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Transform or Dare?
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Everyone knew about the town curse. Or at least, one version of it anyway. It came up in whispers, notes passed between high school girls, writing on the bathroom wall at the local single's bar and the occasional mass e-mail sent out from an anonymous address. Most thought it was bullshit. After all, every town has a legend, right? This one just tended to be a little...unique.

Regardless of personal opinions, the stories were never stamped out entirely. Just as the latest batch of teens had all but forgotten the tales of the generation before them, strange things would begin to happen in the town of Glendale, and the rumors would heat up again and spread like wildfire....

* * *

Jennifer Smith hopped on a single bare foot as she struggled to pull a long white sock up her left leg. She wore only a short yellow and green skirt, her school
colors, and a pink bra which clung tightly to her ample young bosom, as she bounded through the large house.

"Martha!" she shouted. "Martha, have you seen my cheerleader top?" She glanced around the hall as she headed towards the kitchen. "Uh, and my other sock?"

"Martha, are you listening to me?"

The kitchen was empty.

"Shit!" She had forgotten it was Martha's day off. What did a maid need a day off for anyway? Like she had a life.

"I swear to God, the world hates me sometimes," Jennifer muttered, feeling herself pout as she began to search the room for her tennis shoes. "And where are my undies, anyway?" She thought about it for a moment. Wouldn't the boys just love it if she went without them today? Her frown became a smirk as she imagined all the high school boys' jeans suddenly becoming way too tight for comfort. After all, she was a senior this year. There wasn't a boy alive at East Hampton who didn't want her.

The phone rang beside her. She was about to call out for Martha to answer it, then stopped herself, cursing again. "Shit." Then she picked it up, in case it was one of her friends, and answered curtly, "Hello?"

"Is this Jennifer Smith?"

"Duh! Who's this?" She didn't recognize the guy's voice, but it sounded too high in pitch to be anyone she'd ever date, let alone talk to.

"Kyle Perkins," the voice answered. "Do you know who I am?"

"Eww, no! You sound like a total freak!"

He tried to say something else, but she cut him off. "Look loser, I'm already totally late, and I can't find my undies or my other sock, so why don't you just get to the point, okay?"

"Actually, I just wanted to let you know that I'm the freshman you and your friends pants last week at school, before I ask you a question."

She giggled, remembering. "Yeah? And what's that?"

"Transform or Dare?"

Jennifer's heart froze in her chest. "W-what did you say?"

The line was cold. She could only hear faint breathing coming from the other end.

This couldn't be real, could it? Of course not. She didn't believe in hocus pocus mumbo jumbo. That was stupid. Stupid or not, though, one thing her friend told her rang through her mind, "If you don't choose one or the other in less then a minute, you have to take both!"

And that was the town curse. Someone had laid it out for her at a sleep over once when she was fourteen. It was a game, started who knows how long ago, by who knows who? Yes, a game. But unlike its weaker counter part 'Truth or Dare,' this game had power! Whoever's turn it was could ask anybody, anyone, the question: "Transform or Dare," the question Jennifer herself had just been asked. Then they had to choose, "One or the other, or you get both!" Dare was relatively simple, once selected the person asking could dare you to do anything and you had to do it! The magic, the curse, made you, no matter how much you don't want to. Transform was even weirder. It effected your being; the thing that you are rather than your immediate actions. If you pick that one, the person asking gets to turn you into anything they want. They can change small things, like aspects of your personality, or the whole package, such as turning you into a toad. Or so the theory went. The actual limits of the curse was highly debated among the local residents who believed in its power. In any case, after the choice is made and the spell completed, it becomes the next person's turn. So, suddenly, the one who was cursed becomes the one who wields the magic, allowing the cycle to continue endlessly, with the power passing on from one person to the next, resting only occasionally when someone chooses not to take their turn.

But that was all nonsense, wasn't it? Jennifer glanced up at the clock. Her minute was almost up. Panicked, she took a deep breath and said...


Re: Transform or Dare: Multiplier Jennifer - by fortestingpurposes

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“Fuck you and your freak friends. I’m hanging up now.”

As she pulled the phone away she could hear Kyle say, “you want both then?”

Jen wanted to hang up but something compelled her to bring the phone back to her ear. Perhaps curiosity?

Whatever it was she quickly replied, “sure... Just give me both and make it quick, I don’t want to be late for school because of some stupid perverted prank call.”

Kyle taunted, “so you think my friends and I are freaks?”

“That’s fine... Why don’t you take some time to think about yourself, Jennifer.”

‘Think about which asset you love most. Your eyes? Perhaps your hands? Maybe you’re a bit more perverted than that.”

“Keep that in mind, because your transformation will double that body part. The same goes for anyone you touch after this call.”

Kyle paused for a moment. Jen could hear someone talking to him in the background. She tried to make out the whispers, but only caught the end of Kyle’s giggling.

With a laugh, he added, “also, you’re bisexual and have an increased libido.”

Jen interrupted, “laugh it up asshole, I’m looking forward to telling my friends all about this perverted call.”

Kyle ignored her and said, “you and I will know the truth. As far as anyone else is concerned, you and those you have changed will be perfectly normal.”

“Your cloths will adjust to accommodate whatever you become, same goes for anyone else you pass the curse to.”

Maybe you’ll reconsider who you call a freak after you’ve had time to adjust.

“Oh, and one last thing. You won’t touch me or try to use the curse against me. In fact, why don’t you just forget who called after I hang up.”

Jen was disgusted and asked, “are you done then?”

She was itching to lower the phone to get on with her morning.

“Almost,” he replied. “I still need to give you a dare.”

“Lets see... Why don’t you touch the next person you meet.”

“Have a great life Jen!”

After that, he hung up the phone...

Think About It
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[Thursday - 7:16AM]

Jen felt angry as she placed the phone back on the receiver. She knew what was said, but couldn’t remember who called. Nothing felt different, and she shrugged it off. The clock down the hall read 7:16am and she cursed at how much time she wasted half naked in the hallway while listening to some pervert on the phone.

She needed to get dressed quickly or she’d be late for school. She couldn’t find her missing sock, but did find her top draped over the banister. Without Martha around, she had no idea where the rest of her uniform was. Annoyed, but not defeated, she decided to wear regular socks and panties.

There wasn’t a game that night, and she didn’t really need anything special on under the skirt for practice. Once back in her room, she removed the uniform sock and found a different pair in her dresser. They matched well enough that nobody would go out of their way to point them out. Next, she pushed her arms through the top, then pulled up the zipper. She cupped her breasts and pushed them until they fit comfortably in the fabric, then patted down her skirt to remove any excess wrinkles.

She had a little time to spare and walked over to her full length mirror. With the curse on her mind, she looked herself over. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary. She thought about the mystery call and about the words that person had said.

“Think about which asset you love most.”

Jen was annoyed at how perverted the whole thing was but couldn’t help looking at her curves in the mirror. She did have an excellent ass, perky breasts and flawless skin. She also had a pretty face and smooth legs. She knew that most of the boys at East Hampton would love a piece of her fine body.

She smiled and unconsciously choose her favorite feature....

Legs Multiply
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Jen looked at her legs and ran her hand along her hip. She struck a pose to accentuate her ass and calf muscles. She loved how smooth and toned they were. Without considering the curse, she decided that they were her best feature.

She pulled open her dresser drawer to reveal a collection of panties. She found one of her favorites, a tight black pair with lace along the top. They were a bit smaller and sexier than the uniform issued panties, but the color would hide things well enough during practice. Just as she bent down to slip them on, she felt something tingling in her waist and groin. Strange pressure began to build in her vagina. She quickly bent back up, tossed her panties on the bed, then walked back to the mirror. Each step felt very strange as her legs shifted apart. It wasn’t painful, but it wasn’t like anything she’d ever experienced. Once in front of the mirror she could see that her hips were stretching out and her legs were moving apart.

She couldn’t believe it. Could that phone prank have been real? Jen watched in horror as her legs continued to spread. She was having some trouble standing and managed to fall into a seated position on her bed. The pressure in her vagina continued to build. She quickly lifted her skirt to watch as two small feet pushed out. Was she giving birth?

The whole situation made her head spin as the painless changes continued. Her vagina was stretched to ridiculous proportions as the legs squeezed out. In moments, the feet had grown larger and extended just past her knees. By all accounts she should be in agony, but there was still no pain. Just the fuzzy tingle that permeated her legs and waist.

When the legs pushed out as far as her normal two, her labia blended seamlessly into the new skin. As the changes continued, she noticed that the two legs were backwards, almost like they were meant to complete the outer two. Her guess was right as she watched a new pussy open in either gap. She hoped it was over but could feel the tingling sensation as it spread up the gap between the two new legs and into her pelvis. She slowly split apart.

When the tingling and shifting stopped, her body was divided just below her belly button into two separate waists, complete with their own legs, bottoms, and genitals. She screamed, then began to weep into her hands. The curse was true, she had become a freak...

Double Header
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Before Jen could fully grasp the situation, her sister pushed open the door and said, “I heard you scream... Is everything alright?”

Jessica, Jen’s sister, was only a year younger than her. Both girls were smart and attractive. Between the two of them Jess was the nerdy one, far more proud of her intelligence than her looks. More often than not, she’d have her face buried in a book.

As if in a trance Jen stopped crying, walked over to her sister and grabbed her hand. Once her skin made contact she snapped out of it and realized that she was standing in front of her sister with four freakish legs and a split waist. She let out a yelp and fell back onto her bed. She grabbed a pillow and put it over her laps then placed her hands back over her eyes as the tears resumed.

“Jen, what’s wrong with you?” Jess asked, genuinely confused.

“I’m a freak, don’t look!” Jen yelled through another sob.

“What?” Jess asked.

“Some asshole... Cursed me”

“Now I’ve got... Four legs...”

“You’ve always had four legs Jen...” Jess replied.

“What’s the big deal?”

Jen wept for another minute, then finally lowered her hands to look at her sister. Before she could respond, she saw something that terrified her even more then the four legs. Instead of her ordinary sister, there was a girl with two heads staring back at her. Jen also noticed that Jess’s shirt had changed to accommodate two necks.

Right Jess begged, “Please stop crying Jen.”

Left Jess added, “Tell me what happened.”

“Why do you have two heads!” Jen yelled, now less focused on her own change.

She already knew why. It was the curse, and she passed it to her sister.

“I’ve always had two heads...” Both replied in unison.

“And I’ve always had four legs?” Jen asked sarcastically, as she wiped the tears away and began to compose herself.

“Well, yea...” Right Jess replied.

“Is that what’s bothering you?” Left Jess asked.

“Of course it is... How am I suppose to go to school like this!” Jen cried.

“I can’t imagine it will be any different than every other day at school.” Right Jess asserted.

Jen cautiously removed the pillow. To her surprise her cloths multiplied, leaving two identical skirts on either waist. She leaned forward and saw that the two legs had gained their own shoes and socks as well.

She had begun to comprehend the situation when left Jess said, “You need to hurry up.”

Her right head added, “Mom’s waiting in the car already.”

With that, Jess left the room.

“Everyone will think I’m ordinary...” Jen thought as she turned to find her panties...

Revised Wardrobe
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She spotted her undies near the edge of the bed. Now, instead of a single pair, there were two. She was confused but remembered the part of the curse that said her cloths would change for her. She stood up and carefully hobbled to her drawer on the four legs. Inside she found duplicates of every pair of panties, socks, and pants she had.

“This can’t be real.” She thought, as she pushed the drawer shut. Her mom was already waiting and she didn’t have time to fully calm down. With raw eyes, she pulled one pair of panties up, then the other. It felt weird to bend and flex two different waists but it wasn’t difficult. As she stood up, she realized that neither pair of legs felt unnatural to stand on.

Did the curse program her brain to handle these appendages? The answer was apparent as she walked down the hallway. The legs felt natural to walk with. Her eyes were still a little red as she stepped outside to join her mom and sister in the car.

“What on earth took you so long?” Mom asked as Jen carefully inserted both bottoms into the back seat.

“I grew an extra set of legs.” Jen replied, not quite believing her own words.

Her mom had watched her leave the house, there was no way she hadn’t noticed.

“Very funny young lady.” Mom replied, “You need to be more punctual, or I’ll start sending you to school on the bus.”

Jen really didn’t like the idea of riding the public bus, much less riding with four legs. She didn’t like anything about the situation but was slowly realizing that nobody thought her lower body was out of the ordinary.

Two headed Jess carried on a conversation with Mom. Jen was astounded by her ability to carry a conversation back and forth between two heads. As she rode, her fear gradually became fascination. Was this really normal now?

It wasn’t long before they arrived at the school. Jen didn’t want to open the door, but worked up the courage to step out when she saw her sister hop out of the car without hesitation. She followed Jess to the driver side window to say goodbye to their mom. Jess leaned in and gave their mom a quick peck on the cheek and said, “I’ll see you this evening mom.”

As she walked away, Jen leaned in and kissed their mom as well. It was such a habitual thing that she forgot all about her magic touch.

Mom noticed her discomfort and asked, “Is something wrong sweetheart?”

Jen had no idea what her mom might become and muttered, “No... No... I’m fine... I’ll see you after practice.”

Without waiting for the change, she quickly turned to follow her sister into the building.

“Practice...” She thought

“What the hell am I going to do in practice with these fucking legs...”

She felt like crying again as she entered the school...

New Desk
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Jen dropped off some books at her locker then went to her first class. Her heart was racing the entire time, but nobody seemed to notice her change. She didn’t want extra legs but was glad for the “everyone will think you’re normal” disclaimer. Unfortunately, those aspirations for normalcy were cut short as she stepped into the classroom. Instead of her usual desk, there were two chairs pushed together behind a small table. She hesitated, then maneuvered her two bottoms into the chairs. After her wardrobe multiplied, she half expected one of the desk-chairs to be modified as well.

As she thought about her condition, Suzy asked. “Hey Jen, did you finish last night’s homework?”

Jen grumbled, “Which answer do you need?”

Suzy was one of her best friends and that question was so routine that everything seemed fine for a moment.

“Oh, I had some trouble with 5 and 13,” Suzy added.

Jen pulled her homework from her backpack and handed it over. Suzy managed to jot down the answers just as their instructor asked them to pass their work forward. She gathered papers from a few students behind her then handed the stack to Jen. Jen touched Suzy’s hand in the process. She passed them on to the person sitting ahead of her then realized what had happened. She remembered her sister’s two heads and quickly turned to see if Suzy had changed as well. She was relieved to see that Suzy looked the same. Jen stared, expecting her to change any moment, but there was nothing.

“What’s the matter Jen?” Suzy asked after she noticed her gaze.

“N... Nothing...” Jen stuttered as she turned away.

She didn’t really understand it. Her hand definitely brushed against Suzy’s skin. Could it only be spread once? Her sister changed but mom looked fine.

Jen let out a sigh of relief and turned her focus to the notes that their instructor had begun to write on the board. She pulled out her notepad and caught up. She occasionally glanced around to room to see if anyone was gawking at her four legs. As far as she could tell, nobody cared. The legs were surprising on their own, but something else was stealing her attention. As she looked around she couldn’t help noticing some of the girls. She kept catching herself looking at their breasts and legs.

She looked back towards the front of the room. Their instructor was a younger woman, maybe in her late twenties or early thirties. Her cloths were modest enough, but Jen couldn’t help imagining her figure under the tight suit jacket.

After a few dirty thoughts, she realized that girls were turning her on. In an attempt to ignore the urges, she focused on her notepad. Taking notes was mundane and time consuming; it distracted her well enough...

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She had a harsh reminder of the transformation when the bell rang. She stood too quickly and one of the chairs tipped over. It made a loud clatter as it hit the floor. Everyone went quiet and several students looked at her. She blushed deep red and quickly left the room, not bothering to pick up the chair.

She was hot with embarrassment and found the nearest bathroom. She waited in an empty stall for several minutes to calm down. As dramatic as this change was, Jen was determined not to let it ruin her. As she thought about the situation, she felt a familiar pressure in both groins.

“How the fuck am I supposed to do this?” Jen said to herself as she looked down at the toilet.

She had to pee and didn’t have much choice. Both pairs of panties came off, followed by the skirts. She didn’t know what sort of control she’d have and really didn’t want to make a mess of her cloths. At first, she tried to fit both bottoms on the toilet. No matter how she angled herself, it just wasn’t happening. She gave up and sat her right ass on the seat while crouching with her left side.

The stall was a bit cramped but she made it work. She carefully loosened her muscles in the right groin and felt hot urine drain out. Her left side wanted relief as well, and she was happy to discover that she could control the muscles independently. After her right bladder was empty, she wiped and rearranged herself to drain the left side. Once finished, she dressed then left the stall to stand in front of the mirror.

As she looked at her reflection, she thought, “Am I really stuck like this for the rest of my life?”

She had plenty of time that morning to sulk and was gradually becoming more curious about her new parts. She waited until the bathroom was clear, then lifted both skirts to take a closer look. Individually, her pairs of legs looked perfectly normal. Pretty much exactly the same as what she had before. Everything even felt the same, from the muscles in her calves to the sensitive areas in either groin. The only thing that was strange about it was how they had been doubled.

Looking at he four legs made her think about the other girls in her cheer squad. They were all very attractive, and she was looking forward to seeing them naked in the locker room. She let go of her left skirt and used her free hand to reach into her right panties. She slid her finger along her lips and gave her clit a gentile rub. It made her shiver and she felt moisture building in both pussies. Before she had an opportunity to really play, the bell rang. She was startled by the sound and quickly pulled her hand free.

She cursed the timing and left for her next class with a familiar tingling in her genitals. Normally, so little attention wouldn’t have set her off, but the sensation was doubled and her mind kept wondering towards naughty things. She was horny and decided that she’d do something about it during study hall...

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She wasn’t surprised when she found the same double chair and table set up in her next classes. She maneuvered her two bottoms into the chairs and pulled out her notepad. The warmth in her pair of groins was very distracting and she wiggled her legs impatiently.

She was excited to play but was annoyed at how horny the curse made her feel. Still, part of her was enjoying it. She made it through the rest of her morning classes without any issues, aside from wet spots in her panties. The clock ticked agonizingly slow, but the bell finally rang for study hall and she left to find some privacy.

She guessed that the sports equipment room would be empty since it was still early in the day. As luck would have it, the room was clear. She found a weight bench hidden behind some shelves and pulled off her panties and skirts. She had a tendency to squirt when she really got into it. Her panties were already a little damp and she didn’t want to make it worse. Besides, pulling everything off allowed for easy access.

She didn’t spare any time moving her hands to either pussy. She gently rubbed the vulva and felt as blood pumped into her lips and clits. In no time at all, both pussies were engorged and had two hard nubs pushing up on both hoods. Jen wasn’t a prude and had no problem masturbating, but this was very different. She could hardly control herself as heat spreed through her body. Goosebumps traveled up her chest and made her nipples harden. She stretched her legs and curled her toes as the sensations continued up her neck, then down her spine. Both groins offered their own sensations and every feeling was doubled as she continued to stroke and pinch.

She climaxed in her right pussy, then felt cum leaking from her left. As her body convulsed, semi-clear fluid squirted onto the floor. She was a little ashamed of the mess but too hot to stop. She continued to massage her groins and felt another orgasm building. Just before she reached her second climax, the door creaked open.

Jen panicked and quickly sat up...

Suzy's Change
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“Hello? Is someone in here?” Suzy asked.

Jen was breathing to hard and she knew she’d give herself away if she tried to get dressed. She was relieved that it was Suzy’s voice she heard and decided to speak out before she discovered her.

“It’s me... Please stay over there...” Jen added.

“Jen?” Suzy asked.

“Are you doing what I think you’re doing?”

Jen was a bit surprised by the comment and asked, “What do you think I’m doing?

“Don’t play coy Jen... What else would we be doing in here all alone?” Suzy asked.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” Jen asked, both confused and turned on.

Suzy answered, “jeez, do I really need to spell it out for you?

Before Jen could reply, Suzy walked around the corner and found her sitting half naked above a puddle of cum and fluid.

“Aw, you started without me.”

Jen was embarrassed but more surprised about how Suzy was reacting to the situation and stuttered, “Is... Is this... Turning you on?”

“You always turn me on Jen” Suzy replied with a grin.

“Since when are you into girls?” Jen asked.

“Uh, duh... Since ever,” she replied with a wink.

Jen had no idea and wondered how long Suzy had kept it a secret. Would she have ever know if the curse hadn’t made her bisexual? She didn’t have an opportunity to reply before Suzy bent down and kissed her. Jen didn’t fight it.

As they made out, Suzy slipped one of her fingers down Jen’s right pelvis and gently rubbed her clit. Jen didn’t know why, but she really wanted to taste her friend’s pussy. Without asking, she reached forward and grabbed Suzy’s skirt. With a gentle tug she undid the button and pulled it down a few inches. Suzy must have know what she was after. She stepped back and removed her skirt and panties. While Suzy disrobed, Jen stood up and knelt down in front of the bench. Her friend, now bottomless stepped across and sat down in front of Jen’s waiting tongue.

Jen didn’t mean to change her sister, but had hoped that was the end of it. One good look at her friend’s pussy was all it took to realize that it wasn’t. Instead of one, Suzy had two pink slits in her groin. She reached down and slid her index and middle finger along either pussy, then stopped for a moment on her two clits before lifting her hand to allow Jen to move in.

Jen felt guilty but was too aroused by the sight to stop. She inserted her tongue into Suzy’s left opening. Jen spent some time licking spots that she knew were sensitive, all while savoring the sweet flavor. After a moment she slipped her tongue out and inserted it into Suzy’s right hole.

While Jen worked below, Suzy pulled off her own top and bra to gain access to her breasts. Several minutes passed, Jen felt her friend shiver and flex. Soon after, warm cum drooled from both slits. Jen drank it down, then leaned back to watch Suzy squirm as she slowly came down from the high...

Jen was still turned on but her pair of groins had calmed down when she turned her focus to Suzy. She was horny enough to build another orgasm but had enough self control to stop after her friend climaxed. She stood up and stretched, then turned to watch Suzy shake off the pleasure.

“Honestly Jen, why would I even bother with boys when you’ve got a tongue like that...” Suzy breathed.

Jen felt another shiver as she looked at Suzy’s heaving chest. She turned away and found her panties nearby. Before she pulled them back on, she grabbed a tissue from her backpack and began to wipe her left pussy.

“Hey, you got another one of those?” Suzy asked as she watched.

Jen grabbed a second tissue, passed it to her friend, then asked, “So you’ve got two pussies now?”

“I’ve always had two...” Suzy replied.

“Right... I suppose I’ve always had four legs then...” Jen said with a hint of sarcasm.

“Yea, and two pussies. We’re practically twins!” Suzy added with a laugh.

“And we’re lesbians too?” Jen asked, this time more seriously.

“Is something the matter Jen?” Suzy asked as she wiped cum and saliva from her two slits.

“No... It’s nothing.” Jen replied.

There wasn’t really anything she could say to make her friend realize that what just happened was the product of a curse. She decided to drop the subject and suggested that they head to one of the study halls. Suzy agreed. While she wiped her pussies, Jen pulled back on her panties and skirts. Once fully dressed, both girls discreetly left the equipment room...

Lunch Time
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As they left the equipment room, the bell sounded to signal lunch time. They were surprised that they had been at it so long. Both girls were caught up on their work and didn’t really need a study hall, so they weren’t too worried about missing it. They changed their trajectory and went towards the cafeteria. On the way, they ran into Jessica. Jen was still surprised by her multiplied head but tried not to mention it as they walked together.

Suzy was the first to speak, “Hey Jess, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure.” Left Jess answered.

“So... Can you work on different assignments at the same time?” Suzy replied.

Jen couldn’t believe how direct the question was and said, “Jeez Suzy, have a little tact won’t you?”

Jess’s right head turned towards her and stated, “No worries Jen, I don’t mind.”

As soon as she finished the statement, her left head turned to Suzy and said, “It depends on how hard the material is, but most of the time I can help myself out.”

