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Merge Club Online (M.C.O.)
Commissioned by Nikita

Tags: merge, male(2)/female(2), expansion, slave/master, cock tail, weight gain, other miner details.

The Internet is one of two things if its any at all: 1. A wonderful exchange of open minds and empathetic hearts and 2. A deep dark hole of twisted thoughts and depraved desires. The funny thing about this fact is that both are the same thing, completely dependent on perspective.

This is something Angela always had running in the back of her head, especially here on the forum. She'd discovered it roughly a year ago, a link that led to another link and so on. Until now it had always been simple lurking. Late nights reading and photos of transformations. She kept this fetish to herself, nobody knew but her.

But secrets have ways of getting out. Angela found it harder and harder to contain. Just blurting it out at work or letting it slip at a bar. Her best bet was to find a way to let it out, like opening a dam to keep it from overflowing.
That's why she was online again, this time in the chat rooms for the first time.

01:23/harpy: Hello? Is anyone on?
01:24/Pu55ym4st3r: hey there!
01:24/lil_bunny: hi^^
01:24/BlackOrca: welcome. I haven't seen you on the chat room before.
01:25/harpy : It's my first time.
01:25/lil_bunny: if orca hasn't heard of you, you MUST be new. Lol
01:25/BlackOrca: geez bun you make it sound like I live here...
01:25/Pu55ym4st3r: hate to break it to you pal, you kind'a do
01:26/BlackOrca: ...
01:26/lil_bunny: lol
01:27/ >BlackOrca signed off<
01:27/lil_bunny: oh, damn.
01:27/harpy: I'm really sorry I didn't mean to make him leave...
01:28/Pu55ym4st3r: don't sweat it, Orca never knew who to take a joke. Besides, he's on all the time, he'll be back, its late for him anyhow I think
01:29/lil_bunny: its late for us too master, we should call it a night. *yown*
01:29/Pu55ym4st3r: you go ahead bun ill keep harpy company a while longer
01:30/lil_bunny: ok, fetch me if things get fun ;D
01:30/ >lil_bunny signed off<
01:30/Pu55ym4st3r: still there harpy?
01:30/harpy: Yes, I'm still here. Sorry, I'm not good at this stuff. And I'm sorry for keeping you up late, you don't have to.
01:31/Pu55ym4st3r: nonsense, what kind of an admin would I be if I ignored other users
01:32/harpy: Wow! You mean your the one who runs this site?
01:32/Pu55ym4st3r: yep, me n lil_bunny operate it together
01:33/harpy: Pardon me for intruding but, do you and bunny live together?
01:33/Pu55ym4st3r: yes, we're happily married
01:34/harpy: That makes sense now, sorry for prying.
01:34/Pu55ym4st3r: you apologize too much
01:34/harpy: I'll try not too. What did bunny mean by "fetch me if things get fun"?
01:35/Pu55ym4st3r: well we have chat rooms for role playing transformations and things. This board is for general discussion but every now and again we get someone who doesn't read the tags and end up roll playing anyway. Bun thought you might be one such instance. And to go get her if you were
01:37/harpy: role play? You mean you can do that?
01:37/Pu55ym4st3r: yeah! I'll admit its weird at first but once your imagination takes over its a real rush. Bun has this thing we
01:38/Pu55ym4st3r: sorry getting off topic
What brings you here, be honest
01:38/harpy: Well, I guess I'm just looking for a way to express my "interests".
01:39/Pu55ym4st3r: ah, I see. Lots of people are like that. Anyhow it's late and I should get back to bun. Nice meeting you. night
01:39/harpy: Ok, goodnight.
01:40/ >Pu55ym4st3r sighed off<
01:40/ >harpy sighed off<

"Well" Angela sighed "that was a little unexpected I guess." Though as far as introductions go it could have been worse. Angela turned off her PC and headed to bed.

The next day at work was odd for her. The experience of last night had got her thinking; if their were that many people online last night, how many people were their in her day to day life. How many were there that kept the same secret as her.

Even more puzzling why was she so secretive about it? It's not like its frowned upon now a days, hell it was encouraged, there were TV shows about transformation. So why did it feel so dirty to her?

She couldn't concentrate, she had to focus on her work. Luckily she always had a talent for diving into her work. The medical lab always kept her busy, it seemed for every compound she examine or constructed two more were waiting for her in her office. She'd spent the last five years at this facility, it was surely the best job she'd ever had. The work alone in her first year had earned her a permeant position. It was a bit of a let down seeing as in ten years time she would be turning 60, retirement was soon approaching.

That said she was middled aged yes, but an extensive education in medicine had helped keep her age a mystery to her colleagues. Her work also made it difficult to socialize. That's what had led her online in the first place, some bad link on a dating site. 

It had started as a curiosity, but soon she became addicted to it. Nothing else got her blood flowing like the idea of somebody or something else even taking control of her.

"Damn it all!" She whispered, "there goes my mind again, into the gutter." It was no use. Best to finish her work and call it an early day.

19:57/ >harpy signed on<
19:57/BlackOrca: hello again!
19:58/harpy: oh, Hi orca. Glad to see your back.
19:58/harpy: After last night I thought maybe I'd upset you.
19:59/BlackOrca: no master dose that alot, I just leave otherwise he never stops.
20:00/harpy: Oh, do you two not get along?
20:00/BlackOrca: no its not like that. Masters just a dick is all.
20:00/BlackOrca: that reminds me! What is it you like? This is a general discussion board. Can't discuss anything if I don't know what you like.
20:01/harpy: What I like? What do you mean?
20:01/BlackOrca: the topic or theme of your transformation. What do you look for?
20:02/harpy: I don't know?
20:03/BlackOrca: you must have some ideas? Me for example I like transformations that exert dominance, like being in control or being bigger or powerful.
20:04/harpy: Well, I guess the best I can do is BDSM? I've always kind of liked that. It's not something I've ever really given much thought.
20:05/BlackOrca: lol
20:05/BlackOrca: me a dom and you a sub! It's a match made in heaven XD
20:06/harpy: Dom? Sub? I don't understand what your trying to say  ?
20:07/BlackOrca: how long have you been online in this community?
20:07/harpy: not long. I only just discovered my interest in the transformed and such.
20:08/BlackOrca: ok, it's decided then. welcome to fetishs 101: A crash corse in depravity!

