Topic: The Resort

    A commission for Demonman.  Megumi Kerns, having trouble getting a job after graduating college, ends up as a Host in the exclusive Resort.  When she arrives, Megumi finds out the Resort specializes in transformed guests and employees.  In fact, as part of her employment she'll have to get transformed herself.  Thus begins a young woman's foray into a world of sex and transformations.

Chapter 1

           Megumi closed the door to her tiny apartment behind her with a sigh.  Her purse ended up tossed on the small table in the entryway while the woman herself collapsed on the couch.  After all this time, she thought she's finally found the one.  But no, this job interview was a dud just like the others.  Six months of failure after her graduation last June.  Back then Megumi had such big dreams about what she'd do with her degree in interpersonal relations.  She could help make companies build more efficient workforces, or help them design products to appeal to customers.  But after months of unanswered resumes and go nowhere interviews Megumi was at her wit's end.  She'd broadened her job search so far Megumi was one step above asking people if they wanted fries with that for a living.

           Blowing out a long burst of air, Megumi sat up.  As much as she wanted to lay there and wallow in her misery, these were her good interview clothes.  With her savings nearly depleted and her massive pile of student loan payments looming Megumi could barely afford rent, let alone dry cleaning.

           Megumi pushed herself up off the couch and stumbled toward her small bedroom.  Inside, she stripped off her jacket, blouse, and pants and hung them as neatly as possible on their respective hangers.  In just her bra and panties Megumi walked over to the full length mirror that had been a dorm-warming present from her mother when she first started college.

           The woman reflected there wasn't beautiful by most conventions of the word and her blatant misery wasn't helping.  Megumi's Waoi heritage had left her barely bumping up against five feet without shoes.  Her figure was so thin she often got mistaken for a teenager dressing up in her mother's clothes.  Megumi's face was heart shaped with a prominent chin, a thick nose, and almond shaped green eyes.

           Megumi's one redeeming feature was her thick black hair, which fell in waves almost down to her butt.  She's been tempted to cut it for monetary reasons these past few months, but Megumi couldn't bring herself to do it.  Her locks were her one point of pride apart from her degree.  It was what had attracted her only boyfriend…at least until he confessed he was more into boys and moved away to join a transformed commune in the mountains.

           Great, those thoughts were making her even more depressed.  Maybe some food would serve as a distraction.

           Not even bothering to put more clothes on, Megumi left the bedroom for her tiny kitchen.  The building she was in was supposed to be able to climate control all the units individually.  This worked better in theory than practice and her place was always too warm.  Megumi blamed this on the building manager Ms. Salazar, who came from a desert region and thought anything below 75 degrees was jacket weather.  At least the thermostat was included in her rent, so she wasn't getting charged extra.

          One bowl of pasta later, Megumi returned to her bedroom and took a seat at her desk.  She was sorely tempted to try and brighten up her miserable day with what was becoming her main hobby, masturbation.  It was the only way she could relieve the stress of her job hunt that didn't dip into her scant reserve of cash.  In fact Megumi still had a tab open from last night, when she'd frigged away her pre-interview jitters.

           The titles on all the various tabs teased and propositioned her.  Some were stories, some were art.  There was even a video or two all loaded up and ready to go.  When Megumi had started masturbating she'd kept it to pretty vanilla stuff.  Boy and girl, maybe an interesting position to spice it up.  Over time the strange had started to feel ordinary and she'd been forced to dig deeper and deeper to find the satisfaction she craved.

           It started with two girls and a guy.  Then just two girls.  She'd tried two guys as well, but for some reason that never stuck with her.  Then she'd stumbled onto a guy and a transformed woman.  In a way it was very simple, very similar to what she'd started with.  The pair were having missionary sex, only the woman had a second set of breasts.

           It was only a small change, but it started the cycle all over again.  Soon Megumi found herself only aroused when the porn contained at least one transformee.  Once again it started small; men with twin cocks, bright green women, or transgender changes.  It quickly grew from there; women with no heads, men with animalistic creatures, and individuals it was impossible to determine the sex of.   Assuming the trend continued like before, if Megumi didn’t find a job by next month she'd be orgasming to gross porn.

           The thought of that, both the contents and the fact she could find it enjoyable, was enough to put a damper on Megumi's horniness.  Deflated, she minimized that browser and opened another one.  It was time to start her job hunt all over again.  Megumi still had a few bites of pasta left, perhaps she could get through her e-mail before returning to the drudgery.

          Despite not checking it since yesterday, there were only a handful of messages.  One from her mother, asking how the job search was going.  Megumi closed that one quickly and marked it for going back to later.  Two more messages were from school friends who were having wonderful times with their new careers.  Those went in the trash quickly, lest they spoil her mood even further.  The rest were borderline spam adverts for places Megumi had bought things from before.  She selected them all and hovered over the delete button when the tag line of one of the messages caught her eye.  The Resort.  Maybe she had won a free trip or something.  Megumi unselected it before consigning its fellows to the digital dustbin.

           Clicking on the message to open in, Megumi expected to have her hopes dashed by yet another piece of spam.  Still, it was worth a look at least.  But when Megumi saw the contents, her jaw dropped in shock.

Ms. Kerns,

           We were made aware of your difficulties at finding a permanent position post-graduation by a friend.  By this recommendation and your degree, we are willing to extend an interview to you for a position as one of our client Hosts.  If you are interested, please be at the St. May hotel tomorrow at 10 AM sharp.  Give your name to the front desk and they will tell you which room to go to.  On the behalf of the staff of the Resort, we look forward to the chance to work with you.


                                    General Manager, the Resort

           It took two more reads before the contents of the message penetrated Megumi's brain.  Not only did she have another interview, but they had come to her.  Maybe this was the universe's way of finally making things up to her.

           Rushing to her closet, Megumi checking on her interview clothes.  They still looked wearable for another day, which was a relief.  And speaking of relief, that was exactly what Megumi needed right now.  Tossing her bra and panties on the bed, Megumi returned to her chair.  She pulled on a set of headphones, no point in disturbing the neighbors, and re-opened her porn browser.  Later, Megumi would need to make some decisions about tomorrow.  But now, the hardest decision was what she wanted to watch first.

Chapter 2

           Megumi looked up from the sheet of paper in her hand to the building she was standing in the shade of and back.  This was the place, according to her hastily printed directions.  Yet it seemed far too fancy a place to hold something as simple as an interview.  Megumi hadn't recognized the name the first time she'd read it, but after a bit of research she'd remembered the St. May was one of the oldest and most expensive hotels in the area.  Cutting edge technology mixed with old school charm, according to their webpage.

           Nervously, Megumi stepped through the glass front doors and into the St. May hotel.  The interior was all dark woods and brass, looking even fancier than some of the posh rents she'd gone to parties at back in college.  Megumi even recognized some of the art on the walls.  While not especially famous pieces, they would certainly be at home in any museum.

           Megumi stepped to the wide wood counter that bridged the gap between the twin staircases to the second floor. Behind it was a young man not much older than herself, dressed in a smart red bellman's uniform.  "Good morning Ma'am.  Here to check in, or can I be of some other service?"

           Megumi couldn't remember the last time someone had called her Ma'am.  Possibly never.  Smiling to cover her nervousness she replied, "Hello.  I'm Megumi Kerns.  I was told to inquire at the front desk about my interview."

           The desk boy's eyebrow rose for just a second before the light bulb dinged.  "Ah yes, of course.  Ms. Isfarzon mentioned this when she checked into one of our business suites yesterday.  One moment."  He tapped a few keys on his computer before handing over a small plastic card.  "Ms. Isfarzon is staying on the fifth floor.  Room 504 to be exact.  If you put that key card into the slot by the elevator it will take you to the proper floor.  Let's see, was there anything else I was supposed to pass along…oh yes, she asked me to tell you to knock before entering the room.  That should be everything you need from me, unless there is anything else Ma'am?"

          "No, I think that will be all."

           "Good luck then."  Megumi stepped away from the check in desk and over to the elevator on the left wall.  She could feel the desk boy's eyes following her until they snapped to the front doors as they opened to admit another guest.

          Megumi slid the little card into the slot by the elevator and the gleaming brass doors opened a moment later.  She stepped inside to press the button for the fifth floor, only to find no buttons save a small red one for emergencies.  Without her input, the doors closed and the elevator rose into the sky.

           When it reached the fifth floor the doors opened and Megumi stepped out.  This floor was decorated much like the lobby, with lots of dark wood and paintings worth as much as a year of her tuition.  Following the signs, she came to the large door labeled 504.  Taking a last, comforting breath Megumi lifted her hand and knocked.

           "Enter." a deep voice boomed from inside, partly dampened by the thickness of the wood.  Megumi slid her keycard into the slot on the door, waited until the little light turned green, and stepped inside.

           Inside, the room was arranged like no hotel room Megumi had ever stayed in.  There was no dominating bed and dresser with a TV on it, though those might have been hiding behind one of the closed doors on the back wall.  Instead it was set up like a small office, with a desk on one side and a table with four chair before the window.

           What caught Megumi's eye was the woman sitting behind the desk.  Or possibly towering behind the desk, especially after she stood up.  The woman was as tall as Megumi was short, easily a few inches over six feet.  But that wasn't the eye catching part.  That would go to her blue skin and ice white hair.  In a way, she reminded Megumi of the ice giants she's read tales about as a small girl.

