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This thread is forLegends of Belial set stories built around photomanipulations by KSG. This is to avoid overly cluttering up KSG's art thread and to let people build continuity between stories. I'll be posting all my caption stories here, but KSG and I are cool with anyone else trying their hands at it.


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KSG wrote:


I met Priscilla for breakfast at the Vegetarian restaurant she liked. She had her red hair loose and was wearing a teal cardigan over a black dress. Oddly she also had a light silk scarf wrapped over much of her face so that only her eyes were showing. These smiled at me from the table she was already seated at.

I sat down and said "Priss..."

She reached out and touched my arm to silence me, and looking into my eyes, she pulled away her scarf.

I gasped in shock, she had a pussy on her face!

Instead of her smirking mouth and sharp nose, Priscilla had a long vertical vaginal slit with the fleshy, pink loves of labia. She was transformed! I was speechless.

Priscilla gave me a look of inquiry and challenge and playfulness. Had I ever noticed how expressive her eyes were?

"Priss, I... I can't believe you..." I stammered. She grabbed my arm with both hands and pulled two fingers into her facial cunt. I felt the soft, hot, wet tightness of her new pussy.

Priscilla closed her eyes in pleasure and released an inarticulate groan from deep in her throat.

Below the table the skirt of her dress bulged with a hidden erection.


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Tiffany, it had to be said, had an impulsive streak.

She was normally a responsible, straight-laced woman who made responsible choices. But sometimes... sometimes a wild impulse would just bubble up from her unconscious and before she even knew it she would have done something silly and drastic and decidedly irresponsible. She had the scars, tattoos, misdemeanors, and broken relationships to prove it.

As a child her mother had referred to her impulses as the "wicked little voice" and instructed Tiffany to work very hard to ignore it. Tiffany of course didn't actually hear any voices, she wasn't mentally ill, just impulsive. But as she grew up she did start to think of her wild side like an alternate personality, not a split one, since she knew that was an invention of cheap drama, but a kind of discrete aspect of herself pit against business as usual.

Which, Tiffany presently thought to herself, was how she got into this mess.

Tiffany was flopped naked on her bed, holding the small crystal vial she had ordered impulsively from a catalogue. She knew it was transformative, but only had a vague sense of what it was designed to do. The purchase had not, like so many of her choices, been a well researched decision. She turned the vial around in her hand scrutinizing it carefully. She knew she shouldn't actually drink it, and that despite the expense, she really ought to dispose of it immediately. But what, Tiffany thought, was the safest way to do that...

And then an impulse struck her and before she knew what she was doing Tiffany had inbibed the entire vial.

She gasped in surprise and tossed the empty vial away. And then she moaned as she felt two pinpricks of heat and pressure on her chest which seemed to condense into nipples. These flesh below her new nipples swelled pleasantly and rounded into a second pair of breasts. "Oh!" Tiffany gasped, "that's not so bad. I can live with thi...!!!"

Tiffany was blindsided by an incredible pressure on one side of her shoulders, a yearning, twisting push for release which bulged and grew and slowly gained definitions and features and a mane of blonde hair and was eventually a second copy of her face.

"What!?" Tiffany groaned in arousal and confusion.

"Hi, Tiffany!" Said the second head cheerfully.

"Who are you?"

Her new head grinned impishly, "I'm your 'wicked little voice.'" She gave Tiffany a smiley look, "And I'm here to make life more interesting."

Tiffany felt herself lose control of her arms as her impulsive personality, with a careful deliberation that was not at all, reached down, around, and under their shared body and inserted their fingers into their pussy.

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I felt my phone ring and saw on the caller display that it was my wife's number.

"Hi babe, this isn't a great time..."

"Hello Hunter Detective," purred an unnaturally sibilant voice that echoed like a chorus of three. My heart stopped and the hair on my back prickled. I knew that voice: it was the Avatar I was here to hunt. And It had my wife's phone.

"If you hurt her..." I growled.

"Please, Hunter Detective," chided the voice with amusement. "I would never *hurt* anyone. That is not my calling." It started to hum for a moment and in the background I heard a woman moan in pleasure. A moan I recognized. "Please, Hunter Detective, hurry home." And then the line when dead.

I ran to my car and started it, heart pounding in my chest. I had to get home, had to save Holly from ... I didn't even want to think about it.

As I drove, I took stock of the situation to calm myself. Running in hot would only make the situation worse. I had been hunting this Avatar for weeks now, tracing its path through my jurisdiction and following a wake of victims disfigured by transformation. The MO of this particular avatar was that it interviewed its victims. The Avatar always would corner its victim, talk them into revealing a truth about themself, and then use that truth to make the victim agree to a transformation. I still wasn't sure if the Avatar used hypnosis, or had powers of suggestion, or was just very convincing. An analytical part of me wondered what secret the Avatar would uncover about my wife to change her.

I drove my vehicle as quickly as I could, ignoring street rules, blowing through stop signals, and within agonizing minutes I had arrived at the townhouse I shared with my wife.

I unholstered my sidearm and quietly opened the unlocked front door.

There on the floor in front of me was a tube of flesh, a looped coil of a tail or tentacle as wide as my torso, either end of which trailed off out of the foyer. My heart sank as I recognized that I was already too late. Carefully I stepped over the flesh tube and into the house. As I entered the living room I saw both ends of the tube carry on further, one end disappearing into a hole in the cieling above me and the other end looping all around the room, over and under furniture, through walls, everywhere. The tube disappearing into the ceiling was covered on one side by row after row of large, too round to be natural breasts with stiff nipples. I walked carefully into the living room, knelt and lifted a loop of the heavy tube, feeling warm flesh writhe gently in my hands, and saw it too was covered in breasts along one side. I inferred all of it, the entire tube must be covered in tits as well. I carefully searched the main floor for the Avatar, knowing it was long gone but not yet willing to confront what had happened to my wife.  The breast covered tube was everywhere on the main floor, my wife's body, for that was certainly what it was, had to be hundreds of feet long and be covered with scores of big round tits. I shuddered and tried not to dwell on what inhumanity awaited me upstairs.

Steeling myself I climbed the stairs, carefully steeping over and around yet more coils of busty flesh tube until I came to my bedroom. I took a deep breath and pushed open the bedroom door.

KSG wrote:


And there was Holly laying stretched out on the floor, her unchanged face smiling up at me. "Hey you!" She said brightly, "took you long enough!"

Holly's face was unchanged as was her upper body, other than the rows of large, too round breasts which ran down her chest. From the waist down, however, my wife's body flared into a wide serpentine tail with row after row of breasts which stretched up through a chair, around the room, and all throughout the house. My wife was now a several hundred foot long tit-lamia. "Holly..." I said with concern.

"Oh don't you look at me like that," she said stretching luxuriously, "I feel magnificent!"

"But the Avatar..."

"And don't you start with that Avatar nonsense either. This," she gestured at her long body, "was meant as a peace offering."

"I-I don't understand...."

"We, the Avatar and I, wanted to save our marriage."


"The Avatar wants to be left alone to do what it does without you chasing and harassing it. And I... well, I want you to stop obsessing about monsters and focus on me for a change. And I thought if I could just be like one of your victims maybe you would pay attention to me and be around more to help take care of me. It... might have been a cry for help."

"Oh, Holly.  You didn't have to do this..."

"Well maybe I wanted to be transformed too! I got to talk to and meet so many of this Avatars victims after you interviewed them and they all seemed so happy. And when the Avatar suggested this it seemed like such a good idea. I am very happy with how I turned out." She grinned sheepishly and gestured to her hundreds of feet of tail, "Although I guess we did get a little carried away..."

"Holly. I'm glad you are okay but we need to get you checked out by someone and I need to call this in..."

"No, Hunter Detective, I'm afraid you have a more pressing case," she told me mock sternly lifting herself to a sitting position. "Somewhere in this townhouse is the end of my tail and a very wet vagina. I need you to find it and fill it for me."


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Meredith pinched the bridge of her nose and leaned back in her desk chair. Her last patient of the day had been a challenge to stay present for. The man had deep seated fantasies about his wife merging with their large, male dog and becoming a kind of beastial shemale who would dominate him. The man was deeply uncomfortable with this desire, worried about what this meant for his sexuality, and terrified that his wife would find out. Meredith could only listen and advise that many men had secret transgressive fantasies and that part of a healthy marriage was discussing them and finding a mutually agreeable way to act on them, either through role play or with help from outside the marriage. The man was too much of a coward though and so he would come back week after week and rehash the same issues. It was exhausting and tedious, Meredith wished the man would just make progress.

Sometimes she wished he would just surreptitiously transform his wife and dog.

Sometimes she wished he would move away and be someone else's problem.

Sometimes she wished he would do both at once by moving his family to Jizza.

Idly she wondered whether her husband harboured fantasies about transformation...

Meredith sighed, the compassion required to be a good psychiatrist was taxing. More so since transformation was becoming increasingly popular in her community. There seemed to be something about taking a change that seemed to resonate with the neurotic causing them to fixate on it. She had an appointment that day with a woman patient who was hugely codependent and who was obsessed with conjoinment as a way to never be alone. (She had propositioned Meredith who politely declined because it would breach their professional relationship and because the woman was a mess.) Meredith had spent an hour with another woman who was paranoid that her coworkers were poisoning her with alchemy and was convinced that every mole, pimple, or rash was a new nipple or glans or clit slowly emerging. Another patient was traumatized by his sister becoming a multibreasted, armless hermaphrodite on Demon's Eve and was trying to come to terms with the change. Another severely depressed patient mused about whether he would be happier living as his girlfriend's left tit. And so on...

It was exhausting and not something Meredith had an easy answer for.

Meredith pushed the stack of files on her desk aside, unlocked the bottom drawer on her desk, and pulled out the tumblr and small bottle of whiskey she kept hidden there. She poured herself a healthy measure, slipped off her shoes, leaned back and rested her feet on the desk. She knew she shouldn't be self medicating like this, but sometimes after a long day a good dose of ethanol was deeply helpful.

Meredith took a sip, savouring the burn of the whiskey, the delicate spice of rye, and the puff of peaty smoke. She sighed again, this time happily. Life had such simple, uncomplicated pleasures if one just stopped for a moment to appreciate them.

Thinking about her day Meredith  reflected on how much of her patients' suffering was self-inflicted. Complex, inexplicable desire married to fear. Too much unfocused imagination misapplied to non-existent problems. Run away thoughts that just will not be still or quiet. A wide edifice of distractions built between a person and the obvious pleasures right in front of them.

What a curse the mind is, she thought.

How much simpler would it be to just exist in the moment?

Meredith gasped and jumped as a sibilant voice, like three speaking as one murmured from the shadows. "Dr. Meredith Griere, I would very much like to hear your thoughts about how the mind as a burden." The shadows shifted unnaturally. "I would so enjoy to have a conversation with you doctor."


KSG wrote:


When the man entered the apartment he found her lounging on the couch. She was different: where before she looked quite normal, now she had eight breasts and a vagina with wide, fleshy vulva on her face instead of a nose and mouth. She felt a burst of happiness and arousal at the site of the man, her mate. The man, however, expressed shocked dismay and said something.

She couldn't understand his words; she was completely incapable of even thinking in language or abstract concepts. Her mind was wired to live in the moment. She could tell her mate was upset, since she was still quite intelligent despite her new mental framework and she still had a very high emotional sensitivity, the same trait which had made her such a successful therapist. Her mate's distress saddened her, and made her want to go to him.

