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I said I would post a branch so here it is for posterity. I'm actually combining multiple branches into a single narrative for this post to include as much relevant content as possible. The branch I'm leaving this post at continues much further, and in fact it's still ongoing due to the efforts of The Arrogant Nair and others. But I'm cutting this post off at the point before it turns into mostly mild TF that I'm generally not interested in. I'll leave a link at the end for those still interested.


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

Red Ring of Sexual Transformation
Unending BE - episode 135453

Jim picked up the red glowing ring and asked the clerk what the ring did. She answered back in a matter-of-fact way that it was the ring of sexual transformation.

"So I can change what exactly?"

"Anything relating to sex... So you can change sexual organs. Grow them, shrink them, multiply them, introduce new ones, take away old ones. Things that are considered sexual like breasts can be altered but only if the ring agrees the transformation will alter their sex, sexual arousal, sexual preference, or sexual performance will the ring complete the command. You pretty much just give it suggestions."

"So I can make that ladies breasts grow?"


"I can make that dudes dick grow?"

"Yes..." she said with a bit of sigh

"Give her another set of boobs? Change her ass cheeks into sensitive breasts? Make them lactate?"

"Yes, yes, and again... yes."

"What about changing that chicks finger to be a little dick?" Jim said with a sparkle in his eye. He always had a thing for weird transformations.

"Yuppers. Anything sexual. Not really a hard concept to understand"

"And speaking of hard, I can make someone's junk always hard? Or only when a certain something happens like a trigger phrase or object?"

"For the last time, YES! Now are you going to buy the ring or not? And if you say, 'not' please keep in mind that the only rule I am obliged to follow in your world is to not change the customers. Browsers are free game..."

"Uh, I guess I'll take it"

"That will be 47,000 krybolds.

Not really sure what the conversion rate on that was, he handed her his american express no limit card and hoped that covered it. Bankruptcy versus weird magical transformations was an easy decision to make.

She swiped the card in her machine, asked Jim to sign, and as soon as the digital pen finished its last stroke, the card dropped to the ground, the store vanished, and Jim was left standing in an empty store front under construction with the ring on his right index finger. He tried to adjust it or move it, but it was stuck there and glowing. He picked up his card, stuffed it in his pants, and looked around to see if he could test it on someone...

*Change some chick's finger into a cock


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

The sudden disappearance of the store he got it in was a minor concern, considering Jim had avoided getting transformed into something completely random and even got a magical ring out of the deal. It was definitely time to see what his new toy could do.

He headed to the food court and sat down with a soda, looking around for who should be his first victim. There were plenty of people to choose from, but the one Jim decided to alter was a brunette who looked like she was in her 20s, who was eating burgers with a guy who looked like a bodybuilder. Jim thought about the little finger on her right hand, and decided that it should also be a little penis.

The change was subtle. It was still a finger, and even had a fingernail. But just beyond the end of her fingernail, there was now a break in the skin... foreskin, actually. It seemed she could still use the hand to eat her burger without even noticing the change.

Well, Jim could fix that. The ring grew warm in his pocket, accepting the command to make the woman's cock finger get harder and more sensitive. Her finger thickened and grew stiff, extending slightly as the foreskin started to slide back towards her knuckles, retracting her fingernail with it.

This, she noticed, looking down to see what on Earth was the matter with her hand, then screaming and dropping her burger on the ground. The meathead she was eating with looked concerned, but she hid the her changed hand inside her purse and quickly ran off towards the ladies' room. As a parting gift, Jim decided that her penis finger wouldn't calm down until she sucked it off, and the warm glow of the red ring confirmed that it was so.

But Jim was only getting started. For his next modification, he decided to...

*Give somebody a very large and erect penis, perhaps not where it is supposed to be

Jim spies a girl maybe in her early twenties, light blond hair, smallish B-cups, average build. She is wearing a lowcut v-neck shirt and a skirt even though there really isn't anything to show off in Jim's opinion.

Jim concentrates using the ring and the girl's, let call her Samantha, nipples became hard. They then started growing straight out at a pretty impressive pace. Once they were about an inch long the uncomfortable sensation grabbed the girl's attention. As she looked down she could see her nipples continue to grow. They were now about 3 inches long and about an inch thick. She had to get them uncovered, her shirt was too restrictive. Not caring where she was, she pulled her neck line down exposing her nipples to the world as they continued to grow. About 10 seconds later they had grown to 8 inches long and the tips had mushroomed out to look like 2 very erect penises attached where her nipples used to be. She touched one after the initial shock wore off and was rewarded with one of the most pleasurable experiences of her life.

*Make a whole table full of cheerleaders grow additional breasts.

Jim turned his attention to a table with five high school cheerleaders sitting at it. They were sharing a pizza and chattering excitedly, but Jim didn't care at all what they were talking about. Starting with the one furthest from him, a tall, thin blonde, he decided she could use a third breast, right between the other two. The ring grew warm, and he watched as the girl began to squirm, shifting uncomfortably in her seat as her C-cup breasts were presses apart and strained against her tight uniform as her third breast rose into place between them. She quickly noticed what was going on, and crossed her arms over her chest to try and hide it.

The blonde kept her friends from noticing, but soon enough they would have their own problems. Jim turned his attention to the cheerleader next to her, a cute asian girl who was probably only 5 feet tall and practically flat chested. The obvious thing to do would be to make her boobs swell up like soccer balls, but Jim wasn't feeling obvious right now. No, he left her AAs as they were... and just added six more flat little breasts in pairs trailing down her chest and onto her inner thighs, and then made them extra-sensitive as a bonus. The asian girl started blushing with arousal, but Jim couldn't tell by looking whether she understood why.

The next cheerleader had her back to Jim, so he could really only see that she was a brunette. She had her hair in a ponytail and was wearing large, dangling earrings, which jiggled under her earlobes when she moved her head. This inspired Jim, and instead of putting more breasts on her chest, where nobody would see them, he decided to target her earlobes instead, turning each one into a tiny, hanging breast about the size and shape of an almond, with a little white-brown nipple at the bottom. The girl's ear piercings were now right through her earlobe nipples, and every time they jiggled her earlobe breasts dripped a tiny bit of milk.

