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    Hey all.  I got inspired over Memorial day weekend to do some more writing and came up with a new series based on people and places I’d already written about in universe.  It’s a bit more slice of life (abet a very strange life) than wham, bam transformations, but hopefully there are enough of the latter to keep you all reading.  I’m hoping to serialize it, dropping a chapter every Sunday.  So be sure to tune in next week for the next chapter.

Chapter 1

            As I stared up at the blocky, heavily windowed building before me, my place of employment for the foreseeable future, I wondered how my life had gotten on this track.  My life had been ordinary, almost boringly ordinary.  I'd grown up in a 2-parent, white picket fence environment before heading off to engineering school where I'd knocked out my degree in four years.  I think it was two days after graduation that I'd woken up one morning and realized I was about to lock myself into a dreary life.  That had led to a day of frantic job hunting, putting in resumes to places I would never have dreamed of applying to merely a day previously.

            After that the panic faded and I began looking for more normally places of work.  Until…I got a reply back.  I must have spent an hour, flipping the envelope over and over in my hands before I worked up the courage to open it.  To my surprise, not only did I have a job offer, the salary was a good deal higher than I expected.  That wasn't my only motivator for showing up here today, but it certainly didn't hurt.  I think the deciding factor came down to a small part of me that wanted to push the envelope, to break out of the geeky introvert I'd always been.

            A loud horn broke me out of my reverie and I managed to make it to the safety of the curb before a large truck, covered in more biohazard symbols that an emo teenager's bedroom, trundled through the space I'd occupied seconds before.  That would have been my luck, to be flattened before I even made it into the building.  This would have become a very short story, wouldn't it?

            From my safer position, I took one last look up at the building I was about to enter.  From the outside, it looked quite ordinary.  Slightly off to one side in an office park full of nearly identical buildings, it was just another tree in the forest of concrete structures.  The only hint of the fantastical things happening inside came from the small logo on the top corner of the building.  CMAL, followed by a red moon half risen over a set of mountains.

            Having put things off long enough, I plucked up my courage and walked through one of the double set of glass front doors.  The bones of the lobby were much like any of the other building in the office park.  There was a reception desk beside a row of turnstiles to prevent unauthorized access into the building.  Next to those was a set of doors proclaiming entrance to a set of locker rooms, while on the other side was a small waiting area with a few couches and a tv.  Someone had taped a small sign beside the television, welcoming new hires and asking them to wait in that area, so that was where I went.  I took a seat on one of the chairs and killed some time watching the tv.

            Instead of news, a rotating segment of company divisions and products passed by on the screen.  While this could be snore inducingly boring in a company that sold say…paper products, I was in the lobby of Crimson Moon alchemy labs.  Despite being only about as old as I was, they had made quite the reputation in a field where companies went back generations.  They were known for thinking outside the box, or often reconfiguring the box itself, which made me wonder why they'd want someone as plain and by the books as me on the payroll.

            As I sat there, the screen passed through the four main product divisions of CMAL.  The first was Transformation Machines and Presses, the division I would be working in.  They had a clip from a product demonstration last year, where a woman was pressed onto her husband's dick, and another from the same show about a husband and wife becoming a kind of ass-horse creature.

            The next division was Potions and Consumables, which showed off a wide variety of products in a candy store inspired layout.  A group of college age kids roamed the aisles, picking up little vials and sweets.  A flip of screens, and they were enjoying their spoils.  One boy's potion turned his hair green, another girl's chocolate made her breasts swell up two cup sizes.  The trail of transformations finished with one girl who held her hands to her crotch and let out an "eep."  As she dashed away, the unladylike bulge she was growing there was clearly visible through her thin skirt.

            The third division to showcase projects was Living Transformation Applications, which the announcer remarked that everyone referred to as LTA.  This division seemed to have to do with living transformation agents, like dakini worms and cockfish.  They also fused people into animals, like the woman who became part of a horse's butt to extend the lifespan of her family's champion breeder.  I couldn't image why anyone would do such a thing, but then again I didn't see the point of alchemically turning my hair green either.

            The last part of the company was Special Projects.  They had a segment on the clocktower that had been rebuilt after the earthquake using human volunteers as structural materials.  Then there was a segment about people who had been turned into one of a kind art pieces for a charity auction.

            After about ten minutes of watching, the television looped back to the first segment about Transformation Machines and Presses.  As I settled back into my seat, wondering what I would do to pass the rest of the time, a female voice spoke from beside me, "Ah man, they skipped my section."

            If I was standing, I would have jumped at the unexpected remark.  As I was seated, I was left was a half muffled and very unprofessional "eek."

            "Whoops, sorry.  I didn't mean to startle you." my new companion said.  "I didn't realize how engrossed you were watching the tv."

            I turned to look at her, only to nearly let out another sound of shock.  Instead of the woman I expected, I was confronted with a giant cock.  A literal, giant cock.  It had to be over a foot in diameter and even seated on the chair beside me, the phallus towered over me.

            "You're…you're a cock…" I stammered, totally flummoxed at what I was seeing.

            "Cockwoman, actually.  People like me are so common in the Realm, so I forget how disconcerting it can be for people in the Empire."

            "It's my fault." I hurriedly assured her while trying to regain my composure.  "There weren't many transformed people where I'm from.  There were more at my college, but they were mostly they extra breast or neon hair kinds.  Nowhere near as major a change as yours."  Seeing a less embarrassing topic, I focused on something the cockwoman had said before I turned to look.  "What did you mean when you said your division wasn’t represented?"

            The cockwoman bobbed her glans in the way most people would shrug their shoulders.  "I'm the new hire for human resources…pardon, inhuman resources."  The great bell end at the end her shaft tilted slightly to the side and the slit puckered.  "Don't ask me why they call it that.  I've asked, and they just said the answer will be made clear when I show up."

            "Inhuman resources…I guess you're the boat that keeps everyone else afloat, but you don't do anything flashy enough to deserve your own clip segment."

            "If you'd worked in my last office, you wouldn't believe that.  Oh the stories I could tell.  By the way, I'm Chier."

            "Rebecca, Becca to my friends."  I held out a hand by reflex, but before I could feel foolish for trying to shake the hand of an armless transformee, I felt a pressure bob my digits up and down.  Chier had tk, duh.  How could I forget something like that?

            Chier and I spent the next dozen minutes doing all the awkward conversation two freshly minted friends do.  During that time another woman showed up, but stood away from us and only glanced our way occasionally.  While the blonde's skirt was long and professional, the woman was wearing a very tacky sweater over her blouse.  It was oddly lumpy, as if several things were hiding underneath it.  Considering where we were, that was entirely possible.

            About a minute before the hour, the front doors opened and a young man entered the lobby.  He looked a bit winded, as if he'd run the whole way here.  He had a head of thick, coppery hair that looked like it belonged in a shampoo commercial, a neatly trimmed beard of the same shade….and a kilt.

            Chier tapped me on the shoulder telekinetically.  "Is that man wearing a skirt?" she asked softly.

            Apparently not softly enough.  "Essa kilt, don knock me hier-tage."

            The young man had the thickest highlands accent I'd ever heard and it took my brain a moment to translate the words as, "It's a kilt, don't knock my heritage."

            "Is this some sort of strange Imperial custom?" Chier asked, clearly not sure what to make of the new arrival.

            "Only of a very, very tiny subset.  Don't worry, most men here don't do it."

            Chier realized I'd gotten the wrong impression.  "Oh, I don't mind.  I just didn't expect to see the practice done here.  My daddy wears one."

            I raised an eyebrow.  "Really?"

            Chier bobbed her glans.  "He says he does it to make special time with mum easier.  Considering how often those two have sex, I guess the saved time adds up."

            My parent's sex lives were something I never wanted to think about, let alone discuss in public.  Before I could think of a way to redirect the conversation again, I was saved by the arrival of our guide.

            Luckily I'd gotten over my severe transformee shock with Chier, as the woman approaching us was just as majorly transformed.  Her lower body reminded me of the ass-horses from the clip on the televisions.  But in this woman's case, she still had a normal looking head, which poked out the top midway down her back.  She also had four large breasts hanging from her flanks like saddlebags, two per side.  Instead of a nipple, each of these had a large vagina.  Out of two of these vagina's protruded octopus like tentacles, which the woman was using to grasp folders of paper.

            "Gather round everyone." the woman called.  Chier and I vacated our seats and went to stand by her.  The redheaded kilt wearer begrudgingly took his place at Chier's side, while the blonde woman with terrible choice in sweaters came over to stand beside me.

            "My name is Gwen Prat, and I'm the head of the new hire orientation program." the horse bodied woman told us.  "I'm so glad you are here with us today.  We do many exciting things here are Crimson Moon alchemy labs, and with your help we can do many more.  If you'll follow me, I'll take you through security and then to one of our conference rooms.  I have a few presentations that will help you understand our company a little better and give you some previews about the projects you might be working on.  Sound fun?"

            I scanned my companions.  Even without a human face,  I could tell Chier was excited.  The young man looked interested, while the blonde woman looked like she really didn't want to be here.  As for me, my stomach was full of butterflies.  Today was the first day of the rest of my life, and I couldn't wait to see what was in store.


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Great to see some everyday life scenes. Good work!


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Chapter 2

Several hours later, the four new hires stumbled out of the conference room.  We had been subjected to a week's worth of onboarding and orientation, crammed into a single morning.  The worst part was, we’d be doing this every morning for the next week.

            "I'm not sure how I have a hand cramp." Chier whined.  "I don't even have fingers anymore."

            Taking pity on us, Gwen let us to the cafeteria for some culinary rejuvenation.  As I stepped through the doors into the large open room, I was amazed at the wide variety of people sitting there.  Well over half were transformed; everything from leaf hair and extra arms all the way up to Freyan woman and others that strained the definition of human.  Honestly, at that point I was so frazzled the giant bear-hydra thing could come up to me and speak in the happy voice of a schoolgirl and I probably wouldn't have noticed.

            At least the food looked good.  There had to be a dozen different stations, everything from home cooking to large bottles of cum for the more mana dependent employees.  I decided to splurge and bought a plate of sushi from one of the stations.  The fact the chef had a beard of tentacles was disturbing, but the amazing smell made up for it.

            The cafeteria was packed, but Gwen had saved a table for us in one corner.  She had to go back to her office to pick up lunch, so she'd been able to snag a table while the rest of us stood in line.

            The highlander was already at the table when I arrived.  I set my tray on the table and slumped into a chair opposite him.  I snagged one of the little rolls off my plate and popped it into my mouth.  My nose hadn't lied, they tasted amazing.  I was going to have to be careful if I didn't want to end up broke and fat eating here every day.

            Chier arrived next, a tray of chicken tenders and sauce floating in the air beside her.  She took the seat opposite me, next to the only male of our group.  All of us were too focused on our food to talk, so silence reigned at the table for the next few minutes.  Besides, I was too fascinated watching the little chunks of chicken rise from Chier's bowl and swan dive off the table.  At first I couldn't figure out what was going on, then I remembered reading somewhere that Cockwomen ate with their vaginas.

            Without warning, the highlander stood and waved.  I followed his gaze and saw the blonde there, looking lost with her try of soup.  She spotted our table, flicked her eyes around as if hoping a better option would materialize, before sighing and coming over to join us.  Was it my imagination, or was her sweater lumpier than it looked this morning?  There were definitely round objects underneath, at least two pairs on top of each other.

            The blonde took the seat beside me and began mechanically eating her soup without looking at any of us. The awkward silence filled the table again, before the highlander broke it with his thick brogue.  "I realize I never had a chance to formally introduce myself before the meeting started.  I'm Arthur McLain."

            He held out his hand, but I had to wipe my soy sauce covered fingers clean first.

            "Chier Dixdotter."  Arthur's hand bobbed up and down as if pumped by invisible fingers.

            With my hand finally clean, I shook next.  "Becca Caldwell."

            Arthur held his hand out to the blonde, but she ignored him and continued sipping her soup.  After a moment the highlander put his hand away, though he continued to stare at the woman with a cross between annoyance and inquisitiveness.  "You know, you look really familiar."

            "You're right."  One of Chier's chicken tenders froze mid lemming leap.  "Like I've seen her on tv before, or she looks like someone I've seen on tv."

            "No, it wasn't tv."  Arthur drummed his fingers on the tabletop.  "It was an advert for something…"  He snapped his fingers.  "That's it, you look like the lady who's the mascot for Barmaid's Own."

            "The alcohol consortium?"  I'd heard of them before, but for the life of me I couldn't think of who their spokeswoman was.

            The blonde sighed and set down her spoon, her shoulders settling into a let's get this over with posture.  "That would be because she's my mother."

            "But that would make you a Stanley…your parents own Barmaid's Own…you're rich…"

            The blonde gave Arthur a so what glare.  "And if I am?"

            Arthur shrugged.  "Then I get to talk with an honest to Freya rich person for once.  Never met too many of them back home."

            "Sure, talk.  The next thing I know you'll be asking to borrow money…and then…"

            I stared at the blonde, who was getting a bit hysterical.  "What's your problem, you're acting like you've got the world's largest chip on your shoulder?"

            "Maybe I do.  You're all normal, and I'm not."

            "I can't believe you said that while sitting across from a woman who's a giant penis from the waist up." Chier remarked dryly.

            "But you had a choice to be that way.  I was born like this and…"

            "Like what?" Everyone froze before turning to look at me.  "What?" I asked, suddenly embarrassed by all the staring.  "She looks pretty normal to me.  Apart from a terrible taste in sweaters."  I paused a sec, a thought running across my mind.  "And can we please get your name at least, so we don’t have to keep talking about you obliquely?"

            "Elizabeth…Elizabeth Stanley."  She let out a long sigh.  "I'm sorry for my outburst, but I was hoping to work someplace where I wouldn't be recognized…and judged, by what my parents have done."

    And you chose to work at an alchemy company? I thought.  Wouldn’t that be the most likely place for someone to recognize you?

            The cockwoman took another bite of chicken tender.  "Now that you've calmed down, can we at least see this change you're so flustered about?"

            "Chier!" I exclaimed.  "Can't you see she's embarrassed by it?"

            The blonde shook her head.  "No, she's right.  I need to get over this."

            Elizabeth reached down and pulled off her ugly sweater.  Underneath she wore a very pretty, custom made blouse.  The latter was necessitated by the fact it was designed to cradle four breasts.  Scratch that, six breasts, I could see another pair poking up from just above the table's edge.

            "So you have extra breasts?"  Arthur took large bite of the unidentifiable hunk of meat that was serving as his lunch.  Around a mouthful he continued, "I have a second dick."

            Chier perked up.  "Really?  In front next to the first?"

            Arthur winced slightly.  "I wish.  It's in back, between me cheeks.  Stupid cockfish, must have been half blind."

            I couldn't help but snort at that image, which caused everyone to look at me again.

            "It's your turn Becca.  What changes are you hiding?"

            I shook my head.  "Nothing.  I'm a boring old bog standard human."

            "I doubt that will last long around here." Elizabeth remarked cryptically.

            Chier tilted her glans.  "I'm more interested to know why an untransformed human, one who's not an alchemist, would want to work for an alchemy company."

            "You see…it's kind of a long story…."


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Mmm, bit of a slow burn, but it looks like there will be a good payoff later. I can't wait to read more.


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Chapter 3


            "We'll start this little walk-about on our factory floor."

            The speaker was Chelsea Carter, my supervisor.  After lunch the new hire group had broken up, each of swept off with a senior member of our division.  Chelsea was about ten years older than me, a medium height blonde.  If you kept your eye below neck level she looked quite ordinary, however Chelsea's face played host to a giant vagina that replaced her mouth and nose.  Consequently she spoke telepathically, which I always experienced with a slight static tinny.

            "This is where we manufacture and test our various machines."  Chelsea gestured to the door, which had a large logo in the center.  The circle had several vague chrome shapes in the background and the letters TMP emblazoned in the foreground.

            My guide swiped a card from the lanyard around her neck through a heavy card reader, causing the door to beep and click open.  Chelsea held it wide for me to slip through before stepping in herself.  The room beyond was massive, up to three stories tall in places  It was subdivided into sections by thick Plexiglas walls, with airlocks to facilitate movement between the compartments.  I could see everything from completed machines on one side of the room, to tottering piles of miscellaneous parts
on the other.

            "Let's see…who's working on something interesting.  Ah, here we go."

            I followed my guide down the narrow passage that ran down the side of the compartments.  Chelsea stopped before one that was full of people and swiped her card to get in.

            "Hey, look who showed up." one of the workers called.  He was an ordinary looking man, save for the fact he had scaly and spiny eyebrows like a lizard.

            "Afternoon Brows, just thought I'd pop in and check in on you and the gang." Chelsea replied.

            "Who's your friend?"  The worker who asked this was so fat he was almost spherical.  I couldn't fathom how he made it in through the airlock.

            "Gentleman, may I present Becca Caldwell.  She's going to be working with me and the Presses design team upstairs.  Becca, Brows and his gang here are the fabrication crew for the transformation machines and presses we design. In no particular order we have Burns, Boulder, Brownie, Boffin, Bueller, and…hang on, where's Bouncer?"

            "Getting changed." replied the fat man, who I had a sneaking suspicion was Boulder.  "We were going to quality test the new machine we built, but the volunteer didn't show up.  So Bouncer’s going in instead."

            "Which machine do they have you building now?"

            The question was a fielded by a man with such prodigious mutton chops that he had to be Burns. "Another Costumizer.  The company heads want a whole batch of them assembled before Demon's Eve comes around."

            "Oh, this we have to see.  Do you guys mind if we stick around for the show?"

            "Sure, we always love spectators."  This came from the oldest member of the group, whose white hair had completely retreated from the top of his head to reinforce colonies on the sides.  He was wearing glasses thick enough to crisp ants and a white lab coat with Boffin emblazoned on the side in large friendly letters.

