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Perfectly Fitting Clothes, Part 1
By extramorphs

I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. A spray that made clothes fit? It seemed too good to be true. And, it was an infomercial, one of those late-night ads for products that seem much more useful than they turn out to be. But I figured maybe this was one of those diamonds-in-the-rough you hear about - a miracle product that works, simply undiscovered.

Now, you may be wondering - "why don't you just buy clothes that fit"? Well, I'm sure some of you will identify with me when I say that they don't make them! If I buy dresses that are long enough for me, they expect me to have big, wondrous breasts to fill them up. And if I buy dresses that match my bust size, that don't look like they have two huge, empty pockets sitting proudly on my chest, then the hem and waist creep up by half a foot and suddenly I'm pushing my dress down Marilyn Monroe-style to keep it from exposing my nether regions. Don't get me wrong - being 5'11 and nearly flat-chested doesn't make me an insanely skinny pencil-for-a-human, but it does make it harder to shop for clothes.

So needless to say, when I saw this product that you simply spray onto clothes and it makes them fit, I was very, very excited. I have a lot of clothes that I think are quite gorgeous and I can't wait to actually have them fit me.

I ordered two bottles, in case the first bottle wasn't enough. If this worked, I'd be using a lot of it.


Two weeks passed, and the package finally arrived. I called my friend Amanda and asked her to come over to try it out with me. I thought she'd be excited about the product; not to mention that I needed a friend to spray it on while I wore the clothes.

She was initially much less excited than I had expected. "You paid over a hundred bucks for two Windex bottles with cheap labels put over them?!"

I tried to console her. "Yeah, but what if it makes all of my clothes more wearable? That's worth it to me. Plus, you can use some."

"And when it doesn't work and all you have is some defective glass cleaner?" she retorted.

"Let's just try it and see."

I flipped over the bottle and read the label. The directions were simple enough: Put on the garment to be fitted. Lightly mist spray over the entire area that doesn't fit. Allow the product to take effect before removing the garment. After one minute, the garment will fit.

I decided to start with my prom dress - sure, prom was over two years ago, but I had loved the dress and was hoping I could eventually get it tailored to fit me. It was a beautiful, sleeveless, gold dress, with a smooth, close waist, and a gold silk knot at the hip. The skirt hung delicately but carelessly. It was my favorite dress I'd ever had, but I had never really been able to fill it up top, as the designers seemed to have a C-cup in mind for my dream dress. Well, that was about to change. I rushed into the other room to put it on while Amanda sat on my bed with her skeptical look.

"How do I look?"

"Marvelous, darling, just marvelous," Amanda replied, with a tone so sarcastic I thought she was going to pull a muscle.

"Anyway, spray it on my chest. That's the part I'm least happy with this dress."

Amanda picked up the bottle, sloshed it around to stir it up, and walked around me, misting the spray on my upper body as she went. The stuff didn't seem like much - mostly like I was being sprayed down by a water bottle, which was refreshing if anything.

"See? It didn't work. You wasted your money." chided Amanda.

I protested. "It says it takes a minute! Let's just watch and see if it works."

Thirty seconds passed. My heart dropped. Did I just waste a week's enthusiasm and two weeks of tips on this worthless watery spray?

Slowly, something started happening. The wrinkly fabric of the loose cups started to smooth out and unfurl itself as if it were spreading over my breasts more smoothly. However, the dress also made my breasts look a lot bigger than they actually were - and given how thin the fabric was, I did not understand where the extra volume was coming from. The dress even seemed to get heavier and the cups moved as if they were really full of flesh.

Amanda realized it before I did. She started stammering something: "You"“ you"“ your"“ ... you..."
I looked in the mirror. The advertising was right, the spray really did make the dress fit well. It was a very realistic effect. They even seemed to gently bounce as I turned to get a better look at the new-and-improved dress.

Then it hit me. The weight, the volume. The dress didn't change at all. The spray had changed me - the dress wasn't suddenly full of "something", it was full of my new breasts!

I quickly pulled the dress off to get a closer look, heedless that my friend was right there. There they were, my full, beautiful breasts. Wow. I wasn't an expert in bra sizing, having not really needed one, but I estimated that they were at least C-cups.

I decided to break the silence. "I guess it worked?"

"Can- can I feel them?" Amanda asked.

"You might as well - you sprayed them on."

Amanda reached out and gingerly touched my right breast. She poked at it a little, as if to make sure it wasn't a hologram or hallucination. As she probed my new assets, I took a moment to also inspect and appreciate them. They were very perky, and while I might need a bra to keep them in place during physical activity, I certainly wouldn't need a bra to keep them up.

Of course! They were made with the intention of filling that dress - and that dress would look awful if I had to wear a bra under it.

The nipples were interesting. My nipples, now, I suppose. The areola was only slightly darker than my light complexion, about an inch and a half in diameter - nothing odd going on there. But the nipple itself was totally flat. Now, I know nipples aren't normally very full if you're not aroused, but these were actually flat.

Then it hit me again - they were designed for this dress. The dressmaker wouldn't want my nipples poking out and being obvious while I was dancing around, so they were simply flat in their unexcited state. Logical.

Amanda stopped poking at my breast and had what seemed to be an epiphany. "This works to make ANY clothes fit, right?"

I nodded with as much confidence as I had - after all, her and I had both used the product together exactly once, just now.

What seemed like out of the blue, Amanda removed her shirt, and started to undo her bra. "I want you to put on my bra and we'll try the spray again."

Amanda was a little shorter than average, but where she was lacking height, she was not lacking in breasts. We had similar ribcage sizes, but where I was an A-cup - (although at this point I was closer to a C) - she was easily a DD or E. I never know which letters to use.