“Help yourself out?” Jen asked.

“Yea, I’ll think about the possible answers.” Jess’s left head answered.

“And I’ll work ahead.” Her right head continued.

“It’s that cheating?” Suzy asked.

Jen wondered the same thing.

“I may have two heads, but I’m not two people.” Both heads replied in unison.

The three girls approached the cafeteria, Jess’s left head turned towards the entrance and said, “I’m gonna go find my friends.”

Her right head turned to Jen and Suzy, then continued, “I’ll see you after practice Jen. Bye Suzy”

Jen stared at her for a moment before slowly saying, “OK... See you later...”

Suzy waited until Jess was out of ear shot to say, “you act like you’ve never seen Jess before,” when she noticed Jen’s vacant stare.

Jen ignored the comment and turned to find a place in line. They filled their trays then ate their lunch. Once finished, they spent some time chatting with the other girls about cheer practice. She gradually felt more confident. Not a single one of her friends looked at her differently.

After a while, they finished and Jen stood up to dump her tray. On her way back, she tripped and had a few too many legs to catch herself. After the fall, she knelt there for a moment, a bit embarrassed by all the wondering eyes. She began to pull herself up when one of the football players reached down to offer a hand. Without thinking, she grabbed hold...


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His Favorite Feature
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Jen immediately regretted the decision when she saw his shirt pushing out in two places under either arm. The shirt adjusted, and in moments two muscular arms pushed from his torso. Jen imagined that most guys would end up with two dicks after touching her and was surprised by this transformation.

“Oh my gosh, are you OK?” Jen squeaked.

“I should be asking you that...” The boy added.

Jen felt everyone looking at them and couldn’t think of anything to say. She quickly pushed past and found her seat next to Suzy.

Suzy giggled, “That looked a little awkward.”

The four armed boy stood there for a moment then shrugged and left the cafeteria with some of his friends.

“He was kind of cute, you ought to invite him to the equipment room some time”

“Stop it Suzy...” Jen whispered.

Jen was extra careful to avoid touching anybody else for the rest of the day...

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Her remaining classes went by quickly and before she knew it, school was over. She would have been happy to head home right then but knew that she still had to make it through practice that evening.

She began to panic as she realized that she might not be able to avoid touching the other cheer leaders. With that in mind, she realized that she needed to find a cure before this got seriously out of hand. She dodged people as she went to the locker room. Once there she met Suzy, who was topless and applying some deodorant.

Jen looked around and saw a few naked girls, along with a handful of others in the process of undressing. Her cheeks flushed red. She quickly tossed her backpack into her locker, then went back upstairs. She considered herself lucky to have already been in her uniform. Any longer down there and she wasn’t sure what she might have done.

After a while, all of the girls had gathered in the gym. Jen was still turned on by the sight of so many attractive bodies, but had more self control since they were dressed. Their coach assigned positions and explained their first formation. Jen managed to avoid touching the other cheer leaders for the first half of practice since they were doing simple endurance drills and single poses. Unfortunately, midway through, she was assigned to be one groups flyer. After several stunts, at least four other girls had touched Jen’s skin. Others were luck enough to have only touched the fabric of her uniform.

Jen wasn’t surprised when Alex sprouted an extra pair of breasts. She had D cups and it wasn’t a secret that she loved them. Her uniform looked odd with four large bulges, but oddly sexy. Vanessa was now sporting the same doubled legs as Jen, and the other two girls looked normal, but Jen guessed that they were like Suzy now.

Somehow, she had no problem performing stunts with four legs. Neither did Vanessa. It was surreal. She hated herself for doing that to them, but took some solace in the fact that none of them realized that things had changed.

In time, practice ended and she was free to go. She quickly grabbed her backpack from her locker and ran for the parking lot, determined not to touch anyone else. She found her mom’s car and jumped in.

“Are you in a hurry?” Mom asked.

Jen turned to answer but went quiet when she saw Mom's transformation...

Mom's Change
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Mom wasn’t wearing a bra and Jen could see her nipples pushing against the her tight t-shirt. That wasn’t out of the ordinary since she often ditched her bra as soon as she got off work. Jen would usually just shrug it off but now Mom had an extra pair of breasts, similar to the pair Alex grew during practice.

“Your chest...” Jen replied without thinking.

“Huh? What about it?” Mom asked as she shifted into reverse.

“You have four boobs...” Jen continued.

“Yea?” Mom added with a confused look.

“I know you’re bi, but please don’t go getting an Oedipus complex.”

“But... I wasn’t...” Jen started.

Mom interrupted, “I suppose most mom’s only have two huh. I won’t complain though. These puppies were a god-sent when I was breastfeeding your sister.”

“Eww... Stop... Forget I said anything,” Jen replied with a look of disgust.

She was fascinated by the four breasts but, regardless of how bi or horny she was, her mom was a turn off. She turned her attention to the window and watched the houses go by as they drove home.

“Is everything alright sweetheart?” Mom asked after a stretch of silence.

“I just had a long day and I’m glad it’s over.” Jen replied solemnly.

She felt bad about transforming others that day and had a hard time staying positive. Aside from some small talk, the ride was quiet. When they arrived at the house, she grabbed her backpack and maneuvered both sets of legs out of the car, then stood up and went inside. She said hello to her two headed sister and dad sitting in the living room, then went upstairs to hide in her bedroom for the rest of the evening...

A Family of Freaks
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Jen wasn’t in her room for long. Her dad hollered up to let her know that supper was ready. She begrudgingly went down and ate with her family. It was surreal to watch her sister eating different food items at the same time with either head. At the other end of the table, her mom sat with her four nipples slightly visible under her thin shirt. Jen tried not to think about it and focused on her food. Since she was finally home, she let her guard down and hardly noticed when she grazed her dad’s arm while reaching for the pepper. She finished her supper then left the dining room. Halfway up the stairs it dawned on her. In a panic, she ran back to the dining room to see what happened to him.

He looked perfectly fine. Jen let out a heavy sigh and decided that it was just her imagination. She went back to her room and collapsed on her bed. She could feel both pussies tingling. It was strange to be in such a sour mood while still being aroused. With a groan, she rolled onto her stomach and pushed her face into a pillow. Ordinarily, she’d have thought about school or her friends, but now she couldn’t stop imagining the naked girls in the locker room. Jen rolled over and reached for her right groin. Before she made contact, there was a knock on her door.

Jen pulled her hand away and asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s me... Can we talk?” Jess answered.

Jen was itching to masturbate, but didn't expect her sister to take long. She replied, “sure...”

Her two headed sister came in.

Left Jess asked, “Jen, you’ve been acting strange all day.”

Then the right head continued, “Will you tell me what’s bothering you?”

Jen replied, “You wouldn’t believe me...”

“Try me.” Both heads echoed.

Jen let out a sigh then stood up and pulled the door shut behind her sister. She offered Jess the desk chair then sat back down at the foot of her bed. She recalled everything that was said during the call, then the people she touched throughout the day. She mentioned her increased libido and bisexuality, but neglected to mention her session with Suzy in the equipment room. Once finished, she looked up at Jess to gauge her reaction.

Both heads looked her over, then said, “You’re right, that sounds crazy.”

“Jen, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. We might be a family of freaks, but modern society doesn’t treat us any differently for it.”

“A family of freaks?” Jen asked.

Jess’s heads traded the sentence back and forth as they explained, “Well yea... You’ve got two pairs of legs. I’ve got two heads. Mom’s got four boobs and Dad... Well, you know...”

“Know what?” Jen asked, genuinely curious.

“Uh... He’s got two dicks...” Left Jess remarked with a blush.

Right Jess finished, “I guess it’s just runs in the family...”

Jen hadn’t imagined touching Dad after all. She was frustrated but forgot about him when she imagined two dicks on one body. She was already aroused but that thought pushed her. She felt moisture building in her two pussies and was having trouble focusing on their conversation.

She fought back the urges, then said, “How do you explain those other kids at school?”

“Maybe it’s something in the water?” Right Jess replied.

Jen thought for a moment then remembered that she still had the curse.

Jen reasoned, “What if I could prove that it’s my curse?”

“What do you have in mind?” Left Jess remarked.

“Transform or Dare.” Jen replied.

“Oh come on, you know that’s not a real thing.” Both Jess’s replied.

“If you say so...” Jen scoffed.

The words were exhilarating. Is that how her mystery caller felt when she was cursed? As her sister thought about her choice, Jen thought about what she could do to prove her story. It proved to be a challenge since here thoughts kept traveling to sex. It was the product of her increased libido and she began to wish she hadn’t used the curse right then. The longer she waited, the hornier she became. In the silence, her thoughts wondered to Suzy’s sweet pair of slits, then to that four armed football player.

Jen snapped out of it when Jess said, “If you really think this curse is real, then I’ll go all in. Give me both.”

Cock Tongue
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Jen’s arousal clouded her mind as she began to string together a curse for Jess.

“Um... For your transformation...” Jen began, feeling goosebumps along her chest and thighs.

“Your left head’s tongue will turn into a penis.”

She felt silly saying that and realized that she needed to do something about the truth of the curse as well.

Before she was overcome by arousal she squeaked, “And after you’ve given yourself a blow job, you’ll know the truth about my curse.”

“That’s really gross!” Left Jess replied.

Jen ignored her, “Also, watching me masturbate won’t bother you... You’ll even help out.”

“Jen this is making me uncomfortable.” Right Jess added.

“Um... Remember that increased libido problem I have?” Jess added, only half paying attention to her sister as she reached towards her wet groin.

“I’m about to burst over here.”

“I get it Jen, you’re an excessively horny pervert...” Jess continued.

“What about the dare?”

Jen hated how her sister treated it as normal. The words felt wrong, but she was at her tipping point. She let out a sexual moan and shouted, “I dare you to give your cock a blow job with your other head.”

Jen finished and watched as her sister’s left head stuck out her tongue. In moments, the tip swelled into the familiar shape of a cock, then developed a small hole in the end. The pinkish skin blended into the more tan shaft and became slightly wrinkly. Veins developed along the length as it finished forming. It hung flaccid a few inches from her mouth, dripping with saliva.

Left Jen let out a muffled, “Wha hha fuuck.”

After a few seconds the dick began to swell until it was erect.

Right Jess only had a enough time to say, “Oh my gosh!” Before wrapping her mouth around her twin head’s cock tongue.

It almost looked like her two heads were making out if not for the tube of flesh between their lips. Jen was too aroused by the sight to stop herself from shoving her hands into either groin. As Jess sucked her cock tongue, she knelt down in front of Jen. Without really looking, she gently pulled Jen’s hand out of her left groin and carefully removed her panties. Once her wet cunt was visible, Jess began to massaged Jen’s left clit. Both girls made embarrassing sounds as they were overcome with pleasure.

Since Jess had taken over Jen’s left pussy, she was free to use both hands on her right crotch. Soon, the groin that her sister was working on climaxed. Jen squirted hot fluid onto her sister’s hands, then heard her let out a loud moan. She looked up just as Jess’s left neck convulsed. As cum shot out of her tongue, her other cheeks puffed out. A moment later, the white fluid came dribbling from the sides of her right mouth. Jen continued to rub her right clit and soon reached a second orgasm.

She let out one more moan, then collapsed back onto the bed. Jess backed up and fell into the desk chair. She tipped her heads away and let the cock pop free with a quiet slurping sound. Her right head swallowed the cum while the left just looked vacantly at the ceiling. The cock slowly shrank.

After a minute, Jen caught her breath and sat back up.

“So do you believe me now?” She wheezed.

Jen’s right head answered, “Every word...”

“That Kyle bastard is going to pay for this...”

Who's Kyle
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Jen was confused and asked, “Who?”

“Kyle... The boy who cursed you...” Jess replied.

“Oh, right... He made you forget that part.”

Jess’s new curse allowed her to see past that? Jen was overjoyed to have someone on the inside and asked her sister if she could think of a way to fix them.

“Give me a minute here. I’m still trying to process all of this” Jess replied.

It took several minutes for the cock to shrink enough for her left head to pull it into her mouth, but even then it was easier for her to let the length of it hang out the side. Jen was beat, but still felt pings of arousal when she looked at the drooping cock. Jess was a bit annoyed but didn’t blame her for it. She knew now that the curse had definitely messed with her libido and was far more angry at this Kyle person than anyone else involved.

Jess theorized, “I think I know how to fix this. There might be some trial and error involved.”

“I’ve got the curse now, so I should be able to pass it back to you. I might be able to change you back.”

“Theem you cam fith mee” Her left head lisped.

“Alright, but please do something about my multiplied arousal. I can’t think straight with that cock looking at me” Jen replied.

Jess opted to speak with her right head only since the penis made it difficult to enunciate. She was silent for a moment then came up with a simple plan to change them both back.

“Jen, please choose transform when I pass the curse back to you.” Jess said.

“Here we go... Transform or dare Jen.”

Jen Chooses Transform
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She followed her sister’s instructions and listened for the new transformation.

Jess didn’t waste any time and said, “You will only have one set of legs and your libido will be normal.”

Jen was overjoyed by the words, but didn’t have an opportunity to celebrate before her sister added a new condition.

“Also, your tongue will turn into a dick whenever you’re aroused.”

“What the fuck Jess!” Jen yelled.

“Serves you right for what you did to me!” Jess replied with a scowl.

Jess could see how angry her sister was. “Fine... You can control when it turns into a penis... Happy now?”

Jen conceded and said, “Thanks. I guess. I don’t really want it but at least I won’t have to worry about spitting up a boner in the middle of class.”

Left Jess replied with a heavy lisp, “Yer thellin mee...”

Jen couldn’t help laughing at the mental image. Jess wasn’t happy about her cock tongue but the laugh was contagious enough for her to join in. As they laughed, Jen felt her lower body tingling. Her legs began to fuse. As they merged and her waist shifted, the two skirts fused back into one.

Apparently the clothing aspect of the curse stuck with her. The panties on her right groin loosened as her body changed. Jess had pulled off the left pair when she helped her masturbate. Jen spotted it nearby, but was surprised to see that it was only half a pantie, perfectly cleaved down the middle. Her transformation ended and she lifted her skirt to see if everything was OK. Only one set of legs extended from her single waist. Between them, a single pink slit. The only thing unusual was the half-pantie that hung loosely on her right leg. It wasn’t doing anything to cover her groin, so she pulled it off and tossed it aside.

That had been one of her favorite pairs, but it was a small price to pay considering the situation. As she looked herself over, she realized that her thoughts weren’t stuck on sex. Jen looked up and noticed that both of Jess’s heads were turned away.

Jen dropped her skirt then stuttered, “Oh, sorry... I just needed to see...”

“No, no... It’s fine, take your time.” Jess replied with some sarcasm.

“In fact, let me know if I can help out. Since I grew this cock, I’ve been compelled to want to touch your pussy...”

Jen apologized again, then after a moment of silence Jess said, “There’s no rush or anything but, seriously, I’d love to lose this cock...”

Jen thought for a moment, then said, “I need you to pick both, alright? I promise I won’t make you do anything bad.”

“Sure, just get on with it...” Jess impatiently replied.

Jen let out a heavy sigh and said, “OK... Here goes... Transform or dare Jess.”

Jess Picks Both
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As soon as Jen finished Jess said, “Both.”

Jen continued, “OK. You’ll loose the cock and you’ll only have one head.”

“For your dare, I want you to use the curse on me again. When I choose dare, you tell me to... Um... Snap my fingers...”

Jen felt a little silly but couldn’t think of anything better in the short time frame. Moments after she finished, her sister’s cock tongue shrank back into her left mouth, taking on the appearance of a regular tongue. Next, her heads pulled inward and began to fuse together. By the time it was over her sister looked perfectly normal. Jess looked at Jen and used the curse words once more. Jess dared Jen to snap her fingers and she complied.

Jess asked, “I get that you wanted the curse power back, but why didn’t you fix the cock tongue or your bisexuality?”

Jen felt like an idiot. Since she didn’t have a cock drooping from her mouth at the time, the thought didn’t cross her mind. Jess didn’t wait for a response as she turned to leave the room.

“To each her own I guess...”

Jen reached out and grabbed her arm, “Hold on... What about everyone else I touched...”

The moment the words left her mouth, Jess’s head began to split. It took less than a minute for her to revert to the two headed form.

“What the fuck Jen!” Jess yelled from both mouths as her left head turned to face her, soon followed by her right.

“I... I still have the cursed touch,” Jen murmured.

“Of course...” Jess’s left head said as she rolled her eyes.

“Go ahead and pass me the curse so I can take care of this.” Her right head followed.

Jen felt terrible for dragging this out and simply said, “transform or dare...”

“Transform, now hurry up and fix this!” Both heads insisted.

Jen really didn’t want to piss Jess off since she was once again relinquishing control over the curse. She told her sister to have only one head. When the change finished she looked at Jen and said, “Pick transform, alright?”

Jen didn’t argue. After the exchange Jess told Jen that her touch no longer had the power to multiply people, then quickly left the room. Jen was finally alone and her body was normal, but several of her friends weren’t. She needed to help them too...

Not Normal Enough
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By the time she and her sister had reconfigured each other, it was late. With nothing left to do that night; Jen took a quick shower, pulled on a pair of panties, then crawled into bed.

[Friday - 6:30AM]

She woke to her alarm and rolled to turn it off. As she turned her head, she felt something sticking out of her mouth. She reached up and grabbed hold. It made her shiver and she immediately realized that it was a cock. Her groggy eyes flew open as she sat upright. An erection stood proudly in front of her face.

She mumbled a few curse words then went to the bathroom. It was just like her sister’s cock tongue albeit a little larger and not quite so tan. She was only wearing panties and this was the first time since yesterday morning that she really looked her naked body. She hadn’t forgotten how attractive she was. Since she was now bisexual, the sight of her soft round breasts and hard cock were turning her on.

Apparently she was experiencing morning wood. Her penis was very sensitive and she wanted to stroke it but needed to get ready for school. She had enough self control to keep her hands away and remembered what her sister said about the tongue. With a little concentration, it began to transform. It slowly softened, became pink, and slid back into her mouth. The transformation finished as it took on the familiar shape of her tongue; though the hole in the tip was still there and the edges had a slight mushroom profile.

It looked a little unusual and felt oddly sensitive. Unless someone really examined it, they wouldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Jen shrugged and grabbed her toothbrush. She applied some toothpaste and brushed her teeth, careful not to rub her sensitive tongue, then rinsed her mouth out. She applied a little makeup then brushed her hair down. Once satisfied with her appearance, she went back into her bedroom to find a bra.

She licked her lips and pressed the unusual tongue against the top of her mouth, then rubbed it along her teeth. It was just as functional as before, aside from the extra sensitive tip. It was the same sort of feeling she got when she rubbed her clit, though not as intense. Even so, it was hard to ignore with the tingling peppermint toothpaste lingering in her mouth. She tried not to think about it as she lifted her breasts into a bra. She adjusted them until they were comfortable then pulled on a red shirt. Next she pulled on a pair of shorts, followed by socks and shoes.

Martha was working that morning and she was glad that any sort of perverted calls would be filtered through her. Fortunately the phone never rang. Jen waited with mom in the living room until her sister was ready, then the three of them left the house. It wasn’t long before they arrived at school. The two girls stepped out of the car and told their mom goodbye. Jess followed Jen rather than heading for her locker. Since Jess was no longer under the effects of the curse, she was very much aware of other people’s transformations.

She turned to Jen and whispered, “Why does mom have four boobs?”

“Same reason dad has two dicks” Jen answered as she arrived at her locker.

“I really don’t want to mess with this magic shit any more than I have to, but I’ll help if I can.” Jess replied.

Before Jen could say anything, the bell echoed down the hall.

“Lets talk at lunch”, Jess said as she hurried off to her first class...

Morning Classes
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Jen entered her first class and noticed Vanessa, one of the girls she accidentally changed during cheer practice. She was now situated in the two chairs that Jen had used the day before. It was surreal to see a girl with four legs from an outside perspective. Jen tried not to stare since nobody else gave it any attention. She found a seat next to Suzy and pulled out her notepad and textbook.

Suzy offered a small greeting, then chatted about yesterday’s practice. Jen carried on the conversation, but found herself looking at Suzy differently. Her smooth skin, petite body, and large breasts... She was very attractive. Jen didn’t feel overly aroused like before, but still felt something when she was with her. Before the conversation ended, Suzy hinted at meeting her in the equipment room again. Jen remembered how good that felt and noticed her tongue swelling. She made a quick mental command and it calmed down. Before she could reply, their instructor called for everyone's attention.

He praised them for an overall high grade on yesterdays homework, then commanded them to turn to page 96 in their textbook. Jen turned away from Suzy and opened her book. Not much else happened that morning. She read and took notes during class, then gossiped with friends in between. The only thing that was unusual were the few people she had touched yesterday. She saw the four armed football player in the hallway. At one point, she stopped to chat with Alex, who was still sporting four breasts.

Any time she encountered a changed person, she did her best not to stare or bring attention to it. She wondered if Jess had met any of them yet.

Finally, her last morning class ended and she went to her locker. She tossed in some books, picked up a few others then made her way to one of the designated study halls. As she walked, she tried to think of ways to fix everyone else with the curse power that she still carried. Cursing each one of them individually seemed a bit to risky, but she couldn’t think of anything better.

Just then, Suzy grabbed her from behind...

Suzy Wants Some Attention
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Jen wavered as Suzy pulled on her shoulders, “Gah...What are you doing!”

“Come on Jen, lets have some fun!” Suzy sang as she loosened her grip.

Jen turned to face her. She almost rejected the invitation but couldn’t help remembering how great it felt the day before. As she looked over Suzy’s body, she felt warmth building in her groin and chest. Against her better judgment, she agreed to go with her. Suzy giggled and took her hand. Together, they pushed through the crowd until they made the equipment room. Once the coast was clear, they pushed the door open and slipped in. There was no lock, but Jen did find a broom to wedge in the handle. Satisfied that they wouldn’t be disturbed, she turned back to Suzy, who already had her shirt halfway off.

She tossed it aside and noticed the broom, “Aw... Where’s your sense of danger Jen?”

“I don’t want to get caught doing this...” Jen whispered.

Suzy skipped over a bag of volleyballs and stole a kiss, “Don’t be so nervous, nobody’s caught us before.”

As far as Jen knew, their track record was a one time and counting; but Suzy acted like this was something they did often. She wasn’t going to complain. Watching Suzy undress was turning her on and that kiss made her shiver with desire. She felt her sensitive tongue swell as it pushed out of her mouth and changed shape. Suzy finished undressing and looked at Jen.

“Are you going to undress, or is this the only thing you’re sharing today?” She said, as she reached for the penis.

Jen was embarrassed and forced it to change back. Even as it pulled back into her mouth and took on a more tongue like shape, the sensitivity continued to increase. She could even taste precum leaking from the tip.

“What’s the matter Jen?”

Jen was still horny, but felt a little panicked as she said, “You know about my tongue?”

“Well yea, who doesn’t?” Suzy replied.

“Everyone thinks it’s normal?” Jen asked herself quietly as she thought back to her original curse.

She didn’t expect a reply but Suzy must have heard her. She added, “I’m not sure I’d say it’s normal, but you’ve had that funky tongue as long as I can remember...”

“Come on, put it back out... Lets have some fun!”

Jen dropped her shorts, then stepped out of her panties. She was definitely turned on, but also a little embarrassed to be doing something so lewd. Even so, she gave into Suzy’s demands...

Wish For More
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Jen’s cock tongue was now fully transformed and stood firm, several inches in front of her face. She felt the throbbing shaft rub along her shirt as she pulled it off. The sensation made her knees buckle, but she stayed upright. She tossed aside the shirt and unclipped her bra to free her firm breasts. Suzy was already naked and had began to masturbate on the bench they used the previous day. Jen joined her.

Suzy saw the throbbing cock sticking out of Jen’s mouth and said, “Come here and give me a kiss!”

