Topic: Changing the World - Remote Control: Keira

Keira is a young, attractive girl. Average height for a girl her age, with a fairly trim but curvy appearance. Her respectable D cup breasts accentuate her figure. Her dark brown hair flows straightly to her shoulders, with barely a wave or curl to be seen, with blue eyes that match perfectly. Stuck in a dead end job as a department store retailer, Keira aspires to become a model, but other than a few topless "hand bra" selfies uploaded to a social networking site, she hasn't had much luck with that. Her last relationship was with her childhood best friend, Carina, but that ended seven months ago when Keira came home from work earlier than expected and caught Carina cheating on her with another girl. Carina was kicked out with nothing but her clothes and Keira has been dealing with her overzealous roommate Kathryn ever since.

Returning home from work after a really shitty eight hour shift, Keira sees a note on her front door. "Heya gal. Imma be gone for a few days. Try to keep the place clean. Cheers - Kathryn". Keira is overjoyed somewhat, at least she won't have to deal with Kathryn's obssessive compulsive ways for a few days, but she also notices a box, addressed to her. That's funny, she doesn't recall ordering anything. Going inside and undressing down to her thong (she loves being topless), Keira opens the box and pulls out what looks like a universal remote and a manual.

She reads the name and laughs at the impossibility of such a thing existing, but decides to play along anyway. Sitting down, Keira turns on her TV and decides to watch some girl on girl porn. She then decides to use the remote on herself... without reading the manual!

  Something strange happens...

Suddenly, the remote lights up and the next thing Keira knows, she's feeling uneasy and accidentally drops the remote, breaking one of it's buttons. "Hahaha, yep, nice try you lousy scam artist. Nothing is real abough... pis... wewope. Whash wappewing wih wy wouth? Whash is wis...". She soon finds herself unable to talk, only able to make moaning noises. Shocked, she panics and runs to the bathroom to see what's wrong, feeling her mouth as she runs. Her lips feel unusually vertical and smooth, her mouth feeling fleshy. She also notices a distinct lack of a nose in her vision. She thinks she's just seeing things, but nothing can contain her inaudible moans of panic when she sees her face in the mirror...

Keira's mouth and nose have been replaced by a large, gaping vagina. She cries at this revelation. "That remote! It did... this to me!", her thoughts race. She barely has time to adjust before she runs out to find the remote and manual. Frantically looking for some answers, she rushes through the manual for a picture of the remote and stumbles upon a diagram of the device. The picture shows a whole variety of functions, but the one she wants is an 'undo' button and she finds it on the picture. Looking at her remote however, she notices that the undo button on her's is missing. Smashed into tiny pieces on the floor. She thinks that she could glue it together and fit it back in, but she accidentally rubs her new clit, causing her to squirt a stream of cum from her pussymouth directly into the wiring of the undo function, permanently destroying any chances of her returning to normal.

"Oh god no! Am I going to be stuck like this forever? Fuck! Fuck! I'm a freak". Tears roll down her eyes and into her open, wet cunt. With few options, Keira thinks of what she should do next.

Upset but curious, she presses a button and feels a bulge in her thong...

"What the heck?!", she wonders as she notices the bulge grow inside her thong. Keira feels that the bulge is actually attached to her and soon realizes what it is... when it rips through her thong, tearing it apart, and springs up to level with her pussymouth. A thick, hard penis. Longer than her forearm and almost as thick as a can. Moments later, a baseball sized scrotum sprouts just beneath her cock, replacing her real vagina and dangling freely between her legs. Curious, but terrified at the same time, Keira touches the tip of her new penis, gently rubbing it. Her pussy starts pulsating, her clit stiffening and labia moistening.

This feeling frightens Keira, almost bringing her to tears, but in her state of arousal and fear, she continues to experiment nonetheless. Grabbing her cock with both hands, she gently starts rubbing her hands up and down the thick shaft. "This feels... strange, yet... absolutely wonderful!", she thinks/says, her words coming out as moans from her pussy. Rubbing even faster, she brings herself to a sudden, premature orgasm. Cumming into her pussy and all over her face, stunned, Keira falls backwards in an awkward tumble, landing on her couch.

