a hermaphrodite humantaur schoolgirl who is in permanent bondage with her lack of arms, her lack of mouth, and ears, and those ridiculous feet we gave her! She is deaf and mute! She is deeply sexually stimulated by pain and her skin is designed to bruise at the slightest abuse! I've made my wonderful daughter into the ultimate submissive fantasy!"

"And why is that a problem?"

"Because she was supposed to have a life! She was doing this to go to great college and build a better life for herself and be the star she was always meant to be! And now... now she is a sex fiend who is physically limited by her body!"

"But we're all sex freaks! And we all have lives bigger than our appetites! I mean, are you only the terrifying vagina trap now? Do you regret your body"

"No... but I still have limbs and digits and can take care of myself!"

"But doesn't the school she is going to have special resources for people with disabilities and those that have extreme transformations?"


"So maybe it will be okay! Maybe she loves her new body?"

"I... I guess..."

"Look at the stage! Matilda is holding up some signs that I think your daughter painted with her foot!"

"What do they say? I can't see from down here."

"The first says "Mom, don't worry!" and the second says "I love my new body! It's so kinky!" I think she is going to be okay!"

"I... I hope so. Cynthia. Thank you for this."

"Don't mention it!

And with that, back to you guys in the booth!"


"Wow. Gee, that was some real stuff..."

"It really warms the heart to see so much real emotion on Belial Idol..."

"But enough of that!"

"Time for more sexy changes!"

"So let's move onto our last volunteer!"

"This time up it is Layla, the scrappy bandmate of Llana!"

"Clearly on display, and vamping for the audience like a good rockstar!"

"We can all see her small, high breasts and bright green hair!"

"She looks totally into it, mugging at the audience, lifting one leg up against the side of the chamber and humping the air!"

"What a stud!"

"Haha, maybe in a minute!"

"Hmm... I don't see Llana's giant glowing, shiny form in the crowd."

"Weird, I hope everything is okay."

"Ommms, the alchemist Llana worked with is fiddling with the controls."

"Ommms is a merged collective, and today is appearing as a heavily muscled, tall man but with great giant tits and the round, soft ass of a fat woman!"

"I guess they are expressing power and maternal feelings today."

"Or they just like being cut, busty, and badunk-a-dunked!"


"This version of Ommms seems all business and sketching a salut to Layla, is using a long lever to jam open the vents and flood the chamber with the transformative mists!"

"Once again, we can't actually see into the chamber as it is wheeled to the stage..."

"And it looks like they are about to open the door!"



"Huh is right!"

"We were expecting to see Layla, standing there getting ready to rock her way down the catwalk..."

"But instead sitting in the experimental chamber is a perfectly round, orange glowing sphere. About the size of a large sports ball..."

"And Ommms is stepping forward and lifting the orb up in their arms."

"I wonder whats... oh! Llana is slithering onto the catwalk with her extremely bust sea-monster mermaid body. Just a quick reminder that she has shiny blue skin, glowing green fins, massive breasts, a long serpent tail that ends in a swimming fluke and cock head."

"And she is oviparous... are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"That, that orange sphere looks a lot like an egg!"


"Llana and Ommms have met at the end of the catwalk!"

"And now Ommms is shoving the Layla egg into Llana's massive cunt and into her womb!"

"Dang that is sexy! Llana's stomach is bulging with the egg inside her!"

"She looks massively pregnant!"

"I wonder what is happening in there...."

"You know, it looks like Llana's belly is shrinking..."

"Do you think she is absorbing Layla somehow?"

"Well she did make this change with Ommms."


"Totally! Llana has just grown a translucent glowing orange penis, the size of a leg out of her massive green glowing cunt!"


"She has also grown some smaller orange tentacles that originate within her vulva!"

"I wonder if Layla has just become Llana's new cock?"

"Hmm. I feel like that would be a bit underwhelmi.... woah!"

"Llana's head has just sunk into her shoulders which have blossomed into a truly monstrous mass of cunt flesh!"

"Cunt flesh that looks a lot like some sort of predatory head... like a carnivorous plant made out of cunt flesh!"

"I'm pretty sure it has to be cunt flesh, since it is made of the same green glowing flesh as Llana's other cunt tissues!"

"And this new organ... head... whatever has just sprouted a ring of the same orange glowing tentacles!"

"Llana and Layla too I guess really look like a sexual sea monster now!"

"Something else is happening!"

"Well for one she is getting even larger, with easily a ten foot tall torso and a tail that has to be thirty feet long!"

"Truly monstrous!"

"But something is happening with her, their? arms as well!"

"They are becoming boneless and longer, becoming massive tentacles!"

"And her hands are balling up into fists that are swelling into glowing globes!"

"The globe on the monsters right arm is glowing green, while the one on the left is glowing orange!"

"The arm glowing globes are both developing ridges that look a lot like cunts!"

"Yeah, that is exactly how I would describe them: Llana/Layla now has two huge tentacles that end in a glowing orange and glowing green pussy slit!"

"But wait!"

"There's more!"

"There is something peaking out of the green, right hand cunt!"

"It looks like a green translucent face with large green glowing fins!"

"And it's still emerging!"

"It's a green, translucent torso and arms and face of... Llana!"

"The right handed tentacle cunt seems to have a full sized glowing Llana, down to her hips and complete with her own small pussy, living inside of it!"

"The glowing Llana is smiling, blowing kisses at the audience, and is flashing the devil horns!"


"The left handed cunt tentacle also has something slipping out of it's folds..."

"It's an orange, translucent glowing Layla!"

"Yep, it's Layla from her pussy and hips to the top of her head which now has short dreadlock-like tentacles instead of hair!"


"Glowing Layla looks confused, and a bit nervous..."

"Llana just noticed her and yelled at her that she's on stage!"

"And Layla is totally mugging at the audience now, flipping the bird and fingering her cunt with her other hand!"

"Fucking metal!"


"Although... I wonder how their new shared arrangement works?"

"Hmm... me too."

"Let's check in with Cynthia for the scoop!"

(To see the new Llana and Layla go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18439521/)


"Okay. I'll do my best. Hoppity hoppity hopping over to Llana and.. Layla too I guess."

Hi girls?"

"Hi" "Hi"

"So, uh, Llana, what gives?"

"I thought it was obvious: I'm conjoined with Layla now!"

"Right... but your not you anymore? How does the body share work?"

"It's a bit complicated: basically, me and Layla are now our torsos here at the end of the bodies arms and we also have control of the tentacles we are part of, yeah?"

"Okay? And the main body?"

"The Seamonster is kind of her own thing: she's a bit me, a bit Layla, and a bit her own emergent thing made from Layla and me. She has control of the tail and torso. Although we can all kind of influence where we go by consensus. It's... complicated!"

"Wait, Llana baby, I'm part of your body and it's not even your fucking body?"

"Pretty cool right?"

"Woah. I guess there's no breaking up the band now, eh?"

"Nope! Your stuck with me! To me! To us!"

"Hey! I'm the one doing the interview here!"

"Haha sorry!"

"So, Llana, who feels what part of you?"

"Why don't we conduct an experiment, I'll just swing my torso over here, to the Seamonsters nice orange dick, wrap my soft, mildly clitoral body around it, and start to, mmm, gyrate like so..."


"Oh y-you like that Layla?"

"Oooh! Don't you ev-ever stop touching our cock!"



"S-s--such a fah-fah-filthy...mmmm... Mah-maouth!"



"Oh that was great! This is awesome!"

"I know, right. That dear Cynthia is who feels what!"

"Sexy! Also did you know you shoot orange and green streaked glowing cum?"

"No, but that's awesome!"

"Haha I guess!

Now I'll throw this back to Rex Dragoon to explain how this round is judged!"


"Ladies and Gentlemen, excited discorporeal voices who requested this transformation! It is now time to judge this transformation contest!

