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Date Night

Part I: Stomach Troubles

I wondered if my date would show.

I fidgeted in my chair and glanced around the restaurant trying not to look nervous. It was a blind date, set up through an anonymous dating service, so I had never actually met the woman I was waiting for and had to take it on faith that she'd eventually show up. She was already running late and I was worried that she had decided to stand me up. Or worse, that maybe she had come, seen me waiting, and fled. I sighed and tried not to make eye contact with my server who was already giving me encouraging but pitying looks.

I took a deep breath, and tried to be confident. Confidence was sexy. I told myself that I was an okay catch: I was a good enough looking guy, I worked out, I had a decent job that paid the bills. I was only thirty, and a young looking thirty at that. My female friends said I was cute and it wasn’t like I had never had any dating success. It had just been a while is all… I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Be confident, be confident, be confident. She will definitely show up.

“Excuse me…”

I opened my eyes and there she was, smiling at me tentatively.

“Hi,” I managed.

“I’m Elaine.” She said, blushing a little. “I think I’m your date tonight.”

I looked at her: warm brown eyes and a dimpled, impish smile in a round face framed by short brunette ringlets. She was in her thirties, but despite some softening here and there and the odd wrinkle she was still quite attractive. Her dress, a smart black sheath number, hugged her generous breasts and showed off the bulge of her round, spherical stomach…?

Was my blind date pregnant?

“Jack.” I replied, not sure what to make of the situation and trying not to stare at Elaine’s abdominal bulge. “I think that makes me your date for tonight.” I tried for a charming, confident smile.

I didn’t know whether I should try and shake her hand, or try to pull out her chair, or what. I ended up halfway standing as she maneuvered herself into the seat across from and dropped into it with a happy sigh.

“Sorry I’m late,” she said, “I had a crazy day at work and some deadlines that just *had* to be dealt with.” She smiled shyly. “But… well, I was really looking forward to this and I hope we aren’t getting off on the wrong foot.”

“It’s fine.” I said gamely, “I’m really happy you’re here.”

“Well hooray then.” Elaine looked around the restaurant and bit her lip. “You’ve been sitting here a while haven’t you? You must be starving. And I’m pretty much always famished,” she smiled bashfully and patted her round stomach, “so would you mind if we ordered right away?”  I agreed and she started pouring over the menu, chewing on a lock of hair.

Elaine really was cute, I thought. Adorable even. But… that stomach bump. She was a fairly slender woman, maybe not skinny, but certainly too thin for that bulge to just be her actual stomach. She really did look like she was about five months pregnant. She must be. Right?

Hastily I picked up my own menu, pretending to skim the options while thinking about my probably pregnant date. Was I okay with this? What would this mean for us? For me? Did I want a kid in my life? Someone else’s kid? This was just a first date, maybe worrying about commitment was premature. Maybe I should just have fun and see where it goes… Maybe Elaine is a surrogate or something. I could ask about it and get more information. Would that be rude? Who goes on a date when they are five months pregnant!?

“Are you ready?” Elaine asked brightly. I nodded and she awkwardly hopped in her seat and waved at a server to get their attention. She was still very cute. Elaine ordered a big plate of gnocchi with fresh pesto, and since I hadn’t managed to read the menu, I seconded the order. Elaine deferred having a glass of wine with dinner, but I decided I could really use a drink.

That settled, we spent the time waiting for our food getting to know each other. I talked a bit about myself, my hobbies, my job managing a produce distribution warehouse, and the other usual dating boilerplate. Elaine, showing off her bright wit and her sharp mind, filled me in about herself and her all-encompassing job working in the art department of a major advertising firm. She told some great anecdotes and had me chuckling heartily. Not only was my date lovely and cute, but she was smart, successful, and funny. The total package.

The total pregnant package.

When our meals came, conversation died down a little as we both, but especially Elaine, tucked into our meals. She clearly had a strong appetite and would gulp down a few mouthfuls of food between remarks. Despite her hearty eating habits, with the food in front of her hiding her baby bump, it was easy to ignore her potential pregnancy and picture ourselves together. I liked her, darn it, and wanted to see more of her…

And then I felt her foot slide up my calf, along my thigh, and rest on my crotch.

Shocked, I looked at Elaine, and she was giving me a smoky, hungry look. “Elaine…” I started to say. “Shhh,” she admonished. Her foot rubbed my crotch a little and I felt myself responding. “Jack,” she said quietly, “I like you, and this doesn’t have to be a one night stand, but… well, I work a lot, and I like you, and I don’t get…out… very often and I have an itch that needs to be scratched…” she blushed and bit her lip. “Why don’t we pack the rest of this food up and go back to your place.”

I was speechless.

Here I was with a very attractive woman who wanted to go to bed with me. It had been a while since I was in this situation, and honestly it was a welcome turn of events. But… well, I *liked* Elaine and wanted to go on more than one date with her and having sex tonight felt premature. And then there was the fact Elaine was pregnant! I didn’t know how I felt about having sex with a pregnant woman at all, let alone casually fucking one! She wanted it though, and I wanted her, and I read somewhere that a lot of pregnant women really liked sex… would I be taking advantage?

And then all thoughts of moral quandary were shoved aside as Elaine went back to stroking my cock with her foot.

“Check please!”


Was it my imagination or did Elaine look even more pregnant? I swear when she stood up to leave the restaurant she looked no more than seven months pregnant, but here standing in my studio apartment with her arms lifted above her head, breasts and stomach bulge pressing out in her clingy dress, she looked like she was carrying a full term baby. What was going on?

She caught me looking and smiled and blushed. “I really have to get out of this dress before I burst a seam,” she said as she started to peal herself out of her clothes. And then there she was, naked and beautiful and round. Her body was smooth and slender, with round breasts and a huge, taught, bulging stomach that strained from her body pushed out her belly button. She smiled impishly and struck a pose, all exaggerate pear shape. Despite myself, my erection was tented against my clothes.

She waddled towards me, belly rolling in front of her. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled my face to hers for a hungry kiss and started to unbutton my shirt. I felt her naked, warm body against me; the tight, firm pressure of her belly pressing into mine. As she slipped off my shirt and started to struggle with my belt and pants, I ran my hands long her back and sides, along the smooth contours of her round belly that seemed to swell under my touch. She giggled a little, “tickles” she breathed as she unzipped my fly and shoved my back onto my bed. I watched her awkwardly bend down pull off my pants before straightening, hands in the small of her back, body eclipsed by the massive belly between us.

Elaine climbed on top of me, breathing rapidly, grinding her hot pussy against my cock and leaning forward to let me fondle her breasts. Her huge belly covered my stomach and cushioned us apart. Elaine moaned and reaching below her, pushed my cock inside her vagina. She groaned happily and started to rock her hips, straightening up, to grab her breasts. All I could see was the huge mass of her round stomach, now inhumanly large, like she was filled with a litter of babies. Elaine rolled her hips faster, thrusting as much as she could with her distended body and yipping a little. We kept at it, faster and faster, and we were both panting, and moaning, and as odd as this was I felt myself about to come and her stomach was still growing and then I was coming and she screamed and then I felt myself slammed with a wave of fluid as a geyser of white, tacky semen shot out of her vagina pushing her off my cock and smothering me in spunk.