           "Ms. Kerns, right on time.  A pleasure to meet you.  I'm Kiera Isfarzon, but you can call me Kiera.  Please have a seat."  The giantess gestured to one of the chairs by the table and joined Megumi in taking a seat.  "I'm sure this whole affair has seemed strange to you, but we have a very influential client list that we highly value the privacy of.  Before we begin, can you tell me what you know about the Resort?"

           "Practically nothing." Megumi admitted.  "If you have a website I couldn't find it."

           "We do, but it takes a special password to get in.  Now if you'll bear with me, I'll give you a little overview of what we do and how you'd fit in."


           What felt like hours later Megumi stepped out of room 504.  Everything she'd been told was still a blur.  Supposedly the Resort was a…resort for the rich where they could relax in style and not have to worry about reporters or other day to day inconveniences.  It was located on a small private island off the coast, with the only way in by airship or the weekly supply runs by boat.

           If Megumi had understood everything correctly, and she still wasn't sure she had, Megumi would be acting as a Host.  This was a kind of personal concierge.  She would stay with her clients through their trip and work to make the outing as smooth and relaxing as possible.  Megumi was sure she could do that.  Despite her insecurity about her looks she was very personable and liked meeting new people.  During college she'd worked giving campus tours and Megumi saw this as a personalized evolution of that.

           Megumi had liked the sound of the position so much that when Kiera offered her the job at the end of interview, she'd signed the paperwork then and there.  Of course Megumi had been so excited by that point she wasn't exactly sure what she'd signed, but Kiera assured Megumi it was all necessary for the pre-employment phase of her job.

           Now Megumi had a week to pack up her old life and get ready for her new one.  Most of her possessions would get left in storage; according to Kiera the Resort provided room and board for their employees.  Besides, by the sound of it the stuff she would be using would be far nicer than what she had right now.

           Walking out of the hotel, Megumi made a note to stop off at the store for boxes and tape this afternoon.  But right now, she was too wired to pack and had a better idea of how she wanted to celebrate.

Chapter 3

           Megumi stared out the window of the airship as it slowly drifted over the coastline of the island.  She’d been riding one ship or another since early yesterday morning and it was already late afternoon.  Below she could see a five story, gently arcing building that must be the Resort itself.  There were a few other small outbuildings scattered around it, including the terminal the airship was drifting towards.  A wide road led from the Resort to the coast, where there was a large boat dock.  Megumi could see at least two yachts and what looked like a cargo vessel at anchor.  Scattered further up and down the beach were little cabanas for guests that wanted more privacy.

           “First time coming to the Resort?”  A voice from behind startled Megumi and she whirled around.  Standing there was a rather busty blond woman who looked to be in her late thirties.  Despite wearing her interview clothes yet again, Megumi felt underdressed compared to the woman’s elaborate blue dress.

           “Ye…yes.” Megumi squeaked, embarrassed. She tried to focus and find her center, she was supposed to be a Host to the guests coming here after all.  What kind of guest would want a scared little girl to wait on them?

           “Yes.” Megumi repeated, more confidently this time.  “I just got hired on to work here.”

           The woman’s eyes, the same blue as her outfit, sparkled as she scanned Megumi up and down.  “Let me guess, as a Host?”  Megumi nodded, unsure how the other woman guessed her job description.  The woman turned and spotted someone across the airship’s viewing room.  “Then I’ll have a chance to see you later.  But for now, I have to return to my husband.”

           And just like that she was gone, the woman disappearing as quickly as she appeared.  Megumi spent the next few minutes watching the airship come in and land, disembarking with the rest of the passengers.  There was a shuttle to take guests from the terminal to the hotel.  At first Megumi wasn’t sure she should use it, but as no one complained she figured it was fine.
         The shuttle zipped away from the terminal and toward the palace like Resort in the distance.  Along the way they passed through a sturdy wall and gate, complete with gargoyles.  There was something…off about the carved animals. Megumi swore she saw them move as the bus went past.

          The shuttle pulled into the roundabout in front of the resort and guests slowly filed out.  Megumi didn’t notice.  Her eyes were caught on the statue in the center of the roundabout.  It was composed of four stone female figures, but ones like Megumi had never seen before.  At least, not in person, as someone would have to be living under a rock for the last century to miss the Realm’s greatest export.

           In the center of the sculpture was a huge Freyan vaginawoman, a semi-spherical tube with a massive vagina on either end.  One of these vaginas was filled by an erect cockwoman, her mighty shaft torso buried almost up to her hips.  On the other side an anuswoman, little more than hand-feet arms and a butt, was using a spherical breastwoman as a sex toy to probe at the vaginawoman’s second pussy.  It was a highly erotic piece and Megumi wondered what it was doing front and center at a classy place like this.

           Megumi snapped out of her thoughts and realized she was the last person still on the shuttle.  She grabbed her small travel bag and hurried out.  Much like for her interview, Megumi’s instructions told her to report to the front desk.  She scurried inside as quickly as possible while still looking presentable and froze as soon as she passed the front doors.

           Megumi now realized how fitting the statue out front was.  The inside of the hotel was full of transformees.  A few steps away was a greeter, the woman’s head growing out of a pot like an odd flower.  The woman pushing a trolley full of bags into the elevator had more muscles than a diet of pure steroids could produce, with the addition of her face growing out of a third breast between the other two.  And at the check in desks, half the employees sported inhuman hairstyles or facial features.

           It wasn’t just the staff that were transformed.  As Megumi watched several of the guests shed coats or jackets to reveal hidden changes underneath.  This ranged from extra arms and extra breasts to one woman who removed her entire veiled head, revealing the large pussy where her neck should have been.  It could have been creepy, but instead there was a relaxed atmosphere.  It was akin to people returning home from work and shedding their business suits for something more casual.

           How had Megumi missed such an important detail as this? Surely Keira must have mentioned the Resort catered heavily to transformees?  But as hard as she wracked her brain, Megumi couldn’t remember the topic coming up.  Like it or not she was here now, so it was just one more part of the job she would need to deal with.  Besides , a small, kinky part of her mind whispered, you’ve been fantasizing about these types of people for months.  Now is your chance to interact with some.

           That thought caused a crimson blush to spread across Megumi’s cheeks.  She tried to hide it and pulled her thoughts back to the task at hand to make it go away.  Spotting a free check in desk, Megumi strode in that direction. The desk appeared to be made of some sort of dark polished stone, obsidian perhaps, but when she touched the surface it felt warm and jiggled slightly.

           “Hello Ma’am.” the woman behind the counter said cheerfully.  She was dressed in a neat blouse and jacket of red and gold with Belinda in gothic script on a small badge.  “I hope your trip out was enjoyable.  Here to check in?”

           “Um, yes, but not as a guest.” Megumi answered.  “I was told to report here for starting my new job.”

           The Belinda’s eyes widened in pleasant surprise and she grinned.  “Working here is the best.  They give us great little rooms, the perks are amazing, and the pay is way more than I’d get working at some other hotel.”

           “If it’s so good then why is the turnover so high?” Megumi asked, remembering what Keira had offhandedly mentioned.

          Belinda’s smile grew wider.  “Let’s just say some of us get a little too much into our work.”  She patted the desk before her happily.  “Believe it or not Kelli here was the senior front desk worker when I arrived last year.”

           Megumi stared openmouthed from the desk to Belinda and back.  The desk used to be…a person?  Seeing her shock Belinda continued, "It's one of the new pilot programs Tibula started after she took over the Resort five years ago.  That woman is always looking for new ways to push the envelope, using transformations to improve guest experiences.  The living front desks are her most recent foray."

           Belinda gestured for Megumi to lean in and the startled woman did so.  Leaning over the counter allowed Megumi to see that Belinda disappeared into her desk from the waist down.  "These living front desks provide their users with everything they need, from food and water to sexual stimulation.  I haven't had to leave the lobby for nearly a month."

           "What about at night?"  Megumi asked.
         "I get pulled inside the desk all the way."  Belinda's face took on a dreamy expression.  "It allows Kelli to give me a some more personal training.  Right now it's on doing my job better, but when my contract is up in six months I'm going to ask them to train me to become a front desk as well."

           This woman is clearly insane , thought Megumi.  And yet, despite this initial feeling she could see a bit of the appeal.  Just not for her.  Seeking to change the topic Megumi said, "I'd love to hear about this more later, but isn't there someone I should check in with to let them know I've arrived?"

           "Oh, yes.  That would be Tibula, the manager.  She likes to meet with all new hires personally as they start.  Let me give her a quick call."

           After that, Belinda and Megumi chatted about some of the stranger transformees the former had seen while on duty.  Belinda was in the middle of describing a gross porn star who had come and stripped off her false humanoid skin right before her desk when there was a polite cough from the side.

           Megumi turned and, unusually for someone her size, actually had to look down at the new arrival.  The creature trying to get her attention was a Freyan anuswoman, but she looked quite different than the one on the sculpture outside.  For one thing, she was dressed like a brothel madam from one of the old tales.  Thick black fishnet stockings on her legs and a red silk skirt with black edging that hid most of her thighs except for the tantalizing slit up the middle.  Her two butt cheeks were exposed and held in separate cups like that of a corset.  Most surprising of all was the blonde mass of hair poking out the woman's back like a horse's tail and falling to just below her knees.