Smoothly she slid to her feet, enjoying the feeling of her eight small breasts reorienting themselves as she stood. Her vaginas grew hot and wet and she hoped that her mate and her would fuck. She did very much desire sex. As she grew closer she could see arousal warring on his face with his dismay. This pleased her. She took the man in her arms and pressed her breasts against him, stood on her tip toes, and pressed her facial labia to his mouth.

For a moment the man stood there stunned.

Then, making her moan, she felt him experimentally lick and probe her facial cunt.

This was all she wanted.


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Holly was bored.

She was bored a lot these days, ever since she became an enormously long titipede thanks to a run in with a very convincing Avatar. After her husband had found her transformed, he had insisted on having her examined by an expert. Because of this Holly knew a lot of facts about her body. She had a human face, head, arms and, broadly speaking, human body from the waist up. Below the waist her body was a torso-thick, long tubular tail of flexible muscle. Her "ventral aspect", the fancy pants talk for her front, was lined in large, preternaturally firm E cup breasts beginning where her original pair were and carrying on to the end of her body. All told her body was 320 feet long from her head to the tip of her tail and had 310 pairs of breasts. They didnt know her exact weight, but they estimated that it was close to 1600 pounds. Holly was now a gigantic, busty creature.

Generally Holly was happy with her body. The Avatar hadn't been lying when it spoke to her about her marriage. Holly's transformation did cause her husband, the Hunter Detective, to finally take that promotion and become the deskbound Hunter Leiutenant, the supervisor of a department of more junior Demon hunters. He needed the extra money to pay for home renovations for Holly and he needed to be home more to help her with tasks she now found difficult. Which all meant that Holly's husband wasn't running around the land chasing bogeyman for weeks at a time, it meant that he wasn't logging outrageous overtime as he obsessively hunted his quarry, and it meant that he didn't spend all of his time with Holly brooding about work. Instead he worked a job he was good at and enjoyed during reasonable hours and came home to his wife. In Holly's eyes it had really fixed things.

The other thing the Avatar predicted that ended up true was that she and her husband would love her new body. For Holly this was no surprise, as soon as the Avatar pointed it out, she knew that she had been fascinated by the Demon victims for years and was curious about their experience. And this body was tailored, if exaggerated, to her tastes: she loved being so big and sexual, loved the way it felt to be sprawled everywhere and built for sex. It made her feel desirable and powerful in a new and very empowering way. What was more of a surprise to Holly was that her husband loved her body. He was always a breast man and he had worked with the transformed for years, so she knew he would be able to deal with her body, but the sudden ardor of his lust revealed a hidden fetish for multibreasted serpents. He absolutely loved how he had to search the house for her pussy, rubbing, stroking, teasing her many breasts the whole way. Their sex life had always been fine, but the couple was experiencing a level of sexual intensity that was completely new. Holly loved the attention.

Which is why she was so bored now.

The Hunter lieutenant still had to work, which meant that Holly had to entertain herself for part of the day. Which is when the downside of her new body became obvious. Holly was very cumbersome. Holly's 320 feet of length meant that she required a great deal of space to spread out and since her motion was more of a worming than a slither it took her some considerable time to get anywhere. The logistics of being a slow moving, city block long being meant that she was neither maneuverable or small enough to easily navigate the city. Add in her considerable mass and it was just so much easier for Holly to stay in the reinforced house. Which even then proved challenging since Holly could hardly fit her entire body in any one room. So Holly would spend her day draped throughout the house, coils of her body winding through every room, a situation that she actually found very sexually stimulating. Her husband had suggested they move into an open concept warehouse loft where she could fit her entire body, but Holly didn't want to move out of her home and would miss how enormous the cofined space made her feel. Which is where the true downside of her body came in.

Holly was almost always horny and when she was home alone it was difficult to masturbate.

Holly could feel how wet and hot her pussy was, and she knew it had to be sonewhere in the house, since it was still attached to her. She had plenty of time to kill before her husband was home and she wasn't expecting any guests so she didn't need to be discrete, or at least, as discrete as a 320 foot long tube covered in large breasts could be. All she had to do was find the end of her tail.

Holly looked around the bedroom her head was in and didn't see her tail end. She closed her eyes trying to sense where her tail tip was located. Which, like always, didn't work. Her body was just too big and scattered to have accurate proprioception. She tried to remember where she had last seen her vagina, but that had been days ago, and she had moved around the house since then. And, she thought wistfully, had it fucked sight unseen many times. Holly tried gently thumping her tail on the floor and using the sound of it to locate its tip. Which, due to the extra sound proofing installed when the house was repaired after her transformation, didn't really help. Holly thought again about piericing her bottom eight nipples and having bells installed, and then dismissed the idea as embarrassing. Holly grimaced, she hated losing track of her pussy.

Since her other senses had failed her Holly decided to try touch. This was a risky proposition since Holly's body was so muscular and heavy that she had a tendency to barge, batter, or sometimes crush furniture if she wasn't careful. But she was horny enough that times called for desperate measures. Face pinched in effort, Holly blindly scooted her tail across the floor of where it was, trying to get a sense of its surroundings. She moaned a little at the sensation of dozens of her hard nipples rubbing on the floor. Her tail touched a wall, a cool plaster number that didn't help narrow her search. Holly swept her tail the other way and bumped into the legs of a table and a couch? She lifted her tail gingerly and placed it on whatever it was, feeling rough apolstery. She knew that apolstery! It was the couch in the den. Holly smiled brightly, she had found her pussy!

Now all she had to do was get to it.

The trick of this, Holly knew, was to move as little of her body as possible. If she moved all at once, the end of her tail would drag along after her and she would lose track of her pussy and end up slithering around in futility. So Holly wormed her torso over and back along the length of her tail, retracing her bodies path. She knew about how much distance was between the bedroom and the den, so her goal was to free up enough of her body to push her upper body to the den. But given the messy tangle of coils, Holly had some work cut out for her.

Holly tried to take her time, to do it right, but the building expectation was making her wild. She started to rub and feel up her tits, mashing her top eight breasts and stroking and caressing lower ones as she wormed past them. She pushed a tit into her mouth and sucked on her nipple moaning. She really had to get to her pussy!

Finally she freed up enough of her body to reach. She surged down the stairs and around the corner into their den as quickly as she dared to. And there, laying on the rough couch was her tail and end and glistening pussy. Holly's heart began to race.

"There you are," she breathed, slowly worming her way toward the cunt. She lifted her upper body onto the couch and tucked her arms by her side, stroking a pair of breasts. She moaned a little as she thought about how she was about to enjoy another of the perks of her body.

Parting her lips and pushing her tongue out of her mouth a little she shimmied the last few inches separating her face and pussy.

Moaning into her cunt, Holly started to eat her own pussy.

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Good stuff! I'll certainly be reading more as you post them!


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KSG wrote:

Compound37's request:

Christie humphed as she was led astray again.  She and this mare were supposed to be competing in an equestrian jumping event this weekend, but things just weren’t working out.  Her mare, Jackie, had other plans.  Jackie was quite young, and impulsive, and had a bad habit of following her nose at the worst possible times.  It didn’t help that the ranch’s practice jumps were near the cedars that Jackie loved to scratch her teeth on. 

Christie yelped as Jackie lurched to the left, heading to her favorite snacking grounds. “No!  Bad girl!” Christie moaned in frustration, “the jump is that way!  Goddamnit.” 

Jackie didn’t care, she just wanted out of this feed routine meant to keep her in top shape.  She just wanted snacks.  Christie clutched at the reigns and pulled, with no response from the oblivious horse.  She shouted and yelled, kicking her spurs and tapping her mount to get its attention, to no avail.  She hopped off her horse, unsaddling her and turned to drag the equipment back to the shed.

“Well there goes my chances at winning tomorrow” Christie thought, as she lugged the saddle in her arms.  “If she’s not going to listen to me at this point I may as well give up.”  She sat in the barn for a while, watching her old horse limp in his stall.  “I don’t even know how you injured yourself, but you sure left me in a bad spot.” He snorted in response, pawing at the dirt.  Christie walked up to him, and put a hand on his snout: “It’s okay, you’ll be fine in a while, and after that we can just ignore that stupid Jackie and actually focus on winning something for once.”

Turning back out of the stalls, Christie spied her white mare still gnawing on the bushes by the cedar wall, without a care in the world.  “Honestly,” Christie said out loud, to nobody in particular as she walked back to her mare: “you’d think that she doesn’t even notice that I’m riding her.  I mean, she’s a big girl, I probably don’t even register as a weight to her.  Hell, maybe if I weighed twice as much she might.”  She approached Jackie, brushing against her shoulder: “Alright, come on Jackie, time for the stable.”

Jackie didn’t budge.  Figures.

“UGH, come on!  What do I have to do?  Incentivize you?  What is it you want?  A carrot on a stick?  A slap on the ass?  A great big stallion cock for you to chase, you dumb bitch?  Demons, you’re lucky you’re not glue at this point.”

“There’s a lot worse to become than glue” said a voice, trickling down Christie’s spine.  Jackie’s eyes went wide as she backed away from the underbrush and darted away, leaving Christie alone with whatever was behind the leafy curtain.

The leaves parted as three pairs of hands brushed them aside, opening up for a serpentine figure to pass through.  The body of the mysterious figure was covered in tiny yellow scales, from their serpentine torso, up their three pairs of breasts and over their two heads, with slit-pupiled eyes, and forked tongues.  A heavy cock above a slick pussy between their serpentine hips completed their form, which Christie recognized immediately.

“An-an avatar?” She stammered. 

The avatar smiled over its fangs, down to Christie, “of course, and why should you be so scared?  You know we exist to solve the problems of mortals” it hissed.

Christie could feel the hairs on the back of her neck rise as a sudden chill took her, shrinking away as her clothes turned to dust and flew away in the breeze like dandelion seeds.  Attempting to cover herself only amused the avatar.  “Hush now, why be so prudish?  It would be a shame for you to be embarrassed, considering that after hearing your ideas, you won’t be able to wear those pants again.  So get used to that chill, because you’re going to be naked for a good, long while.”

It slithered behind her, wrapping its tail around her ankles as its hands grasped her sides and shoulders.  “We’ve heard your complaints about that damned horse,” said one head, “and we love how inspired your solution is, really, honestly.” said the other.  “Which is why we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to help the struggling mortal...incentivize that stubborn mare.”

Four of their hands moved to Christie’s groin, pulling her clenched thighs apart with ease.  Their two lower index fingers pressed their way between her folds, as she whimpered.  Delightedly flicking their forked tongues, the avatar began to pull from Christie’s hips, stretching her flesh.  She could feel a sucking sensation as they did so, her body reshaping like clay in their hands.  She moaned as she felt her body grow hot in waves, each wave accompanied by a pull from the creature.  Their tongues flicked on either side of her neck in delight as they stretched the shaft from her body.  The hands on her shoulders moved to the shaft, shaping the tip of the thing, pulling it and flattening its head.  Christie hazarded a look down, and would have jumped back had the avatar not held her in its iron grip.  Extending from her groin, nearly up to her breasts, was a cock, just like a stallion’s.  It was pink and black, mottled, and had a flared head just like the ones on the boys in the stable.  She moaned as the avatar stroked it with four hands, covering nearly its entire length.  She felt a rush inside of her, as if she were orgasming, but nothing was happening.  Her breath was caught in her throat, holding her body stiff and still while the avatar continued to play with her cock and pussy.  Its fingers surged deep into her folds, and retracted slowly.  Christie felt strangely full, as something descended from her pussy.  There was a pop, like a suction cup being removed, as she felt a weight, no, two, weights hang beneath her.  Her breath suddenly returned to her as she came immediately, covering her chest and neck with thick cum, surging from her new stallionhood as her pussy and balls clenched. 

