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Worked on this in three parts, and had posted it on Futanari Palace and Deviantart. Figured it might appeal to people here as well. You can find all of this as well at shangbryan.deviantart.com! Enjoy!

Conservation of Mass
Part 1: The Experimental Time
by Shangbryan

“Look what I found!” Carrie declared as she slid into the booth. She'd dragged me out to the club for….I don't know, Arbor Day?… even though I had studying to do. Roommates, right? Part of me was thankful for her. I came from this sleepy Illinois town, where Carrie hailed from the big city. You could tell with how she partied – hard and long. Not to say she was dumb. Not at all, pretty smart, actually. She just treated 'having a wild night' as if it offered course credit.

“X?” I asked. I didn't really know my drugs. Alcohol, pot, that's about as far as I went, unless you count accidental NyQuil binges.

Carrie pouted at me and stuck out her tongue. “Modtabs. Brand new!” she bounced with glee.

“Ugh, really? You know some of us are happy with our bodies.”

“Mmmmmmmand?” Carrie asked. “Do you want your ice cream good, or fabulous?”

“I don't want to buy all new bras, I know that,” I said. Which was sort of true. Carrie had gone through her own change right when she moved in at the start of the semester. College was a time to try new things, she'd explained, hence the third breast.

It looked great, a nice, symetrical mound between Carrie's other two, giving her a pleasant shelf of chest, and some wicked side boob at that. It helped she had flare too, with her latex red dress, the top made almost exclusively of straps. It made my own black cocktail number look dowdy.

Carrie stuck her tongue out at me. “It'd look good on you!” she declares. “Not that you're not cute, just...kind of….”


“Standard,” Carrie said. No venom in her tone, but I knew it was one of the worst things a person could be in her eyes.

I snatched the bag of glittery blue pills. “So what'll these do?” I asked, eying them for any kind of label.

“Wellllllll….” Carrie stalled.

“Oh, what, you expect me to just take this blind and….and….grow a second head?”

“Hot,” Carrie muttered, and then looked at me. “It'll give you a cock,” she said.

I just stared.

“It's all the rage!” Carrie declared. She wasn't entirely wrong. Glamor mags liked to talk up the latest celebrity mods. More and bigger breasts always ranked, there was that brief taur fad last year, and now, cocks for ladies.

I bit my lip as I mulled it over. True, college was a time experiment. When else would I be able to reinvent myself? Then again, it could wreck up my sex life, not to mention how my family would react.

Maybe everything Carrie had said got to me. Maybe cultural expectations finally wore me down. Or maybe I was just drunk. Whatever it was, I snatched the bag from Carrie's hand and opened it up. I fumbled a few times, unable to grab one. In frustration I tipped the whole thing over and poured them into my hand. Before Carrie could stop me, I shoved them in my mouth and swallowed them down, leaving my roommate staring.

“This….will be interesting,” she said.

Being a mature college freshman, I stuck my tongue out at her.

The rest of the evening became a blur. I knew it took time for modtabs to kick in, and Carrie never wastes a chance to party. We drank, we danced, I kind of made out with a guy. Suffice to say, all a blur.

That made the next morning harsh. Super harsh. I woke up with my head pounding, groaning and shifting in bed. My bed, which answered some questions. No, I didn't go home with that guy, and no, he didn't come home with me.

My consciousness started to poke out of its comfy hangover blanket. Something was off. Something not quite right. I rolled in bed, kicking my legs against the covers and rubbing my hair of my eyes.

The blankets moved. My hair stayed put.

Strangeness pushed me towards more wakefulness, and so I kicked again and sat up.

Woah. Wierd shit going down. Things felt so off. I only had on panties, pretty normal for me. This pair would not be getting worn again, as my cock shredded them overnight.

Yup, my cock. And damn was it big. The soft flesh tube lay down against my right thigh, giving it a run for the money on thickness and reaching the knee.

Crap. Crap crap crap.

I try to move my legs together and wince. Balls. Duh. Big things in a taught, hairless sack, each as big as my fist.

Which….is sort of funny, if you think about it, since I didn't have fists anymore.

That's what really threw me. Grow a cock and balls to embarrass a porn star? Pft, whatever. But where did my arms go? I could see myself in the mirror, hanging on my closet door, and I had to stare.

A girl, eighteen, with short brown hair, button nose and somewhat small mouth. Cute but unremarkable. Her build slim, with modest breasts and slender hips. This girl whose shoulders now made up a smooth curve, from neck to side, without even the barest hint she'd ever had arms. This girl whose coltish legs now had colt's equipment between them.

Lightheaded, I stared while blood rushed into my cock, which rose up like a tower in front of me. Thick as one of my former arms, it grew and grew, first half-floppy, then a rigid shaft, stretching into the air. I could feel the pressure building inside me, the need. I whimpered faintly. I knew how to give a hand job...but I lacked the ability. I squirmed my hips, the throbbing of my giant shaft mixing pain with pleasure in a wholly new way to me.

“F….fuck,” I hissed. Even my girl-parts were twitching and contracting in need. Nice to know they were still there! As I sat and squirmed, my shaft flailed back and forth, and I realized I wasn't entirely out of control.

A roll of my hips and it swung towards me. Another and I got it to thump against my chest, and then I lost it thanks to my distracted moan. The next time, I expected it, and despite the electric jolt that ran through my body, I caught the bulbous head of this new appendage in my mouth.

Weird that the biggest cock I'd ever sucked would be my own. I licked, just like I had for boyfriends past, and could feel both sides of it. The electric feeling that ran down my shaft and then back up my spine. I moaned past it, shuddering. My squirms and movements slid it between my breasts – such as they were. It's not like B-cups are especially cleavage-tastic, even with a bra. Still, it did feel nice, the soft skin of my own breasts, rubbing against the hotness of my shaft.

