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Another old Belial classic from Hellkat (formerly Von Krieger)

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Tale of Tala and Juma
by Hellkat

"Isn't it beautiful?" says Juma, "Just look at the view!"

Indeed it is a beautiful view, the sun reflecting off the lake so still that it is like a mirror. Juma, a sharply brunette, looks around for her companion, Tala, who has yet to climb up to the top of the dry creek bed. Tala is a good foot shorter then her friend, and almost painfully thin.

Juma rolls her eyes and leans down, offering her hand. "C'mon slowpoke!" she says.

Tala takes the offered hand and pulls herself up, dusting herself off as soon as she's on level ground. "Just look, Tala! We wouldn't have seen this if we had stayed on that boring old road with all the other people! Tala?"

Tala doesn't seem to have heard her friend; she is looking into the woods across the dry creek.

Juma taps her distracted companion on the shoulder. "Tala! C'mon, look at the view."

Tala shakes her head and blinks. "Huh?" she says.

Another eye roll for Juma. "Seriously, you've got to lighten up! We're not sitting on our butts sneezing at the smell of weird plants, old books, and chalk. We have a whole month off from being stuck in a hot little room with my grandma learning about what plant does what, and what magic symbol goes where. BORING!"

Tala turns, looks at the view, and shrugs. "It's ok, I guess."

Juma laughs and shakes her friend. "C'mon! Wake up! It's time to have FUN!"

Tala shrugs. "I dunno, something just feels wrong.

Juma just shakes her head. "It's beautiful here, what could possibly be wrong? I think you're just down in the dumps because my grandma is getting to you."

Tala sighs and sits down on a big rock. "Probably. I don't think she likes me very much."

Juma places a hand on her shoulder. "I think she's just confused because she's trying her hardest and you can't do anything that she finds useful. C'mon, it's getting hot out, let's go for a swim, that'll cheer you up."

Tala smiles. "Ok."


Across the creek, Sakris yawns and stretches, waking from hir nap. Shi unwraps herself from around the tree shi had been using as a bed and slowly lowers hirself to the ground. She blinks a few times to clear the last vestiges of sleep from her eyes, then runs a three fingered hand up hir scaled frame, as another rubs hir cock, which is also stirring from slumber.

Sakris slithers to the bank of the creek, hir bright red scales shining in the sunlight. As she moves, shi is easily able to climb down and up the banks. Shi looks down at the two humans walking slowly do the hill to the lake. Shi smiles.

"Oh what fun! Two toys to play with!" Stroking hirself with two of hir hands, shi raises to more and gestures at the one of the right.


Juma stops and puts a hand to her forehead, rubbing her temples. "Oooh, I don't feel so good." she says as she collapses onto Tala.

"Hey!" cries Tala in surprise. "What are you doing?"

Juma pushes herself, still half on top of Tala. "I felt dizzy all of a sudden."

"Oh sure you did, I'm not your grandma, I'm not falling for it." Tala rolls her eyes. "C'mon, lemme up."

"I... I... I..." Juma stutters. "I fell like I need to... mmmm." Juma leans down and kisses Tala on the lips, thrusting her tongue inside her friend's mouth. Tala tries to push Juma off, but Juma is by far the bigger of the two. Juma pulls her head away, and places a hand on Tala's chest, cupping one of her small breasts.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Tala shrieks, trying to push her off with her now free hand.

Juma licks her lips, her tongue now black in color. "I... don't know. H-h-help me Tala, I feel so hot."

Juma moans, taking both hands off of Tala to pull off her shirt. "S-s-s-so w-warm..." sutters Juma, as she fumbles with the buttons of her shirt.

Tala gasps in horror. "Juma, y-your hands..."

Juma looks down at her hands, finding why she can't unfasten the buttons of her shirt, her fingers are fusing together, and her hands are getting thicker, her arms are also growing thicker.

"Pleassssse Tala..." Juma hisses, her black tongue now forked. "Help me, I'm ssssoo hot."

Tala can do nothing but stare in horror as her friend arches her back in pain as a long, thick tail erupts from her backside.

"Ah-AAAAAARGH!" Juma howls in pain, her breasts are growing larger, and there are more of them. Six fleshy mounds strain at the constraining fabric. Juma paws feebly at the buttons with limbs that resemble fleshy mittens, her thumbs have developed wickedly pointed black claws.

The masses that were once Juma's palms and fingers have grown larger. With a crunch her skull reshapes itself into a more reptilian form, Juma's skin is beginning to take on a red tint. With tears running down her face, Juma looks down at Tala.

"Pleassssssse." she hisses. "Hurtsssss."

Tala breaks her terror-induced paralysis and reaches up and tries to unbutton the piece of clothing that is so paining her friend, the garment is so strained from the tit-flesh underneath that Tala simply cannot remove the buttons.