Unlike most nights where our judges are actually transformation designers and you, the at home audience votes for who wins, this round our judges will... Judge! They will decide which contestant designed the most exciting, the most extreme, and the most sexual new body for their loved one or guest! And then we will name our winner, who will receive a modest cash prize, the final transformation immunity, and an optional transformation for themselves that they get to pick!

So with the transformations out of the way, let's check in with our panel of judges and see which change they think deserves the prize!

So let's go round!

Judge number one! Saiya, what do you say?

Joey and Fen! One point for them!

Judge number two! Criss, who do you think wins?

Lara and Llana! A two way tie!

Judge number three! Gigi, who wins?

Martha and Britney! A three way tie!

Judge number four! Mysterious Stranger! Who wins!!??

Martha wins!

We have a verdict! Martha wins the final Challenge Round of Belial Idol!

Congratulations Martha!!!

This means that Martha has immunity for the next Transformation Round of Belial Idol, but gets to select a transformation for herself during the next round!

Our producers have also reviewed the rules and have decided that Llana will also be exempt from the next transformation round since she underwent a change tonight...

Which means our final transformation round will be a head-to-head between Joey and Samantha!

So you will vote for:

Contestant one: Samantha! A bride to be who has become a double bodied bunny hermaphrodite, with a buxom six-breasted female bodied conjoined by its back to a muscular male body!


Contestant four: Joey! Joey! A transformation enthusiast who is now a transwoman cuntboy with a lizardy body, long reptilian tail, udder, testicle breasts, and a penis for a head with round, black salamander eyes!

Who will you send to the CHAMABER OF CHANGES for the final time?

I'm Rex Dragoon, your host. Remember to tune in next week for the exciting transformation round! And remember to VOTE!"


Production note: one transformation round to go! So please vote here: http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/viewtopic.php?id=1810


Re: Belial Idol

Belial Idol
Transformation Round 10

"Ladies! Gentlemen! Erotic stationary that just wants to get this over with! Welcome to Belial Idol!!

The game show where contestants endure rounds of transformations for an incredible cash prize! And where you the home audience votes for who gets changed by our celebrity panel of judges!

I'm your host Rex Dragoon!

Tonight is the tenth transformation round where the contestant YOU! voted for will enter the CHAMBER OF CHANGES while I randomly select a judge with the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION to change them.

Someone YOU! voted for will be changed tonight!

We also have a very special BONUS transformation where the winner of our final challenge round gets to choose their own transformation!

But first! Let's get on with the main event and announce tonights transformation subject!

So without further ado!

A drum-roll if you please!

I am happy to announce the votes are in and the majority of out audience wants to see...




Joey, the dick headed lizardgirl is our ultimate victim!!

How exciting!

Cynthia, how does our lucky contestant feel!?"


"Thanks Rex!

I've hop-hop-hopped over to Joey!

Hi Joey!"

"Hiya Cynthia!"

"So you're our last transformation victim! How does it feel!"

"Like an honour I guess!"

"Haha, so you feel like you've won something?"

"Well, it's another free, custom made transformation just for me! That's quite a prize!"

"So you're excited then!"

"Of course! Bring it on!"

"Haha okay!

You heard it here folks: Joey the transformation fan is still a fan of transformation!

Back to you Rex!"


"Now is the moment you have all been waiting for!

Contestant Four! Joey! Please make your way to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!

And then, I, Rex Dragoon, will spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

And then, ladies and gentlemen and other, then Samantha will CHANGE!!"


"Howdy transformation fans!"

"I'm Bob!"

"And I'm Doug!"

"And we are here for the final!"

"The ultimate!"

"Transformation round!"

"Bob, I think I'm tearing up over here!"

"Haha, I don't think precum counts as tears!"


"Haha. Joey is currently a dickheaded lizard girl!"

"Her body is mostly that of a chubby woman, but with green skin, three fingered toes and hands, and a long sinuous tail!"

"Her head though has been repaced by a three foot dick, with two big round gecko black eyes on a glans for a face, and a long prehensile lizard tongue that flicks out of her dickslit-mouth!"

"She also has a scrotum and testicles on her chest instead of breasts!"

"Which has been made up for by her growing an udder!"

"She is a curvy, funky lady!"

"Who was a gawky man when this all started!"

"I love this show!"

"Anyway, Joey is currently scrambling to the CHAMBER OF CHANGES!"

"She's clearly excited for her transformation!"

"Let's hope it's a good one!"

"And now we are going to throw it back to Rex for one last spin of the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!"


"Ladies, Gentlemen, and folks who can't decide! Our contestant is locked in the CHAMBER OF CHANGES! Now is the time for me to spin the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION!

Are you ready!?




tktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktickticktickticktickticktickticktick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick tick tick tick





"And the WHEEL OF TRANSFORMATION has selected JUDGE NUMBER TWO for todays transformation!"


"Welcome back!"

"It seems that Kriss is Criss is once again the judge for this transformation!"


"Criss, is an iconoclast model who was transformed into a cut faced woman, with a labial hood, and vagina skirt in a famous fashion show!"

"Who now is a serious figure at the intersection of alchemy and style!!"

"She is looking at Joey, locked into the CHAMBER OF CHANGES, and is slowly fingering her mouth cunt and looking thoughtful."

"And now she is depressing her blue button!"

"The chamber is spraying Joey in alchemical fluids!"

Ahhhh, I can feel it! I'm so excited!

"It's Matteo! Our mind reading commentator!"

"Hooray! I missed the little guy!"

"I guess that means the change is starting, Bob!"

"Hooray again!"

My neck...something!

"I think something is happening to Joey's neck!"


"Something stretchy!"

"Joey's neck, which is a penis, is getting wide and longer!"

"And longer and longer and longer!"

"Joey's neck is now eight feet long and as wide as a torso!"

"And all cock!"

"It's like she grew a dickgirl from his shoulder!"

"Oh Belial! Ahhnnngggnnn!!"

"And there!"



"Joey's face glans, now much enlarged at the end of his apparently flexible cock neck just sprayed a massive fountain of cum!"

"Haha! I'll never get tired of this show!"


"M-mmy tail! Something!"

"I think something is happening to Joey's tail!"

"Haha! Something!"

"Actually, it looks a lot like her neck!"

"It sure does! It stretching longer and longer!"

"And the end of the tail is taking on a phallic shape!"

"Yep! Joey's tail has become eight feet long and tapering to a large glans!"

"Which means Joey is now about 20 feet from tip to... tip!"

"Ahhnngghh! Again! Againnnn!

"And there she blows!"


"This time from both her face and tail dicks!"

"Twice the fun!"

"M-my body!"

"And now Joey's body is changing!"

"Joey appears to be getting a little chubbier!"

"And her arms are getting bulkier... and longer!"

"Her hands are becoming a little bit more foot like and..."

"She has fallen forward into a kind of hunched, semi-quadruped stance!"

"Oh my!"


"She looks like a long-necked dinosaur with a cock for a head and tail!"

"And she still has her chesticles and udder and cunt!"

"Wow!" Matteo?"


"I guess this mean's Joey is done!"

"And now they are opening the chamber!"

"And Joey is lumbering out, on her four limbs, stretching out her neck and tail!"



"What a change!"

"In summary: Joey is now a dinosaur woman, with an eight foot long dick neck and face, an eight foot long dick tail, chesticles, an udder, and a hunched, ape-like stance!"

"Let's check in with Cynthia to see what Fen, Joey's girlfriend who has recently been transformed into a living fuck-tube for dickgrils, has to say!"


"Thanks guys!

I've hoppity hopped over to Fen who is, uh, laying Ina boneless pile of cunt flesh on the ground that is shiny with arousal...

Hi fen!"


"Uh, she waved hello. Umm... You can't talk, can you?"


"Fen shook her head no. Okay, so, uh do you like Joey's new body?"


"She is nodding vigorously and drooling pussy juices! Can you give me any indication about how much you like it or why?"


"Fen is now distinguish herself in her giant cunt mouth, burying her arm up to the elbow... I'm going on a limb here but I think she likes it!

Now let's go to Rex for a special announcement!"


