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Laura's Revenge
by Changer (c) 1998

Laura (who was a slightly insane sorceress with a really odd sense of humour), didn't like men much, especially comments about her from them. As a result, when she sat down in the park on a beautiful summer's day to enjoy it, and realised after about five minutes that her (admittedly rather nice) body was the subject of a surreptitious discussion by a group of university students sitting about ten feet away, she was very very annoyed. However, rather than leaving, she listened to the conversation coming from behind for a few minutes, getting more and more irritated.

"Look at the tits on that one! I'll bet her nipples are sticking out half an inch." whispered Phil.

"Yeah, I like to see a girl who's really built in the tits and ass department." said his friend Andy, not quite as quietly as he should have. The others shushed him hurriedly, and they went silent for a moment, watching Laura for any sign she had heard the comment. When she didn't react, they started talking quietly again.

"I like nice hips and long legs, myself. " mused Paul wistfully. "Long legs with spike heels, and long blond hair, especially when they bend over..."

"Me, I'd really like to lick her pussy." giggled Andy, again a little too loudly. The others stared at him in irritation.

"Will you keep your voice down, you idiot!" snarled Phil in a whisper.

"Sorry, guys." Andy replied. He was a little tipsy from the several cans of beer he had consumed at lunch a short while before.

"I wonder if I'd have a chance with her?" Phil wondered out loud.

"I doubt it", said Paul. "She looks like she has expensive tastes, and you couldn't afford it, not on a student loan."

Phil thoughtfully nodded, and said "Typical. Beautiful women like that tangle you up in a web of requests for gifts, and then you end up being dumped when they finally suck you dry. Bummer."

He looked at her again, and then said "It might almost be worth it, though. Look at those lovely big breasts, and how small her waist is. She's incredible!"

This last comment was too much for Laura, who snarled to herself, and got up. She approached the three young men, who fell silent at her approach, and looked innocently in every direction than at her. When she stopped in front of them, however, casting her shadow over the little group, they finally had to acknowledge her presence. "Um, hello?" stuttered Phil, squinting up at her. "Can I help you?"

"No, but I can help you." Laura said with an evil grin. "I heard your little chat about women, and I think I have the answer to your wishes. I'm a sorceress, you see."

The threesome looked at each other, then back up at Laura, and burst out laughing. "A sorceress?" Paul managed eventually, still chuckling. "There's no such thing!"

Laura glared at the students, and growled under her breath. "There damn well is, boys, and I'm it. Maybe THIS will teach you to be more respectful of women." she said, and raised both hands menacingly. She pointed them at Phil, and a flash of purple light shot from them and washed over him, feeling like a violent electric shock. He flew back, and Laura turned to the other two, who were staring alternately at the unconscious Phil and the pissed-off sorceress. They got up and started to back away, but Laura rapidly zapped each of them in turn, with the same results. She stood over the three insensate form on the grass and laughed nastily, and then walked off. No-one else in the park had noticed anything, since the encounter had been hidden by a small clump of bushes from the main area.

Paul was the first to wake up. He groaned loudly, and sat up, holding his head. "What the hell happened?" he muttered.

The other two stirred and then sat up, also holding their heads with exclamations of pain. They all looked at each other, and then looked around. Phil commented, "I don't know about sorceresses or magic, but she sure clobbered us with something! My head feels like the day after a three-day binge."

They sat on the grass for a few minutes, until their throbbing headaches died down. Eventually, feeling a little better, they got up and left the park. None of them really felt much like sitting in the hot evening sun anymore. The three students roomed together in a residential building located on the university campus, and they returned to their rooms to lie down and recover from the strange experience.

Phil went into his room and closed the door. He still felt wobbly from whatever that weird woman had done to him, and decided to have a nap in the hopes that he'd fell better when he woke up. It was now early evening, but still quite hot, and the building's air conditioning wasn't working. He stripped down to his y-fronts, and lay down on the bed. He fell asleep quickly, and was soon snoring loudly.

