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The Insurmountable Ali and Ali

(The characters in this story first appear in The Escapist Chapter 1: http://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/viewt … p?id=2014)

Al was watching his sister nervously perched on top of a tall unicycle, surveying the crowd. He was pretending to be digging through a stage trunk while he was really focusing on controlling his sisters legs, his former legs, to keep the unicycle upright. Which was proving to be more difficult than normal:  his sisters swollen, 9 month pregnant belly was throwing off her balance and making the stakes of a tumble so much higher.

"Tell me Ali, do you see a worthwhile volunteer?" Al asked Allie jovially.

"Well, Dear brother, there are many people who wish to, but I am having difficulty choosing," she puffed.

Buried in what Allie had said was code for a certain option. When the show started they had chosen five beautiful women to use in this trick and hoped one would volunteer. If one did, Allie would tip Al off and he would, without looking up, call out the person's name. If none of the women did offer to participate, Allie would just pick someone. But since someone did volunteer Al said: "Dear sister, why don't you just pick Megan Potter, the woman seated in seat 5K."

A woman in the audience whooped in pleased shock while her friends squealed happily. A stagette unless Al was mistaken. The woman hopped to her feet and started threading her way along the seats to the aisle. It might have been more expedient to select a volunteer from an aisle seat, but Allie felt that making the audience wait a bit longer built expectation, gave everyone a chance to oggle the soon-to-be transformee, and gave the volunteer a chance to back out if they changed their mind. They never did though.

Meanwhile, on stage, Allie was preparing to dismount from her unicycle. In her more slender, pre-pregnancy days she would do a kind of hand stand on the seat of the unicycle for a moment and then toss herself in a lazy flip. Given that she only could control her arms, it was perversely the safest way to gymnastically get off the contraption. All Al had to do was flip her legs, his legs on her body, and then absorb the landing in a crouch. It was... still risky and something Al would never try himself, but Allie was braver than he was. These days though, Allie would just tilt the unicycle forward akwardly and fall to her feet. Given her pregnant state this was still quite a feat and Al's least favorite part of the show.

Allie waved her hand subtly three times, the signal for her to dismount. Al focused and when she dropped he tensed his legs on her body and caught her with only a small stumble. Allie tossed him a tiny smile and the twin magicians began to walk around the stage to their next positions. Allie moved to greet the new volunteer, since the twins found that despite Allies obvious phallus, women were more comfortable being around another woman. Al's job was to unpack the next trick apparatus, which in this case was a three foot tall bird cage. The volunteer reached the stage and Allie awkwardly embraced her around her enormous pregnant belly and quietly whispered some instructions to the woman and recorded her giving us legal permission to proceed.

The volunteer, Megan Potter, smiled nervously and waved at her friends in the audience who whooped in appreciation. She also started to disrobe revealing that underneath her stylish scoop neck blouse  and tight pants she was a trim 35 year old with small breasts and long, toned legs. When Megan was done she was blushing and fiddling with her redgold hair. Allie gestured broadly and declared, "Welcome Megan, thank you for volunteering!" Then Allie looked at the audience and said, "Beloved Audience, let's hear your appreciation for Megan." The crowd clapped and Megan's friends wolf whistled and Megan blew them a kiss.

Meanwhile Al had dragged the bird cage to the centre of the stage. The cage itself was about three and a half feet tall with a diameter about two and a half feet wide. The door to the cage was *just* wide enough for a slender woman to squeeze through. The small cage itself was suspended on a curved pole to hang a couple feet off the ground so it resembled the aviary of a very large bird.

Allie smiled at Megan and said to her, "I see you are here with your beautiful friends."

Megan smiled nervously, "Yeah, I'm here for a bachelorette party!"

"Marvelous! Would you by any chance be the bride-to-be?"

""No, no. That's Sheila!" A happy shriek sounded in the audience. "I am the maid of honour though!"

Allie's eyes sparkled, "After this trick you might have a different role at the wedding." She winked. Al's sister was such a ham.

"Does our lovely volunteer have anything she wants to say to the crowd?"

"Yeah! Sheila and ladies, I fucking love you bitches!" In the crowd the wedding party screamed happily cursing and returning the love. "Oh, and uh, Ali, um what's your brother and your deal?" Megan asked.

Allie grinned mischievously, "Well," she said, "when my Dear Brother and I were studying to be magicians our teacher sawed us both in half..."

"And mixed up whose legs was whose when he put us back together!" Al said enthusiastically for about the millionth time.

"You have to be careful about trusting magicians!" Allie said with a wink.

Megan laughed nervously and the crowd chuckled.

