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Awesome story, and you really did give it a worthy ending!  Tons of creative and excellent changes, and that last one was amazing!


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Belial Idol Epilogue

She awoke to her entire world shaking!

Her eyes fluttered open and she gasped in shock, spittle flying from her mouth. It wasn't a dream! Everything was still quaking! She tried to push herself up but her arms didn't respond. She looked around in terror and tried to call for help, her mouth flapping uselessly, not making a sound. And then...

Brittany remembered where she was and what was happening.

She squeezed her eyes shut and took three long breaths through her facial vagina, enjoying the way the air made her vulva flap and the taste of her tangy juices. She collected herself. Britney was an armless humantaur. She had a vagina instead of a nose and a mouth. She didn't have ears. She was deaf and she was mute. She had two vaginas, her original one between her front legs and a larger one between her hind legs. She had a large cock and balls hanging between her rear legs, riding below her tauroid torso. Her feet were warped into flesh ballet slippers that forced her to walk en pointe. She had a horse tail above her ass, and two others hanging from her head like pigtails. She was a painslut. She was transformed, remade in a game show by her dominatrix mother for a cash prize. And, if she didn't get out of her vibrating bed soon, she was going to be late for class.

Brittany took another long breath to prepare herself and used her legs to kick her body free of her blankets. She rolled onto her backs, her upper torso one and the 'lower back' of her tauroid body. She wiggled herself over to the edge of her shaking bed and twisted so first her rear legs and then her front legs hung off the bed and made contact with the floor. With a final twist she swung her whole body clear of the quaking bed and onto her toes. She moaned in pleasure as her feet took the weight of her body and all of her sore leg and back muscles let out a twinge of delicious, sexy pain. Her three cunts twitched and grew warm. While Brittany's legs had shifted to make it possible for her to always walk on her toes, it was never comfortable and never easy. Her body always ached a little, a fact that kept her constantly aroused. She smiled with her eyes and savoured the discomfort.

Then Brittany took a couple mincing steps to her nightstand and stepped on the pedal that stopped her bed from vibrating. A feature that worked as an alarm clock for a deaf sleeper.

Brittney stretched her body, carefully working out the knots in her leg muscles and cracking out her back. She moaned at the little pops of pain and twinges and felt her cock harden a little under her. She looked at her rubber mounting doll, a hard rubber bent over torso containing a toy vagina that she could fuck, and sighed as she realized she didn't have time to play if she was going to get to class in time.

Brittany minced out of her room and into the common living space that she shared with another student. She glanced around and sighed when she saw that Stacy had apparently already left for class. She was hoping her dorm mate was still around so that Stacey could blend her a fresh smoothie for breakfast, maybe something with bananas, strawberries, and cowgirl milk. No roommate meant that Brittany would have to drink from the giant hamster bottle filled with her protein slurry, a pearlescent white fluid made from preserved and fortified dickgirl semen. Brittany didn't mind the salty taste or ropey texture, but she ate so much of the stuff that she was starting to find it bland. She entered the kitchenette and saw that on the counter there were two of her special drinking cups, essentially jars with long dildo straws, filled with orange juice and coffee, both at the tepid temperatures she preferred.  A small hand written note 'had a special errand, had to leave early! Sorry! -Stacey' Brittany smiled with her eyes, anyone who left her lukewarm coffee in the morning never had to apologize.

Brittany's face cunt grew wet as she contemplated the two drinking bottles. She leaned forward and pressed her facial vulva against the dildo straw, gradually, so as not to tip the weighted cup over. Her eyes lidded with pleasure as she penetrated her face-cunt, making all of her genitals warm and swell. She flexed her remaining jaw and cheek muscles, as well as her new kegel muscles to suck a cunt-full of coffee down her throat. Brittany relaxed her facial cunt and let the now slick dildo-straw slip out of her mouth. She released another tone deaf, artless moan and shuddered. The best part of waking up was coffee in a cock.

Brittany repeated the process for another drink of coffee and then switched to her orange juice for a few refreshing sips. Then she minced over to the tall bottle containing her protein slurry. She furrowed her brow and grimaced, she was hungry but ugh. Taking a deep breath, she pressed her face cunt against the thick, silicone cock that worked as the feeding tube for the food. She started to nurse at the tank, feeling the thick salty fluid dribble into her cunt. Unlike, the drinking cups, the feed tank was manufactured so that thrusting worked better than sucking, so Brittany began to rock her head and fuck the cock spigot with her face. She felt thick bursts of the protein slurry explode into her throat, and moaned shamelessly at the sensation of the soft cock-tube filled her face cunt and rubbed against her clit. She gasped and thrust her head faster, almost choking on the slurry pouring down her throat and enjoying the swell of stinging pain it caused. She ground her clit against the bottom of the bottle, groaning at the discomfort of being penetrated at such an angle and then exploded in orgasm in her face cunt, which caused her now rockhard cock below her to shoot a load of cum all over her lower stomach. Brittany pulled herself off of the bottle, feeling cummy beads of protein slurry slide out of her face cunt and drool down her chin. Say one thing about a protein slurry breakfast, it really filled a girl up and left her satisfied.

Brittany rubbed her face on a towel to get rid of the worst of her breakfast drool and minced over to her desk. She saw that she had a letter and that Stacey, Freya bless her, had unfolded the sheet so that Brittany could read it. Brittany could see it was from her mother, Martha. As usual, the letter was mostly a serious of terse commands relating to health and wellness, seriousness of study, and strictures of good behavior. Brittany rolled her eyes and then smiled with her eyes. Despite the harsh instructions Brittany could tell her mother loved her and was worried about her and that trying to dominate her from afar was just her way of expressing that now.