She stood there cumming for what seemed like an eternity while the avatar giggled infernally.  It uncoiled itself from her, standing in front of her with a finger beneath her cum covered chin.  “That should be plenty of incentive for a horny mare.” the avatar said, as it receded back into the bushes.  “But don’t worry, we took all of your suggestions into account: twice the weight it is.”

Christie panicked, suddenly feeling something rumble in her stomach.  “Noooo, I don’t want to be fat!” She moaned, only hearing fading chuckles from the receding avatar.  She sobbed into her hands, but instead of feeling her stomach surge forward, it surged...up?  She could feel her cockhead drag across her abdomen, flowing away from her breasts, or was it, her breasts moving away from her cockhead?  She looked down between her fingers, seeing her torso lengthening, stretching her legs away from her.  She was nearly eight feet tall within a minute, tottering on weak legs unable to support her.  With a lurch, she fell forward, flattening her cock against her stomach as she continued to stretch on the ground.  She moaned as she felt something begin to emerge from her sides, bony protrusions that began to form a new pair of legs.  She gasped as her new toes flexed without her command, the flesh of her new forelegs filling in.  A sucking feeling between them followed by a hot flush reminded her of her new pussy, between these new legs. 

Christie moaned and squirmed on the ground, weeping softly while her body twisted into a new shape.  She covered her face with her hands as a pinch between her buttocks signalled her new tail, a surge of warmth on her chest signalling her new breasts.  She eventually cried herself to sleep.

Christie awoke to a curious feeling on the top of her head.  She could feel a wet snuffling, but only...on one side of her head?  She awoke slowly, her muscles stiff and achy.  Any hope that what had happened being merely a dream was dashed as she felt her tail swish against her will.  Wiping the dried tears from her eyes, Christie stood on four shaky legs.  She resembled a centaur, but...human.  She could already feel a weak cramp in her lower back, where her original legs were permanently bent over, exposing her ass and (rear) pussy to the world.  As she looked herself over, she realized that her vision was split.  She was looking at her right and left half at the same time!  Raising a hand to her cheeks, she came to the realization that she had two heads now.  “Double the weight…” she mused with both mouths, realizing that the avatar took her very literally.  There were two of everything: two pairs of legs, two heads, two torsos, two pussies, two pairs of breasts.  Her horsecock, seemingly endlessly erect, pressed against the stomach of her lower torso, every shift giving it new sensations along its top half.  She looked forward with her two pairs of eyes at Jackie, staring her in the faces. 

Christie bit her lip, and took a few experimental steps.  She was exceptionally fast, and after a few minutes was bounding across the field, hopping the equestrian gates with ease.  “Who needs a horse?” Christie thought, unwillingly thanking the avatar for her new body.  And who knows?  Maybe there was some kind of loophole that would let her compete, since she was technically now a half stallion?


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@Compund37: love it! Although... haha, shows what I get for trying to sit on content. I wrote a very similar caption I've been saving. So with apologies, here is my version:


Anna was worried about Hector and Brett didn't give a shit.

Anna and Hector had just finished their show jumping course and it hadn't gone well. Hector had landed badly after the second jump and had struggled through the rest of the course, knocking over several obstacles and incurring significant time penalties. But the brave horse had never refused her and attempted every jump, causing him to faulter a second time. Anna and Hector had not qualified for the next round of competition, and she was worried Hector may have injured himself.

And so Anna was in the paddock fussing over Hector. She was still wearing her jumping outfit, a bright red blazer and tight tan pants and boots, brown hair tucked up under her helmet. She was getting everything muddy as she fed and watered Hector, rubbed him down, and then with considerable apprehension, she inspected his leg for injuries. Superficially everything looked alright, but Anna wanted the opinion of a veterinarian. She had called one, and insisted on waiting with Hector until they could arrive.

Brett, her boyfriend, was pissed. "Damnit Anna, ya promised me that we would make Chuck's party."

Anna glared at him, "Hector is hurt you ass."

"Nah, it was jus' a little stumble is all. He'll be fine. And the Vet is comin' anyway. You don' need to be here. So let's go!"

"What's wrong with you? Hector is hurt! I'm not just going to abandon my horse! Demons! Why can't you be a little more supportive!?"

"Supportive? I'm here ain't I? I came all the way out here and sat through your pony show!"

Anna snorted, "Whoopy-do! I go and watch you at all your rodeos, and I never moan about the travel or time or other things I'd rather be doing!"

"Well my rodeo's are a real sport! It's where I get my scholarship from. This is jus' a hobby game of horsies for little rich girls..."

"You know what, Brett, fuck you. This little rich girl is staying with her horsie. So 'git alawng to yer pahrtay, cowpoke' and fuck off!"

"Well fuck you too, darlin' princess, I will go to that party!" And Brett stormed off, spitting over his shoulder.

Anna realized her fists were clenched and that she was panting. That boy could make her so mad. She took a deep breath and focused on calming down. She knew Brett was rude and a bit selfish and sometimes an asshole, but he was also handsome and wild and had an air of danger she found sexy. She tolerated his brash nonsense because he was exciting and because the sex was good. And maybe because as a 'little rich girl' she enjoyed his rougher roots and the scandal he caused her family and society friends. She sighed and questioned for the hundredth time if being with him was worth his bad behaviour.

"You know, Hector," Anna said to her horse, running her hand along his flank, "sometimes I think you are the only male creature in the world who gets me."

The horse whickeres softly and looked at her.

Anna laughed ruefully, "Maybe I should just date you, huh?" Anna gave the horse an appraising look. "You don't talk back, you're easy to please, and you are very fit. You're even very well hung for a lover." Anna smirked, "Maybe too well hung, hey?" She clasped a hand over her chest dramatically, "if only I were equipped to luvvv youuuu!"

"That," said a sibilant voice from behind, like three voices speaking as one, "could be arranged. Perhaps we should have a conversation about it?"


Brett just had to apologize to Anna. He knew he shouldn't have left her like that, he knew he was being a jackass. But like usual, it took until he was well down the road before he cooled off and realized what a dumbass he was being. Of course Anna would stay with her horse. He just hoped he was back in time to catch her and that Anna was in a forgiving mood.

Brett rounded a corner and stopped, stunned.

KSG wrote:


Standing in a small paddock was Hector the horse and a very different looking Anna. Anna had been transformed, given a variety of equine attributes. The most obvious change was that she was now a humantaur, a four-legged woman with a second torso between her front and rear legs. She had also grown accompanying horse ears, an equine tail that matched her hair, and two small breasts just ahead of her rear legs like an equine udder. Much more shocking were her new sexual attributes. As Anna flicked her tail Brett could see she had a large, teardrop shaped horse cunt between her rear legs. Weirder, on her face instead of a nose or mouth she had a second equine pussy, this one flared and open. Perhaps the most shocking change was that Anna had grown a full sized horse cock between her hind legs, a massive black and pink club of horseflesh. Brett couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Anna's eyes passed over the crowd staring at her, seeing Brett with hardly more than a flicker of recognition, before turning her gaze on Hector. Her eyes flashed with admiration and lust as she stared at the horse, a look Brett used to get from her. Gracefully she sauntered over to Hector and nuzzled him, running her hands along his coat and pressing her face cunt to his muzzle. Hector whickered, nostrils flaring. He stamped his hooves and his cock began to push out of his sheath. Anna's eyes lidded and she groaned, her tail lifting to show Brett her cunt and her cock sliding all the way free, growing erect. She worked her way along Hector's body and ducked her torso under the horses body and slid his enormous cock into her face cunt. The horse snorted and started to pant as she bobbed her head up and down, inhaling an improbable amount of equine penis. She squirmed and the horse shifted and thrust until it stamped and tensed, ejaculating into Anna who emitted a muffled squeal and shivered through an orgasm. Anna pulled herself off of Hector's softening dick and stood, semen dribbling down her face, a look of contentment in her eyes. She looked, Brett thought, as if she was in love.

Numbly, Brett guessed it was too late to apologize, It seemed Anna had found a new lover.


Re: KSG Caption Stories

The Professional

Megan drummed her brightly painted fingers on the table impatiently.

This wasn't Megan's first time in a police interrogation room and she found that despite herself, she was getting a little nervous. She knew she hadn't done anything literally illegal, that what she was doing, while morally grey, wasn't strictly solicitation. And regardless, she knew the vice dumbies who had picked her up lacked anything resembling evidence. She should be in the clear. But then again, being the focus of the law in her line of work was hardly ideal, and that she was still sitting in this room cooling her heels could be bad news. Megan also worried whether her brand of escort service would be distinguished from illegal prostitution if it ever came to a trial.

Megan frowned and made herself relax, stilling her hands in their manacles. It wouldn't do to look nervous. The vice detectives here were playing a game of being cool cucumbers waiting for her to sweat. Well it was time to show those dodo's that this ice queen won't melt. She tossed her hair and smirked at the mirror on one side of the room. "Gentlemen," she purred, "can we please get on with it? I'm rather late for an engagement."

Which was rather annoying to Megan. She had spent most of an hour getting ready: having a bath with her nicest oils and soaps, shaving her body, styling her hair, and doing her makeup, complete with her signature black lipstick. And now here she was locked in a cold smelly room immaculately done up and dressed in her nicest red silk dress. It was such a waste of her efforts.

Megan was also annoyed because she was genuinely looking forward to her date tonight. The night's client was one of her favorites, a debonair businessman who didn't have time for a full relationship so paid for companionship and intimacy. Megan found him handsome and interesting, which along with his money and acumen in the bedroom meant that she never had to feign interest or orgasm when she was with him. Being arrested tonight meant that she was missing out on a healthy paycheck, a fancy meal, and a night spent with a good lover. She hoped she was released early enough to salvage some part of the night, even as a freebie. "Well boys? Are we shy?"

The police left Megan sitting for what felt like another ten minutes during which she assessed her appearance in the interrogation room mirror: blonde busty bombshell ready for a fancy date. She had worked her way to examining her nails before they finally unlocked the door and sauntered in. One of the detectives was overweight and sweating despite not wearing his jacket, a pink pig of a man with large hands. The second cop was less fat, but bald and soft with an impressive set of jowls on a pinched face. Less a pig and more a hound.

"What've we got here?" Barked the hound.

"Why? A reg'lar lady o' the night?" Snorted the pig.

"Night? It's only evening?" Said the hound.

"She's a whore."

"Actually, gentlemen, I'm an escort. And when last I checked the laws that wasn't a crime."

"D'ya have sex f'r money? Then ya'd be a whore. Ain't that right Pat?" Said the hound.

"Well d'ya have sex?" Leered the pig.

"I have a healthy sex life," Megan said cooly.

"And d'ya Johns..."

"Lovers, please," corrected Megan.

"D'ya 'Lovers'" the word vulgar in the pig's mouth, "pay ya for fuckin' 'em?"

Megan smirked, "I think of it more as an honorarium"

"An honorarium!? What d'ya take us f'r? A pair of boobs!?"

Megan couldn't help herself. She leaned forward flashing her wide expanse of cleavage at the detectives. "If the bra fits..."

The hound sputtered and made an angry chocking noise, not unlike a bark. He jumped to his feet and turned as red as the pig, jowls quivering. The pig restrained him and pushed the hound back into his chair.

"Real clever missy," said the pig, annunciating his words. "Cal," he said to the hound, "did ya get a gander at the rack on de whore?"

The hound mutely nodded, cheeks flapping.

"Jus' imagin' all da hands that've been on those tits, all them lips and faces. Jus' think o'the stories they could tell if we interrogated 'em."

