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Return to the Hall of Dark Wonders

(Inspired by characters and story by Enmesarra)

"I can't believe you found it," Tine whispered. 

The towering yamajiro loomed before the five girls.  Its worn wood and dark stone exterior seemed to blend into the night surrounding it.  Only the occasional beam of silver light from the full moon breaking through the clouds revealed its presence.  While the structure seemed deserted to the eye, the wind carried faint smells of exotic foods and muted sounds of instruments and merry voices.  Aleha swallowed involuntarily, her throat suddenly dry. 

"The Hall of Dark Wonders."

Aleha turned and looked at Tine.  The short girl did not return the gaze, her attention transfixed on the palace before them.  Aleha felt her hands trembling, her pulse racing and her knees threatening to fail beneath her.  How did they end up in this mess?

All five of the girls were friends, students at the Kaidalon school for magic.  Aleha and Tine were best friends, having grown up in the same village together long before entering the academy.  Tine was the shortest of the group.  Her body was soft with gentle curves and a modest bust.  However, like her affinity for fire magic that her red hair reflected, she had a habit off emotionally charged outbursts on occasion. 

Aleha herself had matured greatly over the past few years, gaining height and feeling her breasts and hips fill out into a supple hourglass shape.  She liked wearing dresses which emphasized her curves, feeling it made her look alluring. She wore her chestnut hair long, feeling it complimented her thin frame.  While she was a talented student, but she was seemed to possess little practical ability for magic. Many of her instructors said she had simply not unlocked her potential yet, but Aleha had her doubts.

Micha was the first friend Aleha and Tine had made when arriving at Kaidelon.  She was the tallest of the group, with the top of Aleha's head only reaching Micha’s nose.  She was stoutly build, growing up working on her family's farm until her affinity for magic had been recognized.  Her talent resided in earth magic, which she often joked is what made her such a good farmer.  She was never one to back away from getting her hands dirty, and it showed.  She seemed to perpetually have some dirt or grease somehow smearing her otherwise flawless face, and now was now different.  She always kept her long blonde hair pulled back into a loose ponytail to keep it from getting in her way.  She was jovial and loyal, always putting others first.  Aleha was glad she had come with them this night.

They had met Yaru shortly after Micha.  The girl's background was a bit of a mystery.  She was usually quiet and reserved, rarely showing emotion.  Some rumors said she was from a family of traveling performers, while others said she was from a hidden village of assassins.  She looked the part for either.  She was thin but incredibly toned, and her dark black hair was cut into a short bob so it was never in the way of her eyes.  And if one were to watch her engage in dancing or gymnastics, as she often did, it was clear she had been well trained in both.  Half the school was afraid of her, the other half thought she was odd.  The three friends hadn't cared what her reputation was.  They knew she was a caring soul, even if she was a bit intense at times.  Since arriving at the academy, she had shown a strong affinity for enchanting items; particularly charms.

The final girl of their group was Lexa.  She had arrived at the beginning of their second year, and although she had no previous experience with studying magic, she had refused to be placed in the same classes as the younger first year students.  Due to this, she often struggled in her courses, lacking the fundamentals the others had previously developed.  They had learned of her story when they had come together to help catch her up to speed. 

She was the daughter of a former merchant and had grown up in wealth.  While she claimed her incredible beauty and large breasts were all natural and not magical enhancements, the others had their doubts.  She had lived luxuriously until two years prior when her father squandered the family's estate through gambling.  They had just enough money to send their daughter to an academy where she could, hopefully, develop skills to prosper in the world on her own.  While she could now longer afford expensive clothing, she still took great care in maintaining herself by failing her nails and putting her long silver-blonde hair into intricate braids.  She was proud and stern, but she was also clever and resourceful.   

Over the past two years of living and studying together at Kaidalon, the five had turned into an inseparable band.  While Aleha was not top of the class and still struggled to perform complex spells, she had progressed well enough to where she was sure she would graduate without too much difficulty.  Unlike many of her classmates, she was not obsessed with achieving power.  Aleha's mother, herself an alumnus of Kaidalon, had instilled in her from a young age the dangers of magic users willing to risk too much for power.  As if that wasn't enough, there was a constant reminder right at the school. 

Everyone knew about Dessa.  She was a professor at the academy.  Her skills were unsurpassed and she was known as a powerful sorceress.  However, her skills were not all she was known for.  Professor Dessa was highly transformed.  She was a blend of human and dolphin, and her frequent trips to the school’s lake gave plenty of opportunities for the students to see the rest of her body.  The front of her body was covered with sixteen breasts and she has a large male sheath between her legs. 

There were a few rumors about Dessa's past.  Some said she was exposed to unstable demon cum as a child and was brought to the school for treatment and had ended up becoming student.  The most acceptable story, thought, was that she had been changed within the walls of the Hall of Dark Wonders.  The story said that four girls went up, and only Dessa came back.  Others say Dessa came back with a friend who had been transformed even more severely than she had.  The students say the large pack she wears on her shoulders whenever she leaves the academy grounds contains her friend and lover.  Only a few had dared ask Dessa directly about her changes.  She would only tell them "temper your ambitions better than your curiosity" before closing the subject. 

For their entire time at school, the Hall of Dark Wonders had only been a rumor.  A rumor than none of the girls were interested in.  That all changed at the beginning of their fourth year.  When the students returned from their time at home over the summer months, Micha arrived with bad news.  A drought had destroyed her family's crops.  If they could not cover their losses, her family would lose the farm. 

A week later, a messenger arrived at the academy with news for Aleha.  Her mother had fallen ill.  Her father was trying to contact healers who could help...  and that they could afford.  Even as the girls tried to console Aleha, another messenger had brought news for Yaru only days later.  She had been hesitant at first, but eventually confessed that her mother had been transformed in an alchemy accident.  She refused go into details, but was sure she would need to leave school and return home to care for her. 

It had been the next day when Lexa had excitingly approached them in the dormitory common room.  "You're not going to believe this: I found it! It's real!" The excitement in her eyes was almost frightening.  Before any of them could ask a question, she leaned in and whispered, "The Hall of Dark Wonders!"

Aleha felt a shiver go up her back and Micha let out an unimpressed groan.  Undismayed, Lexa continued.  "No! I seriously found it! I found an old journal in the library and it tells exactly where it is and when we can get in!"

"To what end?" Aleha asked.  "Why do you want to go in? There is nothing in there for us that is worth the risk."

"Yeah," Tine chimed in.  "Just looked at Professor Dessa.  I don't want to end up as a dolphin." Micha let out a chuckle while Yaru remained silence.  "Not worth the risk?" Lexa said in disbelief.  "Not worth the risk?! The journal said that any desire can be obtained in the hall." She looked at Micha.  "You could turn change your earth magic into water magic and fight the drought.  Or, get wealthy enough to clear your family's debt." Her attention turned to Aleha.  "You could get the power to cure your mother.  And you could possibly reverse what happened to yours.  Or at least make her comfortable," she said looking to Yaru. 

Silence hung in the air.  Nobody moved.  Finally, Yaru spoke.  "It's worth the risk." Lexa smiled.  Micha nodded solemnly.  "I'm in." Lexa turned to Aleha.  She felt a weight in her stomach and wanted to reject the idea, but Yaru and Micha were taking the risk for their families.  How could she do any less? Finally, she gave a silent nod. 

"I'm going too."

Aleha looked over at Tine in shock.  "I will do anything to help you." She looked away from Aleha to the others.  "Any of you."

Before Aleha could protest, Lexa intervened.  "Then it's settled! The Hall will appear on the night of the next full moon!"


That had been three days ago.  No matter how much Aleha had tried to dissuade Tine, she wouldn't back down.  Now, the five of them stood before a rickety bridge crossing the reed-choked moat.

"Well!" Lexa exclaimed, causing the others to jump slightly, "nothing will happen if we stay out here!" She began to cross the bridge. 

"Under normal circumstances, that's a positive thing," Micha muttered.  Ignoring the comment, Yaru silently began to cross the bridge.  Micha gave a sigh and followed her friends.  Aleha stepped onto to bridge.  It was slick with algae and was moving slightly under the footsteps of the other girls.  She looked back at Tine.  "Please...  go back."

Tine shook her head and moved forward, holding on to Aleha's hand.  The two moved together down the bridge.  A splash in the water to their left cause Tine to hold on to Aletha tighter with her right hand while her left formed a ball of light like a miniature sun.  "I don't see anything," she said in a shaky voice.  Aleha wondered if they even really wanted to know what it had been. 

