Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Allison goes the conference as instructed.
Doing as Mrs. Jackson says, Allison has a happy smile and a slightly dazed look as she walks to the auditorium. She sits down just in time to see the... person. Whoever, walk to the podium on stage. The man is old, balding, and once he starts talking, Allison, paying no attention to what he's actually saying, realizes his monotone voice is going to make almost the entire assembly of students struggle to not doze off. “Oh no. I so don't want to listen to that the entire time,” She says, pursing her lips as she ponders what to do to make the mandatory presentation bearable.

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Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Allison changes the presenter.
“Lets change you a bit, good sir,” Allison says to herself with a smile. After all, she finds women far more interesting to look at then men. Trying not to giggle, Allison turns the man at the podium into a woman, although the results aren't quite as good as she desired. She... looks harsh. Wearing an unflattering dress, no make-up, and her full head of hair pulled into a bun. “Oh, fudge. That's not much of an improvement,” Allison mutters before she makes the woman younger, but even that doesn't change things very much, besides softening her face a bit. It's an improvement, but not a big one.

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Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Changes her into something far stranger.
Deciding to really change the presenter, Allison points the remote at one of the guys sitting in the room, copying and merging the woman at the podium with a cock. She gasps out as she see's what she's wrought, a five-foot tall living cock. She's surprisingly feminine with sexy brown eyes set in the glans, the cock-slit obviously the living cock's mouth as she talks. Allison can see massive hairless balls the size of large beach-balls the podium doing little to block any of the two orbs from view.

“Ohh wow. I wish I could find out her story.” Allison says as she licks her lips. However, she is stuck sitting her until the cock-woman, no matter how interesting and unusual she looks, is done talking.

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Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Allison turns her attention to the students.
Allison's mind dances in delight at all the things she could do to the school with so many of the other students in the auditorium. Oh what, oh what shall she do?

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Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Allison makes the girls, as well as new shemales, feel her cock.
Allison licks her lips, having gotten such a thrill from having Amy, Mrs. Jackson, and Katherine feel her cock when she was in Amy and when she finally came. “Mhmm. That will be delicious,” Allison coos to herself as she decides to make more girls feel her cock like that. Allison starts copying feeling her cock to every girl she can see. In the middle of this, she purses her lips, feeling turned on by what she's doing, but it isn't quite enough for her.

With a small nod to herself, Allison copies most of being a girl onto one of the guys, leaving their cock untouched. Smiling, Allison copies the ability to feel her cock onto them as well as she continues changing students, creating shemales from no small number of the boys.

She doesn't get to everyone before the cock on stage is finished and she sighs, although unknown to her, she caused a full shift in reality, all the girls in school now feel her lovely horse-cock.

Allison gasps as she sees the cock woman, now done with her presentation, flops onto the floor and pull herself forward the shaft of her body rising up like a worm. When she slides her head forward, flattening out, she moans and then cums, shooting seed across the stage floor as her eyes shudder in pleasure. Every push she makes ends this way, her seed starting to lubricate her passage off stage, making it easier for her to crawl forward. Allison finds she absolutely loves watching her crawl off the stage.

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Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Allison gets waylaid in the hall.
The students are finally dismissed from the auditorium and Allison smiles, walking out into the hallway, imagining what the school is going to be like the next time she cums.

As Allison goes to her next class, the last one before lunch, she gasps as a girl pulls up against her, forcing her into the wall as she kisses her deeply, her fingers dancing over the head of Allison's flaccid cock for a moment. Allison squeaks, then gasps before melting into the kiss as Cynthia, the gorgeous, blond haired, blue eyed head bitch and head cheerleader of the school.

“Ohh, Allison. Sexy,” Cynthia says in a low, seductive voice, “When are you going to let some lucky girl become your cock? You've been holding out for so long.”

Allison is speechless for a moment. Not only is Cynthia practically molesting her, she's saying the girls in school are basically jockeying to be the person who becomes her cock?! No way.

“W-wha? And you think i-it should be you?” Allison stammers, making Cynthia grin as she caresses Allison's sheath. “Oh, yes, girl. I'll take whatever form you want too. Full cock, keeping my upper body, and my sexy breasts. Not to mention you'll get my allowance and my inheritance,” the rich bitch's voice dripping with desire. “Of course, anyone would be happy becoming some other part of you as well, but your cock is the grand prize.”

Allison can't help the foolish grin that crosses her lips. She's the practically the queen of the school now! Oh, this is too good to be true. She can even do whatever she wants to Cynthia, even without the remote.

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Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Allison offers another part of her body for merging.
Her mind reeling from this strange and amazing turn of events, Allison decides Cynthia doesn't deserve to be her cock, but maybe she can be some other part of her.

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Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Allison offers to make Cynthia her sheath.
Allison purses her lips, looking over Cynthia. Why not make her something a little... less practical? Allison gives a “Hmm” of consideration before she smiles at the cheerleader. “You might make a nice sheath, Cynthia. Wrapped tight around my cock, hiding it for me, holding it as it grows hard.”

Cynthia kisses Allison again, her fingers exploring her sheath again as she imagines becoming part of it, “Ohh, it's not as good as your cock, but yes,” Cynthia says as she starts to breath heavily, her large breasts heaving as her nipples harden through her top, Allison still shocked at how much this is turning the girl on and she feels her cock twitch in appreciation of her eagerness and arousal.

“Let's go the merging center after school, Allison, or even during lunch. Although... can we make the inside my pussy? And I'll pay for a little more as well. A couple of my girls would kill to even become your breasts, or anyone you want. More to turn you on, sexy. Especially if you make your breasts have pussy-mouths, or you grab a couple of shemales so they can have cock-tongues, or even one of each.”

Wow... a merging center, today!? During lunch or after school? With Cynthia. Allison can't help be smile as she wonders what the place is going to be like. Still, Cynthia has brought up a few things to consider first.

Current End
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Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Allison decides she really doesn't need to stay a student.
by Ordos Tsceri
Mrs. Jackson's offer was intriguing, and from the blushes and smiles of a few students (the busty, armless, horse-twatted Amy in particular) quite a few of them would follow through with it. However, Mrs. Jackson's next class was already beginning to file into the room, so apparently a tumble with their six-legged smoking hot spider-teacher would have to wait for later.

She didn't know if she'd join them or not. There was a lot left to do, and so many fun things that could happen before then. Moving on auto-pilot she headed over toward her second period; Gregory Thompson's English class. She hadn't done the reading for today, some dreadful turn-of-the-century classic about empowerment that read like a meandering whine-fest. Still, she could usually BS her way through the written assignments well enough.

Allison stopped in mid-step as she entered the classroom. She looked at Mr. Thompson, and her lips curved into a gleeful smile.

Why should she have to sit through a class at all?

She scanned Thompson into the device. First things first, she reduced his age from the mid 40s to 18. To her surprise, Mr. Thompson was a rakishly good-looking high school student, with a chiseled chin, long brown hair, and dark, sparkling eyes. And, according to the remote, he was nicely hung too. Allison decided to keep that aspect, switching Gregory Thompson's gender in all other regards. Georgia was a knock-out; high cheekbones, full lips, lustrous hair, and an impressive chest. An ideal cheer-leader, save for her cock.

With a final push of the button, Allison changed their relationships. Georgia was now a student, and Allison taught English.

"Oh, Ms. St-, er... Allison," Georgia said, blushing as she got up from around Allison's desk. "I was just dropping off my make-up paper and, uh..." she wore a short skirt which was being tented by her hardening cock, and a tank top that bounced with her unrestrained tits. She hurried to a seat at the front of the class, and Allison knew Georgia was one of her best students.

The classroom hadn't changed much with Georgia's shift in gender and age, but Allison immediately spotted some big differences with her own ascension. Most notably, instead of the dry experimental novels they'd been reading, Allison saw a row of books with titles like "The Merging," "The Shemale and the Sea," "Three Girls, One Body," "Catgirl Awakening," "The Catcher in the Horse Twat," "The Great Gazongas," and "Lust and Prejudice." Even more surprising, she saw her name listed as the author for quite a few of those.

The bell rang and she turned around to face her class, lips smiling, remote in hand...

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Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Today her Students are Giving Presentations on their Sexual Fantasies
Ordos Tsceri
Allison didn't know exactly what her class was... she looked around her room to find sexy little odds and ends. Her students looked a tad nervous, but she got the impression that she was one of the 'cool' teachers. That a number of the books on the curriculum were written by her suggested that she was some sort of literary prodigy now... if one with sexy tastes. Fortunately, her planner was open on her desk (next to the paper Georgia had just deposited). Second period today was giving presentations, but she didn't know about what.

"Good morning!" she said, clasping her hands together and smiling at her class. Without a clear idea of what exactly was going on, she thought it best just to power through, "let's get things started quickly today. We have presentations to deliver, so let's get to it, beginning with... you!" she said, pointing at a student at random.

She found her finger had landed on Stephen, who was all too happy to start things off. Stephen was on the football team, and that was pretty much all Allison knew about him. Well, that and he went through girlfriends like on one's business. Stacy, Susan, and Brittany (all three of whom were in the class right now) had gone out with him, fucked him, and broken up not too long thereafter.

He swaggered up to the front of the class holding a handful of note-cards. He gave Allison a nervous smile, turned towards the rest of the class and grinning, began to speak, mostly reading off of his notes.

"Okay, well, mostly, my ideal fantasy is pussy. Lots and lots of pussy, you see, I just want to get my bone on and go wild!" Stephen began. Allison noticed his former girlfriends role their eyes, and she found it hard to pay attention to his rambling.

Fortunately, she had something much more fun to do.

She scanned Stephen with the remote and smirked as she switched his gender. Stephenie was every bit as athletic as Stephen, hair tied in a ponytail, dressed rather casually in a simple t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

"I like being held, and there's this... this lovely sense of helplessness that I can lose myself in, sometimes..." she said, not missing a breath in her presentation (and still reading from her cards, very poor form). But at least her fantasies were more interesting.

And, of course, the remote put those fantasies well within reach.

With a flick of the wrist Allison began inputting Stephenie's changes. Her modest breasts swelled up a dozen cup-sizes, ending up as basketball sized orbs that bounced and jiggled with her slightest motion. Her ass swelled as well, becoming a round, taut bubble-butt growing until each cheek was the size of a volley-ball. Allison nudged Stepheanie's libido into 'cat in heat' territory and, with a wicked smile, selected her Stephenie's legs and vanished them.

Stephanie didn't plop onto the floor. Rather, now the impossibly busty, horny girl was 'standing' on her round, soft ass addressing the classroom, just barely able to read her note-cards past the swells of her gigantic boobs. But that wasn't quite enough. With another couple taps on the remote, Stephanie's arms vanished forever. The limbless Stephanie was dressed was much more suggestively, with a skirt that barely covered her ass and a tank top that seemed to be tied ribbons, just barely containing her tits, with a ribbon tied below her cleavage (with the implication that tugging one of those ribbons would make the whole thing unravel).