"Tonight we will have a special BONUS transformation!

Contestant 2, Martha, by winning our final Challenge Round, has won the right to choose her own custom change!

Let's check in with Cynthia Sparks to interview the winner of our challenge round, Martha, contestant number two and see if she is prepared for her prize!"


"Thanks Rex!

I've hop hop hopped over to Martha to see how she is feeling about her victory!

Martha how is it going!"

"Hello little one, I am well."

"You don't sound super excited."

"Well, I'm still concerned about the well being of my daughter..."

"Britney? Because you changed her into an armless, deaf-mute, hermaphrodite humantaur painslut?"

"Indeed. She has communicated she is pleased with her body and seems to be adjusting... But it is just such a radical new form that will alter her life forever."

"In a pretty sexy way though!"

"Hopefully. Although I am trying to respect her privacy, it suspect Britney and her best friend savannah may have become lovers."

"Haha! Britney, Your mom is discussing your sex life on TV! How embarrassing!

Haha, anyway! What change have you chosen for yourself? Or is it a secret?"

"It is not a secret, but I have chosen to bestow my transformation on another."


"I am quite pleased with this body, and do not feel like I could substantially improve it with another transformation."

"That's great, but who did you give your transformation to?"

"I have my optional change to Billy to use on his fiancée as a wedding gift."


"Yes, the foundation of all relationships is trust and mutual desire, and in the interest of fairness, I decided that billy should be allowed to change Samantha."

"That's so hot! And romantic! I can't wait to see what he does!

And in the interest of that, let's go to the booth!"


"Welcome back transformation fans!"

"What would belial idol be without twists?"

"Less entertaining than belial idol WITH twists!"

"Haha! And do we have an interesting bonus transformation today!"

"Our groom-to-be, who was transformed into his fiancées dream body now gets to improve his bride-to-bes final form in return!"

"Which are producers are okay with, because it will be exciting programming!"

"Never let the rules get in the way of cumming!"

"Haha, so true!"

"Anyway, apparently this twist was telegraphed to Samantha ahead of time, and she is being wheeled out in one of the special transformation tanks used in the last round."

"Samantha, is currently something of bifurcated bunny person."

"One side of her is a giggly, silly bunny girl with six big breasts!"

"And the other side of her, growing right out of the bunnygirl's back, is a serious bunny man with a sizeable bunny man penis."

"The two halves share a single skull and upper arm, but have four legs in a kind of squatting posture."

"Samntha has one mind, but two personalities that are each expressed by a single side!"

"They have wheeled the transformation tank to the head of our catwalk stage!"

"And Billy, who is a four breasted, bimbo foxgirl with a torso sized cock with arms and chesticles..."

"Who is the transformed original Billy"

"Is stepping up to the tank and activating the transformation chamber!"

"The chamber is coming alive, and filling with transformative fog!"

"Which like last time is having no immediate effect on Samantha!"

"The door is now being opened..."

"By our beautiful Belial Idol cockgirls"

"And out comes Samantha Ito the catwalk, walking in her strange four-legged gait!"

"The transformation should start any moment!"

"The anticipation is killing me!"

"Actually it's giving us boners!"

"I heard bluebells can be deadly!"

"Haha! I have just the treatment!"


"Wait! Something is happening!"

"Samantha is splitting in the middle!"

"That's right! Her female and male half a are pulling apart, each getting a full torso!"

"She now looks like a complete bunnygirl and bunnyman conjoined at the ass!"

"And now those torso's are changing!"

"The bunnygirl side, already curvy is getting plumper and curvier! Getting bigger, softer thighs, stomach and ass!"

"And her six breasts are swelling considerably!"

"Meanwhile her male half is growing taller and a bit more toned..."

"But is also... I think... Femininity!"

"Yeah the male half is definitely growing a pair... No make that three large breasts and gaining back some lady curves and features!"

"The male torso is keeping her penis though, which is growing a bit larger and longer!"

"This half is one well hung shemale!"

"Oh, weird..."

"The male face is also becoming increasingly buck-toothed and is growing short antlers..."

"Which are growing projections that are growing over her eyes and connecting to her nose...."

"They are empty glasses frames! Samantha's male half has grown big thick rimmed, permanent glasses!"

"Talk about horn-rims!"

"Heyo! Haha!"

"Actually between the glasses, and the buckteeth, the male half of Samantha really has the whole geeky/librarian look down doesn't she!"

"It's a good look!"

"For a nerd! Haha!"

"Look! Something else is happening!"

"The two halves of Samantha, male and female, are pulling apart at the ass..."

"They appear to still be connected by some sort of tail appendage though!"

"The two halves of Samantha, now basically a full female and a full shemale bunnygirl, are walking apart causing their connection to stretch and thin out!"

"They're getting further and further apart...now about five feet apart! But still connected by a five foot tube of flesh!"

"They stopped suddenly! I guess that's how long the leash is!"

"The two halves have turned to each other and are looking at each case other!"

"Both moving their mirror limbs. Waving as in synchronicity, now both lifting a foot!"

"And now they are running to each other!"

"The leash incidentally is shortening as they come together...."

"And now the female Samantha is leaping into the arms of the bigger, more muscular shemale half!"

"FemSam is wrapping her legs around SheSams waist and has lowered herself into SheSams cock!"

"And now the two half a of Sam are fucking herself standing up, their? Her? Nine breasts smashed between the two bodies!"


"But is it coitus or masturbation!?"

"I guess we will have to check in with Cynthia and billy to find out!"


"Okay guys! Hop-hop-hop and all that....

Billy! What did you do to your fiancée!"

*giggle* "Like, I totally made her sexy, right!?"

"Yes! But what did you do! Is she two people fucking now or what!?"

"Like, she still has like, one mind. Buuut now she like, also has two bodies too! Like, one for each personality, you know?"

"Wait so you split her personality?"

"*giggle* Exactly! Like, now her fun half has a curvy bunnygirl bid and like, her serious geeky side has a cute but really strong like, shemale bod!"

"So it's one Samantha, but split between two modes?"

"Yeah, but like, before she was like, one or the other... Like masks. Now she is in both bodies like... Simm simmah... *giggle* this head is such a bimbo, I like, can't say hard things and my smarter half is like, kinda the strong silent type of cock!"

"Do you mean simultaneously? At the same time?"

"Yeah! *giggle* that! My Sammy is in both bodies, at like the same time, but is like, still only one real person. You know?"

"I think so. So why is the male half of Samantha a shemale now?"

"Well! *giggle* I love new fun bunny Samantha, but missed my smartypants original lover. And so like, I remade her but with like, a delicious cock!"

"Haha okay... You look a bit fidgety..."

"Yeah! I wanna go get in that, like, situation Sammy is having with herself! So like, bye! *giggle*"

"There you have it: Samantha is now a double bodied, conjoined split-personalities bunny herm!

Who is fucking herself... And now here split-minded foxgirl fiancée too!

Back to you Rex!"


"Ladies and Gentlemen and Others! We have completed our FINAL Transformation Round and permanently changed Joey, the contestant YOU! voted for!

And, as a special treat we had a BONUS change where the freshly transformed Billy remade Samantha according to his desires!! How exciting!

Join us next time for the penultimate episode where we take a look back at the highlights of this contest and give our contestants a chance to convince you! The at home audience! Why they should win the fabulous grand prize!!!

I'm Rex Dragoon, thank you and goodnight!"


Programmers note:

We did it! Ten challenge rounds and ten transformation rounds! Now all that's left is to decide the winner! Phew!

The next chapter might be a little bit, since I have some illustrations I want to do.

But, before all that, thank you everyone who voted in the game and for sticking with it when things stopped being weekly. Hopefully you had fun and the program lived up to your hopes!



Re: Belial Idol

Belial Idol Pentultimate Episode!

"Ladies! Gentlemen! Immortal beings who remember when this whole thing started! Welcome to Belial Idol! The game show where contestants endure rounds of transformations for an incredible cash prize! And where YOU! the home audience votes for who gets changed by our celebrity panel of judges!

