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I saw something about this on a different site (full credit to Monsta on fictionmania for the idea, with links to his two versions below).  Monsta’s two stories are mild transformations (at least compared to this site), but I thought it might be fun to come up with a some for the Belial universe.  For experienced writers, think of it as a thought exercise.  For new/potential writers, think of it as an easy challenge.  For everyone else, consider it a chance to get your rocks off (or whatever else you do reading material on this site).  I'll post a few of my own to start and hopefully others will join in.

Links to stories that gave me the idea:
http://fictionmania.tv/stories/scifi/cl … ds2alt.txt


Cockwoman new to the Empire seeks someone to love

Hello, like the title says I moved from the Realm to the Empire about four months ago.  I saw it as a way to get out of my comfort zone.  I've had boyfriends before the move, but since coming out here I've had a hard time finding dates.  There's just something about me having a cock bigger than them that turns off most men of the Empire.  That's what made me seek out these message boards, in the hope I'd find someone interested.
Despite my changes, I consider myself a normal, everyday woman.  I'm smart, I'm funny, and I play a mean game of pool.  I'm looking for a guy who likes a little romance, who's willing to go out of his way to show a woman she's special.  In return, I can show him loving that only a woman who's half cock can achieve.  If you're interested, please drop me a line.


Merged, married couple seeks femboy or other merged couple

First off, my wife and I are in our early forties and have been married for just over ten years.  Several years ago we both began to suffer from the seven year itch.  Despite that we still loved each other deeply and searched for a solution to save our marriage.  After talking with several counselors, one of them suggested a merging.  It was a novel idea, neither of us had considered transforming before, but as soon as it was offered I knew it was a perfect solution.
Fast forward to today and my wife and I share a body.  We're 5' 6" and still humanoid.  We went with a feminine figure, as my wife didn't want to lose hers and I didn't mind.  We both have a head, one over each shoulder.  We kept my wife's face, so we're identical blondes with big blue eyes and fat kissable lips.  Below the neck we have three D cup breasts in a line and four arms to play with them.  At the crotch, which is probably the most important thing for people reading this, we kept my cock and balls.  I don't mean to brag, but I am definitely above average in the endowment department.  As part of the change was also made some modification to our ass, so it lubricates just like a woman's pussy.
And now that you know all about us, it's time to lay out what me and the missus are looking for.  Playing with our shared body has gotten a little stale, so we decided to invite in others.  After long discussion, we're looking for one of two things.  One is a femboy.  I'm talking all male everywhere beside a cute little pussy at the crotch.  The more butch looking, the better, especially if you're actually submissive in the bedroom.  That really gets my wife's motor running.  For me, I just want to sink our dick into a sweet little pussy.
The other option we're looking for is another couple to join us for sexy times.  Being merged together would be a plus, but not a deal breaker.  I just find a four person orgy with only two bodies really hot.
Right now we're just looking for a hookup or whatever the kids are calling it these days, but if the chemistry is right the missus and I aren't opposed to taking things further.  We're financially sound and have enough socked away for a bit of travel, so if you're out of town don't be afraid to write.  What's more important is you're up for a good time with a sexy, two headed blonde.


SWM seeks sex pet.

I am a white male in my late twenties; 6'1", 180 lbs, and fairly fit.  While not transformed myself I have had a keen interest for several years.  My mother merged into my dad's dick as a fortieth anniversary present and my older sister has a cow udder, so I'm well used to transformation weirdness.
While I've dated on and off over the years, I never found what I was looking for.  After some soul searching and a lot of porn, I figured out that what I really wanted was a sex pet.  Now this could mean a lot of different things to different people, so I'll try and narrow down what I mean.  I'm not looking for a wife, a girlfriend, or even a one night stand.  What I'm looking for is a pet, like a puppy or a fish in a bowl.  However rest assured that it will be anything but a celibate relationship due to my love of transformees.
If you're looking for a life of sex and cuddles, with no responsibilities harder than keeping up with my libido, I hope to be the guy for you.  I work from home, so we'll be spending a lot of time together.  Already transformed girls are a plus, especially if you have animal features.  If you're still a baseline but interested, we can find a way to work things out if the chemistry clicks.  However, you will end up transformed, probably into an anthro canine or feline (although I am open to other ideas).
If you're interested, respond with a picture and a list of reasons why I should pick you instead of any of the other offerings.


