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Outbreak: The Eros's Contagion...
Unending BE - episode 314528

Through the void of space the small fragment tumbled, covered in frozen hydrogen, enveloped in the cold of hard vacuum, until suddenly it was snared by a gravity well. Pulled ever faster towards the surface of the plant below the fragment began to heat up, and deep inside a simple tri-celled organism began to awaken from it long slumber...


The first reports of infection would come in two weeks later, out of the west cost of America. The symptoms would include...

*Initially a strange rash made up of many 'heart'-shaped red spots, and a slight fever. The disease would then progress; coursing rapid random mutations, all seemingly sexual in nature...here.

Abby Windsor read the headline with increasing dread. She normally didn't read the Drudge Report website, but ever since the first cases had been reported the site had the newest news first. FLU OUTBREAK CONTINUES; VACCINES IN LIMITED SUPPLY. She eyed her box of Kleenex, ready for whenever the flu made its way to her town. She knew when the time came there would also be chicken soup and bed rest and Tylenol, but she was hoping she could skip the flu this year. College wouldn't wait for her to get well like high school used to.

"Hey Abby," Abby's roommate Donna Ryemal called out, "Can you come here for a minute?"

"Sure," Abby said, following Donna's voice to the bathroom door where her roommate waited. She had a towel wrapped around her and her hair was still dripping from the shower.

"I think I have a rash or something," Donna said, "Could you take a look for me?"

"Um, sure." Donna turned around and dropped the towel, revealing her bare backside to Abby. "Huh," Abby exclaimed.

"What? What is it?"

"I've never seen a heart-shaped rash before," Abby said, "But yeah, you have a little something."

"Thanks for the eyes," Donna said as she leaned over and replaced the towel around herself and went back into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Alone again, Donna dropped the towel once more and looked in the mirror again, this time examining her frontside. I wonder if I should have told her about this, she thought as she studied...

*... the little penis beginning to poke its way out of her vagina.


Re: The Eros Strain

Donna figured she should have showed Abby the little penis poking out of her vagina, but she just couldnt get up the nerve. She was terrified of her little addition and what it might portent. Luckily, Abby was planning on spending the weekend at her boyfriend Steve's and would be out of the way until Donna could figure out what to do. Once Abby was out of the house Donna stripped naked and looked at her small penis. The badnews was it was bigger, much bigger, fully six inches in length. She touched it, and it felt good, VERY good. In moments she was masterbating which ended in an amazing climax. When Donna's euphoria finally wore off she realised that her penis was now huge, fully two feet in length and she had four swollen bumps aranged in two rows of two on her torso. Morover her hands felt rubbery and and sensitive. This horrified her, but on another level captivated her. She HAD to masterbate again, it made her feel so good. So she did it, with her newly sensitive hands and massive penis it brought her to new levels of bliss. A HUGE orgasm rippled through her body and Donna slumped to unconsciousness.


Abby loved Steve as much as she had loved any man in her life. Even better, he was superb in bed. Their weekends together were always sexual adventures. When she arrived at his house They promptly had sex and fell asleep in each others arms for a nap. When they awoke later Abby hopped up and ran for the shower. As she climbed out Steve took his turn in the bathroom. Before climbing into the shower he noticed something and said, "Abby since when do you have a heart tattoo on you butt?" Abby started to respond that she didnt but a thought struck her. She quickly ran to the mirror and say on her bum a heart shaped mark on her butt identicle to the one Donna had. Damn thats what I get from sharing panties with someone Abby thought. She quickly took stock of the rest of her body and thought her breasts felt bigger, and her but definitely looked more pronounced. More over there were some a pair of odd bumps on her stomach. She didnt think too much of those abnormalities and after having dinner climbed into bed with Steve again and had more sex. When she awoke right away she knew something was wrong. Her breasts were huge, but more then that there was more of her. Stretched out from her but was a second torso with legs. She remembered Donna showing her one and calling it a humantaur. Steve luckily was still asleep. She rolled out of bed as quietly and nimbly as she could and ran for her car, in the nude, her giant breasts wobbling every which way. She pushed the drivers seat as far back as she could and soon was on her way to her appartment. Soon after she had parked her car and snuck into her appartment. Throwing open the door she tiptoed inside, and there to great her was one of the strangest creatures she had ever seen. She prepared to scream but realised this creature was donna. It possesed Donna's face and had a torso covered with six large breasts in three rows of two. Instead of arms she had arm lengthed penis tentacles with fist sized heads. Instead of legs she possesed what apparead to be a flesh shaped snake tail that ended in a phallic tip. Her vagina was still there but was verticle stationed where her vagina once was. Donna had become some kind of sex monster. But Abby couldnt help looking at Donna's penis tentacles without getting aroused. Abby soon turned around and presented her rear to the new Donna, who still unable to control her new urges buried her cock arms into Abby's rear vagina. The sex was amazing for both women and soon both had passed out.