Brittany thought about how her relationship with her mother had changed since Belial Idol now that she was a humantaur painslut and Martha was a flesh iron-maiden with tentacle whip arms, a crotch face, long bladed legs, and a dominatrix's disposition. It had become complicated. For one, Brittany's own submissive tendencies and kinks made her mothers powerful body and commanding manners incredibly arousing. And yet, while Brittany was now a shameless painslut and exhibitionist, her mom was still her mom and that was icky. She was very uncomfortable with this new attraction. Brittany was also still a young woman, and so, as much as she craved dominance, she also balked at her mothers heavy controlling hand. So Brittany was greatly relieved when it was time to move into a dorm at college: she loved her mother, but at a safe distance.

Brittany smiled with her eyes when she thought of what her mother had done after Belial Idol. While she hadn't won the contest, she did walk away from the competition with some Challenge Round prize money and a certain amount of notoriety. She didn't have enough to open the grand academy she envisioned, but she was able to open a boarding house. There she trained young women in comportment, discipline, and subservience and offered them a structured home around their studies at a nearby prestigious prep school. Martha served as headmistress, Gilbert, her limbless female lover, worked as a student tutor and counsellor, and Matilda the alchemist worked as Martha's right hand. She currently had six young women boarding with her.

Brittany loved visiting her mother and the boarding house, it was always interesting to see what new lesson or punishment Martha was doling out to her charges. For one, the headmistress insisted on an ever changing assortment of instructive uniforms. Brittany remembered that during her first visit the six girls were encased in full body latex catsuits, with zipped over mouths and mirrored lenses over their eyes. This garment, which the girls were expected to wear for one month, was determined to break down their identity as an individual. During her next visit Brittany found the boarding girls going about their lives in the nude, a choice meant to teach them confidence and pride in their bodies and to break down their nudity taboo. The next trip the girls were all wearing kilted schoolgirl outfits and fake pregnancy costumes under their clothes which was intended to humiliate them in public. Of course, Martha's twisted clothing choices were only part of her unorthodox approach to teaching; the dominatrix was also partial to alchemy as a punishment tool.

Missy, one of the boarding houses' first charges, was a flagrant public masturbator, which is why her parents had sent her there in the first place. Martha had tried several approaches to stop the wayward student from touching herself: a cold hose, a chastity belt, floggings, but nothing seemed to work. The girl was determined and her clever fingers always found a way. And so Martha, in a fit of exasperation, instructed Matilda to alchemically remove Missy's arms.  And now Missy was armless and no longer had a digital masturbation problem.

Based on this early success Martha decided to take this approach with her other wayward students. Tina a young woman who was always talking back to people in authority had her mouth turned into a horizontal cunt with a pierced clit on either side. Cleo, a tall willowy girl with horrible posture had her slouch corrected by having her feet melded so she could only walk on her toes, her spine fused straight, and all of her reminding limbs and joints severely restricted so she moved like a perfect doll. Carly, the silliest girl in the school who was always pulling pranks was transformed into the clown she acted like: her skin was bleached white, her hair made into a red mass of dreadlocks, her nose sculpted into a squeaking ball, her face luridly tattooed, her feet hugely expanded, and her voice stolen from her other than a high pitched giggle. She could also, as a party trick, inflate her breasts hugely with air and make them squeak as they deflated. It was quite a collection of submissive freaks Martha was collecting.

Monique, Brittany's favorite student, was a spirited and outspoken young woman who spoke out against Martha's approach. Things got heated and she called the headmistress a 'bitch'. Martha had smiled coldly with her eyes and told Monique that she would show her who the 'real bitch was' before transforming her into a canine girl. Monique went from a pretty average looking girl with curly brown hair to a ravishing doggy petgirl. She grew a black puppy nose, the hint of a muzzle to her face, floppy brown dog ears, six more small breasts, a waggy tail, and pawlike hands and feet. She also grew a long dog tongue and found she could only bark instead of speak. She was furious at this change, and snapped and snarled at Martha, who calmly instructed her to 'heel' and 'quiet'. Monique, despite herself found herself standing quietly at these words and remained like that until Martha told her to 'sit', wherein she obediently planted her butt on the floor. Monique was now a well behaved petgirl. Brittany thought it was too soon to be sure, but she suspected that Monique would eventually end up the family pet, which was nice because she had always wanted a dog.

These days there was only one fully human student left, who was doing her very best to follow all of the rules. Brittany couldn't wait to see how she ended up when she eventually slips up and crosses her mother.

Brittany gave her head a shake and focused on getting ready. She had eaten and since the day was warm, she was already 'dressed' for class. She did need her book bag which contained the small computer she could use to talk to her classmates by 'typing' with a stylus she gripped in her facial cunt. She sighed in relief when she saw that Stacey had kindly hung the small shoulder bag from her coat rack in a way she could slide into and wear across her armless torso. She loved how considerate and helpful her roommate was.

Stacey was probably so understanding because she was also deaf. She was a cute, short, pixieish human woman who had suffered a childhood illness that left her without hearing. This happened so early in her life that she never really learned to speak and was, like Brittany, completely mute. She was also the best friend Brittany had made in college.

Finding friends and lovers had actually proven to one of the most difficult things for Brittany since her transformation.

When Brittany first came to college she thought her best bet for making friends had been to join the Society for Transformed students. She found that society was really more of a mixing bowl for curious posers and the few students who had gone for minor, fashionable transformations. The vast majority of participants were not really interested in someone as radically changed as Brittany. While she did make some casual friendships with the few radical transformees in the society, she found that most transformed were too impatient to communicate with her and form friendships with. Similarly, while she enjoyed a few fun trysts with the odd transformee, she found that her pain kink was upsetting to these lovers and would eventually end things.