            "And they're going to love seeing this, especially when they find out what Bouncer's wearing." sniggered Boulder.

            The group passed the next few minutes in idle chit chat while waiting for the man of the hour to arrive.  When he did, my jaw couldn't help but drop.  Around me, several other people were unable to fully suppress their mirth.  The man was huge, easily 6-6 and two hundred pounds of muscles.  This is normally the opposite of funny, but the costume stretched over his large frame was what made it comical.  Clearly the Sally Sheepherder costume was sized for the volunteer, as it was practically skintight and the skirt was short enough to cause decency issues in public.  In one hand he clutched a candy cane striped crook, which proportionally was closer to a cane.

            "Laugh it up." Bouncer rumbled.  "Just wait until one of you draws the short straw next time."  When they continued to chortle, Bouncer just rolled his eyes.  "Let's just get this over with."

            Bouncer strode over to the machine in the center of the room and Brows opened it for him.  It was a cylinder about ten feet tall and four in diameter, with plenty of space in the interior.  Once Bouncer was inside, Brows shut the curved doors and secured the seals.  "Alright boys, final check and then we'll fire it up."

            Becca and I stood off to the side while the gang of fabricators swung into action.  Pressure and power readings bounced back and forth across the room as the Costumizer hissed and rumbled to life.  Visually, there wasn't much to see, everything was contained within the giant chrome cylinder.  After about five minutes, Brows called, "That's long enough.  Run the final purge sequence and then let's get our boy out of there."

            Switches were flipped and levers yanked.  The front door of the Costumizer popped open, spilling swirling mist into the room.  The cloud was deep enough to block any hint of the changed figure inside.

            "Well boys, what do you think?"  The voice that drifted out from the Costumizer was worlds different from Bouncer's previous rumble.  It you were able to distil the essence of feminine sexuality and lacquer it across the stings of a harp played by a master…you'd only get in the general vicinity.

            When the remade Bouncer stepped out into the room proper, my jaw wasn't the only one to drop.  Bouncer had lost almost a foot of height but expanded in every other direction.  The Sally Sheepherder outfit was just as stretched at before, only now it looked designed to be skintight.  The corset section cradled Bouncer's two huge breasts, each looking to be larger than my head.  The wide, floor length skirt hid most of the lower body details, though I thought I caught a glimpse of a bright white high heel.

            Bouncer's formerly military short blonde hair now fell to the mid back range, spiraling in drill curls that normally only existed in anime.  The top of Bouncer's head was hidden by a dark blue beret that matched the sky blue and white of the rest of the outfit.

            Burns was the first to regain his powers of speech and jest.  "Dam Bouncer, now we're going to have to take down all the boys only signs around here."

            The buxom blonde pouted, her pornstar quality face and its perfect make-up dripping in sex appeal.  "Are you saying you don't want me here anymore?"

            "No…I mean…" Burns stammered.

            Something whipped out from behind Bouncer and snagged Burns by the waist.  It was the shepherd's crook the large man had carried into the Costumizer, only now it appeared from the back of Bouncer's skirt like a tail.  Bouncer used the crook to tug Burns over before planting a huge kiss right on the man's lips.  The crook tail let go and Burns stumbled back, stunned.

            Bouncer giggled,breaking the sex icon image.  "The look on your face.  Don't worry boys, we don't have to change the signage just yet.  This is still a boy's club."

            Bouncer used the crook tail to lift her skirt’s front, revealing that this shepherd still had her sheep.  Bouncer's dick and balls were still there, looking double the size under a thick layer of wool.


            The pout returned.  "I don't look like a Bouncer much anymore, do I?  I was thinking along the lines of…Bountiful."

            By the way the rest of the gang was nodding along, the newly christened Bountiful would be the queen bee of the group for the foreseeable future.

            "Well that was exciting, but we still have lots to see today, come along Becca."


            The rest of the day flew by in a daze.  Becca took me to see some of the other projects her division was working on, before leading me upstairs to meet with the design team.  If I'm honest, it was going to take days to remember the names of everyone I met.

            Before I knew it I was walking back down the corridor by the manufacturing floor with Chelsea.  This time, I noticed all the pictures on the wall.  They came in two kinds.  One set were groups of people standing beside various machines they'd built.  I recognized several of the people I'd met that afternoon, standing next to machines that had blitzed by in the conversations.

            The second type of pictures were before and after shots of volunteers who had helped test the machines.  There was already one up for Bouncer and Bountiful, but that change was relatively normal compared to some of the others.  One had a smiling woman on one side, while the other half of the frame contained some giant worm creature.  Beside that hung a picture that depicted what appeared to be a family of five beside a very kinky dining table set.

            But the one picture that caused me to stop for a second look was actually a relatively minor change.  On the left was a smiling blonde woman, while on the right was the familiar pussy faced version standing beside me.  "Chelsea, you never told me you were a volunteer for one of the machines."

            My guide shrugged.  "What, did you think my face came this way?  I was an early test subject for the Penetrator machine they launched last year.  At the time I'd just started dating a cockwoman, so it worked out perfectly."  Chelsea's vertical lips twisted into a rough approximation of a smile. "But that's a story for tomorrow.  Work is done for today, and I owe you a drink for your first successful day at work."


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Super girly shemale TFs are always nice. Not as extreme as what all you'd find on the board, but simpler changes like this are a nice change of pace. Very nice, keep up the good work.


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@ Lily, I've learned my lesson trying to out extreme other writers on this forum.  There will be a few odd chapters, but for the most part the changes fall on the low to mid side of the bizarre scale.  On the other hand, that lets me be more creative than genitals everywhere and mix in a few other kinks as well.  Plus like you said, it makes a nice change of pace.  So without further ado, here's this week's chapter.


Chapter 4

            I sat in my cube, my eyes flicking between the computer screen, the sheets of paper on my desk, and the calculator in one hand.  In most organizations, it would be months before I was allowed to work on a project, yet here I was on my first Friday trying to figure out why the fluid flows on the Pornstar Press kept clogging.  At least I finally understood why CMAL hired someone like me with no alchemy experience.  Fluids were fluids and pipes were pipes.  It didn't matter if it was water in a building, gas in a car, or D-cum in a transformation machine.

            "Any luck?"

            I nearly jumped out of my seat at Chelsea's words behind me.  Damn she could be sneaky at times.  Spinning around in my chair I faced my supervisor.  "I think so.  Due to the nature of the machine you have some tight bends in the pipes.  I think you'll need to use a wider inner diameter to prevent the turbulent flow that's causing the clogs.  Granted this is just hand calcs but…"

            "It's a good place to start.” Chelsea finished.  "I'll have Abby and Tabby double check your math and see if the fix is that easy.  But that's not why I came over here.  Want to go see another machine test?"

            I rubbed my temples, where a slight headache had developed over the last hour.  "If it gets me a reprieve from number crunching I'll do it."

            Getting up from my desk, I followed Chelsea out of our offices and back down to the manufacturing floor.  The gang from earlier in the week was there, including Bountiful in her ridiculously sexy outfit.  By the way she was carrying a gas cylinder taller than I was over one shoulder, Bountiful hadn't lost any strength with the change.

            "Alright boys, the boss is here so we can get started." Brows called from his place behind a workstation.

            "Come on Brows, you know we're the same rank." Chelsea teased.  "Just because I said your cock wasn't big enough to satisfy me is no reason to think yourself inferior."  This brought on laughs from the manufacturing crew, including Brows.

            "True, but at least I come by my size honestly.  And before we scare her away, I'd like to introduce you to our volunteer for today's test.  Say hello Katie."

            For the first time I noticed there was another woman in the room.  I should have noticed right away, as she was fully naked and leaning against the giant chrome machine in the center of the room.  Between the tattoos, piercings, and half shaven head, Katie gave off the bad girl vibe something fierce.  "Pleasure to meet'cha." she exclaimed, coming over to shake our hands. "I'm grateful for the opportunity you're giving me today."

            "Brows, as Becca's new, why don't you give her a rundown on what's about to happen."

            "It's quite simple." the scaly eyebrowed man responded, rising from his workstation and striding over to the machine.  "What we're testing here today is a prototype of the Clothing Press.  Like it says on the tin, it presses people into clothes.  Katie, if you'd hop up here and lay down…"  Brows gestured to a conveyer like section on the right side of the machine, a double sized version of the kind found in every supermarket.  The punk woman smiled and did as directed, laying down with her feet a few inches from the boxy center of the machine.

            "Once we fire up the press, Katie here will be slowly fed into the rollers in the center."  Brows tapped the rectangular center section.  "They're coated with a special D-cum mixture, to make the change run smoother.  Then she'll pop out the other side, ready to be worn."  Brows gestured to the other side of the machine, where there was an identical conveyor belt.  "Sound simple enough?"

            "Simpler than I'm sure the actual process is."

            "Damn right.  Ok Katie, you ready to go?"  The supine woman raised a thumbs up.  "Boulder, fire up the rollers."  From across the room, the nearly spherical man flipped a few switches before yanking a leaver.  There was a grinding sound, followed by the humming of machinery spinning to life.

            "Last chance to back out Katie."

            "Demons Brows, send me through already."

            "Your wish is my command.  Bountiful?"

            The sexy sheepherder hit a few buttons on her console and the conveyor under Katie slowly came to life.  Inch by slow inch, her feet edged toward the hungry mouth of the machine.

            "Any pain or discomfort?" Brows asked clinically, standing by the machine as Katie's feet disappeared inside it.

            "No, just pressure followed by numbness.  I can't wiggle my toes anymore."

            "That's to be expected.  Keep feeding her in slow Bountiful."

            The process continued smoothly up to Katie's waste.  Chelsea pulled me over to the far side of the machine, where Katie's feet were finally emerging.  To my surprise they still looked completely normal.  At least, normal in the sense they still had toes and all.  I was expected something like stockings to come out the far side.  After all, Chelsea had called this a Clothing Press.  Although, Katie's feet were so flat they almost appeared to be stockings.

            "If you're going to scratch your nose you better do it now."  Brows said from the other side of the machine.  "As you're about to spend the rest of your life immobile."

            Over the next few minutes, I stood and watched as the rest of Katie's body passed through the machine.  Eventually I was looking at a flattened version of the punk woman laying on the conveyor belt.  Or at least most of a flattened version.  For some reason Katie's head and neck had disappeared.  Between that and the large slit running from the crotch to the hole between her shoulders, Katie now appeared to be nothing more than a strangely flesh colored bodysuit.

            Brows came over and waved a sensor that looked like a cop's radar gun over the flattened form.  "Hmm, she should have changed fully by now.  We might have missed some sort of catalyst."  He tapped the side of the sensor, thinking.  "No choice, one of us is going to have to try her on."

            Considering Katie had been 5'4" and the shortest of the guys was at least 5'10", this was going to be like stretching a sock over a bowling ball.  Bountiful was closest to the right size, but from what I'd read about the Costumizer the outfit was actually a part of her and couldn't come off.

            "You're up, Becca."

            I turned and looked blankly at my supervisor.  "Pardon?"

            "Someone needs to try her on and we're the closest in size.  But as I'm senior, I'm delegating the task to you." When I opened my mouth to complain, she added,  "Think of it as a rite of passage.  Everyone here gets called on to try out products once in awhile"

            My lips moved silently for a few seconds like a goldfish popping bubbles while my brain tried to come up with an excuse.  The fact that everyone was now looking at me didn't help any.  With a sigh, I realized there was no way out of this.  "Fine, I'll do it.  Is there a bathroom somewhere I can get changed?  I refuse to do so out here in the open."

            "Of course." Bountiful remarked as she picked the suit off the conveyor.  "Follow me and I'll show you."

            I followed the sexy sheepherder out of the module and toward a set of doors.  They had once been labeled changing rooms, before someone had come along with a sharpie and replaced the first word with locker.  Underneath that was a list of things not allowed inside.  Most of it was sensible, like D-cum, magically active creatures, or glassware, but I was curious to know why people named Fred were banned from entering.

            Inside the locker room was much the same as the one in my high school.  Metal storage racks of all sizes, capable of holding everything from a wallet to a medium sized person.  Bountiful led me over to the side, where there were a set of doors running the length of the room.  The sharpie bandit had been here too, as the Personal Changing Rooms were missing the middle word.

            "Got ahead and pop into one.  I'll wait for you out here.  Don't hesitate to shout if you have any problems."

            I picked a door at random and stepped inside.  Inside a full length mirror took up the left wall, while a low bench hogged the right.  Across from me were some shelves for temporarily storing clothes.  At least that's what I assumed they were for.  Several were currently home to various kinds of lubes and talcs, along with a half dozen sex toys.  Personal room indeed.

            I quickly divested myself of my clothes and set them on an open shelf.  Then I focused my attention on the bodysuit Bountiful had handed me before I stepped inside.  The material was stretchy, almost rubbery, but strangely still had the warmth and feel of human skin.  Creepy.

            It was evident that putting on the suit would be a tight fit, so I set it down to peruse the assembled ranks of lubricants.  I found one for both external use and for use with magically active clothing.  Smearing it all over my legs and lower body was awkward, especially as it smelled suspiciously like human body fluids.

            Once I was lubed up, I was ready to slide Katie on.  Just like I expected, she was a tight fit.  The inside of the suit, something I should have checked first, was bright pink and slimy, which made the process easier.  I got Katie up to my hips before I paused to lubricate my torso and arms.  For once I was thankful for my lack of curves, as it made pulling Katie all the way up easier.

            Once I got my arms into place I turned and examined my reflection in the mirror.  From the neck down I appeared to be a totally different woman, one with a wide variety of tattoos.  Some of them had once been Katie's piercings, now 2-d in the proper locations.

            The gap in the front of the suit ruined the image, so I tried to hold it closed.  I don't know if this was the catalyst Brows was talking about or what, but as soon as the two sides touched they stuck to my skin like glue.  This set off a whole range of effects, with the suit tightening and flexing around me.  My cry of alarm turned into a moan of pleasure as what felt like hands caressed my breasts.  Then the brush of a tongue against my lower lips….

            Katie, it had to be Katie.  Somehow she was still conscious within the suit and now that I'd put it on, I was all hers.  A helpless toy that Katie was all too excited to play with.  She had access to nearly every sensitive spot on my skin and she played me like a master musician.  Time seemed to lose cohesion as I was brought to the brink once, twice, again and again before….

            I'll preface this by saying I was a sexual novice at this point.  Of my two boyfriends, neither had gotten beyond heavy petting.  I'd experimented a few times with toys, but without great results.  So when I say the orgasm that resulted from Katie's ministrations blew my mind, I'm being both literal and figurative.  I blanked out for a few seconds, coming back to find myself slumped on the bench and leaning heavily on the wall.  My breathing was ragged and my face was red enough to stop traffic.  But I couldn't take my eyes away from my altered reflection.

            Katie's form had…changed.  She was no longer a flesh tone bodysuit.  Instead I now appeared to be wearing a business suit of contrasting inky blacks and crimson reds.  I reached down and instead of finding cotton or silk, was confronted with the feel of rubber.  I could feel this suit shifting around my body, hugging my few curves and enhancing everywhere it went.

            I got unsteadily to my feet, which now appeared to be clad in latex stocking, and tottered over to the mirror.  The outfit I wore was in a tug of war between businesslike and sexy, with both positions scoring major points.  I'd never worn a skirt this short in my life, not even when my friends finally talked me into going out to a party during college.  The tops of my stocking and garters were showing, for demon's sake.

            I was so embarrassed about the outfit I couldn't stand to wear it a moment longer.  However, it resisted all attempts for me to pull it off.  The shirt and stockings were practically painted on the fit was so tight, and the jacket and skirt were anchored just as firmly.  Great, I was going to have to walk out there and let the gang see me like this.  If my face got any redder with embarrassment, it would match my shirt.  If only this outfit had come with heels, so I wouldn't have to walk out barefoot.

            Seconds after this thought passed through my brain, the stockings  around my feet began to melt and reform.  My entire body rose as stiletto spikes poked out of my heels and my arms windmilled wildly to prevent myself falling over.  By the time I caught my balance, my feet were now in possession of a heel apiece, as tightly molded and unremovable as everything else.  Huh, so my new outfit could shapeshift.

            "Are you alright in there?" Bountiful's voice called from the other side of the door.  "It's been nearly ten minutes."

            Ten…minutes?  That seemed simultaneously both far too long and far too short a time for what had transpired inside the room.  Unsteady in the heels, I made my way over to the door and opened it.  Bountiful eyed me critically as I stepped into the locker room.  "Hmm, we might not have to change as many things as I thought.  Come along, the boys are going to want to have a good look at you."

            That idea was almost enough to make me flee back into the personal room and slam the door, but I found myself striding after Bountiful in a daze.  When we arrived back at the Clothing Press, there were a few wolf whistles.

            "Looking good Becca."

            "I knew there was a sexy minx in there somewhere, just waiting to come out."

            Brows was thankfully silent as he came over and scanned me with the sensor gun.  One scaly ridge rose as he examine the results.  "Tell me what happened when you first put on the suit."

            Word by painful word, they pulled out of me the massive orgasm I'd had in the personal room.  "Interesting." Brows remarked as he stroked his chin.  "I think I know what happened.  The clothes created by the press were supposed to be fixed form.  This would allow them to survive on ambient mana.  Somehow Katie ended up variable form, but without enough mana to activate herself until she bonded to you during orgasm."

            "Bonded, what do you mean bonded?" I squeaked.  "You mean I can't take her off?"

            "What I mean is that there's an essence link between you two.  Katie is able to pull on the energy of your sexuality to change her form.  You should be able to take her off, once she lets you, but you'll still have to wear her often to prevent starving Katie of essence."

            "How often is often?" I asked, dreading the answer.

            Brows cocked his head, considering.  "I'd have to run tests to be sure, but three to four days a week is a good estimate.  More if you have her change forms a lot."  When my face fell Brows added, "Look on the bright side, you're about to save a fortune on outfits."

