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Heya all! I hope it's okay that I post this here.

I've done a lot of stuff on the Belial setting and done a mess of collabs with Demon-Man.

And now I'm happy to say that I've branched out and started doing collaborations with other artists for Unity Press Digital, who have been nice enough to also host my past collaborations with DM.

So with Temple of Bestial Lusts I'm working with one of UPD's new artists who doesn't have much of a following or web presence.

So my evil corporate overlord has brought out the whips and is forcing me to work in the promotion mines to get this thing out to as many eyeballs as possible.

Nah, actually he just said to post it in some communities I frequent.

So I posted it in the Belial Yahoo group, and to my surprise it's been like over a year since there's been a post in that dusty old thing.

So I'm posting here, and hopefully this is okay!

If you guys were fond of my Belial stuff, you'll love Temple of Bestial Lusts. It's the more tamer, animalistic TF's that I use rather than the bizarre ones, but I don't think my coporate paymaster would want to scare off an artist by doing the idea with lipples, mouths on dicks, and egglaying out of every conceivable orifice.

Anyway, here's the ad copy for Temple of Bestial Lusts:


An 11 page comic collaboration between Von Krieger and Uncle Krees on sale for 5 Euros!

The heroic magus Maggie seeks a divine relic from the dark chimera goddess Inushabek the Night Huntress. A deity of bestial strength and perverse pleasures her Temple of Bestial Lusts wears away at the humanity of those that venture within.

Maggie must face trials of an amorous, riddle-crafting sphinx, combat the lustful beasts that dwell within the temples sinister depths, and show her devotion to the slattern goddess, all the while having her mind and body ravaged by forces seeking to corrupt her, strip away her humanity, and leave her just another one of the temple’s lusty beasts.

You can see the first page of the comic by clicking right here!


My first collaboration with Unity Press Digital After Dark,, so hopefully y'all throw your wallets at the comic hard enough to leave a good impression so that I'm invited back to write more things. ^_^

Also I released an unfinished story to my backers over on my Patreon earlier today. So if you want to toss in a buck, you can see 4000 words of never before seen VK Story.

Might as well unrepentantly shill everything I have to shill while I'm advertising on behalf of my evil corporate overlord.

Click here to read more about the unfinished story.


Re: Temple of Bestial Lusts

That was a really cool comic! Thanks for the cool collab.