A great example of this was probably her one real relationship in college so far. She had briefly dated Marny, a beautiful humantaur she had met through the SfT group. Marny was the very definition of a four-legged beauty, with wonderful tan skin, four muscular legs, graceful arms, and a gorgeous tail of golden curls. Her two torsos were lean and curvy, with her upper torso sporting a pair of perky d cup breasts. Marny had a radiantly pretty face, with high cheek bones, a button nose, bee stung lips, and flowing golden locks of hair. She was entirely female, with a cute pussy between each pair of her legs. When Brittany had met Marny the attraction was instant and chemical between the two taurs. Marny smiled and asked Brittany to be her stallion and Brittany could only nod dumbly, her face cunt drooling in anticipation. The two girls gracefully and awkwardly mincing, headed to a back room where Marny ate out Brittany's face before Brittany mounted and fucked the gorgeous humantaur. It was great, good enough that the pair tried dating. But the usual problems cropped up: Marny was pretty and talkative and popular and loved to run and dance with her wonderful body. Brittany just couldn't keep up socially or physically with her. And, while the sex was fun, it wasn't the mind blowing rollercoaster of pain that Brittany craved and Marny just wasn't interested in dominating her. So the two quickly broke it off by mutual agreement, and still hooked up when Marny was between longterm lovers.

Brittany had also tried to find lovers and friends through the local kink community. Here Brittany was much more able to find lovers interested in rough play, and could almost always find someone to play with. What she couldn't find here were friends or romantic partners: many of the kinksters were too vanilla for her needs, found her hermaphrodite sex unpleasant, or just viewed her as a fun curiosity instead of a real person. And again there was the matter of her physical limitations: an exotic sex slave for a night might be fun, but a submissive who couldn't speak or even completely care for themselves was a whole different situation. So the kink scene was more of a fun hobby than a real avenue to the kinds of relationships Brittany was looking for.

Where Brittany had found the most luck was actually through the Deaf Society. Here she found other people who were impaired in similar ways to her and who didn't hold her inability to speak or hear against her. Brittany already knew how to read lips and understood sign language so she could follow other deaf people easily, and she found that they, as a group, were more patient about waiting for her to type out responses. There was a limit to this, though, and Brittany's lack of arms and mouth were a limitation: while she could understand everyone she couldn't quickly mouth responses or sign back. People were friendly and encouraged her 'to participate in conversations' by listening in, but she wasn't really making friends. At least until she met Stacey.

Stacey, for whatever reason, was a paragon of patience. Brittany didn't know how or why this young woman seemed content to wait for Brittany's halting typing, but she was forever grateful for it. The two slowly talked about their stories, bonded over the common experience of living outside of hearing society, and commiserated on how hard it was to make friends or find dates with a disability. It was hard going, but the two found a common sense of humor and common values and bonded. Stacey was studying to work as a nurse for either people with disabilities or people with extreme transformations. So she took it upon herself to help Brittany whenever she could, because she was fond of her and because, as she signed, it was great training experience. Eventually Stacey had a stroke of brilliance and introduced Brittany to semaphore, a method of communicating using two hand held flags tilted in different positions. She suggested that Brittany with her two horsetail ponytails would be able to move them in similar ways and be able to communicate faster. And so the pair memorized signal charts, tied ribbon around Brittany's headtails to make a clearer signal plane, and tried out the method. It took some practice, and required that the pair define some original signals for common phrases and words, but Brittany was soon able to flag at her friend easily and the pair could talk in earnest. Which was really the basis of Brittany finding her new best friend.

The pair moved in together as soon as they could get the college housing to give them a special waver.

Brittany slipped into her bag and wiggled it off its hook before activating the automatic door out of their shared room and heading out of the building. Fortunately the pair lived on the ground floor so Brittany only had a few mincing, wonderfully strained steps outside and only a short flight of steps to the road. She took these carefully, wanting to ensure she didn't slip and fall, less because she was worried about injury and more because the pain of such a fall would surely leave her in a fit of sexual arousal that would keep her from making it to class. With one last lurch, she managed to make it to the sidewalk and set off, with the halting pace her body required, toward her class.

A few steps later Brittany passed a common bulletin board with a concert bill for 'C Monster', the band comprised of fellow Belial Idol victims Llana and Llayla. During the contest the pair had become conjoined...or maybe merged into a new compound creature. The central body, 'The Beast', was a giant sea serpent with a huge labial beak for a face, giant breasts, a large translucent glowing cock, and an inhumanely large vagina surrounded by tentacles. Instead of arms, The Beast has long tentacles that blossom, anemone-like into the bodies and persons of Llana and Llayla. Llana's torso is a translucent green glowing body with a tall fin instead of hair. Llayla has a glowing orange body, with short tentacles on her scalp. These days the trio, Llana, Llayla, and The Beast are a moderately successful rock act with the girls playing guitar and base and The Beast playing drums with its cunt tentacles. They hadn't reached mainstream success yet, but we're very popular on the local college circuit and at select bars. The poster stated they would be opening for another band, the Sex Freaks, at a fairly large venue nearby. Brittany hoped this meant they were getting some positive attention.

Brittany was invited to one of C Monster's shows when they had previously played at her college. She got to watch the show from backstage and see the conjoined trio in action. See, really, because Brittany was unable to experience music, something she quite missed. Brittany did enjoy feeling the rumble of the bass in her body, watching the band cavort on stage, and the brilliant light show accompanying their music. She also loved seeing C Monster's fans. As part of their act Llana or Llayla would put down their guitars, swing out over the crowd and make out with a fan. If they felt like it, they would grab onto the fan and The Beast would pluck that person out of the crowd and stuff them into its huge vagina trapping them in its monster womb. This unbirthing would transform the lucky fan, leaving them with glowing genitals and hair. The effects were cumulative though, many multiple trips to the beast made people grow webbed hands and feet, grow fins or tentacles on their heads, gain tails, and frequently sprout new breasts or genitals. Most of the people crushed in the front row already resembled cartoon sea monkeys with complicated genders. The most transformed person of all was the bands manager and main roadie who had blue-tinged skin, hair of a bulbous glowing mass, six breasts, a glowing cock, and a long serpentine mermaids tail.  Brittany avoided taking a turn in the beast, but gladly fucked the bands manager backstage.

Brittany smiled with her eyes and thought about whether she would be able to score tickets to this show as she continued mincing along the street...

