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As many might have noticed, two of my personal favourite TFs are female-to-male TFs and anus-TFs, since both are rather rare and more extreme in nature than many other types of TFs, either for the disturbing fate of the victim in case of the anus TF or the totality of gender-reversal in case of ftm.

Although I am also having ideas for other TFs in art and story (just lacking the time right now to work on much of them), I am kind of running out of interesting or new variations for the two mentioned TFs, especially story-wise. So I got curious and decided to make this thread, just for people to post ideas of their own relating to either of both types of TFs. The ideas can be anything, for plots and story scenarios, characters, methods of TF or ideas for the final outcome itself.

This is not a contest or such. Its simply a thread to go wild with ideas and get myself inspired. smile


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How about this:

There's this town, right? And it's full of people who live simply and put great support in moral values, like the Amish in our world. But this group is distraught at what the world outside is coming to, sex, lust, and gluttony everywhere, so they find it upon themselves to take the sinners from their homes and hide them away in this big building in their town called The PIT, and it's full of "sinners" that have been warped by the townsfolk into forms that match their sins. And the transformations are very particular, as there is a whole book that is written saying what which sin qualifies what form the sinner should take (Masturbators become giant cocks, prostitutes become nothing but breasts and asses like this: http://riversofgrue.files.wordpress.com … mned-1.jpg , etc.)

Anyway, there's an entry in the book regarding profanity, people swearing and cursing all the time. The townsfolk kidnap these people, and fuse two of them together (mostly one male and one female, but same-sex fusions can happen) , forming a fat creature with a big butt that was one of them and the other guy's head becoming a fat butt as well. They also fuse them with the anuses of the gluttons they turned into fat pig creatures.

So, what do you think?


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Not so much a transformation idea but a story idea. The protagonist get's transformed into an anus but  never actually knows what it's host is or looks like. The entirety of the story could be the protagonist attempting to figure out just who or what it's attached to? While also of course the regular parts of their new position.


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hetoki wrote:

Not so much a transformation idea but a story idea. The protagonist get's transformed into an anus but  never actually knows what it's host is or looks like. The entirety of the story could be the protagonist attempting to figure out just who or what it's attached to? While also of course the regular parts of their new position.

interesting idea, but how should that work? an anus don't have any senses. Of course you could add eyes somewhere. then it could work...


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The Anus-TF is rather crippling, so it's rather difficult to create a story.

I'm pretty sure that my idea isn't completely new, but what do you think about that:

The story-idea is about a wrongly convicted woman, who is transformed into an anus of a dakinispawn-like creature. The creature is formed from the woman's body (i like that more than a simple attachment to some existing animal) The creature isn't very intelligent, probably more like a pet, than a human. It doesn't matter if it is male or female, and i'm not sure about it exact form. She is able to speak out of the anus, but that's more or less everything she can do after the transformation. She is still able to feel sexual satisfaction, though.

Her husband is allowed to visit her once per week, and after he finds evidence that she is innocent he can take the creature home. But a reversal of the transformation is not possible. After a while he starts to have sex with the creature and both accept their fate.

If her humanity degrades after years as an anus or not should be left open. Another possibility would be a botched alchemical serum that worsens the transformation (whatever that means...)


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Those are all great ideas. Keep it coming. smile
Actually those concepts give me some good ideas for potential stories.

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I have a few ideas I planned to write, but the last months it has been impossible to sit down and write something. But I can share an idea in the forum.

A new serum that does not transform you physically, only mentally. For a short amount of time, you conciseness leaves your head and the rest of you body and become trapped inside your own anus, genitals or breasts, or whatever you wish to be reduced to. You can still feel your old body as something remote, but your main world is an anus, vagina or penis. Of course one day you can choose to be your own mouth or tongue, another day a breast or your anus. Some find the time they spend in this state of mind so relaxing and arousing that they become addicted, spending more and more time like this, and eventually decides they want it to be permanent. That means they need to find someone to fuse with, since their bodies would be helpless if it became permanent in their own bodies. So they either find a dakini spawn, a normal but kinky human willing to be host or a transformee who wants someone to join them. Some have specific wishes, like becoming a pussy or an anus, others are more adventurous and don't know what body part or which gender they are gonna end up like (such as a penis on a female, or a testicle). It could be alone, or they could be more than one.

Another idea, even if it does not include transformation into an anus, is a similar elixir that twists and warps your mind, turning you into a sexual beast mentally speaking for a few hours, depending on the dose. While your body stays the same, your libido becomes animalistic and you feel none of the restraints or worries you normally feels with you human mind intact. Most of the time you don't think in the way you are used to think, but just act on your instincts. When the effect goes away, your memory is intact and you can remember what it felt like.
For some the temptation becomes too much to resist, maybe an unexpected side effect of using the elixir too often, and they want become a semi-intelligent sexbeast in both body and mind. Like a sutonian whore, or an animal with certain human traits or just something that can live somewhere that is a combination or a zoo/farm and a free brothel, spending the rest of their days in a careless existence.