By the time they reached the other side of the bridge, the other three were already standing before the Hall's doors.  As the group reunited, the doors opened on their own.  Inside, a massive hall stretched forward.  Its size was impossible to fit inside based on the exterior.  The students silently stared in wonder at the magic needed to create such an alteration. 

After only a moment's pause, Lexa stepped inside.  Aleha instinctual moved forward, hoping to catch her friend.  However, as soon as she had stepped over the threshold, she knew she was committed.  There was no going back until they faced what was inside.  One by one, the others followed.  As Tine stepped into the hall, the doors slammed shut behind her. 

The group moved together down the hall.  The vaulted ceilings hung over them, their peaks disappearing into the shadows above.  The walls were decorated with paintings and sculptures, each more erotic and depraved than the last.  There were multiple archways on either side, leading to rooms of opulence and indulgences.  As they passed one, Aleha heard grunted mixed with a slick slapping noise.  She paused and lifted the curtain to peak in. 

Inside was a...  creature.  Its head looked like a woman's, but the mouth and nose was the muzzle of a dog.  Its armless body sported six breasts, all covered in scales.  The bottom two breasts had large, wet vaginas in place of nipples.  At the bottom of the body was a large, furry vagina that looked like it belonged on an animal.  Writhing around the beast and going in and out of its various wet sexes were tentacles, each capped with the head of a penis.  As the creature gave a grunt, Aleha gasped as she saw a pair of eyes above the primary vagina open and roll back in pleasure. 

Aleha stumbled back from the door, repulsed and confused by what she had witnessed.  A hand brushed her arm and she spun to find Tine standing behind her, a look of concern on her face.  "Come on," she said quickly, taking her friend's hand and pulling her back towards the main group.  There was no way she wanted Tine seeing that _thing_.

"This one," Lexa said as she pulled back a curtain.  The others eagerly darted inside, but Aleha hesitated.  What awaited them in _this_ room?  Lexa placed a firm hand on her back and shoved her in before following after.  Inside, the room was warmly lit in dim light by fragrant candles.  There were velvet chairs and richly lacquered tables.  A tall, half circle table made of polished marble with high chairs around it filled the center of the room.  What drew the girls' attention, however, was the woman sitting on the other side of the table. 

She may have been the most beautiful woman Aleha had ever seen.  Her high cheekbones and smooth skin gave her an air of regality, while the pointed ears peeking through her long, scarlet red hair made her look exotic.  However, the fact that she was using a claw-like fingernail to clean her razor-sharp teeth diminished her allure.  Her body had six, round breasts which appeared to be covered in a thick, gray fur.  On her stomach was a large vagina.  As if noticing the girls for the first time, she turned to face them and smiled a wide, fang-filled grin. 

"Welcome to the Hall of Dark Wonders, Travelers," she announced in a sweet and melodious voice.   She spread her four arms wide in an inviting gesture and stood up.  Aleha, Tine and Micha all gasped as her lower body came into view from behind the large table.  From the waist down, her body was that of a large wolf's.  Its fur was the same gray colored shag that moved up her chest.  As she stepped out from behind the table, the girls could see a large set of balls sway between her rear legs and a massive sheath on the underside of her body.  She towered over all of them. 

The intimidating beauty ignored their reactions and instead continued with her introduction.  "I am Tyra.  I will be your host this evening.  Would you care to sit?  There are refreshments.  Please, tell me your pleasure."

Before any of the girls could utter a sound, Lexa spun around.  "We need to be careful.  If we say or do anything wrong, we could all pay the penalty.  Let me do the talking.  Agreed?"

"Yes," Yaru said cooly. 
"Yeah," Micha agreed. 
"Uh huh," Tine muttered in a quivering voice. 
Aleha nodded. 

Lexa looked Aleha in the eye, her expression filled with annoyance and determination.  "_Okay?_" she emphasized.  Aleha was confused.  She had never seen Lexa this stern before.  However, she nodded again.  "Okay," she said. 

Lexa's expression immediately changed, becoming gleeful and excited.  She turned to face Tyra.  "I have no interest in drinks or distractions.  I have come to conduct business.  I wish to arrange a trade with your master." Tyra looked on at the young girl.  She seemed rather amused with her apparent confidence.  "And what is it that you desire?"


"How many?


"And your payment?"

Lexa gestured to her friends.  "Them."

A moment of silence held in the air.  Not a person in the room made a sound.  At once, a chorus of four voices erupted.  Tine sobbed, Aleha and Micha shouted objections at Tyra, and even quiet Yaru was shouting threats directly at their betrayer.  Lexa took a deep breath and shouted, her voice drowning out the others. 

"In your presence, these girls have all agreed that I have the right to speak for them! I am their bound advocate!"

Silence returned as all eyes fell on Tyra.  Her lower arms rested on her hips while her upper arms crossed over her chest and the right hand moved up to her face, a clawed finger stroking her chin in thought.  Finally, she spoke. 

"Yes, they have agreed to allow you to speak on their behalf, but the advocate does not set the terms.  I propose the offer with the power and authority of my Lord, Mammon.  You came to this Hall desiring to sacrifice these lovely girls for one wish each.  Usually, it takes much more than one person for a wish. You propose a steep offer.  Mammon will grant you the chance to gain your request.  However, risk falls on you as well.  You know of this place and the rules by which we conduct ourselves.  So you must also know that we typically entertain individuals seeking to wager themselves for blessing from Lord Mammon.  He, and I, are impressed with your cunning to lure so many here under such pretenses.  However, if you desire the chance to obtain four wished from Lord Mammon, you must compete against each other.  The final victor will be given chance to claim what you seek."

Now it was Lexa's turn to think.  Aleha knew that they were trapped to whatever decision their friend, _supposed_ friend, chose.  She could turn around and walk away now, rejecting the offer.  Mammon was different than malicious demons like Karma.  If both parties did not agree to the presented deal, it could be declined.  Aleha held her breath and felt Tine squeeze her hand tightly.  Her heart sank as Lexa asked, "What are the terms of this competition?"

Tyra smiled.  "A game of chance.  There will be no tricks, cheating or double dealing on our parts, as is so common with our brethren.  As advocate, it is your right to choose the game.  As rounds are completed, Lord Mammon will alter the losers, thus allowing his power and influence to grow.  Once an individual's potential is spent, they will be ejected from the game.  The remaining players shall continue to compete until only one remains.  She will be allowed to trade the losers to be permanent additions to the Hall in exchange for a wish."

Lexa didn't hesitate this time.  "Demon poker.  Five card draw.  Five loses results in ejection from the game."

Tyra snapped her fingers.  The half circle table began to rotate until it had created a full circle.  "The terms have been accepted.  If the players would please remove their clothing and chose a seat."

"Our...  clothing?" Tine asked.  Tyra looked down at her, a strange mixture of tenderness and anticipation.  "Yes, my dear.  I enjoy seeing my Master's power at work, and the resulting changes may make clothing...  uncomfortable." She rocked her own lower body in emphasis before strolling over to the game table. 

"Let's get this over with," Yaru said as she dropped her clothing to the ground, only two rings remained on her body.  "I'm going to wish that you end up in front of Karma himself when this is done"

Lexa snickered.  She was taking the seat closest to where Tyra had been sitting when they had all entered the room, seeing it as the head of the table.  "Temper, temper, Yaru.  Besides, I already know just what I'm going to use each of you to wish for.”

Yaru sat in the chair to Lexa's left, showing her opponent she would not shy away.  However, she was nervously rubbing the rings that she wore, one on each hand.  Tine, meanwhile, was the exact opposite and took the seat to Yaru's left in an attempt to stay as far away from their betrayer as she could.  Aleha came next, hoping to be close enough to comfort her friend.  Finally, Micha took the last remaining seat between Aleha and Lexa. 

"Now," Tyra began, "the game is demon poker.  Five card draw.  You'll be dealt five cards at the beginning of each round." She held up her upper right hand and rolled her wrist.  As a rotation completed, a deck of cards had appeared in her hand.  They were a glossy black, like snake scales made out of shadow.  They seemed to churn and move in the dim light of the room.  "You will each have an opportunity to exchange up to four cards to create a better hand.  Following this, all players will show their hands.  The winner will remain unchanged for another round.  The four losers," she rolled her upper left hand which revealed a golden deck of cards, "shall receive a randomly chosen transformation.  Wilds shall be determined by–"

"No wilds," Lexa interjected, a wicked grin on her face as she looked at each of her classmates.