Pain! Sudden pain! Delicious, glorious pain! Something had struck Brittany in the shin... a wooden plank on wheels that had gotten away from its rider and struck her in the leg! She didn't hear it coming. A spear of pain was still radiating down her leg, she moaned artlessly and felt all of her pussies engorge and open and begin to drool. She was panting and distantly the board rider was trying to apologize but Brittany didn't care because her cock was iron hard below her and her shin was throbbing in the most amazing way. And she needed more of it, more of the amazing pain! She looked around frantically, gasping with arousal, blowing dribbles of cunt juice from her face. There was a light post, she could kick that, it would hurt splendidly. If no one wanted to dominate her, Brittany would dominate her self. She lumbered towards the pole, leg aching beautifully, perfectly with each step, cock slapping against her lower belly as she minced. She reached the poll and ran her face cunt along its cold, hard length and groaned. She cocked back her leg and got ready to smash her foot as hard as she could, to give into the pain craving...

And she stopped herself, panting and horny and leg still wonderfully throbbing. She had to control herself. She needed to get to class, she did not have time to spend the day in glorious self harm, wallowing in agony. Attendance was mandatory at her tutorial and she doubted sexual pain would be accepted as an excuse. And the school had already made it clear to her that public displays of erotic self harm would not be tolerated. Brittany took a deep, moist, cunty breath and tried to still her racing heart and quiet her hot genitals. She turned back towards class and started to mince in that direction, trying to ignore the glorious throbbing, sickly swelling, and growing bruise on her struck shin.

As she made her way to class, breathing deeply and thinking disciplined thoughts, Brittany passed one of the student bookstores and saw the book by Belial Idol contestant Joey in the window. Following the contest Joey and her girlfriend/fucktoy Fen hit the road traveling to interesting transformed communities. The pair would travel cheaply, getting rides and hitchhiking, sometimes swapping sexual favors as payment. They would sleep on couches or in beds with whoever would take them and Fen would give people tattoos to earn a bit of money. This gave Joey a chance to write a book about the different communities of transformed people, especially the marginal groups in mostly human cities. She treated the transformed as a kind of collective subculture, filled with distinct local groups as varied as the bodies of the transformed. The book was excellent and very well received critically and commercially. Between their notoriety from Belial Idol, their travels, and the reception of the book, Joey and Fen were becoming cult celebrities in transformed circles. At this point, a tattoo from Fen, especially among dickgirls, was highly sought after.

Joey and Fen were also traveling to spread their message about the plight of the mega-endowed and how the world needed more super sized cunts. Belial Idol had turned Joey from a pretty average looking man to a kind of dick brontosaurus: a lizard woman whose head and neck was a prehensile cock and whose equally large tail was also a giant flexible dick. She had also grown huge chesticles which powered her cocks and a nice green udder filled with a kind of syrupy milk. Fen, Joey's girlfriend, had been transformed in the same Challenge Round as Brittany into a kind of cock-sleeve condom woman. While she kept her head, arms, shoulders, and breasts, everything below that had been turned into layers of muscular vulva and a huge cunt whose giant clit replaced the woman's mouth and nose. Fen, when unengorged, was a nearly helpless pair of arms resting on a pile of deflated looking cunt-flesh, but when worn on a cock she stretched out to an eight to ten foot pussy that could fuck and milk the mightiest cocks. Generally Fen would ride around on Joey's tail-cock like a sexual conveyance, but whenever they met a huge cock 'in need', Fen would peel herself off her partner and offer the mega-endowed a chance to fuck a huge pussy like they deserved. Wherever they went Joey and Fen would offer demonstrations, public meetings with dickgirls and others with giant dicks, to relieve the poor cocks and to show curious onlookers why they should consider growing a gigantic cunt and join the struggle. So far the pair had convinced about a dozen people to grow some form of giant cunt and to be available to huge cocks in need.

Brittany had seen the pair recently when they had visited her town to write about The Serpent and The Hood, or as it was being called more and more by locals in the know, 'Serpent's Hood'. The bar was run by a transformed couple, a dick medusa serpent girl and a woman whose head, despite it's human face, was a clit in a vulva hood and whose lower body opened into wide, crinoline looking skirts of vulva and an enlarged cunt. These proprietors had created an unusual space that acts as a comfortable space for the transformed to hang out, but is also a welcoming and safe place for unchanged humans. This makes the bar an excellent mixing space: a place where the transformed and unchanged forged friendships, launched affairs, and where more than a few people were inspired to get their own transformations. This made the Serpent's Hood a perfect fit for Joey's new book about the mixing places between ordinary and transformed folk, and the unusual things that happen there. Brittany had brought Stacey with her and they had a lovely time visiting with Joey and Fen, enjoying the bar, and ogling all of the sexy transformed. Fen had even given Brittany a tattoo, the phrase "WHIP ME" on her left buttcheek written in stylized letters resembling a folded whip. The tattoo had hurt wonderfully, and Brittany had orgasmed two or three times during the process. Fen who was always happy to help, had pulled Brittany's cock into her gaping mouth pussy and gave her a wet handjob and rubbed Brittany's glans against her huge swollen clit. It was fun. When the pair returned to Joey and Stacey, the Joey was trying to sell the deaf girl on becoming a huge cuntgirl, and told her that she had a potion for this if she was interested. Stacey, blushing, demurred, but a listening waitress excitedly volunteered. So Joey took her to the transfromatorium, a new room that was built to cut down on bathroom transformations.