With the nightly tradition of glibly explaining their strange bodies out of the way, Allie directed Megan to the large bird cage. Sarah, a mousy accountant who had volunteered earlier to be 'merged' with a tiger, growled playfully at Megan making her flinch. That trick was a real crowd pleaser: the twins placed a cage with a real live tiger next to a cage with a naked Sarah, draped it with a sheet then 'merged' the cages. Or in reality, quickly dropped the cage with their precious tiger out of sight and transformed Sarah into a tiger herm. Sarah grinned toothily from inside her cage with her mostly feline muzzle and waved, making her eight furry breasts shake and her erect feline cock bounce.

Megan giggled and Allie and Al helped her to squeeze into the bird cage, an elaborate process that involved Megan's naked ass and pussy being displayed to the rowdy audience as she wriggled into the swinging cage. With a final heave and some rearranging Megan was squeezed into the uncomfortably small cage. It was an amusingly tight fit with Megan squatting in a little ball, arms hugging herself and legs tucked up to her chin. Megan certainly didn't look relaxed, but she was smiling gamely.

Al gestured to stage left and in strutted Cyndi, an usher who had been their first volunteer of the night. The Ali's had given Cyndi their usual first trick, each twin grabbing the usher by an arm, pricking her with hidden needles carrying alchemy in the process, and then pulling in separate directions. For a random audience member the twin magicians would give a small tug, leaving their volunteer with three breasts and a third eye, a manageable change and perfect illustration of what the deal was for future volunteers. But since the Ali's had a chance to make sure Cyndi knew the score beforehand, they had given her a solid pull, leaving the usher with two pretty heads, three breasts, and three legs with the resulting pussies. Cyndi seemed happy with the change and Al really thought the look suited her. Now Cyndi was acting as the twins' assistant to ease the work load on the pregnant Allie, and was bringing a heavy curtain to drape over Megan in the bird cage.

Cyndi sketched a three-legged bow and hustled off the stage while Allie and Al started to strut around the stage, orbiting the covered cage. The Ali's were chanting, mostly for show, dragging out the moment. Al was finding it tough going: controlling the legs of the pregnant Allie was tricky. He kept forgetting himself and would fall into his natural strong gait instead of the careful waddle she needed causing her to flounder. This would cause Allie, who normally effortlessly maintained the sexy, wiggly sashay of Al's feminine legs, to hitch him up in an effort to catch her balance. It was frustrating and Al was sure, quite awkward looking for the audience.

Meanwhile in the cage the alchemical mechanism was activating. The pole suspending the cage had a concealed tank of aersolized alchemy, and a time released valve had triggered and was misting Megan in the cage through a hidden emitter at the apex.The Ali's chanting was designed in part to disguise the click and hiss of this mechanism.

Al could feel the mana field building, part of the twins 'gift' and knew it was time to start shaping the transformation. His brow furrowed as he concentrated on pulling the relatively simple and raw alchemy into the desired shape. Allie on the opposite side of the stage was also focusing and shaping, forming the other pole of their mana-manipulation field. The twins pushed together and pulled together with their senses and tweaked and twisted Megan's transformation into their precise vision.

And that's when Al felt a painful twinge in his vagina. He gasped, concentration slipping. It was another contraction, at a most inopportune moment. He whimpered under his breath and took a few deep quick breaths. This wasn't a real contraction,  just another early, pre-labour cervix softening one. It was nothing to worry about, the babies were safe in Allie and he wasn't about to give birth on stage. He blew out a deep breath and focused on the mana weaving. Al had to get this right for the sake of Megan.

After what seemed like an eternity the transformation was complete and Al's contraction subsided.

The twins positioned themselves at the front of the stage on either side of cage, Allie red faced and panting and Ali still smarting from his poor, weirdly swollen vagina. They stood there like that while another timer in the cage counted down to zero. In one motion Ali and Ali turned, grabbed the cage and just as the timer expired they tore the curtain away as the cage disintegrated releasing the transformed Megan in a flutter of wings.

The crowd gasped and applauded, Sarah the tigerherm roared in surprise, and the stagette party whooped in glee!

Megan had entered the cage a beautiful woman and emerged as a flock of body parts. Her body had been divided into several pieces, each with a pair of white dove wings and small black avian legs and feet. Her hands and feet flew orbits around the room. Each of her breasts, hanging pendulously from large wings flopped through the air, skimming the crowds caressing hands. Her hips, ass, and vagina  were a single unit and swooped in circles around Megan's brand new flying penis,  the two flying body parts engaging in an aerial courtship. Megan's smiling face flapped and hovered above the stage laughing in delight.

Allie quietly gave instructions to Megan's airborne head which tried to nod but mostly just wobbled in the air.

