Topic: Broken Masks

Prologue-10 years earlier

           The demonic form sat on the bench and comforted the small crying human child beside her.  It had been so long since someone had given her such an outpouring of emotion.  It almost reminded the demon of who and what she used to be, long ago before she shed her mortal form.  At these thoughts the demon found her form shifting, becoming far more human than it had in decades.  She picked up the tiny, vulnerable bundle and hugged the girl to her chest.  The girl snuggled into her breasts, letting the maternal warmth dry her sadness.

           For a while they were at peace, but such a thing could not last forever.  The sun had already set and the moons were on the rise.  The demon could hear voices off in the distance, other humans searching for the girl.  Soon they would find her and would be less than pleased to discover her in the arms of a demon.  With great regret, the demon set the little girl back down on the bench beside her.  She made to rise, but a tiny hand caught hers.

           "Where…where are you going?" the girl asked, on the verge of breaking back into tears.  “Please don’t leave me alone.”

           "I'm afraid our time together is gone little one.  Others will be here soon, to take you back to your parents."

           "But I don't want to go back.  It's just my dad now, my mom is gone and she's never coming back.  I don't want to go back there, knowing she can never come back."

           The demon wasn't sure she had a heart anymore, but if so it cracked slightly.  Not quite a break, but there were definitely cracks there.  She didn't know why this little girl affected her so when similar pleas had fallen on deaf ears.  It must have something to do with this night, the night where mana flowed more strongly and things once known were suddenly strange.  She had to say something and soon, in order to get away.

           "You must go back.  Go back, and be the woman your mother would have wanted you to be.  Wouldn't that be the best way to make her happy?"

           The girl wiped at her damp face with a sleeve.  "But how will she know?  She's not here anymore."

           "Little one, a mother is always watching over her daughter, even when it seems she's no longer there.  Take that advice to heart and you will grow into a wonderful young woman.  I'm so sorry, but I must leave you now."

           The demon made to get up, but was once again stopped by the young girl catching her hand.  "Will…will I see you again?"

           The words struck the demon like a blow.  Normally people begged never to see her again, not this.  The form she wore now was only available due to the magical convergence of Demon's Eve.  Her other form, her true form, would only cause terror in the eyes of the young girl before her.  While that was normally what the demon wanted, once again things were so contrary in this case.  What to do…what to do?  The voices were closer now…she had to flee and soon.

           "If you truly wish to see me again, come to this bench in one year's time.  I promise I'll be here if you wait long enough."  With that, the demon turned and fled back into the woods.  She paused under the shade of a tree older even than her and watched as the other humans converged around the little girl.  One, who must have been her father, knelt down and engulfed the girl in a hug.  It was a heartwarming moment, one that the demon's returning nature couldn't stand.  She turned away, striding deeper into the woods before she let her instincts get out of hand.  She didn't know what the little girl would tell her father, or if the gathered humans even believe what she said.

           The demon studied a drop of the girl's tears on her finger, just before the appendage was lost to the gloom.  Whatever happened, she would be here again next year.  For those brief feelings she had felt tonight, ones she thought long lost, nothing would stand in her way.

Chapter 1-A Young Girl Grown

           I finished typing the last paragraph of my report and leaned back in my chair with a sigh.  We were only a month into the new quarter and already my History of the Empire class was turning out to be a doozy.  I was glad I started on this project early, as if I left it to the last minute like so many of my classmates the quality would have dropped immensely.

           My gaze flicked to my dorm dresser and the small picture frame atop it.  The image held three people frozen in time.  A happy, smiling couple and their cute little daughter.  I could still remember when the image was taken, almost a dozen years ago.  A time of smiles and laughter, before things fell apart.

           Getting out of my chair, I strode over to the dresser and picked up the picture.  So many people these days said I looked like my mother when she was my age.  In some ways I could see it.  We were both tall, with thick waves of curly brown hair.  But I lacked her generous curves to round out my skinny frame and my face could never pull off the naked grace hers could.  My father had been a lucky man to land my mother and he knew it, treating her like a princess.  Maybe that was why losing her was so hard for him.  I was much less of a catch, though I tried to use my brain to supplement what I lacked in beauty.

          "I hope you'd be proud of me mom." I said, returning the frame to its place of honor.  There was no one around to hear my words, but I could somehow still feel her watching over me.

           As I had some time before dinner and the darkness had yet to claim the light of day, I decided to go for a walk around campus before meeting classmates for dinner.  We needed to hash out our group project for Regional Governmental Politics and the walk would give me time to come up with some ideas.

           That was the plan anyway, though it fell apart barely five minutes after departing my dorm room.

          "Erica! Oh, Erica!" a sickly sweet voice called out to me.

           Demons, what now?  Can't I make it through a week without her screwing up my life?  I turned and gave the speaker a "what do you want now" glare.

           If Everett Freeman, the bane of my existence, noticed the hostile look she studiously ignored it.  The curvaceous blonde walked up to me and draped an arm around my shoulder.  "Erica, there you are.  I've been looking all over for you."

           While I hadn't been deliberately avoiding her, it wasn't like I went out of my way to hang out with my arch-enemy.  "If you needed to contact me Everett, there are these things call cell phones you know.  Even if you keep losing yours, your parents are plenty rich to keep buying new ones.  Or you could always send your legbreaker to track me down."

           I glared over Everett's shoulder at Dominique Cortoz, Everett's hired muscle.  The Dom, as she insisted everyone call her, was short, flat as an ironing board, and had the muscles and temper to beat up an ox.  Everett controlled her by rationing out Dom’s violence, sending the angry woman after those who annoyed her.  Most people knew to make themselves scarce when the black pixie cut and piercing studded woman became visible.

           Of course, the rest of Everett's entourage was also present.  As the self-professed queen of the school, she never went anywhere without them.  Besides Dom, there were also the Wilkins twins, Lynne and Lucille.  They were Everett's yes girls and general purpose snooty backup.  There was also Billy Car, the handsome and charming yet brain dead jock.  I think he was supposed to be Everett's boyfriend, but she used him instead like cheap arm candy and send him to either screw or screw over anyone who got in her way.

           "Don't be pedestrian Erica." I don't know if Everett actually knew the definition of that word, or heard it used once and liked it, but it was enough to bring my focus back to the blonde next to me.  "There are some things that must be delivered in person.  I find myself in a situation and need your help to get out of it."

           It was a real struggle to keep from putting my face in my hands and rubbing my temples to forestall the oncoming headache.  "What now Everett?  I'm really busy with classes this quarter."

           "Well, you see…I had a bit of falling out with Antonia Boyd earlier today.  After that, I can't be seen going to her Demon's Eve party.  It wouldn't do my social standing any good.  But I can't just stay in that night, I need to show the stuffy little bitch up and have my own party.  One far better than the pitiful excuse I know she's going to put on.  When everyone shows up to my party and none to hers, only then will I be vindicated."

           Antonia Boyd was the student body president at our college.  I didn't like her much, as she had a superior attitude hard enough to break rocks.  But I did at least respect her.  According to my friend Tammy who worked with her, Antonia was a brilliant planner and strategist.  She knew how to delegate and who to, resulting in everything she'd planned so far this year going off splendidly.  She also didn't take shit from anyone, which was probably why she'd told Everett to hit the road when the blonde started interfering with her plans.  Everett might consider herself the queen bee, but Antonia was the one that had all the power.

           "As fascinating as your drama filled life is Everett, I don't see what this has to do with me."

           "After I couldn't stand that annoying little shrew's presence and left, I got to thinking."  A crack about her thinking was on the tip of my tongue, but I managed to bite it back.  "Who's the best planner I know?  One who can do an even better job than Antonia.  Erica, that's who."

           What she wanted dawned on me like a man sitting beside the tracks and watching two trains barreling toward each other.  "Everett, you want me to plan you a Demon's Eve party?"  She nodded, as if this was a totally obvious request.  "Are you crazy?  Demon's Eve is next week.  Even if we threw around your family's money, all the good places were reserved months ago.  Not to mention the need to get caterers, decorations, and dozens of other things.  Tammy said Antonia has been planning this party since last year and she had a whole committee to do it.  How the heck do you expect me to top that in only a few days?  Plus I have classes and projects of my own to do in the meantime.  It's not like I'm waffling around on minimum units like you are."

           Everett put her finger to my lips to forestall my rant.  "You'll do it, because I have every confidence in you.  If not…well perhaps what happened with you and Doreen Lyons will reach some interested ears."