My legs pumped, rolling me and shifting me back and forth, sitting on the edge of the bed. My moans came more often. A spurt of pre-cum in my mouth, warm and salty, and then…

...I totally didn't expect it. I should have. I was so much bigger than 'normal', why shouldn't I cum more? The first hot spurt startled me so much, I nearly choked, and pulled back, letting my shaft fly free. Bad move. Huge ropes of cum splattered over me, over my bed, the closet mirror. Thankfully the stains on the floor wouldn't be too obvious, thanks to aged dorm carpet.

Then I heard it.

A key in the lock.


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Conservation of Mass
Part 2: Discoveries!

Carrie flung the door open. “What up, bi….” she didn't get through her usual morning greeting, not this time. A cum covered, armless roommate with a baseball bat for a cock tends to give people pause.

My roommates eyes widened, staring. I stared back. She was her somewhat usual post-party disheveled. Her makeup mussed, her dress on but not really properly on. Her heels dangled from her fingers, a rarity for Carrie and a clear indicator of a wild night.

Carrie slammed the door and locked it. “Holy. Shit,” she said flatly. A step towards me, as if I might be a pod person about to attack her. Not entirely wrong. I felt rather pod-ish myself. This couldn't be me. Could it?

“Holy. Shit,” Carrie repeated. She neared my bed and there was a 'squish'. She looked down to discover she'd stepped ina  big glob of cum on the carpet. Moved to the side, she gingerly rubbed it against the floor to try to clean herself.

“This is insane!” she hissed. “You're telling me?” I asked. I scooted forward towards the edge of the bed, letting my new equipment hang off. Carrie giggled at my startled yelp. “I'd bet that's heavy,” she says. I just gave her a look.

“Of course it is! What did you epxect!? You knew this would happen!” I snapped at her.

Carrie waggled her free hand. “Maybe?”


“You were supposed to have arms!” she protested. “And be, you know...” she held her hands together, maybe eight inches apart. “Modest.”


“Yeah, you know, like normal.”

“Normal chicks don't have cocks.”

Carrie just shrugged at that. We lingered in silence for a few minutes. “You must have taken too much,” Carrie suggested.

“Um, yah think?” I shot back. “How much was I supposed to take?” I squinted my face, trying to think back. “How much did I take?”

“Mmmmm...dunno. I was pretty high. And I lost you after you took it anyway. I had a skirt to chase.”

“Fuck,” I hissed. “Yes please!” Carrie replied, dropping her shoes and coming closer.

“What?” I was pretty confused.

“You can't have a cock like that and not do me with it. It's not fair,” she said, squirming her hips as she sat on my lap. Carrie's warm arms slid around my neck, stroking my back between my now-superfluous shoulder blades. “It's so big and juicy and you're so….flustered by it, which is really hot,” she said.

“But you're not...I mean, you like...”

“Girls?” Carrie asked. A hand loosed itself and moved around to cup my breast. “You're a girl. A super cute girl who's super hung. Just because I prefer smooth curves doesn't mean I hate getting filled.” Her hips rolled, grinding at the root of my shaft with her pantied groin.


“What, they only have straights and gays in Illinois?” Carrie asked. She kissed leaned in and kissed me, full on the lips. “Categories suck,” she whispered in my ear. “I like what I like. I like you.”

“You...like me?”


“You like my cock,” I emphasized.

“That too,” Carrie said, kissing my neck and shoulder. “Liked you before you had it.”

I tried to push Carrie away, getting just and impotent shake of my shoulders. “What? So you did plan this!”

Carrie giggled and then sighed. “Sort of. Look, you're smart and hard working and everything, but you need to have a good time. You do have a good time, when I talk you into it. I figured...while I was doing all that, might as well steer you towards something I'd….appreciate.”

“An armless horse girl?” I said dryly.

“Nah, totally not the plan,” Carrie admitted. “Really wanted you to finger me.”

I pouted. Even with my super-hot, clearly horny roommate on my lap, I wanted to cry. I swallowed it down, poorly, so that even Carrie could see what I was doing.

“Hey, hey,” she said, putting her arms back around me, one hand up to stroke my hair. “So I was a little tricky. Was all in good fun and I had no idea. I'm sorry, Meg,” she said.

I took a heaving breath. I was upset, and Carrie was a warm body to comfort me. I wanted to be angry, but I couldn't be. Careless as she could be, I'd never known her to be malicious. Worst she ever did was hide all my clothes to coerce me into a latex outfit. I felt my shaft surge just thinking about that. It'd been the first week of school, and Carrie hadn't gotten me to go out with her at all. We'd worn matching outfits – excepting around the bust – out, and both scored hard that night. Good start to college, all in all.

“It's….” I started. “Not okay,” I admitted. “But...I know you didn't mean it.” Carrie smiled at that, nibbling in on my neck more.

“Careful, or you'll set me off again,” I told her. My half-hard shaft had pushed up along her rear already.

“That's the plan,” Carrie whispered. With that she slid back, unstraddling my cock like one would a bike, and grabbed the hem of her dress, ripping it off in a smooth motion. Another way I could tell Carrie had come back from a conquest – no bra. She's not usually the kind of girl who can go long without one, but with the dress off, the three round globe stood proudly on her chest. My shaft surged. I stood up, or tried to.

Simply standing wasn't something I'd tried before. I hadn't had the chance! My weight was off, thanks to all the new mass hanging off my hips, and I also lacked my arms to help counterbalance. I nudged to the edge of the bed and got my legs under them, then thrust up. I stood! Success! My huge, fully hard shaft thrust out from my hips, curving upward just slightly. My balls, rapidly tightening again, bounced against my thighs. I'd have to make sure I stayed shaved or that'd get scratchy fast.

Carrie shucked off her panties, leaving her entirely naked. I could see her pert rear sway as she went for the bathroom. Good thing we'd landed a room with a mostly-private bathroom. We just shared it with the neighbors next door.