The insurmountable Ali's thrust their arms out and the flock of Megan flew back and landed haphazardly on the magicians. Al grunted at the surprising weight of Megan's flock and tried to ignore one of her hand-birds fondling a breast-bird right next to his face.

"Well Dear Megan," Allie was saying, "what do you think?"

Megan's head-bird ruffled its wings and she giggled. "I think Tina, the bride, sorry, should try and get her deposit back for the doves!"

The crowd laughed agreeably and Megan beamed at the adulation. Al loved it when volunteers got to be the star for a moment. "Well, Dear Audience, let us hear it for Megan!" He announced. The crowd clapped and the stagette screamed and whooped. Megan's flock took off and flew around the theatre before landing on the shoulders, arms, and heads of her friends to their raucous delight. The bodypart flock transformation was always a crowd pleaser.

"Dear Brother," Allie said.

"Yes, Dear Sister?"

"I do think it is time for our final act of the night."

"Is it that time already?" Al asked, as the rowdy crowd cried out in mock dismay.

"I am afraid so. But we shall need another volunteer!" The audience picked up with cheers and pick me's.

"This last transformation is different though, Dear Audience." Allie said as she drew a long, crystal vial out from between her pregnancy swollen breasts.

"This change is not a tailored trick or a feat of alchemical skill. This is straightforward demon essence, unpredictable and unmodified." It was also, Al had to admit, his least favorite part of the show. He hated subjecting an audience member to something random and potentially unpleasant, even if they were volunteering and usually seemed pleased afterward. But Allie insisted that these transformations had a certain raw intensity that helped cement the power of the show and convince the audience of the truth of what they had seen. Their Benefactor, the one who sent the dcum for their act these days, also insisted on it, and Al was not eager to cross Them.

Allie stood up, thrusting out her round stomach, breasts, and stiffening phallus, while brandishing the vial filled with pearly white fluid. She, Al worried, enjoyed this part a little too much. "With that in mind, Dear Audience, who wishes to volunteer?"

A few previously raised hands hesitantly lowered but many audience members where still roaring to be changed. Ali and Ali made a show of surveying the crowd, playing for time and building the moment. Megan's head took to the air and flew over to Allie and landed on her shoulder. The two women bent together and conferred before Allie nodded smirking. "Ah. Ali, Dear Brother, our new Messenger Pigeon conveys news: her friend the bride wishes to volunteer!"

Al frowned and Allie winked. She loved it whenever she could get a bride-to-be on stage, particularly for this final transformation. She claimed because it added drama, but Al suspected that it was an act of jealousy on her part for the normal lives they were denied. "I think, Ali, that we should let the audience decide? Should we bring the Bride on stage?" The crowd, especially the  bachelorette party, howled their approval. "Then, Dear Tina, ascend the stage!"

Tina, glowing happily at the attention and probably more than a few cocktails, raced along the aisle to the stage. She was a slender, thin blonde wearing a slinky white cocktail dress, a bridal veil, and a sash saying "Bride" on it. She pulled off her clothes as soon as she hit the stage revealing a leggy pale body and high, pointy tits. She rushed over to Allie who quietly coached her and recorded her permission before handing her the vial and stepping hastily back. Tina was certainly in a rush to participate.

"Let's hear it for Tina!" Al said. The crowd cheered and the stagette chanted "Tina! Tina! Tina!"

Tina looked at Allie uncertainly who smiled encouragingly and gave a small nod. Tina blushed, looked around the room, opened the vial and drank it. "Ooooo!" She said.

Tina, the bride, stands for a moment looking uncertain before she begins to contort, strangely, limbs rigidly moving. Suddenly she dipped forward into a handstand and slowly levered herself into a contortionist pose where she was braced on her hands, facing forward, with her body bent over her so that her ass and spread legs pressed against the back of her head. She groaned and her ass began to meld into the back of her head. As her head and pelvis fused, her features began to swirl and change. Her mouth slowly pulled into a puckered "O" and became her new anus while her cheeks became rounded and jowly as they meshed with her buttocks. Her vagina became the apex of her forehead, although her clit slowly expanded outward into a cock, leaving her with a cock above a fleshy, enlarged cunt perched above her eyes. Her straight blonde hair merged with her pubes leaving her with curly bangs. Her legs became frozen there, thrusting out of her head like immense horns or antenna. Tina whimpered through her anus as her hands slowly stretched to a new pair of feet and her small breasts, hanging below her, expanded and grew pendulous, nipples expanding into teats. She squealed and swore and farted and her cock erupted in a huge geyser of spunk and her breasts shrank noticeably.