The brunette didn't notice her new earlobe breasts or the milk dripping from her earrings, and by now the first two girls were too busy with their own changes to notice much of anything else. The next girl in the circle, however, she was staring at the brunette like she'd grown- well, rather like her ears were dripping milk. Something was going to have to be done about her right away.

Jim's new target was about 5'6", with curly black hair and huge D-cup breasts. Jim started by shrinking them to B-cups, which caused her low-cut uniform to deflate suddenly and threaten to expose her nipples. That got her attention, and brought her hands straight to her chest. He then commanded the ring to expand them back to C-cups, which elicited a cry of surprise from the girl. But Jim wasn't done. Without changing their size or shape, he turned her buttcheeks and shoulders into breasts, and made the back of her head also become a breast, with a little nipple barely visible beneath her curly hair on the opposite side of her head from her nose. He made all of her breasts a bit more sensitive as well. Still feeling ornery, he decided to finish her off by switching the milk glands in her original breasts with her bladder. She wouldn't know until she needed to pee, but while all of her other breasts would still have milk in them, her nipples on her original breasts were now urethrae and would leak urine when she needed to go. Above her pussy, in place of her original urethra, Jim gave her a new nipple, then commanded the ring that she should need to milk that nipple for about a pint of milk every day.

As for the last cheerleader, she had bright red hair and pert C-cup breasts. She was teasing the blonde girl for trying to cover herself, and probably thought that the other girl was just trying to cover a wardrobe malfunction. Jim decided to give her a taste of the same and then some, adding five more breasts to the front of the redhead's chest. The blonde had been able to cover her third breast, because it was only one more and it was in a straight line, but the new breasts Jim gave the redhead were not only more massive in total but also spread across two new rows going down the girl's front. Her uniform tightened dramatically, then burst at the seams, revealing her seven generous breasts to all the world. The girl was obviously mortified, so Jim decided to cut her a break. He ordered the ring to make her discover that she was an exhibitionist, and almost laughed as she started rubbing her breasts together with her hands, still clearly embarrassed but too aroused to care.


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

*Jim decides to make strange changes to other people.

Jim watched the antics of the cheerleaders for a little while before growing bored once more, and began to look around for more victims. He was in a decidedly odd mood, the power of the ring causing to have some very weird ideas, each stranger than the last. There were lots of people in the area, most of them absorbed in their own business, which was mainly either conversation or eating, or in some cases, both simultaneously. No one seemed to really be paying much attention to the cheerleaders who were making quite a lot of noise about their changes, possibly because of the overall high background noise of the busy food court, possibly because of some magic of the ring.

After a moments study he had spotted a number of likely candidates for his 'special' enhancements, and spent a little while working out exactly what to try next. Eventually he mentally flipped a coin, picked the first ones out, and began.

The next one to be changed was a tall dark haired young man who was locked in a pretty intense kiss with a very good looking blond a few tables away. Jim concentrated, and after a few seconds the blond looked surprised and pulled her face away from her boyfriends, as she had felt something strange about his tongue. As she let it slip from her mouth her eyes widened in horror and she put a hand over her mouth, staring at him wide eyed. He had just realised that his tongue felt different when he saw her expression, and he tried to ask her what was wrong. The words came out very garbled and he raised a hand to his mouth, stopping in shock when he felt something protruding from between his lips, something that wasn't normal. Frantically he felt himself while trying unsuccessfully to speak, until his girlfriend shook herself out of her surprise enough to pull a mirror out of her purse and hand it to him.

Raising it to his face he stared at horror at what Jim could already see. Sticking several inches from his mouth and wobbling around as he tried to speak was a stiff smooth cylinder, which after a moment he recognised as a misplaced and hideously enlarged nipple! Sticking his fingers into his mouth he felt around and realised it had replaced his tongue. He didn't have any muscular control over it, it simply flopped around a bit, and as he felt it the thing became more rigid, protruding even further from his mouth with a very erotic sensation.

His girlfriend was watching him with amazement and disgust, equally mixed. Jim was watching both of them, trying to keep his expression blank and not draw attention to himself. A minute or so passed while the young man tried to come to grips with his weird change, before Jim decided to help things along a little and focused his attention, and that of the ring, on the fellow's girlfriend. Her expression suddenly changed from amazed and disgusted to amazed and lustful, and she leaned forwards and kissed the huge mouth-nipple, before slipping her mouth over it until their lips met. The expression on the face of the unfortunate boyfriend was really funny, and it got even funnier when she began to suck on his nipple-tongue. His expression crossed the line into undescribable when he felt milk flow from somewhere deep inside him out of his mouth nipple into her mouth.

She suckled for a few seconds, released his nipple from her mouth, and pulled her face back. Smiling at him she watched as a few drops of milk dribbled from his misplaced nipple and dropped onto the table. He simply stared in disbelief at her, as she wiped it with a paper napkin, then kissed him on the cheek.

The blond stood and tugged her bewildered boyfriend to his feet. Leading him by the hand out of the food court while giving him a suggestive look, she failed to notice that she now had a pair of large breasts pushing out the back of her sweater, twins to the ones on her chest, although Jim privately smiled at the sight. Her boyfriend looked around in helpless disbelief at the situation, his mouth-nipple beginning to droop and pull slightly back into his mouth, slapping him on the cheek when he turned his head too fast. He didn't know, although Jim did, that it would never entirely retract, always slightly sticking out past his lips.

Watching them until they turned a corner in the distance heading for the exit, Jim once more turned his attention to the people around him. Picking the next one on his list, he decided to

*Something else

Jim decided he was on a roll. He had picked a mouth changing theme and wanted to stick with it.

He spied another couple kissing near the balcony overlook. With a little concentration he managed to replace the guys tongue with a penis. An obvious choice but Jim was sometimes an obvious kind of guy. He managed to add a little trick to it though. He decided to make it a good two feet long but still about an inch thick. He also gave the guy the ability to retract it fully and somehow it retracted into his throat with the tip just behind his front row of teeth.

The guy coughed when his air passage was blocked by the enormous snake which immediately sent the two feet of cock through his opened mouth at high velocity directly into his female counterparts mouth and down her throat. This caused big eyes and shock from both of them.

The guy recoiled and took his hands to his face. He tried to sort of shove it back in which didn't work so then he tried to pull it out. The moment he tugged it sent pleasure waves throughout him and caused his new rod to stiffen.