The transfromatorium had easy to clean tile surfaces, large windows to the bar, and a camera that went to the bars' televisions so everyone could watch. So Brittany, Stacey, and Fen (who was being supported by Stacey) gathered to watch as the waitress, Beth, stripped off all her clothes except for her strappy black high heels. She was a gorgeous girl, with long slim legs, a very thin narrow body with small, pert breasts, willowy arms, sharp cheekbones, and a stylishly short haircut of straight brown hair. She smiled and accepted the faintly glowing vial from Joey, carefully pulled out the cork, and sucked down its contents. She burped cutely and blushed, glancing at the windows and cameras. She blew her audience a kiss and waved a little. And then she squealed and clutched her small breasts which had swollen a few cup sizes and lost their nipples. She massaged these spheres as they elongated slightly and gained a pink, shiny, and smooth skin, looking like two giant clits hanging from her chest. A ridge of flesh formed along chest and stomach, running from her collarbones down to her vagina. The ridge swelled, and split, gaining a seam which Beth stuck her fingers into and pulled apart, helping the flesh tear open. The new opening swelled and grew thick, juicey labia and wrapped around her clit-tits leaving the waitress normal except for a gaping, chest sized cunt opening. She stuck her arms inside of her new opening to find she had a huge, but shallow cavity in her torso. Her face was in wonder. And then she howled in orgasm as her back began to bulge right above her ass cheeks. This grew larger until she had a lump that stretched from the small of her back to her anus. Then this bulge elongated away from her body, looking at first like a long blunt tail, and then more and more like a long tubular body made of strong concentric rings of muscles. When the tail/bulge finally stopped growing, Beth's mostly human body had a twelve foot long sausage of flesh as wide as her hips extending behind her. She looked a little anxiously over shoulder and watched as the tube grew a large anus at its end, and then four short, blunt legs in the last two foot section that ended in three fingered little hands. These new limbs lifted her tubular body off the floor as another new set of limbs burst out of her tube body a foot behind her original, shapely legs. These limbs quickly grew into slightly elongated arms, shapely like her original but with only three fingers like her rear most limbs. Beth howled in pleasures and her chest vulva pulsed, and her whole tube body writhed, revealing that the entire tube was one long, hollow vagina that opened at her gaping chest. As she came, her short hair became transparent white and grew down to her tube body while another strip of hair ran down her spine and along her tube body, growing long and flipping over her tube like a stylish mohawk. This hair began to pulse with waves of color that shimmered and travelled down her body in beautiful scintillating bursts. She had become a kind of beautiful, vagina caterpillar.

Joey reared up on her hind legs and gave Beth a warm hug and opened the door to the transfromatorium. Beth inched out cautiously, walking with an odd manner where her rear legs would catch up to her front legs, bending her tube, before she would walk forward on her front limbs. She inched into the taproom and smiled as the bar erupted in applause. Her bosses, the cunt dress woman and dick medusa both came and gave her a congratulatory hug. Another waitress, whose face was on her crotch and who had a pussy where head should be ran her hand along Beth's tube, stroking her rainbow glowing fan of hair. The dick medusa though, couldn't stop looking at Beth, and when Beth, blushing, asked her to join her in the Transformatorium, the cock serpent all but dragged her into the room. So the bar then got to watch the spectacle of the dick medusa: who had cock dreadlocks, six huge penis capped breasts, and a thick serpent tail penis push herself shoulder deep into the transformed waitress's chest and caterpillar cunt. It was a great night, and the Serpent's Hood became a regular hangout for Brittany and Stacey.

Afterward Brittany had teased Stacey about the offer to become a giant cuntgirl. Stacey had blushed furiously and insisted to Brittany that she wasn't interesting in transforming. Brittany had smirked at her with her eyes, and accused her friend of protesting too strongly. Stacey somehow managed to blush even deeper and admitted that maybe the idea of transforming was a little sexy, but becoming a giant cunt wasn't for her. Brittany, having fun, suggested that since Stacey was already planning to help transformees as a nurse that becoming part fuck-sleeve would just be another way of caring for her patients. Stacey laughed, and signed that her future do-gooding would be entirely platonic and that having a sex organ that could only be satisfied by a giant penis seemed like poor planning. Giggling, she also suggested that she didn't like the idea of being a freely available sex partner for the super-endowed and that if she did choose to become a sextoy it would be for someone she cared about and not complete strangers.

Brittany sighed happily fantasizing about getting another tattoo, maybe a 'I read lips and know sign language' type thing on a front thigh, as she minced into the building with her class. Her leg still throbbed distractingly, but she managed to ignore it enough to slip into her tutorial room just as the class was set to start. She took her usual place in the front corner of the room and her seat neighbor, a nice guy named Ted, helped her take off her bag, pull open her talking computer, and push the dildo shaped stylus into her face vagina, making her eyes lid with pleasure. She tapped her pre-typed message "buy a girl a drink first!" phrase and Ted smirked and told her 'she was welcome'. Brittany nodded in gratitude and settled in to listen to the class.

The tutorial started with the Teaching Assistant giving a short lecture about the recent reading material. Brittany's computer had a voice-to-text function and could do a reasonable job interpreting a lecturer, but she found that she preferred reading lips. This TA had very clear enunciation and was uncommonly easy to follow with lip reading and Brittany found the act of following the speaker directly more engaging than reading fractured sentences off her computer screen. This TA made sure to provide Brittany with handouts covering the key points in his lessons and Ted always gave Brittany copies of his meticulous notes after class so she could afford to just 'listen' to the class. She was fortunate to be surrounded by such accommodating people.

Brittany caught Ted gawking at her naked breasts again. She rolled her eyes and tried to ignore the crush her classmate obviously harboured for her. Ted was a sweetheart and a good friend, exactly the kind of dorky milquetoast guy or gal that Brittany would have dated before her transformation. While Brittany still thought geeks were cute, she knew that she needed a sadist in the bedroom and Ted was, if she was any kind of judge, not that kind of boy. Brittany sometimes imagined that she could find a nice boy like Ted and train him to dominate her, or more realistically send them to her mother for proper training. But then again she worried that teaching someone like Ted to enjoy violence in the bedroom might make them a real sadist, which would probably spoil them for her. As much as Brittany enjoyed rough play in the bedroom, she found full time sadists were just kind of assholes and unpleasant to be around. Brittany frowned and wondered where she could find a romantic partner who was a good friend and a dominant, twisted lover. If only her head, heart, and loins could agree on what they wanted.