“I'll….wait?” I asked tentatively. Carrie gave me a look. “No, silly,” she said. “Shower sex. Or do you want me to have to clean this place up twice?” she asked.

I followed her as she went in, feeling more like a toddler than an adult. My steps felt off, and every one made my hard shaft sway in front of me.

“Ah!” I screamed, as I banged it against the door frame. Carrie already had the water running and so popped back out from the shower. “Awh. Did poor little Meg bang her huge cock?” she asked. I nodded. “Let me make it better,” she offered, reaching out and stroking her hand along its length. I gasped. Damn that felt good. Fingers sliding over the veiny surface, firm and loving.

Carrie guided me into the shower, where warm water hit our bodies. She lifted my shaft up so she could kiss the head, while her hands stroked up and down the length of it. My balls tightened again and I moaned.

“You're amazing,” Carrie cooed at me, making eyes.

“I always wanted to be a dildo on legs,” I answered wryly. That's sort of how I felt. Carrie was touching me – so deliciously – but I couldn't return the favor. She just wanted me for my cock...or primarily for my cock, at least. I'd never felt quite so objectified before….or so turned on by it.

“Nono,” Carrie protested. “You're a goddess.” She pressed forward, letting my shaft slide up between our wet bodies. Carrie guided me slightly to her left, letting me slide into one of her two cleavages.

“Next you'll want me to have two,” I said.

“Don't even,” Carrie warned. Her hands moved now to my hips, sliding up and down my side and teasing my wet breasts. Her head dipped down and she licked and kissed my cock head. I slid my left leg out, nudging Carrie's legs open and pressing up between them, grinding her on me as she sucked me off. Not as good as fingering, I know, but hey, I had to return the favor some.

Doing so got Carrie more revved up. My roommate moaned as my thigh hit her cunt, and she pressed me back against the far wall of the shower with a thump that took the wind out of me. My vision blurred and I gasped, which she clearly liked. Her tits squeezed together along my shaft, while one of her hands moved in between us, to take up the untended to length.

“Gonna cum for me, little Meg?” she purred, giving me the sauciest of looks while she continued tonguing me.

It was true. Despite my recent orgasm, I could feel another building inside me, a tension that had to get out. Maybe being with a real girl brought it out? Whatever it was, my balls tightened and churned and I bucked my hips, moaning. Did I really care who heard me? Nope. That ship had not only sailed, it had returned from India with spices.

“Yes,” I answered. “Slut.” I'd never talked dirty before. I don't know why I did now. It just seemed right. Carrie's eyes widened and she grinned. “I'm the slut?”

“Yes,” I growled as best I could. “You can't keep away from this cock. You have to suck it.”

“I do,” she said, as she stretched her mouth to barely get it around the oversized head.

I was out of dirty things to say – I really was that innocent back then! - which was fine, since I shifted straight into moans of orgasm. My whole body convulsed, firing a torrent of cum out my shaft and into Carrie's mouth.

This she expected, since that girl swallowed with reckless abandon! I could see her suck on my shaft, like some giant kinky straw. Her head moved this way and that to make sure she got all my cum. Sure, a bit leaked here and there, but overall, she did amazingly. When she lifted off, she actually let out a little hiccup.

“God damn,” Carrie purred. “You are loaded girl!”

I blushed at that. Carrie slid back and let our bodies separate, my cock already drooping as the last bits of cum drained out. “We should get cleaned up,” she said. “Get you to the health center.”

A sensible idea. They could probably tell me more about what was going on, even if they didn't have any Miracle-Arm-Grow. “Yeah,” I agreed with a nod. I stepped up behind Carrie, who was washing her hair, and pressed against her back, kissing her neck.

“Next time,” I told her in my husky voice. “I'm getting inside you.”


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Yes! So much this!


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Conservation of Mass
Part 3: Playing Doctor

"You really stepped in it, young lady", the doctor told me.

Responses shot through my head. "No shit," or "T'is but a scratch!" but I couldn't be that nasty. First, this guy was going to help fix me. Second...he was right.

After our little romp, Carrie helped me shower for real, and get dressed, which posed some problems. Skirts didn't lie right, panties were bunchy, and jeans...did you ever realize that women's jeans don't have pockets? Because they're supposed to lie close to the body, to show off our hips and legs. Put aside that not all of us have the ideal figure for that, it also means there's no extra room in the crotch. We finally settled on some sweat pants and a t-shirt, which had the right mix of pant space and no floppy sleeves.

We'd headed over to the campus medical center, not the place you want to be on a Saturday morning. The serious injuries went to the county hospital, leaving the medical center to deal with hangovers and pregnancy scares. And me.

The receptionist bumped me up the waiting list as soon as I couldn't sign myself in. Carrie and I sat for only a few minutes. A few long minutes. I felt like everybody was staring at me. Me, the freak, the three-limbed girl.

The sex monster?

My mind kept snapping back to the time with Carrie in the shower. It felt good. I felt different then, aggressive. Sitting next to her now, part of me just wanted to bend her over a chair and rail her hard.

Good things I'd chosen sweats.

We'd gotten ushered into the exam room where a nice middle-aged doctor came in to see me.

"You really stepped in it, young lady," he had said, looking between me and my chart.

And so I just nodded. "Yeah," I said sheepishly. He seemed about as old as my dad. Awkward. Er. I took a deep breath, trying to remind myself he was a doctor. He'd seen all sorts of things. Human body was just one big job for him.

He rolled up his stool. "I'm Dr. Elliot," he said, taking a seat. "Why don't you tell me what happened."

Did he think i'd been dosed without knowing? I told the truth, a version of it anyway. I wasn't about to narc Carrie out. I told him how a "friend" had gotten me modtabs to grow a cock just to try it out and I'd woken up with it, but without arms. He kept glancing at Carrie, and her triple-chest under her sweater, but didn't say anything.

