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An old classic. There are a number of interesting branches but this is the longest one.


Sharon's Birthday!
Unending BE - episode 3

Jim hopped out of bed, his eyes wide as he realized he hadn't gotten her a present yet. He jumped into and out of the shower, brushed his teeth, and ran a worn-out comb through his hair, and then

*went down to his basement lab to finish up the gift he'd been working on.

Jim ran down to his basement lab and finished the final touches of his present for Sharon's birthday. He was tring to make perfume, but somehow it smelled more like a bottle of coke. "Oh well" said Jim. "She'll be happy I got her this instead of a card." Little did he know just how happy she would be after she tried it out.

*Wrap up Sharon's present and make her a card.

Jim finished wrapping the Coke-scented perfume and began writing a card.

Dear Sharon,
So! It's your birthday. Inside there's a homemade present from me to you. It didn't come out too well, but I hope you'll appreciate it.


Then he looked over the present, then the card. Perfect. Now, how to give it to her......

*He drives over to her house, present in hand.

You drive to her house and knock on the door. It opens up andshe jumps into your arms. You give her the present and she loves it. She immediately sprays some on herself. Then...

*She says her breasts feel funny.

They were sitting on the couch in Sharon's apartment. Almost as soon as she had finished drawing her finger up from between her modest b-cup breasts, where she had placed a small smear of perfume, her eyes widened in surprise.

Sharon put the bottle down as if it had burned her.

"Jim, something's wrong..."


"My breasts feel funny..." Sharon took a quick peek down the neck of her sweatshirt.

Her eyes grew even wider, and she clamped the neckline back to her chest with both hands.

What did Sharon find?

*A new breast growing between the existing two


Re: Three Minds - One Horny Idea

"What??" Jim repeated.

"Omigod, Jimmy, your perfume is making me grow another BREAST!"

"Nooo..." he replied, incredulously. "That's impossible."

Sharon flipped her sweatshirt over her head, exposing her increasingly stacked chest. The third breast was just easing into place, perfectly aligned with the other two.


How does Sharon react?

*"You've made me into a *FREAK*!!"

"You've made me into a *FREAK*!"

James thought a moment. "Wait... think about it. Is anything happening to your finger?"

Sharon looked at the digit in question, and shook her head. "No, but..."

"Then that can't be what caused this. It has to be a freak synergistic reaction. Look."

James picked up the bottle, and before Sharon could stop him, he smeared another drop on her chest.


What happened next?

*Her three breasts divide into six

Sharon screamed as her three breasts divided in two. Like cells in a low-budget junior-high biology film, first the nipples broadened, then split and drifted apart, one upwards, and one downwards. As they did so, a crease appeared between them gradually deepening until six perfect breasts hung nestled together on Sharon's chest.

"Aaah! You idiot! You made it worse!"

"Don't worry, I'll fix it. All we have to do is get to my basement, I'll find some way to reverse it." Jim stared in facination as Sharon's chorus of mammaries swayed gently on her chest.

What does Sharon decide to do?

*She gets even angrier and tries to get revenge by using the stuff on him.

Sharon's anger wasn't subsiding, and Jim could tell that there was a reckoning coming. With remarkable speed, Sharon spritzed Jim with the perfume. Jim was horrified by this turn of events, but part of him realized he had it coming.

"So, feel better Sharon?"

"A little, but I guess revenge won't undo these, will it?" Sharon managed as she pointed at her bust line (area?).

"Well, I don't feel any..AAAHHH!" Jim doubled over in pain. Sharon now realized the magnitude of her little tantrum and reached out for Jim. Jim was madly convulsing on the floor, but after a few minutes calmed down. As he sat back up, the light sparkled in the massive beads of sweat across his brow.

"Thanks Sharon. I've always wanted to experience HUGE amounts of pain." Jim became aware of a tingling in his crotch. Both he and Sharon saw movement down there and with Sharon's help, they stripped off his pants. They both gasped as they saw his erect member, all three of them. They were no bigger than normal, but there were three of them standing proudly in a row. His scrotum was distended and Jim quickly confirmed he now had six testicles.

"Well it would seem the formula triples the sexual characteristics of the target. Kinda odd." Jim was unconsciously feeling himself up at this point. Lost in thought, he didn't notice Sharon put her hand down her pants. She had thought her pants had grown tighter, and she found she now had three slits sitting in her widened crotch. She pulled off her pants to show Jim, and snapped him back into reality with a jolt.