"I dream of being owned, of becoming a toy or a pet for my master. Warming their bed as a soft pillow, enveloping their cock with my lips, pussy, or ass. Being there to give pleasure whenever they want, to have my boobs squeezed and played with, to just be an object of pleasure to be enjoyed and cherished." She blushed, "I... I'm taking steps to de-register myself as a person. I have to graduate high school first, but after that, I'm going to become legal property, surrender all my rights as a person, and just live my dream!"

The room clapped politely (well, more than a few were clapping with more than politeness). Georgia got up from her seat and walked over to Stephanie, picking up the girl by the waist (and coping a squeeze of her boobs in the process). Stephanie squeed in delight, wriggling into Georgia's arms, towards the tent in Georgia's skirt. Georgia returned to her seat but, rather than dropping the limbless sex-pet in her own (empty) seat, she placed her on her lap, letting her cock slide up under Stephanie's, and steadying the girl with a round hug squishing into one of Stephanie's boobs.

"Hmph!" she muttered in delight, casting a worried look at Allison. Allison just laughed, "Very good presentation, Stephanie! I love how you tied things together. It's great to see a girl pursuing her dream."

Stephanie beamed and wriggled, making lewd (if quieted) noises as Georgia's cock buried itself in her ass or vagina. For her part Allison turned to the rest of the class and purred, "Alright, who's next?"

Current End
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Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Terranvoid wrote:

Allison wants to take Mrs. Jackson up on her previous offer.
by pillas
Allison would have swooned at the affectionate display her dangerously sexy teacher was as she snuggled up to Katherine's prone form, however her aching prick was just throbbing with need. The thought of how she had changed her teacher so radically was an even bigger turn on than she imagined, Allison had very surprisingly become addicted to transforming others as a fetish. Allison wanted to know more about Katherine and Mrs. Jackson, just hearing about how they adapted to their new forms was enough to fuel her lust alone.

"What's it like? and how does Katherine feel about your...condition" Allison asked truly curious, while she rubbed the length of her stretched sheath. Mrs. Jackson just opened her eyes as she rubbed Katherine's head affectionately.

"She's very shy of course, another thing I've been tutoring her in. I've always been a very sexual creature by nature and becoming her pussy has literally made me the embodiment of sex... it's a wonderful experience. of course there are some drawbacks." Mrs. Jackson trailed off with a sad look on her face, as she twirled her fingers through Katherine's hair.

"Mr. Jackson grew...distant. He was upset with my pansexual lifestyle. I warned him what life would be like with me, and he enjoyed the threesomes and the hours and hours of sex on a daily basis, however... He grew colder with every passing day and his passion left him and no matter what I offered he just didn't feel the same for me anymore. It was devastating to me... he was the only one who could keep up with me, he was wild and strong and full of vigor... but he changed and I didn't. I still tried to be that girl he met in college that rocked his world every night and he matured into an older man without me. I cant really help it if I don't age as fast...it's just how some people are." Mrs. Jackson said wistfully.

"He filed for divorce nearly a year ago, but I've been hesitant to sign the papers... even after the procedure. It's actually what spurred my decision to help Katherine in the first place. We were both miserable and our new relationship is beneficial to both of us. I can be who I am naturally and give untold pleasure to someone who hasn't ever experienced it before." Mrs. Jackson smiled brightly as she used both pairs of her lower arms to embrace Katherine.

"I love her.....I...don't know when it happened....it might have been even before the procedure...but...she's such a wonderful girl. She's so smart, and thoughtful and kind and she's such a pleasure to tutor, she reminds me of myself when I was younger... I wasn't as shy of course... but she's got a fire burning in her that just needs a little nudge and she could do great things. And now... we're bonded for life, I go where she goes and be her eternal lover, she'll always have a friend in me and I'll... never have to be alone again", At that point Mrs.Jackson had moved Katherine from her seat and was embracing her with all six of her arms, snuggling her face into the crook of her neck, creating a prison of hands that softly caressed the sleeping girls naked body. Allison grunted, her erection was threatening to tear the table from her desk if she didn't alleviate it soon. Bryce had awakened already groggily and licked her lips, finding them already coated in warm sticky pre-cum.

"Ohh.. Allie, you've been naughty", Bryce moaned. Bryce opened her bright blue eyes and could see what exactly had awoken the beast so to say, she smiled from her position on Allison's body. Bryce pursed her lips and spit a bit of her cum on the ground before she whistled to catch their teachers attention. Mrs. Jackson paused in her fondling of her hosts body when she locked eyes with Allison's smiling testes.

"Nice of you to join us Bryce...I can see how nice and full you are today", Mrs. Jackson smiled, showing off her razor sharp teeth. Allison briefly wondered if a ball sack could blush, but Bryce did a good job of looking bashful.

"Yes well, who's fault is that exactly?... Someone is going to have to take responsibility for this", Allison's balls flirted with her teacher all the while she was mumbling obscenities from the sensations in her sack.

"Well then I guess we'll have to volunteer....right dear?...you can stop pretending to sleep darling" The girl in question slowly picked her head up from her teachers shoulder and snuggled closer into her embrace as she mumbled words into her teachers ear.

"Don't be so shy dear... I told you the day I became a part of you... I am yours and you are mine" The pair embraced for a long moment while Bryce looked on with a salty tear of pre-cum in dripping down her eye. They soon relaxed and broke from each other, Mrs. Jackson led Katherine to the front desk and had her lay down on it with here legs spread. Katherine had an eager look in her eye mixed with anticipation and a bit of fear. Mrs. Jackson just leaned down and passionately kissed her on her lips, her long tongue dancing in her students mouth. Breaking the lip lock caused Kathrine to twitch and moan loudly. The teacher just smirked as she licked her lips, liquid began to drip from her pores in literal waves as she sashayed towards Amy and Allison.

"She's probably the only girl right now who's own pussy seduces her, It turns me on as much as it does her", Mrs. Jackson smirked as she glided towards Amy and helped her squirming student out of her seat. Amy who's pussy had literally drenched the entirety of her seat and the floor below it used her powerful legs and thighs to create an open area for them by hip bumping the other chairs and desks away. Allison watched Amy's gorgeous ass cheeks bounce and jiggle with glee. Mrs Jackson had cleared a sizable area in the middle of the classroom while Katherine squirmed with her every movement on the teachers desk. When they were done Mrs. Jackson beckoned to Allison and Bryce and released herself from the confines of her desk much to Bryce's delight.

Mrs. Jackson had slipped off Amy's sweater and had already chewed and digested her bra which Amy herself was munching on delightfully as well. Amy's breasts were an amazing sight, each of them the size and diameter of a beach ball only more teardrop shaped. The nipples were the size of door knobs and her aureola puffed up like pink domes. Allison's prick pulsed as she stared, wanting to lose herself in Amy's immense cleavage. Mrs. Jackson had Amy bend over at her waist exposing her mixed cunt to the air, sending Allison's head whirling and her stallionhood to leak like a faucet nearly drowning Bryce as she sputtered from the flow dripping overhead. When Amy was bent all the way to the point she was balanced on the tops of her breasts about even level with her bent waist, Mrs. Jackson wagged her fingers to approach. Allison walked bow legged toward her and was surprised when the six armed arachnid woman latched on to her ass, her thighs and then cupped her balls in both hands and began an intense makeout session with Bryce.

Allison eyes nearly fell out of her sockets as she felt her teachers long tongue practically probing the insides of her testicles as Bryce and Mrs Jackson practically mauled each other with their lips. If Bryce was face was her ball sack, then her testicles were basically Bryce's tonsils and the feeling of a tongue caressing the insides of her cum factories caused them to go into overdrive. Their Kiss was staggered by Bryce coughing up large amounts of frothing hot pre-cum that Mrs. Jackson eagerly swallowed as fast as she was able. Allison twitched with unknown pleasure as the teacher tongued her balls, not even noticing the intense glint in her teachers eyes when with a fluid motion bit down slightly on Bryce's full dripping lips, releasing a touch of venom into her blood stream. Bryce felt the prick and knowing what Mrs. Jackson's venom was capable of had her eyes widen, her mouth pursed in surprise as large globs of fluid dripped profusely from her lips.

"NO...YOU CAAAAMMMPPPPFFFFUMMM ---" Bryce moaned before the cum overflowed her lips and she her cheeks(?) began to inflate doing her best to imitate a chipmunk as the venom went to work as the buildup of semen had been converted into spiders silk and bloated her to the point of an overripe water melon. Allison's eyes had nearly reached the back of her head as she felt her horse cock and her balls grow to insane lengths. With ease Mrs. Jackson guided her towards Amy and using all six of her hands strength managed to bend Allison's growing prick enough to line it up with her pussy. She slowly glided it in, each passing inch being caressed by six delicately handled pair of hands, stretching the spider woman's cunt with ease as she stretched to accommodate. Inch by inch was slowly digested by her teachers silken pussy and still Allison's prick grew ever more and Bryce was inflating. Allison didn't even have the coherency to wonder at the sight of her cock bulging beneath the skin of her teachers breasts as it reached her neck and stretched through Mrs. Jackson's esophagus. When the bulge continued her teachers lips opened wider than ever before as the flat tip of Allison's prick parted them from the inside, when the growth finally stemmed Allison had completely pierced Mrs. Jackson's entire body with her cock leaving a good eight inches of cock protruding from her lips. With Mrs. Jackson fully spit roasted on her might horse cock she used all of her many hands to latch on to Amy's giant ass and plunged her face into her students dripping sex.

Allison and Bryce couldn't contain themselves as one they began to pump and grind against the armless mares behind using her teachers entire body as a cocksleeve. Katherine writhed and panted as she felt herself being fucked in more ways than imaginable from Mrs. Jackson, every throbbing vein of Allison's meaty cock plunged into her teachers body in her own. Soon all five women in the room were reduced to mindless moaning zombies as all were fucked to oblivion simultaneously.

Current End

I Updated this episode and am currently writing a bit more for this thread line at the moment.

Allison doesn't want to leave all these amazing girls.

Allison basked in the glorious afterglow of the most mind blowing sex she had ever had in her life, her previous sexual escapades with girls and boys paled roughly in comparison. She had flopped out of her teachers body minutes ago, her wilted cock still spurting small jets of webbing. Mrs. Jackson's amazing venom ability having turned her horse dick into a web shooting monstrosity. She was currently curled up against her host Katherine, snuggling up to her as they both drooled in their sleep. Everybody had a well good fuck glow about them, Amy snored into her own cleavage with a contented smile on her face. Bryce still seemed a bit bloated, but she to however was knocked out. Allison's body ached, but in a good way. The remote control was a wondrous device, letting her live her wildest fantasies on a whim with no repercussions. She couldn't stop thinking about the amazing sex session she just had with these three amazing women. Amy and her tits, giant ass and horse cunt. Mrs. Jackson and her symbiotic relationship with Katherine, not to mention her new personality and abilities. Allison couldn't bare to depart from them, she wanted them to enjoy your new life with her as well. Allison thought of a way to keep these girls with her, when she suddenly thought of Bryce. Her beautiful, gorgeous balls. So friendly, flirty and full of joy. if Bryce found so much pleasure in being her testicles, maybe other people would feel the same. glancing at the snoozing girls before her she whipped out the remote and began to furiously create her ideal changes, targeting Amy, and Katherine specifically. She had specifically left Mrs. Jackson out of the changes. Taking one last glance at the two women she wanted to become far more intimate with, she fired the remote. A dull glow engulfed her and the others.