I was too surprised to understand what had just happened for a moment.

I slowly pieced it together. I was laying in my bed, absolutely drenched in cum and laying in a warm puddle of it. Elaine, who had been launched off me by the force of… whatever happened, was laying next to me on the bed, a look of pure satisfaction on her face. Her stomach was now perfectly flat, nicely toned. There was no sign she had ever appeared pregnant.

“Ohhhhhhh… that was lovely,” she purred, rolling slightly to face me.

“Wha?” I croaked, “I… thought you were pregnant.”

Elaine blushed a little and managed a tired, but impish smile, “Surprise!”

“What happened?” I was still confused.

“Mmmm… that’s what happens when I come.” She propped herself up a little and picked a globule of semen out of her hair. “I guess I should explain,” she sighed, “a few years ago a friend of mine had a ‘sexy magician’ come to her bachelorette party. Except he was an alchemist instead of a performer and we were all tipsy and well, there was a dare and I thought of a thing I saw on a show once and… it’s kind of silly but, well, instead of a womb I have a giant testicle. When I get aroused my womb-ball starts to make cum and swell, which makes me look pregnant. The more aroused I get, the bigger the ball grows and the bigger my belly gets. And then, when I orgasm, my inner-testicle ejaculates and well…” she gestured around my bed, “it gets a bit messy.”

I nodded, relieved she wasn’t pregnant but a bit skeeved out by her transformed anatomy.

“I probably should have told you ahead of time,” Elaine said, looking away, “I just find that a lot of guys get weirded out by the whole secret male-anatomy thing and that I have way better luck sleeping with guys who think I’m pregnant.” She managed another playful smile. “Sorry for misleading you.”

“I…” I wiped some semen off my face, “it’s okay. I’m glad things worked out this way.”

Elaine beamed at me. ‘Well, now that the cats out of the bag…” she stroked her belly which was already starting to ‘show’ a new bump, “want to go again?”


Auhor's note: This story is based around a transformation Redstar00 devised that I thought was pretty fun. You can read the story it's from here: http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/viewtopic.php?id=1816


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Date Night

Part II: First time

Maddie was too nervous! The suspense was killing her! Agggh!

She closed her eyes and counted to ten.

When she opened them she was still anxious but at least she had stopped hyperventilating.

Okay, she thought, you have a lot riding on tonight but it will not be a disaster. Sure, Conrad was the first guy she had really liked in ages. Not to mention the first one she was planning to be intimate with since… the incident. But that didn’t mean that things were going to be horrible. Maybe he wouldn’t run away in terror and revulsion.

Maddie smiled at herself in the mirror encouragingly and tussled her strawberry blonde hair. She was still pretty wasn’t she? She still had her sharp cheek bones and cute freckles and bright green eyes and sharp little nose. She adjusted her red, square neckline dress with the midthigh hemline and twisted to look at herself. Maddie was still willowy and lithe, sexy with her thin pale limbs, and with her bra just so, foisting her small breasts to create the illusion of cleavage. Maddie turned to look at her high, small ass. This dress made it look alluring and tight, and since she didn’t wear underwear anymore there were no unflattering lines. She looked fine. She passed.

But that was kind of the problem. Maddie was always so careful to pass, to hide her… differences. She was getting pretty successful at it too.  So successful that when Conrad, a cute delivery guy for a local craft brewer, had met her at the restaurant she waited tables at, he thought she was just another pretty girl. A notion that Maddie had been careful to nurture as they went on a first date and then another and another until they had been dating for three months and Conrad still had no idea. Which was making Maddie feel like a deceitful harpy: Conrad deserved to know the truth and frankly, the way that Maddie kept delaying any kind of telltale sexual contact, Conrad deserved to get laid.

Demons, Maddie herself deserved to get laid. It had been ages!

And tonight was the night when Maddie was going to come clean and get that sweet boy off.

And herself off.

Assuming he didn’t flee in terror.


Maddie and Conrad were kissing on her couch. A pleasantly mellow EDM track was playing in the background and candles dotted the modest living room. Conrad had his shirt off, but Maddie was still in her dress, perched sideways on his lap. Conrad ran a hand up Maddie’s thigh under the hem of her dress. She shivered and felt her heart hammer as fear spiked in her about what he might find out if his hand drifted too much higher. He must have felt Maddie tense since Conrad slid his hand back and went for her bra strap instead.  Maddie squeaked and almost jumped off his lap as she felt the catch open and her small breasts free. She didn’t like leaving her breasts uncovered. And…

She was being silly.

Tonight wasn’t about hiding her body, tonight was about being honest.

Maddie slipped off Conrad’s lap and pulled him to his feet. She took a step back, reached down and pulled her dress and bra over her head. She stifled an urge to scream and flip out and watched Conrad look at her. Maddie blushed furiously as his eyes slid up her long legs, lust and approval on his face. And then, when Conrad saw her smooth, seamless crotch, Maddie watched his face scrunch in confusion.

‘Maddie...” he said, “You don’t have a vagina?”

Maddie tried to keep calm, or at least avoid bolting from the room. “No. I don’t have an anus either.” She blushed and looked down, “I’m like a doll down there; smooth.”

Conrad looked at her and his eyes widened when he noticed that on her small breasts, instead of nipples, Maddie sported small cock glans. Not full cocks, just pink dick tips with urethral slits capping both tits.

“You’re a transformee?” Conrad asked.

Maddie nodded and tried not to panic.

“But… what? How d’you have sex?”

Maddie took a deep breath. She was ready for this question. She steeled herself and stepped forward. “Like this.”

Maddie dropped to her knees in front of Conrad and opened the fly on his pants and pulled out his semi-hard cock. She pressed the tip of his cock to her mouth. As soon as it touched her lips she felt the changes start. She felt her lips begin to swell massively, becoming full and then pouty and beestung, and then massive, hot, swollen things that engulfed Conrad’s cock. Maddie groaned, unable to speak with the swollen pucker of her mouth, which was fine because the frenzy was almost upon her. The back of her neck tingled and her throat relaxed and lost its ability to gag as she inhaled more of her Conrad’s cock into her mouth. Her tongue grew warm and lengthened as it engorged with blood. Maddie ran her newly sinuous tongue along her teeth and began to lick and tug at Conrad’s penis with it. She panted wildly through her nostrils which bypassed her mouth entirely on their way to her lungs. Maddie was ready to do what she was built for.

To suck cocks.