"Ooohhhh... gross. I made this mess. I came all over my face and in this... thing. Fuck my life". Getting up, Keira doesn't realize that the remote wedged between her butt when she fell, and she pushes the random button. Her breasts suddenly expand, increasing to an impressive G cup.

"WHAAAAATT!", she "gasps", a torrent of cum drooling onto her large breasts. She takes a moment to play with her new, cum coated boobs and decides that she actually enjoys this new change to her body. She's still divided on her pussymouth and cock though, loving the pleasure they give her, but hating how unattractive they make her look. And she can't actually hide nor explain them either. In a rare moment of actual thinking, Keira reads through parts of the manual and discovers that the remote only makes her aware of the changes, whereas everyone else will believe that the changes were always existent.

Realizing this opens up plenty of possibilities, and keeps her "normal" in the eyes of others, Keira grabs the remote and presses the random button again.

She notices her fingers becoming thicker and looking strange.

The remote's transformative powers focus on Keira's fingers and thumbs, making them thicker and stumpier, but no shorter than what they already are. After a few moments, they're as thick as sausages. Her fingernails painlessly disappear into thin air and the skin on her fingers begins to peel down towards her hands, revealing fleshy purple tips with a small slit on each. The joints soon disappear and veins form across them and her hands, before the skin recedes completely to reveal phallic shaped appendages. Upon this sight and the strange arousal that follows, Keira realizes that her fingers have transformed into dicks.

"Oh, oh my. Dicks for fingers...", she curiously thinks, her vaginal moans causing a stream of cum to run down her chin. Her sensual curiosity quickly fades into aroused horror, as she realizes that she can't move her fingers due to their lack of joints and permanently erect state.

"Oh shit! How do I grab things now?! The remote! How do I use it?", she panics, pre-cum oozing from her juicy dickfingers and running down her arm. A sudden thought forces Keira to realize that she won't be able to leave her house with the remote, or even with clothes on for that matter. And even though the remote might have altered reality to make everyone believe she's always looked like this, it doesn't mean laws have changed to allow public nudity. She wonders how she'll eat and communicate with a pussy for a mouth, or grab and hold things with erect dickfingers, or deal with a forearm length cock hanging between her legs. She comes to the simplest conclusion she can think of: those things are trivial and she can deal with them later, so long as she's careful from now on.

Of course, Keira isn't the careful type, and she accidentally presses the random button yet again, this time with her cum oozing right thumb. Momentarily, Keira feels her asscheeks spread apart, almost knocking her over and stunning her. She thinks her anus has grown to a ridiculous size, but she runs to a mirror and sees that a very large, moist vagina has actually replaced her anus and stretches from just beneath her tailbone to her ballsack. Her new vagina's sensitivity causes her to ejaculate from all eleven cocks and her mouth, and moans of both anger and pleasure translate from her thoughts.

Fortunately for Keira, no one will be able to tell the difference between the old Keira and the new, permanently transformed Keira. Unfortunately, she's running out of options...

Leave, but somehow take the remote...

Keira chooses to leave, for the sake of everything. She decides that she's going to visit her best friend, Dani, who lives about six kilometres away, and try to explain things as best as possible. Of course, she can't just simply leave. Driving would prove to be a huge challenge, thanks to the inability to bend her dickfingers, as well as her cock and tits being in the way. But she can't walk either. Not only would that be difficult with the large pussy between her legs and how far she'd have to walk, but as far as she's aware, public nudity is still a big no-no. The remote may have changed the way everyone perceives her, but laws don't change, and she can't exactly wear any clothes in this state. Nonetheless, she wedges the remote between her dickfingers and walks outside, opting to attempt driving.

It's sunset, cloudy and cold. Keira can feel her balls shaking just because of how cold it is. She sees her neighbour Becky, an annoying mother of three, and she hopes to avoid any confrontation.