Make me the grossest thing you can think of

I just broke up with my boyfriend of five years.  To call it messy would be the understatement of the century.  By the time it was through my house, job, and social life were all in tatters.  So I'm saying screw it and am ready to live out a longtime fantasy.  I've been a fan of gross porn since I was in high school.  Instead of revulsion, I fell in love with the ick factor.
And that leads me to this post.  I want you to send me your ideas of the grossest form you can think of.  Ultra hairy, slime, assholes everywhere; this is a chance to let your imagination run wild.  Whichever one I like the most will end up the form I'll wear for the rest of my life.
As a reward for the "winner" you'll have first pick at looking after me.  I walked out of my life debacle with a decent amount of savings intact.  I plan to put them in a trust fund with will pay out for my care.  If the winner doesn't want me, I'll open the option to everyone else who sent in ideas.  If I end up too hideous for all of you, then as a back-up I've begun the paperwork for Regina to look after me.
TL:DR, turn me into the gross porn star of your dreams and you might be able to take me home.


Identical herm commune seeks new members

Hi, I'm Elsie and as I'm the most outgoing member of our little group I got the job of writing this advert.  Like my sisters, I'm 5'8" with long red hair, peaches and cream skin, and a curvy figure.  If that isn't enough to get your motor running, I have a ten inch long, soda can thick penis poking out of my crotch along with a pair of apple size balls.  Still not good enough?  How about the fact my mouth and nose were replaced with the prettiest pink pussy you've ever seen?  I think it looks great between my wide green eyes.
As you can imagine, I didn't always look this way.  Once upon a time I was a normal looking guy named Eric, if you can believe it.  I had a minor…ok, major crush on two hotties from my community college.  I thought they had something going on together on the down low and when they both approached me, I found out I was right.  Just not in the way I thought.  Both had a thing for smoking hot herms, and after watching their stockpile of videos I did too.
We soon became friends and then more than friends.  I don't remember whose idea it was to transform ourselves to fit our fantasies, but it turned out to be a great one.  It turns out you can make a lot of money selling videos of hot identical herms doing all kinds of things.  In the past two years we've added two more to our number and we still can't keep up with demand.
What to expect if you try to become a member:
·         A transformation.  We started as identical and we plan to stay that way.  Sorry if that excludes people who are already transformed.  We still love having guests though and coming out to visit us might end you up in a video.
·         A lack of privacy. Like I said before, we make our livelihood selling videos of ourselves.  We're a well rounded commune, so between our various skills we make all our own sets and do all our own editing.  Right now we're experimenting with live streaming our entire days, so if a big brother situation frightens you this might not be the commune for you.
·         Lots of nudity and sex.  We're a bunch of hypersexed herms living together.  If a day goes by without at least one orgy, we must be really behind on our editing schedule.  We keep the house warm enough that clothes aren't necessary, both because we want to and it boosts ratings.
·         A loving family. Our entire commune has bonded over our shared love of herms and sex.  But we're more than that.  We're a family.  We love each other and look after each other.  I didn't have the best family life growing up and I can say without a doubt I'm closer to my new sisters than to any other member of my family.
If any of this interests you, please use the link below to visit our website.  Even if you don't want to join, we have some teaser videos guaranteed to leave you moist at the crotch (regardless of gender).


