Topic: Humanity Must Evolve

Dear Sir or Madam

We of the ‘Humanity Must Evolve’ group, to be here for known as HME for the deration of this letter, regret to inform you that the apocalypse is upon us and humanity’s chances of surviving are slim. The contents of this package have been provided complementary by HME to help increase your chances of making it threw the first week, one (1) survival kit per person registered to be living in your place of residence, if you have received less survival kits then inhabitants of your residence or you are housing guests that would not be registered as inhabitants extra survival kits will be handed out for a limited time at HME facilities listed below in part four(4) of this letter.
The rest of this letter will be divided into Four(4) parts, Apocalypse Overview, Recommendations, Survival kit contents and HME facilities.

Part One(1): Apocalypse Overview
The origin of this catastrophe is the pink mist that has been seen worldwide for the past four years, this substance is a catalytic agent being released from beneath the earth’s crust. This gas causes an unprecedented increase in spontaneous mutations in living things, even in the thin concentrations like the pink mist we have been seeing has resulted in the massive upraise in viral outbreaks in recent years. HME has been experimenting with this substance in higher concentrations; in addition to gaining the ability to muffle sound and interfere with radio waves the mutative properties start affecting more complicated lifeforms, causing them to rapidly grow to full sexual development and develop spontaneous beneficial mutations including humans. Study has uncovered that the earth is about to release a huge planet covering cloud of blood red fog, expected viability is only 20 feet. Accelerated growth of rot bacteria is expected to make preserving food hard, mutant viruses will make getting sick deadly and our studies have shown that mutated animals are highly likely to attack people.

Part Two(2): Recommendations
We at HME recommend for your own safety removing any pet from your place of residence, dogs and cats especially have been known to attack humans mere hours after mutating. HME also recommends not shying away from mutating; these mutations are likely our best shot of surviving this apocalypse, for us to continue living Humanity must evolve.  Experimentation have shown that not only do offspring of mutants have an almost 100% chance of being born with all of its parents mutations, but that the act of mating its self has a high chance of both participants developing each other’s mutations. HME in the interest of the survival of the humanity highly recommends passing on beneficial mutations to as many people as possible. We also recommend joining one of our factions, we have secure facility and supplies, you have a much higher chance of survival with us then on your own.

Part Three(3):  Survival kit contents
Each kit contains one weeks’ worth(7) rations, preserved to last even in the blood fog. One weeks’ worth (7) of bottled water. One weeks’ worth(7) anti biotics to fight off mutant viruses. One(1) “guide to edible plants of North America” book. One(1) small first aid kit. One(1) red vial ”Masculine”. One(1) blue vial “Feminine”. One(1) yellow vial ”Childish”
The vials in the kit are stabilizers developed by HME for your convenience, one of the most common mutations is “sequential hermaphroditism” the ability to spontaneously change genders if you are in an area with a poor gender balance. Taking the contents of either the red or blue vial will hopeful prevent that by causing the body to increases its masculinity or femininity but it isn’t guaranteed. The yellow veil is to be given to children to prevent the blood fog form rapidly maturing them into full grown bodies.

WARNING: do not take more than one(1) vial, vials lose affect 12 hours after the first mutation

Part Four(4): HME Facilities
There are (5) HME Facilities in your area, you do have to pay to join but each faction has two classes and one is usually cheaper than the other. Each faction has a different way of directing the mutations of its members so it’s less random than going alone.

WARNING: Treatments must be taken in the first 24 hours of your first mutation or you’ll have to wait the next mutation cycle in one week.

Mss. Fire’s faction is set up in the sports center, she developed the hormone treatment that crated the vials and her treatment is basically a more powerful version. These treatments are gender exclusive but each are the same price, 10,000$

Ms. Earth is working out of the local Zoo, her treatment involves giving members of her faction animal-like traits. Her rates are the best of the group only asking for 2500$ for full membership and supplying a free treatment for anyone wanting to join her “Hunter” class

Mr. Metal who has occupied the abandoned factory has developed nano-technology to direct the mutations. Anyone of his verity of pre-programed treatments costs 7500$, but those who think they handle it, blank nano-bot you can program yourself will be sold at 15,000$

Mrs. Water can be found in the tv studio, her treatment promotes mental mutations. Her standard rate is 75,000$ but has a cheaper treatment for 2500$

Mr. Wood and his people are helping out at the hospital, his treatment involves the implanting of a symbiotic egg or seed in a patient, full membership is 10,000$, but you can get in for free is you volunteer to be a “breeder” and produce more symbiotes