Jen complied, and nervously sat down next to her on the bench. They turned to face each other and Suzy leaned in and pulled Jen’s cock tongue into her mouth. Jen nearly fell over as her body was wracked with pleasure. She grabbed onto Suzy’s chest and shoulder for balance. Suzy squirmed, clearly enjoying Jen’s grip. Strange new muscles along the shaft tensed and flexed in Jen’s cock. She wondered if this felt anything like a real penis. The tip was just like her clit but more intense. She let out a moan and pulled herself closer to Suzy.

Jen was beginning to feel light headed as her friend sucked and licked her shaft. After a moment, Suzy leaned away, allowing Jen’s cock tongue to slip free. It was still hard and Jen felt it flex and beg for more. She asked why Suzy had stopped but only mumbled a few incoherent words from her full mouth before Suzy asked, “Why don’t you let me taste your cock tongue with my other lips?”

Jen knew what that meant and quickly slid off of the bench. She knelt down and turned to face Suzy’s two pussies. Suzy, with spread legs, reached down to pull on her outer pair of labia. A small bridge of skin separated the two openings. Both sides had pink lips and clits peaking out at the top. Her once single mound now had two small bumps as it transitioned into her genitals. They looked unusual, yet very inviting. Jen couldn’t choose which hole to penetrate and closed her eyes before she pushed her head forward. She felt warmth on the tip of her cock as she made contact with Suzy’s right pussy. She gently pushed her shaft further in.

While Jen maneuvered her cock inside of Suzy, she lowered her right hand to pleasure her own moist clit. Then massaged her chest with her free hand. Suzy had a similar idea. Since Jen was busy down below, both of her hands explored her firm breasts and pert nipples.

Jen could hardly comprehend the pleasure. Suzy’s warmth enveloped her shaft. She could feel her squeezing and pulling as she shifted on the bench. Both girls squirmed and tensed as heat radiated through their bodies. After a short while, Suzy’s body flexed and warm cum drooled from the pussy that Jen had been penetrating. Jen could taste the warm fluid as it ran down her cock and into her mouth.

She gave a few more tasty thrusts then switched to Suzy’s left pussy. She instinctively used the muscles near the base of her tongue to bend and thrust her cock. It wasn’t long before the strange dizziness returned. In minutes, she felt heat building in the back of her throat and suddenly felt her tongue tense up. A hot stream of cum shot from the end of her cock and filled Suzy’s left pussy.

The intense sensation made Jen climax down below. Semi-clear fluid dropped onto the floor. She pulled away just in time to watch another stream white fluid erupt from the end of her dick. She fell back on the floor and laid there for a moment. Her pussy drooled and her cock twitched. At least one more spasm sent a small line of cum through the air before it began to calm down. She continued to rub her chest an clit while the cock slowly softened.

Suzy must have enjoyed watching Jen on the floor. Within moments she climaxed again with a long sexual moan, then laid back on the bench. As they both caught their breath, the bell rang. The sound forced them to sit up and shake off the post-orgasm dizziness. Jen carefully stood, then sat beside Suzy on the bench.

“Damn Thuthy, thath wath awthum...” Jen lisped.

The awkward speech made her more aware of the flaccid cock that still hung from her mouth.

She transformed it back then breathed, “We ought to get dressed...”

“I suppose so...” Suzy replied.

“You know, sometimes I wish you had two of those...”

“Two what?” Jen asked as she picked up her bra.

Suzy grinned, “Dick tongues... Wouldn’t it be great if you could take on both of my pussies at the same time?”

“Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers...”

“Guess not...” Jen replied.

She didn’t pay it much thought. Instead she wondered if everyone really knew about her unusual tongue.

“Hey Suzy... Um... Would it be weird if I just let my dick tongue hang out during class or in the hallway?”

“You’d look like a dog.” Suzy laughed.

“Would it be inappropriate?” Jen asked, ignoring her friends laughter.

“Inappropriate? Nah... It might be different but it’s still just a tongue... What’s inappropriate about a tongue?”

“Besides, just last week you had forgotten to change it back for most of cheer practice.”

“As long as you don’t start drooling, I don’t think anyone will mind...”

Jen was tempted to test Suzy’s claims, but decided to keep it in her mouth for the time being. As she pondered the situation, she wondered if she should try to change Suzy back before they left the equipment room. After what they’d just done, Jen wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. Suzy seemed to really enjoy her multiplied pussies. Jen hadn’t been bisexual for long, but also enjoyed playing with Suzy. She wondered what Suzy would do if she knew the truth, but was given a choice...

She decided to gamble and said, “Suzy, I’m gonna to ask you a question.”

“It’s really important that you say both, alright?”

Jen planned to dare the curse back to herself after using the transformation bit to fix her friend. Aside from her bra, both girls were still nude. In hindsight, she wished she would have waited until they were both dressed. Jen supposed it would give her an opportunity to see if her friend really changed back and didn’t worry to much about it.

Jen’s thought was interrupted as Suzy looked up and said, “Sure, ask away...”

Suzy's Choice
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Jen took a deep breath then said, “transform or dare.”

Suzy’s leapt up from the bench and yelled, “Holy shit Jen, I didn’t know you were gonna say that...”

“It’s not a trick! I promise I won’t do anything bad... Just please just pick both...” Jen begged, as she realized that asking her friend might have been a huge mistake.

“No... Screw that... I’ll make my own choice.” Suzy sneered. “Who knows what you’ll do to me if I pick both...”

“I can’t say I’m fond of either option to be honest...”

Jen was speechless as she watched her friend pace back and forth. Only moments before, they were as high as kites. Now Suzy was angry with her.

“Dammit... Rumor has it that this stupid curse picks for you after a minute...”

Jen was surprised that Suzy knew about the curse, but even more so when she made her choice.

“Fine... I don’t know... Transform...”

Jen was hoping for dare. If anything, she could have dared her to return the curse with a finger snap, similar to what she’d done with her sister.

She was still determined to help rather than harm and said, “This might sound crazy at first, but bear with me...”

“For your transformation, you’ll know the truth about my curse, and you’ll be able to choose whether or not to go back to normal.”

“You will also be compelled to return the curse power to me.”

Jen could only cross her fingers and wait.

After a moment Suzy’s eyes went wide. “Holy shit Jen! I’m so sorry I brought you in here... I mean... Shit... I really thought we were a couple. This only started yesterday? Wow...”

Jen interrupted, “So, do you want to go back to normal?”

Suzy stared vacantly for a moment before sitting back down on the bench. She leaned forward and inspected her two vagina’s, one of which was still leaking Jen’s cum.

“You’re lucky I’m on the pill... I don’t think either of us wants a cock tongued baby...”

The thought of impregnating her never even crossed Jen’s mind. She visibly shivered as Suzy continued to examine herself.

“I can’t believe I have two pussies... Cool...” Suzy pulled on her labia and tweaked the clits. “You know what? I’m gonna keep them.”

“And... I think... I’d rather change you...”

Multiplied Again
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Before Jen could object, Suzy used the magic words.

Jen panicked. She really didn’t want to transform again, but also wanted to make sure Suzy didn’t dare her to send the curse back... Maybe she was over-thinking the whole thing, but she only had sixty seconds. She decided not to risk loosing the curse and said, “I choose transform...”

Jen knew that she could ask her sister for help so long as she kept the power.

Suzy seemed pretty happy with Jen’s decision and giggled, “Since I’ve got two pussies, you should grow a second cock. Then we can have even more fun.”

Jen’s tongue tingled as the curse was passed back. It didn’t feel any different when the tingling stopped. She noticed a mirror in the corner of the room and used it to asses the damage. The outer edges of her tongue still had the mushroom profile, but the middle now had a slight cleft. Instead of one hole in the center, there were two evenly spaced on either side.

“Well that’s just great...” Jen sighed as she turned back towards Suzy.

Suzy’s mischievous expression had turned to worry.

Before Jen could say anything Suzy pleaded, “I’m so sorry... Please don’t curse me again... I don’t know why I did that...”

Jen was confused and asked, “What do you mean... You didn’t want me to grow an extra dick?”

“Yes... I mean... No... I don’t know... I couldn’t stop myself, I felt like I had to curse you again...” Suzy cried.

“I’m so sorry Jen.”

Jen realized that it was entirely her fault for compelling Suzy to return the curse.

She replied, “It’s OK Suzy... I don’t mind...”

“Come on, lets hurry up and get dressed or we’ll miss lunch.”

Suzy nodded and walked over to the panties she had discarded earlier. Neither of them spoke as they replaced their cloths. Suzy finished first and, with one last fearful apology, she left the room. Jen was alone.

When she was fully dressed she made her way to the door. She reached for the handle, then stopped. She was curious and turned back to find the mirror she used moments earlier. Did she really have two cocks to deal with now? Once in front of the mirror, she pushed out her odd looking tongue and willed it to transform. It didn’t take long for it to extend and split into two flaccid dicks, both as long and thick as the single one she had before.

She reached up and tugged on them with either hand. They weren’t overly sensitive at the moment, but still offered the same pleasant tickle that she had felt before, though now in two places. As she stared, one began to inflate, followed by the other... Before they had a chance to fully erect, Jen transformed them back and left the room...


Re: Transform or Dare: Multiplier Jennifer - by fortestingpurposes

A Plan?
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Jen spotted her sister in the cafeteria. Jess was chatting with a few of her friends and she didn’t want to interrupt them. She filled a tray, paid for her lunch, then stopped by her sister’s table. Jen waited for an opportunity, then asked if Jess would meet with her before lunch ended.

“Sure thing Sis...” Jess chirped.

Jen left them alone and found an empty table in the back corner of the cafeteria. Her friends weren’t around. It wasn’t surprising since she was so late. She didn’t see Suzy and wondered if she had eaten anything. Jen let out a sigh, then spooned some apple sauce into her mouth. It felt odd around the tip of her tongue especially now that the sensitive part had doubled. Still, it wasn’t to difficult to ignore since she had gotten most of that out of her system with Suzy’s help. Midway through her meal Jess sat down across from her.

“So you’ve got two dicks now?” Jess queried.

The comment caught Jen off guard and she nearly spat out her food.

She recovered and whispered, “How do you know about that?”

“It came up in a conversation with one of my friends. Apparently everyone knows. I just happen to be one of the only people who knows that you weren’t born that way.” Jess explained.

“Suzy knows too, doesn’t she?”

Jen blushed. She wondered Just how much Jess knew about Suzy, but decided not to ask.

“School will be out in a few hours. Have you managed to change anyone back?”

The look on Jen's face said it all.

“As much as I’d like to stay out of it, I did say I’d help didn’t I?”

“I’m not sure what to do...” Jen admitted as she stirred some peas.

“I gave it some thought, and I think I’ve got a solution.” Jess replied.

“Oh? What do you have in mind?” Jen asked.

Before Jess could answer, the bell rang.

“Shit... It’ll have to wait. I’ll explain my plan this evening. Try not to worry to much about those you’ve transformed. Before you fixed me, I didn’t know anything was wrong. They still don’t know. Neither do any outside observers.”

With that, Jess stood up and left for her next class. Jen emptied her tray and followed suit. She didn’t want to leave anyone with an unusual body, but felt a little better after Jess’s reassurance...

Unusual Friends
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Jen sat in her next class. She was late, but lucky enough to make it in before their instructor. He arrived and assigned some reading material. As she read, she occasionally rubbed her tongue along the roof of her mouth. It tingled and made her grin. As strange as it was, she didn’t feel any need to get rid of it, especially since she could control when it transformed. Thinking about her twin peckers made her wonder about Suzy.

She wondered when they’d play again. One dick tongue was a lot of fun, how great would two feel? The thoughts plagued her, but not in a bad way. She had her normal libido back, but as a bisexual with a cute girlfriend, she felt a bit more horny than she might have before the call. On top of that, Gender was no longer an issue. Anyone with a sexy body could turn her on.

Classes droned on, but she eventually made it to the last one. Some of her fellow cheer leaders happened share that last class. Vanessa was situated in two chairs, and Alex sat next her. She wore a tight top, made even tighter by her second row of breasts. Jen was already a little hot from her sensitive tongue and the thoughts of Suzy, but seeing Alex’s four bulges stoked her fire. The pairs of long sexy legs situated below Vanessa added to her arousal. Jen found a seat behind them. They were joined by at least one other girl who Jen remembered touching during practice. She looked as ordinary as Suzy from the outside and Jen couldn't help wondering what part of her had multiplied.

She was definitely turned on by the pretty, albeit unusual, girls who were sitting around her. Not to mention some of the more attractive guys in the room. Fortunately she had more than enough self control to keep it contained. She took notes and paid attention as their instructor spoke. Finally, the last bell rang...

Unusual Conversation
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Jen followed her friends out of the room. Alex and Vanessa carried on as if nothing was unusual. Jen felt a little shy but did manage to stay in the conversation. She didn’t know the other girl very well and couldn’t remember her name. Fortunately Alex mentioned it when she addressed her midway through their conversation. It was Beth, and Jen made sure to keep her in mind when she began to fix the curse victims.

As they walked, Jen began to feel more accustomed to the situation. These girls truly didn’t know anything was wrong. Their behavior and movements were surprisingly natural. She planned to fix them as soon as possible, but felt better about leaving them like that over the weekend. It was clear that they were functioning just fine as they were. They reached the exit and Jen spotted her mom’s car across the parking lot. Vanessa and Beth said goodbye and left for their vehicles.

Once they had gone a reasonable distance, Alex turned to Jen and asked, “Hey... Has your tongue always been like that?”

Jen was confused by the comment. Suzy had confirmed that it wasn’t a secret. Still, Jen didn’t like the idea of everyone knowing that she had two dicks in her mouth at any given time. Before she could respond, Alex continued.

“I don’t want to ask anything too private, but was it different before you hit puberty?”

Jen hesitated, then simply replied, “Why do you ask?”

Alex reached up and cupped her lower pair of breasts. “It’s no secret that I’ve got four boobs. I just remembered how flat my chest was before I began to develop...”

“If these hadn’t grown, I would never have known I was any different than the rest of you.”

“Sometimes I wonder how different my life would be if I only had two...” Alex finished.

Jen bit her tongue, causing her to shiver. Alex had only spent one day with those extra breasts. How could her life have possibly changed? Jen decided it would be safer to play along and said, “I can’t imagine it would be that different...”

“Sorry, it’s kind of a silly thing to ask isn’t it? Sometimes I just wish I could pass as normal, like You or Beth...” Alex added.

Jen let her curiosity get the better of her, “What’s different about Beth?”

“Don’t you know?” Alex asked. “I thought everyone knew...”

“She just looks so ordinary.” Jen said, still playing dumb.

“I’m sure having two butt holes presents it’s own challenges.” Alex replied with a laugh.

“Still, You two are pretty lucky. I have to wear custom bra’s, and Vanessa spends a small fortune on matching skirts.”

“Ah, forget I said anything... I’ll see you on Monday Jen...”

“OK... Take care Alex...” Jen replied as her friend walked away. The conversation was a bit surreal. She tried not to think to much about it as she went towards her mom's car...

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Jess made it to the car moments before Jen. Their Mom still had four breasts. Jess clearly felt uncomfortable with mom’s extra assets and decided to sit in the back. Jen opened the passenger door and sat down. As they rode, Mom asked the usual questions about her classes and friends. Jen replied, careful not to mention their unusual bodies or her time with Suzy.

Jen didn’t make a habit of staring at her mom’s cleavage, but did notice that she wore a four cupped bra. She was glad to see that her mom's cloths had adjusted for her, but found it a bit unusual. Mom's standard protocol was to drop the bra as soon as she got home from work. Did she feel self conscious from previous day? Jen was a little worried until she realized that it wasn’t just a bra. She also wore a nice blouse and knee length skirt skirt; even a little makeup. Jen guessed that she planned to go out that night. It was Friday after all.

“Are you going somewhere this evening?” Jen asked.

Her mom nodded. “Yep, Dad and I are going on a little date. We’ll leave some money for you and Jess to order a pizza.”

A few miles from their house, Mom turned and asked Jen, “How’s your girlfriend doing? Do you two have plans this weekend?”

Jen was a little confused at first. She wasn’t the type of girl to refer to her friends as “girlfriends.”

She turned to her mom and questioned. “Girlfriend?”

“Yea, How’s Suzy doing. Did you see her today?” Mom replied.

“Oh... OH.” Jen realized.

Jess laughed in the back seat, but quickly stifled it.

“Uh... She’s great. We spent study hall together.”

Jen bit her tongue. It was meant to be a punishment for saying to much. With an ordinary tongue it might have worked. With her extra sensitive tongue, it only hurt for a moment, then sent a warm tingle down the edges. She felt a little stupid as she let out a quiet moan.

Her mom didn’t seem to notice as she said, “That’s nice. I really like Suzy. I don’t think you could have found a better girl.”

Jen appreciated the validation but was a little confused and embarrassed by the conversation. It didn’t help that her sister occasionally giggled at them. She guessed that her friends had told her that they were going out. Fortunately the awkward conversation ended as they pulled into the driveway. Jen didn’t waste any time pushing open the car door. She entered the house, kicked off her shoes in the hallway, then said hello to her dad. He returned the greeting but quickly turned his attention back to some show on TV. Jen didn’t mind his lack of interest. She used the restroom, then went to her own room for some privacy...

Lots of Fun
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She entered her room, pulled the door shut and turned the lock. She felt slightly aroused and wanted to have some fun. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for her to spend some time pleasuring herself after school, but today was a little different. She had built up some anxiety when she sat with her unusual, but weirdly sexy, friends. Later, a bizarre conversation with Alex’s about breasts and her tongue evoked a few dirty thoughts. She also learned that Beth was into anal. Finally, mom reminded her of Suzy on the drive home.

She had calmed down a little as the rode back to the house but the tingle on the tip of her tongue never really stopped. She could taste precum as it leaked from the two holes. Since she was finally alone, she yanked off her socks, then shirt. It felt nice to detach the bra and let her breasts breath. Her skirt and panties came off as well. She admired her figure in the her mirror.

The sight made her tongue even more sensitive. She guessed that being turned on would affect how it felt, regardless of its form. She ran her hands along her breasts and stomach, then gently moved one hand to her pussy. Her fingers met moisture and she knew it was time to let her twin dicks join the party. She stuck out her tongue and allowed it to transform. In moments, it split apart at the cleft. Both sides swelled and changed. This time, she never saw the flaccid pair of cocks that she had tugged on earlier that day. They skipped that stage and became firm rods, ready for action.

She let out an awkward giggle, then lifted both hands to her twin dicks. Her saliva worked well as lubricant and her hands glided gently along the pair of shafts. Foreskin wrinkled and tugged at the inside of her mouth as she flexed new muscles that ran the length of her tongue cocks. It was very strange to feel her own heartbeat synchronized in both cocks as she squeezed and pulled.

Goosebumps ran down her chest and her nipples hardened. A line of moisture dripped from her pussy. She felt it running down her leg and decided to give her lady bits some attention as well. She sat down on the floor and gently massaged her clit with one hand, while gripping both cocks in the other. They were almost too much for her to hold, but she loved how the warm shafts felt pressed against each other. It wasn’t long before she began to feel light headed. The dicks flexed and warmth built up in her neck and mouth. She pulled away from her groin, then took hold of one cock in each hand. Cum shot from both shafts.

She squeezed and tugged as bursts of white fluid made a mess on her chest and stomach. As the cocks began to soften, she released them and focused on her clit. Her body was already shaking and it didn’t take much stimulation for her to orgasm down below. Semi-clear fluid gushed from her pussy while the pair of dicks drooped.

She was out of breath and laid down on the cool floor. Fortunately, it was hard wood rather than carpet. Cleaning up her spunk shouldn’t be too difficult. She laid in her mess for a few minutes while the post-orgasmic rush died down. In time, she relaxed enough to push her self into a sitting position. She turned towards the mirror in the corner of her room. She didn’t know why, but she really enjoyed the two dicks that hung soft against her chin. They were definitely unusual, but very fun to play with. She couldn’t help laughing at her reflection. She had something like snakes tongue, albeit fat and wrinkly. The cum that clung to her breasts made it look like she’d just been in a porno.

Still giggling, she stood up and grabbed a few tissues to wipe up the mess on the floor. It wiped up easily enough. She didn’t bother wiping off her chest and stomach. From her dresser, she grabbed a pair of panties and a long t-shirt, then unlocked her door. The coast was clear. Being topless wasn’t an issue, so long as dad wasn’t upstairs. That’s how she slept every night anyway. Being fully nude with mouth dicks and spunk dripping down her chest was a different story. She stepped out of her room and quickly entered the bathroom at the end of the hallway, careful to avoid any line of sight with her sister’s open door.

She pulled the door shut and giggled as the flaccid pair of cocks wobbled against her chin...

Quick Shower
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Jen felt silly as she looked at her twin dicks in the mirror. She shook her head and felt them slapping against her cheeks. She was done masturbating, but not quite finished having fun. She pushed one into her mouth, then carefully positioned the other to look like a cigar. She could tense the muscles and pinch down with her lips to force it to stick out straight.

With the cock sticking out like a cigar, she attempted a thick accent and mumbled, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse...”

The impression was hardly accurate. Everything she said was muffled. She spat out the second cock, laughed, then continued to experiment. She stuck them out as far as she could. Apparently the limit was right where they divided from the more tongue like half that connected to the back of her mouth. She could force another half inch or so, but it wasn’t easy. She ran her fingers along different parts and was surprised to see that the tips seemed to be able to taste the saltiness of the dried cum. There wasn’t any sort of taste response down the shafts, except right around where they connected to the more normal end in her mouth.

She tested how hard she could bit them before they hurt. Resilient, but definitely painful with too much pressure. It was pretty much what she’d have experienced if she slowly bit down on her normal tongue. Guy’s always seemed so defensive when it came to their privates. Was a real penis more sensitive to pain than the pair in her mouth? She had no way to know.

She spent several more minutes playing with the flaccid cocks in front of the vanity. Finally, she turned the knob to start the water. She stepped into the water as soon as it felt warm. She lathered soap onto her breast and stomach. She had spent so long playing with them that the cum had become dry and tacky. It still came off easily with soap. She could taste bitterness as she rubbed the suds against her two cocks. It was a little weird and she couldn’t help thinking that she was ‘washing her mouth out with soap.’ Something her mom used to threaten when she or her sister cussed.

She lathered soap down her arms and legs, making sure to clean her bottom and groin. Last, she scrubbed shampoo into her hair and rinsed it all away. She managed to taste a bit more as the soapy water ran down her face. For whatever reason, she never thought to transform them back as she cleaned herself off.

Once rinsed, she shook off the excess water and toweled herself dry. She pulled her panties and t-shirt, then stepped out of the bathroom...

Jess is Curious
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Jen was startled by her sister, who was standing only a few paces away.

“Jeez Jen, I didn’t think you were ever coming out of there...”

Jen stepped aside to let her use the bathroom, not even thinking about the two dicks resting on her lower lip.

The hall light was off, so Jess must not have seen them as she quickly pushed past and pulled the door shut behind her. Jen shrugged and went down to the living room to see if there was anything decent to watch. She held her mouth open and tilted her head forward. With each step, she felt the two dicks wobbling back and forth, like a fleshy pair of metronomes. She felt like some kind of exhibitionist, and it excited her.

Those thoughts made them begin to swell but, after she sat on the couch, her interest shifted. While she watched some re-run, the semi-hard dicks drooped back down. She let them hang on the edge of her mouth, not bothering to transform them back. It wasn't an attempt to be perverted. Rather, she had forgotten about them. Even though they were resting on her lip an held her mouth open, they felt just as natural as an ordinary tongue.

After a while, her sister joined her.

“Hey Si... HOLY CRAP!” Jess yelled.

Jen turned and said, “Whath? Whath oong?”

“Those dicks!” Jess squeaked, quickly turning away.

“Oh thit... I’m thorry,” Jen apologized as she transformed them back into a tongue.

“Wow... I knew about them, but I didn’t expect that at all...” Jess said as she slowly turned back.

“Um... Jen?”

“Can you... I mean... Um... Can I see them?”

Jen was surprised and taunted her. “You want to see your sister’s dicks?”