When the change was over, Tina was a hermaphrodite folded over onto herself standing on feet-arms, with her original legs hanging out in front of her new crotch face. Al was grateful the change hadn't been more extreme and hoped Tina liked her new body. And he hoped that her fiancé had a secret fetish for well hung transformees. Tina, at least, was smiling as much as her anus-face would allow.

The audience went wild, clapping and whistling. The bachelorette party squealing their adoration at Tina. Sarah the tigerherm roared and Megan flapped around in the air. Al was pleased the crowd at least enjoyed the transformation.

Allie gave Al the signal that she wanted to wrap the show up so the two Ali's walked to Tina, grasped her by her hanging feet and sketched a bow, a signal that told the theatre to quickly drop the curtain ending the show suddenly and unexpectedly.

The crowd, uncertainly, continued to applaud.


Backstage, in their dressing room, The insurmountable Ali and Ali were enjoying a quiet moment. Al was laying on the couch  wearing a loose t shirt and a pair of tight yoga pants. Allie was wearing a sweater stretched over her swollen belly and a pair of boxer briefs and had Al's feminine foot in her lap where she was painting her former toenails and rubbing Al's swollen, pregnant ankles. Al sighed happily, it was amazing how much, despite not carrying any extra weight, pregnancy made his feet hurt. Allie was a saint for giving him a rub after she finally kicked off his heels.

It was not such a bad life to have, Al thought, looking at his beautiful sister, stage partner, and lover. It might not have been what either of them would have chosen, but they were making the best of it.

The Insurmountable Ali's were part of a long tradition of twin transformation magicians that stretched back seven generations. It had started when one of their ancestors, a traveling illusionist, wanted to improve her show by incorporating real demon magic. Alchemy was not yet a Science, so the woman thought to strike a bargain with a demon to gain access to transformative powers. Wherever she went she asked for rumours of local demons and let it be known that she wanted to meet one. Eventually the magician met the Benefactor, a secretive lesser demon who was amused by her request. However the Benefactor had a much more entertaining idea.

Rather than make the Ali's ancestor an Avatar with her own transformative powers, the Benefactor made a much more complex offer. He would not give her power, but if she laid with him he would sire with her identical twin children, a boy and a girl, who would possess the power of transformation she wanted. In return the Benefactor wanted this woman's children to found a line of transformation magicians who would entertain him for generations. He expected these twins to breed together, which would produce new, magical identical twins, who would then carry on the tradition and beget more twin magicians who would beget more twins and so on. Any of these twins who broke this covenant, who refused to breed with one another or chose not to be magicians, would face dire consequences for their misbehavior. This was the bargain.

The Ali's ancestor, wanting children and recognizing that a magician show with two transformative children would be far more lucrative than her own agreed to the deal. She laid with the Benefactor in a night of life defining, inexplicable sex and nine months later she gave birth to an identical boy and girl who had transformative powers. She named them Ali and Ali and the Fantastical Ali's, the first generation, were born.

Al hissed as he felt another contraction attack his vagina. Allie, who was moving his long, slender legs to better examine his painted toes, paused and looked at him with concern. "Another one?" She asked, stroking her swollen belly, a belly filled with a male and female twin. Al nodded, while gritting his teeth. "Won't be long now," she mused, caressing his elegant foot. "Remember to breath."

Al practiced his breathing until the clenching discomfort passed and thought about how they had nearly escaped this life.

Al and Allie, named Ali and Ali by their parents, a pair of identical twin magicians named the Sensational Ali's were born on the traveling magician circuit. Al never knew how his parents felt about their lot in life and being required to practice incest, but from what he could remember they seemed genuinely happy and in love. Al didn't have many memories from those days, but he recalled carrying a money hat at small impromptu street performances, being a tiny stage hand at shows, and generally having fun. He suspected his parents made a special effort to give him and his sister a real childhood.

A childhood which was rapidly changed when a lighting scaffold collapsed and killed the Sensational Ali's. Al and Allie were heartbroken but safe and were adopted by a loving, more conventional family. Given a home with a sense of permanence that was steeped in heteronormative values Al and Allie got to see how normal people lived. So instead of growing up cloistered in the performance and romantic tradition of their family, the Ali's found themselves having normal teenage years. They attended middle school and high school, played sports and went to dances, had friends and dated people they weren't related to. It seemed they were free to live their own lives and pursue their own dreams. At least until the Benefactor caught up with them in college.

Al and Allie attended a quiet, normal college. Al decided to pursue a career in accounting and was studying economics, the most normal thing he could think of. Allie, who was much more driven, was taking premed classes in the hopes of being a doctor or nurse. Al was chronically single, having a string of short term girlfriends while Allie had found a guy she really liked, an aspiring Geologist who she intended to one day marry. The twins, while not remotely romantic, were close, and lived as roommates in a two bedroom apartment. They were in a very normal way young and free and happy.

