Topic: Mutual Needs

Kari was a fairly ordinary person, living in the city of Astart. She was an attractive woman in her mid twenties, with naturally tan skin and smooth black hair. She’d gone to school, had plenty of friends, and gotten a well-paying job. For a while, the only odd thing about her was her sexuality. She’d never given it too much thought, and so when she dated in school it was always guys. And it never went too well.

She loved feeling a cock in her, loved licking them, toying with them. It was just the rest of the man she wasn’t so fond of. Physically or emotionally, she never got on well with them, and she wasn’t all that attracted to them either. During her later school years she began dating girls instead, which felt much more natural to her. It just left her sexually unfulfilled.

She’d never had much interest in the transformee scene. It seemed like the ones that usually got shown off most were there really odd ones. Girls with pussy mouths and tentacle arms. Masses of writhing organs. It was a little too much for her, especially when they still had obvious human flesh. On the other hand, she knew that careful alchemy could do more subtle things. Possibly just give a woman a nice cock.

It was while she was searching for female cocks that she discovered the image. At first she laughed, moving on, but then found herself coming back. Found herself staring at it, blushing as she realized she wasn’t just laughing, that she found it appealing. It was a human-sized cock in a dress. Just a shaft and a sac, all clean-shaven, stuffed into a frilly pink gown with no armholes. It was obvious from the framing that it wasn’t attached to anything. Just a living, feminine penis.

Kari was surprised at herself, but that didn’t make the interest go away. A woman with a cock seemed so much more obvious. She liked the female body, found it attractive. And yet. . . perhaps she liked cock even more. She found herself masturbating to thoughts of it for several days straight, and it was then she decided that she just had to admit what she wanted. She wanted a giant cock for a girlfriend.


Andrea worked as a model. She was a few years older than Kari, and absolutely gorgeous. She’d never planned to work in modeling, but she’d been recruited, and just sort of grew used to it. It was good work, if not terribly rewarding for her, and she was successful. It did bring her close to transformees though, her shoots sometimes sharing space with some of theirs. Or at least they had, up until a few months before when one of the transformee models posing with a normal woman had turned out to have actively transformative cum, and gotten a little too excited.

Andrea had a deep transformation fetish. Watching her co-worker suddenly, unexpectedly turn into a cock-tentacled monster had been an exciting shock. She didn’t honestly like all the weird results, some of them were too far for her, but she longed to be changed, and she’d even been jealous then. Even though she wouldn’t really have wanted to become what Stacy did, she still wished it had been her. She wanted to become something new, a full, complete change.

And it wasn’t that it was hard to find the means. Alchemists everywhere sold at least some changing potions. She had the money for it. It was just very one way. She’d need to give up her job. Sure, there were plenty of transformee magazines, but not every freakish girl got paid for it, she couldn’t count on it. And she’d never told any of her friends or family. None of them had ever shown an interest. She’d brought it up once with a lover she thought she was close enough to. The other woman had been disgusted, and they’d broken up afterward. She’d be alone in her strange new body if she changed. Was it worth it just to satisfy a fetish?

She was excited when she found a relevant message board one night. She’d only recently started using her computer much, or she might have thought to look for a place like it before. It was called Demon Love, and it was a relationship site for people in love with transformation, or already transformed. The whole thing was kind of exciting, but she was especially interested in the personal ad sections. She clicked on the board for her local area.

There were all sorts of people looking for odd relationships. A lot were transformees, hoping to find someone who liked the way they’d turned out. Plenty unwillingly changed, desperate not to be seen as monsters, others happily twisted and looking for monster-lovers. There were unchanged humans too, looking for specific things sometimes, other times just wanting to see pictures, to pick a potential weird mate.

As always, there were more men looking for female transformees than women, but she found a few of those too. She skipped over the ones that were transformed. She wanted to change, but she liked normal women herself. There were several just wanting really out-there, unappealing changes, others who wanted changes that were too minor for her tastes. The one to finally catch her eye was Kari’s. A woman searching for another woman to become a feminine cockworm.

Andrea had heard about the cockworms. They came from Jizza, a town a little way to the east of Astart. A group of formerly female transformees with matching changes had opened up a massage parlor there. Apparently they were all very good with their hand-like feet, but the notable thing about the place was the “special massage” they offered, for women only. She didn’t know all the details, but the result was that the woman became a living cock, permanently. In the last few years the cockworms, as they were called, had started to show up occasionally in the surrounding cities.

Andrea had found the idea appealing at the time, and still did. It was a complete change, the sort she’d wanted. It was a little crippling, but she’d at least be mobile. And somehow it seemed less weird than some of the quivering limb masses she saw around. She shivered, reading over the ad again. A feminine cockworm. That was an especially nice thought. She wasn’t sure how that would even work, but it sounded just right. She blushed, realizing she was probably going to respond to this. She could always back out later, but she didn’t want to miss her chance. She began typing a reply.


  Kari got responses faster than she’d expected. She was always surprised that the transformee community was a thing. This seemed like such a bizarre, twisted idea to be asking for, but several women had immediately offered to be cocks for her. Actually, a few were already cockworms, and looking for someone to be with. She didn’t care about the change portion herself, so she just replied to everyone.

She wanted to chat and get to know these people. Looks weren’t important, but she wanted someone she got along with, a friend as much as a lover. No reason not to be a bit picky if she had to sort through a half dozen women anyway.

Most were happy to just talk online at first. One wanted to meet in person, which she did, but she felt no chemistry there. The two cockworms seemed nice, but they were hard to get to know. However they were typing, it was very slow, and frustrating when chatting. She discovered they also couldn’t communicate well with speech either. Useful to know, but it meant she couldn’t get to know them that way either. She felt bad, but she had to turn them down.

That left three. They all seemed nice, but one started to rise above the others. Kari was eager, but wanted to take her time, so she spent weeks getting to know the candidates, though by the end of the first she was pretty sure she wanted Andrea.

Andrea was fun and easy to chat with. She seemed eager too, but also wasn’t pushy or too weird about it. She didn’t like talking about her life too much, but Kari sort of liked and understood that. It would all be so different soon anyway. After two more weeks to make certain, she decided she’d waited long enough.


KariKat: Nah, I still don’t really like men much. Just cocks. I guess it’s sort of weird.

LuvAndrea: Hehe, weird? I’m the one becoming a cock! Or hoping to.

KariKat: Heh, true. I don’t really get that, I’m just happy you want it. So it’s just kind of. . . a fetish for you? Sorry I keep harping on this. I mostly just want to not feel like I’m leading you into something.

LuvAndrea: You’re a sweetie, but you need to trust me on that. I was looking for something like this. If it wasn’t you and cockworms, it would be something else. I’ve read about it, I’m hardly the first woman to have desires like this. It’s one of those things you have or not. Like my foot fetish wink

KariKat: Which I also don’t get!
KariKat: Okay, I guess that’s the point.
KariKat: So. . . yeah, I’m kinda just stalling here.

LuvAndrea: Mmm?

KariKat: I definitely like you, Andrea. I want you to be the one.

LuvAndrea: <3<3<3
LuvAndrea: Oh thank you! You’ve made me so happy!
LuvAndrea: And, um, horny~


Days later, Andrea looked around her well-furnished apartment. It was weird to not pack much before moving in with someone, but she couldn’t think what wold be useful. She’d grabbed a small selection of keepsakes, but they all fit in a fairly small box. She wouldn’t even need any of her clothes anymore, or her toiletries, or anything.

They’d both been eager to go ahead with the change, but there had been a few things to take care of first. Andrea had to put in her resignation at work and send out a notice to friends and family about what she was doing. She was ignoring the responses for the time being. A lot of them would try to talk her out of it, and she wasn’t interested.