Jim saw the girl was about to scream at the sight and the guy would be if he could make any sounds with the thing blocking his mouth. Jim's quick thinking changed the woman's mouth and throat into a giant throat vagina contraption. She still had teeth so it looked normal from afar, but no vocal cords or anything. If you looked inside it would just be a giant tube. Perfect taking "deep throat" as it were.

*Grow a breast in the middle of each hand of the 30-something businessman a few tables to the east

The business man a few tables to the east barely noticed the change as his palms got a little plumper. As he reached down to get his fork he noticed he had a little trouble picking it up. Instinctively he looked down as his hand and just stared at it. By now it was looking like he had a horrible allergic reaction to something. Everything was normal except his palm which now had a curve to it making it stick out a couple inches from where it should It still looked like a hand though. He turned his attention to his other hand to compare and both were having the same reaction. He looked himself up and down to make sure nothing else was ballooning and as he was doing this, two small nipples appeared on his palms and all the wrinkley lines smoothed away.

He looked back down and audibly gasped as he saw them both blow up rapidly to at least D cups which while small for this site's standards, was gigantic for a hand! He used his fingers on the left hand to poke his new right-palm-boob which immediately caused his penis to stiffen and shoot a load in his pants leaving a big wet spot for the world to see.

*Turn the testicles of the three arguing teenage boys to the west into E cup breasts


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

Jim looked around the mall a little more with his corrupt absolute power and locked his gaze upon 3 arguing teenage boys near the west end of the mall, by the ice cream shop... You know the place.

One looked a bit older than the other two, maybe 18 or so. The other two looked like they were maybe 16 or 17, it was hard to tell. He concentrated on the two he assumed to be younger as the transformation swept them. He didn't know or care what they were arguing about, but suddenly the argument turned one sided as neither transformed boy said anything. They both were looking down at their pants that looked fuller. Not tented like they were used to during their earlier highschool years, but just more filled out.

He could only imagine that they excused themselves to go to the bathroom as both of the boys walked a bit awkwardly towards the restrooms. The third as of yet unchanged boy followed still not knowing what was going on, and still yelling. I guess arguing for the sake of arguing as they do.

Both the younger ones would soon discover that their balls had been replaced with 2 giant lactating breasts. Each easily the size of a cantaloupe and very spherical and firm. A perky little nipple was on the "face" of each one pointed away from them and towards whatever undergarments they were wearing. It was clear from observation that they were leaking something other than milk when they dropped their pants and found one large wet stain on their boxers.

Immediately after dropping their underpants the smell of cum was unmistakable and you could still see a small trickle coming out of each nipple.

The third older boy however got a different transformation. Jim decided to...

*Replace the entire penis with something else, transplant it somewhere else perhaps somehow differently, or remove it altogether

The two somewhat younger ones had dropped their pants only to discover giant cantaloupe sized perky breasts firmly and freakishly hanging where their balls would normally have been. On the face of each one was a small nipple that constantly leaked cum which should make pants selections difficult.

Jim then turned his attention to the older boy who was just starting to leave his sight to go follow the two other boys into the bathroom. He was unaware of their changes, but would soon have changes of his own.

With mild concentration he was able to move the guys penis from where it was supposed to be to the top of his butt like a stubby tail. Not knowing if it would work or not he also gave him a psychological change that would make him spurt cum obscenely from his tail-cock whenever he was excited, scared, or otherwise excited much like a dog would wag its tail.


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

*Some other transformation to some other person

As Jim looked around, a gorgeous young woman walked by him. She was 5'10 with firm C-cups in a tight pink sweater, a nice ass in a tight gray mini skirt, and long legs. She was chatting on cell phone.

"Wow," she said to whomever she was talking to, "some people really need to use a mirror before leaving the house, or at least use a stairmaster. Too many fat women thinking their fat asses look good in skinny jeans.

Jim smiled. The ring warmed up, and...

*the woman's rectum grows a clitoris

Jim smiled, the ring warmed up. The woman did not realize it yet, but she now had two more clits. One in her throat and one in her rectum. Now every time she swallowed, she would receive sexual stimulation. Also every time something when in or out of her rectum, she'd become aroused. Jim also made sure all three of her clits were extra sensitive.

Jim then...

*followed the woman to the food court

Jenn, the lady he had just modified by giving her an extra sensitive clitoris in her throat and rectum, headed towards the food court. She got some fast food chinese (which is never good) and sat down to have a quick lunch. She took the first bite of her food and it send a shockwave of pleasure through her. She knew it wasn't the subpar food, but thought it was definitely strange. After 2 more strange bites, she had a mini orgasm.

Jim tried his luck to see if the Ring worked on food too. He concentrated and her eggroll transformed. However she did notice because it was obvious. The 6inch eggroll became a foot long slowly growing outwards, and the tip of it formed into the head of a penis. It was still an eggroll, but it looked like a giant deep fried dildo. Something came over her and she just had to eat this eggroll. She picked it up slowly like it was radioactive or gold and started to shove it tip first down her throat. She started sucking on it and moaning like it was a real dick with each thrust giving her immense pleasure.

*Replace a girl's pussy with a very hungry mouth


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

Jim catches sight of a girl eating in one of those circular bench tables alone. She seemed busy on her laptop while eating her fries. Jim thought that this was the perfect opportunity for his next trick. Jim focused on the girl's pussy.

In her pants, her slit turned on its side and the lips grew plump as the slit became her new mouth. She felt the need to feed it with anything. Almost without thinking, she unbuckled her pants and stared at her new mouth. She stuck its tongue out and then tried to speak out of it. "Testing? Wow, wait what the hell happened?" Then her stomach rumbled. She thought about the new orifice. She then put a fry in it and chewed.

Content with the new change, she at with it as she continued to work on her laptop.

*Change the girl more.

Jim decided that having two mouths was too many for her. He figured that if she had that mouth down there, she wouldn't need the one up top. So he focused on her, and her head sank into her body, and was replaced with a large pussy between her shoulder. However, with her face gone, the girl with the laptop could not see. She panicked, saying,"Oh man, who turned out the lights?!" Thinking quickly, Jim...