            "Only if I don't mind looking like a pin-up star."  I tugged on the ends of my skirt in the vain hope it would grow longer.  "This is going to make taking showers a real pain."

            Without warning, the business suit shrunk away until I was left wearing only a bikini.  A tiny bikini.  Made of chainmail.  That left nearly everything exposed.  I shrieked and tried to hide behind Bountiful's voluminous skirts.

            "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Chelsea remarked, while the rest of the manufacturing gang laughed.


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 5

            "Hey Chier." I said casually as I sat down at the cafeteria table beside my friend.  "Have a good weekend?"

            The cockwoman nodded, only half paying attention as she took another bite of the largest carrot I'd ever seen.  I could tell when her invisible gaze finally traced over me when Chier's entire body when rigid.  "Um…Becca…what are you wearing?"

            I sighed, knowing this was coming.  I’d gotten this reaction from just about everyone else I'd encountered since last Friday.  Today Katie had molded herself into a sexy secretary parody of a office outfit.  My legs were sheathed in dark stocking that looked, and actually were, painted on.  The painfully short skirt I was wearing failed miserably to cover the top of my garters.  Above that I had on a dark blouse that was tight enough to be mistaken for a corset, with little white accent flaps at the neck and shoulders.

            I looked ridiculous.  Hell, I felt ridiculous.  So why, a rational person might ask, was I still wearing the perverted living outfit?  The short answer was that Katie could be very convincing for someone without the powers of speech.  Very, very convincing, especially when she had access to every sensitive part of my body.  I'd spent most of Saturday cocoon on my bed, with Katie assaulting every tender spot on my body for hours on end.  For that kind of previously unknown pleasure, I was willing to put up with strange looks from passersby.

            "Terra to Becca, come in Becca."  I came to reality to find Chier waving another of the giant carrots in front of my face.
            "Sorry, what was the question again?" I stammered, hoping desperately that the heat I felt inside wasn't showing on my face.

            "I asked about your outfit.  To be honest, it's not something I ever pictured you wearing."

            "Well…you see…it's kind of a long story…."  Over the rest of lunch, I explained how I acquired Katie.

            "A living outfit that can change looks." Chier mused when I finished.  "That must be handy to have."

            "Says the woman who goes around naked half the time." I countered, gesturing to the fact that the cockwoman's only adornments today were her large handbag and a very thick pair of socks.

            Chier shrugged as much as a creature without shoulders could.  "It's a cultural thing."

            Seeking a change of subject, I remembered something Chelsea had given me before lunch.  "Chier, I have some forms to turn in to Inhuman Resources, can you show me where to go?"

            "Sure.  We're up on the 4th floor."

            We dropped off our plates and I followed my friend to the elevators.  We got on with a man who seemed to be sweating some lube like substance, but he thankfully got off on the third floor.

            "Here were are, welcome to Inhuman Resources." Chier announced as we stepped off the lift.  "One benefit of signing everyone's checks is we score the top floor views."

            I was taking in a view at that moment, but it wasn't of the outside.  Instead, I was taking in the maze of cubicles before us and their varied occupants.  Every person I could see…or see more than just the top of their heads, was transformed in some way or another.  Around half were minor, extra arms or heads or the like.  The other half were like Chier and Gwen, radically different than the normal.

            In a cubicle next to us was a giant breast like blob, easily four feet in diameter.  It was covered in mouths, vaginas, and assholes, out of which a legion of tentacles flicked two and fro over dozens of computer interfaces.

            The next cubicle down had what I thought were two arguing people, only as we passed I saw they both shared a body.  The one after that held…a surprisingly normal looking, dark skinned woman.  She couldn't have been more than a year or two older and me.  "Hey Chier, who's your friend?" the woman asked, flicking a deadlock over her shoulder.

            "Caroline, meet Becca.  She's another new hire, down in the machines and presses section.  We met during orientation last week.  Becca, this is Caroline, the second newest hire in our department."

            "Nice to meet you." I held out a hand for Caroline to shake.  "You look deceptively ordinary for working up here."

            "That's because I am.  I do want to transform, I just never found one that suited my fancy yet."  Caroline paused and tapped a sticky note on the wall of her cubicle.  "By the way Chier, Ms. Burgess asked you to stop by her office when you had a chance."

            "Who's Ms. Burgess?" I asked.

            "The head of Inhuman Resources.  I'll go see her on the way back to my desk.  But before we go, can you take care of these forms for Becca, Caroline?"

            I quickly handed over the paperwork.  I don't know why they couldn't have been done electronically, but I'd found the company was very old fashioned in some regards.  After that we bid Caroline goodbye and Chier led me toward a wall of doors.  Most appeared to be offices of high ranking members of the Inhuman Resources department.  Each one seemed to be significantly transformed.  I didn't know if that was a prerequisite for the position, or a byproduct of working here so long.

            I paused to take in one office that was almost entirely devoid of anything save the monitors on the walls and the large column of flesh in the center.  The pillar rose to the ceiling and was covering in breasts of all shapes and sizes.  What they did have in common was a large eye instead of a nipple, hundreds of them flicking back and forth between the screens.  Around the base of the column was a ring of dicks that seemed to be ejaculating at random.  Or so I thought, until I realized the impacts were hitting the keys of a rudimentary keyboard system.

            "Come on Becca, her office is right down here."  I felt Chier telekinetic tug on my shoulder and I hurriedly followed by friend.  As I left, I swear I could feel dozens of eyes following me.

            The office we finally stopped before had Jana Burgess on the nameplate.  Chier knocked and a moment later a strangely echoing voice replied, "Enter."

            After all the other office occupants I'd seen, I'd been prepared for the heavily transformed woman behind the desk.  In fact, Ms. Burgess was rather ordinary.  She seemed to be composed of multiple, identical copies of a woman's upper body.  Four of them were joined right angles, creating an X shaped lower body.  From the junction grew a fifth torso.  Ms. Burgess was sitting at an angle from us, so I was able to see her upper torso was duplicated front and back.  I had no idea how it was possible to tailor a shirt to hold breasts front and back, let alone arms that had two forearms growing from the elbow.

            "Good afternoon Ms. Burgess." Chier announced as we stepped into the room.  "Caroline said you wanted to see me?  Also, this is my friend Becca from TMP downstairs.  I thought it might be helpful for her to meet you."

            "A pleasure to meet you Becca.  Do you work for Chelsea or Harrington?"

            "Chelsea, Ma'am."

            "I see.  This is strangely fortuitous.  I just got a message from your boss earlier today.  She's planning a trip off site for the new hires and wanted to know if I could spare Chier for a few days."

            "Really, where?" I asked.

            Ms. Burgess smiled, which was a bit creepy as the white teeth flashed across the three faces I could see at the exact same time.  "It's a surprise, but I'm sure you girls will enjoy it.  Just be sure to bring an overnight bag to work on Thursday, as you're going to need it."


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

I am really liking this series Redstar. This is reminding me a lot of your Suzi's Story series. I don't even really mind anymore that my piece is being put on hold for this. Really good stuff, keep em coming.


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

I'm glad you guys like the story so far (Lily, I promise I'll get back to your stuff once I build up a few weeks buffer).  That was the end of what I'm calling Act 1, where the main premise and characters are introduced.  Right now with my outlining I'm up to 4 acts, so if I keep this up the story will go on for a while.  Posted below is the first chapter of Act 2, which will see our party off to a very special ranch to help install some new products.  Along the way they'll meet some characters from my other stories.  I don't want to drop any more spoilers, as I'm sure many of you will have fun guessing what changes are to come.  So without further ado, enjoy the next chapter.


Act 2: The Ranch

Chapter 6

            "She was a super workaholic." Chier said from beside me, explaining her boss' odd form.  "Ms. Burgess used to go from start-up to start-up, running their books at a frantic pace.  After a while, she began to burn out."

            "Why didn't she just take a vacation?" Elizabeth asked from my other side.  Together the three of us were crammed into the back seat of a company car.  Up front Brows drove and Alicia, a four armed and eight breasted woman from P&C, navigated.

            "She did try that." Chier explained.  "She took a six month sabbatical.  Only, it made things worse.  It was then that my boss discovered that it wasn't the work that was driving her burnout, but everything else.  When she was away from the office, she just couldn’t focus like she did while at a desk working on a project.  She tried explaining this to a friend, expecting to receive ridicule.  Instead, she got a recommendation to CMAL, who was looking for a new Inhuman resources head after our last one took the D-cum retirement plan."

            When I looked confused, Elizabeth pantomimed drinking a potion vial and transforming wildly.  It was an especially impressive performance when you considered how little space she had to work with.  If I shifted more than an inch to either side, I was at risk of elbowing someone in the boob or shaft, respectively.

            "Ms. Burgess joined up on the condition they design a transformation to make her more efficient."

            I recalled the half dozen torsos I'd seen, the lower ones working busily away at their workstations even as the top two had conversations with us.  "They certainly did that.  Does each body have a mind, or does she have to control them all individually?"

            "I think it's some type of hive mind, created using clones of her initial one…."

            The three of us spent the rest of the trip talking about the transformations of our various coworkers.  Apparently one of Elizabeth's bosses in P&C drank a random vial every year on the anniversary of his hiring.  After five years working at CMAL, it was hard to tell he'd once been a person.

            As we talked, I wondered how Arthur was enjoying the trip.  The male new hire was in the truck ahead of us with Boulder and Bountiful.  Considering how…large the latter two were, I hoped Arthur had managed to find space in the cargo hold with the press and boxes of supplies we were transporting out to the ranch.

            Hours later, we arrived at our destination just after the sun set.  From what I'd read on the net while preparing for this trip, the Hardy ranch had exploded in popularity and effectiveness since the senior two Hardys had fused themselves during a product demonstration last year.  Asshorses had turned into such a hot commodity that the farm had a herd of around forty full time, with links to other new herds in the Realm and other private ranches.  Throw in a business alliance with Armstrong family and the farming industry was getting a heavily transformed make-over.

            We pulled to a stop beside  a trio of white painted farmhouses and a bright red barn, lit by cheerful old fashioned looking gas lamps.  While one house and the barn looked to be of older construction, the other two white structures seemed to be recent additions.

            After waiting for Elizabeth to climb out I gratefully exited the car and stretched.  I'd forgotten how stiff long road-trips could make you.  The truck had parked beside us and Arthur stumbled out of the back, looking dazed and a little green around the gills.  "Are you alright?" I asked him.

            "I will be…in a minute." he paused, half bent over, and rubbed his temples.

            "If you get carsick, I brought some meds for that."

            Arthur shook his head.  "My gran-pe used to take me flying on airships when I was just a wee lad.  Compared to that daredevil, the ride was sedate.  No, what got me were Boulder and Bountiful.  An hour out of town, they got into a punning contest.  I thought they'd run out of steam in a jiffy, but it went on for hours.  Some of the puns were so bad I considered rummaging through the crates to see if there was a potion that would remove me ears…"

            As I watched the color slowly return to Arthur's face, I vowed to do anything short of knifing one of my friends in the back to avoid a return trip with the two large members of the fabrication team.

            Arthur and I joined Chier and Elizabeth as we followed Brows up to the front porch of the nearest building.  Before we reached it the door opened and a couple stepped out.  One was a solidly built man in his mid thirties, while the woman beside him was heavily transformed.  She looked like a bipedal horse with a woman's curves, only partly concealed by the pale blue sundress she wore.

            "Mr. Gearhart-Mincington…" the man began, striding up to shake Brow's hand, "It's a pleasure to see you again."

            "Brows, please Sherman, my last name is a pain for most people to remember, let alone pronounce correctly." the scaled fabrication lead shook the farmer's hand warmly.  "And this must be Kira.  Your husband has told me only good things about you."

            "I'm sure he has."  Kira rested one giant, three fingered hand on her spouse’s shoulder.  "Now, why don't you introduce us to your coworkers."

            The introductions spilled into the house, where tongues were loosened over dessert and some locally bottled alcohol.  It turned out Sherman and his then girlfriend had inherited the ranch after his parents' transformation last year.  Since then, they'd been working hard to keep up with the rapid expansions.

            "Where are the other occupants of the ranch?" Arthur asked before taking a sip of his mug of beer.

            "They're scattered all over the area." Kira explained.  “After my in-law’s merging, four of the surrounding farms decided they wanted to get in on the action.  After some re-organizing, they now serve as the focal points for our main divisions.  Horses, cows, other farm animals, and finally the experimental plants fields.  What was originally our ranch has the headquarters and the in processing center for people who have come to permanently join the collective, as well as those who come to visit.  That's the building we're in now.  The other floors have rooms for people to stay in.  Unfortunately, we're expecting a large group this weekend, so we could only block off four rooms for you." The horse woman yawned.  "Sorry, I had a very early morning this morning.  One of our new milkers was having problems adapting to her situation.  If you don't mind, I'm going to head off to bed."

            Sherman said he would accompany his wife and gave us the keys for the rooms upstairs.  Brows handed over two sets of keys to the new hires and kept the rest for the experienced members of the group.  It was going to be an early morning, so shortly after the Hardys left we headed up to bed.  Our rooms were on the second floor, while the other set was on the third.

            "How do we want to do this?" I asked as the four of us stopped before our two doors.

            "As the only male, I would hate to make one of you ladies uncomfortable by forcing you to sleep with me…" Arthur began, reaching for the keys I was holding.

            "You're not getting a single and cramming the rest of us together that easily." Chier chided, stepping in the way to block Arthur's advance.  "How about those of us with dicks in one room, while those without take the other."

            "But that wouldn't fix the rat…" Elizabeth began, but Chier had already tugged one set of keys from my grasp and was shoving Arthur ahead of her into the room opposite.  This let Elizabeth and I to stare at each other blankly for a moment.

            "Well, that's one way to decide." I finally said, opening our door and stepping inside.  "Listen, I know how conscious you are about your body.  If you want, I can try leaving the room while you change and…"

            What brought me up short was the fact that, while nicely furnished and in possession of its own bathroom, the bedroom only had a single bed.  Elizabeth came in behind me and spotted the problem instantly.  "There's only one bed."

            "Yea…that's a little bit of a problem.  Maybe there's some blankets in the closet one of us can use to sleep on the floor."

            Before I could go check, Elizabeth laid her hand on her shoulder.  "Becca, I'm grateful you're trying to go out of your way to make me feel comfortable.  But I've been thinking a lot since our first lunch together.  How this is my body, like it or not.  If I don't try and get used to it, I'm going to be a lonely shut-in the rest of my life."  Elizabeth paused, as if psyching herself up.  "I'm willing to share the bed with you this weekend, as long as it won't make you feel awkward."

            "Only a little.  I used to bunk like this when the family stayed at our cousins during the holidays."

            "Ok, I really need to hit the bathroom real quick and then we can bed down for the night.  Why don't you get changed while I'm in there?"

            Elizabeth disappeared behind the wooden door and I used the opportunity to change Katie into pajamas.  My outfit wanted something sexy and flirty, but I convinced her that something more sedate was needed under the circumstances.

            When my temporary roommate came out five minutes later, I noticed her chest was much smaller than before.  "Elizabeth, this might be really personal, but why do your boobs keep changing sizes?"

            The blonde looked down at her chest, still mostly hidden behind a thick sweater.  "My mother's transformation…and mine, makes the body a perfect distillery.  I convert everything I eat and drink into various kinds of alcohol."

            "Which gets stored in your boobs." I guessed and Elizabeth nodded. She started pulling off her sweater, but the static charge glued it to Elizabeth's blouse.  The fabric mass trapped Elizabeth's arms and left her lowest breasts on display.

            "Want some help?" I offered and got a vibration of fabric from where Elizabeth's head should have been.  It took some work, but a minute later I was standing beside a topless, six breasted woman.  This close, I couldn't help but take in the details.  Elizabeth had perfectly circular areola, but without any nipples.  The color of each circle was different, shot through with rings of other colors.

            "They indicate what I'm currently distilling."  I looked up, flushing a bit at getting caught staring.  Elizabeth carried on, as if rattling off the features on a new refrigerator.  "My top pair are the largest reservoirs and usually produce light beer.  My middle set are for heavy beers, while I store hard alcohol in my bottom set."  She ran a hand down her front for emphasis.

            "Cool." A thought struck me.  "But how do you empty the alcohol you've stored?"

            It was Elizabeth's turn to flush.  "I have a…hose."

            "Really, where?"

            I tried to look behind Elizabeth, expected a tail like Bountiful's crook.  Instead, the blonde lifted the front of her skirt.  This revealed Elizabeth was wearing a pair of very pretty crotchless pink panties, with little purple bows around the edges.  The reason they were crotchless was to allow access for the snake like tube of flesh growing out where I'd expected Elizabeth's pussy to be.  The tube was about an inch and a half in diameter and was currently coiled around the blonde's left leg.  As if called to service, it slowly unwound to reveal the hose was almost three feet long.  The end reminded me of a beer tap, with a section pointing backward like a handle.

            "Huh."  My befuddled brain sought something to say.  "So this is why you were trying to correct Chier on the number of people with dicks earlier."

            "It's not a penis."  Elizabeth said quickly.  "And I don't have any hidden balls or anything.  I'm fully female, just my vagina's in back.  Like I said earlier I convert everything I eat to alcohol, so it wasn't like I needed an asshole."  She broke off, clearly embarrassed.

            I was feeling awkward too, until I had an idea about how to make Elizabeth feel more at ease.  "Why don't you get dressed for bed.  I'm going to go brush my teeth."

            A few minutes later, I returned to the room.  Elizabeth looked up from the bed, where she'd been writing in a small journal.  The blonde was in a cow onesie, which I found ironic considering where we were.  When she saw me, Elizabeth's jaw dropped.  "What…how?"