Orca spent hours educating Angela on the darker sides of the Internet. Photo galleries, forums, video sights, whatever link orca could find he shared with Angela. Walking her through the genres of fetishs: the difference between herms and dickgirls, beastiality,  bondage and pet play, inflation, expansion, hypers, and a plethora of body transformations and fusions.

Most people would have been disgusted or appalled by the rapid display of material. Angela however took to it eagerly. The chat window open in the corner the whole time commenting on everything she saw.

02:33/BlackOrca: I think that wraps it up. So what do you think?
02:33/harpy: think about what?
02:34/BlackOrca: what do you like?
02:35/harpy: oh yeah, that's what this was about wasn't it? Haha
02:35/BlackOrca: so?
02:36/harpy: I like all of it, I couldn't tell you what my favorites are, it's still just so much!
02:37/BlackOrca: well its late now, best sleep on it I suppose.
02:37/BlackOrca: night.
02:37/ >BlackOrca signed out <
02:38/ >harpy signed out<

Angela did as suggested and called it a night. It took her a while however, images floating behind her shut eyes. Her hand drifted slowly to her groin in the night as images became twisted dreams.

Luckily for her, Angela could never remember her dreams. If she did it'd have been imposable for her to get any work done as it was. Having to throw her bed sheets into the wash (for obvious reasons) was the first thing that complicated her day. Now she couldn't keep a clear thought in her head, all that she'd learned the night before continued to beg the question 'what do you like'?

Was she into transforming or simply observing the change? What if she was all about being the transformer? That kind of power and control over another living beings life, did she enjoy the idea of it? Or the reverse, being at the mercy of a powerful being? She's always been the more submissive in her relationships. Their was so much bumbling around inside her skull she couldn't focus!


The beaker she had been pouring fell to the table splashing her forearms in the experimental compound. The elbow high gloves sizzled as the foreign substance seemed to somehow eat through the gloves. Angela was stunned, with excitement. This was like something out if the erotic stories she'd read online. The inspiring alchemist drops a potion and is transformed into a grotesque sex beast, or changes genders, or something.  She could feel the heat from the liquid approaching her skin through the gloves, a smile faintly cracked in the corners of her mouth.

Her fantasy was short lived however as a fellow colleague pushed her from the table pealing off her gloves and dragging her to the chemical shower in the corner of the lab. The cold water snapped Angela back to her senses. What had she been thinking? She couldn't go through with something like that.
As appealing as it may have been.

19:33/ >harpy signed in<
19:33/Pu55ym4st3r: welcome back!
19:34/lil_bunny: heeeey! ^^
19:34/BlackOrca: Hi there.
19:34/harpy: Hi everyone?
19:35/BlackOrca: sleep well harpy? Any ideas?
19:35/harpy: yes and no to the sleeping, and no. No ideas, sorry I'm still new to the scene.
19:37/lil_bunny: ideas? What are you talking about?
19:38/BlackOrca: last night we tried to figure out what harpy's into. It was an extensive crash corse to say the least.
19:38/harpy: well I did learn something today but, not from last nights lesson. I wana be transformed, I guess?
19:39/Pu55ym4st3r: not surprising but your only realizing this now?
19:39/harpy: not surprising?
19:39/Pu55ym4st3r: this is a transformation forum, its kinda implied that you want to be transformed at the least.
19:40/lil_bunny: stop being mean! DX
19:40/lil_bunny:Harpy, what happened anyways.
19:40/harpy: ok it's a long story so hang on a sec.
19:47/harpy: so to start I work in a medical lab, testing all sorts of things. Today I was mixing two compounds and lost my train of thought. I dropped the beaker and it shattered splashing my gloves with the stuff. At first I thought "oh crap" but then I remembered: this is just like one of those stories. I'm gona be some kind of creature and I'm powerless to stop it. I just stood their waiting as i watched the stuff eat through my gloves. Then one of my coworkers pushed me into the de-con shower and striped me of my gloves. I came back to my senses while they pushed me about, scrubbing me down.
19:51/lil_bunny: no way that'd be so exciting! Was the stuff actually transformative? D:
19:51/harpy: I don't think so. The situation was just so intense my imagination said it was.
19:52/BlackOrca: so its slave and master for you then.
19:52/harpy: what's that?
19:53/BlackOrca: its hard to say, I'm not to familiar with it, but I think the best way to say it is that your not in control, someone else is and you are at their whim?
19:53/pu55ym4st3r: I think theres more to it then that.
19:54/lil_bunny: yeah, but the base idea is their.
19:54/lil_bunny: so is that it? SM?
19:55/harpy: I guess if that's its name? yeah, I like SM
19:55/harpy: its exciting to know this for myself now! Is that strange?
19:55/lil_bunny: no, don't think so
19:56/pu55ym4st3r: no
19:56/BlackOrca: its only strange if YOU think it is.
19:56/harpy: ok, I shared my thing. Now share yours.
19:57/lil_bunny: oh? Some's suddenly become bold, I like wink
19:58/lil_bunny: well I want to be a giant pussy. Big, deep, and slopping with juices.
19:58/harpy: that's interesting.
19:58/pu55ym4st3r: well that's why we're such a good match, I want to be a gigantic dick. The purest form of male masculinity!
19:59/BlackOrca: your already a Gigantic dick.
19:59/pu55m4st3r: very funny orca, and what's floating your boat this week.
20:01/BlackOrca:since your so anxises to get in bed with me, I prefer expansion and weight gain in general. Just being big, bloated, and oversized. Throwing my weigh around just walking.
20:02/harpy: whoe, those all sound alot more interesting then mine.
20:03/pu55ym4st3r: its a fantasy, its yours, own it. It won't be special to anyone but yourself.
20:04/BlackOrca: it dosen't have to be.
20:04/lil_bunny: like we could afford any potions like that!
20:05/BlackOrca: just saying

The group chatted for a while longer before dispersing seeing as how late it had become. Before then though, Orca had attempted to bring up the subject of potions and fulfilled fantasies a handful of times, but nobody seemed to pay it much mind.

Just before Angela went to bed, after leaving the shower she stopped at the mirror, curious. She dropped the towel revealing her naked body to herself. She'd always been slim, not athletic or soft, small breasts and trim hips. If you looked up the word beanpole in the dictionary you'd have found a photo of Angela   

Even at fifty she was still a beauty, fair skin, strong hair. It wouldn't last for much longer now though. Fifty was still fifty, and time always catches up with you.

