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Topic: Belial Story Archive

This is a collection of nearly all Belial-related stories that have been written up to this point.
I am aware that some stories are still missing, e.g. some of Fayesfurry's and Rachel M's stories that got lost with the old forum.
Tyrndar's stories are not included, either, due to an old promise I made, never to reupload his stories.

If you notice any other stories missing, misplaced or mislabled, please let me know.

The file contains more than 290 stories by 77 Authors.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m9pcjS … sp=sharing

Update 2021:

Following Authors were added to the archive:

Cafter Homme
Drama Surgeon
Unnamed Author

In addition there are also new stories by:

Ordos Tsceri


Re: Belial Story Archive

Hmm... I remember that there was a story with a man and a woman fused together by an avatar who did that to couples that could have been, but didn't happen due to circumstances. They had four cock-tentacles instead of heads with eyes in the cock-slits.


Re: Belial Story Archive

To Demon-man:
Thank you for the zip-file. In fact, the Yahoo groups could also be archivers for backup but there were no safety webspace, the Cloud online hard drive, the paid web server and so on, nowhere could be full safe.

It may be the old fashion way that could better done the backup, a stupid and money wasting way.

In the past, everyone backup with CD-Rom with two or more CD-Rom copies for the same data that the CD-Roms might not fail at the same time. And then, from time to time, new CD-Rom copies would be made to replace the old one for the copies would never ran out of durability period.

I was a member of the zetaboard old forum.
I do not know why I could not register at the no-ip forum before, only it was possible now.


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Maybe I am misremembering but wasn't there an extended version of Memorial Changes Act 1?


Re: Belial Story Archive

Yes, in fact three different versions. None of them flowed into Act 2, though, so I decided to leave them off for now.
I am still playing with the idea to either extend Act 1 and 2 or to merge the three extended versions of Act 1 and modify them into a new, independent story.


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Just went through the file and for some reason I recall there being some stories with art attached to them. In particular, I remember the story "Subject Karma" had an illustrated version. Am I miss-remembering this, and if not, does anyone have illustrated versions of those stories?


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ZeroGear, you're right that Demon-man did illustrate a bunch of stories (including Subject Karma) a decade or so back.  I can send you that one directly, or you can find the full set on the Legends of Belial Yahoo group (the main, not the archive) under Files->Stories->Illustrated Stories.  I hope this helps.


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Darn. Got to dig them out and add them.
I had played with the idea to update the artwork but I doubt I will find the time.


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For everyone that previously couldn't download it, I'm rehosting it from my Google Drive.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bmr0Fy … sp=sharing


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Looks like it's in your trash Flicker


Re: Belial Story Archive

I updated the archive and put up a new download link.

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Re: Belial Story Archive

Hey uh, is it just me or does the new link only include authors up to Fugueraven?

Edit: No wait never mind, it's just like that for the preview before downloading it.

Edit 2: How do you download these without them turning into Microsoft Edge PDFs?