"Hey, Keira!", Becky shouts. "Fuck! Just my luck", Keira panics, moaning and cumming a small drop from her mouth. There she is standing in the cold, stark naked with all these changes to her body, and she gets noticed by one of the most annoying people in the world.

"Keira! I know you can hear me. Just because you can't speak, doesn't mean you can't hear me. If you're going out, lemme give you a lift. Andy's watching the kids and I'm going to the shops, and you look like you need tampons missy. And don't you worry about your big boy, come along", Becky rants. Keira can't even believe what she just heard. It’s true that the remote re-configures reality to ensure that everyone believes that the transformations aren’t unusual, but that doesn’t mean she has any less difficulty adjusting to the absurdity of her situation. And what Becky just said was downright weird... why would she need tampons?

Nonetheless, Keira decides to hitch a lift anyway. Even with Becky, it’d be a lot less hassle to drive or walk. Keira nods and the two women are on their way.

Becky’s car isn’t particularly clean, but it sure is comfortable. Not unusual for a minivan. Becky repeatedly asks Keira where she wants to go, and requests that she nods if she says the correct answer. After fifteen incorrect guesses, Becky finally stumbles upon “Go to Dani’s” and Keira begrudgingly nods. She can’t think of any reason as to how Becky knows who Dani is, let alone know that much about her life, but she thinks it may have something to do with the remote’s power.

“Okay, so I guess that you and Dani are going to make out. Rock the casbah. Bake the pie. Do the old lickity split or whatever it is you young lesbians do these days. You must have some fun ways of having sex. That mouth of yours, those fingers, that nice meaty sausage dangling between your legs, that gaping p-word between your bum. Some pretty interesting ways to, um, fornicate...”

Keira looks on repulsively and continues listening to Becky’s rants for a good twenty minutes, though not without feeling pretty aroused, before she’s had enough. So far, Becky hasn’t noticed the remote, so Keira aims it at her (with some dickfinger induced difficulty) and presses the random button.

In an instant, Becky’s face has suddenly become a horse’s head, two impressive twin horse cocks sit erect above an apple sized nutsack, her legs now resemble those of a horse, her breasts are now twice as large and her whole body is covered in brown fur. Plus, she’s as naked as the day she was born. Becky is seemingly oblivious, until she neighs like a horse and cums over the steering wheel.

“Sorry about that, I just can’t control myself. Ever since the accident, Andy’s been making me control my sexual urges, so I can’t masturbate or have sex or do anything at home, what with the kids around and all. I just wish he’d man up and pay to get that vagina surgery so we can both have some fun in our lives. Ah, I shouldn’t have to worry you about my issues” Becky apologizes.

Ten minutes later, Keira arrives at Dani’s and thanks Becky by nodding, before waving goodbye, being careful not to drop the remote with her limited grip. Now that she’s fully aware of the remote’s power, Keira understands the potential of having such a powerful device in her hands. She knocks on Dani’s door and is answered instantly.

“Um, Keira, what a surprise. I just made some pasta salad. You’re welcome to have some, but with that pussy on your face, maybe you just want some cumshake instead?” Dani laugh. Keira’s mouth drizzles some cum at that comment. Clearly, the remote has altered her diet to consist purely of semen.

Walking inside, Keira looks at the remote. What does she do?

Uses the remote on Dani

Keira aims the remote at her friend/possible lover and carefully touches the random button with her left dickthumb.

In a flash, Dani grows three feet taller, standing over eight feet tall completely. Keira becomes slightly unnerved by how Dani now dwarves her by a solid three and a half feet, having been taller than Dani just moments ago. However, the sudden growth isn’t the only change to affect Dani. She had dark blonde hair before and was a cliche cheerleader type, but now she’s a nerdy redhead with glasses and freckles. And three boobs. The remote also alters reality, making everything in Dani’s home grow to match her own size. Including the house itself.