Donna woke up first. She still couldnt believe what she had become. She dreaded living the rest of her life like this. No hands, A penis tail, six breast she was a freak. So was Abby. She looked at her friend who she had just had tentacle sex with. Abby had changed in her sleep as well. She still had four legs, a torso between them, and a vagina both at her front and rear crotches. Now though She had a tail of luxurious black hair originating from her rear and six inch stilleto shoes -which on closer inspection appeared to be made of hoof like material- attached to her feet. She had also grown an udder from the stomach of her horiontal torso which hung between her rear legs. Her upper torso had changed as well. She grew a pair of C cup breasts beneath her original. The orignal had become giant, ponderous things, that might have measured an F cup if Donna had hands to measure them. However the greatest change was that Abby's arms had been sucked back into her torso and now ended at her shoulders. How was Abby to live like this, without even toes to manipulate things. She would not be happy when she awoke

*Switch to the couple Lisa and Jack: Abby's and Donna's neighbours


Re: The Eros Strain

Jack awoke to a strange sound in the early hours of the morning. He heard female moaning and screaming from the next room. He wondered what his weird neighbours were up to; he didnt think they were lesbians. Oh well, whatever they do in their own bedrooms was their business. If only they didnt do it so late at night. He felt a shifting in the bed next to him and glanced over. Lisa, his svelt, buxom, wonderful everything-he-could-dream-of girlfreind was stirring. She rolled over and gazed up at him from her pillow, blue eyes framed in dirty blonde hair. Gah, he jsut loved her so much.

She grinned mischeviously and whispered "So, the neighbours are being loud and horny are they? Well, now that we are both up should we follow their example?" Jack smiled, delighted with the idea of a little sex, he was feeling unuasually horny. Soon the two lovers where deep in the throes of love making. Unfortunately neither noticed the strangeheart shaped rashes on each other before hand. After what seemed like ages Jack and Lisa both orgasmed at the same time thus finishing the best sex they had enjoyed for some time. However, when Jack tried to pull himself out, he realised he was stuck. "Lisa, dear, I cant get out" "I know honey, but don't worry too much, it feels divine." Lisa wrapped her flexible yoga instructer legs around jack and begun thrusting and grinding their conjoined crotch together until they both orgasmed again. This time Lisa's legs were stuck to her husband, no, they were merging with him. Within moments Lisa, from the ass up, was standing out from Jacks crotch so that the two were face to face. Her legs had disappeared into Jacks body except for from the calf down which turned into a tail like projection from her husbands ass. This tail slowly resembled a large penis.

Jack began to feel odd sensations from his buttox as well, "Lisa, my ass feels odd, wet, and well....pleasurable". Lisa using her yoga like flexibilty wrapped herself around Jacks body and saw that he had both a penis tail and an anus/vagina. She tried to move her feet and saw the penis tail responded to her. Grinning evilly she drove it into her conjoined boyfriends new vagina. He moaned and soon the two were going at it quite candidly. This time when they climaxed Lisa felt a hot substance moving up her throat and spat a hot sticky wad of semen into Jack's face. With that they passed out. When they awoke sometime later the form they had was quite unusual. Jack's body had feminized: he now had large breasts, a feminine bum, wide hips, and an other wise girlish figure. Jack also had a phallic tail above his ass as well as a vagina in it. Lisa from the ass up grew out of Jacks crotch so that the two of them were face to face. During the night Lisa had lost her arms as well. Lisa, still able to taste the semen she spat up figured she was Jacks new penis, which was reinforced by the fact that Jack was getting penis sensations from Lisa's body.

*back to Steve: Abby's boyfriend who was in contact with Abby


Re: The Eros Strain

Abby had left Steve in such a rush that she hadn't noticed he also had a rash on his back side.

Steve woke feeling groggy the following morning. He'd been sleeping face down all night so at first his changes weren't apparent to him. When he went to move out of bed however, he suddenly realised something was a bit odd. The arms that propped him up from the bed felt awkward and didn't work right.