I want to be your boobs

I have an extreme breast fetish, both in intensity and volume.  Recently it's gotten to the point my fetish is interfering with the rest of my life.  So I said screw it, maybe it's my life that's interfering with my fetish.
So here goes…I want to be your boobs.  Maybe you're a poor woman that the boob fairy passed by.  Maybe you're a sexy girl looking to have an even bigger edge on your competition.  It doesn't matter to me.  All I want is someone with boobs.  I prefer women, but wouldn't be opposed to a feminine looking ladyboy or null.
What I want is simple.  I want to merge into your breasts, using my mass to make them huge.  Like forget finding your size bra in the store ever again huge.  Like so big they get in the way of everything you do boobs.  Boobs that unmistakably say that you're a woman who's had some work done.
Now what do you get out of this?  For one thing, giant boobs.  For a second, giant boobs.  Ok, as much as I want to I can only count them twice.  The entire procedure also won't cost you a dime.  I'll pay for the potion and you can have whatever you want out of my other possessions.  Also, the merging will probably add at least another twenty or so years to your life.  So really, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
If you think you're the woman who will finally let me live out my fantasy, please contact me at the number below.


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((Long time lurker, this thread is a great idea!))

New cock girl wanting to take this all the way, seeking female wanting hermification.

Hi, I'm Trish, and recently had an, err, accident at a party. I'm 5'3", formerly of elven persuation, and have natural auburn hair...in places. I'm a shy introvert that comes from a place where everyone's squeamish about, well, freaky walking half dicks, so after being turned into one it's hard dealing with all this.

However, I tend to open up lots when I get to know someone better...

Even before the accident, I came to realize I'm a huge hedonist, but turning halfway into a sex organ hasn't exactly liberated me. Hell, I'm embarassed just getting out of the house, it's like exposing private parts in public...

In private it's an entirely different story. I'm constantly horny...all I want to do is wallow in orgasmic pleasure. Maybe it's new instincts, but I've come to realize my cravings won't be satisfied masturbating alone...or and they won't be satisfied if I ran to the nearest club. Small hands aren't enough...I'm too large to fit into the warm dark places I find myself in dreams...

Maybe whatever was in that spiked drink was different from the usual cock-woman-transformation-stuff. I'm thinking like a masculine organ...but I'm a natural submissive and that hasn't diminished any...

...Which brings me to you...

I want to help one of those girls out there, who have always dreamed of packing a nice big schlong under her dress. If you're one of them, and the idea of taking a formerly sweet and innocent forest girl and making her your helplessly sentient tool of pleasure is making you wet, I'm very interested in hearing from you.

I yearn to complete my transformation, especially if that means completing someone. I must warn you, however, that the stuff I obtained will change you in ways beyond what one of those expensive cock growth vials from the alchemist would do. You'll grow with the mass I lose...you'll still be feminine - except for the hot sexy thing between your legs - but you might end up a centaur...or taller, with a decidedly canine shaft eager to nestle between multiple rows of breasts...

And, well, our libidos will combine...you'll want to use me, and you'll probably hear  me urging and tempting you in your head. I'm not sure how much control I'll have once I'm all cock...after the change you may need to train me...but I yearn to surrender my individuality and autonomy, to be utterly dominated in such an intimate way.


Re: Belial Classified Ads

Industrial Strength Juicer

I have a very expensive professional juicer available to an interested party as well as a variety of vertical fluid bottles and feeding tubes. As a pussyfaced woman, I can guarantee the mixer is able to turn any hearty, vegetarian meal into a nutritious and life giving smoothly. (I can also guarantee the ridged feeding tube in particular is delightful.) The juicer has seen heavy use, since its been the source of my entire diet, except for frequent ejaculate meals. Anyway, it's a high quality juicer so despite a little wear and tear it still works great and should last for years. I've been really digging how much having a cunt face has centered my feminine power and well... I'm going to take the plunge and go all the way to become another woman's  vagina. Since I'll be someone else's feminine centre I won't be needing my juicer anymore. Free to any cuntfaced sister (or aspiring one), or to the best offer from a non-labial person. Peace and love!