The doctor cleared his throat, getting ready for a lecture. "Miss Anselm", he said, "I suspect you took an unlicensed modtab. As I hope you know, they're highly regulated medical devices. The nanobots they deliver have to be very carefully configured to be safe. They seem like magic, but they're not."

I frowned and felt a flush go through me.

"Nobody's getting in trouble," the doctor reassured me, putting his hand on my knee. "That's not my role." His hand lingered a few extra heartbeats, then he pulled away suddenly and stood up. "Let's take a look at you," he said. "I'll have to ask you to stpe out," he added to Carrie.

My room mate hesitated, then straightened up and leaned in, kissing me on the cheek. "I'll be right the waiting room," she said.

That left me alone with the doctor. "I'm going to undress you," he said, "Sit up please." He tugged my t-shirt up over my head. I felt like a baby getting undressed. Then he took my sweats and asked me to lift my hips, nudging them down my legs, taking my shoes off in one go.

I lay on the table now just in my bra and ill-fitting panties as the Doctor took a look and prodded at my shoulders first. He hummmed as he prodded. "Can you feel this?" he kept asking, his way around my whole right shoulder, then repeating the process on the left.

"Okay," he said, moving attention downward. I started sweating, thinking what it might mean that he didn't say anything. "I'm going to take a look at you. That's alright?"

Now he asks? "Yes," I answered, my voice cracking.

Into my panties he went, tugging them up, then down a bit. I spread my legs and lifted my hips, feeling at once awkward and aroused. Which was a lot more obvious to other people now, given my equipment.

"My my," came a mutter, and I could feel him poking my shaft, then moving down and cupping my balls. Those got lifted to peek underneath. I tensed up, feeling a finger along the outside of my pussy.

"Buy me a drink first," I joked, lamely, out of sheer nervousness.

"Bah, nothing to be embarassed about. I examine male and female students both. You have sensation everywhere, I presume?"

I nodded.

"Have you been sexually active since the change?"

Every part of me went red.

"I'll take that as a yes. What did you do?"

I lifted my head to give him a look.

"It's possible, but rare, for modtab nanites to be sexually transmitted."

"Oh. Um...yes. Yes, but...I didn't...."


"No," I shook my head.

"Then your partner's likely fine. Still worth a test to be on the safe side. Everything was functional?"

"Yes," I said. I nodded to that, having to wipe away the grin for a moment. I really shouldn't be smiling about all this.

"As I suspected," The doctor said. He stepped away to open a drawer, leaving me hanging out and awkward in the breeze, then returned. I could feel him moving against my cock, some quick motions. I looked down as best I could and saw a tape measure moving.

"Any changes in mood?" the doctor asked me.

"Muhuh?" I asked. My mind had been drifting. Back to Carrie. Back to the receptionist. To that redhead who'd been in the waiting room.

"Depression? Anxiety?"

"I think I'm still too surprised."

"Very understandable. Your body's going through massive changes."

I snorted at him.

"Your hormones," he said. "You have a flood of new hormones in your body, atop all the existing ones. It wouldn't be surprising if you feel hypersexual generally, and more sexual aggression."

Sooooo.....yeah, almost like this guy knows what he's talking about.

"You'll need to watch out for that. I'll refer you for counselling," He snapped my panties back into place. " You're in generally good health, appropriate weight and all. You'll need to maintain good diet and exercise, given your new activity profile."

"Wait, wait, " I interrupted, trying to sit up. Hard to do from reclining, without arms to help balance me. The doctor saw what I was doing and put a hand on my shoulder, helping me the rest of the way. My face flashed through a couple different expressions. Should I be upset he assumed? Thankful I didn't have to ask?

"How long am I going to be like this?" I asked point blank.

The doctor pressed his lips together. "At least a week," he apologized. "We'll need to get your blood work back to identify the nanite strain and their coding. We can't put any new nanites in you until the old ones terminate, and we need to confirm when that will be."

"Can't you just....zap them?"

"Sadly, no. Any pulse strong enough would be fatal."

I frowned. That would be cutting off my nose to spite my face. Or my arms to spite my shoulder.

"I'll try to get it expedited," the doctor reassured me. "It's a specialized lab, for this sort of thing. I'm sorry."

I took a deep breath. A week? I could make it a week, couldn't I?

"A nurse will be in shortly to take your blood and help you get dressed," the doctor said, wrapping up and heading for the door. I sat on the table, slowly kicking my legs, contemplating my face.

"For what it's worth," the doctor said, pausing in the door. "I think you look great."


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Conservation of Mass
Part 4: Four Legs Better

“He was so hitting on you!” Carrie announced we left the medical center.

“Uh, no, he’s like, in this thirties, and a guy, so….”

“Like that means anything? Maybe he’s bi. Maybe he just doesn’t care?” Carrie suggested, and edges close. “Guys can be pan too, you know.”

“Maybe,” I wondered aloud, then looks at Carrie again.

“So he’s sending you to counseling?” she asked. My referral and the other paperwork had gone to Carrie, as my roommate and the only one with hands between us. She was looking at the brochure for the counseling center.

“Yeah. Not sure what I’ll do other than talk about how weird nad horny I feel,” I said.

“There’s the NSSA,” Carrie said.


“Non-Standard Student Alliance,” she responded, holding up one of the numerous pamphlets.

I sucked air in through my teeth.

“Not my bag either,” Carrie said. “Still, maybe check it out. Says they meet Saturdays.” She paused a beat. “Which means we can get you to the mall for new clothes!”

“I...what? No, I’m not blowing tons of money for something that’s going to last a week.”

Carrie raised an eyebrow, shifted her lips and tilted her head. “And how many pairs of sweats do you have?”

Not enough, I knew. So I’d need some new things anyway, and that meant…

“...and you’ll need something sexy for the party.”