Keira can hardly believe her eyes! Everything in the house, and the house, looks as if it was custom made to support her friend. But Dani herself is the biggest shock. Her whole life, Dani has been a bitchy, stereotype blonde who also just happened to enjoy cheerleading. Now, there’s not a trace of that personality anywhere. Posters of video games, superhero movies and dubstep musicians are pinned up in nearly every room. Comics and gaming magazines litter the floor. A massive collection of games accompanies the massive entertainment system in the lounge. Dani herself is wearing a Darth Vader shirt under a Street Fighter jacket, and wearing baggy pants with the Triforce symbol from The Legend of Zelda printed all over them. When Keira arrived, Dani was wearing nothing but a black bra and denim short shorts. And her tall, intimidating height makes her three breasts look huge, though they would likely look small if she was actually normal.

Dani seems to notice Keira’s ‘distractions’ and snaps her back to reality. “Cumshake? Or do you wanna drink something that’s actually, well, edible?” Dani asks. Keira shrugs, still trying to adjust to the current reality. “Suit yourself. I’m gonna play some Xbox”.

Keira stares at the drink that Dani made for her. Cumshake. To her, that sounds like milk mixed with sperm, but the colour of the liquid suggests that it’s made entirely from cum. But who’s? That’s not important, because Keira basically pours the drink down her open cuntmouth in no time at all, having gripped the cup between two of her dickfingers on her left hand. “I couldn’t even taste it”, she thinks, moans translating her thoughts. The experience with Dani makes Keira curious to know just how much the remote alters reality, so she uses her left hand to jot down questions on Dani’s smartphone, careful to avoid drizzling cum and short-circuiting the device.

Despite being distracted by her games, Dani takes the time to look at Keira. “Really? How many times do you want to know about your own life?” Dani asks, pretty angry that her game was interrupted. Keira types “I want to hear it from you, again” onto the phone.

“Fine! You were born like that, mostly. I mean, you’ve always been a futanari and all. But you weren’t born with proper fingers and you were born with a vertical slit on your face instead of a mouth and nose. The slit would always grow, but never open until you were seventeen, when it was discovered that you had a vagina growing on your face the entire time. Your fingers though, you could never move them and you were eighteen when the ‘foreskin’ permanently receded to reveal your fingers are cocks. And the reason you have such a huge penis is that it went through major growths throughout high school. I can’t believe that you don’t remember any of this. You didn’t hit puberty until you were sixteen Keira. Now, let me play my fucking game! I’m so close to being crowned Champion of Champions!” Dani reluctantly explains, for what feels like the one hundredth time.

“Man, ever since they legalized public nudity, you’ve been out off sorts. Like all the time”, Dani adds.

Now that Keira knows about her “new” history, and that the remote doesn’t just transform people, she decides to leave Dani alone, as much as she was kinda hoping for sex. With the world’s most powerful device in the palm of her hands, Keira decides to make a stop at...

The Aroma House, to transform her high school nemesis Victoria and her posse

Keira opts to make a little stop at The Aroma House, a nice little beauty salon that’s thankfully not too far from Dani’s home. She doesn’t have to walk too far, making the trip far less arousing than it has any right to be and not rubbing her assgina between her butt cheeks too much.

Keira knows that Victoria will be here. Her and her whole little socialite posse. The Aroma House is the only place all six of them meet. Victoria, the leader of the bunch, made Keira’s high school life a living hell through humiliating her as much as possible, which was every day. Gina, the little rich brat, was responsible for making Keira’s brother Eddy homeless. Jenna (formerly Johnny), the real estate agent, not only expects top dollar for shitty homes but is also hated by her own community for her evil deeds. Hilda, the multi-million dollar BDSM fetishist, actually locked Dani in her sex dungeon for a whole week after prom. Loretta, the scheming gold digger, actually inherited Keira’s great grandfather’s entire fortune after his death. Then there’s Gay Jeffrey, the only guy of the group, who scams men online by pretending to be a chick and scams women by pretending to be straight.

Keira is going to transform each and every one of them, one at a time. God knows they each deserve it. Of course, she’d much rather choose how to transform them, but she doesn’t need to spend forever browsing through the options and not only hurt her dickfingers but also risk cumming all over the remote and destroying it. Then again, they’ll think they’ve always been the way they’re transformed, but who cares? Keira just wants to laugh at them, despite her lack of a mouth.