Maddie started to face fuck Conrad in earnest. She sucked with her mouth, licked his shaft, and just generally thrust her huge lips around Conrad’s cock. Maddie lost herself in it, waves of pleasure flowing over her as she pounded Conrad’s cock with her altered face, faster and faster and harder and harder. Conrad’s cock filled her throat and she could just taste his precum and his balls slapped her on the chin and her huge bottom lip and Maddie was in heaven and then she felt his ass tense in her hands and the salty hot spray of cum fill her mouth and, just as soon as she tasted the most perfect flavour in the universe, Maddie felt her altered breasts surge and spray their own ropes of spunk onto Conrad’s legs as she came.

Maddie flopped to the floor on her side and Conrad settled into a sitting position.

“Wow,” he eventually managed, “you give really amazing blow jobs.”

Maddie, whose face was still half engorged and swollen mumbled, “I better. Avatar did thish.” She blushed. “Ish okay?”

Conrad puffed out his cheeks. “Yeah… yeah, I think so.” He reached forward to touch Maddie. “I wish you had told me this sooner and didn’t feel like you had to hide it.” He smiled playfully. “I mean, if only so I had gotten one of those blow jobs of yours sooner!”

Maddie snorted a laugh, deflating lips flopping. “You like?”

Conrad nodded. “I like you, really like you. And well, my girlfriend having cock nipples is going to take some getting used to, and no vaginal or anal sex will be an adjustment… but, I like you enough to at least try to deal. And like, a blow job like that is quite the conciliation prize.”

Conrad crawled forward and kissed Maddie on her still shrinking lips. “Maddie, babe, you aren’t a monster and you don’t need to hide from me.”

Maddie smiled as wide as her still swollen lips would allow.

So tonight wasn’t a complete disaster after all.


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I developed somewhat similar idea to non-cock ejaculation, where the stomach generates cum, and you "ejaculate" via vomiting and heaving. The same motions with all the pleasure and none of the nausea.


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This story features characters from Country House. Read it here: http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/viewtopic.php?id=1966

Date Night
Part III: Meeting the Parents

Brant was finding introducing his girlfriend to his parents terribly awkward.

For one, his family situation was decidedly complicated. Both he and his parents had been victims of a crazed mind-controlling transformist. The transformation had altered each of their bodies and changed he family dynamic in what Brant felt were decidedly awkward ways.

This transformation had left Brant's parents, Reginald and Penelope, conjoined so that his mom's body from the butt up grew out of his father's lap. This left them forever face to face as if they were dancing. His parents also shared a single sex organ, a three foot long, prehensile penis that grew from between his mothers buttocks. Brant's parents could feel their shared form, but could only control their original bodies. Reg and Penny seemed to enjoy their new form and were happy to flaunt it, wearing smart shirts but no pants so that their cock tail was freely waving. Brant's girlfriend didn't seem to mind, but he was mortified.

Then there was Brant's body. The transformists attack had left him also conjoined to his mother, although her body from the shoulders down. Brant was broadly a humantaur, in the front he was a normal looking man in his early twenties, but growing from his butt was his mothers torso, hips, and legs. This meant that Brant had a man's body and penis on his front, but also his mothers breasts, ass, and cunt on his extra body. When the incident occurred his new body parts were soft and matronly, but some combination of his youthful physiology and excercise had trimmed it down, leaving him with, and this gave Brant all kinds of uncomfortable concerns, a very attractive woman's body attached to himself. A body that contained the womb and vagina that birthed him... so awkward!

Even more uncomfortable was the fact that Brant's mom still had a mental connection to the parts of her body attached to Brant. While she couldn't control it, she did *feel* it, which meant that she experienced everything that Brant did with it. Which meant, and Brant tried to ignore this as much as humanly possible, that his mother knew exactly what he got up to with his girlfriend and exactly how it felt. He blushed again.

Natasha, Brant's girlfriend, was also not helping things. Tasha was secretly a transformee. She was a fan of transformation who wanted very badly to change her body but who was concerned that an extreme transformation would get in the way of a job in high finance. Her solution was to get mild changes she could hide. While she had only two breasts, Tasha had a dozen nipples, three rows on her front and another three rows on her back. Tasha also had a large clitoris added at the apex of her anus, nestled in the cleft of her buttcheeks and additionally had her uvula replaced by a discrete clit. Her largest change was that she had had her pussy replaced by a nine-inch cock and balls which she hid under a skirt. Natasha was wearing a nice, loosely skirted dress, that effectively hid her changes as long as she didn't do anything provocative. Which given that Natasha had discretely rested Brant's hand on her skirt tenting erection early in the dinner was not how his girlfriend was behaving.

This was all made more awkward by all kinds of unspoken complexity. Natasha's transformed body was ostensibly a secret, but since Brant's mother could feel his female body parts, she had to know he was regularly being fucked by a flesh and blood penis. Which meant that she had to at least suspect that Natasha was packing a cock. (Brant didn't want to consider the alternatives...) Brant didn't know if his mother had shared any details about his weird sex life or his girlfriend's potential genitals with his father, which added more complexity to the drama. And then there was the way Natasha and Penny seemed to be flirting with each other, the playful advances Tash kept making and the way Penny redddened and leered made Brant very uncomfortable. Especially since, in a way, the two women were already sex partners. Add in Natasha's persistent erection, which was either a secret or an invitation, and it was a very stressful dinner for Brant. He couldn't wait for it to end!


Later that night after desert and drinks and a dozen near catastrophes Brant was laying in bed with Natasha. They were in his childhood room which thankfully had a bed large enough to fit both his altered body and his girlfriend comfortably. One of the advantages of being wealthy, Brant thought.

Natasha was laying on the bed naked, face wrinkled with a mischevious grin as she surveyed his childhood trophies and mementos. Brant smiled at her, examining her body, the flaccid penis resting on toned thighs and the cold stiffened nipples on her breasts and flat skin. He felt very lucky to have her.

Brant had really struggled at first with his transformation: being involuntarily fused to his mothers' body had been traumatic. For one, he was now visibly transformed, and in a way that made his new dual sex painfully obvious. He had to learn to deal with the health and care of his female anatomy, which given that his pussy was also his mother's, was deeply unsettling. There was finding a way to dress that was comfortable and modest, which at first was a shirt and a loose, enormous skirt that he draped over his lower body. And then there was the challenge of facing the world.

Brant knew he had to keep living his life so he returned to school. His girlfriend at the time, Matilda, had not been able to deal with his changes. She was very invested in marrying into a wealthy, respected family and being a conventional society wife. This dream did not include having a husband with her mother-in-law's body growing from his ass. So they broke up. While in hindsight Brant recognized that this was for the best, at the time it had delineated him and left him feeling as though his romantic life was over.

Which is why Brant had found himself at that party, drunk as fuck by way of his friends, cinched into a slutty dress on his still doughy lower body, and stranded with the demand that one way or another he get laid. Brant was miserable, and when a frat guy made a noxious pass on his "milf end", was ready to leave. That's when Natasha had swept into his life, dumped her drink on the bro, and sat down next to Brant. She asked him if was recently transformed because his dress was just too unflattering, and then resting her hand on one of his thighs, asked if he wanted to have sex. Which was where Brant learned Tasha had a cock and how great it felt to be fucked as a woman.