“Don’t get the wrong idea... I’m just... Curious... is all...” Jess added with a blush.

Jen hesitated, “Uh... I suppose... Come over here.”

Jess slowly walked over and sat next to her on the couch.

Jen stuck her tongue out, but didn’t change it just yet. She wanted Jess to see what her tongue looked like when it was "normal."

“So this is what your normal tongue looks like now?” Jess asked as she studied the strange profile and cleft.

Jen pulled it back in and said, “Yep... Kind of weird looking, but feels the same... Unless I’m aroused, then it gets sensitive.”

“And you can change it at will...” Jess added.

“Yea... Thanks for that...” Jen replied.

“Can you change it now?” Jess asked.

Jen didn’t answer, instead she allowed her tongue to stretch out of her mouth, split, then take on the unusual form of twin cocks that she enjoyed less than an hour prior.

Jess just stared at the flaccid pair for a moment, then simply said, “Wow... They’re the real deal...”

Jen felt a little horny from showing them off and they began to harden. Jess’s eyes went wide as she watched the two dicks gently rise upward, occasionally twitching.

With her mouth full, Jen lisped, “Eveythinn worthss thoo...”

“Everything works?” Jess repeated.

Jen commanded her dicks to turn back into her tongue, then bragged, “Yea... They are super sensitive around the tips and can even cum.”

“That’s so weird...” Jess said.

"Does that mean you're a boy now?"

"Jen didn't like the accusation and shot back, "No... Mom's got four boobs, does that make her a cow?"

Jess turned red and mumbled, "I guess not..."

Jen grinned when she saw how embarrassed her sister was. She decided to mess with her a little more. With a grin, she stuck out her tongue. After a moment the dicks reformed, this time skipping the flaccid stage.

Jen expected her sister to turn away in disgust. Instead she stared at her phallic tongues and stuttered, “Can... Can I touch them?”

Jen looked at her for a moment, not sure what to say. Her sister’s eyes didn’t move from the two cocks. It was almost like she was hypnotized.

Jen threw caution to the wind and shrugged, “Thure...”

Jess reached up with one hand and poked at the left dick. Jen felt her finger and involuntarily flexed the muscles on that side. It twitched and Jess quickly pulled her hand away. A small smile crept onto her face as she reached up and grabbed both cocks with either hand.

“They’re so warm!” Jess giggled. “I think I feel your heart beat...”

Jen enjoyed the feeling of Jess’s hands on either shaft, but felt guilty since it was her sister. Jess began to move her hands up and down just as their parents walked into the room...

Oblivious Parents
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Dad looked at them and said, “We’re heading out. There’s money by the phone if you two want to order something for supper. We should be back around nine tonight.”

Jess was stunned and clenched hard on the two cocks. Jen shivered from the sudden pressure and let out a short sexual moan. Her parents were looking right at them, and Jess was doing something unthinkable. Jen was a bit more used to dealing with the curse and pulled her head back. The movement made Jess release the dicks and quickly lowered her hands.

Jen grabbed the TV remote and hit mute, then reconfigured her tongue before saying, “Thanks. Enjoy yourselves.”

Moments after they left, Jess freaked out.

Her heart raced as she yelled, “Holy fuck... They just saw us... They saw your dicks... I was holding them...”

“Jess... Calm down... It’s OK...” Jen assured her.

The curse made it all seem normal to outside observers. However, Jess wasn’t on the outside anymore.

“But I was holding them...” Jess argued.

Jen didn’t have a great answer, “I’m not really sure, but it seems like the curse just rewrites to allow weird stuff. Kind of like how Suzy’s my girlfriend now... Or was... I think she might be mad at me. I really should call her.”

Jess slumped back into the couch and groaned, “So am I some incestuous pervert now?”

“No... Why would you be?” Jen asked with a look of concern.

“Thanks to you... I know the truth behind all of this...” Jess said.

“And if I recall correctly, the last time we swapped the curse you said I’d want help you masturbate.”

“Jen... I’m scared.”

“As soon as I saw funky tongue, I remembered things. Things I’m sure never happened.”

“Like what?” Jen queried.

“Like... I’ve helped you jerk them off, I’ve sucked them... I even let you... Nooo... And our parents were fine with it?” Jess recalled as she slid further down the couch.

“But, none of that’s true... None of it... Right?”

Jen didn't want her to doubt the truth and said, “No Jess... You’ve never done anything weird with my tongue dicks. The curse is messing with your memory.”

“It’s so weird. I also have memories from when I had two heads. That was surreal. I didn’t even realize it until you fixed me.” Jess added.

Jen let out a heavy sigh and stood up. “I’ll go order us something from Pizza Gut. Should I just get the usual?”

“Sure,” Jess muttered.

Jen placed an order for two medium pizza’s, one sausage with stuffed crust and another with white sauce and mushrooms.

She gave her address and number then went back to sit with Jess, who was still sulking in the living room.

“They said it should be here in half an hour.” Jen said as she lowered herself onto the couch beside her sister.

“You know, sulking won’t fix any of this... Didn’t you say you had an idea back at school?”

Jess sat up and shouted, “Oh shit... I forgot all about that...”

Without another word, she ran out of the room. Jen sat alone for several minutes before Jess returned with a notepad.

“Sorry I took so long, I had trouble finding it.”

“This afternoon, I wrote down a few ideas. But I think I’ll need to revise some of them now...”

Jess tossed the notepad to Jen...

Revised Curse
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Jen looked it over.

New conditions of transformation:
- Tongue back to normal
- Sexuality back to normal
- Touching someone previously transformed will return them to normal
- When they change back, they won’t remember having been different
- Once everyone is back to normal, lose the curse power

“So you want to use the curse to do this to me?” Jen asked.

“Well, I think I might need to revise things, and add a few for myself, but that’s the idea.”

“The most important bit is where you can touch people to return them to normal.”

There was a pause before Jen said, “I like the ideas, but I want to give them each a choice.”

“And... I know this might sound strange, but I think I’d also like to keep my tongue they way it is now.”

Jen didn't know why. For some reason she felt comfortable with the morph-able cocks on her mouth. She thought back to her time with Suzy in the equipment room.

Images of Suzy's twin pussies crossed her mind as her shocked sister argued, “Are you crazy? What will people think if they see them?”

Jen protested, “What did Mom and Dad think?”

“They ... didn’t care at all...” Jess realized. “...I won’t judge you, but I hope you’re sure about this.”

Jen was quiet for a moment then said, “Me to Jess...”

She couldn't help feeling like the curse influenced her decision, but decided not to worry about it until later. She looked back down at the notepad then turned towards Jess.

“Can I hold onto this?”

“My notepad?” Jess asked.

“Yea, I’d like to write down some new ideas.” Jen replied.

“I suppose.” Jess mumbled, clearly disappointed in Jen's decision.

Jen went on. “I’ll spend some time thinking this through and we’ll try to fix things on Sunday. There’s no reason to do it now or tomorrow since the main goal is to fix the other kids at school.”

“I think it would be good to wait that extra day, in case either of us comes up with a really good idea.”

“Alright... We’ll wait.” Jess agreed.

Just then, the doorbell rang...

Pizza's Here
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Had it really been 30 minutes since her call? Jen stood up, grabbed the money her parents had left, then went to answer the door.

She turned to Jess and smiled, “Hey... Watch this...”

Jen used her ability to transform her tongue. Jess’s jaw dropped as Jen pulled open the front door to greet the delivery boy. Her two semi-hard dicks pointed at him as she said an awkward hello.

The delivery guy smiled and said, “Hi there. I’ve got two pizza’s here. Both stuffed crust, one with sausage, the other with white sauce and mushrooms...”

“Thath Themm” Jess sputtered.

“Your total is fourteen even” He added.

Jen handed him a $20 and said, “Keeth the thangth.”

“Thanks miss,” He replied as he handed over the two boxes and a bag with plates and napkins.

Jen turned and pushed the door shut with her foot, then set the boxes on the coffee table.


Jen began to crack up as she transformed the cocks back into a tongue. “Oh my gosh... The look on your face right now...”

“Normal or not, That’s just wrong!” Jess stormed.

“Oh shut up... It was hilarious.” Jen shot back.

“Dammit... I want to be mad at you but I love seeing those things...” Jess stammered.

The comment took an unexpected turn and Jen decided to drop the subject. She unmutted the TV and grabbed a couple slices of pizza. Her sister followed her lead and they both ate...

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Jen’s tongue felt a little sensitive as she chewed. Messing with her sister had caused erections, but she knew they had calmed down. The tingle was now only slight and it didn’t stop her from enjoying the pizza. By the time she had her fill, the sensation was nearly gone. She knew that if she changed them into dicks now, they’d likely be limp. She had learned that the way her tongue felt was a good indication of how hard they were if she transformed them.

Jen waited until Jess finished eating, picked up their leftovers and went to the kitchen. Once there she slid the pizza boxes into the fridge, then poured a glass of juice. With the glass in her hand, she re-joined her sister in the living room.

They didn’t say much as they sat and watched TV. Feeling bored, Jen stood up and grabbed her sister’s notebook. She didn’t think she’d be back down that evening and told her sister goodnight before heading back to her room. Jess returned the farewell, but didn’t look up. Jen wondered how she felt. Was Jess secretly freaking out about the twin dicks? Had she accepted it and settled into a new normalcy?

Jen didn’t know. As she walked down the hallway she thought about her friends at school, then thought about Suzy. Was her so-called Girlfriend alright? She pulled out her cell phone and scrolled to Suzy’s contact info, then made a call. The phone rang several times then went to voice-mail. Jen hated those and opted to hang up instead of recording something. She was worried that Suzy was mad at her for the curse. With a solemn sigh, she entered her room and fell onto the bed. It was only 7pm and she had nothing to do. She might have masturbated, but that was out of her system from the session she had just after school. She probably could have gone that whole evening if Jess hadn’t fixed her libido.

She knew that it was for the better and decided to work on homework. If anything, she’d be free for the rest of the weekend if that was taken care of. Over the course of the next couple hours, she caught up on homework for three classes. Satisfied with her progress, she closed her textbooks and slid them back into her backpack.

She spun in the chair and noticed her sister’s notebook near the foot of the bed. She hadn’t put much thought to the curse and decided to review her sister’s list again.

“Normal tongue, straight... Fix people with touch...” Jen read.

“It’s just so... Basic.”

Jen had a few ideas of her own and turned to a blank page...

New Ideas
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As she wrote, she felt the same sense of exhilaration from when she used the curse on her sister. Fortunately, things were a bit less sexual this time.

Jen first added a new touch ability. Anyone who had been transformed, would realize that they’d changed but would also know that nobody sees them differently. They would then have a choice to change back to normal or to stay as they are. That decision would make them forget the whole ordeal and they’d continue their lives with the body they choose. Jen’s touch would no longer affect them after that.

She revised that several times to make sure it made sense. Midway through her work, there was a knock on the door. Jen beckoned and her Mom stepped in. She only stayed long enough to tell her that they were home and that she should get ready for bed soon. Jen didn’t think much of it and returned to her list.

She considered her recent change in sexuality. She kind of enjoyed the feeling of arousal from both boys and girls. She decided to leave that off of the list and moved on to the pair of dicks in her mouth. They were definitely strange, but since she could transform them at will, they weren’t an issue. In fact, they added a new dimension to her sex life.

So long as nobody thought they were odd, she could safely keep them. She remembered how slurred her speech was with a full mouth and added a condition for it. She would be able to speak normally, even when her tongue was transformed into dicks. Jen had no idea how that would work, but imagined talking like a ventriloquist holding two phallic puppets.

She flipped the page back and looked over her sister’s list once more. So far she’d covered all of the bases except for the last line. Her sister wanted her to lose the curse power once everyone was fixed. Jen felt inclined to agree, but decided to hold onto it. At least for now. Who knows, something might go wrong after she fixed the last person.

She was happy with her list and wondered what Jess would say. Would she approve of the decisions regarding sexuality and her tongue? Jen knew it was weird, but also knew that her little sister was supportive. Besides, Jen was willing to give her whatever she wanted as well, so long as it didn’t hurt either of them.

Jen was feeling a bit tired and glanced at her phone. It was past ten. Her sister was likely in bed. She would have to wait until tomorrow to share the list and stood up to use the bathroom. Her tongue must have transformed while she wrote. She wasn’t aroused at all and the two cocks were small and flaccid, maybe a couple inches at most. She might not have noticed them if they hadn’t rubbed against her bottom lip when she yawned. Now more aware of the two dicks, she noticed something strange in her neck. An unusual, but familiar pressure. It was like she needed to pee, but she felt nothing where her bladder was supposed to be. It confused her, but she was on her way to the bathroom anyway.

Once inside, she leaned over the sink, then loosened the muscles near the base of her tongue. Urine squirted out of both cocks. The scent was strong and a bit off-putting. The tips were able to taste the salty urine that dribbled when the streams subsided. She flexed a few times to shoot out any remnants of urine. It felt so weird to use the dicks to pee, but she kind of liked it. She also of enjoyed the idea of standing to do her business, but wasn’t to happy about tasting or smelling it.

She had peed from her pussy several times that day. Why did the dicks suddenly take over? She was too tired to think about it and shrugged. She had already decided to keep them, if anything, she’d add a condition to fix the taste and smell. She made a mental note, then applied some toothpaste to her brush while simultaneously transforming the cocks back into her tongue.

She brushed and flossed away any remnants of supper, then rinsed her mouth out before heading back to her room. She pulled off her t-shirt, turned off the light, then slid into bed and pulled up her blanket. It wasn’t long before she fell asleep...

Morning Wood
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[Saturday - 10am]

Jen woke up and blinked the sleep from her eyes. Two thick cocks obscured the bottom of her vision. During the night, her tongue had transformed and she was experiencing morning wood again. Both shafts were stiff and twitching. She smiled as she sat up, allowing the comforter to fall below her naked chest. The air in her room was a little cool and made her nipples harden as she lifted off of the bed to find some cloths.

She had barely woken up, and already felt like masturbating. She wasn’t sure if it was the effect of morning wood or just a whim. At any rate, she decided that it wasn’t a good time to do that sort of thing. She stretched and pulled open her drawer to find some pants while her dicks transformed back into her tongue. She pulled on a pair of shorts, then picked up the t-shirt she had on before she went to bed. Before she had an opportunity to put it back on, her sister cracked open her door and looked in.

Jen was a little surprised by the intrusion, “Can I help you?”

“Um... Sorry... I wasn’t sure if you were awake yet...”

Jen felt a little awkward standing there topless. Fortunately it was only Jess, who had seen her topless plenty of times. She shrugged it off and pulled her arms and head through the shirt, not bothering to find a bra first.

Once dressed, she turned to Jess and said, “So what can I do for ya?”

“I don’t know how to put this...” Jess replied sheepishly. “The curse made me remember things we didn’t do...”

“Are you alright?” Jen asked, sensing her sister’s distress.

Jess blushed, then mumbled, “Can... Can I see them? Boys usually get hard in the mornings. Are yours hard right now?”

Jen was surprised but didn’t mind the attention. She let her tongue transform. Like her sister had guessed, they were still hard. Jess pulled the door shut...

Jess Wants to Help
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Before Jen could say anything Jess walked over and grabbed both dicks and began to squeeze and stroke.

Jen moaned, “Jeth wath arr you doing?”

Before she answered, Jess pushed Jen onto the bed and took one of the cocks into her mouth.

Jen was a little more freaked out than aroused and pushed her off.

“JETH!” Jen sputtered, as she turned the cocks back into a tongue.

The few seconds her sister spent sucking on her right cock made it throb like crazy. She felt the sensation pulse down the right half of her tongue as she asked Jess what she was thinking.

Jess apologized with tears forming, “I’m so sorry Jen... I don’t know what came over me...”

“I just...”

Jess collapsed onto the bed with a long hard sob.

“I couldn’t control myself... Why couldn’t I stop?”

Jen was speechless as she watched her sister cry. This was more serious than she had realized. She waited for a moment then placed a hand on her back, “Don’t worry Jess, we’ll fix this.”

Jess sat up, “I hope so... I don’t like this. I don’t feel like my self.”

Jess apologized again and quickly left the room. Jen felt a bit shaken by the ordeal. She decided to meet with her sister to discuss her list, but was distracted by an ever increasing pressure in her bladder. She made a trip to the bathroom instead. As she sat down on the toilet, she remembered peeing from her tongue cocks. Was that just a dream? No. She was sure it happened. Before she loosened up, she transformed her tongue. As they changed, so did the source of the pressure. The need to pee was just as strong, but now resided in her neck and tongue. She stood up and pulled back on her panties, then carefully aimed into the sink. Just like the night before, warm piss streamed from the twin dicks.

Apparently they took on that role, but only when they were transformed. She thought it was kind of neat to have a dual barrel water gun in her mouth, and decided that there was no reason for her to change that aspect of them. If she didn’t want to deal with it, she could just switch. Jen ran the tap to flush away the urine. She would have preferred if it didn’t smell or leave a salty taste, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. Either way, she planned to add a condition for that.

As she pinched out the remaining fluid, she thought about what her sister was going through. She felt terrible and hoped that the next time they used the curse power would solve everything. She transformed the two dicks back into her tongue then went back to her room, A hint of salty urine remained in her mouth, but quickly dissipated. It was gross, but at least it wasn’t someone else’s. She pulled out her list and appended a line for the smell and taste.

She noticed a light flashing on her phone and picked it up. A new text from Suzy scrolled across the notification bar. She was glad to hear from her friend and opened the message. It simply said, “Can u come ovr?” Jen was happy to hear from her friend, but wished that the text offered more information. For all she knew, Suzy was going through the same thing as Jess.

Jen pulled off her shirt, put on a bra, then pulled the shirt back into place. Her hair was a little messy but she knew that Suzy wouldn’t care. She pulled on some socks, then a pair of tennis shoes. Finally, she slipped her phone into her pocket and left the room. Jen stopped by her sister’s room to see how she was doing.

Jess noticed her in the doorway and said, “Oh, hi Jen... Um... About earlier...”

Jen laughed, “Don’t worry about it. We both know it was the curse...”

Jess giggled, “I guess we’re both just big perverts.”

“Guess so.” Jen echoed.

She had a feeling she was still struggling to cope with the situation but was glad to see her taking it in stride. She was tempted to pass the curse to her sister right then, but knew that she’d be better off waiting til tomorrow. She didn’t know what Suzy was dealing with and might need to add some conditions for her as well.

Before she left she said, “I’m gonna head to Suzy’s house for a bit. If you want to see my ideas, your notepad is on my desk.”

“Think about what you want to change for yourself and make another list. Hell, you could grow back that second head if you wanted to.”

“I guess what I’m saying is... We should be able to fix or change anything so long as I’ve still got the curse power.”

“This isn’t just for me anymore.”

Jess nodded, “Thanks Jen. I’ll take a look.”

Jen said goodbye, then went went downstairs to let her parents know where she was going...


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Visit Suzy
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Jen found her dad in the living room and told him that she was heading to Suzy’s house for a bit. He didn’t mind and Jen set out. Suzy only lived a few blocks away. Jen sent a quick text to let her know she had left, then made her way down the sidewalk.

It wasn’t quite noon yet, but the sun was high in the sky and there was a warm breeze. Jen smiled as she walked. She had no idea what she was in for, but felt optimistic. It only took a few minutes for her to traverse the neighborhood and find her friend’s house. Jen stepped onto the pouch and rang the doorbell. Suzy’s mom invited her in.

Jen stood in the doorway while Suzy’s mom called, “Suzy, your girlfriend’s here.”

Jen blushed when she heard the phrase. She had nearly forgotten about their apparent relationship status.

Suzy looked over the banister, “Jen! Come on upstairs.”

She appeared to be in a good mood. Jen stepped past her mom and climbed the stairs.

“Thanks for coming over.” Suzy chimed as Jen entered her room.

Jen returned the greeting as Suzy pulled the bedroom door shut behind them.

Jen was about to speak again, but Suzy quickly pushed her hand over her mouth and said, “Shh... Don’t say anything... I want to tell you something first. No talking until I’m finished... Alright?”

Jen’s mouth hung partially open as Suzy slowly withdrew her hand. Jen was silent, more so out of surprise than protest. Suzy wasn’t usually so direct.

“OK... You cursed me. I’m the proud owner of two vagina's now. I also know all about your curse. My friends and family have told me things that I’m sure never happened.”

Suzy sounded a bit to serous and Jen worried that she was having the same problem as her sister.

“Jen, for the longest time, I’ve kept a big secret. Something I wasn’t even willing to share with you.”

“That secret is that I’m into girls. I’m a lesbian.”

“The cat is definitely out of the bag. Everyone seems to know even though I never officially came out. In fact, my parents seem perfectly fine knowing that you’re my so-called girlfriend.”

“I was scared at first, then pissed off... Then happy.”

“Jen, I’ve never been so happy.”

Tears began to form in her eyes.

“It feels like a huge weight has been lifted.”

“I’m gay and I’m proud of it. My parents still love me, my friends don’t mind at all.”

Jen wanted to say something. She opened her mouth to speak...

“WAIT!, I’m not finished yet...” Suzy yelped.

“Jen, you’re bisexual now. Supposedly we’ve been going out for years, but you and I both know that we were just friends until Thursday.”

“I can’t lie. Cursed or not, I had a lot of fun in that equipment room.”

“Jen... You are my best friend and we’ve been through a lot together.”

"Truth is, I've loved you for a long time. Long before the curse. I just couldn't tell you the truth until now."

“I... I really do want to be your girlfriend. I want to play with that awesome tongue of yours. I want to share everything with you. I want to be so much more than a friend...”

Suzy blew out a deep breath and wiped the tears from her eyes before saying, “OK, that’s the jist of it... I won’t ask you do to anything you’re uncomfortable with... I just needed you to know how I really felt...”

Jen was silent for several seconds while she processed the confession. She realized that she felt something for Suzy as well. The only thing that prevented them from taking it further than a friendship was Jen’s sexuality. Since that was out the window, she had no reservations about embracing their relationship...

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Without a word, Jen walked over to Suzy and kissed her. Suzy seemed surprised, but returned the gesture. That triggered a passionate French kiss that showed no signs of stopping. As they tasted each other Jen unconsciously let her tongue transform. They split and extended, both forced into Suzy’s open mouth. She nearly choked and pulled away.

Jen's two penises were were semi-hard and rising as Suzy coughed, “Hey, you gotta warn me before you use those.”

Jen laughed, “Thoorry Thuzy.”

She took a moment to transform them back. “I guess being able to transform them at will doesn’t always translate to full control.”

“Don’t put them away...” Suzy begged.

Jen was feeling aroused and let the cocks reappear. What happened next required very few words from either of them. Suzy came up to Jen and teased her by licking the two tips, then pulled off her shirt. Jen knew where this was going and began to undress as well.

In no time at all, both girls were naked. Suzy pressed her body against Jen and gently kissed her neck and shoulder. Jen ran her hands along Suzy’s waist and squeezed her bottom. Jen’s pair of cocks throbbed and she occasionally pushed them into Suzy’s face, expecting another lick. Suzy continued to tease her by simply kissing them. She could tell that Jen was loosing her mind and decided to lie down on the bed. Jen watched as Suzy pulled her lips open to reveal both pink cavities.

Jen crawled onto the end of the bed then bent down to insert both cocks into Suzy’s pussies. What came next could only be described as pure ecstasy for both girls. Every feeling was multiplied as Jen slid her twin cocks in and out of her. She navigated Suzy’s two cunts, tasting and feeling every bit of her warm groin. Electricity wracked their bodies and they moaned with pleasure.

It didn’t take long for the now familiar heat to build in Jen’s neck. She didn’t want to cum inside and pulled out both cocks. Suzy guessed what that meant and sat up to meet Jen face to face. She took both cocks into her mouth and drank down every bit of cum that gushed forth. Jen’s cocks began to deflate. They were spent, but the rest of her body was more than willing to continue.