            I took the opportunity to fondle the unfamiliar middle pair of breasts on my chest.  I couldn't actually feel them, but I wanted to try for novelty's sake.  "Simple, my outfit is mutable.  I hope this isn't too forward, but I thought that copying your look might make you more at ease..."

            I trailed off as Elizabeth came over and gave me a hug.  The squish of so many breasts in such a tight space was an unfamiliar feeling, but a good one.  "Thank you." Elizabeth whispered in my ear before we broke apart.  Louder, she added, "Well, we're going to have a long day tomorrow.  Ready to turn in?"

            I nodded and slid between the sheets.  Elizabeth turned off the light and joined me a moment later.  I was surprised to feel the blonde snuggle into my back as we faded off into the darkness.  Perhaps I was finally breaking through her shell.


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

   Chapter 7

            When I woke up in bed the next morning, I was by myself.  I sat up slowly, blinking away sleep, and missing the warm spot that had so recently been occupied by Elizabeth.  I looked down and saw that at some point during the night, Katie had copied the blonde's cow onesie.  Only mine was skintight and appeared to actually be made out of leather.  Getting out of bed I said to my outfit, "Katie, do you mind shifting into something I can actually wear outside."

            The reply was a groping of my breasts and a lick of my pussy before the leather rippled and melted like the living liquid it was.  Pale skin bled through until my outfit reformed into something you might find on a lonely cowboy's calendar.  Too short white and grey striped shirt tied just under my breasts, leaving my red bra perfectly visible.  Blue denim shorts so short they barely qualified as underwear.  And of course, cowboy boots.  All I was missing was a hat and I'd be ready for a day on the ranch.

            "You do realize, with my skin tone I'm going to burn in less than a half hour with this much skin showing."

            I could feel Katie rolling her eyes as material just a shade darker than my normal flesh rolling out of my minimal outfit and covering my exposed skin in a thin protective layer.  Katie even crawled up to cover my face, which was an odd feeling akin to wearing too much make-up.

            "Who are you talking to?" Elizabeth asked as she stepped out of the bathroom.  Judging by the brush in one hand, she'd been in the middle of de-tangling her hair.

            "My outfit." I replied, gesturing downward.  "Sometimes I miss getting dressed in the morning without negation."

            Katie gave my nipples a tweak as if to say No you don't.

            Elizabeth rolled her eyes.  "It's sad to say that doesn't even register on my strangeness radar anymore.  Give me a sec to get dressed and we can head down to breakfast.  I'm starving."

            While Elizabeth retrieved a pair of jeans and a wool shirt from her bags, I built up the courage to ask what had been on my mind since I woke up this morning.  "Elizabeth, about last night…"

            "Nothing happened last night."  She shrugged and started slipping on her shirt.  "Just two women sleeping in the same bed on a business trip.  Nothing sexy about it."

            "Oh."  I replied lamely, not sure how to take the blonde's comments.

            We were just about to step out the door when Elizabeth added, "That isn't to say…at some point in the future…if the circumstances are similar…the end result might be different."  By the blush on the blonde's face, she felt just as confused as I did.

            I put a comforting arm around Elizabeth's shoulder.  "That's all I wanted to hear.  Now come on, I'm starving too and I can smell bacon cooking.

            There was indeed bacon, augmented by eggs and toast.  Kira, the large horse-woman who ran the ranch, was flittering around the kitchen far quicker than I expected for someone her size.  "Breakfast will be ready in a minute." she called as Elizabeth and I entered the dining room.

            Already at the table was a couple I hadn't seen before.  They were a remarkable study in contrasts.  The woman was short and solidly built.  Not fat, but with a thick layer of padding that brought out her curves.  Her hair and skin were dark, nearly as black as the coffee in the cup she was holding.  The man, on the other hand, was as tall and skinny as a rail.  His hair was cut short and almost completely colorless.  At first I thought he might be some kind of albino, but his eyes were a piercing shade of blue.

            Putting on my sociable face, I sat down at the table opposite them.  "Good morning.  I'm Becca, and my companion is Elizabeth."

            The woman shook my outstretched hand.  "Charmed.  I'm Desdrie and this is my husband Xavier."

            "Morning."  The man bobbed his head and took another sip of his tea.

            Elizabeth sat down beside me. "I didn't realize there were other guests currently staying here."

            "We got in early." Desdrie explained.

            "Red eye airship."  Xavier ran his hand through his white blonde hair.  "Glad we won't have to deal with those things anymore.  How about you girls?  Are you excited for your upcoming transformations?"

            Elizabeth and I shared a look before breaking out into chuckles.  After thirty seconds of enduring Xavier's raised eyebrow of confusion, I said, "We're not here to get transformed sir.  Elizabeth and I work for Crimson Moon alchemy labs.  We're here helping transfer supplies and install a new transformation machine."

            "That makes a bit more sense.  I was going to tell you to go out and enjoy life a bit more before retiring to the quiet transformed life.  Kids these day all seem to want to irrevocably transform themselves so young."

            "Pardon me saying ma'am, but you don't look so old yourself."  By my best guess, Desdrie and Xavier looked to be in their mid to late thirties.

            "It's not the years, it's the mileage."  Xavier set down his tea.  "Des and I are…were high powered corporate lawyers.  Eighty to hundred hour weeks, airshipping all over the continent…it was amazing we had time to fall in love and get married."

            "One day we decided enough was enough.  That we'd finally earned time for ourselves."

            Further conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the senior members of our group.  The guys and Bountiful made bee-lines toward the coffee dispenser, while Alicia took a seat beside me.  "Hey kids, sleep well?"

            "Fine, thanks." Elizabeth answered from my other side.  "What's wrong with Boulder? I can't tell if he's a zombie or a drunk?"

            Brows sniggered as he sat down opposite Alicia.  "We always rock-paper-scissors to see who gets the bed on trips like these."

            "And he always picks rock?" I guessed.

            Brows nodded and Alicia rolled her eyes.  "I don't know why you guys don't get rooms with two beds like me and Bountiful.  I know this place is supposed to be packed this weekend, but I'm sure they could have managed it."

            Brows just shrugged.  Kira's arrival with heaping platters of breakfast foods put further conversation out of everyone else's minds.  I managed to snag a plateful of everything before Bountiful dumped what was left on her plate and began eating with the ferocity of a starving hyena.  You can put a guy in a hot woman's body, but apparently some bad habits remain.

            It was about ten minutes into breakfast when Chier and Arthur finally arrived.  "There you are sleepyheads," Alicia called.  "You better snag some food before Bountiful inhales it all."  The costumed woman shot Alicia a dark look before shoving another slice of toasts into her mouth.

            "Hurry up and eat." Brows added.  "We only have fifteen more minutes before our ride is supposed to be here."

            "What do you mean?" I asked around a mouthful of bacon.

            "Normally we don't allow vehicles on the ranch." Kira explained as she set down another tray piled high with toast.  "Your truck has a pass because it would be difficult to shift the equipment inside, but for the rest of you we'll provide local transportation."


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 8

            Fifteen minutes later on the dot (Brows could be a real taskmaster when he wanted to be), I found out exactly what Kira mean by local transportation.  A wagon pulled to a stop before the house, pulled by a team of ass-horses.  The beasts were what the ranch had initially become famous for, so I shouldn't have been surprised to see them being put to use.

            What was a bit more surprising was the individual driving the team.  I couldn't tell if the woman was transformed or wearing a rubberized outfit that Katie would approve of.  A tight corset reinforced a tiny waist and supported a pair of large breasts.  Thigh high boots encased both legs tightly, transforming the foot into something akin to a hoof.  Similar gloves covered the woman's arms, pinning her upper arms tightly against her corset while leaving the bottom halves free.  Finally a hood covered the woman's face, leaving gaps only around the eyes and mouth.  Neon blue hair poked out the back of the hood like a mane, contrasting with the dark purple of the rest of the outfit.  As the woman stood and stretched, I saw she had a tail of the same color poking out above her backside.

            "Good morning everyone." the horse woman called.  "My name is Alex and I'll be your driver today.  If you'll climb aboard my team and I will get you to your destination as fast as the wind."

            "Hopefully not too fast." Chier muttered from beside me.  "Or with Boulder and Bountiful aboard we'll be knocked around like bowling pins."

            With that thought in mind I was one of the first to climb aboard.  I nearly stumbled and broke my neck as Katie shifted my shoes while I was mounting the wooden step.  When I looked down, I saw my boots had morphed into hooves similar to Alex's.

            "Katie, if you're going to shift like that, can you please at least wait until I'm standing on solid ground." I muttered darkly.

            "Problem?" Alex asked as I took a seat behind her.

            "No, my outfit is just jealous of your outfit."  While the rest of the team climbed in I explained about Katie's morphic capabilities.

            "Everyone seated?"  Alex glanced back.  "Hang on, here we go."  She snapped the reigns and the ass-horses took off at a nice clip.  Behind us, I could hear the engine of the truck roar to life as Brows shifted it into gear to follow us.

            "Now where were we…" Alex continued our conversation.  "Ah yes, if it makes you feel better I'm wearing a permanent costume too."

            "So you're permanently a ponygirl?"

            The driver shook her head.  "I'm at an in-between stage right now.  This outfit is laced with D-cum and is slowly affecting my transformation.  It's a six month or so process to turn a human into a pony, at least the way me and my partner are doing it.  But it's a complicated process, something I'm sure you don't want to hear about."

            I grinned.  "I work for an alchemy company, why wouldn't I be curious?  If nothing else, your transformation might give me ideas for later work."

            "I hadn't thought about it that way.  Normally the people I drive are too caught up in their own impending transformations to want to hear about mine.  Right now I'm just over halfway through the cycle, near the middle of month four.  The two weeks in is when the outfit permanently bonds to you.  Before that time they can be taken off, which delays or cancels the process.  It gives the wearer time to get used to the tightness of the outfit and back out if they change their minds."

            "Obviously you didn’t."

            "Yep, I was hooked from the first time they fit me with my corset.  If not taken off, over the next two weeks the clothes permanently bond with the skin and add additional coverage areas."

            When I looked confused Alex explained, "The initial outfit consisted of an open faced hood, corset, elbow length gloves, and knee high pony boots.  By the end of the first month, the hood had mostly covered my face, the boots and gloves had fully covered my limbs, and the corset had grown a panty to cover my crotch."

            "Interesting, I wonder why they just didn't start full coverage."

            "They told me higher coverage activated the transformation too fast.  Anyway the second month was when my legs changed.  This was probably the worst part of the transformation, as I couldn't walk for nearly two weeks.  And when I finally could, I was very weak and clumsy.  Luckily my partner was there going through the exact same thing, so we could comfort each other."

            Alex flicked the reins, causing the ass-horses to take the right path at a fork.  "Once we could walk again the transformation was all about bulking up.  It's probably had to believe, but I used to be the proverbial 90 pound weakling."

            She certainly didn't look like that anymore.  With the level of muscle tone on display, Alex wouldn't have looked out of
place at a Miss Empire bodybuilding competition.

            "That would bring us to month four.  What's happening to you now?"

            "Well, ponies don't have arms, so mine have begun the reabsorption process.  My upper arms have bonded to the sides of my corset, limiting my dexterity."  Alex demonstrated by trying to pull her arm away and failing.  "By the end of next month my arms will be fully absorbed, leaving me completely smooth shouldered."

            "If you don't have any arms, how are you going to drive people around?" I asked, confused.

            Alex laughed.  "This driving thing is just a temporary gig, to help me learn the ranch better.  By the end of next month I'll be hitched to a cart full time, hauling guests and supplies around.  It will be my last chance to memorize where everything is."

            "Why would you need to memorize…" I began, before answering my own question.  "The last month's transformation."

            Alex nodded.  "During the last month, the hood will expand to cover my entire face and mold it into an equine facsimile.  Ponies should be reliant on their drivers, so I'll be completely blind.  On the flip side, all my other senses will sharpen.  Smell, hearing, taste…and especially touch.  I can't wait to be fucked by my partner once we reach the final stage.  Seeing as we'll both be blind and armless we'll probably need some assistance, but dreams about that day are what got me into this situation."

            Alex got a dreamy look on her face that persisted the entire rest of the ride.  I spent the time hoping I hadn't just given Katie a bunch of bad ideas.  I was so distracted I failed to take in the details of our surroundings until we pulled to a halt in front of another red barn.  This one had to be twice the size of the barn at the entrance and I could see a second red building a hundred yards away across a grassy field.

            As we climbed out of the wagon a large figure emerged from the barn.  He was covered in the same purple rubber and pony gear as Alex, only her partner was even larger and more muscular.  "Welcome back Alex."

            Our driver jumped down from the wagon and took off at a decent clip for her partner.  They embraced and shared a long kiss before Alex turned back to the crowd.  "Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my partner Gene."

            A quick round of introductions followed.  When they finished Gene asked, "So, what stories has my husband told you about me?"

            "Wait, husband?" I blurted.  I covered my mouth in embarrassment, but could see several other members of our party were also confused.

            "Yes, husband."  Alex grinned at me.  "I guess I left that part out of our talk.  When we decided to go this route, we thought a gender flip would be fun."

            "Men always make such a big deal about this dicks, I wanted a chance to see what all the fuss was about."  Gene patted the expansive sheath between her legs, out of which the blunt tip of an equine cock began to emerge.  "And Alex was so breast crazy, it made sense for him to finally get a pair of his own."

            "Will you flip the nomenclature when your transformation finishes?" Chier asked.  “Husband and wife I mean.”

            Gene shrugged.  "By then we'll be a pair of anonymous ponies, sealed up in our own little worlds.  The suits make us identical to others of our new gender, so once other pairs finish their transformation we wouldn't be able to pick each other out, even if we could see."

            "So there will be more of you?" The question this time came from Elizabeth.

            Alex nodded.  "The ranch wants at least a dozen by this time next year.  We're the first but we won't be the last.  In fact the second pair just passed their point of no return last week.  You'll get to meet Alice and Cleo later this afternoon.  They're a pair of lesbians from Holz."

            "Won't that leave you with an unequal number of male and female ponies?" Elisabeth asked again.

             "Nope, Ranch rules are that each pair of rubber ponies must have a male and a female.  Supposedly, the ladies flipped a coin to see who would end up with a dick.  Cleo's still a bit sore about losing.  She supposedly really enjoyed getting fucked."

            "Ahem!"  a loud voice interrupted further conversation and caused each of us to spin around.  Brows was standing beside the truck with an annoyed look on his face.  "Are you lot going to help me, or am I going to have to unload this truck by myself?"


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 9

            I sighed and set down another box stuffed full of alchemical reagents.  When going on this trip was proposed, I didn't know it would be as manual labor.  At least they had me and Elizabeth on the lighter boxes.  Most of the others were helping with the heavy components of the press.

            When I got back to the truck, Brows was scanning over the remaining contents.  He ran one finger down the list on his clipboard before nodding.  "That's it for this location, but we still need to run loads over to other sections of the ranch."

            "Are we going to drive the truck over there?" I asked.

            Brows shook his head.  "A small wagon should do it.  I asked Alex and Gene to go acquire one for us."

            There was a noise outside the truck that I assumed to be the arrival of the wagon.  Sure enough, there was one parked beside the truck when I climbed back out.  What I didn't expected was to see the rubberpony couple hitched between the front

            "A little help?" Alex called.

            "What, you can't get out yourselves?" I asked, walking over.

            "What kind of horses would we be if we could just unhitch ourselves and wander off?" Gene chuckled.

            "It's also good practice for when we've fully changed." Alex added.  "Wandering off blindly would be a bad thing."

            Under their directions, I was able to unhook the pair from between the curving front bars of the wagon.  Each pony was secured in a corset like section that distributed the load along their torso and hooked into the bars near the hips.  Once freed from the confines of her corset Alex began stretching.  "Still trying to get used to the compression." she admitted after catching me staring.

            By this time Elizabeth had arrived and between the four of us we managed to quickly load up the wagon.

            "That should be everything." Brows said after checking his clip-board one last time.  We'll need you to unload that at section 5 HQ and return here for another trip out to section 4."

            "Which is section 5 again?" Elizabeth asked.

            "One is intake and logistics, two is here with the horses, three is the cows, four…which we'll travel through on the way to five…is for unusual crops, and we've taken to calling five the miscellaneous section.  We've lumped all the other farm related transformees there." Gene explained.

            "Pigs, chickens, guards dogs, etc.” Alex added  “Now, let's see if you two can hitch us back up without directions this time."

            It turned out I could, which said more about the simplicity of the system than any mechanical genius on my part.  Elizabeth and I climbed aboard and the rubberponies took off at a trot.

            The four of us chatted for a half hour or so as the wagon meandered between grassy fields and crops at the height of summer.  Eventually we came to a stone gate flanked by wire, which had probably once separated the two farms.  I hopped off to open it and let the wagon through before securing everything behind us.

            We started moving again through fields of crops, only these were like nothing I'd ever seen before.  As if she could read my mind, Gene said, "We invited a bunch of students from Extraordinary Agricultural programs across the Empire and Realm.  There are about twenty plots here, each testing out various transformed plants.

            The first field we came across had what I first thought to be watermelons.  Large green and red spheres nestled between thick vines.  Only I'd never seen watermelons eight feet tall, nor ones with bright red sections on one end where the vine connected that looked suspiciously like areola.  A woman turned from where she had been tinkering with the pipes and hoses that watered the massive melons.  The brunette looked quite ordinary, save for the colossal breasts that pointed out of her chest like a pair of torpedoes.  They were even colored like the giant boobs shading the woman from the afternoon sun.

            "That's Whitney." Alex shouted from her place up front.  "She's from Wasen.  They have a bit of an obsession with large boobs there."


            "Festival Lights." Elizabeth explained as we passed into the next plot.  This one was full of tall, skinny trees with wide green, fan like leaves.  They reminded me of banana trees, right down to the bunches of fruit clinging to the tops.  Only these bananas were decidedly phallic, clumps of dicks pointing up from the same point.  The plot after that also had trees, but the fruit dangling from the branches looked oddly like hairless testicles.