Instead she places her fingers in the spaces between the buttons, and pulls. The added force causes the buttons to snap off.

Juma grabs Tala's hands, Tala screams, it feel like she's been bitten! And she has! What once were Juma's hands are now a pair of snake-ish heads, their eyes the same brown as Juma's.

Juma forces Tala's hands against the top two of her breasts. Tala can do nothing but grab Juma's broken bra and drop it onto her chest.

The nipples of Juma's breasts have grown larger, and black. Her chest and stomach are covered in yellow-white scales.

Juma forces Tala's hand against her breasts, the reptile-girl's nipples respond to the touch and begin to grow in length. Tala shrikes as she feels a pair of hands fumbling at her pants. She looks down and sees that Juma's legs have transformed into a pair of three fingered hands, each finger sporting a shiny black claw.

Juma moans and pushes herself against Tala, then pulling back. Juma's nipples have become fully erect six inch black dicks, all six of them. Juma's snake-hands release their grips on Tala's forearms, tiny streams of blood trickle from where her fangs have pierced Tala's flesh. Juma's neck has lengthened, she leans down and slides the tongue from her original
head across her friend's wounds.

"I'm ssssorry I hurt you Tala. I need you, I need you badly." Juma moves her snake-hands to her lowest pair of breasts, rubbing her cock-nipples with her thumbs. She extends their tongues to wrap around the cock-nipples of her middle breasts. Her feet-hands once again begin pawing at Tala. Tala gasps in pain as she is cut, several times.

A row of slick black spines erupt from Juma's back, she moans softly, more in pleasure then pain. They continue all the way down her back, to near the tip of her tail, which now extends a good eight feet away from her body. Her smooth tanned skin has vanished forever, replaced by red and maroon scales that form a strange stripped pattern. A pair of antelope-like black horns sprout from her main head, as well as adorning her additional two that were once her hands.

Tala can do nothing but look in horror at the thing her friend has become. She pulls her hands away, only to find Juma's head lunging at her, clamping down on her arm, which vanishes into her mouth halfway to the elbow. Tala feels Juma's tongue wrapping around her wrist. Juma's teeth haven't hurt Tala yet, but the glare Juma gives her makes her unsure if that will be the case for long. She raises her free hand back up to one of Juma's free nipples and begins to jerk her off.

Juma lets go of Tala's other arm, and moans softly. "Don't ssssstop Tala. Don't. I need you. I need you really bad."

With her feet-hands Juma pushes her body up, rearranging what is quickly becoming hirself.

Tala gasps in horror at the huge bulge under the snake-monster's skirt.

Juma follows Tala's gaze, and smiles. "I need you Tala, espesssially your cunt."

Tala's eyes widen in horror, and she screams as the thing that was once her friend rips her panties off with her claws. Juma pushes hir cock up against Tala's slit. Tala shudders, it's hot, uncomfortable hot, and wet. She looks into Juma's eyes.

"Please." she begs. "Don't do this to me."

Juma smiles, running her tongue over Tala's face. "Jussst relax ssssweet Tala, let me insssside you and it won't hurt."

Juma's legs are now situated right below where her snake-arms are. Shi reaches down and tears open Tala's blouse, her breasts too small to warrant the use of a bra. Shi begins to play with Tala's nipples. Hir cock dripping pre-cum into Tala's pussy. Juma leans down, eye to eye with Tala. Tala shivers, Juma's once brown eyes are a fiery orange, and feature serpentine slit pupils. She can no longer see anything of her best friend in the monster that is poised to rape her.

Tala shuts her eyes and turns her head away.

Juma brings a hand up and lightly caresses Tala's cheek. "Pleassse don't look away." Tala opens one eye, and sees the snake-creature with an almost pouting look on hir face.

"I need you Tala. I... I... love you. I want to be with you. Pleasssse?" Tala looks up at the creature. Juma takes hir hand away from Tala's cheek, and grips Tala's hips, pushing with her tail, she rolls the two of them over. All that's keeping Juma from sinking hir thick black cock into Tala is hir own hold on her hips.

Tala licks her lips. "J-j-juma?"


"Kiss me again." Tala presses her lips against Juma's, and feels the snake-creature's tongue enter her mouth, as Juma release her, and thrusts hir hips, sinking her cock deep into Tala's pussy.

Tala gasps as twelve inches of Juma fills her. Juma looks up at Tala with concern.

"Did it hurt little Tala?" shi asks.

"No, not at aaaaaaaaaall!" moans Tala in pleasure.

"Tala, you feel soOOOOOOARGH!" Juma screams, throwing her head back against the ground. She pulls her hands off of Tala's breasts, and instead begins frantically tugging on her cock-nipples. Tala wonders what sent her friend into such a fit of ecstacy.