           As Megumi looked closer, she saw the clothes were actually part of the woman's body.  The fishnets were more like tattoos on otherwise flawless white skin and there was no gap between the silk of the skirts and the skin of the anuswoman's cheeks.  About the only thing that didn't seem permanently attached were the woman's heels.  With both a platform and stiletto, they give her a lift of at least six inches.  There were little slots for the anuswoman's fingers to slide into and a band around her wrist to keep the shoe close even when she needed her hand free.

           "You must be Megumi Kerns." The anuswoman said it more as a statement than a question.

           "Yes Ma'am."

           The anuswoman bobbed her cheeks in an approximation of a nod.  "Good.  My name is Tibula and I run this establishment.  If you will follow me, we have a few things to discuss before you start your duties later tonight."

           Belinda mouthed "see you later" as Megumi followed Tibula's swaying mane of hair through the hotel.  The anuswoman stepped through a door marked "Employees Only" and into the corridor behind.  A few minutes later Tibula led Megumi into her office.  One wall had a window that overlooked  a pool on the inner curve of the resort, another was covered in video monitors, and the other two were crowded with shelves of books and binders.
         "Ms. Kerns."  Tibula began, taking a seat in the odd looking chair behind her desk.  It came up between her legs and provided extra support to allow the anuswoman to use her arms more easily.  "What is your impression of my establishment so far?"

          "It's very nice Ma'am.  I'll admit it came as a bit of a shock to see so many transformees here.  Keira…err Ms. Isfarzon never mentioned anything about it."

           "There are reasons why she didn't.  We find that some people feel uncomfortable around transformed individuals.  That is one reason we use Ms. Isfarzon as a recruiter; her changes allow us to gauge potential employee reactions.  But just to be sure, this won't be a problem for you, working here with transformees?"

           "No Ma'am.  Although, it might feel a bit strange being one of the few unmodified people here…"  Megumi trailed off as Tibula's anus puckered.  If it had been a human face, Megumi would have characterized it as a frown.

           "Ms. Kerns, I'm not sure how you missed it up to this point, but to be an employee of this hotel, not to mention a highly sought after one such as a Host, you too will be a transformee."

           "What…no…I don't want to…"

           "This is a non-negotiable factor, Ms. Kerns.  It was mentioned quite plainly in the paperwork you signed after your interview.  As a condition of your employment you would receive a minimum number of transformations to integrate you better with our guests."  Tibula sighed.  "However, I am not a cruel woman.  Harsh, but not cruel.  If you truly do not wish to undergo these transformations, then I will not force you.  However, it will result in immediate termination and a rescindment of your signing bonus, along with additional fees for your transport and relating to finding your replacement.  A total that would be around…let's see…"

           When Tibula told her the number, it was a good thing Megumi was already sitting.  If she hadn't been, she would have fallen over.  The sum was half as much Kriss as she'd spent in the last six months.  If she walked away now, she'd be in an ever worse position than before.  Add in the fact Megumi had already given up her apartment and put everything in storage, it looked like she had no other option but to undergo these transformations.

           "I'll...do it."  Megumi replied weakly.

           "Chin up girl, it's not all bad.  I guarantee you'll come to enjoy your changes over time.  I know I have.  Can you believe I used to be a boring old hotel manager from the Capitol?  I went to the Realm on a much needed vacation and saw becoming an anuswoman as the jump start my life needed to head off in a new direction.  I certainly never would have ended up running this place without it.  Now, while we still have some time left let me explain to you what will be happening tonight…"

Chapter 4

           "And now we have a special treat for you all.  A brand-new Host who will be joining our wonderful little family here tonight.  Please welcome…Megumi."

           Still nervous and blushing furiously, Megumi stepped out from behind the curtain and strode onstage.  She was dressed in only a red kimono from the surprisingly well stocked prop room backstage.  Anything else, Megumi was told, would just get in the way.

           The stage ran along one of the long walls of the Resort's combination bar and lounge.  There had to be over a hundred people out there watching her prance across the polished wooden floorboards, a fact that wasn't helping Megumi's nerves.  Still, as Tibula had made clear it was far too late to back out now.  Megumi stopped center stage beside the anuswoman and waved nervously to the crowd.

           "For her transformation, Megumi has decided to take a run at the Wall of Vials." Tibula continued, balancing on one hand and gesturing to the wall behind her with the other.

           Running the length of the wall at chest height was a glass partition.  Every six inches or so was small glass vial in a holder.  They ran a gambit from white to black, with plenty of pinks, reds, and blues.  Some glowed, others seemed to writhe within their glass enclosures.

           "As this is her first set of changes, we'll be doing them at random.  Repeat guests might know what that means."

          There were cheers from the crowd as the large, impossibly muscular woman Megumi had seen earlier in the lobby, whose name she learned was Teres, pushed in a large wire-frame contraption.  In the central, spherical section there were a hundred fist sized spheres.  Each tiny breast had a number on the areola where the nipple would normally be.  Tibula had told Megumi earlier that the selector was an early patron of the hotel who so enjoyed the Wall of Vials she asked to be made a permanent part of the process.

           Teres pushed the selector until it rested beside Megumi and Tibula.  She cranked the handle on the edge, sending a tide of booblets spinning around, before opening the cage for Tibula to reach in.

           "Number 21!" the anuswoman exclaimed, reading the number off the breast.

           Megumi walked over to the wall and pressed the button under the proper vial.  The glass protector slid away, allowing her to retrieve the vial and its stand.  She brought it back and set it on the table beside Tibula.  This process was repeated for vials 72 and 45.

           "For the newer guests in the audience," Tibula explained as Megumi poured the three vials into a chalice, "Generally the higher the number the more extreme the change.  This can vary based on a person's opinion of extreme.  After all, as literally half the woman I used to be my point of view is a little skewed."  This got a few laughs from the crowd.  "Are you ready Megumi?"

           The dark haired woman stared down at the chalice in her hand, the one that would change her life irrevocably.  "As I'll ever be." Megumi said quietly to herself, before bringing the cup to her lips and swallowing the liquid within.

           Megumi expected the potions to taste terrible, like medicine from a pharmacy.  Instead it was rather tasteless, like drinking a cup of water.  She could feel it going down; the liquid gave off a warmth that infused the tissues as it passed.  Megumi could feel this warmth settle in her stomach far faster than any normal drink could travel.  As it sat there and continued to heat her tissues Megumi began to feel bloated.  The pressure was more disconcerting than uncomfortable, as if parts of her flesh were trying to escape away to greener pastures.

           Partly out of her own curiosity and mostly to give the audience a good show Megumi undid the sash on her kimono and let it fall to the stage behind her.  Megumi's hands drew back up to her chest, where she could feel some of the flesh trying to escape.  Before this Megumi had been one of the girls passed over by the boob fairy during her puberty rounds.  Now Megumi’s tiny mounds were finally seeing some much desired growth.  It was hard to judge size looking down at your chest, but Megumi guessed them to be at least a solid C cup.

           While the bigger boobs were welcome, Megumi knew the transformation was far from over.  Tibula didn't strike her as a woman to pack such a mundane and simple change into her collection.  Sure enough, as her breasts stabilized in size Megumi could feel the flesh pushing out beneath them.  Shifting her breast out of the way Megumi found a second set of nipples poking out below the first.

           How very fitting, Megumi thought as her second set of breasts grew in.  A four breasted woman had been the first transformee she'd masturbated to, now Megumi was one herself.

           The transformation was far from finished and next Megumi felt the pressure building up right above her butt.  Demons, she thought, am I about to grow a second butt as well?

           Teres helpful brought over a mirror and allowed Megumi to see that, to her relief, she would remain single assed.  Instead something was poking out from her tailbone.  A tail, obviously, one that grew to the size of Megumi's forearm and twice as thick.  She gave it an experimental wag, a command that required previously unused parts of her psyche, and Megumi found she could control her new tail quite easily.  Maybe not enough dexterity to write with it, but certainly enough to use her new appendage to grab things.

           Two changes down, one to go.  So far, Megumi hadn't received anything she couldn't live with.  Lots of women sport extra breasts these days and her tail would be easily hideable under the right clothing.  But as the pressure built up a final time, right below her stomach, Megumi wondered if her luck had run out.

           As the pressure built to nearly painful levels Megumi felt something actually move within her.  She could feel something sliding down her insides, her...vagina.  With a gasp of horror Megumi had a pretty good idea of what was to come.  She's seen something similar one night, masturbating to a video with a woman drinking a transformation potion.

           Sure enough, as Megumi spread her legs to get a better view in the mirror something poked out from between her folds.  A bright purple, bell shaped something.  It was followed by a solid, blood filled column of flesh.  It could be only one thing, a penis.  Megumi watched as her new member pushed out a good six inches before she felt it lock into place.  The pressure built up again and Megumi felt more things pushing their way out of her.  A moment later her dick was joined by its luggage, a pair of testicles in a small pouch.

           As Megumi stood there breathing heavily, staring at her newest addition with a mix of shock and arousal, the glowing heat of the transformation faded away.  She reached down a tentative hand and touched the tip, jumping in shock as the unfamiliar sensations reached her brain with the subtlety of a battering ram.

           "It seems Megumi is enjoying her new additions."  The crowd gave appreciative cheers at this.  "And she'll get a chance to find out how pleasurable they can be soon.  The bidding will start at 10,000 Kriss…"

           Megumi missed most of this, still trapped admiring…and fearing her new changes.  It wasn't until a familiar voice spoke that she snapped out of it.  "Hello Megumi.  I told you I would see you again."