           Those words instantly froze my heart.  I didn't hang out with Everett and her band of "Alphas" because I was a snooty good for nothing, I did it because Everett was blackmailing me.  I'd gone to a spring festival party freshman year, got drunk for the first time, and woke up in bed with Doreen.  This would have been bad enough from the lesbian angle, but Doreen was also a transformed.  A severe transformed, a walking…sliding collection of boobs, cocks, and dicks that was barely human.  Worse, there were rumors that sexual contact with the slug girl would transform you into something similar.  Needless to say I ran out of there like the building was on fire and deconed myself as thoroughly as possible.  I spent a week constantly one edge, thinking that my pussy was suddenly going to grow huge or my ears would be replaced with dicks.  I only calmed down after a week with no changes.

        I don't know if we actually did anything that night, but just being together would be enough to ruin my reputation.  Doreen’s changes could supposedly spread by only contact according to some rumors and no-one would want to be near me and risk it.  While I thought I could survive that, having been caught with a severe transformed would devastate what little family I had left.  My father’s sister had transformed herself into the genitals on some kind of animal…I never found out all of the details…and that forever dampened his worldview of the transformed.  The rest of my family weren’t too happy about the change either.  They weren't completely anti-transformed, but wouldn't forgive me for voluntarily changing myself either.

           I never discovered how Everett found out, but she'd been holding it over my head since the start of last year, using me for grunt work she couldn't be bothered to do herself.  More than a few papers were written under this agreement as well as some unpaid tutoring.  I drew the line when she asked me to take a test for her, as we'd both be expelled if caught.

           "I'll think of something." I had no idea what, but that was better than sitting there with my mouth open in shock.

           "Perfect, I know you won't let us down.  Oh, and we'll all need new costumes as well.  Something exotic, that will keep us at the center of attention.  But now I must be off, plenty of people to see." The blonde flounced off, trailed by her followers.

           I continued to stand there, a sense of doom hanging over me like a sword.  There was no way I could do what Everett wanted, not with how much time I had.  But, I still had to try.  Checking my watch, I saw it was time to meet my other friends at the dining hall.  Hopefully we could hash out the details quickly after dinner, as I suddenly had a lot of work to do and not a lot of time to do it.

Chapter 2-Not so Imaginary Friend

           Three days later I sat on a bench, despondent.  Ever since that conversation with Everett I’d been working my ass off to try and set up a last minute party.  Even with cutting classes, neglecting meals, and shortcutting assignments, I barely had anything to show for my efforts.  Either everything was already booked, or the official school party was doing something cooler, or pick your poison of a dozen other problems.  It probably would have been more fruitful to be planning my escape from school, before Everett leaked my secret for failing her.

           As I sat there and thought, I absentmindedly pulled the necklace out of my shirt and rubbed the charm on the end.  A small sphere made of two intertwined sections of glass; one a vibrant green, the other a smoky black.  Everyone who had seen it asked where I got it and I had to dodge the question.  After all, how do you explain that your imaginary friend gave it to you.  Or that she wasn’t so imaginary for a week or so every year.  I earnestly wished Scalena was with me.  She always knew the answers to all my questions.

           “You called, little one?”

           I almost jumped as the words slithered into my ear.  I turned and, to my great joy, saw who was standing behind me.  Every time I saw her Scalena’s form changed slightly, but for some reason I could always recognize her.  This year she was almost as tall as me, with long black hair trapped in a pair of braids.  The shirt she was wearing was stretched to the breaking point to cover four huge breasts arranged in a square pattern across Scalena’s torso.  Below that she had on a long white skirt, which was tenting badly at the front as her massive dick made its presence known.

           “Scalena.” I cried happily, rushing around the bench and engulfing her in a hug.  So close to best friend, my mentor, my...a lot of complicated things, I felt my troubles melt away.  “You’re early. I didn’t expect you for a few more days.”

           “I happened to be in the area anyway and I felt your distress.”  Scalena ran a finger over the charm hanging outside my shirt.  It seemed Scalena was always there to support me through the most troublesome parts of my life.  Most often it was just a letter or an oblique sign, but it was enough to know she was always watching over me.  Scalena’s words brought back the reality of my situation and despite the comforting presence of my not so imaginary friend, I felt myself grow depressed again.

           “Come, sit with me little one.”  Scalena spun me around and sat me down beside her on the bench.  “Now, tell me your troubles.”

           The over next half hour I blurted out everything that had happened.  If Scalena was angry I hadn’t told her this last year, or disappointed with me, she never showed it.  All she did was put a comforting arm around my torso and give me a shoulder to cry one.

           “So as I see it…” Scalena began as I finished, “you have two options.  One is to face up to what happened, that you were in a compromising position with another transformed woman.  Is there a problem with that?  Do you dislike the transformed?”

           How could I answer yes to that, when I was almost sitting in the lap of a woman with four breasts and a dick the size of my arm?  “I don’t dislike them.  How could I, after being with you?  But others are afraid of them; just the rumors of a liaison would rip my reputation to shreds.  Not to mention what my father would think if he found out…”

            “You have to balance those fears against being a slave to this Everett woman forever.  From what you’ve told me, she doesn’t seem to be the kind to let a competent and compliant plaything like you slip through her fingers.  You managed to stand up to her one time when she pushed you too far, but can you again?  Will this toxic relationship end when she graduates this year, or will she find a way to take you with her?”

           “So what you’re saying is I have two bad choices and have to live with one of them.”

           “Only if you are too blind to see a third path.”

           A third path?  I leaned against Scalena’s breasts and contemplated what she was saying.  Running away was another option, but it wouldn’t solve anything.  If flight was gone that only left fight, but how could I do that?  It wasn’t like I could walk up and punch Everett.  Even assuming Dom didn’t stop me, all that would accomplish would be to drag me further under her control.  But what if I did something subtler, something to ruin her reputation instead?

           “I can see the gears turning inside your head little one.  Care to share?”

           I sighed and tried to organize my thoughts into a coherent stream.  “The only other way out of this I can see is to somehow take the fight to Everett.  I’d need something that would wreck her reputation if it ever got out.  Something I could hold over her head like she’s holding my secret over mine.”

           “And how do you plan to get this information?”

           “I don’t know, there has to be some dirty secrets lying around somewhere.  Everett didn’t climb to the top of the social heap without leaving a few bodies behind.  If I can show people who she really is, maybe she’ll be too busy fighting her own fires to mess with me.”

           “Show people who she really is.”  Scalena let out a chuckle.  “That gives me an idea.  A wonderfully nasty idea.”

           When Scalena whispered her plan into my ear I felt my jaw drop.  “You can do that?”

           “Oh, I can do a great many things.” Scalena smiled back coyly.  “Anything to protect the one I love.”

           Those words deserved another hug and I buried myself in Scalena’s chest.  I
truly loved her; she had taken on the maternal position of the mother I’d lost so long ago.  At times Scalena felt like my only parent, my dad having grown troubled and distant after losing his wife.  Scalena might have been an infrequent guide, but the little boosters she gave me were enough to get me through my troubles.  Somehow I wished I could be with her all year long, not just the week of Demon’s Eve.

           Our happy time together ended as Scalena gently pried herself free from my grasp.  “I have to go now little one, to see to the preparations for a most special night.  Assure your nemesis that everything is going according to plan and soon, you shall have your revenge.”

           And with a sudden strong breeze, I was alone again.  Scalena had literally disappeared into thin air.  I really need to ask her how she did that next time I saw her.  But until then I had my own part of the plan to play.  Everett Freeman had crossed me dearly, and as Scalena said the time for my revenge was nigh.

Chapter 3- Setting the Stage

           “How did you find this place Erica?  It’s perfect.” Everett exclaimed as she and the other Alphas climbed the front steps of the mansion.

           “You don’t want to know.” I replied, rubbing my temples.  “Short answer is it involved dozens of phone calls, a trip to two different sets of lawyers’ offices, and a hefty bribe.  The guy who used to own this place was an eccentric alchemist who died five years ago.  His heirs have been squabbling over it ever since then with no end in sight, leaving the building to rot.  Part of the agreement for use is that we have to do a bit of cleaning, but I hired a service for that.  The touched up the party areas and some of the upstairs rooms this morning and will come back tomorrow for a deep clean.”

           “Why not wait to do all the cleaning until tomorrow?  Wouldn’t that give the place a more authentic air?” asked Lynne snottily.

           “Yea.” Her sister seconded.  “The atmosphere needs to be just right.”