The thought passed as Angela continued to gaze into the reflection. Her mind wondered to what Orca said, about being big and oversized. She teased her hands to her rump, raising them off her body as she imagined her rear slowly expanding by an unseen force. Her arms continued to stretch around the pretend girth larger then beach balls. She strolled around her room, her arms at full reach, pretending she knocked things over as she went about. Even pretended to get stuck in the door.

She went back to the mirror this time cupping her breasts. Imagining as the swelled, growing heavy in her hands and straining her back. The continued growth out of her control leaving her powerless to their mass as it pulled her forward. Her legs gave out under the weight and Angela fell flat on her face.

Her imagination had become so vivid these past weeks. She'd been completely carried away in the idea falling onto bed sized breasts. She got back on her feet and to the mirror, rubbing her face. Her nose was red with color "that's going to bruise tomorrow." She mumbled as she crawled into bed.

Work was easier today for some reason, perhaps the incident the other day urged her to be more cautious in her work. But also picking at her mind was the little fantasy she'd had last night. As she walked about the lab she found herself giving more space. As though her body were bloated as it was the night before. Nobody took notice, business as usual.

She found herself doing this more and more regardless of where she was, at the store, in the parks, even pretending to have trouble getting into her car. Going about placing one cheek in at a time, fallowed by one breast at a time. Truthfully Angela found it entertaining even though it was just pretend, imagining just being enormous was to much fun!

14:06/ >harpy signed in<
14:06/harpy: hey everyone!
14:10/harpy: guess no ones on yet.
14:11/ >harpy signed out<

01:34/ >harpy signed in<
01:35/harpy: hey everyone
01:36/BlackOrca: sorry only me. Bun and master just left.
01:36/harpy: oh, did you talk about anything?
01:40/BlackOrca: nothing cool. Theres some bad news and some good news.
01:40/harpy: ok, what's this all about?
01:41/BlackOrca: long story short: bun and master can't afford to keep the forum up for another month.
01:42/harpy: that's awful what's happened? What will happen if Its shut down.
01:43/BlackOrca: finances haven't been kind to them. If its shut down we'll probably never talk again, unless we move to a new site before then.
01:44/harpy: what's the good news then?
01:44/BlackOrca: I convinced them to open a donation page with PayBuddy. So with the last month that we have left we can generate some kriss for the site. Those two are surprisingly prideful for a couple that operate a porn site.
01:46/harpy: well that's good. Do you think it will work?
01:46/BlackOrca: who knows? At least it's a start.
01:47/harpy: on less saddening news I've been experimenting with expansion.
01:47/BlackOrca: you got a potion or something! That's amazing! What did you do! Can you send a photo?
01:49/harpy: slow down there! Nothing like that.
01:49/harpy: I've been pretending and playing with the idea, its been a rush.
01:50/harpy: I just wanted to thank you for expanding my horizons so to say.
01:50/harpy: no pun intended.
01:55/BlackOrca: I'm not sure how to respond to that. No ones ever thanked me for something like that.
01:56/harpy: your welcome is the usual response smile
01:56/BlackOrca: your welcome harpy XD
02:01/BlackOrca: listen harpy, theirs something I wana talk to you about, but it also involves bun and master two. Promise me you'll be online tomorrow.
02:05/harpy: yeah, I'll be here.
02:05/harpy: what's this about?
02:06/Black Orca: I can't say right now. I'm sorry but I should go. We'll all talk tomorrow.
02:06/ >BlackOrca signed out<
02:26/ >harpy signed out<

Angela had been rather shocked at the sudden request, she'd stayed on incase someone came back just to try n find out what he might want. Of course she'd be online tomorrow, it was her day off, she always spent her days off online since she's found the forum. But what did he want? There was no clues to anything. And Orca was always so "cryptic" when he wanted to say something, this wasn't like them. Angela might have had a hard time sleeping had it not been so late, or more accurately early. 

16:39/ >harpy signed in<
16:39/lil_bunny: heeeeey :3
16:39/pu55ym4st3r: hi harpy
16:40/harpy: hey guys, how's things going?
16:40/lil_bunny: GREAT! It's all AWSOME! X3
16:41/harpy: really? Orca told me about the site needing funding.
16:41/pu55ym4st3r: then he mentioned the PayBuddy?
16:41/harpy: yeah, I gave 30 kriss to it last night.
16:42/pu55ym4st3r: yeah, but we got a bunch of donations overnight. We'll be able to maintain the site for a while now.
16:43/harpy: that's amazing!
16:43/lil_bunny: I know right! big_smile
16:44/harpy: what a relief, I was afraid I'd lose you guys.
16:44/lil_bunny: yeah, that'd really suck! u.u
I'm sure we'd have found some other way to chat but now we don't have to worry about that line EVER!
16:45/pu55ym4st3r: we'll have to do something to thank Orca. I feel bad for being so difficult with him in the first place.
16:46/harpy: speaking of Orca did he say anything to you guys last night? He was acting kind of strange.
16:46/pu55ym4st3r: stranger then usual?
16:47/harpy: yeah, said he wanted to talk to us about something.
16:47/ >BlackOrca signed in<
16:48/pu55ym4st3r: speak of the devil
16:48/lil_bunny: are yours ears burning? X3
16:49/harpy: I'm here too.
16:49/BlackOrca: ok. I wanted to ask you all something. I'll be blunt. How would you all like to live out your fantasies.
16:50/lil_bunny: what are you talking about? hmm
16:50/BlackOrca: its a long story. But trust me. I want to do this for you all.
16:51/pu55ym4st3r: so you want to make bun a giant snatch, and me a throbbing cock? First off, that's out of nowhere. Second, why would you do this.
16:53/BlackOrca: I've been alone for a long time. And I've always wanted to undergo a transformation even longer. In the end, you three are the only people I trust to do this with.
16:54/harpy: how would this work? If we agreed to this?
16:55/BlackOrca: I have that all planed out. All I need is an answer from you three. Then ill set it all in motion. I don't expect it now of course, ill log on in three days. Think it over until then.
16:56/ >BlackOrca signed out<
16:57/lil_bunny: well... That was a thing hmm
16:57/lil_bunny: think he actually means it?
16:58/pu55ym4st3r: he seemed pretty serious. Like he was embarrassed to even propose the offer.
16:58/harpy: think we should go along with it?
16:59/pu55ym4st3r: I think we should call it a day. In fact I think we should stay offline for these next three days. We'll share our answers then.
16:59/lil_bunny: this is some pretty heavy stuff @_@
17:00/harpy: you said it.
17:00/pu55ym4st3r: ok 12am three days from now log on. We'll talk then.
17:00/ >pu55ym4st3r signed out<
17:01/lil_bunny: bye for now harp
17:01/ >lil_bunny signed out<

Angela was shocked to say the least. She'd been expecting some kind of bad news but "let me turn you into your fetish" was far from her realm of thought. It was way too much to think about right now. Sleep was her best option. She could figure it out tomorrow.

