Topic: No. 21

Just a little fun story, I've been working on for a while.

Tags: Involuntary TF, conjoinment, mental corruption, limbless, female-to-male, slug-like, dick-tongues


Sabrina gulped as she stood in front of the large, badly lit double door. Hidden deep in a small side alley, it was almost impossible to find, if one didn't know what to look for. Above the blank metal doors was an old and faint neon sign: The Relief Rooms.

It was hard to believe things had come to this. Sabrina had reached the absolute bottom and somehow still felt like she was just about to go even deeper. She was 20 years old, broke and officially homeless since today. The young woman originated from a family of cobblers in a remote village at the arse-end of Heron. She had been supposed to continue the family business but like many young people, she had rebelled and left home to live her own life. That had been two years ago. Her departure hadn't been on good terms. Her father had threatened to disown her as she ran with nothing more than a suitcase.

Sabrina had dreamed of making it big in the city. So she had gone to Meringrad.  She had been so sure of her natural talents. There had been no doubts, she would make a career as a model, a singer or actress. Unfortunately reality had come crushing down hard. Apparently she had overestimated those talents. Sure she had a pretty face and a good figure but so did thousands of other girls. It was painful to admit but she had nothing to stand out. Other jobs didn't come by easy, either, for a girl who had dropped out of high school and no skills to make up for it. So far she had managed to barely get by on small, part-time jobs but it had been only a matter of time until she would hit a dead end. The club she had worked at last had closed a week ago and her landlord had kicked her out of her shithole of an apartment.

Maybe she could have gone back home, try to reconcile with her family. But she was held back by an intense mix of anger, shame and sheer stubbornness. She hadn't spoken with them since her departure and had no intention do change that. She was going to get on by herself even if she had to stoop to this. Desperate for cash, enough to overcome her inhibitions, Sabrina had decided to sell her body. Unfortunately brothels had standards, too. No place wanted her and street prostitution was illegal in Meringrad. The Relief Room was the only place that had been willing to hire her and now she understood why. The dirty, hidden entrance told her all – it was a cheap dirthole, probably as desperate for cash as she was.

The young woman gulped once more, took a deep breath and opened the door. She wouldn't go back home but she needed a job. This was the only way left to her, no matter how disgusting it might become. At least that was what she told herself. Sabrina opened the rusty metal door and entered into what looked more like a derelict maintenance corridor than the entrance to a brothel. The owner was already waiting for her at the end of the corridor, where a t-junction let deeper into the building. Most likely it was the owner, J. Smith, but Sabrina wasn't entirely sure. She had only spoken to him via phone and the man in front of her didn't look anything like what she had expected. Instead of the weasel of a man she had imagined, it was a young, chubby guy in a suit. If it wasn't for his clothes, she could easily have imagined him as a student working in a fast food restaurant or comic book store.

„Miss Gamstone I assume,“ he said as he approached her, offering her his hand.

She took it reluctantly and nodded.

„It is good to meet you,“ he continued with what looked like a genuinely sincere smile. „Would you please follow me into my office.

Mr Smith's office turned out to be little more than a re purposed closet with barely enough space for a desk and two fold-up chairs. It was right around the left-side corner. Looking down the two other corridors, Sabrina saw several doors that had to be the bedrooms. Once inside the tiny office, the brothel owner procured a piece of paper and handed a pen to Sabrina.

„I already prepared the contract,“ he said. „Just sign here and I show you your room.“

Sabrina gulped, her anxiousness increasing, now that she had to commit. In fact she was so distracted with her own mental back and forth, that she barely skimmed the text. She already knew what expected her and she just couldn't get herself to focus on the densely written legalities. She took a deep breath and signed the contract, quickly, before she could change her mind. She really needed the money and there were no options left. In the end it was just sex after all.

The manager smiled kindly and put the paper back into the drawer. „Great. Thank you. Please follow me,“ he said as they left the tiny room. He led Sabrina further down the corridor. There were at least a dozen rooms ahead, each one marked with a number like a hotel room. Sabrina noticed one door that was slightly ajar. She caught a glimpse of something dangling in the middle of the room. Mr Smith urged her on to follow before she could take a closer look. Was this a sextoy or some BDSM gear? Would she have to partake in such things, too? She hadn't thought about that, sure that only ordinary sex was expected of her.