Being with Natasha had been such a balm for Brant. She was smart and cool and meanly funny and occasionally wild in a shockingly stupid kind of way. And she was beautiful, outwardly in a conventional leggy brunette kind of way, and secretly in a kinky hidden perversion way. Brant loved how she looked, even down to the tip of her long hard penis. And she loved how he looked too: she admired his male body and desired the soft curves of his addition too. Which made Brant feel better about himself and his situation. It made him start working out again, making his matronly lower body trim and fit, sexy and his own. (Brant studiously avoided seeing photos of his mother when she was younger.) It made him embrace his feminine half, wearing male clothes on his front half, but dresses, tube tops, and tight cut pants on his womanly body. And it made Brant embrace being a transformed person, the two of them exploring the subculture and what that identity meant. With her he was happy being his new self.

Natasha brayed a laugh, "This is such a boys room!"

Brant smirked at her, "Well what were you expecting? Half the room to have pink wallpaper and teddy bears?" Natasha smirked back at him. Brant blushed as he realized his own dorm room usually had one of his dresses, skirts, or a bra scattered on the floor and was increasingly a bi-gendered space. Natasha laughed harder when she saw his embarrassment.

A mischevious twinkle flashed in Natasha's eyes, "Y'know," she said looking around Brant's room again, "I've always fantasized about fucking my lover in their childhood bedroom..."

Brant blushed darker, "Tasha... my parents might hear or well..." he didn't want to say it, but his mother would feel them.

"I don't care about that," Natasha said grinning fiercely as her cock hardened. "That might've part of the thrill..." she purred as she rolled onto her hands and knees.

Brant's breath caught in his throats and his own cock grew erect. he tried to scoot away from her, but his larger body made it hard to get very far. "Tasha..." he whined as she lunged forward and caught him by his front hips, and pulled his cock into her mouth. Brant moaned, he was so hard and so wet, and maybe if Natasha stuck to his male parts it would be okay.

Natasha bobbed her head, licking and sucking his penis, scraping the hard nub of her hidden mouth clit along his length. Brant gasped and tensed, trying to keep quiet, he was panting, and his legs twitches and his hips bucked, and he felt himself swell and release, ejaculating. Tasha squirmed as a small orgasm rolled through her as his hot semen hit the swollen ridge of flesh at the back of her throat.

Tasha climbed to her knees, wiping cum from her lips, "I think it's my turn, champ." Her rock hard cock, longer and wider than Brant's bobbed in front of her. Brant could only nod, his pussy was so hot so needy. Coming with his cock only ever made it worse, only ever made him want to be filled more. He rolled to his four knees and crawled his body around so that his pussy was pointed at Natasha. She smiled a predatory smile, and firmly pressed herself inside him. Brant moaned, and Nastasha started to thrust...


(Image credit: KSG)


Penelope awoke, her heart was racing, and she gasped as she could feel something long and warm and hot enter her cunt. Was Reg fucking her in her sleep again? She knew they had agreed to it but he was always such a deep sleeper, and she realized that was years ago. And that she wasn't attached to her cunt anymore. Which meant...

She stifled a moan and the impulse to roll her hips, Brant's pretty young girlfriend was fucking him again.

Penny smiled and blushed, enjoying the feeling of being fucked. She pushed herself away from her husband and bodymate, bit down on one hand to muffle her pleasure noises so as not wake him. Her other arm cradled her breasts, squeezing and kneading them like she liked. She felt their shared cock grow hard, those last eight inches solidifying rigidly at the end of their shared tail. Penny's heart was hammering in her chest as in another room Natasha started to thrust harder and faster. Penny couldn't keep it in entirely, and whimpered a little as she and Brant orgasmed together.

"Dear?" Reg asked looking over at her. He saw how flushed she was and smirked, "are the kids fucking again?"

Penny nodded and mewled after a particularly violent thrust in the other room.

"Looks pretty hot. That Natasha is a stud, huh?"

Penny bit her lip and grimaced as another orgasm rippled through the part of her body attached to her son. "She... ahhhnn... really kno-ohs! What... she's doing!" Penny gasped.

Reg rolled their body so he was laying on his back with Penny panting on top of him. He held her against her and watched her as she shuddered and panted and finally came again, screaming now as she felt Natasha come inside Brant. Penny panted, face and chest pressed against her conjoined husband.

"You know," he Reg said finally, "I think I'm jealous of my son's sex life."

Penny, flushed and panting, pushed herself up a little and moued, "oh really?" Penny swung their prehensile tail up and under her torso, sliding their cock between her breasts, and pushing the head of the cock into her mouth. She licked the glans of their shared penis slowly, watching Reg, as he fidgeted and sighed happily. Penny pulled the cock free and grinned "I think, dear, that I'll accept that as a challenge."


(Image credit: KSG)



Thanks to KSG for the awesome images!


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Awesome story! I myself have been getting more into conjoined-related TFs.


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Date Night
Part IV: Weeknight Dinner

I came home from work late, as usual. I stepped into the apartment and set down my briefcase, took off my blazer, and slipped off my heels. I rubbed the bridge of my nose and flexed my stockinged feet. I was exhausted.

"Honey is that you?" My husband called to me. I could hear plates rattle and smell dinner. The poor man had waited for me, and with a tinge of guilt, I realized today was supposed to be date night. Inwardly I sighed a little, all I really wanted was to snuggle into my comfies and kick back with a heaping bowl of popcorn and some wine. But my poor stay at home husband deserved his scheduled love and affection and I really was looking forward to seeing my guy. So I straightened my dress, fixed my hair, adjusted my bra, and walked into the dining room with a smile on my face.

As I entered the dining room my affixed smile became genouine. My husband, looking sexy as always, was wearing some of his dreamiest clothes and was smiling at me shyly. Arranged on the table was a generous dinner: a glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, and a steaming heap of what looked like brussel sprouts. Two glasses of chilled white wine sat near nearly folded napkins. A sizable bouquet of flowers sat in the centre of the table. I grinned at my husband who blushed a little. For being a man who had never learned to cook before he quit his job, this was really an impressive effort.

My husband pulled out my chair, letting me sit and poured me a glass of wine. We sat together at the table, and despite it being the middle of the night, ate a pleasant meal together. I complemented my husband on his cooking, which I swear made him simper a little. We talked about my day, about the problem the quants and analysts I herded were currently struggling with. My husband spun his wine glass in his hand and chewed his lips before proposing a solution. While I was no dummy, unlike my husband and coworkers I wasn't a mathematician, his idea sounded plausible enough for me to bring to my team. Which was unsurprising since, until recently, my husband, who has a Master's Degree in statistics, was a member of my team.