          Megumi snapped around to see the woman from the airship, the one with the blue dress, striding toward her.  Beside her was a man, of the same age but with short sandy brown hair and an athletic build.  The woman circled around Megumi, admiring her like a new car on the showroom floor.  "Oh yes, this will be a fun night.  She looks marvelous, doesn't she Marc?"

           "I'm certainly looking forward to getting to know her better dear."

           The woman took one of Megumi's arms, her husband the other.  "Come with us little one, and we will show you so many pleasures."

           And that was how Megumi found herself up in one of the Resort's suites on the fourth floor.  She nervously watched the couple undress, torn between fear and excitement at what she knew was coming.  She'd almost quit when Tibula explained this part of the job to her, but what was prostitution compared to changing her body?

           "Don't be frightened little one." the woman, who Megumi learned was named Sam, said as she strode over.  Megumi tried not to stare but couldn't help it, the slight bob of the woman's large breasts was hypnotic.  "We're not going to hurt you."  Sam slid around Megumi, pressing her breasts into the Host's back and leaning in to smell her hair.  "What we're going to do will be pleasurable for all three of us.  Tell me, have you ever felt the touch of a woman before?"

           "N...no." Megumi squeaked.  "Nor a man either." she admitted, hanging her head slightly.

           "Ooh, a virgin.  We certainly caught ourselves a prize tonight."  Sam lifted Megumi's face and leaned in for a long, lingering kiss.  The Host was unsure of the action at first, but as their lips connected there was almost an electrical spark within her.  Soon she intertwining tongues with Sam, trying to taste the other woman.

           "I see you two started without me." Marc chuckled as he strode into the room.  Megumi extricated herself from Sam and turned to examine her other bedmate for the night.  Before coming here, Megumi would have been excited to share a bed with such an amazing specimen.  Marc wasn't muscular in the way of a bodybuilder, but everything was well defined sleekness.  His body hair was sparse except at the crotch and armpits, the former having no chance at hiding the large penis and balls hanging from his crotch.  Marc looked to be only half erect and yet was already bigger than Megumi's new organ.

           "I was just getting her ready for you husband.  Come Megumi, lay back on the bed."

           The Host did as directed and Sam crawled up to straddled her face.  It was hard to see, but by the heat against her thighs Marc had taken up position between her legs.  "Here is how this is going to go Megumi." Sam explained.  "My husband is going to give you an excellent lesson on the art of blowjobs.  He's been trained by the best and is quite skilled.  Meanwhile I expect you to show some enthusiasm while licking my kitten."  Sam ran a finger down one of her labial lips.  "Together we'll work you right to the edge and keep you there as long as we can.  After that we'll swap.  You can show Marc how good of a student you are, while I can finally show you how pleasurable having a dick can be."  Sam lowered her crotch ever more, until Megumi's nose was right on her clit.  "Now, lick!"

Chapter 5

           The dream was going so well.  Megumi was balls deep in Sam's pretty face, while Marc pumped into her from behind.  They were going back and forth, faster and faster, until…

           Megumi sat up with a start as she felt warm liquid on her leg.  Megumi blinked and it took her a moment to realize where she was.  The Resort.  Megumi had started her new job at the Resort, had changed herself in front of so many people, had allowed herself to be bought for the night like a common whore, had lost her virginity to Sam and Marc…

           Megumi wanted to curl up into a ball and be swallowed up by the earth.  But then some of the better parts of the night came back.  About how caring Sam and Marc were.  About how good they had made her feel; a freely chosen bed partner instead of a bought toy.  About the sheer amount of pleasure her new organ was capable of producing.  An organ that, even now, was starting to harden again.  Did normal males have to deal with such a problem?  If so, Megumi had underestimated the control of the male half of Assiah.

           Looking around the room, Megumi spotted a note on one of the bedside tables.  She unfolded it and read the flowering script.


Marc and I had a wonderful time last night.  I hope you did as well.  Sorry to sneak out on you this morning, but we had an early boat ride/aquatic orgy planned with a friend.  We'll be gone tonight, but will be back at the hotel tomorrow.  If you're free and willing, we'd love to arrange another night of your companionship.


           Megumi barely had time to finish reading the note before there was a knock at the suite's door.  This sent Megumi into a panic.  Here she was; naked, covered with every liquid the human body is capable of producing, and smelling like a bordello on orgy night.  She'd die of shame if anyone saw her like this.

           But fate was not to be denied, as whoever was at the door had a key card.  The door swung open and a voice called out, "Megumi, are you still in here?"

           Through a crack in the bedroom door, Megumi could see the woman standing in the suite's main room.  She didn't appear to be much older than Megumi and was sporting a few changes of her own.  At first Megumi thought she was wearing a strange fur bikini, then realized it was the exact shame shade at the woman's auburn hair.  An unless Megumi was mistaken, she caught the hint of something moving behind the curls at the woman's crotch.  "Come on Megumi, Tibula sent me to fetch you.  I'm supposed to give you your tour."

           "Don't come in, I'm not dressed yet."  Megumi frantically scanned around for something to wear, but short of pulling the sheets off the bed there were no other options.

           "Don't be silly, I'm sure you look fine."  Megumi had to resist the urge to dive under the covers as the woman stepped into the room.  "Besides, I'm not wearing any clothes either.  Well, not except my collar, but I really don't consider that clothing."

           Megumi's eyes followed the woman's hand to her throat, which was encircled by a band of black leather.  The name Evelin was spelled out in glittering crystals, while hanging from it was a two-inch-tall letter H.  "But…but…what will people think if they see me walking around naked?"

           "Once they see your collar, it will be either one of two things.  Either they'll be jealous of the people who rocked your world last night, or counting their money to see if they can afford you tonight."  The woman, Evelin, held out something to Megumi.  It was a collar identical to her own, save the name Megumi was spelled out in the crystals instead.  "Now crawl over here so I can put this on you.  The locks are always a pain to line up properly."

           "Your collar is locked on?  You can't take it off?" Megumi asked, horrified for both Evelin and for herself.

           Evelin snorted.  "I can take it off whenever I want.  I just have to go see Tibula for the key.  The locks are more to prevent clients trying to take it, or me, home as a souvenir.  You might think I’m joking, but our clients can get very attached.  Not that I'd want to take it off, after two months here I find the steady pressure comforting.  And you should see the way people's eyes light up when they find out you're a Host."

           Reluctantly, Megumi crawled to the edge of the bed and let Evelin wrap the collar around her neck.  Megumi looked down as far as possible and could see the H resting just above her top cleavage.

           "See, it looks perfect on you.  Now come on, I have a lot of hotel to show you and not enough time to do it.  Especially if we want to hit the 2 o'clock orgy in the fluids room."

           "Ok, ok.  Give me a moment to try and make myself presentable."

           "Nope, you're coming with me as is.  Think of it as our way of hazing the new girl.  Tomorrow you can get as prettied up as you like, can hide all your changes.  But today, you're going au natural."  With that Evelin grabbed Megumi's arm and tugged her out of the room.


           The rest of the morning and afternoon flew by in a blur.  Megumi could remember little snippets of it, like the living outdoor Jacuzzi that looked like a giant set of lips.  The inside was encircled with row after row of breasts with the occasional tentacle hiding between them.  Megumi had wanted to slip inside as it would allow her to wash off the cum stains and ruins of her make-up, but Evelin insisted they come back later.

           There was the Green Room, a greenhouse like structure of plants and lounges to let guests relax in the sun without feeling the biting chill of winter.  Many of the plants were alchemical creations and a few even used to be people, Evelin had explained.  She pointed out one as an example, a green bell shape that rose almost to the Green Room's ceiling.  Around its edges were a half dozen pitchers, roughly condom shaped growths big enough for a person to fit in.  As they watched a woman with green hair shed her clothing and walked over to the plant, which helpfully wrapped her in vinelike tentacles and deposited her into one of the pitchers.  The condom went flat as the air was sucked out, perfectly outlining the woman's body, before it refilled with some sort of dark liquid.

           "She'll have a nonstop stream of orgasms for the next twelve hours or so while the plant implants a seed."  Evelin explained.  "She'll look moderately pregnant when she steps out tomorrow, that and green.  The latter will fade after she drops the seed in a month or so, but she'll be left with an urge to sunbathe and a vegetarian diet.  That woman's done it at least once before, you can tell by the hair.  If she does it too many more time, she might end up a permanent resident of this room instead."

           And of course, no high end private hotel would be complete without a casino.  The employees running this section of the resort were all faceless and androgynous, so as not to give away any details.  Some achieved this with rubber suits, while others had alchemically changed their flesh.  The workers went about their jobs with robotic efficiency and Megumi realized a few of the dealers were growing out of their tables much like Belinda in the lobby.

           While most of the games in the casino were conventional, a few had a transformed twist.  One slot machine Megumi remembered looked like a woman bound to a frame.  The male guest using her put a token in her vagina mouth and pulled her phallic right arm.  The woman had three breasts with little windows instead of areola and Megumi stopped to watch the spinning reels inside.  The slot machine woman began to moan as the first wheel stopped on a big O.  She got louder as a second O appeared in the next window.  Her squeals turned orgasmic as a third O appeared and the woman shook in her bonds.  A spray of tokens fell like a waterfall from the vagina between her legs and cascaded into a bowl.  The man shouted at his good fortune while the slot woman sagged back in post orgasmic bliss.

           "So, what did you think about your first full day at the Resort?" Evelin asked, breaking Megumi from her reverie.  The pair were sitting in the employee cafeteria, slurping down some soup to replenish lost fluids.