Mr Smith stopped at the last room, it had the number 21. He opened the door and ushered Sabrina in. What she found was a lot less romantic than she had expected, even for a cheap, run-down brothel like this. It almost looked more like a prison cell than a bedroom. The walls were unpainted concrete and the floor bare stone. There was no carpet or decorations of any kind. It wasn't even very clean, grime and dust lay thickly in the corners and the walls seemed rather dank. There were no windows, the only illumination provided by a naked light bulb. The only furniture was a rickety steel-frame bed, barely big enough for two, with dirty, white sheets and pillows. In one of the corners was a simple, rusty steel basin. Otherwise the room was empty.

Her shock must have been visible on her face for the manager turned around and commented: „Its not much but it does the job. No customer has complained so far.“

Sabrina didn't know what to answer, so she just nodded. While she still tried to comprehend the depressing state of the room, Mr Smith produced a thick leather strap from a pocket with hooks at both ends. He attached one end to a metal ring in the ceiling near the bed, that Sabrina hadn't noticed before, and attached another, larger ring to the other end of the strap. Before she could even ask what this was about, the man held the leather strap towards her: „Could you please hold this for a moment?“

Dumbfounded the girl took the metal ring.

„With both hands, please,“ he said as he was rummaging through his pockets.

Sabrina did as asked. What was going on? Was this part of the job? Was she supposed to do BDSM after all and he was trying to explain the equipment to her?

„Excuse me but wha...,“ she began to say but never got the chance to finish the question. The manager pulled what looked like a can of deodorant from his pocket and immediately sprayed the content into Sabrina's face.

She was about to protest but noticed right away that she was still holding onto the hook. In fact she couldn't let go, her hand had gone numb. She only had a mere moment to dwell on the matter when her body suddenly imploded and took on a new shape. Within mere moments her legs pulled into her body, while her abdomen and belly shrank to become one with her torso, causing her skirt and pants to fall onto her now empty shoes. She shrieked as she dropped, ending up dangling from the leather strip she was still holding onto. She found herself being pulled upwards, as her arms quickly merged together and shrank away, too. The speed and force of the changes ripped her shirt apart, the remains falling onto the rest of her clothes. A moment later and the ring was no longer held by two feminine hands but attached to a thick flap of skin on Sabrina's back, it was essentially a big piercing now. In the meantime her torso had become a thick, almost spherical blob of flesh, pulled into a slight pear shape by gravity. Her once generous breasts deflated until she only had her nipples left. Her vagina on the other hand began to swell. Her clit shot forward, turning into a foot-long penis within seconds, while her labia bulged and fused, just to end up as a dangling pair of egg-sized balls. She was about to shriek at the sight of her womanhood replaced by such an obscene specimen of a dick but no sound left her lips. In fact she couldn't open them. As quickly as the rest of her body had changed, her head twisted and shrank, her hair fell off and her face melted away, leaving only a single eyeball behind. In the end her head was nothing more than a large eye connected to the body by a long, prehensile neck.

Sabrina felt the energy leaving her body. Exhausted she let herself dangle from the ring in her back, too dizzy to fully comprehend what had happened to her. In addition her new manhood was rock hard and demanding attention, the erotic tickle was annoyingly distracting. Suddenly Mr Smith stepped into her field of vision, his friendly, harmless features were twisted into a devilish grin.

„I assume you haven't read the fine print,“ he said with a sarcastic tinge. „Don't worry, you will adjust quick enough to your new job. Believe, me you will enjoy it.“

Sabrina wasn't really listening. All she was thinking about was her new cock. If only he would help her out with it, her arms were unresponsive and she couldn't feel her legs either. Unfortunately he gave her needy penis no attention. Instead he turned around and left the room. Before closing the door, he glanced at Sabrina one last time: „Don't worry, you won't be alone for long.“


Mr Smith hadn't lied and eventually came back, nonetheless the intervening time had been pure hell for poor Sabrina. Her cock was still hard and begging for release. The pressure in her new balls was almost unbearable and the still increasing arousal drove her almost mad. With no limbs and hanging helplessly from the ceiling, there had been nothing she could have done about it. She didn't know how long she had been left in the darkness of the empty room. There was no clock, not even windows to tell apart day from night. Nonetheless it must have been hours.