            As we pass by a plot of what looked like octopus tentacle kudzu, I spotted something up in the sky.  Shading my gauze, I was able to make out a bizarre figure floating high above.  The main body was a dick, though distance made scale difficult to determine.  On top it had several large breasts, tugging upward like helium filled balloons.  Below the skin looked bumpy or lumpy, as if there were nipples or more breasts underneath.

            "What's that?" I called, pointing skyward.

            "Where?" Elizabeth tried following my pointing finger.

            "That's just Monitor." Gene explained.  "It used to be the communications major boyfriend of one of the interns working these plots.  It transformed to allow for oversight and communication for the distant plots of the ranch.  I don't know if you can make it out all the way up there, but Monitor's bottom side is covered in eye nippled breasts.  Each one sees in slightly different wavelengths, to allow Monitor to observe things like soil moisture content and growth zones."

            "How long can he…she…" Elizabeth struggled a moment to figure out the right gender, "it stay up there?"

              "Up to a week, depending on how much Monitor has to move.  The main body stores nutrients like a camel, while the lifting breasts can expel some of their gasses for propulsion."  Alex couldn't help but giggle.  "Transportation vial farting."

            Monitor to cart 16, did you have a query? a voice asked inside my head.

            "What was that?" Clearly Elizabeth had heard something too.

            "We're fine Monitor.  Our guests just wanted to know about you." Gene responded.  To us the rubberpony added, "Monitor is telepathic and able to pick up surface level brain thoughts.  You can focus its attention on you by thinking its name."

            I would be agreeable to any queries about myself or any other parts of the Ranch within my range.

            The rest of the trip passed with Monitor playing tour guide to the various plots we passed.  I learned about pitcher plants that lived off of human sexual energy, healing trees that could cure cancer by encased the patient fully save their face for seven years, and how the far flung workers used the bathroom.  I also learned about Monitor itself, including the fact it still had an active sexual relationship with its former human partner.  I learned far more than I wanted to about how to please your partner with twin vine dicks.  Our conversations only ended when Monitor said it had to take another call and I could see the buildings of our destination rising up behind the crops in the distance.


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

I'd love to see how this all ends up tongue .


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

It will take a while.  My outline goes up to chapter 24 so far (~2 arcs into the future).  My margin on the other hand is getting low, so I need to start working on chapters again over the following weeks.


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 10

            Alex and Gene pulled to a halt before another farmhouse in section 5's cluster of buildings.  In addition, I saw a small barn, dwarfed by the chicken coop beside it, and a body of water that couldn't decide if it was a pond or a pool.  As I jumped down from the wagon and began unhitching the rubberponies, a figure rose from the mud and trundled over.

           She was a massive anthro pig, even larger than Gene and with twice the mass.  Her distended, pregnant belly could have held me and Elizabeth with room to spare, while the eight heavy breasts ran down her torso.  Each was topped with a vagina instead of a nipple.

            "Afternoon Bridget." Alex said after I undid the last of the latches holding her to the rails.  "Enjoying an afternoon lay in the sun?"

            "I've about hit the point that if I stay out any longer, I'll turn into bacon." the pig-woman chortled.  She was completely bald and her face pushed out into a short and flat pig's muzzle.  As she turned I could see Bridget has a second set of eight breasts on her back, running from her shoulders to just above the curly dick tail poking out of her butt.

            "Who are these two?" Bridget asked.  "More of Connie's layers?  Or is team bacon finally getting some new recruits?"

            "Elizabeth and Becca work for Crimson Moon alchemy labs." Alex explained.

            "Really, cool."  Bridget beamed.  "I can't thank you enough for what your company has done for my family.  My in-laws have never been happier.  I'm sure you've met Sherman and Kira, they're the best.  I doubt you've seen their parents, it's a bit hard to pick them out due to all the new arrivals.”  The pig-woman trailed off abruptly.  “Whoops, I should probably explain where I fit in the whole mess.  My brother Jackson married Terry, formally the oldest son Terrance.  Both she and I have a bit of a pregnancy fetish." Bridget patted her distended belly fondly.  "So of course I had to join this place when I got the chance.  But I'm not as bad a Terry, she's already on her eight kid in five years."

            Bridget looked like she was about to launch into an epic motormouth tirade, so Gene attempted to step in.  "Bridget, as nice as it is to chat with you, we really need to get these supplies unloaded."

            "Of course, of course."  The pig-woman wrapped her flabby arms around Elizabeth's and my shoulder.  "I'll take these two off your hands so can do what you need to do.  I'll introduce them around, keep them from causing trouble…."

            "But we need them to help us…" Gene began, but Bridget had already dragged us away back toward the pool.  I had a feeling the large woman was used to getting her way and demon's protect anyone who got in her way.

            "Ladies, let me introduce you to some guests." Bridget sang as we stepped to the finished edge of the pool.

            Another pig-woman, slightly smaller than Bridget, set down her magazine from where she'd been laying on a lounge chair.  Another anthro pig surfaced from the pool and waddled our way.

            "Elizabeth, Becca, let me introduce Velvet and Titties, the two other members of the ranch's pork products production team."

            "Or as we like to call ourselves, the Miss Piggies." The pool pig snorted as she held out a chubby, three fingered hand.  "Hi, I'm Titties."

            Elizabeth couldn't help herself.  "Really?  Your name is Titties?"

            The pig-woman snorted again.  "I certainly don't look like a Rodger anymore.  But I've always been a boob-man, now I'm a breastful pig.  The name just seemed to fit."

            The other pig, Velvet, just rolled her eyes.  "Ignore TItties, she's a bit crazy."

            "Says the woman who thinks trashy romance novels are good literature." Titties teased.

            "They're a great way to kill time and masterbate.  Way better than my old job as a model.  Now I get to lay around all day and eat as much as I want."  Velvet grinned before her face took on a screwed up look.  She began feeling up her exposed breasts.  "I think my loins are just about done."  Velvet patted her belly.  "I should probably drop off those ribs I've been marinating as well."  With that, she began waddling toward the barn.

            At Elizabeth's and our confused looks, Bridget explained, "Our team births pork products for consumption.  It's a renewable, cruelty free method pioneered by Armstrong Farms.  Right now I have a couple pork loins and chops growing up here.."  Bridget patted her middle breasts.  "some pork shoulder and butt…"  she groped her highest and lowest breasts, "and of course, lots of pig belly in mine."  Bridget slapped her massive stomach, which jiggled.

            "It's a great life." Titties added.  "All play for an hour or two of work per day.  And even the work is fun.  Birthing products is orgasmic, and when they used the inseminators to load me back up…" the pig-woman trailed off, a dreamy look on her face.

            "Worth giving up your dick for, just like Velvet told you it would be."  Bridget chuckled.  "You look like you need some private time Titties, so I'll take these two off to their next destination.  Alex and Gene are going to want them back eventually, after all."

            We left the pool and Bridget directed us toward the chicken coop.  Along the way Bridget explained to us a little about the transformed egg breeders, known as chicks.  Therefore, I weren't surprised at the appearance of the chick standing beside the doorway into the coop.

            Her body was still roughly that of a humanoid female.  Below the knee both legs had the hard, yellow skin and toes claws of the smaller bird.  The rest of the chick's body was covered by a layer of short white feathers.  She had wings instead of arms, only they seemed far too small to actually grant flight.  And they seemed oddly…tubular.  The chick had a wave of red feathers poking out above her butt, matching the red Mohawk running from her widow's peak to the back of her neck.

            "What's wrong Gertrude?" Bridget asked as we approached.  This close, I could see the chick looked somewhere between nervous and distressed.

            "I've…um…finally been cleared to enter the pods today."

            Bridget put one hefty arm around the chick's shoulder.  "But that's good news, isn't it.  That's why you wanted to be here after all."

            "It is…I want to be an egg layer…"  The chick broke off, embarrassed.  "I'm just worried I'll like it too much.  I'll become addicted to the pleasure.  That I'll become one of the chicks that never leaves her pod."

            "You make that sound like a bad thing." Bridget chuckled.  "You came here, gave up a normal life for one of constant pregnancy and sexual fulfillment.  Own it and damn well enjoy it.  I know I do."

            "You're right.  I'm being silly."  Gertrude made to stride into the coop, but paused on the doorway.  "You can come in and watch.  I could use the…"

            "Moral support?" I suggested.

            "More like stopping her from being chicken." Bridget grinned at her pun.

            Inside the coop, the walls were lined with chrome metal machines.  Two stories of them, at least fifty total.  They reminded me of the anusification machine from the Realm.  The user's legs and upper torsos were trapped, while their asses and crotches were exposed.  Only in this case, it was so massive machine mounted dildos could pump in and out of them.

            "They discovered early on that sexual stimulation speeds up the laying cycle." Gertrude explained.  "The pods provide a barrage of porn and sexual stimulation to our vaginas, breasts, asses, and dicks."  My eyes narrowed in confusion at that last point, until Gertrude waved her arms and I finally realized why they looked so cylindrical under the feathers.

            "Those competing to be the top layer spend most of their day inside, only leaving to lay their most recent clutch."

            No sooner had Gertrude said this that a pod on the far wall opened and disgorged the chick within.  The egg breeder looked to be in a daze, drunkenly taking a few steps before she was intercepted by a male farmer I hadn't noticed before.  The farmer helped the very pregnant chick across the floor to another machine.  This one wrapped around the chick from breasts to knees, hiding her swollen belly from view.

            "That’s the laying machine." Gertrude explained.  "Over the next half hour or so, she'll dump her entire clutch in one orgasm after another.  Or single egg in my case.  The doctors told me I was designed to carry eggs the size of soccer balls."

            "Well, you better get started then."  Bridget knocked on the unoccupied machine beside her.

            Looking a bit more eager, Gertrude stepped into the leg plates, which snapped closed around her lower legs.  The chick leaned forward into the groove, settling herself into place.

            "I'll be back in a few hours to check on you." Bridget told the chick.  "After I'm done showing these two around.  I couldn't miss your first lay, now could I?"

            With that the top of the machine closed, trapped Gertrude inside.  The dildos lifted up from their concealed positions and took aim at the chick's exposed holes.  As they pressed in for the first time I could hear a moan of pleasure from inside the pod.

            "You know, normal humans can use the pod too." Gertrude explained as she led us back outside.  "That's what snagged Gertrude.  She came to visit her chick sister and used a pod on a dare.  Fast forward a bit and you just saw the results."

            "I think we'll pass for now." Elizabeth said quickly.  "We really should be getting back after all."

            "I know, I know.  But that shouldn't stop you sneaking back here later tonight.  The coop is a 24-7 establishment."

            We returned to the wagon to see it was down to the last pair of boxes.  "There you two are." Alex exclaimed as we came around the side.  "We nearly finished without you.  Thank goodness Irene was here to help or we'd still be unpacking."

            Out of the house came the woman I assumed to be Irene.  Like practically every woman I'd seen on the ranch, she was transformed and naked.  Irene's changes reminded me of the satyrs from the old stories of myth, only a female version.  She had the goat's legs and curling, phallic horns on either side of her face.  Irene also had a patch of white fur covering her breasts like a built in tube top.  The satyr flicked her long white hair out from under the explorer bag hung over one shoulder and approached us.  "You two must be Becca and Elizabeth.  Alex and Gene have been telling me all about you while we worked.  I'm Irene.  I'm in charge of the upcoming goat and sheep sections of the ranch."

            "Did you transform for the job?" Elizabeth asked.

            Irene's laugh was like a dozen small chimes in the breeze.  "Oh no, I was transformed by a demon decades ago."  I was skeptical about that, seeing as the satyr barely looked out of her late teens.  However, d-cum could do strange things to a body.

            "As much as I'm sure you'd like to stay and chat, we really do need to get back for another load." Gene said.

            With a bit of reluctance I hitch Gene and Alex back into the wagon before we set of back to rejoin our coworkers.  Internally, I vowed to find a way to stop by and check on everyone one last time before we left.  What I'd seen today had opened my mind to a whole host of possibilities.


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 11

            The next morning we were all crammed into the horse barn.  Brows, Bountiful, and Boulder were running last minute checks on the Corral Press, while Alicia did something off on her own in the corner.  I stood with Desdrie and Xavier, who watched the goings on with nervous excitement.

            "Has it sunk in yet?" I asked the couple, before pointing over to where Elizabeth and Chier were playing with one of the ass-horses.  "That in a very short space of time, you'll be one of those creatures."

            Desdrie chuckled.  "Honey, if you could see through my clothes you'd find my panties are sopping wet and my nipples are about to cut through my bra.  I haven't been this excited since…" she gave her husband a coy glance, "probably since the first time we were together."

            "I don't remember much of that night." Xavier joked.  "All the blood was in my dick instead of my brain."

            Desdrie reached down and fondled her husband's visibly straining erection.  "Kind of like now?"

            "Kind of like now." Xavier echoed, giving his wife a kiss.

            They were interrupted by a harrumph from Brows.  "If you two are done, we're ready for you now."

            The couple turned to the scaly browed mechanic, grinned, and engaged in an even more passionate lip lock.  I rolled my eyes as they tried to disrobe despite being attached at the face.  Needless to say much fabric was torn.

            After about five minutes we managed to get the now naked couple separated and over to the Corral Press.  The machine was large, almost six feet from the floor to the open doors of the clamshell top, and just as long.  Bountiful directed Desdrie to lay down on the padded central bench, face up and with her butt right on the edge.  I knelt down to guide the dark skinned woman's feet into the boxy sections on the ground, as Bountiful's voluminous skirts got in the way.

            When the dark skinned woman was in place, Xavier stepped into indentations on the far side and leaned down over his wife in the 69 position.  Due to their differences in height, Xavier's face was at his wife's crotch, while his own rock hard erection
poked at the top of Desdrie's head.

            "Comfortable?" Brows asked, checking readings on the side of the machine.  "Last chance to back out."

            "I'm surprisingly comfortable." Desdrie replied.  "Though I wish I was a bit taller so I could show my husband the attention he's lavishing on me."  She squeaked.  "Xavier, wait until the dome closes at least!"

            "Sorry love, couldn't resist." Xavier grinned before darting his tongue once again into the curls at the fork of his wife's legs.

            "Try not to shift too much, I'm closing the dome." Brows instructed.  Before the chrome metal slid shut Desdrie shot me a playful smile and wink.

            Beside the machine, Boulder was showing Sherman how to use the console.  The fat man would explain everything, then stand back and supervise as the rancher ran the press through its paces.  There was a pneumatic hiss and gurgle as hidden tanks released.   I stood and watched silently as the Corral Press went about its work.

            My first sign that something was happening was when the exposed skin of the couple's butts began to change color.  Most of Xavier's skin darkened to a chocolate brown to match his wife's, while Desdrie's crotch gained a few white patches. Flesh flowed on Desdrie's side as her lower half flipped itself into a mirror image, now butt out and crotch down.  I could see the swell of flesh right above her vagina, the conjoined beast's new dick sliding into place.

            "How are we looking Boulder?" Brows asked from his side of the machine.

            "Good boss." the large man rumbled back.  "I'll hit the releases in another thirty seconds."

            Said seconds seemed to tick on forever before Boulder finally shut the process down.  There was a loud hiss of steam as the inner chamber was sterilized and any possible remaining d-cum mixture was pushed off into tanks.  Boulder hit another button and the clamshell doors on top slowly slid open.  The entire machine tilted, one door rising higher than the other, to allow the now quadruped creature to slide free.

            What had once been two people now looked like two Freyan Anuswomen, stuck together Vaginawoman style.  Both ends of the creature ended in a pair of fleshy butt cheeks, but the "head" was identifiable by the fact it was closest to the heavy hanging breasts.  That, and the genitals that were on the far side.  By how erect the dick was and how moist the now hairless crotch, the ass-horse was very excited about its new form.

            "My part is done." Brows said to the four armed woman who had watched the entire transformation in silent
contemplation.  "You're up Alicia."

            Under Brows' direction, Elizabeth and I guided the ass-horse across the barn and over to where Alicia had set up her supplies.  Aided by Bountiful's strength, Alicia guided what I first mistook as a set of saddlebags onto the ass-horse's back.  Only instead of bags, there were two large pink udders on each side the size of soccer balls.  The alchemist adjusted the straps to hold the udders in place then stood back.  "It should take a few minutes for the secondary transformation to take place."

            It wasn't like we had anywhere else to be, so the gathered group stood and waited.  Slowly the straps holding the udders in place tightened until it was impossible to distinguish them from the ass-horse's darkened skin.  Skin that was plumping up, as the creature's mass increased by a good 20%.  Strong muscle was hidden under a layer of fat, which was further hidden under a short layer of dark brown fur with white splotches like a Holstein's.  Crouching down, I could see a second pair of breasts had grown in under the creature's body.  Both they and the original pair were topped with three inch long, very phallic looking nipples.

            Around the five minute mark Alicia began circling the ass-horse…which was now more of an ass-cow.  "Everything looks good." she affirmed.  "Congratulations Sherman, on the newest addition to your herd."


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 12

            "You know, I still don't know why they couldn't have just radioed over that we were coming." I said.

            I was sitting in a saddle on Gene's back, carefully strapped in as the rubberpony chauffeured me over to the milking barn.  I couldn’t see the rubberpony's face, but I knew he was grinning.  "We could have, but then I wouldn't have had the chance to  give you a ride.  Besides, the cows are usually too lazy to answer the phone."

            "I guess I should just shut up and enjoy the ride."

            "That, and hold on." Gene answered, as we came over a low rise and the rubberpony put on a burst of speed.  My hands reflexively tried to contain my hair from the buffeting breeze.  If not for the straps, the maneuver would have caused me to tumble from my saddle. However, once we built up a good head of steam I found traveling by human pony quite enjoyable.