“No!” I stopped dead. We’d gotten halfway back towards the dorm by now, stopped just across the footbridge, near the student union. “I’m not going to another party with you, Carrie! That’s what caused this whole mess! I’m going to keep my head down and wait for this to clear out of my system and then get back to normal. This is still all your fault!” By the time I finished I was yelling.

Carrie’s head had shrunk down, her arms hugging across her. “I know,” she said in a whimper.

I felt bad immediately. I rolled my head back, sighing. “It’s okay,” I said. I only half-meant it. Truth was, this was all her fault, just not in the way she’d intended. Carrie had aimed for a playful prank and had gotten a life altering experience. It’s s not as if she’d know the effect would be so dramatic, that the nanobots would cannibalize my arms to build me a monster girlcock. She was careless, not malevolent.

“Let’s go get breakfast,” I suggested by way of a peace offering. “I need coffee and stuff.” I started down the hill towards the Union, a low, two story brick building. Carrie mm-hummed at me and hustled after. We entered and headed towards the main dining room. It sat in the center of the building, two stories high, surrounded by balconies on the second floor, making it something like an arena. It all inked up to the campus meal plan, and most importantly – for reasons nobody quite understood – had the best coffee on campus.

We got to the line and I had to instruct Carrie on how to put things together for me. Two sugars, one shot of milk, light on the cream cheese, and no, that is way too toasted. It was both fun and frustrating, getting to instruct Carrie like a servant. Finally we got to the checkout line. The cashier, a work-study student who looked like he’d rather be asleep, reached out to take my card. I cleared my throat, then twisted my torso, shaking the empty sleeves on my t-shirt.

The cashier went pink, eyes widening, his brillo-pad of hair shaking as he shook his head. “I’m so sorry, I just, I didn’t notice,” he sputtered. He was embarrassed, but intrigued too, clearly staring at my shoulders, my chest. I arched my back before I realized I even had. Let him stare. What could I really hide, now?

“Got it,” Carrie said, waving her card at the cashier. He added Carrie’s order to mine, then swiped her card and we headed off to the dining room. Carrie landed us a table towards the center of the room. She jabbed a straw in my coffee, the kind made of the tough plastic that could take the heat.

“People are looking,” I said, glancing about. I could feel eyes on me, people wondering who would go so far as to have her arms off. Where could I get a t-shirt with big arrows reading “ACCIDENT”?

“And? You were rack-flashing that cashier a minute ago,” Carrie said.

“That was different,” I said, leaning forward to take a sip of my coffee. The warm liquid hit my throat and landed, soothingly in my belly.

“How?” Carrie asked. “Look, Meg, I get you didn’t want this, and I’ll do whatever I can to make it right, now or later. You just...you can’t embrace it on the one hand and then get shy when people actually pay attention to you.”

“So be like you?” I asked, looking at Carrie’s top, revealing of her double-cleavage.

“That’s one option,” Carrie answered, holding out my bagel for me to take a bite of. Feeding me. I felt myself go red, hesitating. Carrie huffed, blowing her bangs around. “It’s not like people think you can take it yourself.” I leaned in and bit, and it reminded me how hungry I’d actually been. I took another and chewed as Carrie continued. “Look, you can hide. Some do. It’s not like you’re the first accidental non-standard. Like the doctor said, it’ll probably all be over in a week anyway. Bet you can ride it out that long, hide in our room and whatever.”

“Or I can be an attention whore?” I shot.

“Or you can embrace difference and find out why some of us love it!” Carrie announced, perhaps trying too hard to put a positive spin on it.

I sighed, then sipped some more coffee. It wasn’t a crazy idea. Just...not one that came naturally. Maybe I could? I’d already done it, to a point. Why was I holding back?

Carrie and I chatted a bit more through breakfast, about classes, some of which we shared. It was so normal, so usual, that my anxiety sank down back into my subconscious where it belonged. It even took me a minute to realize some guy two tables over was snapping pictures. My eyes widened…

“Hey!” Carrie hissed at me, a look of warning on her face. “You go over there and start a thing, you guarantee you’ll be plastered all over campus,” she warns. I curled in my lips, felt my legs untensing at the warning. “I...it’s just so weird. I’m not used to being photographed randomly in public.”

“Yeah, being non-standard is like that...because you’re non-standard! Different. Interesting.”

“How’d you get used to it?” I asked Carrie, glancing down at her chest.

“Surplus of awesome,” she says with a grin, and swallowed down the last of her breakfast. “I gotta go,” she said.

I was startled, and still chewing the last of my bagel. “Wha?” I mumbled.

“I do have a life outside you, Meg,” Carrie answered, standing and picking up her bag.

“It’s cool. We’ll meet back at the room later and we can go shopping. That NSSA meeting is soon, you should hit that up.”

I swallowed and considered protesting. I wanted Carrie near me, to do my bidding, to be my hands. I could push the issue. She’d probably cave. But...would that really help me cope? Or just perpetuate a crutch? Maybe I should see what this was all really like.

“Okay,” I said, letting out a breath.

Carrie grabbed my items for the dish return and headed out of the dining hall, then out of the Union entirely, leaving me alone. Huh. Flying solo, I guess.

I glanced about. Nobody was staring, not obviously. Nobody was coming to grab me. I got out of my chair and walked with faux confidence towards the stairs, then mounted the stairs and with quick steps headed up to the second floor.

By the time I got to the balcony, my faux confidence felt more real. I could do this. This would be okay.

I found a set of vacant couches near the room the director listed for the day’s NSSA meeting. I kicked my feet up to rest on the little table between the couches and waited.

“Meg?” came a voice I didn’t quite recognize. Then a laugh. “Holy crap, Meg! I didn’t believe that was you!”

The girl who moved into view looked like somebody I should recognize – she was a ‘taur!

It was weird. I’d seen a few on campus, but they tended to be older. Taurs were big a couple years ago, but it was more the sort of thing your big sister would do. But this girl looked my age.

“Evelyn, from high school?” she prodded.

