Topic: The Hall of Dark Wonders by Enmesarra

Dessa glanced back woefully at the faint lights of Kaidalon.  They shone softly in the cloudless night, beckoning for her to return to them.  They were several miles away now and down the steep winding path she’d come.  Up here on the high ridge, the wind had become uncomfortably cold.  When the night air cut through her jacket once more, she wondered why she’d ever let Vlora convince her to come out here.  Her warm bed back at the dormitory sounded far better than stumbling through the dark hillside in search of magic.

Because magic is what you’re about, isn’t it?

For the last few years, Dessa had been studying at the academy and learning the ways of white magic.  Eventually, she wanted to become a healer or a Chronicler.  But such things were many years off.  At least, they had been until Vlora came up with a way to get around all that pesky studying.

Just up ahead, Sachi tripped and sent a cloud of stones and dust all over Dessa.  The girl whimpered softly, then asked the question Dessa had been aching to say for an hour now but hadn’t. 

“Are we getting any closer?!” Sachi said.

Vlora’s voice filtered down the path.  “Gina says we’re close.  Stop whining will you?”

Dessa couldn’t make Vlora out in the dark, but imagined her angelic face gnarl up with frustration.  Sachi had never been the popular one at school.  Tall, gangly, and awkward, the young girl had never matured, nor did she show any sign of doing so.  Spoiled by years of wealth, she made a habit of whining about the simplest of life’s obstacles.  Had she not been so proficient in Air magic, Vlora would never have brought her into the group. Dessa and the others had eventually learned to tolerate Sachi’s poor attitude.  But times like these pushed the limits of decency.

Dessa brushed herself off and pushed forward.  Secretly, she wished Gina was beside her.  Of the four, she got along best with the quiet, chestnut-haired girl.  They could talk and pass the time, sharing one another’s company.  If truth be told, she had a deep longing for Gina; not that she would have admitted it.  That was her Water-nature talking, probably.  However, Gina’s connection to Earth made her an excellent tracker and, thus, she had to be the expedition’s guide into the hills.

More dirt and stones came tumbling down in Sachi’s wake.  Dessa avoided them this time by falling back a few paces.  Up ahead, Vlora chided Sachi for her clumsiness.  Hearing them bicker gave Dessa little satisfaction.  It reminded her that they might not be a group after tonight.  When they came to Kaidalon to learn magic, they’d been instinctively drawn to one another.  Vlora, the superior sorceress by far, explained that they were all Elementals. Vlora was Fire; their passionate and vigorous leader. Sachi was Air; the flighty and creative one.  Gina was Earth; the stoic and wise one.  And, of course, Dessa was Water; the emotional and kind one.  By joining in a tightly knit group, they shared their essence and grew more powerful for it.  Despite their differences, they were like sisters now; inseparable.  What would it be like when they parted ways?

Gina’s voice filtered down the path, too muffled by the trees for Dessa to understand.  Being closer, Vlora understood and relayed it to the others.

“We’ve found it!  We actually found it!” she yelled.

That announcement quickened the pace and only a moment later, the four girls were standing together on the hilltop.  The grove before them was bathed in moonlight, making the soft grass glimmer with dew.  Dessa had been her before with Gina during the summer for a private picnic.  It had been completely empty then; devoid of trees or structures.  Now autumn, under the full moon, that had changed dramatically.

A yamajiro formed from dark wood and worn stone now dominated the grove.  The multistory castle had no walls, but was protected by a wide, reed-choked moat.  A single, narrow bridge crossed the brackish water.  Beyond was a lush garden of flowers and intricate pathways.  A pair of vast doors offered passage into the tower’s interior.  Dessa could smell cooking food, heavy with spices, coming from within.  The indistinct sounds of music and merriment drifted on the wind.

Vlora was the first to speak.  “So it exists.  The book were right.”

Gina moved to Dessa’s side.  Her words were short and sweet.  “It would appear so.”

“It’s beautiful,” Sachi giggled.  She clapped her hands together gleefully.  The tribulations of the climb up were obviously forgotten.

Dessa remained silent, staring at the mythical structure.  Vlora had called it the Hall of Dark Wonders; a shire built to the great demon, Mammon.  Supposedly, it would only appear under a harvest moon.  Within its walls could be found everything the heart desired.  Initially, Dessa hadn’t believed a word of it.  But seeing it now, how could she deny its existence?   