The sleep had helped. Her thoughts were less scrambled. Work was slow, not the work load, that was stacking up by the hour. Angela spent most of her lab time daydreaming. Orca hadn't given them a clue as to how her transformation would go. Master's and bun's were pretty straight forward all and all  simple anatomy . But what would become of her? Orca knew her SM fetish, would he trap her in her body somehow? Maybe some kind of pet? Angela didn't like those ideas. She loved her work (sidetracked as she was) and didn't want to give up her life right away. Something else was bothering her though, something she couldn't put her finger on.

Angela got home and went through her routine. Changeling clothes, checking her mail and writing checks for the current do bills. Fixing dinner for herself and then sat at her computer to log online to MCO. Only she didn't. They swore off the site for three days. Angela could just surf the web for a time but that'd be no fun without the chatroom. She instead went to her living room and watched TV. A few TF shows had been on but they were not as engaging as she had remembered.

when was the last time I went out Angela thought. It'd been months maybe? She'd saved up a good bit of money doing so but now she suddenly just felt so stir crazy!

She thought about calling some coworkers but she'd left far before them. She didn't really know anybody outside of work. Angela was alone without the club. That's when it clicked how long has it been since I was with anyone?

It was a sickening thought, she'd had plenty of relationships, but never married. Things always changed before it got series. Now she was getting to old to find a man. Who'd want a 50 year old fetishist. Even this day and age that had to be a nitch market. The realization had become a crushing depression now. Angela just curled up in bed and fell asleep early that day.

The next day Angela pulled herself out of the slump. Delving into her work. Somehow catching up on her extensive backlog. She chatted with her coworkers today, it felt odd, she could have sworn she was more sociable with them but she was picking up a sense of unease from time to time. It passed through and soon she was chumming it up with a new click of  friends. The day ended and she returned home. It still felt lonely their though. Maybe it was companionship she yearned for. It'd been so long.

The third day finally came. Work was the same as yesterday with one exception, Angela's new friends had invited her to join them for drink, she was nervous but joined them. The bar had been unsettling, and Angela found herself leaving early after only two drinks. Her friends had quickly gone off to flirt with other patrons leaving the aging woman alone. They may have been friends, coworkers and colleges but the age gap was too great. She headed home, eager to chat with her real friends.

23:49/ >harpy signed in<
23:49/harpy: anyone here yet?
23:55/ >lil_bunny signed in<
23:55/ >pu55ym4st3r signed in<
23:56/pu55ym4st3r: it's almost time.
23:56/harpy: yeah, what did you decide.
23:57/lil_bunny: we're waiting for orca then we'll get on with it.
23:59/ >BlackOrca signed in<
23:59/BlackOrca: everyone here?
00:00/harpy: present
00:00/lil_bunny: here
00:00/pu55ym4st3r: same
00:01/BlackOrca: and?
00:01/lil_bunny: I'm in, I do it :3
00:01/lil_bunny: its a no brainer
00:02/pu55ym4st3r: me too, under one condition. I'm staying with bun.
00:03/BlackOrca: that was already the part of the plan.
00:04/BlackOrca: and you harpy?
00:04/harpy: I want to do it, but I just don't know enough to go through with it.
00:06/BlackOrca: understandable but let me ask you this. When you had your accident at work, would it have been as exciting if you'd KNOWN the subsistent was safe?
00:07/harpy: I guess you have a point.
00:10/BlackOrca: then its agreed. Ok, now bun and master you'll have to meet up with harpy. Take some time to arrange your matters, after all, you wont need a house or car being sexual organs.
00:13/BlackOrca: in the mean time ill start getting the transformation ready, it'll take some time so ill keep in touch.
00:15/harpy: okay, so is that it for now?
00:15/BlackOrca: I think so, ill keep you updated on my progress.
00:16/ >BlackOrca signed out<

Once Orca had left Angela exchanged her information only giving her first name with bun and master as instructed. Angela had asked when to expect them but was told the same as by orca: we'll keep you updated.

The whole thing left Angela feeling venerable, so many things out of her control. It was kind of a turn on actually, she'd never felt so alive. Her body tingled with energy.

It didn't last long however. The week after had been almost dead. No contact from Orca and only a private message from master saying that they would be out of touch but to expect them in another two weeks. Angela now felt useless and out of the loop. Orca was busy doing whatever it was he was preparing, bun and master were off doing god knows what and Angela was left to stew in her home waiting.

The site was dead, still active by other users, but dead to Angela. She did what she could, cleaning the house, work, shopping, the usual routine except for the few occasions where she went out with her click of work friends. They were good people truely, but perhaps a little too rowdy for their own good. Aside from these small outings noting happen. In some strange way Angela began to think it was all made up. The privet discussions online seemed so long ago.

Angela had almost forgotten her guests were to arrive any day now until one morning when her door bell rang. She'd only just dressed herself for the day when she'd ran to get the door. She was greeted by a couple, the man was handsome some Angela would have chased after as a teenage girl, he had a small frame for a man however. The woman was, well, plane. No other way around it. She had a face like you would find in a photo frame at the store. Her only noticeable features were her bright blue eyes and natural red hair. She spoke in a sweet voice "hello, we're looking for Angela, is she home?" Angela blushed briefly before stammering "yes, that's me, I'm Angela."
"Ha, told you. Pay up." Smirked the thin man putting his hand out in front of the woman. "Really Robin, I can't believe you sometimes." She responded pushing his arm away and reaching out to shake Angela's hand. "I'm Ellen but you know me as lil bunny" Angela was shocked, she knew they'd be along somewhere but she'd never prepared for it. "I guess that makes master then?" Angela said extending her hand, as he did she held him their. "What was the bet about?" She asked
Robin averted his eyes and stayed silent until Ellen butted in "Robin here bet me twenty bucks that you were an older woman, I said you were younger."
Angela let his hand go "you really are a dick at heart aren't you Robin?" Ellen chuckled.