Allison's eyes watered, she felt disoriented. Her body felt sluggish and slow, groaning she brought her hands forward and bumped into something firm and fleshy. looking down she was awed by the sight of three ginormous breasts dominating her entire torso. They bounced enticingly, wobbling like three giant water balloons. Allison recognized these breasts as belonging to Amy. They were each at least two feet across, she was amazed she could even stand. A step forward produced an odd clopping sound on the tile floor, finding herself standing upon Amy's beautiful hooves. Her thighs, ass and hips were all plumped up dramatically and whatever clothing she had on her lower body was nonexistent now. Her hooves helped to stabilize her top heavy frame. She could feel that her sheath and Bryce had grown slightly as well to fit her frame, her balls rubbing sensually against her thighs. A breeze drew across her exposed pussy lips, surprised at the sensations of owning her own pussy again. She could feel it, nestled somewhere between her horse sized ass. Allison turned her head so she could see her new derriere, surprised to find that she had somehow acquired a very pretty brown and blonde horse tail, tied off with a bow at it's tip. Turning her head to her left caused her to smack into something solid, her nose became sore and she heard a feminine grunt of pain. Blinking away the pain she was surprised to find herself staring face to face with Katherine's blushing face. Their necks were so close to one another she could practically reach out and kiss her with very little effort, Allison felt her body flush as she stared at Katherine's pretty face. Kat suddenly blushed heavily, a cute moan escaping her mouth. She reached a hand to tweak a nipple on her new three breasted body only to cause Katherine to gasp in pleasure. Allison was confused, she had told the remote to combine the three of them leaving her as the dominant but Katherine seemed to joined to her by the neck. Below her head was Allison s new body, three breasts, giant horse dick and Bryce all shared with Katherine now. Looking down confirmed her conjoined body, sporting four arms with two on each side. Allison found she had control of the upper arms while she could feel, but not control the lower two. Seeing only Kat confused her as well, where was Amy? she had most of her body added to her own now without the blissful mare girl in sight. Allison glanced down into her double sets of cleavage and grinned, cupping the outside two and squeezing the middle breast.

"Ooh, hey...calm down babe" Amy's voice sputtered out from below her. Allison looked down and was shocked to noticed something unique about her breasts, her nipples where a pretty glossy pink. However her middle nipple was not a nipple at all, but a pursed set of bee stung lips. The lips were very feminine and large, overtaking the space where her areola would be. Kat looked away shyly while you explored your new body. He rother nipples were large and erect, nearly two inches thick and three inches long with smooth shiny areolas. Tapping her middle breast to provoke a reaction.

"Yeah Ali? whatcha need?" The mouth spoke in Amy's voice. When the lips moved Allison felt a curious sensation of air moving in and out of what felt like an erect nipple. It was a very pleasurable feeling. Allison giggled at her new body mate, having people take up residence in her genitals was a very wonderful new feeling. She could feel a stirring in her loins and her breasts flushing with arousal. Amy cooed out her contentment.

"Ali...stop, we're gonna make a mess if you start up again" Kat chided. Allison just grinned at her new body partner, giving her a quick peck on her cheek to silence her argument. Kat just sighed and smiled slightly while trying to ignore the sensations Allison was causing in their now shared body.

"Hey, don't you girls forget about me...I'm part of this squad as well" Mrs Jackson purred as she approached them, swaying her hips with all six of her hands at her side.

"P-Pamela...please, enough" Kat stuttered. Mrs. Jackson just wrung her hands in the air.

"C'mon Kitty, you've got four beautiful women here for support and you cant trust them to take care of you even now? It's been more than a year girl. We're all more than friends and family at this point. We're our own ecosystem" Mrs. Jackson explained exasperatedly.

"What do you mean by that Mrs. Jackson?" Allison asked sincerely.

"Come on Ali, you too? how many times do I have to tell you to just call me Pamela, or pussy when it's just us. I may still be your guys's teacher...but i'd like to consider myself more than that, I'm a part of you...all of you girls. I love you girls more than I could ever say" She spoke, nuzzling up to your middle breast. She used her many hands to stroke and caress at all of their curves. Tweaking both nipples at the same time while fondling each one, cupping the middle breast in her middle pair and hefting it up to her mouth. With a gasp from Kat, and a bit lip from Allison. Mrs Jackson began an intense make out session with Amy, digging her tongue against the insides of their breast. She drew back, a trail of milky saliva dripping from her lips. Their sheath twitched in approval, but was kept at bay by Bryce's continued slumber.

"I felt every bit of that, Just as you feel every but of this" Mrs. Jackson explained as she began to suck on their left nipple, bobbing her head up and down it's erect teat. Allison moaned alongside Kat, feeling the tell tale signs of something penetrating their pussy lips. Mrs. Jackson's mouth on their nipple mirrored as if their own pussy was fucking their own breast. She had created a feedback loop in the conjoined girls, Amy groaning in delight, Katherine squeaking cutely and Allison gasping like a wanton whore in heat. Pulling away caused Amy to groan in disappointment, leaving Allison and Kat gasping for breath.

"Dont you forget about me. I need to stay here for a bit to grade a bit more papers. I love my job, but I love you gals more...I'll meet you back home" Mrs Jackson gathered herself professionally, gathering a single large backpack from the floor and offering it to them. Kat grabbed in her arms, and slinging it over their shoulders. Allison grinned like a shark, loving her new body and the relationships that came with it. She never had many friends, but now she had more than friends. She had the love of the women connected to her at all times. Her beautiful plump Amy breasts, along with Katherine and her pretty feminine testicles. She loved everything about her new body and couldn't wait to explore more of it at her leisure. Allison took control of their legs and clopped forward on their hooves, loving the feeling of her many large breast dangling and boobing. Allison basked in the ability walk unabashedly naked, her sensual new body on display for all the world to see. The feeling of the air tickiling Bryce, and the coolness causing Amy and her nipples to perk up. Katherine was still a wet blanket, but Allison took a perverse sense of pleasure in being able to force her own sexual perversions on a somewhat unwilling participant. She giggled internally at the thought of having a dominant submissive relationship with her own conjoined partner.

Allison clutched the remote in her hands, naked with only a large backpack for storage she wondered if there was any point in sticking around for more classes. Sure there would be fresh students eager to be fused and fucked with, but she could always head straight home and learn more about her new body.

1. Go to their next class to play around  *

2. Go home and explore their new body.  *


Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

(continuing off the above post)

Chapter 31: Go home and explore their new body.   
    by: pillas

Shrugging her shoulders Allison clip clopped out of school, catching the gazes of students lingering in the halls. Katherine protested.

"Ali...Wait! we still have Geometry class" She cried. Allison continued walking.

"Why? I'd much rather go home and mess around. Besides, our cunt is probably smarter than anyone else in this school. Why do we need to stick around here for?" She smirked. Katherine pouted.

"Don't talk like that about Pam...Mrs. Jackson...." She said weakly, but with conviction. Allison looked at the shy nerd girl with an odd glance.

"Why not? she's not ashamed of what she is. She's a cunt...a drooling sexy pussy. She loves it, and so do I. She lives to get fucked and give us pleasure. She--" Allison was cut off.

"STOP!...don't call her those things. She was part of me way longer than we've been apart of you...if I knew our relationship would have been like this. I would have never agreed to it. I would have much rather stayed a paraplegic than be stuck with some horny bitch without any consideration of peoples feelings!" Katherine ranted, causing Allison to stop in her tracks and stare at her body mate in shock. The girl she knew was a shy, submissive little thing. Their conjoinment seemed to do more than just change their bodies, Allison was unaware of how reality was affected by the remote.

"P-Paraplegic? You were paralyzed?" Allison stuttered out with a gasp. Katherine just hushed up, and spoke softly after a moment.

"I..I thought you knew?...It was...was part of my condition, the one where Mrs Jackson agreed to help me. It..was very rare. It wasn't just my genitals that were underdeveloped. My...nervous system started to...degenerate after a while. I could barely pick up a pencil, or a book at times. When Mrs. Jackson came to live with me she was basically like my live in nurse. She took care of me 24/7, even...even when I could no longer walk or move on my own. She carried me...she cared for me. She may have been my...my...vagina...but, the relationship we had was far from sexual...she gave me her love, her support...if it wasn't for her, I'd probably be stuck in a hospital bed for the rest of my life, locked forever in a body that refuses to move" Katherine explained. Allison was shocked, partly concerned that if Katherine had always been like this or if the remote was somehow responsible. Shaking her head, she asked another question.

"Is that why you agreed to...the umm..." Allison wondered what sort of procedure was involved with merging people in this reality.

"Well, yeah...actually Mrs. Jackson did. The doctors had to search for an ideal candidate that would overwrite my...sickness. No one would sign off on joining with me if they knew it would probably have adverse affects. You were the only one with a 100% resonance. They said the potential symbiotes your body could host were seemingly limitless. You were like a miracle...I...I'm sorry Ali. I didn't mean to say those things. I...please don't speak that way about Mrs. Jackson. I know she puts on this whole dominatrix tease act. But she's a wonderful loving person. More than just a sex organ, more than just a spider woman...god this is messed up" She chuckled bitterly. Allison however was moved, this girl was given a terrible lot in life. Her relationship with her mentor transcended much more than she could ever hope to comprehend.

"I'm Sorry Kat, I didn't know...truly. from now on...I'll try better. But...you have to promise me one thing" Allison spoke tenderly, using one of their hands to caress the side of Kat's face. She looked up with a soft smile on her face.

"What's that Ali?" Kat wondered.

"Enjoy yourself...for us...for all of us. Pamela was right...we're all here to support you" She whispered huskily into Kat's ear, causing shivers to go down their shared form.

"Yeah babe! we're all here for you!" Amy chimed in, pursing her lips.

"Don't forget about me!" Bryce spoke up from below, bouncing up and down between their thighs to remind them of her presence. Allison engulfed Katherine's lips between her own, parting them with her tongue. Katherine melted into her friends embrace, Amy moaned in delight, Bryce began to giggle. Allison drew back and Kat moaned in disappointment.

"How about this...all three of us will agree that when we're at school...You're the boss. you call the shots. Anything we do is up to you...and when we're out of school...it's...community vote" Allison chuckled, then became suddenly surprised at an intense rush of arousal that shot through their body. Kat's face was red and she was smiling brightly.

"Really? You mean it?...You'll give me full control?" Kat sputtered excitedly. Allison just quirked an eyebrow but nodded in confirmation, taken off guard by the sudden onrush of hormones their body was assaulted with. Amy cooed pleasantly, Kat began to whisper to herself in silent joy.

"I'll be in charge. I call the shots...yes...yes. Hehehehe" She giggled to herself. Allison just stared owl-eyed, her friend seemingly cackling to herself. Wondering if maybe agreeing to the deal was a good idea if Kat suddenly became like this.