“Well,” Vlora said.  “What are we waiting for?!”

The buxom red-head sprinted over the bridge and beckoned for them to follow.  Sachi crossed next, following Vlora inside the tower.  Gina paused, glancing over at Dessa.  Her forest-green eyes were filled with worry.

“Are you ready for this, Dessa?”

“I think so.  Are you scared?”

“Aren’t you?”

Dessa nodded.  When she spoke again, it was hardly a whisper.  “Terrified.”

The Hall of Dark wonders had been aptly named.  Its first surprise was its size.  Beyond the front doors lay an impossibly large entry corridor, far larger than the exterior building could allow.  Dessa couldn’t see the vaulted ceiling above.  Paintings and sculptures lined the walls; their subject matter provocative and erotic.   Dessa felt her ears burn as she looked from piece to piece.  Each represented an artist’s fevered dream of sexual congress, where flesh and bone melded into unspeakable creations.  The finely crafted furniture offered privacy and comfort, just begging to be enjoyed with someone.

As the girls walked deeper into the castle, they passed numerous doorways.  Beyond each arch lay rooms of pure opulence.  Every vice, every pleasure beckoned from beyond.  Dessa could hear laughter and moans and the clink of glasses.  Although she never saw another soul, she sensed that she wasn’t alone; that hundreds, if not thousands, of revelers shared the Hall with them.  She couldn’t begin to imagine what pleasures they tasted to make such sounds.

And pleasure wasn’t the only thing offered here.  In the deep shadows, things moved and slithered.  Obscure and twisted, the unseen creatures murmured and pleaded and gibbered with dark promises.  Dessa felt Gina pull her closer as they followed Vlora.  They made sure they never drifted too close to the shadows, lest something reach out and drag them off to dreadful pleasures.   

“Here it is!” Vlora announced, pushing aside a curtained archway.  Beyond was a studio decorated with velvet chairs and mahogany tables.  At the center of the room was a half-moon counter of polished marble.  Four tall chairs had been arranged around it.  Waiting patiently behind the counter was the most beautiful and strange woman Dessa had ever laid eyes on.

Her elfin features were obvious; the sharp cheekbones, the pointed ears, and flowing scarlet hair.  But there the similarity ended.  Soft, mottled fur ran over her torso, covering her series of six breasts.  She sported four arms rather than two, each ending in delicate claws.  Her sex had been moved up slightly, resting on her belly rather than between her hips.  The reason for this was that from the waist down, she’d been merged with a massive wolf.  That half of her strange body was male, it appeared, from the obvious ball-sac and sheath.  Even though she rested on her belly and side, the woman was still eye level with Dessa’s.

“Welcome to the Hall of Dark Wonders, Travelers,” she said in a musical voice.  “I am Tyra.  I will be your host this evening.  Please sit.  There are refreshments.  Tell me.  What’s your pleasure?”

Dessa glanced down.  In a heartbeat, glasses of wine and finger food had appeared on the counter.  She licked her lips nervously, trying to hide her amazement.  Vlora paid the magic little heed and sat down.  Dessa and the others soon joined her.  The wine tasted wondrous, making her tongue tingle.  The food was equally marvelous.

Tyra looked between the four, smiling seductively.  Vlora, as usual, was the first to speak. 

“We seek magic.  I’ve read we can challenge you and possibly win sorceress powers.”

Tyra nodded, “That is true.  Through me, Lord Mammon, will empower you with magical skills far exceeding any you’ll learn at that pathetic school.  Powers beyond your wildest dreams.”

They all smiled at that.  Vlora had told them of the Hall of Dark Wonders months ago.  Of particular importance was the magic.  As powerful and knowledgeable as their group was, they were chopping at the bit to learn the more intricate spells; spells their mentors refused to share.  If they won the task Tyra was sure to set them, Dessa and the others would turn the table on their teachers.

Of course, failing would mean terrible consequences.  But Vlora had thought of that too.  They’d prepared long before coming to the Hall.  With luck, their little plan would work.  Dessa felt slightly guilty about cheating, but then again, this was just a /demon/. 

Gina patted Dessa’s hand under the counter, squeezing her fingers excitedly.  Dessa smiled at her friend, relishing the feel of their fingers wrapped together.

Tyra flexed her claws and a pack of cards appeared on the table.  Their back gleamed like snake scales and had a complex design of gold and shadow that churned and quivered as Dessa watched.  The Avatar grinned broadly, revealing rows of sharp teeth. 