She’d also talked to one of the other modeling producers, one of the ones that worked with the transformed women. She’d pitched the feminine cockworm idea, and he’d loved it. It was still a niche market, so she’d be taking a big pay cut, and probably not shooting as often, but cockworms were a bit in at the time. Former normal models tended to be popular too if they advertised that fact. Stacy had actually been doing better for herself than before.

Andrea was going to be transferring all her money and assets to Kari, and wasn’t sure she actually still needed a job, but she figured it would be good to keep a little income until things were really settled. She’d had to explain about her modeling career to Kari finally, since she’d be finding out about it anyway. She’d been avoiding talking about what she was starting to think of as her old life, but as she revealed a bit more she was glad she had. Even if Kari wasn’t interested in transformation, it still made Andrea excited to know that her new lover would have, even briefly, known who she was, and would see what she’d become.

Kari had had her own things to take care of. She’d ordered some furniture and supplies designed by Regena for creatures along the lines of the cockworms. She’d also arranged a house call from one of the Jizza masseuses, which was nice. Andrea hadn’t been too eager to have to make it home from Jizza right after becoming a cock.

She thought of the odd creature who would be changing her. They were very clearly all male. She’d learned, as she researched things further, that she had to be fucked by him, until he released inside her. She had mixed feelings about that. Getting fucked into a new life sounded sexy, but she really didn’t find the creature appealing, much too male and strange. She had a feeling she wouldn’t care so much once it got started though.

She blushed, stroking her skirt down a bit. She’d gotten dressed early, because she couldn’t wait. She’d dressed her finest, make-up and all. It was unneeded of course, but it felt right to her to look her best in the last moments of this form. She looked at herself in the mirror again. Wavy auburn hair, milky smooth skin, large, firm breasts. She was wearing a tight, flowing gown and had sexy lingerie beneath. Painted nails, open-toed, heeled shoes, a cute little jingly anklet. So looked really good, and she just couldn’t wait to have it all fucked away.


Kari waited nervously. She hadn’t even seen Andrea yet. She wasn’t quite sure why that mattered, but it still made her nervous somehow. She’d sent pictures of herself, and Andrea had said she was really cute, so she wasn’t too worried there. Maybe it was the recent revelation that Andrea was a model. Or maybe it was that the whole thing seemed so weird still. And too easy. She’d grown up with magic and D-cum as known things, but not much direct exposure. The idea that a woman was going to become a cock, and that it would all be over and done possibly just a few minutes from that moment, was hard for her to take in. She glanced over at her temporary house guest, who was also hard to take in.

The masseuse had come early to talk to her and make sure everything was ready. Not that there was much to prepare, but she appreciated the concern. He was so bizarre though. So unreal for him to be sitting calmly in her apartment. He was naked, and didn’t seem at all concerned about showing off his grotesque body. His thick legs ended in what looked just like oversized hands instead of feet. They were actually larger than even a man’s feet would be, and were currently half-way curled up as he sat. She was pretty sure the legs were build more like arms too, but the whole body orientation was just too weird for her to be sure. Above that was a fairly tubby male torso, normal enough looking except it lacked arms. And except for the enormous, three foot long cock and comparatively-sized hairy balls hanging between. With a slightly drooling mouth at the end. That’s actually where he’d been talking from, and she’d been shocked the first time it happened, since he did sort of have a head too. Except that his neck looked like the flexible shaft of a cock and the actual head was its tip, a large glans stuffed inside a set of smiling lips.

Supposedly there were actually two people in there, merged together. She assumed one was the talking cock and the other the body. A whole group of women had done this to themselves, one after another, becoming these strange male creatures to open up a massage parlor. It made Andrea’s transformation desire seem tame by comparison. Kari just couldn’t imagine this creature ever being anything but male.

Then again, Jizza had been a very odd case, and some unknown property had made nearly all the women there turn themselves into fully male creatures of different sorts. . .

“Is something wrong?”

She yelped, almost falling over. The creature’s voice was gargly with the constantly drooling pre. She shook her head, blushing. “Just a little nervous. And impatient. I think it’s time now.”

“I’m sure she’ll be here.” He smiled, casually flexing his fingertoes. “It sometimes takes a woman a while to decide they want the special treatment, but once they make up their minds they don’t back down.”

Kari sighed and nodded, looking away. She still worried. She’d gotten dressed up in her nicest skirt and blouse, going barefoot on the hope Andrea liked that. She felt so silly thinking of things like that, but she wanted everything to be perfect, to make the best impression. They’d be living a life together. She even had a contract all set up to make sure of it.

The bell rang and she jumped up, running over and swinging it open without peeking through. Her jaw dropped as she looked a beautiful, taller woman standing in her doorway. She realized she was staring, the other woman blushing and seeming unsure what to say either. Kari felt silly, and put her mind back in gear. She gave Andrea a hug. “Welcome home! Come in. You look beautiful.” She really was sexy, and Kari almost found herself wishing they weren’t planning to change that. Almost. She knew a natural woman would never work for her though, no matter how perfect.

Andrea’s blush fled and she smiled, hugging back and then stepping in. “Thanks, hun. It’s great to meet you in person. I, um. . .” She’d clearly noticed the masseuse, who smiled at her in his strange way.

Kari glanced at him. “Ah, this is, uh. . .”

The creature stood up, holding out a large foothand. “I’m Brax, nice to meet you.” His voice was deep, but still faintly feminine somehow. Andrea hesitated, then took the hand. Her own looked tiny in it. Like Kari had, she was staring openly at him, but he didn’t seem to mind. “If you two want to do anything first, that’s fine, but we can go ahead any time.”

Kari’s heart thundered at that. It felt like they should talk some or do something special, but. . . oh did she want to do it right then, knowing she could. She looked at Andrea, and read the same feeling in her eyes, so eager after all this time. Kari nodded at Brax. “We both want to do it right now. Let me just have Andrea sign the contract, and then. . . you two can do your thing.”

Andrea nodded in agreement, but gave Kari a disappointed look. Brax began stroking his lower cock with a foot, which Kari pointedly ignored as she walked to the table with the contract, Andrea beside her. “You aren’t going to watch? I figured you would.”

Kari handed her a pen, taking a moment to think how to answer. The contract was largely to make sure she didn’t kick the mostly helpless Andrea out after the change, and after Andrea’s accounts had been transferred to her. It didn’t require that they be together forever, but at least made sure she’d have to make arrangements first. “I. . . I’d thought about it. But really, the change is kind of gross to me and. . .” she lowered her voice. “So is he. I don’t really want to watch him doing that to you.”

Andrea bit her lip, pausing with the pen. Kari suddenly worried this would make her rethink everything, but then she went ahead and signed it, just sighing a little. “Okay, truthfully I kind of expected that, I’d just hoped. . .” she shook her head, putting the pen down. She leaned over to give Kari a kiss. It was nice, though short. A simple thing, especially considering it was likely to be the only one those lips ever made. “It’s not a big deal really, it’s okay.” She smiled, giving a tight hug that reminded Kari that in a minute she’d lack arms. “I’ll be a pretty cock when you see me again,” she said with a nervous giggle, then walked toward the bedroom door. Brax got up and trundled after.

“Love you. . .” Kari whispered after, earning a quick smile from Andrea before Brax shut the door behind them. Kari went to sit down and wait, fidgeting in her seat. How long would it take? She was pretty sure just a few minutes, she had a feeling Brax didn’t have much trouble orgasming.

She started to slump down, then sat up. What was she doing? Her new lover was only going to do this once. Even if she didn’t get any pleasure from watching, she should just because it was a special thing. She should be there to start their new life. She got up and ran to the bedroom door, tugging it open.

Andrea had only had time to mostly undress, her dress and bra on the floor, Andrea currently sitting on the edge of the bed to slip her anklet off. Brax was on one foot, stroking himself still, keeping ready. They both looked over, Andrea worried.