           “Somehow I couldn’t see you two slogging through an inch of dust and cobwebs thick enough to require a knife to cut them.  Trust me, the service was a good investment.”

           “What about the food?”

           “Another service I managed to find and bribe away with a stack of your father’s cash.  They’re all heavily transformed, which should add to the horror atmosphere you two are expecting.” I shot the twins a dirty look.

           “Indulging in your fantasies Erica?” Everett asked sweetly, which shifted my hostile glare over to her.  It bounced off her shield of obliviousness.

           “Forget that, I want to know about the costumes.” Billy cut in.  “You better have done a good job with them.”

           “Oh I did.” I had to work very hard to keep the smile off my face.  “I put together a perfect costume for every one of you.”

           “When can we see them?”

           “Later, I need to give you a tour of the place first.”

           I walked up to the front door, pulling a heavy iron key from my pocket as I went.  It slid into the lock with a dull click and a heavy thunk as I turned it.  A little push and the doors opened with a squeal.  Even Dom looked impressed at that.

           The foyer inside was a huge, open space.  Twin curving staircases led to the upper floor, while other doors led to the wings of the mansions.  But the foyer was dominated by a statue on a plinth in its center and I let the group gawk for an appropriate amount of time.

           “As I mentioned previously, this place used to be owned by an alchemist with a very different view of beauty.  Also, by most accounts, a massive ego.”
           You’d certainly need one of those to put up a statue of yourself as the first thing people saw when they entered your house.  The stone man stood at attention, glaring out at all those who dared enter his domain.  By the real eye catching part was the back of the statue.  Instead of the expected rear view of the old man, it was the front of an entirely different being.  A heavily transformed one, showing off the owner’s ideals of true beauty.  The creature’s face had no features, save for a massive vagina that split the blunt end in two.  At the collarbone another vagina began, running down the creature’s chest and into the slug like body that replaced the lower legs on this side.  Instead of arms, the creature had twice as many fat dicks on its sides.  Lines of breasts encircled the body every few feet like banding on a cask.

           “What the hell is that?” Billy asked in alarm, taking a step back.

           “No one knows.  Possibly a figment of his imagination, as there’s no record of him ever transforming someone like that.  On the other hand, his body was never found and this statue appeared the same day.  Some people think he transformed himself into the stone marvel before you.”

           “Heh, heh.  Very funny story.” Lucile remarked, even though no one was laughing.

           “It certainly sets the right atmosphere though.” Her sister replied grudgingly.

           “Are we sure they took all of his alchemy supplies out when he died?” the Dom asked warily.  “The last thing we need is someone accidently getting transformed.”

           “Relax.  Do you have any idea how expensive that stuff is?  They carted it out of here as soon as the body was cold…err, they didn’t find a body, so as soon as they could legally declare him dead.  That was probably the last time anyone came in here before today.”  A lie, but one they wouldn’t find out about until later.  “Come on, I want to show you the ballroom before the catering company shows up.”

           I led the Alphas to one of the huge side doors and pushed it open.  The cleaning service had divested the room of the worst of the dust and cobwebs, but had left enough strategic patches to preserve the spooky vibe.  This was helped by the portraits on the walls.  They were done in the old formal style, back when people had to actually sit still for hours.  At first glance they look normal, but then a few odd details jumped out at you.  The woman with no arms or eyes, the man with vaginas instead of ears, the woman riding a horse…only her body sunk into the stump where the horse’s head should have been.  And so on and so forth.

           On the far side of the ballroom was a small stage and there was a bar ran a third of the length of one of the closer walls, but otherwise the space was completely open.

           “How’s the sound system?” Billy asked, studying a small grated box on the wall.

           “An antique, but someone spliced in a modern player.  I tested the system this morning and it carries sound just fine.”

           “Well Erica, it seems you’ve outdone my wildest expectations.  A spooky place like this, combined with the rumors I’ve been spreading about the other party, and we’ll rule tonight.  All that’s left is to see our costumes.”

           “Ah yes, right this way…”

Chapter Four-A night of revenge

           "Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a good time." I called from the stage.  As it fit my position, I had chosen a sexy ringmaster costume for the evening.  Black fishnet stockings wrapped around my legs, leading down to black high heels.  A short black skirt partly shaded my thighs and left little to the imagination.  I had on a tight white shirt with a circus master’s red, black and gold jacket over it.  A pair of short gloves protected my hands while the outfit was topped off by the tiny black top hat that sat on my hair at a jaunty angle.  And of course, a black domino mask.  It wouldn't be Demon's Eve with a mask.

           The room before me was packed with people, which was impressive due to the last minute nature of the party.  Half was due to my advertising efforts, while the rest probably had something to do with Everett sabotaging several other planned parties.  Like me, everyone in the crowd was wearing masks.  Even the servers, some of which didn't have heads anymore.  I spotted a perfect example of this striding through the crowd. The…I assumed woman…looked like a cross between a Freyan cockwoman and a barrel cactus.  It would be impossible to mistake her as anyone else, yet even she was wearing a (very circular) mask around her glans.

           The crowd responded to my words with cheers and raised glasses of punch.  Everett had really wanted alcohol for tonight, but I stood firm on the "no illegal shit" part of our agreement.  Even so, I wouldn't be surprised if more than one glass was spiked with something more.  In fact, I knew they were, as Scalena's caterers had added in a special mixture on our orders.  Nothing dangerous, just a little something to make the crowd more open and pliable for the next few hours.

           I hated to say this part, especially as I (with Scalena's help) had been the one to do all the work.  "This party couldn't have happened without the great foresight and generosity of Everett Freeman.  Please give a warm round of applause for the planner and sponsor of the wonderful night we have before us."

           The cheering was a bit more subdued this time, as Everett's reputation preceded her.  I think some of the guys clapped harder when they saw Everett's outfit though.  Tonight my nemesis was dressed to the nines as a ballroom queen.  Her skirt was at least three feet in diameter and dozens of layers thick, only the very tips of her heels poked out below the bottom layer of fabric.  The dress itself was a deep burgundy, the color of wine or, I thought disturbingly, dried blood.  Apart from a small keyhole for Everett's breasts, the dress covered her completely.  She wore gloves that rose all the way up into her poufy sleeves.  An arrangement of purple feathers had been woven into Everett’s hair, along with a full mask that disguised everything but the predatory gleam of her teeth.

           The rest of the Alphas trooped onstage after their leader.  Every queen needs a knight, and that was what Billy was dressed as.  The outfit was actually metal and leather, making it weigh far more than a cheap plastic version.  Between that and the heat generated from so many bodies in a small space, it must have felt like a sauna.  To make things worse for Billy the costume just as covering than Everett's.  Only his eyes could be seen through tiny slits in the armor's helmet.

           The costume I'd chosen for the Dom fit her personality perfectly.  Her body possibly less so, as Dom lacked the curves to pull off the leather dominatrix outfit correctly.  Even with the corset almost cutting her in half, Dom still had less up top than I did.  And she was still shorter despite tottering on a pair of stiletto heels.  The angry scowl on Dom’s face was hidden by a mask that only showed her eyes and purple painted lips, but I knew the signs that she wasn't happy.

           Lastly, the twins followed their mistress onstage.  They too wore elaborate ball gowns, but theirs were lacking in about every possible dimension compared to Everett's.  The skirts were smaller, falling just above the calf, and had slits that ran scandalously high.  The dresses lacked the inflated shoulderguards and sleeves, plunging down into the top of the corset in almost an indecent manner.  Their gloves were only elbow length and they lacked the hair styling of Everett.  Instead of masks, thin silk veils obscured all their features.  It was difficult to tell the twins apart under normal circumstances, but now it was possible only by the color of their dresses.  Lynne's was sunflower yellow, while Lucille's was an earthy brown.

           "Thank you Erica for the introduction." Everett said, displacing me from center stage.  "Thank you all for coming to my little get together.  I hope everything is to your liking."  This got a small round of cheering.  "Good.  When I promise a good party I deliver, remember that.  This place will be rocking all night; unlike some other parties I could mention."  Anyone even partly clued in knew she was talking about Antonia and the official school party.  Everett decided to go even further and rub her rival's face in it.  "If only Antonia could be here.  She's missing out at that other party she's hosting."

