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Chapter 16

            Later that day I sat with Chier in the cafeteria, eating lunch.  As I'd spent the night at Elizabeth's I had to buy food, trying out a batch of Chier's favorite chicken nuggets.  As another of the little chunks, this one shaped like a penis, disappeared into the cockwoman's vagina, Chier mentioned, "You know Becca, there's a certain…glow about you today."

            I flushed crimson.  My mind flashed to when people usually said that about each other.  Assuming no lighting was involved, it usually mean someone was pregnant.  But that couldn't be the case with me.  Sure I was sexually active, extremely so recently, but my partner was a woman.  Even if Elizabeth did have a hose.

            "Terra to Becca, come in Becca."

            I blinked out of my panicked stupor.  "Huh?"

            "You went near catatonic for a minute there.  All I said was you have a healthy glow today.  You and Elizabeth must have had quite the weekend together."

            My jaw dropped.  "How?"

            The cockwoman chuckled.  "Dear, it wasn't that big a secret.  I don't even have eyes and I could still see how you two acted when together.  I surprised it's taken you two this long to come out of the closet."  After several stuttered false starts on my part Chier added, "We work in a sexually charged area after all.  Office romances are quite common.  As long as the employees work for different departments, Management has no problems with the practice.  I even have one going with Arthur."

            The casual way she said it stunned me even more that the face the secret of my relationship had been outed.  "You and…Arthur?"

            Chier bobbed her glans. "Oh yes.  That man really knows his way around a penis, whether it's his or his partners.  It turns out we're both very much into threesomes.  Just last weekend we went to a swingers party up in the mountains.  Ended up sharing a Freyan vaginawoman.  Although, that could be considered a foursome.”

            I had to work very hard to push out of my mind the image of Arthur and Chier double ending the giant cylinder of flesh that was a vaginawoman.  Seeking any way to change the subject I asked, "Are you going to the High-Summer party the Potions and Consumables division is throwing this weekend?"

            "Oh yes.  There's a reason they host all the company events, no one else does half as good a job on the catering.  Besides, I'm looking forward to spending time with Arthur at work.  He's out of the office all week, doing a site inspection or some such."

            I could easily imagine how the pair would be spending their time together once Arthur returned.  But the comment made me think.  Were Elizabeth and I ready to be so open with our relationship?  Especially at work?  It was something we were going to need to talk about, and soon, before the issue forced itself.


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Chapter 17

            I breached the surface like a dolphin, nearly flying out of the water completely before falling back to float on my back.  A few feet away Elizabeth surfaced, abet in a much less spectacular fashion.

            "That was…wow." was all the blonde could say.  Slowly I nodded, my eyes still on the few tiny clouds in the otherwise beautiful blue sky.

            The day of the high summer party had finally arrived and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.  Warm but not hot, sunny but not scalding, and with just a touch of a breeze to blow away any errant moisture.  I'll admit I'd been growing more and more nervous as the day arrived.  In a way it was funny, I was more concerned about being seen with Elizabeth in public than being practically naked in public.  I shouldn't have been either, seeing as there were plenty of couples of all gender combinations getting their sexy on throughout the party.  And with weather this good, no one wanted to be burdened by clothes.

            "Race you back to shore!" Elizabeth exclaimed from beside me before flipping over and shooting off with long strokes.  Another funny point.  I'd practically had to drag the blonde into the lake when we first got here.  I had to promise to do all sorts of unspeakably sexy things with her under the surface.  But now, Elizabeth had taken to the lake…if you don't mind an overused cliché, like a fish to water.

            As I spun about to follow my girlfriend back to the beach, my mind flashed back to some of the things we'd gotten up to under the water.  Of course the first thing Katie did was lock my legs together into a mermaid tail.  I kept feeling like I was going to drown, but the size of the flukes meant every swish of my tail shot me through the water.  After reached the middle of the lake Elizabeth and I experimented with the best position for a mermaid to have sex in.  Katie helpfully ran snorkels up to the surface for us, so we could breathe and fuck at the same time.

            Then Elizabeth got the bright idea to explore the depths of the lake.  She whispered her plan in Katie's ear (my crotch in this instance).  A moment later I found Elizabeth squished tightly to my chest as Katie fully engulfed us both.  A clear rubber bubble formed around my head and a second around Elizabeth's.  Our bodies were surrounding in thick rubber shaped like a submersible.  Craning my head around, I could see huge sacs on my back, each one pulsing gently with the air we needed to breathe.

            Elizabeth and I were helpless as my outfit took us on a scenic tour of the bottom of the lake.  When we got deep enough that the sun high above had difficulty penetrating, some type of bioluminescent lights snapped on.  They seemed to come from Elizabeth's breasts and shone in multiple directions with a strangely greenish light.

            I had a hard time focusing on the world outside my little bubble, as Katie was playing havoc with my body the entire time.  Huge tendrils twisted and writhed inside my lower holes, while unseen mouths sucked on my nipples and clit.  I must have cum at least three times, narrowly beating my closely bound lover.

            By the gurgling of our stomachs, our air supply wasn't the only thing running low.  Reluctantly Katie had driven us back to the surface, which brought me back to the present.

            Even with my tail, my pause of reflection was enough of a delay for Elizabeth to narrowly beat me back to shore.  She stood there smiling, shaking the water out her hair in a way that made all six breasts wobble adorably.  After Katie unbound my legs and I was able to stand, Elizabeth gave me a long kiss on the lips.  Breaking it, she gave me a joking smile.  "Slowpoke."

            "What can I say, I was still recovering from that extra orgasm." I taunted back.

            "You'll be making that up to me later."  Another gurgle from our stomachs cut off whatever else Elizabeth was going to add.  "But first, food."


            The line for food wasn't long, as we spent the time talking with a headless and grossly pregnant woman who worked for the Living Transformation Applications branch.  Using the lips that stretched the length of her swollen belly, the woman told us she was a living incubator for several of the creatures they were breeding for sale.

            Beside the woman was her husband, who looked completely normal save for the vagina replacing his balls.  "Some of things my wife carries don't interact well with extra cum, so the change was a necessity.  However I can pull fluids up through my vagina and ejaculate them, which has some fun uses apart from knocking my wife up for her next batch of products."  I made a mental note to never use anything from the fridge if I ever visited the couple's house.

            Eventually we reached the front of the line.  I got a boob burger from the non-gender determinate individual with eight tentacle arms manning the grill, while Elizabeth went with two cock dogs.  The condiment bottles were all shaped like Freyan Cockwomen and we shared a chuckle as we squeezed out our respective toppings.  A handful of chips, a slice of watermelon, and I was ready to find a place to sit and eat. I spotted Arthur and Chier lounging further down the beach and made my way toward them, Elizabeth trailing right behind.

            As we drew closer, I caught the end of the story the woman lounging beside Chier was telling.

            "And that's how we came to work for Crimson Moon alchemy labs." the woman explained.  "When they offered to write off the cost of my transformation as a signing bonus, I jumped at the chance.  Do you have any idea how much quality work like this costs?"

            As I sat down beside Arthur, I had to admit the woman had certainly undergone an extensive transformation.  She looked more like a cockwoman than a human, only with dozens of breasts encircling her upper torso instead of a dick and balls.  The woman lacked arms, but had two extra legs that created an odd symmetry.  The woman's skin was the color of the sky above, with darker blue fur patches encircling her breasts and the sphincter where her neck used to be.

            "That certainly is a unique transformation." Elizabeth said as she sat down on my other side.  "Who came up with it?"

            Even without lips, I could sense a smug grin from the transformee.  "It's kind of a long story.  My then boyfriend and I had a bet…and we kind of let things get out of hand."

            "You let your ex transform you?" I asked around a mouthful of watermelon.

            "No, I won the bet and transformed him.  Then I realized I was winner, so why did he-now she, get all the fun.  Isn't the right dear?"

            From the other side of the transformed woman, a large figure rose up.  It was serpentine in shape, with dozens of rows of vagina topped breasts running down the woman's torso.  She had a cobra hood framing a face that was equal parts beautiful woman and snake.  "I've certainly never regretted it.  I don't think we've been introduced.  "I'm Cobalt Blu, and this is my wife Symmetra."  An arm suddenly appeared from a concealed sphincter on Cobalt's back and she held it out to shake. I set my burger down and wiped off my hands in order not to get ketchup on the hard nails that tipped Cobalt's three fingers.

            "Cobalt and Symmetra only joined the company two years ago." Chier explained before waving with her foot for Arthur to feed her another grape.  "We were comparing the onboarding process."

            "If I'd know they were willing to shell out for huge transformations to entice new hires, I would have asked for a bigger signing bonus." I joked as I picked my burger back up.

            "I'm sure they wrote it off as a business expense." Cobalt said, stealing one of my
chips.  "After all, they do play a role in our careers.  I design custom transformations for the special projects branch.  Whenever a client asks for a demonstration of my skills, I only have to point at myself."

            "And I work with Chier in inhuman resources." Symmetra added, picking up where her wife left off.  "I get paid to come up with all kinds of transformation games and events…which is the best job in the world by the way…and the story of how I ended up this way is a real icebreaker with clients."

            I had just finished my burger when Chelsea came up to our group in a sprint.  "There you are Becca, I've been looking all over for you."

            Glancing around at my companions, I remarked, "In this crowd I don't really stand out.  How are you enjoying the party Chelsea?"

            "It's been great so far.  I haven't been in the lake much, been too busy with the games.  Speaking of which, I'm here to grab you for the tug of war."

            I looked down at myself.  "I don't know why you'd want me Chelsea.  I barely break one ten soaking wet."

            "I was thinking a bit more than soaking…"  Leaning in Chelsea whispered her plan in my ear.  When she was done, I couldn't help but grin.


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Chapter 18

            "You totally cheated." Chier accused as we took a seat next to her and Arthur for the big presentation.

            "Hey, I was just utilizing my transformation to the fullest extent."  I stuck out my tongue at my cocky friend.  "No one said anything when the other team brought Trunkie into play."  I gave a wave to the massive elephantine transformee sitting on the far side of the lawn.  By mass Trunkee was the biggest person present by a considerable margin.

            "Yes, but he's always that big.  He didn't wade into the lake and gorge himself on so much water he almost couldn’t walk."

            "In my defense, it was Chelsea's idea."

            "You have to admit, it did make the game more interesting." Elizabeth added as she flopped down on my other side.  "More like tug the block than tug a war."

            "She has a point." Arthur added, rubbing his partner under her glans.  "Besides, tell me you didn't have fun chasing their team away from the lake so they couldn't continue to inflate Katie…."

            The four of us laughed and joked while the rest of the company settled into position.  We were on a grassy slope overlooking the lake, facing a stage set up right at the water's edge.

            The crowd grew quiet as a figure walked onstage.  I wasn't sure what gender it started as, for the transformee had notable aspects of both.  The body was feminine, with four legs arranged like Symmetra’s.  The torso was similar as well, armless and headless, but with six breasts only on the front and smooth skin where the neck had once been.  Poking out from between the front legs were three penises, each nearly as large as the transformee's upper torso.  Instead of a glans, each one sported an identical copy of a man's face.

            "Good evening everybody." one of the heads proclaimed as the transformee stopped before the microphone at center stage.  "First off, I'm going to just come out and say it.  I am not the company president.  I hope this would be obvious for anyone with eyeballs, but in this crowd you never know."  This got some polite chuckles from the crowd.  "For those of you who don't know me, my name is Dr. Long."  More chuckles.  "Yes, I had the name before my dicks grew to be this size.  Get your mind out of the gutter people, honestly."  Dr. Long rebuked, though lightly enough that it was in jest. "As I was saying, my boss regretfully had to leave early for an important meeting in the Realm.  He normally has a rule about not missing these events, but when the Queen calls, who are we to say no?  So as the senior member of the Division Chiefs, I'm left with running things tonight.  Not that I mind.  Potions and Consumables throws the best parties, am I right?"

            There was a cheer from the crowd.  It was loudest from the cooking crew, who I knew all worked in P&C.  "Excellent.  Now I can stand up here and talk about how good a year the company had, about how profitable our creative and kinky endeavors have been.  But I'm old enough to know no came here to see me talk.  You want to get onto the main event, don't you."  Another cheer from the crowd.  "Very well, if you pull out the tickets you got upon arrival this morning, we can get started."

            Dr. Long used one of his dicks to gesture across the stage, where a woman was pushing a ticket filled spinner on a cart.  I recognized her as Ms. Baker, Dr. Long's personal assistant.  The woman's changes reminded me of Elizabeth's, only she had four larger breasts and two penis tails growing out above her butt.