And then one night, while walking home from the pub, they were confronted by a smiling naked woman. She called to them by their brith names, Ali and Ali and told them she was disappointed in them. The woman stepped towards them, passed through a shadow, and was suddenly a naked and very handsome man. And then Al and Allie were unconscious.

Al grimaced as another contraction rolled through him. This next part was still painful to remember.

When Al came to he found himself laying on his back staring at a bare, industrial roof. He tried to move and found he was trapped inside a box. He his hands and head were hanging out through holes in the top of the box, but his immobilized body was locked inside. He looked around the room, a darkened warehouse and saw Allie, also locked in a box, her head and hands sticking out from one end of the box, her bare feet peeking out the other end. Her box was painted a dark pink and had a golden trim and, Al noticed, had slots in the middle just right for blades to be placed. Allie was in exactly the kind of box used for the famous sawing in half magic trick. Looking at his own blue-with-gold-box, Al deduced he must be in an identical box.

Fighting down panic Al tried to wave at Allie with his free hands and get her attention. She was awake and looking around with round eyed confusion and fear. He managed to make eye contact...

"Ah," a cultured male voice said, "you're awake." A naked dark skinned man walked out of the shadows where the twins could see him. "Excellent."

"What do you want?!" Demanded Allie.

The man walked behind a support pillar and was, in a blink, a chubby and curvaceous woman. "I want what is mine," she said. "I want you, my property, to live up to our Covenant."

"Wha-what do you mean?" Asked Al.

The woman crossed a shadow and when she emerged she was a three-breasted shemale with hooves, an equine tail, and a horse cock. "The source of your power. I made a bargain with your ancestor to give them children with transformative power." The woman clopped out of sight, and when she rounded the corner she was now a cute humantaur with matching long pink ponytail and tail. "In return, all I expected was that these children became magicians and bred amongst themselves to keep the line going. You have broken that covenant."

"What, what do you want us to do?" Al asked, fear clenching his guts.

"I want you to live up to your part of the bargain, my wayward property," said the Benefactor, now wearing the face of an old woman.

"Fine, we'll do whatever you want! Just let us go!" Allie cried out.

The Benefactor, now a fat hairy man with a cunt for a mouth and lipsticked, feminine mouths for nipples, paused. "Hmm..." said the left lipple, "I don't think so." "I think we need an object lesson to enforce obedience," added the right one.

The Benefactor strode out of view, returning as a dark-skinned nagagirl, who slithered into view brandishing four heavy blades in her four arms. She smiled and approached Allie's box. Allie was weeping and begging for mercy and Al could only watch in mute horror. The Benefactor smiled a rapturous smile, kissed Allie hungrily on the lips, and slammed two of the blades into the cutting slot halfway along the box. Allie cried out in orgasm as the Benefactor pushed the two halves of the box apart revealing that she had cleanly bisected Al's sister.

The demon still held one of the heavy blades and turned with a grin to look at Al. The Benefactor surged over to Al, and stroked his face before giving him a fierce kiss. He whimpered in fear as the Benefactor slid out of view. He panted and could feel his whole body clench in terror. And then the Benefactor slammed the blades into his box, into and through him. Al gasped and felt his cock go hard and pulse as he came. He heard the wheels of his box roll and his view shifted. Al could only distantly feel his legs and knew he had been cut in half.

The Benefactor, now resembling a chorus girl with a tall plume of feathers for hair, long shapely legs tipped with dainty hooves, and a dozen long tentacles for arms strutted into view. She smirked her pouty, painted lips as she swung the lower half of the twins boxes into view revealing their struggling, twitching feet. Allie screamed and Al begged for them to be put right, that he would do anything, anything! The Benefactor simply giggled playfully and in full showgirl strut wheeled the twins legs around in a grand circle to reposition the lower half boxes. The demon then lined the blue lower box half containing Al's legs up with the pink upper box holding Allie's upper body while also wheeling the pink lower box against Al's top half box. The demon bit her puffy lower lip, stretched out her tentacles and pulled out all the blades. Al cried out as an alien orgasm ripped through his body and he felt that he had legs again.

The Benefactor, now a dignified older man with a goatee gave the twins in their boxes a smug look. "There. Now I think you will have to behave as I expect my property to." He stroked his chin beard thoughtfully and grinned like a shark. "And if you don't, well, just know that is just a preview of what I'll do to you."  He laughed and walked out of the warehouse, his body changing each time it disappeared from view until finally as an overweight and cute woman she stepped out of the building calling, "Now be magical, my darlings!"