When the brothel owner turned on the light, he found the former girl's singular eye wet with tears. It was not the horror of her new form that made her cry, though, but her inability to masturbate.

At first she turned towards the door with hope, that somebody would finally take care of her penis. The feeling was immediately replaced by confusion, though. The man wasn't alone. Standing beside him was a young woman, looking to be about Sabrina's own age and seemed like a desperate, new hire, like herself. Guessing by her own confused look, she was probably as clueless as she had been.

The former girl's first thought was to warn the other woman, but even before realizing that she had no means to communicate, she gave into the idea that whatever happened to the other girl might help her to finally get release.

Mr Smith led the girl into the room. He didn't even bother introducing Sabrina or even explaining why she was in the room. Instead he simply asked for the girl to touch her. Surprised, she asked why. The answer was no more than some halfhearted excuse, that it was about her getting an idea of what she'd have to work with. The girl relented and stepped towards Sabrina. Telling from her expression she was not convinced but probably thought, that she was not in a position to disobey if she wanted to keep her new job. Sabrina simply watched with interest, as her cock twitched, more pre-cum leaking from the tip. Reluctantly the girl reached out and put a hand onto the limbless creature's backside. In that very moment, Mr Smith pulled out his little can and sprayed some substance onto the unsuspecting female.

She shrieked and tried to pull away, just to find her hand glued to the creature. Sabrina was surprised as well, she had expected the girl to be transformed into some other creature, not to end up stuck to her. At first both felt little more than a mild pull but then suddenly the young woman was sucked away. In mere seconds, her body deflated and lost form, as her body mass visibly moved through her arm into Sabrina's body. Strangely, it didn't seem to have any effect on the small creature, she was neither growing nor changing from. Instead she felt the pressure in her cock spike, though, just to suddenly erupt in her first male orgasm. It seemed to go on forever. Ropes of thick cum shot from her spasming penis in an endless succession. Sabrina's mind was blown away. The pleasure was so intense, her vision blacked out in fact. After what felt like hours, the former woman came slowly back to her senses. Of the other girl there was nothing left, only her empty clothes lying on the ground. However, she was not gone altogether. Sabrina found another eye stalk right to the left of her own. It was almost identical to herself but had a different eye color and moved on its own. She immediately realized it was the other girl. They now shared a body. Her body actually, for it had not changed at all, not even her penis had grown or split into two. However it was now finally, blessedly flaccid.

For the same reason she could neither feel shocked or horrified at what had happened. The feeling of satisfaction was just too strong. Despite herself, she felt content and exhausted. It didn't take long and she fell asleep.


The next day, or at least what felt to Sabrina like the next day, Mr Smith came back into the room with yet another girl, the same age as her and the other girl. The former woman was not surprised to see the entire process repeated all over again. The manager tricked the girl into touching them, sprayed her with the substance, causing her to fuse with their shared body. This time the girl ended up as an eyeball on Sabrina's right side.

All she cared about, though, was that they got to experience another, mind shattering orgasm at the climax of the fusion. The other two „heads“ seemed as exhausted as herself. She still had no clue why the man had added the two girls to her body. Fortunately she got an answer this time.

Rather than just turning off the light and leaving the room, Mr Smith stayed, standing in front of the former girls with the same evil grin he had displayed previously.

„Welcome to your new home, girls,“ he said. „Now you are ready to receive customers. Forget about your former names or identities. From now on your name is No. 21, at least so long you stay in this room. Nobody cares about who you used to be or even if you are three people or only one. You are a part of this room or whatever other room you might end up in. You are not a person but an object. And in case you wonder why I needed to combine three of you.“

He reached out and touched their body for the first time. His hand gently caressed their dangling balls.

„It was only to increase the potency of your cum. I need your semen to be highly transformative but the appropriate potions are pretty expensive in this town. Turns out, its cheaper to use lesser substances and fuse three people together to multiply the effect.“

„Especially when getting a few barrels of this at a discount,“ he continued and got out his little spray-can. „You will have your first customer soon enough, enjoy yourself, No. 21.“

He flashed them a last grin and left the room, leaving them in utter darkness. Despite herself, Sabrina felt kind of aroused at what Mr Smith had told them. The loss of her outward identity, the fact they'd be used to transform others. In a weird way she was looking forward to it, especially if it meant more of those wonderful orgasms. She didn't know if her new body mates felt the same but she didn't care.