*Changed her nipples to eyes

Jim quickly focused on the girl's nipples and transformed them into eyes. Almost instinctively, the girl reveals her chest to see her laptop. "Oh geez. This is not good." She said blushing, her privates and breasts hanging out in plain view. She tried not to call attention to herself as she started packing up. Her vision was bouncy and difficult but she managed to get packed up to leave. Jim smiled widely at the response.

*Jim gives her a misplaced dick.

As she was walking away, Jim made another change at her expense. Right above her mouth which was nestled in her groin, a large cock and balls burst grew out. It grew to just shy of a foot long. Meanwhile, her large balls covered her mouth, muffling her alarmed response. "Mmmpmppmhph!" which roughly translated to, 'Bah, I can't get these balls out of my mouth'. Then another burst of speech, "Mmhm mph mpphmpmmm!" which mean, 'Oh no, now this is making my dick hard!". Which was true. The sensations she was making had caused her to become erect. Her hardened dick rubbed against her belly as she made her out of the mall, her free hand cupping her balls so they wouldn't get in her mouth.

Jim then decided to...

*Follow the girl

Jim followed the girl who was leaving the mall rather fast wanting to do a couple more changes before she left.

He concentrated and her breasts started to swell from sub-average to unbelievable porn star proportions. Her nipple eyes started to grow further out and apart as her breasts grew to a foot in diameter each. Her pace slowed to a very slow walk as Jim made her new breasts very spherical so they stood proud on her chest and then made them extremely bouncy. With each step her vision became blurry.

*Fill the tits on that barista with milk


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

RRoST: Milk Time
Unending BE - episode 947042

Jim concentrated on the barista behind the counter at the coffee shop. She was a little shorter than average, blond hair just past her neck line, an average but slim build and donned in uniform with an apron.

Jim thought it would be fun to fill her breasts with hot milk that sprayed out in sync with the machine she was operating. First however those mosquito bites she currently had needed some upgrading. Jim concentrated on the girl and within seconds visible mounds were pushing her apron away from her stomach. She let out a slight shriek as she noticed the growth. Her breasts continued to grow, nice and round, underneath her uniform. Jim then used the ring again. He could not see any change but her breasts became much heavier filled with hot steamy milk, slowly dribbling out her nipples. One of her coworkers pulled the lever for milk on the machine and she let out a much louder shriek as the front of her uniform became wet and her entire torso became very warm from the hot milk that escaped her tits.

*Jim changes her coworker and gives her a gigantic dick

The blonde barista shrieked as her much enlarged breasts were now leaking hot milk. Unaware of what was going on, a brunette barista in a similar apron and uniform over black leggings, behind the counter gave her a puzzled look.

"You alright, Lindsey?" she asked.

"Umm...ya!" the blonde replied, not wanting to let on what was happening to her. "I think I'm going to take a break now, Corine!"

But as she turned to leave the counter area, she felt her breasts growing again. Her A-cup bra could no longer stand the strain, and snapped apart under her uniform. The rapid growth of her breasts soon were popping the buttons off her blouse, and it also shredded apart, causing them to further strain her apron. Soon, the shoulder straps of of the apron also gave way, and Lindsey's now massive breasts spilled out of her top, now sporting large areola as well. Lindsey whimpered as she tried to cover her stripper-sized boobs.

Meanwhile, Corine secretly (or so she thought) giggled to herself at her co-worker's plight, and slyly pulled the lever on the milk machine again, causing a large amount of hot milk to spray from her helpless co-worker's tits.

This did not go unnoticed by Jim, as he now concentrated on Corine. She pulled the lever of the milk machine once again, only for it to not have any effect on Lindsey this time. As she pulled the lever down once again, suddenly Corine felt a strange feeling sweep over her, and a heat in her groin. She involuntarily spun around to face the courtyard, leaning back on the counter as she grabbed her crotch.

"Ohh god...what's...happenning...to...meeee??" Corine grimaced, as she felt something stirring in her groin.

Pulling her hands away, she also shrieked as she watched a huge bulge form in her leggings, as her vagina was replaced with a huge cock & balls. Her new dick began to rapidly grow erect, ripping out of the front of her leggings as it grew to 18 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter, over top of testicles the size of grapefruit. Highly distraught, Corine reluctantly grasped her huge new cock in shock at what had happened to her, while Jim planned his next move.

*Something else

"And don't forget the shots" said the girl in line, blonde with plump red  lips and smart glasses.

"Yes ma'am" said Corine, and without thinking she began to stroke the coke can shaft of her huge new cock with both hands. It got rock hard and silky smooth and Corine started to blush as she got close to cumming. "What flavor again?" she asked the girl.


Corine began to pump harder, making eye contact with the blonde in line. She imagined her tight toned body and her pert tits and wondered what color her nips were. She followed the blonde's body down to her hips and a nice bubble butt in yoga pants and began to pant before she came loudly. She jerked out a chocolate shot into the cup and handed it to Francesca, who started massaging her nips to stream hot milk into the cup.

"Excuse me," said the blonde, "I said four shots."

Corine looked at Francesca for the cup and a little help. Francesca knelt down and started fondling Corine's huge grapefruit balls, one in each hand. Corine was stroking her shaft again more desperately this time because she felt she'd gone dry.

"Uh, um, excuse me ma'am"

"Yes?" snapped the girl.

"Our policy dictates that if a customer requests too much, they have an obligation to help"


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

*Someone sprouts a dick where it shouldn't be

Jim was spinning the Red Ring of Sexual Transformation around his finger looking for someone else to mess with. He then spotted Bridget, a young woman, pretty average frame and looks. But what he noticed most was that she was wearing some very low cut jeans, the crack of her ass barely visible. Jim thought this would be perfect for what he had planned. He thought carefully and just above the woman's ass a growth started to appear. Like a dog's tail, the new appendage grew up and out with a slight curve. At the end of the new tail, a familiar mushroom shaped head appeared. With every step of the woman, the dick-tail wagged side-to-side with her hips.

it finally stopped growing when it was about 10 inches in length and about an inch and a half in girth. It was erect because Jim had wished her to be slightly horny during her transformation. She would get quite the shock the next time she went to sit down, and he wondered how she would try to conceal it while flaccid. Slip it between her ass maybe? That was for her to figure out later.

He smiled and continued to scan the mall with his eyes for his next victim...

