Topic: A Day in the Life

Julie lays in bed atop me, snoring softly and not having a care in the world, but I don't have that
luxury. I've been awake for hours, as I find I don't need much sleep anymore, and try to wait patiently
for Julie to wake up. It isn't easy, I'm stiff, I need to pee badly, and her weight is pushing me into the
bedding uncomfortably. Sadly, this is how I wake up most mornings.
Eventually Julie wakes up, and if I could sigh, I would do so. All I want to do is to empty my
bladder and get on with the day, but instead, my playful sister reaches down and scratches at my breasts
lazily, then strokes my neck with a soft giggle.
“Mmmm... Morning Lezzy.” I want to tell her that my name is Lizzy, but it wouldn't make a
difference even if I still had vocal cords. She rolls to her side and I feel the wave of vertigo as I shift
with her, then the burst of light as she throws back the covers and lets the cool morning air wash across
us both.
I feel myself bob and bounce side to side as she stands and pads barefoot across the floor
towards the bathroom door. Under the best of circumstances this kind of naked jaunt would give me
nausea, but with a full bladder, I feel so ill.
“Can't pee with you all stiff and worked up like that, you know...” a soft chide from Julie's lips,
and she pauses before the full length mirror hanging from the bathroom door to admire her naked form.
I can't help but look myself. My sister Julie is beautiful, with creamy smooth skin, green eyes,
blond hair that is long enough that she often sits on it by mistake, and a gymnast's build, perhaps a bit
boyish, but still quite sexy. At sixteen, her figure has mostly filled out, with nice hips, a tight ass, and
perky b-cup breasts capped by rosy nipples.
We were born identical, so up until our thirteenth birthday, we both looked the same. We were
the kind of twins that dressed the same and pulled pranks on our friends. We were socially inseparable,
but ever since our thirteenth birthday we have been medically inseparable as well.
I never get to forget that fact, but a look in the mirror puts it all into such stark reality. I look
without eyes at the apex of her long legs, and there I am, jutting out vulgarly as though proud of
myself. I don't look anything like my former self, instead I look for all the world like a dick.
Everyone called it a harmless prank, a bit of d-cum mixed into the frosting of my slice of
birthday cake...
And now I rest between my sister's thighs, almost ten inches of long thick shaft etched with
pulsing veins for a neck with a circumcised tip that is the same rosy pink as my sister's nipples to form
my head. A dick, a penis, my sister's penis. My breasts hang beneath me... well, they feel like my
breasts, but in truth they are testicles in a silky skinned scrotum.
I have no eyes, but I can see, mana-sight they call it. I am still pale, feminine, and beautiful, at
least according to Julie, but all I can see when I look at myself is a dick. My sister didn't know that this
is what her little prank would do to me, and she tries to make life easier sometimes. She keeps me
shaved smooth like her legs, and has trimmed my once beautiful locks into a silky thatch of blond
pubic hair in the shape of a heart.
The sight of myself usually kills the morning wood, and soon enough I slump down over my
breasts and stare at the ground as though pouting. It suits me, and it suits Julie, as we really do need to
pee. She makes her way towards the toilet, and carefully aims me at the water below.
Julie can't really feel her bladder anymore, or at least that is what she says is the reason for
always waiting until the last second to go to the bathroom, but I can, like a huge swelling in my
stomach. I relax, and shudder as the torrent of fluid backed up through the night rushes out of me.
The only sense I lost from the transformation was smell, but I always wish it had been taste
instead. If you have ever tasted your pee first thing in the morning, then you know why. I vomit up the
stream of rank and hot salt, letting it splash into the toilet below me. It just keeps coming, and I can't do
anything except taste it as it voids from our body.
The stream finally tapers to a dribble, and Julie gives me a nauseating shake to get the last of it
into the toilet, then she flushes and heads to the sink.
She presses her belly against the edge of the sink while she does her morning grooming, so I am
left pressed against cold wooden cabinets and staring at her feet while she works. It takes nearly an
hour for Julie to finish her hair and makeup, then she backs away and heads to the bedroom with a
spring in her step.