We had actually met through the financial institution I still worked at. He was a shy quant, fresh faced from grad school and I was an ambitious young ladder climber, an executive assistant tasked with keeping the math weirdos happy and productive. I soon proved savvy at moving between the world of the nerds and the dire planet of bankers (as my husband called them) and was promoted. To celebrate I decided to take a backpacking vacation, and since my then-husband was one my best friends, he came with me. It was during this trip that we became lovers and fell in love. We married as soon as we got back.

This was also the trip that convinced my husband that he didn't want to work for the financial institution any longer. While he enjoyed the work, the puzzles and comaraderie, my husband hated working for what he considered an amoral (at best) business. He didn't enjoy the long hours or the way the company constantly demanded more to squeeze out every cent for value. And he really despised the behaviour, morals, and appearance clause that greatly restricted the lifestyles and dress codes of employees. He felt that life was too short to spend all of it innovating for shareholders according to a corporate code. So he quit and was spending some time as a house-husband while he figured out what he wanted to do next.

We finished dinner and I offered to do the dishes. My husband deferred, saying that he still had other plans for Date Night, but allowed that I could clear the table. I thanked him again for the meal and he smiled at me as he went to open a window and smoke a cigarette. He watched me with a look of mischevious lust as I swayed to and from the kitchen clearing the table.


I stepped out of the shower and found my husband, still dressed, perched on the side of our bed demurely. He was staring at me intently, filthy smiles playing at his lips. I let my towel drop from my body and he peered at me. I loved the way my husband looked at me, even if we both wanted more.

My husband stood as I walked to him and he took me in his slender arms. I circled his soft shoulders with my hands and traced them down the graceful curve of his back to the swell of his ass and hips. He pressed himself against me and pushed his face cunt against my lips. I ran my toungue along his vulva and his lipples moaned  and then, as he pushed his breasts against mine, they fastened themselves to my tits, sucking. I pushed my hand into my husbands soft, long hair and mashed his facial cunt against my mouth, rubbing his clit my nose. Below I could feel his foot long cock tent his skirt and press against my stomach.


(Image credit KSG)

I pushed myself back, us both panting, and knealt in front of my husband. I undid his skirt and helped him wiggle out of it, freeing his enormous, magnificent cock. I tried not to be jealous of it, jealous of him, as I looked at that cock jutting from his soft feminine legs still clad in stockings. I licked the cock and my husband gasped "I love you Jane" with one of his lipples, the other biting its lip in pleasure."I love you too, Emily," I told my husband before I pushed his cock into my mouth. As I sucked that amazing penis I tried not to wish it was me who had transformed, me who had to decided to tell the bank to fuck off and become the male creature I wanted to be ever since Emily and I visited Jizza. My head bobbed on my husbands cock and I knew that it wasn't Emily's fault, that I only had myself to blame for waiting, for being afraid of what a transformation would do to my career and my life. I knew we needed me to keep working, to bring home a paycheque. Emily groaned and, tensing, came explosively in my mouth. I swallowed and sputtered at her prodigious volume.

I felt kind of funny, but still very horny, and Emily was still hard so I rolled onto my hands and knees and lifted my ass. My husband heavily fell upon me, pushing his cock into my cunt. I groaned oddly. "Think about how you want to look," his left lipple instructed me. "Focus on your fantasies," whispered his other. As my husband fucked me my mind wandered. I thought about cocks, great enormous human cocks, circumcised glans, some with slits that moved and spoke. I thought about red dog cocks, knotted and bulging. I thought about horse cocks, long as my arm and mottled, spraying cum. My husband pulled his penis out of my cunt and pushed it into my anus. I whimpered in delirious pleasure, my body feeling odd and hot and bloated. My vision went dark and I felt my skin crawl. I blinked back into awareness, but my perspective was off. My husband came in my ass, his cum boiling in my guts. I screamed in pleasure, which was choked off as I came bizarrely, my body pulsing and pumping and spraying in a strange new way. I collapsed onto the bed, in a warm puddle of cum, knowing that I had changed.

"Oh Jane," Emily said, concern and joy warring in his voice.

I tried to move my head and look around, but I couldn't. My vision remained stationary and my neck felt like it had only a single muscle. "What do I look like?" I asked, the sound coming from somewhere odd and my lips making something on my body sway.

"You look beautiful," Emily gushed as he ran to grab a mirror. He held it up and I gasped when I saw myself. "I bought you an elixir," Emily explained, concern on her face and breasts, "that would incorporate your desires into your body. I fed you the first half in dinner and you got the second half when you sucked my dick." Emily paused, "I didn't think you would take it this far..."


(Image credit: KSG)

Far indeed, I had thought. I didn't have a head anymore. Instead my former neck narrowed slightly into a sheath from which a very large canine penis emerged. It was a startlingly bright red and had an enormous bulbous knot. I still had my breasts, medium sized and perky, but instead of nipples I had purple penis glans. My shoulders and arms remained shapely and long, to the elbow, below which they were mottled clubs of equine cocks. I waved an arm, looking at the blunt bulge of horse glans that replaced my hand, and thrilled in horror and joy at my new limbs. I looked further down, along the still feminine slopes of my waist and hips where I found my single eyeball looking out of my former navel. It was still hazel and mine. On my crotch I had grown a foot and a half long human penis with a pair of feminine lips around its slit. These were smiling in joy as I saw my cock and mouth. My waist flared into my hips and the swell of my softass, but these flowed into an enormous scrotum. At first I didn't think I had legs, that my torso was growing out of a bulging, bag chair sized ballsack. But then I realized I could still feel my legs and that they were inside the wrinkly, leathery skin of my scrotum. I laughed, giddy, making my crotch penis wiggle. I was perfect.

I pushed myself to a sitting position with the blunt horse cocks that were my arms. My vision swung wildly as the eye on my belly moved with my torso. I smiled, I felt so strange. Carefully I pushed my legs off the side of my bed, a motion that moved jostled my enormous, torso sized balls and rippled and tented my scrotum. It was such an odd sensation. Gingerly I placed my feet, encased in my scrotum, on the floor and stood. I hissed at the pressure this placed on my ballskin, it pinched, but not too painfully and not completely unpleasantly. "So you like it?" I asked.

"Oh Jane," Emily said, "I love it!" He purses his lipples and looked at me with concern. "Do you like it?"

"I love it! This... I've been waiting for this for so long! Ever since Jizza.... It's incredible to finally be myself."

"I'm so glad! I really wanted to share this with you! I've been so guilty about you waiting!"

"I love you and this..." I closed my eye and chewed the lip on my dickslit, another strange new sensation, "what are we going to do? The bank won't let me work like this."

My husband smiled shyly. "Well... I got a job. It's for this Alchemy cleanup company called PUBES. It's mostly accounting, but they are interested in me using my stats skills to calculate risk assessments and liabilities. They also know about how I am and are open to employing the transformed. Now it doesn't pay anywhere as well as your job, but if we downsize a bit I think we can get by until you get back onto your feet? Scrotum? But for now you should just enjoy your new body, experiment, and maybe play housewife. Does that sound okay?"

