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The first entry for the the Jizza's Zoo series. Enjoy.


„You are proposing a zoo?“

Everybody at the council table was looking with surprise at the one who made the unusual proposition. The entire city council of Jizza was arrayed around the table with Mayor Vagolo at the head. They all were facing a young woman, a Mrs Amanda Fareaux, head of Jizza's office for tourism, a very resent addition to the city's administration in wake of what has become widely known as the Jizza Phenomenon. Interestingly Mrs Fareaux was apparently without any modification. She smiled and responded to council:

„Exactly, I think it will be a viable tourist attraction, the Empire's equivalent to the famous Zoo of Frey.“

Some of the dignitaries nodded to themselves. The massive and unprecedented wave of self-inflicted transformations had made the town famous far beyond the province, some would maybe say infamous. Either way, with the fame came a lot of newcomers. Some came to be transformed themselves, some to just gawk at the creatures that used to be the majority of the city
s female population and of course those that just came to have sex. That was why the office for tourism had been put together in the first place. In that light Mrs Fareaux's idea seemed like the natural next step. She continued:

„Most people know the Zoo of Frey, including those who otherwise do not care about the transformed. Why not offer these people an alternative within the Empire, closer and easier to reach. Considering the current state of the city and its population, it would fit in perfectly and work well with the type of tourists we already attract.“

Even the very skeptical master of treasury seemed quite interested now.

„So how would you go about this, then?“

„We already got a detailed concept for this, which you can find in the files I handed to each of you,“ Mrs Fareaux answered, her smile unchanged. „We got the ideal location, costs could easily be covered by the treasury and we can most likely get the local alchemist guild to support the project. Additional funds can easily come from advertisement deals.“

„And where do we get the....“exhibits“ from? Its not much of a zoo without any....creatures inside.“

„We got a campaign planned to call out for volunteers. According to some estimates we might even be able to cover that side just by volunteers from within the citizenship alone. So what do you say? Do you want us to continue with the project?“

Everybody at the table looked at the mayor. While they all had the right to vote for or against the proposal, it was clear that the mayor's decision would make the difference anyway. There was a moment of expectant silence as the man at the head of the table looked thoughtfully at the papers in front of him. Then he turned his gaze towards Mrs Fareaux.

„I like this plan. Unless there are any disagreements, I propose you get started building this zoo.“


There were no disagreements. Things were set in motion immediately to make Jizza's Zoo a reality. The chosen location was the ruins of an old cotton factory in the southern district at the edge of town. It didn't take long to flatten and remove the last remains of the old factory. Together with a big chunk of the surrounding parkland the area had the ideal layout, easy access to water and electricity and good connection to the major traffic lines. Within the next few months the zoo started taking shape. It was set up as a mockery of a regular zoo and divided into five sections, each one presenting a certain theme of transformation: Living Genitals (creatures that are for the most part made up of genitals or one very prominent one), Fantastic Beasts (bestial looking transformees and actual animal-hybrids), Unclassified Beings (bizarre transformees that do not fall into any other category), the True Zoo (hosting actual animals but with people fused to their genitals or other bodyparts) and the Aquarium for all manner of aquatic transformees. Each section contained a selection of buildings with smaller, themed enclosures and large open-air enclosures. The largest of the buildings was the Aquarium. There were also going to be a restaurant, a hotel, snack bars and other tourist attractions, like a small “petting zoo”, basically a kind of brothel featuring some of the zoo's inhabitants.

Once the facilities themselves were nearing completion, the administration started its hunt for exhibits. An empire-wide campaign was started, a combination of fliers and advertisements across television, radio and newspapers. If interested, people were asked to contact the project organizers. There they'd be explained the details of what was asked of them. They'd essentially become property of the zoo, even if under slightly different legal definitions. Their transformations were not up to their own choosing and their former identities would be withheld from public to create the illusion of them as inhuman creatures. Despite these conditions volunteers started to come in within the first few days. The vast bulk of volunteers came from Jizza's own population, as expected, but there was also a surprisingly large number of willing subjects from all over the Empire. Even a few people from Freya's Realm called in, eager to support the zoo by becoming attractions themselves. The weeks before the zoo's grand opening were indeed very busy for the local alchemist's guild.


It was the little cafe Blue Corner were the five friends would meet every Thursday afternoon for coffee and gossip. Fara, Bianca, Adora, Kordella and Vabienne were all housewives and mothers, all of them in their early to mid thirties. They have known each other for years, they all lived in the same neighborhood and their children went to the same school. The Thursday coffee has been their own little ritual for several years now, to escape their lives at home and just to talk in away they couldn't with their husbands. Instead of their usual topics, today they discussed a more serious issue.

“Apparently they are looking for volunteers to fill their new zoo with,” said Bianca. She had been the first to stumble upon one of the posters the council had been putting up all around town. She had also picked up a flyer and was now presenting it to her four friends. It was aimed at those who “always wanted to be transformed” and love the idea of “having their new self on constant display”. It also described volunteering for the zoo as a “service to the community”. The smaller print explained more in detail what any willing subject would have to expect, no choice in form or mental alterations. She hadn't really thought about why she was showing the flier to her friends. It was a stupid thing, far fetched thing. Surely none of them had any interest in it. She didn't plan to volunteer either. Yet, the whole thing had left her strangely excited. Some small, unreasonable voice was stubbornly urging her on to do the unthinkable.

“So what?,” asked Adora after having a glance at the flier. “With so many people getting transformed lately, its no surprised they try to find people this way.”

“You surely don't mean for any of us to go ahead with this,” commented Fara with an incredulous expression.

“But what if?” stammered Bianca as if to try convincing herself. “I mean it would benefit the town.”

“And have our children see us as some sex-monsters in a cage? You can't be serious,” Kordella retorted with a snort. The other women noticed her voice faltering a little, as if she was not entirely sure, either.

Surprisingly Adora came to Bianca's support: “Maybe they would like it. They could brag about how cool their moms, being part of the town's big attraction.”

“And our husbands? What about them?” asked Kordella.

“Oh, they are big boys,” said Bianca with a smile. “They will get along. Even if it might sound weird, but I wouldn't mind if Carlton married again, so long they take good care of the kids.”

She tried not to show it but she was surprised at herself. Her statement had been absolutely honest, but she knew on some level that her opinion should be different. Nonetheless it was refreshing to speak her mind like this. After all that's what friends were for.

“I feel the same about Volker,” said Vabienne. “But would we really want to leave our fate to the zoo organizers?”

Bianca could hardly believe how quickly this far-fetched idea had turned into a serious possibility.
Apparently Kordella thought the same for she seemed the most incredulous now:
“Are we really discussing this? Do you really want to just become some sexualized showpiece?”

The other four women looked at each other with the same expression of disbelief. Not at the question or the topic at hand but their own feelings about it. There was a long moment of silence. Each one internally debating with herself. In the end all four could bring themselves to only one answer: “Yes.”


A week later all five women were standing in a small room in the building called the Aquarium.

“I still can't believe we are doing this,” said Kordella.

“Well nobody is forcing you,” said Fara in return with a smile. In truth she was just as baffled that things had come to this but something strong within her really wanted to go through with this. The others probably felt the same. Even Kordella's constant bickering sounded more like she was somehow trying to talk herself out of it, but in vain.

The last few days had gone by surprisingly smoothly. Despite their remaining doubts all five of them had volunteered to the zoo the very same day, even Kordella, under the condition that they would stay together. After that there was only a bit of paperwork left and they were good to go. Even confronting their families with their decision had been an unusually painless affair. All their children had been either indifferent or actually quite excited. Their mothers would be monsters and in the zoo for everybody to see. What wasn't cool about that? Their husband were equally either indifferent or actually supportive. It was almost like their attitudes had undergone a similarly subtle shift as had those of the five women which has led them to this.

Now they were standing in a small room on top of the Aquarium's water tanks. A large open hatch on the ground gave access to the tank below. The five women realized that they would probably spend the rest of their lives in that clear, cold water. A zoo employee in a white rubber suit interrupted their contemplations.

“May I ask the ladies to undress, please,” the man said while he was carefully removing five glowing vials from a container.

A moment later the five women did as they were told and removed their clothes, fully aware that they'd never get dressed again in their lives. They all blushed, embarrassed of getting naked in front of each other and a stranger to boot. In the end they all stood fully nude around the hatch, facing the zoo employee who had just removed the last vial. Even though it made little sense in this situation, they were nonetheless covering their breasts and crotches with their hands as well as they could. They were all good looking woman that had little to be ashamed about. Fara was the tallest, slender and with long black hair. She seemed the most confident, only covering her shaven crotch, her small breasts for everybody to see. Bianca was of average height and proportion, neither slender, nor truly voluptuous. At least her d-cups were above average, something the redhead was quite proud of. Now she was awkwardly trying to cover them with one arm. Adora was equally well endowed but had the butt and hips to go with it. Being the shortest of the five, only meant that her hourglass figure was even more emphasized. Kordella was closer to Fara in height and quite athletic, due to her passion for sports. One more thing she willingly gave up on for this. She had short curly hair and an as curly bush between her legs that she was unable to fully  with her hand. Vabienne was not as small as Adora but more fragile in built. Her angelic face and pale skin, combined with her blonde hair, made her almost look like a doll.

The man in the rubber suit held out a vial towards the five: “Just drink the substance and enter the tank, please. The changes should occur right away.”

That was it. No going back. Bianca was the firt to take a vial from the man and gulp it down. The substance tasted oddly fruity. Then she carefully climbed down into the water tank. She shuddered, as the water was uncomfortably cold but she forced herself to go on and let herself fall into the water. The moment she was fully submerged her body started to twist and change right away. It was an odd sensation, not necessarily pleasant but not painful either. Her spine stiffened while her torso enlarged while at the same time getting narrower at the sides. Her chest, belly and abdomen streamlined, becoming one ovoid shape, while her legs receded into her changing body. The same happened to her arms. A moment later she was left with her hands and feet sticking from her body but they quickly changed themselves, flattening and shortening, while fingers and toes split and fused into a fan like structure, until they looked like the fins of a fish. Her former feet slowly moved further up her body until they were next to her belly button. Meanwhile her tailbone extended out while her butt cheeks melted away. By now her entire body looked like that of a large fish, maybe a carp or salmon. All the missing fins emerged, on her tail, back and lower belly, completing her fish-anatomy. The changes were not over yet. While her body looked more or less like that of a fish now, she still had her human breasts hanging from it awkwardly. They looked out of place but instead of disappearing, they actually grew larger. In the end she was left with saggy E-cups with nipples the size of bottle caps. She also still had her vagina left underneath her new tail but that changed, too. Her outer labia began to swell while her clitoris elongated. After some more stretching and swelling she was left with a foot long penis and an unusually loose scrotum which contained a pair of apple-sized testicles. Her new genitalia were swaying gently in the water. Bianca noticed that oddly enough she had no anus left.

At least her face began to change. Bianca's neck shortened rapidly until her head firmly fused to her torso, facing forward like the head of a fish. By now the urge to breath became noticeable but that problem was solved by the four slits appearing on either side behind her jawline. She had gained a set of gills, allowing her to breath in the water. It took her a moment to bring herself to overcome her old instincts and inhale. At the same tome her hair fell off, just as all other hair disappeared from her body. Her eyes moved further to the side, as her nose and ears melted away. Meanwhile her mouth became even larger, her lips swelling but keeping a feminine shape. Her face ended up looking like a feminine parody of a fish. Her transformation was almost over. Finally her skin turned greyish blue, paler on her underside than on the top, but rather than turning scaly it became softer and more slimy.

Still dazed from her changes, fish-Bianca took a look at her new home. The water tank was five meters wide, four deep and three meters high, just enough space to house the five of them. The bottom of the tank was covered in white sand and a few pebbles. There was some decorative seaweeds and stones to make it look like the bottom of a river. One of the long walls was covered in rock and plants to go with the overall look while the one on the opposite side was the large glass plate. She could see her husband and her two sons looking at her from the other side. She smiled broadly at them.

At the same time the other four women entered the tank one after the other and underwent the same transformation. They quickly noticed that they looked absolutely identical. Even the size of their breasts and penises was the same. Eyecolour didn't help either to differentiate them, as they had changed to a dark yellow. Not only did their families in front of the glass get confused right away but they themselves, too. They realized that they couldn't speak anymore, so they couldn't even tell each other who they were. After a few confused, almost panicked moments they quickly made peace with the fact that nobody would ever be able to tell them apart, their identities virtually lost. But did it really matter in this small environment? Not really. The five fishes turned back towards their assembled families, smiling at them to let them know that they were doing well.

Even though it was a bit muffled by the glass and distorted by the water, they could hear what they people outside were saying.

“Look, daddy, mommy got a weewee,” said one of Bianca's sons and snickered.

The former woman smiled and decided to give him a bit of a show. A yellow cloud erupted from her flaccid member and dissipated into the water.

Her sons and some of the other children laughed at that how only children could. Two other fish did the same a moment later, getting the same reaction. After a few more minutes the husbands shushed their children out, telling them to wait outside where a zoo employee would watch after them.

The husbands stayed. Time for the real show. Once alone, Bianca turned towards one of the other fish, she had no idea who it was but it didn't matter, and gave her a seductive look, at least as good as she could. The other fish immediately got her meaning and kissed her passionately. Their enlarged tongues intertwined. Bianca got aroused right away, feeling heat surge through all her body. Almost immediately her new penis sprang up to full erection. After a minute she broke off from her fellow, gave her a wink and swam underneath her. The other fish was apparently equally aroused for her penis was no less rigid than her own. Bianca playfully licked the pulsing shaft, feeling her transformed friend shudder with every touch. Each time she moved a little closer towards the tip of the penis. Once it was right in front of her, she opened her wide mouth and engulfed the entire dick. To her surprise she had no gag reflex and was able to get the massive penis up to its base. She made the best use of her fins to move back and forth, while at the same time stroking the shaft with her muscular tongue. She was a bit disappointed that they had neither anus nor vagina to penetrate but that didn't mean they couldn't enjoy each other. It didn't take long for her fellow fish to blow her loud. The salty substance was surprisingly tasty to Bianca's rearranged senses and she gulped it down with delight.

Her fellow fish gave her a dizzy smile and then moved down to return the favor. What followed was alien but overwhelmingly intense. Bianca forgot about the loss of her vagina, immediately loving her new penis and the pleasure it gave her. Probably it was more sensitive than a normal man's genitalia for it made her old genitals pale in comparison. She had never experienced anything like this before. Every touch of her fellow's tongue, every motion of her swollen lips, made her almost black out with pleasure. It was all too much and only after a few seconds, which had felt like an eternity, she experienced her first male orgasm. She cried out, even though no sound escaped her lips. Happy and content she turned around, seeing her husband smile at them, happy for their new lives and apparently quite aroused himself, judging by the tent in his trousers.


It has been several weeks since the zoo's grand opening now and the fish, formerly known as Bianca, has adjusted to its new life quite well. It had stopped thinking of itself as a “she” or even by its former name. It was only an animal now, no matter if its mind was unaltered or not. It was neither fully female, nor human. Furthermore it was impossible to tell it apart from its friends. Not even they could tell who of the group it used to be. In a weird way this loss of its uniqueness, this ultimate removal from its former humanity, kind of turned it on even more. It allowed it to regard itself as a completely knew being, no longer Bianca the human woman but one out of five nameless, oversexed fish-creatures.

It had even started to like its small home. None of them have left the water tank since they had entered it and most likely would never leave it again. It was quite cold, although their new bodies were not affected by it, and a bit claustrophobic. Oddly enough that just added to the fish's delight. Not only did it feed into the dehumanization but also made it feel like a prisoner, tickling a masochistic part of itself it had never known before. It would never have thought of itself as an exhibitionist, either, as a human but it loved to show the full glory of its fish-like body to the hundreds of visitors gawking at it every day.

The other fish felt the same and they'd often give these spectators a little show, kissing each other lewdly, rubbing their enlarged tits against each other, sucking their nipples or giving each other blowjobs. In fact they'd probably do so anyway, audience or not. Since all five of them had very little else to do, they passed the time with lots and lots of sex. A situation this particular fish didn't mind. They'd only behave when their children came for a visit to say hello. They were dealing with the situation quite well, too, bragging about their fish-mothers in the zoo. Their former husbands apparently took good care of them. Some of them even had new partners already, including Bianca's husband. The fish she was now, wasn't sad or angry about that, in fact it was happy that its former partner was not alone.

The five fish were not the only attraction in the room that their water tank belonged to. There were six more tanks of similar size, housing other aquatic transformees. Most were also built like fish of one kind or another while one tank housed a couple of squids that looked like they were made from penises. In front of each tank was a plate with a made up name and description for their “species”. The five friends found out that they were apparently called Bi-Carps. The fish that used to be Bianca, didn't care much. It stuck to calling itself and its fellows just “fish”. Not that it mattered anyway. Underneath the description were small pictures of each of them as they had been as human, together with their names. An amusing little gesture to credit the volunteers in the water tank but looking absolutely the same, it would be impossible to for anyone to put a name to any of them.