She took off her bra and handed it to me. I put the straps over my shoulders, then set my breasts into her bra. It was bizarre and unworldly both to put on an E-cup bra, and also have breasts that half-way filled it up. I never even imagined either before today.

The moment I had the clasp secured, Amanda was already shaking the bottle and began walking around me, spraying like last time.

We waited. Another thirty seconds passed. Maybe the spray only worked once? Maybe I was stuck with my C-cups? Maybe not "stuck with"- I prefer "blessed by."

A full minute passed, and nothing happened.

Amanda frowned. "Dang, I was really hoping that would work."

As I motioned to take the bra off, I felt a familiar fullness in my chest and looked down to see my breasts actually grow into the bra. It was only a few seconds but it felt like half an hour of the flesh slowly creeping up.

As they finished growing, Amanda jumped up and down a little, clapping her hands excitedly.

I turned left and right, admiring myself in the mirror.

Amanda reached out her hand. "Alright, now give me my bra back, I'm getting cold." Her nipples were standing at full attention. Her areola were almost the same size as mine, though a little darker, but her nipples, unlike mine, were very full and pointed.

I took off the bra and then realized that not only did I have Amanda's breasts, but I also had her nipples. The exact same nipples I just saw on her chest were standing proudly on mine, growing stiffer in the cold room. I pinched one - oh my, they were sensitive. As I was handing Amanda her bra back, I decided that I wanted to know if hers were too - I shot my hand out and grabbed her nipple. She replied with a yelp that seemed to be a mix of being startled, pain, and a bit of pleasure. I suppose they were just as sensitive.

Suddenly, a wild and crazy idea popped into my head. I skipped over to my underwear drawer and grabbed a strapless bra I had borrowed some time ago. It was too big for me to wear back when I had borrowed it, at a large B-cup, maybe even a small C, but now it seemed downright small compared to my (and Amanda's) E-cup breasts. I stopped and pondered for a moment about how strange it was to have the exact same breasts as my friend. It would certainly make borrowing clothes easier. Oh, hell - with the spray, I could borrow any clothes now. What was I thinking?

Getting back to my idea, I put on the strapless bra, but instead of trying to fit it over my breasts, I put it a few inches below them, on my ribcage. Obviously, it didn't fit in any fashion. I signaled to Amanda to use the spray.

Amanda was perplexed for a moment, and then, with a visible realization, figured out what I was going for. She shook up the bottle and walked around me, misting again.

This time, there was a lot less waiting time. After about ten seconds, I felt the surging sensation again, but not in my breasts - directly below them. I had to watch in the mirror because my view was obscured by my breasts. I should say, the view was obscured by my upper breasts. In only a few moments, I had gone from being relatively normal looking (albeit with large breasts) to suddenly having four breasts.

I removed the strapless bra to get a closer look. They were indeed C-cup breasts - it seems they had taken up any spare elastic in the bra. I moved my chest back and forth, and could feel the weight of the four breasts moving as I did. The nipples on my lower breasts were slightly smaller than those of the upper breasts, though they looked very proportional.

Amanda's breasts, which had always stolen the show from mine, now seemed dwarfed by my incredible display.

I grabbed a t-shirt and threw it on. It was originally a little loose on me, but now hugged my upper breasts tightly. The shirt had been meant to sit closely around the ribs, and though my upper set of breasts pulled the shirt forward, if you looked closely you could see the curve of my lower set of breasts.

I turned to Amanda, and with a gleam in my eye, said:

"Let's go shopping!"


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Perfectly Fitting Clothes, Part 2
By extramorphs

"Now hold on a moment," Amanda chided, "you've been hogging the spray and I haven't gotten to use any myself!"

I replied, "Yeah, but you already had big breasts. Why would you need to use it?"

Amanda shot back at me a bit sarcastically, "Hmm, ya think that since I have big boobs there's nothing about myself I want to improve?"

She tapped her foot as I thought about this. Since the first thing I tried it on was my breasts, it hadn't occurred to me that the spray might work elsewhere. "Okay, I see your point," I conceded.

"Good. Now give me the spray... and one of your jackets."

"A jacket? Why?"

She gave me a deadpan stare, as if I'd find out soon enough anyway, and I figured it was best to just do as she asked. I handed her the spray and turned to search my closet for a jacket that I thought would fit her short stature and arms.

She didn't even have to say anything this time, and about half way through rummaging in my closet, I realized she didn't want a jacket that fit. That was the whole point. I grabbed the nearest jacket, a gray dress jacket with squared shoulders and three buttons down the front, and handed it to her.

She took the jacket and put it on. It fit her so poorly it was almost comical. The sleeves were long enough to hide her entire hands, save for just the fingertips if she straightened them out. The tail of the jacket almost completely covered her butt, and with her breasts, the jacket couldn't even button the top button.

Amanda picked up the spray and, as she was about to spray, asked me, "Does it hurt?"

"Well..." I paused long enough for her to start spraying and replied, "You have NO idea."

With her sleeves soaked, she gave me a panicked look, afraid of the pain I had implied that was about to bear down upon her.

In reality, having the spray work on you wasn't that bad. A bit pleasurable, almost. Of course, I had used it only on my breasts, and she was about to have it work on bones and muscles, so in telling her it hurt a lot, I might actually have been right.

She looked at me and winced, and then, her expression relaxed. Her lips parted as her mouth rested slightly open, and her eyes closed and she sighed a deep, pleasant sigh. I looked and saw her fingertips actually sticking out of the jacket, and slowly extending further. I could hear the fabric moving against her flesh. She held her arms out slightly away from her sides, as if anything touching them might interrupt the growth process. I could now clearly see the entire tip of her middle fingers. She began to breathe heavier, eyes still shut, chest heaving up and down. Her entire second knuckle of her middle fingers were now visible, and were shaking ever so slightly. Each breath she gave was a deeply contented sigh; if I weren't staring at her hands, the sound would have made me assume they were deep in her pants.

