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Life has been busy for me this year and who knows what next year will bring. I barely get time to work on pictures, stories or even reconstructing the website. As a result I need to restrict myself to only the most important projects.

So since I can't do much in form of finished artworks or stories, I thought to make a few sketches of TFs and ideas I think could be more but I can't really spend any time on. Maybe they can inspire other people for stories or other works of art.

This thread could also be used by other users to upload or show pictures that they think deserve more to be done with them, be it my works or those of others.

Some rough sketches I made for this reason:
http://f3.to/demon-man/wp-content/uploa … dd-341.jpg - An idea for two highly popular celebrities (musicians or filmstars) to end or reinvent their careers with an immense gig, both shocking the audience at first by their conjoined state (done just before the show) and then getting further transformed into some bizarre creature. Never could decide on what their final form should look like, only very extreme.

http://f3.to/demon-man/sketches-odd-and … ryodd-115/ - An idea for an erotic dancer getting transformed during her striptease.

http://f3.to/demon-man/sketches-odd-and … ryodd-116/ - Inspired by a picture I've seen on 4-chan. The final form for a willing or unwilling transformee, maybe even Jizza-related.


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Nice to see the website is nearly up!


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hmm, the first one is very inspiring, indeed. a small transformation between every song, would cheer the crowd up!


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... It seems they are lost to the tides of time. Curious what they looked like.