*Jim continues to grow dicks in places they shouldn't be

A couple of tables away from Jim, a pretty and petite woman who was eating by herself. She was eating a club sandwich and was fairly oblivious to all else around her.

"Perfect," Jim muttered under his breath.

He concentrated on her nose, then watched as the magic took effect. The woman was raising the sandwich to her face when the change took place. Her nose began to extend horizontally from her face, growing so long that it pushed the sandwich away from her mouth. The woman watched in shock as her nose continued to grow and thicken, all while distorting into a cylindrical shape.

Once her nose was a good eight inches long, jutting obscenely from her face, it fell limp, smacking her on the lips. It then began to take on it's true shape. All former appearance of her nose vanished as the tube of flesh on her face molded itself into a thick eight inch cock. As well, where her nostrils would have been situated, two bulbous growths pushed out. They grew at the base of her new dick, and with an inaudible 'plop' her pair of testicles appeared on her face.

The woman didn't know what to do. She panicked and used both of her hands to hide her new penis, pinning it to her face as she rushed to the restroom. Jim laughed to himself, having already decided what he was going to do next...

*Grow more dicks where they should not be

Jim looked to the next unwilling victim of his pleasure. He focused on a pretty face brunette with short hair and around C-cup breasts. The ring glowed as the magic transformed her. Suddenly, the girl tried to hold her mouth shut, but her tongue just kept extending from her mouth. And gained a bit of girth before becoming what it was meant to be. She tasted something salty come from the tip of her new tongue. Her dick stuck out of her mouth like a beacon. She panicked trying to cover her mouth, only to have it cum on her food. She was embarrassed and ran off with her food. Jim snickered at the success of this change.


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

*Jim decides he wants to change.

Jim decided that after having changed so many people in so many fun ways, it was about time he treated himself too. Jim had always liked the pictures of futanari, or dickgirls, and now that he had the power to change anyone's shape, he would turn himself into one! He focused on himself and felt the magic take over.

His body slimmed down, trimming most of the fat from his body, then he grew to a respectable six feet tall. His hips pushed out as his sides were sucked in slightly, and his thighs plumped up. On his chest, two perky D-cup breasts formed with thumb sized nipples, and his butt took on a pear shape. His facial features softened, his eyes turned blue, his hair turned dark red and was done up into a ponytail, and his lips became soft and plump. Lastly, his dick grew to eight inches long flaccid while a new tight pussy formed beneath his/now her balls. Once all was said and done, Jim had changed into Jen, a smoking hot redhead with huge rack and an even bigger secret hidden in her pants.

She even changed her clothes too, adopting an androgynous style or slim pants and a loose v-neck that showed of a modest amount of her cleavage. She even made a lip ring appear on her bottom lip, for added flair.

When Jen was satisfied with her new looks, she leaned back against her chair in satisfaction, ready to choose a new target...


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

*More unorthodox dick placement

Jen looked over her shoulder and spied a pretty blonde who was wearing a tube top that just barely concealed her massive H-cup breasts. She was currently eating an ice cream cone, trying to eat it before it melted. A part of it dripped onto breasts, where she used her finger to wipe it off her chest and lick it up. Jen couldn't resist playing with the unknowing woman, and so she focused her thoughts on her impressive chest. Jen could see a sizable portion of her breast flesh that showed through the tube top, and watched as the skin took on a slightly darker hue, while veins started sprouting randomly. He breasts then began to wrinkle, like they were shriveling up. But they most certainly weren't, for something was happening on her sternum at the same time. Right between her 'breasts', where her sternum met the clavicle, a large lump was pushing out. It bulged slightly, then shot out without warning as a massive penis sprung forth from her chest. It knocked the ice cream out of her hand, and caught the woman totally off guard. However, what happened next surprised even Jen. Instead of freaking out about now having a giant dick and balls instead of breasts, the woman only seemed slightly embarrassed at baring her dick head in public. Instead, she calmly tucked her huge dick down into her tube top, between her massive ball/breasts, and continued on her way as if it were nothing. Perplexed, Jim changed another woman, turning her mouth completely into an anus. She, like the others, found her strange new change, and ran away in embarrassment. The only thing Jen could surmise was that, maybe, some people were more adaptable than others. Or didn't care, she guessed. Jen just shrugged and passed it off as a one time thing, and made her next move...

*More odd phallic changes

Jen, the new futa, decided to continue changing people oddly. Jen saw a young teenage couple walking hand in hand. They weren't paying much attention to anything but themselves, making them a perfect target. The guy was about 5ft 10in, average but not large build, and was wearing a standard pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt with a generic logo on it. The girl was a few inches shorter with mosquito bites for breasts wearing a low cut top that really didn't expose much of anything, and a medium length skirt that flowed down to her knees and swayed as she walked.

Why not give the gift of futa Jen thought. And with that, she concentrated on the ring as the girl's breasts expanded to volleyballs in size and shape. A penis grew quickly and within seconds the flaccid head was visible dangling out of her skirt.

*Jen changes the girl's boyfriend into a futa as well

Jen decided that the girlfriend shouldn't be the only one to have some fun, so she changed the boyfriend as well. His face softened and became cuter, and she added a little pout to her lips too. His body reshaped, taking on new curves as his clothes stretched desperately to conform to his/her new body. The former man cried out in shock as her already tight shirt burst open as two large breasts grew on her chest. Her girlfriend noticed too, and watched in terror and interest.

The boyfriend's pants were the next to go, the zipper being pushed off as her dick grew too big for her tight pants. It flopped out and hung out there in the open. Both of them, studied each others changes for a second, the man now turned futa, and the woman with her increased bust and over sized prick, before the girlfriend took her partner by the arm and rushed to the restrooms, less out of fear and more out of excitement.

Jen chuckled, watching the boyfriend, her face one of surprise and embarrassment as he was pulled away by her eager girlfriend.

Next, Jen wanted to...

*Morph some of the store employees


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

Jen walked down one of the well lit and very open corridors lined with shops of all kinds. She walked slowly down the hall causing all sorts of reactions from the other shoppers walking around as well. Her gigantic breasts drew the attention of nearly everyone and those that stared long enough to see the bulge below had mixed reactions to say the least.

Jen didn't pay them much attention, for now. She had all the time in the world to do whatever she wanted. And right now she wanted to change some of the shop keepers.