No. 21's first customer turned out to be a middle-aged man. Guessing from his business suit and suitcase he was on a trip and just needed some quick release. He didn't bother with any foreplay or other such niceties. It hardly mattered to the limbless creature. Just the prospect of sex had gotten its cock hard. The man pulled an extra large condom over their penis, probably to protect himself from their cum. Then he played with himself until he got hard and  rammed his cock into No. 21's tight ass.

He wasn't gentle. He just grabbed the limbless creature and shoved them up and down his shaft, like a sextoy. The three former girls didn't mind being treated like an object, for their minds where overwhelmed by the experience. Sabrina never had anal sex before but she was pretty sure that it would not have felt as good as a human. It was even more intense than her vagina had been in the past. The pleasure was so much that even without touching they couldn't hold their load for long and ejaculated into the condom. While not as intense or long-lasting as the orgasms they had experienced as part of their fusions, it was still enough for their eyes to roll back and their vision to blur. Their client wasn't done yet however. By the time he shot his own hot seed into their bowls, No. 21 had cum two more times, the condom bloated with their cum.

Satisfied the man cleaned himself with some tissues, got dressed and left the room without so much as a word. He didn't even remove the condom from the creature's softening penis. Eventually gravity slowly pulled the thing off, almost painfully pulling their cock in the process. Mr Smith later came in and picked it up while getting the room ready for the next client.

That one turned out to be exactly like the first. Another man apparently on a business trip who needed some quick release, using No. 21 as a living fucktoy. He even left the poor creature with the full condom hanging from its limb penis, too, causing gravity to stretch it in a rather unpleasant manner.

When they finally got to transform a woman with their cum, it was not a customer but an accident. Some hours after the third male client, a sleeping No. 21 was woken by the creaking door. All three heads turned around, expecting another man to use them as the fuckball they were, but instead a young woman was standing in the door way. She was wearing a plain, blue overall and cap. Even without the bucket full of cleaning equipment, it was obvious that she was a hired cleaner. She couldn't have been more than 18 or 19 years old, so probably a newbie, maybe this was even her first job.

She was about to greet the limbless creature hanging from the ceiling but stopped mid-word, unsure if she was supposed to or not. The girl blushed and looked away, immediately getting to work. She changed the bed sheets with fresh ones, she got from somewhere behind the door, cleaned the basin and mopped the dirty floor, all the time carefully avoiding eye contact with No. 21. The creature was rather amused by the girl's embarrassment. She was quite pretty, in a plain, innocent way. Not even the bland overall could hide her slender figure and well formed butt. Neither of the three former women could keep their eyes off her, imagining her nude and ready to please them. Their penis was already hard and leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. They had not felt so aroused with any of their clients so far, even though they had greatly enjoyed them.

After less than an hour the cleaning girl was finally done and got the dirty sheets into the corridor outside. She emptied the bucket and was just about to leave and go to the next room, when she noticed the used condom on the ground beneath the creature. Like the previous two clients, the third one hadn't bothered to remove it, either. The girl sighed and got on a knee to pick the thing up. She had already removed her gloves and reached for the dirty rubber with her bare hand, either unaware of the potential danger or simply forgetting about it.

She frowned and made a disgusted „uh“ sound, when she grabbed the condom. She had accidentally squeezed some of the cum out and all over her hand. Immediately a weird tickling sensation spread through her fingers and down her arm. In that moment a thick drop of white slime landed on her head. In her effort to not look at No. 21 she had managed to position herself right underneath its throbbing penis, pre-cum now leaking onto her head.

There was an expression of shock and disgust on the girl's face but before she could react, she began to shrink into her shirt. The process was violently fast, she barely managed a surprised shriek before she fully disappeared into her deflating clothes. No. 21 stared at it utterly fascinated, their cock seemingly getting even harder. A moment later the trashing stopped. The only thing left of the girl was a bulge slowly moving through the heap of clothes. What emerged from them was not even remotely human anymore. It looked almost like a slug. Its limbless, worm-like body was barely two feet long, thick and flattened not unlike that of a real slug. Its smooth skin had a greenish tint and was glistening with slime. The creature's head was little more than a fist sized bulge which ended in a puckered, circular orifice. Even though it was most likely its mouth, it rather resembled a massively swollen asshole. A single eyestalk sprouted from the bulge of a head, short and fat with a swollen, human eye. The only other feature standing out from its slimy body was a large, human penis and pair of balls emerging from the middle of its underside. The creature had visible trouble dragging itself forward with such oversized genitalia in the way. Without the hint of breasts or a vagina, the three minds of No. 21 assumed that the cleaning girl had become fully male, like themselves.