Her knees locked and started to wobble as she became ever more absorbed in her transformation. The entire length of her fingers were now visible, and as I looked more closely, they seemed different. Amanda had always been a bit of a rough-and-tumble girl, but here her fingers were that of a delicate, elegant woman. Not dainty or weak, but smooth and pointed nonetheless. She began to wiggle them a bit as her growth continued.

She stepped over to the bed and sat down, lest she collapse on the floor, though she still held her arms up as not to touch anything. Her heavy sighing evolved into what seemed to almost be a panting, and her eyes were opening but unfocused, clearly not looking at anything in particular. Her growth seemed to accelerate, as I could now see half of her hand, all the way to the joint of the thumb. The sleeve pulled back to show more of her hand - or did her hand extend from the sleeve? It was happening so fast it was hard to tell.

With her hands now fully visible from the ends of the sleeves, she gasped and fell back onto the bed, immediately shooting her new, longer arms into her pants. I decided that it would be best to let her have her extremely intimate moment alone, so I left my own room, but not before grabbing the spray.

I could hear Amanda's moans from the hallway, and tried to think about what I would use the spray on next. Part of me wanted to do something wacky just to surprise her when I came back, and another part of me wanted to think about a serious change. Another part of me just wanted to pleasure myself, but I knew I could wait until later. All three parts agreed: I'd use the spray to change myself in a way that would let me pleasure myself.

But what did I have that I could use to grow into? Amanda was still moaning in my bedroom, which had my closet. I decided to head downstairs.

As I stepped on each step down, I could feel the weight of my four breasts shake with each step. I hadn't walked down stairs with big breasts before, let alone four of them. The upper breasts, which had as much weight as a large grapefruit, seemed to almost rest on the lower breasts, themselves closer to apples.

I wasn't wearing any bras so I decided to cradle my breasts as I walked down the stairs, with my left arm around my lower pair and my right arm around my upper pair.

It was bizarre to me to have breasts big enough to cradle, and fill up my hand. Further more strange was having a larger breast in my right hand than in my left hand. While my left hand could comfortably hold one of my lower breasts, my right hand seemed to sink into my upper left breast as I tried to get my fingers around it. I made a mental note to slightly downsize my upper breasts when I got the chance, but not too much. It would be nice to have four matching breasts.

Downstairs was a bit colder, and I could feel all four of my nipples stiffen under my T-shirt. It was time to get creative with the spray.

I rummaged through my purse and found a condom I had been carrying for a little while. It was a left-over from my past relationship; I wasn't sure why I was carrying it, since I would never use it on a stranger, but I guess it was an old sex-ed habit to always be ready in case the time came. Well, I was ready, and it was time to use it.

I sat down on the leather couch, unbuttoned my jeans, and slid them down onto my thighs. I did the same with my panties. I admired my neatly-shaved pussy, still perfectly smooth from yesterday's shower. I deliberately took a long time to shave, and I was proud of my handiwork.

I grabbed the condom and took it out of its package. It wasn't anything special; it was just a regular condom. No Magnum or Tiny Picker here. Like many condoms, it was lubricated, which made it a little slippery to hold, but I managed. I kept it rolled up and turned it over until the right side was pointing up, and then I set it on my mons pubis, just above my labia.

For a moment, I paused. What was I doing?

I looked down at my unique chest, admiring all of my new hills and valleys. They were quite beautiful, even hidden by my t-shirt. I took a moment to feel myself through my shirt, just to confirm again that they were really real.

I overheard a particularly loud series of moans from Amanda, and creaking sounds from the bed. A few seconds later, silence. I listened for a moment more, and realized she had fallen asleep. I held the condom in place with my left hand, grabbed the bottle with my right, and with a quick mist, before my inhibitions came back, gave it a spray.

I sat in silence for what felt like an eternity as it soaked in. I could probably still remove the condom and back out of this, but I couldn't move. Right as I was on the fence about it, something happened.

I began to feel a strong tingling sensation right below where the condom was sitting, almost like when your leg falls asleep and wakes back up, but less painful. It was a combination of a static electrical charge, mixed with a deep, pleasant itch being scratched. I deeply wanted to touch the spot where all of this was happening, underneath the condom, but did not want to interrupt the process at all, so I held my left hand on the condom while my right hand gripped the couch.

The feeling evolved into a deep pulling, almost like somebody had placed a powerful suction cup on my skin and was tugging at it. The feeling changed again, but this time felt more like a vacuum cleaner attachment pressed into my skin, stretching and pulling it. I looked down to find the tip of the condom had inflated with a tiny dome. I looked more closely and saw that the condom was semi-transparent, and that there was flesh growing inside of it. The mound was maybe three-quarters of an inch tall, perfectly domed in the ring of the condom which sat about an inch and a half across the inside.

The pulling continued, bringing the static along with it. It still felt like the vacuum, but I could feel my skin stretching more, as if the vacuum's pull was pulling my skin and flesh into the tube. I looked down again and saw the dome had risen to over an inch tall. It continued to push its way up into the condom, which became slightly more see-through as the latex stretched out.

The sensation of the tugging began to feel more like pushing from the inside. It felt like this new appendage was forcing its way out of me, longing to be freed. The latex was tight, but the growing force was stronger - the bulbous swelling continued, now almost two inches tall.

The deep feeling of the itch being scratched turned even more pleasurable, and I moved my right hand from the couch to my upper right nipple and squeezed "“ hard. If I weren't so deeply in pleasure at this point, I would have contemplated at how strange it was to now have four choices of nipples to play with instead of two. Pleasure and pain shot from my breast, though it was a bit like a leaf in the wind compared to the pleasure emanating from my loins.