From the too dark, liquid shadows in one corner of the room a siblint voice, harmonizing like three speaking as one, spoke. "What an intriguing proposition Detective! Perhaps we could have a conversation about it."


Trey was... disappointed more than anything. He was certainly annoyed that Megan, his lovely escort, had stood him up, but he found that he was mostly just sad to have missed out on her company. He was very fond of Megan and seeing her was so much more than a business or carnal transaction. If long experience hadn't convinced Trey that he wasn't suited to relationships, he would be sorely tempted to try and kindle something more conventional. As it was he cherished their trysts.

Trey hoped Megan was alright and that her reason for breaking the date wasn't serious. He would of course send her a message through her channels expressing his sadness in missing her and checking in. He would have tried to reschedule, but he was leaving town on business again the following day. It really was a shame.

He picked up the room service menu, if he wasn't going out with Megan, he would probably just stay in his room and read or rent a movie. Trey...

Heard a knock on the door to his room.

Gathering his robe around himself he went to the door and opened it.

And there was Megan smiling up at him a little uncertainly.

"I'm sorry I'm so late," she said, biting her black painted lip, "you would not believe the night I've had."

"Come in," Trey said, "tell me all about it." He was so happy to see her.

"Oh, I think that can wait until after," Megan said walking into the room in swish of her gorgeous red dress. "I think we need to make up for lost time, after all." She gave him a coquettish grin as she turned her back to him and unfastened her dress. "Also, and don't argue with me, this one is gratis." Megan let the dress fall off of her and pool on the floor. She stepped out her silver heels flashing and her black shift teasing. "Consider it an apology for my tardiness," she purred. "Plus," she added pulling the bustier of her shift off of her breasts, "this time might be a little weird..."

Megan turned around.


Trey saw her breasts and gasped.

Instead of the familiar, perky orbs with rosebud nipples that he loved, Megan had large, black lipped lips and mouths on her tits. She smiled bashfully, "meet Cally and Patricia. Say hello ladies."

"Ooo," cooed the right lipple in a bright girly voice. "Please mistah, wontcha please fuck us?"

"Ooo yes!" Agreed the other lipple in a breathy soprano, "I wan' ya in us soooo badly!"

Megan tried for a confident smirk, but Trey could see her nervousness. "What do you say?"

"I'd say," Trey answered stepping to embrace her, "that tonight looks like a memorable night."


Re: KSG Caption Stories

The Artist

TRANSCRIPT: Recording of Detective Investigators Peters and Ryan interviewing Lily Santiago at her studio.

CP: "This is Hunter Detective Carla Peters beginning the interview with the most recent victim of the so-called 'Conversationalist' Avatar."

JR: "And this is Hunter Detective John Ryan, also present."

CP: "Alright, let's get started. Can you identify yourself by name and address?"

LS: "Okay. My name is Lily Santiago. I reside in my loft space in the warehouse district. 1080 Wharf Row."

CP: "And can you list your occupation?"

LS: "I'm an artist."

JR: "A painter right?"

LS: "Yes."

JR: "I saw some of your work hanging in your studio when we examined the scene. You're very talented."

LS: "Thank you."

JR: "Your paintings, they're mostly... whatcha call 'em?"

CP: "Representational."

LS: "That's right. I specialized in painting the natural world in urban settings. Gardens in cities, parks next to high rises, weeds in industrial zones. I find meaning in the juxtaposition of the two."

JR: "And you were successful with this, yeah?"

LS: "I guess?"

CP: "Your agent shared your sales records with us. There were individual sales there that more than doubled our annual salaries."

JR: "See, talented. Told you I had an eye for art."

LS: "Thank you again... but I don't know what this has to do with the Avatar."

JR: "I guess I'm trying to understand how the Avatar talked you into this form...."

CP: "I'm also curious. Unless you lied to the examiner you are blind now, which seems like an odd choice."

JR: "So why does a talented, successful painter choose to blind herself?"

LS: "Because not everything is about money. It's... well, it's about inspiration."

JR: "Inspiration?"

LS: "Inspiration. When I first started painting my urban nature series I was inspired. As I said, I found the juxtaposition of built and wild elements fascinating,  and I was very interested in how we as urban people, urban animals interact with... ignore, embrace, whatever, with the natural world. How cities are really just a kind of natural world. Plus, it was technically interesting dealing with the complex lighting found in cities and finding ways to mix painting styles to contrast the built and the natural. It was inspirational."

CP: "You say 'was inspirational'."

LS: "Yes. Like any artistic moment, it eventually plays itself out. Or at least it does for me. I realized that as an artist I had said everything I had to say about urban nature and that while I could still paint compelling paintings on the subject, I wasn't pushing myself artistically anymore. I was becoming an illustrator... or a draftsman of a certain kind of image. But at the same time, and it shames me to admit this, I had become addicted to the money and accolades my urban nature paintings continued to accrue. I knew that if I kept painting weeds in sidewalks I would continue to be successful, but I feared that if I moved on to something else, something new and challenging, that I risked losing all of this."

CP: "So this was motivated by fear?"

LS: "No, you misunderstand me. I was reluctant to try something new, yes, but I was also having difficulty finding something I wanted to explore too. I was experimenting with new painting techniques, new subjects, but nothing would inspire me. So I was both generating paintings that were no longer art to me and floundering to find something new."

JR: "So you were in a rut."

LS: "Exactly."

CP: "And how does the Avatar come into this?"

LS: "Well, I was sitting here in my studio staring at a blank canvas. I had a commission to paint one of my urban weed oil paintings, think like a dandelion poking out of a sidewalk. The buyer wanted this to painting to also feature the headquarters of their company. I believe it was meant to be a kind of environmentalist statement. And I just couldn't do it, just couldn't make myself paint this thing. Doing an illustration on request, incorporating a business into my work, it was this ultimate act of selling out. I just couldn't believe what had happened, couldn't understand how I had gotten myself trapped in this place. And I didn't know what I could do to move past it. And t hat's when I heard a voice... like three singing as one speak to me."

CP: "The Avatar."

LS: "Yes. I will not go into specifics, that is private, between me and the being. But the gist is we had a conversation about how I could get past my block. What we settled on was a radical transformation, one that would nescisitate that I change my methods and approach to creation. A kind of metamorphosis that would allow me to grow as an artist. And so I went to the Avatar and it remade me into how I am."

NOTE: attached photo of Lily Santiago post transformation.


NOTE: Description from medical examiner:

LS is broadly still a female human from the exterior. Her one major external transformation is that her upper head is now a penis glans. This glans starts at the bridge of her eyes, with the ventral aspect of the glans on her forehead. LS no longer has eyes or vision, but retains her nose and mouth. She has additionally lost her ears, but still can perceive sound. If you will excuse the colloquial language, LS looks as though she is wearing a penis glans cap on her head and has pulled it down over her eyes. LS did not consent to internal examinations, so it is unknown whether her head-penis works, where semen might be manufactured, or whether her original internal organs have been retained.


CP: "Are you happy with the change?"

LS: "Oh! Very!"

JR: "But... how do you make art now?"

LS: "I could show you... but one of you will need to guide me to my canvas and tools..."

ATTACHED: Description of Lily Santiago's painting methods as written by HD Peters:

HD Ryan takes Lily by the end and helps her to her feet. He gently guides her across the studio space to a large prepared blank canvas in a corner of the room. It sits on an easel on top of a paint splattered drop cloth that fills the corner. There is an adjacent work bench covered with jars of paint, brushes, and a shelf with other art tools. Lily slips off the thin robe she has been wearing, open at the front, more for warmth than modesty. She shuffles forward blindly and smiles with relief when she finds the work bench with her hands. She gropes along it until she finds a particular tool and lifting it she uses the bench to orient herself in front of the canvas. She licks her lips and brandishes her paint tool: a large plastic dildo with what looks like a huge turkey baister bulb on one end. Lily leans forward and pushes the dildo inside of her vagina, moaning in pleasure. She begins to fuck herself with the tool while using her other hand to grope her breasts. She pants and moans and curses and then pointing her head toward the canvas, she squeezes the banister bulb and orgasms. Lily screams and ejaculates through her head, spraying a mixture of semen and shocking pink paint all over the canvas.

Panting she stands and shuffles back to the bench. She wipes the trail of pink semen paint strialing down her head off with a rag and grabs another dildo baister. She fucks herself again, this time spraying neon blue semen paint. And she repeats this again, orgasming and ejaculating a darker pink, almost purple on the canvas. This time she doesn't bother wiping off the extra paint and instead, flushed and paint spattered turns to smile at us beautifully.


JR: "Bravo!"

LS: "Thank you... I'd love to give it to you two as a gift."

CP: "I'm afraid we can't accept gifts in an official capacity."

JR: "We'll just have to call it evidence then..."

LS: "Thank you. Can you tell me just one thing?"

JR: "Sure."

LS: "What does my painting look like?"


Image by KSG


Re: KSG Caption Stories

Finally got around to reading the new one. Fantastic as usual! Now I need to be on the lookout for a photo I can use to make a morph of Lily painting!


Re: KSG Caption Stories

Haha thanks. I might just have to write a sequel wink


Re: KSG Caption Stories


The Interview

"Uh hi," I said awkwardly as I entered the shop, "I'm here for the delivery man job opening..."

"Delivery 'person' is what the ad specified," the alchemist said curtly, "I hope you don't have a problem with that."

"Not at all!" I said, worried I had made a bad first impression. I really needed this job and I didn't want my new employer to think I was a misogynist.

Fortunately the alchemist smiled widely. "Perfect," she said, "can you start today?"

"Today?" I stammered. "Don't I need to interview or give you my resume....."

The alchemist tucked a curl of blonde hair behind her ear that had escaped her tight bun and gave me a serious look, "Call it an audition by fire!" She smirked and laughed, and then adjusted her lab coat, open at the neck to reveal naked skin below, to recover the nipple that had just popped into sight. "To be honest I have a bunch of orders that really need to get delivered today, and I have too much lab work to do it myself. So the job is yours if you want it and if you get through your order list today, I'll even throw in a bonus. So do you want the job?"

"Yes I do! Very much!"

"Excellent," she said handing me a stack of papers, "just sign these contracts where the x's are and we can send you out."

"Contracts? What's in these?"

The alchemist shrugged oddly, almost pushing her breasts back into view. "Just the usual stuff: you agree not to share my trade secrets with other alchemists, you accept the risks associated with transporting alchemy and absolve me of any accidents, you agree to conform to the company policies about customer service, uniforms, etc..." she gestured to the back room, "I'm just going to go in the back and get your delivery samples and uniform, okay?" I tried not to stare as she walked away, heals clicking loudly on the floor, flashes of slim stocking clad legs appearing from below her lab coat.

Quickly I signed the documents.

The alchemist returned carrying a pair of boxes, which she set down on her front desk. She accepted the contracts from me, flipped through them to see I had signed where I needed to and smiled. "So you are okay with this? I'm so glad!" She reached into one of the boxes, opened a bottle, and splashed me with its contents.

"What!?" I gasped, my clothes dissolving off my body and my skin tingling.

"It's your uniform," the alchemist said, "didn't you read the contract?"

"Not closely," I said with a voice that had grown into a crisp contralto. I watched in a detached fascination as my body hair fell out and my slightly overweight body became thin and lithe. I felt my insides squirm as my waist narrowed and a pair of small, aerodynamic breasts pushed themselves out of my chest. My penis and balls retracted into my crotch as my scrotum split open and morphed into slight, minimalist vulva, and my glans shrunk into a hard little clit. I gasped as my spine wrenched and watched as the nub of a tail formed between my toned, feminine butt cheeks and then shrieked as I felt my lower body start to split, and lengthen, as my two, slender female legs became four and a second, horizontal torso grew between them. I moaned as I felt a pressure building between my rear legs and gasped as my new, large cock erupted and my two cunts orgasmsed. I had been transformed into a toned, athletic humantaur female looking hermaphordite. "Oh...." I said stunned.