In the next room, Paul, who had been feeling dirty and sweaty after the game of soccer they had played earlier in the park, was having a long soak in the tub. He relaxed to the point that he fell into a light doze. He slowly woke up an hour or so later, aware that the water had become uncomfortably cold. Getting out of the tepid bath, he started to dry himself with a large towel. While he was drying his hair, he felt very dizzy for a few moments, and nearly fell. Catching himself on the wall, he stood breathing heavily with his eyes closed until the feeling passed.

Paul opened his eyes, and looked at his vague reflection in the condensation-covered mirror. He leaned closer to it, and rubbed a clear patch with a dry corner of the towel. Peering at his face, he thought he looked a bit pale, but wasn't too worried. He put the dizziness down to standing up out of the bath a bit too quickly, and resumed drying himself. However, a couple of minutes later his legs felt suddenly weak, and he sat down on the edge of the bathtub. He looked down at his thighs, and was startled to see they seemed to be completely hairless. Dropping the towel beside his feet, he reached down and ran his hand along one leg. There was indeed no sign of the normal hair he had seen there ever since puberty.

While he was puzzling over this, there was a sudden sharp pain in both feet. He bent over and looked at them. They were visibly changing shape, becoming smaller and more feminine in appearance. While he watched in complete shock, they quickly turned something more suited for a woman than a man. The change paused, and he reached down and felt his right foot in wonder. It was his foot all right, judging by the scar on the top where a long rusty nail had completely run it through when he was a small child. However, it also definitely wasn't the foot he had gotten out of bed with this morning.

Without warning, his legs abruptly tingled violently, and then they started changing as well. They grew thinner and more shapely, the muscles writhing around under the skin. When the change reached his hips, he fell off the rim of the bath and landed on the floor with a thump. A few more spasms followed, and then all was still again. He grabbed the edge of the bath and pulled himself to his feet, and looked down. He stared in horror. He now had incredibly long, incredibly smooth, incredibly shapely female legs! He turned and looked at the full-length mirror on the bathroom wall, but could see only a blurry outline through the water droplets covering the surface. He swore, and bent down to pick up the towel, and wiped the water from the glass.

Paul looked at the reflection now revealed with aghast amazement. From the waist down, he had a body that would make a supermodel cry with envy, with the exception of his genitals, which were still normal in appearance. His feminine legs were somewhat longer than was proportionally correct, and went up to wide lean hips and full female buttocks. He was stunned by the sight, which looked really bizarre.

After a few minutes of staring at his new legs, his feet started to hurt again. He sat down on the toilet lid, and raised one leg over his other knee, so he could feel his foot. It was moving in his hand, twisting around until the toes pointed down quite a long way. He found he was unable to move it into the normal position. His other foot had had the same thing happen to it, and had forced his heel several inches off the ground. As he was feeling the foot and trying gently to flex it into a more normal position, his heel tingled. While he watched, shocked yet again, a tender lump formed on the bottom of his heel. It grew larger, and suddenly developed a point in the middle. This grew longer and longer, until it was about six inches long. It stopped lengthening, and rapidly hardened to the consistency of hard plastic, changing colour to a glossy brownish-black as it did. When the latest change stopped, he had what looked for all the world like the spike heel from a high-heeled shoe growing out of his foot. The other foot had changed to match.

Paul stared at his new foot for a moment, and then put it on the floor. He tried to stand up, and after a couple of attempts made it. He awkwardly walked across the small room to stand in front of the mirror. His reflection now showed he had woman's legs with built-in permanent six inch high heels, which clicked on the floor tiles as he experimentally walked around. The built-in heels combined with the new hips and pelvis gave him an extremely feminine wiggle. He realised it would now be impossible to wear normal shoes. After a few minutes, he pulled on his underwear (which was very tight across the hips indeed), and his shirt. He found that his jeans were impossible to manage since he couldn't get his feet into them with the heel-spikes in the way. As he was finishing what dressing he could, he felt an enormous wave of disorientation pass over him, much worse than the last one. He stumbled and fell, hitting his head on the bath and knocking himself out.