An alternative explanation for the desire to permanently become an anus or a sex beast could be an unwanted side effect of the serum. When the company who produce it realize what is going on, it is pulled from the market. But the damage is already done. Hundreds of users have been affected and will end up getting transformed before they have been given any antidote.

There could also be another reason for turning into an anus. The rumor has it that if you have someone to transform into your anus, or pussy or genitals in general, these body parts will be far more sensitive than you could imagine, and sex feel more intense than it's possible to describe. It could also simply be a fashion among the wealthy. While many girls could need the money, they wouldn't need the money as an anus. So the rich women who puts out ads, looking for someone to become their anus, makes an agreement. They will write a contract where they will agree for how long they are gonna stay as an anus. A year, or maybe five years. When the time is over, they can of course not get their old body back. But their mind, which still is intact in the anus, will mentally fuse with the mind of their host. That way they will both have all the money, have some unique memories and feeling the pleasure of mentally fusing with another person. And some agrees and thinks it sounds adventurous.
Some become a full anus and has no way to communicate. Sometimes the host goes back on their promise and does not fuse with the mentally. Or when they do fuse, the mind of those transformed has become so used to being an anus in both body and mind that they can't adapt to a normal life again, and this influence is so strong that the host (now mentally fused with their previous anus) gives in an find someone who are willing to keep them as a permanent anus.
Other may still have an eyeball over the anus, which can communicate by blinking. When the time has come, they are asked if they are ready to become a human again by fusing their mind with their owner. Surprisingly many declines and is able to "talk" back that they are just fine as it is, and has no desire to become fully human again.
Or instead of rich women, two prostitutes finds out that some clients are willing to pay more for someone with a living anus. And so by flipping a coin, one agrees to become an anus for a couple of years. No living costs in the meantime, and more clients. And she has transferred all her money to her friend, which she will mentally fuse with in the future.
(It could also be a combination. An anus with a single eye, and a pair of eyes and eyebrows above the pussy, after two different girls have fused with a third one.)


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I have an idea for one I really like, but I want to keep it a secret for the story it's going to be in. It'll be a few months out, but I think you'll like it when I do it.


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I thought a little bit about such drastic transformations like anus-transformations. As i said before it's difficult to create an interesting story once the transformation is over. After i re-read several stories in the last couple of days, i realized that most of them simply end very shortly after the tf. I don't like that very much, since i really enjoy descriptions of the life of the transformees. (of course i know that not all of you like that, and many prefer stories of the transformation-process itself)

Well, i have several suggestions to make the post-tf-stories more interesting, even if some uniqueness of this type of transformations is affected negatively this way. Some were inspired by the dakini-work pdf document, which demon-man recently posted. Some suggestions assume that the "host" has limited animal-like intelligence.

- selfawareness of the victim
  This seems not to be in need of explanation
- give the victim some influence over the host:
  i don't mean direct control or mind reading, but emotions of the victim should affect the host-creature. Anger or lust of the victim could bring the host to attack or have sex with someone, for example
- some kind of limited awareness of the outside world
  that doesn't mean that the victim must have eyes or eyesight, nor ears. Maybe a kind of heat perception would work, or something like that

- On the other hand  giving the victim a way to communicate with others would take away too much of the severity of the transformation, IMHO.

btw, i posted a story that i just discovered recently and that is a good example of what i mean


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A friend, who didn't want to "delurk" sent me these suggestions:

"I would say, for the purpose of continuing a story post TF, it's best to have some level of senses available. Sight and hearing in particular.
- The victim becomes a distended anus. Tentacle like, really. Able to move about in a prehensile fashion.
- The victim is able to mentally communicate with the person who's Anus they've become and they are very important and are needed to continue their job, despite the inability to physically contribute to it anymore.
- The person they've fused with is perfectly aware of the fusion, but makes every effort they can to keep the persons life active. Hanging out with the victims friends, going places they like, fucking people they sleep with. Maybe even taking an activist stance against whatever caused the transformation. Interviews, speeches, political gatherings.
- Rather than being at the mercy of the person they've fused with, they have complete control over their functionality, giving them the ability to have some measure of control over the victim. This could be to the point of painful lack of release to being able to cause infinite... production.
- The transformation involves more than one person. At once, or over time, the people fused able to communicate with each other.
- Partial transformation. Becoming entirely anus in material, but retaining the upper-body features."


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FYI: I comissioned a Anus/Butt TF sequence. I'll post it as soon it's finished.


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Cool. smile I like the ideas here. Inspired me to some story-ideas. Only problem is that I simply don't find the time to actually work on any.