The accelerating growth now felt like a stroking sensation, like an invisible hand were pulling my own flesh from the surface. I looked down again to make sure there wasn't actually a hand there and found that the protrusion was now at least three inches long, and still an inch and a half wide. A ridge was clearly forming about an inch from the top, pushing itself into the condom like a whale about to break from the surface of the ocean.

I used my forefinger and thumb of my left hand, still holding the condom in place, to squeeze the base of the shaft. It was stiff and rigid, and as I pushed on it with my forefinger to the right a little, could feel the movement all the way down deep inside of me.

The stroking feeling intensified, and the static, itch-being-scratched feeling was still strong, moving up and down inside my rod, pushing it out from my body further and further. I moved my right hand from my upper right breast, down to my lower right breast, to give it a squeeze, and finally down to my pussy. I was not surprised to find myself soaking wet.

I reached around my growing shaft and began to gently rub my clitoris. I had a deep orgasm building, and I was not going to let this new appendage have all the fun. I squeezed a muscle down there, and as I did, my bulging member shot out a full inch and a wave of pleasure shot over my body, starting from my pussy, soaring up through my breasts, up my neck, my face, and finally to the top of my head, while at the same time shooting into my hips, thighs, legs, and feet, reaching the tip of my toes. I squeezed again, rubbing myself vigorously now, and had the same result - another incredible wave of pleasure, along with another inch of growth. I estimated I was now at five-and-a-half-inches!

I was on the very edge of my orgasm, and was ready to push over the edge. I squeezed again, and this time what I felt was more of a hurricane than a wave. My penis fully filled out the condom at a full six-and-a-half inches, and as the pleasure was crashing over me, my hips began to shake as my pussy twitched and I began to orgasm. I felt the deep pressure inside of me began to release as I came in both organs, my cock shooting load after load into the condom. My toes curled, my legs tightened, my butt clenched, my shoulders squeezed, my eyes fluttered, and my hands grabbed onto my genitals for dear life. I could feel my cock throbbing, coming in time with my pussy's rhythmic squeezing.

Finally, with a deep, contented sigh, it was over, as a final wave of relief washed over me, though my hips were still occasionally twitching on their own. I rested my hands on the couch and let my head relax on my shoulder as I panted for a moment, deeply satisfied more than I had ever been in my life.

I took a moment to inspect myself. I was sweating all over, sitting on the couch with my pants half-off, and a cock sprouting proudly from above my pussy, still with a condom full of cum on it. As my penis softened, I decided it would be best to clean up before the condom came off of its own volition. I walked, pants down, into the guest bathroom, removed the condom, and wiped myself down.

As I was cleaning up, I stood up and admired myself in the mirror. I had four full, proud breasts sitting atop my chest, a neat little pussy, and a cock, now only four inches flaccid, resting above my pussy. I jumped up and down to move it, then shook my hips back and forth, marveling at its existence. Of course, I didn't have balls, but I figured that was because the spray knew better than to try to stuff the balls into the condom. I squeezed it a little more, and then decided to put my pants back on.

Now, these weren't the tightest pants ever, but they certainly couldn't be described as "baggy." I would say I had never exercised more caution in my entire life than in that moment when I was pulling up my zipper for the first time. I tucked my penis off to the right, buttoned the pants, and zipped up. If I hunched forward a little, you might not notice the tiny bulge; when I leaned back and thrust my hips forward, there was no mistaking it. I had no idea how I was going to hide it if I got an erection.

I could hear rustling around upstairs and realized Amanda was awake. I wasn't going to tell her about my newest appendage... not yet, anyway. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and grabbed a book, to pretend I had been reading to pass the time.

She was a mess. Her hair was all over the place, and the jacket was wrinkled, though she still had it on - and her arms still cleanly reached out of the sleeves. She wiped her eyes for a moment and yawned, then, looking down at her hands, remembered what happened - she blushed and apologized for not controlling herself in my room.

I comforted her, telling her it was okay, and that I wanted to come down here to read anyway.

She took off the jacket, and I got to see her new arms - and they were stunning! Not only were they longer than before, but they were smooth and even slightly toned.

"What do you think?" she asked, as she placed the jacket on a chair and then put her hands on her hips to show off her arms. "Not bad, eh?"

I could only stare as she stretched her arms wide. "Flex for me!" I jeered.

She flexed her biceps in a classic muscle-man pose. She didn't have big bulky muscles like a body builder, just smooth, shapely ones. As she turned around, I could clearly see her triceps even.

She held her hands up to her face to admire her new fingers. "I could get used to these," she said, a twinkle in her eye as she clearly thought about her experience earlier. "Why didn't you tell me growing was so pleasurable?!" she demanded.

"Honestly, I didn't know. Growing breasts felt good, but it wasn't absolutely mind blowing. It was like a pleasurable groping. What was so great about your arms?"

Amanda thought about it for a moment, and then sighed wistfully, as though she wanted to experience it again. "Here, give me your arm for a second."

I walked closer to her, careful to try to draw attention away from my new bulge, and reached my right arm out to her. She gently took my arm, and rested my hand upon her left shoulder. She leaned her head left to press her cheek into my hand, holding it in place, and gave me a little smile.

She slowly lifted her arms up and let her hands hang as if they were flowers made of silk. She reached forward and touched her left hand to the underside of my arm and her right to the top. She touched my skin as lightly as possible, almost to the point that she wasn't touching me, and began to slowly draw her fingers over my skin.

As she moved her hands down my arm, at an almost imperceptibly slow rate, I experienced what felt like tiny electric sparks dancing from her fingertips into my skin. The sensation was amazing, but was more sensual than it was sexual. As she drew her hands along my arm, half way toward my elbow, she began to gently flick her fingers up and down, so that instead of two groups of five fingers, it felt more like a million tiny fireflies dancing on my skin. I closed my eyes and relaxed, enjoying her caressing my skin.