"I did" says a voice from behind her, s a pair of red scaled hands reach around and begin to caress her breasts, with another pair stroking her belly, and still another teasing her clit. The six hands pull her back, away from Juma so that she's now straddling Juma's serpentine form, aside hir cock. Tala turns her head and finds herself face to breast with Sakris.

Tala looks up, the snake demoness Sakris smiling down at her. Tala reflexively tries to pull away, but Sakris' six arms hold her tight. Sakris takes one hands away from Tala's stomach and gently rubs a claw across her face. "Shhh my pet, don't worry. I won't hurt you. I just want to play with you."

Sakris leans hir head down. Tala accepts a deep kiss from the demoness, who carefully shreds what remains of her clothes.

"Mmmm, what a good girl." Sakris moans. "But you need a few more things up front for me to play with." Sakris thrusts hir tongue back into Tala's mouth, but Tala struggles. Sakris pulls away. Shi clicks her tongue and shakes her head.

"And here I thought you were going to be a nice little pet." Tala shakes her head. "N-n-no m'lady demoness, I w-w-want to watch."

Sakris smiles. "Then watch little one." Sakris playfully runs a hand through Tala's hair. Juma looks up at the two of them. "If you jussssst let it happen Tala, it feelsss ssssso good."

"Let me start at the bottom first, so that you may have a clear view." Sakris chuckles, toying with Tala's clit. Tala watches in rapt fascination as her clit begins to grow, wider, longer, thicker. She reaches down with a hand and touches it exparamentally, shivering at the wave of pleasure that runs through her body.

"Doesn't it feel nice my pet? Doesn't it feel lovely to have a cock?" Sakris chuckles.

"It f-f-ffeels w-wwonderful m'lady." Tala moans.

"Don't call me m'lady, pet, as your friend is feeling, I'm not much of a lady. I prefer 'mistress,' understand?"

"Mmmm, yes mistress." Tala watches as hir new cock fully forms, the head resting almost in hir navel. An animal like sheath grows around her former clit, hir pussy lips swell, creating a sack for hir new balls to reside in.

Sakris forcibly pries Tala's hands off hir new organ, wrapping her own around it. Tala leans her head back, right between the top two of Sakris' six breasts.

"B-b-bigger." she stutters. "What do you say pet?" Sakris smiles.

"B-b-bigger, mistress."

"And why do you think it need to be bigger, pet?"

Tala smiles. "So I can p-put it in m-my mouth."

Tala screams with pleasure as hir cock nearly doubles in length, and she immediately begins stroking it.

"No, dear, I'm playing with this right now. Hmm, why don't I just give you your own?"

With a stunned expression on hir face Tala watches as her member thickens, then splits. The new cock a few inches above hir first one. Tala licks hir lips, and bend down to take the head into hir mouth. Suddenly Juma's tail lashes up, catching Sakris in the back, forcing hir to lean forward, which sandwiches Tala between twelve large scaled breasts.

"G-G-G-GYAAAAH!" Juma chokes out as shi cums, violently, from all seven of hir cocks, as well as her pussy, the sudden gush of hot liquid into Tala sends hir over the edge, and shi orgasms as well, covering hir face with hir own semen.

Tala's front is dripping with hir friend's cum. Sakris pulls out of Juma. Shi shakes her head and clicks her tongue. "I wasn't finished." Shi frowns.

"M-m-m, m-m-mistress." says Tala, as shi licks more of hir own seed from hir face. Sakris lifts Tala off of Juma's cock.

"Any other requests, little one?" Sakris asks, plunging hir cock into Tala for it's entire length.

"RRRRRAGH!" screams Tala, Sakris' cock is much bigger then Juma's Tala looks down and sees a roundish protrusion in hir belly. Shi runs a hand over it in astonishment, thinking for a moment.

"Kitty." shi says.

"Pardon?" replies Sakris, puzzled.

"I want to be a fuzzy kitty-cat." moans Tala, who is nearly out of hir mind with the powerful sensations coming from inside of hir.

"I had something else in mind, pet, but I think we can compromise."

"Mmmm." mutters Tala, too far into the sensations of hir body, and content to just lay limp while hir mistress strokes and fucks hir. Juma has slithered to a spot nearby, and is utilizing hir three mouths to clean hirself off.

Sakris' hands glow softly; shi uses four of them to rub Tala's chest and stomach. Tale's naval begins the change shape, the indent stretching vertically. Shi rubs it curiously, and is delighted at the pleasurable sensation shi feels. Shi feels hir insides rearrange, the sensation stops at a big black cock head pokes out of her belly.

"Mmmmmuch better, not nearly as cramped." moans Sakris. "Oooh, I think I should have saved that little addition until last."