The fish enjoyed its simple new life. It noticed a young man, looking like he was just reaching his twenties, gawking at it with his mouth open. More precisely he seemed quite mesmerized by its dangling boobs. Time to give him a show. The fish swam closer towards the glass, looking the boy straight into the eyes. Just the thought of exposing itself like this was arousing enough to have its cock get hard. The head of the foot-long organ was poking out from between its breasts. Then it started to rock its body gently back and forth. It was a trick the five fish had found out shortly after their transformation. They could not bend their bodies but the motion caused its tits to swing back and forth, brushing against its penis. The fish was basically titty-fucking itself. It didn't break eye contact the whole time, even when the pleasure became too much and it shot ropes of sticky white goo against the glass plate. The young man blushed and hurried away, either embarrassed or in dire need of the restroom. The fish loved being part of the zoo.

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Freaking awesome. I'd love to read more like this.

I remember seeing an old sketch you did of an ostritch-like creature that was one entire family fused together, with the parents as the main creature while the grown-up kids became their nethers. I'd love to see a similar transformation, even if it's a different kind of animal.


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This is one of the stranger but more entertaining tf's I ever read. Hope there is more to the series. If i may ask, given Jizza's preference for more male like transformations, will all the animals end up like this or will there be more variety? Just curious smile

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This is so fantastic and i love the concept of volunteers for a park like this. Please, please more of it, i can't wait any longer for new stuff. smile


Re: Jizza's Zoo

Cool story! The transformation was unique and interesting. I love the whole concept of the zoo


Re: Jizza's Zoo

Here is a short and rather rough one.


Suzie was quite nervous standing in the room that would become her new home. She was quite aware that she shouldn't be here. In fact her parents would probably kill her. Unlike many of the other volunteers she was not from Jizza. Instead she came from the nearby village Podahl. Thus she was not here because she was simply affected by the Jizza factor. No, she was here because she was a rebel.

Suzie's parents were quite conservative and stuck in their ways. Basically like most people of Podahl. The whole valley it was in was basically a little pocket that time forgot right in the middle of one of the Empire's most diverse and modern provinces. Many had a negative attitude towards the changed, like they disliked anything else that was different from what they were used to. Not surprisingly there were not many transformees living in the area. Suzie had never shared her parents distaste for transformees. To be fair, she never cared much for them, either. It was more of a live and let live attitude. Nonetheless she felt more and more suppressed by her family's, no the entire communities' dusty, old ways. No innovation, no influence from the outside, no fun. Suzie, why do you have to listen to this music? Suzie, you look like a slut, dress differently! Suzie, good girls don't go out late at night! Suzie, don't start fooling around with that boy! She was sick of having her freedom restricted like that.

This was her way out, her own form of rebellion. When she had seen the call for volunteers to fill Jizza's new zoo, she had made the adhoc decision to join. It was quite an extreme measure to get out of the valley. After all she could just have run away to live in one of the cities. Suzie couldn't deny that this was more about revenge than her freedom. All her live her parents had tried to press her into a mold, with no consideration of what she wanted. Now she would destroy it all, their perfect little princess turned into some twisted beast. The thought was so tempting that she was willing to swap one cage for another, more literal one. She had just turned eighteen so the zoo couldn't reject her without good reason. Nonetheless she had sneaked away during the night and taken the train to Jizza. They would find out sooner or later anyway but now she had no need for them interfering.

Suzie breathed heavily. No going back now. She didn't really wanted to be transformed. She never had a desire for it but this was the most perfect way to take her freedom to the extreme. Almost immediately after telling one of the zoo-people that she wanted to become an exhibit, she had been let into this room. It almost looked like a large bathroom, covered in white tiles from ground to walls. Half the ground was lower by half a meter, creating what looked like an empty pool. In fact there was a large drain in it. The wall opposite of this pool was nothing more than a large glass panel, while the wall on the pool's side had about half a dozen holes drilled through it at about chest height. She had no clue what they were meant for, maybe air-circulation. Otherwise the room was devoid of any feature or furniture. Combined with the shiny white tiles and cold light of the ceiling lamps, the room had a very sterile quality.

She was having her first doubts. Did she really want to spent potentially the rest of her life in such a place? Her gloomy thoughts were interrupted by the zoo employee who just came back with a clipboard in hand.

„Miss Dummvalt,“ she said in a neutral tone. „Could you please sign here. We can continue with the procedure then right away.“

Suzie hesitated for a moment but then took his pen and signed the damn paper without even reading. She had made a decision and would follow through with it. She would show her parents that she was the one choosing her fate.

„Thank, you“, the woman replied. „Now please undress. We have a modified mana-emitter installed in the ceiling to ensure the right result.“
„Wait, you didn't even tell me what you want to change me into,“ Suzie replied with some alarm. She had thought she would maybe given some choices or at least be told what they had in mind for her.

The employee just grinned at her: „Well in that case I think it is going to be a pleasant surprise.“

That said she simply left the room and audibly locked the door behind herself, leaving a dumbstruck Suzie behind. Not much she could do about it. In the end it wouldn't change anything if she knew what they were about to turn her into anyway. The young girl sighed and began to remove her clothes, throwing them into one corner of the room. She had almost been on the skinny side, almost a bit boyish. Despite her lack of hips and butt, she at least had some firm B-cups to point out her femininity. Against her parents wishes she wore her crimson hair in a pixie cut, going well with her young, freckled face. Maybe she was a tomboy but she still considered herself rather pretty. She took a last look at her body. Soon there would be barely anything left of her current self.

The girl had just thrown away her last sock, when she already heard a mechanical whine, like some electric engine powering up. Her hair was starting to stiffen, as she felt a charge building up in the air. Suddenly a wave of pure warmth ran down Suzie's body, as the machine audibly discharged. She couldn't see anything but immediately felt the device's effect. Her skin started to tingle at first and then blew up like a balloon. Her flesh started to twist and grow rapidly, the sensations too many and too bizarre for the poor girl to comprehend. She was only half aware of what was happening to her.

Her entire body stiffened while her chest and stomach swelled and rounded out. At the same time her arms stuck to her sides and simply vanished into her body. Her modest breasts disappeared into her growing flesh in a similar manner. A second later her entire upper body was nothing more than a smooth, circular shape with large veins erupting all over it. Suzie's neck was swallowed next by her swollen torso, leaving her head sticking out from the top. Within seconds her hair fell out, as her skull bulged outwards and turned into a bright pink. Suzie gasped as her mouth suddenly turned sideways into changed into a lipless, vertical slit. She was immediately distracted though, as her vision blurred and then became more vibrant, even though a bit hazy, as if seeing the world through some movie effect. She didn't realize that all her facial features had melted away, including her eyes, as her head finished its transition into the glans of a penis. Luckily she had been left with mana-based vision to make up for it. Suzie's entire body from her waist up was nothing more than a five feet long, flexible penis. Her changes were far from over, tough.

Suddenly she fell hard to the ground, her legs just giving out. She realized that her remaining limbs had lost all bones, they twisted and stretched, turning into tentacles twice as long as they had been before. The blunt tips that used to be her feet swelled and then turned into cockheads the size of fists, immediately leaking pre-cum. The same milky substance started leaking from her former mouth in copious amounts, as Suzie's was actually getting quite aroused. She deep, burbly moan escaped her facial urethra, as her genital suddenly shot forwards. The flesh of her crotch quickly stretched into a tentacle as thick and long as her former legs, while at the same time her vagina swelled and changed to become another penis glans, leaving her with three identical dick-tentackes. Meanwhile her butt cheeks deflated and sealed over her crack, as her anus migrated down towards the central point between all three legs. Her lower body was left perfectly, radially symmetric. At last small bumps popped up underneath the base of each tentacles. The rapidly inflated and revealed themselves as massive testicles, each one the size of a beachball.

The transformation finally over Suzie shuffled around awkwardly. She was nothing more than a collection of penises. She should be horrified but she was just too horny to bother about anything else. She had to get relief. Without thinking about it, she moved up her tentacles and started rubbing them along her main shaft. It was an overwhelming sensation. It was as if her entire body had become one massive, erogenous zone. Well, actually it kind of has. All the stimulation quickly lead her to her first climax as a beast. Thick ropes of white goo erupted from her tentacles, splashing all over the walls. This was nothing, though, compared to the white geyser that shot from her penis-body. It hit the ceiling and rained. When she came back to her senses, Suzie found herself and most of the room covered in cum. Now she understood the meaning of the pool and the drain. To her surprise she realized that she was still oozing pre-cum. She guessed that that would be a permanent feature. Not too bad.


Suzie was dead. That didn't stop her from enjoining herself, though. Six weeks had passed since her transformation, four since the opening of the zoo. She had quickly given up on her former name and accepted the one used by the zoo as her own. She was what they called a cum-monster now. It was quite a fitting name, for she was permanently dripping pre-cum all over herself. In fact she was constantly wading in her own jizz, since her little enclosure was full of it. The walls were stained with the residue of her ejaculations and the floor-tiles were hidden in a thick layer of cum. Despite the drain, the pool in the corner was overflowing with even more of the white substance. The creature loved to bath in it, rub the silky goo all over herself.

Something about her cum stopped it from drying out or rotting. As such the cleaning crew didn't have to worry. In fact they haven't cleaned her room even once since her transformation. She didn't mind, in fact she preferred her cave entirely covered in her semen like this. There was also that lovely masculine musk. She knew from reaction from visitors that it must be quite potent and reach far beyond her enclosure.

Even though she as male as one could be and not really human anymore, she still preferred to think of herself as female. It was like a twisted little secret hiding in that masculine body. This bizarre form of gender-bending was a big turn on for her. Ironically her body had become even a bit more masculine in the meantime. Unable to shave herself, thick, curly hair had started growing at the base of her cock-tentacles and on her many balls. It had the same shade of red as her hair used to be as a human. By now her pubic bushes were already quite dense but she wondered how far they would still grow.

The creature was just relaxing a bit in her pool, using two of her tentacles to rub her main shaft. She loved the attention she got from masturbating. She got a small audience gawking at her. Let's show them something special. She heaved her massive body out of the pool and lifted her rear so people got a good look at the anus on her body's underside. Then she bend her unoccupied tentacles around and plunged it into the waiting orifice. She still couldn't believe how incredible it felt. A few moments later she came, ejaculating all over the wall next to the glass panel. The creature let herself fall back down on her underside and relax for a few seconds. Her audience had already dissipated, replaced by others to watch the cum-monster. She had been told that her parents knew about what she has become but so far they haven't been in the zoo yet to see her. She doubted they'd come anytime zoo. Maybe her mother would overcome disappointment and anger to take a look at what used to be her daughter. She would quite enjoy to see her expression when that happened.

Even though she was the only cum-monster in the enclosure, she wasn't bothered about being lonely. After all lots of people came every day to look at her and when it came to her physical needs, she could take good care of herself as she had just demonstrated. Furthermore there was the way she was fed, a delightful idea of the zoo for some interactivity with the visitors. The holes in that one wall had turned out to be basically glory-holes, connected to little stalls in a side rooms. Any visitors with a penis could just stick it through, offering her a treat. She was not only named a cum-monster for the absurd amounts of jizz she produced but also because that was the only nourishment she could digest. Most likely her body ran more on mana than anything else but she couldn't deny the hunger and overwhelming appetite she felt for other people's semen. She could hardly control herself when she saw a penis poking from one of the holes, the urges were that strong. Right now she noticed two begging for her attention. One was an ordinary dick of average size, nothing special, but the other was a literal horse cock that had to belong to some form of transformee. Obviously she went for the big one first. Hungrily she engulfed it with her former mouth, giving it a unique blowjob. Of course she didn't want the other person to lose interest, so she used a tentacle to give their dick a gentle massage. Not enough for them to ejaculate too early but enough to keep their interest.

The cum-monster loved its new life. It didn't matter she had only done it to piss of her parents, joining the zoo had been the best decision she had ever made.


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Re: Jizza's Zoo

Just wow!


Re: Jizza's Zoo

Another entry. I tried to experiment with some new themes, especially gross and filthy ones, so many might not enjoy it.

Cloe Bonefire left her college dorm to have a morning coffee at the nearby corner shop and pick up today's newspaper. She was turning the pages with little interest. Politics were the same, economy was the same, no events of any interest and so on. It was a small ad in the corner that caught her eye. Jizza was opening a transformee-zoo. She had heard about the odd events in that city but knew very little about it. The province of Feldearth had always been a bit isolated from the rest of the empire. Big events or important issues got picked up by the local media but otherwise one heard very little of what was going on in other provinces. Especially if it was of a nature like this. Due to some quirk of chance Feldearth suffered only of very few demon attacks and the mindset of its people didn't really tend towards self-inflicted modifications. As a result transformees were a bit of an oddity and in many places actually looked down upon.

Cloe didn't share that opinion, though. She had always been fascinated by the transformed. Outside of the internet it was quite hard to find anything out about the topic, especially in this little town. She had never even seen one in the flesh, only pictures and videos online. A trip to Freya's Realm or even just Ondora city had been a dream of hers but it had never worked out, either due to a lack of funds or simply because she had been too occupied with school or college. Her parents wouldn't approve anyway, so there was no hope of support from that direction. The small advertisement reminded her of this long-held wish, though. She had to show it to her sister. She gulped down the rest of her coffee and ran back to her dorm.

“Darma, you got to see this,” she shouted, storming into their shared room without even knocking.

Both girls were twins but not identical ones. In fact many people would probably not even have guessed them to be sisters. Cloe was small and skinny, a bit tomboyish with a black pixie cut and a tendency towards trousers and shirts. She didn't take any efforts to hide her prominent d-cups, though. In fact she was quite proud of them. Darma on the other hand was taller and more voluptuous, with a bit of a tummy and even larger breasts than her sister. She was more of a classic beauty, long blonde hair and a taste for feminine dresses and make-up. Standing next to each others they looked nothing alike.

“What is it?” Darma asked, still in bed and not in the mood to stand up. It was her day off.

Cloe told her about the zoo and showed her the page in the newspaper. Darma took it and gave it a more thorough read. Like her sister, she also had an interest in the transformed. It was one of the few things they had in common.

“That sounds very cool,” she said. “Its a lot easier to reach than the on in Frey. What do you think? I saved some money, we could maybe go there for a few days during summer break.”

“Well...,” Cloe began, tapping one foot and looking surprisingly embarrassed. “I wasn't thinking about going there as a volunteer.”

“You can't be serious,” Darma replied in shock. She had known that her sister was more into this than she was but this was something she hadn't expected.

“Well....I don't know. I've recently been playing with the idea to do some modifications, maybe. Just wondering what it would be like.”

“But this is not just some modifications,” Darma retorted. “They are looking for permanent exhibits. You'd be some animal and stay there forever.”

Cloe looked even more embarrassed now, she was actually blushing. Nonetheless she was defending her point: “Yeah...I know...but it kind of seems exciting, doesn't it? Like doing the forbidden.”

Darma had serious problem imagining her sister as a sexual monster. On the other hand, the thought kindled a perverse curiosity in her. Nonetheless, this was a serious matter.

“What about your studies? Your future?,” she answered, sounding a bit less sure now. “Do you really want to spent the rest of your life in a little cage for people to gaze at?”

Cloe seemed to squirm for a moment as if wrestling with herself. Eventually honesty won:
“Kinda yeah? I know its weird.”

She sighed.

“I just like the thought,” she said in resignation. “Its stupid, I know.  Let's forget about it.”

Meanwhile Darma's conviction was slowly breaking. She couldn't deny that the thought of seeing her sister transform had a certain appeal. It was obviously the thrill of the forbidden, as Cloe had mentioned, but that didn't make it any less appealing. Even though she tried not to show it, she was struggling with herself. Rationality was competing with emotions she had kept at bay for many years now. She probably wouldn't have given the little ad another thought but Cloe's unexpected confession had kindled something inside of her.

After a long, silent minute she said something she would never have thought to say, something that she should not say, which was exactly the reason why she did: “Let's do it together.”


A week later the twins were standing in a sterile looking room somewhere in one of the zoo's smaller buildings. They called it the “Urban Enclosure”. Neither of the sisters had any idea what that meant. Without telling their friends or family, they had taken an airship to Jizza and gone straight to the construction side to volunteer. Cloe had been excited all the while, barely able to wait for the moment they got transformed. She had fully embraced that hidden desire. Darma on the other hand had a lot of doubts. She was still seriously contemplating to stop the whole thing and go back home. In fact it was only her sister's enthusiasm that had made her stick to the plan so far. Now they were reaching the point of no return and it made both of them very anxious, even if for different reasons maybe.

The fact that nobody had told them anything since their arrival, didn't help to quell Darma's fears. They had no idea what kind of enclosure they were meant to spend their lives in or what they wanted to transform them into. Both sisters had been hoping for something cute and cuddly or elegant and sensuous. Unlike her twin, Darma was very well aware that they could also be turned into something very different from what they had in mind. She had seen pictures of people turned into animal's assholes. That was not what she was willing to sacrifice her future for.

“What are you going to do?” she asked the man in front of her, hoping at least for a hint of what they had planned.

The employee just smiled and said: “Don't worry. Its going to be fine, just undress and enter through the door over there. I need to wait for a colleague. We will follow after you.”