Re: Belial Classified Ads

Looking for helping hand with benefits (herms only apply)

My name is Melinda Carver and I am looking for some full time help with benefits.  The job offers minimum wage, housing and food, as well as the distinct possibility for something more.  I am currently attending the university here and am living off campus as my family is fairly wealthy.  I have my own two bedroom apartment to myself, which is the problem.  A month ago I was cursed by some jerk demon after a got drunk at a bar.  She, or it, i don't know, separated my head from my body, and now I am in quite the predicament.  The bottom of my neck contains my vagina and small anus, and as a head I eat & drink very little.  My body, on the other hand, only has her anus for an orifice.  Her neck, nipples, and vagina were all turned into annoyingly larges dicks and balls by that demon, and now all of her nutrients must be administered rectally.  That alone wouldn't be a problem, but the fact is that I don;t have complete control over my body anymore.  I am able to sit her down for my studies, usually, but sometimes she just runs of with a couple of girls, usually herms, and comes back hours later reeking of sex and leaking/covered in girlcum.  Form what I can tell, she is leaving so she can 'feed' from the dick girls, but it's disrupting my schoolwork.  What I need is a live in maid of sorts, not quite an escort, to take me to and from classes, assist in note taking, prepare meals for my head, and satiate my body when she needs it so I can complete my degree.  For all this you'll be paid and have free room and board until I finish with the university.  If I like you, this may become a permanent position. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx to apply, and as far as my body is concerned, bigger is better.


Re: Belial Classified Ads

WANTED: Alchemy Lab Assistant

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there is an opening for an entry level Alchemy Lab Assistant here at Canny Labs. If you are an inquisitive, intelligent person with an interest in the transformative arts (who also has the moral character not to steal from the lab and allegedly attempt transformation crimes...) then we would love to hear from you. While an experienced technician is preferred, we here at Canny Labs believe in the potential of enthusiastic outsiders so all applicants are welcome. Interested parties should mail their resumes to Carl the Canny at Canny Labs, 352 Rue Phallon, P3N15

Sexpet Available!

Do you have extra love to give? I have an inquisitive, intelligent and very loving (and horny!) sexpet in need of a good home (and fucking!). Biscuits is a nine-foot long quadruped who was formally a young woman. She is dark blue, has a modest penis trunk instead of a mouth, has six large udders, and a decidedly bovine penis and cunt. She enjoys being milked, fucking, and long walks. She is not house trained despite being very smart (I believe it is a preference of hers). If you are a responsible person with a high libido, a caring heart, and a large yard you may be who Biscuits is looking for. Interested parties should mail their information to Carl the Canny, 352 Rue Phallon, P3N15.

WANTED: Alchemy Lab Assistant

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there is an opening for an entry level Alchemy Lab Assistant here at Canny Labs. If you have an interest in Alchemical Science but also the self control not to experiment on yourself (or a secret submissive fetish) then we would love to hear from you. While experience is always preferred, we here at Canny Labs value newcomers so all applicants are welcome. Interested parties should mail their resumes to Carl the Canny at Canny Labs, 352 Rue Phallon, P3N15.

Recent Transformee Seeking Romance

Hi, this is, well... awkward. I was transformed in a lab accident a few weeks ago when working with some dodgy, jury rigged alchemical apparatus. Before the transformation I was a slender, sexy brunette woman (5'6", 120lbs). I was fun, vivacious, and very popular with the boys. Then I took a dumb lab tech job and now I *AM* one of the boys. Well, sort of. I still mostly resemble a slender, sexy woman but I'm totally male. The machine that changed me was a penile enhancement device so now I have cocks instead of nipples, a cock instead of a tongue, cocks for fingers, cocks for toes, and an enormous, two foot long cock instead of a vagina. I have not grown any external testicles, but I have grown two huge balls that have replaced my ovaries and filled my womb. I am, as you can imagine, very, very horny! So if you are looking for love, dating, or are just down to fuck a multidicked pregnant looking woman call Kim at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

WANTED: Alchemy Lab Assistant

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there is an opening for an entry level Alchemy Lab Assistant here at Canny Labs. If you are looking for a career in alchemy, are interested in working with experimental prototypes, and are not litigious then we would love to hear from you. We believe in an open door policy so if you are interested please apply! Interested parties should mail their resumes to Carl the Canny at Canny Labs, 352 Rue Phallon, P3N15.

