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Topic: Story ideas, what do you all want to see?

Hey everyone.

So I have been giving it some thought and, since others seemed to like my first story enough, I was thinking of writing something else. I wanted to start a poll to a) see what people would like to read subject wise, and to b) keep my mind focused on one subject, since I get a bit scatter brained. So I have four story ideas below that I pretty much have equal desire to write, so I will let you all decide.

Idea 1: A group of high school girls has a slumber party. However, all but one girl is unaware that a transformitive substance will infect every girl there.

Idea 2: A prank goes very wrong when a girl comes into contact with D Cum laced itching powder. The girl quickly becomes very uncomfirtable in her own skin.

Idea 3: A girl is cursed to have an abundance of transformitive energy inside of her. It builds up and grows and she risks changing herself if she doesn't release it. The story will mainly focus on her keeping her power in chek, by transforming random people she meets.

Idea 4: A sequel to my first story, "Late Night at the Alchemy Lab"

Voting will last for a week, thanks for reading.