            "Thank you my dear, you look lovely tonight." The P&C head said as she came to a stop beside him.  "I'd be tempted to ask you on a date, if I didn't know you were already serious with one of my sons."

            "I am indeed sir." his assistant replied, waving to a young man with a literally spiky head of hair.

            Elizabeth leaned over and whispered in my ear.  "The Chief has a ridiculous number of children.  I think he has at least three wives and several sex pets he knocks up."

            I have her a playful kiss on the cheek.  "What do you expect?  He does have three dicks."

            Onstage Ms. Baker began spinning and a stream of lesser prizes began flowing.  One woman won a bra that gifted her with a second pair of breasts, before all four swelled up to become nearly spherical.  The man after that won a butt plug that when pressed into his backside turned it into a vagina.  One woman gained floor length blonde sausage curls, while a guy ended up covered in dark grey fur.  A couple shared a potion, only to both end up with penile tongues.  Even our little group got in on the action.  Chier let out a cry of surprise and excitement when her number was called.  The potion my friend drank turned her skin a dark blue and what little hair she had a matching purple.  It was just out of the corner of my eye, but I swear when Chier sat down the feminine fluids dripping from her aroused slit were a bright neon blue.

            After about a half hour of merriment, Dr. Long called a halt.  "Alright people, have I whetted your appetite enough?  Are you ready to move onto the big prizes?"  By the volume of the crowd's cheer, they clearly were.

            "I think I'll start us up with something special.  What do you think, Ms. Baker?"

            The assistant grinned.  "I'd say I'm nicely hot and bothered by now sir."  By the glistening on her penis tails, that much was obvious.

            "Ok, then on to our first big prize of the evening.  It's so big in fact, that we'll be giving it away to two people."  He paused to let the cheering die down.  "This prize is from the fertile mind of Symmetra Blu of our inhuman resources department.  Where are you Symmetra, stand up and take a bow."

            The cerulean transformee used her wife like a lift to rise above the crowd before giving a theatrical bow.  "Thank you Dr. Long.  What we have first for you tonight is what I call the blind date package.  We'll need two winners, of opposite genders and different departments.  And to keep things simple, they should be single as well."

            "There's nothing wrong with having multiple significant others."

            "Believe it or not Dr. Long, some people don't like to share."

            Due to the conditions, this prize took a few pulls to find contestants.  Eventually a tall, skinny, geeky looking man was
joined onstage by a sour looking woman with a nose sharp enough to cut wood.

            "These vials contain a gender flip and a random transformation." Ms. Baker said as she handed a vial to each winner.  “There’s also an all expenses paid trip to one of the higher end restaurants in town.  You're not obligated to go on any dates after that, but it would rather spoil the intent of the prize."

            "I'm up for it if you are." the man said, uncorking his vial.

            "We'll see after we change." was the woman's reply.

            Together, they lifted and drank their vials.  No sooner had Ms. Baker taken the vials back that the changes began.  The man seemed to shrink in on himself.  He lost over a foot of height in about a minute, with the extra mass shifting to plumpen other parts of his body.  Plumpen them in a very feminine manner; all fat breasts and wide hips.  At the same time the man's skin, which was the pale that comes from too much time indoors, was rapidly darkening.  By the time the man's height stabilized his skin was that of a farmer who spent all day in the sun.  By the time the secondary changes kicked in, he…now she, was a mahogany brown akin to chocolate.

            The changes up to this point reminded me of Xavier and Desdrie, a tall skinny man and his dark skinned, curvy wife I’d met on the Ranch.  But then the secondary effects came into play.  Parts of the woman's body began to duplicate, seemingly at random.  Her head split, leaving identical faces over each shoulder.  Four points grew out of her torso, forming into a second set of arms and breasts.  And finally a third leg grew in between the others, leaving the transformed woman with two vaginas and assholes.

            Meanwhile, the second winner's transformation was much less dramatic.  Her figure wasn't curvy to begin with, but it shifted to be more androgynously muscled.  Breasts sunk away into pecs, and a thick coating of pubic hair grew in to hide whatever equipment lurked between her…now his legs.  The hair on the new man's head fell out, leaving a short cut that could belong to either gender

            The secondary changes that kicked in a moment later were also less intense.  The man's body hair turned a bright silver and thickened to the point of becoming a pelt.  A fuzzy pair of fox ears of the same color poked out the top of his head, matched by a multitude of skinny fox tails growing out of his backside.  The overall appearance was of one of the fox creatures from the ancient Waoi myths.  This was added to by a multitude of mystic looking silvery tattoos that flowed into place around the man's body a moment later.

            Dr. Long looked from the very obvious transformed, very obviously female winner on his left to the Waoi gender trickster on his right.  "Congratulations on swapping sides of the gender fence you two.  I hope a real relationship kindles."

            The new man reached between his legs to feel the member hidden by his thicket of hair.  He jerked the hand back as if his member was scorching hot.  "Does it always feel like that?"

            "Only when it really wants your attention." His companion held out an arm.  "Why don't you come with me, and I'll show you how much fun having a penis can be.  Soon enough you'll want two."  She laughed as her two lower arms caressed her twin genitals.


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Chapter 19

            "The next change is not for the faint of heart." Dr. Long said as the gender flipped couple left the stage.  "It involves D-cum is a very raw and very powerful form.  I'm not even certain how you'll end up, but we did add a little bit that will keep you sentient and functional."  He chuckled.   "We don't want to accidentally lose a great employee now, do we?  But it is practically guaranteed you'll end up part giant genitals.  Exactly what kind will be driven by the depths of your dirty mind.  By the way some of you are salivating that was probably more of a turn on that turn off, but don't say I didn't warn you.  Here we go, our next winner is…"

            The woman who came onstage had the solid frame of someone from the northern mountains.  Thick arms, thick legs, and only a moderate amount of curves.  Her main concession to femininity was a bountiful mass of white blonde hair, which could have made wigs for three normal women.

            "Ms. Bratton, I'm not surprised to see you up here for this." Dr. Long said as Ms. Baker handed over the transformation potion.

            "You know me Chief." the large woman rumbled.  "A huge chunk of my family is from the Realm.  It was good odds I was going to end up a giant pile of genitals at some point.  This opportunity is just coming along earlier than I expected."  Ms. Bratton upended the vial and drank down the contents.

            Immediately, Ms. Bratton's hands flew to her breasts.  "Ooh, felt that.  It looks like I might be finally getting a visit from the boob demon."

            Ms. Bratton was right, but I don't think anyone expected how right.  Her breasts, which only looked small due to her large frame, began to swell larger and larger.  After the first minute they were foot diameter spheres worthy of a porn star.  By minute two their mass had increased by a factor of eight as each sphere grew to over two feet in diameter.  At the three minute mark it was difficult to see any of Ms. Bratton's upper torso her breasts were so large.  It should have been crushing to have breasts that size, but Ms. Bratton had the opposite problem.  They almost seemed to be lifting her off the ground.

            When her breasts stopped growing at around minute four, it became clear that breast was the wrong descriptor.  They seemed more like giant helium balloons, perfectly spherical and now so buoyant that Ms. Bratton's feet did leave the ground.

            In a way that was a good thing, as the rest of the woman's body was now changing.  Her arms melded into her shoulder and her legs grew together, leaving Ms. Bratton with a body that was a giant cylinder of flesh.  Correction, a giant dick.  That became more obvious when her feet reformed into a glans.

            While these changes were finalizing, Ms. Bratton's skin began to change color.  Shades of light blue and grey appeared, giving the transformee a camo pattern.  Strangely enough, the one part of Ms. Bratton's body that didn't change was her hair.  It hung down from where her head had been, flowing downward like a tail.

            "Ms. Bratton, are you still with us?" Dr. Long asked as the changes seemed to stop."

            An eye right above the five foot long dick's glans opened and blinked a few times.  "I'm here.  Everything is just so radically different that it's hard to think straight.  Nothing's in the right place, if you know what I mean."

            "You're talking to a man with three heads, one on the end of each of his dicks.  I assure you I do understand the disorientation, though my changes weren't as radical, let alone all at once.

            "Can…can I see what I look like now?"

            "Certainly.  Ms. Baker, can you help me with this mirror?"

            Together, the pair wheeled out a large, free standing mirror for Ms. Baker to examine her radically changed self in.  She reminded me of a Garn Cockwoman, modified to be more like an airship than bird.  A pair of four foot diameter spheres supported the base of the five foot long cock that was Ms. Bratton's new body.  Lifting the hair that was now the transformee's tail, Dr. Long showed that nothing remained of the former woman's face but a large sphincter at the end of her phallic body.

            "I have some cousins in Garn, they're going to flip when they seem me." Ms. Bratton said as she examined herself in the mirror.  "It's going to be a blast hanging out with them in the air, though I seem to be a bit more of a floater than a flier."

            "I'm sure you'll get the hang of moving in no time.  And with this change I might move you onto the Gilded Cage project.  Having someone who can demonstrate some of the mounting stands will be useful."

            Dr. Long continued talking with Ms. Bratton as he helped the transformee float offstage, but it was too low for me to hear.

            While we waited for Dr. Long to return Arthur asked, "Do you wish your change was more like that Chier?  Being able to fly everywhere?"

            "I have more than enough difficulty navigating in two directions, I'd die in three." his lover joked back.  "Although, her body does give me some ideas.  With enough rope to rig me up, we could probably produce a similar result…"

            "Oh, get a room you two." Elizabeth said, sticking her tongue out in their direction.

            "We already have one." Chier replied smugly.  "I knew how horny this event would make me.  So we rented a place for the afterparty and invited the Blus.  You two are welcome as well."

            I tried to image three large, cocklike bodies lumped together in an orgy, with Arthur providing support to whoever needed it most.  Somehow, I figured I'd get squished to death somewhere along the line.  "I think I'll pass." I told them, before looking over at Elizabeth.  "I think we'd like some private time tonight."  The blonde nodded in agreement.

            "Your loss."  If Chier still had a face, she'd be sticking her tongue out at me.  "Don’t worry, I'll give you all the gooey details come Monday anyway.”

            "Dr. Long is coming back." Arthur noted, finally interjecting himself into the conversation.  "Let's see what the next transformation will be."


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Chapter 20

            "Our next prize is a sneak peak at a product we'll be bringing to market in a few months.  Some of you have seen pictures of the rubberpony conversion suits our division makes."

            Someone worked a projector, and on the screen beside the stage an image flashed to life.  I was surprised to see the familiar background of the Ranch and several of my friends from my visit there.  The image focused on a wagon hitched up to two pairs of rubberponies.  Meghan and Carl were in back, while Alex and Gene were hitched in front.  It must have been a recent photograph, as both couples’ changes had progressed since I'd seen them last month.  The newer couple were almost completely covered in the rubber that would become their permanent skin.  Besides the open hood faces, only a little skin around the edges of the corset was visible.

            As for Alex and Gene, they had progressed past the point that their arms were fully retracted into their bodies.  Instead the shafts of the cart were hooked through silver rings growing right out of the side of their corsets.  As I squinted to see, I could just make out the rubber around their faces slowly making its way inward.  It wouldn't be long now, a matter of weeks, before the rubber engulfed their heads entirely.  Then they would be a pair of blind, armless rubber human ponies forever more.

            I had a little shudder at the thought.  Maybe I could score some time off in a few months and visit.  I felt a sudden urge to ask Katie to dress me up like a rubberpony when Elizabeth and I got some alone time later tonight.

            As if she could read my mind, the blonde leaned over and whispered, "You know, I'm feeling like tonight is going to be a Ranch night."  I smiled, nodded, and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

            While I'd been distracted Dr. Long had prattled on about the success of the rubberpony program.  Then he switched tact to focus on the upcoming transformation.  "As you may have heard, we focus grouped several other animals find our next rubber conversion product.  Cats and dogs were popular, but people didn't feel they would be restrained the same way the rubberponies were.  Birds were suggested and we're following up on that.  From the reports I've read, we've had issues with the wings.  I suggested switching to bats, but there's been some pushback.  But the one area we've found success on is fish.  So our next prize will be a six month rubberizing mermaid suit."  Dr. Long reached for the ticket Ms. Baker had taken from the spinner and read off the number.

            "Hey, that's my number." a male voice said from a circle to our right and further up the bank.  Craning my neck around, I thought I recognized the group as one of the other transformation press gangs.

            "Grats Charlie, you won a woman's prize." one of them joked.

            "Yea, you'd make a terribly ugly mermaid." a second added.

            "Although, he does fish an inordinate amount." reflected a third.

            "That's enough out of you lot.  You know what, just because of all your
bitchen', I'm gonna do it."