Her hands passed my elbow, though the tingling remained in my upper arm. I was amazed that she was able to do what she was doing to me. If I hadn't come just minutes ago, I would be getting extremely turned on by this.

When she finally reached my wrist, my whole arm was glowing. It felt like we could turn off the lights and we'd be able to see it. Of course, if we turned off the lights and Amanda continued doing what she was doing to the rest of my body...

No, I couldn't do that. I had to stop this train of thought or else I knew for sure I'd grow erect and she'd discover my secret change. I couldn't have that. Not yet, anyway...

She pulled her cheek away from my hand and gave me my arm back.

"Did you like that? Now imagine that times twenty. That's what growing my arms felt like."

I'd definitely have to try it some time.



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Perfectly Fitting Clothes, Part 3
By extramorphs

With my nipples back in order, I began to put my top back on.

"What should we try next?" Amanda asked. She seemed just as excited as I was to try out some new things.

I thought for a moment. "Isn't there a clothing store in the mall with a big clearance bin?"

Amanda grinned. "Yeah! Let's go!"


When we got to the mall, it was particularly empty. It was Monday after all, so not unexpected. We headed to the back of the big, fluorescent-lit department store to where the clearance clothing department was.

As it turns out, it was less of a "department" as much as it was "a big table with clothes in a pile." Amanda began rummaging through the pile, grabbing a whole bunch of clothing items - a small top, some skinny jeans, a pair of cute shorts, even a few different sizes of socks. I picked up a few items of my own, including a two-piece bikini and a more modest one-piece swimsuit. We continued to rummage until we were certain we couldn't hold anything more.

Between us we had grabbed something like two dozen pieces of clothing. We scooped up everything in our arms and headed for the checkout.

As we began placing everything on the counter, the lady at the register cocked an eyebrow and gave us a strange look as she started ringing everything up. "You want to try any of these on first?"

I froze for a moment, trying to decide on whether or not to tell her we had a magical spray, or to try to make something up.

Fortunately, Amanda butted in to my rescue. "We're donating these! To a charity. For people who need clothes."

The woman operating the register continued to stare at us as she rang up a particularly racy lace thong. "Mhmm. I'm sure."

We grabbed our bags and left the store.

"Let's hit the food court!" Amanda proclaimed. "I want ice cream."

As one to never turn down ice cream, I nodded my head and followed.


We grabbed a table in the practically deserted table with our cups of ice cream. I had gotten a nice bowl of chocolate with sprinkles and cookies on top, though I wasn't sure why Amanda had only ordered a plain vanilla bowl with nothing on top.

I began to eat as Amanda looked down at her ice cream, frowning. "Hrmph."

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I wish my ice cream weren't so boring!"

"You could have ordered anything you want while we were up there!" I responded.

"If only I could have some chocolate syrup on my ice cream..." Amanda said, holding her bowl of ice cream out to me, making puppy-dog eyes.

"No. Absolutely not. Not here!" I whisper-shouted.

Amanda glanced around. "Nobody's here! Pleeeeeaaase? I don't want to eat boring ice cream!"

I looked around. She was right, there really wasn't anybody there. Even the lonely guy working at the ice cream shop had gone into the back for something.

"Fine. I can't believe I'm doing this. But only this one time!"

I picked up her bowl of ice cream and held it up near my chest. Looking around once more to make sure the coast was still clear, I pulled down my top to let my right breast out. My nipple, suddenly freed from its confines, sprang to attention. I wrapped my thumb and forefinger around it and began to squeeze, aiming it at the ice cream as if it were a faucet about to be opened.

At first, only a drop formed on the surface. I massaged my breast and tried again. Chocolate syrup slowly began to flow out of my nipple. Even though I knew this was going to happen, it was still very odd to witness. I developed a motion of simultaneously squeezing and rubbing and the flow picked up to a respectable rate. Soon, Amanda's ice cream was covered in a good coat of chocolate syrup, with some of it pooling on the sides of the bowl.

I wiped off my nipple with my index finger before putting my breast back in my top. I didn't have a napkin handy, so I quickly licked my index finger clean - gee, my syrup was delicious. I briefly considered putting my syrup on my own ice cream when I saw the ice cream stand attendant return to his post. I'd have to wait until later.

I handed Amanda her ice cream back, and her eyes were bright and wide, her face giddy with anticipation like a little kid on Christmas morning. She began to eat her ice cream, making little "mmm" moans of delight between bites. It looked so good, I wanted to try some.

"Hey, give me a bite!" I playfully demanded.

"Okay, but use your own spoon!" Amanda replied.

I paused for a moment, looking at her. "You're eating something that I produced, and you want me to use my own spoon?"

She gave in and gave me a spoonful of her ice cream covered in my syrup. It was delicious.


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https://www.deviantart.com/dkfenger/art … -401442617

A story written by a fan using the same product.

Fitting Revenge
by dkfenger

Finally, she had it!  Pam had promised to get her a bottle of ‘Perfectly Fitting Clothes’ for ages, and it had finally arrived.  Now Eve could change herself to fit anything at all, and the possibilities were making her positively giddy.  She’d bought an extra-large bra on the way home, and was hoping to...

“Adam?  What the hell are you doing in my bedroom?”

Adam danced around, laughing.  Her panty drawer had been upended, and he was wearing her best pair of pink satin panties as a hat.  “It’s spring break!  I’m celebrating.”

“Damn it, Adam.  For the older twin, you can be *so* immature.  Clean this up and get out.”

“Or what?  You’ll pout and tell Mom?  They’re not back until tomorrow.”