I'm your host Rex Dragoon!

During the last episode of Belial Idol we had another Transformation Round where a contestant voted for by YOU! was transformed permanently! Irrevocably! Before our very eyes!

Tonight marks the pentultimate episode where we will recap our show and our amazing contestants will try to convince you that they deserve to win Belial Idol and receive an amazing cash prize!

So without further ado, let's meet contestant one. Bob and Doug?"


"Howdy tansformation fans!"

"I'm Bob!"

"And I'm Doug!"

"And this is the penultimate episode?"

"Penis ultimate?"

"Next to last..."

"Oh, haha!"

"Haha, yeah. So we're first going to check in with Contestant 1!"


"Samantha started the show as a quiet bride-to-be who couldn't afford a proper wedding."

"She was a pretty average looking woman with brown hair and a cute temperament."

"Over the course of the contest Samantha was transformed 3 times!"

"First she was transformed into a curvaceous and giggly shemale bunny girl!"

"Very cute and sexy!"

"Then Samantha was transformed into a bifurcated person!"

"Is that like, a special kind of bisexual?"

"Kind of! She was split down her middle so that on one side she was a six-breasted female bunnygirl and on her back side she was a well-hung bunnyman!"

"Haha, split right down the middle with two different personalities! A mature, male half and a giggly bimbo half!"

(You can see Samantha's halfway form here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15068790/ )

"Finally Samantha was transformed by her fiance in a designed transformation that resulted in her current, final form!"

"Now she is six breasted, busty female bunnygirl bimbo who is connected via a rope of flesh...."

"To a very well hung three breasted, nerdy shemale bunnygirl with permanent glasses and buckteeth!"

"Samantha still only has one mind, but she now has two independent bodies with completely different personalities!"

"She is her own party of two!"

"It's very sexy!"

"Let's check in with Cynthia Sparks, our intrepid interviewer to see how Samantha is feeling after her most recent transformation..."

"And hear why she thinks she should win Belial Idol!"

(You can see Samantha's final form here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20066072/)

"Thanks guys!

I've hop-hop-hopped on over to Samantha. Hi Sam-and-Sam!"

"*giggle* Hiiiiii!"

/"Yeth, Hello Thynthia!"

"Wow, Sam, that's quite a lisp!"

"I knowth, Billy thought it thwould be cuthe..."

/"*giggle* It is, like, totally cute!"

/"It'th a bit cuthe."

"You two seem to have quite the repore."

"Wellth, I am talkingth to mythelf."

/"My suuuper cute self!"

/"Yeth, my thuper cute thide."

"So you are still one person?"

"It'th compthlicated... I only havth one mind, but two different perthonaltieth."

/"And like, these two me's are like totally like, indy...indy...indy..."


/"*giggle* YEAH! That! It's like I'm like, two people simul..."



/"Each withth their own feelingth and ideath. I've got thplit bodieth and perthonaltieth."

"So does that mean you can fuck yourself?"

"*Giggle* Yeah! It's SUPER fun! Wanna show them Sam?"

/"Tham, honey-bunnyth, now ith not the time for that.."

/"*giggle* That's not what your Mister Carrot is saaaying! What if I gave you just a little blowie?"

/"Oh! Ohhhhh. Thath nithe. Ahhh. Mmmmm."

"Oh that's super hot. But we don't really have time to take a break right now... so... uh Sam? Why do you want to win Belial Idol? What would you do with the prize money now that your wedding is paid for?"

"Ahhhh.... wellth, Thynthia, mmmm, ith would be great to bth free from the poverthy and, ah, ah, to build a lifeth thath not, ah, not dependenth on uth workingth...."

"What do you mean?"

"Mmmm... *pant pant*.... jutht, jutht a thecond pleathe...mmmm....AHHHHHNNNNN!!!!"

"To quote the boys in the booth: There she blows!"

"Ahhhh...ahhhhh....ah. Thorry Thynthia...."

"Don't be! It was fun to watch!"

"What I was trying to thay, ith that after a lifeth thpent working ath a maid, I want uth to free to enjoyth thethe new bodieth and liveths."

/"*giggle* And have LOTS of SEX!"

"So you would just live a life of luxury?"

"Acthully we talked about maybeth tharting an inn or bed and breakfatht."

/"That way we can be, like, Sooooo friendly and make like, a lotta sexy new friends!"

/"And with all our yearth of landthcaping, cooking, and cleaning, we have all the thkills we'd need."

"I would visit your inn!"

"*giggle* Thanks! You'd make a totally great guest! We'd like, make it a mem... mem...."


/"Yeah! Memorable visit!"

"Haha, thanks! Any other reasons why you should win the contest?"

"Yeah! I like totally won the most Challenge Rounds!"

/"Acthully, I won the motht Thallenge Roundth where we directly competed. But thtill, I think thath a good reathon for me to win!"

/"And both of us, and our Billy are, like super-cute-and-great-and-you-should-totally-like-vote-for-us!"

"Haha okay!"

"You knowth, honey-bunnyth, sinthe you gave me a blowieth, ith only fair I take care of thath puthhhhy of yourth..."

/"*giggle* Hooray!"

"And on that sexy note, back to the guys in the booth for a recap of the Challenge Rounds!"



"Way to make the audience hate us!"

"Haha, let's leave the sexy bunnygirls who are about to fuck again to listen to our play-by-play conjoined shemales talk about stuff that already happened!"

"Sorry folks!"

"So why are we butting in, Bob?"

"Why to remind everyone about who won the Challenge Rounds!"

"Haha, right!"

"Our first round was the Sunscreen challenge where our contestants applied sunblock to our Freyan Dickgirl models!"

"The Contestant with the least burnt model won the day!"

"And the winner was Samantha!"

"The second round saw our Contestants try to get a series of disembodied breasts..."

"Made from a volunteer from our audience!"

"...into a series of baskets in a set time limit!"

"While our dickgirl models tried to stop them!"

"The winner of this round was also Samantha!"

"For the third round we had the Cleanly Farms Milking Challenge!"

"In this round studio volunteers were transformed into a series of cowgirls with different sized udders..."

"...and our Contestants were tasked with getting as much milk as they could!"

"And the Contestant with the Mooost moooilk was Mooartha!"

"Haha! The next round was the Belial Idol Rodeo, where volunteers were transformed into mighty sex beasts!"

"Which our Contestants were challenged to ride for as long as they could!"

"Which Samantha, the winner, managed to do the longest!"

"By using sex!"

"The next round was the Maze round where a group of volunteers raced through a transformation maze, guided by our Contestants!"

"Martha managed to win this list with the improbable help of Gilbert, who was transformed into a limbless girl!"

"The next round, sponsored by Sparkle Shine Laundry, had our contestants clean dickgirl cumstains from some sheets!"

"Cumstains that our Contestants were expected to inspire!"

"Haha! Martha won this round too!"

"The next Challenge was sponsored by Demon's Own Hair Dye!"

"In it, four blonde volunteers were suspended on a trapeze over a transformation chamber!"

"The Contestant whose volunteer held on longest won!"

"And the three who fell were merged in the chamber!"

"This was the first challenge Llana won!"

"The next round had a similar format: The Belial Idol Gladiator Challenge!"

"In this round volunteers fought each other on a balance beam suspended over a tank of wild dcum!"

"The winning combatant stayed on the beam and loser was hugely transformed!"

"In this round, Llana's contestant won again!"

"The following Challenge Round was sponsored by Lascivious Luxury Cosmetics!"

"In this round, the winner of our Ultimate Fan Contest was transformed into a giant cock covered in a forest of smaller cocks!"

"Smaller cocks which lit up after they came, which our lipstick wearing contestants sucked off, leaving their mark!"

"And the winner with the most cocks was Samantha!"

"The final Challenge..."

"Which we will talk about later!"

"Saw our Contestants design a transformation for a mystery volunteer!"

"Who turned out to be their loved ones!"