            With that, the winner of the prize began making his way down the hill.  He was older, probably early fifties, solidly build and with a head of close cropped silver hair.  The man was dressed only in a pair of sandals and  boardshorts, all three of which were lost as he made his way across the stage.  "Alright, hit me with whatever I need to put on."

            "I'll admit, I thought this prize would go to a female employee." Dr. Long explained as Ms. Baker handed over some strips of rubberized fabric.

            "I gathered that." Charlie grunted.  "Not many guys go for the two piece swimsuit option."

            But the old man didn't let that stop him.  The suit bottoms were a tight fit with his bulk and couldn't have been comfortable to cram a dick into.  The bikini top with triangular sections where a woman's breasts would go looked funny on Charlie's hairy chest.

            "Why don't you show me what I just got myself into Chief?" Charlie grunted as he adjusted the fit of his bottoms.

            Whoever was running the projector must have been on the ball, as a new image flashed up on the screen.  "This is our first volunteer for this project." Dr. Long explained.  "The following pictures were taken at one month increments throughout the project.

            The first picture showed a normal looking Waoi woman smiling and waving at the camera.  She was dressed in the same rubberized bikini as Charlie, though it was much more flattering on her figure.  In the upper right corner was the designator Month Zero.

            There was a click and the image changed.  Now the designator read Month One.  The woman's bikini had grown into a once piece, completely covering her torso in black rubber.  In addition, it looked like she'd grown a cup size and her butt had picked up some padding.

            In the next month's image, the woman was now completely covered from the neck down in rubber.  It was no longer a trick of my imagination, her breasts were definitely larger.  At least three cups sizes bigger than the first picture.  Her waist had pinched in while her hips had grown, giving the woman an exaggerated hourglass figured.

            By the end of month three, the woman's entire body was engulfed in black rubber.  Her hair was completely gone and even her eyes were covered.  By the way she was once again waving at the camera, I didn't think the woman's vision was impaired.  There was a close up on the woman's neck on the bottom right of the screen.  It showed several lines running along it.  Gills, I guessed.

           The Month Four image showed the beginning of major changes.  For one thing, the woman was now living in a person sized fish tank.  The woman's mouth was twice as big as before, filling all the space on her face below the nose.  A nose that had half shrunken away and looked to have plugged up.  This was compensated for by the gills on the woman's neck, which fluttered as they pulled in the water she now needed to survive.  It was hard to tell at this distance, but it looked like the woman's arms and legs were beginning to change as well.

            The next image showed I was right.  The woman's arms were absorbed up to the elbow, while her legs had merged together down to the knee into a solid cylinder of flesh.  The woman seemed to having trouble looking down at the camera.  Her skull was shifting upward, leaving her face in line with the rest of her body.  A face that was dominated by a large vertical mouth, which had swallowed up all the space save the woman's eyes.

            The last image showed the final mermaid form.  If I hadn't just been presented with the slow change, I would have had a hard time believing the fish creature had once been human.  The legs had fully fused leaving a long cylindrical body like an eel.  The overlarge breasts acted like fins, providing lift and steering.  The face was nothing more than a giant mouth, hungrily opening and closing as if searching for food.             

            "Wow, when people called me a sucker I never thought the term would end up being literal." Charlie joked as he studied his future.

            "It's not too late Charlie.  The suit won't bind to you for two weeks."

            "Nah, this looks like a good way to retire.  Just do me a favor."

            "Name it."

            "When the changes are through, find me a tank to live in with plenty of hot women in it."

            Dr. Long grinned.  "I think I know just the place.  There's a little private resort off the coast we do business with.  They've been talking about adding in an aquarium…"


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Oh wow this mermaid part is going to be awesome judging from the "slideshow". Can't wait!


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Bats and birds? I could get behind that!


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Chapter 21

            "Alright folks, we've reached our last prize for the evening.  You know what that means…" Dr. Long called as he retook center stage.

            From around me came shouts of "Grand Prize" and "Bring her out".  I gave Elizabeth a questioning look, unsure of the "her" they were referring to.

            "I see a few puzzled faces in the crowd, so let me explain for our new hires.  When I first  started hosting the High Summer Parties as the P&C division chief six years ago, I was looking for something big to close out the prizes with.  At the time one of my kids was home for the summer from college.  My entire family is a huge fan of alchemy and he suggested using one of them for the grand prize.  And thus a tradition was born.  That year and every since one of my kids has been transformed as part of the grand prize.  This year, my daughter Reita won the opportunity.  Please welcome her out to the stage."

            The crowd cheered as a blonde woman in her mid-twenties strode down the side of the stage toward her father. "Hi daddy." she said, before kissing all three of his heads.  "I'm so excited for what's to come."  Reita turned to face the crowd.  "Like daddy said, getting transformed at the annual picnic has become a tradition in my family.  In fact I think I see my older sister Nyla, who transformed last year, out there in the crowd."

            There was a loud bark from further down the hill.  From where we were sitting I could see the back of what appeared to be a large, oddly proportioned dog.  It's owner was snuggled up against it, one arm around Nyla's shoulder.

            "I'll take that as a glowing endorsement." Reita said to laughs from the crowd.  "But before we get things started, I need someone to win me.  Carol, if you please?"

            Ms. Baker torqued up the spinner to thoroughly mix the tickets inside.  The whole hill was so quiet you could head a bead of bodily fluids drop as the blonde reached into the pile of tickets.  Reita pulled one out, smiling widely as she read the number.

            There was a loud "YES!" and several appreciative cheers.  A moment later the winner took the stage.  She looked similar enough to be Reita's sister and the prize-to-be squealed when she saw her.  "Kylee!"

            Kylee had to brace herself as Reita practically jumped on her.  "I can't believe that you're my winner."

            "If someone had to win you, I think your childhood best friend is a good option."

            "You bet.  We're going to have so much fun together."  Reita turn to her father.  "Daddy, can we get started now?"

            "Sure pumpkin."  Ms. Baker came over and gave Rita a vial.  The blonde looked at it for a moment before walking over and kissing Kylee right on the lips.  Breaking away from her surprised counterpart, Reita said, "I've always wanted to do that.  Now I'm ready."  With that, Reita upended the vial and drank down every last drop of the potion inside.

            The changes were immediate.  Reita's limbs sank in on themselves while her torso inflated.  What little body hair the blonde possessed fell way and all body features blurred away to nothing.  A minute later, the crowd was left staring at a giant egg where the excited woman had once stood.  It was over three feet in the longest direction and covered in shiny silver scales.  The gaps between the scales were filled with a bright gold that matched the shed strands of hair now surrounding the egg like a nest.

            "She's an…egg?" Kylee said slowly, circling her transformed friend.  "What am I supposed to do with an egg?"

            "By itself, nothing.  But by nurturing it and letting it hatch, you get whatever's lurking inside." Dr. Long explained.

            Kylee gave the egg another circle.  "Fair enough, but how do I get it to hatch?"

            Dr. Long chuckled.  "Like how all egg laying species gestate their young.  You have to sit on it and keep it warm."

            Kylee looked doubtful, but she did as the P&C director suggested.  She straddled the egg, slowly lowering herself down until it was clear the orb would hold her weight.  "Ok, now what?"  Dr. Long shot her a trio of looks that said to be patient.

            It took a good two minutes for something to happen.  "Hey, what…" Kylee called as her butt started sinking into the egg.  The entire mass seemed to become a living liquid, wrapping around Kylee's limbs.  The blond barely had time for a startled cry before her head was engulfed as well.

            The crowd sat there flabbergasted as the silvery metal of the egg reformed around Kylee.  When it stopped, the woman was encased from helmet to booted feet in intricately designed full plate.  The armor had a bird theme, with winged pauldrons and an avian beak and crest.  The boots were more like oversized talons, each ending in three claws.

            "Kylee, are you alright in there?" Dr. Long asked.

            "I'm fine, just a bit shocked." the woman replied.  The beak of her helmet remain frozen half open, but Kylee's word came out clearly.  The armored woman held up one of her arms experimentally, running a finger of the opposite hand down the intricate golden edging and scrollwork that decorated the shiny silver metal.  Kylee looked up, taking in her reflection in the mirror with black orbs the size of fists.  "This is so weird.  It looks like I'm wearing armor, but I can feel it like it's my own skin."

            "That's because it is your skin, though it's resilient enough you'll never need to worry about clothes.  My little Reita loved her history, especially the outfits worn by the warriors of ancient times.  I must say, her idea came out much better than I hoped.  I can't wait until you try out the other mode."

            "What other mode?" Kylee began, but before she could finish her body was already changing.  The armor of her upper torso unfolded and leaned forward.  This exposed Kylee's torso and head, which were now just as silvery and gold inscribed at her armor.  The woman's head was a blank sphere with no traces of any features.

            The armor that had formerly been wrapped around Kylee's torso reconfigured itself pointing outward.  Her legs shifted, the taloned toes growing longer while the muscular legs reconfigured into a digitigrade position.  The end result was the appearance of a silvery skinned woman sitting astride her metal bird-like mount.

            "What is one of the greats knights of old without her steed?" Dr. Long remarked.  "Reita thought this was the best way to combine her passions of history and horseback riding.  Also, this way the mount doesn't get left behind when the its rider needs to go inside."

            "She's still in me, controlling my legs." Kylee said as her body took a few drunken steps forward.

            "Once she gets used to her new condition, Reita should be able to run at speeds approaching forty miles per hour.  You'll never need a car again except for the trunk space."

            "That's cool…oooh.  She's licking my….oooohhh.  Stop that Reita, I'm going to cum on…aaaah."

            All three of Dr. Long's faces beamed.  "You'll find that Reita is your mount in more ways than one.  She's perfectly capable and very willing to provide all kinds of pleasure to her mistress."

            "If she doesn't take us somewhere more private stat, her new mistress if going to make a fool of herself onstage."

            It might have been a trick of the light, but I swear the bird's beak shifted into a smile as the forward mount lifted up to engulf Kylee back into her full plate form.  "Much better." Kylee said, relieved.  A second later she let out a cry.  "Demons, now she's after my nipples."

            "Don't you go getting any ideas." I told my outfit as Kylee made her way drunkenly offstage.

            "Oh, we're trying that out later tonight." Elizabeth said from beside me.  "Only one of us gets to play the mount while the other gets driven around."

            "You're on."


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Chapter 22

            Elizabeth and I lay back in the grass as high overhead brilliant flashes of light exploded to life.  After Dr. Long had finished off his speeches, it was time for the closing event.  Dozens of specially modified cockwomen stood on a barge in the middle of the lake, cumming like cannons to shoot the fireworks high into the sky.

            "This really was a perfect day." I said to the blonde, who was snuggled against my side.

            "You can say that again."

            "This really was a perfect day." I repeated, grinning.  A moment later Elizabeth's hose poked me in the kidney.  "Ow, hey."

            This set the blonde off laughing and I joined in.  We settled back in to watch the explosions until Elizabeth broke the silence.  "Becca, I have a question."

            "Was that it, or do you have another?"  After another poke in the kidney I hastily said, "Ok, ok, I'm just joking.  What did you want to ask?"

            "I….um…"  Elizabeth frowned, as if the words she needed to say weren't coming to her.  Finally she sighed.  "I need to go home in two weeks.  My cousin is getting married."

            "Oh, that's cool."  By my lover's actions I was expecting something serious.  Question of type like would you still love me if I became a giant cock.

            "That wasn't the question silly.  This is, or rather it's more of a request than a question.  I want you to come with me."

            "You want me to come to your cousin's wedding?" I asked, confused.

            "I thought with…with how our relationship is progressing…I thought it would be important for me to bring you home to meet my folks."

            I lay there, dumbfounded.  If Elizabeth had confessed her desire to be a giant cock I would have been less surprised.  She wanted me to come home with her, to meet her parents?

            Elizabeth took my silence as disagreement.  "I'm sorry, it's stupid.  I shouldn't have asked."

            "No, it's not that…" I started hesitantly.  "I've never really gotten to the…meet the parents stage of a relationship before.  All mine tended to fall apart long before then.  Part of me is frightened I'll mess it up.  It doesn't help your parents are filthy rich and I'm just a poor girl from…."

            Elizabeth shushed me with a finger over my mouth.  "You're hardly poor, and your big heart and creativity is worth far more to me than anything money can buy.  If my parents can't see that, then that's their problem."

            I realized then that this was as big of a moment for Elizabeth as it was for me.  When we'd met she buried under the weight of her mother's shadow.  Part of taking me home would be to say look at me, I can make choices too.

            "Ok, I'll do it.  But on one condition."

            Elizabeth blinked.  Clearly she hadn't expected me to actually agree.  "What condition?"

            "That next weekend, you and I go dress shopping together.  After all, we need to
make an impression on your relatives."