"Very well.  By the advocate's decree, there shall be no wilds.  Once a player has accumulated five changes, she shall be ejected from the game.  The remaining players shall continue until one is left.  Leaving the table shall result in disqualification from the contest."

Tyra put the golden deck of cards on the table before masterfully shuffling the black cards in her hands.  They became a blur as they swirled from one hand to the other, one set of arms to the other.  It was impossible to track all of the motions simultaneously occurring.  Finally, all of the cards return to one deck which she then dealt from, five to each girl.  "Good luck," she said pleasantly as the girls to reach for their cards.

As the girls pick up their cards, however, they were startled as Yaru immediately disappeared.  "Hey! That's against the rules!" Lexa bellowed.  Tyra remain composed and unconcerned by the event.  "Please resume with the game," she said politely. 

Aleha was nervous.  She had never been much of a cardplayer or gambler.  Now, she was playing for her very fate and one of her friends had already disappeared.  She unsteadily held up her cards.  Even with her inexperience, she knew that she didn't have a decent hand.  Keeping the highest value card, a queen of shovels, she moved the other four to a pile in front of her.  She looked up and saw that the others around the table had done likewise with varying degrees of cards.  She noted with distain that Lexa had only traded in one card.

Again, their host dealt the necessary cards to each player.  Aleha was relieved to find that she now had two queens, a high pair.  "The players shall now reveal their hands." Timidly, the four manipulated friends lower their hands anxiously.  Aleha noticed with both relief in guilt that her pair was the highest.  That is, until Lexa lowered her hand.  Three sevens.  The delight in Lexa's eyes made her blood run cold. 

Just as suddenly as you disappeared, Yaru returned.  A look of surprise on her face.  "Wha– what happened?"

"We have a winner.  Lexa, you shall remain unchanged for another round.  Now, how shall the changes be distributed?"

Lexa scoffed.  "Frankly, I don't care.  Distribute them however you wish, demon."

"Avatar, actually.  However, I shall defer to the advocate’s decision and let the house distribute the losses.  However, there is another matter which we must address first: cheating."  Her eyes fell on Yaru.  "I will admit, I am rather impressed with your charms, my dear.  A positive luck charm and a time reversal charm.  Handy accessories.  However, grossly against the rules.  To teach you a lesson, I reversed their abilities.  Your bad luck resulted in a terrible hand.  Then, after you had traded in your cards and received an even worse hand, you use your time reversal charm to come back to the moment your cards were dealt and attempt a better trade.  However, upon your return to the beginning of the hand, I decided to send you forward to the end of it.   Since cheating and leaving the table for any reason result in disqualification, I'm afraid your time with us is over, my dear."

For the first time ever, Aleha saw fear on Yaru's face.  Her stoic composure cracked and tears began to stream down her face.  "No… please no..." The girl tried to stand up, but she was being held down by an invisible force.  As Yaru struggled to get away, Tyra flipped five cards off of the golden deck. 

"Six breasts," she announced.  Her three free hands stroked her own chest.  "One of my favorites."

Immediately, Yaru's chest began to bubble and flow.  Four symmetrical dots of darken skin formed on her and begin to harden, becoming new nipples.  Underneath them, the flesh pushed forward until she supported six tits, all copies of her original B-cups. 

Yaru's hands went to her chest, attempting to make sense of what had happened to her.  Ignoring the girl, Tyra flipped a new card.  "Ah, a penis.  A fine addition."

Yaru's eyes went wide and her hands dropped from her modified chest to her crotch.  She flushed, in either embarrassment or arousal, as she clearly began to feel her next change take place.  Despite herself, Aleha leaned over the table to watch her friend’s transformation.  Her clit began to grow and pulse, losing its pink color and taking on the tone of Yaru's skin.  It continued to throb and grow until it had become a 6-inch penis positioned at the top of her vagina.

Yaru whimpered as Tyra picked the next card.  "Oh, this should help.  A change to your mentality, bubbly." Yaru looked at her tormentor with a confused look, not understanding what she meant.  A moment went by, and then another, and Yaru's expression slowly softened and a giggle escaped her lips.  Her lips slowly curled up into a giddy smile which looked out of place on her face.  One hand remained on her new cock while the other returned to her new tits.

"You know, this isn't half bad.  I mean, look at my new boobies.  They're actually pretty hot.  And I always wondered what it was like for a guy to get his dick sucked.  Now I can totally find out." She grinned widely, not caring at all about the change in her demeanor as she gave her dick a couple of inexperienced test pumps.  She let out a satisfied groan even as Trya was moving on. 

As Tyra began to reach for the deck, two cards suddenly shot out from the middle of the deck and flew into her hand.  “Ah, it would appear my Master desires specific punishments for her.  Let’s see, ah, cat," the avatar stated matter-of-factly.

The girls watched as Yaru's ears moved to the top of her head, and broke through her black hair as they became pointed.  Her nose turned into a slight muzzle as her teeth became sharp.  Her eyes became green and her pupils turned into thin slits.  The hands rubbing her new additions gained claws on her fingertips.  She shuffled in her seat uncomfortably before being allowed to raise up just enough to allow a thin, hairless tail to sway freely behind her.  Then, as if someone was pouring black ink on her, a layer of black fur started at the top of her head and began to move its way down her body.  The black fur avoided her nipples and the palms of her hands.  A sheath formed around the base of her cock as it took on a barbed, feline appearance.  In a matter of moments, Yaru had become a six-breasted cat hermaphrodite.  And strangest of all, she seemed absolutely enthralled with it.

"This is so cool!" she squealed and she ran her clawed fingers through her fur.  She reached back and stroked her tail, giving off a gentle purring as she did.  "Hey! Don’t I get another card?"

"Indeed you do.  Your last card is," she looked at the second gold card in her hand, "regression." The cat-girl's ears twitched in confusion.  "Huh? What does that mean?" Even as she spoke, the remaining girls notice that her voice was becoming lighter, her features softer, and her body smaller.  The avatar snapped her fingers and clothing returned to the transform girl.  A white dress, in stark contrast to her pitch-black fur, appeared on her and began to shrink in unison as Yaru did.  Within moments, the once stoic, athletic girl had been turned into a bubbly, cat girl that appear less than a-year-old.  She looked at her friends, but did not show any signs of recognition.  Instead, she simply curled up into a ball on her chair and fell asleep.

"It appears my Lord Mammon decided this one required a special lesson.  She tried to win with luck and repeating her experiences.  Now, she has become a symbol of bad luck and must repeat growing up." She reached down with her lower arms and gently picked up the child.  She brought her to one of the soft, velvet couches against the far end of the room and gingerly placed Yaru there before returning to the remaining players.

"However, she was a special case.  My master despises cheaters.  So, he ensured that her punishment was fitting.  Your changes, however, she'll be completely random as per our agreement.  We shall begin on the table to the left of the winner."

Aleha watched as the realization spread on Tine's face.  Since Yaru was now removed from the game, the first change would go to her.  With wide eyes, she looked up at Tyra just as her card was drawn. 


Tine's arms stiffened in front of her before they began to shrink and retract into her shoulders.  She wailed and cried as her arms disappeared, leaving smooth bumps on her shoulders where they had once been.  "But- but- but, how can I even play now?" Aleha took some relief in seeing that her friend not completely given up and was still trying to control her fate.  "Do not worry.  As stated, there shall be no tricks or manipulation on our part.  No changes shall occur which will prevent you from playing the game."

Without further explanation, Tyra reach down and pulled another card.  Aleha took a deep breath and sat straight in her seat, ready to embrace her change.  "Oh," the avatar said happily, "an ass-pussy.  I used to have one of those, although that was ages ago."

Aleha squirmed as she felt like a finger was gliding up her ass crack.  The pressure passed quickly, but a new sensation took its place.  It felt like when her underwear rode up her crack, but it was also warm.  And wet.  Logically, she knew what she was going to find, but she couldn't resist but to reach back and feel up her backside.  As Tyra had said, her asshole was gone, the fleshy lips of a vagina or now crammed into her crack.  As her fingers brushed against them, she let out a small gasp of pleasure.  She retracted her hand, but she continued to squirm as she felt arousal emanating from both of her pussies.  She was almost relieved when Tyra moved to pick the final card of the round."