I held up my handless cock arms and studied their lack of dexterity. I shifted my weight, enjoying the heft of my testicles, feeling the constricting flesh of my scrotum. My wonderful new body would be a challenge, and I hadn't taken a serious vacation in years. And maybe it would be fun to play house for a while. "It sounds lovely," I said, "except for one major problem."

Emily looked worried, "What's that?"

"I think I'd rather be your house husband." I smiled with my cock and my husband smiled back at me with his breasts. "Now come here and show your husband how much you love him."

Emily almost leaped at me and pushed her dripping face cunt onto my canine neck-cock, swallowing my knot and trapping her face around my cock. We both moaned, her lipples against my chest, my mouth on it's cock jammed between us and rubbing against hers. I wrapped the pulsing, blunt clubs of my arm cocks around my husband, and he grabbed a double handful of my ass and scrotum, pushing a finger into my anus. I couldn't see, my one eye pushed up against our cocks and Emily began to lick and suck my breast glans with her lipples. I was in heaven, "Yessssss...." I gasped with my cock. "Yessssssss...."


Re: Date Night

Fantastic, this body must feel like a dream.


Re: Date Night

*nods* great story and great pic!


Re: Date Night

Date Night

Part V: The Bowels of Love

She stood up on her tip toes and gave me a kiss on the lips. It was really more like a peck, not quite chaste but not really invested in the kiss turning into anything more. I returned it fondly, but with an equal lack of urgency. She settled back into her feet and looked up into my eyes, tucking loose hair behind her ear. She smiled at me a little wistfully and wished me goodnight.

I stepped inside my apartment and closed the door. As far as I was concerned she was wishing me goodbye.

I sighed, kicked off my shoes, undid my belt and stepped out of my trousers. I stood listening to the footsteps of my date click down the hallway for a moment before I felt my guts surge into motion. No matter how often it happens, it always makes me feel like my bowels are trying to evacuate a particularly ghastly, oily shit. I grunted and took a deep breath as I felt cool air on my sphincter as my colon began to prolapse obscenely. I looked over my shoulder as the purple, shiny nub extended, waving blindly like a maggot. I smile through clenched teeth. Waves of peristalsis rippled through my torso, and the anus worm grows, extending four or five feet from my body and inflating, taking on familiar contours, and forming the shit streaked face of Annie. Her smiling cheeks pulling at the anus, my anus, which has replaced her mouth.

"Oh, I liked her," Annie said, breath humid and smelly.

"I don't think it's going to go anywhere..."

"And why not?" Annie pouted, her sphincter mouth puckering.

I looked at my anus, the love of my life and smiled wistfully.  "You know why" I said.

Annie rolled her eyes but I could tell by the way she raised one of her tentacles to play with the intestinal growths she had instead of hair, that she was touched. I opened my arms and she swung her torso, still feminine shaped from the waist up, against me. I slid my hands along the warm, slick membranes of her skin and she wrapped her tentacles around my shoulders. She pressed her mouth, my anus, to my mouth and we kissed, me gently slipping my tongue inside, a feeling we both enjoyed. "I love you too," she breathed.

I walked us into the kitchen, Annie clinging to me with the clammy smell of viscera. I poured myself a glass of wine. "Any for you?"

Annie farted dismissively. "Nice try mister, but I don't want us getting shitfaced..."

"It's too late for that," I smirked.

Annie frowned. "Seriously David, we need to talk about this. I love you, but there is so much I can't do for you anymore. You need someone else in your life."

"I don't want anyone else," I replied, "you're all I want."

"Demons!" Annie spat, a hot puff of stink, "I'm your fucking anus!"

It was an uncomfortable silence filled with the truth of our situation. Annie, my beloved, was my anus. My secret anus, a secret enforced by the nature of our transformation.

When she was still a person Annie was the heiress of the Hoork fortune. Her father, James Hoork, was always a domineering man with the highest expectations for his daughter. But when his brother Thomas fell victim to a transformist, James Hoork became deeply paranoid about the safety of his daughter. Annie, who never had much freedom to begin with, suddenly found herself 21 and a virtual prisoner of the Hoork security apparatus.

I first met Annie a couple years later as her tutor. She was attending a very prestigious business school and was struggling with her studies. As a poor economics gradstudent I was brought in to help Annie with her math. And it was honestly an easy gig: Annie was bright, easily smart enough to excel in the program. The problem was that Annie wasn't applying herself to her studies. She was pressured into studying business and was depressed by her lack of freedom. So rather than try and teach her solutions, I worked at trying to get her interested in the questions. I guess I must have gotten through to her, since she started trying and her grades started to improve.

As Annie improved we began to spend some of our allotted time in the cavernas Hoork library quietly chatting. I began to realize that Annie was more than a wealthy pupil, that she was also a charming woman with boundless curiosity and an infectious sense of mischief. As time wore on, I realized we were spending nearly all our time talking, sharing hopes and dreams and life stories. It was becoming obvious that Annie really didn't need me to be her tutor anymore.

Eventually, with regret, I told Annie as much. She told me that she knew that, but that she wanted me to keep holding these study sessions. Luminous blue eyes wide she told me that she had been working doubly hard to keep ahead of her studies so that she could spend this time with me. Her only friend. She reached and touched my hands and asked me to stay. How could I say no?

"I guess I could use the money," I said, trying to be funny.

She laughed, blushing a little. "Paid for your company..." she said slyly, "how does it feel to be a whore?"

After that we still met in the library, but we mostly dropped the pretence of studying. As long as Annie kept her grades up no one questioned our use of time and since my hourly rate was such a pittance compared to the Hoork fortune, my continued employment was never an issue. I was even beginning to earn the trust of the Hoork security apparatus who permitted me unescorted movement in the family complex. There were even occasions when the Hoork bodyguards would leave Annie and me alone together in the library. Annie, whenever she felt we were alone, would stealthily touch me, placing her hand on mine or rubbing her leg against mine under the table. It occurred to me that she wanted more than that, but we both knew that even alone we were never quite free of surveillance.

I don't know when I realized I loved her. It certainly wasn't a sudden epiphany, but more of a gradual thing. Early on I could tell how bright she was and that I enjoyed her company. I'd always recognized that she was pretty, but it wasn't until after she began to stare at me with her huge blue eyes that I noticed how beautiful, how sexy she was. If I had to pick a moment that I knew it was love though, I think it would have to be when I realized that making her laugh was the most important thing in the world to me. One night not too long after, left alone in the library, I whispered to her that I loved her. She smiled, eyes shining, and told me she loved me too. Then, quickly surveying the room, she leaned across the table and gave me the quickest peck of a kiss.