It clicked.

Evelyn Park. On the track and swim teams, always a bright student, on the straight laced side even for my hometown. The Evelyn I'd known would have seemed incredibly uptight at this college, but...

...nope. She'd found her groove, and what a groove! Her straight black hair fell to her waist in a loose, playful ponytail. Her build was still slim, but with a notably fuller chest. I didn't know if I should chalk that up to enhancement or the bandeau she wore, maybe some of each. At the waist, her hips went three ways instead of two, joining her front hips to her lower torso in a smooth, graceful curve that made me shift in my seat. That lower body was made up of a second human torso, with front ribs and extra organs, and lead back a few feet to a second pair of hips, and a second pair of legs.

Matching athletic shorts on her front and rear hips left little to the imagination, showing off curves and a lot of leg. So much leg! Long, longer than I remembered, leading down to some pink sneakers with wedge heels built in.

"Meg?" Evelyn snapped her fingers in my face.


"Huh? Oh, yeah, Evelyn!" I'd been staring, and I let her think that was why I looked embarassed, rather than the growing hardness in my sweats.

"That's....wow, you look great, but different!"

Evelyn giggled. She moved to the couch opposite me, sliding her rear legs in and sitting sidelong on its length, both sets of legs crossed tantilizingly. "Like you're totally standard," she replies with a snort. "I've wanted to go taur for *years* but my parents wouldn't let me. So as soon as I turned eighteen, bam, did it! Took everything I'd saved on my own for college, but...." she gestured to herself, with a little ta-da.

"Ouch. And all the clothes. That's a big change, Evelyn."

"Says the girl with no arms," Evelyn said with a wink. "Surprised I hadn't seen you around campus. There's not that many armless girls."

"It's a..." accident? No, I didn't want Evelyn's sympathy, sincere as I was sure it would be. "It's a recent change."

An aaaha. "Well the first couple weeks are hardest adjusting. I was knocking things over, had trouble with all my clothes...like a toddler, I was!" Evelyn laughed, tossing her head back. Everything she did, said, amped me up just a little more, this gorgeous, leggy creature just hanging out with me.

"So what's your major?"

Such a mundane question. "M...mechanical engineering," I said. "Tentatively, anyway."

"You always did like to build things," she says, with a glance ot my shoulders. "Ideas girl?"

After a moment it clicked. "I suppose so," I said with a faint laugh. "You?"

"Haven't decided. Maybe something practical, like law or accounting. Part of me wants to do biodesign, but..." she shook her head. "I literally passed out in freshman bio. Not sure I have the stomach for it."

"You'll find something good," I reassured her, neutrally. Truth is, I hadn't really been thinking about it, instead wondering how to handle my growing erection. Shit, how do guys do it? Oh, right, a simple little shift, a discrete nudge. A nudge I couldn't give it. I moved my legs, hoping the pressure from my thighs would be enough.

It wasn't. Worse, it tipped my hand.

Evelyn's eyes went wide. "Meg!" she hisses. "Holy crap, you didn't?"


But here Evelyn smirked. "Always thought you were kinkier than I realized. Indiana kept you down too, huh?"

No, I'd really never wanted a cock before, I wanted to tell her. What Carrie told me came back to me, though. Fake it, put myself out there. I grinned. "Best of both worlds," I answered, at the risk overplaying my hand.

Evelyn pressed her lips together. "Hey...lemme see it?"

My head snapped about the lounge. "Here!?" I hissed.

"Nah," she answered. "Gym. C'mon,"

With that she stood an sauntered off, her hips swaying in mesmerizing counter-swing motions. A groan escaped my lips, muffled my the knowledge I might be about to tear my pants.

We headed down the main stairs, then through narrowinger basement stairs to the gym level. It was old and musty, mostly maintained for the club sports - varisty athletics had their own, new fancy gym. The women's locker room was deserted at this hour, just rows of lockers with a big gang shower at the end. Evelyn trotted into the shower, her lower body bending perfectly as she circled around to face me.

"It's big, isn't it?" she, lust on her face, desire in her eyes.



"Very." I waited a beat. "Ridiculously."

Evelyn grabbed my sweats and pulled them down. The restraint strapping had entirely come undone, and my huge, half-hard shaft sprung out and brushed one of Evelyn's sleek thighs. Her turn to stare, as her hands came down to stroke my base.

"You kinky bitch! You must be the biggest girl on campus!"

Having no reason to doubt her, I went with it. "Damn right," I said, and my shoulders twitched, trying to put on my hips the handsI no longer had.

"How do you..."

"I...don't. Haven't yet," I admitted. "Inside, anyway."

Evelyn's smile took on a devious cast, as she licked her lips. "Lucky me," she said. She moved away from me, turning her luscious body and waving her rear at me. Luscious, round, the perfect balance between plush and firm. I throbbed harder, a wave of desire overtaking me. "Going to put that to use?" Evelyn asked.

She'd taken up a position against the wall, her hands on it, bracing herself, with her front and rear legs spread. In those few seconds I'd come to full mast, my cock jutting out in front of me like a lance. I could smell Evelyn's sex, her desirous musk mixing with my own. A few steps, my shaft swaying, and I bumped the head against her butt.

"Yeeeeeeesssssssss," she hissed at me, eyes glittering. She tossed her hair, and then leaned back, pushing towards me. Before I knew what was happening...

..."Oh god!" I cried. I almost fell back, but instead my shaft slide into Evelyn's wet sex. Somehow she got me into her. The inches disappeared, sliding into her. How....and then it clicked. That bigger lower body, all that space...gave her room for a super-sized vagine. I pressed into her and whimpered, almost faling over right there. Finally I hilted down, getting a surprised yelp from Evelyn.

"You're amazing," she hissed at him. She let me pull back, then press back in. My body swayed as my legs thrust me in and out of her, making lewd, wet splorching noises. Our combined fluids leaked, dribbling down her thighs and mine.