"Massive mammories."

Micha closed her eyes tightly and hummed to herself as her breast began to grow.  And grow.  And grow.  Soon, her boobs had expanded into massive mounds of flesh, each as big as her head.  She reached up and touched them, her hands running along the sides of them.  "Well, I guess it could've been worse." The sudden realization of what she said dawned on her and she looked at her friends.  "Oh! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to-"

"No.  It's all right," Tine said.  Aleha smile over at her friend, glad to see that she was taking her circumstances in stride.  However, the mood suddenly soured as Lexa let out a cackle.  "Yeah.  Don't worry about it.  You're all equally freaks in my eyes."

Before another round of outburst could begin, Tyra spoke up.  "Let us begin the next round." Her forearms began to shuffle the cards again.  Her incredible skills made card counting and tracking impossible.  In the blink of an eye, a new hand was laid in front of each remaining girl.  True to Tyra's Word, the cards place in front of Tine magically lifted up and hung suspended in the air before her.  As her eyes went from one to the other, the magic instinctually knew which cards she desired to keep and which to discard.

Aleha was relieved to find she had a pair of fours.  It wasn't much, but it was a good start.  She handed in her three remaining cards and waited eagerly as her new cards were dealt.  Excitement and concern filled her as she realized she had picked up another four.  She had three of a kind, but it was low.  Would it be enough? Again, Tyra call for the players to reveal their hands.  Lexa happily threw down her hand.  Two pair.  Her smile quickly faded as she looked across the table and saw her competitor's hand.

"That… That wasn't supposed to happen," Lexa sputtered.  Tyra ignored her and immediately proceeded to draw cards.  "Lactation.  Looks like your tits are getting another upgrade," she said, giving Micha a toothy smile.  The table watched as her already impressive bust swelled another couple sizes before coming to a stop.  As Micha squirmed in her seat trying to get used to the new weight, her boobs sloshed wildly, clearly filled with liquid.  Tentatively, she reached forward and pinched her right nipple.  A moan escaped from her lips the same time a stream of milk shot from her nipple and almost clear across the table.  She blushed deeply and put her hands in her lap.  Her nipple continued to drip milk, as Tyra moved on. 

Lexa was staring daggers at Aleha as her card was drawn.  "Truth."

"What the hell does that mean?" Lexa snapped.  "Simple, my dear: you may never tell a lie again.  However, I would like to inform all players that any attempt to use this to their advantage while playing will be considered an act of cheating."

Lexa blinked a few times, before looking at the other girls.  She didn't look any different, but she was keeping her mouth closed.

"Did it work?" Micha wondered aloud.  "Of course it worked, you big titted idiot! All the other changes have been happening, why shouldn't this one?" Lexa's hands shot to her mouth.  She gave a laugh before placing her hands back on the table.  "Oh well, it's not like it really matters.  After this, who cares? I only had to make it this far."

"What do you mean?" Aleha inquired. 

"Simple: I've been planning this for years.  After I realize that daddy was going to lose everything, I started looking for a way out.  I had hoped to get a wish from Mammon while we still have enough money to afford one, but we didn’t have nearly enough.  I spent a year researching different schools looking for some way to earn the favor of the patron demon of the rich.  There was no way I was going to be a simple magic user.  End up as some lowly court mage or traveling healer?  Disgraceful.  No, I was going to regain my proper place.  Eventually, I heard about the story of Kaidalon's freak professor and knew that was my ticket.  I arrived at school and began investigating.  When the four of you offered to help me, I saw it as a way to get ahead.  You all help me with my homework, help carry my class loads, and you were also so weird and awkward that no one suspected anything when I was acting equally strange, spending hours in the library pouring through old tomes.  In actuality, I was looking for clues to the Hall of Dark Wonders.  I finally found them just before the end of the school year.  But I would have to wait until autumn for the Hall to actually appear.  In that time, there was great news: Micha's family had fallen on hard times.  I knew she would be easy to manipulate into joining me here.  However, I wanted to hedge my bets.  I had broken into Yaru’s room years ago and learned that her mother was actually just a lowly alchemist’s assistant.  Meanwhile, you would never shut up about your family.  I had fake letter sent informing you that your mother was sick and Yaru that hers had been transformed.  You were all in such desperate need, it was easy to get the three of you to join me.  And, I always knew that where you went, Tine would follow.  After all, she's in love with you."

Aleha's eyes went wide as she looked at her friend.  Tine avoid her stare and instead glared at Lexa through tear filled eyes.  "Shut! Up!"

"Can't.  I have to tell the truth.  Not my fault that you decided to blab your little secret to me.  But it doesn't matter, anyways.  You're all going to end up as freaks.  Before I arrived at the academy, daddy taught me all of his gambling tricks.  I know how to play demon poker even better than him.  So, when this is all done, I'm going to trade each and every one of you for a wish to Mammon.” 

She pointed at Yaru, still asleep on the plush couch.  “In exchange for her, I'll get all of the wealth my family lost back, and more." She looked at Tine.  "In exchange for you, I'll gain eternal beauty and desirability.  Men will be throwing themselves at me.  So will women." Her fanatic glare turned to Aleha.  “In exchange for you, I'll gain unlimited magical power.  Granted, I'm not about to become someone’s servant, but after these past few years at the academy I can see how useful it is to be a powerful sorceress.  And finally, when I have money, women, and power," she turned her attention to Micha, "I'll trade you for a wish to be able to summon Mammon whenever I want.  I'll have as much money and flesh as he wants.  I will never be without the ability to get whatever I want.  Whatever I deserve."

The three remaining girls were all fighting back their tears.  But there was determination, too.  They looked at one another and silently made an agreement: It didn't matter what happened to them.  Lexa couldn't win. 

"I can see you're all eager to begin the next round, but first we must finish the business at hand.  Horny."

Aleha was about to ask what she meant, when she saw the golden card being held in her hand.  She immediately turned to look at Tine and realize that she was squirming uncontrollably in her seat.  Her face was flushed, her nipples were rock hard, and a puddle was forming on her seat.  Her shoulders we're rocking, as if she was attempting to regrow her arms so that she could pleasure herself.  She looked over at Aleha, your eyes wide with desperation.  "Oh, fuck… Oh, fuck… I'm so horny! I'm so– so horny! Please, Aleha! Please!" she begged. 

Aleha was conflicted.  She had never had any interest in girls, but this was her best friend.  She told herself that she would do anything to help her.  Timidly, she reached over with her right hand and put it between her friend’s legs.  As soon as her fingertips were within range, Tine slid forward and brushed her lips against them.  "Please! Please! Inside! Put them inside!" Aleha let out a short breath and begin to finger her best friend.  It didn't take long for the short girl's body to begin quivering in orgasm.  Aleha begin to pull her hand out, but not fast enough as Tine's pussy began to spasm and squirt all over her hand.

Tine bent over exhausted, resting her head on the cool marble table.  Aleha shook off her hand as best as she could before wiping the excess liquid off on her thigh.  "Well, it looks like you rather enjoy that.  Good thing, too.  You will now get that horny multiple times a day.  Why, I'm sure you're already feeling it building up again, aren't you?"

Tine gave out a soft whine and squeeze her legs together, confirming that the avatar was indeed correct.  However, Tyra had already moved on and had collected all of the cards and was again the shuffling them.  A new hand was about to begin.

As the cards where lay down in front of the players, Lexa seemed happy and undeterred.  "So, would anyone like to know what I have?" Aleha ignored her and Tine still seemed too caught up in the afterglow of her orgasm to focus.  Micha, however, glared at her.  "Shut the fuck up, Lexa."  The silver haired girl simply shrugged her shoulders and turned her attention back to her cards.

Aleha was in a bind.  She had a four, five, six, seven and king of various suits.  She could discard the four lower cards and hope to get another king, giving her a high pair.  Alternatively, she could discard the one king and hope to get a three or an eight.  She looked across the table at Lexa and realize the girl had handed in no cards.  Aleha cursed her luck.  Whatever her opponent had, it must be an incredible hand.  To her right, four of Tine's cards were magically placed face down in front of her.  To her left, Micha traded in three.  They must have all had terrible hands.  Aleha put down the single king. 

As the new cards were dealt, Aleha felt her heart sink.  She had been dealt another king.  If she had kept the one she had, she would've at least had a high pair.  Without even waiting for Tyra's prompt, Lexa placed her cards down. 