“Or... this.”  She sprayed the bottle right at his head.

“Augh!  What the hell was...  What did you do?  I feel...  MFF!”

Before Eve’s eyes, faster than she’d ever seen it work before, the spray was melting her brother’s head away.  Soon her panties were flat against his shoulder blades.  Adam’s arms flailed about where his head had been, then slowly felt their way up from the shoulders, tracing along the smooth flesh between them.  Until he found something in the middle that made him buckle at the knees and collapse onto her bed.

Eve stared at him.  “Oh my god, Adam!  Stop doing that in my bed!”

She threw her covers over him to hide the sight, then an evil grin spread across her face.  She sprayed the bedcovers a few times experimentally, then watched as the lump under them got flatter, and flatter, and finally disappeared entirely.

Pulling the covers back revealed what looked like a flat cut-out of Adam.  Still headless, still with his hands on his...

“Wow.  Uh... now what do I do with you.  I can’t let Mom and Dad see you like this...”  That grin spread again.  “I better hide the evidence.”

She rolled her brother up tight, and flattened him with the spray and the bedcovers again.  All that was left of him was a narrow, fleshy pancake.  Then she rolled him up once more, and tucked him into a cup of her new bra.  She folded the other cup over on him, and sprayed once more.

Eve waited for a minute, then had to peek.  Inside her bra was a single huge breast with a nipple on either end.  When she poked it, they stiffened.  “God, are you *still* horny?  Man, even like this, you’re still a boob.”

She didn’t stop laughing for half an hour.  Then she hid her brother in her panty drawer.  She put on her new bra, tried out the spray on it, and was very pleased with the results.  Her old frumpy sweaters took on an entirely new dimension over top of her new assets.

The next two nights passed in a whirlwind of dancing and unaccustomed male attention.  Eve was having the time of her life.  No annoying brother, and so many guys staring at her, flirting with her, buying her drinks and dancing with her!

And then the next morning, her mother asked, “Eve, where’s your brother?”

“Um... out?  I don’t know.”

As her parents grew more and more frantic over the next day, calling in private investigators and finally the police, Eve realized that something had to be done.  She just wasn’t sure what.  Adam was still stuck in her panty drawer, and when she picked him up his nipples reacted.  So he was still alive.  And still horny.  Ugh.  But... well, there was no way she could explain this to her parents.

So late at night, after they were finally asleep, Eve crept into Adam’s room, and started going through his clothes.  Thankfully, there were still some clean things in his drawers.  She put the boob into his underpants, and sprayed them.  Hips formed.  Adding pants and a shirt grew him most of the way back... except he was still headless.

Amazingly, he sat patiently and quietly while she figured out what to do next.  Digging through his closet with one hand pinching her nose closed, she found all kinds of clothes, most of them disgusting, but no hats.  At the very back of the closet there was a box with his old Scouting gear.  Inside was a battered old hat, that looked like it hadn’t fit him since he was about twelve.

If it wasn’t for the hand over her mouth, her shout of relief would have woken her parents and ruined everything.

Eve set the hat on Adam’s head, sprayed, and said a quick prayer.  A mat of curly hair peeked out from under the hat, and then his head began to slowly grow.  It inched upward, then stopped just as his eyes peeked out.  They stared at her accusingly.

“I’m trying,” she whispered.  “Really I am!”

Two more bursts of the spray did nothing, and she was ready to cry in frustration.  But she gamely tried again, and the third time proved the charm, his head started lifting up once more.  It was smaller than she remembered, but hopefully not by so much that people would fuss over it.

“There.  You’re back.  Don’t tell Mom and Dad what happened, or...”  She grinned with far more bravado than she felt, and retreated to her room.

The next day was one of celebration, and of many calls to call off the hunt.  Nobody questioned the size of Adam’s head out loud, but Eve could see the puzzlement on their faces.

She slipped out in all the chaos, and bought a brand new baseball cap with an adjustable brim.  That night, when she snuck over to Adam’s room, he was awake.

“Hey sis,” he whispered.  “What brings you here?”

“Fixing your lump of a noggin, that’s what.  Do you know what your hat size was?”

“Not a clue.”

She sighed, and set the baseball cap to the biggest size it had, and tried that.  After his head stopped growing, Eve couldn’t help but giggle.  “You look like a chihuahua.  That’s too big.”  The next try was too small.  Finally, though, Adam’s head ended up just about right.

Then Eve took the hat off, and set it to the biggest size again.  “That was fun!  Let’s do it...”

Adam grabbed the spray from her.  “No.  Let’s not.”

“But... but... that’s mine!”

“Not any more it isn’t,” he hissed.  “And keep quiet, do you want Mom and Dad to hear?”

They waited in the silence, but the outburst had gone unnoticed by their exhausted parents.

“Now what?”

Adam tossed her one of his old T-shirts.  A clean one, she was thankful to note.

“Put it on.”  He stood by the door, studiously staring at it while Eve changed out of her night-shirt.

“Why am I... Augh!”  Adam had sprayed the chest of the shirt.  “No no no no... not my pretties...”
Eve tore the shirt off, but it was too late, the damage had been done.  Her breasts were gone, and in their place was a light scatter of chest hair.

Adam chuckled.  “Have fun shaving.”


“I spent three days as a boob.  I think that more than covers ‘why’.  I’ll be keeping this spray safe for now.”

When Eve showed up three days later with her breasts proudly on display, Adam was quite surprised.  “You can get more of it?”

Eve grinned wickedly.  “Sweet dreams, bro.”


“Oh thank God, yes.  No changing each other without permission?”

Adam nodded, and they shook on it.

“Can I please have my spray back?”

“I thought you got more...”

“I got it from Pam originally.  She let me use some of hers.  The stuff is backordered for months.”