"Well Jim-bo, it seems I can still satisfy you."

Just then...

*Sharon's sister walked in.


Re: Three Minds - One Horny Idea

Sharon's hyperactive sister Meg bounced into the room. She was wearing a tank top and cut-offs. She had large round glasses and her flaming red hair was in twin braids. She was adopted from England last year when her parents were killed in soccer rioting. "Hey sis, I just scored tickets to..." Seeing her sister naked with her boyfriend, her face turned as red as her hair. "I didn't know you were with someone.... sorry."

Then she spotted Jim and Sharon's after-market extras. "Holy FUCK! Do all guys have three of them? They never told us that in sex-ed! And when will I grow my extra two vaginas?" Sharon was finally able to interrupt her sib's stream of conversation. Her sex drive had tripled with her breasts and pussies, and she now wanted nothing more than to give her new parts a workout. A quick glance at Jim showed his row of pikemen standing at attention, and three rivers began to run down her legs. "Look Meg, Jim had a little accident with some perfume he made for me and we're trying to fix it. So if you could just leave us alone..." "You mean this stuff?" Meg said as she snatched up the bottle. "Give me that" yelled Sharon and Jim simultaneously. They both grabbed for the bottle and in the confusion...

*Meg is sprayed

As the perfume bottle sprays Meg's face, she sputters and falls backwards.

Suddenly, her breasts grow into 45 DDs. She's barely able to pull off her top before it snaps.

"This is great! I'll be the biggest girl in school! Oh. Ohhhhhh."

She pulls down her cut-offs and panties to expose a pussy that has grown to three times its original size. "Oh, wow!"

Her lower lips were so thick and swollen that closing her legs was now impossible.

"I don't understand. Why did she just get bigger breasts intead of more?" said Sharon, who was now trying to finger her own pussies.

"The formula must react differently to adolescent hormones. It accelerated her growth, I guess." said Jim. Being in the presence of two naked babes with incredible endowments is really starting to cut into Jim's higher though processes.

Meg was slowly moving four fingers in and out of her huge pussy. "I need more!" she gasps.

She spies Jim's hardening members and says "And that's what I want!"

As Meg begins to crawl towards Jim's crotch, Shanon leaps between them, causing shockwaves to ripple over her six breasts.

"No way, Meg! We share the phone and the bathroom, but not my man!"

Jim speaks up...

*"Girls, there's enough of me to go around..."

Shanon and Meg turn and look at Jim, just inches from beginning a cat fight. "You know what Shanon?" Meg asks. "What?" "I don't think there is enough of him to go around!" Meg smiles, and grabs the bottle of perfume. Sharon smiles, as she plays with her self. "Go ahead Meg," she says, "I trust you're judgement." Jim tries to scurry away, as Meg sprays him with a heavy cloud of the mist. "What the fuck have you done!?" Jim exclaims, grabbing the bottle away from her. Jim looks on as...,

*He grows 3 more penises, and they all grow to 11" long and 2" wide.

As Jim falls to the ground again, Sharon and Meg look on with lustful intent.

Once Jim gets back up, a bit woozy from the shock, all heads gaze towards his crotch. Jim now has 6 dicks, laid out like Sharon's breasts, in two rows of three! Furthermore, his cocks have elongated to 11 inches and are as thick as his wrist!

Immediately, Meg steps forward and grabs two in her hands. "Gimme somma that meat!" she cries, and steps even closer to Jim. Sharon looks on, bewildered, but not interfering.

Meg places her pussy at the tips of Jim's 6 cocks and slowly works a couple of them in her. After a couple of solid pumps, she grabs another cock and slips it into her ever-enlarging hole. Soon, all 6 cocks are pumping in and out of Meg like a locomotive.

"Ohhh God," groans Meg. "Give me your sperm! I want your lovely, warm spunk! Spray it in me!"

Jim couldn't hold back. A quick groan and he came in torrents, blasting gallons of his cream into her cunt. Tons of cum exploded around his cocks as her pussy has filled to the hilt.

Sharon decided to finally get in on the action and moved underneath Meg. She recieved a nice splash of cum right on her face, which she greedily gulped down.