           And that was my queue for tonight's activities to begin.  "Actually Everett, if you want to say something to Antonia you can.  She's right here after all."  I gestured across the stage, where the aforementioned student body president strode out from behind a curtain.  Antonia was wearing a ridiculous long blonde wig, an extremely preppy outfit, and seemed to have several sock puppets sitting on her shoulders.  The two on the left were wearing a football jersey with a very phallic helmet and a muscle shirt with little barbells respectively.  The two on the other shoulder were wearing identical sock puppet versions of Antonia's preppy outfit, with their black felt hair done up in braids.

           "What are you doing here?" Everett spluttered.  "And what are you dressed as?"

           "I was invited, same as everyone else."  Antonia made a "duh" gesture to the crowd, who laughed.  "Someone called in a demon sighting at the building we planned to hold the school Demon's Eve party in and we had to cancel the event, so I suddenly found myself free to attend.  As for what I'm wearing, I decided to go as the most pompous, annoying person I know. Care to guess who it is?"

           Everett looked back at me; confusion, anger, and betrayal fighting for control of her face.  "Erica, what is going on here?"

           "I'm walking the third path."  That explanation went right over the blonde's head, so I went with something simpler.  "We all wear masks Everett, not just tonight but every day of our lives.  They hide what we truly feel and who are inside.  Let's see what's under yours."

           I pulled a small piece of purple crystal from a pocket of my jacket.  It was ground into a slim circle and hung on a chain, like an old timey eyepiece.  “This is a shard of Sin’thael.  For those of you who slept through history class, he ruled during the era of Mad Kings.  Supposedly, Sin’thael was so paranoid he had hundreds of these crystals made so that he could determine the true thoughts of his advisers.  They didn’t work quite the way he intended, instead actually transforming those viewed through one into their true form.  Supposedly even the mad king ended up transformed by one, though the legends disagree into what.”  This was all a clever bit of fiction Scalena and I came up with.  The crystal was actually much newer, but still powerful.

    “Don’t you dare point that thing at me.” Everett demanded.  “If you even think about it I’ll...I’ll…”

    “You’ll sit there and take it.” I said simply.  “If you bothered to read the costume rental contract earlier instead of blindly signing it, you might have caught the extra page I added.  By signing it, you and the rest of your entourage consented to the events that will happen tonight.  It was the last contract you’ll ever sign.”  I really hoped Everett could see the venom in my eyes as I said the last part.

    “That won’t stand up in court.  My father with…”

    “Everett, shut up.”  The blonde gagged and clutched her throat as if something large and phallic had been shoved deep inside it.  Sensing Dom was about to try something, I added, “The rest of you will be quiet as well and wait your turn.”  That stilled the rest of the movement on the stage.
I held the shard of Sin’thael up to my eye and made a performance of studying the fuming blonde.  "Oh, I see."  I let the crystal drop to hang from its chain.  "Underneath that costume, you're just a bitch."

           The room stood in silence, stunned by my words.  A moment later there was a sound like breaking glass.  Without anything or anyone touching it, Everett's costume mask shattered in two and fell to reveal the stunned face underneath.  There was another chime of metal on glass and Everett's dress shattered like a mirrored reflection smashed into a thousand pieces.  This left the blonde onstage as naked as the day she was born and struggling to cover herself.

           I saw an expression cross Everett's face I'd never seen before.  Fear.  There was embarrassment too, especially when some of the crowd started making lewd comments, but the driving emotion was fear.  She knew something was happening, something horrible, and she had no ability to stop it.  Everett's eyes glanced at me with barely restrained terror and I decided to grant my nemesis one last chance.

    “Any last words, Everett?”

    "Wha...what's happening to me?"  The words were pleading, so far from the confident and commanding tone Everett always employed.

           "What you deserve." I answered coldly.

           Before Everett could respond, there was a third ear rattling sound of breaking glass.  She had no more clothes to lose, so the effects weren't immediately obvious, but by the way Everett started to twitch and writhe I knew the transformation was working. 

           Everett let out a howl as she started to shrink.  Her proportions stayed the same, but the ends of her limbs collapsed into giant balls of flesh.  Unable to balance, Everett fell onto all fours before a shifting in her hip bones made the quadruped stance permanent.  Everett's large breasts, her pride and joy, underwent mitosis until their mass was divvied up among eight tiny breasts in four rows of two.  In contrast, all eight of her nipples grew larger, poking out like an army of small thumbs.

           Everett tried to speak, to cry for help, but something was happening to her face.  The bottom half bulged out, obliterating her nose while reshaping into a short, rounded muzzle.  Everett's lips turned vertical and thinner, her mouth reforming into a vagina.

           Everett's hair fell out, revealing her ears were being reabsorbed into her skull.  They were replaced a moment later by a pair of semi erect dicks, flopping around like pigtails.  Another dick could be seen growing in above her butt, wagging like a tail.  Everett wasn't stuck hairless for long though, the transformation finished with her growing in a short coat of fur the same color as her former white blonde locks.  The fuzz covered every part of her body, from her breast feet to her vagina mouth to her wagging dick tail.

           I moved to the back of the stage and pulled off a covering, revealing a full length mirror.  Now Everett could see everything that had happened to her.  I saw one last moment of horror in the former bitch queen's eyes before the intelligence left them.

           "Now your outside matches the inside." I said, breaking the silence.  Everyone looked at me with looks of mild horror, but the mixture I'd added to their drinks prevented them from doing anything.  It made them passive enough they just wanted to see what was going to happen next.

           I reached into a pocket and pulled out a collar and leash.  Bending down, I snapped the collar around the breast puppy's neck before tugging her over to Antonia.  "Antonia, Everett can't look after herself anymore so would you be up for the job?  I know you've always wanted a dog, but couldn't because of your allergies.  She's 100% hypoallergenic though, so you should be fine.  Poor Bitchy shouldn't be too hard to look after, she's smart enough to be easily trainable without being smart enough to get into trouble.  Bitchy lives off of cum, which shouldn't be too hard to find as she's always in heat.  What do you say, will you be willing to look after her?"

           Antonia looked at me like Christmas had come early.  Being able to lead her humiliated rival around on a leash and letting her act like the slut Everett...now Bitchy truly was…there was no way she could turn my offer down.  Antonia accepted the leash from me graciously, saying, "It would be my honor.  Perhaps we can make her the school mascot for the rest of the year.  I'm sure she could improve the morale among all the teams."  How Bitchy would to that was unsaid, but heavily implied.

           Bitchy gave a horrified yip, showing that not all of Everett was gone.  With a smile, Antonia hauled Bitchy offstage to give her pet a more private introduction to her new owner.

           One down, four to go.  "Of course, Everett wasn't alone when she made
everyone's life miserable.  You four all had a hand in that as well.  As punishment, let's see what's hiding under all of your masks.  Billy, you annoyed me the most, so I'll start with you.  Come out to center stage with me so we can get you changed."

           Through the tiny eye slits of his helmet, I could see Billy was scared.  An expression I'd seen on his face about as often as Everett's.  He didn't know what was happening, especially when his body followed my commands without his input, but knew it wasn't good.

           I pulled out the monocle again and held it up to examine Billy.  After a moment I let it drop away, smiling evilly.  "I think I now know why you were such a jock and bully Billy, because underneath all that armor you're just a giant sissy."

           There was another sound of breaking glass and Billie's armor shattered away.  He looked down, stunned, at his nakedness on full display.

           "Well, I don't know what all the girls were always excited about.  You certainly
don't seem to be packing much down there."  If anything, my cutting remarks caused a stirring at Billy's groin.  "Ah Billy, do you like when people humiliate you?  Laugh at you?"  This got another twinge.  "Then this must be a dream come true for you, a chance for you to be humiliated instead of doing it to others.  Why don't you show us show us how horny that makes you feel?"

           Billy's hands flew to his dick and began stroking up and down.  A few in the crowd laughed at his actions, causing the jock to jerk harder.  This lead to more laughs and mocking whispers, which fed into a viscous cycle.  It took only a minute for the cycle to peak, causing Billy to leak his seed all over the stage.

           But that wasn't the end of it.  Billy kept pumping and the sperm kept flowing.  Five seconds turned into ten into twenty into thirty.  And Billy kept on cumming.

           "Hey. Is it just me, or is he getting smaller?" I heard one of the guys closest to the stage say to his companion.

           After the minute mark it was obvious that Billie was shrinking, both in height and body mass.  If flowed out of his dick in a never ending stream of cum, forming into a pool around the former jock's feet.