As the class dragged on the tutorial switched to the part where her classmates discussed their thoughts about the reading assignments. Brittany found this part of the class especially challenging. Her computer could do a reasonable job of catching the lecturers words, but was pretty much hopeless at transcribing the speech of her classmates spread around the room. By sitting in the front corner of the room Brittany could turn around and read her classmates lips, although this had it's own difficulties. Lip reading was a kind of linguistic puzzle: a mouth movement looked like this word, or maybe this word, but in the context of the next potential word was probably that word and so the sentence was likely this. It was speech assembled in parts and it took a fair amount of concentration, especially with unfamiliar speakers who maybe mumbled or weren't looking sufficiently in her direction. And when you added in the insipid and boring thoughts of some of her duller and more self-important classmates, it made the effort needed to follow their words excruciating. Which is why, aside from paying attention to her favourite classmates and chipping in her own pre-typed comments for participation marks, Brittany often spent this part of class daydreaming. Like thinking about her last vacation...

It was the end of her last summer break coming into this second year of college that she had decided to take Samantha and Billy up on their invitation to visit. The pair of Belial Idol champions had opened a quaint inn in a rustic small coastal town. Immediately following the contest Samantha, who had been transformed into a bimbo bunnygirl and a nerdy bunny-shemale conjoined together by a butt-to-butt fleshy stalk, married her fiancé Billy, who had been made into a a mutli-breasted fox girl shemale with a bubbly personality but whose cock retained the arms and mind of the original Billy. The network wanted to make their wedding a large event, but the pair insisted on keeping it a tiny private affair, with a few friends, the other Belial Idol contestants, and some members of the show's crew. It was a beautiful ceremony with the bimbo Samantha wearing a simple, sexy brides dress, the nerdy Samantha wearing a handsome suit, and Billy wearing an elaborate gown that her cock body would peep out from or remain hidden under throughout the night. The party afterwards was wild and sexy and basically an orgy. The married couple then went on a grand honeymoon, spending months visiting many exotic locations before returning and founding their inn. Despite the size of their winnings they chose to open a humble, wooden inn that could accommodate no more than a dozen guests at a time. They specialized on providing a quiet, romantic stay for the transformed where they could meet and fuck lots of interesting people. Brittany loved her visit, and despite not having been dominated like she wanted, she had lots of fun sexual encounters with her hosts and their staff.

Brittany smiled wistfully with her eyes and thought about that last trip, about mincing up the gravel path to the rustic wood slat building set in handsome gardens. She remembered stepping into the small foyer/lobby of the inn and seeing the Belial Idol prominently displayed, tiny figures still fucking on the penis plinth that was once Rex Dragoon. Brittany smiled when the trophy erupted in pleasantly floral smelling cum seemingly in greeting. Samantha and Billy had rushed to greet her, and had lead her promptly to a cloak room for an intimate hello. Brittany felt her genitals twinge thinking about that first encounter, about how Bimbo-Samantha had kissed her passionately on her mouth cunt and then crawled under her taur-body to suck her cock. Nerd-Samantha had taken the opportunity to step forward and lick and kiss Brittany's face cunt and then stepped back and pulled Brittany's face down to her hardening bunny cock. Brittany had joyfully face fucked it while under her Bimbo-Sammy had released her penis, rolled onto all fours and pushed Brittany's cock inside of her. Nerd-Sam now pulled Brittany's face cunt off her slick cock and kissed her again before stepping forward, pushing her cock inside of Brittany's fore-cunt and continuing to lick, suck, and kiss her face cunt. Brittany was having two of her cunts fucked, while a wildly giggling bunnygirl was humping away at her cock. And then Billy, who had been watching and stroking his three foot penis body, stepped forward. He shrunk his cock to only a couple inches, stepped up behind Brittany and pushed the tiny cock into her rear pussy. He then slowly expanded his cock, letting it fill her completely and stretch her opening. Brittany felt glorious discomfort, just like Billy had known she would, and then he started thrusting. Brittany orgasmed, and orgasmed, and ejaculated inside Sammy, which caused the bunnygirl to orgasm and her counterpart to cum in Brittany. Seeing all of his lovers scream, and groan, and laugh through their ecstasy drove Billy to ejaculate, and Brittany to come again as she felt a huge torrent of hot cum slam into her rear sex and womb. It was a great way to welcome a guest and the only time Brittany had all of her genitals pleasured at once.

Afterward the innkeepers introduced their staff. Since the Belial Idol Champions did many of the chores of running their inn themselves, their staff was quite small. The bulk of their staff were three women who had been reduced to one by an avatar. Before the transformation the three women had been best friends and had been hiking in the wilderness when they were cornered by some manner of avatar. The creature had asked the girls if they wanted to be together forever, and when they hypnotically responded that yes they did, the avatar had instructed them to tell him what they thought their most attractive feature was. One of the girls thought she had a cute butt and nice legs, while another was proud of her large, well-shaped breasts, the last girl had blushed and said she had a pretty smile and nice eyes. The avatar had laughed in delight, declaring this perfect. The avatar removed everything above the first girl's waist, leaving her with her legs, butt, and vagina. She grew a pair of eyes on her crotch and found her cunt now doubled as a mouth she could speak through. The avatar removed the second women's lower body and head, leaving her with a torso, chest, breast and arms. To her reduced body he added beestung lipples, a single cyclops eye between her collar bones, and a vagina where her neck once was. The avatar then turned to the final woman and destroyed her entire body except for her head. To her new, tiny body, the avatar only added a cock that grew where neck had been. The avatar then made it so each of the new truncated women could experience the sensations of the others and destroyed their sense of identity so that none of them really remembered who they had been before the transformation. Samantha and Billy had met the three girls, now going by Legs, Tits, and Face during their honeymoon and offered the still disoriented girls a job. Now the girls worked some combination of reception, housekeeping, and landscaping and occasionally, with the help of specialized belts, assembled themselves into a single woman who could pass as normal and went into town for supplies.