Both Meg and Sharon said in unison:

"I want MORE!"

What does Jim do?

*Spray himself again


Re: Three Minds - One Horny Idea

Jim, his reasoning slipping away on the sea of hormones surging up from his six cocks, nodded wordlessly, and grabbed the perfume bottle. he sprayed each of his cocks liberally with perfume, then, pausing to look at the bottle momentarilytook off the top and empied the rest of the contents over Meg, Sharon and himself! She girls shouted in lust-filled glee. and watched as Jims cock's multiplied again....not to six, but to THIRTY SIX! Jim's body was now covered with cocks, from his shoulder blades down to the six at his crotch. They had grown in size until they were at least six feet long, as wide as his arm, and jutting out in every direction. He was a walking mass of rigid cocks all oozing pre-cum(except for the first six, which wer still inside Meg. This wasn't a problem for Meg though, as her cunt had grown as well, now reaching all the way from her groin to the base of her neck, with a foot'long clit and her massive tits on either side, reaching to the floor with lactating , 2 foot nipples.

Sharon had changed as well, she now had tits all over her upper body front, back, and even some smaller(only C cup!) breasts all over her arms. Her cunts now covered her torso all the way up to her stomach, front and back, and seemed constantly wet. As if her body was responding to her need to stimulate herself, her arms multiplied as well,until she had eight of them jutting out of her, four on each side. The three sex crazed freaks stared at each other for a moment then grinned as the flood of new hormones coursed through them, stripping all sense of reason or morality away. Meg flung herself onto jim's chest, impaling herself on his cocks, enveloping them as best she could with her huge pussy. Her clit wasin Jim's face, and Jim gladly started sucking and nibbling at it, before simply thrusting his mouth upon it in a display that the previos day would have made him VERY uncomfortable with his sexuality! Meg screamed as she writhed and thrashed on top of him, sending vibrations throughout her cunt and into Jim's cocks further increasing her pleasure. Sharon, her eight arms wildy groping her cunts while rubbing against her other breasts, rushed over to Jim's sideand positioned herself above Jim's head, where there were still sever cocks jutting out awaiting her attention. Sharon positioned herself to get as many of them into her cunts as she could, sitting face to face with her sister. The cocks thrashed about with a life of thier own fucking the girls as they kissed each other with abandon. Sharon reached to the side and managed to bring one of meg's massive nipples to her mouth, engulfing it and drinking it's milk hungrily.

The three writhed on the floor together, a mass of tits and cock, until almost at the same time, they orgasmed.Juice poured from Meg's cunt, drenching Jim in love juice as all of his cocks came at once, covering all three of them with cum, wich the girls eagerly lapped up. Sharon's entire lower body was oozingf with her own juices, which Jim eagerly lapped up with his tounge, not minding when he swallowed some of his own cum. Milk was shooting out of Meg's nipples like a firehose, and even Sharon's breasts had begun to lactate, sending milk spraying everywhere. Within seconds, the entire room was covered in sticky white fluid, and spattered with puddles of milk, giving thier surroundings an unearthly quality. Thier lust was unabated however, and they continued to couple in monsterous abgandon, until..

*the effects of the perfume wore off, and they returned to normal

..they collapsed in a heap.totally saturated in each other's juices.As they lay there, still entwined beside and insideone another, they felt themselves begin to change as all thier extra genitalia slowly shrank back to thier original size and quantity...almost. Meg, who before had barely filled an A cup, now had a proud pair of D cup breasts on her form, and although her pussy was regular size again, her clit was almost two inches long jutting outside of her pussy like a tiny cock. Sharon only had one pussy and two breasts, but the breasts wer at least an H cup, covering most of her chest. Jim only had one cock, butit was at least 18 inches,and thick as his wrist. The room was unchanged however, ansd still coated in milk, cum, and pussy juice. Meg licked the cum off of one of her hands and wiped her eyes clear. "Ohhhhh GaaHHHDD that was incredible..." she said with a smile, looking down at Jim. Sharon purred her assent, sitting up to kiss her sister on the lips, taast ing the cum on the Absolutely!" she said, slowly licking at her sisters face, then moving down to her tits. A quick suck at a nipple reveald that Meg was indeed still lactating. Sharon looked down at her boyfriend, who was smiling up at the both of them. "thank you for a WONDERFUL birthday pressent Jimmy..."sharon bent down to kiss Jim, then slowly started licking his face clean like a cat. "Yah Jimmy, thanks.." Meg purred, then helped her sister lick Jim clean with a tounge bath as Jim did the same to Sharon. After they had gotten most of the cum off of each other, they all stood up and looked around the room. "well, said Jim, "now what?"