"Umm..okay. Since we're not in school at the moment however...lets head on home for now. Not only do I feel more than a bit randy, but you alone have caused Bryce to swell up pretty good" Allison felt her balls churn. Bryce mumbled in agreement, her cheeks slightly puffed. Kat nodded eagerly, smiling to herself. Allison shrugged and clopped her way to the bus stop. Enjoying the ability to walk her tall, curvaceous sexy body completely naked in broad daylight. Her lovely horse sheath bare to the world, along with her tripled volley ball sized breasts. She was a sight, she couldn't wait to go home to mirror and stare at herself all night long. She was so caught up in her thoughts she almost missed the bus arriving if Katherine hadn't broke her from her reverie. They boarded the bus, noticing that it was only half full. The bus driver was a heavy set man with a bored expression on his face. The overall atmosphere of the bus was very depressing, Allison smiled while clutching the remote. While Katherine was busy digging through their backpack for fair, Allison took the initiative to spice up their bus ride.

Taking aim at the bus driver you set the Remote to randomize. A blinding flash engulfed everything before settling down, Allison gasped at the result. The bus had been entirely transformed, gone was the steel and metal frame. Everything was replaced by pink flesh, even the floor. The shape was very much the same as the bus had been original, but everything was now coated in a layer of smooth soft flesh. The seats had taken a drastic remodeling however, instead of cushions everything was replaced by a flat bulbous breast. Erect short nipples centered on every seat cushion, The hand rails and and poles also had a veins pulsing across them every now and then. The sight was as disturbing as it was erotic. The bus doors were replaced by an pair of gigantic labia that parted widely to allow them in, Allison stepped a hoof outside the cunt doors to see the side of the bus. Flesh colored as it was on the inside, however the wheels had been replaced with mighty horses legs. Each leg was long and thick, but with a slightly feminine slant to them.

"Hey...are you ready to board yet!?" A husky female voice yelled out. Allison glanced up..and up to meet the gaze of a ginormous woman situated atop the middle of the flesh bus. A blonde haired beauty with large perky tits each the size of her own head. Her breasts were practically in her face, she leaned down to speak to Allison. She noticed finally that she had four arms, one pair was holding open the gaping vaginal-door for you while the other rested below her breasts.

"I ain't got all day" She spoke. Allison was stunned, but Kat took up the slack and walked into the Bus-girl for them. The labial door closing behind them with a wet slurp. Kat guided them to the back of the bus, past the many rows of breast-seats and parked their hefty ass on one of the fleshy cushions. Allison became aroused at the thought of sitting on a breast when the bus began to move. Kat stared out the windows and hummed a bit.

Allison saw at least ten other passengers aboard the bus-woman and smiled in delight, wondering if she should make deliberate changes or keep experimenting with the randomize option.


Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Chapter 32: Random Choice.   
    by: pillas

Allison took pleasure on grinding their shared buttocks against one of the seats protruding nipples. Katherine mewling in protest, only to gasp loudly when she managed to maneuver the now stimulated nipple to penetrate into their drooling hybrid cunt. Allison moaned low, and smiled. Bouncing up and down to keep Katherine panting like a dog. The stimulation was extremely pleasurable, but nowhere near the amount of bliss she had experienced during their sudden classroom orgy. She concentrated, slowly pumping their hips upon the extended nipple. Throwing the sensations to the background, Allison let her mind be overtaken by a dull lustful haze. half lidded eyes gazing at the ten other passengers aboard, they ignored Katherine's moans like it was expected of her. Unable to concentrate enough to make changes deliberately, Allison scanned the entirety of he bus patrons, an equal number of male and female. She smiled lazily, slamming down on the "Randomize" button. A white glow engulfed the entirety of her vision and she opened her eyes slowly, hissing in approval as the nipple in their cunt touched at a particularly sensitive area.

The bus passengers had been changed drastically. Allison first noticed a young girl who looked normal, if you excluded the giant erect canine looking penises that erupted from her blouse. They protruded from holes in the place where her nipples would be, bright red and shining in the light. They were completely erect, even with the signature knot at its base, swollen immensely. They seemed to pulse with her heartbeat, clear fluid beaded from their tapered tips. The other hard to miss change was the very large, and very rigid horse cock tenting the girls skirt. The skin was a glossy pitch black, her balls were quite noticeable behind beneath her shaft. Each testicle was the size of an orange, matching her massive twelve inch long shaft. Hooves had replaced her feet, and her hands were tipped with claws and black leather pads on her palms. A mix of dog and equine features muddled the girls body, long floppy dog ears replacing her human ones and what looked like a long mane of brown hair coming out from behind her skirt. She idly rubbed at one of her canine cock nipples, wiping away the precum that gathered there.

Beside the dog/horse girl what was once an older man in his thirty's, was now nothing more than a limbless female torso. Only her head remained, where his...her limbs were are nothing but smooth curved flesh. No signs of ever possessing a limb existed, not a single bump. She was propped up on a seat simply due to her overly large ass, which made her look like some sort of perverted standing punching doll. Her entire torso was dominated by three rows of plump breasts, all six capped with a nipple the size of a mans thumb. Her only clothing was a pair of striped panties, stretched nearly to transparency over her immense ass cheeks. And the thin white t-shirt, which left her bottom row of breasts exposed. Her fat nipples easily seen through the shirt, especially since they were lactating it seemed. Her breasts throbbed and tore at the shirt, growing tighter with each breath. Her expression was troubled, especially when she began to hear rips in her shirt. The milk poured forth from her nipples like a faucet, her six heaving breasts expanding as well. Tears broke through in the middle of the shirt, exposing windows of cleavage. With a loud ripping sound, her shirt exploded. Her six breasts were released into the open air, she whimpered as her nipples erect and gushing were caressed by the cool air. She blushed heavily, trying desperately to halt the flow of fluid from her breasts in her reduced form. Her squirming only served to arouse and titillate Allison, gasps escaping from Katherine's mouth.

In the row over from the six breasted milk bag, sat a woman dressed up in a conservative business suit and skirt. She was very ordinary, besides a modest sized bust nothing about her was extraordinary. Allison furrowed her brow, trying to find any alterations to this woman. She was sure she had scanned everyone with the remote, excluding themselves. The business woman, shuffled through her purse. She extracted a ringing cellphone.

"Hello this is Martha speaking, how may I help you" She spoke in a scripted manner. The voice on the line however was quite irate.

"Martha! What has taken you so long? You and Mr Skinner were supposed to arrive nearly an hour ago. The investors are getting anxious! Explain yourself!" An angry voice shouted through the phone. Martha cringed.

"I'm sorry sir, my car is in the shop...I had to take the bus" She explained. The voice only got angrier.

"No excuse...put your phone on facetime, we'll have to do this through video conference" The voice asked, Martha cringed and blushed further.

"But..sir I...we're on the bus...I cant--" She whimpered.

"No excuses, you were promoted only through the graces of Mr Skinner... but if you cant be responsible... I'm afraid we'll have to downsize you... now start a video conference!" The voice shouted. Martha sighed, opening an app on her phone and setting the it on the seat with the camera facing out. With an uneasy grimace she stood up, and bent over. Her ass facing the phone as she gripped a pole opposite her, then flipped up her skirt. She was surprisingly without underwear of any sort, she mooned the camera with her ass. Her waist bent low enough to expose the lower part of her pussy and some pubic hair. The voice on the phone spoke again, more gently however.

"Ah, Mr Skinner...so nice of you to join us. I believe we were talking about the quarterly reports last meeting" The phone chirped, Martha just inched her ass closer to the phone. Her puckered pink anus on full display. Allison giggled internally when a rather rough masculine voice emitted from within the woman's anus, it lisped flatulently with every word, making for a comical discussion. Martha looked on with a mortified expression, while her boss talked out of her ass.

Moving over to another changed passenger, Allison a rather interesting sight. A foxgirl, covered in short red and white fur. She had a very lithe looking frame, small sized breasts and narrow waist with wide hips. Her head was entirely vulpine, not a trace of humanity left. She was busy texting away on her phone, sharp fox eyes staring intently at her screen. Behind her billowed nine large tails, each of them size of her entire body. They waved behind her as if each had a mind of their own, which to Allison's surprise they did. The trail tips tapered off into a foxes snout, complete with a nose and muzzle with sharp teeth and tongue. They each panted, licked their lips, chewed on things, and sniffed the air before them. She continued to text, paying no attention to her sentient tails. One of her tails nuzzled up her to neck, and she idly gave it an affectionate pat on the snout. Another tail mouth joined in the cuddle, and another and another until at least six of her own tails were swarming her for affection. She bopped a few on the nose and waved her hands to get them to scatter, whimpers emitting from their muzzles. She lowered her head, extracting something from her purse and waved it before her tails like a stick. The tails began to pant and drool, eyeing the object in her hand. A large black dildo, she waved in the air before quickly inserting it into her own face. Allison saw as below her nose, her mouth had been replaced by a large slit. A familiar slit that drooled it's arousal, the dildo sliding in effortlessly. She pumped it for a bit, before letting her throat muscles massage the dildo. Contented growls emanated from her nine tail mouths while she went back to her texting, sucking on the dildo in her pussy mouth like a pacifier.

The next five passengers had all been combined into a single form, Allison saw a single female body. A rather large female body, almost dwarfing her own in size. Unlike her however, only a single head adorned the torso. A blonde haired young woman, with large white rabbit ears protruding from her head. She smiled vapidly, fondling her completely nude form. She had four large breasts, only slightly smaller than her own. Each of her nipples were fat and engorged, erect with arousal. Above each nipple was a set of eyes. Two pairs of eyes with rather masculine bushy eyebrows on her right side, and two pairs with female features on her left. The bunny girl pawed at her breast friends with love, caressing their sides and tweaking their nipple noses. Their eyes shuddered with delight, a scent of female arousal wafted through the air. Allison could see the bunny girls cunt practically drooling, she was bouncing on her hips upon one of the breast seats. Allison groaned, and nearly bit her lip from the orgasm that ripped through their cunt from witnessing her changes. Katherine had seemed to buckle on herself, feeling her other half go limp. This allowed Allison full control, letting Katherine rest her weary head on her own cheek.


Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Chapter 33: Allison and Co. Make it home.   
    by: pillas

Allison enjoyed watching the bus patrons, the sight of the limbless girl with the leaking tits was especially arousing to her. Watching her squirm with all her breasts on display, milk nearly squirting from all six of her nipples and drenching the flesh of the bus floor. Her wriggling was as adorable as it was arousing.

Katherine rested her weary head on Allison's cheek, she rose their shared body from the firm breast cushion and trotted over towards the seat beside the limbless girl. With a red face she peered up into the underside of Amy and the rest of her breasts. She tried to hide herself underneath the bangs of her disheveled red hair.

"Hi there cutie" Allison introduced herself. However from her towering vantage point, the limbless woman was unable to see her face from below the bottom of her trio of breasts. Only able to take in the wide hips attached to the smooth hairless calves leading to a pair of strong looking graceful hooves. Her face grew crimson at the sight of Allison's bare crotch, proud stallion-hood on display for all to see, even sheathed as it was.