It didn't really matter though, they were hungry for action. They were pleading with their eyes for the little creature to give them relief. The former girl apparently felt the same, for its gaze was now fully fixated on the creature above it, its eye filled with lust. Its own penis was slowly growing and getting more firm. There was only one problem - the slug-like creature was far too small to reach the being above it. Desperately it looked around for a solution and found one. The three former women saw what used to be a young girl just a moment ago awkwardly crawl towards the nearest wall. With its penis now fully erect, it took even longer for it to get there. No. 21 looked with confused interested at what the little one was doing. Instead of stopping at the wall it continued onwards, or rather upwards. The creature was actually able to just drag itself up the surface of the wall, like an insect or a real slug. Apparently its slime was sticky enough to do the job.

Over the course of several minutes the slug creature moved slowly up the wall and from there onto the ceiling. Undisturbed by being upside down, it carefully made its way towards the leather strap from which No. 21 was hanging. From there it finally managed to drag itself onto the larger creature's dangling body. The three minds inside the body could hardly contain their excitement, as the former girl positioned itself between their generous ass cheeks. Without any foreplay, the little creature eagerly plunged its new penis into the waiting sphincter. It used its sticky slime and the tip of its tail to get a good enough grip onto No. 21 and then began to push its cock further in.

The little creature was not treating the three headed being any more gentle than the three men it had served before, nor was its penis particularly larger. Nonetheless the three former women enjoyed the sex even more. Maybe it was the thrill of being fucked by a transformee of their own creation.

It didn't take long for them to reach orgasm. As their cum splattered across the floor, they clenched their sphincter, causing the smaller creature to reach a climax of its own. Having the slug's hot cum shoot into their belly was even more pleasing than that of any man. Eventually both creatures calmed down again, their penises going limb. A sudden thud woke No. 21 from its post-coital daze. Its three eyes looked down and found the former cleaning girl lying in the heap of its clothes. Apparently it had lost its grip in its own blissful daze and fallen down. With no bones to break, it was entirely unharmed. It looked very content and exhausted.

After what felt like an hour or so, Mr Smith entered the room. Maybe he had noticed that the cleaning girl was no longer doing her job. He simply looked at No. 21 and then at the small, slug-creature that was still happily resting in its former work clothes. A mildly, surprised „ha“ escaped his lips. He left the room, just to come back with a pair of thick rubber gloves which he used to pick up the former cleaning girl.

„Seems like I need the cleaners to be more careful,“ he muttered to himself. „I guess I can sell this one as a pet. Easy enough to fake the papers.“

The little creature seemed surprisingly happy at the prospect. When Mr Smith mentioned selling it off, it actually waged the tip of its tail like a dog. Seeing the young girl so happy with her new life and form filled No. 21's three minds with incredible joy. If this was the result of an accident, what might happen to their female clients.


The door opened noisily and somebody turned the lights on. Finally, after what must have been weeks, a woman entered the little room. More precisely, a woman that was not a cleaner. After the little accident of the young newbie, they only worked in proper full body suits and masks.

No. 21 had adjusted quite well to its new existence. Without windows or clocks, it had no idea how much time had passed but it was sure it must have been at least a month. Over the time the three girls that made up the small creature had grown so much into their new shared life that they had begun to mentally discard their old identities and to embrace their new shared identity as No. 21. Even though they couldn't communicate and were unaware of what was going on in each other's mind, they were slowly but surely becoming a single entity for all intents and purposes. 

So far all their clients had been men and not one interested in trying out their transformative cum. Almost all of them treated them as little more than a cumbucket to get a quick relief. No. 21 couldn't complain, it loved being fucked hard and to be treated like the living sextoy it was, but since the incident with the cleaning girl, all three of its minds were obsessed with the idea to transform another women. This time it seemed to be their lucky day.