"Our panel of judges selected their favourite transformation and Martha won!"

"Which means as a final tally: Samantha and Martha tied with 4 won Challenges each!"

"While Llana had 2!"

"And Joey was completely shut out!"

"Haha! Joey was much more interested in having a sexy time than winning early on!"

"Haha! Such a stud!"

"Well our producers are telling us its time to go to commercial!"

"See you folks in a moment!"


The camera opens on a shot of a picturesque farm at sunrise. Cheerful music plays in the background, a rooster crows. The camera fixes on what at first appears to be an ordinary rooster, but as the camera zooms in it becomes apparent that the "rooster" is in fact a rooster-harpy girl with the feathers, wings, beak, and comb of a rooster, but the torso, breasts, and heavy cock of a beautiful shemale. The camera pans out and a barn opens and our shuffles a troop of nude cowgirls, with differing amounts of bovine changes mooing happily and carrying milking pails. The cowgirls pair off and begin to milk one another, lowing and moaning happily. A voice over cuts in: "Cleanly Farms: Dairy made with love!"


"Welcome back!

"It's us Bob!"

"And Doug!"

"It's time to check in with Contestant Number 2: Martha!"

"Martha started the contest as a very handsome, middle-aged woman playing the game to afford to send her daughter to college."

"She was a total Mother I'd Love to Fuck!"

"Haha, totally!"

"Martha was also transformed 3 times during the contest!"

"Her first transformation saw our beloved MILF lose her head as she absorbed everything above the shoulders!"

"But she also gained a new face with her eyes reappearing on her crotch, her pussy gaining the ability to speak and breathe..."

"And a brand new penis hanging off her crotch right where a nose would be!"

(To see this form go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15068821/)

"Next Martha grew a shiny black skin and her legs became long, thin blades!"

"Haha! Stiletto heals!"

"She also became very tall and had her arms become ten long, whip-like tentacles!"


"And finally Martha was transformed such that her vagina stretched up her back and hollowed her out inside!"

"Making her into a kind of felshy iron maiden!"

"She is a very intimidating and powerful looking creature these days!"

"But still a mother I'd like to fuck!"

"Let's check in with Cynthia Sparks to hear about why Martha thinks she should win Belial Idol!"

(To see Martha's final form go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20066090/)


"Thanks guys! I've made with the hop-hop-hop on over to Martha.

Hi Martha!"

"Hello Little One."

"I just wanted to say that I though it was really great that you let Samsby and Billy have your transformation reward!"

"I thought it would be good for them. I am pleased how it turned out."

"Aw, you are such a romantic!"


"So. On to business: why do you think you should win Belial Idol?"

"Well, because I want to win, and that should be reason enough."

"Yes, but so do the other contestants! Ha. What reason do you have for the voters at home?"

"I guess if you must have a reason beyond my desires, it would be that I have won 4 challenges which ties me for the most wins."

"See that's a good reason! Maybe, uh, what would you do with the winnings?"

"While Britney has personally won a large enough prize to ensure her college tuition, her beautiful new body presents challenges integrating into normal human life. I would use a portion of any Belial Idol grand prize to establish a trust to support my daughter as she continues to cope with what this game, what I, have done to her."

"That sounds very responsible Martha, but... I don't think the audience at home is moved by responsibility! Haha! I think they want to know what exciting thing you'd do with the rest of your winnings! Will you go back to work at the school?"


"Is it because being an idealized dominatrix isn't appropriate?"

"Hardly. I just no longer agree with the fundamentals of the school I was teaching at. They have a lackadaisical attitude about discipline that I believe generates weaker students. I also am not sure if I am content to play a supporting role any longer, I wish to see my own vision realized."

"So what? I think I smell a sexy plan!"

"I'm not sure I'd characterize it as that, but I do wish to open my own academy. A school of profound educational standards that also emphasizes etiquette and severe discipline to degenerate young women of exquisite culture, bearing, and temperament."

"That sounds extremely sexy to me! Yowza!"

"May I win the grand prize and see if I can bring this sexy school to fruition."

"May you indeed! And on that note, let's check in with the booth again to quickly recap the dramatic tenth challenge round!"


"A sexy school huh?"

"Dang, how do we enrol ourselves!"

"Discipline us! Make us beg!"

"Haha! Give us a spanking!"

"Speaking of spanking... we just heard about Marth's painslut daughter Britney!"

"And also Samantha's transformed fiance Billy!"

"So our producers tell us it's time to tell you about what our contestants did to their loved ones!"

"As we mentioned earlier our final challenge round saw our contestants design their ideal bodies and then transform a mystery volunteer..."

"Who turned out to be their special guest!"

"What an amazing twist!"

"Samantha transformed her fiance, Billy, into the perfect compliment to her bifurcated form!"

"Billy who was an attractive young man is now a bifurcated foxy shemale!"

"He grew a new body which became a shapely, four-breasted foxgirl with twin tails and a giggly bimbo personality!"

"His original body became a giant penis, with womanly curves and testicle breasts and a pair of arms!"

"So a bimbo foxgirl with a huge, animate dick!"

"An animate size changing dick, that can grow to full torso sized and shrink down to a normal sized dick, or even a dick small enough to hide!"

"Haha, imagine if Billy passed as a cute foxgirl and then sprung that monster phallus on an unsuspecting friend!"

"Haha! I see a whole new reality show!"

(To see Billy's new form go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18439477/)

"Anyway... Our next contestant Martha transformed her daughter Britney into an idealized submissive humantaur!"

"Britney started as a beautiful young woman, kind of a younger Martha..."

"But after the transformation she grew a horizontal torso and second set of legs, making her a humantaur."

"She lost her arms, as they retracted into her shoulders and her feet remolded to go en pointe like a ballerina!"

"She also grew a horse tail on her butt and two more horse tails from the side of her head like pigtails!"

"Her mouth became a vagina, her ears sealed over, and she grew a large cock between her hind legs..."

"Leaving her with a penis, and three vagina: one on her face, her original between her forelegs, and another, large and fleshy one between her hind legs!"

"Which left her a deaf, mute, hermaphrodite in a kind of armless bondage!"

"So hot! She also, it was revealed, was made into a pain slut, making her the ultimate submissive!"

"What a dramatic life for Britney!'

"Haha! I suspect her college years are going to be extra-experimental!"

(To see Britney's new form go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18439496/)

"Our next contestant Llana pulled a sweet jack move when she transformed her band mate Layla."

'Layla started the day as a punky little drummer girl and ended up a part of Llana's body!"

"Llana, rather than just transform her victim made them into an egg which she shoved into her sea monster body's vagina and into her womb!"

'This caused Llana's sea monster body to transform, the last vestiges of her humanity being replaced by a huge cunt-beak head and growing a new translucent glowing penis!"

"Her arms transformed into massive tentacles that ended in glowing anemone bodies that revealed themselves as the translucent, glowing torsos of Llana and Layla!"

"What were once band mates were now bodymates, living as the glowing lure appendages of a sexy sea monster!"

"A very clever twist on the contest!"

"And a radically different take on their band!"

(To see the merged form of Llana and Layla go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18439521/)

"Finally, our last contestant Joey transformed her girlfriend, a diehard transformation fan!"

"Joey, the owner of one monster cock, her head..."

"Which later expanded and was doubled by her tail becoming another huge penis..."

'Was inspired by the plight of dickgirls like my wife Urethrella!"

'He found it sad that despite being huge, beautiful walking cocks, dickgirls were too big to insert themselves into most lovers."

'So he made his girlfriend Fen into a living fuck sleeve of dickgirl proportions!'

"Her body became basically a huge flaccid cunt that started on her face, with her mouth and nose becoming her labial hood and clit!"

'This huge cunt slid down her neck, between her breasts, and absorbed everything of her body below her shoulders!"

"She is a face, arms, boobs, and a big flaccid pile of labial flesh!"

'But when wrapped around a gigantic cock, the cunt stretched around it, becoming a huge condom like fucksleeve of pussy and muscle!"