Suzy swallowed the load, spat out the twin dicks, then began to kiss Jen’s chest. She moved herself further up the bed and asked Jen to lay down in front of her. Jen pushed herself forward then fell back. Suzy maneuvered her face to Jen’s pussy. It was soaked, ready to blow at any moment.

Jen’s hands were free to caress her breasts while Suzy licked her sensitive lips and clit down below. Jen couldn’t believe how amazing Suzy was. She almost immediately began to orgasm. Suzy didn’t waste a drop of it as she licked the cream from her pussy. Jen was now feeling a bit exhausted and could only lay there. Her dicks were still semi-hard and twitchy while beads of sweat ran down her skin.

Suzy ran her tongue along her clit once more then crawled over her body. Her breasts jiggled as gravity pulled them towards Jen’s naked body below. Their breasts met as Suzy bent down to plant one more kiss right between the two cocks that hung limp from either side of her mouth.

After that, she rolled onto her back beside Jen, “I didn’t know how you’d react...”

“I like that answer...”

Get to the Shower
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They stayed like that for several minutes before Suzy finally rolled off of the bed and said, “We should probably clean up...”

Jen nodded and stood up. Having the cocks draped over her bottom lip didn’t feel any less natural than a tongue inside. Either way, she decided to transform them back, if only to be able to speak properly. Since Suzy had opted to drink most of what Jen produced, there wasn’t a big mess on the bed. Still, there were enough damp spots for Suzy to strip the top sheet. She planned to wash it later, but decided that they should clean themselves up first.

“Want to take a shower?”

“Together?” Jen asked.

“Yea. We just need to rinse off; shouldn’t take too long.” Suzy laughed.

Jen agreed with her, but still felt apprehension. Suzy must have noticed her discomfort.

“Don’t look so nervous Jen. If we’re really are couple now, then what’s the matter with taking a shower together?”

Jen shrugged, “I guess nothing...”

Without covering herself, Suzy opened the bedroom door and looked out. The hallway was clear. She knew her mom would be downstairs, but wasn’t sure where her brother was. Most likely in his room, which happened to be between them and the bathroom.

She turned back to Jen and said, “Grab your cloths and we’ll make a run for it.”

“What about your cloths?” Jen asked, a little surprised at how daring she was.

“I’ll just put on my bathrobe when we finish. It’s already in the bathroom.” She replied.

Jen didn’t want to run naked down the hallway, but gave into her friend’s playful spirit. She gathered her cloths and on Suzy’s signal, they both entered the hallway. They stepped quietly then stopped just shy of Brent’s room. The bathroom was several yards past the open door and Suzy could hear him inside. He was only a couple years younger than Suzy. But old enough that seeing them naked wouldn’t lead to anything good.

Suzy peeked around the door frame to see where he was. Fortunately, his back was turned to them and he was focused on his computer screen. Suzy turned back to Jen and put up a hand gesture for three, then two, and finally one. They moved forward...

Barely Made It
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The two of them barely cleared the doorway when Jen heard a chair creak. They froze for a moment, then hauled ass to the bathroom when the sound of footsteps moved toward the doorway. Jen ducked around the corner while Suzy quietly closed the bathroom door behind them. Through the closing gap, she caught a glimpse of her brother. Fortunately, he was looking down and missed his naked sister.

He hadn’t noticed them but must have heard the door just as it closed. “Suzy? You in the bathroom?”

Suzy didn’t want anything to seem strange and decided to reply. “Yea... Why?”

“I had the same idea. I guess I’ll just use the one downstairs.” He replied.

Jen held her breath as the sound of footsteps faded. Their hearts were racing for no good reason. Suzy smiled at Jen, then looked towards an empty hook on the wall.

She let out a laugh. “Well fuck me...”

“I guess my robe is in the laundry or something.”

Jen couldn’t help laughing at her helpless naked friend. They settled down and Suzy turned on the tap. As the water warmed, Jen told her that she would bring her cloths when they finished. Suzy thanked her and both girls stepped into the warm shower. It was big enough for both of them, but they had to trade places to get under the water. Jen quickly rinsed herself then stepped aside to let Suzy use the water while she lathered soap onto her body...

Clean Up
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Suzy began to rub Jen’s back. She moved closer and adjusted her hands until they massaged her sides. Soon, she was right behind her. Jen could feel Suzy’s wet breasts as they rubbed against her. It was a little unusual, but Jen didn’t mind. At least not until Suzy reached around to feel her soapy chest. Jen wasn’t aroused anymore, despite the pleasant warmth against her back.

She gently grabbed one of Suzy’s hands. “Lets save that for next time...”

Jen slid out of her arms and turned to face her. She forced a frown.

“Come on... Don’t be so dramatic. We just spent nearly an hour fucking. You’re seriously still in the mood?”

The comment made Jen feel like a hypocrite. Seeing Suzy’s naked body, with rivulets of water running down her smooth skin was definitely sexy. Even the pout in her lip was attractive. Jen could feel her tongue tingling and smiled. Once she was sufficiently covered in suds, she switched places with her girlfriend. As warm water carried soap down her body, she aimed the dispenser and squirted some onto Suzy’s chest.

“We should hurry up, it's probably past noon already.”

Suzy gave up on making the shower more sexy and turned her attention to the soap. Jen couldn’t take her eyes off of her. Suzy was just so sexy with soap suds all over her tan skin. Jen enjoyed the show, but was distracted by the pressure that slowly built in her groin. She needed to pee, but wasn’t sure how Suzy felt about piss in the shower.

Jen hesitated, “Um... Suzy... Do you mind if I pee?”

“Only if you don’t mind if I join you.” Suzy shrugged.

Jen was glad her friend wasn’t weird about peeing in the shower and moved her legs apart. Suzy followed the example.

By chance, Jen remembered that she could switch to the dicks in her mouth. As Suzy revealed herself, Jen held tight and said, “Hey Suzy... Want to see something weird?”

Suzy finished. “Sure...”

Jen waited for Suzy’s trail of urine to wash away before putting her legs back together. She transformed her tongue and prepared to release the pressure. The pair of cocks wasn’t hard, but not fully soft either. She could have guessed as much from the way they still tingled. Each shaft was a little twitchy, especially when a stray jet of water hit. Jen shivered then said, “Wath thith.”

She stepped out of the running water and turned towards the front of the tub. Her muscles loosened and urine flew from both holes. The streams arched through the air and landed in two spots near the drain. The pressure in her neck gradually subsided. Once the bulk of it finished, she tensed her muscles a couple times to push out anything that was left.

“You can pee out of them?” Suzy squeaked. “What else can they do?”

Jen didn’t know any other tricks but still wanted to impress her. She flexed the muscles in either dick and made them twitch up and down. She realized that she had pretty good control over them individually and wondered what she could do with more practice. Suzy’s eyes went wide and she hopped a few times. Jen didn’t expect her to be so excited but couldn’t help smiling at the sight of her breasts with each giddy bounce. Her dicks tingled and began to swell...

Feels Natural
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Jen stopped flexing and tried to speak but heard how muffled her words were. The dicks were more than partially erect, but not raising much further. As much as her friend turned her on, she was still too worn out to want to fuck right then. She made a mental command and it only took a few seconds for her two cocks to merge back into a single tongue.

The slight tingle continued as she said, “I’m pretty sure you’ve seen everything they can do at this point...”

She tasted a little urine and rinsed her mouth with the running water. Time and time again, she was surprised by how natural they felt. Even though it was like holding two hot dogs in her mouth, she would speak without hesitation. Only to realize something was odd when she heard her heavy lisp. There had even been a few times where her tongue transformed without her consent.

She only had the tongue dicks for a couple days, but they felt like something she’d lived with for years. On Sunday she would append new details to her curse for the taste and smell of urine as well as her ability to speak. She hoped that those changes wouldn't make her forget to keep the dicks hidden in public settings. Then again, did it really matter if anyone saw them? She looked at Suzy, who was still smiling as she scrubbed her body.

Suzy noticed her gaze. “I want you to wiggle them like that next time we fuck!”

Jen had done plenty of flexing when she probed her friend earlier. She looked towards Suzy's groin and joked, “Can you do any cool tricks with your two pussies?”

“Shit, I don’t know... Maybe I’ll get two periods now...” Suzy grumbled.

Jen thoughtlessly said, “You know, I could use the curse power to turn those off...”

“Oh Shit, I forgot you had that...” Suzy yelped.

Jen could see the gears turning and decided to change the subject before Suzy had any weird ideas. “Hey, lets finish up. I imagine your mom or brother will start to wonder what we’re doing if we stay in here much longer.”

Suzy agreed and switched places with Jen to rinse the soap from her body. Neither one of them was thoroughly clean, but any remnants of sex, sweat, or soap had been washed away. They both stepped out and toweled off.

Jen dressed then turned to Suzy, “Wait here, I’m gonna go grab your cloths.”

“OK, don’t make me wait too long...” Suzy giggled.

She felt the same thrill they had both experienced when they ran naked down the hallway. She would be trapped; naked and alone in the bathroom. She might have made a run for it, but neither of them knew if her brother was upstairs. Jen would come and rescue her before anyone knew. She couldn’t help smiling as her heart rate increased. She cracked the door open slightly to watch as Jen walked the length of the hallway. Jen had such a confident walk. Suzy loved it.

Jen tried not to make a sound as she passed Brent’s doorway. Fortunately, she didn’t see him and guessed that he was downstairs. She made it to Suzy’s bedroom, found her shirt and panties, but couldn’t see her pants anywhere. She didn’t want to take too long, and grabbed a clean skirt from her dresser.

Suzy opened the door and stood naked at the opposite end of the hallway. Jen blushed and quickened her pace. Suzy always got a kick out of uncomfortable situations. Jen loved that about her, even before they became a couple. Suzy saw Jen’s cheeks flush red and laughed as she took the cloths and pulled the door shut. Soon Suzy emerged fully clothed, though a bit nippy without a bra. Jen didn't find a bra when she gathered her cloths and couldn’t remember if she had one on before.

Suzy stepped out of the bathroom and said, “Thanks Jen!”

“Now I can take on the world!”

Both of them laughed at the dramatic, yet corny, line.

Once back in Suzy’s room, Jen apologized for not finding her pants. Suzy picked up the bedding she had tossed on the floor. Below were the shorts she had worn earlier. Jen sighed and asked if she had been wearing a bra. Turns out she wasn’t. Jen couldn’t help noticing her hard nipples through the shirt and suggested putting something on before she went anywhere.

With time to calm down and clean up, they were both feeling a bit more level headed... They chatted, at first about their new found relationship. Then about school and friends. At around 12:45, Suzy’s mom asked them if they wanted some lunch. Jen had no intent to escape, but appreciated the reprieve as they went downstairs to eat...

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Jen stayed with Suzy for most of the afternoon and evening. Suzy recalled events and experiences that they both knew never happened. Jen was continually impressed by how far the curse spread. Even though they had both transformed, everyone else thought they were born that way. Since Suzy had been in that bubble, she had memories of a life with the bisexual double cock-tongued Jennifer. She shared what she could remember most vividly.

It seemed like they had a wonderful intimate relationship that spanned several years. Most of the events coincided with things they had done as friends, but were revised to be significantly sexier. Suzy was happy to share and Jen felt a bit guilty for not having any recollection of their love life. Suzy didn’t blame her for it. She knew what parts weren’t real since the curse had been revealed. Guilty or not, Jen did enjoy hearing about their imaginary relationship. After a while, Suzy brought up the conversation they started in the shower. Jen tried to avoid the conversation, but Suzy pressed. She cracked and finally revealed her plan to fix the other kids at school.

Suzy thought about what Jen’s list entailed. “If you touch me, you know I’ll just choose to stay the same. Can you make an exception and let me keep my memory of all of this?”

Jen hadn’t considered Suzy when she developed the new conditions. “I’ll add something to exclude you from my touch power.”

“No... Wait... Can your touch just affect me differently?” Suzy asked.

“I suppose anythings possible... Why do you ask?” Jen replied.

“Well, remember what you said in the shower? I’d honestly love to turn off my periods. Maybe just know whether or not I was pregnant. Hell, maybe enable or disable my ability to get pregnant entirely at will. Kind of like how you turn on and off your dicks.”

Jen laughed, “I suppose I could do that for you...”

“Tell you what... Make a list of the things you want, and I’ll use the curse power to make them happen. My one rule is that you can’t use it to hurt or change anyone else.”

“Fair enough. I don’t really want to hurt anyone. In fact, I prefer to make people feel good.” Suzy replied as she ran her hand along Jen’s leg.

Just then, Jen’s phone rang. Both girls jumped. Jen fumbled it out of her pocket, then answered. I was her mom asking if she’d be home for supper. She decided to head out and asked if Suzy wanted to have super with her family. She declined. Before leaving, Jen reminded her to make a list and come by the next day. She also explained that Jess was involved and would likely have her own list. The three of them would need to plan well to make everything work.

They said their goodbyes and Jen left the house. She watched the sun dip behind some distant clouds as she walked. It had been a very strange day, but overall a good one...

Jess's New List
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The walk back was quick. Jen made it to her block, then turned at their driveway. She entered and found Jess sitting in the living room.

Jess looked over. “You’re back!”

“Come on, I want to show you my list...” Jess said as she jumped up and went towards the stairs.

Jen followed. Once they were both in Jess’s room, she pulled out the notepad. Before showing Jen her new list, she opened it to the one that Jen had made the night before. There were several crossed out sections and new lines.

Jen yelled, “What the heck did you do to my list!”

“Calm down. I just edited for clarity. Look... The part where you said pee won’t smell or taste doesn’t really relate to anything. I guessed it had to do with your tongue and revised the sentence.”

“Please tell me I'm right... I’d rather not imagine you with a pee drinking fetish.”

“Yes Jess...” Jen grumbled.

“Oh thank goodness. Still really weird, but better than the alternative...” Jess continued.

“I also adjusted the part where you explained the new affects of your touch. You never specified that it should only affect people that you yourself had transformed. We can’t be too loose with these definitions.”

Jen took the notepad and read through the revisions. They were surprisingly articulate and didn’t leave out any details as far as she could tell. She felt a little bad for her poor reaction and apologized.

Jess continued, “I’ll rewrite it on a new sheet so there aren’t any excess marks. But before that, take a look at mine and let me know what you think.”

Jess reached up and turned a few pages into the notebook. Jen skimmed over the requests her sister had written down. She wasn’t surprised that the first item on the list was to no longer be sexually interested in her. The next list item explained how the magic touch wouldn’t have an affect on her. She continued down the list to see what else her sister thought of.

Jess wanted to be more athletic. She also wanted larger breasts, even going into detail on how they would always be perky and firm, never causing her back pain. Jen was happy with the size of her own breasts, but though that forever youthful boobs was a great idea. She decided to borrow it for her own list as she continued to read.

“... grow a second pair of arms... Wait... What?” Jen exclaimed.

“You want extra arms?”

“Yea... Billy sprouted a second set of arms the other day. At first it was a bit weird but, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that those could be incredibly useful. Besides, as long as your original curse affects us, nobody will see anything unusual if we transform again. It should even take care of my cloths.”

Jen remembered the boy who grew four arms when he helped her up. She was a bit annoyed that an incident early in the curse was making more trouble even now. Still, she told her sister that she could have anything she wanted. Four arms wouldn’t harm anyone. It did seem useful, albeit strange.

Jen half-joked. “So be it. Come tomorrow, you will be my perky, platonic, four armed sister... After Suzy gets here...”

“Suzy’s coming over?” Jess asked.

Jen realized that she never told Jess about Suzy’s more recent curse and came clean.

“Ah... Sorry I didn’t say anything sooner. On Friday I used the curse to show Suzy the truth, kind of like what I did for you.”

“I wondered how you grew that second penis...” Jess replied as she rolled her eyes.

“Have you spilled the beans to anyone else?”

“No, it’s just the three of us.” Jen answered.

“Suzy is planning on making her own list, so we’ll need to work that in as well.”

“We can still play it safe though. I can curse you with the things you’ve requested. When you pass it back to me, include Suzy’s requests in my new touch power.”

“Suzy still gets her changes, but the curse stays with us.”

“You mean the curse stays with you...” Jess replied with hint of jealousy.

“Won’t you please get rid of it after Sunday’s changes?”

“Jess, I promise that I’ll get rid of it, but not until after I’ve touched everyone back to normal.” Jen replied.

“It’s the only backup plan I have if something goes wrong.”

“Fair enough...” Jess sighed as Jen handed her the notepad.

Jess began to rewrite the lists on a clean page, careful not to make any mistakes. Jen felt her stomach growl and decided to head down to the kitchen to get some left-over pizza...

Mom's Thoughts
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Jen found her mom in the kitchen. She was heating up some left-overs in the microwave. Her mom had on a short top that showed off her lower back. For a woman who had two kids she was in great shape, Of course, she had around sixteen years to work off the baby weight. Jen knew that frequent trips to the gym had a lot to do with it as well. When her mom turned towards her, Jen noticed that the underside of her bottom two breasts were visible at the edge of her shirt. As usual, she had no bra and each nipple left a small indention. Jen didn't care about the pumps, but wondered if she would ever get used to the extra row.

“Hi Jen. How was your time with Suzy?” Mom asked as she walked towards the dining room with a steaming plate in hand.

Jen stuttered. “Uh... ... It was good....”

She was distracted by the bags that bounced against Mom’s exposed mid-drift.

“Glad to hear it.” Mom replied as she sat down in the next room.

Jen heated up some pizza, then joined her at the table.

After she finished her supper, she thought about the curse and said, “Can I ask you something personal?”

“Sure...” Mom replied.

Jen hesitated. “Um... If you had a choice, would you want to spend your life with four boobs, or just two?”

Her mom was quiet for a moment. “Hmm... I’m not sure anyone’s ever asked me that.”

“I don’t think I’d be the same person I am today if I didn’t have my extras.”

As she answered, she stretched. A yawn puffed out her chest. Jen turned away as one of her lower nipples slipped free.

“Jeez, pull your shirt down will you?” Jen pleaded.

“What’s the matter Jen? You usually aren’t embarrassed unless you’ve got company over.” Her mom laughed as she finished her stretch.

Her mom had a naughty sense of humor and Jen tried not to coax her. “Sorry I asked.”

Her mom shrugged, “If I had a choice to change, I’d probably stick with four. I certainly don’t think my unusual breasts define me as a person, but they are a part of who I am. Plus, I think it would feel weird to lose half of my chest.”

Jen had to remind herself that Mom didn’t know she had been cursed. She tried not to think about it as she dropped off her dirty dish in the kitchen then went back to her room. She wondered if her mom would make that same decision when she knew the truth. Come tomorrow, she would find out...

Too Early To Sleep
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Jen was bored. She spent some time surfing the web. When generic memes, craft projects, and cute animal pictures no longer satisfied her interest, she turned to the one thing that was always there when boredom struck. She reached into her panties and rubbed her clit. The feeling made her tongue tingle. She let it change into two flaccid dicks then stood up to look at them in her mirror. It was always weird to see two dicks hanging from her mouth, but she had gradually become used to it. She tried to flex them but those muscles were weak when they hung limp.

She wondered if they were muscles at all. It felt a little like the base of her mouth was just pumping more fluid into them when she tensed up. She enjoyed the thought of boys, but really didn’t know a whole lot about their hardware. Since she now had a pair of her own, she decided that she would do some research. As she examined them, they twitched and began to rise. Her body wanted some attention and she decided to postpone her anatomy research.

Regardless of how they looked, everyone would still assume they were just a tongue. She pretended that they were and tried to move them. To her surprise, they actually curled upward, though only a little bit.

The thought of prehensile dicks excited her and they began to rise more quickly. Soon any influence her tongue muscles had were canceled out by the stiffness. She reached up and began to stroke them both with one hand. She sat down at her desk and tilted her chair back. Once comfortable, she slid her other hand into her panties and began to rub her clit. While she played, she imagined what her sister would be like with four arms. With each shiver, she wondered how much more pleasure she could evoke with her own extra set of arms. Two hands for two dicks, one on her breasts and another on her pussy. The thought turned her on until she remembered having four legs.

Remembering that turned her off to the idea of growing more limbs, but didn’t stop her from masturbating. Precum drooled from both cocks as she felt them pulsate in her hand. Down below, her clit offered up it’s own pleasurable sensations. Each time she rubbed the sensitive nub, a wave of pleasure coursed through her body, making the dicks tense up. She was getting hotter with each passing second. Soon warmth began to build in the base of her mouth and neck.

She felt lightheaded and let her head fall back just as cum spewed into the air. With each spasm, more cum squirted into the air, only to fall onto her face and chest. As the hot mess landed, she giggled. That eruption made her entire body relax. She wondered if that was something boys felt. Just how much like a boy was she now? She really liked pussies and breasts, but also liked dicks and muscular men. Her body was definitely female, though one might make an argument after seeing her tongue dicks.

She pushed aside the thoughts and sat up. She felt dizzy and tired, but shook it off as she felt her pussy’s sensitive itch. Her dicks might be finished, but her tight slit had barely started.

She spent the next ten minutes massaging her sex. Her labia swelled and fluid drooled as she inserted her fingers and ran them along the wet lips and clit. The hand she used on her dicks was now free to pinch and squeeze her sensitive nipples through the fabric of her shirt. It was a bit surreal to masturbating for two different sensations back to back. In time, she reached another orgasm, this time from her pussy. The wave of pleasure that wracked her body was strong enough to make her cocks partially harden, but they softened as she calmed down.

Feeling utterly beat, she forced herself upright and gathered some cloths to sleep in. Fortunately, nearly all of the mess she made landed on her face and shirt. Her panties were also soaked but they prevented a mess on her chair. She was exhausted and didn’t bother cleaning up the small amount that landed on the floor. All she wanted was a shower and some time to relax. With clean cloths in hand, she went to the bathroom...

Shower Thoughts
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While she bathed she wondered if she was still a girl. She guessed that Suzy and Jess would tell her that she was. They knew the truth after all. What would her parents say? Was she a hermaphrodite now? It was an interesting thought. As she remembered her changes she realized that somehow, she had ended up with two rather than one penis. Was it just a coincidence, or was the original multiplier curse still influencing things. She liked them a lot, but wasn’t sure she’d call them her favorite asset. Still, she had two. Her sister wanted to multiply her arms, and Suzy still had double her womanhood.

She decided that it was all just a coincidence and continued to scrub her body. As she cleaned herself, she tried to guess what each of the kids at school would do when she touched them. She recalled her conversation with Alex. She seemed to want to know what it was like to be normal. As far as she knew, her chest had been that way since she was born. Jen wasn’t sure about the rest of the victims, but felt pretty sure that Alex would choose to go back to her two breasted self.

Vanessa’s favorite body part was obviously her legs, but four of them was a bit excessive. Jen was certain that she would switch back. Maybe it was presumptuous of her, but she had only lasted one day with multiplied legs before trying to fix it. She remembered the boy who helped her up. Her sister said his name was Brent, and he had four arms now. Those changes inspired her sister to want another set as well. Jen wondered if she would have been more accepting of her own curse if it had been her arms rather than her legs.

“These sexy legs got me into this mess in the first place,” She thought as she bent down to scrub them with a loofah.

She thought about the other people she had made contact with. At least two other cheer leaders, though neither of them looked any different. Granted, she learned that Beth had two butt holes. Jen didn’t know what that girl was secretly into, but assumed that she’d probably go back to normal. Wiping two every time she pooped seemed like it would suck. Jen didn’t even know the name of the other girl, just her face. She would touch her as well, but would likely never know her decision.

At some point, she would fix her parents. Mom made it pretty clear that she liked her four breasts. Jen though it was weird, but was it any weirder than her keeping the tongue dicks or her sister growing more arms? She shrugged, then remembered her dad’s change. Two dicks. Ironically, he was just like her. She laughed at the thought then felt a little grossed out.

She blocked out the mental imagery and finished rinsing herself off. A quick pat down with the towel and she was finished. Once dressed in her t-shirt and panties, she went downstairs to watch some TV. It was just past 8pm. A little too early for sleep...