He tried to stand on but his legs wouldn't respond in the right way either. Finally opening his blurry eye's things came into focus for him. He realised his legs had turned into those of an animal and to top it all off he'd sprouted an extra two pairs that matched them from his sides. Steve scrambled from the bed in a panic his new limbs flailing as he wasn't quite used to using them in sync, eventually he skittered across the floor to a large mirror where he could take in this bizarre form he'd woken up to.

The sight that greeted him in the mirror was so shocking that his brain completely shut down, and though he was looking at it he couldn't truly see it just a vague amorphous blurry shape in the mirror. He shut his eyes for a second as his world swam and decided to tackle it piece by piece observing each body part and wether and how it had changed.

Opening his eyes and glancing to where his legs should be it seemed to work. They came into focus and he could see his legs had become the powerfully muscular legs of an animal. What kind he couldn't tell but they were furry and bent the opposite way to his own, his beast guess was some kind of dog or cat.
Standing there looking at those legs the realisation sat in that he would never be able to stand on two legs again like he had, briefly he scanned his apartment looking around at all the parts that would be inconvenient for him from now on.

"One thing at a time!" he chastised himself however and returned his gaze to the mirror. He scanned across to the two new pairs of legs that had grown in on his torso,they were dupicates of his animalistic rear legs and made him look like some kind of canine caterpillar. Lifting one of them experimentally his seemed to intuitively know how to work them, atleast on an individual basis, they simply felt like they's always been a part of him.

His gaze followed on to his left arm which had become a shapely human leg. He still had his right arm but it shared his right shoulder with a another rather shapely human leg. The palm of his hand however, had became an orange sized blob of flesh with a pussy beneath it, pubic hair covered it and what felt like his fingers had shifted to the top becoming a cluster of five three inch long clits. The lips bisected the blob of flesh so that the hole led deep into his arm and where he to clench them together he suspected he might be able to use them to grab things clumsily atleast. Also sharing his now oversized and highly crowded right shoulder was a three foot long cock tentacle with a large purple head the size of a fist.

These latest changes shocked him far more than the animalistic legs had, as a human Steve had been used to being roughly symetrical for most of his life but now he was mishapen in a way that set him apart even from most animals.

He began taking in changes a litte quicker now, he was slowly getting used to the bizarre forms and his brain seemed to be finally able to process the information. The left side of his chest had ballooned out into a basketball size breast while on his right he had developed six fist sized ones in a little cluster of four with the remaining pair just above them distinctly seperarte.

Turning his head he could see his right ear had formed a pussy it was huge and took up most of the side of his head with thick pussy lips and great frills of labia. Pubic hair now covered most of the rest of his head which now seemed squashed and pushed out the way by the new pussy. He still had a thick head of hair though aswell as the pubic growth and it had become long and wavey.

His cock had migrated and had become a meter long hairless tail sprouting from his tailbone. Where his penis had previously resided he now had another swollen pussy and just above it and between his buttocks was its twin. Concentrating Steve could feel the path of the various pussys as they ran through his body and realised that they all were conected together and was a little concerned by the thought that most of where his brain should be had been replaced by the cavernous pussy jutting out the side of his head.

A pair of long cock tentacles grew on his back. Steve stretched them out and realised that there was a layer of skin between the side of the tentacle and his back. They continued to stretch outwards, Steve was impressed to see he could reach almost three times the length of his now absent arms with them. They were remarkably dextrous too and he picked up a cushion from his couch experimentally with them. It proved relatively easy.

Finally he tried out what he suspected the skin flaps to be for and formed an arched shape with them, stretching the skin flaps out he gave them and cursory flap. He wasn't entirely suprised when he floated a little from the ground before gently settling back down again, these new tentacles doubled up as wings.

Taking the whole of his body in at once now Steve realised that his body was much more curvy than before. Though it almost seemed a little odd to settle on a gender for a bizzzare malformed sex beast like himself he was clearly more woman now than man. He wondered to himself how he would ever explain to Abby, possibly the only person he could safely go to for help, that this was him, that he was still the same man she loved.

"Then again." he thought, "If I cant turn back how do i expect her to be able to stay with me anyway."

All the same Abby was his best shot. Steve could already tell she'd left so he decided to try and get to hers to wait for her there. He trotted on his new legs to the window hauling himself through it with his powerful back tentacles before he spread them wide and with several powerful flaps took to the air.

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