If none of these options seem appropriate to you or you don’t have the money for treatment we do suggest heading towards the military base for supplies and shelter, stay safe.
                                                            Charter Creation

Name: Enter Name Here_
Gender: Male, Female, Herm
Attraction: Boys, Girls, Both
HP: 10/10
Conditions: None
[Stats] 10ANY stat point yet to be distributed
ATK: 10        M.ATK: 10
DEF: 10        M.DEF: 10
SPD: 10        M.SPD: 10
Weapon: None
Armour: None
Items: None
Money: 5d6x1,000$ starting funds
[Survival Skills] 10 skill points yet to be spent
[Mutations] 1 minor mutation yet to be bought

Ability- these work like mutations but are not contagious, gain from vials or treatments.

ATK- your charters physical attacking power and strength, starts at 10 but can be raised with stat points, weapons, or mutations.

Attraction- what gender your character is attracted too, big effect on game play can be altered by some mutations or some types of enemy attack

Armour- these increase your DEF to certain areas of your body, some mutations like turtle shell can be added into this slot.

DEF- your charters physical defence and pain tolerance level, starts at 10 but can be raised with stat points, armour, or mutations.

Equipment- starting equipment can be bought in Charter Creation with the starting fund but you might want to save that for a treatment

Gender- what gender your character is, big effect on game play can be altered by some mutations or some types of enemy attack. Some mutations are gender specific and wont effect the opposite gender but can be passed on by them.

HP- Health points, don’t let these reach zero or you faint and bad things might happen, starts at 10 but raises per level
Items- any equipment that’s not a weapon or armour

M.ATK- your charters mental attacking power, in other words how well he does things the first time he tries something or how well he broadcasts his emotions, also used in seducing or sex events,  starts at 10 but can be raised with stat points, items, or mutations.

M.DEF- your charters mental defences, how well he stays focused and how well he can remember, also used to resist seduction or hold on in sex events, starts at 10 but can be raised with stat points, items, or mutations.

Minor mutation- a small mutation that’s hard to notice, you gain one at the start of every level.

M.SPD- your charters mental speed, how fast he thinks and how quickly he can learn, used to calculate survival skill points, starts at 10 but can be raised with stat points, items, or mutations.

Mutations- a big part of the game, you get new mutations at the start of every level, a minor one, a moderate one if you dint drink a vial at level one, and a major one if you didn’t buy a treatment this level. Other mutations can be picked up during the week by having sex with someone or in rare cases from certain types of enemy attacks. Mutations are categorized by their form and function. A mutation is either physical or mental (form) and its ether a survival mutation or a sex mutation (function)

Skill Points- one skill point will buy one survival skill at level 1, you need 2 skill points to rise a level 1 skill to level 2, and 3 to rise a level 2 to 3 excreta. You start with 10 skill points and gain more per level depending on your treatment. Any skill you don’t have counts as level 0.

SPD- your charters physical speed, how fast he runs, dodges and attacks starts at 10 but can be raised with stat points, equipment, or mutations.

Stat Points- this can be used to increase stats, the 10ANY you start with at level 1 can be distributed to any stat but usually stat points can only be distributed to one column ether BODY (ATK,DEF,SPD) or MIND (M.ATK,M.DEF,M.SPD) or it is distributed to one row, ATK ROW (ATK,M.ATK), DEF ROW (DEF,M.DEF) or SPD ROW (SPD,M.SPD)

Treatment- you can get one treatment at the start of every level, gives you special powers and abilities, affects how much HP, Stat point, and Skill points you get per level. You can get a different treatment next level or forgo treatment altogether but it’s better to stay consistent.

Vial- if you do not take a vial you start the game with 2ANY stat points, can raise one of your survival skills a level for free. Gain 1 moderate mutation per level, gain the Sequential Hermaphroditism ability
If you take the red vial you start with 2ATK stat points, raise the Intimidate skill one level, gains a Masculinity ability per level, half as likely to gain any mutations with the female descriptor and twice as likely to gain mutations with the male descriptor, and can see up to 60 feet in the blood fog.
If you take the blue vial you start with 2DEF stat points, raise the Monitor skill one level, gains a Feminine ability per level, half as likely to gain any mutations with the male descriptor and twice as likely to gain mutations with the female descriptor, and can see up to 60 feet in the blood fog.
If you take the Yellow vial you start with 2SPD stat points, raise the Climb and Jump skill one level each, gains a Childish ability per level, gains the Small Size ability, half as likely to gain any sex mutations and twice as likely to gain survival mutations, and can hear twice as far in the blood fog.