Andy, meanwhile, like Phil had had a short nap. He had slept for about forty minutes, and woken feeling refreshed. He got up and sat at his desk, turning on the computer. As he was reaching over the desk to retrieve the mouse from where it had been pushed, he felt lightheaded and dizzy for a second or two. He sat back in his chair with a thump, and suddenly felt a sharp pain in his rear. Standing up with a yelp, he turned around and looked down at the chair. There was nothing on it that could have poked him, and he sat down again. He felt the pain again, this time worse. He stood up and ran his hands over his rear, trying to find whatever was stuck to it, and was startled when he felt a lump on each buttock. When he prodded one, it hurt. He removed his jeans and underwear, and looked back at his ass.

He could see nothing amiss from this vantage point, and cautiously felt his rear again. The lumps were bigger, and seemed to be growing out of his body! He rapidly walked over to the dresser, and turned around to look at his backside in the mirror. He was amazed by the sight this revealed. Growing from each buttock was what appeared to be a woman's nipple. As if his seeing them was a signal, the nipples rapidly grew larger, and areolea developed around each one. They attained a size that would have been correct for a very large pair of breasts, and stopped.

He gaped at the sight, and carefully reached back and touched one. It immediately grew rigid in his hand, just like a real nipple. When he gently squeezed it, he felt a rush of pleasure from the touch. At this point, his buttocks tingled sharply, and began to expand. Within the space of a few minutes, they had developed into an enormous pair of female breasts, hanging from his ass. The breasts were incredibly firm, and must have weighed at least ten pounds each. His rear, under the breasts, had also changed, now having the teardrop shape of a woman's rear.

He stared down at his ass-breasts in disbelief. They were very heavy, and pulled him back a bit. When he tried walking across the room, they bounced vigorously, making him stumble. He went over to his bed and sat down, and then jumped up hurriedly as his ass-breasts were crushed under his weight. He tried again very slowly, and found he could bear the feelings of compression this caused if he tried. However, if he moved too much, his ass-nipples tried to become erect, which caused some very odd, but extremely pleasant feelings to sweep through him. As he was sitting there in a state of shock, thinking that the woman in the park really HAD been a sorceress, he felt dizzy again. Immediately after this had stopped, his chest tingled. He looked down, wondering what was happening now. He was upset, but not particularly surprised, to see his chest slowly swell out into another pair of breasts, at least as large and firm as the ones growing from his rear. As they grew the upper buttons on his shirt popped one by one, until there were only the lower three buttons holding it closed.

When the change had stopped, he undid the remaining buttons and removed his shirt completely, baring his new breasts. They were huge and heavy, and had enormous nipples which came erect as he looked at them. He got up and walked over to the mirror again, all four breasts bouncing. He looked really strange, since the rest of his body was still the same as it had always been. He could see the swell of his ass-breasts around each side of his rear, they were so big, and his arms wouldn't quite touch his sides anymore because of the upper set getting in the way.

While he was examining his freakish new body, he felt dizzy for a third time. He swayed, and so did all his breasts. When it passed, he looked down at himself. Nothing had changed, and he was just beginning to think that nothing would, when his face started tingling. He looked up at the mirror again, and was just in time to see his mouth begin to change. It pursed itself up slowly, and he found he was unable to open it properly. After his lips had become the shape one would use for whistling, there was a brief pause, and then they started to unpurse. However, instead of pulling out at the edges into a normal shape for a mouth, they pulled out top and bottom into a vertical slit, which eventually reached from his chin to his nose. His mouth went numb, and a few moments later his cheeks collapsed in slightly. It became apparent that his teeth had disappeared. The vertical lips continued to change, and after a couple of minutes, instead of a normal mouth, he had a perfectly formed female vagina where it had been. The top end merged with his nose, and a clitoris had developed there. His nostrils had moved to the sides slightly, and he could still breath properly.