Angela invited them in, they only brought with them a backpack each. They sat down in the living room taking up the two seat couch and leaving Angela to the chair. It was silent between the 3 of them. In hindsight they all never imagined to meet face to face. It was awkward to say the least. "So, why did you think I was older?" Angela asked, finally breaking the silence. Robin ran a hand through his shaggy hair "well, um, it was the way you spoke. Wrote I guess. Capital letters, punctuational, and your typing speed is kinda slow. Time between your replies anyways."
"And how do you think that pinned me for being older?"
"Nobody online cares about proper grammar, and your slow speed means your new to typing in conversations."

That was enough to get the ball rolling conversation wise. Ellen and robin had cut the lease on their apartment and pulled out all their life savings as well as sold their positions. They'd decided to do a two week bucket list, from a week long luxury cruise on an air ship to hiking through the mountains. They had some money left though and insisted Angela take it as rent while waiting for Orca to contact them.

The company was nice having Ellen and Robin around the house. Helping clean and chatting at dinner. They'd spent a week together, but they never heard back from Orca.

One day in the evening a knock came from the door. All three of them went to answer. They were greeted by a clearly obese man, sitting in a scooter, his shirt resting above an exposed gut. His double chin covered in a ratty stubble of a beard and his receding hair line contradicted the greasy hair resting on his shoulders. If ever their were a neck beard stereotype, this was it.

"Hey guys." He greeted, a flem'y tone to his voice. "Sorry I couldn't update you on my progress, couldn't find an Internet connection." The three just stared at him, taking in the sight of the man with a stunned look on their faces. "Oh sorry, I just know you all so well I forget we've never actually meet. I'm Eric, AKA BlackOrca." He extended a hand to the three. Robin shook his hand, "man, I should have made a bet." Ellen quickly jabbed her elbow into his side with an "omph"

"Pardon my asking." Spouted Angela "but how'd you get up the stairs in that scooter?" Eric pointed behind him, "I had them carry me." Behind him on the street was a moving truck, two large men were unloading wooden crates from the back. "Um, what is all that?" Ellen asked. "It's the servers I bought, were going to own the website souly so you won't need to rent the online space anymore." Robin butted in next, "But we don't even know how to setup something like that."
"Don't worry about it, I've got training manuals and guides for Angela to study. It'll be a breeze." He reassured them. "For me to study? Why do I have to learn all that stuff." "Because after we're done you'll be the only person left too run the site, look if you'll let me in I can explain everything!" Said Eric quite agitated with all the questions.

Eric rolled into the house a brief case attached to the back of his chair. The small electric scooter struggled to push along Eric's weight into the kitchen and to the table. He through the case down and opened it, handing out stacks of papers to Angela, robin, and Ellen.

"Those are legal documents ill need you all to sign for the transformation." Announced Eric. "Skim through it so you understand everything ok." As they skimmed Eric informed them of himself and his travels. Eric as it turned out was the son of a successful stock trader. His father had passed away from illness last year and Eric had inherited his fortune, enough to last 3 lifetimes and prepare for a 4th.

In the past 4 weeks Eric had been busy, first traveling to multiple cities recruiting alchemists to create his solution. After leaving them to their work he left to acquire the servers and shipping them to Angela's part of the world.  Then back to the alchemists for his potion before meeting with his fathers legal advisers which led to the paperwork. In short It described that Angela would inherit Eric's fortune to secure her well being, pending an inspection every month as well as everyone's conceit to the terms of the transformation.   

In the end Ellen reviewed all the papers, clearly she was the brains of the couple. Eric took all the papers sealing them in envelopes and left them to be mailed to his attorneys.

"The servers are all set in the guest room, the paperwork a been completed, last thing is the account exchange." Eric pulled out a business card, fresh ink scribbled on its back. "Go to that site and enter the pin, from there you can move it however you like." Angela pulled out her phone, doing to the site and entered the pin. Her jaw dropped. Ellen and Robin looked over her shoulders to see themselves. Robin let out a whistle, "I've never seen so many digits in one place!" Commented Ellen.

While the three were still shocked at the new found wealth Eric rolled into the living room and to his bag, digging into it and pulling out three vials of varying color. "Ok, lets get started everyone!" He shouted from the living room. Angela, Robin, and Ellen soon joined him sharing confused looks.

"Wait? You want do this right now?" Angela spoke up.
"Yeah, why not?" Questioned Eric, sincerely puzzled by her reaction.
"We're about to undergo a transformation, I just figured we'd all get to know each other better first, you know?"
"Angela, were all about to become living genitals in one way or another, who we were before and who we are now dosen't really matter..." They all thought about this for a moment before Ellen moved to his side "Can't argue with that logic." She shrugged. Robin soon joined her after she gave him a sharp look. Angela stood alone, clearly outnumbered.

"Ok, where do we start?" She stammered. Eric reached back into the bag and pulled put a wrinkled and worn piece of paper and squinted at its small print, "says here your supposed to drink the silver vile. Um, your also supposed to undress..." No sooner did it bring an embarrassed blush to Angela then to Eric. Angela didn't argue though, she'd watched it many a times, it only made sense that she do it herself when the time came. She nervously removed her top and bottom leaving only her underwear. To which Robin gave a wave of his hand. 'All of it' it told her, dropping her modest panties and bra to the floor. She stood in the room, arms protecting her breasts and crotch, "n-n-now what?" she stuttered, red from embarrassment.

"We take care of the rest." Spoke Eric, pouring one vile into his hands and lathering it together. "So, um, e-enjoy."

Eric's scooter rolled slowly to Angela, as he drew closer she turned her back to him, shielding herself the only way she could think. Eric reached his hands out, firmly planting his palms on Angela's bottom, the lotion squishing between their flesh. He began to knead her rump in slow circles. The lotion heated up with each turn, relaxing every muscle it touched. Angela's stiff posture began to soften, the warmth spreading to her hips and thighs, down her legs like a hot shower.