She truly loves the way my flaccid body slaps against her thighs as she moves like that, naked
and care free. I can't stand it, I get dizzy and feel sick, but there is nothing I can do about it. I don't even
know if he can feel my discomfort. Still, at least I am free to the air, something that doesn't usually last
I watch as Julie digs through her drawers, finally selecting a powder blue pair of panties with a
matching bra. Must be a date tonight if she is worried about the color of her bra. She shifts and steps
into the panties, then hoists them up and tucks me down into them, plunging me into a pale blue
twilight and muffling the sounds around me.
I can't really tell what else she wears, but from the lack of pressure, and the fact that the light is
brighter down beneath, I know it is a skirt or a dress. The panty barely contains me, but at least it keeps
me from jostling about as she moves about.
This is my life now, a very boring life trapped in my sister's panties as she goes about her day. I
can faintly hear Mom and Dad talking with her at the breakfast table, and later, her friends at the bus
stop. No one talks to me directly anymore, no one but Julie, after all, I'm just a piece of anatomy.
I used to try to pay attention at school, but I gave up on that eventually. I mean, I can't talk or
hold a pencil, and no one is going to make me get a job, so what's the point. The only part of school
that is at all interesting is gym class.
It never fails to make me feel like a pervert, but at least in gym class I get acknowledged. Today
is no exception. Julie is the only shemale in the school, so she uses the girl's locker room, and every
time she pulls me out, someone wants a look. I feel that blue cotton pulled from my body, and I dangle
in the air between her legs, surrounded on all sides by girls in various stages of undress.
Julie has gym before the lunch period, so this is usually my first time in open air once dressed
each day. I listen to the soft mutters and whispers that start up as I dangle in the air, knowing that they
are talking about me.
Jenny, Julie's girlfriend, bumps my sister's hip and reaches a silky hand down to caress me
gently, “Hey there sexy, has your sister grown more? Damn, its like every day she is a little longer and
a little thicker...”
I watch from Jenny's caress as Julie kisses the other girl, “Hey, she's a late bloomer.”
I wasn't expecting to be handled, and I can feel myself going stiff and rising against Jenny's
warm hand against my better judgment. I can't control it, and neither can Julie, and soon enough I am
standing proudly erect, blushed dark with blood, and humiliated.
The girls gather around to get a better look at me, and to flaunt it, Julie thrusts me against
Jenny's hand a few times, making the situation worse. It doesn't break up until Miss Gunst, the gym
teacher, arrives to see what all the fuss is about.
“Julie, take care of your little problem and get dressed. As for the rest of you, anyone not out in
the gym in five minutes is doing ten laps around the gym!”
At least that gets my sister to blush, and she nods, “Sure thing Ma'am...” and heads to one of the
bathroom stalls. There isn't any romance to it, Julie just takes hold of my neck and starts to rub the
length of me, working at the pace she decides is fast enough. I can feel my skin working over the firm
ridge of my core, and the waves of intense pleasure that numb me to how I am being used.
I lose all track of time as she does this to me, hypnotically entranced into the squeezing tugs and
draws of her fingers around me. I don't know how long it takes, but I feel a new welling within me,
then an explosion. I may not enjoy a lot of my life as a dick, but orgasm is really a full body experience
for me. I feel myself vomiting gout after gout of seed into the water of the toilet, then slowly feel
myself relax and go limp in her hand.
Julie takes this opportunity to drain me in another way too, saying, “So long as you are already
out...” and I feel us both relaxing as our bladder opens up and our urine courses through me, washing
out the sweeter flavor of our cum for the oppressive salty tang of piss.
I am barely aware of things, still recovering as Julie tucks me into her sports cup, a hot and
cramped shell wrapped in cotton that has saved me from more accidents than I care to think of. I've
been kicked once since the transformation, and neither Julie or myself will ever forget that pain.
I can feel Julie's heart pounding during gym class, as I am bounced too and fro in that
protective cup, I know she is having a good time, but for me it is just heat and darkness. I feel the
occasional knock of something against the plastic shell that surrounds me, and am continually grateful
for the protection, even for the heat.
After gym comes the showers, and Julie strips bare along with the other girls, and I feel myself
being bounced side to side as I try to watch the girls around us. I know most of them, and remember the
days before the transformation when we used to compare breast size and who had the most pubic hair.
Now they are all more interested in who gets to soap me up.