Feeling came back with a rush, and he tried to move his mouth. He attempted to open it in the accustomed way, and the vagina gaped open sideways. He opened it as far as it would go, and stuck out his tongue. This appeared reasonably normal, but was a couple of inches longer than it had been before, and seemed more flexible. He raised a hand to his vagina-mouth, and gingerly felt it. It felt like a normal vagina from the outside, and when he stuck a finger into it, it felt like a vagina inside as well, with the notable exception of his tongue. All traces of his teeth had vanished. Andy stuck out his tongue and licked his new lips. The taste was familiar, but didn't belong where it was. As he licked them, they grew wet, and it became obvious that his vagina-mouth was lubricating itself like a normal vagina would under similar stimulation.

A strong feeling of pleasure was growing, and he found himself unable to stop licking. As his tongue touched his newly acquired, oddly positioned clitoris, a bolt of sheer pleasure shot through him. He collapsed to the floor in ecstasy. His hands came up and started to fondle the huge breasts on his chest, and he ground his ass-breasts into the floor, while still licking his clitoris vigorously. After a minute of steadily increasing pleasure, he convulsed in his first female-style orgasm. He moaned loudly in pleasure, and fainted.

In the bathroom, Paul had woken after several minutes of unconsciousness. He felt very strange, and eventually tried to stand up. This was for some reason very difficult, and he fell down again. The odd feelings coming from his lower back finally made him look down. He nearly fainted with horror when he saw the changes that had occurred while he was out.

His newly-acquired female legs were still there, complete with spikes. However, from his rear end the torso and legs of a tall shapely woman had sprouted, tearing off his underwear in the process, and the new legs also had spikes on them. The torso ran back from his new rear end, and the pelvis was changed from a normal human one to allow it to rest in a permanently bent over position. It was as if a woman the same height as him was bending over behind him, with her shoulders merging into his hips. After looking numbly down at his oddly-configured new body, Paul tried standing up again. It took a lot of tries, but he finally made it. Looking in the mirror he saw a strange creature that resembled a centaur in some ways, but with four long shapely female human legs, complete with built-in high-heels. The part that in a centaur would be a horse's torso was that of a bent-over well-developed woman, with a small waist, wide hips and ass, and large firm breasts hanging down underneath, behind the front set of legs. From the waist of the front legs up his body was completely unchanged, and his male genitals were still hanging in the correct place.

After a few minutes, he tried taking a step forward. He nearly fell, and steadied himself on the sink at one side. He concentrated on raising the left rear leg, and eventually managed it. He moved it about for a while, bending it around every which way. After he had mastered that leg, he tried the same thing with the other one, succeeding there too. He then tried walking forward again, and found he could now move around if he went slowly. As he moved, his breasts, hanging down pendulously, bounced up and down, and his hips, both front and rear, wiggled from side to side. The breasts especially felt very strange, and rather painful. He turned around, and looked at his rear set of legs in the mirror. His repositioned rear end would have been very nice on a tall beautiful woman, but was seriously out of place on him, especially with the long tail of blond human hair he was shocked to see growing from it. It looked like the long hair of a woman, but was evidently attached to some sort of bone and muscle structure, because he could move it. It flowed out and down in a graceful curve, and nearly reached the floor.

He practiced moving back and forth in the confined space of the bathroom until he was reasonably confident he wouldn't fall down, and then, taking a deep breath, opened the door and walked out into the living room to see what had happened to his friends. He was in for a surprise.

Phil had woken from his nap to a darkened room. After a few minutes of lying on his back staring at the ceiling, he tried to swing his legs over the side of the bed so he could stand up. He was puzzled when nothing happened, and then alarmed when he realised his legs were completely numb. He tried to move them again, and alarm became mild panic when nothing happened. He reached down to his thigh, and jerked his hand back when he felt a large, soft, fuzzy object where he expected to feel his leg. He frantically reached over and turned on the light, and looked down the length of his body.