Every shove pushed Evelyn's front up against the wall again, jamming her hips there, pressing her breasts to the tile. Her arms sayed out at her sides, hands on the wall to help herself push back, to little effect. I had her, I had this elegantly made four-legged woman speared on my shaft, sending waves of pleasure straight into my brain.

I felt it overtaking me. I rutted harder, thrusting in, pulling out, thrusting in, pulling out. My balls slapped between our thighs, swaying pendulously, tightening and churning with mutant seed.

Was it a minute? Five? Ten? I lost all sense of time as Ev1elyn and I fucked. As the taur's legs quievered, my release arrived. I screamed out in extasy, as my whole body tensed up and focused on one goal, firing a huge stream of seed out my cock.

I came. I jerk. I fell on my ass. The force of my release pushed me out of Evelyn, sending me flat on my back in the showers. I could see my cock, towering above me, three feet of strong throbbing flesh with a stream of cum firing out the end. That stream lashed about the showers as I shifted, until it finally tapered off.

Evelyn, meanwhile, had dropped to her knees, panting and catching her breath from her own orgasmic eperience. She groped her tits as she let out her final gasps, shuddering and slumping down, panting - I wondered if she'd passed out, until a look over her shoulder with a pleased little smirk told me she was fine.

Better than fine.

"Fucking amazing fucking," Evenly said. With effort she pulled herself to her feet, front legs first, then rear. "Never got filled up like that," she said. She turned on a couple of the shower heads and warm water streamed down, sending out mixed fluids down the drain. Evenlyn helped me to my feet and scrubbed me down with directed intimacy, her touch moving over me without fear but never lingering.

It reminded me of how I used to wash my vibrators, a thought which sent a tingle up my spine.

Finally washed and dried, Evelyn helped me get my clothes back on, then dressed herself in an intricate dance to get her front and rear ends covered. Shoes last, and she put an arm about my waist as we went back upstairs.

"I'm so, so glad I ran into you," she told me.

"Me too," I answered with a blush. Post sex chat was always so awkward. I usually expected my partner to just roll over and nap, or take off. "Um....."

"Um?" Evelyn prodded, bumping her front hips against mine.


"God no, I'm no virgin," EVelyn hissed, contorting her face in annoyance. "Just...the conversion process made me a lot..." a ginger clearing of her throat, "bigger than I expected. I've been with some enhanced guys, but nobody your size."


"Just know there's use for all that pipe you're swinging," Evelyn said.

I had to giggle at that. We'd wended our way back upstairs. "Uh, where is everybody?" I asked, as we arrived at the meeting room.

A few fliers were left on chairs, but otherwise the room was empty. I looked up at the clock.

"Crap!" I cried. Evelyn and I fucked away the entire meeting!


Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

Amazing scene! Awkward armless herm x presenting humantaur sex would be amazing. I was also impressed with the believable character interactions.


Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

Oh, wow!  I just read through this story, and it is amazing! 

I love the setting, I love the characters, I love the changes, this was just a blast to read!

Do you have any plans to continue this?  I would love to see more of Meg's journey here (although, personally, I'm kind of hoping she stays armless and hung).


Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

Loved the humantaur! smile

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Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

Very belatedly - glad people are liking this. I have a rough start to the next section and some general outlines, but am figuring out pacing and tone. Frankly, been a lot of RL so not much time to focus on writing.
I did do a quick one-shot in a different vein, The Surgeon's Husband, which I also posted here.


Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

Conservation of Mass
Part 5: Everything Old is New Aagain

Carrie opened the door for me after she'd parked, and wound up having to get an arm behind my shoulders to help me out of her little crappy hatchback.

"Next time I'll hire handlers," I says dryly, as I straightened up.

"You wish," Carrie snorted. She'd gotten herself in a cute purple prom-style number, with patterned beading through the torso and rising cups to support her triple chest. She matched it with peep-toe pumps. She was hugging me close, and I looked at her, "Trying to get a rise out of me?" I asked.

"Think I already have," she replied with a wink, stroking her hand a long my shaft. Through whatever powers of fashion she had, Carried had tracked down a truly ridiculous dress for me. Made of black latex, it hugged my sides and down my legs, with a long angled cut up the left leg. I felt like I should be a lounge singer. OR a movie villainess. The triangular top exposed my rounded shoulders, cutoff showing off some cleavage. Carrie had, after some protest, smeared me with ridigol, which would keep me good and hard for the next six hours. My new organ fit into a specially made contour in the dress, running up against my stomach and between my breasts. It felt so weird and arousing as I moved, and part of me...part of me appreciated showing off.

"Ready to party?" Carrie asked, as we walked down the street. I heard the party before I saw it, the thumping sound of bass mixing with shouts and laughter. They'd split the party across three separate houses, adjacent on one side of the street, and it was already spilling out onto the lawn and sidewalk. Carrie marched me up the walk, towards the wrap around porch where a clutch of bros were tapping a keg.

I followed after her, feeling conspicuous, between my body and my dress. I'd feel that way in just the dress, if I were being honest. Carrie's forward momentum dragged me with her, and we both entered the house, into the swirling crowd in the main room. "I'll get us drink!" Carrie shouted, winking and pushing her way towards one side of the room.

She found me jostling a couple frat guys around the edge of the dance floor, and held a beer up for me to drink. Ah!

"You're getting looks," she said to me.

"I've got a huge cock and no arms, I'll draw attention," I answered. Carrie rolled her eyes and shrugged, pointing to the dance floor. There, a couple danced in matching black and red latex bodysuits, complete with facemasks, both with rounded shoulders. "This isn't one of those dumb square dances, Meg!" Carrie answered with a laugh.

I felt myself going around the cycle again, getting sorry for myself, getting pissed. Nope. Going to jump straight to being cool with it. Right. Because if a couple armless blow-up dolls can be the center of attention - to cheers, no less - I could learn to have fun too.