"A pair of fives." A groan came from the rest of the table.  She had played them.  She had tricked them all into discarding potentially decent hands in the attempt to create stronger ones.  Micha tossed her cards to the center of the table, the act causing her bust to jiggle wildly.  Aleha decided to sit in silence, attempting to retain her composure and not let her opponent get to her.  Tine, however, had reached her breaking point.

"You fucking cunt! You think this is a game?! These are our lives! You're betting with our lives!"

Compelled to answer her question, Lexa simply shrugged.  "Yes.  I do.  I do believe that this is a game.  One that you are all losing."

Aleha reached over and placed a hand supportively on Tine’s armless shoulder.  She let out a soft whine as she saw Tyra beginning to lift a golden card off the stack.

"Let's see.  Ah, pussy-mouth.  I was really hoping someone would get this one."

Tine began to shake violently.  The realization that she was about to lose her mouth, her voice, hit her like a warhammer.  She turned to look into Aleha's eyes.  Her lips turned up into a forced smile even as Aleha saw them beginning to puff up and stretch.  Tine took a deep breath.  "I love yo-"

The words stopped as her mouth began to puff out wet queefs.  Tears flowed freely and were soon joined by the wet arousal of the new female sex on her face.  Tine's arousal was growing again, and the addition of a new erogenous zone was speeding the process.  Aleha leaned over as far as she could, but she had to remain in her chair.  Tine also leaned over, and the two embraced as best as they could.


At first, Aleha was not sure she had even heard anything.  She pulled back momentarily, ready to ask what Trya what she had just said.  As she did, she found herself looking that into the eyes of her transformed best friend.  The new cunt in the middle of her face was wet and quivering.  As the musk filled Aleha's nostrils, she found herself enraptured by it.  Drawn to it.  She placed her hands on Tine's cheeks, cradling her.  Then, she leaned in and begin to greedily eat pussy for the first time.

It was intoxicating.  The taste was sweet and musky.  The texture was slick, soft and fleshy.  She pressed her face as far in as she could, drinking in the taste of it, the smell of it, the feel of it.  It wasn't until she felt Tine begin to quiver in her hands and felt a surge of feminine juices explode on her face that Aleha was pulled back to reality. 

"Geez, you two.  Get a room.  I’m only trying to be insulting because that was one of the hottest things I've ever seen and I wish someone would eat me out with that same enthusiasm.  The first thing I’m going to do after I make my wishes is finger myself to the memory of that." Aleha looked over at Lexa who was again covering her mouth with her hands, surprised by her honest outburst.  Aleha said nothing, but instead took us several breaths in the attempt to calm herself.  She felt both of her pussies slick with arousal.  She briefly wondered how they tasted compared to Tine’s or if they tasted different from each other before shaking her head and trying to expel the thought.

Tyra had been smiling her toothy grin, allowing Aleha to finish exploring her new transformation before drawing the final part of the round.  "Drider." All eyes at the table turned it to Micha.  It was clear that her legs were trembling underneath the table.  She reached out and grabbed the edge of it, using it to brace herself.  As she did, she raised herself out of her seat and the chair flew back several feet.  Her legs and ass began to rock violently, almost as if she was humping the air.  Suddenly, her legs divided, becoming four.  They began to thin out and take on a hard shell as they divided again.  As her feet melted into points, and additional joints formed on her legs.  Her ass expanded outward and gained the same black shell that her legs had been covered with.

Moments later, the transformation subsided.  From the waist down, Micha had the body of an oversized spider.  "Seven hells, this is *disgusting*!" Micha bellowed as she twisted her upper body back-and-forth in the attempt to get a better look at her change.  Her eight legs twitched and clicked against the tile floor as she moved.  Although she wouldn't say it, Aleha was rather disgusted with what had happened to her friend.

"What's the matter, farm girl? I thought you had no problem with dirt and pig shit and bugs?" Lexa mocked. 

"That doesn't mean I want to *be* one, you bitch!" Tyra shot Micha a dirty look and cleared her throat.  "I understand that emotions may be running high at the moment, but please be aware of using the term 'bitch,'" she said sternly, stomping the front right paw of her lower wolf body. 

"Sorry, ma'am," Micha said timidly.  However, Tyra gave a gracious nod and the smile return to her face.  "It is quite all right, my dear.  I have heard much worse, but let's attempt to keep some decorum, shall we? Now, onto the next round." Again, her forehands reach forward, collected the cards and again conducted her impressive shuffling ritual.

Aleha picked up her cards and almost shouted for joy as she saw she had a pair of pages and a pair of kings.  Instead, she took a deep breath and looked over at Lexa.  She was busy rearranging her cards in multiple orders.  Aleha wondered if this was another ploy, or if she was in the same conundrum Aleha had found herself in during the previous hand.  Whichever it was, Aleha waited for her nemesis to place down her cards before she did likewise.  Lexa lay down three cards, Tine one, Aleha one, Micha two.  The second round of cards was dealt and the players reveal their hands.

Aleha was ecstatic.  The best Lexa had been able to produce was a pair of fives.  Aleah had received another page and had soundly beaten het with a full house! Lexa had lost another round and Aleha would go unchanged.  However, her joy but was quickly turned to shame as she looked at Tine's hand.  She had two pair, kings and queens.  If Aleha had not taken another card, she would have spared Tine the horrors of another chance.  She looked into her friend's eyes, but without a mouth it was difficult for Aleha to understand what the expression meant.  "I'm sorry," she whispered.

"Are you kidding me? I can't win a single hand?" Micha whine as she put her head in her hands.  Tyra drew the first gold card from the deck and excitedly turned to Micha.  "Oh, I can't wait to see this! Automaton! It's been ages since I’ve seen one!"

Disbelief and confusion filled Micha's face.  Aleha wondered if the stout girl was going to lash out at the avatar.  However, Micha's attention was drawn to her right hand, which began to twitch and shake until it was a blur.  Suddenly, it's stopped and a hollow metallic clang filled the room as if a heavy hammer had hit an anvil.  Micha gave a shout as she looked down at her hand.  From the wrist down, her hand had become entirely metal.  It appeared to be bronze, with intricate designs carved into the metal.  Her wrist was now a ball joint, and her knuckles were all hinges, all of them a metallic yellow, like copper or gold.  Micha grabbed onto it and begin to pull vigorously.  "Why! Won't! It! Come! *Off!?*" she shouted. 

Tyra strode forward and gently placed one of her hands on Micha's left shoulder.  "Because, my dear, that isn't a glove or armor.  That is you." Micha looked up at her and back to her hand, tentatively flexing it and trying to come to grips with the avatar’s statement.  "Oh," Trya said, "and it looks like the rest of you is ready to join it." She stepped away as Micha's right forearm began to twitch and spasm as her hand previously had.  At the same time, or left hand began to do the same.  Then, her rear most left spider leg.  Then her Front most right spider leg.  Her body continued to shake and spasm until another loud clang of metal announced another appendage had changed.  Then another.  And another.

Micha continued to yelp and groan as her limbs were converted into those of a clockwork machine.  The groans became more erotic as her spider abdomen began to spasm.  Aleha briefly felt a moment of curiosity as she wondered what had happened to Micha's pussy when she became part spider, then regret that she had not gotten a better view of her original crotch before her transformation, before snapping out of her newly instilled bisexual tendencies. 

A moment later, Micha's spider abdomen joined her mechanical limbs, the hard exoskeleton replaced with gorgeously carved bronze.  Then, she began to gasp and choke, as her human body followed.  It was shaking fast and fast as her head began cock first to one side, then the other, until it too was only a blur.  A moment later, her body snapped to a complete stop.  The milk inside her massive, metal breasts sloshed loudly inside of her hollow chest.  Her nipples had changed as well, appearing to be long stems.  Before Aleha could get a better look at them, Micha's head stopped moving. 