He nearly screamed at the sight that met his eyes. His legs were completely gone, and in their place was a huge oval mass, dark brown and covered in coarse fur. The thing was more than four feet long and about two feet wide at the widest point. It was nearly eighteen inches thick in the middle, and was growing from his hips. His genitals had also disappeared. The mass flared out in a smooth curve to the midpoint, and then tapered down nearly to a point near the end of his bed. It seemed to be pulsing slightly, and he realised it was moving in rhythm with his heartbeat.

After staring at the thing for a minute, he reached down and gently touched it. Nothing happened, and he carefully laid his hand on the portion of it he could reach, directly below his waist. It was warm, and with a shock he realised that he could feel his hand with the thing, whatever it was. It was a part of him! He felt it again, and found that it was slowly hardening a bit. After a few minutes, it was covered in a tough but flexible furry outer skin, which was no longer pulsating.

He lay looking down at his changed body, propping himself up a bit with his hands. He could bend forward at the waist, but was unable to get off the bed, since he had no legs. Phil pushed himself up the bed a bit until his back was supported by his pillows, and continued to look at what his lower body had become. After staring at it for some minutes, he thought that it looked a bit familiar. He concentrated, and suddenly realised with a shudder that it was the back part of a huge spider. As he was thinking this, he felt dizzy momentarily. After this had passed, his waist began to tingle. While he watched in amazement, it then started to contract. After only a minute or so, it had halved it's previous measurement of thirty-four inches. The change stopped, and then the rest of his torso tingled. It started changing, as well. His rib cage narrowed, and his skin smoothed. All his chest hair rapidly disappeared, and his nipples started to swell. Within five minute, he had grown a large firm pair of breasts with fully female nipples, which then became rigidly erect. His torso had become that of a fit woman, and the change was still occurring. It moved steadily up his chest and neck, and he could feel his face changing. He raised his hands to it, and felt his nose become more slender, and his cheekbones rise a bit. His entire face became rather triangular, with a narrow chin, and Phil knew without looking that it had become the face of a beautiful woman.

His hair rapidly grew longer, until it reached his shoulders. It stayed the same almost black colour he was used to, but thickened a lot. Once his hair had changed, the tingling stopped. He looked down at himself, noticing that his arms and hands had become slender and feminine as well. He now appeared to have the body from the hips up of a very beautiful, rather large breasted woman with an extremely narrow waist. From the hips down his body was that of a legless spider. He was almost unable to breath due to the sense of panic that had developed in him since he woke. He couldn't understand what was happening or why.

A few minutes later he felt dizzy again. His vision blurred, and he raised a delicate hand to his forehead. The feeling passed, and he looked down at himself again. He could feel the area between his waist and his hips itching fiercely, and he stared at it. Nothing happened for a few seconds, and then two rows of bumps appeared on it, four on each side a few inches apart. The area started to narrow, and ended up about a foot across. A line appeared between the spider's abdomen and where his hips had been, and another line appeared at his waist. These widened to about a quarter inch, and he could see they had a shiny black membrane across them. He realised with a little thought that these must be joints separating his body into three parts.

Meanwhile, the eight bumps had been steadily growing, and it soon became apparent that they were developing into spider's legs. They grew slowly but steadily for another ten minutes or so, and finally he had eight fully developed legs sticking up and out from the mid-section of his body. The changes finally stopped, and he stared at his new legs in horrified wonder. After a little while, he reached down and grabbed the frontmost left one, and pulled gently. It hurt when he bent it against the way it was meant to go, and at that point he finally accepted that the changes were real and that this was really him.