Adam stared at his sister, then sighed.  “Fine.  I’ll let you use it when you want, but I’m keeping it locked up so you don’t get any ideas about changing me in my sleep.”

“Aww.  That’s no fun.”

“Sure it is.  I’m not saying you can’t use it.  Just not on me without my permission.”

Eve took a moment to parse that.  “Wait, does that mean you’ll sometimes let me use it on you?  Why?”

“I want to see the inside of the girls’ locker room, of course.”


“You’re the one that turned me into a boob.”

“Fine.  But you have to return the favour.”

Adam laughed.  “You really want to see the inside of the guy’s locker room?  It ain’t pretty.”

“Screw the locker room, I want into the showers.”

Adam offered his hand again.  Eve shook it.  “This is going to be such fun.”


Re: Perfectly Fitting Clothes - by extramorphs

I remember these stories, before extramorphs deleted their DA account. There is a missing chapter here and I was able to recover it through the wayback machine. Seems to be a chapter three that takes place between 2 and 3 above:


That night, Amanda needed to head home early because we had class in the morning.  

I offered to let her use the spray to return her arms to how they were, but she declined - she said nobody would notice the slight change anyway.  Nobody but her, anyway.  I walked her to the door but stayed inside - I didn’t want to walk out to her car, as I wasn’t ready to take my four breasts into public yet.  

“You going to stay like that?” she asked me, motioning towards my chest.  

“No, no, I have to change it back.  Maybe I’ll keep a little instead of going back to being a total surfboard, though.”

There was a little bit of a pause while Amanda thought about something.

“So...” she began, “... doing anything after class tomorrow?”

I involuntarily bit my lip thinking about using the spray.  “Well, I did have something in mind...”

“My place then?”

It would be nice to hang out at Amanda’s for a change.  “Sure,” I said, “sounds great!”

“Ok, it’s a plan!  See ya tomorrow!” She smiled and then turned and walked to her car, with a spring in her step and extra sway in her arms.


I went to my room and readied myself for bed.  I stripped down and hopped under the covers, getting comfortable.  I had never slept with such big (or so many) boobs before, and they quickly became a nuisance.  I laid on my back, and they pressed on my chest.  I tried to lay on my stomach, but they got in my way.  After a few minutes of tossing and turning,  I decided I needed to take care of making my breasts normal instead of in the morning like I had planned.  It would save some time getting ready for school, anyway.

I got up and headed to my dresser to find some “normal” clothes.  I pulled out one of my usual padded A-cups, and for fun, one of my slightly bigger B-cup bras.  It was always too big for me, and I had bought it expecting a growth spurt... and now that I could make myself have one, it was time to put it to use.

Putting the B-cup bra on over my grapefruit-sized upper breasts was proving to be a challenge.  I put my arms through the shoulder straps but could not get the back to clasp, no matter how much I adjusted it or pulled and stretched.  I decided to just hold the clasp instead.  With my left hand contorted behind my back and my right hand holding the bottle, I sprayed the cold misty spray over my upper breasts and waited.  

And waited.  My stomach dropped as I considered that maybe the spray only works on clothing that is actually worn and not simply held in place.  Would I have to some how find “intermediate”-sized bras and bring myself back to normal in steps?  

I got my answer as the shrinking began. There wasn’t any deep burning or itching as my breasts shrank - it felt much more like when you exhale after holding your breath for a very long time.  A deep sigh.  It wouldn’t say it was pleasurable so much as it was relaxing.  I felt like I was getting a massage but without any of the pressure or pain.  

It was quite nice, which was why I was a little disappointed when it was over.  I opened my eyes, removed the bra, and looked at my reflection.  I now had two B-cup breasts - big enough to have a little weight and jiggle as I shook my chest, and a slight curve at the bottom, but not big enough to really protrude.  They were bigger than I had naturally, but still not quite as large as I would like - even still, they were quite a thrill.  Small enough that nobody would find my change odd but big enough that I could feel them.  

And below those, I had my C-cup breasts, more comparable to apples, sticking out further than my upper breasts.  It was quite a bizarre sight.  I put the padded A-cup bra on my lower set of breasts - this time, I managed to clasp it behind my back, though the elastic was definitely reaching its limit.  I sprayed the spray on my lower breasts, careful not to overspray onto my upper set.  

The spray kicked in much more quickly.  I haven’t quite figured out what determines how long it takes, but I was just happy each time it worked.  It’s still a mystery to me how it works or what rules govern it.

With less flesh to reduce, the feeling was somewhat muted from before, though still apparent.    My lower set of breasts quickly disappeared back into my body, becoming flat below the bra.  I turned and looked at myself in the mirror, appreciating my new form.  I looked good - I wasn’t entering pinup territory or anything like that, but... I looked good.  

I removed the now oddly-placed lower bra and dropped it into my laundry basket when I noticed something concerning - I still had my lower nipples.  I guess the spray recognized that what I had on was still a bra, and while there was almost no breast flesh, there were still nipples.  They were not very big - I estimated that the areola were maybe an inch and a quarter across, with the nipples themselves about a quarter inch wide, with the skin only a hint darker than the surrounding area.

I began to think quickly: how could I get rid of these nipples?  They would look strange under a tight t-shirt, so maybe if I put on a form-fitting shirt, the spray would know to get rid of them?  It was worth a shot.

I grabbed a very light and thin white shirt out of my hamper and put it on.  It nicely hugged my upper (and now only) set of breasts, though it definitely showed my extra set of nipples.  They were sensitive and stiffening against the fabric.

A few quick sprays later, my damp white shirt looked like I was in a very tame wet t-shirt contest.  The dark spots below my breasts where my new nipples were was very apparent.