In fact, when Brittany had met the three girls, they introduced themselves as 'Lisa' and were in their normal human disguise. Face, speaking for the group, had seduced Brittany after carrying her luggage up to her room. The women, working in concert, pulled off their loose, high-necked dress to reveal an apparently human body, since her crotchless underwear, girdle belt, bra, and neck brace hid all of the groups alterations. Brittany, still amped up from fucking her hosts, had welcomed the chance to break her room in and took 'Lisa' up on her offer. 'Lisa' had Brittany lie on her backs, and straddled her on top so that Brittany could watch her bob on her cock. Which left Brittany dumbfounded when 'Lisa' had removed the rest of her disguise and disintegrated into three moaning components as she came inside of Legs. The three girls thought this trick was hilarious and while they all laid around in post coital bliss, they explained their situation to Brittany who conceded that it was a fun introduction.

The rest of the vacation was spent relaxing, fucking the hosts and other guests: four married couples that had gotten conjoined to each others partners, and eating delicious food prepared by a lovely and matronly human chef who lived nearby. It was a perfect time. Apparently, Samantha and Billy were planning a Belial Idol reunion party, and Samantha couldn't wait to go. She hoped they would let her bring Stacey to introduce her to everyone and to show her how much fun the transformed life was.

Brittany sighed in her cunt, if only this class was exciting as that vacation was. Some dude was still pontificating on his dumb opinions, but time was almost up. And suddenly everyone was moving. Brittany glanced with a questioning look at Ted who wrote on a scarp of paper "class bell" and "freedom!". Brittany smiled with her eyes and nodded her agreement and then stuck out her head so that Ted could loop her computer bag back over her shoulder. Brittany nodded thanks to Ted who smiled and blushed. Possessions on shoulder Brittany started to make her cautious, halting way back to her room while trying not to think about the resurgent pain in her calf...


Brittany stepped into her room and something seemed odd. She glanced around and frowned that she couldn't hear or smell what was happening. She minced around the common living space and didn't see anything amiss but saw the door to her room was ajar. She ducked out of her shoulder bag and strided over to the door and peaked inside. And gasped in shock at what she saw.

It was Stacey, but she had transformed!

The most immediate change that Brittany noticed was that Stacey had replaced her mouth and nose with a vertical vagina, just like her own face. Brittany saw Stacey's eyes smile nervously at Brittany and watched her facial labia swell in arousal.

The next change that caught Brittany's attention were Stacey's new hands. Stacey had always been a slight girl, with skinny limbs speckled with freckles and small delicate, expressive hands. No longer. Now Stacey had huge, muscular hands built for violence. Her lower arms were coated in a dull black, rubbery skin like gloves starting just above Stacey's elbows. Everywhere this black skin covered was huge and muscular, leaving the still slight girl with the forearms of a muscular man and huge, masculine hands belonging to a much larger person. But it wasn't just that Stacey's new hands were large, it was that they were knobby and covered in ridges and bands of armour: these were hands designed to hurt someone. Stacey flexed her new hands, revealing the taught musculature of them, and Brittany felt her heart beat faster. She wanted to be struck by these hands, to be controlled by their no doubt awesome grip. Brittany's cock stiffened, and her three vaginas grew warm and moist.

Brittany shook her head and pried her eyes away from her roommate’s sexy, violent hands and took in the rest of her. Stacey's torso was largely unchanged, still slender and pale, although her breasts seemed maybe a bit larger and better shaped. Below the waist, Stacey was encased in the same dull, black skin as her hands which contained her altered lower body. Stacey's legs had grown muscular and shifted, curving dramatically in a digitigrade posture in a way that reminded Brittany of a running lizard or bird. This idea was enhanced by her feet which ended in three claws, one of which was curved up and blade like, tapping on the floor. Brittany could see that Stacey still had her original vagina, but that her black-skinned public region had a series of small barbed bumps that meant fucking her would scratch like an emery board. Stacey had also grown a long, reptilian tail that stuck out four feet behind her and coiled casually. Stacey saw Brittany examining her tail and lifted swung it up to show her the tip which ended in a large penis glans. Below the glans Stacey had a rows of bumps and ridges, which made Brittany imagine how such a wicked cock would feel inside of her. Stacey smiled with her eyes and with a look of slight concentration, made these bumps and ridges swell, turning her tail from a cock and penetrative appendage to a heavy club. Stacey waved the club in the air menacingly and Brittany moaned deep in her throat. Her roommate's body was designed to punish her.

The final change on Stacey's body was the top of her head. Before she had a nest of frizzy red hair, but now she had a skullcap of the black skin that extended off the back of her head in two heavy, black tentacles that dangled to about shoulder height. Stacey saw her examine the tentacles, so she flexed them showing she could use them to 'flag' and then reached up and pinched the tip of one, milking a squirt of tacky, black material which Stacey rolled between her fingers and showed was a kind of binding web/glue. She flexed her hand and snapped the glue in a display of her finger strength. Brittany's tail was raised and she was shuffling on her feet, her pussies were dribbling and her cock beat a rhythm below her. She wanted to fuck Stacey, she needed to be beaten by this amazing body.


But Stacey was her friend and she needed to talk to her about this.

Brittany looked at her altered friend and flagged 'Stacey?...' Raising her head tails slowly to convey question, concern in her eyes.

Stacey's face cunt pulsed with an attempted smile and an encouraging look flitted in her eyes. 'Don't you like the new look?' She signed with her huge, muscular hands. Stacey puffed out her chest and slowly waved her tail behind her.

'I do...' Brittany flagged back, 'your body is very, very sexy!' She sucked in a juicy breath, 'but it is a big thing!' She flagged.

Stacey nodded. 'I know!' She signed, laughter in her eyes, 'I've been planning this for weeks. Ever since I met you and started going to transformed places, I have wanted to change. I just was not sure into what. Finally I knew what I wanted to be.' Stacey great urged at herself. 'Your perfect lover!'

Brittany was touched, but confused. 'Stacey...' She flagged hesitantly.