Even more so, as a second woman followed the first. Both looked like in their mid twenties and incredible attractive and not hiding any of it. Beautiful faces, slim, fit bodies with wide hips and small but firm tits. They were either models or porn stars, otherwise it would have been a massive waste, No. 21 thought. They also seemed to be a couple. The way they held their arms around each other and gave each other anxious kisses on their cheeks and necks, seemed a lot more intimate than one would expect from mere friends. The limbless little creature was already sporting a hard on, just at the prospect of potentially altering these two beauties. They noticed its erection right away and giggled.

„Somebody seems very happy to see us,“ the one who entered first said. She was a tall blonde with long locks. She wore a tiny tank top leaving her midriff free and a skirt that was only a few inches away from being a belt.

„Oh, I am very excited, too,“ replied her girlfriend. She had tanned skin and dark hair cut in a tomboyish bobhead. She wore a loose silk skirt and tight jeans clinging to her thighs like a second skin. „Shall we start right away?“

The other one just nodded with a smile and started to undressed and so did her girlfriend. They seemed incredibly eager to make use of No. 21. Maybe they really wanted to get transformed. The creature couldn't wait, its cock was twitching with excitement and dropping pre cum. The girls threw their clothes in the corner and began posing in front of the dangling creature, stretching their slender, young bodies. Fully aware of its arousal, they had fun teasing it with wide grins on their faces. They cupped their tits, shook their asses and flashed their fully shaved pussies. No. 21 could hardly take it any longer, driven mad by its inability to act, especially when both girls began to fondle each other. Even when they started kissing, their eyes didn't leave the little creature, relishing the torment in its eyes. Finally they showed mercy. While their tongues where still entwined, they reached out towards No. 21's throbbing cock. They must have done that before, it was just too perfect, they were acting like professionals. All three of the creature's minds were convinced that the two girls were porn stars. Their hands were moving in perfect synchronicity right away, stroking the large shaft with just the right pressure and speed.

No. 21 was in heaven, this was the first time anybody had been touching its dick and it felt fabulous. The girls carefully separated from each other but without losing their grips on the creature's cock, they didn't skip a beat. No. 21 had no idea how long it took. Most likely it was just a few seconds for it knew by now, that it didn't have much of a stamina, but it felt like wonderful hours. Finally the pleasure reached a peak after which the creature couldn't hold back any longer. The orgasm was the best so far. All three eyes rolled back, as it sprayed its cum all over the two girls. Riding on a wave of pleasure, it barely noticed the sound of twisting flesh and the moans of the girls. By the time No. 21's minds came back to their senses, one after the other, the strange sounds had been replaced by wet, smacking sounds and happy mewls, although their voices seemed a lot deeper than they were a moment ago.

Each of the three eyes opened and then widened in surprise. The two young women were gone, in their staid stood two creatures that looked almost identical. Each stood on two overly long legs, at least half as long as they used to be. They had lost their feminine shape and become thin and lanky. In a similar way their feet had tripled in size, becoming wide and flat, their five toes reduced to three fat, knobbly digits. On top of these stretched limbs was a fat, spherical body, about half a meter in diameter. There was no resemblance to a human body, it was just a sphere, except for the backside maybe, which split into two massive ass cheeks, completely out of proportion with the legs. The sphere's front was dominated by a gigantic mouth, its equally blown up lips giving it an almost cartoonishly feminine appearance. The creature's eyes sat on top of the round body, like blisters, resembling those of a frog, although the eyes themselves were still human even if enlarged. Each of the transformed girl's gaze was focused on what was emerging from their mouths.

No. 21 could easily see that neither of them had any genitalia between their legs, only smooth skin. Instead they apparently carried them inside their mouths, for each had a massive, foot-long cock poking from their lips, fully erect and leaking pre-cum.

„By Karma, zish ish amashing.....oh“ the one on the left said. It was slightly taller than the other and had the same pale skin tone as the blonde used to sport. While talking, a pink, fleshy bulge poked out of its mouth but was quickly sucked back in. No. 21 realized it was a testicle. Looking closer at the former girl's half open mouth, it could see that it had a pink scrotum with orange-sized balls attached to the massive penis that had obviously replaced the tongue. Despite their size, they were not big enough to fall out their mouths completely.