            "I'm a bridesmaid, so my outfit for the wedding is already set.  But there's still the rehearsal dinner, and the first meeting with the folks….this is going to be quite the shopping trip."         

            I put an arm around Elizabeth's shoulder.  "It's a good thing by girlfriend is rich then, isn't it?"

            "It is indeed." Elizabeth leaned over and gave me a kiss, just as high overhead the fireworks exploded in their grand finale.

End of Act 3


Note, CMAL:TNH will be on hiatus until after the new year.  Stop in next week for the first half of my annual holiday story.


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Interlude 2 - A New Way Forward

Chapter 1

            "Hey Denise, welcome back." A voice called as I stepped through the front door of DD studios.  "How was old Man Paulson and Tripi?"

            I looked up to see a pair of figures walking down the stairs to the upper level.  Both were heavily transformed, but what did you expected walking into a transformed porn studio?

            Jodi Ball was leading the way.  In order to save her dog Bacon's life, Jodi had fused herself to him.  Now Bacon was nearly five feet tall at the shoulder, a massive form of sleek silver and black fur.  Jodi hung underneath him, her waist fused between the dog's rear legs.  The woman's own legs had turned into massive testicles, but to compensate she had some mental control over her canine bodymate.  Despite literally being a dick, Jodi was one of the nicest people I'd ever met.

            Behind Jodi strode the even larger form of Madeline Bishop.  Once a pair of best friends, she was now a seven feet tall, three headed anthro wolf.  Supposedly the outer heads had the initial pair's personalities, while the dominant head in the middle was a fusion of the two.  Madeline's fur ranged from white to brown, covering her entire body in a thick coat.

            "Old Man Paulson was Old Man Paulson." I replied, answering Jodi's question.  "A pervy old fart whose alchemical genius compensates for his terrible people skills.  I don't know what Tripi sees in him."   Tripi had been a co-worker of Jodi and Madeline until recently, a centipedial fusion of three friends.

            "I have a good idea.  Have you seen the bulge in his pants?" Jodi smirked, then frowned.  "Whoops, sorry.  Forgot you're not into that."

            It was an open secret around the office that I was bi, with a leaning toward women.  Considering most of DD studio's actresses were female, or at least female appearing, this was taken as nothing out of the ordinary.

            "If I want a big package, I'll get my own." I mimed growing a dick from my crotch.  "Personality matters much more to me."

            "Sure, that's what they all say."  All three of Madeline's heads grinned at me, revealing the sharp teeth hidden inside her muzzles.

            "Don't you two have a shoot to prepare for?" I asked, pointing at the bone the werewolf was holding causally over one shoulder.  It was as tall as me and about as thick.

            "Way to change the subject.  You're more than welcome to join us for the shoot."

            Much like my sexual preference, my desire to move from behind the camera to in front of it was well known to the
extended company family.  However my father had so far put his foot down.  "Not today, I have other things I need to do." I said with some reluctance.  "I need to bug Dad about some paperwork before he leaves for the day."

            I bid the pair goodbye and walked down the ground floor corridor.  The DD studios building had once been a large warehouse.  Now the ground floor was divided into sections for sets, storage, and communal areas like the kitchen.  Upstairs some of the offices had retained their original purposes, while others had been converted into bedrooms for the actresses.  Almost a dozen stayed here full time, enjoying free rent as a perk of their employment, with about as many part timers.

            After locking my acquisitions from the alchemist in the vault, I walked upstairs to talk to my dad.  I knocked on the door and got a "Come in."

            I stepped into the room and immediately wished I'd waited a few more minutes before coming upstairs.  There was a woman splayed across my father's desk, positively jiggling as she was plunged into from below.  I recognized the woman as Quatra, who had a second pair of arms instead of legs and butt cheeks that acted more like breasts.  She fell into DD studios other subset of employees, actresses with extra limbs and/or breasts.

            With a moan my dad came, a moment later followed by Quatra.  Neither looked embarrassed at my interruption, with Quarta even pausing to give me a quick hug before jogging out of the office.

            While my father pulled his pants back on, I straightened a few desk artifacts that had been knocked askew by their afternoon delight.  I picked up a picture of our family and paused to take it in.  The image was from five years ago, before my mom had gotten sick.  Back then she'd been her boisterous, stunning self.  Two heads, four arms, four breasts, and the outgoing personality to match.  It had been her idea to get into the porn business with herself as the star, a decision that had led to a very successful business.

            I set the picture down and moved a brass name plate into position.  Davis Dunn, CEO  "So, how's mom?"

            "Horny, as always." Dad replied, adjusting his pants.  "Even after the fuck we just had she still wants more."

            When my mother found out about her illness, she'd gone to her husband with a solution.  A CTF wasn't a conventional treatment for a life threatening illness, but would allow us to stay together as a family.  The result had left my father looking two decades younger, with a short head of thick dark hair and a muscle tone he hadn't possessed since they first started dating.  He was also left with two dicks, which left him horny almost constantly.  Because of that, I didn't begrudge him sampling the staff.  After all, it wasn't technically cheating.  Mom was having plenty of fun out of the transaction.

            "What can I do for you honey?" Dad asked, taking a seat behind his desk.  He spotted a few errant drops of bodily fluids, cleaned them off with a towel, and turned his attention back to me.

            "I need you take a look at those quarterly payroll returns I left on your desk last week."  After graduating college six months ago, I'd returned home to take up a position as the company accountant.  The previous accountant had been Tripi, who despite having three brains in there somewhere turned out to be terrible at math.

            "They should be around here somewhere."  Dad rummaged through several drawers before pulling out a folder.  "Here we go, signed and ready for delivery."

            I did a quick check and everything seemed to be in order.  The signature stickies had probably helped.  "I put the latest shipment from Paulson in the vault, we should be ready to go for Anna on Wednesday."

            Anna was one of our performers who was looking to go further in her transformation.  Already in possession of two rows of three breasts, she now wanted to replace her legs with a duplicate of her upper torso.  If things held to pattern, the video would be the most popular we put out this month.

            "I know she's looking forward to it.  Jodi and Madeline were working on the set earlier, they should be nearly finished.  I'll have to check on it before it gets too late."

            "Speaking of getting late, I'm off for the rest of the afternoon.  There's a few things I want to pick up at the mall before it closes."

            "Can you pick up some fabric while you're there?  Quatra needs some for Anna's new outfits."

            The four armed woman was the company seamstress (sometimes in more than one meaning of the word) so the request wasn't unusual.  "Sure, I'll stop by on my way out and see what she needs."

            "Thanks sweetie."  Dad leaned forward and I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.  "Enjoy yourself at the mall.  Who knows who you might meet?"

            I rolled my eyes at this as I left the room.  Dad had been after me about having little to no social life outside the company.  It was something I didn't mind and didn't see changing anytime soon.  "Who you might meet…"


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Apologies for the late post, had a very busy weekend.  Still trying to build up my backlog.

Chapter 2

            "Thanks again Carol, see you in a month." I told my stylist as I left the salon.  I always felt better after a haircut and was looking forward to a little shopping.

            I paused at the next shop over to adjust my jacket, taking in my the outfits displayed in the front window.  Demons, what kind of woman could fit into that dress?  She'd have to be all breast and leg, with nothing in between.  I'd  heard about some fashion conscious celebrities transforming themselves to fit into outfits like these.  Completely crazy.

            I took a step back, causing my body to be reflected over the dress.  It was a poor fit.  My legs were long, but nowhere near that long.  And I was sadly lacking significantly in the bust department.  Still, it was at least chuckle-worthy to see my head superimposed over the dress.

            Turning, I swept a lock of hair behind an ear as I went to continue shopping.  My dad has hair as black as ink, while my mom (when she still had hair) was as blonde as new fallen snow.  I'd inherited a bit of both, by shoulder length locks speckled between white and black like it was carved from granite.  My hair was the part of my body I was most proud of and why I never skipped my monthly salon appointments.

            Twenty feet further down the street, I was about to turn the corner when someone came around from the opposite direction.  There was no time to dodge and we bumped off each other.  The other woman looked annoyed, like she was in a real rush and she was about to chew me out for making her late.  But when the woman's eye's alighted on my face, her jaw dropped.  "Denise?"

            How did this woman know my name?  She looked to be about my age, so if she was a local it was possible we ran into each other during a school event, but that had to be at least five years ago.

            "Denise Dunn?" the woman repeated, as if still unsure of who I was.  She worried her hands, making a joint cracking sound that was oddly familiar.

            It was my turn to be astonished.  "Caroline?"

            The woman nodded.  "It is you.  I wasn't sure at first.  You look so much more….confident."

            I fought to contain rising anger.  "I look more confident because I'm no longer worried about being under your thumb Caroline."

            The anger, I felt, was fully justified.  This woman, Caroline Pierce, along with her two cronies Natalie Miles and Kristen Welch, had made me miserable all through high school.  If it was for something I'd done, maybe there was a chance we could have made amends and buried the hatched.  Instead, the three harpies had gone after me solely due to my parents' profession.  I was far from the only student with a transformed parent, hell some of our classmates were transformed themselves.  But being in the porn business was apparently straw that broke the humantaur's back.

            Turned around I began to storm away in the direction I'd come.  Before I'd gone two steps Caroline reached out and grabbed me by the arm.  "Wait, please."

            Angrily, I pulled the other woman's fingers off my arm.  "I have nothing to say to you Caroline.  I put you and your friends behind me a long time ago."

            "Oh yea?  Well I have something to say to you." the other woman yelled, sounding annoyed now.  The annoyance, and her face, fell at the following words.  "I'm…sorry."

            That confession flabbergasted me so much I paused my attempt to get away.  "Excuse me?"

            Some of the defiance came back into Caroline's eyes.  "You heard me.  I said I'm sorry.  You might have buried our past behind…but I can't."  By former tormentor hung her head.  "Listen…if you have some time…can we sit down and talk?"

            Still stunned by this unexpected change in character, I could only nod.  Luckily there was an outdoor café just down the street.  I ordered a small coffee, while Caroline went for a mug of hot tea.  We sat staring at each other in silence until the drinks arrived.

            Caroline took a small sip of her tea before setting it back down on the table.  "I want to start by saying I'm sorry again.  I know there isn't anything I can do to make up for what we did to you in high school, but would you at least be willing to understand where I was coming from back then?"

            I took a sip of my coffee, considered for a moment, then nodded.  Caroline set her own mug on the table and leaned back in her chair.  "I grew up in a very…I guess you could describe it as puritan household.  My parents were convinced that transforming was a vile act, a defilement of perfect beings that were humanity.  Sex work was equally vile, as it was squandering the gifts of one's body with strangers.  Because your parents were doing both, somehow my attention focused on you.  The words I said back then, they might have been coming out of my mouth, but there were firmly my parents'."

            "I'm sensing something changed."

            Caroline sighed.  "I grew up.  I went off to college and realized the world was much bigger than the little bubble my parents tried to force me into.  I actually made some transformed friends and saw how happy they were with their bodies.  I even lost my virginity to a transformed boyfriend."  She chuckled darkly.  "My parents weren't too happy about that when they found out.  They cut me off completely."

            Despite my long term animosity toward this woman, I couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for her.  "That must have been hard."

            Caroline nodded.  "It was, especially in the beginning.  The shock of going from pampered to penniless was more than a little jarring.  But now I'm back on my feet, alternating semesters of work and school.  It's not perfect, but I'm free to live my own life now."

            "What are you studying?"

            Caroline shrugged.  "A bit of this and a bit of that.  Despite all the things I've tried, nothing really clicked.  As sad as it sounds, high school was the highlight of my life.  I was the queen bee, now I'm a waitress.  It's the same for Natalie and Kristen.  The former works in a law office and the latter hauls heavy boxes for a living.  Certainly not what we had planned back then."  She sighed.  "Sorry, I didn't mean to unload all that on you.  It's like one of those twelve step programs.  To finally get past your problems, you have to make amends for what you've done."

            Caroline pulled a pen out of her purse and scribbled down a number on a napkin.  "Listen, I'm serious about making amends.  It might take me a while, as I have a lot to make up for, but can you at least call me and give me a chance?"

            I picked up the napkin and studied it for a long minute.  "I'll think about it." I finally said.

            "That's all I can ask for.  Now if you'll excuse me, if I stay any longer I'll be late for my shift."  Caroline rose, tossed a bill on the table to cover her tea, and left.  I sat there a few minutes longer until my own drink was finished, still unsure of what to make of this situation.


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 3


            Several hours later, I stepped through the front door of my apartment.  Despite offers to bunk at work, I enjoyed some quiet time away from my co-workers.  That…and there are some sounds even thick insulation can't muffle.