She stopped infront of an old looking store that sold some books, greeting cards, and little trinkets. The middle aged man running the counter seemed friendly enough but bored out of his mind. He was idling spinning a ballpoint pen on the glass checkout counter's display cabinet as the 2 or 3 geriatrics in the store bought what they thought their grandchildren would think was cool but was most definitely not.

Jen concentrated on the store clerk, Brian, and decided that a bombshell of a girl out of a porno set in a library might attract a younger clientele to the store. Brian continued to spin the pen as his short brown hair started to grow out of his scalp at an alarming rate. As it grew down past his ears is magically grouped itself together in the back and formed a pony tail. At this point it turned into a platinum blond colour as it continued to grow down to the middle of his back. His face softened as some makeup applied to it, and his lips puckered out and reddened. A pair of rectangular lens glasses made their way onto his face without him noticing either.

He was sure to notice the next part of the transformation so Jen used the ring to take away his voice temporarily. After that it took only seconds for him to grow a pair of boobs larger than his head. His jeans morphed into stockings with a micro skirt on his now bigger ass. His stomach and waist sucked inwards as his hands, arms, legs, and feet all feminized. A pair of 6inch heels replaced his trainers as he dropped a foot in height leaving him 6inches shorter than he was a second ago. When Brian felt the cooler air on his legs and his vision blocked by a huge pair of breasts, his first instinct was to scream, but nothing came out. He started moving his arms about wildly, none of the patrons noticing a thing yet.

Jen wished that he would seem calm and normal to the outside world and unable to act differently then he was supposed to while at work. She then restored his voice and the new bombshell that was Brian took her place at the register and slowly licked her lips as she stood proudly jutting her chest forward. It didn't take more than 20 seconds before a couple of horny guys that spied her through the glass mall divider windows started wandering into the store feigning interest in the store's items while ogling her.

*Jen continues down the row of stores making more changes

Jen continued down the row of stores and stopped when she was infront of a pet store. She spotted one of the female workers feeding one of the pet bunnies in one of the stores' center cages. Jen used the ring and the lady's ears moved to the top of her head before growing long into bunny ears and covered with soft white fur.

The girl's exposed midriff was perfect as a small puffy tail appeared right above her ass. For good measure, Jen expanded her bosom amply to about volley-ball sized. Her now too tight t-shirt formed into the same material as her white tail and ears, shortened into a bikini style top.

*Jen continues to another store

Jen walked to almost the end of that particular mall hall, and saw one of the daycare centers directly across from the playground thing that parents often dump their kids off into. Jen decided to make a sweeping change to the center, mostly just to see if she could.

She concentrated on the ring and wished that anyone working at the mall's childcare center would grow breasts at least 2 foot in diameter and very spherical upon entry of the store that would not go away. They will then fill with milk and lactate profusely.

*Jen continues to loop back through the mall making changes to anyone she wants


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

Beauty Salon of Horrors
Unending BE - episode 988814

Jen made her way to the expensive beauty salon in the middle of the mall, eager to cause some much desired mischief. She didn't mind the looks she got as she made her way across the mall, in fact she embraced it, enjoying the feeling of so many eyes ogling her body, and especially liked the shocked expressions (most of all the ones from the women) at her sizable 'gift'. She knew she was hot, and it filled her with a confidence she had never really experienced. It was a nice feeling.

Jen stepped into the beauty salon, which due to their high rate of excellence usually attracted only the most beautiful or vain women in Jen's town. When she walked inside and got a look at the place, it was exactly as she had expected it to be, lots of fancy skin products she never heard of, pictures of models, and marble floors. Inside were a little over a dozen women, with several more in the back (i.e. massage rooms, etc).

Before Jen went up to the receptionist, she used the ring to cast an air of normalcy about the shop. Anyone who was inside the salon wouldn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but nearly as soon as they left the changes would become obvious to the person.

She walked up to the receptionist, a pretty brunette with blue highlights in her hair, and requested a manicure, so that she could observe the salon without looking suspicious. The receptionist said she was in luck, and that a table was open for her, which she was immediately led her to. As Jen took a seat she was greeted by a very pretty looking Asian woman with a petite figure.

Before Jen placed her hands on the table for the manicurist, she morphed the girl's mouth, as she didn't want to have to talk and transform at the same time. The girl's mouth extended outward and began to blend together. Two bulges appeared beneath it, and soon after her mouth had been changed into a flaccid seven-inch dick and balls.

Now unable to speak, the manicurist simply went to work on Jen's hands, while Jen turned her attention to the other customers...

*Change the women getting facials

Jen looked over to her right and saw a bunch of pretty women getting facials. Several of them had facial masks on, while two other women where having their faces scrubbed and cleansed. Jen focused on the women with the masks on first. The ring glowed with power as she made the changes to the unsuspecting women.

At first, nothing was readily apparent and the women looked normal, with the exception of the face cream covering their features. Then one of the salon employees came over tot he women and started removing the masks. She wiped it off of the first woman, revealing her smooth face, then she easily peeled it off of her head, revealing smooth bare skin beneath it. The stylist then held the woman's face in front of her blank head. The face of the woman opened her eyes and smiled.

"Wow, I look so soft and smooth, no wrinkles at all!"

"Mhm! We aim for perfection after all. With his treatment, we smooth out the face like magic!"

"Lovely! So now what?"

"Well, now that the treatment is done, you'll need to keep your face off for about an hour, otherwise some of the work will be undone."

The woman's face less head nodded, picked up her purse and face, and walked over tot he counter to pay. She did, placing her her face on the table as she took her wallet out and paid the receptionist. About thirty seconds after she left the store, the woman screamed in shock at having found her face detached from her body. She dropped it and her purse and began flailing about madly as she tried to find her face on the ground. She took one wrong step in her high heels and fell butt first on her face, covering it with her knee length skirt. Awkwardly, she stood up and it was evident her face was missing.

The faceless woman hiked up her skirt, revealing that she had not been wearing panties. This also revealed that her face was now attached between her butt-cheeks, and her large pear shaped ass squeezed her cheeks gently. She reached around and confirmed this for herself, and once she had, she shambled/ran out of the mall in abject horror. The same had happened to the three other women who had gotten facials. They each picked up their faces and left the salon like nothing happened. it was only once they had left that they notice the changes.