Unbeknown to her every stroke of Eric's hands became harder and harder, as the flesh of her rump began to sink under his touch. Robin and Ellen watched with fascination as suddenly Eric's hands literally sank into Angela's cheeks, right to his wrists. He bit his lip in fear and excitement as he pushed further, his forearm half sunk into Angela's ass.

She gave out a soft and relaxing moan, as though she were receiving a deep body massage. Eric continued, his elbows now eaten by her flesh. Her rear seemed larger some how, more round and firm. He gave another firm push his flabby biceps now engulfed to her clearly swelling ass. It seemed now every pound he gave her translated into firm curvy flesh. Her thighs we thick and her hips bowed out giving her more space to fill out. Every inch gave her another soft pleasing moan.

Eric's prickly stubble brushes the top of her bum, his body now hanging over the handle bars of the scooter. Instinctively he took a deep breath and kicked his weight forward, head sinking into her spine, his cloths pealing off as he fell in. The growth was sudden like a car had driven into her body. Her as cheeks ballooned out into overfilled yoga balls, thighs of thunder, firm meaty calf atop dainty feet.

"Oh god!" Angela cried out, planting her hands on her bulbous cheeks trying to look behind herself. "What's going on back there?"

Eric's feet still kicked in the wind, sinking slowly into the crest of Angela's crack. Every inch now translated up to her stomach, becoming a simple pouch, then to a cute round belly. All that's left we're his knees and feet. As those too disappeared, each breast swelled into perfect DDDs. The last toes wiggled there way home and Angela's belly button popped into an outie. A small seam spread across its surface and split open into a small eyeball.

Suddenly Angela's hands reached to her ears as they popped loudly and she began to lose her balance and started to fall. Only she didn't. Something was different she could still feel her legs but nothing was getting through to them. She uncontrollably turned to face Ellen and Robin, then began bouncing around on her legs. Springing up and down, squatting and stretching. "I'm not doing this! What's happening?" She yelled as she began to spin in circles.

Robin and Ellen watched her sway back and forth almost dancing and throwing her weight around as though she'd never used her legs before. All the while the small eyeball on her stomach seemed to gleam happily at her distress.

"Oh my god! I get it!" Ellen screeched bringing her hands over her mouth in delight. "Eric became your lower half!" Robin tilted his head examining Angela. "Oh! I get it! Your BDSM! Oh my god! That's so clever! Now you can't control your body anymore! Your at his whim!" He began to laugh hysterically before Ellen interrupted him. "That's why your ears popped! He now controls your balance too."

It was a crazy turn of events but Angela couldn't argue with how arousing it was having her body twisted out of her control. Her exposed groin now visibly slick with her own juices from the display. Eric stopped and padded one foot on the ground in a kind of applause at Ellen's deduction of the transformation. With the odd sort of dance finished Ellen and Robin could now see the obvious stream between her legs, they knew it was their turn next. But who got to go first.   

The two were about to live out their fantasies, but they wished they could experience them both as they were for each other. Robin plowing into his gigantic pussy of a wife and Ellen throttling her massive cock of a husband between her legs. "Lets go first." Robin asked, once you become a tight little vage I won't be able to hear you scream."
"You might not hear me scream anyways?"
"Oh please, we both know your a size queen."
"Fine, you win."

Robin took the vile with his name on it and passionately kissed his wife for the last time while she undressed him. Fully nude he took the note from the mixture reading how to proceed. Angela turned without her will presenting her titanic ass to Robin, from there he could see just how big it had become. It stretched as wide as her fireplace mantel and blossomed out so tall Angela's shoulders were just visible over it.

Fallowing the instructions he poured a little of the concoction into his hand and massaged it gently onto Angela's back, just above the spine. A difficult spot to reach sure enough but the feeling of smothering the supple mounds was its own reward. Once applied he backed up as Eric danced about again to get his attention. Angela's body began to squat repeatedly, she flailed against the action as she seemed to be exhausted from the exorcise. Even though she wasn't in control she still felt the effort of the action.

The performance continued. "Oh! I get it!" Shouted Robin clasping his hands. He sat on the ground then laid back flat on the floor pouring the last of the potion onto his chest and spreading it across his body. Angela's legs backed over him lining up their bodies. Robin blew a kiss to his wife just before Angela's gargantuan rear flopped onto him with a *BAM* that shook  the whole room. "Ow!" Angela yelled. "A little warning next time!"

Her anger quickly subsided however as a bright red flushed across her face, soft bated moans pried at her lips as beneath her Robin was melting into her flesh. Burrowing into her being much as Eric had fallen into her. His waist and legs were still visible sticking out in front of her. His throbbing member standing full mast between her thighs, but not for long. As his body climbed into her his legs were pulled in. Dragging his rigid cock across Angela's (and Eric's now too) glistening womanhood. It's hot folds pulsed as Robins shaft brushed against it, one good thrust would plunge it in.

The moment passed however, weather it was respect for Ellen or the speed of the absorption, neither Robin or Eric broke their wedding vow.

While Robins legs slowly vanished the earliest application of the lotion began its phase. A large bulbous mound had formed at the base of Angela's spine growing outward and upward with every inch of Robins body consumed. The growth sprung up on a long fleshy tendril stretching further and further until it reached an easy six feet long and as thick as a fist. With Robins feet taken its features took shape; thick vains warped its surface like a web, its tip pulsed with blood and a small slit dribbled pre onto its owners rear. The shaft of flesh that was the dick previously known as Robin thrashed about in the air like a snake hanging from a tree branch.

It landed on Angela's hot round cheeks and curled around them, learning its new environment and searching for its place. A snake was the best description for his behavior pocketing around as it was most certainly blind. It found its way into Angela's crack and began to thrust vigorously between the pillowy flesh. Slathering it with thick stringy pre.

Ellen came to Angela's side, reaching over to the slamming bluer of flesh brushing it softly with her hand. Despite its dexterity it felt as rigid as any erection, hot and pulsing with life. It immediately stopped under her touch and slowly arced into the air. It's head weaved back and forth like a cobra as though it were searching for pray. Ellen gave a gentle push with her hand and the cock tail quickly wrapped itself around her arm until the red engorged head rested inches from her face.

All the while Angela had been struggling to breath, moaning at ever new sensation from the foreign appendage also out of her control. She briefly wondered what Eric was feeling, being so closely connected to the cock tail. Perhaps he even had some control over it? Doubtful. He'd put a lot of thought into this, he wouldn't rob Robin of his deepest fantasy. The though was broken instantly as something pierced through her cock head, warm and thrashing.