“The rules are simple.  Demon poker. High hand wins.  Wild card will be chosen after the cards are dealt.  You possess only one thing we desire.  Your flesh.  Each round, you will bet your parts of your beautiful, young bodies. If you lose, I will inflict a punishment to amuse the master.  There will be no going back.  Lose too much and you may wish to remain here with us in the Hall.  Lose everything and I will make you one of our key attractions.

“However, if you win, I shall provide you will request befitting your wager; be it mythical knowledge, wealth, eternal youth, whatever your heart desires.  It all depends on how much of yourself you bet.  Unlike our more rambunctious brethren, we will play fairly.  No demon tricks.

“Are we agreed?”

The girls nodded as one.

“Then who shall play first.”

As planned, Sachi raised her frail hand.  “I will.”

Dessa tried to hide the worry on her face.  Vlora had counted on Sachi’s connection with the Air to get them through this.  Air-adepts were excellent with mental powers, such as mind reading.  With luck, she could read the cards and bet appropriately.  They’d always know what was in Tyra’s hand.  Winning would be simple after that.

The wolf-woman shuffled the cards and dealt five to herself and Sachi.  Before looking at her own hand, Tyra lifted the next card.  A Six of Eyes; all sixes were now wild.  With a smirk, Tyra began to examine her hand.

Sachi picked up her cards, but didn’t look at them right away.  Instead, she began to focus her magic.  Dessa watched as furrows of concentration appeared on the girl’s pale brow.  Then she began to grin, despite herself.  Tyra’s hand must not have been that good.  Sachi showed her cards to everyone: A six, three tens, and a Page of Freya.

“I bet my legs and waist,” Sachi said.

“A fair bet,” Tyra said, her tail flicking back and forth.  “Enough to gain you a moderate request of me.  Do you wish another card or to up the bet?”

“No.  I’ll keep these.”

“Then I call,” Tyra said coldly, laying her cards down.  She only had a pair of threes.

However, when Sachi placed her cards on the counter, they were no longer then same.  Instead, five grinning skulls stared back up at her.  She let out a squeak of fear, covering her mouth.

‘But…but… those aren’t my cards!” Sachi howled.

“Of course not, child,” Tyra growled. 

“But you said you wouldn’t cheat.”

“I didn’t cheat.  But it appears you did.  A scrying spell?  Do you think I wouldn’t notice?!”

Tyra’s beauty turned to anger; a terrifying sight to behold.  Her demonic body radiated with malice.  Dessa suddenly wanted to run for her life, to put this nightmare behind her, and spend the rest of her life forgetting Tyra’s face.  But when she tried to move, her legs remained rooted to the chair.

Sachi was crying by now.  She gripped Vlora’s jacket, pleading with her.  “You said it would work!  You told me they’d never know.”

Vlora smiled.  Dessa felt ice water run down her spine.  Vlora was smiling, almost playfully so.

“Actually, Sachi,” Vlora said coldly.  “I said it /might/ work.  Now that I know better.  But how else was I going to find out?  It’s not like I wanted to take the risk.  I’m too important, after all.”

Sachi eyes were wide with hurt and fear. “But I thought you were my friend, Vlora!”

Vlora snorted.  “When did I ever give you /that/ impression?”

Sachi sat back, sniffling.  Her face was a mask of betrayal.  Her bottom lip quivered and tears stained her cheeks.  She obvious realized Vlora had always intended to use her like this. 

Tyra chuckled, “Oh well played.  But as unfortunate as this little drama may be, the rules stipulate forfeiture of all assets upon the discovery of cheating.  Time to pay up, Sachi.  I fear the Hall will not go easily on you.”

Sachi tried to stand, but an azure beam of light from the ceiling held her in place.  Immediately, her skin began to ripple and contort.  Her once cute nose stretched outward into a dog’s muzzle and her mouth filled with canine teeth.  The rest of her once-beautiful face remained human.  She touched her black nose, whimpering in terror.  But worse was to come.

As Dessa watched, Sachi’s wiggling fingers disappeared into stumps.  Then her arms retreated into her shoulders, leaving no trace of her limbs.  This bodily change caused her dress to slip down to her thinning waist, revealing her breasts.  The poor girl howled as her pert mounds began their bizarre transformation.  She wiggled and shifted, as if trying to hold them with her now non-existent arms.  They began to swell obscenely and grow a layer of wyvern scales.  Soon enough they had inflated and drooped down into her lap where they began dividing into six, oversized breasts.  The nipples of the bottom row appeared to pucker and sink away, leaving behind two craters.  These, in turn, puffed up and spread into the moist, vaginal silts.  Dessa blushed staring at their enormity; large enough to easily allow a hand inside them.