The Aroma House is usually only open to socialites, however, tonight is “Nude Beauty Night”, which means anyone who walks to the entrance naked is granted entry. Even someone like Keira, with exposed cocks and pussies. Once she’s inside, the first person she notices is Loretta, who casually walks into the ‘Majestic Spa’. Remote firmly gripped between dickfingers, Keira follows the gold digger. Just as Loretta dips into the spa, Keira aims the remote and makes her move. Moments later, Loretta is covered in light blonde fur, her ears rabbit-like and has a tail vaguely resembling a cat’s tail. She is also left looking like a Barbie doll, as she now has no genitals. Loretta continues bathing as if nothing happened, though technically, nothing did.

After a quick laugh, Keira moves on to find another target. After a short walk, and a few people commenting on her impressive cock, Keira finds Gina mingling with a few spoiled brats like herself. Again, Keira aims the remote and presses the random button. Without warning, Gina has actually shrunken to just a few inches tall, with marble sized breasts that no doubt look huge from her perspective and three legs that would likely make movement an epic struggle. Keira is almost tempted to pick up the little brat to keep her from being knocked around. Almost.

Moving on, Keira discovers Hilda in the most obvious place possible: the Pain Palace, which is a fairly recent addition to the club that was actually bought by the woman herself. Quietly following the sadist, Keira not only sees Hilda in the sex dungeon, but also three naked men with ball gags in their mouths who seem to have submitted to Hilda. It’s not a pretty sight, since all three men are morbidly obese, though one of them looks like a sumo wrestler. “Geez, Hilda sure loves the weird ones”, Keira thinks. She aims the remote at the fetishist from behind a curtain, being extra careful not to get caught. Success! Hilda quickly transforms into little more than a giant penis with a human head. Keira reels at the sight, which has to be the most bizarre transformation besides her own, yet can’t help but feel mildly aroused at the same time.

Hastily leaving the sex dungeon, it doesn’t take Keira long to find Gay Jeffrey in the ballroom making out with Antonio Guiseppini, the most eligible gay bachelor in town. Keira uses the remote on him almost as soon as she sees him. Momentarily, Jeffrey is actually turned into a husky girl with eight breasts and an udder for some reason. Because Jeffrey is still kissing Antonio when he transforms, reality alters to make it seem as if the two had accidentally touched lips whilst dancing.

Four down, two to go. Keira finds Jenna next, socializing with similarly annoying and cold-hearted rich bitches, though none of them look to be all that interested in anything she’s saying. Remote gripped tight, Keira takes aims at her second-to-last enemy of the night. In a flash, Jenna doesn’t even seem to be there any more whatsoever. It’s only when one of the conservative bitches takes her shirt off Keira then realizes what happened to Jenna. Jenna has actually become this other woman’s breasts, and is being spoken to by this woman. “That’s definitely strange”, Keira laughs in her head.

As Keira is about to go looking for Victoria, she suddenly gets a feeling she hasn’t had all night. She needs to pee! Frantically running to the nearest bathroom, Keira tries to hold it in for as long as possible. She makes it to the toilet when she finally lets go... but she doesn’t urinate. Instead, watery cum runs from her gaping assgina, erect cock and pussymouth. Thankfully, her dickfingers are unaffected. “Oh shit! Is my piss also cum? Was that another change that happened and I didn’t realize until now?!”, her thoughts become moans. She doesn’t even get any in the toilet, just letting it run all over the tiled floor. If her mouth wasn’t a vagina, she’d be smiling right now for making a mess for the rich fuckers to clean up. Just as she’s finished basically cumming all through the golden cubicle... Keira runs into Victoria.