He lay on his back looking at his legs for several minutes, and then tried to move them. Nothing much happened for a while, but he eventually made one jerk a bit. Progress was rapid after that, and he soon was able to wave any or all of his new legs at will. He folded them up against his new abdomen, and attempted to roll over. It took a couple of tries, but he was finally lying on his stomach, with his legs under him. This position squashed his new breasts uncomfortably, so he tried to stand up on eight legs for the first time. The new legs were long enough to reach the floor on either side of the bed, and he unfolded them and placed them carefully on the carpet. With a bit more effort he was able to raise his body off the bed, and finally stood there straddling the bed with his legs. He found that his torso easily and naturally bent back to an upright position, and like this his head was about five feet from the floor.

With some difficulty he managed to walk backwards away from the bed, into the middle of the room. When he reached it, he stopped and turned around to look in the mirror on the back of the door. His new face was very beautiful, with brilliant green eyes and full red lips. His gaze dropped lower and he saw his new breasts. They were firm and very big, easily a DD cup, and the nipples seemed to be permanently erect, sticking out a good inch. Lower still, past a VERY narrow waist, and he saw the huge spider's body his torso sprang from. He shuddered. He didn't like spiders a bit, and the thought that now he essentially WAS one was horrifying. He was nearly sick, but managed to control the urge.

After practising walking around his room on eight legs, he approached the door. He realised that if this was the result of that woman in the park, his friends might also have been transformed. He opened the door warily, and looked out. There were odd noises coming from Andy's room, and Paul was nowhere in sight. Phil squeezed his new body through his bedroom door and walked into the middle of the living room. The strange noises from behind Andy's door had stopped, and he walked carefully over to it and knocked. "Andy? Are you alright?" He said, and was shocked at the seductive contralto voice he now had. He heard the sound of the bathroom door opening, and turned around on the spot, all his legs moving in a complicated dance he wasn't consciously aware of. A weird creature was standing in the bathroom doorway staring at him in shock, and it had Paul's face. It appeared to be some sort of centaur-like thing, but made up out of a couple of really long-legged women and the top half of his friend, rather than a horse and a human. "Is that you, Paul?" Phil said in amazement.

Paul had stepped out of the bathroom, and stopped in shock when he saw the half-spider half-woman thing knocking at Andy's door. When it turned around and asked him a question, he jumped. "It's me all right." he replied, after a moment. "Who are YOU?"

"I'm Phil, of course. Who do you think I am?".

"Well, you look like a really attractive half-human spider woman with a sexy voice, if you really want to know.".

"It's me inside, no matter what the outside looks like. Anyway, you're in no position to talk. What are you supposed to be?"

"I have absolutely no idea. I seem to have built-in high heels and four legs, not to mention a tail and breasts. I think I have a vagina between my hind legs as well, but I can't reach it to find out."

Phil walked towards him and said "Turn around and lift your tail." After a moments thought Paul did so, and Phil said, "Yep, you've got a pussy alright."

Paul said "What about you? You seem to be completely female, from the waist up at any rate."

Phil replied "I don't know. I don't seem to have any genitals at all, or at least any human ones. Any idea how to tell the sex of a spider?"

"Wait and see if you lay eggs?" Paul suggested with a slight smile.

"I hope to hell I don't." exclaimed Phil in shock.

Paul studied him for a moment, and then asked "Can you make silk?". Phil looked surprised.

"I have no idea. I don't even know where to start.".

"Maybe it'll come to you later. Meanwhile, what the HELL are we going to do? We can't go out looking like this!"

"I don't know" Phil said in despair. "I guess that woman in the park really was a sorceress like she said, and she did this to punish us for what we said. I sure hope it's temporary."

Paul suddenly looked worried, and said "Where's Andy? He got zapped too, and he must have changed into... something... just like we have.".