They looked at the door. It was a solid looking pneumatic door, something you'd rather expect in a military facility or a power plant. Whatever was behind it, they either didn't want anybody to get inside without permission or...maybe more like, out. Even Cloe looked a bit unsure but there was no going back now. She started to undress, Darma following her lead. Anxiety and the mystery of what awaited them, made them completely forget that they were completely naked in a room with a stranger.

The man didn't seem to notice or care, though. Instead he just told them to go through the door, entering a code in a side panel to open it. The girls went through, just to find themselves in a tiny little space with nozzles in walls and ceiling. Darma recognized what this was from her chemistry lab at college, a disinfection room. The door behind them slammed shut and a hatch in front of them opened. They were suddenly hit by a wave of foetid air. The stench was impossibly pungent, an intense mix of mold, dampness and feces. Darma was about to turn around and beg the man to let them out. Whatever was going on, the stench couldn't mean anything good.

Before she could move, Cloe took her hand, though. Her expression was shockingly determined. It was so unlike her. She lead her sister into the room proper, whispering: “Its too late now. We go through with this, no matter what, okay? I am with you.”

Her smile was quickly wiped out, though, when they entered their new home. Darma couldn't tell if it was because of what she saw or because the smell had gotten even more intense. It was as if they had fallen into the sewers. In fact the room, a space of maybe ten by ten meters, was a perfect replica of a sewer tunnel, damp, moldy brick work and everything. Even the hatch they had come through was carefully hidden inside the brickwork, the only thing that broke the illusion was the large, reinforced glass panel on the opposite wall. Running through the room was a little canal, about a meter wide and probably not very deep. The girls couldn't tell, though, for the water running through it was a filthy, dark soup. Considering the stench, neither of them would have been surprised, if it was actual sewage. It came from a grate in the wall and disappeared into a big drain just underneath the glass panel. Maybe that was the reason for the odd security measurements and thick doors. They had actual sewage running through the enclosure. Darma couldn't take it any longer, her body capitulating, she bend over and vomited. Cloe didn't look much more healthy. Despite all her bravado, she was feeling sick.

She heard the metallic clank of the hatch opening and turned around. Two figures in hazard suits entered the enclosure. The lead one was holding what looked like...a gun. After a second glance it was actually more like a watering can, with a perforated, funnel-like muzzle. A thick rubber tube hang from it, connecting the device to a huge metal canister the other figure was holding. She could easily imagine what this was about but the fact that the zoo people were in such heavy gear didn't fill her with confidence. The very room she and her sister were in was not at all like what she had imagined, so much that she was actually afraid now what they had in mind for them. She was on the verge of protesting but the leading figure lifted the gun and spoke with a feminine voice: “Don't worry, sweethearts. Its going to be alright once the procedure is over.”

Cloe didn't get a chance to reply, as she was immediately hit by a thick stream of purple goo erupting from the gun. Darma had been too busy retching to notice what was going on. She shrieked in surprise when she was hit by the substance. Whatever it was, it was sticky and heavy, almost like glue. Due to the high pressure and wide spread of the gun's “fire”, they were completely covered in seconds. The employees kept going, though. More and more of the purple substance was layered upon the sisters, the weight slowly forcing them onto their knees and then onto the ground. Cloe and Darma were about to panic, pressed down like this, unable to see or hear anything, muffled by the purple goo. However, despite themselves, they started to calm down again. Something in the substance had to have some form of sedative mixed into it. They felt their limbs go numb and their minds felt dizzy. The two zoo employees only stopped when each girl was hidden underneath a large, round pile of purple slime, hardening already into what resembled a cocoon. Inside the sisters were unable to resist the calming warmth of their prisons and fell into a deep slumber.


Cloe woke up first. There was a moment of utter confusion when she found herself in absolute darkness, completely covered in something heavy and smothering. She thought at first she had the blanket over her head but then remembered where she was and what had happened. There was a short flicker of panic but then calm set back in. She had to stay level headed. She had to get out of this stuff. It felt hard and flaky on her skin, as if it had dried out while she had been asleep. She tried to break it apart with her hands, carve herself a way out but nothing happened. Her arms were not numb but missing entirely. She wasn't sure how but she just knew by the way her body felt. In fact, it felt massive, swollen and a bit formless as if she had gained a lot of weight. She tried to push herself forward but realized immediately that her legs were missing, too. What had they done to her. She kept calm. Physical changes were to be expected after all. Despite herself, she actually got a bit excited. There was something thrilling about the mystery of what she looked like now. Her spine felt a lot more flexible and a lot longer. Had they turned her into some sort of snake? At least that would explain the lack of limbs. She tried to shuffle forwards to wiggle out of this cocoon. It was a slow and laborious process, for her body felt heavy and sluggish, not matter how flexible it might be now, but she made progress. Her head was pushing through the dried out substance with ease, it was almost like Styrofoam. However, she also realized that something was wrong with her face. Her mouth was pulled into a permanent pout which she could barely move and there were some form of appendages attached to her face, if she didn't know better she would say that they felt like hands or....no more like feet.

After some more pushing and awkward shuffling she finally saw light. The brightness caused her to close her eyes but she was happy and pushed on, finally free of her prison. It took some more minutes to slide out entirely. Even free of its confines her body was slow and heavy. By then her eyes had adjusted and the blinding light revealed itself to be no more than a dark gloom. Cloe found herself back in the fake sewer tunnel, the dried husk of the cocoon she had came out from collapsed and fell apart the moment she was out of it. She looked around, disappointed that this disgusting place was going to be her new home after all. The smell was still unbearably horrible but her body didn't react anymore to her surprise. No reflex to gag or retch. It was bothersome but didn't make her feel ill any longer.

Her initial sense of disappointment and disgust was slowly replaced by curiosity when she caught a faint reflexion of her new form in the window glass. Shock and horror were fighting with fascination and awe at what she saw.  She had essentially become a giant worm or slug. Her body was was nothing more than a fat, limbless tube about seven feet long. It was not of an even width, instead the center of her body was the fattest part, easily more than three feet in diameter and tapering at both ends. Her skin was an ugly, brown-green color and dripping with thick mucus, not unlike a slug. Despite her inhuman shape, she had very human breasts hanging from her underside. There were dozens of them, each a perfectly shaped, firm d-cup arranged in a row of pairs that ranged from just below her head to the tip of her tail. They seemed out of place. The same was true for the four feet that were attached to her face. Her first assumption had been right. Her head was little more than an short extension of her flexible neck, with two small black eyes at either side. She had neither nose, nor ears but arranged around her mouth were four dainty, feminine feet, set in two pairs in a way as if two women were standing back to back. The ankles seemed quite dexterous, almost boneless, but yet strong. As a result she could easily move these feet around and bend them so that the soles of them all could touch each other. In between these appendages was not her human mouth, though. The orifice she saw was more like a sphincter, in fact it looked exactly like a human anus, nothing more than a puckered little hole. She still had her tongue, though, which she experimentally pushed out. She shivered. The sensation was surprisingly pleasant, her sphincter-mouth a lot more sensitive than her human lips used to be.

Rather than cute and fluffy, Cloe had become slimy and gross. Yet she was not horrified or lamenting her fate. Instead she was utterly fascinated by her new self. She shuffled around to get a better look at the rest of her body. On what she would describe as her back, where her worm-body was thickest, was a sort of hump. Moving around she realized that it looked like a feminine butt and lower back growing out from her backside. She noticed that there was no anus between the butt cheeks but there was her virtually unchanged vagina squished underneath. Despite being also green it look the same as before, rather tiny on her new frame. Further away she noticed that her blunt tail end also sported an orifice. It looked like an anus, too, but a lot larger and thicker than the one in her face. She guessed this was the asshole formerly between her buttocks. While squirming around to get a better look at herself, Cloe noticed one last appendage she hadn't seen at first. Hidden between her many breasts was a male penis. Taking a closer look at it, she realized there was also a pair of balls. They were massive, probably the size of an orange each, set in a loose scrotum that would most likely drag along the ground when she moved. The same was true for her penis, even flaccid it was two feet long and as thick as her wrist used to be be. It almost looked like a snake trying to navigate through her tits. Staring at it she noticed it slowly getting rigid, with each pulse swelling a bit more and becoming a bit more erect. Only now did she realize that indeed she was feeling quite excited, a little aroused even.

The rational part of her mind was well aware about how absurd this was. She was a slimy worm-monster, the absolute opposite of what she had wanted to be, and she was lying in a stinking, filthy fake sewer tunnel. There was nothing even remotely erotic about this and yet she couldn't deny how she felt. The sight of her disgusting new body and the sensations it provided her with were turning her on, if she wanted to or not. At first she tried to resist but then realized that this was even more absurd. There was nothing she could do about her situation, so why not give in and enjoy it. She guessed many transformees felt like this, at least those ending up with a body not of their choosing.

Her penis was fully hard by now, three feet long and pulsing with need. A thick stream of pre-cum was leaking from it and mixing with the slime covering her body. Cloe had to get relief but she had no hands to masturbate. At the moment she could only think of one thing she could do. She wriggled her heavy body around and with some effort managed to bend to the point where she could reach her new organ. She could only achieve this, though, by pressing her many breasts into each other, hard nipples rubbing against each other and making her even more horny. Without thinking Cloe clamped her four facial feet around her member and began to move her head back and fourth. She was essentially giving herself the most bizarre foot-job she could imagine but it felt heavenly. The sensations were new and strange but oh so right. Her mind was at the breaking point barely able to handle all this pleasure. A moment later all these different sensations were washed away by one blinding, intense feeling as she reached the first orgasm in her new form. Her cock shot its load right into her face, almost hitting her in the eye. The huge appendage kept spraying cum for several moments, far longer than an ordinary man could ever hope to, releasing impressive amounts of jizz. Cloe was surprised by the intense feeling of satisfaction she experienced after her orgasm finally ended. She was exhausted and a bit dizzy but in a weird way very content. Despite her initial doubts, she was pretty sure now that she would be happy in this new life. She noticed her cum dripping from her facial feet. As a human she'd probably have washed it off straight away but now there was no point. Even if she had the means, considering this environment, a bit of cum was absolutely meaningless.

The former girl was torn from her daze by a cracking sound. She wriggled her body around to see a large split in the other purple cocoon. Her sister was finally waking up and forcing her way out. Cloe smiled internally, she would help her sister to adjust to her new body and show her how pleasant it could be.


Cloe groaned in a deep, bizarre voice as she pumped her hard cock into Darma's wet pussy. This was already the third time today they were mounting each other and it was only early afternoon. The whole process was a bit awkward, one large, sluggish worm monster mounting the other from behind to get at the vagina on the back, with no limbs to get a hold, only using their tails and sticky slime which covered their bodies to keep on top of the other. By now they had the hang of it, but even then one would slide off from time to time. In a weird way the additional labor involved just to fuck each other actually fueled their lust even more.

It has been a year now since their transformations. What had started as a horror trip had quickly turned into something they preferred even over their initial idea of becoming sexy and cute. Maybe the changes had also twisted their minds but they loved being gross and ugly. They didn't mind their sewer-enclosure either. They had first gotten used to the stench but then actually started to like it when they began to embrace their new disgusting forms. It fit the theme and was quite a suitable habitat for monsters like them. In a perverse way they enjoyed the disgusted and shocked looks they got from visitors. They were not the creatures they expected. They were the oddballs meant to remind people that not all transfomed creatures had to be desirable sexbeasts.

There had been a few others things that had taken some time to get used to. A day after they had entered the enclosure, Cloe had felt the need to take a poo. The pressure hadn't moved towards her rear-anus, though. Instead she had been forced to discover that it was her facial anus that performed that function now. The first time had been horrific, with her tongue still there, she had been able to taste all of it. The pleasure she felt from her sensitive orifice had only made the whole ordeal very confusing. At least there hadn't been much need for a clean-up, for her thick layer of slime had washed off most of it. When she had felt thirsty and hungry for the first time, things had become a bit more clear, for the need to ingest was strongest at her tail end. She had still been forced to drink from the sewage for there was nothing else in their room and nobody brought them anything, but luckily she had no tongue at that end. The zoo employees had later revealed to them that their digestive system had been reversed. That's why they had to drink sewage with their tails, their only source of nourishment from now on, and shat with their mouths. At firs they hadn't taken well to that aspect of their anatomy but with so many other things they had adjusted, to the point were they actually enjoyed it. Cloe didn't mind the taste of her own feces anymore and focused more on the pleasure now.

Cloe was finally reaching her climax. The sensation of her many tits rubbing against her sister's backside was just too much. With another deep, inhuman moan she shot her seed into the other's womb. That's what she lived for. She didn't knew if Darma felt the same about their new genitalia but she loved her cock far more than her old vagina, even though that didn't mean that she disliked being mounted by her sister in return, far from it. She simply preferred the sessions when she was on top. Dizzy and content she rolled off her twin's slimy body, hitting the ground with a lazy thud. Darma on the other hand didn't stop moaning. It was almost as if her own orgasm was still ongoing. In a way it was. A moment later a big cluster of apple-sized orbs erupted from her womanhood, all glued together by more slime, looking almost like a giant, deformed bunch of grapes. The cluster slid down her body and fell to the ground has she was finally coming to a rest. There were several similar clusters all around their enclosure. That was actually the primary reasons for why they had been transformed like this.

Only later they had been told that they had unknowingly become volunteers to one of the zoo's many breeding projects. In fact one of the most unique and unusual of these projects. They had been created as the first breeding pair, the progenitors of a new species. Rather than just adding a new species to the world or helping to rescue an endangered one, there was a more specific and pragmatic purpose to this. The creatures that hatched from these eggs looked similar to their parents but without their human genitalia or facial feet. They were nothing more than fat worms, almost looking like fat slugs, maybe eight inches long. This was their adult form. They would not grow or procreate on their own. Only Cloe and Darma could breed, keeping the growth of this species under strict control. The newborn worms would not even stay in the enclosure. Drawn to water by instinct, they'd be flushed away back into the actual sewers. Their slime, identical in nature to that covering their parents, was a carefully crafted anti-toxin and disinfectant. The idea was that the mere presence of these worms in the sewers would break down the sewage and start cleaning it up before even reaching the water treatment plant, improving the water quality all over Jizza. The twins assumed there was more to it that the employees didn't want to say, quite amusing, since neither of them would be able to tell anybody else. However, they didn't care that much anyway. Laying these eggs was an orgasmic experience of its own and something they greatly enjoyed.

Despite everything both sisters were loving their new life. It was slimy, stinky and disgusting but somehow it was better than anything they could have hoped for in a twisted, perverse way.


Re: Jizza's Zoo

Uhh. This one is intense. Anywaythe transformation is interesting and quite unique.


Re: Jizza's Zoo

Here's my attempt to add to this little part of the universe.  I hope you all enjoy it.


            Frosty sighed as she set her basin beside yet another table and started piling the used plates, cups, and silverware into it.  Just another day at her oh-so-boring job.  She'd come to the big city four years ago to make her big break in acting, but like so many young people with that dream it never came to fruition.  Her biggest part in that time period was the one likely responsible for her lack of success. 

            Back then she was just Florence, a curvy blonde with lots of…personality.  She was so excited to get a spot in a commercial advertising a new brand of chewing gum.  Florence hadn't even minded the full body make-up she'd had to put on, leaving her with pale blue skin and ice white hair.  It was only afterward the actresses found out the studio had used d-cum laced products to make their colors really pop.  The fact she was now permanently blue was a blow to Florence's ego, but it could have been worse.  Cherry now looked like she was permanently in a fit of rage despite being the sweetest person Florence had ever met and Lemon looked like she was always ill.  Not to mention Grape losing out on her lucrative contract modeling swimwear.  At least the settlement for loss of earning potential made it a bit more bearable, though the fact everyone started calling her Frosty was annoying.

            Fast forward three years and even with her unique coloring Frosty never found a role she clicked with.  It was almost to the point she considered going back to the farm, though she dreaded the looks on her parents’ faces.  Frosty came from a region where there were very few transformed and knew she would stick out a like a sore thumb.  Normally she liked attention, but not that kind.

            Frosty carried her bin to another table, one recently vacated by a man in a business suit.  As she dumped his plate of half eaten toast into the bin, Frosty's eye was caught by the newspaper the businessman had left on the table.  Specifically, the small article in the corner about a new zoo opening up in Jizza.  Frosty had always loved animals, a byproduct of growing up on a farm.  Jizza wasn't too far away, maybe this would be a fun distraction when it opened in a few months.

            Frosty picked up the newspaper, intending to save it for further reading after her shift, when a particular detail caught her eye.  The article stated that the zoo was looking for volunteers to become exhibits.  Not work them, become them.  Suddenly Frosty became weak at the knees as the idea swept through her mind.  Lounging around all day, finally getting the attention she thought she deserved, that would be a dream come true.

            "Frosty, I pay you to work, not to daydream."  came a loud voice, interrupting Frosty's train of thought.  Frosty turned to see a squat and angry woman standing in the doorway to the kitchen, her brown hair in tight curls. 

            "Sorry Mrs. Kalemier." Frosty called guiltily.

