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Currently I am playing with the thought to eventually do a reboot of my story Subject Karma.

This would entail primarily a little overhaul of the story's grammar and reworks of the sketch-illustrations.
More importantly I want to add more chapters/TFs to it to give it a more epic scale. Within the story-context that could either mean more students from the same class or relatives and friends that Karma teleports in from their homes, most likely to be changed by their mutated loved ones.

This is not a project for the immediate future but I want to collect ideas for these additional chapters.
Any suggestions and wishes are welcome.

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How about a group of class bullies who get transformed in a similar way to each other, fitting in with remarks they had earlier made. The 1st calling someone a boob, another a prick, and another a pussy.

Each of them has their torso shrunk and turned into the body part they used as an insult with only their head, hands and feet left attached to a normal sized breast, cock and balls, or a pussy depending on which of the three different girls it is, so it's their only feature.

I'd really hope that the girl who has her body turned into a breast really freaks out for a minute when she realises she has no real genitals left, especially if she's a bit of a slut normally.

The final spin given by the student who is following Karma could be that all of them have their mouths turned into assholes because that's what they have been behaving like and they are left with their minds intact to struggle to eke out an existence in Karma's realm to be used as playthings for the creatures that live there.

I'd especially love to see your take on the girls in an illustrated form!


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I think it would be neat for Kimiko/Uriko that their mother would merge with them somehow. Perhaps ether the mother simply becomes a short tail-like penis. Or they merge with their mother, with Kimiko becoming a large vagina/penis with Uriko remaining as the behind.


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Hey, D-man!

Have you had any more thoughts towards this story yet?

Looking forward to the possibility!


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Unfortunately not really.

Other things are keeping me too busy to give it proper thought.
Including stuff like the next story set.

Input is still welcome, though. As I still want to go ahead with it, once I got a solid plan for the new version.