Ellen had embraced the thick head with a kiss, passionately lapping at its slit, sliding her tongue in as far as she could. Robin withdrew to let her breath with a daunting gasp, strings of pre hanging from her lips in thick strands and dripping down her chin.

She warped her hand around its girth. Dragging it down with her as she moved to sit on the floor. Guiding it between her legs she left Robin to rest on her thigh. He could find his way from there. True to his new nature the cock slithered its way further up her leg, creeping closer as Ellen braced herself griping the couch cushion behind her. 

"Just get on with it!" Ellen shouted, clearly through with the foreplay. The cock wasted no time at this, striking its mark in a flash. Elena's head rolled back in a painful groan as Robins round head pressed heavy against her wet folds. With a house rattling moan from Angela and Ellen the cock tale penetrated its thick girth spreading the redhead's pussy wide.

Angela began to part her own lips with her left hand, her right holding down the pudge of her stomach so she could reach. Eric started thrusting her oversized hips as though it were helping robin despite.

Within seconds Ellen was in climax, her back arced into the air with fingers digging into the couch. Fluid leaked onto the floor from her crotch as robin continued his assault. Angela kept pace with her other half as she felt their own orgasim building, it seemed that her new addition was also connected to her own lust and sensation.

Ellen cried out in ecstasy again and again. Building a puddle beneath her as until finally her partner reached their limits. Angela bent forward shoving four fingers into her snatch and grunting loudly as Robin gave out spilling forth into his wife like a water hose. Angela felt her first male orgasim the hot pulsing rush of sperm and a gripping clench within her body as it was released. The hot fluid pouring out of her and surrounding Robin's head within the the tight confines.

As Robin pulled out, Ellen struggled to catch her breath. "God! I wana feel like this forever!" She cried, still reveling in her afterglow. Her limbs felt like jelly as, her legs and hips numb from pleasure and abuse. Through the damp carpet she dragged herself to the bag, fetching her vile. She read the short instructions and poured it onto her head and back, matting her bright red hair. "A little help Eric?" She asked at Angela, who for the most part may have been passed out after experiencing two different orgasims at once.

The thick meaty legs rose off the ground stumbling to Ellen's side as she laid on her stomach. With one foot Eric began to sped the mix across her back as best he could. He knew what to do next, with Ellen in the right position he took his place above her legs spread and dropped Angela's body onto her. Wedging her underneath their taint Ellen's head just below Eric's dripping pussy. Next he began to rock back and forth as though using the carpet to scratch an itch, effectively grinding Ellen into their body like the rest.

She couldn't feel her legs as they were absorbed into their ass cheeks.what she could feel were her insides changing, connecting to Angela's. Her pussy began to twist, shifting into a tight star shaped spiral and ticking into the cheeks as their new anus. Her waist and stomach smoothed out as did her breasts as they flowed into their new taint. Ellen's shoulders fallowed suit leaving her head at the base of their moist and oozing snatch.

Ellen felt her throat shifting, contracting into a new shape and structure. Teeth melted into he gums as they two shifted into soft flesh pouring out around her lips. Her nose throbbed with sensation wile her new libia reached out and swallowed it into its clitoral hood. The last sight Ellen saw before her head was taken into its new home engulfing her eyes was the splatter of her face pussy onto the carpet beneath her.

All she felt after was pure cardinal bliss.

Angela woke up in the shower. Freezing gold water raining down on her upper body. Her thighs and ass somehow shoved into the tight space, and her cock tail turning the knob to the water. "FRAYA! Good lord I'm awake! I'm awake turn it off!" She shouted trying to reach the knob herself. Struggling to around her smothered flesh. The tail did as commanded, its own girth shrunk by the cold water. She suddenly stood up out of her control, her legs carrying her to the mirror above the sink.

She was wiping the sleep from her eyes when she braced herself in shock against the sink. Her reflection stared back at her with disbelief. This wasn't her face! At least not how its supposed to be. Her skin had lost its wrinkles, her cheeks were firm and perky, crow's feet gone, her hair had a rejuvenated shine to it. If she had to say it, she looked younger, everything looked younger! Her breasts felt firmer, perky even!
"This is incredible. How did this even happen!"

Her legs turned her away, dragging her through the bathroom door. Impassable her ginormous rear slid through the door and down the hall, knocking frames off the wall and shuffling furniture. She never got stuck though, not once.

Her legs carried her to the bag and waited. She took the que and reached into the bag finding an envelope with her name written across the top.

Hey there, since talking is a little difficult now I left this note to help explain a few things, mostly what my team of alchemists said to inform you about. First I can still hear you I'm your lower half now. That eyeball on your stomach is mine too. That way I can see where I'm dragging you. So in situations like work or emergencies ill cooperate with you, everything else though is free game. Robin can hear too, so if he feels like listening he can, but he can't see FYI. Ellen is just a pussy, as she asked so no special conditions there.

I'm assuming you've all ready cum from Robin, you may wonder how your were able to cum. Simple your new balls are somewhere in that big ass of yours.

Your new bulbous flesh also a has an extra special addition, you may have noticed its extremely malleable. This is unfortunate but practical. I was hoping that'd be more inconvenient for you but the alchemists pointed out that it be dangerous to have you get stuck in a door if their was a fire or intruder. Basically your bottom has the same cellular structure as an octopus now. Look up videos if you don't know what I mean, it's pretty cool!

On a more gross note you won't feel when you have to use the bathroom, I will though. Trust me that's not something I'm going to neglect.

I think that's all. The lawyer will be in touch if you need anything else I've left all my contact's information in the bag.

No sooner had she finished reading the note her legs dashed back to the bathroom. She was wracked with fear as to how Eric was going to get his bearings with the new anatomy.

[center]---     ---     ---[/center]

Her business concluded without incident. Although now she wondered how long she had been passed out as her stomach was begging to be fed with an audible grumble. Her legs wasted no time carrying her to the kitchen on their own accord. Whether this was because Eric could feel her hunger or simply heard her stomach growl  was unknown. Once downstates and in the kitchen she was stopped just out of reach of the fridge. She bent over, twiddling her fingers at the handle. Her stomach roared louder then before as she struggled.