Like the rest of her body, it was now metal.  Her blonde hair had become a plate of gold that topped her head.  She now had a relief of her beautiful face cast in bronze.  Her eyes glowed with an otherworldly light.  She looked down and raised her arms.  They moved smoothly, but clicked and clanked as a series of gears and levers inside of her powered the motion.  They began to roam over her new body, patting her stomach, then her chest.  They grasped her elongated nipples and gave them a twist.  Milk freely poured out, as her nipples had been replaced with taps.  The milk continued to flow freely from her breast onto the floor, as if there was a bottomless reservoir in her chest.  Micha was clearly in shock as she said nothing, but instead tighten her nipples and raised her metal hands up to her face.  Her expression remained unchanged, a frozen metal mask.  "_I...  I can't feel my face.  I can't feel...  anything._" Her voice was metallic and hollow, as if she was talking into an empty tin can.  "_My face! It won't move! How am I supposed to eat?!_"

"You don't eat," Tyra announced.  "You don't eat, you don't breath, you don't sleep, you just _are_." Micha's form slumped.  It appeared she couldn't cry, either.  Aleha was sure that if she could have, she would be now.  However, Tyra was as enthusiastic as ever.  "Ready for round two?" she asked Lexa. 

"No! I would give anything to get out of this deal right now! I don't want to end up like these freaks!" she responded truthfully.  Aleha was tempted to mock her, but realized she would only be attacking and insulting her friends as well.  Instead, she watched in anticipation as her golden card was drawn. 


Like Micha, Lexa grabbed on to the table to brace herself as her chair was magically pulled away from her.  Her legs snapped together and rippled as they became scaly.  Her vagina was pulled back into a cloaca as her fused legs stretched out and gained flexibility until they tapered into a point.  Finally, her lower body became s dark green with brown and black stripes.  Lexa looked back at her 25 foot long snake body. 

"Serves you right, you lying snake," Aleha snapped.  Lexa looked over at her, and then at Tine who nodded enthusiastically.  The familiar devilish grin returned to her face.  "Actually," she said as she rubbed her hands along her altered hips, "I rather like it."

Aleha fumed.  She knew Lexa had to tell the truth because of her previous transformation.  Even when she lost, it was like she still won!

"Last but not least," Tyra chimed in, the gold card already in her hand.  "Tentacles." In an instant, Tines legs erupted into swirling lengths of flesh.  They quickly formed into a ring around her lower body and lengthened before tapering off into a distinctive shape.  Tine now had ten tentacles at her base.  Each was eight feet long, three inches in diameter, and ended with a penis.  Immediately, two of the tentacles shot beneath her and began to fuck her pussy and asshole while another shot up and filled her face pussy. 

Aleha watched on, enthralled by the writhing mass of flesh.  "You know, Aleha, I'm sure if you ask nicely your girlfriend would fuck you too," Lexa taunted.  Aleha said nothing, but she did find her twin pussies dripping at the thought.  There was enough for her to be fucked in both holes and give a blowjob.  Maybe even give a couple of them handjobs...

With a grunt, Tine came.   Ten cocks and two pussies released a flood of fluids which spattered on her chair, the table and the floor.  As Tine came back to her senses, she looked about her and blushed in embarrassment.  Aleha, too, was flush...  but with arousal. 

"Well, no matter what, this will be the last round for at least one player," Trya announced cheerfully.  Aleha realize she was right.  If she or Lexa won, Tine and Micha would be eliminated.  If either Tine or Micha won, the other would be ejected.  She looked at her two friends and fought back her tears.  "_We can't let her win_," Micha said defiantly.  Aleha turned to Tine.  Her face was still soiled from her self-pleasure, but she gave a defiant nod. 

"Deal the cards," Aleha said with more confidence than she felt. 

The cards quickly appeared before the four players.  Micha's fingers clicked and whirrled as she reached forward and picked up her cards.  Tine waited a few moments for her cards to lift up as they previously had, before she realized that the Hall decided that her tentacles were good enough to do the job themselves.  After several struggles, she was able to control her new appendages well enough to lift up her hards.  Aleha turned her focus to her own hand.  She had been dealt another hand of garbage.  On one hand, she was relieved that she may not be responsible for sending her friends home.  On the other hand, she knew that if she lost it would be only her left again Lexa.  Aleha couldn't believe that she was thinking it, but she actually wanted to be changed so that one of her friends could continue on with her. 

A round of exchanged cards didn't help.  All she had was a single page as her high card.  The table turned over their hands.  Aleha let out a curse as she saw Lexa held a full house.  "Get on with it," she gleefully ordered Tyra.  Their host said nothing, but gave a look of disdain at the spoiled winner and drew a golden card. 

"Boob body."

Aleha and Tine locked eyes.  Aleha had no idea what that meant, but knew it wouldn’t be good.  She watched as her friend begin to shrink and compress.  Her breasts absorbed into her body and her nipples faded away as her bones dissolved and her body became soft and fleshy.   A discoloration appeared at her collarbone and began to circle evenly around her armless shoulders and upper back.  Then, everything within the ring, namely her neck and head, took on the same pinkish change as the line.  What remained of her body then plumped out.  Aleha gasped as she saw what had become of her friend.  She was roughly the size of a large pumpkin.  She was now  a breast.  Her body was round, soft flesh. Her neck and head and retained their shape and her fiery red hair, but it was clear that they had now become a massive nipple.

An invisible force toppled the girl out of her chair.  Apparently, since she was no longer a player, she was no longer welcome at the table.  As she rolled on the floor, her 10 tentacles at the base of her boob body stretched out and attempted to upright herself.  Aleha saw that at the bottom of her body her vagina and asshole had melted together and become a single feminine slit.  Trya strolled over and tenderly picked up the former girl.  "Do not worry, little one.  It will not be so bad being a part of the Hall." With that, she walked over to the far end of the room and placed Tine on a plush couch next to the one Yaru was peacefully sleeping on.  Aleha watched on that's her friend silently cried before beginning to run her cock tentacles over her sensitive body. 

"Aleha," Tyra called, pulling her attention back to the matter at hand.  "It is your turn." Aleha nodded, accepting her fate.  "Humanitaur."

Aleha felt a sudden contraction in her body as it cramped beneath her.  Before she realized what she was doing, she had to grabbed the edge of the table as Micha and Lexa had.  She felt pressure on her ass is it expanded, slowly pushing further and further back from her body.  This was followed by one stretching sensation, then another.  She looked back and realized that she had grown two additional legs.  She now looked as if a copy of her original body was coming out of her ass, complete with a pair of ripe breast dangling behind her front set of legs.  She checked her crotch and realized it was now flat and bare.  She looked behind her with a groan and realized that she could no longer reach either of her pussies. 

Suddenly, a third stretching sensation erupted from between her rear legs.  She bent over and looked beneath her to see a penis was growing in.  It was *massive*! Looking past it, she saw that she now sported an appropriately sized set of balls that dangled freely between her rear legs.  As she took in the sight of the monster that was now attached to her, it hardened and became erect.  She moaned as she realized that its length stretched the entirety of her lower body and her new set of tits would constantly tease her cock head whenever it was erect.   She was tempted to reach down and stroke her new shaft, but she steadied herself.  She knew that she needed to keep her head in the game.  Besides, she did not want to give Lexa the satisfaction.  She took slow even breath until her new member softened and hung flaccidly down to the knees of her new legs.

Aleha was so caught up in her own changes that she realized Micha was facing her eliminating transformation just as Tyra read the card.  "Obedient." Aleha watched, but no changes occurred.  Instead, Micha simply sat stationary, unmoving, the only noise in the room was the gentle ticking of the clockwork mechanisms within her body. 

"Micha?" she ventured hesitantly. 


“Please tell me you’re ok.”

“_I am ok._”

"Are you sure?"

"_I am if you wish me to be._"

"What happened?"

"_Please specify instructions._"

Aleha was confused.  Micha had never been this… cold.  Suddenly, Lexa begin to laugh uncontrollably.  "You know what happened to her! Tell me!" Aleha snarled.  Lexa cocked her head to the side in amusement.  "Isn't it obvious? She no longer looks like an automaton.  She _is_ an automaton.  Watch! Hey, Micha!" The mechanical spider-girl came to my attention.


"Bring me a drink and then massage my tail."

"_At once!_"

Micha's eight metallic legs clicked across the floor and she moved to where Tyra had originally offered them drinks and grabbed a decanter of wine and an empty glass before rushing over to where Lexa was stationed at the table.  She dutifully poured a glass of wine before putting down the decanter and moving to the end of Lexa's length, taking position on the left side of the tail, and began to gently caress and massage it. 

"You know, this isn't half bad.  I think I'll just trade the three of you and for the wishes and keep her as is."

Again, Aleha knew it was the truth.  If she didn't win, Micha would spend the rest of her life as Lexa's mindless slave while the rest of them would be given up to the Hall in exchange for Mammon's blessing. 

Aleha was wasn't going to let that happen. 