*the three cleaned all the jism and milk from the room(you decide how)

Sharon, Meg, and Jim began to gather sponges, mops, and buckets to begin the clean up of the room. They worked away in the nude, feeling completely at ease with each other. The changes worked on them by the perfume had gone beyond the physical, and had affected deep metal changes as well. As they worked, it seemed only natural to engage in feeling each other if they passed near, or even having little quickies of sex.

"Well, here we are.", Sharon said as they finnished cleaning up and found they had three five gallon buckets full of mixed sexual fluids. Milk, sperm, female lubrication, and traces of perfume mixed into a whitish goey slippery pungent fluid.

Jim inhailed deeply and sighed, "All that going to waste. It's laced with the perfume you know." He looked at the others and saw the same smile and sexual arrousal show on their faces. "Wait here!", he said as he stepped out for a momment and returned with three Super-Soaker water guns, with backback reserves.

Sharon and Meg giggled with excitement as they helped fill the guns with the sex fluid. They shouldered their gun packs on and pumped up the pressure.

"Prepare to ORGY!", cried Jim, as they then ...

*... heard Jim's mother step in. They turned in unison and ...


Re: Three Minds - One Horny Idea

... heard Jim's mother step in. She gasped in shock seeing three nude and arroused young people who raised the nossles of their Super-Soakers, and in unison ...

*... spayed her from head to foot with fluid sex!

... they pulled the triggers and three thick streams of liquid sex spewed from the guns and covered Jim's mom, Linda from head to foot.

"Aaaa! What are ... are ... you ... mmmmm, oh, mmmMMM! YES!", her cry of protest changed to one of ecstacy as the perfume laced fluid began to change her. Her clothes tore apart as mutiple breasts and pussies formed all over her body. Even her mouth and anus became dripping love slits. Her clitorus grew and expanded into an 18 inch long, two inch thick member.

The trio dropped the Soakers and began to have an orgy with the newest member of their club.

*Linda's pussies enlarged and engulfed the trio!

At one point in their lovemaking, the trio were each lapping away at one of Linda's numerous pussies. Their attentions caused the love slits to widen, enlarge, and open. They moaned in unison as the pungent overpowering odor from within drew them closer.

Then it happened! The lips of the enlarged pussies lunged out and grabbed their heads and shoulders and began to draw them in. The massive vaginal muscles overpowered any effort to escape and they were slowly pulled inside into the hot wet darkness of Linda's now super enlarged womb.

Jim felt a small jab into his belly then a warm comfort flooded his now numbed senses.

"Relax children, all will be well. I'm giving you new life, new bodies. It will take time, so enjoy each other!" Jim heard his mother's voice say in his head. Then he felt Meg and Sharon's bodies close to him. They felt out each other in the wet darkness and made love.

Meanwhile, outside, Linda's bloated body continued to change. She reached out and pulled the Soakers over and drained the contents into her body, her pussies sucking the liquid sex noisily, but not leting a single drop escape. Then her body shifted, new organs appeared, her breasts enlarged as well as her nipples.

Then she was surrounded by a soft glowing light as her body completed its changes. Suspended in midair by unknown forces was a body of pure sexual organs. Three four foot diameter breast with huge coke can sized nipples made up the majority of the body. Between the breasts the body sported two foot long, four inch diameter erect cocks, below which were two feet long vaginal slits with wide wet lips.

The body suddered and out of each pussy began to emerge the trio.

However, they had been changed too ...

*Each now was a six-breasted hermaphrodite!

Each of the trio had been changed into six-breasted hermaphrodites. The umbilical cords connected to their bellies shrivelled and withdrew back into Linda's bizzare body.

They took stock of themselves. They were beutiful in the extreme. All their breasts were full and firm DD-cups, that lactated when squeezed. Their cocks came out of hidden sheaths were a woman would normally have a clit. Their pussy lips were large, engorged, and dripped sweet smelling dew.

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