            "There are two more tables in section three that need cleaning.  Now hop to it." her boss ordered.

            "Right away Ma'am."  Frosty exclaimed, rushing to catch up with her work.  The whole time, her mind was firmly on this wonderful opportunity.

            Frosty was so excited as she stepped through the front gates of the zoo.  She'd been full of anxiety ever since sending in her application two weeks ago, her self-doubt predicting they'd reject her.  Instead, ten days later she'd gotten a letter explaining that Frosty had qualities they were highly looking for and asking her to come in right away.  The last few days had been a blur; quitting her job, breaking the lease on her apartment, and gifting or selling her remaining possessions.  After all, where she was heading Frosty wasn't going to need them anymore.

            All around her were people scuttling to and fro.  They seemed to be split into two separate groups.  The first looked like they belonged at the zoo, either as employees or contractors helping with the set-up.  They were dressed either in uniforms or work clothes.  The other half were like her, wide-eyed and excited to find out what they would become.  Frosty's paperwork had told her to report to the main dining complex, where she would receive further instructions.  As it was an hour or so before noon, Frosty didn't expect the cafeteria to be very full.  Maybe they would be throwing her one last lunch before carting her off to be changed.

            Stepping through the wide glass front doors, Frosty scanned the room.  There were a dozen or so worker class people scattered around the large circular room, but her eye was caught by a trio of women sitting at a table by the rim of the stage.  Frosty thought they might be here for the same reason she was, so she walked over to see.

            As Frosty stepped closer, one of the women looked up and spotted her.  The woman’s skin was a very pale white, which contrasted nicely with her shock of red hair.  "Wow cool skin." she exclaimed.

            "Literally." the second woman deadpanned.  She was a well tanned blonde with the build of a farmer.  Frosty was almost reminded of her old look before the commercial.

            "Let me guess." said the third, a dark skinned beauty with short curly black hair.  "You're here to become an exhibit?"

            "Umm, yea." Frosty stammered, slightly taken aback at the woman's blunt accusation.  Then again, it was a good guess seeing as she didn’t look much like a zoo employee.

            "Us too." squealed the redhead.  "This is going to be awesome."

            "They told us we were waiting on a fourth.  Now that you're here they should be changing us soon." the dark skinned woman told Frosty.  "By the way, I'm Kiari." she held out a hand for Frosty to shake.

            "Sabrina." the redhead replied enthusiastically.

            "Amanda." the final woman answered shyly.

            "Florence, but most people call me Frosty." Frosty gestured to her blue skin as she took a seat at the table.

            "I can't wait to find out what I'm going to be.  I want it to be something sexy and cute so people will have fun playing with me."

            "I'm hoping to become quite the opposite." Kiari smirked at her bubbly companion.  "Something big and powerful and scary.  Something that sticks in the mind of everyone who sees in."

            "What about you Frosty, what do  you want to be?" Sabrina asked.

            Frosty shrugged.  "I haven't given it much thought honestly.  I just want to be the center of attention for once.  I tried becoming an actor, which is where I ended up with this skin tone, but things never worked out.  I figured this place was better that waiting tables my entire life."

            "No matter what you end up as here, it's practically guaranteed your end up as the center of attention in your little world." Kiari noted.

            "And you, Amanda?" Sabrina their shy tablemate.  When the tanned woman didn't answer Sabrina tried again.  "Come on, there's nothing to be embarrassed about.  We're all here for the same reason."

            Amanda bobbed her head as if thinking before finally admitting, "I want to be something strange and disgusting.  A giant worm or a pile of genitals.  Maybe even become the genital on a normal animal, or even as asshole."

            Frosty didn't think she could stand being transformed that way, but who was she to cast stones at others fetishes?  Besides, Amanda looked relieved to have that off her chest.  Sabrina started to probe for details but before she could dig very far their conversation was interrupted by a man in a zoo uniform approaching their table.  The name on his shirt patch was Oliver.

            "Ah good, the last of you has arrived.  If you'll come with me ladies, we can see to getting you transformed."

            "What, already?  We can't get lunch first?" Frosty complained.

            The man shook his head.  "I'm sorry, but we need to get you changed and hooked up before the lunch crowd arrives.  Now if you'll please follow me."

            The dining area was designed as a large circle, with all the vendors around the outer lip.  Inside that was a thick ring of tables.  The inner portion of the circle was a raised stage that the man mentioned could be filled with either temporary exhibits or other ways of entertaining diners.  The stage had a backing running a quarter or so of the arc and Frosty and her new friends were led behind it.  A long shelf ran the entirety of the curved section.  On it sat the typical things found in cafeterias.  Cup dispensers, a salad bar, extra silverware and napkins, etc.  There was a gap in the center that Frosty found odd, but her eyes were drawn to the huge box on the floor before it.

            The box was big and metal, almost eight feet long and three feet in the other two dimensions.  Around it stood two other men and a muscular woman, each dressed in park uniforms.

            "Here we are." Oliver told the group.  "We need each of you to strip down and step into the conversion box."  He gestured to the metal structure on the ground.

            "But why are we changing here?" Sabrina asked, even as she started to unbutton her blouse.  "Wouldn't it make more sense to change us near our exhibit?"

            "You'll see." was the man's cryptic reply.  "Now please hurry, we have a very busy schedule today and we're already running behind."

            Frosty fell a bit insecure about taking off her clothing in public, but then she rationalized that as an exhibit she wouldn't need them soon anyway.  Amanda seemed to be filled with a similar anxiety, while Kiari was already down to her undergarments.  To the surprise of no-one, Sabrina was the first volunteer nude.  Under the direction of their guide, she stepped into the box and laid down long ways.  "Ok, I'm ready.  Change me." she exclaimed with glee.

            "Not yet." Oliver told her.  "We need the others to climb in first."

            That caught Frosty by surprise.  She thought they would all be changed individually.  Sharing a body with the rest of her group would dim the spotlight a bit, but it was too late to back out now.  She climbed into the box after Sabrina and Kiari.  Amanda took some extra encouragement from the three naked women before she joined them.

            Oliver and his assistants arranged the woman in a very specific order.  Frosty found herself with her face in Sabrina's knees, which trembled in excitement.  Sabrina was against one of the metal walls of the box, while behind Frosty she could feel Kiara's warm back pressing into her.  Amanda was placed on the far side of the dark skinned beauty, directionally flipped like Sabrina.

            Despite how big the interior looked at the beginning it was now very cramped with four women in it.  Frosty wasn't claustrophobic, but the closeness of the other women was starting to give her second thoughts.  Before she could voice them, her world was shadowed by the lid being raised over the box.

            "I hope you ladies enjoy your transformation.  Trust me when I say you'll be well liked and appreciated from now on."  With that the top of the box was slid into place, trapping the women in pitch blackness.

            "This is it, I'm so excited." Frosty heard from around her ankles.

            She was about to reply when there was a hissing sound and her skin suddenly felt damp.  A moment later it started to tingle.  Aerosolized d-cum, Frosty thought.  She could feel the chaotic power of the liquid seep down into her core.  Frosty tried to pull away from Kiari's back and found she couldn't.  It was if they now shared one body.  Before she could try and pulled away from Sabrina, Frosty felt her flesh begin to inflate.  Her body pressed against the others, into the others, and then Frosty lost her sense of self.

            Some time later…it could have been second, minutes, or hours, Frosty came back to herself.  She knew instantly what had happened, there was no fogginess that she read could sometimes happen with extreme transformations.  Frosty knew she was no longer human.  However, Frosty had no idea what she was now.

            The blackness of the box was still all around her, if not deeper than before.  It wasn't like having her eyes closed, it was if she no longer had eyes.  In fact, Frosty wasn't sure she even had senses anymore.  She couldn't see, couldn't hear, couldn't taste or smell.  Frosty thought she might have lost touch as well, but then she felt something press into her at multiple points.  It wasn’t painful, more ticklish in an area that felt like her breasts.  A few minutes later, despite having almost no way to perceive the outside world, Frosty felt a moment of vertigo as her new body was lifted and repositioned.

            As the motion ceased, Frosty became aware that she wasn't alone.  She could kind of hear the others, whispers of thought and flashes of images.  It wasn't true communication, more the barest sense of feeling.  From what she could tell Sabrina was happy, Kiari was horny, and Amanda was scared.  Frosty tried to send comforting thoughts to the latter.

            For a time Frosty floated in the darkness.  She could somehow tell Oliver and his team were still working on her.  She would feel them touch her skin, or something new pressing into her transformed body.  With her limited senses, each action felt magnified tenfold.

            Frosty thought she was finally getting used to her reduced state when something came in and ran her head like a bell.  It was as if she had a button labeled pure pleasure and someone had pressed it firmly.  It was the feeling of a hard fucking, soft sucking on her tender nipples, and a tongue teasing her clit all rolled into one.  Under the shock of arousal Frosty could feel something else.  The movement of liquid through her new body.  It came from a place she thought of as her stomach, winding its way around before coming out her mouth.  Despite trying Frosty could in no way affect the flow of the liquid, merely sit back and enjoy the pleasure that came with its passage.

            The press of her pleasure button ceased and so did the liquid pumping out of her.  Frosty wanted to cry out, to beg someone to press her more, but she could no longer speak.  A moment later the sensation did return, but no-where near as strong.  Through their mental link, Frosty could tell it was Sabrina who was now getting the full brunt of the pleasure.  The trickle she was receiving was enough to keep Frosty at a slow boil, but not enough to get her the release she craved.  Eventually, after all the other women had gotten a shot of intense pleasure did her turn came again and Frosty screamed soundlessly as the orgasm overwhelmed her.


            Oliver stood back and examined the food court's new drink machine with pride.  It was a boxy cube of flesh about six feet wide and as deep as the counter it sat on.  Running across the middle in a line were eight large breasts, each with a wide areola and flat nipple.  On the bottom of each breast was a pair of lips, alternative facial and vaginal.  These lips hung over a gap large enough for a glass, which would rest on the eight butt cheeks that made up the liquid catch.

            The skin of the machine was a camouflage pattern derived from the skin tones of four women who comprised it.  On each breast was a tattoo describing the drink that would dispense when the nipple was pressed.  This was not part of the transformation, instead an addition performed by the transformation machine Oliver’s crew had taken to calling the Juice Box.  The flavors weren't major brands, instead they were things like "Sassy Sabrina" or "Kool Kiari".  At the very top of the machine, where a normal soda dispenser would have the company logo, they organic drink machine had one as well.  An image of Frosty reclined in a lewd position, her modesty barely preserved by bubbles as she held up a frosted mug in either hand.  The words "Frosty's Finest" were painted in dark blue script on either side of the image.

            "I think I like this one more than the one we installed earlier in the rest stop on the far side of the park." the sole woman of the work crew, Tabitha, remarked as she pressed a nipple to refill her glass.  Oliver could picture the sheer pleasure that was running through Frosty as she dispensed some "Fabulous Frosty" out of what had once been her vaginal lips.

            "You just had the hots for the blue woman." Mark teased.  It was well known to the tight knit group that Tabitha was an avid lesbian.

            "And you didn't?  I loved those old gum commercials."  Tabitha sighed as she took a sip of her glass.  "And now I can drink her in every day if I want to."

            "Come on guys, let's get a quick lunch in." Oliver told his crew.  We've got another of these drink machines to install this afternoon over by the petting zoo."

            "Ooh Mark, maybe if we can get done early you can play with your girlfriend there." It was Tabitha's turn to tease her companion.

            "I doubt we will." Oliver noted.  "One of the afternoon volunteers was another woman from the same commercial that colored Frosty."

            "Ooh, who?  Lemon?  Grape?" Tabitha asked excitedly.

            "Cherry."  Mark groaned at the excited look on Tabitha's face.

            "Out of here on time, we will never be now."  The rest of the work crew stared at their fourth member, nicknamed Silent Steven for how little he talked.  This led to a round of chuckles as they walked off to go get some lunch, leaving the living drink machine that used to be Frosty and her friends behind.



            In a way, Frosty got her wish.  As the food court’s sole drink machine they were the center of attention.  A month after opening the zoo ran a poll and her two flavors averaged out the most favorites.  After that it became a rite of passage to try one of her drinks, leaving the former actress in an almost never ending stream of orgasms.


Re: Jizza's Zoo



Re: Jizza's Zoo

I love what happens with Cloe and Darma. This is the stuff i hope for.


Re: Jizza's Zoo

First story is my favourite so far, the identical fish forever being shown off really caught me off guard


Re: Jizza's Zoo

And here's the second set of transformations I've been planning.  I hope you guys like it.


    This whole thing started out as a game of chicken.  None of us ever expected it to get this far.  But now that we were here, it wasn’t like we could back out.

    Maybe I should back up a moment.  If you looked at our current situation with an impartial analysis, a large part of it would be my fault.  After all, I was the one who brought the news that Jizza was opening a new zoo to the attention of my friends.

    We’d talked about it the night before at the dinner table.  I was living at home while attending college and my parents insisted on sit down meals.  My mother had just returned from a work trip to the city, a place she visited regularly.  She had been there when the first wave of transformations had occurred years ago and had been swept up with the sudden need for masculinity as well.

    Despite how much she wanted to, my mother knew my father wouldn’t be able to take being married to another man.  He loved her dearly, but there are some things a man can’t change.  Therefore my mother became what she called a stealth male, one that hid her true gender under changes designed to feed on my father’s other fantasies.  She became an anthro skunk, covering her body in a wonderfully soft coating of black and white fur.  Her breasts were converted into testicles, and her tail was actually a huge cock,  the true purpose of both areas hidden by her fur.  The changes hypercharged my mother's cum production, causing her to constantly leak small amounts.  It blended unnoticed into the white fur of her tail, but the change made my mother always smell like she’d come home from an orgy.  My father had taken to calling her Stinky as a pet name and it was picked up by several of her associates.

    To maintain the illusion of femininity, my mother’s anus was moved forward to where he vagina used to sit.  As weird as it is to think about one’s parents’ sex life, my father didn’t seem to mind screwing this new hole.  In fact, they seemed to connect far more often than before my mother’s change.  My younger sister and I were thankful the house was built with noise canceling foam inside the bedroom walls.

    Anyway, back on topic.  My mother brought up the topic of the zoo to me and I shared it with my group of friends.  We were a decidedly mismatched lot.  Constance was the outdoorsy type, with a tall and athletic frame.  It seemed like every other weekend she was out hiking or camping somewhere.  Hilda was dark skinned and short.  She kept her hair in a tight, curly afro and when she wasn’t in class could be found in the campus gym.  Frederick was the only male of our little clique, a short and slight geek.  Many of the other men teased him for it but we never did, which might be why he hung around with four women.  And finally there was Tina, whose look was best described as goth-lite.  She wore black most of the time and was really pale, but lacked all the death and gloominess of a true goth.  At least towards the others.  I think she disliked me, but I could never figure out why.  Tina never seemed to want to be alone with me.  She always made up some excuse whenever circumstances put just the two of us together.

    As a group we spent a week talking about the zoo, making up all sorts of different transformations we might see.  Finally someone, I think it was Hilda, suggested that maybe we should volunteer to become exhibits.  After all, we all thought the transformed were sexy, or at least bizarrely interesting.  Why not take the plunge and find out what it was like to become little more than an animal?  That is, unless we were chicken?

    Once the idea took root it was impossible to weed it out again.  For a multitude of reasons none of us were willing to break first.  So here we were, being led around the section of the zoo that would become our home for the rest of our lives.  This subsection was devoted to making genitalized versions of animals from the other lost continents.  I’d studied them in school, the pictures left over from Eden.  From the signage already in place we were to become creatures from Atziluth or Yetzirah, but I didn’t have time to stop and read more.

    “Ms. Hanson, this is your enclosure.”  Our guide and transformer Martin told our group, indicating Constance.  “If the rest of you will wait here in the walkway, you can watch as she gets changed.

    After Martin left with Constance, the rest of us chatted nervously.  “What do you think she’ll end up as?” Frederick asked, his excitement dampened by the thought that soon he’d be the one walking into an enclosure.

    “Who knows?” Tina replied, her emotions unreadable.  “We’ll have to wait and see.”

    A few minutes later Constance reappeared with Martin.  She strode naked into the enclosure, giving us a full view of her body.  Modesty wasn’t important when you were going to become an animal in only a few moments.  Constance’s nakedness gave me a clear view of the big way she differed from the other females in our group.  While out camping in the mountains two years ago, Constance had stopped off to bathe in a small mountain lake.  What she didn’t know what that the lake was infested with cockfish, and one of the little buggers swam right up her vagina and merged into place.  The skin of Constance’s dick was much darker than the rest, almost brown, and was standing at full attention in anticipation of her change.  This was the first time I had seen it, as her dick was the one part of her body Constance was shy about.  From this distance I couldn’t tell if she had balls to go with it.

    Martin said something to Constance we were too far away to hear and handed her a small glass vial.  Our friend gave us one last wave before drinking the potion and handing the vial back.  Afterward, she lay down on her back and waited for the changes to begin.