The alchemist had removed her lab coat revealing a body with four arms, two enormous breasts, and a huge naked cock above gartered, hose clad legs. "Perfect, now you look very on brand." She stepped forward and strapped a kind of small saddle bag around my lower torso, slipped a gps with an armband onto my shoulder, and gave me a deep lingering kiss. "You'll find you can run faster than the legal driving limit in town, and that you have enough stamina to run for days. You'll have to eat more, but you can bill me for that as "fuel". You don't need to wear clothes, your body is toughened for the elements, and when you are working I'll ask that you remain nude to display my excellent work. I will give you a stipend to buy new clothes and can recommend an excellent custom tailor." The alchemist knelt down and pulled out two pairs of identical running shoes and began to put them on my four delicate feet.

"What... what am I going to tell my girlfriend?"


First Delivery

The Alchemist wasn't exaggerating about the fitness of my new body. I was easily running faster then I had run in my life, faster than traffic even! And I wasn't even breathing heavily! I felt like I could run all day! I felt alive and powerful and...

And weird. The wind tugged at my long hair and tail. My breasts were small, hardly a cups, but they still bounced with every stride. Every four legged stride. Every four limbed, leggy stride which made my soft new ass shrug fetchingly and made the large male genitals between my rear legs wobble. My body was alien and strange. I couldn't believe what had happened.

I guess I was still in shock, honestly.

In no time at all I was in front of the small walk up apartment block where my first delivery lived. I buzzed and a cute feminine voice welcomed me upstairs. I pushed my way in, almost getting my tail caught in the door and experienced the strange sensation of walking up stairs with four legs. I knocked on the door and was greeted by a smiling blonde face and attached to a very attractive naked body. "You must be the delivery person, come in! I'm Kris."

I stumbled into the apartment, again almost getting my tail caught in the door, and rummaged in my saddlebags. I presented Kris a package which she eagerly tore open and pulled out a vial of pearlescent white fluid. She held the vial out and gestured at her nude body as if about to perform a magic trick: Kris was a beautiful young woman, with high, firm breasts and a very nice pair of hips. She giggled, opened the vial and quaffed its contents. Kris moaned and grasped her breasts as they slowly swelled from average to large. She groaned again and ran her hands over her body as four more nipples slowly pinched into shaped on her chest and stomach. These gradually swelled, becoming copies of her enlarged, original two. Kris flopped back into a chair, her six breasts hanging heavily on her body and sighed happily. "If Kelly's tips went up 100% from growing one extra tit, what do you think mine will be now?"



Second Delivery

My second delivery was only a few blocks away, just a few minutes with the effortless four-legged jog my body. This time my delivery was at a house, a small sky blue wooden dwelling with an elaborate flower garden. I knocked on the door and was greeted by a cute brunette who, when she took in my humantaur body and realized who I was, started to blush. She began to pant a little and clutched the cloth of her simple house dress. I asked if she was waiting for an Alchemy delivery and she nodded, gnawing on her lip. I smiled and handed her the package. She tore it open, produced a small bottle with an eyedropper, opened that and squirted a few drops into her mouth. The brunette moaned and flushed and stared to sweat. "Oh demons," she groaned, "I'm burning up!"

The woman turned and rushed into the house gasping and removing her clothes. Concerned... and still needing her to sign the receipt of delivery I followed her. I made a mental note to get the signature first. I slunk after her trail of clothes to what appeared to be a bathroom. A shower was running and I looked in to see the woman sitting inside of it with her hands over her eyes and her mouth and nose replaced by the gash of a pussy.


"Are you okay?" I asked gently.

The woman lifted her hands off her eyes and looked up at me, eyes wide, water still sluicing over her. Hesitantly she touched the mound of pussy on her face. Her finger tips slowly drew over the folds of her vulva, slowly parting them, and gentler pushing into her oral vagina. She made a deep throated grunting sound and pulled her fingers halfway out of her face. "Are you okay?" I asked again.

She blushed and jerked her fingers all the way out, looking up at me. She made a another inarticulate throaty grunting sound. She frowned for a moment, then looked up at me and nodded.

"You have a pussy on your face," I explained.

She nodded again, water still spraying over her.

"This is what you wanted, right?" I asked, "Are you happy?"

Her eyes twinkling, and pinched as her cheeks tried to smile, she nodded. And then she ran her fingers down her face slit, and pushed them inside her face cunt. She began to mush her fingers inside her mouth, while her other hand reached up to rub the hard knob of her face-clit. She throat-moaned and made wet gasping noises as she fucked her face cunt in the shower in front of me. I felt myself getting aroused, my new feminine nipples grew hard, and my cock grew hard and erect, and my own pussies grew tight and hot and moist. The woman in the shower made a kind of wet, guttural keening noise and spasmed as she orgasmed in her face. I bit my lip and rubbed my sinewy, female thighs together and whisked my tail. Watching this pussy-faced woman masturbate in the shower was making me hot in all kinds of new, alien ways.

The woman looked up at me, flushed and eye-smiling. She slowly walked her hand, slimy with the grool of her face cunt down her body, slipping over her breasts, down her belly and pushed them into her original cunt. Her other hand she slid into her vacated face cunt. She leaned back against the wall, water still running over her body, and began to double masturbate. I gasped.

"I'm.... going to need a signature..."


Third Delivery

The third delivery was across town. I ran as fast as I could, legs pumping easily, breath flowing smoothly in and out of my body. The running felt amazing and was helping with the pent up arousal of watching the woman in the shower masturbate. Intellectually I knew that transformation almost always had a sexual component, but standing there watching it happen up close... it was far sexier than I had imagined. I wanted to see more. More than that though, I wanted to explore my own new body and it's strange new urges. I wanted to fuck someone, to push my new and seeimingly larger cock into the soft cunt of a lover. I wanted to have someone cup and fondle my small little breasts, to kiss and suck on my sharp little nipples. And, strangest of all, I wanted to be penetrated, to have someone kiss and lick no suck and maybe put their own cock into my hungry pussies. I.... I.... I needed to focus on the job at hand.

Fortunately, in no time at all I had raced up to a large office building. I trotted into the lobby and walked up to the security desk. I was met with raised eyebrows, but I explained I was a kind of courier, and I had a package for a Nadia Kline on the 22nd floor. The guard buzzed me into the elevator where I ended up on a floor and the entrance to some very swanky offices. I nervously trotted inside, careful not to get my tail stuck in the door, but still self conscious about my nudity. The receptionist smiled professionally when she saw me and efficiently scurried to lead me to Ms. Klines corner office, bypassing her disapproving looking secretary. A surprisingly young, severe looking woman stood from behind her desk as I entered.

"Do you have it?" She asked curtly as she began removing her blouse, pencil skirt, heels, and hose.

"Y-yes," i stammered, "if you could just sign here?"

Naked, she took my clipboard, signed a tight little signature, and handed it back. I handed her a small metal tin. She opened it, dipped her fingers inside, and scooped a finger full of white cream out. She drew this down her chest and abdomen , from the small of her throat to her pussy. I watched in fascination as her flesh rose, ridged, and split, as her chest between her tits opened up and grew wide vulva and a pink, moist depth. This executive, this woman, had just transformed her her body to be one eneormous cunt.


"Thank you," the woman said, taking deep, disciplined breaths, "that will be all." She drew a strange garment out, something like chest body armour made of an absorbent cotton and strapped it over her chest pussy. The woman began to dress over it. "You can leave now."


Fourth Delivery

The fourth delivery was in a trendy part of town. It was a small historic district with quirky shops and cafes on the main floor with small loft-strike apartments above them. I found the relevant stairwell, and was buzzed up by an excited sounding woman. Mindful of my tail, I stepped inside and scrambled up the stairs. I knocked on the door and was greeted by a shyly smiling nude woman. "Demons!," she bubbled, "it's finally here."

I took a moment to make her sign her receipt and handed her the package. I turned to go, but she stopped me, "Do you... do you want to watch?" And of course I did.

The woman, slowly and carefully opened the box. She drew out a vial, gave me another shy smile and drank it all. The woman moaned, and squirmed. "My legs feel funny," She announced. I nodded seeing that they seemed to go boneless, losing shape and definition. The woman, with her last unsteady steps stumbled to her couch and fell upon it. She stretched her flaccid legs out and looked at them. We both watched as the feet seem to dissolve and her thighs began to merge into a single column. The woman moaned as her vagina pushed forward from between her legs to a vertical location on her merging legs, flaring wider and longer. The woman's legs continued to merge, lower and lower, her two boneless legs becoming a single tail that grew out longer and longer, until the length of her lower body had almost doubled. "Oh...." she moaned, "I feel so fulllll...." The woman's tail began to grow a thick tunic of veins and the blunt head at its tip peeled back and swelled, becoming an enormous penis gland. The woman, panting, screeched and clawed at her breasts, as the enormous penis-tail that was her lower body bucked, pulsed, and ejaculated an enormous puddle of spunk.


Panting and flushed, the woman leaned back against her couch and ran her hands along her tits and the toned ripples of her abs. "A penis tail!?" She asked, surprised and delighted.

"Yeah..." I said. "Didn't you know?"

She blushed and inexpertly swung the tip of her enormous cock around. "No... I bought a kind of... surprise transformation? The alchemist gave me a questionnaire that asked about my preferences, limits, and whatever, but I had no idea what it would be. Pretty wild, right!?" She used the tip of her cock tail to push around the large puddle of her semen, as if for emphasis.

"Yeah..." I said, stunned that someone would do this to themselves randomly. "Are you happy with it?"

The woman thought for a second and nodded. "Yeah, I think so. I don't think it was what I would have picked for myself, but, that was kind of the point." She paused and frowned. "Now I just need to find a person with a cunt big enough for me."

"I'll have to check what the rules are about this... but I might actually know someone..."


The Pickup

With the final delivery completed I started to jog back towards the alchemy shop. As I was orienting myself so that I could open my four-legged stride and really dash, I heard a phone in my saddle bags start to ring. I bent my torso around, it was really very flexible, and pulled out the phone.


"Hi," said the Alchemist, "I can see on your telemetry that you've already completed the deliveries. You made great time! It seems my courier body concept is a raging success... and I guess that you are a worthy employee."


"I just need you to do one more thing for me. A supplier just called to say that they were ready for a pickup and I would really be obliged if you did it for me. Your bonus isn't complete yet so would you mind seeing the supplier?'

"Yeah, no worries boss."

"Okay. I uploaded their coordinates into your guide GPS." My GPS blinged and spat out directions.

I quickly glanced at the map, and began to run along the new course. I let myself run as fast as I could, hair whipping through my hair and tail, I felt elated and energetic and horny. I could get used to this. In just a few moments I found myself trotting up to a small wooden house sandwiched between an office building and a larger commercial apartment, a kind of orphan remnant of an older neighbourhood. I walked up to the door and knocked. A woman wearing a robe and a simple tank top opened the door. She had long gorgeous hair that draped over her face so that I could only just see her eye. Her eye scanned my naked, humantaur body critically. "I'm...uh... here to pick something up for an alchemist?"

The woman nodded and brushed hair from her face revealing she had a pussy instead of a mouth and nose. She beckoned me to come inside and turned around, revealing she wore no bottoms and that she had a thick flexible tail that ended in a penis. I followed the supplier inside.