            "Enjoying the ride so far?" Gene asked as we passed a gap between fields.  In the distance, I could see a dozen or so large figures resting in the shade of a strand of trees.

            "I was unsure at first, but now I'm having fun." I'm admitted.

            "Running is the second most fun thing to do as a pony.  The sense of freedom, the way it gets your blood pumping…it's the reason I talked Alex into becoming human horses."

            "What's the most fun thing to do as a rubberpony?" I asked, curious.

            Gene snorted.  "Fuck, obviously.  If I knew having a dick was so much fun, I would have gone through a change long ago.  Especially when I stick it into Alex's sweet little pussy.  And to think, when we were first planning our unconventional life together Alex wanted to become furniture."  When I was silent for a long minute after this, Gene asked, "Becca, did I say something wrong?"

            "What?" I blinked, pulled from my thoughts.  "Sorry, I was having an engineering moment.  You said human furniture and my mind started the design work on a press that would turn people into chairs."

            Gene laughed.  "It's a pity I'm going to be nothing more than a simple animal in a few months.  I would have loved to see what kinky things your wonderful mind came up with."

            I was touched by the earnestness of Gene's words and was silent the last few minutes before the rubberpony slowed to a trot as we reached the cow barn.  Unlike the other sections of the farm I'd seen so far, there was only a large red barn and what looked like a tent city.

            "Most of the cows don't like buildings." Gene explained as he instructed me on how to escape the saddle.  "And with their size and different configurations, it would be difficult to design a building to house them all.  The tents are there to allow them storage and privacy when they need it, though most prefer to sleep together under the stars."  Gene gave me a coy grin.  "Sometimes their orgies get so loud we can hear echoes all the way over where we bed down.  Which means we have to return the
favor the next night."

            "Somehow, that's not hard to imagine."  I extricated myself from the saddle and took a few steps to work the feeling back into my legs.  I reached up and attempted to remove some of the wind-sweptness from my hair, which quickly became a losing proposition.

            "If you head into the barn…" Gene pointed to the squat red building, "T will be in there to meet you."

            Before I could ask any further questions, the rubberpony spun around and ran back the way we came.  Oh well.  Following Gene's instructions, I stepped toward the partly open white sliding doors.  Stepping inside, I had to blink away the brightness of the sunny morning.

            When my eyes finally adapted, I could see the milk barn was constructed much like the stables.  There were even stalls, though these were twice the size of the horses’ and seemed to be there more for privacy.  At least, if the shower style hanging screens were any indication.  Each stall was home to a large chrome machine with lots of hoses and cups, but each one seemed to be a configured differently.

            I blinked a few times and rubbed my eyes, realizing that in seeing the forest of milking machines I'd missed a colossal tree.  Or in this case, a colossal udder.  The roughly spherical pink sac was nearly ten feet tall, with the four teats poking out the top adding another two or so feet each.  Each teat was wrapped in a suction tube I could have crawled into without much discomfort, and I could see a milky white fluid running through the clear hoses running across the roof and into a set of tanks.

            "It's pretty cool, huh?"

            I jumped about a foot in the air, startled at the voice from right beside me.  Turning, I was confronted with a smiling young woman of about my age.  There were a few glaring details wrong about her.  The nudity shouldn't have startled me at this point, not with everything I'd seen at the Ranch so far, but the skin of the woman's body was the same pink color and texture as the giant udder.  She was completely hairless, the hair on her head a clump of pink goo in the shape of a bob haircut.  Her eyes and lips were more like colored moles than true proper organs.

            "Whoops, sorry, didn't mean to startle you."  She held out a hand and I cautiously shook it.

            Looking down, I could see a pink cable the thickness of my wrist snaking out of the woman's backside and into the giant udder.  "Wait, are you..."

            "Yep." she replied happily, walking over and patting the giant pink ball affectionately.  "This is the real me, fulfilling my lifelong goal of being a giant udder.  But the Avatar who crafted my body gave me the ability to spawn humanoid tendrils, so I could still help out around the barn."  The woman pressed into the side of the udder and melted right through the wall of flesh.

            "Oh, I realize I forgot to introduce myself."  I looked up, only to see the pink woman sitting on top of the udder, leaning
against one of the teats.  "I'm Tamara, Sherman's younger sister."

            The goo woman sunk back into herself, reappearing beside me at ground level.  I noticed that her form had changed.  This time Tamara was bald, exposing tiny horns at her temples.  She also had four breasts hanging from her chest, arranged in a square configuration.

            "Becca." I introduced myself, trying not to stare at the hypnotic swing of Tamara's many breasts.  "I'm an alchemist from Crimson Moon alchemy labs.  They sent me over here early, so everything would be in place for when the new cow arrived."

            "Ooh, you're part of the team that transformed Desdrie and Xavier.  They were here yesterday and I had so much fun showing them around.  I can't wait to see the new them.  I spent all morning cleaning the machines so they would be ready for the first milking."

            "Oh, so there's nothing you need help with?"

            "Nope."  Tamara gave me a wide grin, which lost some effect when her teeth were the same color as her skin.  "But I can give you the same tour I gave Desdrie and Xavier."

            "Sure, it will help kill time until the rest of the group gets here."

            Tamara beckoned and I followed the goo girl over to the nearest stall.  This one had four stocks to hold the cow's legs and a set of milkers positioned both fore and aft.  Resting an arm on the smooth metal, Tamara explained, "We currently play host to a wide variety of cows, from mostly human cow-girls to barely human versions like you're bringing over.  To compensate for different anatomies, we have twenty differently configured milking machines in the barn right now, with room for ten more as our operation grows.  We're eventually hoping to start a cowgirl retreat program up in a few months, where visitors can come for a few days vacation of fun and milking.  Sherman is working with your potions department to have a few vials on hand for those that want to stay a bit more permanently."

            I had zoned out during the last half of Tamara's speech, lost in the design of the milking machine.  I was having another engineer moment, only this time over the fluid flows involved in the milking.  I snapped back to reality when Tamara leaned in close and whispered, "You know, you don't need to be transformed to use these machines.  Just be warned, you might find the milking sensation…addicting.”  She patted the milking machine’s side.  “You could warm this one up for our new arrival."

            I quickly took a few steps back, prudence and desire fighting a border skirmish inside me.  "I'll…pass." I said finally, both
disappointed and relieved.  "Besides, I don't have the right number of breasts to get full use out of the machine anyway."

            Without warning Katie shifted, wrapping me in a skintight copy of Elizabeth's cow onsie.  Two points on my stomach swelled, until there were four large pink rubber udders hanging off my chest.

            "Katie!" I started in on my outfit, while Tamara laughed so hard she partly lost cohesion.


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 13

            Exhausted, I climbed the stairs back toward the room I was sleeping in.  Elizabeth was right behind me, looking just as deflated.  It was Sunday night, and we'd finally finished two full days of transformations.  The Corral Press had run practically non-stop, squishing dozens couples into new forms.  About half of those that would stay on the Ranch would remain as horses, while the rest got the saddlebags treatment to turn them into cows.  Tamara couldn't stop smiling all weekend, as she guided the ass-cows into the stalls for their first milkings.  She wasn't the only one.  Irene was beyond pleased that one of the couples had agreed to be her first charge, the horse getting a second potion that shrunk its size and coated the creature in a thick coat of fuzzy fur.  Irene spent the rest of the weekend leading it around on a leash like a prized showdog.  I never got the chance to ask exactly where the satyress managed to attach the leash.

            There were other farm based transformations as well.  Alice and Cleo, the second rubberpony pair, arrived with the wagon transporting the first ass-cow (who was now named Chocolate).  They looked similar enough to be sisters, both tall and built like runners.  I couldn't help but notice that Cleo kept adjusting the panty covering her crotch, which was starting to bulge in the center in a very familiar way.

            Alex and Gene invited me to the initial dressing of the newest rubberpony pair, Meghan and Carl.  Like the furthest along rubberponies, the couple had also decided on the gender flip option.  Several times I caught them staring at their respective futures, as if wondering what it would be like to have such a thick penis between their legs, or such large breasts hanging from their chests.

            In the rush I hadn't made it out to the unusual plant fields, even though I knew we planted a few volunteers over the weekend.  I did carve out a few hours to check on team bacon again, who were welcoming a new member of their own.  Bridget was practically in a swoon about how much meat the conjoined couple would be able to put out.  The tauric anthro pig was so large I wondered if they would be able to even make it through the front door of the house.  I also said high to Gertrude, who looked much happier after her first trip into the pod.  Her stomach was already swollen for her next lay as she introduced me to her sister Prudence, who was also a chick.

            "I can't wait to take a shower and lay down for a bit."  Elizabeth's words brought me back to the present and I fished out the key to our room.  As my outfit was (theoretically) self cleaning, I let Elizabeth use the shower first.  I used the time to write down a few new ideas in my journal.  I was going to have to check their feasibility when we finally got back to the office.

            Elizabeth stepped out of the bathroom, dressed for bed, and I took her place.  Katie shrunk down to the thinness of a dental floss bikini while I soaked in the endless warm water.  When I was finished, my outfit stretched back over my body, shedding all the trapped water.  One benefit of a living outfit was never needing a towel.  Katie cloned Elizabeth's cow onesie, loose and flowing to match my relaxed mood, and I left the bathroom.

            Elizabeth was laying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling when I entered.  "Becca, can I ask you a questions?"

            "You just did." I joked.  "But I would be willing to entertain another.”

            "Were you…" the blonde began hesitantly, "were you as affected by all the people we worked with this weekend as I was?"

            "I don't understand the question?" I replied, not sure where Elizabeth was going with this.

            "I'm always thought of transformations as shameful." the blonde admitted.  "The ruining of a good body.  The only reason I came to work at Crimson Moon was they paid twice what anyone else would for my chemistry expertise.  And if someone does have to change…they should be able to do so knowing exactly what is going to happen.  Better a well refined product by an experienced institution, then raw cum scraped from a demon's bedroom by an amateur."

            "But now you feel differently?"

            Elizabeth nodded.  "Seeing all those happy people this weekend, both before and after their changes…I started to think that transforming might not be so bad after all."  The blonde's cheeks took on a crimson hue.  "It even start to…to turn me on.  To take ordinary people and change them into sexual beasts."  There was movement from the flap at Elizabeth crotch, as her hose slithered it's way free like a snake on the prowl.

            I felt a flush creep into my own cheeks and suddenly I wanted to be as far away from here as possible.  At least until Elizabeth cooled back down.  "I need some air." I said quickly, making my way toward the door.

            "Becca, wait." Elizabeth scrambled off the bed to follow.  "I'm sorry I asked, please don't go."

            She caught up as I stepped into the hallway, pressing me into the door opposite.  "Please, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to make this whole incident embarrassing."

            "I…" my brain locked up as the sounds coming through the door behind me made it into my brain.  "Do you hear that?"

            "What?" Elizabeth stepped close, pressing her ear to the door near my shoulder.  After about thirty seconds she jumped back, as if the wood had suddenly become scorching hot.  "Is that…are they…doing what I think they're doing?"

            "Are you asking if Arthur and Chier are screwing their respective brains out…the answer is probably yes."  I shouldn't have been surprised, not with how the pair had acted earlier in the evening.  They had probably gotten as turned on as Elizabeth at all the changes happening around them.  And if I was honest with myself, I had been aroused just the same.  If I wasn't sharing a room I'd probably be mummified on the bed right now, screaming into a gag as Katie went at my lower holes with large dildos.

            "Becca…I…" Elizabeth began before swallowing.  "I have another question.  One I probably wouldn't ask, if the time and place were different.  But would you…would you like to have sex with me?"  When I stared at her, blank faced, she hurriedly continued, "A one night thing.  No strings, no commitments.  What happens on the Ranch, stays on the Ranch.  Think of it as a way to celebrate all we did together."

            To say I was stunned by the offer was an understatement.  I had thought Elizabeth was straight.  She never talked about relationships, but by the way she looked at men I could tell.  As for me, I was straight and had the past relationships to prove it.  Only, looking back I could feel there had been something missing every time.  Maybe that was why they had never lasted long.  Maybe Elizabeth was fate hitting me in the face, telling me I needed to try something different.  The most important piece was still there, or at least its equivalent.  It was just the window dressing that was different.  And who better to know how to turn on my body than another woman?

            A thought flew through my brain, one that brought a smile to my face.  A deliciously kinky thought, one I'm sure Elizabeth would love as well.  "I'll do it." I said solemnly, before letting my smile grow even wider.  "On one condition."

            "And that would be?"

            "That you go back into our room and make yourself comfortable.  Give me five minutes to prepare a little treat for us both."

            Elizabeth's face went from shocked to coy.  "Don't make me wait too long." she whispered before slinking back into our

            I waited until the door shut before sprinting toward the stairs.  Hopefully the kitchen would have everything I need.


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 14

            It was closer to ten minutes by the time I got back to the room.  Hopefully Elizabeth wouldn’t be too angry at me for making her wait.  I knocked at the door, not sure of the blonde's state of dress or mood.  A moment later the door cracked open.  "Becca?"

            "I'm back.  Can I come in?"

            I door opened a bit wider and I slipped in quickly before shutting it.  On the other side was Elizabeth, looking a bit nervous.  I didn't know if that was caused by her nudity or what we were about to do.  I took a moment to examine the blonde's body fully.  She was surprisingly well toned, either from time in the gym or part of her mother's transformation.  If there was a hair below her neck, I couldn't see it.

            "What's all this?" she asked, gesturing to the bag I carried in one hand and the bowl in the other.

            "I had a really kinky idea I thought you might like.  Katie?"

            My outfit rearranged itself until I appeared naked, only with three pairs of breasts and a hose of my own.  The only difference between Elizabeth and me, body wise, was my vagina was still in the front under the base of the hose.

            "What are you?" Elizabeth began, then her eyes went wide as I pulled the first bottle out of the bag and set it on the nightstand.  "Is that…lemonade?"

            "Yep." I replied, setting down a second bottle next to it.  "And soda as well.  And finally…." I gestured to the bowl, "some melted ice cream.  That's what took so long, trying to microwave it from frozen."

            "Lemonade, soda, and ice cream…" Elizabeth trailed off as she realized what I wanted to do.  "You want to be like me?"

            "I thought it might be fun for tonight.  After all, this is a big experiment for me.  Why not have sex with another woman, while we both have six breasts and hoses?"  I lay back on the bed, the dials over my breasts opening to reveal the empty chambers within.  "Care to fill me up?"

            "Uh…sure."  Starting at the top, Elizabeth poured liquid into my breasts until they were full to bursting.  Her own pairs were swollen too, the blonde having yet to empty her daily distilling.   

            I sat up, enjoying the new weight hanging from my chest.  My hose, completely under the control of Katie, curled and uncurled around my leg in anticipation.  "How do you want to do this?"

            "I…don't know." Elizabeth admitted, sitting on the bed beside me.  "I've never done this before."

            Feeling suddenly emboldened, I pulled Elizabeth to me and kissed her right on the lips.  Her breath smelled fruity, probably from the strawberry toothpaste I'd seen on the counter in the bathroom.  I hoped my own didn't smell too bad.

            We broke apart for just a moment, long enough to stare into each other's eyes.  Then Elizabeth grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me into a kiss strong enough to steal the breath from my lungs.  Katie started playing with my body, massaging my breasts and lower holes to add to the ecstasy.  Only when I thought I couldn't hold my breath for another second did I finally pull away.

            Equally breathless, Elizabeth asked, "Was that enough to convince you that we're doing the right thing?"

            In answer, I reached down and grabbed the hose that had been poking between my breasts.  I stuck the end in my mouth, running my tongue across the strange geometries.  Elizabeth's eyes rolled up and she fell back on the bed.

            "Sorry." I said, pulling the tip of the hose out of my mouth.  "I didn't realize it was so sensitive."

            "Please…don't stop." the blonde whispered.

            Who was I to argue?  I popped the hose back into my mouth, now alternating my licks with sucks.  Within a minute Elizabeth was writhing in pleasure and I found myself with a mouthful of beer.  With a kinky grin I spat out the hose and leaned down to give Elizabeth kiss, sharing some of the liquid with her.

            After that, time didn't seem to flow linearly for a while.  I remembered Elizabeth sucking on my own hose, Katie doing her best to simulate the sensation for me.  I remembered swapping liquids with Elizabeth several times, me feeding her alcohol and she giving me soda and lemonade.  We must have spent several minutes in the 69 position, sucking on hoses, breasts, anything we could reach.

            Finally, Elizabeth turned around and presented her butt to me.  I gently pulled the cheeks aside, revealing the treasure hidden within.  Like Elizabeth had said earlier, it was the slit of a vagina instead of the circle of a sphincter.  I ran a finger down the side, collecting some of the clear liquid pooling out of it.  I gave my finger a quick sniff.  The smell reminded me of cleansing alcohols I used when cleaning a cut on my arm.  I guess it made sense for Elizabeth's body to use some of its distilling capability for sterilization.

            "Please." Elizabeth begged, grinding her butt into my crotch.  "Please fuck me."

            By this point I wanted it as bad as she did. "Only if you fuck me too."

            And that was how we found ourselves.  Elizabeth on her hand and knees, butt pressed into my crotch.  I stood at the end of the bed, thrusting in and out of her while Elizabeth's hose twirled around inside me.  At first I was worried the tap shape wouldn't fit, but with the handle folded back it created a wonderful feeling bumpy surface that hit all the right nerves.

            Back and forth we went, get faster and more frantic until Elizabeth screamed that she was about to cum.  She pulled her hose out of me, twisting to lay on her back.  A second later the blonde came, shooting streams of alcohol high in the air to cascade down around us.  The sheer kinkiness of the event cause my own orgasm and I slumped as the sensation brought every cell in my body to life.  Even under Katie's ministrations, I'd never had an orgasm that powerful before.