Kari smiled, closing the door. “I just changed my mind, I wanted to watch. Don’t mind me.” She pulled a chair over, feeling happily jittery, especially at the beaming smile Andrea gave her. She knew she’d made the right choice. A camera was already set up and running, at Andrea’s request. There was also a large mirror positioned on the wall, right where Andrea could see.

Andrea pulled the anklet off, then her panties, baring her full, beautiful body. She was clean-shaven between the legs. Kari kind of wanted a better look, but would probably just have regrets later if she examined her lover in this form too closely.

“Just lie back and get comfortable, Andrea.” She did as he asked, slipping back, legs spreading slightly. Kari could see from there that she was already really wet. Brax climbed on after her, his lower cock dipping on her skin as he settled in between her legs. He reached out, hands sliding along her body, taking and opening her thighs further as his cock wriggled right up against her pussy.

It seemed like it shouldn’t be able to go in, it was too big, but as that oozing pre touched her nether lips, they softened and stretched. Brax moved his gentle but strong hands up to hold her hips, getting leverage. Andrea was breathing hard, excited and eager. She no longer seemed to mind the strange male doing this to her, just wanting to be changed. He thrust his hips, and the three foot cock slid right in, spearing her.

Andrea moaned, throwing back her head as she was entered. The changes hit immediately, starting with her pussy. It firmed up and reshaped around the cock, lips growing down into a large glans between her legs. Brax pulled out and began thrusting, his own moans muffled by her sex. Each thrust made her arms and legs start to shrink and wither, and Kari could see a blissful look growing on her face. She was fascinated in spite of herself, just watching silently.

Painted fingers and toes fused and shrunk, legs starting to pull in, arms sticking to her sides. Veins appeared along her tight belly, which lost its navel and shape, becoming more tubular. She whimpered and gasped as her lovely hair began falling free with another thrust. Andrea’s eyes glazed as she stared at the image in the mirror, her body losing shape, reforming. Brax was pumping quicker, rapidly getting closer, just as she was so rapidly changing. Once he came in her, it would be permanent.

Her breasts lost their nipples and gained wrinkles, flopping and softening. Her feet fused with her new glans, body stretching around the cock to form a shaft all the way down as her arms melted away the same way. Her breastballs grew, stretching and starting to overwhelm her head, features melting and softening, losing definition as the flesh took them. Kari had never seen such perfect bliss in someone, that expression in her eyes just before they sealed away. And then her head was gone, leaving nothing but cock and sac, bouncing with each powerful thrust.

Brax thrust one more time, deep into the new cock, then came hard. There wasn’t much for Kari to see there, but she watched them both twitch in the midst of orgasm, the magical cum flowing through Andrea, sealing the change and rearranging her senses and sight to her new orientation. They held that way for several minutes, barely moving. Kari squirming in her seat as she waited, anxiously staring at her new girlfriend’s phallic body.

Brax pulled out with a slurp, groaning. “Mmm, all done. Everything looks just right. I’ll go ahead and leave you two alone. That’s all you need me for now. I will check back periodically to see how you’re doing.” Andrea slumped, drooling from her new slit, a sticky pool already forming beneath her smooth head. Brax gave a polite little nod to Kari, then headed out without saying anything else. Kari was grateful, she just wanted time with Andrea now. She walked over, feeling suddenly shy, and sat down next to the cock.

Andrea lifted up weakly. She had no eyes, but Kari knew that was made up for with mana sight, staring at her as if the glans was a proper face. Kari reached out and stroked it, making the cock shiver happily. She gazed along the fleshy, veiny form. It was exactly how she’d imagined, and beautiful in person. “You look lovely, hun. Such a pretty cock, no more woman.” She knew enough about her friend’s fetish to know the right buttons to push, and got a happy squirm for that. She smiled, then leaned down to give the wet slit a deep kiss, pressing her lips to the cock’s lips. Her tongue slid into the oversized urethra before pulling out. She wanted to do more, to have sex with the cock, but Andrea seemed drained. And she had just had a serious fucking. Kari could wait a little longer, they had other things to take care of anyway.

It was strange helping out her new girlfriend. They’d ordered several specially-designed dresses earlier, armless and made of material that wouldn’t mind a constant fluid bath. She chose the purple, frilly one first, and they both loved how Andrea looked in it, the wide skirt around her sac. They tried talking a little too. The cockworms couldn’t speak normally, but they could manage some fairly complex moaning and gurgling noises. It wasn’t perfect, but it could convey emotion and a bit of meaning at least. A researcher at Regina had actually designed a language for transformees like this, using different simple sounds in place of words. It only covered somewhat simple concepts, but they still planned to both learn it over time.

Being around the living cock was really getting Kari horny, but she didn’t want to push things too early. She loved the way Andrea inched along, awkwardly at first but soon able to move around pretty easily. She swung her glans around to look at things, lifting partly off the ground as she did. It was adorable. She was leaving quite as trail of pre as she wandered the apartment too, something Kari probably should have accounted for better. She’d bought a few necessities for the new cock, and Brax had dropped off a bag with several more, but none of that was going to help clean the carpet. She was sure they’d have more things to figure out like that over time.

Andrea hadn’t even seen the apartment before, and seemed content to wander it a bit, checking things out from her new lower point of view and getting used to the new form. Kari excused herself to the bedroom eventually, hefting the bag Brax had brought onto it to sort through, deciding it might be best for her needs not to keep following the sexy cock around.

There was a massage oil of some sort. It seemed to be meant for cocks specifically. Probably not needed, exactly, but it sounded fun to try later. There was an electric shaving kit. Apparently she’d start growing pubic hair before long, and neither of them wanted that. The razor looked pretty safe, and large enough to shave those big balls quickly. There was also a double-ended dildo. Kari stroked it as she looked at the simple, black rubber thing.

Andrea slithered in right as she was holding it. The cock moaned gently, then made her way to the bed. Kari blushed, but smiled down at her. “Oh, I was just looking at what we got. You can keep wandering if you want.” Andrea shook her head, and Kari grinned. They had a ramp to set up later to help Andrea onto the bed, but for now Kari reached down and eased her up. She cuddled her arms around the big shaft, and rubbed her feet against the sac. Andrea spurted a little, wriggling in pleasure as Kari wiggled her toes. “Mmm, thought you’d like that,” she said, giving a warm, pre-filled kiss.

Andrea had clearly recovered her energy. The cuddling and rubbing quickly got deeper, both of them moaning as Kari tongued the urethra and rubbed all the way down her lover’s shaft. She loved cocks, she’d been waiting weeks for the chance to have one like this. She slipped her clothes off and helped Andrea out of the dress. She smooshed her boobs against the throbbing dick, rubbing them, wrapping her legs around to hump the shaft. Andrea moaned deeper, writhing and eager, nuzzling with her glans. She wasn’t getting fully hard, though Kari didn’t think she was supposed to. She’d remain mobile until the end.

Kari explored every inch of her lover, tasting, licking, humping and rubbing. Only when they’d been squirming and writhing with each other for a while did she bring out the dildo. One end fit perfectly, snugly into Andrea’s slit, held there as Kari opened her legs, inviting. The cock was a little awkward at first, but soon figured it out, pushing the fake shaft in, filling her pussy, bobbing her phallic head as she started to stiffen a bit more. More and more, deeper and deeper. It wasn’t the best physical sex Kari had had, but the situation made it amazing. She loved Andrea, so satisfied having a giant cock for a girlfriend. She came several times before her mate did, the force of Andrea’s eventual release spurting the dildo out and spraying cum everywhere. Those big balls must have had at least a gallon each, and the mess was enormous, nearly covering them both and the bed, with more splatters all about the room.

She just laughed once she’d calmed down and pulled the moaning cockgirl over to her to hug and squeeze. She’d found the perfect girlfriend at last.


Time went by, and Andrea was adjusting to her new body. The first few days had been the most fun, but also the most difficult. Just moving took more effort than she was used to, and she was disoriented by the position of her magical vision. Eating and going to the bathroom were whole new experiences. The strangeness had been fun as well though, and sexy to be reminded how much she’d changed.

