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Hello everyone,

we are back (mostly, registration doesn't work, but it's just a matter of days *ahem*)

The reasons we were down for a such long time was that the server on which this forum is running was the target of an hacking attack.

The forum wasn't even the target, but it shares it's resources with another page. It's demise took us down, too.

Anyway, i used the downtime to add HTTPS, a new captcha version and other minor tweaks and updates. I also upgraded the servers operating system. I didn't make the big update of the forum-software, which i planned for over a year, though. It's still on my TODO-list, but real-life issues preventing  any real progress. Btw, i could use help from a PHP-developer for that (please pm me).

Anyway, have fun with the forum! There still might be some minor issues, because of the software-update.


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Thanks Nikita for the hard work!


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Glad you guys are back


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Thank you for all you do!!

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Whew, had me worried there...

Glad you fixed the issue

Thank you!


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I was wondering why I couldn't access the site for a while. Glad the problem's solved now smile

See my FurAffinity account, where most of my stuff is found: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thetransformationguru/


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Sweet! Thanks for adding https too!