"Nehhhh! Come on! Eric come on! I'm starving!" She cried out, taking note of her voice sounding somewhat clearer then it had before. She didn't budge. Her straining was beginning to make her blood pump as she felt warmer. Her over all lack of control and her goal just out of reach began to build another hunger. It soon dominated her like her legs as the self aware cock tail arched its way down and below her legs. It probed at her now dripping flower, now more plump and sensitive then before.

Her legs shuffled sideways to the counter as the cock nudged its way into her folds. Angela let out a gasp as her fingers grazed the counters edge and took hold. Bracing herself as the tail thrusted itself harder and harder. The shaking rocked her body, soft flesh bouncing in ripples and her gargantuan breasts flopping violently against her stomach and the counter.

Without warning she was pulled off the counter onto her rear. The tails shaft wedged into her mass ass cheeks only adding to the sensation of the trusts. She reached forward now, gripping at the cock in protest, but soon found herself aiding it. It's slick veiny girth sliding between her hands, her arms positioned so that she now drowned in the deep cleavage of her breasts. So much so that her screaming orgasim was but a muffled whimper as thick gooey seed spilled forth from her cock tail and later onto the linoleum floor of the kitchen.

Her body fell backwards onto her propped up butt cheeks. An arm spread out across each mound like she were reclining on a couch. It was oddly comfortable as she massaged the incredibly pudgy flesh in her hands.

Her stomach gave another angry growl as her hunger returned to the top of her priority list. She through her body weight towards the fridge again, further out of reach now. "Come on guys..." She whimpered, collapsing face first into her soft ass cheek.

Things were going to be hard from now on... 

[Center] < Epilog > [/center]

"Hi Callum! How have things been?" Angela waved through the door, her expanded rear preventing any kind of view into the house.

"Just fine Angie, yourself?" Replied Callum with a smile as he climbed the stares to the house. Angela moved aside to let him pass. "You know, these three keep me busy!"

Callum had been the appointed layer to over see the finical accounts that Eric had entrusted to Angela upon their merging. This required him to regularly inspect the property and expenses that Angela kept. The inspections were weekly after the merge. Making sure that Angela was capable of caring for herself, as well as the three new occupants of her body.

Callum couldn't lie. The first three weeks he thought he may have to take legal action. The house smelled of cum and Angela could barely go an hour without havering to fight with her tail. It was an incredibly rocky road.

"How's, work been treating you? Anything you may want to file a suit on?" One of Callum's regular jokes. "Goodness no! Works the same as always!" Angela chuckled. She'd heard the line a dozen times over, but always paid the courtesy of a laugh.

Work was an interesting topic after the change. Her rear's ability to fit and fill most any shape made it convenient for travel and labor. Her legs not knowing their way around was a different story. For weeks and even still today they she had to announce to herself where to go, how to step, stop, move, shuffle... It all felt like some poorly made dance game. Coworkers learned to give her a wide birth. Less they be covered in the assignments.

Robin had become a useful assistant too. During work a quick tap at his base would signal him to stretch foreword. Angela could trust him to wrap onto a clip board or other tool while she worked like a third hand. In a lab it was very useful.

The company was also a large help. They were overjoyed that Angela had been transformed from a corporation standpoint. She helped fill in a transformed demographic they lacked and transformed discrimination acts helped protect her in tern. Not that she need the protection. Everyone seemed to be fascinated with the new her.

Many a times she'd be greeted with a surprise kiss on the tail by someone obscured by her ballooned cheeks. Many a times she'd receive a stinging slap on the ass or a deep and griping squeeze, ether in the office or any of the bars after work. Her new friends also made an effort to point out an interest in her. More then a dozen time had they insisted they "drive her home" only to have her drive something into them when they got their. 

"I trust if there were any side effects that'd come up you'd have told me correct?" Callum asked, filling out his paper work. "None that I've noticed no."

Angela's new rejuvenated appearance was thought to be from an averaging effect. Since Eric, Robin, and Ellen had all been within their late twenties and Angela her fifties the transformation averaged the cellular make up to around her thirties. A few alchemists had requested cell samples to study but Angela wasn't ready to be a lab rat anytime soon.

"How's the website fairing? Attendance still on the rise?" Callum continued. "Day by day we all get a little bigger, a few new additions are coming to the site next week in fact! Do you visit it at all?"

M.C.O. Had been down for a week while Angela transferred everything to their private servers. Mostly because of her learning curve. An outside IT company helped her get set up and preform patches regularly but day to day operations were her responsibility. At first she wasn't thrilled about studying codes and other programs but when your legs force you to sit and study, your left with no choice but to get better.

Her transformation had been a hit online. Blogging on the site about her new shared life was a hit. She and the community were instantly disappointed though that in Eric's haste to change they never recorded the merger on video. All and all though, feed back was positive about the new operators of the sure.

"Ok, that's it for today Angela. Again, you pas with flying colors. These inspections are just a formality anyways really." Callum stated with a smile, filing away his papers. "In any case I'm happy to have you around any time Callum."

He opened the door to the porch only to have Angela's mammoth rump swing into it. Slamming the door like it had been struck with a sludge hammer. Callum was stunned when her tail arced under her arm and around his neck, coiling gently like a snake and dragging him to her face. Angela whispered lustfully to her captured pray "Oh, but Callum, we forgot about my physical examination!"


Re: M.C.O.

Thank you very much for this story. It really turned out great! One of the few one i didn' t skip right to the transformation-part (and that' s not because i commissioned it. I enjoyed it!)

Also, it turned out far longer than expected and i don't mind it at all.

I have an idea for a continuation, if the story i well liked here.


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I think deviantart might not be a good Idea to post. If someone reports it than you might get  banned of posting. But furaffinity is good.


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May I post this story on my deviantart and furaffinity account?

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Did you use some kind of voice to text program? I noticed that you have a lot of words that sound similar to the one you want but are wrong (e.g. vile and vial, birth and berth).


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Flicker wrote:

Did you use some kind of voice to text program? I noticed that you have a lot of words that sound similar to the one you want but are wrong (e.g. vile and vial, birth and berth).

No, I don't have a writing program, or computer for that matter. All my works are done using my iPod's note pad. Add my dyslexia to the mix and it makes for some problems.

I'm close to getting a new writing platform soon though. One that has Microsoft word so I'm excepting that will improve once I do.

Although the English language is incredibly flawed , but that's a rant for another time