The sex was amazing, though she had a feeling she’d gotten the better deal. Her whole body was a sensitive shaft, and, if Kari rubbed enough, she could cum just that way. She’d done it with her feet once, which had left Andrea so happily blissful for hours later. Kari had to make do with the dildo, though she did seem to love just licking and kissing Andrea’s cock body.

It wasn’t all perfect, of course. Andrea already missed a few things, particularly being able to speak and manipulate things. Kari could sort of understand her, but only her vague meaning, and it got frustrating sometimes. They had a special keyboard that she could use to type things out, but it was very slow. She had to use her head to push each giant button, and she generally didn’t bother unless she really had to make something clear.

In general though, it was more than worth it. Having changed, knowing she was different and never going back, it not only made her excited when she thought about it, it made her happy. Content and fulfilled. Kari talked to her regularly, spent most of her time home with work with her. They got along just as well as she’d hoped. But eventually something began nagging at her.

She still felt too girly.

She’d really wanted to stay feminine, that had been a big part of why she’d liked Kari’s offer. She liked the look of a cock in a dress, of being called a cockgirl, treated as a woman. Or at least she had. She was becoming less certain. She kind of liked just being a cock, even. . . the maleness of it. Was it just that she wanted to change even more? It had already been so extreme and she’d never felt any desire to change gender before, and yet there it was.

Brax visited weekly, and it was during his second weekly visit that she admitted this concern to him. She’d been curled up on the bed, drooling on Kari’s feet while Kari read a book. She giggled. “You’re so weird, hun. That does feel good though.” The bell rang. “Oh, that must be Brax. I’ll let him in and give you two some time.”

Brax was supposed to make sure she was adjusting well and help her if there were any real problems. She was warming up to him a bit. She felt grateful for what he’d done, and found him a little less disgusting. He was friendly, and seemed to understand her moans better than Kari. She greeted him with a gurgle as he came in, then moaned her problem.

“Hmm, you’re not sure about acting like a girl? That’s not that strange, really. You're a cock, and they're very much male. You didn’t have any urges like this before you started though?”

She shook her head, sighing with a drooling gurgle. She was worried about this happening so early in the relationship. Kari liked girly things, she had started the relationship partly based on that. She tried to explain her worries.

He read her easily. “Well, it’s still early to be worrying. And maybe it’s not that deep a need. Perhaps you can get some of the need fulfilled without needing to drop the dresses and such.”

She wasn’t totally sure she actually wanted to drop all that for good, but the thought did have some appeal. She nodded, wondering what he meant.

“She knows you like the transformation aspect. Perhaps have her tease you and talk about it more. Call you just a cock, have you spend a little time out of a dress. Getting to leave that behind now and then might help.”

She nodded again. That was a good idea. She was glad she had someone who understood weird needs like hers.

She brought the idea up a little later with Kari. Kari found it a little strange, but seemed used to strangeness from her at this point. They tried later that night, with Kari teasing her about not being a girl anymore as she slowly, teasingly removed the dress, calling her just a needy cock. It really got Andrea going, and they had wonderful, messy sex afterward, falling asleep cuddled together happily.

This helped at first, but she found herself wanting more, asking again the next day, when Kari was less into it. By the day after, she was starting to want to go farther. Worse, her own interest in Kari seemed to be waning a bit. She was a little too feminine too. By the day after that, Andrea found herself imagining her with a flatter chest, a cock of her own. She’d never been attracted to guys before, it was a complete shock, and left her quiet and reserved the next day, despite Kari’s attempts to comfort. She still couldn’t get it out of her head though.

It was a relief when Brax came again. She pressed up against him in the bed. He was so appealing now, after her recent, unexpected need. She could smell his musk, admire his sac hair. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, but. . . it did feel right, like some new part of her opening up. She was scared, but excited too.

He seemed to pick up on her new interest, and gently stroked her with one of those big, flexible feet. She gurgled happily, throbbing a little at that. “It looks like things have gotten stronger. I had a feeling it might not be so simple. You’re a cock now, Andrea, the very core of masculinity. You need male things, for yourself, and your lovers.”

That stung, but it rang true. She did. She didn't have to want to be male to want to be more masculine. She also didn’t want to leave Kari though. She loved her, they got along so well. It was just. . . she thought of Kari, and looked up at Brax. The spark of desire was nearly gone. She didn’t know what to do.

Brax reached over to the bag he’d brought in slung over his shoulder. He pulled out a small vial of milky fluid. “Here. If you’re willing to take this, it should help things.” He saw her uncertainty, and stroked her more. “It will make her want to be a cock too.”

That was completely unexpected. She couldn’t believe he was offering that to her. Though. . . it would solve the problem, certainly. A cock would be very, very male. Perhaps not her first choice, but still very appealing. . . she felt bad even considering it though.

“It won’t exactly be against her will. She clearly already loves cocks, more than most people. Enough to want to be with one. I think she already wants it a little, this will just help bring it out of her more, let her stop hiding it.”

Andrea wavered. It would let them be together. Her blossoming desires would mean they’d need to break up eventually otherwise. And it was true, she hadn’t met anyone so in love with cocks before, it would make sense. . .

Brax opened up the vial, holding it out. “You just need to drink it, then your cum and pre will be affected. Make sure you get her nice and soaked tonight, and soon you’ll have a sexy, throbby lover.”

That was enough for Andrea. She drank the potion down her urethra and that night, much to Kari’s enjoyment, she spurted her cum over every inch of her body.



Re: Mutual Needs

Kari was getting concerned about Andrea. She’d been so lively and eager at first, but she was beginning to act strange. First there was that little roleplay she’d wanted. That had been okay, but she’d only seemed to get more distant, less interested in sex after that. There’d been one eager, sexy night, and then things had quieted down again, and Kari just couldn’t seem to get her going anymore. Even stroking her urethra with her toes just got a wimpy little moan.

Kari wasn’t really sure what she could do to help. She tried to talk about it, but Andrea said she was fine, she just needed some time. Kari hoped that was true, but it was troubling that she didn’t understand her lover. They’d seemed to read each other so well before.

Admittedly, she was also starting to have her own problems.

She’d come across the tape of Andrea’s change last week, and decided to watch it. She’d been pretty distracted during the actual event, but watching it again, it had had a certain appeal. She hadn’t thought too much of it before stashing it back away, but she came back to it again the day after Brax visited.

She started watching it more regularly, when Andrea was elsewhere. Watching those female features reform was exciting her. It wasn’t the change that got her in the same way it did Andrea, it was the result. The cock. Andrea was such a sexy cock, thinking how easy it was for a woman to become one. How much she loved them. She wanted to be one.

At first she didn’t believe it, but she kept going back. She looked up cockworms more, admiring the images she found. Not just the ones in a dress like Andrea wore. Naked, bare ones. Ones with pubic hair. They thrilled her. She had to finally admit that she really did want to be one too, she probably always had, and Andrea had just shown her the way. Of course, Andrea was a lesbian, through and through. She wouldn’t want a cock as a lover.

They were both uncomfortable the next few days, just acting as if everything was normal without speaking or interacting much. Finally, one evening, she couldn’t take it any more. They were in bed together, but not cuddled up, both lost in their own thoughts. She rolled over, taking a deep breath. “Andrea. . .” The cock rolled slightly, blue dress rustling. “Would you still stay with me if I. . . if I became a cock? I know you like wo-”

Andrea pounced her and kissed her eagerly, splattering pre across her face. Kari blinked, then laughed and kissed back, squeezing her perfect lover again.


They were both eager to go ahead, but they had more plans to make first. Andrea had never really been in the right mindset to get back to work, and now Kari was going to be leaving her own job. They’d have a lot of savings between them, and could live pretty cheaply as cocks, but there were transfers to make, contracts to sign, people to notify.