Tears streamed down Sachi’s face as she twitched on her chair.  She pleaded and begged for mercy, but the blue light continued its horrible work.  Her feet began to plump up, splitting out of her shoes.  The instant they touched on another, the toes and ankles merged together.  The sudden shift in weight made her topple out of the chair and onto the carpet.  Dessa, Gina, and Vlora pulled their feet up as Sachi began squiggling on the floor.  They didn’t want to risk touching the transforming girl and share her metamorphosis.   But now, Sachi’s legs had melded into one long, wormlike lump of flesh.

Sachi’s waist swelled to the brim, tearing out of her clothing.  Now fully naked, the rest of her change was obvious to all.  Her sex had grown fur and become that of a dog.  Her wormlike torso and waist suddenly divided tenfold, lengthening out into penis-shaped tentacles.  These ropy protrusions slithered and moved with a life of their own.  The bones in Sachi’s body melted away, leaving her upper torso completely serpentine.  And then it was done.

In only moments, Sachi had become a dog-faced monstrosity.  Her serpent chest sported six massive breasts that weighed her down, while her lower body had become squid-like with ropy, penis-tentacles.  She whimpered as she stared over the mass of her breasts.

“Oh my god!  What have you done to me?!” she squealed, thrashing around.  One of her warm, penises snaked around Dessa’s ankle.  She desperately kicked it away, shuddering with both revulsion and wonderment.

Tyra laughed merrily.  “Well, it seems the game has truly begun.  Since you remaining three participated in this deception, I will require that each of you play at least one round with me.  Otherwise, I will consider that you have forfeited your wage.  Now strip off yoru clothing.  I don’t want to miss a bit of your torment.  Sachi?  Shut up so we can play in relative peace?”

Sachi, who had been whining loudly, suddenly fell silent.  She stretched out on her breasts; a weak moan escaping her as her trio of vaginas rubbed on the carpet.  Dessa and the others removed their clothes.  She blushed deeply at being naked in front of Gina.  But at the very least she was given the chance to see her friend like this.  Her wiry body was magnificent, alluring.  Dessra licked her lips bashfully and tried to look away.  Vlora, on the other hand, took the whole thing in stride.  Then again, she was the most attractive of the three.

As Tyra distributed the cards to all of them, Dessa couldn’t help wonder if she would even be human in a moment.  Best she kept her wager low.  Her breasts perhaps?  At least they wouldn’t bee too noticeable if they were changed.

Tyra turned over the wild card: a Ten of Skulls.  “Tens are wild.  Bets please?”

Vlora smirked and bet her entire lower body.  Gina bet face; a significant risk, indeed.  Fortunately, Dessa had a Ten of Eyes and two pair; Queens and eights.  A full-house either way. 

“I bet my breasts and waist,” Dessa said.

Tyra nodded, “Very well.  I will see your bets and increase the pot.  If you win, I will provide you each with two years of training in a magical field of your choosing.  Consider it, my dears.  You’ll skip two years of schooling in one instant.  What do you say?”

Dessa gulped.  If Tyra was willing to offer that much power, she must have had an excellent hand.  Then again, she could be bluffing.  But this early in the game was Dessa willing to take the risk?  She looked at her hand again then Tyra.  Somehow, she sensed that the demon wasn’t bluffing at all.   

“I fold,” Dessa said regretfully.  Gina looked over at her empathetically.  She touched Dessa arm, “Are you sure you… want to do that?”   

“Yes,” Dessa said, looking down at the floor.

Tyra chimed, “Anyone else?”

Gina and Vlora shook their heads.  They both bet their entire bodies and stayed in the hand.  Tyra nodded lightly, “Wagers accepted.  Dessa? I will collect when this is over.  Stay where you are. 

“Now show me your cards,” Tyra growled.  The demon revealed a full house, Pages high.  Dessa groaned.  She would have WON if she’d stayed in the game.  Beside her Gina sighed mournfully as she revealed a flush… good, but not good enough. 

Vlora, however, let out a triumphant shout.  “I won!  Ha, ha!  Read them and weep, Tyra.” 