Phil turned back to Andy's door and said over his shoulder "I had just knocked when you came out of the bathroom. He hasn't answered yet. Maybe he's hurt!" He opened the door as Paul came up behind him and the both peered into the room. The strange figure of Andy was lying on the floor with one arm across his face. Paul and Phil looked at each other in shock, and looked back at Andy, seeing the huge breasts on his chest as well as the ones that had replaced his buttocks. The latter ones were spread out to the sides under Andy's weight. Phil, with Paul still following, entered the room and approached the comatose figure. When he bent down and moved Andy's arm aside, he was even more shocked and rather repulsed at the sight of his vagina-mouth with it's tongue hanging out to one side, glistening with lubricating juices. Phil straightened up abruptly, saying "Yuck. That's going to take some getting used to."

Paul looked at him, and then down at his own strange new form. "I think that goes for all of us" he muttered. Meanwhile, Phil had bent down again and was shaking Andy's shoulder.

"Wake up" he said. "Come on, wake up you lazy idiot."

Andy heard a voice speaking to him, and started to open his eyes, wondering why he was on the floor and why his chest and rear felt so strange. He suddenly remembered the past hour, and his eyes shot open. He found himself looking up into the face of an extraordinarily beautiful young woman with a really sexy voice, who was telling him to wake up. He smiled up at her, and moved his gaze down her body. "Nice tits" he was thinking, when he got to where her legs should have been and saw that she was growing from the body of a huge spider. He leapt to his feet, and retreated rapidly across the room. "Get away from me you monster" he tried to say, but all that came out were muffled slobbering sounds. He realised that with his mouth deformed the way it was he might not be able to speak. He nervously licked his lips, intending to try again. His long tongue touched his nose-clit, and the blast of sheer pleasure that shot through him made him collapse on the floor again. The spider-woman came quickly over, and roughly hauled him to his feet.

"Stop that!" she snapped. "I'm Phil, and that is Paul" pointing across the room at another weird creature, this one seemingly a sort of woman-taur. "That woman really was a sorceress, and she must be responsible for what's happened to us. We have to think about what we can do to get back to normal!". Just as Phil said this, there was a faint pop from the living room. Paul, who was nearest the door, turned and looked. He stood, staring, until Phil ran back to his side, dragging Andy with him. The three of them looked into the living room, surprised to see the woman from the park sitting in a chair on the other side of the room, grinning at them.

"My, you came out well" Laura said, please at how effectively her quickly improvised spells had worked. "Come out here so I can get a better look.". The strange trio slowly filed out and stood in a line in front of her, staring at her with hate in their eyes.

"Why did you turn us into these...THINGS!" Phil finally spat.

"It seemed the appropriate punishment for your comments." she replied.

"APPROPRIATE! For WHAT? All we did was make a couple of comments about how beautiful you were!"

"Well, I didn't like what you said, and decided to give you a permanent reminder of my displeasure. You, for instance, were making comments about beautiful women who caught men in a tangled web. You are now a beautiful woman who can produce as many webs as she wants, tangled or other wise. Your friend there liked tits and ass, and I gave him both, combined. He also wanted to lick pussies, and now he can do that any time he wants as well. The other one was in favour of long legs and smooth hips, and liked high heels and blond hair. Now he has plenty of all of what he wanted, and can play with them as much as he wants to."

Phil stared at her, breathing heavily, breasts bobbing up and down. "That's why you did this? To teach us a lesson?"

She nodded happily.

"I think we've learned it, right guys?". He looked to either side for support from his roommates, and looked back at Laura. "So why don't you change us back, and we'll apologise and promise never to do it again."

She shook her head, and said "I'm afraid that transformation spells like these cannot be undone, which is why I like them. They ensure a permanent reminder of my displeasure to the offenders, and act as a deterrent to others. You're stuck like that for good. I suggest you make the best of it." . She looked at the growing expressions of rage on the three faces in front of her, and giggled. "You at least", pointing at Phil, "can earn a living from your change. The market for spider-silk is probably quite lucrative if you can produce it to order in the quantities you're capable of. Your two friends can probably find a market for their... unique... appearance in kinky films, with a bit of luck.". She grinned again, said "Have fun with your lives, boys", and disappeared with another pop.

They never saw her again.


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