“Eww, they let you in?! Of all people! Gross, your twat is covered in white stuff. You better not have came in here!”, Victoria yells at Keira, in her usual ‘hot stuff’ tone. Seconds later, she enters the golden cubicle and screams. At that point, Keira uses the remote against her nemesis and suddenly the bitch’s screaming has stopped. Keira wonders what happened and walks into the cubicle, realizing that she somehow managed to do something downright insane, because Victoria’s standing there in the cubicle naked, with a gold body and a golden toilet with eyes for a head. Finding this to be absolutely hilarious, Keira accidentally cums from her mouth all over the toiletified Victoria.

Satisfied with the night, Keira quickly leaves the socialite club and decides that she’s going to transform herself again one last time before the night ends. But she wants to do it somewhere special...

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Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Keira

New poster on this forum! I too added to this story branch because I enjoyed the character and saw potential for a new story. My addition diverges after Keira grows her first penis. Rather than choosing the option, She notices her fingers becoming thicker and looking strange, I chose the option Her head starts to shift. Here it is:

Keira feels an electric prodding sensation all throughout her head, neck, and down into her shoulders. The remote's changes take effect, basing themselves on Keira's subconscious desire for an even more bizarre and pleasurable form. Her shoulders become much broader and wider, as if to make room for something.

Suddenly, her head slides to the right side of her shoulders, neck moving along with it, leaving an oddly empty space on her left. Keira attempts to let out a grunt in distress, but her current form only allows for a wet slurp. Then, just as quickly, on Keira's left side, a bump appears, slowly growing in size as it overloads her with pleasurable feelings. The lump develops a distinct neck, becoming a copy of Keira's original head, vagina-mouth and all.

Overcome with lust, Keira turns her two heads toward each other, noticing that they both operate under a single mind. Mouth-cunts drooling with cum, she begins kissing herself, rubbing the two of them furiously against each other. As if in response, she feels an odd pushing sensation from her left mouth-gina. It gradually extends outwards, perfectly filling in to her right pussy-mouth and stimulating her in the exact right places. It takes on a familiar mushroom-like shape, developing a distinct head, until the mouth on her left head turns into a fully functioning dick nearly a foot long and several inches thick.

Keira vigorously thrusts her left mouth-cock into her right cunt mouth and is blown away by the pleasure of it all. Looking to expand it, Keira takes her massive groin-mounted cock into her right hand and wanks it off while at the same time massaging her oversized tits with her left. With the two shared brains, Keira's delight has been squared, each sensation she feels being multiplied by itself occurring in her opposite head. after what felt like hours, Keira's mutated body finally reaches its climax.

As her cock-mouth cums into her cunt-mouth, she savors the taste of every last drop of her mouth's cum, retaining her sense of taste. Then, her first cock erupts, shooting literal gallons of semen up in the air and showering Keira's changed body in the white goo. Keira rubs it all over herself, covering every last bit of her skin with a liberal coating of cum. She loves the feeling of it rubbing against her skin, making her slick to the touch and always lubricated. Removing her left mouth from her right, Keira turns back to the remote, eager to experience yet more pleasure. To her surprise, however, her excess cum has further damaged the machine. Now, she simply pushes the "random" button once more, hoping for the best and that the remote changes her in a fitting way. What happens to Keira?

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Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Keira

Tainted by her semen, the remote gives Keira a cum-related change.

The remote senses that Keira is covered in her own cum and loves the sensation of it. Her twin mutated minds are obsessed with the feeling of fluids on their shared body. Be it cum, milk, vaginal fluids, or anything else for that matter, Keira wanted more of it! The remote, just as corrupted by Keira's juices as she herself was, gives her a change suiting that perceived desire.

Keira's groin-mounted cock starts ejaculating uncontrollably. It pumps a seemingly endless amount of cum out with the force of a fire hose. Keira's twin minds were both highly stimulated, putting her in a state of heightened arousal. In turn, the cock that was her left head's mouth also started spewing semen at an alarming rate. The sudden combined force of both of Keira's penises knocks her off her feet, causing her to fall over flat on her ass. Both dicks now pointing upwards, Keira continues splattering the length of her mutated body with their seemingly ceaseless flow. Some of her cum lands in her right pussy-mouth, leaving her groaning in delight as she savors her taste. As if in response, her pussy-mouth begins dumping out a torrent of girl-cum all over Keira and the floor beneath her. Now covered in a pool of mixed cum several inches deep, Keira's next change commences.