With a twinkle in its eye, the other creature, which had the same tanned skin of the dark haired girl, turned around, presenting its enormous butt and murmured in the most sultry tone it could muster: „Pleesh do me. Fill me up.“

The former blonde wouldn't say no to such an invitation. The creature immediately stepped forward and plunge its wet cock-tongue into the waiting anus. Guessing from the shocked look in its eyes, it could most likely taste well enough with its modified tongue but not even the taste of ass could stop it now. The creature rammed its cock even deeper, just to pull out a little and then push it back again. It quickly found a good rhythm, moving its round body, like a man would move his hips when fucking someone from behind.

With no arms to do anything else, the tanned creature just moaned and enjoyed its rectum being filled by its lover's cock, while pleasing its own cock tongue as well as it could with its swollen lips. All that No. 21 was able to do was to watch the show, its own cock already hard again. It cursed its own lack of arms, for all it wanted to do was jerk off while watching its creations screw each other.

Suddenly a muffled scream escaped the paler creature's lips and its eyes rolled back. Obviously it was enjoying its first male orgasm. No. 21 wondered if it could taste its own cum, too. A second later its lover made a similarly muffled sound, just before its tongue shot thick ropes of jizz all over the floor. It left quite an impressive puddle. Spent and exhausted the former blonde pulled out her softening dick from her lover's sphincter, a string of cum connecting them for a moment.

„Zash was wonderful,“ the tanned creature said and turned around to give its partner a wet kiss on what one could call its cheek.

At this point both creatures noticed that their cocks were still hanging out their mouths. Despite being fully flaccid by now, they hadn't retreated into their oral cavities. In fact it didn't seem as if they could move them like a tongue, either, just dangling limply from their lips.

„I guesh, zish won chansh mush,“ the former dark haired girl murmured. Indeed it seemed like their new tongues were not only as limp as dicks but also too large to fit back into their mouths, forced to forever hang out from their lips. The creatures didn't seem to mind, though. Instead they kissed awkwardly, thanked No. 21 for everything and moved out the room, leaving their clothing behind, as they didn't seem to need them any longer. The limbless creature was mentally begging for them to return. Its cock was still hard and needed release.


Over the course of the following days, weeks or even months, the three women that were fused to form the creature called 21 forgot more and more of their former lifes, while their minds twisted and reshaped into something more primitive. Their old names were gone and all that was left of their past selves were vague impressions of loved ones and important events, although even those were only disconnected flashes, devout of any context.

Most of No. 21's days were virtually the same. Most of the customers were men who just needed a quick release. They'd come in, put on a condome and then fuck the creature hard and without any concern for its own needs. So far every one had left it still with the condom on, leaving it to slide off unpleasantly. Sometimes the little sexbeast was more lucky and had a customer who came in to make use of its special cum. All three minds were proud of sharing the gift of a twisted body with these people.

The only other people No. 21 usually saw, were the cleaning staff, who after the first accident didn't take chances and wore protective suits. Mr. Smith visited the tiny room very rarely and when he did, only to have a quick look around, making sure that everything was still in order. Today was an exception though. The brothel owner stepped into No. 21's room with a wide smile and looked straight at it. That got the creature's attention, because the man would usually just ignore it.

„I got interesting news for you,“ he said conversationally. All three eyes blinked, wondering what he could mean. There was not really much in No. 21's simple life worth of such a reaction.

„I met your mothers, today,“ he explained and grinned as he saw the creature's reaction. Even though neither of the former women could remember even her own name, they still remembered the loved ones they had left behind. They were scrambled memories lacking in any detail but the feelings they used to have for their mothers were still strong. While each of the transformed girls dwelled in what was left of her past, they all failed to noticed Mr Smith's wicked expression, as he brought up his phone.

„In fact,“ he began, fiddling around with the phone's large screen. „In fact they are in my office. I thought you would like to say hello to them. I set up my computer and camera for video-chat.“

Saying that he turned his phone towards them. No. 21's eyes widened. What it saw on the screen did not resemble any of the women, each mind had expected to see. Instead it saw a limbless being almost identical to itself. It was hanging from a leather strap, too, had the same limbless body and three prehensile eyes. The only difference it noticed was that the other creature had denser pubic hair which was noticably greying, and an argueably larger set of genitalia, with the penis being easily four inches longer than its own and the balls hanging surprisingly low in an overly wrinkled scrotum. Each of No. 21's minds checked the other's eyes and tried to remember her mother's eyecolour. Their fractured memories were far too hazy, though.