Since there wouldn’t be anyone with actual hands to take care of them, they’d decided to move into a Regena center. They had rooms just for transformees like them, apartment types where everything was designed to be as easy on them as possible. They’d also take care of shopping and meals, and be on call when they needed things. It wasn’t cheap, but they’d be fine for quite a while with just what they had.

Kari was sort of tempted to find a different way of becoming a cock, one that didn’t require being fucked by a weird male, but Andrea had grown to like Brax, and he offered to do it for free in their new home. She went with it in the end, and finally it was time to arrive at their new home.

Andrea was wearing her most expensive dress, a silver and black gown that nearly covered her sac. She’d been wearing the dresses a little less often, but had volunteered to dress up for this. Kari, on the other hand, hadn’t felt the same urge. She was already feeling like her body was meant to be a cock, and she just couldn’t bring herself to spend much time dressing it up, so she’d worn simple, casual clothes.

Brax would be arriving shortly, so Kari took the forced waiting time to look around the apartment. She'd had a few things designed for cocks at her old place. Here though, everything was low, aside from the ceiling. Counters only a foot high, a low bed built into the floor, a toilet that just looked like a rim in the tile, easily accessible for a cockworm. There were easy to press buttons all over for requesting help, or for things like opening the refrigerator without hands. It would make things as easy as they could be for a pair of living cocks.

Brax arrived right on time. Andrea scurried over to nuzzle against his ankle, and he rubbed her fondly with a foothand. Kari didn’t understand how they’d gotten so close so quickly, but she was too excited to worry much about it right then. “I’m ready, Brax. We can do it wherever, I think the ground here is all really cleanable.”

He laughed, nodding his upper head. “If you want, sure. Hmm, get on the couch then, kneel on it with your ass facing me.” He set his bag down.

She undressed and did as she was told, fingering her slit a little before using her arms to brace herself, her breasts pressed against the cushion of the couch. The couch had two levels, one normal and one low, she was using the higher for the moment, but expected to mostly use the low in the future.

He came up behind her and she felt his wet cock push up against her quivering lips. It felt like a kiss, his own lips soaking her flesh to help it stretch. An armleg came around her waist to hold, and she realized he must be balancing on the other. “Mmm, just enjoy this, Kari,” he whispered softly.

It was a strange feeling, but exciting. She felt her pussy peel open, then begin to change as he moved in. She looked down, breathing deeper as she watched her normal folds reshape into a handsome cocktip surrounding his. The sensitivity increased and she squealed, smooching her breasts into the cushions more. He pushed deeper and she felt a tingle all through her body. It felt almost fluid, his pre running all through her to reshape.

She clenched at him needfully as her arms and legs began to melt, to fold into her body. The feel of digits squishing, melding down, about to go away for good, to leave her the way she wanted to be. . . she wished she could make it faster, to just fuck away all that unneeded form in an instant. “More. . . make me a cock, I want to be a cock. . .” she groaned, long dark hair falling from her head.

He pulled back, then thrust in. Her breasts softened, nipples pulling in. She could feel them starting to slosh, dangling as they grew. Her arms twitched weakly as pleasure filled her, that long cock pushing deeper than it should as her insides started to become just one long tube. She squealed, feeling it up behind her breastsac, making it flop and bob. Organs were pushed aside and simplified, belly rounding, veins pulsing against her flesh. More, so close. She bucked on Brax’s cock, wanting him to cum, to finish it.

Her legs slurped up into her new head, melding away and forming a larger glans. She stared at it in complete lust. Her head, her new head, just how she’d imagined. Arms flowed away too, her whole body a shaft, dark hair scattered across the cushions, no longer on her bald head. And then her head sank, softened, the sac growing bigger to overtake it. Her moans turned to gurgles, her throat closing up, ears sealing as that mouth, that head merged away. He was thrusting harder and her vision faded away, overtaken by pleasure and flesh as she became a cock.

The explosion of cum filled her urethra and balls, making them expand, energizing her body with magic to give back her senses. And to lock it in completely, nothing but a cockworm now. Her thoughts blew away in pleasure as her physical orientation inverted and she savored the long release.

She realized she was being set down on the couch and his cock retracting from her. She felt dizzy and disoriented. She looked around, getting her bearings. She was spread out on the couch, Andrea nearby, watching her, while Brax stood over her. He reached into his bag to pull out a mirror. “Take a look at your lovely new self.”

She looked and gurgled happily. She’d retained her skin color, a few shades darker than Andrea was, and due to her shorter size she was a bit smaller. Kari’s glans were a bit rounder than Andrea's too. Cocks tended to be fairly similar-looking, but the differences were obvious enough when compared. She looked perfect, and she gurgled out her pleasure.

He lowered the mirror and began to pack his bags. “Well, looks like I’m done again. I’ll be back as usual in a week to make sure everything’s going well with both of you.” He chuckled, drooling a little cum still. “Mmm, you do make a really lovely couple now.”

Kari throbbed at that, gazing over at her fellow cock. Andrea was looking back at her, happily oozing pre on the floor. Brax headed out, and Kari slipped down from the couch carefully, feeling out the new form, how it moved. Despite her excitement with the change and new body, she wasn’t actually as horny as she might have expected. She recalled Andrea being that way too, and supposed it might need a little time to build. That didn’t stop her from awkwardly inching over and kissing glans to glans and tenderly rubbing shaftbodies with Andrea. They cuddled a little, enjoying the feel of smooth flesh rubbing together. She then gently excused herself and went wandering to settle in.

She’d wondered how things felt for Andrea since the change, so she both curious and worried about trying everyday things. She had a little food and drink first. They did still need to eat, they just lacked teeth, so things had to be somewhat soft usually, to swallow down the urethra. It wasn’t really mealtime, but there had been some sweet, soft bread balls laid out for a snack. She lifted her body up and brought her opening down. She had just enough force to clamp on one, pull it up, then swallow. Her taste-buds worked just fine, though they seemed to be all around the first several inches of her passage, rather than just along the bottom. The tube rippled to help the food down until it splashed into her sac. Supposedly the nutrients were extracted, and the waste turned to cum. It was strange, but only a little unpleasant. There was a straw connected to a water source, which she sipped from afterward. She was glad the tip was rubber coated, considering how sensitive she felt.

She spent some time cuddling with Andrea again after that, both gently rubbing and feeling each other's bodies. Andrea still had the dress on, which felt kind of in the way, but it was going to be a pain to get off then, and Kari didn’t quite feel up for it. She eventually felt another need well up in her, and went to the bathroom.

Leaning her face over the toilet to pee was much stranger than eating. She wasn’t sure at first it was working, what muscles to flex, but then it just happened. The piss shot out, and she trembled. It felt good, a nice, sensitive tickling all down her insides. So weird, but pleasant, and she found herself starting to get aroused again. Once she’d finished and nudged the flush button, she decided she was ready.

She inched back out where Andrea was waiting, curled cutely with her sac just showing under the skirt. Kari crawled over, kissing firmly, then nuzzled at the dress. She moaned, a very needy moan, and Andrea perked up her glans, nodding.

It took them a while to get her out of the dress. They’d been designed assuming a human around, and so had buttons that just didn’t work well for a pair of cocks. Enough rubbing and squirming finally got her out though, both of them frustrated and hornier by the time it was done and they were naked.

Kari pounced her, pressing her to the floor. Their sacs flopped together, and she moaned. They were both already pretty slick, and it was hard for one tube to rest on another while both squirmed, so she quickly fell off to the side. They reoriented on their sides, slick bodies rubbing and wriggling, starting to thrust against each other. The pleasure filled her whole body, and instinct quickly took her, making her push and thrust harder and harder against the other cock, working their tips together, sacs wobbling and bouncing as both moaned and puddled drool.

She could feel the stiffening approaching as her balls gurgled and churned. They coated each other in slippery pre, pressed urethras tight together, held as well as two armless cocks could until both phallic women began to straighten, stiffen up and erect, pleasure overloading Kari just before she orgasmed.