Weapon- these increase your ATK or gives you a ranged attack, some mutations like Fangs can be added into this slot.


Re: Humanity Must Evolve

James Walker prt.1


James put down the package and note he brought in. It sounded like it was for his brother Edward, a quick check of the address confirmed his name on the label. Ed and his girlfriend are both big into sexual roleplaying so this, whatever it is, seams right up there ally. But the timing is off, Ed and Rhoda are already in the middle of something, a big roleplay thing that has already lasted several days and it is so important to them that they didn’t even break charter when James was forced to crash with them as he looked for a new house.

James was just getting back from a night shift when he found the package on the front step. He was tiered the bus almost stopped running because of the dammed fog, an ox blood red like the note on the package said, and he still wanted to shave before bed, it’s been a few days and its starting to itch.
“Hay Jamie, are you home? Could you kindly bring the kitchen scissors to the bathroom for me?” a woman’s voice asked from down the hall.

“Yay, no problem, I was heading to the bathroom myself.” James replayed
The door was open when James arrived scissors in hand. A beautiful woman stood in front of the mirror, she was of Hispanic heritage with a bit of Japanese reportedly, you could see it slightly in the angel of her eyes, a warm hazel. She stood five foot two in an overly large hand knit burgundy sweater over black panties and knee high wool socks.

“What did you do to your hair?” James asked

She was currently wrestling with a hairbrush snagged on a three foot long string of ebony curls, what’s surprising about this is that yesterday her hair was straight. Infract despite now being a messy cloud of tightly curled springs her hair didn’t look much different, shouldn’t it be shorter, if anything it looked longer.
“I don’t know, I just woke up with this mess, this shouldn’t even be possible! Err!”
James hands her the scissors and she uses them to free herself the joining of her brush and a tangled knot of her hair.

“Oh, man. This is taking me forever, why did my hair have to choose today to get possessed by evil spirits I have an audition! I don’t even know how long I’ve been at this, but now that your home I have only have about half an hour before I have to do pet stuff.” The woman said as she tried to pull clumps of hair out of her brush.

“Less than that I’m afraid, I was half an hour latte getting home this morning.” James replied

“WHAT!!! But I still haven’t eaten breakfast yet or had my coffee, shit its five to, if I don’t give Eddy and Rhoda there morning kibble and take them out to the yard to pee by the top of the hour Rhoda is going to poop in her kennel again just to spite me!” The now panicked woman started as she rushed out the bathroom door and towards the basement steps.

If you haven’t guessed by now, this woman wasn’t Edward’s girlfriend Rhoda, nor was she James’s girlfriend or any relation of his. For lack of a better term she is Ed and Rhoda’s Dominatrix.

Her name was Diana, she was an out of work porn actress that Ed and Rhoda hired to take part in a very specific sexual fantasy of theirs. You see, both Rhoda and Ed are both into a form of petplay, in which they are both Dogs and Diana is playing the part of their owner and a professional dog breeder. They needed an owner that would treat them like beloved pet dogs including cleaning up after them, not get sexual with them because that would ruin the immersion which is apparently a big turn-off for Rhoda and would never break character in front of them. Diana is scary good at all that.

James learned most of that from Diana herself, she was the one letting him stay here, because as was said before Ed and Rhoda wore already a few days into their month long vacation as pets and would not break character.

“ow, OW, Ouch!” James mumbled as he attempted to shave. It wasn’t going very smoothly, his electric razor seamed to refuse to cut his facial hair and only yanked on it. Eventually he gave up and headed back to the kitchen. He must have been at it longer then he thought because Diana was at the table nursing a cup of coffee and looking at the contents of the package he had brought in earlier. She must of done all the pet stuff right quick.

“Hay James, what is all this stuff?”

“I think it’s an invite to some sort of sex game or something for Ed.”

“Oh, that make’s a certain amount of sense.”

Diana holds up a Vial of brightly colored liquid. “Think these are shots or just water and food coloring?” she asked.

James just shrugged

Diana grins impishly “I know how we can find out. We can just fill them up again latter. Here I’ll let you pick first, what do you say?”

Name: James Walker Straight Male
HP: 10/10
[Conditions] None
ATK: 13        M.ATK: 13
DEF: 10+1    M.DEF: 12
SPD: 12        M.SPD: 10
Weapon: None
Armour: Hair +1 DEF
Items: None
Money: 20,000$
[Survival Skills]
[Lie lvl.1]
[Knowledge (Video Games) lvl.2]
[Work Experience (Security Guard) lvl.3]
[Uncuttable Hair lvl.1] physical survival mutation: thick patches of body hair count as body armour