With a smug flick of her hand, Vlora tossed her straight flush on the table.  She rubbed her hands together gleefully.  She didn’t even look at Dessa and Gina, being too swept up in her own fortune.  Dessa began to realize that their ‘leader’ didn’t care one whit about them.  Anger began to burn in Dessa’s belly as she stared at the gloating red-head.

“That you have, Vlora,” Tyra said.  “So, let the proper payments be made.  Dessa and Gina, I fear you’ll be paying me.”

The azure light fell upon all three of them.  Dessa felt her skin begin to burn and tingle, particularly around her breasts.  She shuddered as they began to swell, remembering poor Sachi’s experience.  In her own case, however, when the breasts began to swell and divide, they didn’t stop at just six.  More sprouted all over her body, all around her chest, waist, and hips.  She even felt them growing on her sides.  Within moments, four rows of breasts ran up and down her entire torso; maybe sixteen in total.  Fortunately, they were smaller, allowing her freedom of movement and no interference with her arms.  She was considering this, when a pleasurable tingle began in her groin.  She reached down between her legs and felt her clitoris thicken between her fingers.  From above her vagina erupted an elephantine cock and balls. She stroked its lengthy shaft and moaned in pleasure as it thickened, pushing its way up through the breasts on her belly.  She’d become a hermaphrodite.

Gina, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky.  After all, she bet her entire body.  The blue light bathed her lovely form and began to warp it horribly.  She didn’t even have time to scream as her mouth tightened and stretched awkwardly.  Her lips became puffy while her nose shrank into a tight, fleshy ball.  Dessa felt her cock stiffen even more at the sight.  Her friend’s mouth and nose had become an exquisite vagina.  Gina’s pleas were muffled by the tight, moist confines of her new ‘pussy-mouth.’   Her face began sprouting reddish and white fur in the coloration of a fox.  Her cheekbones became more vulpine and even her clit-nose turned snout black.  Her ears, on the other hand, didn’t become pointed.  Instead, they swelled up like two cauliflowers and pushed back her hair.  Fat, brown nipples emerged from the flesh protrusions, standing stiffly.  In a second, two firm breasts hung from the sides of her head.

Her legs went next, retracting up into her body.  Of all the transformations thus far, this was the one that made Gina begin to cry.  She would never be able to walk through the forests again, never hike through the hills.  Instead, her former limbs became a pair of oversized breasts.  she wobbled on them ungracefully and nearly fell off her chair until Dessa steadied her body.  Gina reached up, wrapping her arms around Dessa’s neck.  Dessa pulled her tight, cradling her through the transformation.  She might not be able to help her friend remain human, but at the very least she would give her comfort.

Gina’s upper breasts disappeared slowly, becoming a pair of moist vaginas.   Dessa tried to ignore how their musky smell and that of Gina’s mouth made her want the girl even more.  She just pushed back her growing desire and concentrated on stroking Gina’s lovely hair.  She didn’t even let go when the bones in Gina’s arms melted and they became long tentacles that ended in thick penises.  With this final change, Gina’s transformation had come to an end; and for that, Dessa was thankful. 
Vlora looked at them and laughed.  “You two make quite the couple now.  Maybe you’ll finally admit how much you want one another and get it over with.  After all, who else would want a pair of freaks like you?”

“Screw you, Vlora!” Dessa growled. 

“Oh, I think not.  And watch that mouth of yours, Dessa.  Remember you’re not the only ones who’ve changed.”  With that, Vlora waved her hands.  A brilliant flash of light erupted from her fingers, wreathing them in flame.  The flames shot up several feet then returned to Vlora’s palm, where they danced and churned.

“You can’t even begin to imagine the power, Dessa.  But I’ll certainly demonstrate it if you don’t start showing some respect.”

Gina tried to curse and insult Vlora, but all that came out of her pussy-mouth was a series of muffled grunts.  Seeing Gina shake her penis-tentacles around sent Vlora into a fit of giggles.  This only made Gina the madder and Dessa had to hold her tight lest she topple out of Dessa’s lap.  She kissed the back of Gina’s neck.  “Shhhhh… She’ll get hers in the end,” Dessa whispered.  This appeared to calm her somewhat.

Tyra glanced between them, smirking.  “Shall we continue?  You still have a few limbs left to bet, Dessa.  Gina could play again, but there wouldn’t be much left of her if she lost I fear.”