           As the process continued other changes became apparent.  Billie rubbed one cum covered hand through his hair as it started to itch.  Shortly afterward the now blonde locks grew long enough to flow behind his shoulders with no sign of stopping.  His arms discolored, looking like body painted black gloves.  Other designs appeared; tattooed fishnets, a corset wasping his waist.  By this point Billy almost looked emancipated and was coming up on losing a foot of height.  About the only points that hadn't shrunk were the two mounds on his chest and the pair poking out of his butt, leaving Bill with exaggerated curves.

           Billy's feet deformed, sliding up on the toes and darkening fully as if he was wearing a pair of ballet heels.  Flaps of skin left over from his larger size reformed around his thighs, forming a scandalously short skirt with pink edging.  Only those up front were close enough to see the wrinkly factor of the edging, and I was looking forward to when Billy discovered his new skirt was a super sensitive set of labial lips.

           Eventually Billy was able to pull his hands away from his dick, his transformation finished.  Where once a charming jerk had stood, now there was a sissy shemale wearing what looked like the body paint version of a maid's dress.  His...no HER blonde hair fell to Billy’s ass, swaying mesmerically as I directed Billy to stand before the mirror.  The look on the sissy's face was priceless through her permanent pink make-up.

           "But what good is a sissy without a master?"  I told the crowd, turning back to face them.   "Franklin Webster, would you like to join me onstage?"

           A moment later the crowd parted and a man moved to stand beside me.  I'd only met Franklin once or twice before this, but I knew he was one of Billy's favorite targets.  The jock had stolen Franklin's girlfriend, who was his high school sweetheart, within weeks of them starting school together.  Then after Franklin spent months moving on and finally asked out another girl, Billy had stolen her too.  The jock hadn't even kept either woman for more than a date or two, but so spoiled them that Franklin could never take either back.  As Franklin was skinny geek's geek and had to work triple hard to get pretty girls to even realize he existed, I figured the best revenge was to give him a loving, obedient girl who would never leave him.

           "You want me to be the master of him?"  Franklin asked skeptically.  "Why would I, after all the bastard did to me?"

           "Her actually.  There's not much left of Billy that remotely resembles what a guy should have.  Consider it reparations.  After all, she'll do anything you ask her to."

           "Really, anything?"  I nodded.  "Ok Billy, show the crowd your cock again."

           Face flushing, Billy turned to the gathered other students and lifted her skirt.  Her penis was now little more than a nubbin of the glans and her balls were completely absent.  The sissy’s breath caught, though it was impossible to tell if it was from the humiliation or the surprising sensitivity of her skirt.

           "See, totally obedient.  She's also stuck super horny, but can only achieve sexual satisfaction if you fuck her in the ass.  I'm sure you can motivate her properly by holding that over her head."

           A wide smile finally swept over Franklin's face.  "Thank you Erica.  I think I'm going to enjoy this.  Come along Billy, I need to go break you in.  While I'm fucking you, I need to come up with a more fitting name.  How about Anal-ise, or Tiny Peena, or…"

           I didn't get the chance to hear Franklin's other suggestions as he passed through the crowd.  They made a strange sight, the once tall jock now half a foot shorter than the 5'6" geek.  I knew Franklin would give Billy everything he deserved, but not be too cruel.  It just wasn't in the boy's nature.  In fact, I had a feeling Billy would be begging for more humiliation than his master initially had planned.  That was two down, three to go.

           I wanted to save the twins for last as my finale, so that left Dominique.  Instead of looking at me with fear like everyone else, the Dom's face was screwed up like she wanted to hand me my liver.  Sticking to her principles to the end, I had to respect her for that at least.  In her new form, hopefully she wouldn't be such a vicious person.

           "Dominique…" I used her full name to annoy the human pit bull more, "come over here so I can get a proper look at you."  I could see her try to resist, but the magic held firm and she was my puppet until it was over.  For the third time I made a show of looking over Dominique, getting really close as if searching for breasts I wasn't sure were actually there.  Then I stepped back and slapped my forehead as if the answer was obvious.  "Dominique, you're an asshole."

           There was another thunderous redoubt of disintegrating glass and the Dom's outfit shattered into pieces.  Naked, it would have been almost possible to mistake Dominique for a boy if it wasn't for the lack of organ at her crotch.  I did find it interesting she shaved down below, I would have guessed the Dom was an all-natural kind of girl.

           The transformation began with Dominique's upper half melting away into her hips like a popped balloon.  All that mass fed into her lower half as it bulked up into impossible proportions.  After a minute the top of her cheeks were nearly as tall as I was, making her appear like an enormous, hyper muscular Freyan anuswoman.  It was at this point the secondary changes kicked in.  Dom's legs bent and shifted, becoming digitigrade like a horse's.  A comparison that was furthered by her feet shrinking and hardening into hooves a moment later.  These rotated around, making Dom's now hugely enlarged ass her front.  From my close vantage point, I could see Dominique's vagina sealing up while thick black hairs starting growing up above her asshole.  The bundle almost looked like a tail, except the hair ran up and over her cheeks to fall down Dominique's new back.

           The hair was pushed into two separate bunches as the last of Dominique's changes manifested.  There was a swelling in the area what once contained her vagina.  The flesh grew outward and downward, inflating into twin testicles the size of beach balls.  These hung down her back almost to her upper knees.  It would be hard for the crowd to see, but by the sweet smell of semen Dom's (it wouldn't be right to call her Dominique any more) final change had finished.  Hidden by her...now his tail hair and balls was a tiny dick smaller than my pinky.  It would never get hard or give sexual pleasure, but it would leak a constant stream of cum.  One more kick in the teeth for a woman who I was sure was hiding an OCD cleaning fetish.

           Satisfied that Dom was done changing, I walked back up next to him.  "This form is a tribute to the women's riding team, several of whom you've wronged over the years.  They wanted to be for you tonight, but they're having a private party in the hospital room of the girl whose leg you broke last week.  Don't worry, they'll come to collect you later tonight.  I told them the specifics of your change and they’re looking forward to coming up with all kinds of different ways to enjoy riding you.

           It was hard to get a read on a creature with no face, but I could tell Dom wasn't happy with his fate.  Apart from being mute, he was still fully sentient.  The rodeo girls would have lots of fun breaking in their new bull.  At least for now he couldn't be violent, so one of the caterers came and took him to a specially prepared room.  The server was an anthro shemale horse, and would probably enjoy showing off her dominance before returning to serve at the party.

           That left my last set of transformations for tonight.  The twin belles, who were about to become something much worse.  Lynne and Lucille had seen what had happened to their friends and were terrified to the point of almost having a nervous breakdown.  At least, that's what I assumed.  Frozen in place and with their faces covered, it was impossible to tell.

           "Lucille, let's start with you.  Come forward please."  The brown clad figure stepped up to center stage.  I held the glass lens up to her, not even bother to look.  I already knew what I would find.  "Lucille, you've spent the entire time I've know you shitting all over everyone else.  I think fate wishes to return the favor, as all I see when I look at you is a giant toilet."

           The elaborate dress shattered, revealing the scared woman underneath.  Without a word Lucille fell to her knees, her arms falling down to rest upon her feet.  Lucille's stomach swelled out like a pregnant woman's, the top flattening oddly.  Her vagina grew up across it and, as the mass grew further outward, opened wide to create a cavernous depression.  Meanwhile Lucille's head melted right off her shoulders, the liquid mass running down her chest.  It hit the top of the hemispherical "bowl" her stomach and vagina had grown into and reformed into a horseshoe shape atop it.  A liftable seat, for the basin her belly had become.  The only remaining facial features were Lucille's eyes, which duplicated all the way down the arms of the seat.  No matter where they sat, Lucille would be stuck with a perfect view of the person's ass.

           While this was happening, Lucille's upper body underwent other changes.  Her breasts, moderate B cups, swelled up to twice their previous size.  Below them a second set grew in, then a third, creating a comfortable backrest.  Lucille’s hands fused into her feet, arms held rigidly straight to provide support

           As the transformation finished, there was no doubt what Lucille had become.  A living toilet, a receptacle for other's waste.  It would be what she needed to survive and she would be conscious of every person who ever used her.  But she wouldn’t be alone in her fate for long.  After all, the twins did everything together.

           "Ok, Lynne, it's your turn." I said to her sister.

            Lynne managed to struggle enough against the spell binding her to let out a few words.  "Please…no."

           "Please no?  Really Lynne?  After all the terrible things you've done to other
people, you somehow think you deserve mercy?  Your fate is the exact same as your sister’s.  Only instead of taking the piss out of people…well, you get the idea."  I held up the shard of Sin’thael and let the light of the purple crystal flow across her body.  “For someone I was pretty sure was a lesbian, you must really like dicks.  You’ll get to see a lot of them as a urinal.”