           Unsurprisingly, my best friend and roommate Maggie Rodgers was sitting on the sofa drawing on her tablet.  Maggie and I were very much opposites.  She was short while I was tall, I was skinny while Maggie packed a few extra pounds on her frame, etc.  It seeped into personalities as well.  Maggie was content to be off in her own little world, while I liked being out and interacting with people.  At least, I did after arriving at college and breaking out of my shell.

           Also unsurprising was the fact my roommate was mostly naked on the sofa, clad in only panties and a pair of socks.  It wasn't until we'd moved in together during college that I'd discovered my best friend was an exhibitionist.  A jarring discovery to be sure, not helped by the fact Maggie came out as gay not long afterward.  Perhaps I wasn't the only one who came out of her shell during college.  Either way, it wasn't uncommon to find my roommate wearing only an article of two of clothing in the house.  During the few times she left it, the maximum legal amount of skin was on display.

           "You're home late." Maggie remarked, not bothering to look up.  Her gaze only occasionally shifted from the NSFW artwork she was drawing to the documentary on the history of the Realm that was playing on the television.

           "I ran into someone unexpected at the mall.  You won't believe who."  Plopping down on the love seat beside the couch, I laid out my interaction with Caroline.  The whole time Maggie just nodded along and kept drawing.  I wasn't offended by this lack of attentiveness; Maggie paid her half of the rent by selling such artwork and had long ago master the art of multitasking while drawing.

           Only when I finished my story did Maggie set aside her tablet and stylus. "Do you think she was being sincere?"

           I nodded.  "Caroline seemed pretty upset about what had happened between us.  She certainly sounded like she wanted to turn over a new leaf.  Besides, what does she gain by lying to me?"

           "Nothing, as far as I can see."  Maggie stretched, raising her arms above her head in a move that caused her heavy breasts to jiggle.  I did my best not to stare, for more than one reason.  "The way I see it, you have two options."  Maggie let her arms fall.  "You can throw her number away and forget this incident ever happened.  The odds of you running into her again are slim, and after giving her the silent treatment I think Caroline will get the message you want to be left alone."


           "Or you can call her back and try to work out what happened between you two.  It sounds like you both have some unfinished baggage to take care of."

            "I don't know."  I turned my gaze to the TV, on which a reporter was interviewing a marsh dwelling cockwoman.  "I'll think about it."

            "Don't think too long, or the situation might make up its mind for you."  Maggie suddenly looked thoughtful.  "Sorry to switch topics, but did you remember to ask your dad about my request?"

            Said request was my roommate's desire to join the DD studios’ stable of actresses.  I couldn't compute why an otherwise introverted woman wanted to be the center of attention, but I figured it had something to do with Maggie's exhibitionist tendencies.

            I shook my head.  "Sorry, I only saw him for a minute today.  When I walked in he was in the middle of fucking one of the other actresses, which was a bit distracting.  I'll try again tomorrow."

            I was saved trying to come up with further excuses by a loud rumbling from Maggie's stomach.  "Huh, guess I forgot to eat lunch again."

            I rolled my eyes.  Another way we were opposites.  I was hungry all the time and was only saved from a life as a four hundred pound woman by my high metabolism.  Maggie on the other hand could go all day forgetting to eat, only remembering when she got light headed.

            "I think we have some cocks and cheese in the fridge, let me go warm it up….."


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 4

            I was dreaming, I had to be.  Either that or the real world had gotten really strange.  I was floating in an inky blackness that roiled like it was alive.  Despite being unable to see I could still move, could feel my body.  The rest of my senses were coming in kinda staticy.

            Without warning the blackness beneath me receded, revealing a room.  It looked similar to one of the generic bedrooms on the ground floor of the studio, with a king sized bed, racy wall posters, and furniture that most mostly used to hide props and toys.  Of all the things to dream of, I don't know why my subconscious chose to show me this place.  I had been expecting horrible flashbacks to high school bullying, so I guess this was a welcome reprieve.

            The door to the imaginary outside opened and a woman walked into the room.  I couldn't see my jaw, but I could feel it drop as I recognized my roommate.  As usual, Maggie was wearing next to nothing.  Today's outfit was composed of red lace stockings and elbow length gloves, with nothing in between.

            I blushed and tried to look away, but found the dream world wouldn't let me.  Feeling very much like a peeping Tom, I watched Maggie hop up on the bed and lay against the headboard.  My roommate's fingers drifted to her breasts, massaging the areolas in wide circles with an occasional pinch of the nipple.  One hand drifted lower, disappearing into the thick brush of brown
curls between Maggie's legs.  What said hand was doing was made unmistakable by the massively increased moaning volume.

            Time seemed to slow to a crawl as Maggie played herself.  Unbidden, I felt my own hands move to caress my body.  When Maggie pinched her nipple, I pinched mine.  When a finger reached extra deep inside my roommate's body, I felt one of my own mimic the action.

            Eventually, various toys willed themselves into existence on the bed.  Maggie picked up a small vibrator and held it to her clit, nearly vibrating along with the toy at the level of pleasure it brought her.  To my disappointment, I was unable to receive reciprocal pleasure.  My longing grew as Maggie went through a string of larger and wilder sex toys.  I wanted to feel the sharp bite of the clamps on my tender nipples, feel the anal beads shifting inside me with every movement, feel what it was like to be nearly torn apart by a massive rubber gryphin cock.  But most of all, I wanted to feel what it would be like to be down there, beside Maggie as we played our way through an endless supply of sex toys.

            Maggie and I together, now that was a strange thought.  It wasn't an impossible one, with our shared lust of the female form.  But aside from a brief will they, won't they in college after we both went through bad break-ups, the thought had never entered my mind.  Maggie was like my sister and such thoughts would be wrong.

            The dream must have wanted us together, as a heartbeat later I found myself freed from my perch above the room.  Now I was in it, standing beside the bed with Maggie staring up at me expectantly.  She held out a dildo harness, the equipped toy nearly as long as my arm.  Wordlessly, I helped her strap it around me.  A smaller toy poked out the back end, feeding inside me for stability.  As I began thrusting the rubber tip between Maggie's lower lips, the part inside me brought an equal level of pleasure.  I felt myself to weak at the knees as it began to vibrate.

            Time seemed to stutter, and now I was the one on my back, with Maggie running a magic wand over my clit.  I howled in pleasure and wanted to cum so bad, but something was holding me back.  The scene shifted again and this time we were in the 69 position.  Maggie's forest of curls tickled my nose as I sought the cave behind the foliage with my tongue.  I could feel a similar probing going on between my own legs as Maggie sought to give as good as she got.

            The dream continued through uncountable similar scenes before taking a turn for the weird.  Suddenly I was on my side, holding my leg out of the way as Maggie plunged into both my lower holes with her twin dicks.  What felt like a heartbeat later I was straddling my roommate, using my four arms to play with the six breasts arranged down her torso.

            Feeling my body twist in unnatural ways should have felt disturbing or weird.  Instead it felt perfectly natural, as if I'd been this way all along.  If anything I felt…incomplete, as if I needed more changes to reach my true form.

            Unexpectedly, my dream was invaded by another person.  It was Caroline, looking just as forlorn as when we'd parted at the café.  Eyes downcast, my former bully asked, "What do I need to do to make up for my sins?"

            Before I'd lacked an answer.  Now, locked in an aroused haze, I pulled Caroline to me.  More than to me, into me.  I sucked the other woman into my body, redistributing her mass to better suit my sexual mania.  Extra arms, extra breasts, a vagina for a mouth and a mouth for an ass…our bodies melted and reformed like clay in the hands of an artist.  Every time I thought we were close to perfect, I still found something missing.

            As if in answer to my quandary, two more women appeared in my dream.  Natalie and Kristen, the mouse and the lion.  Like their former leader they asked,  “What do I need to do to make up for my sins?"

            "Become a part of me."

            The pair nodded in unison and reached out to take my hands.  There was a tugging sensation as our fleshes met and instantly I could feel their skin as finely as I could my own.  Natalie and Kristen pressed into me, our masses flowing together into a giant ball that writhed with sexual chaos.  Arms, legs, breasts, heads, all poked from the bubble only to get sucked back inside a second later.  But the pressure was building.  The bubble would only last so much longer until it would burst to reveal the hypersexual creature within.  I just needed to wait a little longer…..

            Beep Beep Beep

            I sat up with a jolt, my heart going a mile a minute.  Trails of sweat carved their way down my face and my panties felt damp enough wring out a glass full of fluid.  Brushing my disheveled hair from my face, I tried to focus on lowering my heartbeat.

            What the demons had that dream been?  I'd never had a wet dream like that before, let alone one that seemed straight out of the imagination of a perverted teenage boy.  Lesbian sex scenes, copious toy use, body merging….this was the last time I had cocks and cheese before going to bed.

            But as hit the button to shut off my alarm clock, I couldn't help but be turned on as I thought back on what had happened.  The exact details might have been impossible…but who's to say they couldn't serve as the genesis?

            I couldn't help but smile.  The question that had been bugging me finally had an answer.


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 5

            Two weeks later, I leaned against the wall beside the front door into the studio.  As I watched, a car turn into the lot and came to a rest in the slot beside mine.  A moment later three women exited the car.  Caroline was the driver.  The passenger was a tall, solidly built redhead I recognized as Kristen Welch.  She'd been the muscle for Caroline back in high school, something that, by the looks of it, hadn't changed in the time since.  Apparently working in a warehouse was better than going to the gym.

            Climbing out of the back, little Natalie Miles was almost lost in the shadow of her friends.  The brunette was the brains of the outfit, even if she was too shy to ever go against Caroline's orders.  I saw her eyes go wide behind her glasses as Natalie craned her head up to take in the giant studio building.

            "You look surprised to see us."  My gaze flicked back to see Caroline standing before me.

            "I am." I admitted.  "Even after we spoke on the phone…some part of me still thought our meeting was some strange dream."

            "You said you'd finally decided how we could pay you back for all the harm we caused in high school.  After weighing on my conscious for so long, how could I pass this up?" Beside Caroline, both Natalie and Kristen nodded.

            Once more their earnestness threw me.  After a moment I finally said, "You better follow me inside so we can talk."

            I led the trio inside, pausing so Anna could go by on the stairs.  She'd only had her duplicate lower body for a week and was already adept at walking in a quadruped fashion.  Quatra was on her back, dressed like an old fashioned foxhunter in a red jacket and black helmet.  My three ex-tormentors froze stiff when they caught sight of the scene, mouths open in shock.

            "Denise, what's wrong with those three?" Quatra asked as they passed by.  "Haven't they ever heard of ponyplay before?"

            I chuckled.  "Quarta, it takes anyone normal a little while to acclimate to this place."

            "It didn't take your roommate long at all."

            "Hence why I added the normal qualifier."

            Passing Quatra and her mount, I led the trio upstairs to my father's office.  Dad was behind his desk talking with Maggie.  My roommate was dressed in bike shorts and a crop top, covering the minimum amount of skin required for social niceties.

            "Sorry to leave Maggie with you Dad." I said as we entered the room.  "I hope she hasn't talked your ear off too much."

            Maggie stuck out her tongue at me.  "I merely presented a few opportunities for business growth."

            "As intriguing as I'm sure they were, my proposal is why we're all here today."

            I gestured for my ex-bullies to take a seat on the office's couch.  Caroline looked at it dubiously, as if wondering what terrible sex acts had taken place upon it, before finally sitting down.  Natalie and Kristen shared a look before following their leader's example.  Maggie, in contrast, hopped up to sit on the corner of my father's desk.  The irony was, the desk was probably saw more action than the couch.

            I took a deep breath to center myself and slowly let it out.  I just hoped what I was about to saw made as much sense outside my head as in it.  Turning to face my father I said, "Dad, I think it's time for me to take on a bigger role in the family business."  Before my father could speak I added, "Mom's role, specifically."

            My father's mouth was half open, about to speak, but he closed it.  He knew exactly what I was asking.  My mother had been the face of the studio, the star of at least half the movies they put out.  By trying to take on her role I wouldn't be dipping my toe into the world of being a porn actress, I'd be jumping in with both feet.  And as we were a transformed porn studio, that meant I'd need to change myself as well.

            My father's face bent into was I first thought was a frown, then the corners turned up into a smile.  "I always knew this day would come.  You are very much your mother's daughter, Denise.  Before I didn't think you were ready."  He glanced across the people I'd gathered.  "Now, I think you're going to do something spectacular."

            To my surprise, my father rose from his desk and started for the door.  "Where are you going?" I blurted.

            He chuckled.  "You already got everything you needed from me.  I'm getting out of the way so you can work out the details."  A second later he was gone, the door shut behind him.