           "You know what…" Megumi replied, another video segment of earlier today flashing across her mind, "I think I'm going to like it here."


Re: The Resort

Chapter 6

           Megumi woke up in what she considered the best way possible, with something warm and wet engulfing her member.  Arousal burned away sleep and she lifted up the blankets to see who her bedmate was this morning.  She found Evelin's big brown eyes staring back at her as she gave Megumi's dick another playful suck.  The brunette pulled back far enough to let Megumi's dick plop out and smiled.  "Morning roomie."

           It was hard for Megumi to believe that she had been at the Resort for a month already.  After the first day, she'd been assigned to share a room with Evelin.  A room with only one bed, for a multitude of reasons.  Partly to save space, as more often than not Hosts would be spending the night in a client's room.  It also helped the oversexed employees have someone they could burn off stress with in the most fun way possible.

           "I didn't hear you come in last night." Megumi replied, pulling her roommate up and kissing her on the lips.
         "I didn't, technically.  My client had to leave on an early airship and I didn't have anything scheduled until this afternoon, so I thought I'd pop back for a quick shower and change.  But when I saw you just lying there…I couldn't help myself."

           Megumi looked over at the clock.  "I was going to get up in five minutes anyway and you give much nicer wake-ups than my alarm clock.  Do you mind if I join you for that shower?"

           "You know what they say, the more the merrier."

          Evelin hopped off the bed and shook her butt and new additions in Megumi's direction.  Last week Evelin had gone up on stage again, drinking another vial before the crowd.  Now she sported a pair of soccer ball sized nuts in a sack the size of a travel carry on.  They grew out from Evelin’s tailbone and fell to cover her butt, making sitting difficult.  Evelin was already talking about taking another vial in the hope they would either grow or stretch, allowing her to use chairs again.  Or toilets.  Unfortunately for her, the Resort required a month's wait between taking vials.  Something about morphic instability, but Megumi suspected it was because they didn't want to burn through Hosts too fast.

           The room's shower was large, designed to handle multiple people or one enlarged transformee.  Megumi poured a healthy helping of soap on her hands and got to work massaging it into Evelin's skin.  She had to work extra hard on the furry patches, which had expanded to the size of bike shorts and a crop top due to Evelin's most recent change.  Right now her roommate's balls were still hairless, but Megumi had to make sure she cleaned between them and Evelin's ass cheeks.

           "Is everything ok Megumi?" Evelin asked as Megumi scrubbed between her cheeks.  "You're not acting quite like your playful self today."

           "I'm just…thinking."  Megumi stood and allowed Evelin to return the soaping favor.  "Evelin, why did you take another vial?" Megumi asked, before she could psyche herself out of asking the question.

           "Why?  Why not?  I love how my body is changing.  You certainly enjoyed emptying my new balls the night after I got them."
         "But aren't you afraid of going too far, of…I don't know, ending up in the Petting Zoo?"  Megumi referenced the section of the Resort that was home to both employees and some guests who had transformed themselves to the point they were no longer capable of functioning as people.  Instead they were more like sexual pets that guests could check out during their stay.

           "That wouldn't be a bad fate, as things go."  Evelin filled her hands with another dollop of soap and started massaging it into Megumi's breasts.  "No responsibilities and sexual pleasure every day.  People would pay good money for such a fate."

           "Aren't you worried about losing...your sense of self?"

           Evelin let her arms fall and stepped back as far as the shower would allow.  "Megumi, look at me.  This is my self.  I love my body, changed bits and all.  I look forward to when I can have my next change, if only to see what new and exciting part of me I'll gain.  Honestly, I kind of wish you would take another vial, if only to let yourself loosen up."

          Megumi hung her head.  "I've been…considering it.  My one month anniversary was two days ago.  I could really use the pay raise, along with the higher nightly fees."

           "Then why haven't you gone to Tibula about another one?"

           "I'm a coward, I guess.  I'm afraid I'm going to end up as a three headed freak or something."

           "Girlfriend, you wouldn't have too far to go.  You've got two heads already."  Evelin stepped close and kissed Megumi on the lips while fondling her dick below.  "Gaining one more of either would make you hotter than ever, in my opinion.  You know how I feel about the Twins…you know, that two headed Host with the hot pink skin."

           "I remember you showing those feeling in an orgasm contest not too long ago.  Remind me again who won?"

           "That would be telling." Evelin smirked.  "So, are you going to do it?"

           Megumi considered.  "Tell you what, why don't we hold off on this argument until we return to the bedroom.  Then you can do your best to…persuade me."

           Evelin's eyes sparkled.  "I think you'll find I'm very persuasive."


           That woman has the tongue of a snake, Megumi thought as she walked naked across the stage.   Long and thin for maximum pleasure, along with being capable of convincing you of anything if given enough time.

           They went through the whole ceremony again, with Tibula introducing Megumi as one of the Resort's hottest new Hosts.  The Waoi woman saw a few of her past clients in the crowd and waved at them.  Next Teres brought out the selector and Megumi found herself standing before vial number 59.  She removed it reverently and returned to center stage.  Tibula whipped up the crowd and under their influence Megumi tipped back the glass and drank down the potion within.

           Just like last time, Megumi could feel a pressure building up inside her.  Instead of focusing on one point at once, it seemed to flow equally into all the already changed parts of her body.  Her breasts swelled a tad, going up a cup size apiece, while a third pair of B cup breasts grew in to decorate Megumi's lower stomach.  If she kept this up, where would the next set of breasts grow in, her legs?

           Meanwhile, Megumi's tail lengthened until the tip could brush the floor.  Reaching behind her, Megumi could feel the base was over half as wide as her body.  On the other side, Megumi's dick was already hard in anticipation.  It swelled a little more, gaining two inches in length and another in circumference.  It was hard to tell with her balls, but Megumi felt they grew a little plumper as well.

           Finally, it came time for the newest transformation to make itself evident. Instead of pressure, Megumi felt an itching spread across her skin.  It started in the center of her back and wove thin tendrils between her breasts.  Looking in the mirror, Megumi could see trails of scales slowly curling across her body.  Megumi turned her back to the mirror and looked over her shoulder to see a wild pattern of purples and whites covering her back like an elaborate tattoo.  These new changes were highly arousing and as Megumi watched, the whites started to darken to reds.

           "I'm now opening the bidding for a night of Megumi's scaly companionship."  Tibula said from a few feet away.  Megumi ignored the bidding, too caught up in studying her new changes.  She could already think of lots of new things she wanted to try with whoever won her tonight.

Chapter 7

           “Tho, are you excited about tonight?" Evelin lisped.  "Thith will be what…your thixth vial in ath many month here at the Rethort?  If you keep up this path, you'll be a little ball of thex organth when you walk out of here at the end of your contract."

           "Seventh.  You're forgetting the one that made all my body fluids taste like cherries.  And besides, I won't be walking out of here anyway.  Slithering maybe, but not walking."
         Megumi used one of her handless arms to gesture to what remained of her legs.  The last vial had been the highest she'd ever taken, an 86.  The result had removed her hands at the wrist, heaving her with just stumps.  At the same time, her feet had reabsorbed into her shins.  This was less of a problem, as Megumi’s tail had grown large enough to support her body.  It wasn't good for long distance moving, Megumi used a wheelchair for that, but she could slither decently well.  She still almost fell on her face at least once a day, but the frequency had dropped over the months since the change.

           Losing her hands had been harder.  Even though she could use her stumps to manipulate large things like door handles or the control knob on her wheelchair, Megumi's fine dexterity was gone forever.  She'd had to rely on Evelin and her clients a lot in the early days, something they were grateful to do.  Megumi expected she got a few more clients who were endeared by her helplessness.  The Sam and Marc Raynor, who had stopped by at least once a month since breaking in Megumi, stayed for a week to comfort her.  They pampered Megumi so much the only time she had to leave the bed for the whole week was to go to the bathroom.  When they finally flew out Megumi felt much better about her situation.

           However, the change still hung over her head like a trap from one of the Mad Kings.  Megumi knew the change was within her now and would gradual increase in strength with additional vials.  Megumi expected her arms to gradually shrink away over the next two, maybe three changes.  It was what had made her wait nearly two months for another vial when before she was taking them at bare minimum intervals.

           In the end though, the lure of changing was just too strong.  The giddy excitement that occurred before each change was addicting and Megumi couldn't pull herself free.  It didn't help that Evelin had continued to change.  Megumi's roommate now sported vaginas on her face and between her butt cheeks, the former responsible for the lisp.  Her entire body save head and lower limbs was covered in reddish brown fur, and Evelin's balls had grown to the point she could sit on them comfortably.  Her dick hung all the way down to her knees, making it far too large for the pair to us it for penetrative sex.  Megumi's own dick was up to almost a foot when hard, which put it at Evelin's upper limits.  Soon the pair would have to find alternative ways to pleasure each other.

           Evelin lifted the spoon again, guiding another portion of soup into Megumi's mouth.  "Come on, eat up.  You'll need your strength for later tonight."

           Megumi couldn't help but grin.  "All night orgies tend to take it out of a girl."

          "That's the spirit.  I can't wait to take my own turn with you."


           "And the vial for tonight is…number 91."