    I was curious about Constance’s prone position until the potion took effect.  It went after her joints first, bending her arms and legs around.  When Constance stood a moment later she was fully quadruped, though with her chest pointing up.  Constance was already the bustiest member of our party, but her breasts grew even larger under the effect of the d-cum.  They shifted on her body, one drifting down to where her belly button was while the other scooted over to be centralized.  Both breasts continued to inflate until they were the size of large watermelons, easily a foot and a half tall.

    While this was happening, Constance’s dick was also growing.  By the time it stopped, it stuck out almost two feet and a good ten inches in diameter.  By the way it twisted back and forth, I suspected it was now prehensile.

    The next change I saw was a thick coating of hair grow in over Constance’s body.  The majority was short and blonde, while there were thick brown patches over the tops of her breasts and dick.  As the fur grew in a last few changes manifested.  Constance’s hands and feet shorted into hooves, her torso became more oval, and her knee joints reversed.  The final change was Constance’s head reabsorbing into her shoulders, which puffed up into a pair of butt cheeks.  All that remained was her hair, which solidified into a tail.

    As the transformation finished, I was looking at a genitalized camel where one of my good friends had once stood.

    “Holy shit.” Frederick whispered.  Like me, he sounded totally stunned at the change.  Glancing around, I saw Tina’s face was disinterested, while Hilda practically had her hands down her pants.  I think it hit me then that this was real, that soon I would be a bizarre creature just like Constance.  I didn’t know if I wanted to mimic Frederick’s horror or Hilda’s gleeful anticipation.

    While we watched Martin performed a quick examination of Constance before returning to our group.  “Your friend’s transformation turned out perfectly.” he told us after walking into earshot.  “She’s very healthy and fully functional.”

    “Is she still...you know...in there?” Frederick asked.

    “We reduced part of the brain that deals with boredom and time management, but otherwise her mind is fully intact.  She seemed quite excited at her change.” 

    That wasn’t surprising to me.  Constance had been one of the most vocal proponents of our little plan.

    “Can I go next, please?” Hilda begged.  I wasn’t surprised; Hilda had wanted to do this even more than Constance.  “If I have to wait too much longer I’m going to do something indecent in public.”

    “While we do encourage that from our exhibits, we like them to wait until they actually are our exhibits.  In the interest of preventing any...problems, we can easily do you next.  If you’ll follow me, Ms. Cabral.”

    Martin led Hilda around to an enclosure opposite Constance’s.  While we waited for them to prep, I watched Constance the camel graze on the short grasses that populated the sand of her enclosure.  Her great phallic head leaned down, the hole in the tip unerringly engulfing the reedy plants and ripping them out of the ground.  Constance must have had some sort of mana sight, as she had no eyes I could see.  I wondered what that would be like, then realized I might find out soon myself.

    Five minutes later Martin emerged with Hilda skipping beside him.  Much like with Constance, she took the vial from the transformation specialist,, downed the liquid within, handed it back, and lay down on the ground.

    This time though, Hilda’s limbs didn’t reorientate.  Instead they sunk back into her body.  Hilda’s arms disappeared like someone was reeling them in on a line.  After a moment only her hands remained exposed.  These split apart into four separate sections, one for each finger, with the thumb disappearing.  These fingers spread down Hilda’s torso, growing bigger as they went.  By the time the last finger slid into place before Hilda butt, each digit had grown half as large as the arms they replaced.

    Meanwhile, Hilda’s legs were undergoing their own change.  They sunk into her hips almost all the way up to the knee.  Each remaining section of leg grew skinnier, but the bumpy muscle was still visible.  Hilda’s feet deformed and split apart, reforming into a pair of very phallic claws.  Run in a “U” shape on the inside of the cocks was a dripping mess of feminine tissue.

    After her arms and legs finished, Hilda’s skin changed next.  Her coloration was already dark, but now her skin looked almost black.  The hard ridges of her muscles solidified into armored plate.  This process started at her claws and worked its way backward.  Hilda was the flattest of our group, her tiny breasts barely leaving bumps as they were covered in armor plating.  By the time the chitinous wave reached Hilda’s neck the final change was occurring.

    Hilda’s mouth stretched wide was her tongue forced its way out.  It grew bigger and bigger, far larger than any normal tongue, while taking on very phallic characteristics.  By the time it passed one foot in length, Hilda’s mouth had disappeared into the base and the rest of her features were being wiped away.  By the time her tongue-cock reached two feet, all of Hilda’s facial features had been wiped away.  The phallic tail grew in a curve right out of her shoulders, with only Hilda’s nest of short, curly hair as a reminder that her head had once been there. The hair didn’t last long, falling out as it was swallowed up by the tide of armor plating.

    When the tail finally stopped growing at three feet, there was no sign at all it used to be part of Hilda’s head.  In fact there was little evidence the scorpion like creature had once been my friend.

    As the transformation finished, Hilda experimentally took a few steps.  Controlling eight finger-like legs must have been difficult, as she stumbled a few times before getting the hang of it.  Afterward she happily scuttled around her enclosure.  As Hilda turned in my direction I saw she still had her pussy and ass in what was probably now her face.  The former was dripping with how aroused my friend was at her new form.  Martin tossed something small in her direction and Hilda scrambled after it.  She lifted it in a claw and shoved it deep into her vaginal mouth with obvious glee. 

    Martin did one or two more checks to ensure the transformation had worked properly before walking around to rejoin us.  While we waited, Hilda entertained us by playing with herself.  Before she had been reserved...maybe introverted was a better word.  The transformation seemed to have unlocked her exhibitionist side.

    “Mr. Keenan, you’re up next.” Martin said upon his return.

    “Me...um...are you sure I can’t wait a bit longer?  Maybe Tina or Jayna would like to go first?”

    “I’m sorry, that won’t be possible.  We really need to do you next.”
Frederick looked like he was about to back out, before he nodded as followed along.

    “I always thought he was going to be the weak link.” Tina said as we watched them go.

    “So we wouldn’t have to do this?” I queried.  Tina and I never talked much, so the fact she was starting up a conversation was significant.  Maybe she didn’t dislike me as much as I thought.  Or, it was the fact we were the only two left.  Previously, this set of circumstances would have her scrambling for an exit, but right now we had nowhere to go.

    “Oh, I still would have done this, with or without the rest of you.”  Tina looked up at the sky, as if it possessed answers to questions she couldn’t ask.  “I...never fit in well on the outside.  In here...hopefully that will be a different story.”

    I was about to ask what she meant when Martin reappeared with a naked and very sheepish Frederick beside him.  The pre-transformation ritual commenced, with Frederick drinking the vial and lying down afterward.  This time, the changes started in a similar way to Constance’s.  Frederick’s hips and shoulders shifted, binding him into a quadruped stance.  His hands and feet shortened into hooves, the direction of movement toward his crotch.  Frederick didn’t have any breasts to grow, so the transformation skipped right over to the penile growth.  This time, Frederick’s dick didn’t stop at two feet.  By the time it stopped growing it had to be over ten feet long and two wide at the base.  If he still had balls I couldn’t see them, as they were so dwarfed by his massive organ.

    The next change to occur was a discoloration of Frederick’s skin.  Like most geeks he was naturally pale from too much time spent inside.  As the power of the transformation worked it’s way through him large patches of skin darkened to coffee brown.  A mane of his short sandy hair started just above the glans of his dick and ran all the way down to where it intersected with the rest of his body.

    Next Frederick’s head changed similar to Constance’s.  The orb flattened as if under the pressure of an invisible rolling pin, squeezing down into a thin strip of flesh while all the features blurred away.  Frederick’s brown hair tufted the end, revealing his head had become a tail.

    The final change was so small it was hard to see.  Two bumps rose out of the top of Frederick’s glans.  These grew out six inches or so as penile horns.  Instead of glanses, the tips opened up to reveal eyes.  From the way they moved around, Frederick had some control over them and the glans was now his face.  One of my few male friends had become akin to a giraffe.

    “I guess that just leaves us.” Tina said as we watched Frederick eat leaves off a tall tree in his enclosure.

    “Yea.” I replied, not sure how to answer.

    We stood in silence for a few minutes before Tina finally said, “Jayna, before one of us transforms...I just wanted you to know…”

    What she wanted me to know I never found out, as Martin chose that moment to return.  “Ms. Nix, Ms. Cowley, it you two will follow me we’ll finish off transforming your group.”

    “Wait, what?” I asked, confused.

    By the look on her face, Tina was just as offput.  “Are you saying we’ll be sharing the same exhibit?”

    “The same body actually, due to the significant increase in mass.”  Martin said this as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

    “The same...” I began.

    “Body?” Tina finished.

    “Yes.  Like I said it will be necessary to merge the two of you together to create a beast of necessary size.  Now if you’ll please follow me, I’m actually on a very tight schedule today.”

    I followed the transformation guide in a daze.  Tina walked beside me, looking equally stunned.  After how much she’d shunned me, would she really be alright with sharing a body with me?  As if she could read my mind Tina whispered, “Jayna, I know you think I don’t like you, but...I’d really, really like if we can do this together.”

    I didn’t know what to say to this, so I just nodded.  Martin led us around to the hidden area of the zoo, the part the caretakers could use to get into the exhibits.  It appeared we’d be spending the rest of our days right next to the enclosures for our friends.

    “Strip down and put your clothes in the basket over there.  I need to go retrieve your vials.” Martin told us before walking off.

    I slowly removed my clothing, relishing the fact it would be the last time I would ever do such a thing.  I glanced over and saw Tina was already full naked.  She was sneaking guilty glances in my direction and blushed furiously when I caught her staring.  As she turned away I saw Tina had a tattoo running across the cheeks of her butt.  Twin interlocking feminine mirror symbols.  At that moment, the penny dropped.

    “You’re...gay.”  I said it more of a statement than a question.  Blushing even deeper, Tina nodded.  “Is that why you wouldn’t talk to me?  Were you worried I would somehow reject you for your sexuality?  Is that what you think of me?”

    Tina hung her head.  “No, that’s not why.  I...I had...have a huge crush on you Jayna.  I was afraid if we were ever alone together that I...would do something stupid and ruin our friendship.  That was worth more to me than any...potential relationship.”

    I slipped out of my panties and tossed them into the basket.  “So finding out you’re about to be merged with your crush must be a dream come true.”

    “Yea.” Tina agreed is a quiet voice.  The silence held while I removed my bra. 
“I pictured a thousand different ways of telling you.” Tina admitted.  “But I never saw doing it like this.  I thought...that it was finally too late.”

    “Well, I think we might have another minute or two until Martin comes back.  I’ve never tried kissing a girl.”

    Tina’s face lit up in a way I’d never seen before.  “You’d really do that, for me?”
I shrugged.  “Why not?  We’ll be sharing a body soon.  Sharing some spit shouldn’t be much of an issue.  If I wasn’t one for trying strange things, I wouldn’t be standing here naked about to be transformed into some kind of animal.”

    Tina pounced on me, engulfing me in a back breaking hug and pressing her lips into mine.  The sensation of our breasts squishing together was nice, but plugging in via tongue felt magical.  I’d never questioned my sexual preference before, but Tina was making a very persuasive argument for the opposition.

    “How was that?” Tina asked as we broke apart.

    “Good enough that I wish you told me earlier.  We could have had more time together.”

    “You’ll have plenty of time together in the future.  All of it, technically.”  Tina and I jumped, releasing ourselves as Martin interrupted our private moment.  We had gotten so caught up I never heard him approach.  “If you’ll follow me, we can get you two bound up all nice and tight together.”

    Tina held out a hand and I took it, enjoying the simple action of interlocking our fingers.  Together we followed Martin out through the door and into the enclosure that would be our new home.  It was larger than the other, but then again Martin had mentioned something about our new form being quite large.  The ground was dirt and short grasses, with a stream splitting the enclosure in two.  A pair of trees and some rocks gave it a homey feel.

    “Ms. Cowley, here is you vial.”  Martin handed me a small vial of glowing white liquid.  “I need you to drink it and lay down on your back there like your friends.  The transformation will not proceed until Ms. Nix joins you.” 

    This was it, my big moment.  I held the vial up to my eyes, examining the liquid within that would change my life forever, before removing the lid and drinking it down in a single gulp.  It burned like fire going down...or maybe raw potential.  I could feel the chaotic energy seeping into every molecule of my body, but changes did not begin yet.

    “Ms. Nix.  Here is your vial.” 

    Before he could give further instructions Tina snatched the vial from Martin’s hands and downed it.  Handing it back she asked, “What next?”

    “You need to crawl in between Ms. Cowley’s legs and…” Martin cut off, looking flustered, before finally finishing, “You need to lick her pussy.”

    Tina and I glanced at each other.  “Today is a great big day of firsts.” I joked with her.  “My first kiss with a woman, my first transformation, and now my first time getting my pussy licked.  This should be fun.”

    “Oh it will be.” Tina replied with newfound confidence.  “I’m a great pussy licker.”

    A point Tina proved a moment later, shoving her face into my crotch and her tongue deep inside me.  I almost orgasmed right there and then from the unexpected sensation.  I wasn’t a virgin, having experimented with toys and two of my past boyfriends, but this was on another level entirely.  I couldn’t believe I missed out on this by not having a relationship with Tina.  Oh well, that was something I could no longer change.

    Within a minute I was on the brink and despite how hard I tried to hold out Tina was too good.  I cried out in orgasm as waves of pleasure rolled through me like a tsumi.  I thought I heard Tina cry out in pleasure too, but that was when the transformation elixir within me decided to go from passive to active.

    When I felt heat flare in my shoulders and hips, I had a pretty good idea what was happening.  Having my joints realign backward should have felt awkward, but instead my new orientation felt totally natural.  The sole exception being my face was stuck facing upward.

    I tried to rise in my new quadruped configuration and felt a tug at my crotch.  I craned my neck up as far as I could and saw Tina still had her face buried between my legs.  She tried to pull back and I felt a sharp tug on my clit.  A part of me tugged back and Tina found her head inexorably pulling to my hungry slit.  I’d never considered myself a size queen, but the sensation of Tina’s head filling me was out of this world.

    While I was distracted with Tina, I missed the fact I was growing.  When I finally looked over at Martin I saw that, even on all fours, I was taller than him.  I could feel my body pulling mass from the raw mana around me.  Normally I was quite proud of my trim figure, but right now I wanted to pick up the pounds.  It was all part of losing my humanity, of building my new self image.

    As exciting as it was watching the others change, going through the process myself was a bit of a disappointment.  Don’t get me wrong, a constant stream of pleasure is nothing to sneeze at.  But over the years I’ve found visual stimulation is a huge part of my arousal and with my point of view stuck as what would probably become my new ass, I missed the best part of the change.  I could tell we’d grown much bigger, at least ten feet if the nearby trees were any indication, and proportionally massive.

    Finally, my head started to tingle and I had a moment of panic.  The sensation of it being reabsorbed into my body was indescribably unreal and the resulting disorientation threw me for a loop.  I was blind, deaf...and whatever the descriptions for being able to smell or taste were.

    And yet, one sense I gained came from Tina.  Her mind became open to me and mine to her.  I could see the struggles she had with her sexuality, her fear about coming out to the friend Tina found she loved.  At the same time I could feel Tina riffling through my own memories.  She seemed to take particular interest in my mother and her mustelid transformation.  I wished that Tina had been able to meet my family formally before today, but I had no doubt they would be by to visit soon.

    After what felt like an eternity sharing memories, I realized I could see again.  The colors were...off.  Some a bit too sharp, others dimmer than I remembered.  I apparently had mana sight now.

    “Ms. Cowley, Ms. Nix, can you hear me?”  I turned my...I guess it was now my head, even if it had started the day as my crotch, toward the sound.  Wow, Martin had gotten tiny.  I towered over him by almost a factor of two.

    While I tried to decide how to answer, I felt a part of my anatomy move without my control.  Somehow I knew Tina was at the controls, while I was the master over the rest of the body. A great column of grey flesh lifted up before my eyes.  For a moment I thought I’d gained a second penis head like Frederick or Constance, then the shape sparked a memory.  It was a trunk.  If I had a trunk, that meant…

    Ignoring Martin, I made my way carefully over to the stream splitting my new home.  My whole body felt huge and ungainly, requiring me to take each step slowly and carefully.  When I made it to bank and could finally see my reflection, I felt a sense of...rightness fall over me.

    Like I guessed, Tina and I had been transformed into an elephantine creature.  Tina’s body had become a great grey trunk, flanked by twin white tusks that had probably once been her arms.  At the end of the trunk were two bumps like butt cheeks, with a large sphincter nestled within.  On the other end of the trunk grew out of the giant vagina that had become my face.  It was located where my clit would be, if my vagina was upside down.  I had a pair of massive floppy ears that resembled oversized vaginal lips but no eyes, which confirmed my mana sight suspicion.  My skin was grey, wrinkly, hairless, and hopefully quite tough.

    I shuffled around, trying to get a good view of my backside, which was hard when I didn’t have a neck anymore.  Or eyes, and it would take me a while to learn how to shift my line of sight.  I couldn’t see any large genitals underneath, so my primary set was clearly on my face.  I had a whiplike tail, one that still had some remnants of my dark hair on the tip.