Again, I waited.  Nothing was happening - was it possible that the spray thought that this T-shirt fit me fine and that I didn’t need any changes?  Perhaps the nipples weren’t a big enough change and so it wouldn’t do anything to them?

My worries were quickly dispersed when I looked in the mirror and saw the spots below my breasts begin to shrink and disappear.  I could barely feel them going away, and before I knew it, my second set of nipples were totally gone.  A wave of relief washed over me - finally, I was “normal” again for the first time since this afternoon.  

My white shirt still felt quite wet, though when I looked in the mirror, it looked dry - at least, it wasn’t see-through enough to show my nipples anymore, anyway.  I touched the shirt with my hands to feel if it was still wet, and it definitely was - I grabbed my nipples, and to my surprise, found that they were absent.  

I pulled the shirt off and stared at my breasts - not only had the spray removed my lower set of nipples, it also removed my primary set!  My breasts were still the same size - gently protruding, slightly curving B-cups - but totally lacking nipples.  

Exhausted and frustrated at the unpredictable spray, I decided I could live with this change for now.  At least nobody would notice at school tomorrow.  Hell, I could probably even go without a bra.  That might be fun.


I woke up and went to my classes.  I still had not removed my penis yet, and I liked the thrill of hiding it under my clothes.  I wore purposefully baggy pants to school, just in case.  It was not very visible at all when not erect, but I knew that if it became stiff, it would be much harder to hide in tighter pants.  

My classes dragged on much longer than usual.  I would start to daydream about what changes I would make to my body next, but always had to interrupt the thought lest I risk swelling in my pants.  I considered visiting the ladies’ room to use the spray to get rid of my penis by tucking it into my panties, though I didn’t want to risk some kind of malfunction or other unexpected result like last night.  I could get by hiding my penis for now; I would have more trouble hiding any other changes the spray might make.  What if I sprayed it with my pants off and the spray decided I didn’t need any legs?  I would have a lot of explaining to do.  


Finally finished with my last class, I quickly hurried over to Amanda’s place.  I knocked on the door and heard a muffled “Come in!” from inside, and let myself in.

Amanda was laying on the couch on her computer.  She looked me up and down and said, “Back to normal, eh?”

“Not exactly,” I replied as I set my book bag down and closed the door.

Amanda was puzzled.  “What do you mean?”

I pulled off my shirt to show her my nipple-less breasts.  

She started to giggle.  “Oops, right?”

I began to laugh a little too.  It was a little scary to have a piece of me missing, but overall, it was a pretty funny sight.  

“First things first,” I said, “I’d like to have these back.”

“Any ideas on how to try?” she asked.

I thought for a moment, and then replied, “Yeah... this might seem like an odd question, but do you have any chocolate syrup?”

Amanda was a little perplexed, but played along.  A moment later we were sitting on her bed with the spray and the syrup, me without my top.  

I removed the top from the chocolate syrup bottle and looked inside.  “I always thought it would be fun to have nipples that fit one of these.  Pointy but not too big, you know?”

Amanda nodded, and with a grin, said, “Well, what are you waiting for?”

I held the chocolate syrup cap against my left breast, moving it around to where I felt like my nipple should be.  It was cold but I was willing to deal with it if it meant getting my nipples back.  I found the perfect spot and with the cap in my left hand, sprayed with my right hand.

I felt the familiar deep pressure and static of growing an organ in my breast, though it was odd to only have it on the one side.  I felt like many hands were tugging at my soon-to-be nipple.  I had the feeling of having my nipple harden, but it was a thousand times the normal feeling.  I felt my pants tighten, though it seemed Amanda was transfixed on watching the bottle cap for any signs of change, so she didn’t notice anything.  Phew.  

After a moment, the feeling subsided and I removed the cap from my new nipple.  It had a bit of chocolate on it from inside the bottle, but otherwise looked perfectly normal.  It was a little puffy on the edges, and very stiff in the middle - I flicked it a little bit and decided that I was quite happy with the new shape.  It might be noticeable if I didn’t wear a bra, but it was nice to finally have that option again.
“I’ll get you a wet cloth so we can clean up the chocolate,” Amanda said.  

I began to move the cap around on my right breast as Amanda returned and wiped down my left breast of any chocolate that was still on my new nipple.  Having found the correct spot on my right breast, I sprayed, and enjoyed the same effects that had been on my left breast now on my right breast.  As the nipple finished growing, I let out a big sigh and pulled the cap away.  Amanda used the wash cloth on my right nipple to clean up the chocolate syrup so that I could get a nice view of my new nipples.

“You could have done a better job wiping me down,” I said as I noticed that there was still syrup on the tip of my left nipple.
Amanda seemed surprised.  “I... I did!  It was totally clean a moment ago!”

“That’s weird,” I replied.  I squeezed my left nipple and noticed a little more chocolate bead on the surface.  “How is there any still left on there?”

“Oh. My. God.” Amanda’s jaw dropped.  


I was startled when she leaned forward and put her lips over my left nipple - I had never really had my breasts sucked on, and especially not by a girl.  Her mouth tugged at my nipple - it felt good but I didn’t know what she was doing.  A few seconds later, she released and brought her head up to my eye level, opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue.

It was covered in chocolate syrup.  

“I... I...“ I didn’t know what to say.

“This is kind of amazing,” Amanda said. “Your boobs make chocolate syrup.”

She was right.  It was pretty amazing.  I thought about it for a moment and whether or not I wanted to try my luck at changing them again.  The idea of being able to make chocolate syrup at will was growing on me.  

“I guess I can keep them,” I said.  “As long as they don’t do it on their own.”

“What a great party trick this will be!” Amanda exclaimed gleefully.  

“Hey, I’m not your party toy, do it to your own nipples!”  

“Maybe I will,” she said.  “Maybe I will.”