           There were gasps from the audience at Tibula's pronouncement.  Despite the supposed randomness of the process, it was a rare event indeed for a vial with this high a number to be called.  Megumi could only recall one vial higher than 90 getting called in her entire time at the Resort.  It had happened on her third month here to a newly hired Host named Kaylia.  The petite woman started around Megumi's size and age before drinking the number 93 vial.  Afterward she stood seven feet tall and more muscular than Teres.  Despite looking like a man, Kaylia retained her vagina, though it grew big enough to satisfy the largest cocks.  Megumi didn't see Kaylia often, but knew she was popular with cockwoman and other overly endowed clients.

           Now it was Megumi's turn to undergo a radical transformation.  With only one sample to draw from, she had no idea what type of life altering change was in store.  Megumi carefully picked up the vial stand with her wrist stumps and carried it back to Tibula.  Teres helpfully removed the vial's lid and held it up for Megumi to drink.

           Much like all the other vials, Megumi felt the wonderful pressure build the moment the liquid poured down her throat.  Her arms and legs continued to shrink away as expected, reabsorbing her forelimbs until they stopped at the knees and elbows.  At the same time Megumi's tail grew longer and thicker, better able to support her weight.  Megumi could feel at least two more pairs of breasts grow in below her others, tracing a line down the bottom of her tail.  She idly wondered how long it would be until they reached the tip.

           Megumi expected her cock to grow longer than it's formidable twelve inches as well, but that didn't seem to be the case.  She thought it might have grown a bit thicker, but the bobbing made it difficult to tell.  Instead Megumi felt the pressure pushing something down from within her.  She slithered over to the mirror in time to see her balls swell as two more testicles pushed in to join her others.  One set hung above the second, giving them a stacked look.

           And of course, Megumi's purple scales claimed even more territory in their war against her human skin.  Mergumi’s prized hair fell to the floor as the scales advanced up the back of her neck, wrapping around her head like a hood.  When that aspect of the transformation finished all that was left of Megumi's pale flesh was her breasts and face, along with the ends of her stunted limbs.  It would only take another vial or two before she was fully engulfed.

          Surprisingly, that was the end of Megumi's transformation.  Her testicles were filled with an odd fullness, but that could have been caused by waiting so long between vials.  So where was the new transformation?

           "I assure you ladies and gentlemen, that Ms. Kerns has indeed undergone a significant change.  It's not visible, not yet at least, so please put down the cabbage and other rotten vegetables.  I assure you any woman who sleeps with her tonight will wake up an entirely new person tomorrow."

          If Tibula still had eyes, that comment would have been said with a wink.  Even without them, that tantalizing tidbit was enough to spark a small bidding war between several female members of the audience.  The winner strode onstage and admired her prize.  Even clothed in a fancy evening dress, Megumi had a feeling this woman was more comfortable in a power suit.  She radiated strength and a take charge attitude.

           "You look good enough to eat, Megumi.  I shall get my money's worth tonight and more."

           Ten minutes later Megumi was curled seductively on the bed while her client, Andrea, stripped out of her dress.  Her body was tight and muscular, clear evidence of a religiously followed gym schedule.  Her body fat was so low Andrea's breasts were rather small for her frame, looking more like large pecs.

           Andrea crawled over and into the bed beside Megumi, who responded by wrapping around Andrea with her serpentine body.  Foreplay consisted of Andrea fondling Megumi's many breasts, while Megumi alternated between sucking on Andrea’s nipples and clit.

           "I think it's time we get to the fun part." Andrea gently unwrapped Megumi and laid the snake woman down on the bed.  Megumi's dick stuck up like a pole and Andrea's dripping cunt hovered over it as she straddled the other woman.  The moment they connected was electric.  For Megumi, Andrea's pussy was wonderfully warm and tight.  For Andrea, Megumi's dick was so large it pressed against all her pleasure centers.

          Taking charge of the situation, Andrea bobbed up and down while Megumi wriggled in pleasure.  Eventually she was able to take enough of Megumi's massive dick that they were crotch to crotch.  It wasn't long after that before the pair could no longer control their pleasure and came.  Warm cum bubbled up from Megumi's many testicles and shot deep into Andrea's hungry pussy.

           Andrea went slack as the orgasm washed over her, leaning down until she lay atop Megumi's line of breasts.  "Did I give you your money's worth?" the serpentine woman quipped.

           "You're off to a good start." Andrea replied.  "That was the best orgasm I've had in ages.  My whole body is still tingling.  How long until we can go again?"

           "Give me a few minutes to recover, then I'll be up for another round."

          Andrea kissed Megumi before sliding off of her and the bed.  "I can think of a few ways to speed up the process."

           But as she stepped away from the bed, Megumi caught sight of something strange.  "Umm, Andrea…did you have a tramp stamp I missed before?"

           "No." the businesswoman frowned.  "It wouldn't have looked professional."

           "Then either I need my eyes checked, or you're growing in a tail."

           Andrea let out an "eep" and reached behind her.  Andrea "eep"ed again when she felt something fuzzy above her butt.  "I'm growing a tail?  What kind?"

           "Fox or wolf I'd say, it's a bit too small to tell."  Other parts of Andrea's body caught Megumi's eye.  "But I don't think that's the full extent of your changes."

           When it was over, Andrea was no longer the same woman that had purchased Megumi’s time earlier tonight.  Instead she was sharing a room with an athro wolf.  Andrea had already been tall for a woman, an inch or two short of six feet, but now she towered over Megumi by another six inches at least.  Her muscular frame was hidden under a thick mat of bright purple fur with white edging, a color scheme that mirrored Megumi's own.  But the most significant change came last, as something huge and pointy pushed its way out of Andrea's vagina.  Her new canine cock was half again as long as Megumi’s and had a thick knot at the base.  Her balls were the size of apples and swung with every step she took.  Her new dick and balls stood in stark contrast to the rest of Andrea's frame, which possessed wide feminine hips and a skinny waist.

           Andrea lifted one digitigrade leg and studied how her knee length tail connected to her backside.  "This certainly was an unexpected change.  I never thought I'd leave here as a femboy."  Andrea's voice was also deeper than before, almost husky.

           "I'm certain your co-workers will do a double take when you show up at the office on Monday."

           Andrea let out a barking laugh.  "I could show up just like this, with no clothes but my purse.  I might end up depopulating the management floor from all the boner induced heart attacks I give those old men."

           "You're certainly giving me one."  Megumi bent forward and licked the tip of her cock.  "Why don't you come over here and play with mine so I can play with yours.  We've got a lot of work to do if we're going to break in that new body before our time together is up."

           Not needing to be asked twice, Andrea flashed of a smile of gleaming fangs and returned to the bed for a very long, very interesting night.

Chapter 8

           The elevator dinged and Megumi slithered out into the lobby.  She's just come from the fourth floor, where she'd spent the morning with a rich merchant and his wife.  The latter was getting used to her new body as an anthro femboy parrot covered in dark purple and white plumage.  Ever since taking the vial two weeks ago Megumi had been booked solid with clients.  Sometimes even two in one day.  There was something about trading in their breasts and vaginas for dicks, balls, and animalistic features that drove a certain subset of women wild.  On the one hand Megumi was happy, as this was allowing her to sock away a nice little nest egg.  No pun on her most recent client intended.  On the other hand, the constant attention was leaving her exhausted.  Megumi finally had an afternoon and evening off and she planned to use them after she'd had a bit to eat.  A good long rest would go a long way toward recharging her batteries.

           These plans changed instantly when an excited voice called out to her across the lobby.  "Megumi!"

           The snake woman turned to see her two favorite clients striding toward her at full clip.  Sam didn’t stop until they were boob to boob and wrapped her arms around serpent woman.  "Megumi, are the rumors true?  That your last vial was a 90+?"  She stepped back and admired the Host.  "You don't look that different.  At least not in ways I wouldn't expect."

           "I didn't get a physical change." Megumi explained.  "Instead whenever I cum inside a female client now, I turn her into an anthro femboy.  It's brought me a score of unexpected clients."

           "I'll say.  In a way I'm jealous, for if you're that swamped I doubt we'll be able to schedule a night together on this trip."

           "Oh, I don't know about that." Megumi replied, smiling.  "I just happen to have an opening tonight.  That is, if you don't mind hanging out with an exhausted Host?"

           "I'm sure we could find a way to perk you up."

           Megumi's smile faded.  "Are you sure you'd want to do this Sam?  Your breasts are so beautiful and I know how much you love it when someone or something is buried deep in your vagina.  I bet you have a nice thick toy down there right now."  Sam blushed a bit but didn't deny the claim.  "You and Marc are two of my favorite clients, but I wouldn't want you to sacrifice for me.  Not where there are other Hosts here who can give you an equal amount of pleasure."

           "There's no one here who gives us as much pleasure as you, Megumi.  If I have to change a little to stay with you, maybe it's finally time to go from being a lookie lou to fully embracing the lifestyle."

           Marc finally broke into the conversation.  "Honestly, we've been considering transforming for some time.  The problem was, we couldn't decide into what."

           "There was always some new shiny idea to chase." Sam continued.  "Did I want breasts so big I couldn't walk?  Did we want to swap genders?  Should we merge into the same body?  Someone else's body?"

           "It's a rather complicated choice for a pair of kinky minds."

           "And rampant libidos." Megumi smirked.  "When you put it that way, I'd love to spend my evening with you."  Her stomach gurgled, reminding Megumi about why she'd come down here in the first place.  "But do you mind if we have lunch first?"