            There was a moment of silence, broken by Caroline.  "When you said you were going to take your mother's place…"

            I turned to the couch.  "It means I'm going to take the top actress slot in our studio."

            "But isn't everyone here transformed?" Natalie asked.  Then the woman's eyes went wide behind her glasses.  "Oh."

            "Yes Natalie, I plan on transforming.  As you may or may not know, DD studios specialized in two things.  Multi-body-part transformations, and merging."

            Silence reigned before Kristen blurted out, "Wait, you want us to merge with you!"

            I smiled.  "Why yes, that was why I brought you all here today to talk about this.  I will be the dominant bodymate, but I am looking for a few others to play a part." I almost giggled at my own pun.

            "Why?" the redhead demanded.  "Why would we give up being independent, give up being people?"

            "It's quite simple."  I walked over until I was standing right before the belligerent woman.  "Kirsten, are you happy with your life?"

            The redhead clearly hadn't expected that question.  "Huh?"

            "I'm asking if you find satisfaction being a human forklift, moving boxes day in and day out.  Can you see yourself doing it for five, ten, twenty years?  How about you Caroline?  Was your life's ambition to serve people food in demeaning uniforms?  Or you Natalie, is doing someone else's research and paperwork bring happiness to your life?"

            I paused.  It might actually be possible the bookish young woman actually liked that aspect of her job.  Regardless, I pressed forward.  "What I'm offering you is a life of nothing but pleasure.  A constant parade of sex with hot transformees, with no responsibilities.  Only arousal and release."

            Once more, the room fell into silence as I finished my proposal.  But to everyone's surprise, it was Natalie that spoke first.  "I'm in."

            Everyone turn to look at the mousy young woman, causing Natalie to blush in embarrassment.  "What?  People are always telling me to be more spontaneous.  This was my chance.  And if I'm honest…well….I've always had a thing for transformees."  Her cheeks burned even redder.  "I just never said it, as I knew what you two would think."

            "Just what kind of transformation are you proposing?" Kristen asked.

            "I have a few ideas to start with, but we'll work out the final design together.  Trust me, I've thought of quite a few ways to incorporate your muscular physique."

            The redhead shrugged.  "Why not.  Like you said, my job sucks.  These two are my only real friends, so if they go for it and I don't I'll be left alone."

            I turned to the last holdout.  "Caroline?"

            "I don't get it.  After what we did to you, your solution is to make us part of yourself?"

            "Maybe your little redemption speech at the café was more influential than you expected."

            Caroline looked between her two friends.  "I see.  I told you that day I would do whatever it took to earn my redemption.  I can't back out now."  A small smile formed on the blonde's lips.  "Besides, what better way to get back at my parents than by spending the rest of my life as a giant sex organ?"

            "I'm glad you four are having a moment."  Maggie said.  My roommate had been so quiet up to this point I'd almost forgotten she was there.  "But why am I here?  Do you want me to merge with you too Denise?"

            I shook my head.  "I think my new form will be overcrowded as is.  No, I need your help with the scene I'm planning."

            "Scene, what scene?" Caroline asked.

            "Oh Caroline, you didn't think I was just going to chug down a bottle of D-cum and hug you all.  Porn might be the red headed stepchild of the acting world, but it is still a performance.  And I plan to make my debut a memorable one….”


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 6

            "Are you ready?"

            I looked over at Maggie.  My roommate had gone through quite a change since we'd laid out our plans.  Had that only been a month ago?

            As was becoming her standard, Maggie eschewed clothing entirely for today's shoot.  This left her newly acquired array of tattoos and piercings on full display.  Thank Freya for Painless Ink, for without that shop such extensive modifications would have taken months.  Maggie sported full arm and leg sleeve tattoos, winding snakes separating orgy scenes.  Her back was like a storybook, starting with eight partly transformed women that were merged together in pairs to created a sexual monstrosity in the center.  The ink on Maggie's stomach was of an equally marked woman, fondling my roommate's breasts while licking her pussy.

            In fact, the only non-tattooed part of Maggie was her face.  Instead she'd shaved off half her hair and dyed the rest pink and purple.  Dozens of piercings gleamed from each ear, along with studs through her eyebrows, nose, and lips.  These matched other pieces through my roommate's nipples, belly button, and between the crest of her legs.

            When Maggie had returned to our apartment after her transformation, I'd been flabbergasted.  I'd expected a few heart tattoos, maybe a chain around a wrist and ankle.  Not enough ink to fill a dictionary.  I'd asked her why and gotten a very firm response that this was Maggie's first scene too.  She wanted to leave as big an impression as I would.  Besides, she planned to take on a new persona anyway, after she became a porn star full time.

            "I asked, are you ready?" Maggie repeated.

            "Sorry." I said sheepishly.  "I don't know why, after all the work we've done on this, only now do I get butterflies in my stomach."

            How I was dressed might have had something to do with it.  Quatra had hooked me up with a full suit of what she called "Dominatrix wear."  My waist was crushed by a heavy leather corset that managed to create the illusion of larger breasts up top.  The leather stopped just short of my crotch, leaving my hairless pussy on full display.  I nearly died of shame when I had to ask Maggie how to do it properly.

            Besides the corset I had on thigh high hooker boots and elbow length gloves.  These matched the black leather of the corset and contrasted with the small red bordello jacket I wore over it.

            Then there were the accessories neatly sorted into slots sown directly into the corset.  I had a coiled whip on one hip and a pair of handcuffs on the other.  I had dildos and a magic wand at the top of each boot like they were thigh holsters, matched by removable metal bracelets than jangled on the inside of my jacket.

            In total I felt like a parody of a dominatrix, which was probably what Quatra was going for.  It might be why she never let me see the outfit before it was finished, and why she had disappeared yesterday.

            "Nerves are to be expected."  Maggie said, pulling my attention back to her.  "You think I wasn't nervous, walking into Painless Ink?" Maggie gestured to the tattoos that covered her body.  "But when it's all over, you'll look back and see how defining a moment this was in your life."

            "Yes mom." I replied, causing us both to laugh.

            "I'll pass on being mom, but maybe sisters."  A coy grin grew across Maggie's face.  "Maybe with benefits, if you'd be up for it."

            "We'll see how much you like the new me."

            Feeling more confident, I reach out and grasped the doorknob.  Beyond was the set that would change my life.  As I pulled the door open, I found I couldn’t wait.


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 7

            The room beyond the door was set up to look like a mad scientist's dungeon.  Heavy wooden benches ran the length of the left side, piled high with all manner of alchemical looking equipment.  The liquid inside all the beakers and tubes was only colored water or syrup, but it did look impressive.

            The right side of the room was taken up by cages full of "experiments."  These were the other actresses of the studio, lounging about or acting like sex starved animals.  To be fair, some of them acted like that even when we weren't shooting.

            Between the cages and the benches, on the far side of the room were three heavy wooden chairs.  Each one was occupied by one of my ex-bullies turned future bodymates.  They were held to the chair with heavy metal clamps at the ankles, waist, and wrists.  Furthermore, each wore a thick, spherical helmet that cut their senses off from the outside world.  In the script these were brainwashing helmets, pumping the wearer full of video and audio until their brains were pliable mush.  These version did indeed have internal microscreens and speakers, but they only showed feed from the dozens of small cameras hidden around the room.  This particular shoot was going to have a lot of bonus features.

            "Finally, my revenge is nigh." I proclaimed, stopping in the middle of the room.  "Assistant, fetch my master remote."

            "Yeth Mithress." Maggie replied, adopting the lisp of the character she was parodying.  She strode over to the heavy laden benches, made a show of rooting around, and came back with a box the size of a TV remote festooned with buttons.

            I took the remote from Maggie, pressed one of the many buttons, and held it up to speak.  "By now, I supposed you three are wondering where you are?  Why someone has done this to you?  The answer is simple.  You tormented me for many years, making me doubt my own genius."  I threw my arms wide in a grand gesture.  "Well who's laughing now?  I have spend years perfect the process I am about to perform, to turn those who ridiculed me as insignificant into insignificant parts of myself."

            Ok, the speech was a little over the top, but Caroline had insisted I make it dramatic.  By this point all three women were struggling against their bindings, as if they could somehow escape.  I wasn't worried about that accidently happening.  All three chairs had been borrowed from a friend of Madeline's and I was assured they got plenty of use.

            "Don't worry about escaping.  By now the subliminal messaging has embedded itself deep in your minds.  All I have to say is a single word and you'll become nothing more than a compliant doll.  Let's test this out, shall we?"  I made sure to flash an evil smile to where I knew one of the cameras was hidden.  "Butterscotch."

            Instantly, Kristen froze still as a statue.  I never got a chance to ask why the redhead had picked that for her code phrase and it was too late to ask.

            I gave Maggie directions before speaking into the remote again.  "As you three are blindfolded, I thought I'd give you a little play by play.  Right now my assistant is unhooking your friend from her chair.  She's completely docile, none of the fiery spirit that caused me so much trouble.  I've reduced to her to a drooling drone.  Yes, she's drooling as the brainwashing helmet comes off.  As for what I'm about to do to her…let's leave that as a surprise.  I'd hate to spoil your own fates."

            Maggie directed Kristen to kneel before me.  My assistant then went about helping me undress.  The corset laces were a pain and I never would have got them sorted out without her help.  A small part of me was nervous about showing my naked body off to the world, but most of me was too caught up in the narrative.  The whole time I was undressing, I bombarded Kristen with saying about how much I was going to enjoy her being a part of my body.  While the redhead's face remained placid, I could tell she was as turned on as I was by the hardening of her nipples and the moistness at her crotch.

            When I was fully naked, I commanded Kristen to get on all fours.  After she did so I took up my position.  My legs straddled the redhead's neck, the back of her head pressed firmly into my crotch.  Maggie came back with a vial of swirling, multi-colored liquid and handed it to.  Unlike the others, this one actually contained a live potion.  It had cost a fortune, but would be worth every kriss.

            "And now," I proclaimed, holding the uncorked vial high, "I begin my revenge."  With that, I drank the vial.

            The results were immediate.  I could feel a warmth flow down through me.  It cascaded past my lungs, through my stomach, and down to my crotch.  It paused there for only a few heartbeats, then suddenly I could feel it move even further.  Only…in a direction I had never possessed before.

            Looking down, I could see the back of Kristen's head merging into my crotch.  The redhead's hair was falling out, hiding the changes her face was undergoing.  There was a jolt, as if it'd shocked myself on a dry day, and suddenly I could feel the entirety of Kristen's body as if it was my own.  The sway of her breasts as the transformation bound us together.  The moistness in her…now my...rear vagina.  I could feel Kristen's arm melding back into our body, reforming for their new task.

            After about a minute, this stage of the transformation petered out.  Maggie wheeled over a standing mirror, so I could examine my new humantaur form.  Kristen's muscles had transferred over to my legs, leaving me looking as fit as a bodybuilder from the waist down.  We'd been considering basic feet during the early planning phases, but Kristen had eventually insisted on NA anuswoman hoofhands.  Getting a look at them took some bending at awkward angles, but I managed.

            Next I decided to play with my other new additions.  Flexing new muscles, I pushed out my lower "arms" from where they were hidden in vaginal slits behind my front hips.  Each arm was more akin to a tentacle, capable of bending in ways that would shatter the bones of a normal limb.  Instead of hands, each arm ended in a copy of Kirsten's head.  Most of the features had been smoothed away, leaving a spherical ball, but it was still recognizably her.  Instead of a nose and mouth, a copy of the redhead's vagina spanned the sphere.  The vaginas were large enough I could use them akin to hands to pick up things.

            Movement in my front vagina brought my attention forward.  A long pink tongue exited my lips, tasting the dungeon air.  The tongue was the only part of my body Kristen could still control and I had a feeling she would get a lot of use out of it.

            After five more minutes of prancing around the set and testing the limits of my new body, it was time to move on in the scene.

            "Assistant." I called to Maggie.  "Bring me the remote.  It’s time for my next victim."


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yay! that's creative!


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 8

            I strode over to Natalie, enjoying the feel of my extra legs.  I reached down and tugged off the brunette's hood.  She stared back at me, eyes wide in fear.

            "Poor little Natalie, always the follower."  I mimed patting her on the head, but held back the last inch to avoid touching.  The transformation shouldn't activate with that little contact, but best not to take chances.  "I bet you're so compliant you'd follow my orders even without the command word.  Isn't that right?"  Natalie gulped and nodded.  "Do you like what I did to your friend?"

            Natalie's eyes went even wider as she took in what happened to Kristen.  I had a feeling this wasn't acting, she really was shocked by the change.  Or maybe the thought that she was going to be the one attached to me next.