    I could have stood there and admired my reflection for hours, but Martin became quite insistent.  He ran me through a few tests to ensure the transformation had gone smoothly before finally bidding me farewell.  I watched him leave through the door I entered not long ago, now far too small for my huge bulk.  But that was ok.  Here was where I was meant to be.

    As I went to stand back by the water, I felt a probing inquisitiveness from Tina.  Her trunk body lifted up and probed gently at my vaginal face.  I offered feeling of encouragement and slowly she penetrated me.  While not as good as Tina’s tongue had been, it was a close second.  I quickly...or as quickly as I could now move, lowered myself to the ground to prevent falling over from the wonderful sensations.  Our arousal ping-ponged back and forth until we both exploded into an amazing orgasm.

    Laying on the bank, soaking up the afterglow and Tina’s ecstatic emotions, I was glad I’d gone through with the process.



    As Martin had mentioned casually, the transformation left me incapable of telling time.  Ok, maybe that was an overstatement.  I could still keep track of a couple minutes, but beyond that ten minutes could have been ten years.  It did help with the boredom, as every day felt like a brand new day full of adventure.
That being said, there was an indeterminate period of time between our transformation and the opening of the park.  I want to say it was a month, but my margin of error was in the weeks.  All I knew was one day there were crowds on the walkway, people who had come to see me.  I was so excited and loved showing off by spraying water from the river or fucking myself.

    My family came to visit of course.  Mom and Dad and Lori were all there on opening day.  In the spirit of the place Mom had gone without clothes and I wondered if people thought she was an escaped exhibit.  She and Lori looked happy at my change, but Dad looked disappointed.

    The next time they visited it was just Mom and Lori.  The time after that they were joined by a handsome young man, likely Lori’s boyfriend if they way they were hanging off each other was any indication.  The time after that the boyfriend had been replaced by a girlfriend.  It seems my sister shared my appreciation for the female form.  Strangely though, the girlfriend had much the same scent as Lori’s old boyfriend.

    The visit after that I was greeted by three skunks.  I recognized mom by her markings, but the other two were identical in every way.  By studying how their tails bobbed, I could tell they were stealth males as well.  It seemed my family really like to be transformed.

    Oh, one last bit of news.  It seems my exhibit has been so popular they’re considering adding in another beast like me.  They might even be able to tweak it so we can breed.  For me, I can’t wait to see a copy of what my transformation looked like.  For Tina...I imagine she was more looking forward to having another vagina face to stick her trunk into.  Until then she’d have to be satisfied with me, as we took life one sexy day at a time in the best place in the world.


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Re: Jizza's Zoo

This zoo is so amazing! Love what's going on in it and what the volunteers become. Thinking of what would i do i've a park like this was real coast me a lot of time, give up the old life and many more and become a crazy sexbeast is not that easy but i think, i would be a volunteer too. This would be very exciting.


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I love it.  Can't wait to see more of these stories.


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Just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love you dman!!!!  you are the best.


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Basically the montage of the entries, trying to fit a bunch of random ideas together. smile


Like Cloe and Darma the zoo had started several breeding programs. Most were a lot more mundane, though. Like in case of the Millers. Both in their mid thirties and married for seven years, the couple were locals. Mrs Miller had obviously been affected by the Jizza phenomenon, her sudden enthusiasm to be transformed a clear sign. Mr Miller on the other hand had turned out to be a transformation fan with long held fantasies of getting himself changed. Coming from a more conservative family, he had always held back his desires, not even talking about them with his wife out of fear she would have rejected him. When she had confessed her wish to get transformed two months ago, it had finally given him the opportunity to reveal his innermost feelings and live out his dream. When hearing about the zoo, the couple had decided to volunteer together.

That had made them perfect for this particular project. Now they lived in a large free-standing cage, a cube of four meters length in all directions, standing in a row with five more identical cages. There were two small trees and several other plants in it, simulating a dense forest floor, with a basin at the bottom to drink from. The whole thing was based on an enclosure for birds, even though the Miller resembled birds only in the broadest sense. Both of them looked primarily like a disembodied woman's torso. Both creatures looked absolutely identical, so even Mr Miller now sported two firm b-cups, the nipples visible stiff due to the chill temperatures at the moment. Their arms were entirely human, too, and quite delicate. However, due to their lack of lower bodies, they used them to walk and stand on instead. At the bottom of the torso, where it would connect to the waist was a swollen vagina and an anus, even though the latter was poking out in an odd way, since they had no butt cheeks, either. While their skin was soft and smooth for the most part, their shoulders and backs were covered in downy feathers. It fitted the bird wings sprouting from their shoulder blades, strong and large enough to lift their reduced bodies off the ground. The most unusual part were their heads, though. They were neither human nor those of birds. Instead each creature had a long prehensile penis, about two feet long, replacing neck and head. There was even a scrotum with suitably large testicles hanging from its base at their collarbones.

For any observer the Millers looked like bizarre mockeries of birds, they even made chirping sounds with their penis-heads. Their minds were left mostly intact but they loved to play the role of dumb birds. While they looked nothing like any real animals, their offspring did. The breeding program they had been chosen for, was one of several to increase the population of endangered species. In case of the Millers it was the rare Heroni mountain stork. Despite their appearance, their reproductive organs had been entirely modified with the genes of the stork. Every egg each of them laid contained a pure, unaltered specimen which would be raised by the zoo employees and then reintroduced into the wilderness. While it was necessary for them to fertilize each other, it wasn't much of an issue, since they fucked each other almost all the time anyway.

The row of cages that the Millers' enclosure belonged to was at the very border of the Living Genitals segment of the zoo. Thus they had a good few over some of the enclosures in the Fantastic Beasts area. The one opposite of their cage was modeled to look like a mountain landscape, about a hundred square meters in size. The creatures lazing around inside were advertised as the northern snowman. There were three in total, each one looked like a cone-shaped pile of shaggy hair. No features were visible under the coat of long dark hairs, not even eyes or mouths. Only heir feet were poking out from beneath their fur, especially due to their incredible size. While each creature was only about four feet tall, their feet were almost three in length. They were broad and flat, with only three massive toes. It fitted their fake background, as they appeared like they would be perfect for walking on snow.

When a visitor spent enough time watching them they would sooner or later get to see another appendage poking from underneath the hairs. Each of the creatures sported a foot long penis, which would only be really visible when erect. At the moment one of the snowmen was sitting on a rock with a hard-on waving it at one of his fellows. He got the hint and got closer. He carefully bent over and engulfed the penis in front of him with his hidden mouth. One could hear a deep, satisfied moan from the creature that was receiving the blowjob. At the same time one could see the other snowman's own penis appearing from beneath the fur as it was getting hard.

All three of the snowmen used to be women, all of different age and background. None had known each other prior to their transformations, one wasn't even from Jizza. They hadn't even been given the time to learn each other's names. They didn't care that they would never learn them now, as they were unable to speak. They were happy with their simplified lives and had adjusted well to being fully male now, for there were no vaginas or breasts hidden beneath their hairs. Instead they had fully embraced their new masculinity.

A few yards away was an enclosure with a less content inhabitant. Fidora Vandort used to be a successful financial adviser but like so many of her peers she had sacrifice a private life for her career. Without a partner or children to hold her back, the 40-year-old had decided to give her life a new direction by volunteering for the zoo. She had expected to become some hyper-sexual animal, free to mate with others of its kind whenever she liked. The reality was quite different, though. Instead she was rooted on the spot like a plant, at the center of her small enclosure on an artificial hill. For the most part, she looked like a chubby woman without limbs sitting upright on the ground, the roots well hidden by digging straight down into the soil, rather than spreading out. She was not entirely a woman anymore, though, for her vagina had been replaced by a rather ordinary looking cock with suitable balls. Instead of a head, she only had a big eyeball attached to her neck now, robbing her of her former humanity. More humiliating than her new maleness or immobility was the way her body function had been altered, though.

Fidora had been turned into the zoo's main source of dung for fertilizers. Her body didn't need any nourishment, instead it absorbed large quantities of mana, processing most of it into poo which erupted from her anus in a never ending stream. The zoo's staff had to collect her feces twice a day, otherwise it would start to overflow her enclosure. Unfortunately she could still smell but over time she had gotten kind of used to it. In addition her penis released a constant stream of similarly generated pee, an unexpected side effect of her transformation, as she had been told. The yellow liquid trickled down the hill she sat on top and had long since formed a small moat around the inner wall of her enclosure.

It was a humiliating and rather boring new life she had been given but in a perverse way she still took some enjoyment from it. The shocked expressions of the visitors kind of thrilled her. It was as if they spoke to an exhibitionist side of herself she hadn't known before. Furthermore her penis was so sensitive that just a cold breeze could cause her to go hard. Combined with the excitement of being watched, it was enough to make her climax. That was the reason why she couldn't honestly hate her situation. She was sure that her attitude would further shift over time. Maybe she would even love her new existence eventually.

There was another volunteer not far way, in a similar condition as Fidora but far more happy with it. She lived in a building between the Fantastic Beasts and the Unclassified Beings section, called the Dakini-house. As the name indicates, it was dedicated to housing different species created by the infamous demoness, not just dakini-worms but also her more exotic creations. On the ground floor a secure glass-cage contained the seldom dakini-crabs. Tamara Lockhard served now as the animals' feeding ground. Formerly a local college student, she was now nothing more than a sentient pile of large, lactating breasts. Unlike many other dakini-species, the crabs didn't fuse with people. Instead they used them to feed on breast milk. The creatures could spit a highly transformative and paralyzing substance which would turn a person into a similar pile of breasts as Tamara. She had willingly entered the cage and endured the slow transformation process. Now she was blind but her sense of touch had intensified a hundredfold. Feeling the crabs crawl over her soft titflesh and suckle at her engorged nipples to drink from her sweet milk, was an orgasmic experience. It absolutely made up for the loss of her genitalia. Despite having been reduced in such an extreme fashion, she was happy with her fate and enjoyed the constant feeding.

While Tamara would never leave her enclosure, some of the spawns created by commercially bred dakini-worms were allowed to interact with the visitors and sometimes even have fun in the zoo's brothel-hotel or petting zoo. In fact there were two very specifically modified dakini-spawns, called Snuffle and Puff that would serve as guides. Each wore an audio-players on chains that any visitor could activate to start the pre-recorded tour. Their hosts were now nothing more than their constantly erect penises. Due to the spawns lack of arms they would use their dicks to point at things and show the way. The creatures were also clever enough to give directions for the entire zoo this way if asked.

A bit further away from the dakini-house, at the center of the Living Genitals area, was the enclosure of the zoo's largest inhabitants. The two titanic creatures had been given the quite fitting name of phallosaurus. People visiting for the first time were usually very impressed by the pseudo-elephant in the Atziluth corner, just to find out that the creature was a dwarf compared to these monstrosities. Each was easily 80 feet from head to tail tip and with 25 feet shoulder height, although these terms didn't really fit them. At first glance each phallosaurus looked like those long-necked reptiles that might have been extinct or just been mythological and were only known from some half-destroyed Edeni books. Their leathery, green skin helped to create the illusion. At closer inspection these beasts looked nothing like any real animal, though. Instead they rather resembled two lower bodies fused together at the waist with a shared belly pointing up. It was easy to miss this resemblance, though, as their form was heavily modified to carry the immense weight. The body was heavy and ovoid with the barest hint of a waist. The hips were set rather low and the legs were rather straight and build like pillars with solid elephantine feet. Instead of a tail or head, the creatures had more than 20 feet long, serpentine penises growing from ether end. Each was more than 3 feet thick at the base but then tapered down to half that at the tip. Below each hang a leathery scrotum containing testicles as big as beach balls. If one looked closely, one could see the hint of equally gigantic vaginas in the shadow of the testicles and below that big, puckered anuses, squished between inflated buttocks.

Neither creature had a front or rear. Some people had watched them for quite some time, trying to find out if they had a preferred side which could be considered a front. Instead they had to find out that the phallosauri constantly switched sides, moving back and forth in a bizarrely fluent fashion. According to the description each create used to be a single woman, so there was not a real conjoinment at play. Either they were really good at keeping up an act or their entire bodycontrol and senses had been mixed up to give them essentially two heads.

Many considered the phallosaurus enclosure the highlight of the zoo but there was so much more to see and so much more to experience.


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This is an another great story, i'm thank you for that Demon-Man. Need more, make more. Please.


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Just managed to finish a short one I had here for a while. smile
Merry X-mas:

After months of preparations the great day was almost at hand. Tomorrow would be the grand opening of Jizza's zoo, a big celebration organized by the city council to attract even more attention.
Even though the great event was scheduled for the next day there was already a large crowd gathered at the entrance of the zoo.

The busy preparations for the day ahead had been suddenly interrupted. Apparently Amanda Fareaux who had proposed and organized the entire project wanted to address the zoo's entire staff which was now gathering in the open square behind the entrance. Mrs Fareaux was already there, standing on top of a portable pedestal as if ready for a political speech. She was conversing with her assistant while waiting for the last employees to arrive.

The young woman was quite popular among the staff. Her enthusiasm for the project had been infectious and her interest in the people working for her had left a positive impression. Nonetheless she was also the subject of widespread gossip, more precisely the fact that she seemed entirely unmodified as far as people could tell. This made her part of a very small minority nowadays, even more so as she had been born in Jizza and lived there all her life. Many transformees among the staff were quite frankly confused by this and considered it a bit of a flaw or something she was missing out on. Many of the untransformed women were proud of her, though, considering her one of them, the few unaffected by the Jizza-phenomenon, either by chance or careful avoidance of the local water and food. They were to be disappointed, though.

Once all staff was assembled, Mrs Fareaux cleared her throat in order to get everybody's attention.

“Thank you all for coming here and thank you all for your hard work. Without your efforts this would have been impossible. It is because of you that this idea has come to life and enrich the city,” the young organizer intoned cheerfully with a wide smile on her face. The crow cheered, all to happy to hear their hard work  acknowledged.

They listened to Mrs Fareaux continue with her speech, praising their efforts some more and talking about how the zoo will not only benefit the city economically but also bring joy to people. She was painting a picture of a wonderful place with a glorious future, describing the dream that everybody present shared. Nearly everybody showed some form of emotional reaction to the organizer’s words, joy, pride or admiration for the woman on the podium. She obviously knew how to capture an audience.

After encouraging the gathered crowd to do their best and keep up their good work in the weeks to come, she said: “And now its is time for me to take my true place in this project.”

Most people looked confused, unsure about what she meant. Only a few faces showed understanding.

“The zoo is in good hands. I am no longer needed to run it, so I am free to take the spot I had wanted to take from the very start.”

Without further explaining what she meant, Mrs Fareaux stepped down the little pedestal towards a round spot right in front of it. It was nothing more than a circular hole in the cobblestone of the square, everybody had assumed it to be a spot for a decorative tree that just had not been planted yet. Nobody realized that it had been Mrs Fareaux who had ordered this specific spot of earth for her own reasons.

The young woman simple stepped on the dirt and pulled a vial from her jacket. Understanding dawned on a lot more faces now. Before anybody could react, though, she gulped down the glowing content. She hadn't even bothered to undress or otherwise prepare. The moment she swallowed the liquid she exploded out of her suit. Everybody flinched, some evens screamed. The transformation was so sudden and expansive that some people thought the woman had burst apart. Luckily it had only been her clothes that didn't survive. Where Amanda Fareaux had stood just an eye blink ago was now a bizarre pillar of genitalia covered in the tattered remains of her jacket. The thing had a straight, cylindrical form, almost as tall as the woman had been before and was rooted in the dirt like a plant. From top to bottom it was covered in a random collection of breasts and penises. The breasts were all d-cups with puffy pink nipples, while each penis was about six inches long, flaccid, with a heavy, wrinkled scrotum. There were no vaginas or other bodyparts. The only exception was what looked like a butt at middle height of the pillar, facing towards the entrance. There were two perky, feminine ass-cheeks growing from between all the breasts and dicks, with a tight, pink anus between them. Above the sphincter was a single human eye, blinking and taking in its surroundings.

Most of the staff were staring at the thing with visible astonishment or shock, many of the transformees were grinning widely, almost smug that that Mrs Fareaux had joined their ranks.
“I know this might come as a surprise,” the pillar suddenly said. The words came from its twitching anus with the unchanged voice of the former project organizer. “But it had been my plan from the start to eventually take the role of info-stand and guidepost. I always wanted to become a permanent and useful part of the zoo.”

A few people, especially among the transformees applauded to her confession.

“For what reason I had a very particular ability added to my new form,” the info-pillar continued. At the same time some of her penises suddenly began to go erect. “I can control my erections. Using them to give direc....ouhh...”

A loud moan escaped the sphincter as two of the penises suddenly ejaculated.

“Ohh....directions,” she repeated. “I must admit they are a bit more sensitive than I thought.”

Even the last remaining staff members smiled and applauded now. It had been unexpected but their boss had embraced the zoo in a way more intimate and permanent anybody would have expected.
Eventually everybody got back to work, only two stayed to remove the strips of cloth from the former woman and give her a bit of a clean.


Even two years after opening the zoo, Amanda still loved her new role. She had always been a people's person, so loved the constant contact to visitors, answering their questions and helping them to get around the zoo.