           After lunch, the trio went down to the beach for some sun and sand.  Megumi curled up in a bright patch and took a nap, while the Raynors frolicked in the surf.  Megumi woke up at one point and found them fucking in the waves, but she didn't mind getting left out.  This would be their last time together as man and woman, after all.  After tonight their relationship would change and Megumi was honored they still wanted her to be a part of it.

           Eventually the sun started to dip and the trio returned to the hotel.  The Raynor's treated Megumi to a wonderful dinner, taking turns feeding the snake woman.  Megumi returned the pampering with some surreptitious fondling with the tip of her tail.

           After dinner, the trio retired to the Raynor's room to get the evening of fun and games started.  "How do we want to do this?" Marc asked as he slipped out of his pants.

           "Megumi, do you need to come in my vagina to enact the change, or will any orifice do?"

           "The latter.  I had a few women pay for quickie blowjob changes.  Another insisted I cum in her ass, with the hope it would influence the change.  I don't know if it did or not, but she ended up part spider.  Her butt grew so large she had problems walking out the door afterward."

           "I do so love the taste of your cum.  How about Marc fucks me from below while I suck you off?"

           It was Sam's transformation, so Megumi wasn't going to argue.  The furry to be knelt across the corner of the bed, with a partner on either side.  Marc slid in first, pumping back and forth a few times to get nice and deep.

           "Last chance to back out." Megumi remarked as she slithered into position.  Her dick was hard and the tip bobbed hypnotically before Sam's face.

           "Not on your life.  I want this and I want it now.  I want it so bad I don't want it to interfere with our threesome.  Just keep screwing me even after I start changing."

          "I think I can do that." Megumi grinned.  "Now open wide."

           Even a sword swallower would have had a hard time sucking down Megumi's entire package, but for an untransformed woman Sam went at it like a champ.  She alternated sucking on the tip and licking Megumi's balls.  Behind her, Marc continued mechanically thrusting into his wife's vagina.  His pace fluctuated just enough to keep Sam on the verge of orgasm without allowing her to slip over.

           "I'm right on the edge!" Megumi screamed.  "Hang on Sam, here it comes."

           The female Raynor clamped down on the end of Megumi's dick just in time to receive a huge load of cum.  Through the orgasmic haze, Megumi could see Sam's throat bulge under the torrent of liquid.  On Sam's other side Marc groaned and let loose his own load into his wife's pussy.

           Under Sam's orders, had two partners continued to fuck her.  Megumi's dick had softened partly after her orgasm, but Sam's tongue quickly brought it back to full attention.  As she continued to fuck Sam's face Megumi had a front row seat for the oncoming changes.

           They started on Sam's back, a patch of purple and white scales like Megumi's own.  The scales quickly spread all over Sam's body, transforming everything in their path.  Megumi was sad to see Sam's plump breasts fade away under the onslaught, but she looked forward to the other changes.  Sam was the first reptile she'd converted and Megumi couldn't wait to find out what kind.  Was this due to her close bond with the Raynors, or was fate throwing up a signal?

           As the scales reached Sam's crotch Marc was forced to pull out.  With his wife's penis overtaking her vagina, Marc instead went with her other hole.  Sam let out a little squeal as her husband's dick pressed into her rosebud.  She wasn't hurt, Megumi knew, the trio had experimented with anal sex several times.  But the action was probably unexpected.

           The change reached Sam's head and Megumi watched as her blonde hair started to clump together into what looked like dreadlocks.  They looked like dozens of thin tails, tiny mirror images of the large one beginning to poke out above Sam’s butt.  Megumi realized that Sam was becoming some sort of lizard. 

           Megumi wanted to look for more changes, but her oncoming second orgasm distracted her.  This time all three of them came together, with Sam dumping her first load of seed all over the bedspread.  Having orgasmed for the second time in less than five minutes, Megumi tipped herself over and onto the bed before her slack muscles left her on the floor.  Marc did the same on Sam's other side, breathing heavily.

           The newly transformed woman, on the other hand, hopped off the bed and ran to the full length mirror that had been sent up for this exact purpose.  Her gait was strange, more like toe walking, but Sam seemed completely comfortable with it.  The long tail swishing merrily behind her helped the lizard woman easily keep balance.

           Sam's entire body was covered in purple scales, sharply highlighted by white edging.  Some were darker, the color of a rich wine, while others were almost pink.  These different colored scales traced a camo pattern across Sam’s body.  The scales ranged from the size of saucers on places like her thigh all the way down to pinky fingernail sized ones on her face. 

Speaking of Sam’s face, it had grown out a short, pointed muzzle and the newly transformed woman licked at the tip with her elongated tongue.  Sam's eyelids were a bright white, as if painted that color, matching several tribalesque marking on her face.    As Megumi watched they started to darken to pink as her own reflection turned Sam on.  As the lizard woman turned to examine herself from the side Megumi could see her dick looked like a smaller version of her tail.  The tip was the same whitish pink as her facial markings.  Sam didn't have any balls Megumi could see, but there was a pair of bulges on either side of her member.

           Sam turned around and struck a pose.  "So, how do I look?"

           "Amazing!" Megumi exclaimed, the sight of this changed Same already breathing life back into her tired muscles.

           "Like twice the woman I married." Marc muttered, still exhausted.

           "Now that won't do." Sam chastised, scuttling back over to the bed.  "Don't fall asleep on me now Marc, we still have a wonderful night ahead of us."  Sam's eyes lit up as an idea struck her.  "Why don't you take your turn in the middle while Megumi and I fuck you.  That way you can recover for later."

           "Who am I to argue with you dear?" Marc asked jokingly.  He rolled over and pulled back his legs to give her better access.  By the fact Marc’s dick was already back to half mast, he was excited about what was coming.  "Megumi, get over here.  It's not fair that Sam always gets to taste you.  I want my turn…"

Chapter 9

           Demon's Eve was a crazy time at the Resort.  They were deliberately overbooked, with the knowledge that some guests wouldn't be making it back to their rooms that night.  Megumi had been a hit at several of the parties so far, helping almost a dozen women trade their costumes for real changes.

           Megumi hadn't come out unchanged either.  Several famous alchemists had been invited out for the festivities along with their full stockpiles.  In an unexpected fit of generosity, Tibula had offered to pay for any changes her employees wanted tonight.  That was how Megumi ended up with not only a change to her mouth, but to her entire digestive system.  She'd become jealous of Evelin's pussymouth and wanted one of her own.  As much as she loved her dick Megumi had to admit she missed having a vagina.  It would also give her a way to service her new femboy clients after their change.

           The alchemist Megumi talked to had nodded and said the change was easily done.  Then he offered a suggestion she readily jumped on.  The vial Megumi had taken switched her entire digestive tract over to a mana based system.  This saved her the hassle of eating, which still required either a helper or a straw.  But if she did it, the material would be broken down and pumped into her balls as extra cum.  A good way to quickly refresh after a bout of sex.  Without this change, Megumi would have run out of steam far earlier in the day.  One side effect of the digestive switch was the removal of her anus, but again that was more to Megumi's benefit than detriment.  She wouldn't have to deal with of the awkward problems trying to use a toilet with her serpentine body anymore.

    The change had also completely engulfed Megumi’s body in scales.  Megumi was delighted to find her face had white highlights like Sam’s, and that all her nipples changed colors as well.

           Megumi passed by a gaggle of guests who had dressed as Freyan women (doing hilarious things to hide their extra body parts), and stepped into the elevator.  So was off to see her final set of clients of the day, the pair she was looking forward to the most.  Due to a last-minute business problem, the Raynors hadn't been able to make it out until that evening.  The sun was already down before a message was passed to Megumi about their arrival.

           Megumi slithered to a stop before the right door and used her forehead to knock.  "Sam, Marc, it's Megumi."

           "It's open." Sam called from inside.

           Megumi wriggled around and used her tail to turn the handle and push the door open.  She slithered inside before it shut.  Sam was standing over by the bed, fiddling with something lying on it.  Her back was to Megumi, who slithered up and pressed her breasts against the lizard woman in greeting.  "I'm so glad you could make it here Sam.  I was worried when you and Marc said you might not make it."

           "Don't worry Megumi.  Like I told you earlier, we wouldn't miss this for the world."

           Megumi almost got whiplash with the speed her head whipped around.  There, standing in the bathroom doorway was Sam.  Her lizard like body was unmistakable, especially the tail curling up between her legs.

           "Hang on." Megumi curled her own tail under herself and stared between the two feminine anthros in confusion.  "Sam, if you're over there, then who's this?"

           "Megumi, I'm hurt.  After all the time the three of us spent together, you don't recognize me?"

           If Megumi still had a jaw, it would have dropped.  "Marc?"

           Sam came over and turned her husband around.  Standing next to each other the pair looked identical.  Same white facial markings, same purple scales, same long tails…

           Megumi's eyes caught on one detail that definitely different between the two anthros.  When he saw where Megumi was staring Marc blushed.  "It's Marcella now, but feel free to keep calling me Marc."

           The reason for the name change was directly related to the difference between the couple.  Instead of Sam's prehensile dick, Marc had a bright white slit between his…or possibly her legs.  "I...um...don't know what to say."

           "Say you like it." Sam suggested.  "Poor Marc was so nervous on the way over.  He did this for you.  He liked the change you gave me so much he asked if he could transform the same way."

           "She said on one condition." Marc finished, reaching down to run a finger around his white vagina.  "Two dicks were too much in the family.  This change evened things out.  It also made it easier for you.  On your first night at the Resort, we took your virginity.  Would you like to take mine?"