Sakris plants all six of hir hands on Tala's torso, immediately the flesh underneath responds, swelling outward. Within seconds Tala's undersized breasts have grown to be nearly too much for hir mistress's hands, and shi has more of them as well.

"What do you think pet?" asks Sakris. Tala opens hir eyes, and looks down at hir chest.

"Beautiful." she murmurs, raising a hand to caress on of her now black nipples. She licks hir lips, with two forked, black, rough tongues, showing hir new fangs.

Tala giggles as a tickling sensation covers most of hir skin, she purrs softly as red and black striped fur, his own blonde hair now turned a deep maroon.

A ring of fur, the same color as hir hair, grows to encircle hir neck, similar patches of fur, longer then the rest, appear on the backs of hir calves, and the underside of hir forearms. Soft white scales cover hir breasts, belly, and thighs. Shi runs a hand up the front of hir body, the scales stop at hir uppermost breasts, leaving the rest of hir covered in fur. Shi gently twirls the triangular path of fur that extends from hir neck, down to between hir breasts.

Tala watches hir hands as hir littlest fingers curl up and disappear into hir palm, the other fingers growing slightly to fill the gap. Hir nails thicken, and become short black claws. She cups a pair of hir breasts with her hands, and gasps at the sensation of soft leathery pads rubbing hir nipples. A pair of long black horns, like those of hir friend, and hir mistress, grow from hir temples.

Shi looks down at hir feet, which like her hands have lost a digit and grown claws, as shi watches they morph into paws, and the changes continue up hir legs. Shi feels her arms shift slightly, she knows now that if shi wants to shi can walk comfortably on all fours. Hir neck lengthens slightly, allowing hir to comfortably hold her head in position for walking on all fours. Her ears tingled as they change shape, growing triangular and moving to the top of hir head.

Sakris roars, and grips down tightly with all six hands on Tala's chest, belly, and hips. Hir cum erupts from Tala's stomach-pussy in bursts, then subsides. Shi pulls out of hir still changing pet, shi's panting. Sakris sets hir new pet down.

"I think I'm going to get back to my nap now pet." Sakris Gives Tala a brief hug, then slithers over to Juma, who's main head has fallen asleep while hir two smaller ones continue to clean hir.

Tala stands on hir new legs, feeling somewhat unfulfilled. Shi leans down, placing one of hir cocks into the slit on hir stomach, and caressing the other with her two tongues. Shi spreads hir fingers wide, rubbing four of hir nipples at the same time, shi drop to hir knees, wishing she had another pair of hands, and something with which to stimulate her original pussy with.

"My, my, always wanting your own way aren't you pet?" Sakris mutters, halfway asleep.

Tala gasps in delight as a second, smaller, pair of arms grow in on level with hir middle set of breasts, shi puts them to work on hir lowest pair of breasts. A tingling sensation on her spine causes Tala to stop licking hir cock, and turn hir head to see what's going on back there.

A long snakelike tail, much like those of hir mistress and Juma, grows from the end of hir spine. Like the rest of hir it's covered in red and black striped fur like the rest of hir, with white scales on the underside. The end holds a tuft of dark red fur. Tala's new tail is longer then shi is tall, it's nearly six and a half feet in length. Shi tries to curl it under hirself to work the tip into hir dripping snatch, but the best shi can manage is to twist it into a curlicue.

A sudden wave of pleasure brings Tala crashing to hir knees, or would have if hir tail hadn't held hir up. Tala experimentally lifts hir legs off the ground, and is delighted to find that she can stay upright by just using hir tail. Shi rests hir shins against the curled portion. On the underside of hir tail two cylindrical forms grow, running from hir buttocks to 2/3 of the way down hir tail. They're covered in the same white scales as hir underbelly.

The growths pull apart from hir tail, leaving grooves for them to reside in, and small pouches of flesh to conceal their cock tips in. Tala directs hir new cock tentacles into her pussy, and after a second of pondering, her asshole. To hir surprise hir ass feels like either of hir vaginas.

Sakris stirs slightly and mumbles something about reptile physiology that no one hears.

Soon the feelings of pleasure from nearly hir entire body are too much for Tala, who can do nothing more then let out a silent gasp as shi experiences hir first full on orgasm with hir new form. Shi sits there panting for several minutes, before flexing hir tail and dropping to all fours, placing hir tentacles back into the pockets of skin on hir tail as shi does so.

She pads over to hir lover and hir mistress. The warm spring sun on hir fur is making hir feel drowsy. Shi snuggles between the two much larger reptiles, and quickly falls asleep.


Re: Tale of Tala and Juma - by Hellkat

Picture of them here:
Hellkat's avatar (center), Sakris (left), Juma (right), Tala (bottom)