           Lynne’s dress shattered, revealing the crying woman underneath.  While I was talking to her two of my catering assistants had turned Lucille around, presenting her back to the audience.  Lynne walked up behind her sister and knelt down.  She slid her feet on top of the toilet woman's, pushing them back until they poked into Lucille's knees.  She then pushed her back against her sister's, waiting for the changes to come.

           Lynne didn't need to wait long.  Almost immediately her red painted lips grew wide.  They grew bigger and bigger, her mouth swallowing her nose, then her eyes, and finally all Lynne's other facial features.  Her hair fell out as her ears shriveled away, leaving Lynne's head as nothing but a blank sphere split open by a massive pair of lips.

           As this happened, a similar change was happening to Lynne's breasts.  Each grew huge and spherical, the nipples turning bright red and enlarging to the point to they stretched from one side of the breast to the other.

           Lynne's arms raised without her control, her hands collapsing into spheres of flesh.  As the transformation ended Lynne was left with five spherical, red lipped urinals decorating her body.  The rest of her skin, along with her sister's, faded into a porcelain white shade.  That told me the pair's transformations were finished.

           "These two will be available all night for those that need to relieve themselves.  Give generously, as they need your waste to stay alive.  There are several campus clubs and originations vying for the permanent hosting rights to these two.  An exact list can be found at the bar, where you can vote for your favorites."

           "But now, I'm afraid I must retire for the evening.  This troublesome business has worn me out.  That doesn't mean the party has to stop though.  Eat, drink, and be merry.  And, if you're incredibly bold, I'm leaving the shard of Sin’thael up here."  I walked over to the wall by the mirror and attached the ring at the end of the chain to a hook.  "It shifted the five people you saw up here with me tonight into forms that reflected their true selves.  But not everyone has such evil lurking inside them.  If you're brave enough to want to know yourself, come up to the stage and take a good look.  You might find it a most enlightening, and transforming, answer."

           With that I walked out of the ballroom, trailed by wild applause.  Already I could see a line forming to break in the twins, as well as several people looking curiously at the hanging gemstone.  I wondered how many odd beings I'd find down here when I came back in the morning?  But that was tomorrow.  There was a place I wanted to be tonight, one that was long overdue.


Re: Broken Masks

Chapter 5-The Truth Underneath the Mask

           Waiting for me in the master bedroom upstairs was the person I wanted to be with most in the world.  The Alphas weren’t the only ones to discover new sides of themselves tonight.  Seeing them change into strange and inhuman forms, I found myself growing excited in ways I never had before.  I found myself making a decision, damn the consequences.  Doreen might have been a mistake, but what I was about to do came from the heart.
Scalena lay back on the bed, totally naked, watching the huge flat screen hanging on the far wall.  It was linked to hidden cameras in the ballroom, giving her a perfect view of the night's events without Scalena needing to actually be present.  By the cum stained sheets around her, my friend had clearly enjoyed the show.

           As I shut the door behind me Scalena hopped off the bed and rushed over to engulf me in a hug.  I felt myself get hard and warm as all four of Scalena's naked breasts pressed into me.  "That was simply marvelous little one.  How do you feel?"

           There was only one word to describe my emotional state at the moment.  "Free."

           Then I leaned down and kissed Scalena hard on the lips while I ground my lower body against her hardness.  "Not just of Everett and her bullying friends.  I'm finally free of my old fears and prejudices, free to go after the thing I've wanted for so long."

           "And what would be?" Scalena asked coyly.

           "Why you, of course."  I punctuated this with another long kiss.  "I want to feel your hardness inside me.  I want to squeeze my breasts between yours.  I want to savor your smell and taste while you indulge in mine, to let our two hearts beat as one."

           A look of intense happiness spread across Scalena's face, only to fade to sadness a moment later.  "Scalena, what's wrong?"  Then a horrible thought struck me.  "Is it me?  Do you not love me?"

           Scalena hugged me tightly again, giving me a quick kiss on the cheeks.  "Oh, I do love you little one, more than I have loved anyone or anything in a long time.  I'm just worried about…."

           "I don't care what anyone else thinks about us.  Not anymore.  Not my friends or my schoolmates or..."  I took a deep breath, “or my father.”

           Scalena looked happy at my proclamation, but still shook her head.  "I know you don't and neither to do I.  I'm more worried about what you'll think about me."

           I raised an eyebrow in confusion.  "But didn't I just tell you how I feel?"

           Scalena sighed.  "This was a secret I hoped to keep from you forever.  Did you not wonder, my darling little one, why we were only able to be together on Demon's Eve?"

           "You told me that was the only time there was enough ambient mana in the air for you to manifest."

           "A partial truth.  It is only around this most blessed night that there is enough energy for me to manifest in this form.  I have another, the one I wear every other day of the year.  I was…afraid if I showed it to you, that you would never want to see me again."

           "Scalena, I love you."  I made extra sure to put emphasis on the word love.  "I would love you if you were a three headed, limbless plant monster from the bowels of the deepest cave in the Realm."

           That brought on a small chuckle.  "I'm not that bad, but…perhaps I should let you judge for yourself."

           Scalena took a few steps back from me and her face screwed up into a pained grimace.  There was the sound of breaking glass again and I stood there dumbly as my best friend's body began to change.

           Scalena's dick swelled as if in erection, but it kept itself pointed at the floor.  It grew larger and larger, until it lifted Scalena's legs from the floor.  Her legs merged into the sides of her massive organ and faded away as her body became more serpentine.  As the same time, Scalena's massive breasts grew another cup size while a third pair grew in underneath.  Then a fourth and a fifth, her breasts continued to grow in down a line heading straight for the tip of her glans tipped tail.  As the fleshy orbs continued to grow in the skin around them hardened, the pink flesh darkening into green scales.  These flowed across Scalena's body like a tidal wave, wiping out the islands of soft flesh.

           Scalena's arms rotated out of her shoulders, traveling down and around to settle into the line of her spine.  All the bones disappeared, leaving them as flexible tentacles, the hands reforming into the heads of snakes.  Two were joined by a third, then a fourth, and so on.  The snake-like appendages ran down to the tip of Scalena's tail, much like the breasts beneath.  They were the longest just below her neck, reaching almost three feet, before dropping down to only six inches or so at the very phallic tip of her tail.

           The last part to change was Scalena's face.  It too grew snakeline, her nose and mouth growing out into a short muzzle.  Her eyes narrowed to slits, while Scalena's hair fell to the floor and disappeared.  It was replaced a moment later by twin massive snakes, each well over four feet in length, hanging down Scalena's back like a pair of braids.

           "Little one, I wanted to tell you the truth for so long, but I was afraid.  I'm not an avatar of Freya.  I'm one of…of…Karma."
           My heart almost jumped into my chest at those words.  Karma was the worst of the four Great Demons, twisting people he came across into inhuman forms just for the fun of it.  His avatars were just as bad, leaving a trail of broken people in their wake.  I looked over at the screen on the wall to see several people using the bathroom equipment the twins had become.  That was just the kind of transformation an avatar of Karma would come up with.  Was I next?  Would Scalena betray me next, mold me into little more than an object?

           With these thoughts swirling in my mind fear overcame my common sense and I ran toward the door.  I had to escape, had to get free before she could transform me too.  My hand was on the knob and I was halfway through turning it when I stopped dead.  "Erica….please…wait."

           The words weren't commanding.  Instead they were sad and pleading.  I turned around to see Scalena curled in on herself, tears running down the scales on her face.  "Now you know why I was afraid to tell you.  I was afraid you'd react like this."

           "Of course I would react like this.  You're an avatar of Karma.  You're a monster who makes monsters."

           "But once, I was a scared girl like you."  That brought me up short.  I'd never considered what Karma's avatars were like before the Great Demon sunk his claws into them.

           Seeing that I wasn't resuming my escape Scalena continued her story.  "Once, I was a young woman like yourself.  I was wronged by a group of people much like Everett made you her personal lapdog.  They were powerful, far more powerful than I could ever handle.  Karma came to me while I was out crying in the woods.  He promised me he could help with my revenge, if I would pay his cost.  Like the stupid little girl I was I agreed and he twisted me into this sinister form.  I used my new power to get my revenge, utterly destroying and dehumanizing my foes.  It was only afterward that I found that this was the only way I could ever achieve pleasure.  I’m not talking orgasm; I’m talking about a brief break from an otherwise depressing existence.  For almost a century I was forced to wander from place to place, helping others to gain their revenge.  Afterward I would transform the asker, to punish them just as much as their tormentors. Revenge was my lifeforce, much like food is to you.  I was afraid I was going to be stuck in this cycle forever, until that night ten years ago."