           "You mean, you haven't…"

           The couple shook their heads.  "We've been saving me for you." Marc explained.

           Megumi didn't have the ability to smile anymore, but she hoped the sudden drool of feminine juices conveyed the same message.  "Then let's get started.  I can't wait to open my Demon's Eve present."

Chapter 10

           Megumi awoke sandwiched between the Raynors.  Marc was in front, with the tip of Megumi's dick still in his folds.  Behind her, Megumi could feel Sam's arms holding her close.  How many times had she woken up like this since the Raynors surprised her on Demon's Eve?  It had to be in the dozens range by now.  They'd stayed for a full week at one point, with the trio barely leaving the room.  It was becoming harder and harder to wake up without them in the morning, especially with…with…

          Unable to stop them, Megumi felt tears stream down her face at the sad memories.  "Megumi dear, what's wrong?" Marc asked.
         "Nothing, sorry to wake you." she sniffed.

           "If you're crying like that, it's not nothing." Sam said, coming awake on her other side.  Together the couple sat up and propped Megumi up between them.  "Come on, tell us what's the matter."


           "Your roommate?  Did you two get in a fight or something."

           Megumi shook her head, sending tears to fall on the bedsheet.  "No, it's not like that.  Her contract finally come up for renewal and she decided to leave the island instead.  Left to go live as a pet for one of her favorite clients.  I told you about how she's fully quadruped now, right?  With her balls hanging down like udders and her dick poking up like a tail.  Before she left Evelin took another potion that re-absorbed her head, leaving a huge vagina in its place.  The goal was to make her a man-something…maneater, that was it.  I guess her client owned a cattle ranch and wanted to use her as his personal steed."

           "I'm sorry dear." Marc said as she rubbed the back of Megumi's neck.  "But you knew such a thing was going to happen eventually.  Tibula never shares the exact numbers, but from what I've seen only around 10% of Hosts renew their contracts.  They tend to leave as either very wealthy individuals or someone's pet."

           "I'm pretty sure we know who took her." Sam added.  "I'm confident we can arrange a trip out to meet her when your contract is over."

          "Speaking of which, have you decided what you're going to do when your contract runs out?  You only have a month or so left, right Megumi?"

           Megumi hung her head.  "I…don't know.  I came here almost a year ago to get out of my student debt.  I've earned enough to pay that back and build up a nice nest egg.  The problem is, after living here I don't think I can go back to the outside world."  Megumi used the tip of her tail to gesture up and down her body.  "I mean, I don't look anything like the person I used to be.  I don't even look human anymore."

           "Neither do we." Marc replied quickly.  "But that doesn't stop us from doing it.  You should have seen the looks on the faces of my friends when I stopped by the office after Demon's Eve.  They didn't know whether they wanted to screw me or run away screaming."

           "If I do leave the island and try to start over…" Megumi began.  "Would you mind if I stopped by from time to time?"

           The Raynors shared a look and Sam fielded the question.  "Of course not.  You'd be welcome to join us anytime."

          "In fact, we'd insist on it." Marc joked.

           There was silence in the room for a moment before Sam broke it, a thoughtful look on her face.  "You know Megumi, you could always come to stay with us when you leave here."

           "As a what?  Spouse, live-in domestic, sex pet?"

          Sam shrugged.  "Either, all, or anything else you want to be."

           The offer was tempting.  Megumi was pretty sure she was going to leave the island with the Raynors when her time was up.  The question was in what capacity.  "Give me a little while to think about it?"

           "Of course." Sam gave Megumi a kiss on her facial lips.

           "On a more lighthearted note," Marc broke in.  "Now that we're all awake, how about we pick up where we left last night?"

Chapter 11-Epilogue


           Megumi leaned against the airship's window and watched at the Resort Island faded off into the distance.  Her newly arrived self would have never believed it, but the Resort had become her home over the past year.  That woman was small and thin, with long dark hair down to her butt.  She had been desperate and indebted, looking for a new start in life.

           Now, not only was Megumi's debt gone, but she had quite the little nest egg squirrel away that would allow her entry into whatever life she chose.  But after a year's worth of transformations, Megumi barely looked human any more.  Her form was very much that of a snake, a circular column of flesh over ten feet long from pussy mouthed face to tail.  Every inch of Megumi's skin was covered in scales, either in shades of purple or white.  A line of breasts ran all the way down the bottom of her body, broken only by the large dick and balls just above the midpoint.  To many people Megumi would be considered a freak for her looks, but to those who mattered to her the most she was beautiful.

           "Homesick already?"  Megumi turned to see a lizardwoman standing beside her.  A quick check between the front legs revealed it to be Marc.

           "I never thought I'd say so, but yes."

           "Don't worry, we'll work to make a new home for you with us until you figure out what you want to do." Sam said as she appeared on Megumi's other side.  "Personally, I'm looking forward to having you all to ourselves for a while."

           Sam put an arm around Megumi's neck and pulled her in for a kiss.  Despite the fact the scales had removed her head hair, Megumi had grown in a short pubic hair goatee around her facial vagina.  She'd initially wanted to shave it off, but Sam was insistent that it was too cute to get rid of.

           "I can't wait to show her our place."  Marc's face was lustful as he thought of all the things the three could do together.  "In a way it will feel like the Resort, as we've worked to duplicate some of the hotel's features on a smaller scale."

           "Why don't we retire to the bedroom and give Megumi a few spoilers?" Sam suggested, to quick agreement from her companions.


           A day later, the trio arrived back at the Raynor's estate.  "Wow, this place is huge!" Megumi exclaimed as she slithered out of the heavily modified van.

           "I know, isn’t it marvelous?  We just bought it last month."  Marc explained.  "It has work spaces for Sam and I, so we never have to leave you alone.  We also left a few rooms unfinished for whatever hobbies you want to pick up.  Come on, let us show you the inside..."


           Megumi quickly settled into life with Sam and Marc.  In a way it was much like the Resort, with each day full of sexual satisfaction, but Megumi began to miss meeting new people.

           That changed a month in with the trio's wedding.  Sam and Marc insisted on it and, as all three were heavily transformed, the group marriage was perfectly legal.  The paperwork did get a bit confusing on the gender issue, with Sam and Megumi technically becoming the husbands of their wife Marc.  Not that it mattered much, as everyone planned to be naked at the wedding there was no debate over who got to wear the dress.

           To Megumi's surprise, some of her friends and clients from the Resort came out for the wedding.  Tibula herself was there and told about how all the other Hosts were trying to claim the top earner spot that Megumi vacated.  She also passed on the regards of some of the more immobile employees such as Belinda, who had joined her mentor as another front desk.

           Evelin and her owner Richard also made it out to the wedding.  Megumi's old roommate could no longer speak, but they found other ways to catch up in what little free time there was.  Evelin made sure to invite her out to the ranch after the honeymoon.

           And what a honeymoon it was.  The Raynors (Megumi took on their last name), traveled all across the Empire and Realm.  Megumi ended up with a bit of a following in the latter, with untransformed young women lining up to sample her special change.  Needless to say, every night on that leg of the trip was an orgy.

           After returning home for a few weeks, the Raynors flew out again to visit Evelin at Richard's ranch.  As Megumi wasn't much for fast movement, Richard rigged up a cart for Evelin to pull her on.  All of them had a great time and seeing how happy Evelin was as Richard's pet planted seeds in Megumi’s mind.
         Returning home, Megumi tried to return to the life she left behind.  She tried doing normal things; going for coffee, catching a movie, shopping in the mall.  And yet, each felt different than before.  Less…satisfying.  It didn't help that Megumi was the center of attention no matter where she went.  While Megumi had enjoyed this at the Resort, now it was different.  More hostile and distrusting than eager excitement.  It wasn't their fault, Megumi knew.  Most people just hadn't seen a transformee as severe as her before.

           As the one year anniversary of her return from the ranch approached, Megumi sat down with her spouses and laid out her troubles.  After pouring out her heart, Megumi waited for them to respond.  Finally, Sam said, "Megumi, we both love you.  If you want to be our pet, then we promise to care for you forever."

           On the night of the anniversary, Megumi cuddled with Sam in bed while Marc brought in the vial.  "Are you sure you still want to do this Megumi?  Last chance to back out."

           Megumi pressed herself against Sam in an armless hug, then did the same to Marc.  "I'm sure.  I never thought my life would go this way, but now I want it more than ever."  With that, Megumi curled up and presented her face to Marc.  Her wife undid the vial and carefully dripped the contents onto Megumi's face.  As the liquid soaked in the skin around Megumi's eyes grew thicker.  It swallowed up each of them, leaving no traces, while her vagina mouth enlarged to covered the empty space.

           For Megumi, her whole world went dark as her eyes re-absorbed.  A few moments later the world around her slowly came back.  It was grey and flat, disappearing off into blackness more than a half dozen feet away from her.  Up close though, her new echolocation made details incredibly sharp.  Megumi could count the individual scales on Marc's face as he looked down on her with concern.

          Beyond it Megumi could make out the faint outline of the ceiling's mirror.  Of course the mirror, with its smooth finish, was useless to Megumi.  So were the television, computer, and most books.  But she didn't mind the sacrifice.  Part of the potion had weakened her grasp of time with the goal of preventing boredom.  For Megumi, life would now be one epic bout of sex after another.  And as she stared back and forth between the two smiling faces of her owners, Megumi found she couldn't wait.


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