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Re: Red Ring of Sexual Transformation

RRoST: Sex Fiend; Live And In Action!
Unending BE - episode 997215

Looking back toward the punk girls, Jen decided to work with them next. They were walking after all, and if she let this freeze effect lapse they would certainly walk away. And we couldn't have that, now could we? Jen thought with a twisted sense of amusement, a small smirk on her face.

Walking slowly toward them, Jen focused first on the girl with the purple Mohawk, something about the look Jen found herself appreciative of, so she decided to 'help' the girl out. With a thought, the girl's hair altered, the shaved portions of her head would never again grow hair longer than a buzz cut, while the Mohawk would now be naturally purple, naturally styled and grow back in moments if it ever was cut.

As she rounded around to see the faces of the two girls, Jen thought back to the brunette and blond from the food court, who she had fused together and forced to share an identity. She thought about doing the same thing here, and while it was tempting, Jen had another idea she wanted to try.

First, Jen flicked her wrist, pulling all of the clothing from the two girls off of them, and simply having said clothing float in mid air next to each, as if it was still being worn.

They had nice bodies, not spectacular but still nice. Slender and toned and curvy in all the right ways. The black haired girl's breasts were a little bigger and her skin a little fairer and less flawed.

After a moment Jen waved her hand again, causing the black haired girl's face to detached from her body, hovering in the air like her clothing and exposing a space of entirely blank skin behind it. Her body and clothing disappeared almost immediately afterward, and directed by Jen's whimsical finger movements, the face found itself a new home on her friend's crotch, replacing the Mohawk girl's vagina. Quietly on the opposite side of the girl's hips, her asshole was replaced with a new vagina, the one belonging to the girl now occupying her crotch. Likewise Jen added her nipples to the Mohawk girl's buttocks.

Continuing to think, Jen decided to revisit a few more ideas. With one thought, a long quarter-thick tail erupted from the girls' behind, tipped with a cantaloupe sized ball of flesh with a vagina at the very end. With another thought, the girls' feet transformed into a pair of built in high heels, just like the girl, mother and shop employee from earlier. A third thought left the girls' fingers as secret penises, just like two of the cheerleaders had been cursed with.

Returning for a moment to the tail Jen had just given the girls', she decided to make a distinction, and with another thought a penis, large and hard and thick, erupted out from within the vaginal tip of the tail, spreading the lips wide around it. Unlike the girls from before, these two would have a retractable penis tip for their tail, one that they could use, or not use, at their discretion.

Looking toward the Mohawk girl's face, Jen thought it was pretty, but erased her nose and mouth anyway, replacing them with another vagina. A pair of permanently hard penises poked out of the girl's temples, growing and curling around her skull until the points came completely around, the heads pointing forward from their position near her chin. For one last facial change, Jen pointed the girl's ears and made them long, sticking out from the sides of her head like a cow's.

The girls' breasts inflated rapidly, each boob growing incredibly round, firm and as large as the girls' head. A moment later each breast filled with milk. Around back, a pair of clawed leathery wings came into being, growing and swelling until they reached a full and very large size.

Looking down at the formerly black haired girl's largely untouched face, Jen studied it for a moment. Eventually she decided that the Mohawk girl would control the body, her friend would only control her own face, but be able to feel everything. Jen then went a step further, fusing the libidos of the two girls together, then magnifying them and making them both bisexual, permanently aroused, and sexually insatiable. The two would be able to fuck their way through an entire college and go around again for seconds. Jen smirked at the thought of her little sex fiend's inevitable new escapades.

Jen's eyes darted down to the guitar case resting on the ground, that had formerly been strapped to the black haired girl's back. That gave Jen and idea, and with a thought, she implanted as much knowledge and skill over guitar as she could into the Mohawk girl, then implanting just as much ability to sing into her pussy-bound partner.

Finally, Jen redressed her newly minted sex fiend, altering the Mohawk girl's clothing to suit their new shape.

Now finished, Jen gave a look around, examining the others in the area in hopes of deciding which to make her next playmates, and quickly deciding upon...

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