Some of the liquid absorbs itself into Keira's breasts. Already glorious GG cups, her breasts continue to fill up and expand outwards until each one grows to be as big as a car tire. Hoping to accelerate whatever changes the remote has generated, Keira rolls around in the massive, ever-expanding pile of her own sexual fluids, taking particular care to lather it all over her greedy tits. Her inhumanly large knockers continue drinking up, seeming to defy gravity as they bounce about wildly yet support themselves without hurting Keira any. Any and all painful sensations the average person might experience in this situation, Keira instead feels only pleasure. Reaching their final size and fullness, Keira's enormous boobs begin expelling milk wildly from her hyper-engorged nipples, contributing even more to the mess she has made. Keira is nearly drowning in the pool of the products of her mutant sexes- milk and cum, both of the male and female variety. She is now completely submerged in the bizarre solution, triggering the final stage of her metamorphosis.

Keira finds that, although she should have drowned by this point, she no longer needs to breathe. Much like with her breasts earlier, her entire body sucks in the magnificent sea of off-white goo around her. Her own milk, male-cum and female-cum permeate every fiber of her being. Keira begins to feel an unsettling "empty" sensation as her brains, heart, lungs, stomach, and all her other internal organs disappear and are replaced with her new fluids. Rather than feel panicked or in pain, however, Keira only intensifies in her pleasurable feelings. Soon, her skin, too, turns into the all-too familiar slick and off-white goo. Her body is now entirely composed of her own slime, and her sexual organs all simultaneously cease their production of sexual fluids, having finished their job for now. After taking a moment to recuperate, Keira finally stands up. She finds that the excess weight of her mixed semen, milk, and cunt-drippings has contributed to her mass, only adding to her size. She is now a nearly eight foot tall giant whose assets have grown proportionally. Being composed of the goo that she is, she is always lubricated and ready to fuck or be fucked. Her new body is immeasurably more sensitive than before, locking her dual minds in a state of permanent arousal. Her twin rods go erect, her mouthgina dampens, and her engorged pencil-sized nipples stiffen. Keira is unimaginably horny and willing to bang literally anyone but is also curious as to just how the remote can top her extensive changes. What does Keira do next?

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Re: Changing the World - Remote Control: Keira

And, for my most recent addition to this specific branch, Her phone rings.

Suddenly, Keira's phone rings. It was Kathryn! Keira's roommate. In the midst of her sexual stupor, Keira had completely forgotten about her! Keira picks up the phone, surprised that she is still able to pick up and answer it without damaging it. Keira places her phone in between her dual heads, giving them both an equal chance to hear Kathryn. On the other line, Kathryn says to Keira,

"Hello again! How have things been back at the apartment?"

Keira attempts to answer, but her two goopy sex-organ mouths are only able to produce wet splortching noises. Kathryn, however, detects nothing out of the ordinary, for the remote has changed the reality of the world around them.

"Well, anyways," Kathryn continues, "something else has come up, and my prior engagement has been cancelled. I have to come back home. See you soon!"

And with that, Kathryn hung up, as did Keira. Though a normal-minded person might panic for fear of being discovered or take this as an opportunity to get help, Keira's ultra-perverted brains only become further stimulated. Masturbation was fine and all, but what Keira truly needed was real sex with another living being. With Kathryn coming back to the apartment, Keira wouldn't even need to "hunt" for a sexual partner- a woman who fit that description was walking right to her! In addition, Kathryn might even be transformed as well because the remote has changed the reality of this world.

Aroused further still by the thought of it all, Keira begins to masturbate, once again pleasuring her dual face-genitals, oversized mammaries, and enormous cock. Though the time it took Kathryn to return was actually fairly short, it felt like hours to Keira because she was anticipating it so much. After much masturbation and gallons of milk, semen, and fem-cum being spilled, Kathryn finally arrives at the shared apartment.

How does the scene play out?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments?

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