"Next round," she declared, steel in her voice.  Tyra smiled widely at her, amused at her determination.  She quickly dealt the cards to the two remaining players.  Aleha picked up her cards, look across the table at Lexa, then slapped one card down on the table.  Caught off guard by the confidence of her opponent, Lexa begrudgingly placed three cards on the table.  Tyra placed the appropriate number of cards before the competitors and watched and satisfaction as Aleha laid down her cards. 

"Three nines."

Lexa looked down at her own cards and cursed, throwing them with disgust into the center of the table without even revealing what she had.  "Whatever.  You just got lucky again," she muttered bitterly.  Aleha watched with rapt attention as the golden card was pulled from the deck.  Tyra's grin became mischievous.

"Cock tail."

Lexa's eyes went wide as a shudder rocked her body.  Far behind her, the end of her tail rippled and shifted, its tapered end inflating to take on the bulbous head of a dick.  While it remained covered in snake scales, it appeared to be highly sensitive.  This was evident since Micha had continued to dutifully massage Lexa's tail despite it changing in her hands.  Lexa let out a throaty grown as her entire tail spasmed and a massive blast of cum erupted from her tail and splashed against the wall behind her.

"Oooooh, stop! Stop! Stop rubbing my tail you mindless idiot! Demons below, that was intense.  Shit! How am I going to get around?! If I'm stuck slithering around and this giant cock I'm going to be blowing a load wherever I go! You! You did this to me, you freak!"

"I'd watch who you're calling a freak.  It wasn't my idea to lure my friends into a demonic contest for power.  Besides, when I grew a dick I didn't go making a mess over half the room."

"Well your girlfriend sure as hell did, even if I did get totally wet while watching it.  Just thinking about it makes me want to have Micha rub me off again!"  Again, Lexa's hands covered her mouth.  "Just deal the fucking cards!" she bellowed. 

Aleha could've sworn she heard the avatar chuckling to herself as she shuffled and dealt the next round.  Aleha quickly gathered up her cards, eager to see if she had a chance.  She fought back a smile as she saw a six, seven, eight, nine, and 10 in her hand.  She had a straight! She looked at Lexa and gently placed her hand on the table.

"Your hand so bad that you're trying to trade and all of your cards? Sorry, but that's against the rules.  Demon, you may remove her for cheating."

"Actually, Lexa, I'm holding on to all of my cards."

"And, may I take this opportunity to remind you, that you are here as guests of my lord, Mammon.  While patrons are tolerant, bad manners are not. And I am not a demon, I am an Avatar," Tyra said with an edge in her voice.

Lexa said nothing, but simply demurely placed one card on the table.  Trya flicked one black card on the table in front of her.  Even as she was picking it up, Aleha turned over her hand.  "Straight!" Lexa looked at her cards and grinned wickedly as she laid them on the table.  "Flush," she stated triumphantly.

Aleha wanted to curse.  To cry.  To run.  Instead, as she had before, she found inner strength and chose to except what was happening.  She looked to Tyra and gave a small nod.  She was ready.  Tyra pulled the top card. 

"Sexual tongue." 

Aleha could feel her tongue swelling in her mouth.  Pressed against the roof of her mouth and against her teeth.  She opened her jaw slightly to give it more space, but the tongue greedily took this extra room and continue to spread.  Unable to hold it back any longer, Aleha opened her mouth and let her tongue slither out.  It must've been 9 inches long.  She was shocked by the incredible control she had over it as it swirled and rippled exactly how she wanted it to.  Finally, she attempted to pull it back into her mouth, sucking on it like an oversized pasta noodle.  She was relieved to find that she could successfully suck it back in.  However, as her extended tongue slide through her pursed lips, she could not help but moan and shudder.  Her tongue was now just as sensitive as any of her other erogenous zones.  The spreading arousal again awoke the giant cock between her legs is it raised up and had its enormous head cradled in the cleavage of her lower breasts.  Even as a moan escaped her lips, Lexa's insults began anew.

"One more round.  That's all I need.  One more round and then I get all of my wishes.  Then I can get rid of this ridiculous dick tail."

"Oh, I do apologize but I should've mentioned this earlier: All changes are permanent.  My Master will not reverse any of the effects which have occurred over the course of the game."

"What?! You mean I'm stuck like *this*?! What does your master request to reverse it? Name your price!"

"It is not a matter of price.  Besides, you have already entered this game with all you had to offer.  I would not act as if you have already won.  However, even should you win and receive my Master’s favor, the current changes _shall_ remain."

Aleha was saddened to hear this revelation.  She had hoped there was some way to fix themselves.  A price that could be paid, a bargain that could be struck.  She looked around the room.  Micha was standing at attention, unmoving ever since Lexa had ordered her to stop her massage.  Yaru was still deep asleep, oblivious to the fate of her friends.  And Tine, poor Tine, was once again lost in the haze of her own lust.  They would never be normal again.

Aleha looked across the table.  If these transgressions could not be reversed, they would at least be avenged.  "Another round?" she asked in a breathy voice.  Tyra gathered and began to shuffle the cards as Aleha tried to stop titty-fucking herself.


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Another five cards were placed in front of her.  A five, two tens, a queen and a king.  There were so many options.  Get rid of the five and a 10 and hope for a high straight? Get rid of all of the cards except the tens? What should she do? She nervously looked up at Lexa.  She had a single card on the table ready to be exchanged and was staring with amusement at Aleha's plight.  Aleha said a silent prayer and laid down the queen and the five.

Lexa triumphantly turned her hand over.  "Full house! Pages over tens!" Aleha laid her own tens down.  Then her king.  She reached forward with a shaking hand and turned over one of her new cards.  A king.  Hope filled her.  She looked at Lexa, taking joy in the shock on her face, if even for a moment, before turning over the final card.  Another king!

"Full house.  Kings over tens.  Well done," Tyra congratulated as she reached for a fresh gold card.  Aleha released a shaky exhale even as Lexa drew in a shaky breath. 

"Extra arms."

Lexas arms crossed her body and went to her armpits.  The act caused her to heave her bosom enticingly, and Aleha needed to shake her head to pull herself away from the distraction.  Lexa's hands were pushed away as stumps began to extend out from underneath her original arms.  Within moments, they had fully developed into a fresh set of arms.  Lexa kept her arms spread wide, trying to learn how to use her new appendages.  The position made her look like some sort of a weird bug.  Aleha laughed at the image despite herself.

"I know that if this were anyone else, I would be laughing at them even harder than you are, but because this is me I feel like the circumstances are different and I want you to shut the hell up," Lexa honestly admitted.  Aleha was trying to think of a clever comeback, when Tyra spoke up.

"Well, well.  It has come down to this.  Lexa, you had a good start, but Aleha has persevered and now the game is tied.  Whoever wins this next hand will gain my Master’s favor.  Good luck."

Once more, the cards were shuffled and dealt.  Time seemed to slow around them.  Even the slick, slapping sounds of Tine pleasuring herself in the background seemed to fade away.  Aleha reached for her cards.  A five, six and seven of crescents and a queen and kings of eyes.  Everything came down to this choice. 

Aleha was tired.  Tired of the mind games.  Tired of the manipulation.  Tired of the random chance of it all.  She did not even bother to look at Lexa before she slammed her unwanted cards on the table.  "Aw, is the game getting to you?  Me too.  I'm actually terrified that you made it this far.  I'm so scared that I'm concerned I’m going to piss myself out of fear.  Oh, seven hells! This honesty curse is worse than the cock tail!" Alex huffed and laid down her own cards for trade. 

Within expert flick of the wrist, Tyra sent the gleaming black cards sliding across the smooth table to both players.  The room was deathly silent.  Even Tine was focused entirely on this one moment.  The competitors’ locked eyes, and for a final time a wicked smile crossed Lexa's face. 

"Four pages," she aannounced triumphantly.  Aleha turned over her own hand. 

The four of crescents.  The five of crescents.  The six of crescence.  The seven of crescents.  And finally, the eight of crescents. 

"A straight flush." Tyra clapped her hands clapped her two set of hands, her applause echoing off of the walls.  Relief flooded Aleha.  She darted away from the table, stumbling from inexperience with four legs, and ran to Tine.  She wrapped her arms around her transformed friend as she wrapped her tentacles around her in return. 