She lead me into a small living room with all of the curtains drawn. She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, a silent admission that there would be no small talk. Looking somehow bored, she began to tease and rub her face pussy. Her eyes lidded in pleasure and she languidly masturbated her face, glancing at me periodically to see me watching her, to gauge my interest and arousal. She teased her pussy and stared at me, nodding towards my body. I accepted it as an invitation and cautiously touched my breasts, feeling a weird tweak of pleasure as I touched my erect nipples. The supplier nodded eagerly. My hands drifted down my toned, sensitive stomach and brushed my new frontal pussy. I gasped at the electric feeling as I brushed my clit. I yanked my hand back in shock and the woman frowned at me. I blushed and went back to touching myself, chewing my lip and moaning at the strange sensations. I was so wet and slippery and hot! And the woman began to fuck her face faster and harder and quickly stumbled over to a vase on a small table. She swung her tail over the opening of the container and pinched her face and tensed as she came, her mouth clamping on her fingers and her tail pulsing as she spewed her seed into the vessel.


I paused my touching to watch and when I tried to return to my ministrations, the woman interrupted me and handed me the vase. She gestured to the door, telling me to leave. Whatever had compelled her to make me masturbate seemingly was over.

I left with the vase and headed back to my employer.


The Bonus

The one truly inconvenient thing about my new body, aside from its size and muddled gender, was that it sweated liberally. I could run as fast and as far as I wanted, it seemed, but I guess to keep everything cool I perspired heavily.  Which all meant that when I got home I kicked off my running shoes, deposited my saddlebags, dumped my 'bonus' package on the kitchen table and made straight for the shower.

I stood in the shower and felt the warm water wash over me. I felt water run down my breasts, and splash on my lower torso. I felt my newly long hair dampen and cling to my back and hind legs. I felt my pussies grow warm and my penis start to harden below me. Everything still felt so alien and sexy. I cupped one of my small breasts and slid a hand down my flat belly and gently touched my forecunt. I was anxious to explore...

And then I heard the door to the apartment slam. My girlfriend was home!

What was she going to think?! What was I going to say to her? What could I say to her? I was now a four-legged woman with a cock. Callie was as open minded as anyone, but she was straight and not a transformation enthusiast.

My heart hammered in my chest and for the first time since my transformation I was short of breath. I was terrified to show her what I was now. But... this was permanent, it's not as if there was any going back to my old body. And I wasn't even unhappy with it. I'd have to face her eventually and it was better to get it over with.

I turned the shower off and began to towel myself off, a process that involved and showcased my bodies flexibility.

"Jack, are you home?" She called.

"Shower!" I called, as gruffly as I could.

"What's this, a gift?" She called to me. Callie was always a yeller between rooms. "I'm going to open it!"

Gift? I didn't get her a gift... The bonus! I yelped, realizing what must be happening. I dropped the towels and in a tangle I awkwardly tried to run to the kitchen to stop her. A loud gasp and squealed moan greeted me as I awkwardly negotiated the stairs. And I rounded the corner... "Callie!"

I stumbled to a stop when I was Callie. She was standing naked on her four legs looking stunned, eyes blinking. Callie had transformed! Into a very fetching humantaur: my blonde, leggy girlfriend now had a second horizontal torso and a second set of legs. She also had a flowing tail and along her horizontal torso she had four breasts hanging heavily towards the ground. She was gorgeous, I could feel myself stirring at the sight of her, but I was also too shy and nervous to come any closer.

Callie looked up and saw me. "Jack?" She asked. I nodded. She gracefully slinked over to me, her four legs and hips moving hypnotically. She stepped up to me and kissed me hungrily on the lips.


"I've changed." She said, her arms still around me and her face held a few inches from mine.

"Yeah..." I said. "Are you okay?"

"I think so," her eyes staring into mine. "I feel really... good. Sexy. And like I could run a marathon right away." She blushed. "You've changed too."

"It's kind of a long story, but this is my new work uniform?"

Callie ran her fingers through my hair and pressed herself against me. "I don't know why I feel like this... but I really like your new... look?" She laughed and kissed me hungrily again. "Jack, you make an irresistible four-legged girl with a cock!"

We kissed and ran our arms over each other for what seemed like ages, Callie slipping her leg between mine and rubbing it against my forepussy. Until she pushed herself back a step and turned away from me, looking back over her shoulder. "I don't really know how this works yet," she said, raising her ass to me and spreading her rear legs a little, "but I really think you should mount me." She lifted her tail up and to the side, revealing the pink folds of her hindcunt.

As I thought about how best to mount my girlfriend, I thought my new boss really knew how to make a good bonus.



Re: KSG Caption Stories

Oh man: I found the draft of an old Extramorphs caption story:

Humantaur Stew

Picture 1: The Apartment Kitchen: 6:45


"Okay guys! It's finished, just like grandma made it when she shared the 'family secret' with me."

"Haha! Awesome! Hook me up, Jess!"

"Steph, before you, like, eat any you gotta be really sure! This stuff doesn't wear off."

"Hey! How long have I bugged you about making this stuff! I'm totally sure!"

"Okay! Hanna, do you have the camera ready?"


Picture 2: The Apartment Kitchen: 6:50


"Alright Steph, last chance to say no!"

"Haha! Just shut up and give it to me already."

"Hanna, take a pic for, like, posterity! And Steph, say 'ahhhh'"



Picture 3: The Apartment Kitchen: 7:05


"Oh my gawd you guys I feel amazing!"

"It's a rush isn't it!"

"I'm just so hot and tingly and... Mmmmm..."

"Steph, you're growing your tail!"

"Mmmmm.... woah......"

"We better get you out of those shorts before you grow any more!"


Picture 4: The Apartment Kitchen: 7:20


"Ahhh, I feel so awkward now..."

"Well you're only like, halfway done. You gotta eat something, Steph."

"Like, a snack?"

"Yeah! It helps speed everything up!"

"Oh man, Hanna! Are you taking another picture! I look so silly!"


Picture 5: The Apartment Kitchen: 7:50


"Steph, I think you're done!"

"How do I look?"

"Like, so good! How do you feel?"

"Even sexier than I thought I would!"

"So what do you want to do now?"

"Hmmm... is there any of your grandma's stew left for Hanna?"



Re: KSG Caption Stories



Millah's heart was hammering in her chest as she lay naked on the luxurious, thick carpet, her four breasts pooled on her chest. She smiled up at Melanie, the humantaur artist, and ran her foot along the humantaur's flank. Melanie, still perched half on the bed smirked back fondly. Millah stretched her arms above her head and tried her best to look sexy.

If Millah was being honest, she was feeling quite nervous. Melanie was several years older than her, more sexually experienced, and a well established artist. And a humantaur! Millah was still an art student, a raw, unproven talent and not someone who had ever had a one night stand before, let alone one with a glamorous humantaur! Even her transformation, a choice to duplicate her bust had been done only recently and was, Millah felt, gazing up at the radiant quadruped looking down at her playfully, much less courageous than she had thought. She wasn't quite sure what Melanie saw in her, but Millah was focused on trying to enjoy the experience.

She just had to make sure she didn't puke.

"Mmmm," Melanie purred, looking suddenly thoughtful, "I think you should come to my gallery tomorrow."

"What?" Millah said, surprised. "I mean, I'd love to, but..."

Melanie smiled, "You're cute when you're flustered." Millah blushed, somehow embarrassed and pleased at once. "I want to see what you think of my work."

"That's... really cool. But, demons, um, why?" Millah tried her best for a roguish smile, "I mean, I'm kind of a nobody."

Melanie gave her a serious look. "No. You're just inexperienced, relatively untrained. Which means you have an untainted perspective. And I value hearing what fresh, talented eyes see in my artwork."

"You think I'm talented!?"

"Of course," Melanie said in a husky voice, guiding Millah back to lay on the stairs. "I've seen your artwork, you have a lot of potential. Why do you think I wanted to have sex with you?" Melanie leaned forward and brought her lips to Millah's sodden cunt and gently ran her tongue along her clit.

"Oh demons!"


Millah found herself nearly as nervous the next day standing at the reception area of Melanie's gallery. She had her best clothes on: the white blouse, black skirt, tights, and the simple flats she wore to her waitressing gig, but that somehow felt inadequate for the large, minimalist space and very trendy neighbourhood of the gallery. Millah knew she was definitely not cool enough to be standing there. And then there was the intellectual aspect of the visit: what insight could she possibly offer? Millah was proud of her work, certainly, but she was nowhere as experienced or urbane as the kind of collectors, critics, and established artists who visited Melanie's space. Besides, Millah knew virtually nothing about the work Melanie did, only knew that she was successful in some area of sculpture. Millah had barely had time following their tryst to shower and change before rushing to the gallery and hadn't had time to do any research. She worried she was going to look like such an idiot.

At least, thought Millah blushing a little, the sex had been fun.

And now it was too late because Melanie was coming to meet her. The humantaur artist was wearing thickly framed, severe glasses, a black turtle neck with a kind of tunic front that covered her forecrotch, an exaggerated pencil skirt that clung along her second torso and rear, and dark hose on all of her legs. She was wearing two pairs of the most expensive, and awesome ankle boots Millah had ever seen. Looking at how stylish and sexy Melanie looked, Millah knew with a tinge of shame that she was definitely underdressed.

This fact did not seem to bother the Melanie, who smiled brightly when she saw Millah. The humantaur artist stepped forward with a smooth grace and hugged the shorter woman. "I'm so glad you came! I would have been heartbroken if you hadn't."

"Of course," Millah stammered.

Melanie gave Millah a peck on the lips and stepped back, her arms resting on Millah's shoulders. "Before we go further, I'm going to explain my art a bit to you since I didn't give you time to look into it." Millah blushed. "It's better this way!" Melanie continued, "I want fresh eyes! I wouldn't tell you any more, but I work in a nonstandard medium, and there are some rules. I'm an alchemical body sculpture, Millah. I transform models into living sculpture and in return they agree to be displayed for certain hours of the day. I of course pay them for their time." She took a breath. "I make money from commissions mostly, designing bodies for wealthy patrons, sometimes for them, more often for a lover or volunteer they intend to keep as art. But these pieces in the gallery, these are the sculptures I do for me, that express my vision and what I want to show potential clients and, more importantly, other artists. Like you." Melanie looked into Millah's eyes for a long moment. "Okay?"

"Okay." Millah said.

"Great! I knew you would be alright with this," Melanie said, gently tracing the swell of Millah's double bust with her hands as she stepped back. "There are just two rules you also need to follow. You may not touch the artwork, and you are not to speak to the sculptures. They are not allowed to answer, and they are here to let their bodies, my artwork, speak for itself. Do you understand?"

"Yeah... of course." Millah replied.

"Excellent!" Melanie said, taking Millah's hand and leading her into the gallery.


The gallery was broken up into a series of small room enclosures. The first room had a simple wooden floor and bare white walls with a single sculptue inside. Sitting in a softly lit chair, leaning back, was a mostly ordinary looking woman. Except, Millah saw, she had a large pair of lips on each breast instead of nipples. She had her head tilted way back and was slowly and methodically applying bright red lipstick to her left lipple. A bright red lipstick that matched her other lipple, the lips of her mouth, and the colour of her stockings. The woman continued to lay their, serenly painting and repainting her lipples with red lipstick.

"What do you think?" asked Melanie, looking at Millah carefully.

Millah felt her pulse raise. What did she think? It was a rather tame transformation, far more normal than she was expecting after Melanie's explanation. But then again, the subtly of the change was probably a point of emphasis, a statement being made. Millah realised that despite the unorthodox medium of living people, Melanie's artwork was really a kind of modern art. Which meant that Millah kind of knew how to understand it. And to her surprise, Millah knew what she wanted to say.

