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Just some food for thoughts.

What could Belial versions of famous fairy tales look like, e.g. Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Hänsel and Gretel,etc?

Belial-Cinderella for example could start with the evil stepmother transforming Cinderella into either a sexpet or otherwise twisted creature meant to work in the house rather than flirting with young men.


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What?  Someone has a Fairy God-Demon?

"Oh you poor dear, it seems I've been lax in my pact to properly watch over you..."


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Beauty and the Beast could be similar to the original version, just with the Beast being some type of Demon or sex beast and in the end instead of becoming human Belle transforms into a complimentary form.  The living furniture and other items from the castle could be more humanoid to show off their transformed origin.


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I imagine Belial-Pinocchio being a wooden doll herm being given life by a pact with a demon instead of the Blue Fairy. With each successive lie, her cock grows longer.

Transformation Fanatic.


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In the Sleeping Beauty, I could just thought of the part of waking the princess.

The prince could eat the princess's cunt for many time until the cunt was fully opened and the clit was fully exposed and erected. Then he had to fill the cunt from masturbating and watering the cunt with shower of cum. Then, it was the time for the princess's mouth, filled her mouth and so her whole digestive system. At last would be washing the princess's body with another shower of cum. The prince would shrink for a little bit in each masturbation.

Then the princess would absorb the shrank prince and begin transforming into a futa or shemale and woke up.

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