Stacey clapped her wonderfully heavy hands together, demanding silence and attention. 'Look, you goof!' She signed 'I love you, okay? You are my best friend. I can not spend enough time with you, you always make me smile or laugh, I take care of you and you treat me like I am not broken.' She paused, gasping through her slick pussy mouth. 'We live together, I care for you. I do not think you could live without me,' Stacey signed. 'I know you are bisexual, and I have been, am very, very attracted to you. And now, I can see, you are very, very attracted to me too.'

Brittany nodded, she did find Stacey's new body unbelievable sexy! To be whipped by that tail and struck by those crushing hands! Brittany felt her resolve slipping. She took a calming breath. 'Stacey, I love you too, and your body is super, super sexy!' She sighed, 'but... you know I have needs, sex needs that I do not think you will enjoy...'

Stacey rolled her eyes and signed. 'Duh. I know! But it's okay, I fixed that. Along with new body I got a mind M-O-D-U-L-E that I can turn on and off that loves rough sex.' Stacey closed her eyes and when she opened them they glinted with a fierce determination and cool joy. 'Now stand still,' she flagged with her head tentacles as she opened and closed her giant fists.

Stacey moved towards Brittany with a fluid grace and speed that startled the humantaur. Stacey raised her hand, making Brittany flinch, she would have cowered behind her hands if she still had arms. Brittany opened her eyes to see a look of cruel amusement in Stacey's eyes as she reached out and ran a thick finger down Brittany's cheek. Brittany shuddered happily at the sensation and then moaned in arousal when Stacey suddenly smacked her across the face, a heavy blow that made Brittany stumble. Brittany felt glorious pain explode from her face and felt her genitals quiver, 'more!' She flagged. Stacey, eyes hard and manic and joyous, grabbed Brittany's head in her hands and head butted Brittany so hard she saw stars. Her eyes watered and a wave of pleasure and pain raced through her body. She moaned artlessly until it was muffled by Stacey mashing her face vulva against Brittany's. The pair face scissored for a moment before Stacey pulled back and slammed her head into Brittany's again. Brittany orgasmed and Stacey mashed their face pussies together until they both came again.

And then Stacey stepped back, a predatory gleam in her eyes. She circled Brittany, whose eyes were half lidded from the swelling, throbbing pain in her head and the ensuing pleasure. Stacey flicked her tail casually and drummed her new claws on the floor. She held her tail up and slowly inflated her club. She stepped alongside Brittany and grasped her tightly around her torso, her strong fingers long enough to form an iron belt. Stacey slowly tightened her grip, digging painfully into Brittany's flesh making her moan inarticulately. Then Stacey flicked her tail and heavily slapped Brittany's ass. Brittany gasped, cunt spittle flying, headtails waving in wordless joy. Stacey made a kind of growling noise and smashed her tail club into Brittany's ass again and again and again. Brittany made damp yelping noises and moaned, bursts of painful shock rolled through her as she was clubbed over and over, faster and faster. And then she was coming, her dick spamming below her releasing ropes of semen and her all of her cunts spasmed and she writhed in the painful grip of Stacey's iron hands. Brittany mewled in joy. This was all she ever wanted!

When she came back to herself she saw that Stacey was looking at her, concern instead of cruelty in her eyes. 'Are you okay?' She signed hesitantly, looking at Brittany's swollen and bruised face, and her red and black butt.

Brittany nodded enthusiastically, making the cunt drool from her face splatter. "The was incredible! More! More!' She begged with her head tails. But Stacey looked hesitant. 'Did you not enjoy it?' Brittany flagged.

Stacey blinked her eyes. 'I very, very loved it!' She signed. 'New part of me loves the power. I love the power. Watching you squirm, watching you do what I want, it was very, very sexy!' Her eyes flashed their cold glee, 'I could E-N-S-L-A-V-E you like that forever.,' she signed coolly. Stacey's gentler self reappeared, 'but right now... Will you make love to me like this?'

Brittany nodded enthusiastically, 'of course! I love you!' She traced Stacey's powerful, altered body with her eyes, 'you are very sexy.' She let naked lust show in her eyes, 'you look like you will hurt to fuck.'

Brittany pushed Stacey with her head and herded her out to their living room and pushed her toward their ottoman. Stacey understood what she wanted and flopped onto her back, legs spread wide. Brittany lunged over her so that Stacey was pinned under her taur body. She lowered her hips, and with Stacey's help, pushed her cock into Stacey's hot pussy. Stacey mewled through her cunt as Brittany started to thrust into her. Brittany groaned in pleasure at the painful feeling of her stomach and crotch scraping over the rough ridges of Stacey's crotch. Even fucking her vanilla hurt! Stacey then swung her tail up behind Brittany and inserted her cock tail into the humantaur, who moaned at the feeling of penetration and the friction of from the bumps and ridges on Stacey's cock. The girls rocked like that, desperately fucking each other, breath rasping from their cunt mouths in steamy sprays, until, almost simultaneously, both of them writhed in orgasm and ejaculated into each other. Brittany collapsed on top of Stacey and gasped as she felt the bumps and ridges of Stacey's cock involuntarily expand, filling her delightfully, uncomfortably and locking them together like a canine knot.

After laying like that a for a few moments the two girls untangled themselves partially. Stacey couldn't yet shrink her knots, so the two were still coupled, so they flopped onto the floor in a way where they could see each other well enough to talk.

'I love you' singed Stacey with her huge, strangler hands.

'I love you too' flagged Brittany, 'that was very, very good!'

Stacey's eyes went cold and hard, 'and I'm only getting started,' she promised.

Brittany made a groan of arousal and laughed with her eyes, headtails waving with mirth.

'What?' Asked Stacey.

'I thought of this.' Brittany flagged, eyes smiling, cheeks pulling at her facial vulva like a grin, 'I think I am winner of B-E-L-I-A-L I-D-O-L'

Stacey laughed, and playfully smacked Brittany across the face.


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