            "Rise and follow me." I commanded, pressing the button on the remote to open the brunette's shackles.  Natalie did as ordered, following me back to the center of the set.  There Maggie had lowered a horizontal bar, akin to the ones gymnasts use.  "Wrap your hands around the bar and hold on tight.  You wouldn't want to fall off."

            Our group had needed to brainstorm when it came to getting Natalie onto my back without touching my skin elsewhere.  In the end it had been the brunette who had suggested the rig we were using now, based off the gymnastic ones she'd used as a kid.  I'd been worried she wouldn't be able to hold on long enough, but several practices had proved me wrong.  So as Maggie worked the remote to lift Natalie skyward, I carefully positioned myself beneath the brunette.

            Maggie hit a different button on the remote, lowering Natalie back down.  I'd positioned myself perfectly and didn't feel Natalie until she settled onto my back.  Her butt was right above where mine used to be and she leaned in close until we were back to back.  As more of our flesh touched I could feel the telltale tingle of the second phase of the transformation activating.

            Natalie's transformation was more much significant that Kristen.  While the redhead had lost her head and experienced minor changes to her arms and feet, Natalie's entire body began to change.  In the mirror I could see Natalie's limbs shrink, the mass returning to her torso.  The brunette's head was absorbed as well, brown hair falling to the floor.

            Natalie's flesh reformed on my back into six fat breasts running down in pairs.  These orbs would act as the fluid generators for my many orifices and holes.  After all, lubrication was important.  Not to mention how popular cumshots were.

            Natalie's face reappeared, six copies occupying my rear breasts.  Like Kirsten's they were eyeless and in possession of a vagina instead of a nose and mouth.  I could feel movement and took a few steps closer to the mirror for a better look.  Out of my top right back breast something poked its way out.  It was a tentacle, topped with a throbbing purple glans.  Another poked out, and then another, until all six appeared.  At their longest they seemed to stretch nearly two feet.  Like Kristen's tongue, they were all Natalie would be able to control in my new body.

            The final change came as the hair on my head began to fall out.  I'd been hesitant about this part of the transformation, even if it did fit the theme better.  As the last of my black and white locks fell to the floor I could feel something new press out of my skull.  Two huge tentacles, wide around as my thighs, grew out the back of my skull and fell until the tips bushed my tauric back.  These ones I could control and I spent several minutes using them to probe different parts of my new body.

            I could feel the fluids churning inside Natalie and knew I needed to hurry things along if I wanted to finish changing before I exploded.  Striding over to the last captive, I pulled off Caroline's hood.  I expected a look of shock like Natalie's, but the blonde was playing her part to the hilt.

            "I should have known it was you bitch." Caroline spat.  "I knew you'd go and turn yourself into a freak someday.  But what did you do to Natalie and Kristen?  Show me!"

            "That's simple, you're looking at them."  I twisted my upper torso to allow a few of my Natalie faced breasts to come into view, while gesturing at the Kristen ones on my flanks.


            "You have a lot of balls to call me a monster Caroline.  After all, I am what you made me.  You and Kristen and Natalie.  Your friends have already gotten me most of the way there.  All I need to do to finish becoming a monster is absorb you.  Then my transformation will be complete."

            "No, you can't.  I'll…I'll fight you."

            I burst out laughing.  "Caroline, Kristen had twice the willpower you do and look where she ended up.  As for poor little Natalie, she was so pliable I didn't even need to use her command word.  She did what I asked with no questions.  I wonder which you will be Caroline?  Will you accept your fate and join your friends, or resist and suffer the same fate?"

            The blonde remained defiant.  "I'll fight you to the end Denise!"

            I smiled.  "I thought you would.  The fun way it is."  I leaned down until we were face to face.  "Horse cock."

            Technically it was two words, but the command was enough to instantly make Caroline placid.  Maggie released the bindings and I stepped back to make room.  "Caroline, I order you to kneel on the ground with your butt in the air."

            After the blonde did as I directed, I carefully stepped over her.  The final transformation only required a tiny bit of skin contact and I didn't want Caroline stuck in the wrong place.  Satisfied I was aligned properly, I lowered my rear haunch until Caroline's butt touched between my rear legs.

            This was a transformation I would have to watch later on the camera feeds, as the angle was too awkward for a good view.  But I could picture what was happening based on the sample transformation videos Caroline and I had watched together.

            Much like with Kristen, the touch of flesh was enough to bind us together and begin the final transformation.  The blonde's limbs would begin retracting, her arms sliding down her torso to combine with her legs.  The end result would be two large spheres, two huge testicles.  While everything else would be powered by Natalie on my back, Caroline would be providing her own fluids.

            There was a burst of heat and suddenly I could feel the whole of Caroline's body.  Instead of becoming a giant penis, Caroline had decided to keep her torso very similar to her initial body.  Besides being armless and the facial changes that her friends had undergone, the only other change was the addition of vaginas to top Caroline's majestic breasts.  That, and a huge sensitivity increase in her skin.  Much like any other dick, Caroline's body was designed to grow and shrink with my arousal.  Right now she was at maximum hardness, nearly two and a half feet of erogenous tissue.  If she felt this good hanging out of the open air, I could only image how it would feel to actually stick Caroline in someone.  Suddenly I had more respect for the male half of the species.  If having a dick felt this good, it was a miracle they didn't go around with erections all the time.

            As Caroline finished adapting to her new place in life, the last few changes expressed themselves.  On my upper torso two more pairs of breasts grew in.  My initial pair swelled as well, until the six breasts in front nearly matched those in back for size.  Each breast was topped with an areola as wide as a coaster.  A bisecting crease appeared in each and they split open to reveal eyes hidden beneath.  The top pair had Natalie's brown eyes, the middle Caroline's sky blue orbs, and the bottom Kristen's green gems.  Each of my bodymates had control over these eyes, in addition to some level of mana senses.  Natalie had full 360 degree vision while Kristen saw from the perspective of where her head had been.  Only Caroline had reject additional sight.  In fact she'd rejected all other senses in exchange for enhanced touch.  "After all, that's all a dick needs." she said. "Besides, I like surprises."

            Changes complete, I strode over to the mirror to examine my radically transformed body.  As a multi-limbed, multi-breasted humantaur, I certainly looked like I belonged at DD studios.

            Maggie came up to stand beside me, admiring the view.  "You look amazing Mistress.  How do you feel?  Satisfied?"

            "How do you think I feel assistant?" I replied.  "I just absorbed three fertile young women.  How do I feel?  I feel horny beyond belief."  Even though this part was scripted, every word out of my mouth was true.  If we didn't hurry things up, I was going to blow Caroline's first load all over the dungeon floor.

            Beside me, Maggie grinned.  "Luckily, we have a solution for that Mistress."  She pressed a button on the remote and the cage doors opened.  The "experiments" crawled out and over to us, lust written all over every face.  My own face took on an identical expression.  I was going to enjoy this…


Re: Crimson Moon Alchemy Labs: The New Hire

Chapter 9 (Epilogue)

            Two months later, I stepped through the door of the big office.  After so many years of it being my father's office, it was hard to start thinking of it as mine.  But two days after we filmed my transformation video (it took that long to sleep off the resulting orgy), I found a note in the office gifting it, the master suite, and the rest of the company to me.  The note said Dad had left to enjoy a resort vacation with Quarta, while I got settled in as the new company head.  Upon his return, Dad wrote that he was looking forward to rejoining the stable.

            I'd been confused about that remark until a second note a few weeks later.  It show my father…who was technically now my mother.  She'd gone and fused with Quatra in a form akin to my birth mother.  Two head, four breasts, four arms, two dicks, and two prehensile dick tails.  The fusion had dropped even more years until the pair appeared around my age.  Now that was going to be weird when they finally came back.  But that was a problem for another day.

            I maneuvered around my desk and took a seat in my special office chair.  When we designed my humantaur body I never considered how difficult it would make using standard office furniture.  My "chair" was more like the two tined head of a fork, supporting my flanks while not squishing Caroline.  I'd milked her earlier so my giant penis was soft, but I knew that wouldn't last long.  My body was literally built for sex and it wouldn't be long before it was ready again.

            I was sorting through payroll reports when there was a knock on the door.  I looked up and saw Maggie standing in the doorway.  Other than shoes, I don't think I saw her wear a stitch of clothing since the day I transformed.  Of course, even if she did I'd become intimately familiar with Maggie's body in the intervening time.  Who knew the way to finally break the sexual ice between us was to bolt several extra people onto me.  When Dad made it clear the master suite was mine, I'd convinced Maggie to move in with me as my primary partner.  It wasn't a hard decision for her to make.  In fact the only difficult had been squeezing my increased size into our old apartment to move everything back out.

            "Got a minute?" Maggie asked, pulling me back to the present.


            I set down the paperwork as  Maggie pranced over.  I don't know how it was possible, but she seemed to be sporting even more tattoos and piercing that before my change.  Even her face now sported ink, with Always Horny written in gothic script across her forehead and Super and Slut across her cheeks.

            "I've been waiting for you to get back." she began.  "I've been working on an idea to grow the company.  I've had it for a while…but I think it's finally time to present it to you."

            "I'm listening." I replied, trying very hard not to focus instead on Maggie's tattooed breasts.  Kristen licked my lower lips at the thought while Caroline stirred from her slumber.

            "I have one word for you.  Gross porn.  Err…" Maggie suddenly looked sheepish.  "Actually, I guess that's two words."

            I settled back in my chair and tried to remember what I'd seen on the topic.  Gross porn was hardcore, far more so than what we did here.  Entire bodies that were giant anuses, transformees that were so covered in body hair it was akin to fur, etc.  Trying to stall for time to think I asked, "And where do you plan to find some gross porn starlets that would want to join us?"

            "Right here."  Maggie hooked a thumb at the center of her chest.

            My jaw dropped.  "Really?"

            Maggie snorted.  "What, my rampant exhibitionism and body mod fascination wasn't enough of a clue?  I've secretly been into the scene for years and always wanted to do it if I got the chance.  I know a few others like me who would love to take the plunge from freak watcher to freak."

            "But what about…us?" I asked.

            Maggie's smile lost a few watts.  "I love you Denise, I really do.  But this is about being me, the real me.  Do you know what it's like, growing up feeling you're not what you're supposed to be?"

            "And what you're supposed to be is a hideous sex monster?"

            Maggie nodded.  "I don't know what kind.  All I know is being a Mk1 human, having two arms and two legs and a head…just feels off to me.  I buried those feelings for a long time, but after what happened with you and Caroline and the others," she gestured to my radically changed body,  "…I thought you'd finally understand.

            Here I was, a twelve breasted, double pussied, massive cocked humantuar sex machine.  It would be hypocritical to say Maggie shouldn't follow her own dream.  Besides, the thought of Maggie with twenty cocks instead of a lower body was causing Caroline to harden.

            "I'm willing to investigate the possibility, with a few conditions."

            Maggie suddenly looked surprised I was willing to go along with this.  "Really?  What conditions?"

            "I want some input on your transformation."  I said firmly.  "After all, if we're going to keep sleeping together, I'd rather not do so next to a giant ass with terrible BO.  Also, there are market issues to consider.  I'll have to do a study on current gross porn trends to see if there's a niche to exploit.  Like with any business, unless you have a niche you can't succeed.  Then I'll need to find a reliable alchemy studio to craft the transformations…"

            "Actually, I already have that part covered." Maggie interrupted, handing over a stack of papers.  “They're the place that did your potion.  Crimson Moon alchemy labs.  Expensive, but their work comes highly recommended."

            I took Maggie's briefing and scanned through it.  There were lots of pictures and my eyes went wider and wider with each one.  But when I set the briefing down, I had to admit that this crazy plan just might work…


And thus ends the second interlude for our story.  Tune in next week as we return to our regularly scheduled programming, as Becca accompanies Elizabeth home for a family wedding.


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Sorry for the missed post last week, still working on building up the next arc.  Enjoy a double long chapter to make up for it.


Act 4:  The wedding

Chapter 23

            "Elizabeth, do you want to talk about it?"

            From over in the driver's seat, my blonde lover blinked tiredly a few times.  "Huh?  Talk about what?"

            We'd been traveling for over ten hours by this point, first by airship and then by car, so the tiredness was probably warranted.  But I could tell something was bugging Elizabeth.  The closer we got to our destination, the less lively she seemed to get.

            "You've been less than enthusiastic ever since your told me about this trip.  And you've only gotten more dressed as today has gone on.  What's wrong?"

            Elizabeth shook her head.  "You wouldn't understand."

            "Try me."