And this became the crux of our problem: Annie's father would never let us be together. James Hoork had expressly forbade his daughter from dating. He steeped this in wanting her to focus on her studies, that there would be time enough for love after Annie had graduated and established herself in her career. While this might have had elements of truth, the real reason was that Hoork was afraid. After his brother was transformed into an enthusiastic living toilet, James Hoork was desperate to protect his family. He thought that if he could insulate Annie from would be suitors, he could defend her from exploitative grifters, abusers, rapists, and transformists. So there was to be absolutely no dating.

Of course, James Hoork's lofty expectations for his daughter extended into her romantic life. When she was eventually allowed to date, Hoork expected her to marry someone ambitious, wealthy, and successful. While I'm sure he wanted his daughter to find love, we also knew that a wonky, lowly academic economist was not an acceptable match. So even if Annie were allowed to date, it certainly wouldn't be with me.

Many people defy the wishes of their parents in the pursuit of love, but for us it wasn't really an option. James Hoork was too powerful and far too willing to abuse that power to get what he wanted. From our perspective the threat was the Hoork security apparatus, particularly the darker side of it. While the Hoork family hired traditional bodyguards and security consultants, James Hoork also retained a group of bagmen who took care of "problems". If James Hoork ever learned about our romance I would be summarily fired and "dissuaded" from ever seeing Annie again. And if we eloped, Annie was certain that her father would have me murdered.

And so we lived like that, posing as teacher and student, hardly touching for fear of discovery and yearning for more for months.

That is until the day Annie suddenly appeared in my classroom.

I was teaching a small tutorial section of a second year economics class and as I finished answering my after lecture questions a young woman walked into the classroom. She walked right up to me, pulled me close and kissed me fiercely, almost violently on the lips. I stepped back gasping. At first I didn't recognize her, she was buried inside a voluminous coat, hat, sunglasses, and a long dark wig, but as soon as she spoke I realized it was her. "I've been waiting to do that for months."

"Annie?" I said dumbly, heart hammering in my chest.

"You need to come with me," she said taking my hand, "there isn't time to explain."

Annie began pulling me along behind her. "Annie, what is going on? What about your father?" I asked. She glared at me and told me to be quiet and try to look natural. She lead me out of the building, across a student square, and toward the Old Library which was closed for renovation. Annie glanced around, and seeing the coast was clear, pushed through the safety fencing and took us in through an unlocked door. "Annie..." I tried again and not yet she told me. We climbed a flight of stairs and walked into a dark, deserted room of library stacks. Annie wound her way through old, empty bookshelves until we reached a darkened corner.

And there the Avatar spoke with a voice like three harmonizing as one.

I don't remember exactly the the Avatar said, only that it spoke convincingly and that it proposed a solution to our problems. A solution that Annie had already agreed with, which is why she snuck away from her bodyguards and fetched me from class. I was nervous about the plan, mostly on behalf of Annie, but she seemed so convinced, how could I deny her?

So we did as the Avatar with three voices instructed. I removed my pants, bent forward and braced myself against a bookshelf. Annie took off her clothing revealing her nubile, compact body, the only time I would see it this way. She smiled shyly and turned her back to me, walking backwards until her butt touched mine. We both gasped as we felt a sudden connection, my anus coupling to hers. I looked over my shoulder and watched, grunting with the odd sensation, as a ring of colon flesh pushed out of my ass and began to writhe and slide up Annie's body, folding her boneless legs over and cinching up around her waist. Annie moaned and made a kind of choked farting noise as her teeth fell out and lips shrank away. Her eyes were shining with lust, amazement, and a little regret as her mouth pulled into a tight circle and pinched into a sphincter. My colon flesh continued to push up Annie's body, cinching around her shoulders and arms and finally around her head and face, leaving only the circle of her sphincter mouth. And then with a surprising violence, the enormous tube of colon flesh extending out of my body retracted, compressing and heaving, until all of it, all of the encased Annie, were inside of me. So that all that was left of Annie was my anus.

Somehow I came, my forgotten cock spattering on the floor. I stumbled and looked around, horrified. This wasn't the plan. "Avatar?" I asked, but the creature was gone. I whimpered in dismay.

But then I felt an alien new sensation, a slipping, muscular knot in my guts that pushed itself out of my ass. I watched in a kind of horrified fascination as my anus pushed out and blindly swung around, swelling and growing. As my prolapsed colon expanded it began to take on human proportions, swelling with hips, a tapered waist, the bulges of breasts, shoulders and a head. The shoulders grew arm length tentacles that coiled and clenched experimentally. The head grew a shaggy mass of short tentacles, like shoulder-length fleshy dreadlocks. The face grew the swell of a nostril-less nose above the pucker of an anus mouth. And finally eyes blinked open, familiar blue eyes. It was Annie.

But it was also clearly my bowels. Annie's mouth was my anus, her breath hot and stinky. Annie didn't have skin, instead her body was sheathed in dark mauve flesh, glistening with mucuous membranes, and slicked with shit. Thin stripes of dimpled connection tissue also ringed her body, marks where the bands of smooth muscle joined. Her hair and tentacle arms looked like intestinal growths more than the body parts they had replaced. Her hips smoothly transitioned into a long, serpentine tube that was rooted inside me, between the cleft of my ass cheeks. She no longer had genitals. Whenever she moved, adjusting her torso or flexing an arm I felt the motion progress from deep inside my body and out along her new body. Annie was just another part of me.

"Annie," I asked, "are you okay?"

She looked at me wide eyed and farted loudly and plaintively.


She sucked in a breath, a strange feeling of cool air blowing into my anus. "David? Oh Demons, I can talk! That's a relief."

"Are you okay?"

Annie reached up with a tentacle and adjusted her "hair". "Of course! I wanted this didn't I? We are together now, we can't be taken apart. I love y...."

I heard footsteps and suddenly Annie was involuntarily sucked back into my body. To all appearances I was normal, just a half naked man with an ordinary anus.

"Oi! You there what're ye doing. Library's closed!" The worker called. He flashed a torch at me, and saw I was half naked. The man chuckled, "Stop for a wank have ye? Ye picked the wrong place for it. But... well, best ye finish up and begone 'fore the foreman catches ye." The man laughed and stomped off, giving me some privacy.

No sooner did the man leave did my bowels heave and my Annie emerge, slithering from a prolapse and growing into her more human proportions. She reached up with tentacle tip and flicked a globule of shit off her face. "It seems," she said, "that this part of the plan is working." She leaned forward and pressed her anus to my mouth in a hungry simulacrum of a kiss. I kissed her back, somehow savouring the hot bitter taste of my own anus.

This was the second element of the Avatar's solution: Annie would be my *secret* anus. When other people or electronic surveillance might see us, Annie would be trapped inside my body as my bowels, to all appearances just an ordinary anus. But when we were alone, only when we were alone, could she emerge into her anthropormorphic form. I also found that I was completely unable to tell anyone anything about Annie. In this way we could be together and escape detection. It might not have been quite what either of us wanted, but we were together and that was something.