Al tried to move and found that while he could feel his legs he couldn't control them. At first he worried that he was paralyzed, but the legs were moving around, at first tentatively and then desperately... just not under his control. Allie and Al made eye contact, fear and uncertainty in each other's eyes. Allie slipped her hands inside the box, and pushed against the lid which fell open, causing the box, as if by magic to fall open revealing her body. Allie was naked, her pale, upper body with its slender arms and large breasts tapering down... to his muscular legs and penis. A thin red line of scar tissue was the only mark at the seamless transition. Allie pushed her torso to a sitting position and stared at her changed body. Al realized he could distantly feel his legs on the other side of the room, a muted kind of proprioceptive sense. He tried to lift Allie's new, his old, left leg and was rewarded by seeing it move. Allie looked at Al with wild eyes as they both realized what had been done to them. "Open your box," she said.

Al pulled my arms inside the box and pushed against the lid which easily opened and, with a click, caused the box to come apart. Al was now laying on a table, the air blowing over the strange topography of his new lower body. Al pushed myself to a sitting position and saw the unfamiliar sight of a pair of hairless shapely legs and the smooth expanse of a female crotch complete with neatly trimmed pubic hair. He bit back a wail and watched as the legs experimentally and smoothly drew themselves to a disturbingly elegant looking sitting position. Al pushed himself against them, cradling his torso against his sisters legs and trying not to think about how sexy or alien they were.

Allie looked at Al wild eyed but determined. "Help me swing my legs off the side of the table." She had already, it seemed, taken ownership of the situation. Al nodded and together they maneuvered Allie so she was seated with her legs dangling. "Okay," she said calmly, "I'm going to lower myself off the table but I need you to hold me up, okay?" Al nodded again and Allie gingerly lowered herself on to Al's former legs. Distantly Al felt feet touch the floor and he could intuit how his legs were positioned. Plus he could see Allie which helped. He tenses his leg muscles and was reward by Allie balancing, standing on her legs that he controlled. They shared a grin.

Allie swept her hair from her face and surveyed the room. "I think I see our clothes in the corner. My phone might be in there so we can call for help. Think we can make me walk?" Al frowned, unsure, but nodded when Allie smiled encouragement. She stuck out her arms in a cartoon balance pose. Al told her she would be better served by having them ready to catch herself "just in case". And cautiously he made Allie take her first step... which went alright. And her second. And her third...

Which ended with her falling face first to the floor with a little shriek.

"Ah! I'm so sorry!" Al said.

Allie groaned and then laughed a little hysterically. "It seems we have a learning curve."

"Okay, Al, you just relax." Allie propped herself up on her elbows and started to army crawl, legs dangling behind her until she reached their clothes. She dug through them, found a phone and called emergency.

Help arrived pretty soon afterward.

Al's train of thought is ruined by another clenching pain in his vagina as another contraction seized him. He breathed deeply and Allie squeezed his dainty feet in sympathy.

After their rescue Al and Allie had an incredible life adjustment to make. They had to learn how to live in their new bodies, how to negotiate their new anatomy and how to function as entwined beings. They also, if they didn't want the Benefactor to return, had to learn how to be transformative magicians.

At first it was incredibly difficult. Neither of the twins could use their own legs and were wheelchair bound. There was the mindfuck of having different sex organs, the unexpected feeling of Allie's first erection or Al's first period. There was the heartbreak of Allie's boyfriend leaving her when he couldn't deal with her new penis and her pushing him away because of the Covenant. It was probably the hardest time in the twins lives since their parents died. But slowly it did get better. Hours of practice meant the twins could walk again, or at least shuffle. They learned to take care of their new body parts, which for Al was a crash course in feminine hygiene. They both switched majors to pursue studies in basic Alchemy. The twins started to spend all their time together and rely on each other and somehow grew closer.

But still they were just friends and siblings.

In their spare time the Ali's started to attend every kind of transformation or magic show they could. They watched amateurs flounce on stage in talent shows. They hung around novelty shops and asked questions. The twins gingerly stalked street magicians and tricksters and tried to deduce their sleight of hand. They started volunteering backstage at a small theatre that often put on magic acts and studied the mannerisms and stagecraft of the illusionists. They took acting lessons. They hustled tickets to an alchemist's convention to watch the cons of pitchmen and live Alchemy. They even got tickets to see Morben the Magnificent, the magician they most wanted to emulate.