            Sagging in exhaustion, I sat on the bed beside Elizabeth.  "That was…wow."

            "Yea." she agreed, pausing to wipe a trail of alcohol from her cheek.

            "There's only one more thing we need to do to end this scene properly."

            "What's that?" Elizabeth asked, sitting up beside me.

            With one hand I pulled the blonde close while the other lifted my hose to point at us.  "Smile." I told the blonde, a moment before we were both coated in white spurts of ice cream.

            "A cum shot." I said by way of explanation, before leaning forward to lick a trail of ice cream from her nose.

            "Oh, you're going to get it now.  Consider this the start of round two."  With that Elizabeth pushed me flat and started licking up our combined messes.

End of Act 2


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Hey all, Redstar here with a quick update.  I threw a head in my hard drive three weeks ago, effectively bricking it.  The good news was I I’d back it up only two days before.  The bad news was in that time I’d written several more chapters for this story.  So while I try and reconstruct what I had, here’s a short (~3 week) related story I came up with.  I might start doing these interludes between chapters anyway, to fill out my little corner of the universe even more.

Interlude 1: The wager

            "Do you think you could do that?" Chris asked his girlfriend Sydney as they sat together on the couch watching a transformation game show.  Onscreen, a woman reached shoulder deep into two holes, hoping to find the trigger that would release the million kriss prize.  Instead, when she pulled them out both limbs were transformed into birdlike wings with white and grey feathers.

           "What, go on Million Kriss Trigger?" Sydney replied, looking up at her boyfriend.  Sydney was short, barely over five feet, an artifact of her Waio heritage just like her bob of thick black hair.  Chris on the other hand was foot taller and blonde, so when she sat in his lap he was in the perfect position to lean his head on hers.

           "Not specifically." Chris shook his head.  "I mean getting a transformation in general."

           It was no secret to either of them that the other had a fetish for transformees.  They'd met freshman year during a History of the Freyan Realm class.  Most there were either transformees themselves or has a deep interest in them.  Chris and Sydney had started as study partners and slowly moved up to something more.  Now as the last semester of their senior year loomed, they were still uncertain where the future lead.

           Sydney squirmed around until she and Chris were face to face.  Pressing her small chest against his, she asked, "Chris, is this your way of tell me you don't like my body?"

           Chris chuckled and gave his girlfriend a quick peck on the lips.  "No silly, I love you just the way you are.  But we've watched enough trans porn to get us into the mood that I know how the sight of an altered body turns you on.  Have you ever thought about going through the process yourself?"

           Sydney considered for a long moment, pausing to watch another contestant.  The man slid himself down a tube feet first.  From a cut away screen, the audience could see the tube ended in a set of heavy, d-cum covered rollers.  The man was sucked into them and spat out comically flat.  He floated to the floor like a feather, twitching slightly.  Somehow he could still breathe, as with each inhalation his body began to re-inflate.  This revealed two major changes.  The first was his skin was now a translucent shade of pink.  The second was, as he inflated, the air seemed to flow into areas giving him far more curves that before.  The realization made the man hyperventilate and he swelled rapidly into an inflatable caricature.  If it wasn't for the fact he…no she was now hollow, the new woman would have broken her back hauling those bean bag chair sized breasts around on a tiny pipe stem of a waist.  The weight was counterbalanced by hips of equal magnitude, but the contestant still wobbled unsteadily as she made her way toward the exit.

           Pulling her eyes from the screen, Sydney finally said,  "I've thought about it before, but never seriously."  Turning the question around she asked, "How about you?"

           Chris shrugged.  "Sure, I've thought about it.  I know women transformees are far more common than men, but everyone has the urge to be different once in awhile."

           "Then why didn't you go through with it?"

           Chris cocked his head.  "Probably for the same reason you didn't.  I never found a transformation that really…I don't know…clicked with me.  Something that I was ready to spend the rest of my life as.  I was in no rush, so I was willing to take my time."

           "Kind of like you were with me?" Sydney teased, turning her head enough to give Chris a quick kiss.

           "You know what they say, some things are just worth waiting for."

           The couple had been together long enough that they knew each other's moods.  Sydney didn't need the press of Chris' thick cock into her backside to tell her he was deeply aroused at that moment, just like Chris didn't need the indicator of Sydney' rock hard nipples against his chest.  Without a word, Chris picked his girlfriend up and carried her back to the bedroom.

           Now forgotten in the heat of passion, the game show on the tv continued to play.  This time the focus was on another woman contestant, who climbed up the side of a metal hobby horse with twin dildoes mounted toward one end.  She gently eased herself down on them until her butt rested on the slick metal surface.  When nothing happened for a good thirty seconds, the woman pumped her arms in the air.  "Yes!  I did it.  I won."

           No sooner had the last word left her mouth than a tank opened up overhead.  The woman and her mount were deluged in torrent of shiny black liquid.  Shrieking, the woman tried to scrub it off but the rubbery substance clung on like glue.  It wrapped itself around her entire body and the metal frame.  After a moment the rubber solidified, leaving a rubberize anthro tauric horse in its wake.  The contestant stumbled to a nearby mirror to take in her new, hyper masculine form.  The four foot long, foot wide dick poking out between her lower back legs like a missile would certain prevent any gender confusion in the future.

           A small hatch popped open beside the contestant's legs, revealing a feather duster on a mechanical arm.  It brushed down the side of the massive member just once, but it was enough to send the owner of the new appendage into the ecstasy of orgasm.  His cries of pleasure were echoed in the apartment as Chris and Sydney reached their own happy ending one room over.  Soon they would drift into a happy sleep, together in each other's arms.  They had no way of knowing that tonight, a question had been asked that would shape their lives forever after.


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

It turns out this little sidetrack ended up in five parts, but I hope you enjoy the little diversion and the characters will pop up in the main story later.  I'm running a poll to see what the community would like for the next time I do an intermission (or to skip it and get on with the story).

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Part 2

            A week later, Chris and Sydney sat on the couch and watched another of their favorite transformation game shows.  This time it was Pick Your Potion, where the contestants had to choose between rows of vials.  Each vial was worth a certain about of Kriss, but if the contestants ended up too transformed they forfeited their prize and would be sold as sex pets.  The game ended when all but one of the contestants refused to drink another vial, of all three were reduced to living sex toys.

            After contestant number two drank a potion that switched his mouth and anus, it was contestant number three's turn.  She dithered for a minute, running her fingers across the identical glass vials, until she finally picked one and drank it.  She let out a cry of pleasure that was quickly cut off as a massive penis forced its way out of her mouth.  It grew longer and thicker until it stopped at about two feet in length.  At the same time, two other huge penises forced their way out of the woman's vagina and anus.

            Despite having her mouth completely blocked, the woman didn't seem to have any trouble breathing.  She gingerly felt up her mouth dick, which bobbed and swayed like an elephant's trunk.  She reached down to her lower holes and found them sealed tightly around the base of each massive member.  Before the woman could explore any further, the host declared it was time for a commercial before the start of the second round of drinks.

            As an advert for Creative Crissy's Cum Cleaner flashed onto the screen, Sydney turned to her boyfriend.  "So, I've been thinking…"

            Chris chuckled.  "Those are the most dangerous words in existence."

            Sydney punched him lightly on the arm.  "I'm serious."

            "Ok, I'll bite.  What were you thinking about?"

            "Last week, you asked me if I wanted to get transformed."

            Chris remembered that night.  Sydney had been ever more enthusiastic than normal as they sated their carnal lust.  "Did you come up with something?"

            "Maybe.  I realized I don't want to walk into a store and do it.  I like the…I don't know…the randomness of changes.  But then again I don't want to give up total control.  I wouldn't want to end up with changes I'd come to resent.  Am I making any sense?"

            "No more so than usual?" Chris joked and Sydney punched him again before giving her boyfriend a kiss.

            "Maybe you should go on one of these game shows." Chris suggested when they broke apart.  "At least that way you would have a hint of the kind of changes."

            "That's still a bit too random for me." Sydney admitted.  "I'd like to be out of control of the changes, but have them chosen by someone with my best interests at heart."

            "It sounds like what you need to do is come up with your own game show."

            Chris said it in jest, but Sydney's face suddenly turned serious.  "Maybe I will." she replied, breaking out into a huge grin.  "Especially if you'll play with me."

            "You know me, I love doing things together with you."  By the way he kissed her neck and copped a feel, Sydney knew exactly what things Chris liked doing best with her.

            "Down boy.  We can do that after the show."

            "I'll take that as a promise."

            A moment later PYP came back and the first contestant, now coated in a thick layer of white fur, reached for his next vial.


            Two nights later, Chris returned to an empty apartment.  He wasn't concerned; Sydney had a study group for her one of her communications classes on Thursdays.  After dropping off his backpack in the bedroom, Chris strode into the kitchen for some food.  But when he reached for the fridge, Chris found a pair of pages stuck to it with magnets.

            The Wager read the left sheet in big letters. Terms and conditions.

            The rules of the game are simple.  Taking turns, the contestants will suggest a transformation for the other.  This will go on until one of the contestants does not desire a suggested transformation.  At that point they can use their one and only challenge, removing the transformation from their list.  The next time this occurs, the game ends and that contestant receives all previously suggested transformations on their list.  By signing below, I agree to the rules and the final transformation should I lose.

            Below that were lines for contestant 1 and contestant 2.  Sydney had already signed the contestant 1 space, and her name was written in the box on the second sheet, which was blank lines for the transformation descriptions.

            Chris took a step back and read through the rules again.  On the surface it really was simple.  And it scratched all of Sydney's itches.  Each contestant would have no control over their own changes, but as they cared for each other, they wouldn't suggest anything too terrible.  Chris wasn't sure how serious Sydney was about actually transforming at the end though.  Was this just a game, a bit of foreplay?  Or was she committed to whatever happened?

            Chris grinned.  Either way, he was ready for it.  Fishing a pen out of his pocket, Chris signed his name on the contestant 2 line and again in the box on the second page.  He then paused to consider what change he wanted to apply to Sydney.  A thousand possibilities flashed through his mind, instantly squashed.  Best to start the game slow and simple.  Chris knew they'd enjoy it more the longer the game lasted.  Stepping back up to the fridge, Chris wrote his choice on Sydney's line. One cup size larger breasts….


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Part 3

            "Ooh, let's see what transformation Chris picked for me today."  Sydney said to herself as she walked into the kitchen for breakfast.  Chris had left an hour before for a morning class, but Sydney didn't need to be anywhere until noon.

            Striding up to the fridge, Sydney ran her finger down the list of transformations the couple had picked for each other.  It had started small, with stuff like larger genitals or greater sensitivity.  Last night before bed Sydney had written down duplicate arms for Chris, after he gifted her with a second set of breasts the day before.

            Sydney's finger came to rest on the last line of her column.  "NA anuswoman style hoof hands.  Ooh, that sounds interesting."

            Last night, the couple had watched a documentary on the founding of New Amora.  Chris had apparently been quite taken by the equine transformees.  Sydney lifted a foot and tried to picture it ending is a solid hoof.  It would be like balancing on high heels all the time, with the added ability to grip things.  Definitely a change she could live with.

            "Hmm, I wonder what I should give Chris in return." Sydney said to herself as she got out a bowl and started preparing breakfast.  "Maybe something else from the documentary."

            There had been some pretty hunky guys working with the ponygirls, but Chris only had eyes for the hot cowgirl trainers and their transformee charges.  Though she usually preferred men, Sydney was bi enough to admit some of those women were gorgeous.  Definitely enough she wouldn't pass up the chance for a night of passion with one, if she didn't have to worry about her relationship with Chris…

            Sydney blinked and a predatory smile grew across her face.  Maybe there was a chance she could have her cake and eat it too in this circumstance.  And if Chris didn't like it…well they still both had their challenges.  Taking the pen from the clip above the page, Sydney wrote in Full body feminization.

            Grinning widely, Sydney put the pen back and finished making her breakfast.  She was halfway to her room when another thought struck her.  Rushing back to the fridge, she made a quick annotation at the end of her comment (keep penis).


            "I'm sorry Chris, I can't do it." Sydney said as she took the pen and crossed a line through the suggested transformation.  Chitin plates that looks like tight pants and shirt, plus insectoid wings.

            Over the past several weeks, the couples transformations had gotten more and more bizarre.  Sydney supposed it was her fault.  After all, she had started it by suggesting her boyfriend's feminization.  Chris had almost used his challenge on it, until Sydney took him back to the bedroom and showed him just how good a woman's body could feel.

            "I'm not judging you." Chris replied from over by the stove, where he was cooking dinner.  "I just thought after how you were checking out that woman at the bar last night, you'd be interested in that kind of change.  Besides, you didn't give me any gruff when I used my challenge."

            Chris had used his the week before, to X out Sydney's suggestion that he remove his head.  This had come after a night watching a documentary on Freyan women, and how they adapted to a mana based existence.

            "Liar."  Sydney came over and gave her boyfriend a peck on the cheek.  "I tried to talk you out of it for two days."

            Chris chuckled.  "What you really wanted was for me to gift the transformation back to you.  Which I did."

            "And took a little more with it.  Are you sure you want a helpless, armless girlfriend?"

            Chris rolled his eyes.  "You'll hardly be helpless.  Remember, I already gave you handfeet.  And besides, you'll have all those prehensile tentacles."

            "You're such a naughty boy Chris, suggesting those.  I wonder where you got the inspiration?"

            "Considering all the porn we watch together, your guess is as good as mine."

            "Well at least we're even now." Sydney came over and gave Chris a quick peck on the cheek.  "This is it baby, the final stretch.  The time when things get really weird."  She kissed him on the other cheek.  "Now, before I accidently end this too early, how do you feel about snakes…"


            "Are you sure Chris?" Sydney asked as they stood beside the fridge.

            Her boyfriend nodded sadly.  "I am.  I've been thinking about this for three days and I don't think I could take it."  Pulling down the pen, he crossed out the last line on his column.  "With all the internal cum production you've given me, I'd be a walking disaster zone constantly cumming.  I think I could take a lot, but that would make life incredibly difficult."

            "Damn, well I guess that's it then."  Sydney sighed.  "Back to the drawing board about how to spice up our sex lives."

            "We aren't done yet." Chris pointed out, tapping the pen on the fridge.  "After all, I lost.  Now it's time for me to pay the piper and get transformed."

            Sydney's jaw dropped.  "You…you're serious.  You're actually going to do it?"

            Chris set the pen back and put an arm around his girlfriend's shoulder.  "I did sign a binding contract, didn't I?  And even if it wasn't, remember what I told you when we first started dating.  I'd never break a promise to you, not unless there were circumstances outside my control."

            "I just…wasn't sure…"

            "Would you have gone through with it, if you lost?"

            Sydney gave him a raised eyebrow.  "Chris dear, I am the one who set this up.  This was…is my fantasy.  Why would I back out now?  But for you…I wasn't sure.  I almost ended it, the last few times.  I didn't want to force the choice on you.  But you kept coming up with such interesting ideas, I kept telling myself  one more…" she trailed off.

            "Until you waited too long." Chris finished and Sydney nodded.  His gaze shifted back to the fridge.  "Damn, we really went overboard, didn't we." he remarked as his eyes swept down the lists.  "It's going to cost a fortune for such a detailed transformation."

            "Let me handle that, I have a few ideas."


            Sydney cut him off.  "Just promise me here and now that if I line everything up, you'll go through with it."

            Without hesitation, Chris pulled her to him and the pair shared an epic kiss.  When they broke apart Chris said, "I


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Oh man, I'm really excited for the next chapter. Also, I love the design of this interlude: such a great story mechanic and the way this last chapter teases the next is great.


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Really nice story, can't wait to see how it ends big_smile


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

I'm glad to see you guys are enjoying my little experiment.  You'll have to wait a bit longer for the big reveal (chapter 5).  Chapter 4 is the couple's trip out to CMAL.  But I think you'll get a kick out of the final chapter, which is twice the length of the others (to fit in all the descriptive goodness).
I've redone the two chapters I lost (the first is a bit different as I went off script the first time and I didn't remember exactly how), which means I'm about to do the chapter when the path of these two intersects that of our regular characters.  The characters of whatever voting option is picked for the next interlude  (and right now it's neck and neck between 2 of the options) will also show up in later acts (I've picked suitable candidates from Acts 4 and 5 for the second round of one options, still working on the other).


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Part 4

            "Chris and Sydney, the doctor will see you now." the nurse said as she stuck her head out the clinic's door.

            As he followed his girlfriend over, Chris marveled how they'd ended up in this place.  While Crimson Moon did mass produced transformation products, their custom work was incredibly expensive.  Incredibly detailed, functional, and most of all stable, none of which came cheap.

            "Nervous?" Sydney asked as the nurse dropped them off in the consulting alchemist’s office room.  One wall was a full length mirror, while two more were plastered with leaflets and posters of all the products Crimson Moon offered.  A desk, chairs, and bookcases took up most of the remaining space.

            "Would you be, in my shoes?" Chris replied.

            Sydney gave him a coy smile.  "I would be, but excited even more.  This is going to be the next step in our relationship and I'm really looking forward to it."

            Chris pulled Sydney in for a one armed hug.  "You'll still love me, even when I'm a giant snake monster covered in genitals?"

            Sydney laughed.  "I saw the drawings you mocked up for the changes.  I almost came on the spot.  Especially when I saw mine."

            Ever the artist, Chris had taken his list of changes and drawn up sketches of how they would fit together.  He'd thrown in a few other things too, to fit the theme.  Chris doubted Sydney would mind, especially after he’d done a second set of drawing for her.  While she'd been cryptic, Sydney had said the drawings were why the couple was here today.

            The door to the office opened and the alchemist walked in.  He was an older man, probably in his mid sixties by the shock of grey hair surrounding his head like a cloud.  He was dressed in a lab coat, which was belted below where the breasts would be on a woman.  Under that the fabric ballooned outward, pushed forward by the flesh beneath.  If the doctor was female the couple would have assumed her pregnant, but on a male this was an impressive beer gut.