Dessa thought it over for a moment, then nodded.  “Yes, let’s continue.  But if I win, I want Vlora stripped of her powers, in addition to gaining my own.”

“YOU BITCH!” Vlora howled.

Tyra laughed, “Granted.  However, I will require you to bet your entire body.  Agreed?”

Dessa licked her lips, then nodded. “Agreed.”

Vlora continued to fume but remained in the game.  She wasn’t about to risk losing her powers after all the trouble she’d gone through.  She bet her head and upper torso this time.  The cards were dealt and the Page of Crescents came up as the wild card.  Dessa grimaced.  She had nothing!  Little more than a pair of fours.  She began to despair. 

“As you are betting everything, Dessa, we will simply show our cards,” Tyra said.   The demon revealed a full house.

Once more, Vlora squealed with pleasure.  She showed everyone her four of a kind, clapping her hands in manic glee.  “I win again!  Sorry Dessa.  Looks like you’re going to end up an attraction here after all.  I, on the other hand, will be this world’s great sorceress soon!  Hee hee.”

Dessa desperately wanted to strangle her former friend.  It wasn’t fair that she should get away with this.  Oh what have I done?!
The blue light struck Dessa almost immediately.  But this time, the tingling flooded over her entire body.  She watched her toes and fingers begin to change, developing a thin layer of webbing between them.  Her ears slowly disappear into her head, leaving behind on tiny holes.  Her nose lengthened considerably just as her features became more aquiline.  Even so, her hearing appeared to get better, not worse.  Her hair lengthened down her bare back, taking on a greenish hue.  The horde of breasts now populating her torso began to shrink slightly, losing their massive weight.  Finally, her entire body began to dark in color.  A thick flap of skin covered up her cock entirely; pressing it tightly to her waist.  She touched her belly curiously, feeling the smooth, grayish skin that now covered her from head to foot.  It felt sleek and moist. She recognized it immediately from her vast experience with ocean creatures; dolphin skin.  Dessa’s muscles and limbs felt more supple and flexible. When closed her mouth, she realized she could now breath out of a blowhole now at the base of her neck.  Tyra had transformed her into a dolphin-hybrid.

“Very fetching for you, I think,” Tyra purred with obvious desire.  Gina looked up at her with wonder, shifting in Dessa’s lap.  Her tiny body radiated with sexual heat and tension.  This sensation sent a spasm of pleasure through Dessa’s body, and her long cock popped out of its sheath. 

“Why isn’t she like the other?!” Vlora shouted.  “She should be hideous.”

“Not so,” Tyra snorted.  “Lord Mammon chooses a different form for each player.  He does not always change them in a negative fashion.  So, shall we continue?”

“What?” Dessa and Vlora said as one.

“Well, Dessa still has a body, so to speak.  She isn’t totally without limbs, so she can bet them freely.”

“That’s not fair,” Vlora said. 

“There is no such thing as ‘fair,’ girl.  Or have you forgotten where you are?”

Dessa laughed for the first time since she’d arrived.  “I’ll play.  Winner takes all.  If I lose, I’ll be a permanent exhibit here in the Hall.  You can take my legs, my arms, everything.  If I win, I get Vlora’s powers and more.”

“A dangerous bet, my dear,” Vlora said.  “Accepted.  Vlora?”

The red-haired villain growled, “Winner takes all, but I get to pick what she turns into.  Maybe I’ll make her a living dildo to please myself with after I’ve won.  How’d you like that, bitch?”

Dessa ignored her and nodded for the cards to be dealt.  Tyra grinned, shuffled, and gave the girl’s five cards each.  The Wild Card was a Three of Hourglasses.  Vlora picked up her cards, examining them closely.  She couldn’t contain her excitement at what she saw.  Dessa, on the other hand, whimpered when she looked at her cards.  Gina began to shiver nervously.  The thought of her friend being deformed into some sexual tool to sate Vlora’s pleasures terrified her.  Tyra looked between them and sighed.

“I have a small flush,” Tyra said.  “All Eyes.”

Vlora laughed and slammed her cards down.  She pointed at Dessa triumphantly.  “Four of a kind!  Three aces and a Three.  Beat that you stupid cow.”

Dessa looked down at the table, licking her lips nervously.  The girl appeared utterly defeated.  She began setting her cards down.  “I’ve only got a ten, a page, a queen, and a king of Crescents.  Oh… and the other three.  I believe that’s a Royal Flush, isn’t it?”