„I am sure this is quite a surprise“, Mr. Smith said, his previously friendly smile had now fully transitioned into a sardistic grimace. „I wouldn't blame you for not believing me. So I actually recorded the meeting I had with them.“

The man pushed a few commands on the phone and switched from the life feed to a recorded video. No. 21 saw three women enter the office. Each one recognized her mother. They varied in age and in appearance but for an outside observer it would have been obvious where their daughters had gotten their formerly good looks from. One of the women was a petite brunette, maybe a bit mousy and fitting the stereotype of the demure housewife but that could not overshadow her narrow waist and wide hips, as well as her stunning face. The second woman was a tall blonde with an athletic built. She was quite aware of her figure, wearing tight fitting clothes. The last woman to enter the room was a voluptous redhead with firm f-cups, barely contained by her top.

After the women, Mr. Smith entered the room and closed the door behind him. There was no sound, but guessing from the facial features and gestures of the people on the video, they were asking about their missing daughters, while the brothel's owner was trying to calm them down. Suddenly he pulled his spray bottle from his belt and just covered the three women with the substance inside. The transformation to follow was just as fast and violent as the changes the women's daughters had experienced. Their clothes virtually exploded as their twisting and expanding flesh tore them to shreds. Tendrils of flesh shot out and connected the three to each other and pulled them together. What followed was a short but facinating show of reforming flesh. Limbs disappeared, facial features melted away and three vaginas merged into a single penis, all while their fusing body shrank. After little more than ten seconds, all that was left was a creature looking identical to No. 21 laying on the floor, its three eyes looking around in confusion. The video stopped right when Mr. Smith bent down in order to pick the three former women up.

„They were looking for you,“ the man told them with a grin. „So I thought it was easier to let them experience what happened to you themselves, than to explain it. It didn't take long to attach them to the ceiling. I am sure they enjoy their new form. In fact, let's ask them.“

Saying that, he switched back to the live feed from the other room.

„No. 22, greet No. 21,“ he said, adressing the other creature. „This cute fella is your daughters, fused, just as you have been. Although I think the whole mother-daughter-thing is pretty mute now, considering both of you are male.“

Mr. Smith snickered at his own remark. No. 21 meanwhile couldn't surpress the thought of how attractive its mothers looked in their new form. Just the sight of the other creature's juicy cock made No. 21's own member slowly rise. No. 22 apparently noticed that, as its eyes widened and focused on a specific spot on the screen before them. The creature's own member began to harden, too.

„Now, No. 22,“ Mr. Smith continued. „Just to calm your fellow's worries. Let me ask you, do you enjoy your new form.“

The creature's three eyes looked at each other curiously, as if they could help each other to find an answer. Eventually all three eyes looked down at their penis which was now fully erect and leaking pre-cum. No. 21 could understand, it knew how impossible it was to surpress the arousal. After a moment more of contemplation, the three eyes rose up to look at the screen and then nodded.

„And would you like to be separated again.“

The eyes swayed left and right.

„So you do not mind your daughters being like this?“

The heads swayed again. No. 21 noticed the spurts of pre-cum erupting from No. 22's cock as it did so.

„No. 22 will stay in my office as my personal fucktoy. Maybe I will arrange for the two of you to....get some physical contact. For now, I hope this was enough.“

No. 21 eyesballs nodded absent mindedly. There was a small pang of disappointment when the phone's screen was turned off and put back into Mr. Smith's pocket. However, the creature was happy that its mothers were nearby and sharing its own, amazing fate. Knowing that it could embrace its new self with more vigour and fully discard its old existence.

Only a week later No. 21 had already forgotten that the creature in its owner's room used to be the mothers of the three women it used to be. It was only No. 22, a fellow sexpet, that it had a special affinity for, for some reason.

Meanwhile No. 22 experienced the same mental degradation at a far quicker pace. Even in so short a time, the three mothers had forgotten that they used to be human or that they used to have daughters, although they, too, retained a deep love for No. 21, even if none of them knew why. Only a few more days and nothing would be left of who they used to be and join No. 21 in a new existence as nothing more than an imobile fucktoy.


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Nice! I mean, I would have liked a tad more merging, but this is still neat.