Conversation With Dad
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Jen saw her dad in the recliner. She didn’t expect to find anyone watching TV, but was glad for some company. Before she entered the room she looked down to make sure her nipples weren’t visible. She spent most nights in panties and an over-sized t-shirt. Just panties if she was in bed. Even so, puberty made her more conscious of her endowment. Fortunately the fabric was thick enough to hide things. The shirt also reached her knees. She was modest enough and decided to join him without changing first. He was watching football.

“Hi Dad, who’s playing?” Jen asked as she sat on the couch nearby.

“It’s a rerun of the Packers and Cowboys from earlier this week.” He replied.

“Do you already know who wins?” Jen asked.

“Nope, I missed it. I had to work late that day.” He continued.

Jen sat quietly for a while, then decided to ask him about her gender when a commercial came on. Her dad always had wisdom to share, granted it was usually laced with corny humor. She hoped it wouldn’t be too weird and tapped his shoulder. The subject made her uncomfortable but she needed to know.

“Dad, I’m a little embarrassed to ask, but... Do you consider me a girl? ... I mean ... with my tongue the way it is?”

Without skipping a beat he answered, "Embarrassed? Why would you be embarrassed?"

"Of course I consider you a girl."

“Well, technically you’re both. In fact, you and I are twice a man as most if I’m honest about it...”

Jen's cheeks flushed red as he continued.

“Even so, you've always identified with your feminine side and I'm happy to call you my beautiful daughter.”

Jen was still confused and embarrassed, but also flattered.

“At least as long as you prefer it.”

“Prefer it?” Jen asked.

“Yea... You're equipped to go both ways. Albeit arranged differently."

"If you ever decided to identify as a man, I’d respect that.”

“Speaking of your manly side... How’s your girlfriend doing?” He joked.

He was acting like his usual self, but talking about things Jen had only begun to live with. It was very strange, but somehow comfortable. His playful manner made the conversation feel familiar.

“Suzy’s doing great, we spent the afternoon together.” Jen replied.

They continued to chat. The most surreal topic was about the day she was born. Apparently the doctors asked if they wanted the dicks removed. Her parents declined. According to her dad, they decided to let nature run it's course. Jen appreciated the choice but knew full well that nature didn't have anything to do with her tongue. She spoke about school and he shared stories from work. The whole conversation could have lasted, but was cut short by the end of the commercial.

He turned back to the TV. “OH!... SSHHH, it’s back on...”

Just like that, their strange conversation ended. Jen stayed to watch the game. She shared his excited reaction whenever someone scored but otherwise kept quiet...

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The game ended and they both said goodnight; each left for their respective rooms. By then it was close to 10pm and Jen was ready to put the day behind her. She discarded her t-shirt and fell into bed...


Jen woke up and noticed that she breathed mostly through her nose. For the first time since she grew dicks in her mouth, she didn’t have morning wood. She did notice that they still changed while she slept, but since they were soft, the just filled her mouth with extra flesh. She sat up and spat them out, allowing her to yawn through the gap in the middle.

She reflected on the past few days and could hardly remember what it was like to spend a day with four legs, must less an ordinary tongue. The memories felt like a dream and the two dicks she currently had in her mouth felt completely natural to her. She got up and found some pants and her discarded shirt. It was Sunday, so there was no reason to dress any nicer than that. She went bare-foot down to the kitchen. It was a bit messy.

She didn’t care. Martha came in every other week day to clean up. She found a clean bowl in the cabinet and poured some cereal. As she ate, her sister came down and said good morning before heading to the kitchen to make some breakfast for herself. With her own cereal, she joined Jen at the table. They could see their mom working in the garden through the back window. She wore a pretty sun dress, that looked custom made to support her unusual chest. Both guessed that dad was still sleeping. He usually pulled a lot of all-nighters throughout the week and liked to sleep in when he could.

Jen turned to Jess and asked, “You ready to grow more arms?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be... When is Suzy coming by?” Jess excitedly replied.

“I’ll text her at 10, she should be up by then.” Jen answered.

“So... You realize that mom and dad may choose to stay as they are? Same with the kids at school...”

“Jen, I realized that when you and Suzy decided to stay lovers. Well, really it was obvious when you told me you wanted to keep that lewd tongue of yours.” Jess joked.

“Jeez... Sorry I said anything.” Jen answered, a little annoyed with her patronizing tone.

“Hey, I wasn’t trying to be mean...” Jess apologized. “Lets talk about that list before Suzy gets here. I’ve cleaned it up a bit more since we last spoke.”

Jen agreed as she finished off her cereal. She placed her empty bowl in the sink with the ever growing pile of dishes and went up to her room. It wasn’t long before Jess joined her with the notebook in hand...

ETA 30min
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Jen sent a text to Suzy. They didn’t have to wait long for her to answer. “Be there in 30...”

Jen felt a increasingly more excited as time passed. Her changes weren’t anything special. Just things of convenience. Still, she was really looking forward to speaking and peeing without any sort of adverse affects. Jess put up a front but Jen could tell that she was excited too. While they waited, they looked through the list again, trying to think of anything else they might want to add. Jen took a moment to read what Jess planned and remembered to borrow that bit about perfect ageless breasts. Jess was glad to help as she added the new line for Jen's list.

Some time had passed and Jen decided to use the restroom. Once inside she transformed her tongue and leaned over the sink. As she looked into the vanity, she realized that without taste or smell issues, she might not use her pussy for a while. For old time’s sake, she reversed the change and sat down on the toilet to do her business. It was smell and taste free as the fluid drained from her bladder. The only inconvenience was needing to sit and wipe a few times afterwards.

As she wiped, she heard the doorbell ring. She knew it had to be Suzy and quickly flushed the tissue and pulled back on her pants. She met Jess and Suzy at the end of the hallway. The three of them went back to her room.

Suzy had a small notepad in her hand...


Re: Transform or Dare: Multiplier Jennifer - by fortestingpurposes

Suzy's Ideas
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Suzy offered her notepad, but didn’t extend far enough for either Jen or Jess to grab it.

“Before I hand this over,” Suzy said, “Can we all agree that this whole thing will be judgment free?”

Jen and Jess both nodded. Suzy handed over her notepad. It had a short list.
- No periods
- Switch on or off ability to get pregnant at will
- Match Jen’s height
- Increase breasts by two cup sizes
- Cloths will all still fit
- Transformable tongue like Jen’s

The only thing that surprised either of them was the last request.

“You want a tongue like mine?” Jen asked.

“Yea, but probably just one dick... For obvious reasons...” Suzy winked.

Jess visibly shivered as she took both notepads to Jen’s desk. “Eh... Give me a few minutes to put all this together...”

“Suzy, do you mind if I borrow the first two things, where you mentioned periods and pregnancy? That’s just brilliant.”

“Go for it.” Suzy shrugged.

“Can you work those into my list as well?” Jen asked.

“I was planning on it. Given the option I can’t imagine any girl would want to have periods.” Jess added as she sat at Jen’s desk and began writing.

“Suzy... Jen and I have a line that should make our breasts perfect well into old age. Would you like me to add that to your list as well?”

Suzy smiled. “Definitely!”

As Jess wrote, Jen explained the plan.

“OK Suzy, here’s what we have in mind.”

“I want to limit the spread of the curse as much as I can, so first I’ll curse my sister with her requests. After that, she’ll curse me with mine. Finally, your changes be passed along through my touch power.”

Suzy laughed, “You’re like my very own genie...”

It wasn’t long before Jess finished both lists. They each read through them as they prepared to proceed with the plan...

The Lists
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Jess went into great detail on both lists. In fact, it would have been more accurate to call them short essays. Neither Jen nor Suzy could find a fault in the logic of her wording. She even took the time to add Jen’s more useful dick related things to Suzy’s request.

“Dang Jess, these are really well written.” Suzy added as she combed through the details.

“Thanks... English is my best subject.” Jess bragged.

Jen gave them a final read to make sure everything was covered. Her list was significantly longer than Jess’s but both seemed to have everything they had discussed:

Jen’s List:
- Touch lets victims (excluding Suzy) choose change, once chosen they forget
- Touch only works once, but not at all on Jess
- Dicks would not impede her ability to speak
- Urine would have no taste or smell when released from dicks
- Her breasts would stay youthful and perky, never causing issues or pain
- No more periods
- Can switch on or off the ability to get pregnant
- Touching Suzy would have a different affect than the other cursed people
- She would no longer have periods, and could switch on/off her ability to get pregnant
- She would become taller
- Her breast size would increase by two cup sizes
- Breasts would stay youthful and perky, never causing issues or pain
- She could transform her tongue into a penis at will, taste/smell/speech conditions applied

Jess’s List:
- No longer sexually interested in Jen
- Become more athletic
- Larger, youthful breasts, no back pain/issues
- No periods/pregnancy switch
- Grow second pair of arms

Jen still worried about her sister’s decision to have four arms, but wouldn’t object. So far, Jess had been kind enough to keep her opinion about the dicks to herself. Jess and Suzy each reviewed the list one more time. All three of them were satisfied with the conditions and decided to go through with it.

Before Jen could use the words, Jess made one last suggestion. “Jen. Instead of reading all of this, why not just say something like...”

“You’re transformation is what’s written on this list... Then hand me that page.”

“That would make it a lot easier...” Jen agreed as she pulled Jess’s list free of the notebook.

“Here goes nothing...”

“Jess, transform or dare...”

Jess's New Arms
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Jess chose transform. Jen followed the plan and handed over the sheet of paper. As soon as Jess took it, her muscles became more toned. Next, her shirt bulged out on either side. The fabric unraveled, then weaved back in two perfect sleeves as her new arms emerged. They were clones of her original pair. Everything seemed fine until two new spots pressed her shirt forward. Jess’s breasts had grown a few cup sizes, but had also multiplied. She was like their mom now, albeit with more arms. The transformation appeared to finish when the lower pair matched the top row in size.

“Why on earth do you have four breasts now?” Jen asked.

Jess lifted the list and read through it. “I’m not really sure... We all read through this several times. There’s no mention of extra breasts...”

“Think about it...” Suzy interrupted.

“Two arms, one set of pectoral muscles.”

“How many would four arms get you?”

“Oh shit... I think you’re right...” Jess replied as she flexed the lower pair of arms.

She could feel new muscles pulling at the back of her multiplied chest.

Jen was a little worried and said, “Jen, if you want... I’m sure we can use the power to remove them.”

Jess thought for a moment then giggled. “Thanks Jen... I’ll think about it, but to be honest... They all feel amazing. Firm and sensitive. Somehow not heavy at all.”

She squeezed one breast in each hand.

“You two are really gonna like this...”

Jen handed over the notebook. “I’m ready whenever you are...”

Magic Touch
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Jess repeated the process and sent the curse back to her sister. The moment Jen took the list, her body tingled. The only thing she could feel changing were her breasts, which seemed to defy gravity as they firmed up and became very comfortable on her chest.

After a moment, Jess asked, “Did it work?”

“I... I think so...” Jen replied as she hefted her weightless bosom.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding Jess, they do feel incredible.”

“What about your tongue? Can you talk if it’s transformed?” Suzy asked.

Jen transformed her tongue and began to speak. “You tell me...”

“Hah! Oh wow!”

Jen was sure it looked strange for her to be speaking without closing her mouth, but was happy to be able to.

“MY TURN!” Suzy yelled as she grabbed Jen’s hand.

Jen’s magic touch worked. Suzy’s breasts puffed up two cup sizes and her frame grew to match Jen's height. Jess felt a little jealous. Before the change, she and Suzy were both 5’ 2”. Now she was the shortest girl by at least four inches.

She yelled, “Holy crap, you weren’t kidding... They feel so light,” As she squeezed her chest and giggled. With her hands still firmly gripping either breast, she stuck out her tongue. It transformed into a dick. Slightly longer but not quite as big around as either one of Jen’s.

As it began to harden, Jess turned towards the door. “I think I’m done here...”

Jen thanked her as she quickly left the room.

Suzy aimed her cock tongue at Jen. “Now that we’re alone... Want to test out my new hardware?”

Receiving End
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Jen could feel herself getting wet as she watched the dick rise. She also noticed that the two cocks hanging from her mouth were doing the same. She hopped up and locked her bedroom door. Suzy was already half naked and Jen followed suit. Soon, both girls were free of cloths and looking each other over. Jen’s breasts were more round and sat higher on her chest. She looked the same otherwise.

Suzy’s breasts were similarly raised and even, but now at least a cup size larger than Jen’s. Jen loved them and didn’t hesitate to grab hold and massage her erect nipples. Suzy moaned and reached up to stroke her own cock. Jen let go of her chest and asked her to lay on the bed. They arranged themselves head to crotch. Jen’s felt her firm breasts against Suzy’s stomach as she maneuvered herself to face the twin pussies. Since Jen was already well practiced, she was the first to penetrate. Suzy squealed with pleasure, then carefully aimed her new cock. It easily slid it into Jen’s dripping cunt.

Their cocks angled up slightly, but since they transitioned into more flexible tongues at the base, they were able to bend them downward enough to comfortably insert into each other’s pussies. Jen once again felt the insane pleasure of Suzy’s warm groin as both cunts squeezed and pulled her manhood. On top of that, her pussy was well taken care of by Suzy’s new toy. Her mind could barely register all of the feelings that coursed through her body.

Jen knew that Suzy was feeling the same kind of pleasure as she groaned and squirmed. They continued to make love like that for several minutes before Suzy unloaded into Jen’s pussy and slipped free. Her dick hung limp on her chin but the moans and cries of pleasure didn’t stop so long as Jen worked on her lower end. Feeling Suzy’s body convulse and squeeze down on Jen’s two cocks pushed her to the edge. She only lasted a few more seconds before hot cum pumped into the tight pussies.

With a slurping sound, her dicks popped free. Jen fell onto the bed beside Suzy and began to giggle uncontrollably. Suzy laughed as well as she caught her breath.

“Holy shit...” Jen breathed.

“I know...” Suzy replied.

They relaxed in the afterglow for several minutes before Jen finally rolled off of the bed and picked up her cloths. She jokingly asked if Suzy wanted to take a shower with her.

“I’d love to, but I’ve seen your bath tub... There’s no way.”

Jen knew their bathtub was to small, but still felt a little disappointed that her friend didn’t take her up on the offer. She left to rinse off while Suzy waited in the room. As she walked towards the door, she realized that her pussy was full of cum. Without any effort she switched off her baby making ability. Nothing felt different, yet she knew that she wouldn’t be having children just yet...

Suzy's Tongue
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While Jen showered, Suzy sat alone in the room. Her body was sweaty and cum drooled from her two pussies, making a small mess on the bed. She had no intention of dressing before she had an opportunity to rinse off and opted to look herself over in the nearby mirror. She still had the cock drooped over her lip. With a mental command, it shifted to pink, became dimpled with tiny taste buds, then retracted into her mouth.

She leaned close to the mirror and opened wide. It was just like Jen’s tongue before it doubled. There was a small hole in the tip, and either side flared, giving it a slightly phallic profile. Even with the unusual shape, it felt very much like her tongue. She noticed a mild sensitivity that wasn’t there before.

She leaned back and looked at her chest. Her tits were absolutely perfect. Round and supple, with pointed nipples that aimed upward ever so slightly. She squeezed them together and pushed them around. They had weight and were easy to manipulate, but sprang back to their perfect shape when she let go. Something like an invisible wonder-bra was holding them up. As she marveled, she felt a line of cum as it drooled down her thigh.

She turned her attention to the two slits in her crotch. She had plenty of time to acquaint herself with that change over the past few days and didn’t pay it much mind. She did recall the bit in the curse where she could flip the switch on her ability to reproduce. She wasn’t really sure how that worked, but definitely felt something different when she willed it off.

She had been taking birth control for a few years, but with that mental adjustment, she realized that she’d never need to take them again. Periods and contraceptives were no longer something she’d need to worry about. Her attention went back to her breasts. While she fondled them, there was a knock at the door...

Touch Parents
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Jen had finished her shower. “Hey Suzy, unlock the door and let me in.”

Suzy complied. Jen made sure the coast was still clear and Suzy, with cloths in hand, went to the bathroom to clean up...

Suzy finished her shower and met Jen back in the bedroom. She was excited to tell Jen how she had peed standing up. They spent some time discussing their dick tongues, then spoke about how amazing their breasts felt. At one point, they compared size and length, though Suzy made a rule that Jen could only measure with one, since both appeared to be a mirror image of each other. Jen was the definite winner in girth, but Suzy had her beat in length. Either way, they were comparably sized. Since both girls were sexually satisfied, the conversation gradually became more ordinary.

School and family were the predominant subjects. They also discussed some of their other friends. Eventually, their gossip was cut off by Jen’s dad inviting them down for lunch. They both went down and found seats in the dining room. Jess must have mentioned that Suzy had come over. Their dad had spent the last half hour preparing tacos. Jen was happy to see something besides leftover pizza.

At first, Suzy felt anxious, sitting among Jen’s unusual family. She had to force herself to stop staring at their Mom’s chest. Like Jess, she had four breasts. Suzy caught herself staring at Jess several times as well. The way she used all four arms to hold her silverware, drink from a glass, scratch an itch... It was spectacular. She couldn’t help but wonder how she learned to use them so fast. The answer came to her when she remembered her own tongue. Without paying attention, she hardly noticed that it was still a dick hanging limply from her mouth. She wondered why Jen hadn’t pointed it out and transformed it before accepting a plate of food from their Dad. He didn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary. She still felt exposed and shivered in her seat.

Jen noticed Suzy’s discomfort. She reached over and squeezed her shoulder. “Don’t worry, everyone thinks it’s ordinary.”

Jen had noticed the cock tongue but intentionally stayed quiet. She didn’t want to embarrass Suzy, but wanted her to find out sooner than later how blind people were to their changes. However, she did share some of the discomfort. Her eyes kept sticking to the unusual extras that sprouted from her family members. At least Suzy didn’t know about her dad’s change. She ate her fill then waited for Suzy to finish. Jen’s eyes wondered to the larger breasts that floated on Suzy’s chest. They weren’t a direct result of the curse words. The sight of them reminded Jen that she had a new touch power. With a grin, she began to plan her next move.

She didn’t know how either of her parents would react and decided it would be better to wait until after they ate. Suzy finished and Jen asked for them both to be excused. Jen and Suzy waited in the living room for Jess to finish. After a few minutes she left the dinning room and went up the stairs.

“Jess, wait... Come talk to us for a minute...” Jen shouted.

While their parents cleaned up, Jen and Suzy reminded Jess of the magic touch.

“What are you waiting for?” Jess asked. “Why not just go give them both a hug or something...”

Jess was annoyed that Jen wanted her approval, but was curious about the outcome. Jen was afraid of how they might react, but her sister’s encouragement made her take the initiative. She stood up and went to meet them in the dining room. Jess and Suzy watched intently...

Mom's Choice
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Jen found her mom first, who was busy stacking up some dirty plates. “Mom?”

She turned to face Jen. Jen opened her arms and stepped forward. Her mom returned the gesture.

As they hugged Jen said, “Thanks for lunch, it was great.”

Jen felt weird pressing her two breasts between the four on her slightly taller mother. Jen moved one hand up and touched the skin on the back of Mom’s neck.

Her mom had begun to say, “You should thank Dad, It was...”

It seemed like she had more to say but was cut off as soon as Jen’s finger met her skin. She lowered her arms and stood there quietly. Jen backed away and watched her. She seemed unaware of Jen. The second row of breasts on her chest began to deflate. Jen could see the outline of her bra as it shifted to only accommodate two. After her chest finished changing, she resumed her statement.

“It was his idea. All I did was brown the hamburger...”

Jen stared. Mom must have noticed and said, “Hey ... you alright over there?”

“Huh...” Jen shook her head. “Oh, sorry... Yea. I’ll go thank Dad.”

She didn’t have to go far. Her dad stepped into the room to retrieve the plates that Mom had stacked...

Dad's Choice
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Jen glanced down and couldn’t help noticing the two bulges in his pants. She quickly looked back up and stepped towards him, trying not to think about his groin. She gave her dad a hug and thanked him for supper. She was careful to brush her hand along his arm as she leaned in. He squeezed her tight then let go. Jen stepped back and watched for the change. Just like her mother, he paused. It was strange to see him frozen like that for so long. Mom didn’t seem to notice as she walked back into the kitchen.

After a moment, he regained his focus and smiled at Jen, “Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.”

Jen glanced towards his crotch. The two bulges were still there. She couldn’t judge him for it, but still thought her dad was a bit of a pervert as she left to meet Jess and Suzy in the living room.

“Aw... I was hoping mom had kept them.” Jess said as Jen entered the doorway.

“What? Why?” Jen asked.

“Well, now I’m the only girl in the family with four tits.” Jess frowned. “Oh well, I guess I’ll just be unique.”

“I take it you’ve decided to keep yours?” Jen asked.

“I don’t see why not. They’re light and they feel nice... Where’s the harm?” Jess added.

Jen shrugged. The three of them went back upstairs, Jess went to her own bedroom and Suzy followed Jen to hers.

“Good to know that my touch power works as intended...” Jen said.

Suzy acknowledged her comment but seemed lost in thought.

“You OK?...”

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“Oh... Sorry... I was just thinking about my tongue. Why didn’t it bother your parents?” She asked as she entered the bedroom.

“I should have explained earlier. See, when I was cursed there was a condition that made any change to myself or people I touch appear normal to outside observers.”

“But, I knew you had a dick tongue before you changed me...” Suzy replied.

Jen explained, “Yea, but you thought it was normal. See, it doesn’t make the changes invisible... It just incorporates them into our lives.”

“Like, last night Dad told me a story about when I was younger that included my tongue dicks.”

“As far as anyone else is concerned, our post-transformation lives are all they’ve ever known...”

“That’s so weird...” Suzy stated.

“I guess I won’t have to worry about hiding this from my family...”

Jen removed the cum stained comforter so they could sit on the edge of her bed.

Once comfortable, Suzy asked, “Do you know much about dicks... Like... Real ones?”

“Not really, but I think I have a new appreciation for how quick guys are to loose it.” Jen added.

“Yea, I noticed that... It’s really intense but seems to end abruptly. It did feel amazing though...” Suzy replied.

“You know, I planned to do a little research. We may as well look into that while you’re here.” Jen replied.

Suzy nodded as Jen grabbed her laptop from the desk and set it on the bed. They researched the development from puberty onward. Jen wondered how weird that would have been if she really had lived through puberty with dicks developing in her mouth. The two of them joked about it, then found a diagram for an adult penis. What Jen had thought were muscles were actually spongy sacks that ran the length of the shaft on either side. They filled with blood whenever she was erect. It was unusual, but made sense when she recalled the way it felt.

Suzy stared at the diagram. “Wait... How do we cum? Neither one of us has testicles...”

Jen didn’t have an answer. “I guess they’re in our neck or something... Either that or the curse just gave us the ability to produce cum without them...”

“Is it cum at all? Suzy asked.

Jen realized that Suzy had never been with a man before. “Yea, it’s definitely cum...”

“Oh hey, look here... A refractory period is the amount of time it takes for a man to get back into the mood after an orgasm.”

“I’m not sure about you, but I do feel something like that whenever my dicks go off...”

“I’ve only used mine once so far...” Suzy added. “I think you’re right though. After I came, I felt light-headed and tired.”

They continued to research their dicks. After a while Suzy noticed the clock on the task-bar.

“7:53... It’s pretty late, I ought to head home.”

Jen didn’t want her to go, but knew that they both had school in the morning.

“I suppose it is. I’ll walk you out...”

Suzy and Jen went to the end of the driveway. They said goodbye and Jen watched her leave.

“Hey, send me a text when you get back so I know you made it...” Jen yelled.

“Alright!, See you tomorrow...” Suzy hollered back.

Jen waited until she was out of sight, then went back inside...

Maybe Just Try It Out
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She went back to her room and picked up some dirty laundry, including the comforter from her bed. She took the handful to the laundry room. Over the weekend the house had become a mess, but that was par for the course. Tomorrow Martha would clean everything up.