The almost constant orgasms weren't bad, either. She had quickly given up on controlling her ejaculations. Her penises were just too sensitive. Thus she almost always came whenever she tried to show somebody the way. By now she simply considered it a way to underline the direction.

She also allowed everybody to touch her and do with her whatever they wanted. It wasn't like she could stop them, anyway. She loved the feeling of helplessness of being at others mercy, even though most were too polite to touch her without asking. So in a bizarre way she actually had to encourage people to abuse her vulnerability. A few times visitors had even fucked her anus-mouth, something she needs to encourage people more often, although she refused to straight up ask them. That would be unprofessional.


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Not bad, hope there would a lot more of this stories from the Jizza Zoo. My absolute favorites in this Zoo are Suzie and Cloe Bonefire and his sister Darma, i love what they turn into. And of course, i hope i read more of the dakini-house, i love the dakini-worms and his spawns.


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The Jizza Zoo Conservation Project

Steph crashed through the bush behind Sefton. Steph's heart was hammering and she was being scratched and snagged by branches as she cradled her camera against her chest. It was all she could do to keep up with Sefton, since the tracker had a natural gift for effortlessly slipping through the dense jungle with only the odd swipe of her machete. Steph nearly tripped, but somehow managed to keep her feet, and barged right into Sefton's back. Sefton looked back over her dark shoulder with a look in her eyes that told Steph that they were already too late.

Steph, already fighting back tears, stepped around the tracker and into the clearing.

She raised her camera and started shooting.


Hours later Sefton and Steph were sitting in a dirty makeshift bar drinking beers over prints of Steph's most recent photos. Sefton worried about the young photojournalist, since the pale mousey-haired woman was just silently glaring at the photos: the ghastly pictures of a half dozens murdered tigers, flensed, their skinned bodies still steaming, the poachers long gone. For Sefton who had been working as a guide and tracker in these jungles for years it was hardly new, and as much as every killed beast saddened her, she had grown too accustomed to it to be crushed. It was hardly the first time for Steph either, since the woman had been working to document the poaching of several protected species in the area for months, but her passion or naïveté kept every scene of carnage viscerally upsetting. This current example was especially hard on the young woman, since they were acting on a tip and hoped to reach the clearing while the tigers were still alive and drive off the poachers, or at least document their faces for the authorities. Sefton was somewhat relieved that they were late, since she suspected that if the fiery photog managed to confront the poachers, she would only get the pair of women murdered. Steph, though, was clearly furious.

"What is even the point!" Steph finally erupted.

Sefton reached across the table and tried to touch Steph's hand. "Steph..."

"No really?" Steph said, tears in her eyes, "Why am I even here doing this?"

Sefton hated seeing the photog like this. "So that you can document these travesties and share them with the world. If everyone knew what was happening then there might be real changes."

"Please... as if! None of my other photos have done anything but rouse those few people who already cared. And I'm just one of many journalists covering the poaching of endanger species! Everyone knows this is happening, they just don't care or maybe thinks it's a shame, but not worth doing anything about!" Steph looked down at the table. "Besides, it's all a lost cause anyway..."

This part was new to Sefton. "Why do you say that?"

"Because! So many species are already past the tipping point! Look at these photos: these six dead tigers are a measurable, meaningful percentage of the total tiger population on these islands and maybe in the world. Even if all of the poaching stopped, all of their habitat was perserved, there are unlikely enough tigers to restore the species with sufficient genetic diversity. And this is just one species! One example! There are so many species that are basically already extinct, we are just living with their ghosts!"

"That's a very grim assessment."

"Can you you even argue against it?"

"Well, what about zoos? What if you add in an optimized breeding program to the mix."

"Zoos? Please... they have even less genetic diversity and no where near enough animals to sustain that kind of breeding. They would need some kind of miracle breeding factory..." Steph got a thoughtful look that Sefton knew always spelled trouble. "Sefton.... have you ever heard of the Jizza Zoo?"


Steph tried not to look nervous as they waited to meet with one of the Jizza Zoo executives. If her plan was going to work this meeting had to go perfectly, even she knew it was a stretch.

In her mind Steph ran through her pitch again as  she looked in a mirror and touched up her makeup. She wanted to make a great first impression so she had borrowed a nice wool dress, expensive high heeled booties, and a smart blue jacket from a friend. She hoped that the tight sleeve of material managed to catch her modest figure and distil an air of alluring professionalism. Steph suspected she only managed to look like a librarian dressed for a date in clothes picked out by a hotter friend. She sighed, she knew relying on sex appeal was a poor strategy, especially for a mousey gal like her, but anything could help.

Sefton, Steph thought, had managed to capture sexy competence with her outfit. The tracker was a tall, broad shouldered woman who wore her dark hair in a no-nonsense hack job and whose dark, weather conditioned skin spoke of time spent in the wild. Her clothes, a rugged bush shirt worn under a handsome linen suit cut for a man managed to somehow enhance Sefton's androgynous, wiry frame and create a look that screamed strength and badassitude. Steph didn't think everyone would find her friend attractive, but those that did probably found her sexy as hell. Steph hoped the Zoo Executive was one of them.

She hoped that when the time came, that she would find her attractive.

The receptionist, a transformed Jizza resident, beckoned at them from her, or rather, his desk.  "I would have come over, but I'm not very mobile these days," warbled the receptionist through his flutes as he gestured to his planter with his vines. The receptionist was an odd combination of human and plant. He was planted in a large wash basin sized planter on thickly treaded wheels. Around the rim of this planter grew thick, flesh colored vine which Steph presumed the receptionist could slowly wheel themselves around with. From the planter grew a kind of stalk or pedestal of flesh, ringed in huge breasts with long thin vines for nipples. On the front of this pedestal was a large jug-like pocket rimmed along the top with a lip, about large enough to hold an adult person. On the back of the receptionist grew tall, thin reeds that acted as flutes and which the receptionist used to speak. At the tip of a long flexible stalk, the receptionist had the face of a beautiful, pouty lipped woman, framed by a mane of leaves studded with flowers, growing at the end of a long stalk. This was just a lure though, a beautiful trick face that could smile or frown or smolder to lure the unexpecting into the jug-pocket part of the receptionist. The unwary risked being trapped and constricted in the jug plant, having their clothing digested, and then fucked by the prehensile cocks which hid inside the jug. A sign on the door to the office warned guests to the risk. "The Director will see you now," tooted the receptionist and reached out another vine to open the office door.

Steph smiled a thank you despite how strange she found the creature. She knew she had to get used to it.

Steph and Sefton walked into the office of the Zoo Executive and were warmly greeted by a dignified middle aged gentleman. He had a handsome face with slightly greying hair and a very nice grey suit on. "Hello," he said warmly reaching out to shake hands. "I'm George Landiss."

"Hi," Steph said shaking his hand, "I'm Stephanie Potts and this is my associated Elizabeth Sefton."

"Hello," managed Sefton as she gave the man a firm handshake.

They all sat down and Landiss looked at the two women for a moment. "You look puzzled," he finally said to Steph.

Steph realized she had been making a face and blushed. "Sorry! You're ah, just more human than I was expecting..."

The man smiled easily and chuckled. "Well, while the zoo tends to favor hiring transformed Jizzans for customer facing positions, we have no qualms with hiring baseline people for more managerial roles. It helps keep a certain amount of continuance of direction. And after the last few directors decided to "join the zoo" they recruited me. So I took the job, moved here with my family, and my wife and daughter joined the zoo. They are now aquatic cock squid creatures." Landiss turned a framed picture on his desk toward Steph showing two creatures in a large fish tank: smiling, lipsticked feminine mouths strounded by tentacles with huge cocks for bodies. "I guess the Jizza effect doesn't really effect men in the same way so I'm still me and just really excited to help people transform."

"I'm sorry," said Steph.

"Oh don't be! They seen much happier now and I visit their tank all the time. Plus the hiring agency sent me a very pretty secretary to help with my heart ache. And well, she took a change too, she's still my receptionist. Mr. Jugs and I are still having a very fulfilling office affair." Landiss smiled. "But enough about that, I hear you ladies want to join the zoo!"

Sefton crossed her arms. "I won't live in a cage."

Steph quickly interrupted, she didn't want to hash out this argument again in what was a sales pitch. "I want to join the zoo."

"Welcome," he smiled and looked thoughtful, "I'm not sure why you are meeting with me though. We have a recruiting office that would be happy to start the process with you."

"Actually," Steph stammered, "we have an idea for something a little different..."

"Well, we don't as a rule take requests. But the recruiting office does try to align people's desires with their change... my family had a thing about wanting to be phallic and liking tentacles so: aquatic cock squid. Again, I'm not sure why are meeting."

Sefton sternly said, "then let the woman explain it to you."

Steph tried not to gasp, she couldn't believe Sefton was being so rude! And the she noticed that Landiss was quietly looking at her to speak. Sefton' sour gambit had worked.

Steph took a deep breath, "Mr. Landiss, zoos typically play a role in natural conservation. While they are also attractions, they typically invest a portion of their proceeds into educational efforts, animal rescue initiatives, and breeding programs. It's this humanitarianism that elevate what a zoo is. And I think it's time the Jizza Zoo joined the good fight."

Landiss nodded thoughtfully. "It's an interesting idea, but, ladies, we don't keep animals here. This is a zoo populated by human volunteers. I'm not sure why we would want to get into the conservation business..."

"Because what you have is a freak show," Sefton said. "People come and pay to see bizarre humans. Granted, having people come and visit Jizza probably helps normalize transformation, but the zoo itself is an attraction. Helping Steph assemble a breeding program here would legitimize this place in the eyes of the untransformed world."

Landiss paused. "So what exactly are you proposing?"

Steph's heart was hammering in her chest. She suspected that once she said these next words her life would irrevocably change from intrepid wilderness reporter to something else... something new. "Mr. Landiss, I'm proposing to become an animal breeding machine."

"And how would that work?"

Steph felt shakey and excited all at once. "I think it would work like this...."


Sefton tried to relax, which was proving to be difficult.

Sefton was naked, first of all, in public. Which she didn't really mind on principle: her tanned, lean body was something she was proud and confident of and she was never someone who embarrassed easily. It was more the crowd of spectators staring at her and Steph that was bothering her. Sefton hated people, hated the way they treated each other, and found crowds of them particularly distasteful. Being naked and vilnerable in front of them like this was very unpleasant.

And then there was the fact that Sefton was about to transform. She knew that the plan for her transformation was relatively mild and that if everything went right she would walk out of the enclosure pit a free woman... sort of. That even if her body changed she would still be free to travel the world and continue living her life as a tracker, just with a new and alien purpose. Sefton still found this entire enterprise strange and uncouth, but she believed in Steph's goal and, frankly, believed in Steph enough to undergo this strange treatment. It was just hard, especially after seeing the bizarre menagerie of the Jizza Zoo not to picture how horribly, bizarrely wrong this process could go.

Sefton was also terribly nervous for Steph. What she was proposing to do to herself was so much more life changing and extreme than Sefton's transformation. And Sefton knew that once she did this there wouldn't be any turning back, that she would be stuck in this new life of hers. Sefton hoped she enjoyed it. Sefton looked at Steph who smiled at her nervously as she stood their pale and naked and thin.

A technician, a cockwoman crossed with a tiger such that she had a tail, striped legs, and a barbed feline penis body, approached the two women with a small cart carrying vials. The tigercock woman growled instructions to Sefton and Steph who each took their specially prepared vials. Sefton made sure she had the right one.

Steph took Sefton by the hand and squeezed it. "Thank you for doing this with me. I-I hope you like it."

Sefton drew the shorter woman into a hug. "How could I not, when you offered me a chance to save a doomed species or twelve." She leaned down and kissed Steph hard on the lips. "Good luck!" And Sefton stepped back and drank her Alchemy.

Steph blushed and blinked stupidly for a moment before drinking her own elixir.

Sefton, who had a head start started to sweat and feel a twisting, wrenching in her guts. She groaned, which changed to a throaty moan as her vagina suddenly grew hot and wet and dripping. Sefton felt a pulling, squirming sensation and watched as her pussy slit grew longer and pushed towards a more rear facing orientation as her inner labia pulled inside her outer labia more. She wiggled her thighs and panted, feeling how larger and elastic her new, vaguely equine looking cunt was. She bit her lip as an aching pain pulsates through her hips and felt with her hands as they expanded outward, nearly doubling in width, further stretching her altered cunt. Her breasts warmed to the touch and grew from being quite small to generous c cups, an aesthetic choice by some Alchemist somewhere. Finally Sefton squealed in pleasure as the flesh of her flat, elongated pubic region pushed out and began to reformat itself into a brand new cock and balls. A frankly tiny cock and small, under developed balls that all looked half formed and unfinished. Sefton gasped and the tiny cock squirmed erect and ejaculated the smallest droplet of precum. And then her change was done.

Sefton stood and tried to get a feel for her new posture, her much wilder hips, her heavier breasts, and the tiny strange sensations coming from her small, undeveloped cock. It seemed that so far her change had gone according to plan.

A throaty moan from Steph got Sefton's attention. She looked to see the other woman, transformed laying on the ground fisting herself. Steph deceptively looked more normal than Sefton, appearing as a normal human woman with outrageous proportions. Steph now sported hips wider even than Sefton's, enormous, probably e cup breasts, and an oddly narrow waist. Steph also had an altered vagina, one identical to Sefton's new cunt, which was more rear oriented and wide and stretchy, which the woman was raptously shoving her arm up to her elbow into. She screamed as she orgasmed.

Sefton found the sight strangely arousing. She felt her new cunt grow hot and wet and felt a heat build in her flaccid, three inch cock which remained limp. She bit her lip, she had never been attracted to a woman before, but there was something about Steph or her smell which was making her heart race.

Steph, recovering from her orgasm, saw Sefton watching her and gave her a look of fierce, animal attraction and then laughed. "Phew! So far according to plan!"


Steph was alone in her new enclosure. It was a large pit style enclosure, dug about twenty feet below the level of the zoo walkways. The sides were sheer, vertical smooth concrete that she wouldn't be able to climb even if she wanted to. She was trapped in a cage of her own making.

It was an alright cage, as far as cages went, Steph thought. She had a covered hut in the centre of her habitat, filled with a mattress and blankets for the cold, although her altered body seemed resistant to low temperatures, which was nice. She had some plastic deck chairs to sit on and some shade trees and umbrellas scattered around the ground. There were some grass patches and medium sized wading pool she could cool off in or bath in. On the side of her enclosure nearest the door her zookeepers used to access her habitat was a picnic table where they would leave her meals and snacks, which today was a platter of fresh fruit. Steph also had a small library of books she was allowed to read and tablet with limited media functions that she could view after the zoo closed for the night. She sighed, for better or worse, the enclosure was her home now.

Steph stretched out in the deck chair she was using to bask in the sun with. She was naked, the only way she was allowed to be now, and enjoying the way her much enlarged breasts felt in the sunlight. Her new body, even this relatively normal phase one form, was so much more sensitive than her old one. She let her hand drift down to stroke her pussy, mmming at the feeling. She was always on such a short fuse these days and her new, huge cunt was always so eager to be touched. And since she had nothing else to do until Sefton came back she might as well take care of herself. She closed her eyes and slid a hand up to the wrist inside herself and used the fingers to rub her nose sized clit.

Steph heard a voice and glanced up to see a tour group gathered on the walkway above her enclosure watching her. Steph blushed and pulled her hands away from herself. Somehow she kept forgetting she was in public; no more than that, she was on display. She didn't want a bunch of strangers to watch her jilloff. She should wait until after the park closed...

Steph squirmed a little in her chair, the span of her wide, wide hips knocking the arm rests. Her pussy was still so hot and wet and ready. She bit her lip and blushed. She was on display, people were going to see all kinds of private moments: her using the bathroom, her being fucked, her giving birth... she moaned at the thought. What was a little masturbation? Besides, isn't this what the people came to see. She closed her eyes and let her hands drift back down to her snatch.

Besides she had time to kill until Sefton came back...


Sefton couldn't really believe she was about to do this.

She was several hours drive away from Jizza visiting a nearby zoo. It was a modest place, more of a game refuge than an actual zoo. But it did have exotic animals, imported creatures who largely earned their keep staring in commercials and other business ventures. But this sad little zoo was the closest to Jizza and it was open minded enough to let Sefton and Steph conduct their experiment.

Plus they had a male Zebra stallion.

Sefton had always liked Zebras.

Sefton puffed out her cheeks and blew a long breath. This was absolutely fucking crazy. She nodded to the scruffy zookeeper to open the Zebra's pen and in she walked. The Zebra stallion therein looked at her flaring his nostrils. She found she could smell him too, and found oddly that his smell was intoxicating. Sefton but her lip and felt a tingle in her guts that spread throughout her loins into a tightening, heat. The smell of the Zebra was making her wet! And not just wet, she felt a heat build up in her odd, half-formed little cock and balls. She panted, revelling in the Zebra's smell. She wanted him.