Waves of pleasure came with each spurt, the two of them throbbing and shivering together, unthinking, just forming a big, messy pool together across the clean new floor. When they were finally done, they both crawled into the mess, and Kari draped herself happily over Andrea, back to being limp. The moaned and lay there, two soft cocks, happy and in love. Once more, things felt perfect.


Andrea’s mood improved rapidly. Kari never showed any interest in bothering with the dresses again, and Andrea quietly had hers thrown away by the help staff a little while later. Kari’s new form had Andrea excited again, even more than she’d been when they first got together. Even better, she really took to being a cock and to leaving her feminine nature behind, even quicker than Andrea had. Andrea still felt guilty for having tricked her lover, who she felt closer to than ever, but she knew it had been the right thing to do.

Kari never shaved, and her hair began to grow out. Andrea found this really sexy, and stopped her own shaving as well, both of them growing a nice coating of pubic hair before long. Kari really loved rubbing her glans right up into her hairy sac. It seemed to help make them both sweatier and muskier over time too, adjusting to be more and more cock-like. And masculine. They both grew even more sexual, pouncing each other out of the blue, rubbing and spurting whenever they felt like it. They were messier, cleaned up less. Andrea did miss Kari’s feet a little, she could only imagine how sexy she would have been with big, hairy male ones, but everything else made up for it.

They settled into this life, two hairy cocks, formerly women, and less and less so now. They had TV to watch when they weren’t fucking. Their tastes in that slowly changed, moving toward higher-adrenaline shows and action movies, though they still loved a good romance to cuddle up in front of. Kari had gotten better with the special computer keyboard, and she started downloading gay porn, a lot of it involving transformees with large cocks. They’d see it together and rub, loving to watch the sweaty men as their own flesh got sweatier, often orgasming right on the screen with gurgling laughter.

Visits from Brax started to become another excuse for sex. Both loved having a male around, and he was happy to play with them, fuck them both nice and hard down their urethras. To indulge Andrea’s desire for his feet and Kari’s new love of hairy balls. His visits became a high point of the week.

After several weeks went by, there was a knock on the door. Andrea bumped the button that opened it and a worried woman walked in, holding a newspaper. She was wearing a Regena staff uniform. “I’m sorry girls, but I knew you’d want to both see this as soon as it came out. Please let me know if there’s anything we can do for you.” She gave them a sad look, setting the paper down, then heading back out.

Kari poked her head out of the bedroom, where she’d probably been watching porn. Andrea briefly admired the thick, stringy black hair she’d grown, then gestured her over, peering down at the paper. They both took a look, scanning for what was supposed to be important. Andrea nudged through the pages until she saw an article about cockworms.

The reporter claimed that a group of alchemists had determined that the masseuse cum that turned women into cockworms did more than just change their bodies. It carried some of the same substances believed to cause the odd desires in the women of Jizza, despite the masseuses saying otherwise. It made the women think, act, and mentally become males, and the parlor was being forced to advertise this fact openly.

Andrea was stunned. Had Brax really done that to her? Then she chuckled, burbling. She didn’t believe it. It had felt too natural, a part of her that she’d held hidden breaking out and leaving her better for it. She wanted to be male. The article was wrong, she was sure, but it was also the final thing to make her certain about that. She glanced at Kari. Andrea moaned deeply, asking if she cared about what the article said. Kari shook her head and gave her a kiss, then tackled her down onto the paper, wriggling and then snuffling beneath her sweaty sac until the paper was drenched. Andrea laughed and squirmed. Clearly Kari considered other things more important too.

They awaited Brax’s next visit eagerly, getting excited when it was almost time. They were nestled up and humping at each other, teasing slits and shafts when he arrived. They both wriggled over to him, nuzzling his cock happily, drenching it with their fluids. He laughed at them. “Mmm, so eager. And here I was worried you might be mad at me if you’d read the news.”

They shook their heads and explained that they had and didn’t believe it. He sat down on the couch with them beneath, stroking each with a handfoot, fondling their balls. “I thought you might think that way. A similar thing happened with me in Jizza. People claimed that something in the town was making women want to be men. It was just a part of me though. Of us.” It was the first time he’d mentioned being two people in there, though they’d known it from the beginning. Andrea thought it was a lovely way to be a couple, merged as one. She nodded, understanding. She’d heard that before, and believed it, but she believed him now that she’d experienced it herself.

“They’re saying they think the same stuff is in our cum, but there wasn’t anything there to begin with, so it can’t be, can it? You just both wanted to be male cocks,” he said fondly. Andrea shivered at the idea. It felt so right. “With such handsome hair growing in too, you both look nice.” Andrea gave him a fond spurt, but noticed he was looking thoughtfully at her. His voice got more serious. “Andrea, I think it’s time I explain our little plan to Kari. Then once that’s out in the open, I have an offer for you both.”

Andrea felt afraid. She’d been dreading that, but she knew he was right to tell. It would be harder to admit later. She felt so close to Kari now, she’d do anything not to lose her. But she couldn’t have things founded on a lie either. She nodded nervously as Kari looked at her, then back at Brax, glans flaring. Andrea nudged up against the other cock, rubbing lightly.

“Andrea was dealing with her new feelings, and was having trouble still being attracted to you as a woman. I offered her a mixture to help increase the desire you had to be a cock. I just wanted to bring it out in you more quickly, before your relationship got strained. We did it without telling you though.” He spoke much more calmly than Andrea felt.

Kari was silent and still for a little while, then slurped her tube over his cock. She bobbed her phallic head a few times, then slipped off and curled up with Andrea under his feet. Brax made a happy noise and covered them both with his large hands, rubbing and kneading. Kari moaned her love to Andrea.

Andrea didn’t really understand the reaction, but was happy to snuggle in the nice embrace. Brax chuckled, hearing her confused moaning. “If you hadn’t agreed, Andrea, you might have broken up. Kari might not have found her true place as a cock. At the very least, it would have taken longer, and you wouldn’t be the happy couple you are now. Of course she’s grateful.”

Andrea felt the last worry she’d had slip away. This really was going to work, this really was what she’d wanted. She squeezed and rubbed, hairy balls stroking lovingly.

“Now, I have a proposition for you.”

She didn’t stop rubbing, though he had her attention again. She’d forgotten he had more to say.

“I know you’re happy together, and here, but you’re likely to start getting bored over time spending all your time in this place. You also seem really eager to have another guy around to fuck, and I know you might eventually need more money. So. . . there’s a very kinky gay sex club in Jizza that would love to have a pair of hairy cocks like you working there. You’d be paid pretty well, and you’d get to enjoy lots of transformed and non-transformed guys. What do you think?”

Andrea just wondered when they could start.


They fit in really well at the club, and their cock bodies were popular. Most of the guys that came in loved cocks, and they were seen as a bit less out there than than some of the other transformees, so they usually had plenty of business. Some of the larger transformee prostitutes even used them as toys, which Kari loved.

Andrea got quite a reputation as a footslut, putting her slippery pre to good use in what were some of the most sexual foot rubs ever. Kari preferred focusing on the cocks and balls. She regretted not usually being able to be shoved into an ass like a normal cock, but she still loved what she did. She got very good at slurping normal-sized shafts, or even sucking a pair of dangling balls, teasing them until they got her nice and sticky. She really loved her job, they both did, and it sated any urges they couldn’t fulfill with each other, and their regular sex.

Brax was a regular customer, as his parlor was just a few blocks over, and he sometimes brought some of his co-workers. They got to know a lot of the gay transformee scene, a particularly close-knit one in Jizza. due to all the women who had changed. None of them thought much of their old lives any more, some barely even remembered being anything else.