One of the women, who had been wearing a top that revealed her midriff, ended up putting her face on her stomach by accident. Another put hers on upside down, but at least got it on her head. The last girl, much Jen surprise, managed to get her face on correctly. That wouldn't do, though, so she vanished the girl's head entirely, and placed her eyes above her cunt instead.The girl walked away, unsure of what to do.

Jen then turned her attention to...

*Change the women getting their faces scrubbed


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

Jen returned to the two women who were getting their faces scrubbed. Two employees had just finished rinsing of their faces and were now in the final steps of the process. The woman on the left could have been a model, with porcelain skin and light blonde hair, and her body was thin and curvy. The other woman looked more like a pornstar, with huge jiggling boobs, jet black hair with pink highlights, a multitude of tattoos across her body, and piercings here and there. and They each peeled the faces off their respective customers and placed them flat on their work tables. The customers didn't say a word, merely enjoying the experience and commenting on how great of a job they were doing.

Next, the employees leaned their clients faceless bodies back and took off the customer's pants and panties, exposing their pretty legs and naughty bits. The blonde's pussy was tight and neatly shaven, while the raven haired woman's had multiple ring piercing's on her labia as well as a clit ring, and was much larger and looser than the blonde's. They then spread the women's legs apart and explained the treatment.

What they would be doing was a "rejuvenation method" that made the client feel as though she were almost a whole different person. It was new, exciting, and most of all, exotic. What they were going to do was rearrange and trade some parts with each other, giving them a fresh and new look. Both of the women's faces smiled in glee and waited for the employees to begin.

They went both placed their hands on their client's vaginas and began to massage around them deeply. After a few moments of this, their fingers sunk into the skin a bit before they pulled them off and placed them next to their respective faces. As before,there was no blood, only a blank patch of skin were the genitals had been. They then repeated this process for each woman's anus as well, peeling them off and placing them on the workbench.

Next, they picked up each woman's face. The blonde woman's face was placed in the crotch of the black haired woman's, a tattoo stating "SLUT" tattooed right above her eyes. The black haired woman's face was likewise placed on the blonde's crotch, her face fusing seamlessly to the groin. The employees then took the woman's assholes and placed them on the black haired woman's body, which now contained the blonde woman's face. They placed both of them between her butt-cheeks in a straight line. As for the black haired woman, her original pussy was placed in the middle of the blonde woman's old face, and nearly covered her petite face entirely. The other pussy, the blondes, was placed where her anus had been, the small pussy squished by the blonde's tight ass.

When it was done, both women remarked on how new and exciting they looked, each apparently happy with their predicament. However, when they walked outside the salon, the blonde freaked out, upset that she didn't have her correct body anymore. Although the other woman seemed quite pleased with the results, and made her way out of the mall before the other girl could catch up to her and try to take her old body back.

Jen was very satisfied with this outcome, but she was not quite nearly done...

*Change some women into just butts

Jen looked over at the receptionist, thinking that she too should get in on the fun. She took one look at her and new what she wanted to do. the receptionist girl had a wonderful butt, nice and perky, and Jen loved the shape of it. And so, he changed the girl to suit her tastes, and felt the ring glowing with power as it shaped her to her whims.

The receptionist's body just sort of, collapsed in on itself within a matter of seconds, condensing her body into her hips and butt. Having no body, her clothes fell away, revealing a solitary butt sitting in the receptionist's chair.

On her front was her exposed and neatly shaven pussy, and on her back was her pert butt, leaving her highly immobile. Jen wiled her to turn around, so that her but now faced the desk. Two eyes appeared on either butt cheek, very close to her tailbone, and a little microphone headpiece appeared that reached around to her butthole. A customer walked in and she was greeted by the butt, who spoke using her anus. The headpiece was a bluetooth device that let her manage appointments, and very soon the customer was checked in and waiting for her beautician.

Jen liked this a lot, and decided to go for it again, changing the new customer in a similar fashion. Everything above her waist disappeared, and she was now just her hips, butt, and legs. Two eyes appeared above her vagina, allowing her sight again. A salon employee came over and led her to her station, where she began waxing the woman's pussy and scrubbing her thighs for her 'treatment'.

Jen smiled in contentment, ready to start changing again...

*Change more women into butt forms

Jen eyed a row of women with their heads stuck in dryer machines, with their faces obscured from the shoulders up. An employee came over and lifted one up, revealing that the woman's head was gone. In it's place, a copy of her butt was on her shoulders, her nether bared for all to see. The employee guided her to her station, where she massaged the woman's butt, a part of the treatment, before she waxed and shaved the butt-headed woman's pubic hair from her 'head'.

The same happened to the customers, and as each woman left the machines, their heads were replaced with exact copies of their asses, pussy and assholes included. Jen then chose to...

*More butt changes

The manicurist had finished with Jen, giving her nails a glossy red nail polish to finish it off. She thanked the woman, whose out she had turned into a penis,and was about to leave her when she decided to change her one last time. The woman's upper half, including her dick face, disappeared into her short skirt. Jen went over to look at the reduced woman and ripped off her skirt revealing the changes made.

The manicurist was now nothing more than a pair of legs, with some major modifications. She had changed her feet into hands of roughly the same size, allowing her to walk and continue her job. Her eyes had been relocated to her crotch, just above the penis that was now stuck just above her pussy. With a deft movement, the woman raised her leg and waved goodbye to Jen.

On her way out, she saw a pair of twins getting their hair done. She wanted to change them, but not before she hit the rest of the staff with a little gift. She focused the ring, and felt it's power reverberate in her hand. The faces and vaginas of all the employees (except for the butt-girl) switched, so that the employees had to take of their skirts and pants to see. Two of them were about to begin working on the twins, both of them nude from the waist down, their thighs squeezing their soft cheeks.

The two began their work, stripping the twins of all their clothes before beginning. They peeled of the the twins pussies and set them aside. They then took off the left twins head and placed it next to her sisters, pushing her head to the side a little to make room. The right sisters breasts were then taken off and set aside. Then they replaced her breasts with her twins butt. Their mouths and noses were taken off, and placed one on top of the other in the right twins blank crotch. Both noses were taken off, but only one was placed above her navel. The other was tossed aside. Finally, their pussies were placed on their faces and the rest of their body parts were placed in the 'extras' bin, which was full of discarded body parts.