Transformee in need of live-in care

I have recently suffered an accidental transformation. I was working as a lab tech for an alchemy business and was doused with an experimental elixir. I was once an average looking, able bodied guy. Now I am an extreme transformee: I am a limbless, headless feminine torso which is covered on all sides by 3 dozen C cup breasts. At my neck opening I have a vagina with a two foot long, flexible clit tentacle that is photosensitive so I can see and grasp things. My crotch has a second vagina with a thick, muscular ring of external vulva (like a bonobo) which I can use for limited locomotion if I am placed upright. I can largely get by during the day, but as you might imagine, I require help for several tasks such as preparing meals, bathing, and righting myself. I am looking for someone to live with me and help me with these things. I cannot pay you since I only receive a small disability stipend, but I own my home and can offer free room and board. And sexual favors. I love sexual favors! If you are interested please contact me at: BradlyTast@CannyLabs.Net

WANTED: Alchemy Lab Assistant

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there is an opening for an entry level Alchemy Lab Assistant here at Canny Labs. If you want to have a hand in transforming people and have a quick reaction time when told to "duck" then we want to hear from you. We are no longer in good standing with the Alchemists Guild so we are unable to hire you if you are a member. However, if you are another outsider looking to buck the system with your brilliance please apply! Interested parties should mail their resumes to Carl the Canny at Canny Labs, 352 Rue Phallon, P3N15.

Engagement Announcement

Carl "the Canny" Canninski and Pillows, formerly Bradly Tast, are overjoyed to announce their engagement. The couple met when Pillows, then Bradly, took a position as a lab assistant at Carl's business Canny Labs. A happy lab accident transformed Bradly into Pillows, a headless, limbless, feminine torso. Carl overcome with guilt helped care for Pillows until she could find a longterm helpmeet. In spending so much time together the couple grew closer and soon found themselves falling in lust and then love. Pillows owes her very self to Carl and Carl owes Pillows for finally finding love again after the rocky end of his fourth marriage. The couple is planning a lavish spring wedding.

WANTED: Experienced Outsider Alchemist

We are looking for an experienced, brilliant, and misunderstood alchemist to join Canny Labs. Due to an upcoming honeymoon, there is an opening for a temporary alchemist to run the business for a period of half a year. However, due to our head alchemist wanting to spend more time looking after his beautiful new bride, who has considerable physical limitations, we are also looking to form a long term partnership with a new alchemist. If you are an innovative outsider who wishes to work outside the establishment to invent the next big thing, or are just an itinerant alchemist (maybe on the run) who is looking for a lab to temporarily work in, please apply!  Interested parties should mail their resumes to Carl the Canny at Canny Labs, 352 Rue Phallon, P3N15.

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Re: Belial Classified Ads

WANTED: Services of experienced Mage, Alchemist, or Avatar. 

Alchemists: Have you ever wanted to test out a spell or mixture on someone?  Mages or Avatars: Have you ever wanted to try out one of the more potent transformative spells in your repertoire? If so, I'm the girl for you!  I'm looking for someone capable and willing to throw their entire tome of sexual transformation spells at me.  The more crippling the transformation, the better - have you ever fantasized about watching someone's limbs, digits, or other body parts sprouting, or otherwise transforming into sexual organs? Well now's your chance!  Payment will be issued on confirmation that the desired transformation is taking place.   Minimum time to complete transformation must be 72 hours. 

Poster's note:  A third party has been instructed to deliver additional payment on completion of services.   In the event that 100 or more male, equine sexual organs are involved, payment will include (but is not limited to) the deed to the poster's current residence.  If the responder is able to ensure an inability to stop ejaculating, all assets not signed over to Regena will also be included.* 

*A signed waiver has been retained on file, absolving the responder of any legal liability for the use of Class A Sexual Transformation spells, curses, or traps - the poster of the above advertisement has expressed her enthusiasm for meeting with an Avatar willing to  "Slowly transform her into a helpless, spurting blob of sexual organs"   - A short list of rare magical artifacts is available as additional payment for any respondees capable of fulfilling this advert.