"How...  how did I lose..." Lexa wondered aloud in disbelief.  She looked at Aleha and Tine.  "You probably want me to say that I'm sorry.  That I've finally learned that our friendship was worth more than I ever could've gained here.  But I can’t.  The only reason I want to convince you that I've seen the error of my ways is that I'm hoping that I will be spared.  I still don't care about any of you." This time, she didn't even bother trying to cover her betraying mouth.  She simply slumped her shoulders and turned to Tyra.  With a grandiose flourish, the avatar pulled the top card off of the golden deck.

"Fresh deck."

"What? What does that-"

In a flash, Lexa was gone.  The only sign that she had even been in the room was the cum coated wall.  Instead, sitting at her place on the table was a fresh deck of cards.  They gleamed with a glossy emerald green with brown and black streaks, the same color as her scales had been.

_What?  What happened to me?  I can't move.  Why is the room so big?  Or am I small?  What happened?!_

Tyra strolled over and picked up the fresh deck of cards, feeling their smooth texture in her hands.

_Seven hells!  The demoness is a giant!  I have been shrunk.  Why can't I move?  What is the demoness-_

"Tsk tsk," Tyra said out loud, "I already told you: I'm not a demoness.  I'm an avatar." With that, she shuffled the deck.

_Is she what doing? I strange feel!_

She shuffled the cards again.

_ple waase rryo ntt opn't ost nI so'm Ido..._

On and on Tyra shuffled and more and more Lexa's thoughts jumbled and fractured until her very consciousness was lost among the deck.  Tyra pulled one card out of the deck and expertly threw it across the room.  It landed in front of Aleha and Tine.  The card was a queen.  The illustration on it was of Lexa.  Her long snake tail twisted and curled beneath her elegant body.  Her upper set of arms were cupping her generous breasts while her lower arms were groping the head of her cock tail.

Aleha picked up the card and crossed the room to the avatar.  She was distinctly aware of her massive cock slapping against her rear and knees.  Tyra smiled at her as she approached.

"I can tell you from experience that you will get used to that faster than you would think.  However, before you move on and get accustomed to the new you, there is business to conclude." She bowed deeply and extended her four arms in a grand gesture, similar to how she had first welcomed the five of them into her chamber.  "Champion, you have earned the right to request up to four wishes from my Master.  However, each wish will cost the freedom of a companion who came with you."

Aleha looked around the room and her transformed friends.  Micha was a mindless drone.  Yaru was an infant cat-hermaphrodite.  Tine was a freak who would forever be tempted by the lusts of her own body.  She could trade them all and gain whatever she wanted many times over.

But... she wouldn't.  She looked down at her own body, and realized not only that she wasn't much better off than them, but that she would need her friends now more than ever.  She looked at Tine.  She felt a swelling of emptions in her chest, as well as feeling her dick hardening again.  While she would need her friends, she needed Tine especially.

"Um, Micha?"

The automaton girl snapped to attention and cluttered over to stand before her.  "_How may I be of assistance?_"

“Micha, are you still in there?”

“Please specify. Is there somewhere you would like me to be?”

"Oh, Micha...  Wait!  I order you to act normal."

While her expression did not change, her posture and demeanor immediately relaxed.  "_Oh my gods! That is so fucking weird! Yes, I'm still in here!  I'm still… me.  But there's this wall in the way.  I can only be what others want me to be, do what they want me to do.  Thank you! Thank you for bringing me back!_"

Aleha hugged her, recoiling slightly as she pressed her naked skin against Micha's cold metal body.  "Don't worry.  I'm bringing everyone back."


Aleha looked at the deck of cards in Tyra's hands.  "Um, when you said I could exchange my companions for wishes, do I get to pick who I exchange?" Trya flashed her familiar fanged grin.  “Of course.  As I said, there will be no tricks from us."  Aleha nodded. 

"I'm tired of this.  I never want to go through anything like this again.  And although Lexa played on our fears to lure us here, that doesn't mean they couldn't actually happen someday.  I will never be this desperate again.  I will trade Lexa to you for one wish, which is this: I wish that whenever I enter a bet, deal, wager or bargain that I am guaranteed to win."

Tyra let out a loud, throaty laugh which echoed off the stone walls.  Even Yaru awoke and stared at the avatar.  "My, my, that may be one of the cleverest request I have ever heard while serving my Master.  You continue to impress me, human." Aleha could not help but give a subtle bow.  "My master will grant your wish, but on two conditions.  First, the deals must be made in his name.”  Aleha was confused, not understanding why Mammon would want her to speak for him, but she nodded in agreement.  The sooner she and her friends got out of here, the better.  “Second, this is the last time he will made a deal with you.  After all, one cannot be forced to lose a deal if one does not enter into it," she said with a wink.

Aleha looked at the queen card in her hand before giving it back to Tyra.  "I guess some learn that the hard way.  I accept these terms." Tyra gentle took the card back and placed her upper hands on Aleha’s shoulders.  “The contract has been struck.  The tower doors are now unlocked to you.  Oh, and please send my regards to Dessa.” 

Aleha expected something to happen.  A blast of light, a tingling sensation.  But she felt nothing.  Was the wish really granted?  Did it even matter?  They were free.  They could leave.  But what now?  She looked over at Tine.  She found her best friend’s new body beautiful and erotic.  Aleha’s new sexuality coveted her.  However, she would miss talking with her friend.  How could they have anything like a normal relationship?  A thought suddenly came to her mind.

"Micha! I'm going to make a bet with you when I need you to except, ok?"

"_As you command.  Oops, I mean, yeah, sure._"

"I bet you I can unlock my magical potential!"

"_Um...  you're on?_" the metal girl said with a shrug.

Like a switch in her mind, Aleha felt new powers open to her and rushed back to her best friend’s side.  "Tine! I'm sorry.  I'm so sorry.  I should've let you won that round." The boob girl shook her nipple head, one of her tentacles reaching up and wiping the tears away from Aleha's eyes.  As Tine’s eyes locker with hers, Aleha felt a distant voice speaking to her.  It was Tine’s!

<No! We all had to do everything we could to beat Lexa.  And you did it!  You saved us.  We get to go home.>

The two held each other tightly and Aleha kissed Tine's new lips passionately. 


It was nearly dawn when the four girls made it back to the academy.  Aleha was wearing her dress with her extended hindquarters sticking out from under the hem.  She had briefly tried to figure out a way to hide her cock, but realized there was no way to do it with what they had on hand. 

Tine was wrapped in Micha's old clothing which were both voluminous enough for her new body to fit into and warm enough to protect her from the night's cold while Aleha carried her back, pressed to her bosom.  Micha was completely naked.  Not only would none of their clothing fit her highly transformed body anymore, but she also didn't have many parts worth covering anyhow.  Besides, clothing would've gotten in the way of Yaru's feeding.  The young cat creature was happily lapping away at the steady stream of milk which was flowing from Micha's nipple taps, purring contently.  The other three had spent much of the walk back wondering if Yaru would grow up even remembering who she had once been, or if there was anything left of their original friend left.

Micha's metallic spider legs clinked and clacked loudly against the courtyard stones.  They made no effort to hide themselves.  After all, it's not like they could cover up what had happened to them.  This wasn't sneaking back from the boys’ dorms or trying to hide that your botched homework experiment had turned your knees backwards.  No, this was another matter entirely.

They were almost to their dormitory when they heard footsteps approaching.  Around the corner came the head librarian.  He froze in place, trying to comprehend what you were seeing.  The realization that these were students caused him to fluster and fume.

"Freya preserve us! What- how- how-?" he sputtered.  Aleha couldn't help but laugh.  They had faced down a traitor's plot and the power of a great demon.  An angry librarian was nothing compared to that.  Misinterpreting her reaction for mockery, the librarian quickly became stern.

"What is the meaning of this?! You all have a lot of explaining to do! The headmaster will be furious!"

A smirk crossed Aleha's face. 

"Wanna bet?"

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Not my usual style, but I like the invocation of Mammon as a neutral force compared to the evil Lexa. A lot of the stuff I click on here has the agent of transformation be evil (plot-free unwilling transformations) or good  (plot-free willing transformations.) Mammon's just the function that allows for the plot,  so the human characters can bounce off of each other in a meaningful conflict.


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Great story, card game TF always keeps things interesting, and I'm always down for giving girls dicks in various fashions.


Re: Return to the Hall of Dark Wonders by ekempo5000

Nice TF's and great story. Although i feel sorry for Micha. (Having played Pillars of Eternity and know the fate of the Devil of Caroc)