Karil got his name changed and and sex legally set to male as soon as the paperwork finally cleared, and was happy when Andrew managed to get his done as well. It was just a little formality, but it still felt like the final, big step. They were a completely gay male couple, as they’d both wanted to be. Andrew joked that they’d been so gay as women, they had to be equally gay as men. Karil thought that might actually be the case, though it didn’t really matter. He just knew he liked fucking guys.

The two cocks eventually moved in with Brax. The commute to Jizza had been the one annoyance about the whole situation, and he was happy to have them both around. Karil had never felt so happy, he’d never had such close, understanding friends to share his life with, or a lover he actually loved. He was a happy, messy, male cock, just like his handsome boyfriend, and life felt perfect.


They were completely satisfied for months. Their sex drives seemed nearly endless and they never got bored of working at the club. Just giving in and being as slutty as they could was exactly what they both needed.

Andrew was tired and happy as he inched through the door that day. Brax had given another woman one of the special massages earlier that day, and she'd wanted some private time in the club with one of the more experienced cocks. She was already considering becoming male and Andrew was more than happy to help her through it. It did mean he got home a bit later. Brax was generally asleep by that hour. The club job went late into the night, the parlor was more of a daytime thing. They did still found enough time for fun here and there.

Karil was awake and waiting for him though. The other cock slithered over for a sticky kiss once Andrew was inside. Andrew kissed back, then flared his glans curiously. He could tell his lover had something on his mind. They snuggled up together, Karil flopping and draping over him as he usually did, and tried to talk.

They'd gotten pretty good at communicating over time, a mix of learning the Regena moan language and just getting better at reading phallic body language. It still took some time for Andrew to piece together exactly what Karil was thinking about. They rubbed tenderly as they spoke, not really in any hurry.

Karil wanted to go further. He loved being a cock and being together. He loved working at the club. He so rarely got to penetrate anyone though, and real cocks weren't as mobile as they were. He wanted to be more of a cock than he was. He wanted to be a normal cock, attached to someone.

Andrew wasn't too surprised. Karil had been wistful about wanting to be pushed into people's asses more, and he'd embraced being a cock so completely that it hadn't been much of a leap.

He didn't answer right away. He spurted across Karil's handsome urethra, rubbing it up and down with his soft face as he considered the proposal. He didn't have the same cock desires Karil did, though the idea of changing one more time was appealing. He still asked for a little more time, which disappointed Karil, but was given.

Andrew talked it over with Brax later that day, when the big guy was awake. The cock had was curled in his lap, partly around his own living shaft.

“Hmm. Kind of saw this coming.” Andrew nodded at that, slipping against the cock to nuzzle and spurt on Brax's chubby belly. Andrew had slowly come to like bigger bellies, they were more fun to play with.

“And you're sort of interested, but not sure? I have a feeling you're going to come around, hun. You can't turn down a change any more than he can turn down being a cock.” He considered, stroking Andrew's body with a foot. The cock wriggled. “How about I try arranging something. You'll need hosts anyway, and I have an idea. It'll give you a little time to think it over too, before there's really a decision to make.”

Andrew agreed to that, and things went on as usual. The only real difference was the sort of teasing he got from Karil. His lover cock started focusing on the idea more, going right for his buttons. Moaning about changing again, even more extreme. Losing even the little mobility they had, farther and farther from what they'd once been.

As they both knew wold happen, Andrew warmed up to the idea. He couldn't help it, he wanted more change. He loved being talked into it even, knowing it couldn't be reversed. He started getting impatient for Brax to tell them what the plan was, what he'd been arranging.

Brax finally did, though in a more direct way than they'd expected. He came home one night with a pair of women. Perfectly ordinary-looking women, no obvious changes. Andrew had seen so few female humans the last few months, it felt strange to have a pair just walk into their home. They even had clothes on. The cocks looked curiously up at Brax, who grinned.

“These are Jack and Garret. They're two friends who've been wanting to get married and both become male.” They smiled bashfully, but Andrew could see the eagerness there. They'd obviously already changed their names, at least informally. He started to see the plan Brax had as well. “They were going to just be changed normally, but when I mentioned I had two cocks that wanted to merge with someone, well, they loved the idea. And having you on a pair of husbands should be perfect for you too.”

Andrew nodded eagerly, and Karil drooled, slithering over to Garret. The woman reached down, stroking the cock in greeting. Andrew considered going over too, but Brax had more to say.

“The wedding is being planned, they're going to change as part of the ceremony. They had already started to work out what their new forms would be, but I think you should all get together and work out any tweaks you're interested in.”

Andrew could already think of a few things he'd love on his partner's host, and knew Karil had some as well. He squirmed, thinking about that. He was glad they'd be on transformees too, it felt a lot more appropriate.

They all got settled in the living room, the three two-legged creatures taking chairs, while the cocks draped together on the couch. Brax was just there to help translate for the women.

There was a round of introductions first. The women had met through Demon Love as well. They were both straight, and so initially they'd just become friends, sharing and teasing about their kinky desires. When each had started to feel an interest in becoming male, they'd realized their friendship could easily become a relationship, and they'd started looking for someone to help out. Neither had had much of a kinky sex-like, but they were hoping to fix that. Andrew was personally very happy to help with that.

Jack spoke up. “So, we wanted something pretty weird, but still kind of humanoid shaped. We'd actually been looking at something sort of like Brax here, but not exactly. Armless, and with an even less humanoid body. Just sort of a tentacle with an eye on top, then two legs attached. Normal male feet. Our cocks and asses would be in basically the normal places.” She blushed a little as she spoke, as did Garret, but she was fairly calm about it. They'd obviously discussed this at length before.

Andrew liked the idea. Simple, relatively, but that was obviously what they wanted. It would be more helpless than Brax was, lacking prehensile toes to grasp things, and possibly unable to speak at all. He didn't mind that himself, but asked what their plans were for dealing with it.

Jack giggled, sharing a glance with Garret after Brax translated. “Well. . . yeah, we probably wouldn't get on all that well by ourselves. We were thinking about working at a club like you, or finding someone to take us in as pets. Silent, horny sex slaves, something like that.” Garret blushed more, nodding and taking Jack's hand firmly.

Karil clearly liked that, he was spurting on the couch. Andrew moaned in amusement, but he liked it too. They'd get lots of use as cocks like that. The women both only liked guys, so they'd be sticking to gay sex. He nodded to them, and they looked happy. They'd probably worried some of it might be too weird, but Andrew was well beyond that. He just had a few requests, as did Karil.


Karil could hardly wait for the ceremony. He'd been getting hornier and hornier just thinking about it as the weeks went by. Andrew had actually had to turn him down for sex a few times, because he just couldn't keep up.

Brax and the women had managed to sort out a place for them to go. There'd been a few failures, people just not all that enthusiastic about the form, or finding someone else before they finalized the deal. They'd known they could probably just work at the club still, but then they'd hit a better lead. There was a wealthy transformee and major patron of both the club and parlor who was interested in some live-in sex creatures.

They'd be sort of a mix of pets and servants. Largely there so that he had something to fuck when he was otherwise home by himself, but also for servicing guests and doing anything else he asked of them, within their limited abilities. They'd basically belong to him, but he didn't seem cruel, and they'd have a lot of time to themselves when he was out.

Everything was settled by the time the wedding came around. Only a couple members of Jack's and Garret's families were there, one transformee among them, as the rest had been disgusted by what was happening. Jack's father was there though, looking proud and planning to walk her down the aisle, while Brax did the same for Garret. A lot of the new friends they'd been meeting were also there, very few normal humans overall.

They didn't want to make either of them the “wife”, so both Jack and Garret came out together, with Karil and Andrew right behind them. After discussing kinks and desires a little, Karil had chosen to be with Jack, and Andrew with Garret. The two women were naked, as was most of the crowd. Karil throbbed eagerly, leaving a trail of pre as he slithered and inched.

He and Andrew had spent the whole night having long, rough, sweaty sex, doing everything they could think of until they just passed out. It had been their last night as cockworms, and it had been wonderful, a perfect way to move on to something new.