She met her sister in the hall and noticed that her hair was damp. Jen guessed that she had just finished a shower. She was putting the extra set of arms to good use while she walked. The bottom left held her own dirty laundry, the bottom right was scrolling on her phone. Her top right arm was occupied with a hair brush, and her top left was free to hold the hand rail as she reached the top of the stairs.

Jen was curious about her plans for the evening and asked, “What are you up to?”

“Oh, just thought I’d watch some TV before heading to bed.” Jess replied.

Jen had showered after fucking Suzy and didn’t need to take another. At most, she’d brush her teeth, but was otherwise ready for bed. She decided to join her sister in the living room to kill some time. As she followed her down the stairs, she watched her arms. They seemed so natural.

“How do you like the new arms?” Jen asked.

“They’re very useful, but I thought I’d have to learn how to use them.” Jess replied.

“I just sort of knew how they worked as soon as I transformed. It took some of the fun out of it to be honest.”

Jen realized that she felt the same way about her tongue. She hardly remembered what it was like to have an ordinary one. She didn’t share that thought as they rounded the corner to enter the laundry room. Jess likely wouldn’t want to hear about her phallic tongue anyway. Both girls deposited their dirty cloths and sheets then went back to the living room.

While they watched TV, Jen couldn’t stop thinking about her sisters arms.

At her first opportunity, she asked, “Jess? Um... If I wanted to change one more thing... Would you help me pass the curse?”

Jess took a moment to reply, “What do you have in mind?”

“To be honest... I kind of want to know what it’s like to have four arms...” Jen answered.

Jess lifted her four arms out in front of her and examined them. She stretched, then relaxed the lower two on her lap, then crossed the top two behind her head.

Jess sighed, “I had hoped you were done...”

“I can always set it up so I can change back...” Jen replied.

“Fair enough...” Jess continued. “So what would you like me to say when you pick transform?”

“And what do you intend to say to me?”

New Power
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“Lets see...” Jen considered.

“Well, I could just dare you to snap your fingers... Unless you want something else?”

Jess replied. “Nah, I’m finished with all that.”

“In truth, I’d rather not do it at all, but I am a bit curious to see what you would look like with four arms.”

Jen smirked. “Right... Well... I suppose you already know what to tell me when I pick transform.”

“Sure...” Jess replied.

Jen didn’t spare any time passing the curse over. Jess chose dare and was forced to snap her fingers. She then returned the curse to Jen, who chose transform.

Jess was silent for a moment, then said, “You know... I may have something a little better in mind.”

Jen’s heart sank. Had she gone to far? What was her sister going to do?

Jess must have noticed her fearful expression and quickly added. “Oh, don’t worry Jen... It’s nothing bad...”

“First of all, go ahead and grow your second set of arms.”

“I’m just going to add something extra for you...”

“With your transformation comes the ability to change yourself without the curse power.”

Jen was relieved, confused, and a bit annoyed that she never thought of that. “Wow... Thanks Jess...”

“Yea yea... Now you don’t need to bug me any time you want to grow a horn or turn yourself inside out...” Jess shrugged.

As she spoke, Jen felt her sides tingling. She looked down to see her shirt unravel down the seams, then quickly reform with two new sleeves. From them emerged her new arms. Of course, an extra set of breasts soon followed.

“Ah Crap...” Jen grumbled as they pushed her shirt forward.

Jess laughed. “Come on Sis... Four boobs aren’t so bad. I rather like mine.”

Jen didn’t share the enthusiasm and tested out her ability to transform. Sure enough, the two lower breasts shrank away, leaving her chest and torso looking as ordinary as before.

Jess got up and handed over the remote. “I’m gonna head to bed. Have fun Jen...”

Jen didn’t know what to say. Her sister had effectively made her a shape-shifter...

Back to School
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Jen was feeling a bit overwhelmed and decided to head back upstairs. She took time to brush her teeth and floss before heading to her bedroom. Once there, she thought about her new power. She could become anything now. She had already successfully removed the extra breasts that came with her arms. With a simple thought, the two breasts grew back. She giggled as she pinched them with her lower set of hands. Since they were so weightless, they didn’t bother her at all. If anything it was just one more sensitive place to pleasure.

She spent some time adding and removing unusual parts. At one point she even split her lower body in two, just to remember how all of this had started. Everything seemed so surreal. After hours of morphing and exploring, she felt tired and finally opted to get some sleep. She put everything, including her tongue, back to normal. Sleep came soon after.

[6:57am - Monday]

Jen woke to her mom’s voice. “Wake up Jen. We need to get going!”

She cursed, realizing that she had forgotten to set her alarm.

“Hurry up, your sister’s already downstairs waiting...”

As soon as Mom left the room Jen dressed, grabbed her school supplies, then made a quick trip to the bathroom before meeting her sister. Jess almost scared Jen with four arms. Her morning had been so routine, albeit rushed, that she had practically forgotten about Jess’s additions.

“Back to two arms huh?” Jess noticed.

“Uh... Yea. For now at least...” Jen explained as it sank in.

They didn’t have a chance to continue the conversation before their mom rushed them to the car. They would have discussed the plan to fix the other kids at school, but ended up reviewing homework instead. Jess had already decided to stay out of it, and Jen didn’t think Mom needed to know. They pulled up to the school, said goodbye to their mom, and went to find their lockers. On the way into the building, Jen ran into Suzy. Without warning she hugged her and planted a kiss.

“Good morning Jen!” Suzy chimed.

Jen was surprised at the public display of affection. “Uh... Hi Suzy...”

“Is something bothering you?” Suzy asked.

“No... I’m just a little tired...” Jen explained.

In truth, she was tired. She must not have gone to bed until after midnight. Still, that wasn’t the only problem. So much had happened, including the crazy sex and new body parts... At that moment, she was normal looking. If not for the weightless breasts, she would have felt perfectly ordinary. The past few days were like a dream, but Jess and Suzy made it real again.

With that dip back into reality, she remembered her mission to fix the people she cursed in the beginning. As luck would have it, Alex was walking nearby...

Alex's Choice
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Jen and Suzy caught up to her. Before Alex noticed them, Jen tapped her arm. She turned to face them.

“Good mor...” Alex paused midway though her greeting.

She held the same vacant expression Jen’s parents had the day before. Other students just walked by like nothing was out of the ordinary. Jen was glad for that. The more discreet, the better off they would be. She looked down at her multiplied chest, expecting them to change at any moment.

“It’s rude to stare Jen...” Alex grinned.

Jen looked back up. Her vacant expression had become a smile. Apparently she had made her choice. Jen was too surprised to reply. Suzy nudged Jen’s arm to get her attention.

She stuttered, “Oh... Uh... Sorry...”

“Yea yea... We all know you’re into girls, but you don’t need to be so obvious about it.” Alex taunted.

“Yea Jen...” Suzy joked.

Jen blushed while the two girls giggled at her expense.

Alex turned to Suzy and asked what they wanted.

“Have you seen Vanessa?” Suzy replied.

“Vanessa’s out today. She caught a cold.” Alex answered.

Jen was glad Suzy stayed on top of the situation but a bit disappointed to hear about Vanessa. With that answer, Suzy and Jen left Alex and went to find their lockers. There wasn’t much more Jen could do until she found another victim. She didn’t want to be late for class and decided to wait until study hall to seek out the others...

Unknown Decision
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As luck would have it, she spotted one of the transformation victims in her second morning class. It was one of the cheer leaders that she didn’t know by name, but had definitely made contact with. She was wearing a uniform. Thinking about it reminded Jen that she had practice that night. She silently cursed when she pictured her uniform folded up on the corner of her dresser. It wasn’t a big deal. She would just borrow one of the extras the school had. Still, she hated having to wear those. They always smelled dusty and didn’t fit quite right.

She sighed and took some notes. Unfortunately, she hadn’t noticed the girl until class was in session. She kept her in mind as class droned on. Eventually the bell rang and She carefully maneuvered towards her. Unlike Alex or Vanessa, she had no visible change. Jen wasn’t going to trouble herself with it. The goal was to let them make a choice. It wasn’t any of her business what they did after that. As the unknown girl walked by, Jen casually brushed her arm. It must not have been casual enough.

The girl turned towards her and asked, “Huh? Did you need something?”

Jen stuttered, “Oh... Uh...”

As luck would have it, the change began before she had to explain herself. Jen watched the girl’s confused expression turn into a familiar vacant stare. She used the opportunity to walk away. It was a thrill to leave her like that. Would she have been confused at Jen’s sudden disappearance? Would the girl have ever even know she was there? She smiled as she went back to her locker.

Suzy caught up to her and kissed her cheek. Jen blushed and took her hand. She described the girl she had just fixed.

Suzy thought for a moment then said, “That sounds like Ashley.”

“She an I are a lot alike, if you know what I mean...”

Jen guessed that she had multiplied her pussy and replied, “Well, not any more...”

“What do you mean?” Suzy asked.

“I touched her... She probably changed back to normal” Jen explained.

Suzy thought for a moment then grinned, “Hmm... Maybe. I’ll sneak a peak in the locker room and let you know.”

Jen blushed. “You’re such a perv...”

“Oh, speaking of which... We’re free next period... Want to mess around?” Suzy winked.

Jen wasn’t necessarily opposed, but decided to pass. “Sorry Suzy, I’m on a mission today. I won’t be able to help Vanessa, but there are still a few others that I can touch.”

Just then, the four armed boy she came to know as Billy left a classroom up ahead of them and began to walk in their direction.

“How convenient...” Suzy said when he caught her eye.

They waited for him to get closer...

Billy's Choice
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Jen quickly came up with an excuse to stop him, then gently grabbed his upper left arm as he passed by. He stopped and turned to look at her. Suzy didn’t seem all that interested and went to her nearby locker.

“Hey, let go of my arm...” Billy urged.

Jen let go, “Sorry... I just wanted to ask if you’d seen my sister. You share a few classes with Jess Smith, right?”

Before Jen could finish her question he took on the same distant gaze as the previous few people she had touched.

After a few seconds he regained his focus, “Wait... You’re that girl who fell down in the cafeteria last week...”

Jen blushed, “Yea... Sorry for walking away like that... I was too embarrassed to say anything.”

“Don’t worry about it...” Billy replied. “So you’re Jess’s sister?”

“Hmm... I don’t see her in the mornings, but I’m sure she’ll be in study hall.”

“Want me to say you’re looking for her?”

Jen didn’t care to keep the conversation going and answered. “Nah, I’ll just catch up to her at lunch. Thanks though.”

He shrugged and continued down the hall, still sporting four arms.

Jen sighed. She couldn’t believe how many of them were willing to take the transformation over their normal body. She tried not to think about it and caught up to Suzy. She had already traded out a few books and was ready to head to study hall.

“So what now?” She asked.

Jen gave her a hug and said, “I’m gonna continue my mission. Lets meet up at lunch though.”

And with that, they parted ways...

Beth's Choice
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Jen thought back. So far, her mom was the only person who had definitely opted to change back. Ashley might have as well, but she had no way to know. She tallied up the victims. Including her family, there had been at least nine. As far as she knew, the only two left were Beth and Vanessa.

Since Vanessa was out sick, she would have to wait to fix her legs. Beth, on the other hand, should have been in one of the study halls. Jen switched out a few books and slung her bag over her shoulder, then left to the closest designated study room. She peered inside, hoping to find Beth. She didn’t know her very well. In fact, she had only just learned her name a few days earlier. She also learned about her change. Two assholes. Jen thought it was a little gross. Surely Beth would choose to go back to normal, given the choice.

She finished surveying the faces in the room. Beth wasn’t there. Jen was still determined to touch her and walked to the other end of the building. She found another study hall and peered inside. This time, she spotted Beth near the back. She slipped in and found a seat nearby. She wanted to use the same discreet approach she had attempted on Ashley. She doodled in her notebook and watched the clock. When the bell rang, she got up went towards her. Once close, Jen carefully bumped her hand into Beth’s arm.

To avoid trouble she pretended it was an accident and continued out the door.

In the corner of her eye she watched as Beth stopped to stare off into the distance. It had worked. Whether or not she had changed back would remain a mystery, but Jen was glad to have given her the choice. She felt good about what she had accomplished. Only Vanessa remained and it wouldn’t be difficult to find her. She could visit her house later that evening, or just wait until she was back at school. Jen leaned towards the latter. She really didn’t want to catch whatever bug she had.

She imagined how annoying it would be to get a cold and wondered if her new shape-shifting ability could be used to boost her immune system. She pondered the idea while walking towards her locker. Suzy was waiting nearby. Jen deposited some books and they both went to get something to eat...

Not Well Received
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Suzy was acting excessively frisky while they ate their lunch. Jen was feeling a little horny as well and they decided to pay the old equipment room another visit before their next class. Once there, Suzy initiated by French kissing Jen. She allowed her tongue to partially transform and used it to enhance her experience. Midway through the weird blow-job kiss, Jen asked how she managed to transform it like that. Suzy shrugged and explained that she had just practiced stopping the transformation midway. Basically giving her a normal tongue, with a sensitive cock head on the end.

Jen decided to give it a try and stuck out her tongue. Before she could will herself to transform, Suzy noticed that it looked completely normal. She pointed it out. Jen was caught off guard. Didn’t Jess say outside observers wouldn’t notice the changes? Could it be because Suzy would still see the truth about Jen from the earlier curse? She didn't want to lie and came clean by explaining what she had done with Jess the previous evening. Suzy didn’t take it well.

“What the hell Jen... You can just transform whenever you want?” Suzy cursed.

“You could have asked me first...”

Jen apologized. “I’m sorry... I was just curious about the arms. I didn’t know Jess was gonna make me like this.”

“I can still transform my tongue for you...”

Suzy shot back. “I don’t care about that... If I had known...”

“Ugh... I’ll admit it... I’m jealous.”

“I like my changes, but you can become anything?”

“That’s not fair...”

Suzy puffed her cheeks in defiance, and Jen rolled her eyes.

“Next time you decide to become a shape-shifter, can you please tell me first?”

“But I...” Jen started.

Suzy's anger was short lived. With a sly grin, she interrupted. “Yea yea... It’s Jess’s fault, even though you asked her to use the curse.”

“Ooh well... I guess the bright side is that you’ll be even more fun now.”

Jen blushed. That mild argument had killed her mood. In the awkward silence she thought about the curse, then had an idea.

“Suzy... Would you like to have the same kind of ability? I mean, do you want to be a shape-shifter like me?”

Suzy took a moment to register what she meant. “You still have the curse power, don’t you?”

Suzy's New Ability
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Jen made up her mind and explained the method that she and Jess had used to pass the curse around. A simple finger snap dare was all it took. Suzy understood and Jen took a moment to figure out the best way to word her transformation. When she was satisfied, she passed the curse. Suzy chose transform.

“From now on, you will be able to transform yourself at will without using the curse power. Anything you become will seem ordinary to everyone except for me.”

Nothing appeared to happen. Jen waited a moment then asked, “Did it work?”

Suzy lifted her right arm and concentrated. Her fingers fused into a smooth point. Her arm curved and her elbow softened until the entire length was a fleshy tentacle.

Suzy yelled. “Holy shit, my arm is a fucking tentacle.”

“Shh... Don’t yell, we’re not supposed to be back here you know...” Jen cautioned.

Suzy closed her eyes and her arm went back to normal. She fell onto a nearby bench and began to hyperventilate.

“Suzy... What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine.... Just... Wow...” She breathed.

Jen was almost embarrassed for her. It was a big change, but she had handled it so much better. Hell, she had barely even explored her powers yet. “Get a hold of yourself Suzy!”

“Sorry... It’s just a lot to take in...” Suzy replied.

“We can become anything... This is incredible.”

Just then, the bell rang.

“Shit... Hurry up and dare me to snap my fingers.” Jen commanded.

“Oh... Right...” Suzy replied.

“... Actually, we’d better get to class.”

“Let’s meet this evening at my place. I’ll pass it back to you then.”

Before Jen could object, Suzy grabbed her bag and pushed out the door. Jen wanted to follow her, but they had classes on different ends of the building. She had no choice but to leave the power in her hands until that evening. She groaned as she picked up her own bag before moving towards the door...


Re: Transform or Dare: Multiplier Jennifer - by fortestingpurposes

Out of Her Hands
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As she went towards her next class she realized that they would both be in cheer practice that evening. In all likelihood there wouldn’t be much time for her to visit later. Still, Suzy could just pass the curse back during practice. Jen wanted to feel relieved but still worried about what her lover might do with that kind of power. Suzy was known to act on a whim at times.

At any rate, there wasn’t much Jen could do short of ditching class to hunt her down. She decided to let it be and focused on her class work. After several long hours, she was free. She went to the coaches office to borrow a spare uniform. Unfortunately the only extra they had was about two sizes too small and designed for a much smaller chest.

Jen almost opted to sit out but realized that she could simply transform her body to accommodate the fabric. As she walked towards the locker room with the uniform in hand, she willed herself to change. Her footfalls felt unusual as her legs shortened. Next came her arms, then her torso... She reduced her overall proportions about two sizes. It wasn’t an extreme change, but she still felt odd after shrinking. Her breasts were still large and knew that there was no way they'd fit into the tight top. A moment later, they deflated. They were barely A cups when she stopped the change.

Her mind adjusted and the changes felt natural. Her cloths had shrank down to accommodate the changes as well. Jen must have looked years younger. Suzy was already changing when Jen approached her locker. She pulled off her shirt and set it aside.

“Hey, who are...” Suzy turned. “Jen?”

“Hi Suzy...” Jen replied.

Suzy stared. “You shrank yourself?”

“Better than turning my arm into a tentacle...” Jen quietly joked.

“I forgot my uniform and needed to borrow a spare. The only one they had was too small, so I made some adjustments.”

“That’s actually really smart...” Suzy replied as she looked her over.

Jen took the compliment and continued to undress. It was weird to have such a flat chest. She pulled on the skirt and panties, then pulled the uniform top into place. Surprisingly, it was too loose. A quick adjustment allowed her to fill it out.

Once changed, she recalled the curse. “Suzy... Please return the words to me. I’m not sure I’ll be able to come by this evening after practice.”

“I’m not gonna do it in front of these other girls...” Suzy whispered. “Lets just wait til tomorrow.”

Jen frowned at her.

“Don’t you trust me?”

Suzy was her best friend. Of course Jen trusted her. “Alright... Just please don’t use it. I want to get rid of it once and for all after I fix Vanessa.”

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Jen was assigned to be the flyer in her group. It wasn’t a surprise. She had always been light, but was now the smallest girl there and, consequently, the easiest to toss. Oddly enough, the stunts she performed felt natural even in the petite body. Practice was routine until something unusual caught her attention. On the bench was a girl with something odd about her face. Jen managed to get a closer look in between stunts. She had two pairs of eyes, each stacked in rows.

It was actually a little scary looking, though her eyes were bright blue and quite striking. Based on the favorite body part rule, it was no wonder she had multiplied them. Her body was otherwise a bit soft and pudgy. Jen felt bad for never noticing her and planned to make contact before she left that evening. Between stunts, she looked around the gym to see if any of the other girls had multiplied features. There were no others that she could see. Granted, that didn’t mean they weren’t hiding something under their uniforms.

Jen couldn’t worry herself over it. Most of the girls had touched her at some point during practice, so they would have been fixed regardless. It was only that other girl, who was just out of reach. Jen felt bad and kept an eye on her. She didn’t have an opportunity to make contact during drills but planned to touch her before going home. As soon as practice ended, she carefully maneuvered through the crowd to meet her.

She recognized the girl from other practice sessions but hadn’t seen her in any classes. She guessed she was a few grades lower and tried to plan a means of contact that didn’t require a conversation. The four eyed girl was chatting with a few other cheer leaders. As luck would have it, she was sitting her hand flat on the bench. Jen saw the opportunity and filled a cup with sport-aid from a nearby cooler, then plopped down on the bench next to her. She pretended to accidentally place her hand over hers as she sat.

“Oops, sorry about that...” Jen said before sliding down the bench.

The girl turned, then stared without speaking. Jen got one last look at her excessive blue eyes before they sunk into her forehead and closed up. Once normal, she turned back to her friends, who had never stopped their conversation. Jen took a sip from the paper cup just as Suzy found a seat next to her.

“Smooth...” Suzy said.

Jen wasn’t paying attention. She was trying to think back to her first day after the transformation. Was there anyone else? If there were, she couldn’t remember them.

Suzy nudged her shoulder. “Hey... I had an idea...”

Suzy Keeps It
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Jen turned towards her, “Oh?”

“I’ve still got the curse... You want it back so you can get rid of it...” Suzy explained.

“But... Technically... You got rid of it when you gave it to me. Why don’t you just let me deal with it instead? Save the hassle of trading it back again...”

“But Suzy, it’s too dangerous...” Jen replied, “Plus... It’s my backup plan if something goes wrong before I fixed everyone...”

“How many do you have left?” Suzy asked.

“I’m not sure... I think just Vanessa.” Jen answered.

Suzy argued, “Just Vanessa? Shit... You can do your touch fix next time we see her.”

“You don’t need the curse for that.”

“How did you plan to get rid of it anyway? Isn’t the only way to pass it to someone else?”

Jen felt intimidated by Suzy’s sudden seriousness. “I don’t know, I hadn’t really thought that far ahead.”

“OK... There’s something I’d like to do with it, and I’ll make sure it goes away afterwards.” Suzy added.

“But I’ll hold onto it until after you fix Vanessa, alright?”

Jen wanted to argue but decided against it. She knew what the curse was capable of and didn’t want to make Suzy mad.

“Alright... Just... Please don’t hurt anyone with it.” Jen begged.

Suzy kept a stern expression as she got up and left. Jen wasn’t sure what to make of it. She stood up and followed her to the locker room. Suzy didn’t offer any clues as to what she had in mind. Jen didn’t like it, but had no choice but to trust her. Suzy had made it perfectly clear that she didn’t plan to send the curse back. She didn't even give Jen another change to ask. She just picked up her backpack and a jacket from her locker, then left without saying goodbye...

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Jen watched her leave, but decided not to stop her. She unzipped her uniform and pulled it off. For the last hour, she had been shorter and significantly more petite than normal. She might have forgotten about the change if she hadn’t pulled back on her bra. It was too tight. She guessed it had shrank with her, then stayed that way when she expanded to fill the uniform top. The memory of a larger body was a fuzzy, but she managed to use her ability to grow back to her previous proportions. Her legs stretched, followed by her arms. Her torso extended and her breasts swelled. Her cloths, including the bra, adjusted to fit comfortably.

“That’s more like it...” She thought as she picked up her bag and went towards the exit.

Her mom was waiting to take her home. Jen spent the ride trying to guess what Suzy planned to do with the curse. She had a bad feeling about it. Still, this was Suzy. Her friend. Her lover... She just needed to trust her. After a short while, they pulled into the driveway. Jen grabbed her bag and went inside. Dad had prepared lasagna and their timing was perfect. She joined her Sister at the dinner table rather than going straight to her room.

Jen and Jess ate with their parents, who were busy discussing work. Jess finished first and asked if she could go out. With permission, she picked up her purse and went towards the front door. Jen wondered where she was going but didn't care enough to ask. She finished and went to her own room to be alone. She still had Suzy on her mind, but had to convince herself that the power was in good hands. She laid down and tried to relax. After a while, stressful thoughts turned into mild arousal as she thought back to the brief kiss in the equipment room.

Had it not been for an argument, they would have had some fun. Jen remembered Suzy’s tentacle arm and decided to give it a try. After a moment her right arm had become a noodly appendage without any trace of fingers or joints. She made it longer and found it easy to articulate. Since she was still feeling horny, she turned the tip into a sensitive cock and pushed it into her pants. It was easy to bend, and she managed to twist it into her vagina without removing her panties or shorts.