            Settling in behind his desk with a little difficulty, the doctor beamed at the couple.  "Ah, Chris and Sydney.  I've been looking forward to this day, let me tell you.  Ever since these wonderful drawings came across my desk, and the way they came about…let me say it will be an honor working with you."

            "So there were no problems translating the designs, Dr. Muton?" Sydney asked.

            "None, none at all my dear.  They were challenging, certainly, almost refreshingly, but nothing outside my considerable skills.  Trust me, young man, you'll end up precisely as you depicted.  Especially with how thorough your drawings are.  Have you taken courses on anatomy?"

            Sydney beat Chris to answering.  "He did once. I think it was an excuse to draw women naked." She gave her boyfriend a playful smile.

            Chris  returned the smile, his nervousness fading. "You certainly didn't complain when it was you I was drawing."

            "Alright you two, that's enough of that.  Save the foreplay until after the young man here takes on his new form.  Now, where did I put that folder?"  A tentacle poked out of a fold in the lab coat and tapped on a pile of paperwork.

            "Ah, thank you Ms. Suckles.  Sometimes I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached."

            "Is that a dicksquid?" Sydney asked.  "There was news report about them a few months back.  I thought they required certain…equipment men don't have?"

            The doctor chuckled.  "After an accident during my first year of alchemy school, I found myself looking much more like you between the fork than your young man.  It could have been much worse, if I'd been sitting where my lab partner was."

            "What happened?" Chris asked.

            "Poor chap, he ended up full feminized, and into one hell of a knockout." The doctor winked suggestively.  "We'll have been married forty years come December.  Now come along young master Chris.  Time's wasting.  Lady Sydney, if you'll wait here I'll be back soon to discuss the aftercare your new girlfriend is going to need."

            With that, the doctor rose and waddled to the door.  He gestured for Chris to follow him.  They traveled down the corridor and into another room.  This one was empty, save for a person sized cylinder on a motorized mount.

            "Is that where…" Chris began and the doctor nodded.

            "I'll need you to strip off your skivvies and step into the tube.  Once I've checked the seals, I can flood the chamber with water.  Don't worry, it's hyper oxygenated, so breathing won't be a problem.  The first few breaths will feel strange, but after that you'll be fine.  I'll administer the sedative after that, along with the first dose of D-cum.  You'll go to sleep human, and wake up the creature you were meant to be.  Any questions?"

            Chris had hundreds, though he already knew the answer to all of them.  The meeting before had just been a formality, Chris and Sydney had done their research thoroughly.  All that was left was for Chris to step into the tube and let the process begin.

            After stripping off his outfit, which Chris set in a donation box, Dr. Muton helped him into the tube.  It wasn't a tight fit, after all Chris would be gaining quite a bit of mass over the next 48 hours.  After double checking the door seals, Dr. Muton said, "I'm flooding the chamber now, try to stay calm."

            Slowly the water rose from the floor.  It was slightly warm and left pleasant tingles of anticipation as it engulfed Chris' body.  He bit the bullet and pulled himself under when the water was up to his chest.  Chris figured that this way, if he panicked, there was still time to get to air.  But after the first few hesitant inhalations of water, Chris found he had no trouble breathing.

            "Everything is ready to go Chris.  I just need one last authorization from you." Dr. Muton said from the other side of the glass.  Unable to speak with lungs full of water, Chris flashed the doctor a thumbs up.  "Alright then, pleasant dreams."  The doctor hit a button and a whitish liquid entered the tank.  Immediately, Chris found himself getting sleepy.  As he faded off to dreamland, one last sentence penetrated his consciousness.  "The lad going to have one hell of a surprise when he wakes up…"


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Part 5

           Chris drifted on the endless sea of sleep.  A few times he nearly breached the barrier back to consciousness before drifting away again.  Each time, his body had been different, alien.  As if connections he'd had his entire life were no longer there, or were somewhere else…and then there were ones he'd never seen before.  Each time he dismissed it as another aspect of the dream and drifted on.

           Eventually though, Chris found himself flowing back to consciousness.  Eyes still closed, he reached out internally and felt his body.  The dream state hadn't lied, it was quite different than before.  But this time it felt comfortable, natural.  It was like he'd taken off one set of clothes and slipped into another.  Only it was his flesh that had changed, not what covered it.

           Having prepared himself, Chris tentatively cracked an eyelid.  Unfortunately, it belong to the eye currently face down on the surface, resulting in a nearly pitch black image.  Opening the other, Chris saw he was lying on a pillow.

           At least he still had eyes.  Chris vaguely remembered the doctor saying something about a surprise when he woke up, and he was glad that Sydney hadn't tried to sneak in a headless change.

           With great care, Chris lifted his head from the pillow.  This was an entirely different process than before.  For one things, his arms didn't seem to be where he left them.  But the muscles in his back didn't seem to mind, lifting his torso quite easily.

           Blinking at the inrush of light, Chris discovered he was in a large room.  The section he was laying on was elevated a good two feet above the rest and padded.  One wall held the door and racks of toys and aids for new transformees to adapt to their modified existence.  The other walls and the ceiling were mirrored, giving a near 360 view of Chris' changes.

           Chris no longer looked human, that was for sure.  Instead, his body was snake-like, only belonging to the biggest snake Chris had ever seen.  From nose to the rattle at the end of his tail he had to be a good twelve or fifteen feet.  His torso was fairly uniform in diameter, swelling at his upper torso and declining near the tail.  Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say her torso.  Even heavily changed, the visible curves were unmistakably feminine.  That and the dozen rows of breasts that ran down Chris' front.  Each was round and perky, with the tender folds of a vagina instead of a nipple.  Chris could see her own arousal by the way each began to moisten.

           Lifting her eyes up, Chris focused on her face.  It was the most human part of her body, but with mouth pushed out into a short muzzle.  Opening it revealed Chris had fangs, but no other teeth.  Chris stuck out her tongue and was surprised when it nearly hit the mirror.  The appendage had to be nearly two feet long and Chris found she could easily wave it around.

           Sucking her tongue back in, Chris turned slightly to admire the side of her head.  Instead of hair, she'd designed a cobra's hood.  Only instead of being smooth, Chris had ribbed it.  This lent the appearance of dozens of penises glued side by side, running out from her shoulders until it met at her widow's peak.

           Chris spent a good five minutes twisting and turning, admiring her look from all angles.  She really liked how the overhead lights glinted off her scales.  They were a deep, rich blue, cut with white and black in a kind of camouflage pattern.  Eventually though, Chris decided to play with some of her hidden extras.

           Turning her body so her back was pointing toward a mirrored wall, Chris twisted her head around to see.  There were six flaps on her back, running down in pairs of two.  Flexing internal muscles, Chris called forth her arms from carefully concealed sphincters.  Each limb was about the size of her old ones, but with an extra joint.  She also only had three fingers per hand, ending in a hard, nail like spikes.  The fingers were spread equidistantly around the hand, allowing for gripping at all angles.  In the center of each palm was another sphincter, which lead to a small tube.  Chris knew the muscles within could latch onto anything pushed inside with an almost unbreakable grip.  With the enhancements to her musculature, Chris could probably lift twice her bodyweight as long as the object had compatible, butt plug style attachments.

           Satisfied with her arms, Chris retracted all but the upper two.  Controlling more than that still felt alien.  Twisting back around, Chris brought her tail up into her reach.  It was time to play with her last hidden addition.

           From the outside, Chris' tail ended in a rattle composed of encircling rings of breasts.  When Chris found the right muscles, the rings of the rattle split apart like the petals of a flower to reveal the hidden treasure.  Chris' penis was massive, far too big for a normal woman.  The exposed section was nearly two feet long and thicker than a bottle of soda at the end.  The tip was flatter than a human's,' more equine, and there was a thick bulge in the middle that betrayed the presence of a knot.

           Chris gingerly ran one finger down the side of her member, shuddering at the pleasure it gave her.  Caching one of the petals Chris studied the inside surface, which was covered in thousands of tiny, fingerlike feelers.  The sensation of their rubbing all over her most sensitive place was going to leave Chris in a near constant haze of arousal.  Maybe Sydney would get her constant state of cumming after all.

           Speaking of Sydney, Chris was surprised that she hadn't been by her lover's side when she woke up.  Chris knew she would have, if the positions were reversed.  Almost as if the thoughts had summoned her, the door to the room opened.  "It's about time lover.  I've been waiting for you to wake up for forever."

           The voice was Sydney's, even if it did sound a little off.  Chris twisted around, eager for the sight of her girlfriend.  What she got instead was enough to make the transformee’s jaw drop in surprise.  Chris had expected Sydney, short and pale and with her bob of dark black hair.  What she got instead was…well…the image Chris had done of Sydney's changes.

           Much like Chris, Sydney would never be able to pass for a baseline human.  Her form was akin to a cockwoman, with human limbs below and column of flesh above.  Only Sydney's upper torso was ringed by rows of heavy, sagging breasts with prominent, mushroom shaped nipples.  She had four legs also, two facing forward and two facing back, giving Sydney bilateral symmetry both left/right and front/back.

           "Syd…Sydney?" Chris stammered, unable to believe her girlfriend had gone through with the changes.  Then again, considering her admission the night the wager ended, Chris shouldn’t have been.

           "Surprise!" the transformee said cheerfully.  "How do you like my new look?"

           She spun in a graceful circle, allowing Chris to admire the symmetry of her look.  Sydney then pointed her top at Chris.  The cylindrical tip of her torso ended in a huge sphincter, easily large enough to take Chris' penis tail.  Out of the hole several tentacles poked, testing the air before sucking themselves back inside.  The sphincter was ringed in dark blue fur, which contrasted nicely against the sky blue tint marking the rest of Sydney's skin.  Other patches of darker fur could be see around her breasts, crotches, and as socks above each hoof.

           If Sydney had followed his design exactly, and Chris saw nothing to indicate she hadn't, then the snake woman knew the hole in her girlfriend's top ran all the way down her body to an identical opening between the symmetric transformee’s legs.  There would be four tentacles mounted just inside both openings, each almost four feet long and capable of exiting either hole.

           "I…I…" Chris stammered.  "Wow."

           "I know, right.  When I saw your drawings, I knew I couldn't pass this opportunity up.  Besides, I was technically the one who won.  Why should you get all the fun?"

           "Why indeed.  Thank you Sydney, this was a wonderful surprise."

           "Oh, about that.  I decided a new look needs a new name.  Call it a transformee tradition.  It's Symmetra now."

           "Symmetra." Chris repeated, finding the words already overwriting Sydney in her minds.  "I supposed I should do the same."  Chris turned back to the mirror.  Syd…Symmetra had used her changes as inspiration, so maybe Chris could as well.  Breast names were common, as were others about genitals.  There was the snake angle…and then it hit Chris.  It was a plain as the nose on her face, in this case literally.  "It's a pleasure to meet you Symmetra.  My name if Cobalt."

           "Cobalt."  Two of Symmetra's tentacles ran around the edges of her holes similar to how a human might lick their lips.  "I like.  And more than just the name.  Are you going to invite me over, so we can examine our new changes properly?"

           Cobalt slithered to her lover, using her extra arms to easily pick up Symmetra despite the increase in mass.  The snake woman kissed the edge of Symmetra's upper hole, sending her tongue deep inside to tickle the sensitive places within.

           "We have this room for the next 24 hours." Symmetra sounded breathless, despite the fact she no longer had lungs.

           "So much to do, so little time." Cobalt remarked as she slithered back over to the raised, bed-like section.  "We'll have to make use of every moment….."


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

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Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Act 3 Summer Blues

Chapter 15

            I awoke slowly to a soft vibration at my crotch and breasts.  Out of reflex I tried to move, to push away the items that were pulling me from sleep, but my movements were restricted.  Even time I moved the tiniest bit, my limbs were inexorably tugged back into place.

            Confused and slightly more awake, I opened my eyes.  Or at least I thought I did.  The world was just as dark with them open as shut.  What was going on, where was I?  At that moment I should have felt scared, but instead I felt relaxed.  It was if the tightness of my surroundings, and the warmth my limbs were engulfing, was somehow comforting.

            As my senses were letting me down, I turned to my memory to figure out how I had gotten into this mess.  That last thing I remembered was leaving work.  I said goodbye to Chier, who was leaving at the same time.  I didn't remember much about the conversation, as my mind was on…on…Elizabeth.

            Perhaps it was a good thing my face was completely covered, because at that moment it turned the shade of an airship warning light.  Ever since that strange and wonderful night on the Ranch, the blonde and I had been seeing a lot of each other.

            It started out slow.  The Friday after we returned from the trip, our group of new hires went out for drinks.  I dropped Elizabeth off at her place and she invited me in.  I really shouldn't have gone in, but between the chaos of the week and all the hot transformees at the restaurant…well you can guess my state of mind.  That night hadn't been as crazy as the first, mostly because Elizabeth's fridge was about as well stocked as mine when it comes to sex applicable liquids.

            I left several hours later, sated and still slightly embarrassed at what we'd done.  The whole next week, I tried not to think about what we'd done.  I was straight, wasn't I?  And I preferred my partners unchanged, didn't I?  But every time those thoughts floated into my head, they were cancelled out by the thought of how good Elizabeth made me feel when she sucked my pussy, or how cute her "O" face was when she came.

            I swore to myself I wasn't going to do it again.  I made it through Friday and most of Saturday.  Then I got a text on my phone.  Do you want to come over?  I can't stop thinking about you.

            It turned out Elizabeth was in the same place as I was mentally.  So we decided the best way to try to get this out of our system was to keep trying until something broke down.  One trip to the grocery store and back later, we retired to the bedroom.  This time I spent the entire night, and after I left the next morning Elizabeth was going to get some awkward looks when she went to launder her sheets.

            A week later we spent the entire weekend together, including some time out of bed.  We did a little shopping, but I could see Elizabeth was still embarrassed to be seen out in public with another woman.  At least, showing romantic tendencies.  I spent all week trying to come up with ways to get her over the barrier, and by Thursday I came up with a brainwave.  It took some crazy last minute planning, but I managed to get us tickets for after work Friday.  As we were leaving Thursday I told her to pack a bag for the whole weekend.  That I had something romantic planned.  I could tell she was nervous, but excited as well.

            I did a pretty good job of obscuring our final destination until we got there and you should have seen the look on Elizabeth's face when she realized we were in Jizza.  My logic was with all the transformees around, no-one would look twice at a pair of lesbians.  Besides, half the women in the town looked like men, so we weren't the only gay appearing couple.  I did make sure to stick to bottled water though.  As much fun as I had with a penis on a temporary basis, I had no desire to give up my femininity.

            We spent a full day at the zoo, admiring all the strange creatures that used to be people.  After that was a full spa day.  The transformees who ran it were armless, but their feet were so dexterous it felt like my spine was going to melt.  By the time the red eye airship home came around we were both exhausted but content, and I got a warm feeling inside when Elizabeth held my hand the whole flight home.

            Work was crazy the week after that, so we didn't get to have any middle of the week nookie.  But we certainly made up for it over the weekend.  Elizabeth had the bright idea of using Katie to mimic the forms of some of the exhibits we'd seen at the zoo.  We tried molding penises over my arms, or giving me breasts to large I couldn't walk.  We even tried a conjoined costume, with Elizabeth hanging off my crotch like a giant penis.  The weight balance was terrible and I couldn't take more than a few steps before nearly toppling over, but we did make an interesting discovery.

            While Katie was attached to me like a second skin, she didn't have to be.  As long as I was nearby she was able to slither onto Elizabeth and cover her as well.  The act was draining for all three of us, but oh-so-satisfying.

            And that brought me up to the most recent weekend in my memory.  It had been stuffed full of Elizabeth and I experimenting with my bizarre outfit.  Elizabeth insisted I try going full male (at least in appearance) while we fucked.  I did it, but the whole process felt really weird.  Maybe because Katie had gone out of her way to make me an over muscled, hairy jock of a man.  We tried the same thing with Elizabeth and she ended up an androgynous, artsy type.  It didn't do as much for me as the Mk1 Elizabeth, which confused my sexuality even worse.

            Sunday we experimented even more with costumes, growing more elaborate as the day went on.  I spent most of the afternoon in a dress that put Bountiful's to shame, with even more genital inspired touches.  The last thing I remembered was falling asleep in Elizabeth's arms while we watched a classic movie involving transformation chrysalides.  If I had to guess that's what I was inside of now, my outfit having bound us up after we both conked out.

            A stirring from within my arms brought be back to the present, brushing aside the thoughts of mere moments.  It must be Elizabeth, woken either by my movement or Katie's ministrations.  As we both began to struggle the outer coating faded away, leaving us (nearly) naked on Elizabeth's bed.

            "Monday morning already?" the blonde asked, bending her neck to check the clock on the bedside table.  "Demons, how am I supposed to be at my desk in an hour?"

            "Maybe if I help with the shower?" I suggest, massaging sore limbs.

            Elizabeth chuckled.  "That would make me even later."

            I shrugged.  "Maybe I should just move in.  That way one of us wouldn't always be running away with the first light of dawn."

            I said it completely off-handedly, jokingly.  But Elizabeth stared at me as if I'd just proposed or something.

            "Never mind." I said, scrambling up from the bed.  "The longer I stay the longer the longer it will take you to get ready.  Katie can quick-change me into something presentable in the kitchen and I'll be out of your hair."

            The look on Elizabeth's face plainly said she didn't want to see me go.  But I had accidentally toed a line in our relationship and we weren't sure where to go from there.  I cared for Elizabeth, a lot, but there were implications if we decided to take this relationship to the next level.  That was a decision best not made with bed hair and no coffee on a Monday morning.  But as I walked away, I would have given a lot to crawl back into bed with the alluring blonde at my side.