I should feel like a slut, but it is nice to be caressed and scrubbed by more hands than just my
sister's. I know that they just want to feel a real dick, but it makes me feel like someone wants me, and
not just my sister.
The shower doesn't last nearly long enough from my point of view, and soon enough I am
roughly toweled off and stuffed back into those blue cotton panties, and my sister Julie is going about
her other classes.
From here, the rest of the day is usually fairly boring, as I see nothing but the inside of a pair of
panties until either Julie decides to use the bathroom or go to bed. My only real hope is that she is
planning on a date after all, as that at least has a potential for more attention.
And so the day drags on. I can make out the occasional conversation from within my cotton
prison, but I tune most of it out, it isn't important to me. There is a brief break after school, when Julie
pulls down her panties and sits on the toilet. I'll spare you the details of what happens there, but you
can probably guess.
I expect Julie to get on the bus afterwards, but instead, she gets into a car. This is an unexpected
development, as Mom and Dad don't usually pick us up from school. My confusion is put to rest when I
hear Julie exclaim, “Wow Jenny, your parents got you a sweet new car!”
I can't make out Jenny's reply, as the supposedly sweet car is also quite loud, and Jenny wastes
no time in leaving the school.
The first stop is Jenny's house, for some studying, actual studying and the doing of homework. I
find myself pressed down against Jenny's bed as the two lay atop it and work. It means being more
muffled than usual, and completely cut off between my sister's firm thighs and the bedding. As anyone
can attest, the homework seems to take forever.
After the homework, the two head back to the car, and I can hear them talking about where to
eat, which fills me with a contented sense, as this most likely means a proper date night. I have no idea
what restaurant they decide to eat at, nor does it really matter to me, I am waiting for what happens
Julie and Jenny like to go to the local movie theater, and even though I haven't watched a movie
or even TV since the transformation, I have to admit I have a fondness for the movies. The faint blue
glow through the panties fades as they enter the theater, and soon enough they are seated. I know from
experience that they are sitting at the back of the theater.
I wait impatiently, growing tense, and also stiff in my confines, feeling uncomfortable as I
stretch against those dainty panties. I can hear the previews, and then the movie starting, and then it
Jenny pulls my sister's skirt back and my sister wiggles her panties down, letting me pop into
the air and stretch out. I look up into Jenny's face as she caresses me while Julie pretends to watch the
Jenny, you see, has a bit of an oral fixation, and soon enough she is placing kisses along my face
and neck. Her lips are so warm and soft, and her lipstick feels ever so slightly greasy against my skin. I
peer into her mouth as it opens and watch her tongue slide out to curl around me, and then things go
dark as she lowers her head, taking me into the hot and wet confines of her mouth.
This isn't at all like when Julie masturbates me. It isn't rushed or frenzied, it is calm, gentle,
almost reverent. It is like she worships me with her mouth while my sister pets her head. Every once in
a while she tries to take me into her throat, but despite her earnest desire, Jenny hasn't figured deep
throating out yet, so I feel her mouth and throat tighten and a rush of saliva around me as she pulls
Her hand caresses the base of my neck and my breasts... my sister's family jewels, and if I could
voice anything, I would be moaning into her mouth with my pleasure and lust. Julie makes the
occasional squeak or moan from the attentions herself, though she tries to hide that anything out of the
ordinary is happening.
Jenny takes her time with us, she rarely lets us cum before the credits are rolling, and I'm okay
with that. The girl's lips keep me hard for the entirety of the movie, and by the end of two hours, I am
aching from having been standing erect for so long, and my breasts are throbbing with need. Blue balls,
Julie calls it.
The release is almost heaven and hell at the same time, as by the time her mouth quickens over
my body, everything is focused on getting over that edge. It finally happens, and I feel Jenny cup my
breasts and give them a gentle squeeze as I spit into her mouth, feeling it wash with her saliva around
my face as she sucks and swallows it all down.
I just about faint, melting limp in her grasp as she licks me clean, then helps Julie tuck me away.
Julie never misses a stinger at the end of the credits, as she usually sits there breathless until the staff
comes in to clean the theater and kick her and Jenny out.