           "The day my mom died." I said softly.

           Scalena nodded, sending her great many snakes shaking.  "I came across a young girl who had just suffered a terrible tragedy.  That was what drew me to you.  I can smell that in people, much like a shark can smell blood in the water.  But the little girl didn't want revenge, she just wanted someone to hold.  I felt myself changing, reshaping to meet this need.  Holding you that night…for the first time since Karma twisted me into this form, I felt nourished doing something other than hurting people.  I knew it wouldn't last, couldn't last, but it brought me back year after year.  That tiny taste of freedom was enough to keep me sane, to help reclaim the person I once was from the monster I became.  Without you in my life…I'm afraid.  Afraid of returning to the monster I once was."

           A thousand little pieces all slid into place, filling in the many questions I'd had over the years.  Why Scalena only showed up on Demon's Eve, why I could find no records of her anywhere.  But even with all this new information, I found what I felt inside hadn’t changed.  I walked up to the crying avatar, whose distress was so great she didn't even notice my approach.  Without hesitation, I lifted Scalena's muzzle and pressed my lips into the end up it.  Her eyes opened wide in surprise for a moment, then she sank into my kiss.  I could feel Scalena's forked tongue dance with mine as we connected once again.

           When we finally broke apart I said, "Scalena, this doesn't change anything.  I still love you."

           "You're…not afraid of me changing you?"

           "I'd be lying if I said I was totally unafraid of being changed.  But you're an avatar, loving you requires letting a little change into my life.  I know that if you did change me, it would be out of love.”  I decided then and there that only one thing would prove my devotion to my love.  “In fact, if it will quell your fears, I'll let you change me right now."

           Scalena's eyes, already wide with shock, stretched open even wider.  "You really mean that…you'd let me change you?"

           I nodded bravely, pushing down any self-doubts.  "As long as when it's over, we can still be together."

           Scalena's face shifted through a mass of emotions, finally settling on grim determination.  Seemingly out of nowhere she pulled a tiny disk of purple, a twin of the shard of Sin’thael I’d left below.  Scalena held it up to her face, scrutinizing me through the crystal.  Tears started to flow down her face, but somehow I knew these were now tears of joy.  "Erica Elaine Morrison, when I look at you through this lens I see your true form…my perfect lover."

           A shock ran through me as my clothes shattered like a thousand shards of glass.  Somehow I knew I wouldn't need them, or any other clothing ever again.  There was another shattering sound and I felt my body begin to change.

           Around me the room seems to grow smaller, then I realized it was actually me growing taller.  I was already tall for a girl, almost six feet, but now I had to be past that by several inches.  To go with the height my entire frame bulked up, pulling two hundred pounds of mass right out of the æther.  I wasn't bodybuilder ripped, but was easily solid enough to be mistaken for a guy.  At least, if it wasn't for the pair of massive spheres hanging off my chest.  My breasts had grown large as well, to a size that would have looked like a porn star on anyone else but fit my enlarged frame perfectly.

           I felt a pain above my butt and twisted around to see a two growths splitting off from my tailbone.  Each segment grew to be almost three feet long and ten inches at the base, a pair of very phallic tails.  I reveled in my newfound control over them, waving the tails about, until I was distracted by a new pain.  My stomach swelled, making me think I was going to be stuck pregnant.  But then the pressure shifted downward and I could feel something moving through my body.  My poor vagina stretched inhumanly wide, but what I birthed out wasn't a baby.  Instead it was a huge sphere in a sack of wrinkled flesh.  A second later another one joined its sibling, leaving me with a pair of huge testicles.  Did that mean I was going to turn into a guy?  Was that Scalena's idea of a perfect lover?

           I moaned in pleasure as my clit was hit with a sudden burst of heat.  I was definitely starting to turn into something other than just a woman.  I watched in a mixture of shock and anticipation as my little button grew larger and larger.  First the size of my finger, then my hand, then the size of my arm.  By the time my penis stops growing, it was even bigger than the twin tails swinging from my backside.

           But it seems Scalena wanted me to keep my feminine treasure.  I felt a strange tingling between my legs and had to shift my balls aside for a better view.  My vagina detached itself from my dick and slowly made its way under my body.  It slid out of view but I could feel it overtake and absorb my anus.  Reaching a hand down there, I could feel the slit running all the way through my muscular butt cheeks.

           I pulled the hand back and realized that somewhere along the line I'd lost one of my fingers.  My hand now had two equally long digits in the center, with twin thumbs on either side.  My hand was covered in black scales, my nails hard chunks of obsidian.  A quick check of my body revealed dozens of patches of scales growing in, swallowing up my pink skin.

           Much like Scalena, my face was the last part of my body to change.  I felt a pain in my mouth and nose, the skin of my lower face growing outward under a wave of black scales.  My odd feeling traveled up my face and forced my eyes closed for a second.  When I reopened them…the world seemed so much clearer.  Colors presented themselves in detail unlike anything I had seen before.  There seemed to be more of them as well.  Was I somehow seeing mana or magic?

           The changes continued up my head, little pokes of pain as things pushed their way out of my skull.  My hair fell out, much to my regret, but it wouldn't look good with my scales anyway.  I closed my eyes again and savored the last of the feeling, the last of my humanity burning away.  I wasn't quite sure what I was now, but it definitely wasn't human.  Half-demon at least, possibly more.  How I knew this to be true I wasn't certain, but I could feel a certain…spark, within me.  A knowledge that I could somehow change others, if I desired.  I opened my eyes, ready to embrace the new me.

           I found Scalena frozen still as a statue, her mouth agape in wonder.  "You're…perfect." she finally managed.  "Here, come see."

           One of Scalena's back snakes reached over and wrapped around my arm.  She tugged me over to the far wall, which was mostly taken up by a full length mirror.  When I saw my reflected glory, I couldn't help but gasp in amazement too.

           I was a dragon, like in the old stories.  An anthropomorphic one, still keeping my vaguely human outline, but a dragon nonetheless.  My face was fully reptilian, a long muzzle with two oval slits at the end.  Opening it revealed a mouth full of sharp fangs and a tongue as forked as Scalena's.  I had a small set of horns poking out of my temples and curling back like a goat.  The rest of my body was a stark battle between masculine muscle and feminine curves.  My legs had gone digitigrade, with three clawed toes in front and another behind.  From this angle my dick and balls looked impossibly massive, so big I couldn't image ever sticking my manhood into someone.  Turning around I lifted my tails, confirming my vagina had relocated to my ass.  It was damp and needy, a reflection of how I felt inside.

           Seeing Scalena staring at my butt, I gave it a playful shake in her direction.  "See something you like?"

           Scalena let her forked tongue play over her lips.  "Everything.  You have no idea how hard you're making me right now."

           I gave her a saucy smile.  "I have a few hints.  If you were wearing a shirt it would be cut to ribbons by this point."

           Scalena looked down at her top pair of nipples, the little nubbins poking out so hard it looked like they were trying to defect from her body.  "I see.  It's a good thing I'm not then."  She gave a twirl, showing off her wonderful body.  I felt a stirring down below and watched in amazement as my member rose to attention.  Damn, if having an erection felt this good, I don't know how guys didn't walk around with one all the time.

           Scalena smirked when she saw the effect of her little dance.  "Turnabout is fair play."

           I walked up to her and picked my lover up in my arms.  We exchanged a breath stealing kiss, muzzle to muzzle for the first time.  As we broke apart I asked, "I think that was enough foreplay, don't you?"

           "Oh yes.  I need you inside me, now."

           I carried Scalena over to the bed and set her gently down atop it.  The article of furniture looked sturdy, hopefully it would hold up to the pounding we were about to give it.  I sat on the bed beside Scalena, leaning down to give some of her breasts a lick.  After letting me pamper her a moment, my lover performed some sort of move that left me lying on my back in the middle of the bed.

           "Come on lover, I said I wanted you inside me."  Several rows down from the top, a quadrant of Scalena's breasts slid apart to reveal the gaping hole behind them.  It was big enough for a human to put his or her arm into, but it looked far too small for my monstrous organ.

           "Are you sure, I don't want to hurt you."