Then the night before they graduated, Al woke up to the distant feeling of an erect cock and a soft, delicate hand stroking it. He felt his new privates tighten and warm, the still alien feeling of arousal. Across the bedroom he shared with Allie he heard her quietly panting. Al stifled a gasp as he realized she was masturbating! He bit his lip as his twinsense of his old legs intensified, as he began to feel like his own cock was being jerked off. His legs, Allie's old legs, began to paw at the bed and Al starting to pant himself and buck Allie's legs against her hand. Both twins moaned and grunted as their shared cock erupted, spraying uncontrolled against Allie's belly and lower breasts.

It was the first time either of the twins had come since their transformation.

As Al lay panting afterward he could still feel how wet his own genitals still were. Allie quietly from across the room told him "to go ahead." Al had been studiously avoiding touching the alien folds of his pussy and now that he knew Allie would feel it, he was even less inclined to try. But he was so wet, so turned on. "Do it," whispered Allie, "for me. Please."  Cautiously Al slid his fingers down to his slick wet labia. He hissed at the sensitive touch and the foreign feeling of pleasure. Allie whispered encouragement and spread his legs for him. Al ran his hands along his cleft, fingers parting his labia and skimming his vaginal opening, butting against the swollen nub of his clit. He gasped and brushed a fingertip inside his cleft just a little, moaning at the feeling of penetration, of expanding around something. Allie scolded him and instructed him to just focus on his clit, to just rub himself for a while. So Al took up a rhythm, hand sliding wetly up and down along his crotch, panting as he felt a kind of foreign momentum building. Allie panted along with him, whispering encouragement. She tilted his legs and hips up and instructed him to keep stimulating his clit with one hand and to slide some fingers inside himself from his other hand. Al did as he was instructed and reached down and pushed a finger inside himself. He moaned as he felt something press against his opening, a moment of resistance, and then felt himself being stretched out and out as he inserted his finger to the knuckle. There was no way his finger was that huge! Al, from being with women, knew what to do, and ran his finger down the ridge on the roof of his cunt while he rubbed his clit with this other hand. Al and Allie moaned and panted and whined almost in unison until both, twisting on their beds, whimpered in orgasm.

"Oh my god..." panted Al.

"Welcome to womanhood..." smirked Allie. She sighed happily and flopped back. "I'm so glad I can still experience that. Something isn't it?"

Al nodded breathless. His first female orgasm had been mind blowing. And he could still experience ejaculation too. "How was it... as a man?" He managed.

Allie smiled. "Interesting! I've always found female orgasms to be... like I was swelling and swelling until I burst. But as a male it felt like I was focusing to a point until I released. It's more like an escape." She pushed herself up with her arms, hair akimbo and breasts hanging from her chest. "You know," she said, "I think we can make this work."

Back in the dressing room Al felt another stab of pain in his crotch. The pain was sharper and seemed to last longer. He grimaced and sucked in a lungful of air. Making this work had sure ended up painfully for him.

The day after the twins masturbated together, they graduated with degrees in Laboratory Alchemy. They managed to walk the stage at their convocation and spend the day with their adoptive family. All day long Allie would smile at Al and fiddle with her hair. Al distantly felt her get erections which mad him feel squirmy and made him wet. That night they had sex for the first time. Technically it wasn't very good: neither twin had experience with their new roles and their inability to coordinate their partners limbs for them in the throes of passion made it awkward and fumbling. But for all of that it was still satisfying: to have sex and be desired and most of all to be able to feel both parts of intercourse simultaneously was incredible. In those last few moments before they both came, Al and Allie could feel each other entirely and were, momentarily as one person with two bodies. It was incredible. This was the start of the twins romantic relationship.

Sex would only get better as they both became more competent.

Al grimaced and panted as another large contraction rolled through him. Allie stroked his feet and patted her enormous belly. "Dear Brother, please think about your breathing."

After university the Twins focused on what they needed to fulfill the transformation magician part of their covenant. They got part time jobs as lab technicians for an eccentric and vaguely pathetic Alchemist named Carl the Canny, who let them dabble at the art and was lax enough that they could steal small amounts of Alchemy without him noticing. They would buy rabbits from a local pet shop and practice transforming them, using crude Alchemy and guiding transformations with their special power. Their more pleasing creations they sold as pets and their accidents now colonized a local park. The twins took up dancing and acrobatics to work on their coordination and actually won a few swing dancing competitions. Allie landed a gig as the beautiful assistant to a local stage illusionist and Al volunteered as a backstage hand so he could work her legs for her. When Allie's boss needed a second assistant, Allie convinced the magician to try Al in drag. When that worked well "Althea" joined the show regularly as a second assistant. That taught the twins how to perform during a magic act and let Al get used to wearing women's clothing on his legs and balancing on heels. It wasn't long until they felt they were ready to take things to the next level.