"Um Hi..." said the limbless girl uncertainly. Her three rows of breasts, each the size of volleyballs continued to leak their milk. Waterfalls of white cream flowed down her torso, over her other breasts and leaking onto the firm flesh of the bus woman interior. Allison licked her lips, her mouth suddenly dry. She settled down on one of the seats besides her, reveling in the sensation of sitting atop one of the large nipples of the bus. She used one of her left hands to gently move Katherine's snoozing face to the side, and stare lustfully at the limbless girl.

"My Name is Allison... whats yours?" She spoke with a sultry accent.

"Terry... but my wife calls me Terra," Terry spoke, finally able to see Allison's face for the first time. Allison frowned, but quickly brought back her smile.

"Oh you're married then? I'm sorry... I couldn't really tell," She spoke. Terra suddenly smirked.

"Yeah, well... no hands means no ring, however that doesn't mean I cant have my wedding band converted into a piercing," Terry explained, having become quickly comfortable no matter her current predicament.

"Oh...I don't see any nipple piercings... where then... oh!" Allison understood. Causing Terry to blush with a rather warm smile on her face.

"Heh... it was my wife's idea really... she insisted. And well... clogging one of these udders isn't really ideal for me," Terry said, using her head to gesture downwards toward her crotch.

“He-he, clever... I uh, couldn't help but notice a rather substantial problem your having there,” Allison observed, her eyes roaming over the three sets of milk covered cleavage. Terry for her part just grimaced.

“Yeah, ripped right through one of my favorite shirts. I told my wife I needed to be milked before she placed me on the bus, but being the sap I am told her it'd be no problem if she left early. Now I'm backed up pretty well... and only getting worse... ugh... if they don't get proper attention soon the doctor says I'd probably end up growing another cup size in each again... which is the last thing I need. It takes nearly two hours to pump me dry as it is!” Terry exclaimed, as she continued to lactate profusely. Allison nodded, making Katherine mumble in her sleep.

“Well... my parents own a farm and we have some equipment specifically for that problem... if you want I could carry you to my place for a bit and get you sorted out,” Allison offered. Terry mulled it over for a moment.

“I don't know, the bus lady usually drops me off at my house for me... I wouldn't want to hassle you for a ride back and my wife would be worried sick...” Terry muttered.

“Don't worry about it. We can give her a call when we get to my place and we'll make sure you get drained good and well,” Allison butted in. Eager to get her hands on Terry's luscious tits.

“You know what, alright... it's getting more than a bit uncomfortable,” Allison smiled greedily.

“Don't worry, we'll get you taken care of. In fact we're already here. This is my stop. Don't worry, you'll be in good hands.”

Allison reached forward with all four limbs, taking care to cradle the limbless woman's sides gently. When she picked her up however she noticed a detail she hadn't seen before, the large rear attached to Terry's voluptuous hips was actually another pair of bloated milk filled breasts. The large nipples on each breast-cheek dribbled steadily. Terry noticed Allison gaping at her backside and spoke up.

“Yeah, those are the most troublesome... no matter how much we milk em, they produce more and more and don't ever seem to stop. I'm cursed forever with a gigantic booty,” Terry giggled, snuggling up into Allison's firm grasp. Her head resting against the medicine ball sized middle breast.

“Hey there shorty... what brings you to my part of the woods?” Amy spoke up suddenly, causing Terry to gasp in shock. Staring directly into the plump lips upon Allison's middle breast.

“Oh... uh sorry I didn't know you were there. It's nice to meet you miss...?” Terry questioned her tits, Allison just took in the sight of someone having a conversation with her breasts.

“I'm Amy, but you can call me whatever... as long as I can call you adorable!” Amy gushed, bobbing up and down and rubbing her sensitive tit flesh against Terry's head and shoulders. Terry blushed while Allison enjoyed the sensations. Amy and Terry continued to talk while the bus headed towards their destination.

“We're here!” Allison announced.

“Oh?” Terry didn't even notice when the left the bus, finding themselves in a semi-rural part of the neighborhood. She had been having a rather enjoyable conversation with Amy.

Terry was carried down the path, passing small crops, farming equipment and the family farm house. They arrived at the large barn in the middle of the clearing and opened the door. The smell of hay, horses, cows and chickens wafted throughout the air.

“We have a phone line attached to the barn, lets head to the workbench and call your wife. I'll hold the phone for you.” Allison offered, carrying them to a corner of the barn that was set aside for more office like work as well as tools and equipment for maintenance. After Terry made the call, Allison was interrupted by a buzzing in her ear. Keeping the phone to Terry's head she turned to her right as Katherine had finally started to awake.


Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Chapter 34: Terry's wife arrives and Allison uses the remote   
    by: pillas

“Uhmm... Aly... who is that and why is she naked and leaking milk all over the barn?” Katherine asked from her side of the body. Allison explained their encounter on the bus and how she offered her services.

“Oh, that's so nice of you Aly, I was beginning to think that all you were was just a big horny pervert and nothing more” Katherine spoke gently.

“Well...I also wanted to get a chance to taste those beautiful tits and did you see her ass? It's another pair of awesome tits!” Allison whispered excitedly. Katherine's smile turned into a defeated grimace.

“Oh geez,” Katherine sighed. Allison smiled lewdly and made groping motions in the air while Katherine tried to hide her face. The sound of someone clearing their throat caught them off guard.

“Oh hello, I wasn't introduced yet. I'm Terry” The limbless woman greeted, Katherine nodded her head and shyly answered.

“I'm Katherine...” She finished awkwardly, also entranced by the many bountiful orbs attached to the woman's torso.

“... Well, Allison I'm afraid my wife is a bit overprotective and she's being adamant that she supervise my milking. Can you give her the address? She said she'll be over as as soon as possible.” Allison nodded eagerly and told the woman over the phone the details.

“Sorry about this, My wife is a bit... overbearing of me. Personally I just think she has a fetish for breast-feeding and insist on doing it herself... not that I don't enjoy it. But I've always had the feeling that she lets me get overfull on purpose... not that I mind really.” Terry blushed.

“Lets show you around the barn before your wife gets here then,” Allison offered, Katherine just sighed and let them be led on an impromptu tour of the barn. Terry was impressed at the setup and commented on how clean and tidy everything was.

“Well you can thank my parents for that seeing as they spend most of their time in here themselves,” Allison answered.

“Not to mention yourself Aly, how many times have you come out here to get a load off once in a while,” Bryce suddenly broke in. Katherine for her part, gave a startled gasp, using one of her hands to hide her face. Terry was confused by the mysterious voice, before Allison explained everything.

“Wow, You're hell of a lot of woman. Well...some parts of you are,” Bryce just giggled.

A few moments later a woman walked into the barn. She was average height with short auburn hair, and had very thick thighs and legs. She sauntered down the barn, wide hips and thigh sashaying enticingly. Allison noticed a slight paunch to her belly, possibly from the consumption of excess breast milk.

“Oh Terry, look at you... I followed your milk trail all the way here from the road. Here let me take her off your hands,” The Woman held out her arms, where Allison placed her in.

“Thank you so much for taking care of her for me, I'm Jenna. Terra's wife. Sorry to be such a bother to you folks,” Jenna apologized. Allison just shook her head.

“Don't worry I'm happy to help out” Jenna nodded graciously.

“Ehheem... Sorry to interrupt the niceties, but I think we should get to the part where you keep my tits from exploding over here,” Terry panted, now overwhelmed by her overripe tits. They were downright throbbing and leaking rivers of milk down upon the hay of the barn. The nipples at her backside were practically gushing like faucets.

“Oopsie. Don't worry baby. Mamma will take good care of you,” Jenna babbled. Terry blushed strongly.

“... aw, don't do the baby talk in public honey...” Terry said, acting shy for the first time since they met.

“Hehe, so cute,” Jenna muttered, ignoring Terry's protest. Allison and the rest of her body laughed gently at the scene.

“So... where is your special milking equipment... I'll have to inspect it, make sure it's sanitized for Terry's safety.” Jenna asked, Allison nodded and clopped her hooves towards the cows section of the barn.

While Terry was held in one hand, and she inspected the milking machine with the other, Allison fondled the remote in her hand. Her palms sweaty with anticipation, wondering if she should change Jenna into something for fitting for the barn.


Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Chapter 35: Jenna is changed to fit the barn   
    by: pillas

While Terry was held in one hand, and she inspected the milking machine with the other, Allison fondled the remote in her hand. Her palms sweaty with anticipation, wondering if she should change Jenna into something for fitting for the barn.

Keeping the remote in her hand hidden from view, Allison quickly flashed it at Jenna and watched as she was suddenly engulfed in a white haze only to reform as something completely different.

Jenna's new form was immense, she stood nearly a head and a half over Allison's shared form of nearly seven feet tall. Mostly due to the large mass she had absorbed, mainly the three dairy cows that were in the family barn. Nearly ten feet tall and half of her mass was nothing more than vast expanses of soft silky flesh, taut with milk. She was more breast and udder than woman. Her facial features were a mix of bovine and the feminine features of a porn star, large luscious lips that pouted obscenely, underneath a soft black flared nose atop which sat beautiful brown orbs and fluttering eyelashes. Below her bulged a pair of breasts the size of bean bags, each topped with four large teats half a foot long and three inches thick. Below that pair was a second set of identical udder breasts, each as big as the ones above. The lower pair sat on top of a massive udder the size of a bus tire, which nearly hid the second identical udder attached right beneath it.

Jenna balanced on a pair of cloven hooves the size of dinner plates, wobbling along hypnotically. A large brush shaped cow tail followed behind her, waving to and fro. As she approached Allison, she noticed that below her elbows her arms tapered off into four thin tubes of flesh that looked like tentacles and a fat stubby tip that tapered off to a point, she wriggled them around like tentacles. She used these psudeopods to caress her many udders and tease her teats. She even managed to bring her tail forward to her lowest udder and was awed when it split four ways to reveal a fleshy toothless maw.

The arm tentacles split likewise, long cow tongues lapped at her tender flesh from these mouths, lathering her body in what looked like milk more than saliva.

“Hey Aly, Nice of you to stop by with the girls...I was just about to feed from Terra when you showed up” Jenna announced, trotting on her massive hooves to where Terra laid in a pile of hay, naked as before and leaking like a faucet. A look of intense lust on her face from being denied the release of built up milk inside her.

“Come on honey! I'm gonna burst here. You overfed me again!” Terra moaned out. Which only caused Jenna to giggle. She bent down to Terra's eye level, which actually made her feet leave the ground, she was supported completely by her lower two udders as she laid atop them and used the rest of her breasts as a makeshift mattress. All of her breasts and udders supporting her entire weight as they bulged on all sides, nipples and teats throbbed and erect pointing in every direction. She rested her chin in the valley of her own cleavage with still a foot left of breast before her in every direction. She gazed at her partner and brought her tail over her head, using it to tease at one of Terra's many milking nipples. Terra shuddered with anticipation, she hated it when Jenna played with her before she fed. The large tongue erupted from the split tail and lapped all around her middle left breast.