'Perfect of a dickgirl!'

'Perfect for my wife!"

(To see the new form of Fen go here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18439459/)

"So there you have it, this is what happened to all of the loved ones during Belial Idol!"

'And now a message from our sponsors!'


The camera opens on a closeup of a mouth with plump, bee stung lips wearing red lipstick. The mouth bite's it's lower lip and in a sexy purr "Lucious..." A tongue sweeps out and licks the lips, changing the color of the lipstick to bright green. The mouth smiles, "Lovable..." The mouth licks it's lips again and they turn royal blue, "Lickable...." Another lick and this time they are fuchsia "Lascivious...." The camera pans out and the lips are shown not to be on a face, but instead stretch from hip to hip across an attractive woman's buttocks. The mouth smiles impishly and the commercial cuts to black. In white letters the screen says "Lascivious. Luxury Cosmetics".


"Welcome back! I'm Bob."

"And I'm Doug!"

"It's time to check back in with contestant number 3!"

"Llana the rockstar!"

"As a quick recap, Llana started as a very sexy, curvaceous woman who dreams of being a rockstar!"

"Over the course of the contest she was transformed three times!"

"First she grew a number of bioluminescent fins instead of hair, her genitals started to glow, and gained a stubby penis glans tail."

"It was the first transformation of the game!"

(You can see this form here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15068847/)

"Next she was transformed into a giant, curvy mermaid, with a huge penis capped sea-serpent tail!"

"She also grew monstrous breasts and a huge cunt..."

"And she became oviparous, regularly laying huge, glowing eggs!"

"Next she merged with her bandmate Layla, as we just reminded you."

'Which has made her into her current form: a huge sexy, hermaphrodite sea monster with a pussy beak and two tentacle arms..."

'Which are glowing lures in the forms of Llana and Layla, who are now only limbs of a semi-independent creature!"

"Very sexy if you like sexual sea monsters!"

"Now let's check in with Llana to hear what she would do as the winner of the contest!"

(You can see Llana and Layla's final form here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18439521/)

"Hi, it's me Cynthia Sparks, and I'm going to hop-hop-hop on to chat with Llana... And I guess Layla too!

Hiya Llana!"


"And hello to you too Layla!"


"Llana, how do you feel about going for a very conventionally sexy lady to a  sexy sea monster?"

"Pretty sexy... Just in a different way."

"What about you Layla?"

"I feel more metal than anything: we are sexy glowing maidens here to lure people to the maw of the best! We are pretty much album concept art!"

"I guess that's true... But lure to the maw?'

"Well, Layla and I have another trick to this body we haven't shown anyone yet...."


"Llana, I think we should show the folks at home!"

"Layla, I think you are on to something!  But we'll need a volunteer from the audience!"

"Oooo! a sexy twist! I'll throw it back to the booth to describe the action!"


'Thanks Cynthia!"

'So a pretty young woman from the audience has volunteered. Llama has instructed her to strip off her clothes and sit on a chair on one of our stages."

"The volunteer, who I'm being told is named Janis is tall and willowy, with high small breasts and a very slender body."

"I'd call her skinny, myself,  since you can see the outline of her ribs and horns of her hips pretty clearly."

"She also has a rakish nose and long,  frizzy orange-blonde hair."

"I'd say that mass of hair weighs half as much as the rest of her!"

"So she is sitting on the stage and the Llana/Layla monster is slithering up to her."

"Llana and Layla are waving sinuously in the air, pulsing their green and orange light rhythmically while both women kind of wordlessly croon."

"This. Seems to have a hypnotic effect on Janis, who is sitting upright and not blinking, but swaying in time to Llana and Layla's display!"

"I think it's effecting me a little... I feel a little dizzy myself...."

"Maybe... Or could just be our blood leaving our brain for our cocks!"

"Haha. Maybe. And woah!"

"Woah is right! The seamonsters' huge cunt beak has just flashed forward and swallowed Janis whole!"

"Oh my, we can see the bulge of the volunteer slide down the sea serpents throat and stomach... And womb?"

"I think so... The beast definitely looks pregnant, with a huge bulge in its stomach."

'Llana and Layla look in sexual bliss, moaning and kissing each other."

"Another hypnotic show!'

"And now they are both groaning in pain and pleasure and...."

"And it looks like the beast is pushing out a glowing purple egg!"

"Which has hit the floor and is now stretching and dis tending and breaking open!"

'And there is Janis.... But. Transformed!"

"Janis, in place of her frizzy hair has a mass of glowing purple tentacles and fins!"

'And her lips, nipples, and vulva are also glowing purple!"

"And she is a bit more curvaceous now... Slightly larger breasts, softer hips and ass!"

"Yowza! A complete makeover!"

"And now she is masturbating on stage!"

'I wonder if she has a heightened libido now?"

"I guess we will have to toss back to Cynthia sparks to find out!"


"Thanks guys, well Llana, that was very impressive... What gives?"

"Well, it seems the beast can transform people. As far as we can tell it means getting a glowing makeover and being extra horny."

"As far as you can tell? What does she mean by that Layla?"

"We haven't eaten a person more than once yet or like, eaten two people at once. Maybe the effects add up or are different."

"Oh, that's a sexy mystery!"

"We think so."

"So, Llana, since Layla won enough money for you to press your new album, what would you do with the grand Belial Idol prize?"

"Take our act to the next level, basically. I think there is a place for a transformation themed rock show and I would use the funds to make that a reality. We could hire other transformed recording artists and dancers, get a really great stage, maybe hire a traveling alchemist! It would be rad!"

"What about you Layla? Would you add anything to this?"

"I think we might alter our body more, make it more awesome or more in line with the band concept. Something like that..."

"Sounds ambitious! I would certainly pay to see that show. It will be interesting to see if our viewers at home want to pay you to make it! Good luck!

And now back to the guys in the booth!"


"Thanks Cynthia! Our producers are telling us to suggest some ways you might want to pick the winner..."

"I plan to let my dick decide!"

"Haha, me too. But if you need help coming up with a way... Here are some ideas."

"I'm all ears... Well not really, I'm a gorgeous conjoined multi-breasted shemale! Haha."

(You can see Bob and Doug here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15068892/)

"Haha. As am I! But anyway... One idea is to vote for the person you thought was the best competitor, with the most or most compelling Challenge victories!"

"The square vote!"

"Or you could vote for the person with the most compelling story: the poor bride,  the proud mother, the dreamer, or the fan!"

"The soppy vote!"

"Or you could vote for the person with the best plan for the money;  which thing would you want to happen!?"

"The investors vote!"

"Or you could vote for who has had the most interesting, extreme, or arousing transformations. Who would you want to fuck most?"

"The perverts vote!"

"Or maybe you could just vote for whichever contestant you like the most!"

"The buddy vote!"

"What will you do Bob?'"

"I told you Doug, I'm going to let my dick decide!"

"Haha. And now a word from our sponsors..."

You can see Llana and Layla's final body here:


The camera opens on a young woman in a classroom smiling. "We believe that part of learning is doing." Cut to the woman walking in a thick forest or jungle, small phallic creatures scuttling in the foliage. "Traveling to other places, seeing new sights." The camera shows the woman in a small village, sharing a meal with a family including two dickgirls and an anus woman. "Experiencing new cultures and different ways of life." The camera. Cuts to the woman visiting a temple and climbing into a machine which seals around her, emitting steam. "Sharing in that culture."  The camera cuts to a dickgirl, identifiable as the woman from earlier by her bright green hiking shoes and now a huge, tanned cock with shapely legs. "The Freyan Exchange:  transform your perspective."


"Hi again! It's us Bob!"

"And Doug!"

"It's time for us to talk about our final contestant!"

"Contestant number four is Joey, who started Belial Idol as a gawky dude who was a total transformation fan!"

"He was originally playing for his girlfriend Fen, to pay for her to change!"

"Except she was changed in the 10th challenge round! Oops!"

"Haha, it looks like it worked out!"

