Topic: Another Poll

So I felt like doing another poll on here just because I'm bored to heck and can't think of any way to continue ongoing stories for the time being, so I'm hoping that all your votes might help me get more motivated to write some of the story ideas in my mind. Hopefully, I will become motivated enough in that time to provide more stories for you to read and enjoy. Votes are great but written feedback helps a lot more.

So, five options:

Option A
Bitchy cheerleader finds her mouth becoming a vagina on the day before a big sports event.

Option B
Lonely, depressed and bullied college guy realizes he has a power that allows him to change things however he wants.

Option C
Since her 18th birthday, a girl wakes up every morning in a different form than the day before. Only on the first day of every month that begins on a Monday is she normal. Sexual and non-sexual transformations occur.

Option D
An insightful look inside a transformee prison. More like a documentary style.

Option E
A reality show (in the vein of Total Drama series) where transformations are quite frequent.

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