“Mm, baby you taste like pineapples tonight... and... cherries!” Jenna cooed, her tail maw delicately lapping up the milk that gushed from her lovers bosoms.

“I had a, aaahh, pineapple sundae...and some cherry soda...with whipped cream, aaahh, today,” Terra gasped, the licking caused more than milk to gush from her.

“Mm...I cant wait!” Jenna laughed, bringing the rest of her tentacles forward and grabbing the limbless woman into the expanse of her cleavage. The rest of her body was engulfed in her limb tentacles, they split at the ends to lap up the precious milk. Terra and Jenna were lost to the world as she used her mouth and her many tentacle arms to suck her lover dry, alternating with each mouth on every one of her nipples. By the end of their session, Terra's breasts were drained dry until her six large breasts were back down to a normal large volleyball size. The only exception being her butt breasts which were still ever large, and ever lactating.

“Mm, that was delicious darling. Next time, I want banana.” Jenna murmured, licking her lips of her excess milk and saliva. After giving Terra one last extra long, extra sensual kiss. Jenna tipped herself up extending her tentacle arms forward and pushing her up till her hooves met the ground once more. She hobbled towards were the cows stables used to be and plopped down into a strange recess in the floor that slid forward and engulfed her entire body below the neck into the ground.

“Tell Charger and Misty that everything is ready,” Jenna mumbled, her eyes half lidded as she yawned and fell asleep. Her entire massive body swallowed up by the strange contraption embedded into the barn floor.

Allison was thoroughly confused and utterly aroused from the show she just witnessed. Katherine's face was pure crimson, but she could tell from the huffing she was giving off that she enjoyed the show as well. What was the device that Jenna went into, it was in the barn floor itself and the only thing that looked out of the ordinary was Jenna's head just jutting out of the floor boards. Her bovine ears twitched as she snored softly.

“Hey, lay me down behind her, I wanna get some shut eye as well...that session took a lot out of me” Terra yawned. Allison nodded and silently picked her up and set her behind her lovers head, her breasts serving as her pillow. Both were soon sleeping together peacefully. Allison decided to leave the pair in peace and head inside their home.

When she got there she found Misty busily cleaning the house, Katherine blushed as she saw Allison's father dressed up in a slutty french maid costume that was at least three sizes to small for her busty horse body.

“Uhh... Jenna says everything is ready” Allison said in confusion. Misty however perked up immediately.

“Oh finally, I've been waiting to do the dishes all day!” Misty said as she pranced off towards the kitchen. Allison and Katherine followed, when they arrived they were distracted by the large horse tailed derriere hanging in the air bent over the kitchen sink. Bryce burbled in response, and Allison tried hard to remember that this was her father for a moment.

“Great! Everything is all set. Go tell Charger that the shower is ready now” Her father called over her shoulder. What interested Allison however was what was coming out of the faucet in the sink, not water but a thick white substance that looked...like milk?!

“Dad... is that ... ” Allison trailed off. The horse woman turned over her shoulder to give her daughter a puzzled look.

“Milk? What else would it be. Jenna produces so much of it, it's more resourceful to use it for our plumbing instead of letting it go to waste. Saves us a bundle on paying for water really. We only save the water for farming now. Everything in the house is wired to her udders, she really needs the relief other wise she'd probably implode,” Misty explained.

“She's a miracle, now tell Charger that the bath is ready to go. I set the furnace to medium so I'll join her when I'm done washing. The daily warm milk baths really do help keep our coats nice and healthy,” Misty mused, absorbed in her chores. Lathering up the dishes in fresh from the source cow girl milk.

“Umm... is that sanitary?” Allison pondered.

“Of course, Jenna's milk is 100% purified of any harmful substances, it's probably the only thing in nature more pure than fresh spring water. Her body simply absorbs anything bad and converts it into something beneficial,” Misty said, getting a bit impatient.

“Now go on to your mother, I really need that bath and... a, umm, ... massage... yeah,” Misty finished lamely, her thighs rubbing together. Allison knew however from the spicy scent in the air that she was fishing for more than massage from her mom.

“Okay Dad,” Allison said, wanting to leave the room before her fathers musky scent overwhelmed them.

“Oh, before I forget. One of your school friends said they were coming over in a bit. They said something about tutoring. I forget. But they should be here any minute,” Misty called out from the kitchen.

Allison met their mother upstairs, she was clad in nothing but a too tight sports bra and a pair of way to tight boxers. She was busy combing out her long mane when they interrupted her. Allison was surprised when Katherine spoke for them.

“Misses, umm, Charger, Your... husband said that the bath is ready,” Katherine spoke softly. Charger immediately perked up at the sound and greeted the pair.

“Hey there girls! That sounds great. I'd love to chat but I've been dying for a dip all day,” The shemale horse said. Clopping her hooves steadily towards the large master bedroom bath.

“Dad says she'll be in soon,” Allison added. Charger stopped for a second and the boxers suddenly grew three sizes shorter in front. She gave a soft whinny sound from her throat and left towards the bathroom at a faster pace.

The doorbell caught their attention, hurrying downstairs as fast as their hooves could carry them. They were greeted by...


Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Chapter 36: Sally. A rather rude, obnoxious cheerleader   
    by: pillas

Sally a girl from Ms Jackson's class was standing outside impatiently tapping her foot, still wearing her cute little thigh high white stockings and plaid skirt. She had the typical look of naughty school girl, even with the tied off white shirt at her breasts. She had shiny brown hair with red highlights and she looked positively stunning standing at her doorstep. Allison nodded appreciatively, clopping towards the door and greeting Sally with a seductive grin.

“Heya, Sally..., what brings ya down to my neck of the woods?” Allison purred, trying her best to maneuver her massive nude body into a sexy pose. Sally just sighed and ignored Allison completely.

“Ugh, tell your sister I'm not interested in sleeping with her for the last fucking time, Kat,” Sally groaned out angrily. Allison grimaced, allowing Katherine to speak for them.

“We're not sisters and Aly is just being... friendly,” Katherine explained softly. Sally just shook her head and walked past them into the house. Leaving Allison rather miffed, Katherine used their hooves to follow them while Allison fumed to herself.

“So... do you got the geometry assignment? I better get an A on it or better or you'll be sorry,” Sally demanded plopping herself on her couch. Allison was confused while Katherine just shook her head in defeat.

“I uh... haven't really had a chance to work on much lately and we- “ She was cut off abruptly when Sally jumped up into Katherine's face, having to stand on her tip toes to reach even mid chest level.

“Listen here! I promised Professor Charles that I'd have that assignment in by tomorrow, and If I don't I'm going to lose my cheer leading scholarship. If you don't have it then I'll just report you two for being the freaky perverts you are and sexually assaulting me!” Sally hissed. Allison narrowed her eyes dangerously.

“How dare you come into our house and threaten us!” Allison seethed. Staring down at the defiant school girl. She just harrumphed and stood her ground, leaning back on her heels.

“You cant touch me, I can call my daddy any time and report you to the principal, the police, and get my lawyer here faster than you can blink. And my brother is right outside in the car waiting for me to return,” Sally boasted. Allison was practically growling at this point. Katherine just had her head off to the side in shame, silent but whimpering in fear. Amy spoke for them in their cleavage.

“You've got no proof honey!” Amy spoke, her nipple mouth quivering with anger. Sally just smirked.

“I'm sorry, did somebody say something? I don't see anybody else here must be my imagination,” Sally mocked, ignoring Amy's protests.

“You're a bitch Sally, leave us alone,” Bryce barked out. Sally didn't even acknowledge the insult.

“Wow a lot of wind making noise today, even though it's just the three of us here don you say?” Sally yawned. Allison grew angrier.

“Apologize to Amy and Bryce... or you'll be the one who's sorry,” Allison growled. Sally just looked at Katherine's surprised face and laughed haughtily.

“Oh? Who would I be apologizing to? I don't see no Amy or Bryce, just two fat bloated sacks of garbage,” Sally laughed again. Bryce became upset and jiggled madly, as well as Amy who puffed up and bloated with anger as well.

“Sally please... that's uncalled for,” Katherine pleaded, meanwhile Allison had gripped the remote in her hand, her thoughts only on vengeance on making Sally into something fitting of what she truly was on the inside. Allison suddenly perked up, a predatory grin growing on her face.

“Fine... You win sally. We have half of the assignment done... it's in the barn, follow us and me and Kat will finish it up in no time,” Allison sighed theatrically, pretending to give in to Sally's demands.

Sally gave a feral grin.

“See, Kat, your better half knows better than to go up against me. Lets go, I'm tired of sitting around this trash heap. And remember I got my brother waiting in the car outside in case you guys try anything funny” Sally said as she motioned for Allison to lead the way. Kat gave her body partner a puzzled look, Allison just grinned and moved their body towards the barn. Amy and Bryce remained silent.

When they reached the barn, Allison held the door for Sally as she marched in. While her back was turned Allison activated the remote, eagerly anticipating the new transformation.


Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Chapter 37: Sally is made into something beneficial   
    by: pillas

When the usual light faded from the remote, the form standing before them was a sight to behold. Before Allison was a short and super stacked woman of no more than five feet tall at max, her breasts were each the size of beach-balls nearly obscuring her entire frame from neck to hips. Allison saw that her hips and ass were also of equal size, with a large rear the size that would make a horse jealous. They were like to fat orbs each almost the size of her own body, so large that her feet dangled off the ground as she was supported entirely on her own massive ass cheeks. She balanced on her own ass, pulled forward by only her immense tits. However the most striking feature was the fact that her entire body was covered head to talon in soft downy feathers. Mostly due to the fact that she had been fused with the entirety of the hen coop.

The chicken woman's face was a mix of sexy human with a sharp nose and large pouty red lips. Her arms ending long wings that clutched at her immense bosom, only covered in a too tight white shirt that showed off all of the cleavage available. Her feet ended in scaled talons below mid thigh, sharp four toed claws replacing her former toes. The chicken woman wobbled atop her immense ass making slight high pitched moaning sounds, her eyes were vacant and vapid. Allison wondered if her mind had been swallowed up in the transformation before she was interrupted by Sally's shrill voice.

“Goddammit... stupid whore. What the hell are you feeding this bitch... cant she go on a fucking diet?! I can barely see anymore!” Sally's voice muffled angrily. However, the chicken woman's features remained unmoved and just as vacuous. The voice didn't come from her mouth that was for sure, Katherine approached the chicken woman from the side.

“Sorry Sally, but that's just how she is... you know all those eggs gotta get stored somewhere,” Kat spoke as she brought a wash cloth on a stick from a hanging rack and clopped towards the back end of the gigantic chicken woman's rear. Her ass was like two beanbags, with a cute little chicken tail perched above it. However Allison tried hard to hold in her laughter as she spotted what was left of Sally.

Sally's eyes were perched directly below the cute little chicken tail and below it was a gaping fat pussy. It practically drooped on all sides against the chicken woman's ass cheeks, where it was nestled deep within the crack. The labia wobbled slightly and pursed together forming what seemed like a frown, the hole was practically dripping with slimy lubricant and gushed juices on the surrounding flesh.