Millah took a deep breath. "I think.... that this piece is making a statement about the way non-sexual... or at least not explicitly sexual bodyparts are sexualized in advertising and commerce. Lipstick as a cosmetic is designed to evoke sex, to insinuate the blush of inflamed vulva, but in a way that is subtle enough to pass in a society that still censors nudity and sexuality. By transforming the model's... sorry, the sculpture's nipples to become lips and having the sculpture perform lipstick application to her bare breasts challenges that barrier and, by making the implicitly sexual into the explicitly sexual, it interrogates the hypocrisy of that division."

Melanie, seeing Millah had finished, nodded. "Thank you," she said quite seriously.


Melanie led Millah to the next gallery room. This room was much darker, with black walls on three sides, and a tiled, slightly reflective wall on the other. In front of the tiled wall, lit from the opposite side, was the next sculpture laying on a table. Again the model was still broadly human, although this time the red-headed woman had a pussy on her face instead of a mouth or nose. Much like the last sculpture, Millah thought the staging was important. The model chosen for this sculpture looked young and girlish, but based on the generous swell of her breasts and fullness of her hips was obviously a mature woman. The sculpture was was also wearing white pearls, had white nail polish, and was holding a stem of roses to her face as if she were going to smell it. Or since she had a pussy instead of a mouth, Millah thought, maybe as if she were going to insert it into her facial vagina.

Melanie watched Millah expectantly as she paced a little, trying to see the sculpture from more angles. Millah felt the statement being made here was fairly straight forward, but that it was being done in an interesting and stylish way. She just needed to organise her thoughts.

"I think," Millah finally said, "that this piece is commenting on virginity. The flowers, the pearls, the young looking body, and the centrality of the vagina to this sculpture are all trappings of this cultural construct. And yet the sculpture is naked, sexually mature, and posed as if waiting for a lover. Demons, she has a glistening cunt for a mouth. This sculpture screams sex! Virginity is often held up as pure ideal, and yet, sex is healthy. Most people want their lovers to enjoy and want sex. Most young virgins, women virgins, actively want to have sex and are sexual. There is a tension, maybe a hypocrisy there... and I think this sculpture captures some of that." Milllah thought about how to say the next part. "This sculpture also, I think, gets at how the question of virginity can undervalue a woman. How whether or not a woman is a virgin or sexual can supersede her personality or intelligence or whatever. Since the sole transformation of this sculpture is making her mouth into a cunt, this transformation makes the state of her pussy the focal point of this work. It in a quite literal sense, silences this sculpture as a person and makes her into an object."

"Thank you," Melanie said.


The next room in the gallery was completely white and very evenly lit. Just off to one side of the room was a white upholstered table, something like an examination or massage table. Leaning against it, posed, was the next sculpture. This piece of artwork had undergone a more significant transformation, Millah thought. From the waist up the sculpture was a fit human woman, but from the waist down she was the same woman again from the waist up. It was as if the woman were two upper torsos fused together at the waist, like a Queen on a playing card. The top-facing torso had her arms resting on the table and was facing Millah and panting. The lower torso had her arms braced below their body to hold them up and was facing the floor. Her ribcage was also rising and falling with laboured breath. The sculpture watched Millah move around to look at it, slightly turning her head and biting her lip in a look of pained arousal.

Millah suspected this sculpture played into a similar theme as the others. She collected her thoughts and began: "This sculpture makes me think again of the duality of women. How they are expected to exist as pure mothers and daughters, but also as sexual lovers. If they are virginal they're prudes or spinsters, and yet if they are sexual they are whores and sluts. This sculpture takes a woman and makes her literally a dual being, simultaneously two women. One upward and forward facing, and the other replacing her legs and vagina, a sexual woman. But... am I right this statue has no genitalia? That she can't come?"

Melanie nodded. "No, the sculpture cannot orgasm. But she finds great and intense pleasure in the frustration of it."

Millah thought for a moment, "That must be part of it: that women are sexual. That denying that, being virginal doesn't change that. Holding it in, denial is a kind of sexual repression and without the release..." Millah watched the sculpture who was sweating and trying not to whimper in need. "Well... it's still clearly sexual." Millah gestured that she was done.

Melanie did her serious nod. "Thank you."


Melanie led Millah into a larger gallery room that had two statues. One side of the room was painted in a flat dark grey. On a stool in the middle of this section sat a statue on a black stool. Millah took a breath. This sculpture was more dramatic, and to her eyes, beautiful. The model had four legs, each clad in a knee high stocking. These legs were arranged radially, as if she were sitting into two directions at once. Between each of her legs was the pink gash of a vagina, leaving the sculpture with four cunts. The statues torso was covered in breasts, rows of them that ran all the way around her torso in rings. The sculpture had six, then seven, then eight breasts, 21 breasts in all. And, Millah realized, no arms at all. The model, finally, had a very tall neck and an expressive face that was watching Millah examine her. Millah felt her breath catch and her body respond. She found this sculpture very attractive.


The other side of this gallery room was more birghtly lit and was painted a much lighter grey. The sculpture here was merely holding herself off the floor. This statue had six limbs and two torsos. But, unlike Melanie who was a humantaur, this model was given four arms, and a second torso that grew out of the shoulders of the lower one. The top torso was essentially normal, a very toned, very fit looking woman from the waist up. This torso, held vertically, blended into the second torso which was horizontal to the floor and held up arms with hands placed flat on the floor. This torso had six very large breasts growing from it which hung heavily toward the floor. The sculpture ended in a pair of very long, very toned legs that were kneeling on the floor and wearing dramatic heels. The most startling change on this sculpture, though, was the enormous penis growing from between these shapely legs. This erect, human cock was as thick as a tree trunk and was as long as the statues lower torso. This meant the cock was pressed up between the model's six lower breasts in a downright sexual pose and the glans emerged, bulbous and huge, between the statues lower arms. Millah was staggered by the apparent strength of this scultpure and once again found herself more than a little flustered and aroused.

Millah looked at Melanie who was watching her intensely.

"I think..." Millah paused. "This isn't to say that your other sculptures aren't beautiful, they are. But... to me they are more powerful for their statements than their forms. These two sculptures though, are incredible. Just, like, aesthetically." Millah gestured at the armless woman. "This one in the way it expands the sexual characteristics of the model at the expense of her arms seems to be making a statement of beauty as pure artifice. And since it exaggerates breasts and legs seems to be playing with the idea of women as decorations, as sexual objects. But it's also just a remarkably beautiful form." Millah nodded towards the muscular hermaphrodite with the huge penis. "While this sculpture seems to emphasize beauty in power. The toned body of the model, the sheer size of the cock, the way the cock is thrust through the statues lower breasts, all seem to capture a kind of raw masculine strength. Which to me evokes the idea of male stereotypes of sexual ideals. But again, it's just a staggeringly wonderful form to look at." Millah looked at Melanie, "To place these sculptures together really captures the contrast between these two aesthetic ideas and shows the beauty and limitations of each. It's... really powerful."

"Thank you so much," Melanie said, looking quite touched. "I am so glad you came here. I knew I was right about you."

"What, what do you mean?"

"I must admit that I had somewhat of an ulterior motive for inviting you here today." Melanie smiled a little. "I truly did want to hear your thoughts. But I also wanted to see if you understood me, understood what I was doing here. And I think you do." Melanie gave Millah a very intense, sexual look. "I need you, Millah."

"Need me? For what?"

"Millah, I want to make you into a sculpture. Here. In my gallery."

Millah's blood ran cold and she felt her heart hammer in her chest. Melanie wanted her to become one of her pieces? To become, at least part time, an art object to be observed and commented on and discussed. It was a bold and terrifying idea. But there was something about the proposition that she found interesting if not actively enticing. As an artist, the idea of actually becoming art, as opposed to just doing it, had a kind of power. To her surprise, Millah was finding that she actually liked the idea. And she was certainly flattered that Melanie wanted her to join her personal collection.

Millah knew she also had to consider the practical aspects of this offer as well. Just the time commitment of posing in the gallery would create a substantial burden on her education and her personal life. And that ignored the fact that Melanie was planning to sculpt her, to remake her into something new. Millah had no problem with transformation, she herself had four breasts after all, but Millah had seen how limiting and life changing a more significant change could be. And who knew what Melanie envisioned for her. A milder transformation like the lipple or pussy-faced statues could be easily lived with, but the more extreme statues like the armless multibreasted woman, the powerful hermaphrodite, or the two-headed woman lacking genitals would all, Millah was sure, come with considerable difficulties. Could Millah negotiate life with an extreme transformation? Did she want to? If she was being completely honest, she found the more extreme sculptures the most intriguing, and if she was going to be art, she wanted to be something challenging. More information would help her make a choice... "Can you tell me what I would be? Would I have any feedback?"

Melanie shook her head curtly. "I'm sorry, but I do not work that way. You would be what I make you into."

Millah nodded, that was certainly risky, but she doubted that Melanie approached her body sculpture as collaboration. It certainly made the choice to model for Melanie a lot scarier, but also Millah thought, more interesting. She could live with that lack of power. Millah, she realized, might do it. There was just one more thing bothering her, "Would I still be able to do my own art?"

Melanie smiled, "If you are who I think you are, I doubt I could stop you. Or that you could stop yourself. You obviously cannot create while in the gallery, that time is to be art, not make it. But what you do on your own time? It is not up to me. Most of the sculptures here are artists themselves, and some of them spend their time here thinking about their art." Melanie smiled ruefully and swished her tail, "I only claim some degree of propriety on the body, not the mind."

Millah nodded. Having a job as art would certainly help her make ends meet while she pursued her own art projects. Millah had several young artist friends who were really struggling in menial jobs to pay the bills, work their student debt, and somehow find creative time to work on their projects. To have a reliable steady income for several years would certainly provide Millah with the security she would need to actually be an artist.

Millah felt herself make up her mind, felt somewhere deep in her guts that she wanted to do this. Knew she wanted to do this. She blew out a breath she hand't realized she had been holding and grinned shyly at Melanie. Blushing Millah said, "I would love to be your sculpture."

Melanie's face exploded into a smile and she squealed as she lunged forward, wrapping her arms around Millah in a tight hug. "I'm so excited! You will make such a beautiful piece!"

"W-when are you going to... sculpt me?" Millah asked, a practical part of her mind working on the details she would need to deal with.

"Right now!" Melanie said, tugging on Millah's arm. "I have everything ready in back!"

"B-but, don't you need time to make it?"

"It's all prepared. I knew what I wanted make you into since the moment I first saw you. So everything was prepared just in case." Melanie smiled at Millah encouragingly, "Besides, I am having a special gallery show tonight, and it would be the perfect time to unveil a powerful new sculpture." Some worry crept into Melanie's eyes. "You aren't having second thoughts are you?"

"No! No. I'm actually really excited. Just, uh, nervous is all." Millah closed her eyes. "Tonight is fine."

"Excellent!" Melanie beamed, and took Millah by the hand.

Millah allowed herself to be led to the back.


Eliza was trying to play things as cool as Beth, but she still couldn't believe that they had been invited to an unveiling party at a famous artist's gallery. She craned her neck every which way, gawking at all the shiny people and tiny foodstuffs and in the process she bumped into Beth's cheek. Her body mate, the other independent head and mind on their shared body gave Eliza a reproachful look. "Keep it together L," she quietly hissed.

Eliza and Beth had originally shared a single, conventional body, mind, and personality, but their progenitor, Elizabeth had chosen to have her head and mind split into two. At first the two new women were identical, sharing a common pool of experiences and genetics, but as time went on they started to diverge into distinct people. It had only been a few months, but Eliza could swear that all of the cynicism and composure had ended up in Beth, and all of the gawkiness had remained in her skull. "Sorry B..."