Jen was quite satisfied with the outcome, and watched with glee when the sister went outside the salon, followed by twin screams from their shared crotch as the realized what happened. They also garnered some attention too, drawing the gaze of many shocked onlookers.

Jen exited the salon, thanking the little butt-receptionist before she left. Now Jen wanted to...

*Jen stays in the mall


Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

RRoST: Automated Tit Fucker
Unending BE - episode 989971

Jen allowed herself a slight smirk as he watched the bizarre scene continue to unfold in front of her and because of her. The woman formerly on the bench was in an obvious state of panic, of course Jen didn't expect much differently, she had after all just replaced her vagina with a nearly two foot long penis and enlarged her breasts to the size of beach balls. Oddly enough she hadn't yet tried to scream or run away, seemingly fit to just stare at her new self and make a variety of clearly distressed faces and sounds.

Jen eyed the massive penis flopping about in front of her, it was already erect, just as she had intended it to be. Finally the woman seemed to regain some sense of herself, grabbing onto it and pushing it out from between the giant hooters she had been equip with...

Jen's smirk widened slightly as an idea came to her, and in an instant the woman's new penis rose up, ramrod straight and slide neatly back between her breasts, settling into position with it's head almost immediately in front of her mouth. She stared at it for a moment before shrieking again and grabbing at the seemingly foreign member to try and force it away, and force it from between her breasts. Try as she might however, she could not force her new penis further than several inches past her nipples before it became too difficult. To make things worse, each time she released it, it simply slid back to where it belonged.

Permanently erect and permanently wedged between her breasts. Jen knew that she'd figure it out sooner or later, but for the moment it was incredibly entertaining, as well as arousing simply watching her panicking and unwillingly tit-fucking herself.

Suddenly, Jen found herself with another idea. Unseen she went back to work, although this time focused on the woman's mind. In it she implanted an uncontrollable tick, from now on, whenever she felt aroused she would buck her hips and unwillingly breast-fuck herself. Then she used the ring to make her aroused, and the effect was made apparent in an instant, with the woman's hips coming to life and thrusting her penis up and down, causing her breasts to jiggle wildly.

She had to bite the inside of her cheek to prevent from laughing when the woman finally came, giant blobs of sticky semen covering her face and splattering across her breasts and shoulders. She looked shocked and Jen couldn't blame her.

Jen observed for another moment or two, a small and amused smile on her face. Eventually she decided to take action by...

*Turning the woman's asshole into a new vagina.

Exiting the salon, Jen couldn't help but grin. This ring was sooo much fun.

Who knew that mischievously twisting the bodies and minds of others to suit her fancifully perverted whims could be so fulfilling?

Okay, granted she had always had a hunch, but still...

“Oh, and speak of the devil...”, Jen whispered to herself, coming to a stop and returning to reality. She was a fair way away from the salon now and just a fair ways away from her was a bench. But the bench wasn't the interesting part, what was interesting was the woman sitting on the bench, nose half-buried in a book. A pair of headphones rendering her as deaf to the world as she was blind.

She was pretty... and somewhere in her mid-twenties, Jen guessed. Conservatively dressed with a buttoned-up blouse, knee length skirt, black dress shoes. With her brown hair tied up in a bun and her reading glasses on, she looked like a librarian. She'd make a perfect new toy.

Jen glanced down toward the ring on her finger, her smirk returning as she thought of what to do. After a moment she...

*Replaced the woman's vagina with a massive cock and balls, and inflate her breasts to mammoth proportions!

Jen wasn't feeling particularly creative at that precise moment, and decided to just replace the woman's vagina with a massive cock and balls.

Focusing on the ring, Jen replaced her vagina with a set of perfectly male genitalia which soon began to grow. Somehow the woman didn't notice at first, just simply continuing to read, lost to the world around her and even her own changing body.

After a few moments however, the woman lowered the book slightly, frowning and pulling at her skirt, not yet knowing why it felt so tight and constricting. Carefully Jen directed her dick into the bottom of her blouse to continue growing, unseen by the woman as she continued to tug at herself.

Clearly becoming more aggravated, the woman eventually stood up, then seemed to stop midway through and take on a confused expression, clearly now feeling something more deeply amiss than just an ill-fitting skirt.

Jen just smirked and gave her dick one last push, causing the head to rocket out from her cleavage. The wrist-thick cock settling down with it's bulbous head at chin-level. Underneath her skirt her melon-sized testicles caused her to spread her legs slightly, unbeknownst to her at the moment.

She just stared at her newfound dick for several moments, gasping out with a look of horrified shock. This couldn't be happening! It felt like some huge weight was suddenly bearing down on her chest.

Then a button snapped off... Then another, and another until her blouse split open entirely. Her breasts, formerly modest, had blossomed out to the size of beach balls, each easily as large as her head.

With another thought, Jen firmed up the woman's new tits, making them nice and round and perky and forming a nice tight cleavage around her huge cock.

Her book slipped from her fingers to the floor and she just stared at herself, and Jenny grinned and a moment later...

*Jen decided to keep playing with her, she had plenty more ideas for this.

Focusing on the ring, Jen morphed the woman's anus into a new, replacement vagina for her. Setting her new clitoris on her tail bone and expanding the lips down between her firm cheeks. For good measure she made sure to erase her need for an anus, lest things become messy...

If she noticed the change, her face didn't show it at all, as she stood there still covered in her own semen and looking utterly baffled, slowly heaving as if she were about to have some sort of panic attack. Still, something still was off about the scene though, even if Jen couldn't quite figure out what it was.

Then it hit her, and she snapped her fingers, of course it was so obvious!

She focused her thoughts into the ring once more, and the woman's expression once more became perturbed. Curiously the woman bent her head forward, and licked some of the semen off of her breasts. Jen just smirked, knowing full well that the woman had just been inflicted with an intense and permanent craving for her own spunk.

She reached up with her hands, scraping some of the gooey white substance from her face and licking her hands clean. Jen suspected that next time she would try to cream directly into her own mouth.

Jen thought for a moment, wondering if she should do any more... and after a moment...

She decided to make a few more alterations to this poor woman.
She decided to adjust a passerby.
She decided to walk away and try and find some new victims.
She saw an old victim walking around, and decided to make another alteration or two to them.
*Some or all of the above!