Maybe. We spent an hour wandering around the house, although it was generally so crowded I didn't get great looks at people. Carries was right about one thing - we weren't the only non-standard people here.

After three, four beers, we swung back through the main room. "Punch next!" Carrie declared with a faintly drunken giggle, pushing through the crowd.

Nearly losing her, I made it to the drink table, covered with liquor bottles, surrounded by coolers, with a huge punch bowl as the centerpiece, from which Carrie pouring liberally.

"What's in it?" I asked.

She brought it to her nose, sniffed, then took a swig. "Booze?"

"Ingesting mysterious things hasn't worked for me lately."

Carrie groaned. "Aren't you ever going to let that go?"

"It was yesterday!" I cried, voice loud enough to get stares from nearby partygoers.

"And didn't I give you a great big O!?"

That frankness, publicly, put my beer-soaked mind into a spin.

Carrie gasped. "What? What, you're a super-stud now!? Just use me and throw me out?" she demanded, sounding offended.

"Carrie I..." What was happening? What was her deal?

"Fine, fuck you too!" she declared, taking both cups of punch and storming off. I was...confused, and making a scene, and so I turned and pushed through the crowd, out to an open window where cool air mixed with the heat of bodies.

"That escalated quickly."

I turned around to find a guy standing near me. He raised his red cup in salute. "Hey," he said.

"Uh, hey," I said.

"Enjoying the party?"

"I guess?" I replied, uncertain where he was going.

"Oh, good. You're alone and you had that fight with your girlfriend..."

"My what?"

"At the drinks table. I didn't hear what it was about..."

"Oh fuck," I shot. "Carrie? She's not my girlfriend! She's my roommate."

Skepticism laced his face. "What?" I demanded, standing up straighter, wishing I had arms to cross.

"Most people don't talk about who they get off, even here."

"Well it was once, and I'd just..."


"Yeah, that."

He curled his lips in and raised his eyebrow, making a vague vertical gesture towards me with his free hand. "It sure is....a change." I couldn't deny it, given the ridge of hard shaft displayed by my dress.

"It was an accident," I said.

"Uh-huh," he said with a nod, moving closer. "How'd that happen?"

"Carrie...that's my roommate, she thought I should loosen up," I said. I wound up spending a few minutes recounting the whole thing.

"She's into you," he said.

"Huh?" I asked. "Sure, she jacked me in the shower, but...."

He shook his head. "Nope, she's got a huge crush on you. You can't tell?"

"I wasn't....uh...."

"Interested in girls before?"

"Nope," she says. "I mean I made out with a girl in high school, who didn't, but it didn't work for me or anything."

The guy leaned against the open window sill, taking a gulp from his cup. "She wanted to push you, in a way that didn't make it obvious. If you ask me."

"Well I didn't," I answered, annoyed for a reason I couldn't put my finger - toe? - on.

"Been here a good twenty minutes."

"Wasting good flirting time."

"Hasn't been a waste."

I narrowed my eyes. "Are you gay or something? Because I'd break you with...this," I shifted my hips, to get my oversized shaft to shift in its sheeth.

"No," he said. "Not the way you mean. I like modded girls, all kinds."

"Even packing more than you?"

"I'm not easily intimidated," he said, stepping in and closing the short gap between us, pulling me to him with an arm around my waist. "You're sexy as all fuck," he whispered in my ear.

I felt an electric jolt as he dragged his fingers along my shaft. "I haven't...with...."

He shook his head. "Just an offer," he said.

We made it upstairs in about fives minutes, into a small room with a single bed. He spun me against the wall and presed in, kissing me, sliding his hands along my thighs, my hips, my waist and breasts. Up and down, all over, and he ground in with his own hardness. It felt good when he reached under and fingered me, when his hands moved over my smooth, rounded shoulders.

Zippers undone, garments kicked aside, we thudde dinto the bed together, him naked, me in just my stockings and heels. He plunged into me and I moaned, arching and writhing. I'd had sex twice in the past twenty-four hours, I'd reveled in the new feelings of my body, yet I hadn't actually *been fucked* in months.

I helped as much as I could, grappling him with my legs, sliding my tits on his chest. Mostly i reveled, feeling all the old sensations return, along with new ones. He fucked me over and over, thrusting in and out, and then he paused and rose up. A hand smacked my hip as he sank back on the bed.

"Roll over," he says, smiling in the moonlight. I already felt sore, and shifted, sighing, finally getting myself over, then rising up with my legs, butt in the air. He leaned in and re-enteredme, and while one hand reached around to find my tits, the other found my cock. He groped and fucked and stroked me, sensation rushing in and bubbling up.

I screamed like a banshee.

I moaned like a whore.

I saw spots, then I exploded.

Then I exploded again.

And then I passed out.


Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

very nice so far! I hope there will be more changes, though! big_smile big_smile


Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

Not sure there will be for Meg, but I do have further ideas for her to encounter, at least.

And is that a cybernetic humantaur in your avatar? Sweet.


Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

<3 Squee! <3


Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

shangbryan wrote:

Not sure there will be for Meg, but I do have further ideas for her to encounter, at least.

And is that a cybernetic humantaur in your avatar? Sweet.

Yes she has artificial limbs ;-)

Here is the original picture:

https://d.facdn.net/art/belriose2002/14 … 74xabo.jpg


Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

Another great episode. I love how you're handling sexuality in this series. Bringing in what seems a like a pretty solid guy didn't feel awkward in the least.


Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

This story has seemingly died and I am sad as a result.


Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

https://www.deviantart.com/cyberendowed/ here


Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

Life has been very very busy the past few (wow, three?) years. Have a few lingering ideas for the next chapter, and have written a few other things since, as SP linked, just haven't posted here.


Re: Conservation of Mass - by Shangbryan

I would love to see more Conservation of Mass. It’s definitely one of my favorites!