Al's reminiscing was derailed again as another intense contraction rippled through him. They were definitely getting larger and closer together...

Allie decided that she loved the way tight women's clothing made Al's legs and ass look so when they decided to start performing she had Al keep dressing in drag. With the right makeup and outfit the twins found that a silent Al could pass pretty convincingly as Allie's twin sister. So they started by hitting the streets, "Althea" in a loose top with falsies and tight, revealing shorts and Allie in a very slinky dress, as the Ali Sisters. They started just doing simple street illusions with Allie doing the patter and Ali silently running the bulk of the act. Then they started going out for amateur stage performances in matching red sequined outfits: "Althea" in a thought short jumpsuit and Allie in a matching dress. Then when they thought they were ready they travelled to Jizza and performed their first transformation show, giving eager volunteers new bodies by request or surprise. For this show Allie thought they should be brothers and that they should show off their transformed bodies. So for this show they performed nude and both spoke, which they found much more enjoyable. And with the curtain call and a dozen happily transformed Jizzans, the twins were finally ready to put together their own show.

So the twins put together their act. The decided to be The Insurmountable Ali's and to steer into their changed bodies, wearing clothes that emphasized their mismatched genders. They combined their stage illusion and transformation skills and created a show filled with mystery presented with a flourish of nonsense exoticism. They built their first props, made their costumes, practiced their show, their steps, their banter, and scheduled the first show.

The morning before they made love for good luck.

And then, before a small crowd at a transformation positive bar, they had their first show.

"Hello Beloved Audience!" Allie shouted to the audience.

"We are the Insurmountable Ali's!" Shouted Al. "I am Ali and my Dear Sister is Ali!"

"And together we have an Insurmountable evening of Magic and Transformation for you!"

"But we will, Beloved Audience, need your help!"

"Dear Brother, you should warn them!"

"About what Dear Sister?"

"Ali, we must warn them that although our magic may be temporary, the changes we cause are not! Anyone who volunteers must be certain they wish to transform!"

"Why Ali, I think you warned them for me." A pause for laughter that didn't materialize. "Who wishes to volunteer for our first trick!"

A few hands cautiously rise, but the Ali's instead select an enthusiastic plant, their adoptive sister Bernice who was excited to be changed. They beckoned to Bernice who hammed it up on stage relentlessly until Al and Allie each grabbed her by a hand, secretly injected her with their transformation serum and pulled. Their sister stretched, growing a third breast, third eye, and an extra wide pelvis with two pussies nestled side by side on it. The crowd applauded and the show went on...

Al gasped and puffed. Another big contraction, the biggest yet. "Allie..." he panted, "I think we need to go to the hospital now..."

"Aw. Dear Brother, I think we still have time," she patted her bulging stomach, "our water hasn't broken yet."

"That only happens like that... in the movies. In real life you're... supposed to go when contractions are five minutes apart and growing..."

"Oh shit! We gotta go!"


Allie lay in her hospital bed, exhausted and delighted. Two brand new babies, a twin brother and sister, Ali and Ali, suckled eagerly from her breasts. Idly she wondered if they were normal, or mixed gender like their parents, or even if they controlled all of their own bodies. She supposed she would eventually find out. Now they were mostly sexless little kittens scrunched into hungry balls. She smiled at them, so happy to welcome into the world and eager to start teaching them about magic.

She looked over at the bed next to hers where a destroyed looking Al was dozing. While childbirth hadn't been any picnic for Allie, she still had to help push the babies out of their womb, Al had to go through the pain of a dilating cervix and the agony of having his vagina stretched around not one, but two babies. He had done spectacularly. Allie wondered if every father was as awed as she was by her partner. She reached over squeezed his hand in hers. Al opened his eyes and smiled at her, real joy in his face.

Allie felt a bubble of corresponding happiness rose in herself and felt tears sting her eyes. She might once have wanted to be a normal doctor married to a nice boy with a normal family, but looking at her fantastic lover and brother, her weird kinky magical career, and these new magnificent babies, she couldn't imagine herself happier. She loved her life.

"Al?" Allie asked her brother. "Do you know what this, right here is?"

"Mmm?" Grunted her exhausted, painkiller hazed brother.

"This right here is Insurmountable Magic."



Re: The Insurmountable Ali and Ali

Very nice. I've been wanting to see more stuff about these two.


Re: The Insurmountable Ali and Ali

Delighted to see them return. Morben approves of their work.


Re: The Insurmountable Ali and Ali

Thanks. I thought these two had a cool backstory, and it was fun trying to puzzle out what that was. (Although this was intended to be much shorter.)