She moaned and twisted the cock to meet one of her more sensitive spots. I sent shivers up her spine... But it wasn’t quite enough. She pushed her free hand into her panties and began to tweak her clit. She could still do more... After a moment, two more arms sprouted from either side of her torso. The hands slid under her bra to massage her breasts. Jen could hardly stifle her moans as she tickled all of her tender parts simultaneously.

Each nipple hardened and made her squeal with pleasure as she pinched and pulled. Down below, her pussy sent electricity through her entire body. The dick she had grown at the end of her new arm was like a second clit, but more intense. Each twist sent goosebumps up the unusually elastic skin that connected it to the rest of her. Of course, more of that pleasure erupted from the fun button that her left hand was busy tickling.

The first to go was the dick at the end of her tentacle. Warmth built along the length of her modified arm then shifted to the base of the cock. Almost without warning, it pulsed and ejected cum deep inside. It was enough to trigger another orgasm, this time from her pussy. She could feel the dick softening but kept the overly sensitive tip jammed inside until she reached a second orgasm. After a few minutes, the stimulation on her breasts forced a third.

That last orgasm was her limit and she went limp. She still had Suzy on her mind, but forgot about the curse power. She just missed her, and wished she was there to share the experience. Her tentacle slipped free of her moist cunt, leaving a trail of cum on her stomach. She was sweaty and her panties were now soaked. Fortunately, her bed stayed dry since her outer-wear prevented anything from soaking through. With a tired grunt, she rolled off of the bed and converted her tentacle back into an arm. Some cum still clung to her fingers after the transformation finished. She didn’t bother losing the second pair of arms she grew. For whatever reason, it felt more natural to keep them...

Default Setting
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As she came down from her sexual high, she began to worry. Earlier that afternoon, she had shrank down to fit in a smaller uniform. If it hadn’t been for her bra not fitting quite right, she might have forgotten her original size. She had long forgotten how it felt to have a dick tongue or four legs. She could remember having them and remembered fucking Suzy, but trying to imagine how each dick felt, or how it was to walk on four legs was impossible. It seemed like each form gradually rewrote her brain to accommodate it. With that in mind, Jen decided to use her powers to imprint a default body into her brain.

She went to the bathroom to strip off and clean up. As natural as the four arms felt, she had a little trouble with her shirt. With a sigh, she retracted them and tried again. Two arms made it easier to slide the shirt up and off. Her bra came next. Her breasts looked as perfect as ever, aside from a hint of red around her nipples. It was just a product of vigorous pinching and rubbing and it would go away soon enough. Jen decided to hold off on her default imprint idea until after her shower. Her pussy was dripping excess cum and her body was hot and sweaty. She really didn’t want that to be part of her default appearance.

She slid off her skirt, then began to peal off the damp panties. Several orgasms worth of fluid clung to her lips as the fabric came free. It made her feel gross and she didn’t spare any time turning on the tap. When the water was at a comfortable temperature, she stepped in and began to lather soap onto her arms and torso. She took her time wiping the sticky mess out of her crotch. Once satisfied that she was free of sweat, dirt, and soap, she stopped the water and stepped out.

She didn’t know if her transformations could affect the moisture on her body and was very thorough with the towel. A hair dryer and brush came next. Jen wanted to make sure everything was clean and comfortable before she committed to a default. When she was satisfied that she had removed any excess moisture and had sufficiently combed any tangles from her hair, she went back to her room.

She had forgotten to grab some clean cloths, but wasn’t too worried since her parents were downstairs. Plus, her room was only a few yards down the hall. She slipped out quietly and moved towards her open door. There was a moment of panic when she heard feet falling on the stairs nearby. Had her sister come home? She had no way to know without looking. She quickened her pace and barely avoided getting caught naked in the hall.

She leaned against her door and laughed, recalling her “mission impossible” moment with Suzy a few days prior. Once refocused, she went over to her mirror. In it, she saw her ordinary looking self, of course with perkier breasts. She was happy to include that in her default appearance. She decided to plump up her ass and widen her hips as well, but not more than an inch or so. Once satisfied, she used her powers to create a permanent image of her current form in her mind.

Now whenever she transformed, regardless of how long she spent as something else, she could always just push a mental button to go back to normal. Jen tested it by growing six large breasts down her torso, then recalled her default. They flattened out and disappeared, leaving only the two she started with. One more test with additional fingers and toes was enough to convince her that it worked. She smiled at her handiwork and decided to share the idea with Suzy next time they met up.

It wasn’t quite time to turn in for the night, so she decided to have some more fun. She grew back her extra arms. It was somewhat underwhelming how normal they felt. Nothing she changed had to be learned and new arms just weren’t all that exciting. Maybe it was because she had no real need for them at the time.

As she lay there twiddling her four thumbs, she remembered her tongue cocks from that weekend. What was the point of being able to change her body if it only ever became interesting when she was horny? Jen let out a long sigh and retracted the arms. She already masturbated and couldn’t think of anything else worth trying. In her boredom, she decided to turn in for the night. It was only eight and she usually slept closer to nine. If anything, she’d be able to wake up easier with that extra hour of sleep. She pulled on a pair of panties, then flipped off her lights before sliding into bed. Sleep came easily...

Sleep Changing
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[Tuesday - 6:09am]

Jen had remembered to set her alarm, but didn’t need it. Since she had gone to sleep earlier, she found herself fully awake a few minutes before it went off. She lifted herself up and noticed something in her groin. With the blanket tossed aside, she saw two bulges in a modified pair of panties. She reached down and lifted the waist band to see what was going on. On either side of her pussy were limp dicks.

She just sat there staring for a moment, not sure what to make of it. Suddenly, her alarm startled her. In a slight panic, she hit the snooze button, then reached back down to take another look. Could it be that she had transformed in her sleep? If it was the product of a dream, she certainly didn’t remember it. Looking at the two cocks made them begin to harden.

She needed to get dressed for school and used her power to make them go away. Her panties tightened back against her crotch. A prickly feeling remained along her vulva where the dicks had been, but she ignored it. The incident made her glad for the mental default. Waking up with dicks was one thing, but waking up and not remembering whether or not she was meant to have them was something else entirely. The thought made her worry about Suzy. Jen made up her mind to find her as soon as she got to school.

She pushed herself to the edge of the bed and stood up. Her bottom felt strange as she slid across the mattress. She planned to look but first noticed something unusual on her chest. Her nipples looked excessively puffy and felt tender. Upon closer inspection she realized that they looked exactly like cock heads. She twisted around to check her back. As far as she could tell, there was nothing on her back, but her ass was definitely more plump. She slid down her panties for a better look. Each cheek bore a striking resemblance to her breasts, and even had their own nipples. It was a little amusing but not something she wanted to spend the day with. She turned back to face the mirror and hit her mental reset button. She felt her ass deflate while watching the dick heads on her breasts flatten into ordinary nipples.

“What on earth did I dream about last night...” She wondered as she moved towards the dresser.

A light application of makeup and a quick bathroom break was all it took to be ready. She waited for her mom and sister in the living room. Soon Jess joined and eventually their mom appeared with her suitcase in hand. The three of them left for school...

Fix Vanessa
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After a short drive, they arrived. Jess and Jen said goodbye to their mom before heading towards the building. Jen stayed behind to survey the crowd. She didn’t see Suzy anywhere and decided to head straight for her locker to see if she was already inside. Unfortunately, Suzy wasn’t there either. As luck would have it, Vanessa was. Jen still wanted to find her girlfriend, but saw an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

She walked over and tapped her arm, making sure to touch the exposed skin just past her sleeve. Vanessa turned. It was an impressive feat of coordination with four legs. She smiled and began to say good morning. As expected, the familiar vacant expression interrupted her greeting. Jen wasn’t surprised when her four legs began to merge back into a single pair.

She was happy that Vanessa choose her original form. Four legs just seemed so impractical. As soon as her body finished reconfiguring itself, she continued her greeting. “... Morning Jen. Did you want to ask me something?”

As it happened, Jen did have a question. “Hey Vanessa, I don’t suppose you’ve seen Suzy around?”

“Funny you should ask. She told me to ask you to meet her in the usual spot... Whatever that means.” She replied.

Jen thought for a moment, then guessed that she was referring to the equipment room. Where else could it have been?

“Thanks Vanessa...” Jen replied as she began to walk in that direction.

“Better hurry, you’ve only got about fifteen minutes before class starts.” Vanessa explained.

Jen waved and turned a corner at the end of the hallway. It only took a few minutes to make it to the equipment room. She hoped Suzy didn’t have anything too deviant in mind since they only had a few minutes before class...

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Suzy was waiting. Her right arm was huge and muscular. Her ears were pointed and her entire lower half was backwards, but Jen was too focused on the young boy who was firmly held against the wall to ask about it. He looked familiar. Suzy had her little finger held firm over his mouth. The name wasn’t fitting given how large she had made it. The boy couldn’t speak, but did force some muffled groan when he looked towards Jen. Seeing her made his eyes go wide with fear or possibly anger. She couldn’t tell.

“What are you doing?” Jen exclaimed. “Who is that?”

“This is the asshole who cursed you.” Suzy replied.

She loosened her grip to let him speak.

“Go ahead Kyle, tell her...”

Kyle gasped, “Yea I did it... But it doesn’t matter what I say... The curse will make her forget.”

“Well?” Suzy asked as she looked towards Jen. “Do you remember?”

Jen shrugged; she was unable to connect him to the phone call. “He does look a bit familiar...”

“I think he was in the bleachers during a few practice sessions, or maybe I saw him in the hall...”

The comments pissed off Suzy and she pushed him harder into the wall. “You piece of shit. Is that what gets you off? Is that why you did it?”

“No... It was just an idea...” He cried. “She embarrassed me and I wanted revenge. I didn’t even think the curse was real.”

“Oh it’s very real. In fact, I should be thanking you for it.” Suzy smiled. “Still... It doesn’t change the fact that you’re a perverted asshole.”

Jen couldn’t understand what was happening and noticed that they only had two minutes before their next class. “Suzy, let him go... We’re gonna be late...”

Suzy looked up at the clock. “Oh, looks like your time’s up Kyle.”

He began to beg, “please don’t... I’m sorry.”

“Since you didn’t make a choice, you’re gonna get both...”

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Suzy released him and transformed her arm back to normal.

She reached into her bag and pulled out two pieces of paper, then handed one to Kyle. “Here’s your transformation.”

He took it and began to read. “No... Please don’t do this... Look, Jennifer is normal now... She undid the curse already. Why... Why are you still punishing me?”

“Nothing I can do now...” Suzy shrugged, “You’ve already read it...”

She unfolded the second sheet of paper. Jen guessed that it contained his dare instructions. After skimming a few lines, Suzy tore it up.

“Can’t use this anymore... Hey Jen, what do you suppose we should dare him to do?”

Jen replied, “I don’t care... Just make it quick so we aren’t late for class”

Suzy sighed, “That’s no fun...”

“Alright Kyle, I’ll make it simple for you... I dare you to apologize to Jen.”

He looked towards Jen and apologized, then looked back towards the paper. Jen was still confused by the whole situation and suggested that they go to class. Suzy agreed and followed her out.

“What was on that piece of paper?” Jen asked.

“Ask your sister. It was her idea.” Suzy replied.

“Wait, Jess had something to do with that?” Jen asked. “I didn’t think she wanted anything else to do with the curse...”

“She didn’t, at least not until I mentioned Kyle” Suzy explained.

Jen still couldn’t figure out what Kyle had to do with any of it. At that moment, she was far more interested in Suzy’s current transformation.

“That’s a bit odd, don’t you think?” Jen asked as she looked her over.

“What do you mean?” Suzy questioned.

“You’re legs... They’re backwards...” Jen followed.

“Huh... Guess I hadn’t noticed...” Suzy explained as she twisted herself around.

Aside from the pointy ears, she was back to normal, at least as far as Jen could see. Still, the comment worried her. She wanted Suzy to lock in her default form before it was too late, but didn’t have a chance to explain before the bell rang.

“Suzy, lets meet back in the equipment room during study hall...” Jen said as she left for her first class.

Suzy nodded and went down an adjacent corridor. Jen’s first two classes seemed to take forever. She couldn’t stop worrying about Suzy. How could she have not realized that her legs were backwards? Did she transform in her sleep as well? Jen supposed it wasn’t hurting anything, but didn’t want Suzy to forget what her real body looked like. Her morning classes droned on, but the bell did eventually ring...

Suzy's Default
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She hurried to the equipment room to meet her girlfriend. They might have a bit of fun in their downtime, but more importantly, Jen wanted to share her trick. She found Suzy on the way there. She had changed again. Jen caught up and reviewed her new body. She had four arms and four breasts, not unlike Jess. Her ears were no longer pointed, but a dick hung limp in place of her nose.

As absurd as it was, Jen knew that nobody else would notice and didn’t point it out. Instead she explained what she had done the previous night to lock in her default appearance. They reached the equipment room just as Jen finished her explanation. She did a quick check to make sure they were alone, then pushed a broom through the door handles to keep people out.

Suzy grinned and began to remove her top. Jen grabbed her shoulder and asked her to wait a moment.

“Not in the mood?” Suzy asked.

“It’s not that...” Jen replied. “Can you just change back to your normal body first?”

Suzy cocked an eyebrow. “This is my normal body...”

Jen hesitated. “That’s... You... You really think so?”

“Given that reaction, I’m guessing it’s not...” Suzy replied with a somber tone. “What’s different?”

“I was afraid of this...” Jen explained. “I noticed that the longer I stayed transformed, the less I could remember about my original body.”

Suzy replied, “So that’s why you want me to pick my default setting, so to speak...”

“Right.” Jen answered.

“How can I do that if I can’t remember...” Suzy asked.

Jen could tell that she was about to panic and reassured her. “Don’t worry. I’ll just tell you what you’re supposed to look like.”

“Even in a worst case scenario, we’ve still got each other as a reference.”

Suzy smiled. “Alright... So what do you want me to turn into?”

Jen first had her loose the second arms and breasts. The dick nose had to go as well. She also did a quick oral check to make sure Suzy didn’t do anything weird with her tongue. To her surprise, she had removed the dick completely.

Jen stepped back to look her over. “Well, you look pretty normal now...”

“How can you be sure I don’t have something unusual under my cloths?” Suzy teased.

“You perv...” Jen laughed. “That’s true though, I really don’t know what else you changed.”

“Guess you’d better strip.”

Suzy grinned. “About time...”

She yanked off her shirt and bra. Her perky breasts looked the same as Jen remembered. She stepped towards her and gave them both a squeeze, then examined her nipples. They both found it humorous, like a game of doctor. Jen gave her breasts a thumbs up and Suzy began to unzip her skirt. It fell, revealing something not so normal in her groin.

Her panties had a large camel toe pressed against the fabric. At first, Jen thought it was just her two pussies, but the bumps stuck out too far. She soon found out why when Suzy lowered her panties. Rather than two pussies, she had three penises tucked between her legs. No balls though.

“Holy crap...” She exclaimed.

“What?” Suzy asked.

“Three dicks... I mean... Really? There’s no way you thought that was normal...” Jen replied.

Suzy shrugged. Jen explained how she had two pussies for a while, but originally had just one.

“But I’ve got two pussies...” Suzy answered.

She lifted two of the cocks and leaned back. Sure enough, there were two pink slits down below. They seemed further down than normal. Jen was curious and asked her to bend over. Suzy seemed to be enjoying herself and leaned forward to show off her ass.

She had no asshole, just two pussies that started where it had been. Jen was turned on but also determined to have her back to normal before they played.

“What happened to your asshole?” Jen asked. “How do you poop?”

“That comes out of my left vagina... Duh” Suzy laughed.

Jen sighed. “OK... I’m glad I had you strip off... Those parts aren’t quite right...”

Jen asked her to lose the dicks and extra pussy, then had her move it forward to make room for an asshole. After the changes, she looked her over one more time, then offered her approval. Suzy used her transformation powers to make a mental image of her current body, something she could always reference during any other form.

“Done... Now what?” Suzy asked.

“Change into something then try using that image to switch back...” Jen suggested.

She turned her arms and legs into fleshy tentacles, then after a moment switched back to normal.


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After all of that, Jen was feeling especially wet. “I’d like to reward you for your cooperation...”

“Is that so?” Suzy giggled.

Jen leaned in to initiate a kiss. After a moment, a cock pushed into her mouth.

She pulled back, allowing it to pop free. “Oh, we can do a lot better than that...”

Her mouth took on the familiar appearance of a pussy. Suzy didn’t spare a moment and quickly thrust her cock back into Jen’s face. As things began to heat up, Jen had to pull away. She was still dressed and didn’t want to make a mess of her cloths. In that brief intermission, she pulled off her shirt and yanked away the bra that held her perfect breasts captive. Her shorts and panties came next. Without cloths to hinder her, she lunged back into Suzy’s arms and accepted the cock once again. While Suzy had been waiting for her to undress, she added a new asset. Jen hadn’t noticed until Suzy’s new cock penetrated her down below. It wasn’t attached in the usual place, rather, Suzy had grown it on the end of a long tail.

Jen would have squealed if not for her mouth being a vagina. She was breathing hard through her nose and decided to open a new mouth on her chest to make it easier. The moment it opened, her exasperated moans of pleasure were allowed to echo through the room. Suzy wasn’t any better about the noise but suggested that they try to stay a little quieter.

Jen felt Suzy’s arms moving up and down her back and sprouted a pair of breasts there. Suzy giggled as her hands found the rising flesh. Suzy decided to copy the idea. Both girls fondled each other’s back breasts while fucking in the most unusual way. Jen was focused on the feelings from both of her pussies, but hadn’t forgotten about Suzy’s tight cunt. Since this was meant to be her reward, she sprouted two dick ended tentacles under her arms and directed one into Suzy’s pussy. The other wasn’t accounted for, but she felt better keeping things symmetrical.

Suzy noticed it and split her pussy in two with Jen still inside. Jen felt the change and didn’t require an invitation as her other cock tentacle found the second opening. That was enough to push Suzy to her limit. She let out an exhausted moan and her cock tongue filled Jen’s pussy mouth with hot cum. She nearly fell as the cock pulsed. As it softened, she pulled her head back and closed her eyes. The partially softened dick leaned against the side of her mouth as she trembled.

Jen finished swallowing her load and transformed the pussy back into her mouth. She also removed the one on her chest. Before it closed up, two separate cries of pleasure echoed from her body. It was almost like three girls were in the room. She may have been done up above, but the pussy between her legs was still sending electricity through her body. She knew Suzy was experiencing it as well. Jen turned her attention to the two cock tentacles. Suzy leaned her head on Jens’ shoulder to stop the world from spinning.

Jen knew she was experiencing a refractory period from her cock tongue, but from experience, knew that her lady parts weren’t done yet. She didn’t have much time to think before her left cock erupted into Suzy’s tight slit. The feeling was to much and her right cock followed. Both dicks throbbed and wracked her body with pleasure. Suzy nearly screamed as the hot fluid filled her two pussies. The sensation triggered her own cock and Jen received Suzy’s seed seconds later. The feelings wound down and they leaned into each other for support.

“Holy fucking shit...” Suzy gasped.

“I need to sit down...” Jen breathed.

They helped each other to a nearby bench...

Go Home
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Jen and Suzy sat next to each other, cum drooled from their pussies, making a small mess on the bench.

Suzy complained. “Ugh... Did you have to fill me up so much?”

“You’re one to talk...” Jen laughed as she felt a line of cum drip down her thigh.

Suzy stood on shaky legs and pulled a few tissues from her bag. She still had tits on her back, and the cock tail waved back and forth behind her. Watching her remind Jen of her own unusual parts. She hit her mental reset button and felt the breasts on her back shrink down, followed by the cock tentacles under her arms. Suzy noticed and did the same.

She pointed at her shirt nearby. “I don’t care what I look like, but it seems like my cloths didn’t adjust.”

Jen acknowledged it and recalled the cheer uniform she had shrank to fit into. Still, it was odd that her entire wardrobe had been modified when she grew two legs. Maybe things became less predictable after she began to add her own rules. She considered another possibility. Perhaps it only worked for cloths she owned?

“Suzy, is that your t-shirt?” Jen asked.

“Why?” Suzy replied.

“Well... I think our changes might only work on cloths we own or are wearing during the change...” Jen reasoned.

Suzy shrugged. “Makes sense. That’s actually one of Brent’s shirts. It was mixed in my laundry this morning...”

It didn’t really matter and Jen pushed aside the thought. They needed to put their cloths back on before someone tried to get into the room. She stood up to get a tissue from her bag. As soon as the tissue met her wet lips, the bell rang. It startled them both, but they were quick to ignore it. It wasn’t anything serious, just a signal for lunch. They cleaned up, got dressed, then left for the cafeteria.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Jen chatted with friends, tried not to stare at Alex’s four breasts, and caught up on her notes. She saw Suzy a few more times between classes. She always looked a little different. Sometimes it was something excessively sexual, other times it was just a harmless addition, like a pair of wings or a third leg. Jen wasn’t too worried about it since she knew Suzy could easily change back.

Before long, the final bell rang. Jen didn’t have practice that evening and met her mom in the parking lot. Jess showed up soon after and they all went home...

After Thoughts
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As they rode, Jen thought about the boy that Suzy pinned to the wall that morning.

“What was his name? Kevin?... No... K something... Kyle?”

She remembered that Jess had something to do with his curse but decided not to ask with their mom in the front seat. She kept it in mind until they got home. Dad was preparing a roast when they arrived. Mom went to help out and Jen followed Jess to the living room.

“Hey Jess?” Jen asked, “Suzy used the curse on some kid this morning...”

“She handed him a piece of paper and said it was something you had helped with...”

Jess’s eyes lit up. “She found him?”

“Yea... Some kid named Kyle...” Jen added.

Jess smiled. “Heh... That little fucker. Lets see how he likes it...”

“How he likes what?” Jen asked

Jess raised an eyebrow. “Suzy didn’t tell you?”

“That was the asshole who cursed you.”

“Suzy and I dealt with him and also got rid of the curse for you.”

Jen shrugged. “I remember the call... And obviously the curse... But I don’t remember him having anything to do with it.”

“Then don’t worry about it.” Jess replied.

“I am worried... Tell me what you did.” Jen demanded.

Jess sighed. “Fine... What did he pick?”

“He got both... Suzy kept his mouth covered until he ran out of time...” Jen answered.

Jess laughed. “Way to go Suzy!”

“Which paper did she hand him?”

“He got the one with transform instructions.” Jen replied.

“What did Suzy do for the dare? Did she use the other sheet?” Jess continued.

“She just made him apologize to me. It was kind of weird.” Jen recalled.

“That's a lot nicer than I would have been...” Jess muttered.

“I had written some conditions for either choice, but we had hoped he would choose transform.”

“You remember your original curse, right?”

“We basically gave it to Kyle, except if he touched someone, their favorite body part would double on him...”

“So... If he touched Alex, for example, he’d grow four great big boobs.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he came to school wearing gloves from now on...”

“Don’t you think that’s a bit harsh?” Jen asked.

“Fuck no... Not after the shit he put us all through...” Jess argued.

“Besides, I wasn’t that mean about it... I applied the same conditions that made our changes seem normal to everyone. Of course, I excluded Suzy and us...”

Jen had a scary thought. “What’s to stop him from using the curse on someone else... Or one of us?”

“I set it up so the curse would end with him.” Jess smiled.

Jen didn’t know what else to say. If they felt that strongly about cursing Kyle, then maybe that boy did deserve it. If that was truly the end of the curse, she was glad.

Jen was satisfied with the explanation and started towards the hallway. “I think I’m gonna head over to Suzy’s house...”

“Are you mad at us for cursing Kyle?” Jess asked.

Jen stopped and thought for a moment before saying. “Nah... I’m not really worried about it. If you two think it needed to be done, then I’ll just trust that it was the right thing to do.”

“See ya later Jess...”

Jess returned the farewell as Jen stepped into the hall. She sent a quick text to Suzy to see if it was alright to stop by then got permission from her parents. Suzy was quick to reply. With her parent’s permission, she left the house...

“I wonder if she’s in the mood...” Jen thought as she walked down the sidewalk...