The Zebra apparently wanted her too, since he was pacing and smelling the air, his cock, his impressive enormous cock, was sliding out of its sheath. It was black and shiny and as long as her forearm and blunt like a horse's. Sefton felt her something in her pussy twist, which if everything was going according to plan, was her insides reforming to accommodate that beast. She hoped it was working, because she very badly wanted that monster inside of her.

Sefton and Zebra circled each other at first, both wary and shuddering with arousal. Their orbit tightened until Sefton could reach out and touch the equine creature, stroking its rough, striped back fur with her hand. The zebra snorted and stamped one of its hoooves. Sefton kept her hand on the beast, circled its body and then reached down under him and grasped his cock. Panting, she squeezed the enormous phalus, causing the snorting Zebra to tense. She drew her hand along the shaft and Zebra stood still. Sefton took her other hand off the Zebra and started to stroke her cunt, her other hand working the Zebra's cock and her face pressed into his side, breathing in his intoxicating scent. Sefton shuddered and almost came.

It was time.

Finally, she slid down under the Zebra, and crouched below him. She raised her wide pelvis and her gaping, reformed cunt and pressed it against the Zebras cock. The Zebra snorted and surged forward impaling Sefton who whimpered at the feeling of incredible penetration. It was amazing! She pushed back against the beast which began to thrust into her wildly, front hooves kicking the ground. Sefton groaned and panted and screached as she was pounded by the Zebra, until finally, the beast reared against her and came, filling her with his seed. Sefton screamed as her body was wracked by an enormous orgasm.

But that wasn't it all she was experiencing: the second phase of her transformation had begun. Her cock felt like it was erupting below her as her balls swelled and her penis became equine and larger. Her cock grew to match the Zebra's, forearm long, sheathed, mottled and black. Her balls swelled, growing to the size of apples, melons and finally enormous potatoe sacks which she was all but laying on top of. Sefton also felt a glorious pinch in her tailbone as a luxurious equine tail grew and cascaded down her legs.

The Zebra pulled himself out of her and staggered away satisfied and Sefton unsteadily climbed to her feet. Her balance was made awkward by her now huge balls, each easily a hundred pounds and filled with gallons of Zebra sperm. Sefton flicked her new tail and experimentally touched her Zebra cock. It seemed this part of the plan had worked.

Gingerly she waddled to the pen gate, she was anxious to go visit Steph.


Steph was running around her enclosure, tumbling and doing summersaults and whooping. She was trying to enjoy this body and her freedom of motion while she still could. If the plan worked she would probably never be able to run around like this again. Plus, playing like this helped kill the time of her captivity.

She wondered when Sefton would come back.

And then Steph smelled something in the air. Her heart began to beat faster, her enormous pussy grew wet and hot. And then door to her enclosure unlocked. In walked Sefton.

Steph moaned. Her eyes were instantly drawn to Sefton's altered package, her enormous balls which bulges out in front of her and hung down to her ankles. An absolute torrent of spunk waiting for her. Steph moaned again at the thought of all the semen flowing into her, changing her, making her pregnant.

Steph also stared at Sefton's cock. It was no longer just a small, unformed nub, but instead an enormous shaft of black and mottled flesh pushing out of a sheath. It bobbed heavily as Sefton waddled into the enclosure, its flat flared head pointed directly at her. Sefton's Zebra tail flicked and she stared intensely at Steph. Steph's heart was pounding, she wanted her friend so badly!

A small part of Steph realized that this was certainly her last chance to back out of this. That consummating her plan at this moment would commit her to a life in this cage, a life spent as a brood creature. Steph felt her cunt ache with arousal at the thought. She wanted this too much to back out. And even if she did want to renege, she could hardly do it now, after Sefton had already started down the path.

So Steph went to Sefton, crushed herself to her, and kissed her hungrily on the mouth. Sefton groaned in aroused greeting and pressed the enormous warmth of her balls and the hard fire of her cock against the other woman. "I need you," gasped Sefton, clutching Steph. "I need you too," Steph moaned back, "inside me right now."

Steph stumbled away and dropped to her hands and knees, raising her wide ass and baring her flared, dripping pussy for Sefton. Sefton, with a throaty growl lunged on top of Steph, her breasts laying on Steph's back and her enourmous balls resting on her legs. Sefton's huge cock ran along the cleft of Steph's cunt, rubbed along her belly, and poked between her heavy tits. Steph groaned, she needed that cock inside her, pumping her full of Zebra come. She reached back and helped Sefton inexpertly guide the cock inside her, steadily penetrating her. Steph cried out, as pliable and slick as her altered cunt was, Sefton's Zebra cock was stretching and filling her more than she ever had been before. Sefton grunted and began to thrust, into  Steph, at first steadily than increasingly wildly. Steph moaned and bucked back against Sefton, the two rutting wildly like animals, Steph screeching as she came and came and then exploded in an immense orgasm as Sefton screamed as she came and ejaculated furiously inside Steph with wave after wave of cum.

As Sefton pulled herself out of Steph, Steph felt her next stage of transformation beginning. Her insides grew hot and started to squirm as Seph started to stretch, her torso elongating, until it doubled in length. The lower part of her torso took on features and shape slowly resolving into a copy of her original with a second set of arms and pair of breasts. Steph panted, disturbed and aroused by the strange sensation, but knowing there were so many more changes to come. She moaned as she felt her lowest womb contract painfully, forcing the Zebra semen inside up into her lowest ovaries which began to tunnel through her body wall into her breasts. Steph could feel her womb now expand, swallowing up nearly all of the space in her new torso replacing most of her organs. Her breasts meanwhile expanded as Zerbra sperm and Steph's Zebrafied eggs met and became hundreds of thousands of Zebra embryos. Steph squealed again as the final change happened and her new torso grew a thin covering of striped Zebra fur and the hands of her new torso contracted into hooves. She lay there stretched out on the ground, longer by half and panting.

Steph lay there panting for a moment as what she had just done settled in. She had transformed. Her enormous lower breasts, easily k cups, were full of Zebra embryos which she would spend the rest of her life giving birth to. She knew that her new womb, hyper fertile as it was, was already implanted with a half dozen embryos, that she was already pregnant with multiple Zebras. Steph was a brood creature, a pregnancy machine in a zoo now until she died. This was her life now.

Steph awkwardly crawled her body so that she could see Sefton. Sefton, whose cock and balls had shrunk back down to their original, underdeveloped size, was swishing her Zebra tail and looking at Steph uncertainly. Steph smiled at her with all of the contentment she was feeling. "I think you should fill me with tigers next."


As Sefton returned to the zoo again nearly a year had passed since Steph and her had embarked on their bizarre conservation experiment. She was waddling through the tunnels to Steph's enclosure, contending with her enormous balls, swollen with the sperm of a Rhinoceros. She was already starting to feel her heart beat faster at the prospect of fucking her strange mate, impregnating Steph was the most sublime experience in her life. Her rhinoceros penis, one of the oddest cocks she has had on her body, was growing hard. It was enormous and long like one would expect, and droopy like a bulls cock, but it had a strange ridge of articulation and its tip looked like a smaller tube emerging from a wider one. Sefton thought it looked like she had piece of a flesh catheter sticking out of her cock. It wasn't her favorite animal cock. Sefton blushed, who would have thought she would have a preference in the type of animal cock on her body?

Sefton had been gone a couple months this time, had travelled to the great Savannah to find a wild bull rhino to fuck and collect sperm from. It had taken longer than she had expected to find a breedable male, but once she got close to one she easily seduced him. Sefton smiled fondly at the memory of being filled and fucked by such a powerful beast. She was strangely learning to love the beastiality part of her sex life.

And now here she was, back at the Jizza Zoo to deposit for seed in Steph and add Rhino breeding to her repertoire.

She finally reached the door to Steph's enclosure and a zookeeper unlocked it and let her in with a nod. Sefton ignored the man, already smelling her mates musk in the air. Her cock grew harder and her heart raced.

Sefton gasped a little when she saw Steph. She knew what her mate had become, but seeing it again always startled her. Stefton had collected sperm from six other animals before bringing Steph rhino sperm. This had left Steph with six additional breeding torsos, each with enormous ovary-breasts, pawed arms, and vaginas for birthing. Steph still had her original human torso, and then her Zebra striped torso, and then a tiger furred torso, an elephant, a gorilla, a cheetah and finally a panda torso before her original legs and pussy. Steph had clearly given birth to her first litters of Zebra and tiger cubs, but her other wombs were full and stretched so large that Steph was pinned to the ground were she lay.  She was beautiful and Sefton could hardly wait to add to her.

Steph must have smelled her since she twisted around, taking advantage of the relatively mobile first few torsos, to look at Sefton. She smiled, her eyes flashing with lust as they made eye contact. "Sefton," she said, "I'm so... happy... to see you. It's been so long."

"Too long," replied Sefton.

"You must have stories," Steph said, staring at Sefton's odd rhinoceros cock and swollen balls. "But I'm hoping that can wait."

"Of course," breathed Sefton, who was already waddling around Steph's chain like body towards her legs and primary pussy. She reached out and touched the enormous bulk of Steph's elephant womb, larger in size than Sefton, and slid her hand along its rough, grey hide. Her hand slid onto Steph's furry gorilla torso, whose gorilla hand ended arms were rubbing her enormous breasts and that torso's pussy, and then here spotted cheetah furred body segment, already round and straining around a huge litter of cheetah cubs, and then the black and white furred panda, just starting to show. Finally she reached Steph's legs and original pussy, which was already engorged and dripping with arousal. Steph had maneuvered her first few torsos so she could look back along her body at Sefton. Sefton looked at Steph's pussy and shuddered with need, her Rhino cock was fully extended and her huge balls were churning. But there was one thing she still had to do, made herself do. "Steph, are you sure you want this?"

Steph moaned. "Why do you always ask me this? Can't you smell how much I want it?" She gestured at her body, her seven body segments, some so large that she was unable to move. "It's not like I'm remotely normal at this point. Don't make me beg!"


"Demons, Sefton! Mate with me already! Fill me with baby rhinos! I want it! Fuck me!"

Sefton smiled, grabbed Steph by her hips and pushed her rhinoceros penis inside her mate.

Up the chain of her body, Steph gasped happily.


Steph was laying in her new enclosure. It had been three years since she had decided to become half of an animal breeding program and it was beginning to set in that this was her life now.

Steph was simply enormous, she had sixteen additional breeding torsos sandwiched between her original top and bottom halfs. In order, her chain like body had her head and human upper body, a zebra section, a tiger section, and then an elephant, gorilla, cheetah, panda, rhino, leopard, lion, polar bear, second elephant, sea otter, orangutan, arctic fox, pangolin, and spider monkey sections. (The second elephant section was added because a single modified womb could only support two elephant fetuses at a time.) Steph's body all spread out was nearly 50 feet long and most of her segments were hugely swollen with offspring so that she weighed hundreds of pounds. Steph had decided she was really more breeeding machine than human at this point.

Steph's growing bulk had necessitated moving her to this larger enclosure. It was a new pit, shallower since there was no risk of Steph trying to escape, and had a simple concrete pad for a floor. This allowed the enclosure to be flooded so that Steph could float her enormous body and enjoy some limited amount of mobility during the day. She found that if they filled her cage just deep enough so that her largest womb of the moment just cleared the floor she could actually paddle around decently with her many limbs. The enclosure water was temperature controlled and the addition of shade or rain umbrellas meant that living in a wading pool was actually quite pleasant. Steph quite liked her new home.

Steph was laying on the plastic boogie board her zookeepers gave her to keep her head comfortably above water and was basking in the sun.  It was a nice day and the zoo wasn't too busy, which was exactly how Steph liked it so she could just float and doze the afternoon away. Steph, to her own surprise, has found captivity and immobility pleasant. She suspects this has to do with her body, that with the multiple pregnancies she didn't have enough extra energy to get bored and that her particular cocktail of hormones keeps her feeling docile and blissed out. Steph sighed happily, she was actually enjoying spending her life floating in a pool feeling the joy of new life growing and moving inside her punctuated by the orgasmic splendor of birth after birth after birth. It was magical and actually making the world a better place.

Really, Steph's only complaint was that she was always horny. It depended on where each one of her segments was in their gestational cycle, with each of her pussies being ravenous during estrous, hungry during the first trimester, dissinterested mid pregnancy, swollen and extremely sensitive and horny again at the end. Since each womb was running on its own clock, Steph usually had some part of herself that was dripping with need. So Steph would spend the day idly masturbating, almost reflexively jilling off with whatever pussy-safe limbs could reach. (She learned early on that hooves did not work.) This took the edge off, but did nothing to assuage Steph's main problem: that her main pussy was always in heat.

Steph's main pussy, located between her human legs at the end of her body was always throbbingly horny. Everyday she could feel it, a dull ache begging to be filled. Steph could, if she spent her whole day on it, maneuver herself so that she could finger or eat out her own pussy, but she found that didn't really fix anything. Some of her zookeepers were happy to fuck her, and some of them even had large and animalistic enough cocks to scratch Steph's itch. But the only thing that really satisfied her, that gave her the shattering orgasms that have become the centre of her existence, is being fucked by her mate, Sefton.

Steph sighed again, wistfully, Sefton had been gone a long time. She wondered when she would be back and what new animal she would bring with her.

Steph groaned as she felt her largest swollen stomachs ground themselves on the botto of her enclosure. She knew that meant they were draining her pool. Steph was annoyed, it was still the hottest part of the day and her cage wasn't due to be emptied until nightfall. This probably meant the zookeepers needed something from her. As Steph came to rest, heavy and immobile, on the hard floor of her enclosure she sighed in annoyance. She was having such a nice day.

Steph heard the door to her cage unlock, but because her first few segments were pregnant and enormous she couldn't twist to see.

"Hello beautiful," purred a husky voice accompanied by an intoxicating scent. "I have a present for you."

"Sefton!?" Squealed Steph, body already responding to the proximity of her mate.

Sefton waddled around Steph's enormous bulk and into her view. Her balls were swollen and hid her legs and her cock had grown into a wickedly barbed, feline cock that had already emerged from her sheath. Steph looked at the crop of tails Sefton had grown, one from every tailed species she had "sampled". Steph bit her lip in excitement when she saw the new one, a beautiful snow leopard tail. She had always thought snow leopards were cute. "I'm so glad you're back!"

Sefton waddled out of view again, on the hunt for Steph's legs and vagina. "Are you sure you want this?" She purred.

"Yes! Of course!" Steph whimpered, "mate with me!"


The tour guide, a Jizza native who described himself as a "SWB Zebra" led the group along the path. His transformation gave him the round, muscular hind legs and penis of a Zebra and then collapsed his torso so that his mohawked, feminine but vaguely equine face grew straight from his hips. He swished his tail and clipped next to a sign saying "Jizza Zoo Breeding Program."

"Alright folks!" The guide said brightly stamping his hooves for attention, "this is the Jizza Zoo Breeding Program where a zoo transformee gives birth to endangered mammal species to send to other zoo breeding programs or to rehabilitate for the wild." The guide nodded towards the enclosure. "There you can see Steph, the brood creature in the program. Since joining the zoo five years ago Steph has given birth to hundreds of endangered animals. She currently has 32 "segments", extra breeding torsos, which allows her to become pregnant with 24 different species. She has a few repeats! You can tell which species she is breeding by what her segenebts look like: every segement gains some characteristic of the breeding species." The guide paused to allow the tour group  to puzzle through Steph's body. "Each segment is basically continuously pregnant from internal stores of fertilized ova. Every fertilized ova then undergoes recombination to increase genetic diversity and splits into multiple fetuses per litter for maximal efficiency. Steph's wombs can stretch so much that she can carry two elephants to term or a dozen tiger cubs or six of my favorite animal." The guide paused again until a member of the tour asked him what his favorite was. The guide yipped with laughter, "why, a Zebra of course!"

"Steph here only represents half of the program. Her mate, Sefton, is an experienced wild life tracker and guide who travels the world finding rare animals and colleting their sperm. She does this by being fucked by the animals until they ejaculate inside her and then her body stores and amplifies the sperm. Sefton then returns to Steph, fucks her with her penis, and deposits the sperm she is carrying in her mate. This transforms Steph and adds a new breeding segment. And you folks are in luck! Apparently Sefton has just returned from safari!"

The tour group watched as the door to he enclosure opened and in waddled Sefton, heaving huge balls, and studded with dozens of animal tails. She marched straight to Steph's face and kissed her before waddling along her body to her human legs. The tour grew silent as Sefton fucked Steph leaving both halves of the breeding program panting and crying out in orgasm. The crowd then watched as Steph's body elongated growing additional huge breasts, new limbs capped with three long, curved claws instead of fingers, and a shaggy pelt of grey fur. "It looks," the guide finally said, "as if Steph will be having some baby sloths in the future."

"Anyway," continued the guide, stomping his hooves to regain attention, "the Jizza Zoo Breeding Program has been such a success that we are looking to expand it with a bird and reptile breeding pair. We have also gotten interest from conventional zoos looking to emulate us." The guide paused and swished his tail. "We are looking for volunteers interested in becoming brood creatures to be paired with an experienced conservationalist gatherer. Anyone interested should speak to the recruiting agent we'll meet at the end of the tour."

"Now if you'll follow along this way..."

The End