Eliza saw Melanie see them and begin to make her way over to them. For her opening Melanie seemed to be stitched into a custom black evening gown. The top was daring, all dipping neckline and exposed shoulders and back, which dipped into a hanging skirt in the front that let the humantaur's bare, toned legs swing in and out of view. The ingenious part was how the dress sinched tight again on the humantaurs lower torso before opening into a dramatic, flowing skirt around her rear legs. It was a very flattering statement, that somewho emphasized every stride of Melanies four long, strappy heel shod legs. Eliza, with an internal sigh, thought the humantaur artist was so beautiful and sexy. She had such a crush.

"Eliza! Beth! I am so glad you ladies decided to join me!" Melanie enthused graciously.

"Thank you for having us," Beth said smartly.

"Yeah!" Eliza gushed, "We're so very excited to be here! It's our first real gallery opening!" She blushed as she realized how loud she had been and felt her bodymate staring mental daggers at her as her jaw clenched.

Melanie giggled, "I can remember the first show I saw too! I remember being very excited and earnest." She looked wistful, "I felt very embarassed at the time, but I was told it was quite charming."

"That's a relief," Eliza said, blushing.

"I'll say," said Beth, smiling conspiratorially at Melanie who grinned and winked.

"So tell me," Melanie said, "have you girls seen my newest work? I am unveiling it tonight!" After a double head shake no, Melanie instructed the conjoined girls to close their eyes. She took them by the shoulders and instructed the to open them.


Eliza was confronted by a dramatically reduced scultpure. Overall the statue looked like a woman's body that ended at the waist: long, thin legs clad in stockings, garters hugging a shapely ass, and a kind of garterbelt-hat that rested on the smooth dome of skin that capped the sculpture at her hips. A pair of eyes looked shyly out from the smooth skin of the pieces crotch, right above an enormous, erect penis and balls. "Woah." said Beth.

Melanie smiled, winked, and leaned forward and gently blew a puff of air on the statues erect cock. The sculpture, through a mouth hidden behind her balls, shrieked in pleasure as her body bucked and the cock ejaculated.

"The sculpture has a hair trigger," Beth said, fascinated.

"What do you call it? Her?" Eliza stammered.

"Oh..." Melanie said, "I try not to name my sculptures. I feel that names constrain the art experience of the audience and get in the way. Plus all of my artwork are still people; renaming them seems a bit gauche." Melanie leaned closer to the conjoined girls, slipping back behind them and slipping her face between their heads. Quietly she said, "I just sculpted this piece today, and I'm still having difficulty not thinking about the model as she was before...."

"Wh-who was she?"

"I shouldn't be telling you this," Melanie whispered, "but she was an artstudent named Millah."



Later that night, in Melanie's spacious bathroom, Eliza was floating. Somehow the famous artist had decided she wanted to have sex with her and Beth. And now here she and her bodymate were, perched on the edge of the nicest bathtub she'd ever seen while a ravishing, glamorous humantaur sucked on their tits. Eliza moaned happily.

Melanie paused kissing their breasts for a moment and looked at them seriously. "I think you should come back to my gallery tomorrow."

Eliza groaned, "Of course, whatever you want...."

Beth frowned, "We'd be delighted to, but why? We were there last night..."

Melanie smiled and nipped a nipple playfully. "Yes, but this time it would only be you both and me and the sculptures. A private setting."

"Private sounds nice..." Eliza gasped.

"That..." Beth paused to hiss in pleasure as Melanie took another play bite. "That doesn't explain why."

"I want to see what you think of my work. I value hearing what fresh talented eyes see in my artwork. And I think you are both very talented."

"But we're photographers," Beth said, "student photographers even."

"Then I want to see what my work looks like through your lens!" Melanie said playfully, kissing down their shared stomach. "Bring your cameras. She me what you see in sculptures, show me what you think about my models."


"Beeeethhhhh," Eliza whined. She just wanted her bodymate to shut up so they could go back to fucking. Plus spending another day with this brilliant, beautiful artist would be lovely. "Of course we'll come to a private showing at your gallery! What could possibly go wrong with that?"

Melanie smiled coyly. "What indeed?"

And with that Melanie finally reached Eliza and Beth's cunt and ran her tongue slowly along their labia.



Re: KSG Caption Stories

Great stuff! Looks like I really need to get morphing again so you don't run out of images to write stories for!


Re: KSG Caption Stories

Nice stories. The Artist was definitely a highlight smile

KSG did some morphs for me a while back but I never actually got around to writing stories for them. But now I'm thinking I could finally start and then post them here, if that's okay?

See my FurAffinity account, where most of my stuff is found: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thetransformationguru/


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@KSG: well I did start to cheat and use multi-image stories...

@Guru: Please do, this space is for anyone and the more stories the better.

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Re: KSG Caption Stories

https://i.imgur.com/LGmyPGL.jpgDeep breaths. Deep breaths. Every inhale brought with it the musky masculine scent, fueling her panic. Every exhale tickled its turgid form, stoking her erection. The idea of being in public with this happening, with her there to see it, caused a knot of nerves to coil in her stomach. It throbbed intensely. Wouldn’t it be better to rub one out before going? That’s what guys did wasn’t it? No, what if she could tell? Couldn’t people smell it? Fuck maybe this was a bad idea…

It had only been two weeks since their second date. They had met in a course on advertising, quickly learning they were both marketing majors. Study buddies within the first week and fast friends beyond, they were kindred spirits. Kinsey had been eying the dark-haired Alice since day one. She was slim with big expressive eyes that drew Kinsey in like a moth to a flame. It was a month of rampant flirtation before the energetic blonde asked her out.

The first date was pleasant. A local restaurant they could walk to after studying made for the perfect outing. There was certainly chemistry, but they took things slow with only a kiss goodbye.

The memory made her new tongue throb. Lips spread around the protruding meat, Kinsey opened her eyes to stare at the full pink head. She could feel it pulse, all the way from its base in her throat to its head. Groaning in frustration, the length tingled pleasantly. A bead of precum blossomed from its thick tip. She cringed her eyes shut returning to her crushing anxiety.

The second date was outdoors. Plenty of time and fresh air to enjoy each other’s company. That was when Kinsey received her change. There was an alchemical spill upwind. An intermediate compound with a D-cum base that volatile enough to float on the wind but mild enough that none of the changes were terribly extreme. The paramours were separated in the chaos, each being escorted off to different hospitals across town. After a week of observation and testing they were considered safe. Kinsey’s tongue had become a human cock. When flaccid she could speak, albeit with a lisp. Shocked and still adjusting, she returned home to come to grips. They had kept in touch, messaging and comforting each other but neither was forthcoming about their changes.

Over the past weeks Kinsey could feel herself falling more and more for Alice. Kind and compassionate, she had been her rock as she came to terms with her change. She desperately wanted to see her again but was bogged down by fear. Finally, they decided enough was enough and they agreed to meet. Today was the big day, thus Kinsey’s panic.

Thinking of the past week, Kinsey slowly realized how foolish she had been. She had spent the past week sulking instead of with Alice. Slowly winding through her crush’s kind words, she felt her organ wilting. Opening her eyes as it retreated into her mouth, she breathed calmly. Alice liked her for who she was, she didn’t care about any changes. And she was the only one that really mattered…Besides, maybe Alice would like her new addition. Kinsey actually didn’t mind how it felt when she was alone. All full, with lips pressed around the taut shaft. Perhaps another tool for the two of them when she finally got around to jumping Alice’s bones. The thought made her rod pulse, causing her to quell the idea for now, giggling.

Kinsey bounced to the door, grabbing her notebook and pen in case she got excited again. She smiled wide, grin uninterrupted.

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https://i.imgur.com/c5gyDDG.jpgAlice’s eyes were full of mirth as she tried to apply her lip gloss. She drew the applicator in long strokes along the inside of her labia, having to press and tug to get the folds coated well. She could feel her “mouth” tingle warmly at the effort. She capped the cosmetic and appraised herself in the mirror, eyes gazing over her glossy vagina. She had to chuckle at the absurdity of it, fragrant puffs slightly parting her lips.

She had done it as a bit of a joke to help put Kinsey at ease. This was the same lip gloss she wore on their first date. It did seem fitting to wear it on their first date after being changed.

Her eyes turned pensive, lips twitching as she instinctively tried to frown. She wished they had never gone to the park that day. It was her idea. Alice loved the fresh air and it would’ve given them lots of time to talk. Then that damn truck had to overturn and ruin their evening. It took them a week to make sure neither of them were contagious. They had messaged each other from hospitals across town, keeping each other company on those long nights in observation.

Afterwards they were released, but neither one of them were ready to see each other again. They still messaged though, almost constantly. Alice loved how quirky and energic Kinsey was…but she could tell these past weeks were hard on her. She was struggling to accept her changes while Alice was…conflicted. Her changes were fairly life changing. A functional pussy had replaced her mouth. It couldn’t get pregnant or menstruate, but she had learned it worked just fine. Leaking, clenching…orgasming, the whole deal. She could only really eat liquid or...well, phallic foods now. To make matters even more embarrassing, it was identical to the one between her legs

Overall, she should have been horrified. But she found she wasn’t. What Kinsey didn’t know (but Alice was eager to share), was that she had a kink streak a mile long. She had spent the last week acclimating, sure. It was one thing to enjoy diddling your own mouth but another entirely to walk around in public with your sex spread on your face. But ultimately, she could live with her change happily. It was Kinsey she was worried about. She wanted to help her, to let the bubbly blond she liked so much be herself again.

Alice had missed her terribly. Hopefully they could reconnect today. Fall into each other’s arms, comfort one another, and maybe later Alice could see how well her new lips could kiss. She gave herself a sidelong glance in the mirror as her lips began to flush. She had better be careful or she’d mess up her lip gloss.

Alice made sure she looked alright and turned towards the door. Grabbing her purse, pencil, and paper, she strutted excitedly to her date.


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So I'm not sure who the first one is by but the second one is by KSG. I know by the definition of the thread the first technically doesn't fit but I figured this was the best place for the pair of captions. Let me know what you think, I'm all ears.


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https://i.imgur.com/DexztqF.jpgTonight was turning out to be a boon. An evening of hunting and having ultimately forgettable sex had been forgone when you met Racheal. She was a taller woman with a toned tan body. Her dress did nothing to hide her shapely figure, her contours flowing down over her chest and around her womanly hips, finally gliding down her legs to meet the comparatively crude floor. Her face was captivating with a defined chin and rich brown eyes. Within moments of speaking to her you realized she was something different. Her demenor was reserved, yet deeply playful. A mirth filled mix of cool curiosity and eager seduction. 

Round and round you two went with double entendres and thinly veiled innuendo. Without even speaking the two of you rose, communicating with your expressions and eyes now, on to her home.

You were lip locked as soon as the door shut. Barely contained passion rose from you both like beacons, calling each other to come closer and closer. There would be no abiding any unfilled space between you two…but it was now she made you wait. Standing, yearning, you heard her other the other side. A soft, breathy gasp, and then she called to you.

Before you lay a creature of perverse beauty. A rosy blossom parted her shoulders, delicate petals of intimate flesh parted slightly. Her dewy folds glistened as she languidly pulled at them. Her arm stroked the curve of her breast sensuously. Face nestled between her spread thighs, her plump pink lips parted in a quiet, passionate sigh as your gaze teased over her. 

“Do I even have to ask?” her eyes burned with joy at the decision to come, “Kiss me.”