We end up back at our house, and the two sit down on our bed, and in my cotton prison, I can
hear Jenny and Julie making out. This has happened before, of course, but never in our bedroom. I find
myself rising to the occasion again, curious as to what is going to happen.
To explain, we are only sixteen, and despite frequent blow jobs, and the occasional relief at
Julie's own hand, we are both still virgins, and I assume that Jenny is the same. I can't imagine that
Mom would let the three of us be alone like this, and yet I haven't heard Mom or Dad since getting
My thoughts are interrupted as Julie rolls, pressing me forcefully into the bedding, with her legs
hanging over the edge. I can hear wet sounds, and at first think that it is just more kissing, but Jenny's
distant cries of pleasure are too unhindered, and my imagination runs wild as to what exactly the pair
are doing.
I feel Julie grinding me against the bedding in an insistent dry hump, and fear for a moment that
she is going to rub me raw against her clothing, then she lifts herself up, and I feel a rush of cold air
and freedom as the skirt and panties are tugged off.
I try to regain my balance as I bob free and erect in the air, and can see Jenny, naked from the
waist down, with her panties looped around her right ankle. Her legs are spread and her sex glistening
from moisture in the light of the room.
I just stare as Jenny works at her blouse and bares her breasts, which are larger than Julie's, and
have nipples that are more tan-brown than rosy like ours are... or were at least. Her skin is creamy and
smooth, but also darker, with tan lines that show that she tends towards long hours outdoors in very
little clothing. Her hair is a deep mahogany brown, and her sex is surrounded in a thick thatch of
equally dark, but quite moist hair.
As for her sex itself, well I have never considered myself a lesbian, despite the nickname
'Lezzy' that Julie insists on using, but I find the moist and pouty folds entrancing. Some part of me
knows what I am for, and if I had to breathe, I know I would be breathless.
I barely notice as Julie tosses her own blouse and bra aside, and the two draw towards each
other with me between them, and start making out in the nude, something that has never happened
before. I don't care, I'm not even thinking about it. I am only thinking about how warm and smooth
Jenny's belly is, and how the fur of her snatch tickles at my breasts as Julie grinds me in slow circles.
It seems to take forever as the two make out, with me sandwiched between them, but eventually
I feel Jenny's legs draw apart again, and I hear Julie ask, “Are you sure?”
I suppose it is nice of Julie to ask, but I couldn't care less about what Jenny wants at this point, I
know what I want, and I scream at Julie in my mind to take it. I don't hear a reply, but it must come, as
I feel Jenny's hand direct me down and grind my face into her hot sex.
I can taste it, Jenny's juices, hot and musky, and a heavenly ambrosia on my lips. I feel the
tightness and pressure around my head, and then a firm pressure from Julie's hips. In that moment I
find that Jenny is, in fact, a virgin, as Julie pushes me through her girlfriend's maidenhead. I don't care
though, I am in heaven.
There isn't a way to explain it, having your whole body wrapped in the tightest, hottest, wettest,
and most wonderful hug. It is nirvana. I can feel the muscles of Jenny's body gripping and fluttering
around me, hugging me, caressing me, loving me. I can feel Julie pushing me in and drawing me back
out, and it is perfect.
Perfection never lasts though, and I can feel my insides churning with need. Julie feels it as
well, and her pace quickens, and soon I am not just easing in and out of Jenny's body, I am battering at
her insides with animal ferocity. A very small part of me hopes that she is enjoying it as much as Julie
and I are, but the majority of me doesn't care.
When I do finally explode, it is uninhibited, and I can feel Jenny's insides suckling at me, trying
to swallow it all, just as she does when she sucks on me with her mouth. It is the perfect way to relax
after a good orgasm.
Julie leaves me within Jenny's loins as she catches her breath, and it takes me a very long time
to go soft. Eventually I slip free of her sex and hang between the pair of lovers. I am hot, sticky, and
very satisfied.
It turns out that so are Julie and Jenny, as the pair shift until Julie is spooning Jenny from
behind. As a result, I find myself pressed into the tight curves of Jenny's ass, nuzzled into her cleft, and
left to sleep.
I need it, today was a workout. I have to say though, after three years of hating being a dick,
tonight was enough to prove that it isn't so bad a life after all. I can barely wait for my sister and our
lover to wake up in the morning.


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