“Cant you do something about that then? Get a new hen and put this one on a diet. I'm suck off fufwkwin Oohh Awwa Wawwwaahh,” Sally was cutoff suddenly as her pussy mouth gaped wide and wider and was blocked internally by a large white object that slowly emerged from deep within. The eyes above bulged and watered, and muffled choking sounds could be heard. Katherine used one of her arms to gently caress the chicken woman's large rear, who emitted pleasant chirping noises in response. After a few minutes of watching Sally the orifice struggling, a large egg the size of a football plopped gently down the slope of the chicken girls ass cheeks, depositing into a basket directly below it. The pussy panted, it's hole gaping even wider and flapping uselessly. Katherine took the towel and washed away the excess juices from the “laying” that they just witnessed. Sally huffed, her lips stretched wide and loose.

“Ah Hape diss, whar es mah daahdy?” Sally moaned out from her position at the chicken woman's rear. Allison just giggled and watched Katherine mop around Sally's puffy mouth flaps. They were shocked by a sudden knocking at the barn entrance. A tall handsome young brown haired man stood at the entrance, holding a cell phone to his ear. He nodded towards Allison and Katherine and walked over.

“Yeah, sure, dad. I'm here...do you want to say hi at least? ... Oh... well then I'm just gonna see how she's doing and get... okay bye,” He talked in a rush manner to the phone, hanging up as the other end cut off. He casually knelt down beside Allison and stared directly into the chicken woman's rear, finding the pitiful eyes of sally looking back.

“Heya sis” He said with a sigh. Allison just watched the exchange silently. Sally moaned out a whine.

“Es daadhy gowwna peck mee uhp!?” She garbled out from her overstretched cunt mouth. The boy just sighed.

“Eh... no. Sorry. He's still trying to win the case against the accident that got you like this in the first place... but believe me he cares for you. It's just that there's no place better to accommodate you than Allison's parents farm,” He said, trying to placate his awkwardly placed sister. She moaned out sadly.

“Ah hat eet here! Dis fat bwitch just eets an lays eggs all day long!” Her speech getting better with each word.

“Yeah well, who's fault is it that you walked into the testing area at moms facility. If you weren't so eager to beg her for money at her job you wouldn't be in this mess,” Her brother argued. Sally just moaned again.

“But I don't like it here... all I got to talk to are those stupid cow bitches... and all they want to do is pump this dumb bird brain up with milk and tease me,” Sally pouted. Allison chuckled internally at how the former cheerleading bitch was treated, now the lowest of all the members at her farm.

“You'll just have to learn to live with it, since it's permanent” The brother said with very little remorse. He got up and started to walk away without a word. Sally began to panic.

“Hey! Don't leave yet! Cant you at least stay for a bit? ...and talk to me? Come on...it gets..awww ooooo Waahhh,” Sally begged before she was cutoff once more as another egg began it's journey down her passage.

Allison watched the former thorn in her side struggle and gained a small bit of sympathy for the girl. With a certain image in her head Allison flashed the remote at the retreating brother and fired.


Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Chapter 40: The brother becomes the chicken woman   
    by: Terranvoid

Allison smiles as she looked at the changed face on the chicken woman. Now Sally's sister and host, her nose is smaller. Cuter, her hair the brown of the boys. Still sitting on that huge ass, big enough to keep her talon's off the ground, massive breasts swelling out from her chest.Although there is one other thing Allison wants to do. Sally didn't look like laying that egg was pleasurable enough for her. A judicious use of the “+” button made sure that wasn't an issue any longer.

“C'mon, Sally. Please stop complaining. I know you have it worse, but I gave up a lot to take over this body and I did it for you. I don't even have hands!” the new chicken woman said in a distinctly sexual voice. Which was now how she always sounded. “The house Dad is building for us is getting close to done and Mom is working hard to make that implant so we don't lay ALL day. And she'll treat me on Friday. Once my nipples are pussies, I'll lay through them too, not just you, so you won't have to take care of so many of them.”

Before Sally can respond, another egg pushes out through her lips again. This time the two obviously orgasm during the laying, the woman's voice crying out as the pussy-Sally gushes in orgasmic release. When the egg is laid, she gasps for a few long moments before she speaks up again.

“I know Tina. I'm sorry, but at least you still have a body. You're just as bored here as I am!”


Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Chapter 42: Other things!   
    by: pillas

Before Allison could ponder her thoughts further she was once again interrupted by a surprise guest trouncing into her family barn. A brown haired man in a suit walked in, striding stiffly while chattering about on his cellphone. A mousy red haired woman struggled to keep up with the man while awkwardly trying to manage a tablet, a briefcase of documents and a large coffee at the same time. The man carried himself as if walking into the barn was like visiting a third world country, deftly avoiding touching anything even the hay itself if he could.

A loud excited clucking echoed from behind, Katherine giggling beside her as Tina bounced up and down on her own ass cheeks and flapped her useless wings against the sides of her monster truck tire sized breasts.

"WuHuHu TiNa CuT IT OoOut!" Sally burbled as she was squished and stretched between her brothers..sisters immense butt cheeks. Tina stopped her bouncing, but had to wait more than bit for the rest of her jiggling body to cease it's motions however. Not even stopping for a moment as the man in the suit stopped before her, ending his call with a loud over-exaggerated sigh and staring down at the hyper endowed chicken women in barely concealed disgust. Tina however smiled brightly up at the man.

"Dad! You made it...it's been like a week or two...but I guess that's just because you're so busy...right? I mean the modifications and plans for me and sis's new habitat must be pretty overwhelming I guess...so It's just nice to see you for a chance...how's mom!? Hows Aunt Delilah? Did Cheryl get accepted into college? Do any of my friends from college call about me? Have you heard from my girlfriend, she hasn't called me and actually none of my other friends have replied to my calls or texts...I swear I've had a hell of a time trying to contact anybody since I did my mergers and..." The man held up a hand to stall the Chicken Woman's rambling. Nodding her head submissively as she quickly silenced herself and held on in anticipation for the man to speak.

"Listen...Tim...or is it...what Tabitha..or Tanya...whatever. Son...ugh. What a failure" The man said, identifying himself as the siblings father. His tone leaving no doubt to his true emotions. Tina looked away at his words trying to hide her obvious shame and discomfort.

"You were supposed to be the heir to your grandfathers empire...and now look at you! it's dishonorable to this family, to yourself...and most importantly to me! Father hated me and you were the whole key to gaining shareholders majority in the company...now you're just some fat stuffed turkey shitting eggs out all day...but hey at least your sister is useful now instead of leeching off of me and your mother while whoring herself out at every opportunity..she's actually productive for once!" Their father raged, throwing his phone behind him and watching in amusement as the mousy woman who Allison could see was his personal secretary scramble to catch it. She ended up losing hold of all items, splashing the coffee all over the documents and his phone. A look of intense dread crawling up her face.

"That was a $7000 briefcase and that phone was nearly $1400 ...I'll be docking you're paycheck for the next four months to compensate for your complete lack of respect for company property Miss Bowler." The man spoke not even bothering to look at his secretary grief. Tina gave the girl a sympathetic look before giving a pleading one to her father.

"I..I...Im sorry...Da..Dad" Tina stuttered out, not bothering to voice her true feelings to her father out of fear. An angry "hmphhf" was heard from behind her.

"Dont even bother apologizing to that piece of shit Tina...he doesnt care about You, or us...only about him...it was always about using us as his advantage over mom and that's it...dont waste a single breath of apology on that fool" Sally argued from her limited position, Tina blushing hotly as every word caused to make her aroused, trying her best to hold in her eggs to not embarrass her sister in front of her father. Tina tried to speak up in her fathers defense.

"Stop it sally...he's just a bit frustrated...like both of us, this is an extreme situation and well...dad says he's gonna help us...get us a nice place customized just for us and mom can get me that enhancement to help you out...it just takes time is all" Tina argued, with wavering hope in her voice.

"You should listen to your sister Tabitha...She's actually right for once in her life...and the only time that will be is when's just a filthy cunt. I married your mother simply out of necessity and having an heir was a necessary evil...I can manipulate your mothers emotions easily...but you two were just a pain. Sally was useless from the start...I needed a son, not a daughter...but then you had to be the big caring brother to her and fuse yourself to her host....Now you're less than nothing to me...I cant leave the company in the hands of some mutant bird freak who cant even walk let alone move on her own..." Tinas composure became shot and she lost control of the inner muscles she was straining to keep in her eggs. Tears openly cascaded down her face as her and her sister started laying a rather large clutch of eggs all at once. They moaned wantonly, as the pleasure outweighed Tinas emotional turmoil. The more shame she felt the harder her laying instinct became, and she let go all at once.

"Wuuhh...Huhh...ooooh...FaaaaathheeRRRR...WooooKuck!" Tina clucked and clucked, her words devolving into a crescendo of chicken noises from the mouth of a breathy porn starlet. Tears continued to drip from her eyes and she shook over and over again as egg after egg practically flew from her sisters "mouth". Sally however was completely taxed to her limit, from what Allison could see the whites of her eyes were visible in obvious frustration and immense pleasure. Eggs were pilling up by the dozens some of them bouncing off Tinas ass cheeks and falling to the hay haphazardly. Meanwhile their father just sneered in contempt, his secretary having the decency to hide her eyes behind her palm...however Allison could make out that her breathing had become rather rapid.

By the time Tinas clucking stopped, she had lain over forty five eggs in less than ten minutes...she panted from the effects of forty five egg induced orgasms. Sally was the worse for wear however and was completley still nestled between Tinas cheeks, her eyelids only fluttering occasionally as she passed out from pleasure twenty or so eggs ago.

"Disgraceful...." Their father said, turning on his heel and preparing to walk out.

"Miss Bowler, grab one of the sluts eggs to show their mother I was here and lets leave this dumpster if you please" He said motioning for her to follow her orders. She nodded meekly, shyly grabbing the rest of her items and stumbling over to the large pile of eggs overflowing the large basket used to catch Sally and hers eggs. She mouthed a sympathetic and silent sorry to Tina and strangely gave Sally's form a curious glance. She gently and tenderly cradled the egg to her bosom, offering it an odd motherly smile before timidly edging up to her bosses side. Allison saw that they were about to leave and suddenly became vengeful again.

She felt guilty no about how she had punished Sally and her brother, after finding out first hand about the context of their terrible attitudes...she would probably act the same way if her parents were that awful to her.....Allison was properly incensed and had no qaulms about using the remote to put the siblings father down to size....but she needed it to be properly fitting.


Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Chapter 43: Allison merges the father with his own secretar...   
    by: pillas

Allison waited for the lights to die down after pressing down on the remote button in righteous anger, unaware of what the form of the siblings father would take, only with the thought of it being properly fitting punishment for the bastard. Allison gasped as before her was an intensely arousing sight.