Jack's father took her hand, and Brax moved to flank Garret. All six of them walked up the aisle, to the platform where their new owner, Lawrence, waited. He was a tall, bestial creature, hunched and muscular. He stood on clawed feet, and had a mass of tentacle cocks sprouting from the drooping sac between his legs, hanging all the way to the floor. He had four arms, each with clawed fingers, and curled horns atop his head. A thick tail that ended in another cock swished behind him, while a cocktongue slurped from his mouth occasionally. He'd offered to lead the ceremony, as no one else more appropriate had been found.

The women stepped up just in front of him. Karil inched in between Jack's legs, taking his position there, while Andrew did the same with Garret. They looked at each other as Lawrence began to speak in a deep voice, greeting them and talking about the wonders of marriage and changing. Both women blushed, but Karil's focus was on his lover. They'd been through so much already, and they'd be even more bound together after this. They wouldn't be able to speak even the way they could then. They couldn't ask to be turned to something else, they couldn't give any signs but arousal. They would truly just be cocks, trapped.

“Do you, Jack, take this man as your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.”

Karil shivered. So close now. He wasn't even worried, wasn't regretting what he was about to lose. He was just eager, he wanted, needed this.

“And do you, Garret, take this man as your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.”

The women gazed at each other, smiling, blushing. Karil spurted on Jack's feminine little feet.

“Then take these vials and drink them together. Change, and become husbands and lovers.” He handed each two carefully mixed, identical sets of potions. They took them gingerly, each holding one over the mouth of the cock below them. Karil stretched his slit open eagerly. The women mouthed numbers to each other before gulping them down, pouring the others at the same time. Karil swallowed his with a moan.

“I love you,” Jack said. Karil could already feel the tingle starting. He moaned his love to Andrew, who groaned back.

“I love you to-” Garret gurgled mid-word, then gasped. The women began to change, and the cocks with them. Karil felt himself stick to Jack's crotch, immediately sealing away her pussy. He started to shrink while she transformed, their bodies melding together, feeling each other. He throbbed harder, wriggling as he was lifted into the air.

He could watch Garret and Andrew much better, knew they were changing just the same. The woman's feet began to grow, larger and broader, while her breasts smoothed down, even nipples vanishing. Andrew was still shrinking, shaft and sac, his wriggles growing harder, as were Karil's. Tighter, simpler, more like normal cocks.

Jack moaned, but her voice started to soften away. Garret's hair fell out as her lovely face practically melted, her two eyes fusing into one that grew, consuming the flesh and features around it until there was nothing else left. Her neck grew out longer as she blinked, the cocks barely more than normal length now. Karil shivered eagerly, feeling movement leave his sac, then finally his shaft, turning just stiff and throbbing. He tried to moan, but no longer could. His pleasure, close to orgasm just from getting what he so desired, transferred to Jack, as Andrew's did to Garret. The former women stumbled closer, changes slowing as they neared completion.

Hair grew on their feet, and Karil knew on their asses too, big hairy butts for them to be rammed into, though not this first time. Smooth, simple torsos and hairy legs, so wonderfully masculine. Their new cocks throbbed, aching for release, and they pressed Karil and Andrew together.

The new males rubbed their necks and feet as they frotted the cocks. Both probably wanted to fuck the other properly, but their need was so equal they couldn't possibly decide who. It was enough this time though, all four of them so needy, so ready, that it only took a little rubbing of the stiff flesh before the lover cocks spurted out, much less cum than usual, but plenty to splatter each other and their hosts' bellies, enough to make a mess, and soon leave them limp and dangling, still dripping.

“Mmm, such sexy pets. And now you're both mine,” Lawrence growled in pleasure.

Karil just dangled, helpless and happy.


Finally, they truly had found what they'd be living as for good. There wasn't much choice anymore, no way to back out, to tell either of their hosts or owner if they actually wanted out.

Karil didn't of course, and he felt sure that Andrew didn't either, though he no longer had any way to determine for certain. They were just cocks after all.

At first, people would sometimes talk to them. Jack and Garret couldn't, as silent as they were, but Brax would visit sometimes to chat with them, even if they couldn't talk back, and sometimes friends from the club, knowing what they were now, would say hello. It slowly became less common though, until even Brax stopped addressing them directly. That was exactly how Karil wanted it, and he eventually dropped even his own name. He was just cock, and Andrew was lover cock.

Their needs fueled their hosts, slowly giving them their own kinks. Jack became the aggressive one, feeding on his cock's desire to finally fuck a hairy ass, Garret usually the bottom because of it. Garret started lusting for footjobs from Jack's big feet anyway, so it worked out just fine.

The two husbands looked largely the same, aside from about an inch height difference, and faint skin variation. The cock had lost his own darker tone, matched just to Jack now. Jack also put on some weight at Garret's request, or possible his lover cock's, he had seemed to like Brax's belly. The cock enjoyed the feel of the soft gut pressing down on him.

And of course, they both got used regularly by Lawrence and all his strange, male visitors.

The cock no longer had to do anything, just exist and act on instinct. That didn't prevent him from remaining intelligent and alert though. He wanted to savor being a cock, the thing he should have been from the start, and he wouldn't submit to missing a moment of it to mindlessness.

It was his perfect life, after all.


Andrew came to live for the footjobs. He'd never been the cock the Karil was. He couldn't just enjoy that alone. He loved all the sex, being used, rubbed, and thrust, but it was the footjobs that finally got him.

He would never change again, so his desires went to that other kink, the one he'd always seen as secondary, and a little silly. At this size it worked so well, even with normal feet, and he channeled that desire more and more into Garret. Lawrence only had passing interest in the idea, but Jack was happy to help out, and Garret got quite a reputation for it. He often just sprawled out under guest's feet, letting them rub him casually while they did other things.

He felt special in the way only a cock could. A special skill, a special desire. And his lover cock had helped him become like this, helped him complete his path of transformation. They could no longer talk, but they rubbed at times, no longer in their own control, frotting as their hosts cuddled up together in bed. He knew they were both happy. If his mind simplified a bit, if his desires became more simple and basic, then so what? He was happy, he was still himself. He was a cock, just like his lover, he'd changed until he couldn't anymore, and he was glad he couldn't go back.


Brax had started working at the club sometimes himself. The massage parlor was debating actual joint operations with it, and they were working more closely together. People enjoyed sexual massages along with the rest of their sex, and he liked the environment.

He also started offering something he was calling a “special” entrance. They had a back entryway with a room just big enough for him and a woman. It was the same process as his normal special massages, fucking the woman until she became a cockworm. The only difference was that in this case she immediately went right into a male sex club. Everyone knew what door she'd come out of, and were happy to greet her and introduce her to being a cock.  He had a feeling it might start becoming more popular than the ones at the parlor.

He'd already created a couple new cocks to replace Karil and Andrew at the club, these women going male even faster thanks to the constant exposure to all the very masculine pleasure. The club was thinking about offering more elaborate transformation services the same way, for both men and women. Become a male sex beast right inside the perfect place for sex. It was a great idea, and they'd work out the logistics eventually.

He lounged in his little room in the club, sitting down with feet curled and stroking his beloved cock. The two of them worked so well as one, they often forgot they were two people still, even though each of them had control of different things. They'd been a pair of women too, a mother and daughter in fact, but it seemed so long ago neither was sure they believed it.

Brax loved helping women, he loved aiding them in finding their true selves as he did. They were always so happy in the end, so much better off as males. It would be cruel of him not to help nudge them along toward those desires, to leave them stuck in female bodies any longer than necessary. That was why the Jizza council watched the Demon Love boards so closely, and made sure those little desires were encouraged, by any means necessary.

After all, why shouldn't everyone get to be perfect?


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Hell yeah! I've been looking for this story for ages. Thanks Demon-Man!