Tyra cackled, slapping the table with mirth.  “Why, yes, I do believe it is.  Congratulations.  You’ve won.”

Dessa looked over at Vlora, smiling softly.  The girl hadn’t grasp she’d lost just yet.  Vlora continued glancing between her cards and Dessa’s trying to figure it out.    When she did, Vlora began to panic.   She leapt up and pointed her fingers at them.

“Don’t your touch me!  I’ll fry you where you stand! I’m the most powerful sorceress in these lands.  I’m leaving now.  Don’t try and stop me.”

Tyra snickered, “Umm, actually you /were/ the most powerful.  Dessa holds that title now.  You, my sweetmeats, are nothing more than a frightened little girl.  And in a second, you won’t even be that.”  She snapped her fingers with command,  “Sachi? If you would.”

Sachi, forgotten until now, attacked Vlora from behind.  Her penis-tentacles wrapped around Vlora, smothering and pinning her.  Vlora struggled and screamed, but fell helplessly to the floor with a loud thud.   One penis-tentacle wrapped around Vlora’s mouth, silencing her screams.  With the others, Sachi pulled her victim closer and closer to her waist.  She opened her numerous legs, revealing the gigantic slit of her canine-vagina; that ran from her waist to the crack of her ass.  When Vlora’s feet touched its labia, Sachi’s vagina opened up like a hideous mouth.  In to it went Vlora’s feet, then her ankles, then her knees. 

Dessa watched as Vlora slowly disappeared deeper and deeper into Sachi’s enormous slit.  Although Sachi’s waist expanded, it became obvious that most of Vlora’s body was simply dissolving.   Soon she was up to her belly, her breasts, and then her neck.  Vlora’s face began to change and stretch now.  Her red-hair took on a more curly appearance, shortening tremendously.  Soon the girl’s head was covered in public hair.  Her ears simply melted away, while mouth and nose were stretched out like taffy.  They merged with Sachi’s labia, becoming one entity.  Sachi groaned and shivered with pleasure, running six of her penis-tips along the lips of her sex, now Vlora’s mouth.  A few minutes later, the remainder of Vlora’s beautiful face disappeared into the slit.  Only her terrified eyes remained, blinking in shocked horror.  Her muffled pleas could barely be heard. 

Vlora had been transformed into Sachi’s pussy.

Dessa began to laugh at the sight of Sachi torturing her new ‘addition,’ sticking and probing Vlora’s ‘mouth’ with her tentacles. 

“I thought it poetic justice,” Tyra said.  “They were such a close pair, I thought I’d let them be together.  Everyone needs friends, after all.”

Dessa smiled nervously at the demon.  “Do I have her… powers now?”

“Yes.  But they will be water-based rather than fire-oriented.  They will come to you whenever you need them.  Use them sparingly.  You have little control of what you’ve become.”

The demon’s pointed ears folded back, “Do you wish to play again?  You still could win more power.”

“NO,” Dessa said too quickly.  She blushed, “I mean no.  Thank you.  I have enough to deal with as it is.”

“Wise decision.  You and Gina may go.  Please tell others about us, if you would.  We always could use more… additions.  But please, take this as a token of my appreciation.  I always enjoy a spot of drama now and again.”

Tyra handed Dessa a set of carrying straps and pouch.  It took Dessa a moment to figure it out, but in the end she realized that the rigging would perfectly fit Gina’s transformed body.  Dessa could easily carry her friend on her back with it.  Gina made a muffled sound of approval, as Dessa strapped her in.

Before putting it on her back, Dessa knelt down in front of her friend.  Gina looked away, tears in her eyes.  She was obviously embarrassed about her transformed face; the vaginal mouth and breasts for ears.  Dessa simply leaned in and kissed her, slipping her tongue into the moist slit and teasing the thick clit.  They pressed into one another, holding their strange bodies close.  When Dessa finally leaned back, she smiled.  “You’re beautiful, Gina,” she whispered.

*Truly?* came her friend’s thoughts.  Obviously Dessa’s new powers allowed her to read minds. 

“Truly, my dearest.  Now, let us go find a grove so we can explore our bodies.  Our love.”

*I’m glad you’re with me, Dessa*

“I’ll always be with you, angel.”

And she always was.


Re: The Hall of Dark Wonders by Enmesarra

I always loved this story. Never knew there was a sequel.