Where before there was a domineering brown haired older man in an overpriced suit and a mousy red haired woman that walked submissively behind him, now stood a statuesque model of voluptuous femininity. A red haired fertility idol made flesh...and covered in soft white and burgundy feathers. She matched conjoined siblings form however for a few key differences. While Tina and Sally's form was extremely bottom heavy to the point where there talons didnt even reach the floor while sitting down on their gigantic ass, the other chicken woman had just an overall extreme pear shape with hips jutting out at least a foot wider on all sides and ass the size that would make a Brazilian model look underdeveloped. She also had long, yellow scaled legs that ended in dangerous looking clawed toes and feet, however they still held a soft and feminine charm to them. The new chicken woman approached, her hips automatically swaying to and fro by nature and not by intent, making her walk a very seductive and sexy prance without any provocation. Her long lustrous red hair, shined elegantly as it cascaded down to mid thigh before pooling along her expansive backside like a show curtain. Her titanic breasts, nearly as large as Allisons own, struggled to contain themselves in the professional leather bound business blazer that looked custom made to hold in her assets. Besides that blazer, she wore no other clothing, leaving her lower body bared to the world. Allison could make out the womans plump and juicy cunt lips sliding against one another with each tremendous swivel of her hips. The labia each as thick as a pair of bee stung lips with an engorged clitoris that swelled up the size of a large marble.

Allison barely even registered Katherine nudging her with her cheek as the new woman stopped in front of her, hands on her massive hips and cleared her throat. Her gaze averting up to her face, and causing Bryce to choke back a surge of arousal as she encountered a face that was the definition of "sex".

"Geeze....Aly is fantasizing about Petra again! Aly and Petra sitting in a nest...F.U.C.K.I.N.URK!" Bryce's teasing halted when Katherine used one of their legs to jostle her bulbous sack rather suddenly. Bryce's eyes and form went tumbling yet the force only caused to stimulate her further and a few inches of their cock withdrew from their sheath from Bryce's lack of concentration. Allison woke up from her heavy examination of the new woman who she had learned was named Petra.

"Bryce...hush, stop being rude. Sorry for the uh...awkwardness mam, it's a pleasure to have you hear. I assume that you'd like to talk to the sisters so we'll just leave you..." Katherine explained for them, Petra just waved one of her feathery hands and spoke with her porn star lips and sex phone operator voice.

"Oh..I dont mind, you girls are great company and a great influence on Sally and especially Tina. You were his inspiration after all. I bet it was surprise to see him offer up to become his sisters host after he met you two. But he told his mother himself that he admired Allisons bravery for Katherine and felt it would be selfish to leave his sister stuck in a body alone...especially after the incident with all three of us" Petra explained, as she bent down with her ass shoved high in the air and ruffled the feathered head of the immobile Tina. Tina just smiled and blushed shyly at the praise.

Allison smiled with glee as she finally found what she was looking for, nestled in the crevice of Petras ass cheeks was the siblings father, his dark chocolate brown eyes situated below the cute little tail feathers that also oddly resembled his previous fringe in a way. Below where his nose would be was only a large bulbous hole that resembled a large fat donut. And below that hole was the curving lips of Petras plump woman hood. As Allison looked at the siblings father dead in the eyes, he gave a pitiful moan that caused a strange echo to reverberate throughout both holes. Allison figured out that the former bastard of a father possessed both of Petras holes. Petra stood up, causing the eyes to become squished together as her cheeks slapped close, a mournful muffled cry issuing forth.

"Would you girls like to say hi to your father?" Petra asked. Tina shook her head and dropped her smile and looked away. Allison couldn't blame her really, after his earlier performance. However Sally piped up eagerly"

"Yes! show me daddy!" Sally burbled, causing Tina to moan and their ass cheeks to undualate like a bowl of jello. Petra smiled and walked over behind Tina, then turned around, bent over and spread her ass cheeks and lifted her tail. The brown eyes opened once more and stared ahead to look at "his" daughter. Allison could have sworn she saw Sally's pussy lips curl into what could be considered a very sinister smile, juices dripping down her mouth and gathering below as looking at her diminished fathers state caused her to become aroused.

"How does it feel daddy...I may be just a pussy that lays eggs all day long....but at least I'm not both a Cloaca AND a pussy...Everything Tina eats, be it liquids or solids...all get converted into eggs...and they feel soooooooooooo good to lay. But you...you get the pleasure of expelling eggs and all of Petras waste as well since she has a normal metabolism as well. You're right where you belong!" Sally giggled in glee, while Tina panted and moaned with distraction. Their ass cheeks bobbing with every one of her wet giggles. The brown eyes centered in Petras behind furrowed in anger.

"Im still your father young lady and you will respect me!" The voice echoed from both holes, both of them moving to his voice, however it was altered a bit with a very deep baritone but feminine tilt.

"I've got no respect for Assholes!" Sally giggled as she taunted her father.

"I'm still your father! and head of the company if I say so I could have you two removed from - -" The rest of his sentence was cut off as Petra removed her hands and let her ass cheeks slap together violently, causing a muffled and painful yelp to be omitted. She stood up with a scowl on her face.

"Dont worry girls, he may still be head of the company...but it's only a ceremonial thing really. Technically he has the power but since I'm his host it's my signature that can make any changes...he can rant and rave all he wants...but as long as these wings of mine sign all the paperwork...he's powerless. As long as Im around...you girls wont have to want for nothing" Petra stated, causing Tina to smile brightly.

"Thank you Miss Petra" Tina bowed in thanks.

"You can just call me Auntie, sweetie" Petra said with a warm smile.

"Thanks Auntie Petra" Both siblings echoed from both ends, causing Petra to laugh. Tina looked a bit troubled and spoke over her shoulder to Sally.

"Sis...I've been holding back for the past 10 minutes and I can feel us getting pretty backed up...are you ready?" Tina asked with a shaky voice.

"Tina please...you dont even have to ask anymore....just go with the flow girl...i've made my peace with what I am....and laying eggs is just fantastic...the more the better....come on...I havent had an egggasm in what feels like ages now!" Sally said with authentic excitement.

"Im...I Just want to to be comfortable sally...so alright....And thanks again Miss...I mean Auntie" Tina said softly before she gave a long lewd moan that devolved into a long chicken like clucking sound. Petra looked a bit flush for a moment and regarded Allison and Katherine for a moment.

"If you excuse me, but I also feel a bit backed up...do you mind if I join the girls?" Petra asked, Katherine just smiled and nodded in agreement. Allison nodded dumbly. Petra settled down behind the clucking and moaning tina and then bent down in her previous position letting her father see his daughter pushing out egg after egg. Then his eyes widened as Petra let go of her internal muscles and began her own process of laying. While Sally was only the one hole, Her father was two and every time one egg plopped down from his overstretched cloaca, another one was already pushing out from his pussy. Petra moaned and clucked in tandem with Sally as eggs rained down on the padded barn floor below their behinds to the automated egg collector installed in the floor.

By the time Petra had layed her current clutch, the fathers eyes were exhausted and half lidded, however Sally and Tina had yet to slow down with their eggs, even ten minutes of holding themselves in had backed them up quite alot since they were merged with an entire chicken coop of very productive layers, whereas Petra and the siblings father was merged with only a couple.

By the time Petra collected herself, she sauntered over to Allison while Tina and Sally layed what seemed like 60 to 100 tremendous eggs within 4-5 minutes.


Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Allison goes to School

Chapter 44: Petra has a chat with Allison and Co.   
    by: pillas

Petra sighed theatrically, wiping the imaginary sweat from her brow as she came to a halt in front of Allison and the girls. Still panting from what seemed like almost a hundred eggs.

"That really took a lot outta me...Im used to just walking and laying whenever I feel like it at the office. The Staff are great about collecting them afterwards....having to holding them in is a pain...and I feel like it gives Gerald a bit too much of a break" Petra huffed. Talking more to Katherine than Allison.

"Well, here at our farm, Aly and her Parents will do more to accommodate you Miss Petra" Katherines smile shimmered, Allison having a sly suspicion that her own sexual infatuation with Petras new form wasnt entirely one sided on her part alone.

"Thanks Kitten" Petra purred to Katherine, causing Allisons and hers member to shudder violently while Bryce suppressed their erection. Bryce grumbling about prudish eggheads below them.

"An,..any time Miss Petra" Katherine said dreamily. Petra giggled lightly and turned to Allison.

"So, I've got an small update on the siblings new habitat. We're working on getting them mobile...but are having some issues with the designs...so our original estimate of two months has been pushed up by at least another two weeks. Sorry to say, but we're going to reimburse you and your family greatly for helping us keep them comfortable in the meanwhile. We've already finished the final touches on their new environment, including a way to give sally her own identity back in a way...but It will take some time" Petra said professionally. Allison nodded and wondered just in what way they could reimburse her family for housing the giant immobile chicken woman.

"So...now on to the juicy bits. Since we've been selling Sally and Tinas eggs on the market for the last two months their Extra Extra Jumbo eggs have been a hit and have been flying off the shelves at the local market, nutritionists have studied them and found them to be very nutritional and a lot healthier than regular chicken eggs...so even though it was by accident...their mothers original experiment was a humongous success! everyone on the board is extremely pleased...most of all Sally and Tinas mother." Petra finished.

"Now, that that is out of the way...I believe it's time to let you girls know that Mrs Powers, that is...Sally and Tinas mother, Geralds Wife and the ACTUAL head of the company would very much like to see you. now...we can arrange a meeting to see you here at your farm privately...or we can set up a tour of the company and have you meet Mrs. Powers at the end" Allison was about to answer that visiting the farm would be okay before she was jolted by katherine literally jumping out of their skin.

"OMIGOSH! NO WAY! Can We Aly Can WE CAN WE PLEASE?!" Katherine rushed out rather out of character, acting like all the world like a child going to her very first theme park. Allison however was confused.

"I mean...I dont know...Im more of a rural farm girl...the whole stuffy offices and guys in suits doesnt really catch my interest...and I feel like I would just spend half the time dozing off" Allison stated, Katherine looked crest fallen before screwing her eyes up in confusion.

"Umm Aly...you do know where Mrs. Powers works right?" Katherine asked slowly, with a puzzled tone of voice.

"Uh,,...a big office building?" Allison answered. Katherine just stared at Allison like she just grew a third head.

"Uh...no...how could you forget...I mean. Mrs Powers is not only the Genius behind the fusion boxes, but is the DeFacto woman in charge at MetaMorphoGen. You know....the place where you and I merged, and where Amy and Bryce joined us?...and Mrs Jackson" Katherine listed on...her face turning red at the mention of Mrs Jackson, who they could feel at this moment....enjoying eating a banana...causing them to feel like they're pussy was masturbating itself...and oddly able to taste the bananna from their pussy.

"Oh..OOH That Mrs. Powers...yeah...I uh remember..sorry just a bit distracted since...you know" Allison said, using the excuse of feeling Mrs Jackson eating as a distraction.

"So...what do you say? can we go visit...I would be soooooo excited to visit the behind the scenes at MetaMorphogen labs....but meeting Mrs. Powers herself at our own farm is just as exciting....so...what's the decision?"

Allison pondered for a moment before telling Miss Petra her decision.