            Elizabeth looked like she was about to argue, then broke out in a long sigh.  "Becca, from everything you told me, you get along great with your parents.  For me…it was more difficult."    A pause as we stopped at a light.  I glanced over and saw the resigned look on Elizabeth's face.  "My parents always expected the best of me.  No matter what I did growing up; high grades, athletic awards, respectable friends…I never felt any approval.  It didn't help I was raised mostly by nannies until I was old enough to get shipped off to boarding school.  My parents were too busy with their company to look after me."

            I reached over and put a hand on Elizabeth's.  "I'm so sorry, I didn't know.  If coming back is tearing open an old wound, why do it?"

            "I'm doing it for Ariel, my cousin.  She grew up much the same way I did, with parents far too busy to care for her.  When she asked me to be a bridesmaid…as much as I'm not looking forward to coming back, it's worth it to be there for someone who's like a sister to me."

            I held Elizabeth's hand in silence as we drove the rest of the way to her parents' estate.  I now knew why Elizabeth had invited me.  I had a feeling my lover would need all the moral support she could get.

            Eventually, we turned off the main road and up into the mountains.  Greenhaven was a mass of rich estates hidden among the thick trees.  We passed by dozens of heavy gates, each barring entrance to the building beyond, until Elizabeth finally pulled our small rental car to a stop before one of them.  The stout stone sidings were carved to look like hundreds of stacked barrels, while the outlines of barmaids were visible on the metal gate itself.  Elizabeth got out of the car and walked over to a small box.  She punched a code into the keypad hidden within, which caused the gate to part silently.

            "All these years, and they still haven't changed the front door code." Elizabeth muttered as she got back in the car.

            "Maybe they were hoping you'd use it to come back?"  I offered, trying to cheer her up.

            Elizabeth just shook her head and started the car back up.  We drove for another half mile through the trees, until they parted to reveal a meadow large enough to play two games of football simultaneously.  At the far end was an estate easily large enough to be one of the boarding schools Elizabeth mentioned earlier.  It was at least three stories tall and half as wide as the meadow before it.  The massive scale didn't really hit me until Elizabeth pulled the car to a stop before a set of stairs that could have comfortably contained everyone in my graduating high school class.

            "You grew up here?" I asked, half in shock and half in awe.

            "This house has been in my father's family for nearly two hundred years." Elizabeth said as she twisted the key to shut off the engine.  "My parents want me to take it over after they retire, but what would I do with a place this big?"

            "Turn it into a hotel?" I offered as I climbed out the passenger seat.  Elizabeth popped the trunk and I started pulling out our bags. "Hold epic parties every week?"

            "I only wish I had enough friends to fill this place up weekly." The blonde remarked as she picked up her bag.  "The hotel idea might work though.  I can see snooty rich people paying through the nose to relax at an ancient place like this."

            I followed Elizabeth up the front stairs, nervously adjusting my outfit as I went.  I'd wanted something conservative for
today; I was meeting Elizabeth's parents for the first time after all.  I didn't know how they would take their daughter dating another woman, let alone one who dressed like a slut half the time.  Katie had only managed to get my instructions half right.  Sexy latex schoolgirl wasn't what I had in mind, but at least the skirt was knee length and my boobs weren't popping out all over the place.

            Elizabeth paused before the massive wooden front doors, each of which probably weighed as much as the car we'd driven here in.  Before she could knock, the door on the right swung inward to reveal a massive figure.  The figure was female, that much was immediately obvious.  Breasts the size of my torso poked out of her chest like artillery pieces.  Or possibly udders, as the woman was an anthro cow.  A very, very large anthro cow.  She towered over me by at least a head and with four times the mass.

            The second thing that hit me was the cow woman was wearing a maids outfit.  Not like something Katie would ever shift herself into.  This one was more proper than sexy, despite the jaw dropping proportions of the woman it was wrapped around.  The front apron bulged outward, making me suspect the maid was packing an udder between her legs that matched her breasts for magnitude.

            "Ursula?" Elizabeth asked, shock on her face.

            The maid curtseyed with surprising grace for her size.  "Welcome home lady Elizabeth.  I hope you had a pleasant journey."

            "What's the senior maid doing answering the front door?"

            The maid smiled.  "I insisted.  I wanted to be the first one to welcome you home.  And it wasn't like the others would try and overrule me."

            "I…thank you Ursula.  You can't understand how good it feels to see you again."

            As the maid put a hand on Elizabeth's shoulder with matronly pride, I had a sneaking suspicion that Ursula was one of the nannies that had raised Elizabeth during her early years.  "The Master and Mistress are in the parlor.  If you leave your bags here, one of the other maids will take them up to your room."  For the first time, the maid seemed to notice me standing beside Elizabeth.  "My pardon my lady, I didn't know you were traveling with a companion."

            Taking my hand in a not so subtle gesture, Elizabeth said, "Ursula, I'd like to introduce you to Becca, my girlfriend."

            This comment received only the slightest raise of an eyebrow as the maid processed exactly what kind of girlfriend I was.  "I see.  A fair greeting to you, lady Becca.  I will make sure arrangements are made for an extra seat at dinner tonight.  Now, if you will both follow me into the parlor."

            As we walked down the corridor I had to work very hard to keep my jaw from dropping.  The house reeked of old money, from the golden chandeliers above to the thick carpets below.  Portraits lined the walls, depicting what I assumed where long dead family members.  Though it was downplayed, there were clear signs that Elizabeth's mother wasn't the first transformed in the family.

            Ursula guided us toward another pair of wooden double doors that looked salvaged off an old sailing ship.  The maid knocked and announced, "Lady Elizabeth and her guest, lady Becca to see you Ma'am."

            I couldn't make out the answer through the thick door, but apparently Ursula could.  The maid turned the knob and gestured for us to step inside.  The room beyond was more library that parlor, with shelves packed to bursting with books stretching all the way up the ceiling.  One wall had a roaring fireplace big enough to roast a stuffed boar.  Couches and seats were scattered about, begging from someone to curl up on them and read.

            As we entered, two figures rose from the couch closest to the fire.  Elizabeth's mother was instantly identifiable.  She could have been my lover ten years older, which was remarkable as I knew Mrs. Stanley to be in her mid fifties.  The woman was wearing a formal dress in a pale blue that accentuated her triplicate bosoms.

            The man beside her, who must me Elizabeth's father, actually looked his age.  He was short and barrel chested, reminding me of the kegs I'd seen on the front gate in his brown striped suit..  The man was clearly packed with muscle, not fat, and it gave him an aura of power.  The hair on his head was fully silver, close cropped like I'd seen on old military officers.  It made him look like a barked order was incoming any second.  No wonder young Elizabeth hadn't gotten along well with her parents.

            "Elizabeth, darling, it's good to see you again."  Mrs. Stanley strode over, pausing as a respectful distance to study her offspring.  "Thank you for accepting our invitation to stay here for the wedding."

            "You even have your own lady in waiting now, very good." Mr. Stanley said, taking up a position beside his wife.  "You're dismissed girl.  We would like to spend some time talking with our daughter."

            They thought I was a serving girl?  The thought struck a nerve.  No wonder Elizabeth didn't get along well with her parents.  My mouth was halfway open to forcefully correct that misconception when I felt Elizabeth's hand in mine.  I shut my mouth.  This wasn't my world, it was my lovers.  I had to trust Elizabeth to handle this.

            "Mother, Father, this is Rebecca Caldwell.  My lover."

            Far from looking surprised, this revelation passed with the impact of someone stating the sky was blue or grass was green.  Mrs. Stanley turned to her husband.  "I thought the trend for this generation was to pick take up a homosexual lover in college, not after graduating.  Or did I misread that article last month?"

            "Our Elizabeth was always a late bloomer.  Give it two years and she'll finally be ready to settle down with a nice boy and work on raising the next generation.  It will be lovely having her back at home for good."

            Now it was Elizabeth who was fuming.  Her face was placidly polite, but I could read the little tells.  Telling Elizabeth to give up her career and come home to be a baby maker was even more insulting than calling me a maid.

            Tone remarkably even, Elizabeth said, "Mother, Father.  I have a life and a career I love and I'm not going to give them up to fulfill your fantasy of having the perfect little daughter.  After this weekend I am never coming back to this place.  When you two finally decide to retire off to the country, I plan to sell it to the highest bidder.  I know a few transformed porn studios that would pay a hefty price to be able to shoot in such a conservative bastion as Greenhaven."

            Outraged, Mr. Stanley growled, "Now listen here missy, you're mother and I…."

            Further threats were cut off as Mr. Stanley's face froze still as stone.  As if a dam burst, suddenly the man was roaring with laughter.  Elizabeth and I shared confused looks as Mrs. Stanley cracked as smile and added in a tinkle of her own laughter.

            Between guffaws, Mr. Stanley managed to say, "You were right Lia.  She does have your passion but with my control.  I thought she'd lose it when I insulted her girlfriend, yet all I get are polite insults."

            "It's a good think you broke down when you did Moros dear.  I didn't have an idea to top your last command."

            "Mother, Father, what's going on?" Elizabeth asked, still flabbergasted at her parents' reactions.

            "Oh Elizabeth," Mrs. Stanley cooed, stepping forward to wrap her arms around her daughter.  "We are so proud of you."

            "Proud of…me?" Elizabeth echoed, unable to process the words her mother said.

            "We've always been proud of you." her father added.

            "Then why…why did you never say anything.  Why did I always feel I could never measure up to your expectations?"

            The two older Stanleys shared a look.  Mrs. Stanley sighed and said, "It's our fault.  We wanted you to make the most of your life.  We were afraid that if we coddled you too much, you'd finally stop pushing yourself."

            "The Stanleys have a bad reputation for being layabouts.  I didn't want you to turn into another trust fund baby, waiting on your parents to die so you could blow all the money on fancy hookers and trips to the beach.  The only reason our family has any money left at all is that every generation manages to produce one Stanley with a head on his or her shoulders who manages to push the family fortunes back into the black.  I did all the heavy lifting for my generation and I pushed you in the hope you'd be the foundation of the next generation of the family."

            "So…all this time…you've been proud of me?"

            "Of course darling."  Mrs. Stanley chuckled, "Though that art phase you went through in eighth grade nearly gave your father conniptions."

            "The Stanleys have produced twenty artists over the last hundred years and none of them could paint worth a damn.  They only survived by mooching off their more productive relatives."  Mr. Stanley muttered something else under his breath, but it was too low for me to catch much.  All I got was something about a brother.

            "I don't know dear." Mrs. Stanley put an arm around her husband's shoulder.  "You could say Elizabeth's alchemy is a type of art.  I've seen some of her work and it's marvelous."

            "You've…seen my work?" Elizabeth stammered.

             "It wasn't officially marked as yours, but my darling sister-in-law has all sorts of connections at your company.  She smuggled me out some pictures."

            "I…I…" This encounter had clearly not gone as Elizabeth had planned.  Certainly it had gone for the better, but I think
Elizabeth needed some time to process the paradigm shift.  I put my arm around the blonde's shoulders in a show of support.

            This caught the attention of the elder Stanleys and they focused their attention on me.  "I'm dreadfully sorry for calling you Elizabeth's serving girl earlier Becca." Mrs. Stanley proclaimed.  "My husband and I had a bet on how long it would take before she snapped at us and I thought it would be a good pressure point.  Turns out I was wrong.  Guess I'll be wearing the pony gear in our private play time this weekend."

            I was nowhere near as practiced as Elizabeth at keeping a straight face, but I tried my best.  "Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, it's a pleasure to meet you.  I'd say you're nothing like Elizabeth described you, but I think we covered that point already."

            "Please, call use Moros and Lia." Mr. Stanley…Moros proclaimed.  "We're practically family now, with you dating our daughter and all.  Though I'll wait until after the wedding to ask you to call me Father."  I nearly spit-taked at that, which caused Moros to roar with laughter.  "I'm just kidding.  Come, take a seat beside us on the couch.  I'd love to hear about how the two of you met."  Raising his voice, Moros called toward the door, "I know you're all out there eavesdropping.  Go grab us something to eat and then you can sit in on the story time as well."

            From the other side of the door I could hear the scurry of rapidly retreating feet.  Quite a few of them; how many servants did the Stanleys have?

            Lia pulled Elizabeth from my arms and dragged her over to sit on the couch.  Moros and I followed after.  A minute later a dozen figures joined us in the room, all dressed in maid outfits identical to Ursula's.  I found myself hold a plate with a sandwich and chips, far less formal food than I expected.  I hesitantly took a bite, only to discover it was the best sandwich I'd ever tasted.  I don't know what was in the sauce, but I had to steal a bottle before we went home.

            Elizabeth was still stunned by what was happening, which left me on storytelling duties.  "Elizabeth and I met on our first day of work.  We were both new hires and…."