"It isn't enough," Annie finally said after watching me take a few thoughtful sips from my wine glass. She stroked my face with the back of a tentacle, smearing shit on my cheek. "You need more from a partner than I can give you."

"Annie," I said sternly, "you are all I need."

Annie farted a raspberry. "David, I can't be seen in public. I can't go for a walk with you, or see a film, or go out for dinner. I can't even eat! I can't meet your friends, your coworkers. We can never start a family..."

I sighed, "I don't care about all of that if it means we get to be together."

"That's sweet," she frowned, anus puckering, "but even if you were to move off to the woods, quit your job, and spend all of your time in seclusion, we'd only be together a few hours a day..." We had learned the hard way that Annie's membranes would dry out if she stayed emerged for more than a couple hours at a time. It was painful for me, but excruciating for her. "You'll always have me, but you need a woman in your life."

"But if I find someone, and we eventually live together you'll spend so much more time trapped inside me. Are you really okay mostly being an anus?"

"You academics work weird hours, we'll see each other plenty. I'm part of you forever. And..." Annie looked a little sheepish. "I'm really starting to enjoy being an anus."

"What? Don't you get bored?"

Annie farted happily. "Being your butthole is actually pretty entertaining! I'm actually your entire digestive tract below the stomach. Which means that I'm responsible for all of your post-gastric digestion, your nutrient absorption, water rentention, and pooping. It's actually really complicated: some people say that there are so many nerves in the gut that it's like a second brain. I think that's where my consciousness is now. So if I don't focus on keeping everything working it doesn't really... I'm actually quite busy in here." She paused and took a long chilly breath. "Remember That string of diarrhea and constipation right after we changed? That was caused by me figuring things out. And those awesome, perfect stools you have now? You're welcome." She smiled and shrugged "It's nice to have a purpose and be good at something like this, especially after years of being kept in a cage by my father."

"And that's ignoring the best parts," Annie said, eyes lidded with lust. "I get to shit now! That feeling of pushing with my whole being, stretched around something hot and warm, something I made just right. Feeling it pinch off in my sphincter leaving the relief of a new emptiness. It's... it's not sexual but it is primally satisfying in the same sort of way. Just... being an anus is very rewarding."

"Pooping is the best part?"

Annie snorted an amused fart. "No, obviously sex is the very best part." I had to agree. Whatever the Avatar had done to us had rewritten our prostate nerves so that they were much more sensitive and centred in Annie's new 'mouth'. This meant that when she was emerged and face fucked me in the image of a blowjob the feeling of penetration was earth shattering for both of us. It also meant that even when Annie was inside me, anal insertion play was hugely satisfying. I still loved the feeling of using my dick, but I was finding anal play the more satisfying part of sex. Fortunately, sex with Annie involved both.

I gave her a filthy look and she swatted me playfully with a tentacle. "Nice try, but we are going to finish talking about this." She leaned against me, circling her tentacles around my shoulders, soiling my shirt with her filth. "So, no I don't get bored being an anus. A lot of the time now, I don't even keep track of what you do when I'm inside. I just kind of be and focus on digesting. I wasn't sure I could handle being inside more, but now I know I can and... well, it would be nice to not have the pressure of trying to be your partner anymore. I'd rather just be your anus and secret lover."

"You wouldn't get jealous of another woman?" I asked.

"At this point, I think I'd be more jealous if you grew a second butthole."

"I can tell you like her," Annie said. "I can feel the spike of adrenaline you get from looking at her, the butterflies you get in... well, me. You’re clearly attracted to her. And I eavesdropped on your dates with her, she seems nice and smart and since she is an anthropologist her life is going to be a good fit for you. If your only reason for not taking things further is me, then you should move past that."

I thought about that. I did like Izzy, and she was beautiful and fun to spend time with. I had no idea if she was another "the one" or anything, but I did like her enough to try and find out. Plus, it had been a long time since I had sex with someone not attached to me... "So you think I should call her back?"

"Yes! Obviously!" Annie almost shouted. "And you should always trust your gut, she's much smarter than you."

"Now," Annie said, slithering down my body and grasping my cock with a tentacle, "with that out of the way we can get to business." She maneuvered her anus-mouth near my cock, her hot, humid breath blowing on my swollen glans."David, just make sure she is open to buttstuff." And she relentlessly pressed my cock into her face to demonstrate why.


"I'm surprised you called me back," she said over coffee.

"I am too."

"Oh really?" She grinned playfully, "and why's that?"

I looked at Isabelle, Izzy, at this brilliant, beautiful woman with warm brown skin, long black hair, and affected glasses; this demonlore anthropologist who winked and smirked through life like it was all a game; this absolutely rad person and smiled. I did really like her. "I'm pretty dumb."

She rolled her eyes. "Okay dumby, but I'll need a better reason than that."

I took a deep breath and blew it out. "It's..." I wasn't sure how much I could say because of the conditions of my transformation. "A couple years ago a woman I was close to disappeared without a trace. We weren't romantically involved, I was tutoring her, but we were really good friends. And... it seemed like it might become more? At least after I stopped teaching her. And when she disappeared it left me... not ready to move on." I smiled a bit weakly, "And I wasn't sure I was ready to put myself back out there. But you are so worth taking the risk for. I really like you."

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Izzy said, "that is a better reason than I was expecting." She smiled, "I'm glad you called me back..."

"I think I hear a 'but' coming," I said. "You also seemed a bit distant on our last outing."

Izzy frowned and fiddled with a lock of hair. "I was starting to ghost a little... But it's not because I don't like you, it's just, well... I'm transformed. I should have told you sooner, but it's kind of private, and I like you and wasn't sure how you'd react."

"Izzy," I said, cutting her off. I was surprised she had a change, she was to all appearances a normal young woman. She had the usual arms and legs, had a vey nice figure, and wore tight clothing. Although, she did favour long flowing skirts... but who was I to worry about someone living with a concealed transformation. "Izzy, what is your change?"

"David, I'm anatomically male." She blushed a little. "It's not like inhuman or anything, just larger than average. I've be told it's kind of streamlined and feminine looking... for a penis."

My guts tingled suddenly with nervous excitement. It seemed Annie was listening. I smiled, "Let's say that's not a dealbreaker."

Izzy bit her finger and frowned. "That's game of you but... the penis is only part of it." She blew out a breath, "I think I also have a mental change. I'm... really into penetration now. Like *really* into it. I mean, I'll take my turn catching and giving blow jobs but... I'm definitely a Top now." Izzy blushed. "David, I really just want to fuck you in the ass."

As Izzy spoke I felt my guts writhe and buck. I squirmed in my chair at the sensation. It seems that Annie approved of the news. "Izzy," I said blushing, "that is something I would be interested in trying."

Izzy blinked and then smiled a decidedly predatory smile. She leaned forward and purred, "Well, I'm definitely glad you called me back then..."