           Scalena looked at me like I’d made one of those obtuse comments that politicians and small children specialize in.  "Remember, you're my perfect lover.  The spell wouldn’t have changed you like this unless I could take it.  I'm an avatar love, I'm much stretchier than a normal being."

           That was all the motivation I needed.  My dick was already heavily leaking pre-cum and I wiped it around for extra lubrication.  I added some from my dripping ass pussy as well.  Scalena looked wet enough to drown someone, but it was better not to take risks the first time.

           When she saw I was ready Scalena coiled herself up and lowered her vagina over the tip of my penis.  The sensation was so intense I thought I might cum right there, but I held on for dear life.  This was our first coupling and it had to be perfect.

           Deeper and deeper Scalena sunk, until finally her breasts pressed into mine.  Her vagina was located far enough down we were face to face, allowing us to engage in an epic snogging section.  When we finally broke apart I couldn't help but grin like a loon.  "Scalena, I don't know how things could get any better than right now."

           "Oh, I don't know…I have one idea."  At her words, I felt the tip of Scalena's tail side under my balls.  It probed around until the glans found the cleft between my cheeks.  I couldn’t help but "oomph" and moan as she slipped inside me, filling me as much as I filled her.

           Back and forth we went, sinking deeper into each other as we raced to the height of passion.  Right on the very of climax I cried out, "Scalena, I love you!"

           "Me too Erica, me to."

           "I want to be with you foreve….ahhh."  With that I came, my first male orgasm practically wiping out my conscious thought.  What felt like gallons of cum rushed up from my balls and shot down my penis to fill my lover to the point of bursting.  At the same time, I could feel Scalena's own orgasm rush into me, a wash of warm liquid filling up my backside.  As we clung together our hearts beat as one, our souls practically touching.  We were like the necklace Scalena gave me, two beings of black and green wrapped around each other.  I didn't want that moment of closeness to end.  I truly meant what I said, I wanted to be with her forever.

           Eventually though, the high faded and I found myself lying on my side.  Scalena's face was inches from mine, showing an equal amount of bliss.

           "I love you so much Erica, I want to be together with you always too."  We smiled and shared a kiss, which broke when I felt something odd down below.  It wasn't painful, in fact there was a good amount of pleasure.  It almost reminded me of…when I changed into this form earlier.

           "Scalena, what's going on?" I asked, unable to keep a hint of fear out of my voice.

           She too looked confused for a moment, bending away to examine our lower torsos.  When she came back up though, my lover was smiling.  "It seems that fate has granted our wish."

           "Huh?"  I pushed apart my breasts, trying to get a better view of what was happening below.  I could vaguely see the part of my penis sticking out of her vagina.  I tried to tug it free, but the organ was stuck fast.  More than that, it was if there never was a gap between them at all.  "Scalena's what's happening to us?"

           "It seems I am becoming a part of you, just as you are becoming a part of me.  What do you say we enjoy this time together, before we fully merge into one being?"  Not waiting for my answer, she leaned down and started suckling on my breasts.

           Back and forth we sucked and kissed, thrust and groped, the heat of our passion fueling the transformation burning through our bodies.  I could feel myself growing and expanding, new parts of me arising to frolic with the old.  I couldn't count how many orgasms I experienced, they all seemed to flow into one another.  Time became an abstract concept, one that could either be instant or infinite.  I didn't know, I didn't care.  All I did know was my fondest wish was coming true.

           An eternity later, I came back to reality.  Scalena's face was still close to mine, but it looked different somehow.  Her snake braids were gone for one thing, and her head integrated more smoothly into her neck.

           "Ooh, that felt amazing.  I almost wish I could do it again."  I jumped, at least as much as my new tangle of limbs would allow.  The voice hadn't come from the face next to mine.  Instead an identical one curled around my shoulder.  "We look too positively scrumptious for words.  Come, soulmate, and let's see what new form we've been given."

           With difficulty, I managed to extract myself from the bed.  It now looked tiny, as did the rest of the room.  It was hard to judge scale, but I easily had to be over seven feet tall now.  Stumbling over to the mirror, I once again gasped in shock at the image reflected there.  Its wasn't me, wasn't Scalena, but a hybrid of the two.

           Our body was roughly the same shape as my old one, just with many additions from Scalena.  If possible I was even more muscular, my black and green scaled skin barely able to contain it.  I now had four breasts of cartoonish size, with four arms to play with them.  My face had gained a few rows of small spikes and my eyes had split, giving me two slightly smaller sets one above the other.  I had regained a semblance of hair; Scalena's fat snake braids (each ending with a copy of her face) curtained by my horns, which had tripled in size.  A second pair of horns grew out underneath, curling sideways like a ram’s.

           Below the waist I looked much the same, save for the increased size of my organs.  I hoped it was true that a demon's sac was impervious to damage, as otherwise I worried it was going to get in the way.  My dick had almost doubled in size, six feet long and two wide at the base even while only semi-hard.  It ended in Scalena's serpentine face and she seemed to have control over it; demonstrated as my bodymate used my dick to curl around and examine our body.  This allowed me to see the rows of breasts running down the underside, much like Scalena's body used to carry.  Shifting slightly, I saw my tails had undergone the same transformation.  A few of the breast pairs near the base of each tail sagged like balls and the dick tails were a bit smaller, but they also ended with my lover's grin.

       In addition, I saw the tails had a line of snake tipped spikes running down their tops.  My gaze shifted upward, seeing the line running all the way up my back.  For the most part the spikes were rigid, but every so often one would bend and look around as if it was being controlled.

           I stretched, trying to get a better feel for my size, and almost fell on my rump as something shot out on either side of me.  Holy crap, I had wings.  How had I missed that?  Turning back around, I saw my wings hid under an outer layer of scales while not in use.

           "So Erica, what do you think?" I heard Scalena's words as much with my mind as my ears.

           "I…I…wish I was a language major right now?"


           "Because I lack the words to express how good being like this makes me feel."

           "I can feel your joy Erica, just like you can feel my exuberance at being bonded to you."

           I realized she was right, I could feel Scalena's emotions as if they were my own.  "What are we, Scalena?"

           My bodymate looked at me with three of her faces.  "I…truly do not know.  I still feel the spark of an avatar inside me, inside us.  But I no longer feel Karma's corruption.  I think you have made me a free avatar, one beholden only to my own wishes."

           "We made each other." I corrected.  "My only wish was to spend as much time with you as possible."

           "I don't think that will be a problem." Scalena chuckled.  "With us being joined at the hip and all."

           I couldn't help but laugh when I realized she had a point.  A bit of experimentation showed I had primary control of our body’s arms and legs.  Scalena had prehensile control over my dick and tails, in addition to my braids.  We found we could secede control to the other if we wished.  As for the snakes running down our back, those seemed to have a mind of their own.  A kinky mind, if their habit of trying to get surreptitious licks in on my breasts was any indication.

           "So what do we do now?"

           Scalena smiled at me, hunger evident on all her faces.  "First, we get re-acquainted with our shared body."  I had no problems with that.  I could already feel some tingles at the thought of the pleasure we could give each other.  "After that, who know?  That is a choice for tomorrow."

           I used my lower arms to bring dick Scalena up to my face and kiss her passionately.  "A tomorrow we'll finally have together."

           As I walked us back to bed I thought I heard the ringing of bells off in the distance.  Midnight had come and the night would soon turn into day.  One set of masks would be put away; another re-adjusted for their wear throughout the year.  Only a few lucky ones like myself, our masks finally broken, could revel in the truth of our deepest self.  Perhaps that would be our new goal in life, helping others find that truth.  But as Scalena said, that was a thought for tomorrow.  For now, my mind was filled with thought of pleasing my lover.


Re: Broken Masks

I would just like to say, I have read my fair share of stories on both this site and others, but i can now say with confidence that this is my favorite story of them all. Not only are the transformations themselves works of art, but the emotions you managed to inject into them deserves high praise. As a personal preference I generally stay away from the merging body 'genre', but this one was worth making an exception for.


Re: Broken Masks

I'm glad you really like it.  I put a lot of work into trying to craft a transformation filled story yet one that still had conflict and resolution.


Re: Broken Masks

Wow, this is really quite a work of art. Great use of transformation as a story telling medium. Everything served a purpose and worked with each other very well, and really came together (heh)  in the end.


Re: Broken Masks

I agree.  The transformations were good but the story was awesome.


Re: Broken Masks

*furious clapping* My, my, my. While the transformations weren't really my cup of tea, the story and the writing were more than worth it. As a work of literature, I must say that there aren't many this good, on this site or otherwise.