"I'll say! Anyway...Joey was transformed three times, the first time saw him turn into a chubby anthro-lizard cuntboy!"

"Functionally female, but still male in mind if not body!"

(You can see this form here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15068877/)

"The next transformation had his lizard face transform into a large cock with round black eyes on its glans!"

"He also gained large chesticles and an udder!"

"He also became a she, changing her gender."

"Which is a bit ironic, considering she was a he when female, and a she once she became a dickhead!"

"Haha! The final transformation made Joey into a partial quadruped and expanded her tail and neck into two, dickgirl sized giant cocks!"

"Kind of a penis brontosaurus with an udder!"

"The better to fill up Fen's massive cunt sleeve body!"

"A matched set! Let's go check in with Jeoy to see what he would do as the winner!"

"Take it away Cynthia!"

(You can see Joey's final form here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20066122/)


"Thanks guys! Just hopping hop, hop, hop over to Joey

"Hiya Joey!"

"Hiya yourself!"

"How are you feeling with the new body?"

"Perfect. I think I'm finally who I'm meant to be."

"What's it like having two gigantic cocks on your body?"

"Twice as good as only having one! *giggle*"

"It must be nice being so big now!"

"Yeah, I like being able to fill up Fen with her new body, and having a big long tail means I can support her while she does things. I'm tempted to become her full time mobility aid."

"Is that what you would do with the Belial Idol winnings?"

"Well, Fen wants to keep tattooing the transformed and I want to help her. But I think we should travel..."

"Why is that?"

"Part of it is I want to see and experience all of the different transformations out there, but it's also that I want to share Fen with the world too."

"Why's that?"

"Have you ever noticed how many transformed gain humongous cocks? Dicks that are too big for normal or even most transformed lovers?'


"It occurs to me, especially spending time with dickgirls and now, gaining huge cocks myself, how sad it is that there isn't as many gigantic cunts in the world. And well, Fen is a giant cunt made to enjoy and pleasure humongous cocks."

"So you want to travel the world so that Fen can pleasure all those giant cocks?"

"Basically. Fen is a gift to the world, and I think it's my duty to help share her. And Fen is totally aroused by the idea."

"But what if you win the grand prize, you could do a lot with all of that money..."

"I guess I would try and start an organization devoted to turning giving other people huge cunts and sending out other huge cunt missionaries."

"That's a noble cause. So if you, at home viewer want to make the world a cuntier place, vote for Joey!

And with that let's check with Rex Dragoon!"


"Thanks Cynthia!

Ladies, gentlemen, offspring who were conceived during a previous episode!

Now you have a helpful reminder of who won what, who was transformed into what, and a final look at our contestants!

It is up toy at home to decide who should win the fabulous grand prize!

Will it be Smantha, the bifurcated bride to be!?

Will it be Martha the dominatrix mother!?

Will it be Llana the wannabe rockstar turned heavy metal conjoined monster!?

Will it be Joey, the transformation fan turned vagina missionary!?


The hotlines are now open!

So be sure to call in your vote to the Belial Idol hotline before the deadline!

This concludes our penultimate edition of Belial Idol!

Next time we will announce the winner!




Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion!


A note from the producer:

Hi all,

Sorry for the long absence of working on Belial Idol. It has been a busy few months and, honestly, I was getting burnt out this story. (20+ part story written entirely in dialogue... Oi vey!) But I am committed to finishing it, so here at last is the final vote to decide which contestant is the winner. Hopefully, some of you are still invested in the dramatic conclusion. (And maybe the epilogue.)

Here is how to vote: I want this to be a secret ballot, so the voting will be done by PM. If you know how to PM, great, I look forward to counting your vote. One vote per person, polls will be open for two weeks.

If you've never sent one before and want to vote, this is how you do it. On the top right of the forum there is a "PM" icon. Click on it and you will go to an inbox-type place. There you can "compose message" which will you give you an email box. Address the message to "indigocarmine" and it would be cool if your subject was "Belial idol". Then state your vote for "Samantha", "Martha", "Llana" or "Joey". One vote per person, polls will be open for two weeks.

Thanks in advance for everyone who votes. I will try to turn around the final chapter within a week of polls closing.

I hope you've all enjoyed the contest and the wait was worth it.



Re: Belial Idol

Hi all, the voting period for Belial Idol winner is half over. If you want a say in which contestant wins, please PM me.

See above for details and instructions.


Re: Belial Idol

This is just about your last chance to vote for the Belial Idol winner. The race is quite close, so your vote might be the decider! Please PM me if you are interested.


Re: Belial Idol

Belial Idol Finale

"Ladies! Gentlemen! Shemales and Futa! People whose bodies refuse to fit into such tidy categories! People who are no longer even people but slaves, pets, or possessions! Welcome to Belial Idol! The game show where contestants endure rounds of transformations for an incredible cash prize! And where YOU! the home audience votes for who gets changed by our celebrity panel of judges!

I'm your host Rex Dragoon!

Tonight is the moment we have all been waiting for!

The FINALE of Belial Idol!

Tonight we will finally crown a champion!

One of our transformed contestants, Samantha the bifurcated brides to be, Martha the sexy dominatrix mother, Llana the conjoined heavy metal sex monster, or Joey the transformation enthusiast living her dream. One of these players will soon be taking home a fabulous cash prize!

Not to mention a brand new lifestyle!

So without further ado, let's announce who our champion is!


"Howdy transformtion fans! I'm Bob!"

"And I'm Doug!"

"This is some exciting stuff"

"I'll say, my cock is hard as a rock!"

"Haha, I meant enthusiasm-exciting not sexy-exciting..."

"I show my enthusiasm with boners!"


"So here we are, finally at the end of the show."

"Yessiree. Wild, isn't it?"

"I'd describe it as sexy myself."

"Haha, I would as well."

"Look! Here come our beautiful dickgirl models dragging out the winner announcement machine!"

"Pulling first, and doing most of the work is Scroti, who is a giant amazonian dickgirl!"

"She has massive, muscular legs, a powerful ass, and a huge, canon-like cock torso covered in thick, ropey veins!"

"Behind her is Urethella, Doug's wife, who is a sexy, svelte dickgirl with nice long legs and a beautiful cock body."

"I love you babe! You look so sexy on camera!"

"Haha, that she does. Behind her is Glansilly who is our bovine dickgril!"

"Glansilly was transformed by accident and now has hooves, a cows tail, black and white spotted skin, udder-balls, and a slightly bullish dick!"

"She is a moo-ving sight. Haha. And finally we have Shafta: the slender, toned dickgirl martial artist!"

"Our resident dickgirl badass, now covered with even more tattoos by the lovely semi-contestant Fen!"

"Great to see you all girls!"

"The device they are pulling appears to be a big ol' sign on wheels!"

"Well, it's a very fancy sign with shiny foil on the wheeled section, bright unlit light bulbs, and a sign that says 'WINNER'!"

"There is also a huge novelty leaver on the side of the sign!"

"Oooh, I wonder what that will do!?"

"I hope it involves tentacles or cum geysers!"

"I hope it involves doves."


"Every special occasion should involve doves!"

"Haha, Bob, we have been conjoined for months now and you are still a mystery to me."

"Haha, some mystery is important in any relationship. Have to keep it spicy!"

"Bob, we are a conjoined, two headed, multibreasted, blonde supermodel with two cocks who is married to a sexy dickgirl model! Our life is very spicy!"

"I love it!"

"And so do I!"

"The sign is now in position, the dickgirls have arrayed themselves in front of it, striking sexy poses, and Rex Dragoon is waving to the audience and approaching the lever!"

"Rex is reaching for the lever!"

"The moment of truth is at hand!"

"In the next instant we will know who has won Belial Idol!"

"And maybe also doves!"

"Rex is pulling the lever!"

"And kaboom! Kapow! Fireworks!"

"And the lights are flashing and the stadium is filled with a loud clanging sound!"

"But there are no doves..."

"And as the smoke clears we can see that the winner sign has fallen down to reveal that the winner is!"

"Contestant 1!!!"

"Samantha is the Belial Idol winner!"

"Let's go to Rex Dragoon for the formal announcement!"


"Ladies! gentlemen! sex freaks with many genders! Those who are inanimate or ungendered! Those who are mostly genitals at this point!

I am your host Rex Dragoon and I am pleased to formally announce the winner of Belial Idol is...

Contestant 1!


With the largest portion of the vote she has become the champion of this too long running game show and the recipient of a fabulous cash prize!!!

Congratulations Samantha!

Now, without further ado, let's check in one last time with our intrepid reporter, Cynthia Sparks to see how our Champion is feeling!"


"Thanks! Rex! I've taken my last hop-hop-hopping-hop on over to congratulate our winner... winners? Well, Contestant 1 anyway.

Hiya Sammallama and Sammadamma! Congratulations!"

"*giggle* Weeeee! Hi Cynthia! I won! I won!"

"Haha, yes, I saw! I take it you are excited?"

"Woo! Yaaaaaah!!!"

"Yeth, we are quite pleathed."

"Are you surprised?"

"Yeth, all of our competitorth had a great competithon, the voting audienthe could have chothen anyone."

"Nah-uh! *giggle* we are the best! We won the most games! And like, we are totally the sexiest now!"

"Thath not good thporthmanthip..."

"Ooooooooooh, right! Sorry!"

"I thwear, my other thelf hath the wortht mannerth.."

"Haha. So what will you do now with your fantastic cash prize!"

"Paaaaaarty! Woo!"

"We will have the lavith wedding of our dreamth... Well, not quite sinth Billy and I, we, aren't the thame as we'd alwayth pictured..."

"Like, waaaaaay better! *giggle*"

"Yeth. And then we'll go on a long and amathing honeymoon!"

"Woo! Party like, everywhere! Sexy times in literally all the places!"

"Haha. And then?"

"Then we will have to thee. We've alwayth wanted a plathe  of our own, and we talked about maybe opening an inn thomewhere..."

"Where people could like, come *giggle* and party with us and have sex with us and it would be lots of fun!"

"With your cash winnings, I'm sure you could afford a fancy hotel somewhere exotic!"

"I think we'd rather have a thmall, private plathe thomewhere quiet..."

"Sexy secret headquarters! *giggle* get it? Head-quarters!"

"Yeth, you made a fellathio pun..."

"Heeeee *giggle* I'm like, so funny!"

"Haha, well congratulations you two! And have fun with your winnings!"

"Thank you."


"Haha, and now back to Rex Dragoon for some final thoughts..."


"Thanks Cynthia!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the Belial Idol program.

I'd like to thank our brave contestants for putting their bodies and identities on the line for our entertainment and their own material gain! I hope the experience was worth it!

I'd also like to thank their special guests for all agreeing to be transformed in our challenge round. May you be happy with your new bodies!

A special thanks also to all our in studio volunteers who participated in challenge rounds as surrogates for our contestants or as part of the apparatus of the challenges! We hope you all had fun and enjoy your new lives!

I would like to acknowledge our judges and thank them for designing such sexy and challenging transformations. You have been instrumental to this contest!

I'd like to thank everyone who has been part of the Belial Idol production team. To our on camera staff: our announcers, Bob and Doug, who are as great at describing transformations as they are beautiful; Cynthia Sparks, our tiny interviewing Dynamo; our lovely dickgirl models, Scroti, Urethrella, Shafta, and Glansilly, you have been a ravishing and integral to the show! I want to thank our alchemist crew, Glenn, Ommmms, Matilda, and Luann, and the rest, your professionalism and talent made all of this possible. To the behind the scenes crew: the camera operators, sound guys, stagehands, makeup artists, directors, writers, and everyone else! You have been a pleasure to work with!

And finally to all of you at home who watched the show and voted in the contest! Belial Idol wouldn't be a thing without you amazing weirdos, so thanks for participating! And putting up with some pretty sizeable delays... Haha.

And now, before we close the show, we need to award the trophy: the Belial Idol. Unfortunately we still have to make that trophy...

I hope all of you in the studio tonight were serious when you signed your waivers!

Haha. Ladies, Gentlemen, and other, being your host has been a genuine pleasure.

Bottoms up!"


"Howdy transformation fans!"

"I'm Bob"

"And I'm Doug!"

"And Rex Dragoon has just stripped off his very nice suit..."

"Pulled out an alchemical vial..."

"And drank it!"

"Oh boy! This is an exciting twist!"

"Rex Dragoon's hair is falling out and his arms are being drawn into his shoulders..."

"And his legs are merging together and his feet are becoming boneless and swelling..."

"I think I sense a cock transformation!"

"Haha, I was just going to make that pre-dick-tion!"

"His body is becoming tubular and rod shaped, and his face is melting into his head..."

"Which is becoming pointed and mushroom shaped and totally a penis glans!"

"His feet meanwhile have swollen into massive testicles in a scrotum that pool on the floor and probably are holding his shaft body erect!"

"Rex Dragoon is now a Rex Dragoon sized penis!"

"Actually, Rex Dragoon *was* a Rex Dragoon sized penis; he is now growing taller!"

"And taller and taller and taller and taller!"

"Rex Dragoon is now a cock as tall as the studio..."

"...which is easily 30 feet!"

"And has a circumference as wide as an old tree!"

"Now, the giant penis that was our beloved host is ejaculating in a huge fountain of cum!"

"A lot of that cum is dribbling down his own shaft-body, which is coating his shaft body and leaving a smooth, golden skin behind!"

"Rex Dragoon! Giant golden cock!"

"The rest of his cum has splattered about thirty members of our audience, whose clothes are melting off their body!"

"And whose bodies are being coated in a smooth, silver skin that is covering their bodies!"

"All of the new nude and silver people are walking, zombie like towards the Rex Dragoon cock!"

"And a lot of the people are changing a bit: I see women getting curvier and men getting bigger cocks and toned muscles!"

"Yeah, and I see some men becoming female, and some women becoming male, and others becoming shemales or hermaphrodites!"

"I see a lot of people growing multiple breasts and a couple new humantaurs, a flesh naga, and some people with extra arms!"

"And now the crowd of silver, sexy, mildly transformed people is reaching Rex Dragoon's body..."

"And stepping onto it!"

"They are walking seamlessly up Rex's dick body as if it were the centre of gravity in the studio!"

"And they are starting to pair off, on the surface of the giant cock, to fuck each other!"

"So many people, fucking each other in an orgy taking place on a giant penis!"

"So Rex Dragoon is now a golden cock with thirty or so silver people covering it's surface, like a gilttering decoration!"

"A glittering decoration dedicated to sex and transformation!"

"And now a sprinkler system has turned on and doused the giant cock and its passengers!"

"Which is... Wait.... Yes! Causing all of them to shrink proportionally!"

"They are getting smaller!"

"And smaller!"

"And smaller!"

"And now Rex Dragoon is a four foot golden cock covered in tiny silver people claiming over each other and fucking endlessly!"

"Oh! Our producers just gave us some info: 'This is the Belial Idol.'"

"Makes sense."

"It is a golden penis statue covered in fucking, frolicking volunteers, who can move freely on the penis statue as long as two limbs maintain contact with the central cock."


"The orgy will go on endlessly and will periodically make the central penis erupt in a joyous, celebratory ejaculation!"

"Gotta love a joyous celebratory ejaculation!"

"Haha, I'll say!"

"Well there you have it! Our winner, Contestant 1, The Samanathas now have a magnificent and sexy Belial Idol trophy!"


"Now, for a final goodbye, let's go to our new host, the recently promoted, Cynthia Sparks!"


"Th-thanks guys, this is uh, quite an honor!

So, uh, ladies, gentlemen, and transformed weirdos like me!

I'm your new host Cynthia Sparks!

Congratulations again to Samantha and Samantha, our winners and recipients of the first Belial Idol!

That's our show for you, I hope you enjoyed watching!

Thank you and goodnight!"